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Emmure( Emmure band )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 108 首歌 】

The Respect Issue(2008),Felony(2009)和死亡演講者(2011)他們的第二個,他們的職業生涯,從Goodbye到絞架開始所有通過勝利分佈為好。勝利樂隊的最初四年專輯的合同到期後,他們再次與勝利簽訂的第五和第六張錄音室專輯從分配給遊戲(2012)和永遠的敵人(2014)為好。不過之後九年被簽名的標籤,Emmure將在自己離開勝利在2016年SharpTone簽約。第七Emmure專輯,名為看,發行於2017年3月3日。


發跡地: 2003 年,美國康乃狄克州新費爾菲爾德
類型: 金屬蕊, 新金屬, 死蕊
成員: 法蘭基·帕爾默里, 傑西·凱特夫, 馬克·卡斯蒂略, 班·利昂內蒂, 邁克·摩爾霍蘭德, 喬·利昂內蒂, 邁克·凱貝, 丹·施泰勒, 馬克·戴維斯
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
Look at Yourself 英文
1.You Asked for It (提供)
2.Smokey (提供)
3.Major Key Alert
5.Gucci Prison
6.Turtle in a Hare Machine
7.Call Me Ninib
8.Shinjuku Masterlord (提供)
9.Ice Man Confessions (提供)
10.Flag of the Beast (提供)
11.Natural Born Killer (提供)
Eternal Enemies 英文
1.Hitomi's Shinobi
2.We Were Just Kids (提供)
3.New Age Rambler (提供)
6.N.I.A. (News in Arizona)
7.The Hang Up
8.A Gift a Curse
10.Like Lamotta
11.Free Publicity
12.Most Hated
13.Grave Markings
14.Rat King
15.Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's and Blunts
Slave to the Game 英文
2.Insert Coin (提供)
3.She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
4.I Am Onslaught
5.Bison Diaries
6.Poltergeist (提供)
7.Cross Over Attack
8.Umar Dumps Dormammu
9.Blackheart Reigns
11.War Begins With You
Felony 英文
1.Sunday Bacon
2.I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
3.I <3 Ec2
5.You Sunk My Battleship
6.The Philosophy Of Time Travel
7.First Impressions
9.Bars In Astroria
10.Lesson From Nichole
11.Don't Be One
12.Immaculate Misconception
The Respect Issue 英文
1.Young, Rich, And Out Of Control
2.Sound Wave Superior
3.I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say
4.False Love In Real Life
5.Chicago's Finest
6.Tales From The Burg
7.Rough Justice
8.Snuff 2: The Resurrection
9.Dry Ice (提供)
10.You're More Like Friend Without The R
Goodbye To The Gallows 英文
1.10 Signs You Should Leave
2.When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
3.Rusted Over Wet Dreams
4.When Everything Goes Wrong, Take The Easy Way Out
5.Travis Bickle (提供)
6.The Key To Keeping The Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
7.It's Not Just A Party It's A Funeral
8.A Ticket for the Paralyzer (提供)
9.You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
10.Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
The Complete Guide to Needlework 英文
1.I Should Have Called Ms. Glen
2.Johnny Carson Didn't Have to Die
3.Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
4.A Fist Fight With Dick Tracy
5.22 Exits Away
The Comeplete Guide To Needlework 英文
1.22 Exits Away
Speaker Of The Dead 英文
1.Children Of Cybertron
2.Area 51
3.Dogfight (提供)
4.Demons With Ryu
5.Fire In The Sky
6.Giants Of New York (提供)
7.Groove Beatdown (提供)
8.Poison Words (提供)
9.Credo Cries
10.Words For Rose (提供)
11.Below Me (提供)
12.Coke Friends (提供)
13.Thanos (提供)
14.Salvation (提供)
15.Intulo (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Bars In Astoria
2.I Thought You Met Telly & Turned Me Into Casper
3.Area 64-66
4.My Name Is Thanos
5.A Voice From Below
6.Lights Bring Salvation
7.Solar Flare Homicide
8.Drug Dealer Friend
9.Last Words To Rose
10.Cries Of Credo
11.Eulogy Of Giants
12.Dogs Get Put Down
13.Bohemian Grove
14.4 Poisons 3 Words
15.If God Only Knew
17.Russian Hotel Aftermath

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