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Roswell GA police seek new clues in 1988 killing of 8-year-old boy


Roswell GA police seek new clues in 1988 killing of 8-year-old boy

Josh Harmon went missing in May of 1988. Josh had been outside the entire sunny Sunday afternoon before he went missing, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s coverage at the time. Josh’s stepfather described the boy as a “nature nut” who loved finding ducks and turtles behind their apartment complex, today called River Crossing at Roswell, near Holcomb Bridge Road and Ga. 400.Roswell officers searched the 60-acre wooded area surrounding the apartments but missed his body on their first search.

The Fulton County medical examiner at the time said Josh’s body was found in a nearby gully and appeared to have been purposefully concealed.

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As u/ELnyc pointed out, Josh's mom actually left a comment on a previous post, which I have pasted below.

Here is a page she linked that contains more info about Josh, and he really sounds like an awesome kid. I am almost the same age and live very near Roswell (although I grew up in Chicago). I remember exploring the neighborhood just like Josh, times were different then. My best friend and I even had a "fort", just like he did. I saw this highlighted on the local news recently, and I really hope this renewed interest provides the information that can solve this case.

My name is Cherie Harmon, and I am Joshua's mom. My best friend found this site last week and encouraged me to look into it, so I did. I have to say that I was stunned at the continued interest in my son's murder, but naturally thrilled that there were still those out there who have not forgotten him. I can add some insight to what you've written above, and I am truly shocked that you have as much information as you do. Some of what I read I was not aware of, so I learned a few things also. The reason you can't find anything later than early 1990's is the fact that the GBI destroyed ALL of the evidence in Joshua's case in July 1991. I was given several different reasons for this happening, none of which made any sense, and we later came to the conclusion that the evidence was destroyed because the GBI were so adamant in the beginning that Josh's step father killed Joshua, and because of that, they never really investigated any other possible suspects. The agent the GBI sent to "help" us had never investigated a murder, she was a rookie with an attitude, and made it known that in 80% of the cases, it turns out to be a step parent who committed the crime, so that was her conclusion. Joshua's step father was put through hell for a couple years, until another case fell into their laps in 1990, and all of a sudden, they were convinced that this was the person who killed Joshua. During the trial it was made known that the suspicion was this person not only attempted to molest a boy, but he also murdered Joshua. It was taken to the extreme by them manufacturing evidence to convince the GBI Director that they were right about this, and somehow, this person ended up serving 20 years in prison on an assumption. He was never tried for Joshua's murder, because there was no evidence, because he was innocent. For years the GBI would not talk to me. Finally, in 1997, I demanded a meeting with them, which is when I found out about this. According to Agent Robert Ingram, they were positive that this person had murdered Joshua. My question to them, which went unanswered, was why did they not contact me, Joshua's mom, in 1991, when they arrested this person and decided to declare him Joshua's murderer? Why did they not think it important to let the parents of Joshua know about this evidence and "supposed" murderer of Joshua. I found it ironic that they destroyed the evidence in Joshua's case at the time they arrested this other person, and when I confronted Mr. Ingram, he had a very indifferent attitude about it, never apologizing, and telling me that it didn't matter that the evidence was destroyed because they "had their man". Their goal of not letting anything tarnish the GBI's reputation was still in tact, which is all they were really concerned about. I later found out that they did this with quite a few murder cases that they were incapable of solving, and, I believe it was in 2006 or 2007 when the media got a hold of this information and did a story with a mother who's daughter was murdered and she later found out they had destroyed the evidence in her case also. The next day they came out to our home and did a story on the destruction of the evidence in Joshua's case. Of course, when they attempted to contact the GBI and give them an opportunity for rebuttal or comment, they would not speak to the media or even issue a statement.

To answer your question, yes, I was home all day cleaning the house. Joshua was in and out during the day playing with his best friend, Timmy, who lived in the building next to us. He was definitely not killed in the apartment, and it was noted by the Medical Examiner that he was dragged into the "gully" after he was murdered, due to drag marks on the backs of his legs. They feel he was probably murdered at or near his "fort", which is where he was waiting for his best friend, and because the "fort" was so close to the path through the woods, his body was later dragged a few feet down into the gully. He was found with only both socks and one shoe, and no other clothing. I was told the clothing was never found, and recently found out that the socks and shoe he was wearing mysteriously disappeared after the GBI took his body, and have never been found. The Medical Examiner was very thorough and very involved, and we have stayed in contact over the years also. He was quite upset from what he saw, and said that this case should have been easily solved if the "authorities" had done their jobs. To this day, he remembers having to deal with the GBI agent who was in charge of the investigation and how she refused to give him pertinent information he needed for the autopsy, or return lab tests that were taken. It's unbelievable to me how the GBI can get away with anything, and not have to answer for it. I wrote to every governor we had over the years, and none of them did a thing. The GBI is untouchable, and they know it, and they use it to their advantage, when needed, to make certain their reputation is never tarnished. That, in my opinion, is their most important goal; to protect their image, no matter the cost to those who have lost a loved one.

This is what I know for a fact. Joshua's step father had absolutely nothing to do with Joshua's murder. He was a wonderful father to Joshua, and I had known him, his kids and ex wife for many years. He knew Joshua from birth, and our children played together quite often over the years. Joshua's biological father and he were friends, even after we were married, and he trusted Joshua's step father completely. Whoever said that he was "explosive" clearly had never met the man and knew nothing about him. We remain friends, and stay in touch with each other; Joshua's father and I even went to his son's wedding some years back. The other thing I know for a fact is that this person who was "railroaded" and sent to prison had nothing to do with Joshua's murder either, he was just a convenient suspect who landed in their laps, so they could have a nice wrapped package without having to do any work. In my opinion, I feel the GBI needs to be publicly disciplined and it should be made clear to the public that this is not an organization to be trusted or respected. I'm not sure how to do that because the media is afraid to "ruffle any feathers" with them, and I think they are literally afraid to air a piece on some of the more heinous things the GBI has done, particularly destroying evidence in an unsolved murder case, and having no conscience in doing so. The Roswell Police Dept. have truly tried to get answers, and to this day I have a few detectives there who are still working this case and are determined to get answers about Joshua's murder.

I could write many more pages about this travesty of justice, illegal activities and so much more the GBI has done, but I need to reach a stopping point in this post. I thank you all for continuing to care about my son and want answers also. He was a truly beautiful child who would never hurt anyone, and always wanted to please. If he could make you smile, it made his day complete. He was my entire life, and I too died 30 years ago when he was murdered, and will forever suffer over not knowing, 100% who killed him and why. His father and I have been back together for 15 years, and Larry is my only link to our son, as I am for him. We do have pleasure in our lives, and know that Joshua is in a better place, but the sick monster who took our son, took all of our future. We didn't just lose our child, we lost any chance of having a daughter in law, and more importantly grandchildren. You can find out much more about Joshua if you go to If you can't get it that way, just type in "Virtual Memorials" and put Joshua's name in the search box. I've added to it over the years, but it will show you his beauty, and much more about him and his family. Again, thank you for caring. Cherie Harmon, Josh's mom.

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I read his mom's page and found this detail about the day Joshua died:

Later that day, Joshua came in to get his 2 "Tigers Eye" rocks. He came back minutes later, excitement spilling all over his face. He was flushed and out of breath, and told me how when he showed his rocks to the guy in the next building, the guy told him that he had a "Tigers Eye" rock that was so big it was worth a hundred million dollars.

Wonder if the neighbor was cleared.

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Wow that's amazing and sad. Thank you for sharing this.

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It seems like in a lot of these cases law enforcement comes up w a suspect first, the investigates based on that assumption. Anything that doesn't fit, or challenges, their assumption is ignored or cast aside. In any event, it seems very suspicious that they would destroy evidence like this. It is also suspicious the socks worn by Joshua were "lost". Considering these were only clothing found, it would seem like they would be significant pieces of evidence.

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His mom left a really detailed comment on this post some time after it was posted (so it didn’t get many comments). According to her comment, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations destroyed all the evidence in the early 90s because (supposedly) they felt they had found the person who did it. I feel terrible for her.

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There was another murder in Roswell around 1989 or 1990. I have not been able to find the case online because my memory is fuzzy. I think the victim's name was Bonnie, and her body was found in a creek nearby where Joshua was found. The murderer was caught and convicted in that one. It seems like that guy is an obvious suspect in Josh's murder. If anyone can find the case I am thinking of that would be great.

Edit: The victim's name was Bonny Dodd and she was murdered in 1986, so not related I guess.

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Thanks for highlighting this case. I hadn’t heard about it though I spent my childhood in a neighborhood very close to there. I believe we moved there in 89 or 90 and I was a couple of years younger than he was.

I hope this renewed interest leads to something. Interestingly, my “can’t believe I survived” interaction with a stranger happened when I was living in that neighborhood as well. It was a few years later so I doubt it’s related at all. As I remember it, there are a lot of apartment complexes in that area so the population was constantly rotating.

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story time, or too traumatic?

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Look at that sweetheart, what a precious little boy. Thank you for sharing, I live in that general area and had no idea about this case. Hoping the renewed attention will yield some leads.

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I'm not a crier, but I looked at his mom's website for him and now there's something in my eye.

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One of The TV news channels(2,5,11,46) should do a story on this case.

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I was also 8 years old in 1988 and lived very near to this area. (I went to Barnwell Elementary, though, not Roswell, Mimosa or Kimball Br which were mentioned in the article.) I am familiar with all the apartment complexes in the area, but not sure what the former name of Rivers Crossing was- it definitely wasn’t Rivers Crossing in the 80s or 90s. I’m surprised that I never heard of this case being the same age and also knowing my mom is usually informed about such happenings.

ETA I googled pics of Rivers Crossing- it was called Kings Bridge in the 90s, been there many times. Not sure if it had a different name in the 80s, though.

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The mom is now back with the child’s biological father so she would have no reason to continue covering for the stepfather.

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okay now I'm confused.

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It's not third time lucky for Durst. Was found guilty of first degree murder in the killing of Berman in 2000. Durst notoriously was acquitted of another murder in 2003 and it long suspected of having killed his wife in the 1980s.

He was the subject of the HBO documentary The Jinx in which he appeared to confess to multiple murders. This brought new infamy to Durst and may have played a pivotal part in this newest indictment.

Trial took an obscenely long time due to covid and the jury deliberated for a few days. Sentencing will be at a later date but it does seem to be a formality at this point that Durst will spend the remainder of his life in a California prison.

May even run into Joe DeAngelo.

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In April of 1984, the body of a baby boy is discovered on White Strand beach in Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. Gardai (Irish police) launched an investigation into the murder of the child, which initially led to the arrest of Joanne Hayes, who lived in close proximity to White Strand. Joanne was arrested under suspicion of the murder of the infant with the initial reasoning being “she was known to have been pregnant”

What’s important to note here is the common mistreatment of single mothers in Ireland even well into the late 1980s. Abortion, sex outside of marriage,contraception and even divorce were contentious topics in Ireland, as far as the 1990s. we don’t have to look much further than the mother and baby homes scandal for evidence of how a country so heavily influenced by the Catholic Church, treated children and unwed mothers.

Joanne was arrested and was believed to have initially confessed to the killing of the baby found on the beach, however she shortly withdrew her confession, and instead stated that she had given birth to a baby who died shortly after being born. She stated she buried this baby on the family farm.

Gardai persisted that she was in fact the mother of the baby on the beach, who I’ll refer to as ‘Baby John’ as he became known on the media. When blood tests revealed the baby had a different blood type to Joanne and the birth father of the baby buried on the farm, gardai insisted she had sex with two men, in a close time frame, and as a result baby John must have his fathers blood type.

Joanne Hayes was charged with murder however the case was thrown out by the judge and a tribunal was established in order to investigate the behaviour of the gardai in this case. The judge claimed that Joanne strangled her baby to stop the child from crying, despite the state pathologist being unable to confirm a cause of death. He also rejected claims from the Hayes family that they had been subjected to abuse by the gardai, and that gardai had physically forced a confession from Joanne and her family.

A 2018 review of DNA would reveal that Joanne Hayes was not the mother of Baby John, and as a result received an apology from the minister for justice and the Taoiseach.

On the 14th of September 2021, the body of Baby John was exhumed to be re-examined in the hopes of finding more answers in the 37 year old mystery.


Edit: apologies for the brief write up, on mobile.

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This case is that of a Welshman who has been standing in the way of traffic for seven years. He is being called ‘The Silent Man’. He does not utter a single word and stands in the middle of the road blocking traffic. This action has caused disruption & traffic jams on the roads of Swansea.

David Hampson, 51, regularly makes a one-man stand against oncoming cars and lorries and keeps his mouth shut whenever he’s arrested.

He has been doing the same thing since 2014 on a road outside Swansea Central police station, and no one knows why.

Hampson has already been jailed NINE times for his disruption over the years and was put under a criminal Asbo to keep the traffic flowing.

He never speaks, not to the disgruntled drivers, not to arresting officers, not to the judge, not to doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, probation officers or cell mates.

Once he barricaded himself in his prison cell and set his bed on fire and sat there silently until officers managed to get in and drag him to safety.

At a past trial in Crown Court it was decided that he was "mute of malice" - that he is able to speak but decides not to - rather than "mute by visitation of God" meaning that he cannot speak.

Nobody knows why he repeatedly blocks traffic on that same road and it is a total mystery why he never speaks.

Mr Hampson of no fixed abode is currently in jail, quietly serving a three and a half year sentence.

Why do you think he does this and why does he refuse to speak ?

*Edit* according to this article from 2015 he once draped himself on the bonnet of a Royal Mail Post Office Van with his face pressed up against the windscreen (no doubt terrifying the driver) and refused to get off (all while not speaking of course)

*and another when he won't let go of the cars grille !

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According to local news outlets, Chapel Hill police will be having a press conference today at 3:30 to discuss a new development in the case of Faith Hedgepeth.

One of Chapel Hill, North Carolina's most frustrating unsolved cases. Faith was found murdered in her apartment in September of 2012. It has been 9 years with very little progress being made in the investigation.

I am incredibly curious if the update will be substantial. The last big news came about 5 years ago with the release of what the suspect my look like based on his DNA phenotype.

Another interesting thing to note is the seal of the case records. See excerpt below from Wikipedia.

"In November, The Daily Tar Heel, UNCCH's student newspaper, petitioned the judge who had ordered the investigation records sealed to release an early search warrant in the case. Instead, the judge ordered it resealed for another 45 days. At that time, the Chapel Hill police had not even released Hedgepeth's cause of death, although her parents told the media that their daughter's death certificate said she had been beaten.

Police announced in January that the DNA from the scene had come back as belonging to a male. From the crime scene and other evidence the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had developed a profile of the man. They said it was likely that he had lived near Hedgepeth in the past, had expressed an interest in her and his behavior may have changed since the crime, including showing an unusual interest in the case. Notwithstanding this release of information, the town successfully petitioned the court to keep the warrants under seal, saying that phase of the investigation was still not complete; in May 2013 the court extended the seal another 60 days."

It was eventually unsealed.

This should be interesting. I know many of y'all are interested in the case, so I thought I would let you know this was happening.

Edit: sorry for the somewhat half assed write up, I just wanted to let everyone know that press conference was happening.

Edit they have made an arrest!!!!

Edit: ABC 11 (Chapel Hill) is reporting the name/spelling as “Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares. Thank you u/mkochend

I’m curious what the link is since they were close in age.

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On June 1, 1987, a woman kicked the door at a residence on Jim Sterchi Road in Knox County, Tennessee. She and the two men accompanying her were trying to break in through a screen door. This woke the residents, one of whom was frightened enough to discharge a shotgun. The two men were unharmed, but the woman was killed. Police could not identify her, and the men she was with, who were apprehended, claimed to not know who she was, only that they recently picked her up in Greene County and referenced Illinois and the name "Tina".

The woman had apparently had a rough life; she had previously suffered a broken clavicle, a broken wrist, at least two breaks in her tibiae, and a broken fibula. In addition, at time of death, her blood alcohol level was .13.

She remained unidentified until this year, when she got her name back: Tena Marie Gattrell. She was reported missing in March 2021 to the police in Sacramento, CA by the son who'd never known her.

From a facebook post on missing & homeless (not allowed to post FB but you can google the text for the source):

"Tena suffered from mental health issues. Social services were called. They thought it was in the best interest of the child to remove him from his mother's care. They place him in foster care. They tried to get Tena to put her baby up for adoption in April 1985. Tena refused their request. Tena was then placed in a board and care home under a 51/50 hold. June 21, 1985 Tena walked away from the board and care home and was reported missing. The state let Tena's little boy be adopted out by his foster parents. On October 30, 1986 Tena was located by the police in San Diego, California. She was living homeless. That was the last known contact anyone has had with Tena."

Tena's son discovered her name by requesting sealed adoption papers and via He contacted her siblings, who had little information on her; the only picture they had was of her aged 10. He also was able to find his biological father, a truck driver, who likewise had little information.

From the Sacramento County Sheriff site above:

"In March of 2021, the son of Tena Marie Gattrell reported her missing to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. Gattrell, who was 25 years old at the time of her disappearance, had not been seen by family or friends since 1985. The sheriff’s office initiated a report, entered Gattrell in both the state and federal missing person databases, submitted the case to NamUs and began conducting a basic follow-up investigation.

On August 20, 2021, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office was notified of a fingerprint hit to a Jane DOE (unidentified female) in Knox County, Tennessee" which is how Tena was ultimately identified.

No reports I've read indicate why she was not reported missing earlier, nor the names of the two men she was with when she died.

EDIT: Thanks for the awards, kind strangers!

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On May 21 of 2009 a man died of lung cancer at Foothills Hospital, located in Calgary, Canada. A man listed in as an emergency contact paid for his funeral.

During a routine traffic stop on April 10 of 2010, the police pulled over a guy who, to their surprise, was listed as deceased in their records. Fingerprints filed during a previous arrest, however, indicated that the driver was still alive.

The driver knew the decedent as "Golo" and had met him through casino circles. Unknown to the driver, Golo was in possession of his healthcare insurance and social insurance numbers. It is not clear how he managed to obtain this information.

Since the Canadian government covers the healthcare costs of its citizens and permanent residents, it is possible that Golo was a temporary resident, a tourist or was not in the country legally.

To this day, very little information is available on this decedent and he remains unidentified.

Golo was a middle-aged Asian man between 5'8 and 5'10.


Who is Golo?

Health card photo ID may have prevented identity mix up

Privacy comissioner investigates 'Golo' admittance into Calgary hospital

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Bianca Jimenez, 28, went missing in the early hours of July 18, 2014, when she left her apartment in the historic King William neighborhood without her car keys, purse or bicycle. She left behind a bashed-in window and blood smeared throughout the house.

James Enger was Bianca Jimenez's date the night before she went missing. He'd met her about a month before through a mutual friend.

“I thought she was a wonderful, sweet person,” he said.

That evening, he said, he picked her up and they had a few drinks and went dancing. He said he drove her home at about 1:30 a.m. and walked her to the door of the four-plex she lived in. He said the two of them started “fooling around” on the front porch as the sky lit up with lightning.

“It's kind of romantic,” Enger said.

They moved into the foyer and continued until a man burst out of her apartment and started beating him up, he said.

“I started getting bludgeoned in the face,” Enger recalled.

With the lights out, he said he couldn't see his attacker, but believes Jimenez knew who the man was, as she called him by his name, urging him to stop.

A window in the foyer was broken during the scuffle and Jimenez may have cut one of her hands on a piece of glass.

At some point, Enger said, the fighting stopped and he left. The last time he saw her, he said, she was sitting on her living room floor.

Enger said he texted Jimenez the next day to see if she was OK, but got no reply. It was several hours before a mutual friend called Enger to ask if he'd seen Jimenez, who had not showed up that morning at a hair salon where she worked. Mr. Enger agreed to take a lie detector test but unknown if that happened.

The above information is from the first article, the second article claims that SAPD refuses to administer a test until a body is found. I find it interesting that in the article, Mr. Enger says she called the man by name, but the article does not provide the name.

Some boys fishing at Espada Park discovered Bianca's body near the banks of the San Antonio River three weeks after she went missing. Bianca Jimenez's body was found Aug. 12, 2014. It took authorities nearly a week to identify her remains. Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office reported that autopsy results were inconclusive, and the cause and manner of her death remain undetermined. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office has previously said the death is being investigated as a homicide.

Her mother said her daughter broke up with her boyfriend of 12 years earlier that year and recently made a lot of new friends and had started making new friends in a bicycle group about six weeks before the disappearance.

This information is from the third and first article.

Through Facebook comments at the time of the disappearance/death her ex boyfriend was identified as Patrick.

There have been no updates or arrests. the fourth article is the last coverage or update I can locate.

Articles say the family hired a detective because of frustration with dealing the San Antonio Police Department. Apparently nothing came of that either.

What happened? And how are there no arrests or updates on this case. I have been following this case since it happened. Every once in a while I search for updates but there never are any.

You can see a photo of James enger with a black eye that was reported to be from the incident if you search James Enger San Antonio.

There are a many things that don't make any sense. And so many unanswered questions.

Her apartment is a historic house that is divided into several units. You have to go inside the main front door to get to the different units front doors.

I do not believe the ex ever came forward or said anything publicly or tried to clear his name to the public.

To me it seems there are three likely scenarios:

  1. The ex did it—if you buy Enger’s story that they were attacked when they got to her house after the date and the ex was the attacker.

  2. Enger did it. He left her after an assault and didn’t call the cops. But he has never been arrested or a person of interest (I don’t think).

  3. Someone else did it. Either the attacker story is true and the attacker is some unknown person, or enger left her and at some point after that something happened to her.

I’m hoping to shine some more light on this case. I have no personal connection other than I live in the area and it has been eating at me for years.

here is an archived post

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On Friday, authorities confirmed there would be a search for Brandy Hall near the Eastern Florida State College campus in Palm Bay. A search after she went missing only found her firefighting bunker gear floating in a Palm Bay pond, and the detectives later located her truck, but the only clue inside it was Hall's blood. Her backpack was found miles away in 2007 by fishermen.

In 2019, a new search of the land where Hall lived at the time of her disappearance involved cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar. It was reported that there were positive indications from the dogs and what appeared to be indications of disturbed areas underground from the radar, but the dig did not find any remains.

From The Charley Project:

Brandy was last seen leaving the Malabar Volunteer Fire Department where she worked in the 1800 block of Malabar Road in Malabar, Florida at 10:45 p.m. on August 17, 2006. She was supposed to work a full night shift, but left work early, saying she needed to go home.

She drove away in her green Chevrolet truck and has never been heard from again. Her truck was found submerged in a nearby pond off Treeland Boulevard the following day. A photograph of the truck is posted with this case summary.

A substantial amount of Brandy's blood was found inside the cab, although there was not enough blood to prove she was dead. Brandy's firefighting equipment was also found in the pond, as was her cooler. The soda and beer in the cooler were still cold to the touch. An extensive search of the pond turned up no sign of Brandy's remains; authorities do not believe her body is there.

Brandy's backpack was found in a canal in western Indian River County, Florida in June 2007, ten months after her disappearance. Inside were some of her personal belongings.

A photo of Brandy's husband, former Osceola County Fire Chief Jeffrey Ray Hall, is posted with this case summary. Jeffrey and another ex-firefighter were arrested and charged with growing and selling marijuana on the Hall property in Palm Bay, Florida in July 2005. The men allegedly sold large amounts of marijuana every two months, and made approximately $30,000 in profit with each sale.

Brandy was arrested also, although she said she was unaware of her husband's activities. Most of the charges against her were dropped for lack of evidence, and she was released. She was still charged with commercial littering and pollution, however, and was scheduled to go to trial in October 2006, two months after she went missing.

At the time of her arrest, Brandy had been working as a firefighter for the Palm Bay Fire Department. She had been an employee there for a decade and had an exemplary record, but she was fired in the wake of her arrest. Brandy looked for another job and also worked for the Malabar Volunteer Fire Department, unpaid.

Jeffrey and his accomplice pleaded guilty to the charges against them in June 2006. Brandy disappeared the night before their sentencing hearings. Both were sentenced to eighteen months in prison. Jeffrey  was paroled in October 2009 and now lives in Orlando, Florida.

Authorities have found no evidence that Brandy's disappearance was related to her husband's drug trafficking, and Jeffrey has been ruled out as a suspect in his wife's disappearance. She planned to attend his sentencing hearing to support him.

He stated they had a good relationship in spite of his legal difficulties, but others maintain his arrest caused major problems in their marriage. Brandy was having an affair with a married fire captain, Randall Richmond, at the time of her disappearance. Richmond is the person known to have seen her.

Brandy's family stated she was stressed over her unemployment and the charges against her husband, but they did not believe she would have abandoned her two young children. The night before she disappeared, she spent time looking through the phone book for places to work.

There has been no activity on Brandy's bank accounts since she went missing. Authorities believe foul play may have been involved in her disappearance. They have several persons of interest in her case. but no charges have been filed. Her case remains unsolved. Palm Bay, Florida police are investigating.

Not only was the man she was having an affair with the last person to see her, she got into a physical altercation with his wife a few weeks prior to her disappearance.

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