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  • The drug isoniazid is widely used in the treatment of tuberculosis .
  • Isoniazid tablets compound sulfamethoxazole tablets
  • An investigation on chemiluminescence reaction of isoniazid - luminol - sodium hypothlorites
  • A experimental study of hugan yifei keli on hepatic injury induced by isoniazid
  • No mutations were identified in the ahpc genes in 43 isoniazid - susceptible isolates
  • Protective effects of baicalin on hepatic injury induced by combining isoniazid with rifampicin in mice
  • Protective effect of silybin capsules on hepatic injury induced by combining isoniazid with rifampin in mice
  • Protective effect of ethanol extracts of ginkgo biloba leaves on mice hepatic toxic injury induced by isoniazid and rifampicin
  • Treat not hard , the likelihood needs to be below guidance of specialized subject doctor , take isoniazid , rifampin to wait fight n / med tuberculosis medicaments
  • The four main drugs used in kenya are isoniazid , rifampicin , ethambutol and pyrazinamide . isoniazid has been on the market since 1952 , pyrazinamide is the most recent , in use since 1970
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  • The resurgence of tuberculosis concomitant with the emergence of resistant organisms to isoniazid and rifampicin has created an urgent need for newer antibuberculotic
  • 7 of 12 strains having small deletions showed low level isoniazid resistant including 6 strains at 1716 bp position deletion , and 1 isolates having insertion showed high level isoniazid resistant
    12株發生缺失的菌株中, 7株對異煙肼低度耐藥,其中6株是1716位堿基缺失的菌株;發生堿基插入的唯一1株細菌對異煙肼高度耐藥。
  • Method : a total of 101 isoniazid - resistant and 43 susceptible strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis were analyzed by pcr and sequence analysis of their katg , inha , ahpc , kasa , oxyr genes
    方法對144株結核分枝桿菌臨床分離株( 101株異煙肼耐藥株及43株異煙肼敏感株) katg , inha , ahpc , kasa及oxyr基因進行pcr擴增及dna序列分析。
  • An ser - to - ala substitution at position 94 was detected in 2 isolates showing low level isoniazid resistant , an ile - to - thr substitution at posotion 21 was found in 2 isolates showing high level isoniazid resistant , and small deletion was identified in 1 isolates showing high level isoniazid resistant
    94位氨基酸突變的2株細菌低度耐藥, 21位氨基酸突變的2株細菌高度耐藥,堿基缺失的細菌高度耐藥。 43株異煙肼敏感株中沒有檢測到inha基因突變。
  • It possesses 160 workers and staff members among which there are 38 various talents from polytechnic schools , colleges and universities . this enterprise mainly manufactures simvastatin . rifampicin , rifamdin , isoniazid , pyrazinamide , ethambutol , ivermectin etc pharmaceutical intermediates and raw material medicines
  • Be based on the reason of above , at tuberculosis the young men and women of mobile period shoulds not be marry live together , at present the many specific that fight consumptive disease is like streptomycin , isoniazid , acerbity to ammoniac willow natrium , rifampin to wait , can make much new come on the patient passes a year of to a year of half cure heal , its recrudesce rate is very low also
  • Objective : to elucidate the characterization of katg , inha , ahpc , kasa , and oxyr gene mutations in isoniazid - resistant clinical isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis , and discuss the value of judging the susceptibility of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains to isoniazid by dna sequencing
    目的闡明結核分枝桿菌耐異煙肼臨床分離株katg基因、 inha基因、 ahpc基因、 kasa基因及oxyr基因突變特點,探討是否可能通過dna序列分析來判斷結核分枝桿菌對異煙肼的敏感性。
  • The phase ii trial results of a gatifloxacin - containing regimen are demonstrating good potential . the regimen is significantly more potent than the currently recommended six - month regimen of isoniazid , rifampicin , pyrazinamide and ethambutol , and suggests that when gatifloxacin is used instead of ethambutol , the standard six - month regimen may be shortened to four months
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