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About the Restaurant

藝 (yì), which means art in the Chinese language, leverages on the art form of fine dining to awaken the appetite and the senses of patrons. The restaurant delivers cuisine that takes guests on an exploration voyage to China’s vastly diverse cultural regions.

Begin the gastronomic culinary journey with a glass of wine or champagne at 藝’s intimate cocktail bar, designed to mimic a ‘living room’, allowing patrons to unwind and indulge, while they enjoy Chef Jereme’s signature drinking snacks – Sichuan Spicy Chicken & Luncheon Meat and Deep Fried Marinated Pork Belly with Black Garlic.

Meet Our Chef Consultant


Singaporean Chef Jereme Leung began his culinary career at the age of 13, starting from the ground up in kitchens of Hong Kong. Throughout his career, he has mastered all four cornerstones of Chinese cooking ranging from dim-sum, Chinese barbecue, wok-cooking to knife work. He continued to hone his craft at some of the most prestigious hotels in Southeast Asia which gradually led him to embark on a food pilgrimage across China in the 1990s to explore the flavours of different regions, their ingredients and cooking techniques. He moved to Shanghai, China in 2002, and since then has opened over 9 restaurants across the world. 藝by Jereme Leung is his first restaurant in Singapore and his long-awaited homecoming.

Jereme Leung


The culinary trip continues with artistic adaptions of provincial cuisine from different regions of China such as the Hundred-ring Cucumber & Poached Sea Whelk with Soy Sauce Vinaigrette – a classic dish found in China’s Northern region during warm summer months. The dish is skilfully sliced with a hundred cuts forming a continuous spiral and served poached sea whelk, and finished off with refreshing vinaigrette.

Dessert in this beautiful restaurant is taken to new levels with unique creations by Chef Jereme. Chef Jereme displays his artistic flair in the dish Basil Ice Cream with Fresh Mango, Sago Cream and Pomelo, a dessert that sees the Chef infusing citrus and sweet flavours to deliver an ice-cream that comes with a tantalising aftertaste.


Specially for lunch, an enticing selection of savoury and sweet dim sum is offered including Chilli Crab Xiao Long Bao that is filled with Singapore’s favourite chilli crab sauce and fresh crabmeat, enveloped in a delicate handcrafted wrap and Purple Sweet Potatoes with Salted Egg Yolk, a perfect pairing of sweet and savoury where a creamy custard filling of salted egg yolk lies within a roasted sweet potato.



Jereme’s creations delight guests all over the world and challenge them to reappraise their concept of Chinese cuisine with restaurants in multiple cities in China, the Maldives, the Philippines and even aboard two cruise ships.

In his first full-service dining concept in Raffles Hotel Singapore, Jereme will bring guests on a unique journey across China through artful adaptations of heritage masterpieces and ancient delicacies. His dishes celebrate culinary tradition and craftsmanship using single-sourced and seasonal ingredients. To Jereme, it is all about capturing the essence of provincial ethnic cuisines using healthy, seasonal produce enhanced by modern cooking techniques.


Nestled in the restored Raffles Arcade, 藝yi by Jereme Leung is a hidden world of deep rooted culinary traditions while celebrating the art of storytelling and modernity, perfectly complementing Jereme’s culinary style.
The arrival exudes the whimsical world of 藝yi as the intricately handcrafted white floral petals elegantly drape the walls and ceilings. Bathed in neutral earthly tones, the main dining hall is inspired by the ancient Chinese myth portraying the creation of Heaven and Earth by the god Pangu. Elements of Heaven are thoughtfully designed through a showcase of white creped fixtures that educes the idea of a blanket of clouds, while soft blue pastels and warm beige detailing create elements of Earth. 藝yi by Jereme Leung brings you on an experiential journey while introducing you to a whole new world of Chinese cuisine.

What clients say about us

What clients say about us