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Word Sailing

Please Note: Word Sailing has given me more problems, and more frustration by far, than any other game on my site. The game works about half the time. And half the time it doesn't work correctly. If it is not working right now for you, please try this link. This is the exact same game I have here, except it is put out by a different sponsor: Miniclip. The Miniclip version of Word Sailing seems to be much more reliable. You can play it for free as much as you like, and on full screen! If you do play the Miniclip version of Word Sailing, here is one piece of advice. If you lose a race and want to play again, click the purple 'Play Again' button in the lower right corner of the pop-up box. (The button is almost obscured by the 'Save Score' box. But, look carefully, and you will have no problem seeing it). By the way, you may be wondering why I simply do not use the Miniclip version of Word Sailing here on Richard's Game Reviews. I wish I could. But unfortunately, I need the proper permission. And I simply do not have it.

Game Description: Go island hopping in style! Spell words to power your boat and win the race!

How to Play Word Sailing:

  • Click on the boat you want to sail. You may choose red, green, or yellow.
  • There are 3 different games you can play.
  • Action Race is a fast-paced free-for-all where you race against the two other boats. You can make words at any time!
  • Race By Turns is a turn-based race. You also race the two other boats but you can take your time to make the best word you can.
  • In Puzzle you play alone and try to finish each course in 10 words or less.
  • To choose your game type, click the 'Play' button under the game you want to play.
  • Each game has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, or Difficult. Click the button to select the difficulty level you wish to play.
  • You will hop to 10 different islands on your journey from St. Thomas to Trinidad for Carnival! So, each race has 10 legs.
  • There are 11 letter tiles at the top of the game screen. (You may have to scroll left or right a little to see all 11 letters). Click on each letter, one at a time, to spell a word. Then, click the 'Submit' button.
  • Each word you submit must be at least 2 letters in length.
  • If a word is unacceptable Word Sail will signal you with a buzzing sound, and you must try again.
  • As you click each letter you will see the word you are forming at the bottom of the game. If you should change your mind while forming a word, click the 'Clear' button to begin again.
  • Click the 'Shuffle' button to rearrange the letters at the top.
  • When your boat runs into a floating crate with the letter 'D' on it, this creates a new temporary button at the top labeled 'Dump Letters'. You may click on the 'Dump Letters' button at anytime to get 11 new letters. Once you click on the 'Dump Letters' button it will disappear and will not become available again until you are able to run into another floating crate. (The 'Dump Letters' button does not carry over from one race leg to another. So, if it is unused, it will also disappear at the end of a race leg).
  • Each letter tile has a number at the lower right corner. This number represents the number of points you will earn when you use that letter in a word.
  • Your goal is to use letters to make words that have lots of points, so you can win each race leg.
  • If you win all 10 legs you win the race!
  • If you lose a leg the game is over!
  • Notice: When the game ends (either when you win the last race, or if you lose a race leg) you will need to hit the refresh button on your web browser to play again. The game will not automatically reload.

Word Sailing Game Options:
  • Click the microphone icon located at the lower right corner of the game to turn the game sound on or off.
Word Sailing Playing Tips:
  • Remember, each letter has a point value. The points for each letter are shown at the lower right on each letter tile. Watch this carefully. Not all tiles are the same. For instance, one letter 'E' may have a point value of 1, but another letter 'E' may have 2 points. Obviously, in such an instance, you would use the letter 'E' with the most points.
  • Longer words don't necessarily give you more points. It is the point value of each letter that counts.
  • As you spell each word pay attention to the 'Wind' number near the bottom of the game. The 'Wind' number represents the number of points for the word you are currently forming. The more points your word earns, the more wind you will have to sail your boat, and the faster you can get to the finish line.
  • Be careful with the letters 'G' and 'C'. They look very similiar. So, you will have to distinguish between the two.
  • Use the 'Reshuffle' button as much as you need. This may help you to spot new words.
  • As you play each game you can watch the progress of your boat, as well as that of your competitors, on the line graph toward the bottom of the screen.
Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: With clever sounds and graphics Word Sailing is quite the game! There are 3 different Word Sailing games. Each game is easy to understand and play. I like the fact that each game has 3 difficulity levels. If you enjoy Word games, I predict that Word Sailing will quickly become one of your all-time favorites!

Con: I have no problem with the game itself. As a matter of fact, I think Word Sailing is terrific. I just want to bring up one minor technical issue. Once the game ends, the game will very likely not automatically reload. So you will probably need to hit your refresh button on your web browser to play again.

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  1. You cannot see the words that the other boats compile. When they pass you by you sometimes wonder what word they made with the available letters that gave them such an advantage!

  2. To Anonymous,

    I don't believe that the other boats actually make any words. You just have to pretend that they do.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews.