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  • 版面
  • 標準地區
  • 典型地區
  • Select and expand a language node in the project types area
  • House type area assignment table of beibei district in chongqing 5
    15 ;三等1733 90萬m占全區房屋總面積68
  • General requirements of page size and type area for primary and secondary school textbooks
  • In printing , the space surrounding the type area , comprising head , tail , back and foredge
  • Newspapers ; paper sizes , type area of advertisement , column width of advertisement , space between advertisement columns
  • Majority carrier - a carrier , either a hole or an electron that is dominant in a specific region , such as electrons in an n - type area
  • The analysis on structure of land type show that the land structure is very complicated , landform is crash , land type is various , each area has great differences the platform land type area is 77 . 36 percent of total area and it is predominate
    土地類型的結構分析表明,試區土地結構復雜,地形破碎,土地類型繁多,面積差異懸殊,其中臺塬地類占總面積的77 . 36 ,占優勢地位;平坦條田的分布較廣較細碎,出現頻率最高;溝坡地類是最復雜、最破碎的類型。
  • Consumer ' s personal characteristic including education , age , job , engaged in trade , family ' s monthly gross income , situation of relocation household and live in the area now , and the commercial residential building demand includes the house - purchase purpose , buy property frequency , house type demand , structural demand , house demand characteristic , house - purchase influence factor , sets of type area demand and price endurance , etc
  • The paper studies on two different vegetation type areas in jingyun mountain in chongqing city , which are broadleaved forests ( gordinya svchuanensvs ) and bamboo ( phyllostachys edulis ) forests . by contrasting the surface runoff and underground runoff in these two areas , the results showed that , with the same precipitation , the gross amount of runoff in bamboo forests was larger than that in broadleaved forests and the runoff in bamboo forests appeared before that in broadleaved forests . the amount of underground runoff was larger than that of surface runoff in the two areas , the process of surface runoff was in accordance with that of underground runoff
  • Based on analysis of the current development of sand and wind in zhangjiakou and chengde regions , the paper puts forward some suggestion in preventing sand in the work , according to the condition of nature , geography and society economy on different type areas in hebei province , such as the model of control sand
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  • type areaとは意味:type areaテキスト領域[電情]〈95X0023:情報処理用語(テキスト処理)〉
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