Keila Grinberg | Department of History | University of Pittsburgh

Keila Grinberg

  • Professor


Latin American History  
Atlantic History 


History of Brazil
Modern Latin America 
Comparative Race and Slavery
Public History 
Heritage and Memory  

Education & Training

  • PhD, Universidade Federal Fluminense, 2000

Representative Publications

Research Interests

I am currently working on two research projects:  the book manuscript Slave Soil, Free Soil: Illegal Slave Trade, International Relations, and the Paraguayan War, a social history of slavery and international relations in South America between the 1750s and 1870s, in which I analyze slave flights, small revolts, kidnappings and illegal enslavement of free women and their children in the Southern border of the Brazilian Empire and it’s impacts on the outbreak of the Paraguayan War (1864-70); and, with Monica Lima and Fernanda Felisberto, a collection with selected documents on enslaved women in Brazil.  

I am also working on two public history projects: Passados Presentes, with Hebe Mattos and Martha Abreu, an interdisciplinary digital project on the memory of slavery in Brazil; and, with Daryle Williams and Mariana Muaze, the database “Enslaved Peoples in 19th-Century Rio de Janeiro,” a series of datasets to be published on the “Enslaved Publishing Platform,” sponsored by the project Enslaved: Peoples of the Historic Slave Trade.