Make a Will Online: Solicitor-checked UK online wills from £45

Make a will online: peace of mind in minutes

Every document is checked by a fully qualified solicitor for your peace of mind. Trusted since 2008.

Single will £60.00 | Pair of wills £90.00 | Printing and postage (optional) from £15.00

Reviews of our online wills service

Very pleased with the results of my will

They were very helpful. I am so glad that I picked them, from all the other firms I looked at online. A worthy five stars.


I found this so easy to do

I found this so easy to do. Took about 5 minutes but my will isn't complicated. Received very clear instructions on how to sign and storage, etc. I would recommend. Mine was checked within a day or two and I had confirmation that it was all okay. I found this reassuring.


Very good service

Very good service. Simple to use and quick clear correspondence. Thanks.


The process was quick and straight forward

I'm pleased that I finally got my will done, and I'm glad that I found "make a will online" to make it all easy for me. The process was quick and straight forward.


Easy and quick

Easy and quick to complete with straightforward instructions and excellent followup emails.


It was quick and simple.

The solicitors were helpful when I had a question too. Can't believe I put it off for so long!


Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Make an online will in 3 easy steps:

1: Answer a straightforward set of online questions

MAWO for video

2: Review, and only pay when you are happy

3: Receive your will by email or post

Why choose our solicitor-checked will writing service?

With Make A Will Online, you get the peace of mind of knowing a solicitor has checked your will. Anyone can call themselves a “will writer” or offer a “legal check”. A solicitor, on the other hand, is a qualified legal professional.

We are the only online wills provider to offer this service and have been granted an Innovation Space Waiver by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to do so.

We believe that this offers you the best possible peace of mind for the best price.

how much does it cost

Log in and make changes to your will for 28 days for FREE or choose lifetime updates for just £10 a year

£2,000,000 professional liability insurance for your protection

Members of the Society of Will Writers

Money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

Make a will online: a fully legal will writing service

At Make a Will Online, our secure will writing service allows you to make a will in minutes, at your convenience. Once your will has been correctly signed and witnessed - we send full instructions with the document - you will be legally covered and can relax in the knowledge that your estate is safe.

For your peace of mind, all documents are checked by a solicitor.

Completing and updating your will

Once you have started making a will online, you can sign in and continue at a time that suits you. You will find full guidance throughout the will writing process, explaining all of the important legal terms relating to wills and probate.

When you have finished making your will online, you can login and make free changes to the document for 28 days.

For even more peace of mind, our optional lifetime updates service (just £10 per year) allows you to keep your will up-to-date forever.


Your will printed, bound and posted for just £15.00 per document

No hidden extras.

How does the will-writing process work?

Before you start the will writing process you should have the name and address of anyone you intend to name in the document. Postcodes are useful too, but not essential. You will be sent a link by email in case you need to come back at a later date to complete the will.

1. Fill in your information securely

At the start of the secure online questionnaire, you will be asked to provide your address and contact details.

These are strictly private and are used a) for production of the document b) to allow you to login if you don't complete your will in a single session c) to send the completed document (via email). You can find our data handling policy here.

You then answer a series of questions about who you want to manage your estate, who you would like to look after any children, who you would like to inherit your possessions and any conditions you wish to attach.


2. Review, confirm and pay

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be presented with a summary of the information you have entered and have the opportunity to go back and make any amendments you wish.

You then make a secure payment of £60.00 (single will) or £90.00 (pair of wills) by card or PayPal.

3. Receive your will, sign and witness

Once the secure payment has been made, the will document will be emailed to you at the email address you provided, along with detailed instructions for making the will legal and receipt for payment.

Shortly afterwards, a solicitor will check the document to make sure that everything is in order. If anything is unclear, a member of our team will contact you by email.

You can choose to receive a printed version of your will by post for just £15.00 per document.

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Our wills are valid for property held in England and Wales. If you have property overseas, you should check local laws and, if necessary, create a separate document to cover the foreign property.

Wills for UK expats

Our wills are fully legal in England and Wales, but the situation becomes more complicated if you are resident abroad, or own property overseas.

Different countries deal with inheritance law differently and you should consult an expert on local law in the country in which you live.


We work with dozens of charities on their gifts in wills campaigns. If your charity is interested, find out more about a Fundraising Regulator compliant legacies campaign.

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