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  • 泛美運動會
  • 美洲運動會
  • The 2007 11th pan american games ? in buenos aires , argentina have concluded . ? athletes from more than ? 20 ? countries ? were in ? attendance , and the games were a resounding success
    2007第11場泛美比賽?在布宜諾斯艾麗斯,阿根廷得出結論?從多于的運動員? 20 ?國家?在?出席,和比賽是響亮的成功?
  • Among the stopping points on the road to china are the pan american games , taking place in rio de janeiro on 11 - 26 june , and a string of friendlies designed to iron out any glitches and to get the side ready for the main event
    在泛美運動會上通往中國之路停止的比分,被6月11 - 26日的里約熱內盧代替,一系列熱身賽已經確定,為世界杯做好準備,要找出并消除任何缺點。
  • It is responsible for all aspects of canadas involvement in the olympic movement , including canadas participation in the olympic and pan american games and a wide variety of programs that promote the olympic movement in canada through cultural and educational means
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