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The Reformation Begins

the reformation from the babylonian captivity-the Peace of Augsburgs
Babylonian Captivity
French King stole the Papacy [1300's]
Great Schism
Christendome is divided when there are two popes [french and italian] 1390's
Division in a Religion
United Western Europe under the pope
Englishman who criticized the church for corruption; used vernacular language
Jan Hus
Bohemian in Austria; Burned at the state [German Barbeque] around 1415 at the end of the Great Schism
Council of Constance
United the Catholic Church
Mordern Devotion
[Brethren of Common Love] norther german catholic clergy who talked about a mystic relationship with god
Thomas A Kempis
"Imitation of Christ" YOU are responsible...
Thomas More
"Utopia" Criticized the church, created a perfect society without the pope
"Praise of the Folly" "The Handbook of the Christian Knight"; layed the 'egg' Luther hatched
Alexander VI
[Borgia Family] Father of Cesare, encouraged him to build him a nation by killing
"More evil and more lucky then, perhaps, any other pope for many ages before."
Leo X
Rebuilt St.Peter's Basilica; Arts; Turned Rome into the cultural center of the world; excommunicated Luther
Sold indulgences for Leo X; best example of spiritual corruption
Justification by Faith; "Saved By Faith Alone"; encouraged the Bible to be translated
October 31, 1517
95 Theses was nailed on the church door in Whittenberg
supported indulgences; forced Luther to expose justification by faith in debate; Made Luther a heretic
Papal Bull
Official statement from the Pope
Luther------ the papal bull.
Why did Luther burn the bull?
To gain the Germans support
Address to the Nobility of the German Nation
Pamphlet written playing on nationalism and getting the support of the nobles
The Babylonian Captivity of the Church
Phamphlet written as a statement against the church saying the church had stolen their spiritual experience
On the Freedom of a Christian Man
Phamplet written announcing the Justification of Faith using the Guttenberg Press
Charles V
Wanted to Unite the HRE, but the pope was against him
Diet of Worms
Charles V used it to form a relationship with the pope, asked Luther to recant his belief
"Here I Stand!"
Luther's Response which led to his exile
Frederick the Wise
Elector of Saxony who chose to protect Luther to prove Charles had no power of Saxony
Schmalkaldic Wars
Civil Wars in the HRE [Luthern princes vs Catholic princes]
Political Aspects of the Reformation
Charles was forced to worry about the French and Turks, leaving the Schmalkaldic League to form again
Translation of the Bible to German
Luther wrote while he was under the protection of Frederick the Wise
Religious Wars
Religious Aspects, Political Aspirations, French and Turks overextended Charles V
Peace of Ausburg
1555; Lords had more power than Kings; Lutheranism is permanent