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Google Potentially Working on Apple's 'Find My' Network Android Version

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(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Google Potentially Working on Apple‘s ‘Find My‘ Network Android Version

Google could potentially be working on an Android version of the popular Apple “Find My” network. Due to Apple tightly controlling their own iOS system, they are very capable of building a massive crowdsourced network of different devices that could help them locate other devices.

Finding Android Devices Like Apple

Apple, like a lot of companies, has even released a Bluetooth tracker called AirTags which according to XDA-developers is considered the most effective tracker in the market today. The only other company that is capable of building a network of different devices as massive as Apple’s is of course, Google.

This is due to the existence of the widely used Google Play Services app on almost every single Android device. It also seems like Google recognizes the fact as well and is even preparing itself to build a new massive crowdsourced network of different devices.

Google Play Services v21.24

The new Google Play Services version 21.24.13 has just rolled out today within the beta channel and XDA-developers were able to decode it. The researchers were then able to find strings that suggested Google is currently working on its version of the “Find My Device” network that would rely on Google Play Services to help the phone locate other phones.

Google currently has an app which is called the “Find My Device” that is readily available on the Play Store. However, it can only find devices that are directly signed into the users’ Google account. If the “Find My Device” network goes live, users will be able to help other Android users find their devices.

Android Popular Operating System

Although Android might be found in a number of devices, it is still very much likely that a huge percentage of over 3 billion devices around the world running the OS is made up of smartphones. The large numbers of Android smartphones sold outside of China have the popular Play Service app preinstalled. This means that the device could be eligible to participate in the whole “Find My Device” network.

For the background, the official Google Play Services is an essential component of the Google Mobile Services or GMS. This is a suite of Google-made apps and services which the company distributes to smartphone makers that are all looking to sell an Android device.

GMS Play Store

GMS would also bundle the whole Play Store, the biggest app store in the whole Android ecosystem. Device makers that are already seeking to preinstall directly the Play Store on their very own Android devices must also include a number of different components of the Google Mobile Services.

These would include Google Play Services as well as some other apps. For those worried about losing their smartphones, hopefully with the new Android version of the popular Apple “Find My” network, Android devices will soon be as locatable as other Apple devices with AirTags. Of course, users will still have to see how this rolls out when it does.

Written by Urian B.

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