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Babiniku[1] (Japanese: バ美肉) is an abbreviation of "virtual Bishoujo Juniku" (Japanese: バーチャル美少女受肉, meaning "virtual girl incarnation"[1]) or "virtual Bishoujo self Juniku" (Japanese: バーチャル美少女セルフ受肉, meaning "virtual girl self-incarnation"[1]) in Japanese.[2][3] Also spelled as "virbiniku".[4]

It means wearing an avatar of a cute girl,[5] or acting a virtual girl in a virtual space such as VRChat,[3][6] or acting as a virtual YouTuber or virtual idol.[7] They may change the utterance to a beautiful girl by using a voice changer or devise their way to utter,[8][9] or use their local voice alone with using a 3-D model or illustration of a beautiful young girl.[10][11] For example, if an adult male is incarnated, he is called "Babiniku Oji-san" (Japanese: バ美肉おじさん, "incarnated guy").[10][9] Now the word "Babiniku" is often used as Babiniku Oji-san (an incarnated man) despite originally wearing a cute avatar by myself.[12][13]

In this case, the "incarnate" means "take the body (avatar)", which is different from the "incarnation" of the Christian catechism.[14][15]


In Japanese virtual YouTuber community, the performer is called tamashii (Japanese: , "soul"),[3][16] the character's picture or 3-D model is called nikutai (Japanese: 肉体, "flesh" or "body"),[17] and getting the picture or 3-D model is called juniku (Japanese: 受肉, "incarnation") in Japanese. The word "incarnation" is derived from what Mito Tsukino (Japanese: 月ノ美兎) said when she got a 3-D model of herself.[15]

In the virtual YouTuber community, soul and body are often the same gender. On the other hand, at the end of 2017, "Virtual noja-loli kitsune musume YouTuber Oji-san" (Japanese: バーチャルのじゃロリ狐娘Youtuberおじさん, "virtual noja[* 1]-lolita fox girl YouTuber guy", abbreviation: Noja-oji), which is female in body and male in soul and voice, became popular.[16] She (he) revealed that her soul is male (guy) and showed that she can be a beautiful girl character even if she is male, while her appearance and voice remain male. There are also many virtual YouTubers and Babiniku VTubers who began to work after watching her videos.[18][11][15] She created a sense of value that it didn't matter if the character was a guy inside as long as the character was cute.[7]

Going one step further, Babiniku is not only cute, but also enjoying the gap, which is the presence of a soul (performer) and gender mismatch, as one of their content as well.[11] The difference between a normal virtual YouTuber and a babiniku virtual YouTuber is that there are many who admit to the existence of a soul.[11] The difference between Nekama and Babiniku is also there are many who admit to gender mismatch.[6]

After the appearance of Noja-oji, popularity of incarnation has subsided except for some movements such as ARu-ko (Japanese: ARu子). At the end of May 2018, however, cartoonist Rimukoro (Japanese: リムコロ) and illustrator Maki-hitsuji (Japanese: 巻羊) introduced a method of moving illustrations through live stream using software called FaceRig and Live2D, which quickly became popular among illustrators.[10][19][20] With the help of the fact that many virtual YouTubers were originally illustrators, virtual YouTubers who declared themselves to be "male in spirit" eventually began to gather together and create a community.[15]。In June 2018, a live stream of "Virtual Bishoujo Self Juniku Oji-san Joshi-kai One Night Jinrou" (Japanese: バーチャル美少女セルフ受肉おじさん女子会ワンナイト人狼, "Virtual-Girl-Self-Incarnation-Guys Girls Party, with One Night Werewolf") was held, and the title of this movie became the etymology of babiniku.[21][15][10] Ma-oh Magurona (Japanese: 魔王マグロナ, "Magurona the Demon King"), who participated in this live broadcast, is regarded as a leading figure among the Babiniku guys due to the high number of her subscribers to the channel and her cuteness.[8][16]


Japanese: おじさんが自分で絵を書いて自分で動かしたLive2Dの体に受肉して、更に自分でボイスチェンジャーを使って声帯を弄って、自分で声を当てた地獄のようなコンテンツです。
English: This is a content like a "hell", guys incarnated himself into a Live 2-D body that he drew and moved by himself, and also handle his "vocal chords" by himself using a voice changer, and applied the voice for the body by himself.

Magurona in his YouTube[7]

The notion of "hellish" is often used to describe babiniku in a roundabout way.[15] Actually, When Rimukoro, Maki-hitsuji, Magurona, and Natori Sana (Japanese: 名取さな[* 2]) were asked "What is Babiniku?" in their interviews, and they all responded, "It's hell". The reasons for this are "they transfer us paraphilia", "deep dark side", and so on.[22]

According to Magurona, she titled "Virtual-Girl-Self-Incarnation-Guys Girls Party", which was originally meant to be "a hellish content where guys who have painted themselves and transformed themselves into cute girls get together and enjoy". Over time, the "self" fell out, and the meaning of "a man taking on the body of a cute girl and acting it out" appeared.[16][15] (There is no feminization desire in Magurona's soul.[7])


It is difficult to convert an ordinary male voice into a female voice by instrumental manipulation alone.[23][24] It's necessary to keep the female-like voice by using the falsetto or a mixed voice.[24][25][8] and the smaller the change in pitch and formant in the voice changer, the more natural the female voice will be.[8][17] In addition, there are also Babiniku VTubers, such as Takehana Nohto (Japanese: 竹花ノート), who speaks in female-like voices without using any voice changers.[8][26] Not only the voice itself, but also the way to speak and intonation is involved in the femininity of the voice very much.[8][17][24]

In television[edit]

In 8 January 2020, NHK Educational TV broadcast about Babiniku in "Nehorin-Pahorin".[27]

Popular Babiniku VTubers[edit]

Using voice changer[edit]

Ma-oh Magurona (魔王マグロナ, "Magurona the Demon King")[16] or simply "Magurona" (まぐろな[28])
She is known as a male illustrator (ukyo_rst; うきょうあーるえすてぃ).[29][30] She is regarded as a leading figure among the Babiniku guys.[8][16]
Tomari Mari (兎鞠まり)[16][31]
She is known as a male illustrator.[32] Her 3D model is created by Han-sode (はんそで).[33] See also Tomari Mari.
Hinomori Anzu (日ノ森あんず)[34][35]
Her 3D model is made by Han-sode in the same as Tomari Mari.[36]
Onyankopon (オニャンコポン)[24][37]
She is known as a male illustrator as Umika Tamano (珠野うみか).[38]
Datenti Yua (だてんちゆあ)[34][39]
Her 3D model is made by Han-sode in the same as Tomari Mari.[40]
Hayama Mido (葉山みど)[34][41]
She is known as a novelist, video game writer and graphic designer as Nachi Kio (Japanese: 木緒なち).[42] His popular work is Bokutachi no Remake.
Yuu Kamiya (榎宮祐)[34][43]
She is known as a male cartoonist. His popular work is No Game No Life.[44]
Pochimaru (ぽちまる)[34][45]
She is known as a female cartoonist (Pochi Iida, Japanese: 飯田ぽち。). Her popular work is Anenarumono (姉なるもの).[46] She uses a voice changer "Babi-goe (バ美声)".[47] In this case, "Babiniku" is used as a virtual YouTuber to draw her own model, not as male VTubers in female shape.[47]

Without voice changer[edit]

Takehana Note (竹花ノート)[16][34][48]
She is known as a male illustrator for The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.[49]
Fairys (ふぇありす)[34][50]
She is a male using like a female voice, so called "Ryōsērui" (両声類, pun of Ryōsērui; 両生類, Amphibians). her character design is made by Yuzuriha (ユズリハ),[51] so she is not actual Babiniku for lack of self-incarnation.
Rimu-to-Maki (りむとまき, "Rimu and Maki")[34][52]
  • Rimukoro (リムコロ)
She is known as a male cartoonist. His popular work is The Helpful Fox Senko-san.
  • Maki-hitsuji (巻羊)
She is known as a male illustrator for Azur Lane.[53]
Ryo Hiiragi (柊椋)[34][54]
He is known as a male designer.
Ito Life (伊東ライフ)[55]
She is known as a male illustrator. He drew a design of Ogino Minori, who is a virtual YouTuber and Ōta ward assemblyman (Ogino Minoru, Japanese: おぎの稔).[56]



  1. ^ "noja" is the word of the end of the sentence, and represents an elder person. noja-loli means loli-hag.
  2. ^ She is a real female.


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