George Floyd protests in New Mexico

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This is a list of George Floyd protests in New Mexico, United States.



Hundreds of people protested May 28, and tear gas was deployed, but no one was injured.[1] Part of the city was shut down. Several shots were fired from a vehicle, and a police vehicle was damaged. Four people were taken into custody.[2]

On June 15, during protests over the statue of Juan de Oñate, one protester was shot and seriously injured by a counter-protester.[3][4] The statue was removed the following day.[5][6]


About 80 protesters demonstrated peacefully at the Eddy County Courthouse in the early evening of May 30.[7]


On June 5, around 200 protesters stood at the Clovis-Carver Public Library parking lot to protest the death of George Floyd.[8]


On June 1, more than 400 people shouted "I can't breathe" at a protest organized by the San Juan College Young Democratic Socialists of America in front of the Animas Valley Mall.[9]


On June 3, some 150 protesters marched from the north side of town to downtown Gallup.[10]

Las Cruces[edit]

On May 30, about 40 people protested peacefully at the intersection of Main Street and Picacho Avenue in the afternoon.[11] On June 1 hundreds of protesters, including a number of NMSU basketball players, held signs that said "I can't breathe" and "get off my neck" in Las Cruces.[12]

Los Alamos[edit]

In Los Alamos, approximately 200 people attended a protest on May 31,[13] around 300 attended on June 4,[14] and around 200 on June 6.[15]

Rio Rancho[edit]

On June 6, about 100 people held a protest outside Rio Rancho's city hall to support Black Lives Matter.[16]


On June 1, a protest was held outside the Chaves County Courthouse in support of Black Lives Matter.[17]

Santa Fe[edit]

On May 29, about 250 protesters marched to the New Mexico State Capitol to rally against police brutality. Traffic was briefly blocked as the protesters passed through the Santa Fe Plaza.[18]

In October 12, as part of Indigenous Peoples' Day protests, a stone obelisk in the center of Santa Fe Plaza was toppled by protesters. The monument had long been opposed by activists, as it originally included a plague commemorating soldiers who died fighting "savage Indians".[19][20]


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