The world of Harry Potter was explored in a new era when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out, a movie starring Newt Scamander, an enthusiastic wizard zoologist. He is highly respectful of all magical animals and plants, and he would much rather study these wonderful animals in nature and befriend them than hunt them.

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Newt Scamander, as the wizard Steve Irwin, would visit other pop culture franchises if he could and eagerly study the exotic animals and plans in those universes. Now is his chance to visit the world of Japanese anime, and make notes on the many colorful and wonderful animals he'll find there. Some of them can even talk back.

10 Gamabunta Is A Giant Warrior Toad (Naruto)

Summoning toad gamabunta

In the world of Naruto, it's mainly human ninjas who fight battles and undertake risky missions, but these ninjas can bring four-legged or winged companions along into battle, and heroes and villains alike have used summoning jutsu to enlist some animal aid in battle. That includes a whole family of talking toads.

Gamabunta is the boss toad, a gigantic and ancient amphibian who is known for his fearsome sword, smoking habit, and tough-guy attitude. It's usually Naruto and the toad sage Jiraiya who summon him, and Newt would be astonished and delighted to see Gamabunta appear out of thin air like that.

9 Happy Can Fly And Talk As An Exceed (Fairy Tail)

The world of Edolas is home to an entire race of flying, talking cats known as Exceeds, and they are the only organisms in all of Edolas that naturally have magic. All Exceeds can manifest angelic wings to soar in the skies, and they have roughly human levels of intelligence, too.

Newt Scamander would gladly interview Happy, Natsu's Exceed friend, and get some insights into this fascinating species of flying felines. He would definitely bribe Happy with a few more fish to get a second interview and a flight demonstration.

8 Principal Nezu Is A Brilliant Chimera (My Hero Academia)

Mr. Principal Nezu

In the world of My Hero Academia, many people have animal-like Quirks, such as Tsuyu Asui the frog girl and a dog-headed police detective. In contrast, principal Nezu/Mr. Principal actually is an animal, and he's the only confirmed non-human with a Quirk.

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Principal Nezu has a high-IQ Quirk that makes him one of MHA's smartest characters, and he also blends several species into one body, such as cat, bear, and mouse, all with white fur. He won't let Newt experiment on him, but he would agree to a simple interview. That's good enough for Newt.

7 Armored Gorilla Has Been Enhanced (One-Punch Man)

Saitama the caped baldy has fought a remarkable variety of villains, from human criminals to robots and space aliens, such as the alien overlord Boros. Saitama and his ally Genos also fought some animals, including a lion and the cyborg Armored Gorilla.

Armored Gorilla is a fascinating specimen, the product of Dr. Genus' House of Evolution. This mighty ape has a durable suit of armor for defense and cybernetic upgrades under his skin, and he can even open his head to reveal a remote transmitter. Newt would be amazed.

6 Albert Chamomile Is A Talking Ermine (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

Chamo Negima Blushing Face

Albert Chamomile, better known simply as Chamo, is a bit like Happy the cat, minus the wings. Chamo is an intelligent talking ermine and a good friend of the young wizard Negi Springfield, and human speech is just one of Chamo's talents. He can do more than provide comic relief.

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Chamo has connections with the magical world, and he can buy magical items such as love pills and much more on an off-brand Internet. He can also perform the Pactio spell, usually to help Negi create Pactio Cards with his many classmates. Newt Scamander simply must see all this for himself.

5 Pikachu Is A Legendary Anime Animal (Pokémon)


Strictly speaking, any of the 800+ Pokémon would be a fantastic beast for Newt Scamander to explore, but he's short on time, so during his visit to the Kanto region, he will only study the most famous species of all. He's about to study wild Pikachu in their natural habitat.

Newt would love the cuddly and colorful nature of a Pikachu, and he would be tempted to catch one if he had any Poké Balls on hand. At any rate, he would be most fascinated by a Pikachu's ability to charge up lightning with its cheeks and discharge it into the open air.

4 Kirara Can Fight & Change Her Size (InuYasha)

Kirara from Inuyasha

Feudal Japan is overrun with countless demons, and most of them are too scary or too dangerous for Newt to study up close. Fortunately for him, he could also study a more cooperative and benign animal, such as the nekomata named Kirara. It's a feline creature with magical powers.

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Kirara is normally a small and cuddly creature with two tails, but for combat purposes, Kirara can expand into a larger feline, like a cougar, and fight with greatly enhanced abilities. With Sango's permission, Newt would draw anatomical sketches of Kirara and look her over a bit to see how this size-altering cat really works.

3 Iggy Is A Stand-Using Dog (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Most Stand users are human beings or vampires like DIO, but a few animal Stand users have been seen in the JoJo's series, too. Most of them are hostile and wouldn't let Newt Scamander look them over, but Iggy is a different story.

Iggy is a Boston Terrier mix with a sand-like Stand called The Fool, and if he's bribed with gum, he will sit still and let Newt sketch him and watch his Stand in action. Joseph Joestar would be amused that Newt finds the punkish Iggy so fascinating.

2 Hawk Is A Talking Pig (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Most members of Meliodas' group of heroes are humanoid, but there is one exception, the pink talking pig Hawk. Ever since Sins began, Hawk has been Meliodas' loyal friend and companion, and he's not afraid to call Meliodas out when the latter misbehaves.

Hawk has a bottomless appetite and will eat any leftover scraps that Ban gives him, and he can also assume the characteristics of anything he eats, even demons. Newt would definitely ask for a chance to interview Hawk, and if he strokes Hawk's ego, he'll get a chance to learn a lot.

1 Ranga Is A Telepathic Lightning Wolf (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Ranga Happy to See Children

Up until a point, the dire wolves were only slightly stronger than natural wolves, though they did have a telepathic ability and could communicate in words with each other and other species. Once Rimuru Tempest slew the pack's bloodthirsty leader, a truce was brokered, and Rimuru gave the wolves names.

One particular wolf, Ranga, became Rimuru's personal friend and mount, and he can use dark fire and lightning in battle as a giant wolf. Newt Scamander, if he arrived in Rimuru's monster city, would gladly sketch Ranga and study his magical abilities, and of course, interview him. Newt would be astonished to hear that just gaining a personal name can enhance a monster's abilities like that.

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