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All the UEFA EURO 2020 results

Look back at all the UEFA EURO 2020 results from between 11 June and 11 July 2021.

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UEFA EURO 2020 ran from 11 June to 11 July 2021, with 11 host cities staging the 51 fixtures.

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Sunday 11 July

Italy 1-1 England (aet, Italy win 3-2 on pens) (London)


Italy edge out Spain in shoot-out drama

Tuesday 6 July

SF1: Italy 1-1 Spain (aet, Italy win 4-2 on pens (London)

Wednesday 7 July

SF2: England 2-1 Denmark (aet) (London)


Friday 2 July

QF1: Switzerland 1-1 Spain (aet, Spain win 3-1 on pens) (St Petersburg)
QF2: Belgium 1-2 Italy (Munich)

Saturday 3 July

QF3: Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark (Baku)
QF4: Ukraine 0-4 England (Rome)

Round of 16

Saturday 26 June

Star of the Match: Chiesa highlights

1: Wales 0-4 Denmark (Amsterdam)
2: Italy 2-1 Austria (aet) (London)

Sunday 27 June

3: Netherlands 0-2 Czech Republic (Budapest)
4: Belgium 1-0 Portugal (Seville)

Monday 28 June

5: Croatia 3-5 Spain (aet) (Copenhagen)
6: France 3-3 Switzerland (aet, Switzerland win 5-4 on pens) (Bucharest)

Tuesday 29 June

7: England 2-0 Germany (London)
8: Sweden 1-2 Ukraine (aet) (Glasgow)


Friday 11 June

Great EURO Matchday 1 goals

Group A: Turkey 0-3 Italy (Rome)

Saturday 12 June

Group A: Wales 1-1 Switzerland (Baku)
Group B: Denmark 0-1 Finland (Copenhagen)
Group B: Belgium 3-0 Russia (St Petersburg)

Sunday 13 June

Group D: England 1-0 Croatia (London)
Group C: Austria 3-1 North Macedonia (Bucharest)
Group C: Netherlands 3-2 Ukraine (Amsterdam)

Monday 14 June

Group D: Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic (Glasgow)
Group E: Poland 1-2 Slovakia (St Petersburg)
Group E: Spain 0-0 Sweden (Seville)

Tuesday 15 June

Group F: Hungary 0-3 Portugal (Budapest)
Group F: France 1-0 Germany (Munich)

Great EURO Matchday 2 goals

Wednesday 16 June

Group B: Finland 0-1 Russia (St Petersburg)
Group A: Turkey 0-2 Wales (Baku)
Group A: Italy 3-0 Switzerland (Rome)

Thursday 17 June

Group C: Ukraine 2-1 North Macedonia (Bucharest)
Group B: Denmark 1-2 Belgium (Copenhagen)
Group C: Netherlands 2-0 Austria (Amsterdam)

Friday 18 June

Group E: Sweden 1-0 Slovakia (St Petersburg)
Group D: Croatia 1-1 Czech Republic (Glasgow)
Group D: England 0-0 Scotland (London)

Saturday 19 June

Group F: Hungary 1-1 France (Budapest)
Group F: Portugal 2-4 Germany (Munich)
Group E: Spain 1-1 Poland (Seville)

Great EURO Matchday 3 goals

Sunday 20 June

Group A: Italy 1-0 Wales (Rome)
Group A: Switzerland 3-1 Turkey (Baku)

Monday 21 June

Group C: North Macedonia 0-3 Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Group C: Ukraine 0-1 Austria (Bucharest)
Group B: Russia 1-4 Denmark (Copenhagen)
Group B: Finland 0-2 Belgium (St Petersburg)

Tuesday 22 June

Group D: Czech Republic 0-1 England (London)
Group D: Croatia 3-1 Scotland (Glasgow)

Wednesday 23 June

Group E: Slovakia 0-5 Spain (Seville)
Group E: Sweden 3-2 Poland (St Petersburg)
Group F: Germany 2-2 Hungary (Munich)
Group F: Portugal 2-2 France (Budapest)

The top two in each group plus four best third-placed teams went through.

These revised dates were approved by the UEFA Executive Committee on 17 June 2020. UEFA EURO 2020 was postponed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Revised venues were approved by the UEFA Executive Committee on 23 April 2021.

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