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Film noir is not a clearly defined genre (see here for details on the characteristics). Therefore, the composition of this list may be controversial. To minimize dispute the films included here should preferably feature a footnote linking to a reliable, published source which states that the mentioned film is considered to be a film noir by an expert in this field, e.g.[a][b][c][d]

The terms which are used below to subsume various periods and variations of film noir are not definitive and are meant as a navigational aid rather than as critical argument. Because the 1940s and 1950s are universally regarded as the "classic period" of American film noir, films released prior to 1940 are listed under the caption "Precursors / early noir-like films". Films released after 1959 should generally only be listed in the list of neo-noir titles.

Precursors / early noir-like films[edit]

Classic American noir[edit]





















American color noir[edit]

British noir[edit]

International noir[edit]

Classic-period crossover films[edit]

Noir Westerns[edit]

Miscellaneous crossover films[edit]

Noir comedies / parodies[edit]

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