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who was Frederick Barbarossa? and what did he do?

how did he rule his government? why is he important?

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    King of Germany, Italy and the Holy Roman Emperor all rolled into one. His Title was Frederick I; nickname 'Red Beard' (Barbarossa). He brought order to Germany and locked horns with the Roman Catholic Church of the day. Lived approximately 1122-1190.

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    Frederick 1 Barbarossa

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    King Frederick Barbarossa

    Frederick Barbarossa, also known as Frederick I, was the Holy Roman Emperor as well as the King of Germany during the 12th century. The word Barbarossa literally means “Red beard” in Italian. He is generally considered to be one of the greatest Holy Roman Emperors during medieval times. He formulated the Roman rule of law which was among the initial steps to consolidate the power of state against that of Church.

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    Frederick Barbarossa was a ruler of the Holy Roman empire in the 1100s. In 1158 Frederick claimed supremecy of Rome and a year later waged war on Rome, forcing newly elected pope Alexander III to flee to sens. He then journeyed to Italy and destroyed Milan. In 1165 the antipope, victor V, who Frederick supported died. Antipope pascal III was now elected. The diet of wurzburg was also held at this time in which all the German bishops and princes gave thier support for the antipope. However in 1160 something (the precise date eludes me) Alexander III travels back to Rome as its liberator. Sadly, Frederick returns to Italy, reclaims Rome, and is crowned by the antipope. But he doesn't stay long. His army becomes sick and he is forced to return to Germany. Almost a decade later he returns and is crushed at the battle of legnano. He makes negotiations with the pope and together they form the peace of Venice in 1177. The peace is confirmed by the third lateran council in 1179.

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    2 words.... google and homework

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