LET'S GO TAIWAN!!! I really hope Taiwan can advance semifinals.

Congrats world champion Baltimore Ravens. Now lets go O's!

I wanna thank all my fans and supporter.
Keep it up.

Orioles get last laugh, tie ALDS.

Let's go O's, Beat the Rangers!!
C'mon man

Chen has been a little hit-or-miss in the second half, though he had pitched pretty well in four of five starts coming into tonight. Hel shoot for better results this weekend against the Red Sox.

Great game by the O's. What a fun team to watch. Go O's!!!

“He’s been pretty consistent since Day 1 and I’m real proud of him.” said Buck Showalter. What do you think??

Never give up, you just keep fighting. Wei for O's!

Wei-Yin Chen surrendered just one run over six-plus frames against a Boston.

Wei-Yin Chen 陳偉殷更新了封面相片。

No wei, Chen sets K record to slow A's !!!!!!!!!!

7局好投 奪下第5勝