Community Remembers Roswell Youth Baseball Association Umpire Alvin McDougald

Local resident Alvin McDougald, 58, died suddenly in his sleep on Sunday, March 10.

Ask pretty much anyone who knew him and they might tell you local resident Alvin McDougald was an inspiration, a mentor, an encourager or a friend. But no matter how they describe the man beloved by so many local residents, they will most definitely tell you he will be missed.

McDougald, 58, who died suddenly in his sleep on Sunday, March 10, was laid to rest Friday, March 15.

A staple on the Roswell Youth Baseball Association (RYBA) umpire circuit, McDougald had been involved in local youth sports - including baseball and basketball - for 16 years. As the son of educators, he carried on that tradition of guiding youth by sharing his knowledge of sports with young people.

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"Alvin has always loved children," his wife, Lisa, told Roswell Patch. "He was so patient. He was a great mentor and friend."

The couple's daughter, Macy, will remember her father as "her coach in life, as well."

"She just loved him so much," said Lisa.

McDougald's encouragement didn't end with his daughter; hundreds of local youth can share memories of his unwavering presence at their games over the years. Some of those kids even showed up to to pay their respects at his funeral Friday.

Roswell High School student Chad Miller was one such local player and part-time youth baseball umpire affected by the encouragement of McDougald, an Alpharetta United Methodist Church member. He told Roswell Patch how much McDougald's influence had impacted his and others' lives.

"Just about anyone you ask can tell you a good story about Alvin," he said. "His heart was devoted to working with kids, teaching the coaches and teaching the parents."

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Miller wrote the following status on his Facebook page the night prior to McDougald's funeral:

"Alvin, you were an inspiration to many children and adults throughout the Roswell community. You were a mentor and a leader. You taught me how to pitch a baseball when I began playing. You were an encourager; always encouraging the players, as well as your partner, on the field. I am grateful that God gave me such a positive role model like yourself. I am honored to say that I worked with one of the best umpires in Roswell. You have greatly influenced the way I viewed life, always putting a positive spin on anything you were faced with."

Jim Farmer, Roswell Youth Baseball Association League vice president of umpires, agreed.

"Alvin will be remembered as a teaching umpire that put the children first, [he] was passionate about baseball and always had a smile on his face," he said.

According to Farmer, the RYBA will be placing a bench in Hembree Park to honor McDougald, as well as setting up a college scholarship fund in his name for local players and umpires, in conjunction with the Roswell baseball officials.

A blog on the RYBA website fondly recalls McDougald as a "true blessing."

"We are so very proud of how he lived his life," said Lisa, about her husband.

Do you have a great memory of McDougald? Add it below in the comment section, or sign the Roswell Funeral Home memorial guest book for McDougald.

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