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Yes, Charles Manson Was Short — But He Wasn't 5'2"

Charles Manson with guards-Photofest-H 2019

The new season of Netflix's 'Mindhunter' dropped Friday, and the infamous cult leader is among the many villains.

A new season of Netflix's Mindhunter dropped Friday, and among the infamous characters profiled is Charles Manson.

Before the cult leader, played by Damon Herriman (who also played Manson in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) is even onscreen, his small stature is mentioned. 

"Manson is really small, like really small. Try not to stare," says Ed Kemper, played by Cameron Britton. 

And it is true Manson was short, but he was not as short as was reported, which apparently was a point of contention with him. 

Letting his guard down while the camera was still rolling after an interview with Diane Sawyer in 1993, Manson, whose "family" was responsible for numerous killings, including the actress Sharon Tate in late 1969, asked for a favor.

Manson had been listed as 5-foot-2 (and that is his listed height to this day when Googled). But that was not accurate — at least, not from what Manson said.

"Everyone says I'm 5-foot-2. When I was arrested, I was 5-foot-7," Manson said. "Then I went down to 5-foot-6. Then I went down to 5-foot ... by the time that you all die, I will be about 3 feet tall."

Sawyer asked how tall he was, officially.

Manson responded, "5-(foot)-6" — and three-quarters."

Herriman plays a younger Manson, already running the "family," but before any killings, in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. On Mindhunter, Herriman is an older, incarcerated Manson, sought out to help catch a new serial killer. Herriman is repped by APA. 

The actual Manson died Nov. 19, 2017, at the age of 83.