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with a slam中文翻譯

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  • 砰地一聲
  • The woman shut the trapdoor with a slam .
  • He closed the door with a slam
  • To bed then , if it must be so ! and she closed the window with a slam
    她突然喊叫一聲, “睡就睡吧! ”她于是砰然一聲關上了窗戶。
  • Dolohov shut the bureau with a slam , and turned to anatole with a ironical smile
  • " thanks , " said the latter , closing the register with a slam , " i have all i want ; now it is for me to perform my promise
    “謝謝! ”英國人“啪”的一聲把檔案給合上,說道, “我想知道的都已經知道了,現在該由我來履行我的諾言了。
  • Promptly afterwards , fresh sounds of astonishment arose ; the window of the captain s room was thrown open with a slam and a jingle of broken glass ; and a man leaned out into the moonlight , head and shoulders , and addressed the blind beggar on the road below him
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