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Dragon in the Kitchen 4.4

Dragon In The Kitchen

Vol.4 Chapter 26: A Drop Of Milk

119,131 Jan 26,22 Shimada Lily

Eastern Europe, 1980s. A Japanese Art student finds a mysterious egg in her new house. Born from it is a small lizard-like creature that shrieks in a strange voice. A new life begins together.
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I Don't Want a Harem! 2.6

I Don't Want A Harem!

Chapter 30: Be The Mantrap, Juejue

101,859 Jan 26,22 Good Little Beast Studio

The female leads who reincarnate into different worlds are usually both smart and brave, and possess special skills as the main characters. They avenge the original heroine who died a tragic death, then win over handsome men and conquer the world. But what would happen if a useless person reincarnated as the female lead of a harem story?
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The Incapable Married Princess 4.5

The Incapable Married Princess

Chapter 68: It Shouldn't Be Too Big

731,033 Jan 26,22 石头人

For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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The Princess Pretends to Be Crazy 4.8

The Princess Pretends To Be Crazy

Chapter 50

4,031,754 Jan 26,22 Dalseul,Rohan

“On the Moonlight Garden-!” “White evening primroses are in full bloom -!” It was a strange succession ceremony in which the strongest member of the royal family succeeds the throne. After being poisoned, she returned five years into the past, and played the part of a crazy b*tch in order to survive. Seriously, was surviving by simply looking like the weakest not enough? Th
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A Stepmother's Märchen 4.9

A Stepmother's Märchen

Chapter 81

25,409,694 Jan 26,22 ORKA

The iron widow, the spider widow, male hunter, the witch of Neuwanstein castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies....... These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness, Suri Van Neuwanstein. Despite receiving such criticism from the world, she raised her 'children', who were unrelated to her by blood and were old enough to be called her siblings.
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Vicarious Lover 4.4

Vicarious Lover

Chapter 38

543,114 Jan 26,22 Gangjang,Yeoldusi

"There is someone who makes my heart race. I will date her for three months. So you, too.. should date another man for three months." To get revenge on her fiancé... No, to make him love her again, Hwang Hae Geum planned to look for a substitute boyfriend. That person is Kang Si Hoon, her brother's friend who is five years younger than her. He's the definition of the perfec
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The Omniscient Point of View of an Unrequited Love 4.3

The Omniscient Point Of View Of An Unrequited Love

Chapter 77

4,947,374 Jan 26,22 Jung Ha Rim

Hyeji is a social media star with over 100,000 Instargram followers. She's received tons of confessions because of her popularity, yet despite that she's never been on a single date. But one day, she gets asked on a date—by another popular social media star that she's secretly been following, no less! On the day of the long-awaited date, when she's a
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A Spoonful of Your Love 4.7

A Spoonful Of Your Love

Chapter 64

2,306,427 Jan 26,22 Seokyung,Stem

A secret office romance between the son of the CEO of a huge conglomerate and his newbie secretary slash perpetual liar! Yeonju gave up her career in order to chase after love, but only found herself left with scars and pain … After getting a position at a huge company as a secretary, she finds herself face-to-face with her new boss, Jaehyun, who also happens to be a former classmate of Yeo
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I become immortal 4.4

I Become Immortal

Chapter 74

1,119,432 Jan 26,22 Updating

The bizarre and bizarre world gave birth to all kinds of amazing species. A noble son of a family who came to the great world broke through numerous obstacles, competed with those who came to the world, and kicked the high saint down in the mire. Will witness this magical universe and realize the desire to become immortal in this life!
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Beauty and the Beasts 4.6

Beauty And The Beasts

Chapter 340

18,375,130 Jan 26,22 CHINA READING

As soon as she fell into the world of beast men, a leopard forcibly took her back to his home. Indeed, Bai Jingjing is at a complete and utter loss. The males in this world are all handsome beyond compare, while the women are all so horrid that even the gods shudder at their sight. As a first-rate girl from the modern world (she's even a quarter Russian), Bai Jingjing finds herself sitting at
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Atom - The Beginning 4.4

Atom - The Beginning

Chapter 55: Boot_055

699,235 Jan 26,22 Tezuka Makoto, Yuuki Masami, Kasahara Tetsuro

Tells the story of what happened up until the birth of Astro Boy. Essentially an "episode 0" for Tetsuwan Atom.
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Ogus's Law 4.2

Ogus's Law

Chapter 103 (Reupload)

705,952 Jan 26,22 Shi Yi Ball

Su Yuan, a poor student, in order to not place any additional burdens on his family, accidentally got himself enrolled into a college named, Ogus University. But soon he discovered that this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters (demons); and the physically weaker humans, in order to protect their lives, had to form partnerships—called PAL—with those monst
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Warring States Martial Academy 2.4

Warring States Martial Academy

Chapter 120

794,798 Jan 26,22 貤油大熊

Battle soul - a soul that carries great power. Only those who possess a battle soul can use ancient martial arts that have destructive techniques. The Warring States Martial Academy is a mysterious school founded over a thousand years ago for the purpose of receiving and punishing people with battle souls. The protagonist was sent to the Warring States Martial Academy by his parents without any kn
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Midnight Occult Civil Servants 4.7

Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Chapter 48: Calamity's Footsteps (Part 4)

1,242,228 Jan 26,22 Youko Tamotsu

Arata Miyako is a new government worker assigned to the Shinjuku Ward Office's “Nighttime Regional Relations” department. Each of Tokyo's 23 wards has one such department, which were established to solve paranormal and occult-related events. Arata can understand non-human speech that no one else understands, and he encounters a youkai at Shinjuku Gyoen park that calls him Abe n
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Rise of The Demon King 4.4

Rise Of The Demon King

Chapter 286

30,117,199 Jan 26,22 Ai Lu Mao, Yao Ye, Qing Man

The young Xiao Lang awakened with a Divine Spirit, but the others believed it to be a useless one. He was ridiculed by everyone and some even sent assassins after him, thus forcing him to leave his clan. From then on, he surpassed his limits and attained unimaginable strength! “If the Heavens restrict me, then I shall break the Heavens!"
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I’m Just An Immortal 4.5

I’M Just An Immortal

Chapter 151

16,676,057 Jan 26,22 红鲤鱼工作室

In this era, people are always reincarnation, but I Lin Fei, depends on being immortal. I have lived for hundreds of million years, just to find my beloved ones that I lost for a million years!!
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Hanging Out With a Gamer Girl 4.7

Hanging Out With A Gamer Girl

Chapter 103: That Makes Me Happy

10,712,016 Jan 26,22 Niichi

Terazaki Kaoru is about to meet up with his online friend, Nanami. But Nanami doesn't know Terazaki is a guy in real life! He's sure to be disappointed and at least a little weirded out. But Terazaki is in for a surprise...
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Honey, I’m Going On a Strike 4.7

Honey, I’M Going On A Strike

Chapter 39

2,627,830 Jan 26,22 Go eunchae

Cassia Ruberno, Countess of the Simone Empire, marries Zester Greze, a commoner war hero, at the order of emperor. After living for 10 years with no love or money, he dies of incurable disease. No, I only thought that he was dead. At the same time as his death, Cassia returns to the first day she met him, 10 years ago. However, I don't want to repeat the same life as before, so I declared a &l
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Evenly Matched Love 4.3

Evenly Matched Love

Chapter 118

582,315 Jan 26,22 Měizīzī , hungry studio

Mu Yunshen saved the life of a young military personnel at a banquet, but got himself bonded. After the incident, he returned to his hometown with twins in his belly.   Turns out that that night was a premeditated plan by that young military guy! What can he do now?! It would seem that he is unable to escape!
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I'm Really Not the Evil God's Lackey 4.6

I'm Really Not The Evil God's Lackey

Chapter 37.5: This Is My Decision - Part 2

2,920,712 Jan 26,22 万劫火,刺猬猫阅读,我梦动漫

Lin Jie is an otherworlder who manages a bookstore. He's kind and always recommends soul-healing books for his dejected customers. Sometimes he'd even share his own works too. As time goes on, these customers start to respect him a lot. They bring simple local products every day to show their gratitude and ask for book recommendations. They even start telling tales of this ordinary shopkee
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