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  • 今日亞洲報
  • There are more reports of bird flu outbreaks across asia today ( thursday )
  • Topic : understanding asia today - japan , china and asia : where do we go from here
    題目: "了解今日亞洲局勢日本、中國、亞洲關系:前路如何?
  • In order to remain competitive in the world , i see four major tasks facing asia today
  • There is more money being spent on vaccines and cures for diseases in africa and asia today than ever before in history
  • The situation in southeast asia today underlines the value of racial harmony . those living in harmonious societies should therefore appreciate their good fortune even more
  • Icbc asia today held a ceremony to celebrate the official opening of its new shamshuipo branch , which has been relocated to the expanded premises at 290 lai chi kok road , shamshuipo
  • Echoing the upcoming thirteenth conference of the parties cop 13 to the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora cites , wwf hong kong and traffic east asia today remind the public of hong kong be green consumers and draw attention to several issues of critical concern for conservation
    在瀕危野生動植物種國際貿易公約簡稱華約第1 3屆締約國會議舉行前夕,世界自然香港基金會簡稱世界自然基金會與東亞野生物貿易研究委員會今天呼吁市民成為綠色消費者,并對數項迫切的保育問題表示關注。
  • Therefore , china light industry machinery association and guangzhou best exhibition co . , ltd will hold “ 2004 china paper , paper pulps and corrugated paper industry ( guangzhou ) exposition and 2004 new technology and products and equipments and raw materials ( guangzhou ) of chinese papermaking exposition ” on june 1 - 3 , 2004 in guangzhou international conference & exhibition center , which is the biggest conference & exhibition center of asia today
    因此,中國輕工機械協會和廣州巴斯特展覽有限公司聯合,于2004年6月1日至3日在目前亞洲最大的會議展覽中心?廣州國際會議展覽中心,舉辦“ 2004中國紙張、紙漿及瓦楞紙工業(廣州)展覽會暨2004中國造紙新技術、新產品、新設備、新原料(廣州)展覽會” 。
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