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Tsutomu Kitagawa in 2019

Tsutomu Kitagawa (喜多川務, Kitagawa Tsutomu) (born December 21, 1957[1] in Yamaguchi Prefecture) is a Japanese actor and stuntman who is mostly known for playing Godzilla for the "Millennium" (or "Shinsei") series.[2] He also played King Ghidorah for Rebirth of Mothra III. He also played the costumed actor for the Blue (and occasionally, Black) Ranger in many of Toei Company's Super Sentai Series in the 1980s, better known in the United States as Power Rangers.[1] Kitagawa graduated from Sakuragaoka High School before joining Sonny Chiba's Japan Action Club in January 1975.[1]


Suit actor[edit]

Chouseishin series[edit]

Other roles[edit]

Non-Suit Roles[edit]


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