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Listen up people: Jessie is a great show!!
danieldenekamp31 January 2015
This show made my teenage years a little less stressful. It was the first show on Disney Channel I enjoyed watching since The Suite Life on Deck, and I stopped enjoying watching that in February or March of 2010. Until about eight months ago, Jessie has never been my #1 show, though I didn't hate it like I did most other Disney shows back in the year it aired (with the only exception being Austin & Ally). Even though I'm a boy, since Emma and I are in the same grade, I can understand the problems she goes through in life. The acting from the kids is really good, and I like that they have Debby Ryan as practically a mentor for this show. I'm 17 now and the show recently started its last season, so thank you Jessie for helping me through my teenage years!
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Excellent! Extremely funny show - even for adults!!
AdrienneGrayceMusic4 January 2015
My niece left my house and the show was still on the TV.. I found myself still watching it, even though my niece was already gone. I couldn't believe how funny a kid's show was but I found myself watching a couple episodes until I gave in and looked for it on Netflix. As a 35 year old woman, I actually dig this show! Debby Ryan is so funny as Jessie. Sure, it is a bit unrealistic at times, but IT IS A KID'S SHOW for crying out loud. I doubt it will ever win an Emmy, but it is a funny, feel-good show that deserves a lot more recognition. I am so glad I discovered this show. America needs a lot more shows like this..on primetime TV instead of all the garbage thats out now. Less TEEN MOM and Honey Boo Boo and more JESSIE!
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Good show for all ages!
yoenis_cespedis8 January 2013
Filled with magic and entertainment, Jessie is one of the better Disney shows currently airing. All of the actors/actresses are lovable and very talented. Debby Ryan does really well depicting a 18 year old nanny who is not only trying to figure her own life out but also teaching and influencing the Ross children. In addition, all of the characters are unique. Yes it is true that they seem to fill a stereotype. Zuri appears to be the sassy African American girl. Luke is the player boy who has bad hygiene. Emma is the ditsy blonde girl who seems only to be into fashion. Ravi is the typical Indian character with the accent. These are facts. But the way all of the character fit together makes the show great. As individuals, each are not interesting but together they create a situation that is both enchanting and enduring. The jokes are also humorous. As a person outside of the demographic I found that some of the jokes were for people of my age and other jokes were for kids. I think this is a good thing (to blend comedic elements). I have watched many Disney sitcoms and I firmly believe Jessie is one of the better ones.
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Jessie has a really appropriate content for kids all ages!
srsin5426 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jessie is much better that Good Luck Charlie, ICarly, Suite Life On Deck, Austin and Ally and Shake It Up. I can't believe some people actually dislike Jessie! Zuri is really cute and funny. But if Luke wouldn't over-react, and if Emma wouldn't rely on Leperd Beat Magazine, I would of rated this show 10. Otherwise Jessie is really good. 9 OUT 0F 10! I like Ravi because he is so enthusiastic. Bertrum makes me laugh because in one episode he said... "Here we go, dinner is served. Frog legs with a bitter taste of worms. I'm only kidding, it's chicken... Maybe!" He cracks me up! Ha! Jessie meeting Agatha really made the series much better. With Nanny Agatha in the series, it makes it funnier and more annoying. But annoying is what the watchers want... Isn't it? This is a reviewer commenting on Jessie, a new TV series on the Disney Channel!
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I don't agree with all the hate and nitpicking
taos654 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start by saying I'm an adult who enjoys a few Disney shows because they are more entertaining than pretty much anything else on TV. I came here to look up some info on the show, and see all of these negative reviews, some of which seem to forget this is Disney, know what the target audience is, or don't even have facts about the characters straight, and I feel like I need to add my voice as someone who enjoys the show for what it is, and doesn't expect it to be more than that.

"Jessie" isn't the best show on Disney, but it's far from the worst. I have some news that I think will shock some reviewers, but Disney shows don't deal in reality. "Jessie" isn't a documentary about nannies in NYC. It's also not supposed to take the place of parenting; i.e., if your complaint is what kind of role models the characters are, that's because they aren't role models, they are silly TV characters. I also watch a show about a talking dog that has a blog, it doesn't make me think my cats are losers because getting on the computer to them means laying on the keyboard.

In fact, once I get to thinking about it, the whole plot of the show is that a young Texan girl just out of high school moves to NYC to follow her dreams of being an actress, but like most aspiring actors, she has to take a non-acting job until she makes it, so she got a job as the nanny for a bunch of spoiled rich kids. That is what the show is about. If that isn't your idea of funny, don't watch it.

If you are looking for role models, Disney isn't doing them right now, they are doing silly, flawed characters. Look what happened with Hannah Montana - supposedly a role model, Miley Cyrus became inseparable from the character, and when Miley grew up and cast off her Disney persona, people wondered what happened. Disney is probably trying to avoid that ever happening again by making their characters overtly silly, also doing commercials where the actors say their real names. But, getting back to my point, the entire plot of this show is that these are spoiled rich kids. Even Jessie isn't a role model. Some of the characters don't make sense, like Zuri – again, with Disney you have to suspend disbelief. I thought people knew that about Disney?

"Jessie" is about as silly as a TV show that's not a cartoon or puppet show can get, it's not intended to be intelligent humor. It mocks the ultra-rich and this new adopt-a-menagerie of kids pursuit, and also the idea that the nanny sees the kids grow up, and knows more about them, than the parents. The target audience isn't too young, it has to be about 12-16, or thereabouts, because even Zuri acts more like an adolescent than a child. Despite being a self-absorbed rich kid raised in a very sheltered, privileged, and indulgent lifestyle, Emma is surprisingly likable. Other than the typical Disney-kid hijinks, there seems to be honest affection, not just among the kids, but with Jessie and even Bertram. In that respect, the show demonstrates cooperation and making the best of a situation you didn't create, you were just thrust into. A little bit of sibling rivalry is present as important to the plots, but as in any Disney family, it would never threaten their relationships with each other. As the series progresses, the characters seem to become more like their own little family, the usually-absent Ross parents being left out and replaced by the butler and the nanny.

Someone made a comment about the "romances" and seems to think this is new to tween or teen TV shows. It's not. When I was a little girl in the '70s, romantic relations were just as popular a topic as they are today. Crushes and adolescent dating were on our minds, we just didn't have 5 channels of TV devoted to us (we didn't have 5 channels of TV, period). If there weren't TV shows devoted to it, we had to read it in books and magazines, and many stories I read that I remember now were very similar to "Jessie."

Debby Ryan is adorable. I think she's great for this role. In fact, I think Disney's hitting it out of the park with casting their TV shows lately. I would love to see her in more work outside of Disney, especially featuring her musical talent. Cameron Boyce has great dancing talent, not just the break dancing he displays on the show but also in the PSA where he does some Broadway moves - I could see him do theater. In fact, he seems to be the most versatile actor of this ensemble other than Ryan.

I will never understand this idea of bashing a show when no one is forcing you to watch it. If you don't like "Jessie," that's your prerogative, but don't expect it to be things it's not: it's not reality, it's not preachy, it is Disney and it's just silly entertainment. Well, at least some of us like to watch the TV and laugh at silliness that makes no statement other than sit back and enjoy the crazy. I just wish there were more new episodes than one per month, that seems to be a Disney thing right now. I still watch the same episodes over and over. At least until my cats get their own Instagram accounts and Tyler teaches them to take selfies.
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Excellent Disney Channel show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh21 May 2014
"JESSIE," in my opinion, is an excellent Disney Channel show. I watch it with my 9-year-old nephew from time to time. I always smile and laugh whenever a mishap occurs. It's hard to say what the funniest one is. Another thing that makes this show funny is Trish's (Rani Rodriguez) comic relief. If you ask me, she always know just what to say and do to make the audience laugh. The writing is always strong, the performances are always good, and everything else about the show is good.Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that if you don't have basic cable, you should get it. Now, in conclusion, I hope this will be on Disney for many years yet.
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A huge success, especially after the Suite Life
Mel20910 December 2011
So far I love this show! I used to like the Suite Life, but after its ending, I found this show was an even better replacement. So much better than awkward sitcoms from the past (such as Hannah Montana) and it is definitely geared for older teens since its main character is 18. Being 18 myself I find that the jokes are still G-rated, but just on the edge enough that young adults can fill in the blanks of the jokes (and they're actually funny believe it or not). I also think it is so much better than other sitcoms Disney channel is currently spewing out such as "Mr.Young" or "Kickin' It" as those shows are geared for preteens, have actors that are not very good, and they're not funny at all. If you're looking for the show that the Disney Channel should be clinging on to, it's Jessie. I hope it stays on air for a long time. Highly Recommended for pretty much all ages :)
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GREAT show
TerminalMadness24 September 2012
I'm not doing myself any favors by admitting I'm a Disney fanatic, am I? I wouldn't think so. But suffice it to say I'm a real Disney fanatic. I'll watch anything they put on the Disney Channel here in America, no matter what it is. I've sat through fun shows like "Shake it Up!" and real junk like "Pair of Kings" and I really do appreciate the programming they've been enlisting since "Hannah Montana" mercifully bowed out of the channel.

We're seeing a lot less shows about kids trying to become fame freaks and much more family oriented shows. Which I'm all for. "Good Luck Charlie" gets heavy play on the channel and that's a family show if I've ever seen one.

"Jessie" is a new addiction because, simply put, I loved "Charles in Charge." They're basically the same premise when you think about it. A college student comes to live with an upper class family filled with mischievous children and takes care of them, handling their nonsense with patience and good humor. "Jessie" has a more varied cast this time as title character Jessie takes care of a family filled with adopted children. This is a good excuse to feature a very diverse cast of characters so all the bases are covered.

"Jessie" two episodes in is fairly addictive mainly because the show is so darn cute it's hard to find flaws with it. As with most Disney shows the mom and dad are basically MIA, appearing every so often while the young cast basically comes and goes as they please. Jessie follows after making sure they don't inflict any harm on themselves and that's the basic premise.

Okay, and there's Debby Ryan who went from gawky cute in "The Suite Life on Deck," to damn good looking on "Jessie." The rest of the characters are all pretty basic archetypes. My favorite so far is Skai Jackson who plays the baby of the family Zuri. While she's there to mainly spout one liners and look adorable, she pulls it off very well quite often.

Ryan as Jessie is likable. She's basically a branch off of Bailey Picket from her previous show as a small town Southern gal who is mysteriously very street wise. I like to think of "Jessie" as a modern "Charles in Charge" with a twist of "Mary Poppins" and I appreciate the simple stories and limitless character arcs it gives the audience. There's no end to the possibilities of sub-plots with the kids.

One is an adopted Indian boy, one is an adopted African girl, one is an adopted Brooklyn kid, and the oldest is the biological daughter of the celebrity couple featured. There has yet to be a lot of talk about the adoption process and whatnot, and I hope it stays that way. Last thing we need is a PSA about the benefits of adoption on a family show.

Nevertheless I remain a tried and true Disney fanatic and I'll be watching "Jessie" with most interest. Mainly for Debby Ryan.
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Funny and Great Disney Entertainment
stealcat100018 November 2011
I have to admit that I am a little older than most of the fans of this show but I have absolutely fallen in love with Jess-A (I mean Jessie) and every single one of the characters on it. The first episode I saw was episode 2, The Talented Mr. Kipling, and I do not think I stopped laughing or chuckling the entire time.

In my opinion, whatever that's worth, this is a great series for kids and all those who just want a good laugh. If you don't think it's funny then all I gotta say is...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Just kidding! I also think that Debby Ryan has a great future ahead of her as she is extremely talented and funny. So here's hoping for a long run to this great series as it is definitely one of the best shows on the Disney Channel especially since Wizards of Waverly Place is coming to an end. I highly recommend this entertaining and funny show!!!
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Entertaining for all the wrong reasons
sinaku2 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
On the surface, the concept of "Jessie" would be the promotion of acceptance of diversity and overcoming prejudice. The setup is that of a rich couple who has adopted children of varying ethnicities, and how they are taken care of by a small-town-girl in a big-city archetype, the titular Jessie.

However, this concept is immediately over-ridden by the show's reliance on stereotypes and the nasty attitudes of many of its characters.

Emma is white, blond, ditzy, and materialistic. Ravi is Indian, teaches Yoga, eats sandwiches made of nothing but bread and hot peppers, and is occasionally the butt of jokes regarding unpronounceable Indian words. Zuri is black, a lazy schemer, who tries to avoid schoolwork and responsibilities. Luke is the only Ross child that doesn't seem to be based on stereotypes, as he is self-confident and honestly a good dancer, and overall, one of the least offensive characters as far as his overall personality is concerned; however, he is incredibly annoying at times.

This is bad enough, and it only gets worse. Many of the jokes revolve around disgust at people's physical traits and the ongoing insults towards various stereotypes. Agatha, a bit character, is continually derided by all characters over her appearance, as she has huge warts on her face and a huge snaggletooth. She is also supposed to be British. Another character, whose name escapes me, is a stereotypical annoying, cloying nerd, and all of the characters constantly point this out when he is around.

Even Jessie, who is supposed to be the authority figure (and who is generally nice and easy on the eyes) is constantly the butt of jokes about how bad her lovelife has apparently been. And, even as the authority figure, she is just as judgmental as the rest of the characters.

Another problem is the almost complete lack of parenting on the show. While the parents do appear from time to time, and it is generally shown in a loving way, it's clear from the average episode that they have almost zero part in their children's lives. So, the obvious nature of the children as tokens racial acceptance is immediately obvious.

Luckily (?) the traditional awful writing and bad acting of Disney Channel shows keeps this show from being as poisonous and vile as it could be, but the simple fact that every episode runs against its intended message is astounding.

Unfortunately, it's also why I keep watching.
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"Jessie" is a loving show that uses the same humor of "iCarly" and the same family aspect as "Goodluck Charlie". This is one that's going to be aired for a long time.
mary-roodnitsky25 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Jessie,(Debby Ryan) a small-town girl with big dreams, who moves to New York to pursue a career as an actress. There she meets the loving Ross family after being dumped on the street by a taxi-cab driver after realizing that she had no money to pay him. The Ross'es take her in as a nanny for their four kids. One biological, the other three adopted.

Emma Ross,(Peyton List) the only biological daughter of Christina and Morgan Ross, and is the oldest. She enters high-school in the series, and is faced with many teenage girl problems. She frequently shops around New York, and creates her own fashion web-cast, Kitty Coture, with her best friend Rosie, a girl who lives in the Bronx.

Luke Ross,(Cameron Boyce)was adopted from Detroit at the age of five, now 13, and is the typical "ladies man" who often flirts with Jessie. He isn't the brightest, but claims "his freckles make up for it". A similar character from a different show would have to be Zack, from the Suite Life on Deck. Luke is frequently pranking people, and is shown to have a distaste for caring for his own personal hygiene. A soft side to him is shown when he will refuse to stay overnight at a sleep-over, instead coming home to his stuffed bear, Kenny the Koala.

Ravi Ross, (Karan Brar)is the most recent addition to the family, being adopted from India at the age of 11, a month prior to the start of the show. He brings with him a monitor lizard, Mr. Kipling, his only friend from India. Ravi is a small kid, and he is very intelligent. Whenever Luke attempts to prank him, he finds a way to reverse the prank, pranking Luke back in the process. This is shown in the episode "Used Karma". Ravi is however the sweetest of the Ross children, getting in the least amount of trouble.

Zuri Ross, (Skai Jackson) is an eight year-old girl adopted from Uganda as an infant. She is often playing with imaginary friends, and has a friend named Stuart. He is often flirting with her, and even plasters her door in pictures of the two, calling themselves "Zuart". Zuri is very spunky, and is a pretty stereotypical African American girl.

Bertram Winkle, (Kevin Chamberlin) is the last protagonist of the Ross family. He has been the butler for many years, and doesn't really like any of the kids. Occasionally, he will watch cooking shows with Emma, whom he will often side with. He is also very lazy, and when asked to do something, he will dangle his hand and say, "It's too far.". However, whenever Christina or Morgan are home, he does his job very well.

Together, the characters have many adventures, and every episode we find out reasons for who they are. As a family, they all care for each other, and often do things together. Before Jessie, they had many revolving nannies, none staying for long. Jessie however is liked by all of them, and she too grows to care for all of the children.

Jessie is no doubt a Disney show that'll be on for several more seasons. They often have a moral that is implied, but never said. The kids are all great actors, and I hope Disney will keep this show on for many more adventures with the Ross kids.
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Bad Reviews...Think Again.
jagsports0119 June 2012
Disney Channel's show Jessie is by far one of my favorite shows. It is very funny, and has a lot f great acting. It is very clever and has a brand new amazing storyline's every new episode. Debby Ryan, Skai Jackson, Peyton List, Karan Brar, Cameron Boyce, and Kevin Chamberlin all did fantastic acting. All of these bad reviews are all full of lies. They probably haven't watched a whole episode, and watched a preview. Funny, thrilling, and more! Watch Disney Channels original show Jessie, with amazing acting, stories, and laughs! After all, the best actress/actor is Debby Ryan, and I'm not saying that because she is the main main character, but she is funny and caring to all of the people on set. Jessie everyone!
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This Show is Horrible
titus2274 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a terrible show. The acting is poor, plots are poor, and there isn't any consistency at all. Just take the basics - Jessie earns a living as a nanny to the three spoiled bratty kids these rich people have adopted to show how supportive they are of cultural diversity (a la Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt). However, they are left, most of the time, with Bertrum ( the butler) or completely by themselves; she rarely watches them at all.

Jessie - usually out chasing boys and treating her employers like her friends or family. Completely unprofessional, and the parents seem to be gone all the time only showing up occasionally, usually inexplicably wearing formal wear as if they were just about to go to a charity ball or something. She shirks her responsibilities constantly and teaches youth to be lazy, aloof, undependable, deceitful, disrespectful, dress in manners that compromise their personal integrity, etc.

The Indian kid is completely unbelievable as he is about 8 years old and for whatever reason, he acts like he is some sort of Junior Dhali Llama that knows all the factual and statistical information about India that is available. It's just ridiculous, the kid has obviously never been there or was removed at such an early age that he would have no recollection of the country at all. His character's tendency to 'speak beyond his years' is like a blood-thirsty woodpecker incessantly chipping loudly at my brain.

The little African American girl acts very stereo-typically African American regardless of the fact that everyone around her is white (thus she would not have learned the cultural language and body expressions). Not only is her constant 'attitude' annoying, but it perpetuates this behavior in real life by teaching our youth to behave in such a manner. All of the kids are rebellious and completely undisciplined with absolutely no moral compass to speak of whatsoever. Furthermore, her character often tries to 'act tough' towards everyone else on the show regardless of the fact that she is incredibly weak and totally dependent on those around her to perform even the simplest tasks.

The ugly kid from Mirrors- He regularly overacts on a regular basis and seems to be catering to the idea that over-the-top theatrics, yelling, running, and imitating Kramer = so, so funny. Sadly, this young and unskilled actor is so, so wrong. He often acts in a manner that supports the idea of talking a big game and then running away. Like the other characters in the show, the boy is a coward and a liar and this is just another example of the morally hollow role models Disney Channel is producing. They even have this kid and some other characters perform on the show.

The channel seems to be a huge recruitment factory in order to ensure further cheaply produced entertainment in the future. It's like a grotesque "Children's Lot".

Long story short - Stay away from this show unless you like pain. Mind-numbing pain.
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My kids and I love it!
otters-111 November 2012
This is my six-year-old daughter's favorite show ever. My son who is thirteen admits to really liking it too, so the three of us have a good time watching it together. Of all the shows of the Disney Channel, this is the best by far. It's smart, cheeky, and funny enough for parent who might be watching the show with their kids. It also gives its characters enough credit to allow them to be serious and to grow and change. This is a big step for Disney because so many of the characters in their TV programs are rather one-dimensional.

The plot set-up of rich kids being cared-for by the nanny ( Jessie ) and the butler ( Burtrum ) rather than their rarely-there parents is old. There really aren't too many exciting things to be done with it. It works here because you like the characters and their relationships. The kids all need fleshed-out a bit, particularly the teenage daughter Emma. All the characters need to take a few risks, and I hope they do.
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Should have been cancelled a while ago.
Shopaholic351 March 2014
Jessie is one of those Disney shows that should not have lasted as long as it has. It's extremely unrealistic and while the kids are cute they need an attitude adjustment. This is exactly the type of show where children are learning bad manners and disrespect. They never seem to have that realisation moment that what they did was wrong. And the adults (including Jessie) are just as self-indulged and irresponsible as the kids.

I also think the episodes are getting weaker as the seasons progress. It feels stale and the themes are repeated over and over again. If your looking for a Disney show to entertain you for 20 minutes then pick another one. There are many more that far surpass this bad influence.
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I used to love this show... when I was 12
bhassen27 July 2017
Out of 100 episodes, I probably enjoyed about 25 watching the series now that I'm older. The reason I'm rewatching the series is because my brother is now watching it, and I see now that the humor was just so juvenile. In contrast, a lot of the humor is inappropriate sexual innuendo to appeal to parents. The stereotypes are horrible, with the smart Indian kid, sassy black girl, dumb blonde girl, gross white boy, and the two adults who get no respect. Also, Jessie's dialogue is so cringey. They seem to put a laugh track every time one of the kids highlights one of the flaws in the adults (like how Jessie is lonely). They make some shitty joke about a serious topic and slap a laugh track. Example:

Kid: You're lonely and a loser and you can't get a boyfriend


Jessie: I'm gonna go cry now

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A great family show!!! Very Funny!!!
gxwarr25 May 2012
I just had to post a review when I saw some of the negative reviews. I have to ask those that posted negatively, did you even watch a whole episode before making a very bad decision to make a negative review?

All I can say is that my family LOVES Jessie! My 3 yr old daughter walks around singing "Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie". My 6 yr old son, my wife and myself all love it too. I hate to admit it but when I'm channel surfing once in awhile I find myself purposefully turning the show on. Its a funny, upbeat easy watching type of show. I think some people are taking it way too serious. Remember, it is a show aimed at children. So don't judge the show from an adult perspective.

Again, my children and whole family love Jessie!
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Jessie is very funny
Jessie is a true comedy. The episode's are full of real everyday drama. Children are always getting into trouble, Jessie is a young nanny, who in many ways is learning about life herself and is trying to turn from being a teenager to a grown up adult. Left alone by star struck parents who are more interested than their careers than the children, these kids are always finding a way to get attention. The butler, the only true adult really hates his job and appears not to be fond of the kids either.



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Bailey Comes To New York
bkoganbing4 November 2011
When the Disney Studios decided to give Debby Ryan a lead in her own TV show after The Suite Life On Deck was canceled, why didn't they just make it official and have her continue with her character of Bailey Pickett now graduating high school at sea and coming to New York to seek fame and fortune? To all intents and purposes her title character of Jessie is just Bailey with a different name. In The Suite Life On Deck she was from a place called Kettlekorn and who wouldn't want to leave there after an around the world school?

In any event Ryan is kind of adopted by the youngest of four adopted siblings who are a family rough on nannies. And when Ryan finds out that the family are the adopted kids of an Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt show business power couple, she thinks she's got it made.

The kids are four different types and I don't mean just racial and ethnic backgrounds. That in and of itself will guarantee the writers a whole lot of different story lines for various episodes.

Young Chris Galya plays a young doorman in the building who will eventually be a love interest for Ryan. He plays him in the Matt LeBlanc tradition, drop dead gorgeous hunk who's real nice, but a bit dumb. He should be the Magic Kingdom's latest idol from out of the Jessie series.

In any event Jessie is a pleasant and innocuous enough comedy and hopefully Debby Ryan's considerable singing talents will be showcased.
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Boring, Unfunny, and A Completely Unnecessary Show!
kobebusia26 January 2013
I have seen this show before, but I don't watch it on a regular basis, so a few days ago, I decided to sit through an entire episode, and honestly, it's not the acting that's the problem, it's some other things I'd like to mention; 1st of all, the humor isn't funny, and half the things the characters say are in all seriousness, but for some insane reason, the laugh track plays anyway. I mean, it's as if they want us to laugh at something, just to accompany the laugh track. 2nd of all, the characters of Ravi and Zuri are over-the-top, annoying, ghetto, and flat out weird, and the fact that the parents travel all the time(which is the reason for their usual absence from the show), and adopted 3 kids, after having only 1 biological child, shows that they're clearly knockoffs of Brangelina. 3rd of all, the theme song is absolutely horrible, repetitive, generic, and written on such an illiterate level, how can anyone enjoy this? It makes the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song sound like a masterpiece, and that's saying something because I absolutely hated that one. Finally, it was a poor decision on the part of Disney executives to give Debbie Ryan her own show, she's not lead star material, she was actually funny in the Suite Life on Deck, but here, it's as if she's trying too hard to be funny. That's all I really have to say about this, it's not very good, and if it were to stay on the network longer, it shouldn't go past 2 seasons. 3/10
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Good family show with lots of laughs
grims4584 August 2013
I watch this show with my kids (2 and 11) and they love it! The music is catchy and the characters are pretty funny. They are always in some kind of crazy mess only rich people can get into and their means of cleaning it up are entertaining as well. The only objection I have to this show is I don't like how Zuri is portrayed as being so ghetto. Wasn't she raised by her adoptive parents? Wouldn't she sound like the rest of the family? All that neck action and "mmmm-hmmmms" upset me. My kids are biracial and I don't need any help exposing them to these stereotypes. Most African Americans don't speak and behave in such a manner and I'm sure this particular young girl wouldn't being that she isn't around anyone who speaks or acts in that fashion. Otherwise the show is cute. Just thought I would throw that out there. Disney, if you see this review, please consider revising Zuri's attitude to reflect the life she lives on the show. I mean, China doesn't even act like that on Ant Farm so I really can't see where you are going with that character... Thanks.
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Poorly written and pull-my-hair-out boring.
zack_wall28 November 2011
Disney has had some great shows . . . and some giant flops. This is the latter. It's poorly written with many re-used jokes that have been done over and over already, the timing is off, and they just aren't funny. The acting is mediocre, and some of the more "serious" lines had me laughing at the amateur delivery. The actress who plays Jessie is just annoying, and the rest of the characters just don't mesh. It feels like they're trying too hard to act, and it's not natural by any means. Unless it's the only channel you get, and it's the only show on at the time, you're going to want to skip this one. It's a bigger waste of time than trying to watch an Adam Sandler movie.
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Who is the target audience?
imdb-3247524 July 2019
This show is just awful. The content is too vulgar and immoral for children to watch. The kids are unsupervised by yet another non-guardian figure and have no remorse to talk down upon the adult butler. It is absolutely disgusting the level of malcontent thats portrayed in this show. I do not see how any person of sound mind could even consider this show for their children. I can't imagine too many adults would waste their time watching a show that has the audacity to undermine the most basic of what can be considered decent morals. I hope no children ever idolizes this show or grows up to mimic anyone portrayed in it.
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Terrible Role Models
emma_tnkrolls26 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The acting for this show is terrible, the kids are spoiled and stereotyped, and the plot is cheesy. The Kids, there are four of them, are very rude, half of them are incredibly stupid, and the others are just not good characters. The set is great, the butler is okay, the nanny is not very smart and hardly watches the kids. The kids are very lazy and don't do anything for themselves. They are constantly left alone and are always trying to get out of doing things like homework and other responsibilities. The children treat the butler and nanny like garbage and are VERY sassy. The kids are also rude to each other. When one kid does something to the other, elaborate payback is always involved. I don't think that this show has much to offer.
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danrchl29 October 2011
Can this even be considered a comedy? I was forced to watch this show with my little cousin. I thought maybe the Disney Channel had produced another magical show for young children to love! But boy was I wrong. Three words.... WORST SHOW EVER! Upon watching this I found myself literally falling asleep. Each joke's timing was off (If you even consider calling them jokes). Each one was awkward and I didn't once crack a smile the whole time watching this. The plots were really stupid and cliché. The characters are random and they don't work well together at all. I couldn't stand it! The acting was terrible and all over the place. Not even my 8 year old cousin liked it. She fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of the show. If this show fails to entertain the most easy to please 8 year old then who could it possibly bring joy to? I'm honestly really embarrassed for Disney. This show is putting Disney Channel to shame. I hate it. They can do 100 times better than this! I'd rather watch the paint dry on my wall. I won't be surprised if this show gets cancelled before the second season.
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