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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 3 hello there INSIDE. 8 10 b I g INt E rvIEw Tansy Wilson tells us about her creative fundraising after her dad’s dementia diagnosis eDiTOr Pip O’Shea pip.oshea@reachplc.com twitter: @piposhea TO ADVerTise Tracie Simms tracie.simms@reachplc.com 01179343165 On THe COVer Golden brown eupatorium in autumn - see Your Garden on page 15 CorreCtions & Complaints If we have published anything that is factually inaccurate please contact the editor, Bill Martin, via email bill.martin@reachplc.com or write to The Editor, Western Daily Press, 1 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY. Once verified, we will correct it as soon as possible. The Western Daily Press newspaper is published by Local World, a subsidiary company of Reach PLC, which is a member of IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. We adhere to the Editors’ Code of Practice as enforced by IPSO, who are contactable for advice at IPSO, GateHouse, 1 Farringdon Street, London EC4M 7LG. Website http://www.ipso.co.uk, telephone 0300 123 2220, email advice@ipso. co.uk If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to http://www.@reachplc.com/ howtocomplain where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A ‘How to Complain’ pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP. Like us on Facebook and follow westcountrylifemag on Instagram winners Honor Cooksley, of Burnham on sea, somerset; and penny pearce, of oldbury on severn, south Gloucestershire; have each won a pair of tickets to see Grease at the Bristol Hippodrome fOOD & D r INk Jamie Oliver shares recipes from his new cookbook for meals made for get-togethers 18 travE l Mark Taylor enjoys a hot 24 hours in the capital at the stunning Kensington hotel 24 b OOkS Actor David Harewood talks about psychosis, racism and how American TV saved him 30 tv hI ghlI ghtS Bake Off is back on our screens this week - Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood give us the lowdown IN YOUr arE a Get everything you need to know about where you live with our app or via InYourArea.co.uk

4 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 opinion VOICES OF THE WEST COUNTRY Becky Sheaves I got through a ton of chicken and two buffalo chews but, thanks to our padded cell, we made it Usually on a Monday evening I gather up a special cushion, a special blanket and put on my specially forgiving trousers. This allows me to sit in silence on the floor (OK, on the special cushion, on the floor) with my legs crossed, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, for about an hour. Mostly in silence. “You pay to sit cross-legged and say nothing?” says my husband. I do, and I love it. Worth every penny. I have been part of a mindfulness and meditation group now for several years. It started as a beginners’ course, with a wonderful teacher, and we have been meeting with her on Mondays ever since. For tranquillity, calmness and the ability not to sweat the small stuff (or even the big stuff) you can’t beat it. This week, however, could not have been more different. Yes, I gathered together a special cushion and wore special trousers. But I also needed rather a lot of cooked chicken, a 10-metre rope and a buffalo ear (dried). Yes, it is back to dog training for me and our collie puppy Rose. We have had the summer off, during which time she has changed from adorable pup to the canine equivalent of a teenager, with all the ups and downs that entails. Some days she is angelic, others horrendous. So this Monday, Rose and I headed off to a village hall in deepest darkest inner Devon. And may I say, as usual on a Monday, my departure was marked by a “I don’t know why you’re doing that” from my husband. He seems to be able to stare a dog down into obedience. Sickening. For me, it all takes a lot more effort and a lot of cooked chicken. It took a good 45 minutes to get there, much of the journey down and up lanes with grass growing along the middle. I do wish the satnav would simply admit: “I don’t know where Cotleigh Village Hall is”. I had set off early, in the hopes of being the first owner to arrive and get Rose settled without the highly strung sheepdog reaction to meeting new people (and their pups), but thanks to all this wandering around the lanes, we had to make an entrance. You know in these classes when everyone else is looking at you and your dog, and thinking “Uh oh. Here we go”. Rose scrambled through the door, pulling like a train on her lead, turning herself over and inside out in efforts to make nose contact with a cockerpoo, a Labradoodle and a black Lab. All of whom were sitting quietly. None of whom wanted anything to do with us. It put me in mind of the toddler groups I used to attend with my kids when they were going through their biting stage aged about 18 (months). Both children and parents used to edge away from us nervously. The dog trainer had come prepared for riotous pooches, however, and had a special little fold-out wall that she put around me and Rose, so that she was not able to harass the poor pooch behind us. So, what are we practising at the moment? Well, our Next Steps class is all about moving on from basic puppy training to bigger challenges. Such as, walking to heel, sitting down and staying put, and coming back when called. All of which are distinctly hit and miss with young Rose. I got through a ton of chicken and two buffalo chews but, thanks to our makeshift padded cell, we made it. And even though Rose decided (for reasons I still don’t fully understand) to introduce a rude “bark first, then obey” clause when asked to “down”, I kept my cool. I didn’t let it embarrass me, I just ignored the bark until the penny finally dropped and she flopped down in silence, to fulsome praise (and yet more chicken) from me. At the end of the class, our teacher said that Rose “Is capable. She just gets frustrated”. Something tells me all my mindfulness practice will most definitely come in handy in the weeks ahead. “Any questions?” our trainer asked at the end. “Yes, please can I leave first?” I begged, not wanting our departure to be as humiliating as our arrival. “Er yes, actually – how about you leave through the kitchen?” she suggested. I was only too glad to do just that. Do you remember the wonderful scene in Goodfellas when mobster Henry Hill enters the Copacabana nightclub through the kitchen, with everyone thrilled to see him and patting him on the back? Well, this was the exact reverse, just the two of us sneaking out the other end of the village hall past the fridge and the tea urns, allowing everyone else to have a natter and congratulate their pups in peace. Ah well, we will get there in the end, I am sure. ■■www.cuckoodownfarm.co.uk

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 5 opinion vOICes OF THe WesT COUnTRY roger evans My wife has always been a Man United fan, but there are probably six other teams she likes. There are also about six teams she hates. We are both watching Coronation Street. We watch it regularly. It’s a good thing to have some culture in your life - what the characters will say next and how the story lines will develop. It seems that the writers like to have a current villain for the viewers to hate and once they have served their purpose they often meet an untimely end. We also watch EastEnders. The story lines and the characters are so depressing that our own lives seem positively full of sunshine. We also watch a lot of football. Fair play, my wife has always been a Man United fan, but there are probably about six other teams that she likes. There are also about six teams she hates. I’ve never been able to work this out, it’s often to do with the manager’s eyes and how far apart they are. Me, I don’t have a favourite football team. I lost interest in football when the players started squealing and writhing on the floor at the slightest touch. It would do them good to have a game of rugby once a month. If there is a programme I particularly want to watch I record it and watch it when I can. Anything for a quiet life. It’s time for the adverts, she often uses this to say something profound... “Out of all the years I’ve been married to you I’ve only got one complaint.” We are on dangerous ground now, I’d better tread carefully, so I say “What’s that?” This is about as honest as I’ve been for some time. “Out of all the years we’ve been married, you’ve never worn a wedding ring.” Phew, I was expecting worse than that. It’s a theme she has often raised over the years. I’ve always said that people could tell I was married just by looking at my demeanour. The grey hair, the drooping shoulders, the lines on my face, the total dejection. But every so often she will, as now, return to the ring theme. It’s something I’ve often thought about but there is something in me that doesn’t want to wear a ring. It’s very strange because I wear one of those copper bracelets, one of those with magnets in the ends. There was a time in my life when I used to wear a collar and tie most days and my shoulders weren’t so good and I couldn’t turn the back of my collar down, I bought the bracelet to see if that would make a difference, and it did. So impressed was I that I also bought, from the same firm, a device to put over your water supply pipes, this was supposed to prevent the build up of lime scale in your water system. It never worked for us, the bottom of our kettle still looks as if someone tried to make porridge in it. But here’s a strange thing. I had a friend, sadly passed away now, he came from Budleigh Salterton (I bet that name takes some getting in a stick of rock). He used to go shooting two or three days a week. His pleasure, most of it, came from working his dogs, two spaniels, he enjoyed that part more than the actual shooting. He told me that he would see other dogs on the shoot and that over the years a good dog would not be as sprightly as it had been as age began to play its part. In a couple of instances the owners of these dogs bought new collars fitted with the same magnets as my bracelet. He said that the transformation was immediate and dramatic and gave these dogs another two or three years of active and useful life. It’s all quite remarkable. The dogs didn’t know what these collars are supposed to do. They can’t read the adverts. But to the ring - here’s what I will do. My daughter does some work with silver as a hobby. I will get her to make a wedding ring, she will sell it to my wife who will give it to me for Christmas and I will wear it. As I said earlier, anything for a quiet life.

6 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 opinion VOICES OF THE WEST COUNTRY ROB CAMPBELL A few older folk tell me they are now a little more inclined to catch a train into town and scoot to appointments Riding an electric scooter need not be a political statement, but it sometimes feels that way in an era where everyone is apparently divided into two camps. One camp is leftie or woke or whatever the label is this week, and the other right-wing and reactionary and the rest. An item appeared in the news last week about a group of Bristol City councillors demanding an end to the trial of e-scooters, warning of chaos on the roads and risk of accidents. Guess which party hates the scooters? The Greens, Lib Dems, Labour? The anarchists, revolutionary communists, tree-huggers or the monster raving loony party faction? It is instead, and utterly predictably the Conservatives, but they do have a point about the roads in Bristol and Bath. On my visits to those cities, I have to battle for space on roads clogged with people weaving in and out, some so recklessly that they must presumably be drunk or drugged. Parking is so bad that pedestrians frequently have to walk in the road. That’s just the cars. The scooters, which were introduced across the area as a trial, cause their own problems too. It’s the people, though, who worry me. It feels as if you can divide the anti and pro scooter folk along ideological lines with such depressing predictability that every other view they hold would fall into place. Scooterists are also Remainers, cyclists, happy about same-sex marriage, pro-immigration, and they applauded the toppling of Colston’s statue while eating an organic bean-burger. They also want everyone to go to university and do media studies. They like wearing masks, too. Their opponents are just as easy to define, wanting mostly to bring back everything. The empire, hanging, racist jokes, proper food, proper wars, women who do ironing, smoking in pubs, ties for chaps, no more masks and The Black and White Minstrel Show. They would turn the trendier universities in to re-education camps for people who drink oat milk and convert their playing fields into golf courses. It looks like ‘culture wars’, that American disease that we caught during Brexit, with scooters just being another weapon in that tedious division of our nation in to two mutually suspicious tribes. The truth about anything is, of course, more complicated than that. Take those scooters: there are real doubts about whether they are directly replacing car journeys and are, instead, making people less fit because they use them instead of walking or cycling. But even that seems perhaps a little short-sighted. Anecdotally, because there seems little longer-term research so far, it seems possible that having a scooter handy could delay - perhaps permanently - a decision to buy a car. In my own un-scientific survey, young people have told me that the availability of everything from scooters to cycle lanes means they cannot see the point in having four wheels to move around at 10mph on city streets with nowhere to park. A few older folk, too, tell me they are now just a little more inclined to catch a train into town and scoot to their appointments, rather than join the hordes of angry people on the M32. In each case that’s one less lump of metal threatening the lives of the rest of us. Scooters are also fun and we have had precious little of that these past 18 months of pandemic, but fun can’t be counted. The best news of all, though, from people who actually do proper research, is that the polarisation of us into those tribes more widely might not be quite as bad as it looks. There’s a wonderful organisation out there called More In Common which, among other things, studies the links that bind us together. They have, for example, a recent podcast called We Are Not As Divided As We Think. They look at evidence, rather than just shouting on social media. They found recently that “most people believe cultural change is a central part of the British story, and something that they embrace…there is a particular ‘British way’ of doing change, that allows space for people to ask questions, to voice their opinions, and to learn from their mistakes. People are deeply concerned that the way politicians and campaigners are inflaming culture wars is undermining that British approach to change.” Goodness me. There are dangers in all this polarisation, far more serious than some clogged pavements and broken ankles from the scooter wave, but it seems we don’t really hate each other so much after all. Somewhere out there is a Tory riding a scooter en route to a Black Lives Matter protest, and a vegetarian driving a massive car to a golf course while laughing at Jim Davidson jokes. Or maybe not quite, but it’s a nice thought.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 7 Food & Drink CHRIS RUNDLE The house move did noT go down well wiTh The grape vines, says chris rundle guinea fowl with black grapes (Serves 4) INGREDIENTS One guinea fowl, quartered; three tablespoons brandy; 50g butter; dash of olive oil; one large (about 400g) bunch black grapes; 75g raisins soaked overnight in four tablespoons of port; sea salt; freshly ground black pepper 3. Arrange the raisins and grapes around them, cover and cook for an hour, remove the lid and return to the oven for 15 minutes at 180C gas mark 4 before serving. METHOD 1. Heat the oven to 190C gas mark 5. Season the guinea fowl joints well. Using a large casserole with a tight-fitting lid heat the butter and oil until sizzling, add the joints and cook singly until browned all over. 2. Place all the joints in the pan, pour in the brandy and flame. Soak the raisins chicken and grape tagine (Serves 4) INGREDIENTS Four free-range chicken legs; large bunch (about 400g) black grapes; 50g raisins; two onions; three garlic cloves; four branches flat-leaved parsley; 10 branches coriander; teaspoon each ground ginger and turmeric; two pinches saffron; 20g butter; two tablespoons olive oil; sea salt; freshly ground black pepper 4. Add the grapes and cook for a further 20 minutes, check the seasoning and serve topped with chopped parsley and coriander. MY friend Tony was thin to the point that if he ate a grape you’d think he’d developed a hernia. Not that he would find as much as a single specimen in the garden this year, sadly. It’s the vine, you see. We brought it with us when we moved; a veteran of some seven seasons which had been providing us with a moderate crop of juicy black grapes every autumn – as long as we got to them before the blackbirds did. The blackbirds which, naturally, barely gave the food we had put out for them on the bird table as much as a glance as they flew past it on the way to perform their predations. We were very keen to bring it with us so I asked Keith, who gave us a hand in the garden now and then, how we should go about it. Dig it up while it’s dormant and put it in a big tub and then get it into the ground as soon as you get to the new place, he said. Then, he said, walking around the vine and observing it closely, one of two things will happen. I awaited the delivery of the next, succinct nugget of horticultural wisdom distilled from his years of experience. Yeah, he said. Either it will be OK - or it will die. He didn’t say anything about sulking. And sulking is definitely what the vine has been doing since we got here. We found a nice, sheltered spot with a southerly aspect to plant it. We prepared the soil well and made sure it was draining properly so the vine didn’t have to sit around with wet roots. We eased it in, replaced the soil around it, watered it and provided it with a couple of strong canes for support. And that vine just sulked. It visibly sulked. Clearly it was upset because we hadn’t asked its opinion about moving house and particularly about whether it minded being dug up, shoved into a pot, taken on a rattling journey with all the other garden pots and finally deposited in totally unfamiliar surroundings. There may have been other issues. Perhaps it didn’t like the neighbours. Perhaps their dog was too noisy. Perhaps it didn’t like having to look at a washing line two or three yards away. Perhaps it was just homesick and missing the company of the Grapes are great in savory dishes, as Chris’ recipes show this week raspberries that used to grow next to it. Anyway, it was weeks into the spring (and almost at the point where we had given up hope and concluded that Keith’s more pessimistic option had come true) when it finally decided to wake up, put out a bud or two and reluctantly (and you could almost hear it huffing and puffing about it) start to produce some branches. But fruit? Not a chance. Not this year. Not after all we have put it through. Its outrage may have dissipated by next year but in the meantime I shall have to step round to the greengrocer for a supply of grapes to use in some unlikely, but delicious pairings. The first for guinea fowl, one of two poultry breeds named after its place of origin. In this case the area formerly known as the Guinea Coast in Africa. The other is the turkey, but that of course is a misnomer. The birds originally came from the New World: Turkey was merely the last port of call before London for the spice ships bringing them here. METHOD 1. Peel and chop the onions and garlic, chop the herbs and wash the grapes. 2. Heat the butter and oil in a large casserole with a closefitting lid and sweat the onions until translucent. 3. Season the chicken well and brown for two minutes. Sprinkle in the saffron, turmeric and ginger and cook for a further five minutes, turning frequently. Add the garlic, herbs and raisins and season well then pour in 300ml of water, bring up to a boil, cover and simmer very gently for 30 minutes, adding a little more water if necessary. grape and apple pickle Not a long-keeping condiment but quick and easy to prepare and great with cold meat and pâté INGREDIENTS 500g green grapes; one large eating apple; 150g sultanas; 150g trimmed spring onions; 100g golden caster sugar; 200ml cider vinegar; 50g piece ginger root METHOD 1. Wash the grapes, halve and remove the pips. Finely chop the Season the chicken legs onions, peel the ginger and cut into fine juliennes. Peel, quarter and de-core the apple and cut into small dice. 2. Place the vinegar and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil then add the remaining ingredients. Return to the lowest possible simmer and cook very gently for 30 minutes, stirring now and then. 3. Allow to cool in the pan and decant into a sterilised jar for storage.

8 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Food & Drink RAISE A GLASS WITH JANE CLARE What a few days. I’ve been hot (phew, a September sun), I’ve been rained on (lots and lots). Who knows what the weather gods will be throwing around by the time you’re reading this. But those few days have also been perfect. I’ve been “out out” – not in a posh frock and lipstick sense – but in a wine sense. I’ve met real wine people at live tasting events. Bordeaux Day was a joy, and for the first time, I had the chance to taste the wines in the latest Bordeaux Hot 50. I brought you one of them just a couple of weeks ago: Château Pey de Faure 2019 (£12.99, online at Averys). I’ve now met its wine friends, all of them highlighting the modern approach adopted by Bordeaux winemakers – whether through their techniques or sustainable practices. The Hot 50 wines are under £25 and chosen to be approachable and appealing. If you’re nervous about trying new wines they’re a great place to start exploring the diversity of the region. Here are three: A sparkling, a white and a red. I love a drop of fizz and Premius Crémant de Bordeaux Brut (£RRP £10-£12, Slurp) is gorgeous. The grapes sémillon, muscadelle and cabernet sauvignon have been cajoled into creating a wine with aromas of fresh and baked apples, toasty bread and baking spice. It is fresh, characterful and zesty. One of my favourite whites of the day was Château Argadens 2019 (£12.50, tanners-wines.co.uk). It’s vegan, and the vineyards are managed in a way which increases biodiversity and decreases any negative environmental impact. It is also very enjoyable. The white is a blend of sauvignon blanc (which takes the lead role in this palate performance) and sémillon. The aromas just keep on giving; tangy citrus, especially grapefruit. A savoury edge adds depth and interest. The flavours zing and twist and delight. As for the red, there were many to choose from, but for this missive I’ve opted for Roc de Lussac 2019 (£7.75, Sainsbury’s). The wine is from the Saint-Emilion appellation where the fruitily plummy merlot grape dominates. Cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc are the blending partners in this wine which speaks of red and black fruits, and spice. Tannins play their part in an undemanding way. ■ The Bordeaux Hot 50 list is online at bordeaux.com/gb/selection ■ Jane is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers. Find her on social media and online as One Foot in the Grapes. JAmIE OlIvEr is an absolute machine. The celebrity chef – no longer ‘naked’, but very much clothed and still campaigning for us all to cook (stress-free) from scratch at home – is back with a new recipe collection, Together. While not all five of his children are featured on the cover (three are, we get the sense the teenagers have bowed out this time around), this book is all about feeding the people you love. With most people now vaccinated and social restrictions lifted, Jamie is betting people will be eager to host dinner parties, brunches and holiday gatherings. His 25th cookbook shows readers how to throw a big party in true Oliver fashion – without too much fuss, so the cook can have fun, too. The emphasis is on sharing delicious meals together rather than spending all your time stressed in the kitchen and it is packed full of tasty, comforting dishes that require minimum preparation. Jamie says: “Together is a real homage to the great home feast, something I have really missed sharing with friends and family over the past year. “So many people find real joy in a shared meal, have rediscovered a love of cooking or perhaps even given it a go for the first time. “I wanted the recipes to feel like a culinary light at the end of the tunnel, where food can be enjoyed and savoured. “This is about giving you an excuse to get the people you love around the table again.” As is usually the case nowadays, the cookbook is tied to a new television series. In each episode of Channel 4’s Jamie Oliver: Together, the chef will take us through the recipes step by step, making them for his InGredIentS: 1tbsp quinoa; 1tbsp frozen edamame beans; 100g crunchy veg, such as cucumber, sugar snap peas, mangetout, carrots; 2 level tsps white miso paste; 2tsps rice wine vinegar; 1 fresh chilli; 1cm piece of ginger; 1 lime; 2tsps sesame oil; 2tsps low-salt soy sauce; 2tsps sesame seeds; 200g super-fresh chunky tuna steak, from sustainable sources OptIOnAL: 2 sprigs of shiso, mint or basil Get AHeAd: You can prep all this on the day, if you prefer. MetHOd: 1. Cook the quinoa in plenty of water according to the packet instructions, adding the edamame for the last 2 minutes, then drain and cool. Take time to prep your crunchy veg – it’s nice to have a mixture, so use up any veg from the fridge – and finely slice everything as delicately as you can. 2. Muddle the miso into the rice vinegar, then scrunch with the prepped It’s (dinner) party time! Dedicated to NHS staff, the impact of the pandemic is a thread that Jamie picks up on throughout. In the first episode the chef prepares a feast for people doing volfamily and friends, so we can make them for ours. Whether it’s hosting a beautiful curry night, summery feast, or a celebration meal, Jamie’s got you covered. Jamie Oliver in an image from his new book Together Jamie Oliver’s new recipe book, Together, is a homage to the great home feast. The chef reveals why it’s the perfect time to entertain once again veg, quinoa and edamame – flavours will develop and deepen overnight. 3. To make a dressing, deseed and finely chop the chilli and place in a clean jam jar. Peel and finely grate in ginger, squeeze in lime juice, then add sesame oil and soy and pop the lid on. 4. Toast the sesame seeds in a non-stick frying pan on a high heat until lightly golden, tossing regularly, then remove. Sear the tuna for just 20 seconds on each side and edge, turning with tongs. Leave to cool. Cover and refrigerate the veg and tuna overnight. tO SerVe: If you’ve prepped ahead, get everything out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving. Finely slice the tuna and arrange around a platter. Pile the dressed veg in the centre, shake up the dressing and spoon over the tuna. Finish with the herb leaves (if using), and toasted sesame seeds. ■ ENERGY 253kcal; FAT 12.7g; SAT FAT 2.5g; PROTEIN 17.7g; CARBS 7.6g; SUGARS 2.6g; SALT 1.2g; FIBRE 1.8g Together is a real homage to the great home feast, something I have really missed sharing with friends and family over the past year. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on his new TV series and book untary work through the pandemic, from helping at food banks and vaccination centres to sewing PPE. The centrepiece of the meal is salmon decorated and flavoured with rosemary, chillies, capers and anchovies, served with a lemony potato salad and extra sweet oregano and garlic roasted tomatoes. Jamie also serves up cheesy puffs as canapés, strawberry and prosecco cocktails, and a summer pudding made with strawberries, cucumber and Pimm’s. And he’s right, it’s very lovely to be able to sit down, chat and eat together again. ■ Together by Jamie Oliver is published by Penguin Random House (c) Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited (2021 Together), priced £26. Photography by David Loftus. Available now ■ Jamie Oliver: Together is on Mondays, Channel 4, at 8pm JAMIE OLIVER’S ELEGANT TUNA CARPACCIO, MISO VEG, CHILLI AND LIME DRESSING AND SESAME (Serves 2)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 9 Food & Drink Jamie Oliver’s fragrant squash curry with chickpeas, ginger, spices and coconut milk (Serves 6 + 2 leftover portions) Ingredients: 1 butternut squash (1.2kg); Olive oil; 1 onion; 2 cloves of garlic; 4cm piece of ginger; 1tsp coriander seeds; 1tsp fenugreek seeds; 1tsp medium curry powder; 300g ripe cherry tomatoes; 2 tinned pineapple rings in juice; 1 x 400ml tin of light coconut milk; 1 x 400g tin of chickpeas Optional: 2 sprigs of coriander, to serve GET AHEAD: You can make this on the day, if you prefer. METHOD: 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Scrub the squash (there’s no need to peel it), carefully halve it lengthways and deseed, then chop into 2cm chunks. 2. Place in a roasting tray, toss with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, then roast for one hour, or until soft and caramelized. 3. Meanwhile, peel and roughly chop the onion, peel the garlic and ginger, and dry fry in a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat with the coriander and fenugreek seeds and the curry powder, stirring until lightly charred all over. 4. Add the tomatoes and pineapple rings (reserving the juice), and cook for 10 minutes to soften and char, stirring regularly. 5. Tip it all into a blender, add the coconut milk and blitz until very smooth. Return to the pan, tip in the chickpeas, juice and all, and simmer gently until the sauce is thickened. 6. Stir in the roasted squash, then season the curry to perfection, tasting and tweaking, and loosening with the reserved pineapple juice. 7. Cool, cover and refrigerate overnight. TO SERVE: Preheat the oven to 150°C. Place the covered pan of curry in the oven until hot through – about an hour. Nice with picked coriander leaves. Jamie Oliver’s chocolate orange crÈme brÛlÉe (Serves 2 + 2 leftover puds) Ingredients: 100ml double cream; 300ml semi-skimmed milk; 100g dark chocolate (70%); 4 large free-range eggs; 80g golden caster sugar, plus extra for sprinkling; 1 orange; Seasonal berries, to serve GET AHEAD: Pour the cream and milk into a non-stick pan, snap in the chocolate, and place on a medium-low heat until chocolate has melted, whisking regularly. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly while you separate the eggs. Method: 1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the yolks (freeze the whites to make meringues another day) with the sugar and the finely grated orange zest until pale and fluffy. Whisking constantly, gradually pour in the chocolate mixture until combined. Return to the pan and place over a low heat, then very gently bring to a simmer, whisking constantly for about 10 minutes, or until you have a custard-like consistency. 2. Divide between four small heatproof cups or two sharing bowls, then cool, cover and leave to set in the fridge overnight. TO SERVE: Sprinkle a little sugar over two of the puds, then melt it under a hot grill or using a blowtorch. Serve with orange segments, berries or cherries. The two extra puds will keep for up to 5 days in the fridge, if you can wait that long! ■■ENERGY 414kcal; FAT 27.1g; SAT FAT 13.7g; PROTEIN 8.9g; CARBS 39.8g; SUGARS 39.6g; SALT 0.2g; FIBRE 1g

10 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Big Interview When Arthur Wilson developed dementia, his daughter, Tansy, decided to create jewellery to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. The Somerset maker tells BEE BAILEY how her range is uniting people who are dealing with the disease Bee as one TANSY Wilson stands in her Somerset garden watching the bumblebees buzzing in and out of the agapanthus, filling up with nectar and pollen to take back to the worker bees. She’s always liked the industrious insects and finds it calming to watch them go about their work but since her father died they’ve taken on a personal resonance for her. The bees remind Tansy of the way her family all worked together like bees in a hive when her father became progressively ill with dementia. Arthur Wilson was 92 when he died in the spring of last year. He’d been in the art world almost all his life, working as lecturer and often exhibiting his geometric artworks, created by using a formula to paint the patterns of the sea. Then he started forgetting things, little things at first, but it got worse. When he was 80 he was diagnosed with dementia. “Everyone that knew Dad said he was a real gentle gentleman. He was not a man of many words but when he spoke they were spot on. He was just a happy person,” Tansy, 51, says. “He lived in London his entire life and we would go to Piccadilly to see my sister, who’d got a shop there. He would come out of the shopfront and just stand and look, and then he’d be a bit jokey and go, ‘cor, I’ve forgotten how to get to the station’. That just amplified really quickly until he really didn’t know where he was. But we were like, ‘oh, it’s OK, he’s just is a bit forgetful’ because he was still very able bodied.” Having always had a sharp mathematical brain, Arthur sometimes didn’t get the names of his five children right and used humour to evade questions when he wasn’t sure of the answer. In the early days, the family didn’t realise he was in the first stages of dementia. The irony, Tansy says, was that as a man of few words she hadn’t really noticed he Tansy Wilson solders a bumble bee bangle. Photo from Tansy Wilson was struggling at first but it soon became more obvious. “He got very quiet because he had the capacity to realise, ‘I’m not saying the right thing’. That’s when we started thinking, ‘this is getting serious’. We started to look at the Alzheimer’s Society website and managed to get the doctor to diagnose it. That’s when the ball started rolling for having tests,” Tansy says. “There were lots of emotions – mine were denial but I was ever so worried about my mum – she was the primary carer. My sister was taking the brunt of it, too, but it was really hard work, it’s really draining, emotionally.” With a bit of searching online, Arthur’s family found information and support through Alzheimer’s Society charity. “My eyes were so opened,” Tansy says. “Alzheimer’s Society was so amazing. You can go on their website and they’ve got so many facilities where you can ask questions and get guidance. I remember they sent someone over to do a diagnostic test on him and you can talk to a healthcare professional that special- Luckily for us, as a family, dad had an amazing sense of humour. He was always very witty and he maintained that – the spirit of him didn’t really change but he just deteriorated in the last kind of five years. Tansy Wilson

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 11 Big Interview Tansy’s father, Arthur. Photo from Tansy Wilson Following her father’s diagnosis of dementia, Tansy Wilson makes bee jewellery for her United Against Dementia range, raising money for Alzheimer’s Society. This image (and below far right) by photographer James Beck ises in dementia care. The care was through the London borough that mum and dad are in but the charity gave extra support. They would know what benefits you’re entitled to and give you advice on getting power of attorney and all of those slightly embarrassing things; it’s a daily how-to-live. “Luckily for us, as a family, dad had an amazing sense of humour. He was always very witty and he maintained that – the spirit of him didn’t really change but he just deteriorated in the last kind of five years to not leaving the house, actually not knowing where he was and that was sad for someone so active who had such a zest for life.” Just before the first UK lockdown, Tansy’s dad started having more small episodes and the family saw him deteriorate further. At that point they gathered together, her mum, her two brothers in London, her brother who lives in the Wirral, and her sister. “The inevitable was here. We were all rushing around. Suddenly we very methodically saying, ‘right you’re doing the food shop, I’m doing the cleaning, my brother was putting up hand rails, we suddenly all started working together to make everything OK,” she says. “When he did die I really wanted to do something. I just remember saying ‘we’re like little busy bees’ and I thought that’s a really nice symbol.” Having already done a fund-raising walk for Alzheimer’s Society, Tansy decided she wanted to do more. “I did lots of research and found a lovely quote about bees. It says, ‘by looking at bees’ behaviour, social habits, community and environment, we can observe a highly social insect operating within a teamwork-based community, creating a symbol of a unified family’. “And I thought, ‘well that’s us, that’s my siblings and my mum, being a unified family’. I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be lovely if my jewellery could unify everybody that’s being affected by dementia?’ “I got in touch again with Alzheimer’s Society to say, ‘am I allowed to use your name, your logo, your ethos,’ and they fully embraced it, they were amazing.” Tansy, who works as a senior external moderator checking art and design college courses are run to the same standards across the country, has collaborated with makers, including someone in Italy who casts little bees for her, to create a range of silver jewellery with bees on. The finishing touches for the bangles, necklaces, rings and earrings are done in her workshop at the foot of the Quantocks near Bridgwater, Somerset, to make sure they fit her aim of making lasting pieces of jewellery. “I’ve just had some [bumblebee] brooches cast in Italy and they came back all shiny and I thought, ‘no, I’m not happy with it’ so I went to a friend who has got a sandblasting machine and I taped the bee up so he’s got exposed stripes and I’ve sandblasted his bottom. It’s perfect now.” Using a play on Alzheimer’s Society’s motto, she has called the range Bee United Against Dementia. She uses bumblebees, honeybees and worker bees with honeycomb shapes, donating 10 per cent to the charity for each sale. For sales of her carder bee earrings, which feature a rhodium-plated enamel and diamante bee on a flower similar to that of the Alzheimer’s Society logo, she donates 50 per cent of each sale to the charity. Tansy has found the experience of channelling her grief into the jewellery range rewarding, but it’s had another unexpected result. “What I didn’t expect to happen was people emailing me personal letters. They will say things like, ‘my husband’s got dementia. Every year he’d buy me something for our anniversary and now he doesn’t know it’s our anniversary so I’m buying a piece of your jewellery on his behalf’. “I totally understand what they’re going through and I feel very honoured that people are taking the time to tell me their stories. It’s so touching. “It feels really purposeful and rewarding to do this in my dad’s memory, but also in anyone’s memory. For people who purchase a piece, it symbolises everything for them as well. They’re not alone, there are a lot of us going through it.” Tansy is thrilled with the results of the range and, with her increased affection for bees, has kept several pieces for herself. “I wear a bumble brooch, I wear the hexagon earrings, I wear the bangle... I’m like a Christmas tree,” she says, laughing. “I like everything that the bee stands for, that bees work together, a unified family. Alzheimer’s Society help you work together as a family with other organisations so it was a no-brainer to use the bee as my insect of choice.” Now, when she sees bees, they bring thoughts of her father to mind. Some things, she feels, are just too Some of Tansy Wilson’s work, clockwise, from this image, honeycomb studs; bumble bracelets; bee brooch; bumble hoop earrings Photos from Tansy Wilson unusual to be coincidence, finding a pebble that someone had written ‘Arthur’ on among the millions on the beach where she often walks, and bee things that she spots in unusual places. “Very odd little things happen,” she says. “I went to see [Luke Jerram’s sculpture] the moon at Bristol Cathedral the other day. He’s got the months of the year all around the floor and you stand on certain spots to look at the moon. I walked in and picked one of the spots and the one I picked was all about how bees stop dancing when there’s a solar eclipse. It’s weird. I’m just starting to pick up in the cosmos all these little things. It’s Dad looking over me. I think it’s him just saying, ‘you’re doing OK’.” ■ Bee United Against Dementia jewellery can be bought online from Tansy Wilson at www. tansywilson.com Follow @tansy. wilson on Instagram ■ Alzheimer’s Society has a support line for people dealing with dementia; call 0333 150 3456 or visit www. alzheimers.org.uk to find details of local support services, factsheets and other information Tansy Wilson

12 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Big Feature Where royals take a pew for big occasions Janet HugHes visits the two Cotswold churches that have welcomed the Queen inside for family christenings The Rev Dr Gerald South with Helen Di Mauro, church warden, at Cherington Church (Picture: Paul Nicholls) some time soon the Queen and other senior members of the royal family are likely to gather in one of two pretty Cotswold churches. If previous christenings are anything to go by, the baptism of little Lucas Tindall will be a family affair with the monarch as proud as any other great grandmother. And some lucky photographer will probably stumble across it so we get to see Lucas in a replica of the satin and lace gown made for the christening of Queen Victoria’s daughter in 1841. The Rev Dr Gerald South, a one time head of maths at the Crypt School in Gloucester, has been in charge of both historic churches used for royal occasions since taking over the parish in 2017. After a spell working for the church in London he had not been back in Gloucestershire long when he presided over Lena Tindall’s baptism, which garnered major press attention because Prince Harry was godfather and arrived with his pregnant wife meghan. But the vicar’s not giving anything away other than to say a polite “delightful, thank you” when asked what it was like giving a service for the royal family. “There are two churches where members of the royal family have been baptised and, yes, I was involved in one,” he answered when asked. “But I don’t discuss the personal details of any of my parishioners.” St Nicholas’ organist elizabeth Workman, who also does the flowers and sits on the PCC at the Cherington Church, simply says “yes” when asked if she has played the music at a royal christening. But like the vicar she refuses to elaborate. “It’s not a royal church,” she corrects. “It’s just that Princess Anne’s family happen to live in the parish. “It’s a lovely church and the village is very proud of it so why not come and see.” The old stone historic churches of St Nicholas in Cherington and Holy Cross in Avening are less than two miles apart on Nags Head Lane, in the Stroud Valleys. Royal christenings are not their only claim to fame (and you can read all about the interesting tales associated with them both here) but it’s certainly what’s put them both on the map in recent years. Zara Tindall was baptised in a chapel at Windsor Palace but she and husband mike chose the church near their home at Gatcombe Park for the christening of their first daughter, mia. mia was born in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on January 17, 2014, and was christened at St Nicholas’ in Cherington on November 30, 2014. Despite being attended by the Queen, the late Duke of edinburgh, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince William, the christening was described as a “low-key affair”, probably because the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t there. In march 2019 word began to spread that the hottest couple in town, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, had been seen in Gloucestershire. It appears that Prince Harry and his pregnant wife meghan had arrived at St Nicholas’, which is pretty close to the area around Tetbury Film director Michael Powell is buried at Avening (Picture: Paul Nicholls) where he grew up, because he was godfather to Lena, who had been born at Stroud maternity Hospital a few months earlier. once again proud parents Zara Tindall and mike Tindall did not reveal the list of godparents but they and other royals were snapped

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 13 Big Feature It’s not a royal church. It’s just that Princess Anne’s family happen to live in the parish. It’s a lovely church and the village is very proud of it so why not come and see. St Nicholas’ organist Elizabeth Workman intimate but it is a place that is greatly valued by local people. “It plays an important part in Cherington life and every year we have the Cherington show which sees the street lined with stalls.” leaving after the ceremony. Peter Phillips and ex-wife Autumn, who also live on the Gatcombe Park estate with daughters Savannah and Isla made sure both were christened in Gloucestershire, too. Eldest child, Savannah, was baptised at Holy Cross Church Avening on Saturday, April 23, 2011. Despite it being just a week before Prince William and Kate’s lavish state wedding, the Queen turned out to this little country church to see her great grandchild baptised on a gloriously sunny day. One photographer who stumbled across the happy family scene told the Mail: “It could not have been further from a state occasion.” But Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly chose St Nicholas’s Church in Cherington for the baptism of their second child Isla on Sunday July 1, 2012. Once again her majesty turned up despite being busy for events for her Diamond Jubilee year. Which of the two churches Zara and Mike will choose for the christening of little Lucas is anybody’s guess and probably depends on the date. The couple seem to favour the Grade I-listed St Nicholas Church at Cherington but it is smaller than Holy Cross They may not be able to compete with Westminster Abbey but these little Cotswold churches have enough historic architecture and interesting histories to make them fit for a Queen. St Nicholas, Cherington Building The very pretty Cherington church is a Grade I-listed building dating back to the 12th century and had its chancel rebuilt in the mid-13th century. It also has medieval wall-paintings and the original 12th-century stone font. Scandals Over hundreds of years, several vicars have been in trouble with the The Queen and Prince Philip at the christening of great-grandchild Savannah Phillips at Avening Mike and Zara Tindall welcomed baby son Lucas earlier this year (Picture: Alan Crowhurst/Getty) authorities over neglecting its upkeep or not raising enough taxes. One got in trouble in 1605 for failing to wear “the square cap” and another resigned when he was suspended for “immorality” but no details were provided in the records. The famous pilot buried there Brian Trubshaw, the original British test pilot of the Concorde, is buried in the graveyard and his wife and step daughter, Yvonne and Sally Edmondson have placed a plaque inside. His gravestone is engraved with an image of the iconic plane and the words: “Once again he soars into the heavens, many will look to the skies and remember him.” Apparently he emerged from the cockpit saying: “It was wizard – a cool, calm and collected operation.” But he also had a long and distinguished career before that and was a member of the King’s Flight, flying King George VI and other members of the royal family around. In later life he became interested in equestrianism, becoming a fence judge at the Badminton Horse Trials. Anything else Cherington is proud of its Cotswold heritage and before Covid held services to celebrate rural feasts such as Lammas Day (Loaf Day) on August 1. What the vicar says “It is not a large church. It is very Avening Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned Holy Cross is said to be the only church commissioned by a queen of England in a story which makes the current royal rows seem trivial. Apparently a wealthy young man from Avening Court, Brittric, Lord of Gloucester, was sent by Edward the Confessor on a mission to Flanders where he met Matilda, a count’s daughter, who fell in love with him. After Brittric rejected her advances she went on to marry William, Duke of Normandy, who became William the Conqueror, and once she had been crowned queen she used her powers to exact revenge. After taking away Brittric’s lands she threw him in prison in Worcester where he died, rumoured to be from poison. Afterwards she was full of remorse and rebuilt Avening Church, so that prayers could be said for his soul. It is said she and the king stayed in Avening Court to supervise the work, and builders were treated to a parish feast of boar on consecration day, September 14, 1080. William and Matilda later gave the manors of Avening and Nailsworth to the Abbey of Holy Trinity in France and for 333 years the church was served by priests sent to the Cotswolds from Caen. Every year the village celebrates Pig Face Day when locals hold a fete and ceremoniously carry the head of a local porker into the church on a plate to celebrate consecration day. A famous film director is buried here Martin Scorsese and David Puttnam were among the mourners at the Holy Cross funeral of British film director Michael Powell who came back from New York to die in Avening in 1990. Powell found success in the 1940s directing classic movies with collaborator Emeric Pressburger such as the 49th Parallel, Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, A Matter of Life and Death, Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes. However, his career nose-dived when he made Peeping Tom in 1960 which has been described as “the first slasher movie”. After a public outcry it was removed from cinemas after five days. However, Scorsese loved it, and working with him helped restore Powell’s reputation. During his latter years he split his time between New York and Avening and Warner Brothers gave him use of Meghan Markle caused a stir when she was spotted a private plane so he could die at home in the Cotswolds with his wife, his friends, and cat Sundance. One obituary writer wrote: “His next door neighbour was Princess Anne, and he frequently complained that she was not energetic enough in cutting down the thistles on her side of the boundary. “He was also not happy about the noise of the whirring helicopter which announced that the Queen was coming for tea, but these two royalty-induced shortcomings apart, he loved the area, one of the most beautiful in all England.” Anything else It also has a memorial to a highwayman Henry Bridges, who died in 1615. The Rev Celia Carter was one of the first group of ordained women to be priested in the Church of England in May 1994 in Gloucester Cathedral and was the first non-stipendiary woman priest to be given the cure of souls of a parish Also, last year film crews making a TV series about the young Elizabeth I took over the church at Avening. Becoming Elizabeth stars Alicia Von Rittberg and charts the Virgin Queen’s early years before ascending the throne. “They wanted to film some scenes in a church without pews that looked like it did in Tudor times,” explained the vicar. “They stumbled across Avening which is a historic church but the pews were taken out some years ago to create a much more flexible space.” What the vicar says “Although they are two separate churches they are one benefice, which means there is one member of the clergy for both parishes.”

14 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Your Garden plot lineswith tim foster foster Watch out - the badgers have been eating the corn, and the purple potatoes have gone rotten Tim has come up with a few ways to deter the badgers - but have they been successful? I tHOuGHt it would be quite fun to look at how crops have gone this year, but maybe the word ‘gone’ is more appropriate than I’d care to dwell on. Our sweet corn, for example, has gone inside one or more badgers. I have personally encountered badgers only a handful of times and none of these have been catching them in the act of consuming our produce or using the fruit area as a latrine. My response would probably be the same no matter what: this is urban wildlife – wonderful. OK, so I may have uttered one or two choice words when I saw the flattened sweet corn, but I’d always be thrilled to have wild animals around especially when they’re so persecuted in the countryside nowadays. They are nocturnal animals, so carried out their raids while I was tucked up in bed. It wasn’t as if we had left the plants unprotected – we were well aware from previous years that our humbug-striped friends live not far away. So, we installed a fortress (is that a politically incorrect female fort?) consisting of a double layer of wire mesh. ‘Aha, you idiot,’ you say, ‘They’ll push underneath.’ Idiot, maybe, but also seasoned badger repeller: the mesh extended flat on the ground for about a foot and was pegged down. This was accompanied my own urine for which, to produce, I was forced to go on a high beer diet. Apparently, human male urine deters badgers and, what is more, the combination of this and fencing worked last year. What we didn’t account for were two things. One was the dry weather resulting in harder ground, therefore making it difficult for the badger family to find slugs and worms – they must have been a bit desperate. The Our sweet corn, for example, has gone inside one or more badgers. I have personally encountered badgers only a handful of times and none of these have been catching them in the act of consuming our produce or using the fruit area as a latrine. other issue was they used an aerial attack, not, as immediately springs to mind, a large black and white mammal parachuting in, but an avoidance of the smelly ground approach altogether by rearing up on hind legs and collapsing the mesh. Full marks for ingenuity, full stomachs of sweet corn. Just wait until next year – there’ll be sentries in the turrets at every corner. And that was just one crop. Here’s another. Purple potatoes. Now this is, I’m sorry to say, another sad story, but maybe we can learn from it: be very wary about unlabelled gifts. I was given some amazing dark purple seed potatoes by a friend who not only didn’t know what the variety was but didn’t know whether they were early, second early or maincrop potatoes. I can almost hear you slapping your forehead, saying ‘Duh’. But I was seduced by the colour – purple is good for you (apart from the berries of deadly nightshade and even then it isn’t the purple-ness which finishes you off). Most coloured fruit and vegetables are good for you – the pigments are antioxidants, meaning anti-cancer. And these spuds had the colour all the way through the flesh as well as the skin – fantastic. So, what went wrong? Pretty much No sweet corn or purple potaoes, right, for Tim this year everything. The tops died off early – early potatoes showing they’d had enough, or blight? Then the removal of the tubers was ten times harder… because of the colour: normal creamy white potatoes stand out in dark soil but not these things. Those discovered were rotten, had a little bit of rot or were fine but went rotten later. Rotten luck, I’m sure you’ll agree. Finally, the flavour of the surviving few wasn’t anything special, with the texture being quite dry. Now there is an excellent chance I’d done something seriously wrong in the growing but all of my other spuds were terrific, so I’m going to put the Great Purple Potato Disaster of ’21 in the file marked ‘Erase this from your memory’. ■ tim Foster teaches horticulture at the university of Bristol Botanic Garden and is the author of Fruit For Life - www.eco-logicbooks.com and Good Earth Gardening – a friendly guide to growing vegetables organically - currently unavailable ■ timfostergardener@gmail.com

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 15 Your Garden Expert advice Brown shades for autumn Presenter Adam Frost looks at the value of ornamental grasses, structural seed heads and deep brown flower centres, with hannah stephenson gArdenerS should be looking at all shades of brown to fill their outdoor space with interest through autumn, insists BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Adam Frost. “Brown has become the new black. Planting design is very much about asking a little bit more from our plants,” he said at the recent BBC Gardeners’ World Live show at the neC, Birmingham. “We are all sucked in by flowers. Most of the time, if we go flower shopping, we should probably cut the flowers off and let the plants concentrate on getting their roots in the ground, but we never do that. “rather than just being driven by that flower, we should be asking what this plant is going to be when it goes over. What’s it going to look like going into the winter months? A lot of plants will hold structure.” what mUst-have plants will brown well? “I love herbaceous perennials like asters and eupatorium, and grasses including some of the panicums, stipas and molinias are awesome. Grasses are great, because you can play with and manipulate light, so a lot of them are at their best in late summer going into autumn. rudbeckias, echinaceas and heleniums will hold good structure and are great for wildlife. The deep brown flower centres will remain when the petals are spent and add structure and interest, plus, they’re fantastic for wildlife, he says. “echinacea is good for bees, as is eupatorium. Some asters will go brown and hold a decent structure, although frikartii might collapse. “They will go brown, and if you underplant them with low grasses, you will get this wonderful hue of browns, bronzes, beiges and caramels right through the winter months. “I have used eupatorium ‘Little Joe’ in gardens, which is in contrast to the many larger eupatoriums which are quite big. I also really love echinacea pallida, because it’s slightly different – the flowers hang rather than stand tall. “There’s the little Aster [now called eurybia] divaricata, which works on the edge of a woodland, and will carry on flowering from summer and keep going.” don’t forget grasses “Panicums are good for creating a rich beige haze. There’s a lovely one I use called ‘Heavy Metal’. Calamagrostis is another ornamental grass that holds a decent structure. They all go brown.” Adam Frost, pictured below, says ‘brown has become the new black’ in the garden; clockwise from this picture, helenium seedheads; eupatorium in autumn; ornamental grass calamagrostis; the seedhead of Echinacea purpurea how shoUld yoU combine them? “A lot of the plants I’ve mentioned would be interplanted in a late autumn planting scheme. Use different sizes and don’t be worried about repeat planting to achieve balance. “Look at flower shapes and how many different shapes you can add. Some of them will be daisylike, others are umbellifer types [where many tiny flowers are held on short flower stalks, such as cow parsley, angelica and astrantia]. “The more different flower shapes you have, the better, and the same goes for leaf shapes. If you do that, your garden becomes completely different.” how long do i leave the plant skeletons? “I’d leave it ’til the next February. Most cutting back in my garden goes on in February or early March, depending on the winter. Cut back the grasses when new grass is appearing in spring. “If you ask me what the garden will be in 30 years’ time, I think it will be mix of ornamentals planted within a wild landscape. We are not just gardening for beauty. We are gardening for habitat. “When people have a big clean-up and think they are putting their garden to bed for the winter, they’ll clear away leaves, cut everything back and tidy it all up. But by doing that, they are taking away wildlife housing. “If you leave it, you are leaving homes for insects, material to forage on and shelter. And if you leave enough old plant material, that will be used as nesting for birds the following year.” Use the light “As much as it’s lovely to have beautiful colour in autumn, it’s also important to understand where the best place for light is in late September and early October, and work out which places you are drawn to. Is there an area where the afternoon light will catch the back of a border, for instance?” don’t be afraid of the shade “Certain plants will take a little shade. A lot of our real shade-loving plants tend to be at their best earlier on in the year, although there are shade-loving ferns, such as dryopteris (wood fern) which carry good autumn colour. “Climbing hydrangeas can take shady spots and are good when they lose their leaves, because you can leave the brown flowers on for structure.”

16 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 What’s On Food is fun for children as festival returns There is truly something for all ages as Wells Food Festival returns to the centre of the city NOW in its ninth year, Wells Food Festival is looking forward to another day celebrating regional artisan food and drink. Last year, with the support and enthusiasm of headline sponsor, Charlie Bigham’s, the event went online. “We were so pleased that we were able to do something for our producers,” said festival director Jon Abbott. “So many of their revenue streams had been shut down, with closed restaurants and a halt on farmers’ markets and food festivals. It was really important to us that we were able to support them in some way.” But there’s nothing like the real thing. So on Sunday, October 10, Wells Food Festival is back in the Somerset city. The Artisan Market and street food stalls, about 150 at the last count, are a star attraction of the festival, with an amazing array of regional produce. It’s a melting pot of food and drink, and in addition to local specialities such as cheese and cider, visitors can eat their way around the world. The day always attracts a large audience, made up of both locals and visitors. “It’s a fantastic way to not just support our stallholders, but also to attract people to the city,” said Jon. But there’s no room for complacency. The organisers have always taken great steps to keep it fresh and exciting so, while the Artisan Market remains at the heart, creative and inspirational feature areas are important to keep people returning, as well as attracting newcomers. So... what’s on the menu for this year? Children take centre stage for 2021. It has always been a great family-friendly day out, but this year there is even more of a focus for the younger visitors. It starts with the Gingerbread Man Trail; an interactive trail which can be picked up at the entrance. There are clues hidden throughout each of the main festival areas and a small prize at the end. The aim is to provide some fun foodie facts and perhaps spark an interest for young visitors, a theme which is being built on by some cookery workshop sessions. “We are really excited to introduce the Fun Kitchen marquee in the Recreation Ground this year,” added Jon. Fun Kitchen is actually a pop-up cookery school run by Somerset’s Simon Gray. Simon has always had a passion for food, ignited by his experience working as an enthusiastic commis chef at his grandparent’s hotel in York. His varied food career has taken him from training as a chef in the Royal Navy aged 16 through to working within the catering industry and owning a restaurant, before deciding to retrain as a food teacher. “Learning to cook is such an Children enjoy the Fun Kitchen important life skill,” explains Simon. “By introducing children to a variety of foods at an early age, there is more chance they will make the right food choices and have the tools which can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.” This is something highlighted by the recently published National Food Strategy, the first independent review of England’s food system in 75 years. Commissioned by the Government, it has been led by Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of the Leon restaurant chain. The review acknowledges that culinary skills have been in decline since convenience food became widely available. One generation after another is growing up without seeing or trying cookery at home. This has put food education high on the agenda with the proposed launch of a new Eat and Learn initiative for schools. The curriculum already states that schools should attempt to ‘instil a love of cooking in pupils’, while teaching them the kitchen skills necessary ‘to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life’. But in too many schools this is not the case, food preparation and nutrition or hospitality and catering GCSEs are often seen as second-class subjects by senior leaders. Simon joined the team of volunteers at the Food Teachers Centre, in Epsom, a few years ago - a self-help group for secondary teachers. “It’s a fantastically supportive group,” he says. “It provides a platform to exchange best practice, give advice and support to less experienced teachers and keep them abreast of the latest curriculum changes.” He has also led national practical programmes including ‘Fish in School Hero’ supported by the Fish Mongers Company Charitable Trust. “Our aim is to give every child a chance to prepare, cook and eat fish Wine Time ALso in the Recreation Ground is a Celebration of English Wine featuring local vineyards such as Fenny Castle Vineyard, Perch Hill Vineyard, Pink & Co and Road Green Vineyard, as well as some from further afield. Ben Franks, of wine merchant Novel Wines in Bath, will be sharing his passion for the subject with three exclusive wine tasting sessions, each lasting about 45 minutes... TAsTiNG 1: 11am (£12) THE MANY FACEs oF ENGLisH BACCHUs FiVE Bacchus white wines illustrating the different styles made across England. includes cheese and charcuterie nibbles. TAsTiNG 2: 12.30pm (£15) PAiRiNG ENGLisH WiNE WiTH FooD FiVE English wines paired with a cold plate provided by Cultjar: 1 white fizz, 1 rosé fizz, 1 white (not Bacchus), 1 still rosé and 1 red. TAsTiNG 3: 3pm (£12) WHY ENGLisH sPARKLiNG WiNE is WoRLD CLAss THREE English classic cuvée sparkling wines, illustrating the quality of home-grown fizz, plus a talk on how English fizz is made. includes cheese and charcuterie nibbles. ■ Booking is advisable. Visit wellsfoodfestival.co.uk The Artisan Market at Wells Food Festival. Photo by John Law before they leave school,” he continues. The ‘heroes’ are fishmongers, chefs and fish suppliers. The programme has obviously been disrupted by the last 18 months, but the ‘heroes’ will be coming into schools to talk first-hand about their role in bringing seafood from the sea to the plate, highlighting careers and opportunities in the fish industry as well. Simon’s teaching methods have always been focused on making it fun and informative, which perhaps has led him to go on the road with Fun Kitchen. He and his team visit festivals, county shows, and primary and secondary schools around the country, wowing kids with their unique approach to food education. “We want children to get hands on and messy with food in a safe environment,” he explains. “We promote the use of sustainable, seasonal and local food, cooking dishes that are low in fat, sugar and salt. We discuss where food comes from and throw snippets of nutrition and food science into the mix so young people are learning, but in a subliminal way.” The Fun Kitchen pop-up cookery school at Wells Food Festival will run four sessions through the day at 11am, noon, 2pm and 3pm. Children, aged three and above, can come along and make apple scone bread twists. The sessions are free to join in but numbers are limited so it’s suggested that anyone interested should head over to the marquee early and book a place. “We’ll provide chefs hats and aprons to wear in the kitchen, and all the ingredients,” says Simon. “All kids need to do is to turn up and get stuck in.” ■ Wells Food Festival is on Sunday, October 10, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Admission is free. wellsfoodfestival.co.uk

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 17 Memory Lane Curtain Call with Jeffrey Davies Jeffrey Davies looks backs at some of his favourite interviewees from the last few decades. This week it’s singer Tony Bennett TONY Bennett has been hailed by some as the world’s greatest singer. His many records and albums have sold by the millions, his concerts have always been filled to capacity wherever he has performed in the world, and his television appearances have consistently attracted massive audiences. Tony Bennett’s back catalogue of classic songs include The Lady is a Tramp, The Shadow of Your Smile, The Way You Look Tonight, The Very Thought of You and his signature song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco. Born Anthony Dominick Benedetto in 1926, the multi award-winning internationally renowned Italian-American singer of jazz, traditional pop standards, big band and show tunes, has also (in recent years) been duetting on albums with Lady Gaga. A class act if ever there was Tony Bennett performing in 2007 one. A much-acclaimed visual artist too, the New York-born crooner’s paintings hang on the walls of several institutions in the US and in collectors’ and art enthusiasts’ homes and offices around the world. One of his paintings is called Sunday in Central Park, which is the view from the singer and artist’s window in Manhattan. In 2016 Tony Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but it was only last month that he made the decision to retire from performing. I interviewed the charismatic and very welcoming legend, now 95, in I’ve had a lot of influences. The three biggest influences are Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra the ‘Star’ dressing room at the Capitol in Cardiff 50 years ago... Your concert was amazing, I remarked to a clearly jubilant Tony Bennett, who had just left the stage to a standing ovation, following a third well-deserved encore on this Welsh leg of his sold-out tour of Britain. “Thank you. I enjoyed myself. I think the audience did as well, if the applause is anything to go by,” the friendly star replied, clearly happy at his ‘wonderful’ reception in the Principality tonight. You are acknowledged today as the world’s greatest singer, I commented. What a compliment, even fellow Italian-American crooner Frank Sinatra, has himself said it. “Well I’m always kind of confused by that remark because there are so many wonderful singers in the world. Even an audience on a singalong all sound good to me,” the modest star replied. “When Sinatra did say this, it really did kind of change things around for me. He kind of put me into the position where I just took on a very positive stance. I started living up to what he said about me. It did help me improve as a singer, funnily enough - and as a person.” Tony has lived through a period of musical change through the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. What has been the main influence in his maturation to international singing star status? “Well, making the decision to dedicate yourself to it. Once that happens the concentration takes over and you really get involved with it,” he said, summing it up simply. Most singing stars admit to having been influenced by other performers, either by their type of songs or the way they sing them. Does Tony? “Oh I’ve had a lot of influences. The three biggest influences are Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra,” he admitted, allowing me to come back to my question with a rather flippant rejoinder. You mean unlike some of the pop stars or groups that I’ve interviewed who claim their main influence was definitely drugs or our British beer! “Well it’s a different age group. My son’s in a rock ’n’ roll group and there’s no one else in the world except The Beatles for him. They’re the biggest thing in the musical world.” Sixties pop, and now the beginnings of ’70s glam-rock with the likes of Marc Bolan. What is Tony’s view of contemporary pop music culture? “Well, it’s pretty good. A couple of things I like. Some of The Beatles’ things. I also like Jimmy Webb - and Burt Bacharach,” he replied. “They’re all good.” I remarked that many older people think today’s ’60s and now ’70s pop Tony Bennett in 1960 (Photo by CA/Redferns, photo, below, by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images) stars and their genre of pop and rock music has been a retrograde step too far. “The only thing I like that has really happened is they’ve made a lot of old people feel a lot younger, funnily enough!” he said with a laugh. Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga winning a Grammy in 2015 “The young ones felt older, a little, because they were allowed on stage. But the older ones, all of a sudden, had their hair style growing. They also had a lot of way-out psychedelic clothes. Normally, ten years ago, that would have never happened. There was a kind of emotional revolution as you would call it. But no, musically, it doesn’t compare to Cole Porter or Gershwin or people like that. I don’t think that music is as good,” he answered candidly. Currently, Tony Bennett is on a British tour. What has been the reaction from audiences up and down the country? Has it been what he had hoped for? “Oh, it’s beyond that. We’ve played to full houses everywhere. We’re very surprised at that because of all the political strife and strikes that are going on here right now. I had anticipated running into politics. But it didn’t happen. The audiences have been wonderful,” he said. Having performed before audiences all over the world, how does he rate his British fans. Or, as this evening, his Welsh fans? “Well they really appreciate music in Wales. I just love the people here and the way of life. Welsh people are generally interested in music. And I’m always impressed by this.” A musical nation. The Land of Song. With a reputation like that, are the people of Wales more critical of a visiting singing star than most other cultures? And does a performer have to work that much harder to win the people over in Wales than anywhere else in the world, I asked? “Yes, Wales is a musical nation, no doubt about that. Because of that I think you really do have to put on a good performance when you’re here,” he said entering into the spirit of my questioning, and adding that he always aims to perform to his very best no matter which country he is performing in. “I am Italian and the two best places in the world for singing are Italy and Wales,” the most engaging star stressed quite definitely, and with a twinkle in his eye. As I was leaving the venue, I noticed a large crowd of excited fans queueing in an orderly fashion at the stage door. They were waiting to get Tony Bennett’s much-coveted autograph. Being the star and gentleman that he is, he signed each autograph book in turn - and all with a most agreeable smile.

18 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Travel Landmark tea at top hotel mark taylor enjoys the lap of luxury on a hot a few days in london The London landmark afternoon tea served at The Kensington ARRIVING hot and sweaty after a long train journey, followed by a short but steamy trip on the packed tube, the greeting at The Kensington Hotel reception desk couldn’t have been more refreshing. Before we’d even had chance to catch our breath or wipe our brows, a genial concierge had whisked our bags away, and the receptionist was presenting us with a silver tray containing hand sanitiser, a warm face towel and an ice-cold carton of mineral water. Now, that’s what I call arriving in style. One thing I’ve noticed since returning to high-end London hotels after the pandemic is that each has its own Covid system. The more expensive places tend to do things a little differently and, although staff wear masks and keep their distance, The Kensington is pretty relaxed about it. Of course, all the proper regulations are still in place but they leave it to the guests to make their own judgments about things rather than ruin the moment with lurid signs and hazmat suits. Right in the heart of South Kensington, this opulent hotel is part of The Doyle Collection, a Dublin-based family-owned group that has hotels in Ireland, London and Washington DC. It also owns The Bristol Hotel in the city’s harbourside area, so it’s a brand a lot of Bristolians are familiar with. A large mansion with a grand stucco facade and more than 120 guest rooms, The Kensington has an immediately relaxed ambience from the minute you arrive and are welcomed by the immaculate door staff who welcome every guest as if they were returning regulars. Light, airy and laid-back, it’s an elegant modern hotel and service was faultless throughout our stay. Our stunning suite overlooked leafy Queen’s Gate but the triple-glazed windows meant that we didn’t hear any noise from the bustling street below. The suite we had was more like a large apartment with a lounge and small kitchen area (complete with Nespresso coffee machine) leading through to the huge bedroom, which then carried on to an equally big bathroom. It was beautifully furnished in a regal style with antique furniture, sumptuous sofas and armchairs, floor-to-ceiling drapes, crystal chandelier and striking artwork on the walls. The seriously comfortable king-size bed had a luxurious duck-down duvet and crisp, cool Egyptian cotton sheets. The bright and spacious marble-clad bathroom had a roll-top bath and separate shower with a waterfall head the size of a large frying pan. There was even a plentiful supply of posh Malin + Goetz bath and shower products to use and these were topped up during our stay, as was the complimentary bottles of mineral water. For added home comfort, the lounge had a state-of-the-art in-room entertainment system complete with 55-inch Smart TV with Chromecast (so you can stream Netflix, videos and music from your own device), and a Bose iPod docking station. There was also a TV in the bedroom and even a small one over the bath. It all makes the act of leaving the room very difficult indeed. Each room also has a card with a QR code that enables guests to access a digital print platform of newspapers and magazines. On the ground floor, the public areas are relaxed and comfortable with open fires, high Victorian ceilings and interconnecting drawing rooms. The stunning K-Bar combines modern style with classic detail, including sumptuous fabrics and contemporary artwork. This awardwinning cocktail bar oozes elegance and has the oak-panelled look and feel of a discreet and exclusive gentleman’s club, albeit one that welcomes everybody. The underlit lamps and velvety furnishings add a touch of extra glamour. The bar staff here serve a mix of creative contemporary cocktails and classics, plus an extensive wine list and seemingly endless choice of top-end spirits. I tried the French 75 - a blend of Tanqueray No. Ten gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and Perrier Jouët Champagne - and it was perfectly made. One of the most popular options for guests and non-residents is the traditional afternoon tea served in the restaurant. Presented on a London Eyeinspired tea stand, it’s a celebration of London’s iconic skyline and architecture with cakes and savouries representing the likes of The Gherkin (in the form of a white chocolate and dark chocolate ganache), The Shard (carrot cake with milk chocolate) and Big Ben (a lemon curd tart). The Kensington The Knightsbridge suite The teas are supplied by the award-winning Rare Tea Company founded by Henrietta Lovell, who buys direct from the farms and growers. As the name suggests, some of these teas are very rare indeed, with only a few kilos produced in some cases. The delicious single estate English Breakfast tea comes from the oldest tea estate in Malawi and the Japanese Genmaicha sencha tea, which is blended with toasted brown rice, was exceptional with its unique buttery popcorn flavour. In the stylish Town House restau- rant that evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner from the modern British menu, including The Kensington classic prawn cocktail with Marie Rose sauce; chicken schnitzel with rocket, caper and lemon vinaigrette, and English strawberries with Jersey cream. The following morning, breakfast options included a traditional Full English (bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushroom, tomato and potato scone), and Chapel and Swan smoked salmon scrambled eggs, as well as healthier choices. Of course, you can work off any extra calories in the well-equipped gym in the basement or go for a run in nearby Kensington Gardens. And that’s the beauty of staying in such a well-positioned hotel. There are so many attractions on the doorstep and the West End is only minutes away. The Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum are a short walk from the hotel, as is the Royal Albert Hall, should your visit coincide with a concert. There are also numerous restaurants and pubs on the Old Brompton Road around the corner and Harrods and Harvey Nichols are close by, too. It feels like normality is now returning to London’s top hotels at long last. The Kensington was busy when we visited, with obvious signs that wealthy American tourists are coming back, which must be music to the ears of the capital’s hospitality industry. Long may that continue. ■ Rooms at The Kensington start at £375 per night and suites start at £585 per night. townhousekensington.com

Late summer is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean holiday island now open to vaccinated UK travellers, says sarah marshall It’s not too late to see Sardinia Blue heaven: Sardinia’s crystal clear waters SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 19 ESCAPE PLANS Travel ■ Visit Barbados from £1,049: Jet off on this seven-night holiday staying at the four-star Mango Bay Hotel in St James. Price includes return flights from London Heathrow Airport on September 28 and seven nights’ accommodation on an book visit awayholidays.co.uk or call 0208 705 0107. ■ Malta from £383pp: Jet out of Manchester on October 5 for seven-nights at the four-star Qawra Palace Hotel on the Qawra seafront. Includes breakfast. Book at awayholidays.co.uk or all-inclusive basis. To Barbados call 020 8705 0107. With turquoise waters comparable to tahiti and fine sandy beaches to rival the Seychelles, Sardinia is a mosaic of so many paradise places. Yet its identity remains hidden to most. Cloaked in myths and legends, the island’s history far predates grand temples and citadels built by the Romans, while a thriving population of centenarians defies science with a diet of red wine and cheese. Once the heat has subsided and italian holidaymakers have gone home, the Mediterranean island is a late summer delight. And now italy has scrapped a five-day quarantine for vaccinated UK arrivals, requiring only a negative PCR or antigen test taken no more than 48 hours in advance, the last drops of sunshine are within easy reach. here are a few of the island’s delights. The ruby coral Used to make jewellery, red coral has been prized for centuries and underpins the economy of Catalan town Alghero on the northwest coast. Only 25 licences are granted each year to specialised deep sea divers, who use an axe to excavate no more than 2.5kg of the brittle branches. During the late 1800s, hundreds of vessels arrived for the “red gold” rush, but now the only boats in Alghero’s harbour are tourist vessels ferrying visitors to marine caves like Neptune’s Grotto, an underground lake decorated with spikey stalactites. The sapphire waTers The water lapping Sardinia’s shores is reliably clear and clean, providing excellent conditions The water lapping Sardinia’s shores is reliably clear and clean... Ruby coral jewellery A Sardinian watch tower Sardinia Radio Telescope for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Among the finest beaches are Stintino’s La Pelosa on the west coast and 9km-long La Poetto in the south. One of the most scenic spots is undoubtedly the Maddalena archipelago, sitting between the Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica. take a boat trip to explore the protected pink sands of Budelli, coloured by tiny fragments of coral, and look out for wild boars swimming in pine-fringed bays. The bronze age seTTlemenTs More than 7,000 conical watchtowers, known as nuraghe, have been unearthed across the island, built between the 18th and 15th centuries BCE. Found nowhere else on earth, little is known about the megalithic stone buildings – although many are still remarkably well preserved. The biggest settlement, awarded Unesco World heritage status, can be found at Su Nuraxi di Barumini in the south. Walk between a geometric labyrinth of dry stone walls, ending up at a magnificent look-out tower. The silver skies Outside towns and cities, a lack of light pollution makes Sardinia an excellent place to study the night sky. An hour’s drive from Cagliari, the Sardinia Radio telescope is the largest of its kind in italy – although tours are currently suspended due to Covid. But you don’t need a scientific platform to view constellations. Not far from Alghero, in the northwest, the cliffs of Capo Caccia have become a popular place for hardcore star-gazers.

20 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Step into new season in style Sparkle: A model at the Halpern autumn/winter 2021 show at London Fashion Week AW21 Style Guide BeAUty BUzz The laTesT producTs & glamour gossip Autumn/winter fashion will be all about maximalism. Katie Wright reveals five trends to try now With autumn on the horizon, it’s time to find out what’s in store on the fashion front next season. Looking at the catwalk collections, there’s a real sense of renewed optimism, as designers embraced punchy colours, strong silhouettes and a healthy dose of glitter with their autumn/winter offerings. As the world continues to open up once more, lockdown loungewear is making way for mood-boosting garments for day and night, with maximalism the overarching theme of AW21. in short, there’s a lot to look forward to. here are five ways you can tap into the new season trends right now... Bright colourS From to fuchsia to emerald, bubble-gum pink to lemon yellow, and aqua blue to tangerine orange – there was a kaleidoscope of colour on the AW21 runways, with Versace, Prada and Gucci leading the charge on the continent, while Roksanda, Halpern and Bora Aksu brought us brights at London Fashion Week. This trend is about a shock of head to toe colour, so pick your favourite saturated shade and wear it with pride. Winter floralS Dark florals are often present on the autumn/winter catwalks, but this time around the petal prints seen at London Fashion Week favourites Erdem, Molly Goddard (left) and Yuhan Wang had a distinctly summery feel. A floral midi dress is a key transitional piece this season. Team yours with chunky angle boots now and slouchy over-theknees later. CRUSH SequinS and Sparkle The epitome of joyful maximalism, this season’s partywear looks were a riot of sequins, diamante, beading and metallic fabrics, with standout looks including the golden gowns at Gucci and Alberta Ferretti, as well as the sequinned frocks at Halpern and Louis Vuitton. Come festive season, a River Island beige sequined oversized shirt, £50 glittery dress should be top of your shopping list, but for now, a sequinned shirt teamed with this season’s baggy jeans is a more laidback option. In the pink on the runway at Bora Aksu Monsoon Frida floral print dress green, £70 (belt, stylist’s own) Sonder Studio pink midi dhirt dress, £65 * Prices correct at time of going to print. While stocks last OF THE WEEK Dune Cassie pink snaffle trim sling backs, £90 Big BagS puffer coatS Bundling up has never looked cooler, thanks to the voluminous quilted coats and cropped puffer jackets on show at Jason Wu, Isabel Marant, Mark Fast and Celine. Keep it classic in a neutral tone like camel or khaki, or take it to the max in a brilliantly bright hue. George at Asda green midweight quilted coat, £26 Is the micro purse trend officially over? According to Jil Sander, Marni and Art School (right), big bags are back. Now that more and more workers are returning to the office, a sizeable bag is needed for lugging laptops and other essentials. Take your cue from the catwalks and opt for a cooltoned tote. M&Co faux leather tote bag, £29 We love a slogan T-shirt and this one, £45, from Orwell + Austen (orwellausten.com) has got us thinking... (PS. It means ‘reality does not exist’) ■ If you look back fondly on the Nineties you will adore Peacci’s 90s Baby Nail Polishes , £10 each. They pay homage to everything from Sex And The City’s cosmopolitan cocktails, Posh Spice’s nude lippy and the red Baywatch swimsuit, to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s legendary double denim. ■ Dull Faaces are the last thing any of us want, yet it’s also the name of a fab new multitasking product from skincare brand Faace . Perfect for mucking out plugged pores, the kaolin clay-based cleanser, £24, can be used as a quick daily face wash or left on for 10 minutes as a skinsmoothing mask. ■ Here’s a juicy little addition to your skincare regime, at a price that won’t leave your bank balance feeling squeezed. Revolution Skincare has just expanded its glowboosting Vitamin C range with a Brightening Power Eye Serum, £10, Vitamin C, Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energising Mask, £8, and Brightening Hydro Gel Eye Patches, £15. Dull skin will drink it up. ■ MyBeautyBrand’s Perfect Pink Lip Oil , £19 is the creation of Princess Eugenie’s bridal make-up guru Hannah Martin, and what looks rather Legally Blonde from the outside turns out to be the prettiest, plumping gloss once it’s on the lips. Just try not to kiss too many frogs with it while searching for your prince, eh?

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 21 Beauty that will give you change from a fiver Affordable cosmetics and skincare have never been better, says HannaH Britt. She asks the experts how to stock up without splashing out The beauty industry has changed. Cheap is no longer a dirty word. Affordable cosmetics have never been better, and often have as much science behind them as their pricer counterparts. “There are now some fabulous brands which are really affordable and uncompromising on quality,” says make-up artist Christiane Dowling (christianedowling.com). “I’ve found hidden gems among brands like Kiko, NYX, Max Factor and Maybelline, which are a staple in my professional make-up kit.” “There are plenty of designer brands with brilliant products, but some can be quite overpriced,” says make-up artist Roseanna Velin (roseannavelin.com). “Premium brands also have premium packaging, which reflects in the price,” adds makeup artist Tamara Tott (tamaratott. com). “It’s all about being savvy. We live in an age where you don’t need to pay top dollar.” So what should you look for? “Think about the quality of pigment, the product finish and longevity,” says Roseanna. “Before purchasing, know what you want to achieve, whether it’s smoky eyes, dewy skin or longwearing lipstick. Don’t get distracted by branding and packaging,” says Roseanna. “Get to know the product inside the pot by testing it on the back of your hand.” “Notice the texture – is it silky, shiny, shimmery or matte? Does it glide on or take a bit of effort to blend? What is the pigment like – does it show up straight away or does it need to be built up? Beauty should be fun, so don’t take it too seriously,” says Christiane. “One of the best things about a budget product is that you can take a punt on it.” here we share some of the best budget brands and our top buys. Make-up marvels elF: Founded with the mission of making the best of beauty accessible to every eye, lip and face, Elf is a favourite of beauty editors for its high-performing products. Prices start from £3. ■ TRY: Elf Flawless Brightening Concealer, £5, elfcosmetics.co.uk nYX: For great pigments at low prices, NYX is unbeatable. Its high-quality palettes and primers are a favourite with make-up artists and influencers alike. Prices start from £4. ■ TRY: NYX Born To Glow Illuminator, £4.50, Boots skincare saviours tHe orDinarY: Want powerhouse ingredients for pennies? You can’t do better than The Ordinary, which aims to show consumers that a lower point is not reflective of efficacy. Its skincare starts from £2.75. ■ TRY: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, £5, Boots laCUra: Known for its cut-price takes on popular and more expensive products, Aldi’s beauty brand sells out as soon as it hits stores. From 55p. ■ TRY: Lacura Miracle Cream, £3.99, Aldi Brilliant bodycare Ps…: Prices start from a purse-friendly 50p for PS at Primark beauty products, which sees high-end ingredients contained in budget packaging. ■ TRY: PS... Vitamin E Hand Cream, £2, Primark PalMer’s: Palmer’s wrote the book on no-frills skincare. From lip balm to body cream, products are reliable, get the job done and smell delicious too. Prices start from £2.50. ■ TRY: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, £3.99, Boots Hot haircare treseMMÉ: Salon-worthy hair can be yours for as little as £2 thanks to Tresemmé, with nutrient-packed products you can trust to deliver stunning results. ■ TRY: Tresemmé Pro Collection Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray, £2, Boots Batiste: Many dry shampoos come and go, but few will beat this bargain brand. A staple of festivals, school-runs and desk-todancefloor makeovers. Try the travel size for just £1.50. ■ TRY: Batiste Dry Shampoo, £3.25, Boots nifty nail art riMMel: No make-up bag should be without Rimmel. This budget brand has products for as little as £2.99, which perform as well as their more expensive counterparts. ■ TRY: Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Caramel Cupcake, £3.49, Superdrug BarrY M: This fashionforward brand has prices from £2.49. The nail polishes are the heroes, with every colour imaginable. ■ TRY: Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lavender, £3.99, Superdrug WHat We’re loving tHis Week: ■ Jo Malone, founder of Jo Loves, was the first to create an interpretation of a truffle note in perfumery. She’s just relaunched her Red Truffle 21 A Fragrance Parfum, from £75, which combines the note with fig, citrus and pine. It’s a rich, complex and modern scent. ■ Avon’s Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots were a standout skincare launch of 2020. They feature a patented new ingredient Beauty called Protinol that claims to restore seven years’ worth of collagen in seven days. Now they have put this technology into a serum. Anew Renewal Power Serum is out now, RRP £22, but on offer at £16 throughout September. ■ OPI is giving us some serious cool-girl vibes with its latest collection, which is inspired by the art scene of Downtown Los Angeles. Taking you on a tour of the area’s hippest hangouts, the new Nail Lacquer shades, £13.90 each, include pale lilac Graffiti Sweetie, Espresso Your Inner Self – inspired by the ultimate sightseeing essential, coffee – and the deep blue Isn’t It Grand Avenue – named after the street where you’ll find all the big art museums.

22 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Antiques Eye market value with duncan phillips A REMARkABLE silver fob watch that was once on display in a Taunton museum is going on sale in London. It belonged to Oliver Cromwell and is one of many historic treasures filling the aisles at The Chelsea Antiques Fair this week. With a price tag of £180,000, there have already been serious interest from collectors. Too often we forget that the vast majority of the world’s treasures are not in public museums but in private collections. Eventually, even the greatest artefacts surface on the market. It’s a chance for public institutions to buy them, or philanthropists can add them to their collections where they can often be seen in public. In the meantime, they can be seen at fairs and, in this digital age, their presence in the public eye will be noted and their existence added to our store of knowledge. The watch at Chelsea Antiques Fair was Oliver Cromwell’s personal watch and, if records are accurate, the rebel general and later Lord Protector, liked collecting watches and owned more than dozen during his lifetime. Telling the time was quite an advantage in 1640 when finding the time was not so easy as most public clocks stood in city centre bell towers and other main places in towns. The current owner of the watch is the dealer Martyn Downer who specialises in rare and unique historic collector’s pieces. It is of significant historic importance being one of a limited number of artefacts that can be genuinely traced to the Lord Protector. As Martyn Downer explains: “Personal possessions of Oliver Cromwell with good provenance are exceptionally rare. Gazing at the dial, as he once did, this watch takes us directly into the Lord Protector’s private world. “Investigating the full history of the watch has been a thrilling adventure that has shed new light on the life of a great figure in British history.” The watch dates from around 1645 and is a fine example of a ‘Puritan’ silver fob watch by the London maker William Clay. Despite its small dimensions at 31mm x 25mm (1½ x 1inch), it features a verge movement and has the top plate engraved William Clay fecit. The circular face features a single steel hand and has Roman numerals within an outer gilt-metal calendar ring, the date indicated by an engraved hand. William Clay left detailed records of his life. He both lived and worked in king Street in Westminster where he was a close neighbour of Cromwell and his family. Cromwell acquired the watch from Clay and is known to have worn it on many occasions before he parted with it as a personal gift to John Blackwell, the Telling the time was quite an advantage in 1640 when finding the time was not so easy as most public clocks stood in city centre bell towers and other main places in towns deputy treasurer-at-war and an officer in Cromwell’s ‘Ironsides’ calvary. Blackwell was married to Elizabeth Smithsby, a relative of his stepmother and a cousin of Cromwell’s. A friendship was established between the two men during military service in the Civil War, and in Ireland where Cromwell presented him with the watch at the siege of Clonmel in 1650. Cromwell went on to become Lord Protector in 1653. Blackwell went on to be a High Court Judge where, in 1653, he tried and sentenced to death the ringleaders of an attempt to assassinate Cromwell. Five years later, he followed the effigy of the Protector from Somerset House to Westminster Abbey during Cromwell’s state funeral. However, as Oliver Cromwell’s silver fob watch, from Martyn Downer, which can be seen at Chelsea Antiques Fair this week; Admiral Lord Nelson’s silver hanger sword, right, from Wick Antiques, which is also at Chelsea this week a member of the republican faction, he was later instrumental in seeing Cromwell’s son and successor Richard overthrown and the Commonwealth briefly restored. The history of the watch has been accurately traced through generations of the Blackwell family. In December 1914 it belonged to Elizabeth Langley (1864-1953), wife of Edward Theodore Alms of Taunton, who lent it to Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society for exhibition at Taunton Museum. In 1919, while on display, it was photographed and featured in The Connoisseur magazine. The watch remained in the family by direct descent until recently. History buffs will find several more pieces of historic importance going on sale at the Chelsea Fair - which is now the oldest antiques fair, having first opened at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in 1950. A ceremonial sword that belonged to Admiral Lord Nelson is foremost. Cast in the 17th century, the singleedge steel blade bears the armourer marks of a fleur and imperial orb. Now to be sold by Wick Antiques, the sword belonged to Nelson and was given to his nephew Maurice William Suckling, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy who served in Agamemnon, and remained in that family until sold by Sotheby’s in 2003. ■ The Chelsea Antiques Fair is at King’s Road, London, and runs from September 21 to 26. www. chelseaantiquesfair.co.uk ■ Duncan Phillips is a fine art and antiques collector and writer

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 23 Antiques Update Coffee break with a fruity twist Clevedon Salerooms held their Autumn Specialist Fine Art Sale on September 2. The sale was the first specialist auction, for around 18 months, to welcome bidders back into the room on the day. Autumn is lyrically known as the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Appropriately, it was fruit that provided some of the day’s strongest prices: a stunning single-owner collection of Royal Worcester fruit-painted porcelain tea and coffee wares were consigned from a returning Clifton customer. Intense online and telephone bidding saw the eight lots leave their estimates standing, achieving over £15,000. The collection comprised two distinct groups - one service collected around 1930 and a second around 1960. Starting with the earlier service, a trio of coffee pot, cream jug and sugar basin sold for a staggering £2,600, and prices for the later service were just as strong with a single coffee pot and tea pot selling for £1,500 and £1,400, respectively. Earlier, the jewellery section began proceedings. Highlights included £2,450 paid for a sapphire and diamond three-stone ring, a sapphire Star cars of the ’60s set to sell Two executive classic cars, a Ford Zodiac and a Vauxhall Cresta PA which went head to head when new back in the early 1960s, are set to clash again looking for buyers in the Charterhouse specialist auction of classic and vintage cars on Tuesday, October 5 at the Haynes International Motor Museum, in Somerset. “The executive car market is as competitive as it has ever been with many European manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all looking for a slice of our car market,” said Richard Bromell, from the Dorsetbased auctioneers. “However, back in the early 1960s it was a different picture with UK motor manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall and Jaguar dominating the market.” The Ford Zodiac and Vauxhall Cresta PA in the Charterhouse sale were made a year apart, in 1960 and 1961, respectively. They are both painted in two tone colours which were very popular at the time, are fitted with six cylinder engines, column gear changes, bench front seats and with plenty of chrome - all very rock ’n’ roll. By modern standards, these ’60s saloons might not look too executive. Today you expect air conditioning, electric windows and alloy wheels all as standard on executive cars. With the Vauxhall Cresta comes the original bill of sale which notes wing mirrors and driving lamps as optional extras bought when new. Now in the 21st century, these early 1960s executive saloons are rare survivors. Both the cars come The coffee pot, cream jug and sugar basin that sold for £2,600 and diamond pendant sold at £1,900, an attractive heart-shaped aquamarine and ruby pendant also sold well Above, the 1960 Ford Zodiac and, top, the 1961 Vauxhall Cresta PA - both are expected to fetch between £8,000 and £10,000 at Haynes Motor Museum next month at £1,600, and two three-stone rings – one sapphire and diamond, the other emerald and diamond - sold for to auction in restored conditions, although (due to Covid-19) neither have been used much over the past 18 months or so. Both are estimated to sell for £8,000 to £10,000 each when they go under the Charterhouse gavel at auction. £1,400 each. The sale featured a particularly strong section of medals too. The 5th October 7th October highlight of them were those awarded to Wing Commander John Woodburn Gillan DFC AFC, who set a speed record in a Hawker Hurricane. Consigned by his descendants, the lot attracted intense bidding before selling at £6,200. Among the offerings in the Asian Art section were two examples of Chinese porcelain. From an Oxfordshire country house, a pair of monumental 20th-century floor standing vases quickly outgrew their estimate to sell for £3,300. Going one better, an early 19th-century Chinese porcelain baluster vase sold for a multiple-estimate of £3,400. From the same source, a group of 15 ‘Company School’ Indian watercolours of landmarks, dating from the mid 19th century also sold very well to a telephone bidder in their country of origin for £4,000. Rounding the sale off on a pleasing note, a late 19th-century Steinway grand piano attracted international interest to sell for £4,800. ■■Clevedon Salerooms next Specialist sale (for which further entries are invited) will be held on November 25, and the next Interiors sale will be held on September 23, at at 10.30am. 14th October Free September Valuation Days Silver, Jewellery & Watches 20th Beswick, Doulton & other Ceramics 21st Coins, Medals, Militaria & Stamps 22nd Pictures, Books, Maps & Postcards 23rd Chinese, Japanese & Indian Items 24th Classic Car Auction 5th October Classic Motorcycle Auction 14th October Further entries now being accepted The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne DT9 3BS 01935 812277 • www.charterhouse-auction.com

24 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Books My career has blossomed since talking about my mental health... Acclaimed actor David Harewood, star of Homeland and Supergirl, was just 23 and fresh out of Rada when he suffered a psychotic breakdown, during which he had to be physically detained by six police officers, sedated and then sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He had spent weeks walking all over London talking to strangers and blacking out, waking up in a different part of town hours later, with no idea what had happened in between. Recreational weed smoking only exacerbated the situation. Eventually, after an episode dominated by the booming voice of Martin Luther King in his head, several friends took him to hospital. “I was highly disturbed and I do remember being physically restrained and I was absolutely terrified. I’d lost my mind. The demons were coming to get me. But I was really lucky to come through it,” the actor says today. In 2019, David, now 55, appeared in the BBC documentary Psychosis and Me, in which he charted his ordeal, and has now followed this up with Maybe I Don’t Belong Here, his written account in which he describes how he has come to understand the extent to which his psychosis and subsequent treatment was rooted in race and racism. His Barbadian father, Romeo, had been sectioned when David was 15, and diagnosed with hypermania, and the book became a love letter to his father, he says. The actor, who has spent the best part of the last decade in the US and Canada because of better job opportunities, explains: “With the David suffered racial abuse as a young boy David Harewood talks to Hannah Stephenson about his psychotic breakdown, racism and why the US is a better place for a British black actor than the UK death of George Floyd, I started thinking about what the whole Black Lives Matter thing was trying to say. I’d seen the marches around the world and the outpouring of support and revulsion and started to notice that in England there was this hesitation to support, or instantly there was a rejection of Black Lives Matter, an instant (attitude) of, ‘Oh, that doesn’t happen here, that’s in America’. Actually that’s not true. “It made me think of how difficult my youth was growing up. This ‘denialism’ that we are so good at in England was a real spark for me to try to find a way of navigating into the argument, which wasn’t trying to shout at people.” David was born in Birmingham, the son of Barbadian parents who arrived in Britain in 1957 looking for a better life. From a young age he and his family were subjected to racist attacks, from a brick through the window to excrement through the letterbox. His parents warned the young David and his three siblings that there were certain white people who didn’t like them and were told to watch out for one another whenever they left the house. “I grew up watching Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper and Freddie Starr and loving it, and naively feeling that I am those people,” he recalls. Yet racism was on his doorstep, he observes. The “walk from home to school was terrifying as a kid” as he didn’t know if he was going to be attacked, have something thrown at him or receive racist abuse. He adds: “But when I got to school I could be a clown and the life and soul of the classroom. That’s what led to me being an entertainer.” When he was seven, he was playing alone in the street when an David and his wife, Kirsty older white man approached him full of hatred and anger and told him, in no uncertain terms, to get out of his country. Today, he reflects: “That was the start of this crack in my identity. “People say to me, ‘It’s in the past, forget about it’ but it’s who I am. That’s what led to my breakdown.” He was sectioned for five days in a psychiatric hospital before returning home, where his mental health dipped again and the hallucinations and delusions loomed large, which resulted in another short stay in a locked psychiatric unit until he was discharged with a supply of anti-psychotic drugs. Slowly he recovered, and as his mother gradually reduced his tablet intake he got back much of the energy he’d been lacking. David finally returned to London to pursue his acting career, largely in the theatre, later becoming the first black actor to play Othello at the National Theatre. But the TV roles he secured were minor, which frustrated him. Then, almost broke, he was offered the role of CIA counterterrorism director David Estes in the American espionage thriller Homeland alongside Damian Lewis. “After 30 years of struggling, I was down to my last 80 quid and was taken by the Americans and put in a really prominent position in a great TV show. It has turned my entire career and life around.” He says it’s easier for a black person to get meatier roles in the US than in Britain, despite the racism issues there. “The roles I had in the States don’t compare with the TV roles I’d had for the previous 10 years in England, when I just didn’t have central roles. It was really frustrating coming on and doing a couple of lines here and a couple of lines there. “There’s a fantastic young genera- tion of black British talent – John Boyega, Daniel Kaluuya, Michaela Coel – which is just storming the world, and that’s tremendously exciting. Most of them are making movies in America but I hope there’s an industry here that can cope.” Filming in LA, New York and Vancouver has meant long periods away from his family, wife Kirsty and their two teenage daughters, who have remained in London. “We decided early on that we didn’t want to raise our children in America and I’m quite glad about that. It’s an insane country right now and scary. I didn’t want to bring them up in that environment. “As my career has got busier it’s difficult, but we have FaceTime, so I can still see their faces.” He is recognised over here but people often mistake him for another famous actor, David says. “I’m constantly being confused with Idris Elba, which I always find hilarious. I remember a day when this guy came up to me and said, ‘I really like your work – when’s Luther back on?’” He reflects that racism is tackled more openly in the US than the UK. “I’m not saying America is the promised land in any way,” he notes. “Racism fear really upset me as a kid and I didn’t want to deal with it, whereas in America you David Harewood describes his new book as a love letter to his father, Romeo, who was sectioned when David was 15 have no choice. Parents will sit their children down and say, ‘These are the things you have to be careful of: the police, the authorities etc’. “You have to educate them to the threats they are likely to encounter. I was too busy dealing with it on my own.” “The scars of slavery and the struggle for black emancipation are much more prominent and understood, and are much more of an open wound in America. Over here, we don’t have the numbers to have these great civil rights movements.” He has been having therapy on and off since the age of 27, most recently when the documentary opened old wounds which he needed to deal with. Since the documentary, many have approached him to thank him for addressing the problem of mental health. “My career has actually blossomed since talking about it. We are on the cusp of a real revolution when it comes to bringing mental health to the fore. I can’t tell you the amount of tweets and messages I get saying thank you. But there’s still a long way to go to break the stigma.” ■■Maybe I don’t Belong Here by David Harewood is published by Bluebird, £20

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 25 Books REVIEWS fiction freCkleS by Cecilia Ahern, HarperCollins, £16.99, ebook £10.99 HHHHI Cecilia Ahern – best known for her debut novel PS, I Love You – is back with her latest offering, Freckles. Misfit country girl Allegra ‘Freckles’ Bird moves to Dublin to achieve her dreams, but as reality sets in, she realises she isn’t exactly who she hoped she would become. A tense encounter with a stranger sets her on a journey to uncover the five people who have made her who she is, and in pursuit, she begins to uncover what truly defines her. This is fresh and timely, picking apart Allegra’s character thoughtfully without cliché or judgement. Asking boldly what and who make us who we are, Freckles teams wit and wisdom harmoniously – albeit wrapped in a slightly saccharine bow. pick of the week SnoW CountrY by Sebastian Faulks, Hutchinson, £20, ebook £9.99 HHHHI Snow Country returns to the Schloss Seeblick sanatorium in Austria, loosely following Faulks’ 2005 novel Human Traces. The clinic is as much a personality as the two main characters, Anton and Lena – he a journalist, fortunate enough to travel before being plunged into the German trenches of the Western Front, and she an impoverished, uneducated child of a prostitute Beautiful World, Where are You by Sally Rooney, Faber & Faber, £16.99, ebook £8.99 HHIII The cult of Sally Rooney is so strong – her work has been adapted into an awardwinning TV programme, and her style has inspired waves of new writers – it’s easy to forget the latest release is looking for somewhere, or someone, to call home. Through all the political turbulence, love and loss, Schloss Seeblick is a place of calm – both for the characters that end up there, and for us, through Faulks’ flawless prose. Snow Country’s pensive wandering expresses mental resilience and wistful yearning in a love story that struggles to bloom in the lugubrious period between two world wars. only her third book. Beautiful World, Where Are You is unmistakeably Sally Rooney: but magnified to an extent it almost seems like a parody. Alice – a famous writer who has moved to the seaside after a mental breakdown – and Eileen – her best friend living in Dublin with a nice but unfulfilling job – are the central characters, along with the two men in their lives: Felix and Simon. There’s not too much plot in the book – it’s more of a meditation on life when you’re in the tail end of your 20s, and every second chapter is a long email between the two women. This format hinders the flow of the book – it feels like pages of selfindulgent musings about life, sex, capitalism and more. It’s heavy-handed and has none of the emotional heart of Rooney’s previous books. Non-fiction the tranSgender iSSue: an argument for JuStiCe by Shon Faye, Allen Lane, £20, ebook £9.99 HHHHI Few books are as urgent as trans activist and journalist Shon Faye’s debut. She covers the dire situation facing the trans community today. The analysis is thorough and heartbreaking. It’s a highly fact-based book backed up with statistics and case studies, but Faye manages to write it in a hugely emotive and powerful way. ToP TEnS bESTSEllERS 1. The Song Of Achilles: Madeline Miller 2. The Dark Remains: Ian Rankin & William McIlvanney 3. A Slow Fire Burning: Paula Hawkins 4. Magpie: Elizabeth Day 5. Snow Country: Sebastian Faulks 6. How To Kill Your Family: Bella Mackie 7. The Heron’s Cry: Ann Cleeves 8. The Women Of Troy: Pat Barker 9. Freckles: Cecelia Ahern 10. 1979: Val McDermid Chart courtesy of Waterstones EbookS 1. One August Night: Victoria Hislop 2. The Holiday: T.M. Logan 3. Find Them Dead: Peter James 4. Dark Sacred Night: Michael Connelly 5. All That Remains: Sue Black 6. The Road Trip: Beth O’Leary 7. The Whistler: John Grisham 8. The Last Letter from Your Lover: Jojo Moyes 9. The Only Plane in the Sky: Garrett M. Graff 10. Beautiful World, Where Are You: Sally Rooney Chart courtesy of the Kindle store at Amazon

26 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Soaps WHO’S DADDY? THE After rAinie posts flyers sAying MAx is the fAther of lindA’s child, Mick decides it’s tiMe to show her who she’s Messing with EASTENDErS BBC1 Linda is determined that Mick will be her baby’s legal father once he signs the birth certificate, but Rainie has other ideas as she posts flyers claiming Max is the real dad. So, Mick decides to take matters into his own hands, leaving Rainie and Stuart shocked. Bobby, dana, Waseem, iqra and Kioni are also handing out flyers, but theirs are in support of the local mosque. They attract the attention of a group of aggressive men, who start throwing out racial slurs before assaulting dana. Whitney’s latest gig Rainie finds herself in Mick’s crosshairs goes well until Rocky spots Sonia’s new love interest Ethan kissing another woman and punches him. What will this mean for Whitney’s career and Sonia’s budding romance? also, Patrick gives his blessing to isaac’s plan to move Lola in, but Sheree is less impressed as she tries to push ahead with her Trinidad plan. Meanwhile, denise finds herself shocked when the headteacher tells her that isaac still has a job there, before finding Sheree showing an estate agent around the house. Elsewhere, Martin drowns his sorrows and Kat encourages Janine to get an above-board job. TAKING THE MICK: Rainie’s flyers have Mick on the warpath HOME AND AWAY Channel 5 Martha suggests holding a fundraiser for mental health awareness and Ryder tries to persuade Bella to get involved but she’s not interested. Cash has a breakthrough in his attempts to woo Jasmine, after she tells Irene she’s agreed to a date with him, while poor Dean is knocked for six when Ziggy drops a bombshell about Tane, after chatting with Mackenzie. As Mia decides to go back to work, Ari frets that it’s still too soon. Mercedes is forced to face facts HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 Mia decides to go back to work Mercedes has been putting off telling Bobby about the end of her marriage in the hope the relationship can still be salvaged, but when Sylver returns home, he tells his stepson the truth. Meanwhile, after overhearing Yazz and Tom rowing about her presence, Cher claims that her dad has forgiven her and she’s moving back to The Dog. In reality, she has nowhere to go, and soon hits rock bottom. EMMErDALE ITV Marlon and Chas are forced to close the Woolpack when the electric cuts out, but what they don’t know is that someone has deliberately severed the external mains cable. Charity later walks in on a hooded intruder making off with the contents of the pub till, but the thief leaves her unconscious in a pool of blood. She’s taken to the hospital, where Chas is distraught to hear her cousin is suffering from a bleed on Kim tries to get Paddy to dope her racehorse Charity is knocked out by the intruder the brain. Will Charity pull through? Meanwhile, Paddy is horrified at the idea of having Al as a co-owner of the Woolpack, and asks Kim to help get rid of him. She points out it’s actually in her best interests if Al is distracted from HOP and says the vet will have to sweeten the deal – by doping her racehorse. Also, Diane is horrified when she realises Gabby is planning to elope with Jamie, but what the would-be bride doesn’t know is that he’s busy trying to convince Dawn that they can runaway together. COrONATION STrEET ITV Alya accepts Zeedan’s loan, but when he belatedly tries to play the protective big brother by having a go at Ryan for cheating on her, she points out that he wasn’t there when she and Yasmeen really needed him. It seems Zeedan could have an ulterior method for coming back now, as he is later found bleeding and battered in the ginnel. He initially hints to the police that Ryan was behind the attack, before coming clean to his family about being in serious trouble. Elsewhere, grieving Freda is hurt when Bernie claims that Aled will be ‘normal’ once he’s got his cochlear implant. She offers to take the youngster for a walk and then disappears with him, just as Gemma and Chesney are about to take their son for his operation. Norris manages to stir up trouble at his own funeral thanks to a final letter, a row between David and Daniel over the teacher’s supposed favouritism threatens to get out of hand, and Kelly is convinced her dad must be the anonymous donor who’s paid her legal fees. Zeedan is attacked NEIgHbOurS Channel 5 Toadie ends up kissing Rose The rumblings of dissent among the Lassiters’ staff at Harlow’s nepotistic appointment turn into a fullscale strike. Terese is grateful for Jesse’s support during the tense time, but a slip of the tongue leaves her working to smooth things over. There’s woe for Toadie, who vows to remain at Melanie’s side, only to lose his head with Rose. He comes clean about it, but it’s obvious he has no idea what he wants.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 27 EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE HHHII REVIEWS BY DAMON SMITH LIFE’S a drag, in the best possible sense, in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, a defiantly feel-fabulous film version of the awardwinning coming-of-age musical. Theatre director Jonathan Butterell makes his feature film debut with a faithful stage-toscreen adaptation, expanding the rousing song and dance numbers beyond the classrooms and hallways of a secondary school in Sheffield to follow the out and proud 16-year-old hero as he chases a dream of attending the end-ofyear prom as his authentic self, in heels and a dress. Jenny Popplewell’s celebrated 2011 TV documentary Jamie: Drag Queen At 16 provides the narrative frame- work (footage of the real Jamie and his mother fes-- toons the end credits) which Tom MacRae’s script embroiders with energeti-- cally choreographed dream sequences and wrenching ballads from the heart. “This story really hap-- pened... then we added the singing and dancing,” cheek-ily declares the film. Jamie New (Max Harwood) celebrates his 16th birthday with a gift of glittery red heels from his supportive mother, Margaret (Sarah Lancashire). Classmate Dean Paxton (Samuel Bottomley) bullies Jamie but he deflects barbs flanked by best friend Pritti Pasha (Lauren Patel) and SOURCES OF STRENGTH: Richard E Grant plays a local drag artist and Sarah Lancashire is Jamie’s mum A BIG NIGHT OUT Riotous musical follows teenageR’s stRuggle to oveRcome homophobia and attend his pRom as his tRue self The story is peppered with musical numbers escapes into song-and-dance fantasies. Careers adviser Miss Hedge (Sharon Horgan) laments Jamie’s life goal of performing on stage. Unfazed, the teenager recruits Hugo Battersby (Richard E Grant) aka drag doyenne Loco Chanelle as his mentor to step confidently into the spotlight. Jamie’s rise to stilettoed greatness is hampered by selfdoubt and shame, sown by his estranged homophobic father (Ralph Ineson). With music courtesy of Dan Gillespie Sells from rock group The Feeling, the songs resonate in widescreen including The Wall In My Head, Don’t Even Know It and He’s My Boy, a heartfelt ballad about a mother’s unconditional love, which Sarah Lancashire delivers with tears in her eyes. A new song, This Was Me, performed largely by Holly Johnson, lead singer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, is a deeply moving memento mori to beautiful creatures lost to Aids. Powered by Harwood’s performance, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is almost two hours of unabashed pure joy, which preaches acceptance and self-love with the same sequinned intensity as The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert and Kinky Boots. There are dramatic lulls before Jamie’s big reveal as Mimi Me but Butterell understands how to get toes tapping. People will be talking, glowingly, about his Jamie. ■ In selected cinemas and on Amazon Prime Video now NEW STAR: Max Harwood shines as Jamie GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE (15) HHIII Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has forged quite the Hollywood career as an action woman in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jumanji. She parades her fighting skills again in Gunpowder Milkshake as the daughter of Scarlet, (Lena Headey) an assassin for a shadowy syndicate called The Firm. When she leaves town in a hurry, Sam (Gillan) takes up the murderous mantle under mentor Nathan (Paul Giamatti). He despatches Scarlet to terminate “an accountant” but she inadvertently murders the son of crime lord Jim McAlester (Ralph Ineson) then disobeys orders to use The Firm’s cash as ransom money for the dead accountant’s eight-year-old daughter, Emily (Chloe Coleman). Films NOVICE KILLER: Karen Gillan Nathan has no choice but to issue a kill order against Scarlet. She seeks sanctuary with three librarians – Anna May (Angela Bassett), Florence (Michelle Yeoh) and Madeleine (Carla Gugino) – who hide weapons in handsomely bound copies of classic novels. Gunpowder Milkshake is an explosive and fitfully entertaining melee that puts John Wick and Kill Bill in a blender. Body counts are high but emotionally satisfying thrills are in shorter supply. ■ In selected cinemas and on Sky Cinema now 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS (12A) HHIII In the aftermath of the Great Depression, war hero Rusty Russell (Luke Wilson) transplants his wife Juanita (Vinessa Shaw) and two young daughters from Temple in Texas to the dustbowl of Fort Worth. Husband and wife take teaching positions at The Masonic Home and School for around 150 orphans run by brutish disciplinarian Frank Wynn (Wayne Knight). While Juanita concentrates on moulding girls into ladies, Rusty inspires the boys in the classroom and then heads outside to assemble a ragtag American football team, featuring grief-stricken new arrival Hardy (Jake Austin Walker), who was found by police at the scene of his father’s suicide by shotgun. The boys slowly bend to Rusty’s will, with encouragement from avuncular school medic Doc Hall (Martin Sheen). The newly-formed ‘Mighty Mites’ capture the public’s imagination, sparking a fierce TEAM SPIRIT: Luke Wilson and Martin Sheen star in a predictable feelgood offering rivalry with Polytechnic High School coached by Luther Scarborough (Lane Garrison). Slavish in its adherence to sports movie tropes, 12 Mighty Orphans builds to the obligatory championship showdown where Rusty’s life lessons are tested. Director Ty Roberts’ film huddles with Jim Dent’s bestselling book to celebrate the achievements of disadvantaged boys from Texas who inspired an embattled nation. It’s wholesome, old-fashioned fare, Luke Wilson chews lightly on his football coach’s stirring speeches, but it’s Walker who emerges as this film’s most valuable player. ■ In cinemas now

28 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Screen Shots Copshop let me go into a much darker, brutal, ruthless mind BREAKING BAD: Gerard Butler relished not playing the hero for once and have fun Gerard Butler is no stranger to saving the world. In fact he’s made a long career of it. The 51-year-old Scottish star is best known for playing characters intent on doing the right thing, think Spartan warrior Leonidas in 300, a man determined to seek justice for his family in Law Abiding Citizen and fearless Secret Service agent Mike Banning in Olympus Has Fallen and its sequels. But he decided to take a walk on the dark side in his new movie Copshop, in which he plays a hitman who hunts his latest target, a conman played by Frank Grillo, into the confines of a small- town police station. “It was another muscle to stretch creatively,” Gerard offers in his distinctive Scottish burr, “to go into a much darker, brutal, ruthless, mysterious mind and have fun with that, because I normally play the guys trying to put an end to them. “It’s almost like changing from prosecuting attorney to defence attorney, swapping to look at things the other way, but it’s always fun to change it up and try something different.” Gerard had been keen to make the film since 2015, when he first read an early draft of a screenplay outlining a cat-and-mouse game between a con artist and the hitman who’s sent to take him out. “I always loved the idea and every now and again you just want to make a movie that is outrageous, entertaining, tense, mad, irreverent. So I always had it in my back pocket, and suddenly, in the middle of a pandemic, it felt like that was a good time to make it, a story about everybody trapped in a small space and just wanting to explode outside of that space. It felt kind of right,” he explains. So, when director Joe Carnahan, the filmmaker behind Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane, Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team, called him up to ask him if he was ready to go, Gerard didn’t have to think twice. “We’d always said we were going to work together and Frank too, so why not? Let’s just do it now, shoot it quick, just real guerilla filmmak- I was watching a lot of Clint Eastwood, movies... to prepare for this... Alexis Louder Gerard Butler is used to swooping in to save the day but he takes a turn to the dark side in Copshop. He tells Laura Harding why CAGED KILLER: Gerard plays hitman Bob Viddick Inspiration: Western legend Clint Eastwood ing, and try and get all of that mayhem and excitement and highoctane energy.” The film finds Gerard’s contract killer Bob Viddick chasing wily con artist Teddy Murretto (Grillo) through the Nevada desert, until Teddy hatches a desperate plan to hide out and save himself – he sucker-punches a rookie police officer, played by Alexis Louder, to get himself arrested and locked up in a small-town police station, out of harm’s way. Viddick schemes his own way into detention, biding his time in a nearby cell until he can carry out the hit, but when a competing assassin, played by Toby Huss, arrives, mayhem ensues, with Alex’s cop Valerie Young caught in the crosshairs. “I was watching a lot of Clint Eastwood... movies like Dirty Harry and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, to prepare for this because it did give me western vibes,” Alexis remembers. “Valerie just has this thirst for justice by any means, and she’s trying to get to the truth between Bob Viddick and Teddy Mercado and she can trust neither of them.” But for the actress, who previously starred opposite Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War and with Regina King in the Watchmen TV series, watching movies was not enough. She also had to do some practical hands-on preparation. “I had no law enforcement experience, I had zero gun-slinging experience, the weapons that I’ve used in the past were automatic. The Blackhawk (the weapon Valerie uses) was a manual gun, so I had to work with a gunslinger on how to do the tricks and how to change the cylinder, that was a lot of practice. “There were certain times where I thought I might have lost the ligaments in my finger but, through the frustration of actually practising that for so long, I was just like ‘Alexis it’s gonna be so rewarding when you actually get it’ and now I watch that opening shot (where she performs a stunning routine of gunplay) I think, ‘That’s me, that’s my hand and I did that’.” Gerard was also excited to make a film that would stand alone, as Alexis Louder as Valerie Young something chaotic, grimy and nerve-shredding. “It’s a movie that’s not really like others,” he says. “It has elements of others, like Tarantino or Guy Ritchie, but at the same time, it’s completely its own beast in how weird and exciting it is. “I knew that there were so many fun, compelling, shocking characters, and the way they all have to face off against each other. I knew if we could, we would get some great actors in there, like, Alexis, and Frank and Toby Hoss, then we can really have a movie that is incredibly thrilling, exciting, compelling, shocking, hilarious, surreal, and then it just builds and builds. “We talked about those westerns with a small town sheriff, and the bad guy comes in, but then the worse guy comes in, another bad guy comes in and it just goes from bad to worse. “There is a real pressure-cooker feeling and weirdly, as the movie goes on, most thrillers extend out, they get bigger, but by the end this almost gets tighter and tighter with more people in a smaller space, and it’s unbelievable how they can’t quite get to each other but they’re all like cobras waiting to pounce.” ■■Copshop is in cinemas now

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 29 Sex Education heads to Africa in the new series with a powerful storyline as we see Eric return to his homeland Nigeria. But actor Ncuti Gatwa, 28, didn’t get to enjoy a jolly abroad because the scenes had to be filmed in Wales due to coronavirus. He says: “We had plans to film abroad, but then Covid happened, so we had to recreate Nigeria in Wales. “Our production designer Samantha Harley made the most wonderful set, down to the sand and gravel she imported from Nigeria.” Ncuti also reveals how scenes showing his lovable character Eric visit Nigeria as a gay man will have a huge impact on viewers. He explains: “I felt a lot of pressure, I think we all did, to get that storyline right. “Eric is half Nigerian and half Ghanaian, and this trip back to Nigeria is a huge part of his journey this season. He reconnects with his family. “Eric’s very proud of his heritage and yet it’s an undeniable fact that being gay is illegal in Nigeria. “Quite often, when we talk about LGBTQ storylines on TV, they’re focused on white characters. Eric meets a character named Oba who helps him become more aware of all parts of himself – a black man, a gay man and a Nigerian man.” Describing Gen Z-ers as “so socially aware”, Baftanominated Ncuti says of the hit show: “We’re expanding so many conversations regarding gender and sexuality and I think [Sex Education] just hit gold with the timing.” Opening with a montage of sexual encounters that’s sure to make you sit up and pay attention, the third series of Sex Education, penned by returning Bafta-nominated writer Laurie Nunn, starts as it means to go on. It tackles everything from penis size insecurities to the long-term mental health concerns arising from character Aimee Gibbs’ sexual assault aboard a bus in the last series. Played by 26-year-old Aimee Lou Woods, who won a Bafta for her on-screen portrayal, the continuation of Aimee’s assault story was of vital importance to her. “Sex Education is very true to life in the way that it conveys that things don’t just get better and better and better,” reflects Aimee Lou. “Things go up and down all the time. I think that it was lovely that she gets on the bus with the girls and there’s that beautiful moment, and then it’s all like, ‘Oh, yay. She’s better’. But of course, that is not real life. “And actually, that was the start of her journey. It wasn’t the end.” Describing the way in which her character took “steps forward” last series thanks to the support of her female peers, Aimee Lou is quick to emphasise that “growth is a process”. “It’s going to be with her forever – and that’s what she hears in therapy. It’s going to be with her forever. And it’s altered her forever.” With actress Gillian Anderson returning as sex therapist Dr Jean F Milburn, who is now heavily pregnant, we find Moordale Secondary School under the new leadership of headmistress Hope Haddon, played by Screen Shots Covid happened... so we had to recreate Nigeria in Wales Ncuti Gatwa as Eric As Bafta Award-winning comedy Sex Education returns, we talk to the cast about what to expect and the trials of shooting a series in a pandemic L-R: Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs, Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley and Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn Girls’ star Jemima Kirke. Revamping the school in a matriarchal fashion, Hope’s iron-fist approach to education is not to the liking of everyone. From the demolition of the toilet block once used as a sex clinic by Maeve Wiley and Otis Milburn, to the implementation of school uniforms, the show’s central characters find themselves united against a common evil. “The uniforms were a little triggering,” recalls Asa Butterfield, 24, who reprises his role as Dr Milburn’s son Otis alongside Maeve (Emma Mackey). “It’s a great part of the show, but I think one of the things I loved is everyone on set’s individuality,” continues Asa, best known for his roles in Nanny McPhee and The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. “But of course, that’s one of the point of the uniforms, it’s to see what happens when you take that away.” ■■Sex Education series 3 is on Netflix from Friday

30 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 TV Highlights Bread alert Last autumn fans rejoiced as The Great British Bake Off returned under exceptional circumstances and this year is no different. For much like before, all those involved in the popular Channel 4 show, which sees passionate amateur bakers compete to be crowned the UK’s best, were obliged to test and self-isolate before entering into a Covid-free bubble. In this case, a six-week stay at the luxurious Down Hall Hotel. A long time away from family, maybe. But if its predecessor is anything to go by (a whopping average of 9.2 million viewers tuned in to witness Peter Sawkins triumph last November), its imminent 12th series will be well worth the extra measures. “We were in a lovely hotel, getting really good food, I had my dog with me, and we’re eating cake for a living – so you can hardly complain about the job!” quips Prue Leith, who returns as a co-judge alongside veteran Paul Hollywood. “So even saying that I found it a little longer and I missed home seems ungracious, because there are people who have had a horrible lockdown.” “There was [also] yoga, meditating, tennis, pizza nights,” lists Paul, 55. “Prue taught floristry skills; I taught a load of people how to use nunchucks...” “And we could play boules, old ladies can play boules, which I enjoyed,” restaurateur Prue, 81, interjects. “It’s about all I can do now as I can’t play tennis, I can’t go riding, I can’t do any of the things that I used to do, so boules it is!” Competition is in tents: This year’s Bake Off contestants Strictly Come Dancing Tonight, BBC1, 7.45pm The celebrity line-up has been announced, and it’s time to find out who the stars have been paired with as Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host the Strictly launch show. A couple of the celebs are about to make Strictly history as EastEnders actress Rose Ayling-Ellis becomes the first deaf contestant, and Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite forms the first all-male partnership. The stars will take to the floor for a group dance, and we’ll discover what the judges – including veteran dancer Anton Du Beke, who is stepping in for Bruno Tonioli – think of their chances. The Great British Bake Off is back and it may be the most skilled batch of amateur bakers yet, judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith tell Gemma Dunn Also partaking in the “fun” are returning co-hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. All this in addition to the top-tier baking, of course. So just what can the judges tell us about the latest batch set to enter the famous white tent? “I think the youngest one was 19 and the oldest one nearly 70 – 69, so the usual mix,” Prue reveals. “Not one baker is like the other, I don’t know how the production company manages to do it! “I mean, I know that the first requirement is that they have to be fantastic bakers, but then they are TV PICKS OF THE WEEK Last Man Standing: Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie and Tupac Tomorrow, BBC2, 9pm Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield looks at the unsolved murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, two hip-hop giants who ended up entangled in a turf war. Broomfield examines Death Row Records and how Los Angeles’ street gang culture came to dominate its just so interesting and so nice.” “The standard this year is certainly the highest I’ve ever encountered,” says Paul. “It starts like that and ends like that, so it’s pretty constant all the way through. “I think the semi-final was harder (to judge), to pick the three for the final!” “We did have very good bakers in the final,” Prue agrees, “If I had to choose one episode that I would say you have to watch, it’s the semifinal. They were so good that we had no idea who was going to win!” No disasters of note that would tip the scales, then. “There was a bit of a collapsing going on...,” offers Paul. “And there was the most overflavoured bake I’ve ever had on Bake Off,” Prue recalls. “It was unbelievably ill judged, and it was surprising because it came from a baker who was so good with flavour. It can happen to anyone. “But, and I know it sounds an odd thing to say, I actually prefer it when some of them are not so good as it’s much easier to judge if you have a few disasters. “You think: ‘Right, OK, that one’s out, that one’s out, that one’s out,” she reasons. “There was one business workings, as well as an association with corrupt LA police officers. Manhunt The Night Stalker Monday, ITV, 9pm In 2019, Manhunt chronicled the investigation into French student Amelie Delagrange’s murder, and its eventual connection to the deaths of Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler at the hands of serial killer Levi Bellfield. Written by Ed Whitmore, it starred Martin Clunes as Martin Clunes as DCI Colin Sutton tive ingredient week,” Paul says, last year having set a total of 30 different tasks. “And actually, it was very, very good standard. “But you’ll see how well Matt and Noel interpreted how I felt about it before it started...” “We’re both classically trained, me a cook, him a baker, so we tend to be approving of what we’re used to – the classic way to do things,” Prue explains. “I have always liked gluten-free cakes, for example, because gluten-free cakes could be flourless cakes like a chocolate roulade or something. “But where I think my prejudice shows is I was surprised that they could do so many amazing bakes with substitute ingredimoment, which was one of my signatures right towards the start of the competition, and I thought, ‘This is a good thing to do for a technical’, but in fact, they did it too well, and we were faced with 12 notquite-identical but damn-nearperfect bakes. “Well, how do you judge 12? It’s impossible; you have to rate them one to 12, and number one and number 12 are hardly any different. “They’re both sellable, perfect cakes that you’d pay good money in the shop for. “I’d much rather they were not such good bakers.” So they’re a skilled bunch – but just what challenges can fans expect to see? “Well, we have alterna- Paul and Prue on the red carpet ex-London Metropolitan Police detective, DCI Colin Sutton. Whitmore and Clunes are back, exploring a case that went unsolved for almost two decades. Based on Sutton’s diaries, it follows the police pursuit of a serial rapist, whose 17-year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people in south east London living in fear. A House Through Time Tuesday, BBC2, 9pm David Olusoga’s search through the history of a house in Leeds is up to 1913, when Number 5 is home to the respectable couple Frederick and Louisa Pryce Lewis. A look through their photo album puts David on the trail of their son Walter, who went to the battlefields of Gallipoli before returning to Leeds and a life of crime. The next residents were textiles chemist Percival King and wife Rose, whose seemingly happy family was torn apart when Percival admitted himself to a psychiatric institution. Grand Designs Wednesday, Channel 4, 9pm Kevin McCloud meets teacher Gretta, who moved to Malaysia 17 years ago with her husband Ray and two sons. Then, a couple of years ago,

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 WEST COUNTRY LIFE 31 Great British Bake Off judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (centre) with hosts Noel Fielding (far left) and Matt Lucas (on the right) TV FILMs of the week TV Highlights 1 Detroit Tonight, BBC2, 11.15pm Kathryn Bigelow’s slow-burning John Boyega in Detroit fact-based thriller picks at the fresh wounds of divided race relations in America by reliving one tragic night in a fractured city that resulted in the deaths of three black teenagers at the Algiers Motel. Detroit skilfully weaves together multiple character arcs, building to a protracted sequence of gut-wrenching terror that draws uncomfortable parallels with the present day. Hand-held camerawork stokes tension and sweat-drenched performances from a fine ensemble cast, headed by John Boyega, are horribly believable. ents you know, using, erm...” “Butter?” Paul interrupts. “Well to cook without butter would seem to me to be impossible, but actually it’s perfectly possible and the bakers prove it!” Prue adds. “It was good for us. I learned something all the time [because] I mean the bakers are, let’s face it, obsessed with cakes and baking. “They absolutely live, breathe and think about baking all the time, and so they are way ahead of me anyway on techniques and ingredients!” “I almost rely on the bakers to introduce me into this world of alternative ingredients,” Paul concludes, “I’ve been surprised!” From butter-free cakes to damehood, it’s certainly been a summer to remember for Prue, who was among a host of stars recognised on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list this June, notably for her services to food, broadcasting, and charity. “When it was announced that I was a dame, [Paul] bought me tragedy struck when Ray died. Gretta returned to the UK and went to live with her sister Mary and brother-in-law Fernando in rural Cambridgeshire, in a caravan. She has now bought part of their garden as a building plot and employed her nephew Carlos to design her a Malaysian-inspired, single-storey pavilion. With a budget of £300k and a schedule of seven months, they’re up against it. Taskmaster Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm Series 12 of the hilarious comedy game show sees QI’s Alan Davies, comedian Desiree Burch, Man Like I actually prefer it when some of them are not so good as it’s much easier to judge if you have a few disasters Prue Leith on judging Bake Off some really fancy champagne, and we had a party at about three o’clock in the afternoon,” Prue reveals. “It was everything, you know, flowers and cake, a sing along, it was great. I felt like a child with a birthday party only with alcohol!” “I’ve worked with three dames, Dame Prue, Dame Mary [Berry] and Dame Edna [Everage], and I won’t bow to any of them!” Paul teases. “But I mean, good on her. Prue’s done an amazing job, so we had a little bit of a party and then we added ‘Dame’ at the beginning Taskmaster is back Mobeen’s Guz Khan, The Windsors star Morgana Robinson and Only Connect’s Victoria Coren Mitchell take on a range of outrageous tasks in a bid to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies. As usual, Alex Horne is on hand of her name on the hut.” “It was on a little wooden plaque with a rope over it so I could lift it off, and I took it home with me,” says Prue. “I don’t know where I’ll put it, but I’ll put it somewhere!” Do they feel a stronger bond, having bubbled up for the last couple of years? “I feel I know these three guys better than I did Mel [Giedroyc], Sue [Perkins] and Mary, for instance,” Paul confides, referring to the show’s previous lineup. “You know sometimes you can sit in the same room as a really close friend and not say anything for half an hour and feel quite comfortable with that... “(Whereas) if you feel you have to fill that space with voices, then you know that’s because you’re slightly uneasy about something.” “So it’s more like family then?” Prue asks. “Yeah it is,” finishes Paul. “A really weird dysfunctional family.” ■■The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8pm to welcome the contestants to the Taskmaster house and keep score The Graham Norton Show Friday, BBC1, 10.35pm There is less than a week before the 25th entry in the James Bond canon No Time to Die, hits cinemas. The Covid-19 delayed flick is the final outing for Daniel Craig as 007. He joins French star Lea Seydoux to discuss the movie and we’ll hear from Rami Malek, who plays villain Safin, alongside Lashana Lynch, who has been touted as a potential replacement for Craig. Also tonight, Ed Sheeran will perform his new single Shivers. The rock 2 Tomorrow, Channel 5, 10.25pm A US General (Ed Harris) takes tourists hostage at Alcatraz prison, demanding the government pay compensation to families of Marines killed during covert operations. After he threatens to release chemical weapons, an FBI chemist (Nicolas Cage) recruits John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery, left), the only man to ever escape Alcatraz, to help. The Devil Wears Prada 3 Monday, Film4, 6.45pm Anne Hathaway shines as Andy Sachs who lands a plum job as second assistant to fearsome fashion editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep, left with Hathaway). Andy is unprepared for the challenges catering to her tyrannical boss’s every whim. Watch out for a star-making turn from Emily Blunt (pictured right), too. The Silence of the Lambs 4 Tuesday, ITV4, 10.30pm Jonathan Demme’s terrifying treatment of the Thomas Harris novel sees Jodie Foster, left, play FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is eager to please her superior, Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn). He implores Clarice to earn the trust of cannibal murderer Dr Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in order to track down serial killer Buffalo Bill. 5 Whiplash Wednesday, BBC2, 11.15pm Drummer Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller, left) is determined to excel at his Manhattan music conservatory, and catches the eye of the school’s most revered teacher, Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons). Andrew transfers to Fletcher’s class, but the game of one-upmanship between teacher and pupil spirals out of control in this drama. Lone Survivor 6 Thursday, ITV4, 11.20pm Mark Wahlberg, left, plays one of four Navy SEALs on a top-secret mission to find a high-ranking Taliban member. When three shepherds stumble upon the SEALs’ hiding place, the soldiers must decide whether to shoot the locals or let them go, potentially compromising their safety, in this rousing tribute, based on a true story. A Monster Calls 7 Friday, BBC1, 11.25pm Fantasy drama. Schoolboy Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall, left) is in denial about his mother’s terminal illness and seeks refuge in his drawings. As darkness falls, a nearby yew tree morphs into a gnarled creature (voiced by Liam Neeson) which promises to share three parables, demanding one thing in return: “Tell me your nightmare.”

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46 WEST COUNTRY LIFE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 TV Pick Strictly Come Dancing Tonight, BBC1, 7.45pm Last year was one of the most challenging in Strictly Come Dancing’s history, as the team behind the show had to deal with Covid regulations, some of which were changing as the show was on the air. Admittedly, it’s not quite Strictly business as usual in 2021 either. Due to the uncertainty around international travel, it was announced earlier this year that Bruno Tonioli would not be returning as a judge for this series. He is being replaced by veteran dancer Anton Du Beke, who promises “to be kinder to all the couples than any of them have ever been to m e ”. Tonight, he’ll be taking to the panel alongside Motsi Mabuse, Shirley Ballas and Craig Revel Horwood, but we won’t find out if he’ll be sticking to his word about being kind just yet. That’s because as a launch show, tonight Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman will be introducing viewers to this year’s crop of celebrities and pairing them up with their professional partners. They include Olympian Adam Peaty, actor Greg Wise and McFly’s Tom Fletcher. We’ll get a chance to assess their form when they take to the floor for a group number, while last year’s winner Bill Bailey returns to show them how it’s done. Then next week, the competition begins in earnest... Here we take a look at this year’s hopefuls: Adam Peaty, 26, Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer He says: “Honestly, I can’t wait! It’s just going to be different. “I spend my whole life in swimsuits and if I’m not doing that, it’s photoshoots covered in oil so now I get to change the oil to glitter!” Greg Wise, 55, actor He says: “I can’t dance! So that’s the challenge. I think I’m in good shape, I’m lucky that I’m able to keep active. I know I’ll still be thrust into the ground by my professional partner, obviously, and find muscles I never knew existed. “I’ve just got to learn how to dance, that’s the bottom line.” The Strictly professional dancers Strictly 2021 contestants, (L-R) Sara Davies, Ugo Monye, Nina Wadia, John Waite, Robert Webb, Rose Ayling-Ellis, Adam Peaty, Judi Love, Tom Fletcher, Tilly Ramsay, Rhys Stephenson, AJ Odudu, Dan Walker, Katie McGlynn, Greg Wise Who’s ready for a ballroom blitz? Spray tans, sequins and salsas means only one thing – Strictly is back. Jane Haase takes a look at the latest batch of celebs to hit the dancefloor Nina Wadia, 52, former EastEnders star She says: “This year feels like the perfect year to just let off steam. “It’s been a bit of a dark time for a lot of people, and it certainly was in our family as well, so I just want to go out and enjoy my life.” Robert Webb, 48, actor and comedian He says: “I’m up for an extreme costume. “You can spray me most colours but I just don’t want to look like Donald Trump.” Tom Fletcher, 35, singer in McFly and children’s author He says: “I’m so inflexible, I’m just trying to touch my toes, I don’t know what else I can do! “At the beginning of the year, when I first said yes, I said to myself I was going to get into really good shape and life just got in the way.” AJ Odudu, 33, TV presenter She says: “I have zero previous experience, and I mean zero! “I’ve never been to stage or drama school, but I’ve always liked clubbing. “I’m confident when it comes to hitting the dance floor, but whether I should be confident, I’ll leave it to everyone else at home to decide!” Dan Walker, 44, BBC Breakfast presenter He says: “Yes, I’m competitive but I haven’t reserved a spot for the Glitterball Trophy. I haven’t got that in my headspace in any way shape or form. “My idea is that I want to go home on a Saturday night, see the kids and hear ‘Dad, that was good!’ “If I get just one ‘Dad, that was good!’, that would be great.” Katie McGlynn, 28, former Coronation Street star She says: “Every year I watch Strictly Come Dancing and I think that everyone has the time of the life doing it, so I’ve always wanted to do it. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a dancer.” John Whaite, 32, former Great British Bake Off winner He says: “Between the ages of 10-14, I did ballet, modern and tap. “So I may have a few dancing bones in my body, but I’m not Strictly hosts Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly necessarily very good rhythmically. “Ballet is very stiff and I can do a triple timestep but who knows what I will be like at ballroom or Latin!” Ugo Monye, 38, sports pundit and former rugby union player He says: “Both my girls, especially my eldest, Phoenix, love dance. She does ballet every single week. “She’s obsessed by it and now she’s of an age where she can watch the show and watch her daddy on TV. “So I’m really excited about that.” Judi Love, 41, stand-up comic and Loose Women panellist She says: “Everyone’s advice has just been enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and don’t worry about anything. And to really put myself into different characters every time I go onto the dancefloor. “Also, not to read anything on social media and not to see it as just a competition but to see it as I’m New judge Anton Du Beke and the man he’s replacing, Bruno Tonioli experiencing something that is a whole moment.” Rhys Stephenson, 27, CBBC presenter He says: “I’m in it for the experience, but I’m also in it to win. “For me, even when I am rubbish, I play to win. I want to know I’ve given it my all and shown what I can do.” Rose Ayling-Ellis, 26, plays Frankie in EastEnders She says: “I feel like it’s so important for somebody like me to be on the show, I want to break down the stereotype that deaf people can’t dance and can’t enjoy music.” Sara Davies, 37, Dragons’ Den star She says: “Deborah (Meaden) talks about it all the time and says it was one of the best experiences of her life. “Obviously, I wasn’t able to tell anybody I was doing it, so she didn’t know that when she was talking to me about it and I was asking her questions, it was because I was going on the show. I had to keep it top secret. “She said mainly your feet hurt a lot but other than that everything else is really positive!” Tilly Ramsay, 19, TV presenter and chef, daughter of Gordon She says: “I’m really excited to learn the waltz. It’s very elegant and graceful and something you can use that later on in life, I can keep that for a wedding!”

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Western Daily Press SaTurdaY, SepTemBer 18, 2021 The champion of SomerSeT and GlouceSTerShire and The WeST Since 1858 £2.15 ‘brOwn is the new black’ this autumn, says gardeners’ wOrld presenter adam frOst What you can look forWard to at this year’s Wells food festival Jamie Oliver shares recipes frOm his new cOOkbOOk based On meals made fOr get-tOgethers plus yOur cOlumnists, style, bOOks, film and yOur seven-day tv guide inside 15 pages Of puzzles inside time for a challenge > Pink-backed African pelican Sprout with staff member Selina Reid during a display to mark 75 years of the WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre: See P16 Picture: Paul Nicholls Taking a holiday just got a lot easier Traffic lights scrapped as Shapps eases international travel rules: p10 win £1,000 m&s gift card details: P35 ts&cs aPPly

2 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Mother ‘truly sorry’ over son’s death in dog attack Rod Minchin Press Association The mother of a nine-year-old boy mauled to death by a dog has apologised to his family for her “senseless actions” in leaving the animal with her son. Tawnee Willis left Frankie Mac- Ritchie alone in a caravan with a 45kg American bulldog cross Staffordshire bull terrier. Frankie, from Plymouth, sustained fatal head injuries after being attacked by the dog, called Winston, in April 2019 at the Tencreek Holiday Park in Looe, Cornwall. Addressing Frankie’s father, Billy MacRitchie, and grandmother, Pauline Elford, Ms Willis said: “To Billy, Pauline and everyone, I am truly, truly sorry. I miss him every day and I know they do, and I know their heartbreak – mine does as well. “I know nothing I will do can ever change what’s happened and I understand that. I am sorry my senseless actions caused them so much heartache, I really am. From the bottom of my heart, I just wish they would get some closure, and I hope they will find some peace.” Ms Willis later admitted a charge of child neglect and was jailed for two years. The dog’s owner, Sadie Totterdell, was also jailed. Cornwall Coroner’s Court heard Frankie had been staying in a caravan with his mother and her friend, Ms Totterdell. They had all been out for the evening and returned to the caravan around midnight. Frankie was left playing computer games while his mother and Ms Totterdell, along with the dog, joined friends in a neighbouring caravan to continue drinking. Ms Willis said she had checked on her son around four or five times and, on the last occasion, Winston followed her back to the caravan where Frankie was. “I was going back and forth checking Frankie was all right. I checked around four or five times and the last time the dog followed out of the caravan door,” she told the court. “I remember I looked at Sadie and said, ‘Is he all right?’, not meaning to go in the caravan but outside, and she said, ‘he’s fine’. When I went into the caravan, the dog followed me in and Frankie asked me if the dog could stay in, and I asked Sadie, ‘Is he all right?’, and she said, ‘Yeah, take Winnie – Winnie loves kids.’ “I just didn’t think anything of it, and I left them there.” The court heard Frankie had been left alone with the dog unsupervised for over an hour before Ms Willis returned to the caravan at around Everything in one place 4.30am and discovered her son lying on the floor covered in blood. “The dog was sat on the sofa just looking at me,” she said. Breaking down in tears, she added: “I was screaming. I remember crouching over Frankie, and he was on his front, and I turned him over. I remember screaming and screaming. I was there ages screaming … It felt like a lifetime. “I was crouching over him and held him in my arms … I was screaming for a long time before people came.” Paramedics attempted resuscitation, but Frankie was declared dead at 5.35am. Dr Deborah Cook, a Home Office registered forensic pathologist, said Frankie had died from blood loss caused by multiple dog bites. The court heard there had been three previous incidents with the dog. Andrew Cox, the senior coroner for Cornwall, said: “It does raise the question in my mind whether steps could have been taken earlier that may have avoided this tragic outcome. “It is manifestly obvious now to us having heard all of the evidence and having learnt of the incidents in 2016 and 2018 that there was a risk of this dog attacking Frankie. At the time Ms Willis did not know that, and I have accepted her evidence. “The same cannot be said of Ms Totterdell, as she must have known InYourArea is a personalised newsfeed which brings together all the latest news for your local area from news sites, blogs and social networks. You can use the website or the app on your phone to get the latest news and information for your chosen areas, including crime updates, house prices and more. It is the only service that gives you a 360 view of up-to the-minute updates on where you live and shows you the most relevant local services provided by businesses in your area. All you have to do is enter a postcode. > > Frankie MacRitchie was mauled to death by an American bulldog cross Staffordshire bull terrier Family handout of the earlier incidents and was spoken to by the police following the incident in 2016 and spoken to by the mother of the child bitten in 2018.” Mr Cox said Ms Willis had made a “serious error of judgment and a serious mistake” in leaving Frankie alone with the dog but her negligence was not sufficient to allow him to record a conclusion of unlawful killing. Instead, he recorded a narrative conclusion and said he would be writing a preventing future deaths report to Devon and Cornwall Police. Mr Cox stressed that he was not saying the police had not taken appropriate steps on this occasion. City murder probe: pair identified Two men whose deaths sparked a double murder investigation have been formally identified. The bodies of Denzil McKenzie, 56, and Fahad Hossain Pramanik, 27, were found at a house in Wood Street, Easton, Bristol, on Sunday. An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said: “Our sympathy goes out to their families, who are now being supported by specialist officers.” Ionut-Valentin Boboc, 21, and Jacob-Bebe Chers, 45, have been charged with two counts of murder. They are accused of committing the offences on September 11 at the Wood Street address. Police said Mr McKenzie lived at the property while Mr Pramanik was from London. Boboc, of Abingdon Road, Bristol, and Chers, of Whitefield Road, Bristol, have been remanded in custody and are next due before Bristol Crown Court on October 13. Officers and police staff are reviewing hours of CCTV footage, taking statements and carrying out other inquiries as part of the investigation. Forensic examinations at the scene are expected to continue for several days. Searches have taken place in other areas, including the Coombe Brook Valley in Fishponds. Corrections and complaints If we have published anything that is factually inaccurate please contact the editor, Bill Martin, via email bill.martin@reachplc.com or write to The Editor, Western Daily Press, 1 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY. Once verified, we will correct it as soon as possible. The Western Daily Press newspaper is published by Local World, part of Reach PLC, which is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). We adhere to the Editors’ Code of Practice as enforced by IPSO, which can be contacted for advice at IPSO, Gate House 1, Farringdon Street London, EC4M 7LG; www.ipso.co.uk; telephone 0300 123 2220; email advice@ ipso.co.uk. If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to www.reachplc.com/ howtocomplain where you can view our complaints policy and procedure. A ‘How to Complain’ pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 3 NEWS > > Gloucester Cathedral Choir has the same number of boys and girls – for the first time since it was formed 480 years ago in 1541 Picture: Gloucester Cathedral Choir Cathedral choir working in harmony A choir at one of Britain’s oldest cathedrals has the same number of boys and girls – for the first time since it was formed 480 years ago in 1541. Young men and women will play an equal role in worship for the first time in Gloucester Cathedral’s history. Choral Evensong on September 3 was a landmark date for the renowned Gloucester Cathedral Choir. For the first time since the choir was founded in 1541, the girls and boys played an equal role. For 480 years boy choristers have Ollie Buckley news@westerndailypress.co.uk been educated at King’s School with each boy receiving a choral scholarship. The choir of girl choristers was established in 2016 and although they contributed to many of the cathedral services throughout the year, there has never been total parity – until now. In 2019, the King’s School and Gloucester Cathedral made the groundbreaking decision to offer girls and boys equality of opportunity and financial support. Chorister duties will now be shared, ensuring both the boys and girls play a full and equal role in the musical life of the cathedral. The Director of Music at Gloucester Cathedral, Adrian Partington, said: “I am thrilled that after a lot of work and some very careful planning, we are now able to offer at the cathedral the same opportunities to girls, as we always have to boys. “From September, the girls will sing as many services each year as the boys, and will contribute in every way an equal amount.” “An exciting new chapter in the musical life of our wonderful cathedral is about to begin,” he added. Nia Llewelyn Jones, Choral Associate, said: “The girl choristers have achieved so much since their inauguration in 2016. “Parity of status with the boys represents an important next chapter in their development, and in ensuring that gifted young singers of both genders can continue to sing God’s praises as part of the rich and historic musical worship at Gloucester Cathedral.” The headmaster of the King’s School, David Morton, said: “At King’s, we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking school. “We were one of the first British schools to introduce co-education in the 1970s, and we delivered a firstclass online education during the recent pandemic” He added: “It is now fitting that King’s and Gloucester Cathedral will offer both boys and girls an equal opportunity to sing in the cathedral choir, as well as equal choral scholarships. “We believe that our choir will be amongst the most diverse and inclusive in the UK to perform at this exceptional level and we are very proud of the young pupils who will lead the way.” Notebook that saved soldier’s life sold for £260 A notebook which saved a soldier’s life when a bullet struck it in his pocket has been sold at auction. Lucky George Dowsell had the miracle escape while he was serving in the 2nd Devon Regiment during the Third Angle-Burmese war of 1891. George, from Olveston near Bristol, was fighting in Burma when the stray bullet struck him in the chest. But luckily his notebook absorbed the impact and he survived – and then wrote about his escape in the same book. He wrote: “Speak not this book for fear of shame, for here you will see the owners name. No. 1787 Pte George Dowsell 2nd Devon Regiment. “Done by a bullet when in my pocket at Kyain Kwile Loung on Sunday the 22nd of February, 1891.” The notebook was kept by Dowsell and later passed down through the family. It has now been sold for £260 courtesy of East Bristol Auctions. Auctioneer Andrew Stowe from East Bristol Auctions said: “This notebook is very special. “Stories of being saved by items > > The notebook with a large bullet hole through the middle, and signs of burning from the bullet’s heat stuffed in pockets are surprisingly common throughout history – but very rarely are the actual items still preserved. “The notebook is in a terrible state with a large bullet hole through the middle, and signs of burning from the heat of the bullet. “Dowsell was very lucky – the bullet stops just short of the cardboard cover on the rear. If the notebook had been a millimetre thinner, he may not have lived.” The notebook featured in East Bristol Auctions’ specialist sale yesterday.

4 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Home’s residents turn back the clock with rock ’n’ roll > > On the dance floor at Wentworth Court. Pictured far left is ‘Vegas Elvis’ Gez Ossai WentFest, the music festival for people living with dementia, returned to Wentworth Court Nursing Home in Cheltenham this week. The festival, cancelled last year due to Covid, was held in the home’s colourful gardens and had a rock ’n’ roll theme. The 60 residents, who live with moderate to advanced dementia, enjoyed an afternoon barbecue and a DJ spinning favourite tracks. Special guest was general home manager, Gez Ossai, appearing as ‘Vegas Elvis’ in a golden trouser suit and sporting the legend’s trademark quiff, while other team members wore flared skirts with petticoats and chiffon scarves. Wellbeing manager, Suzanne Meadows, said: “We see every day how much joy music can bring to people living with dementia. It’s wonderful to see people on their feet dancing and remembering the words to songs they might not have heard for years.” Pictures: Mikal Ludlow Photography Arrest made in murder probe after man’s death A murder investigation has been launched and a woman arrested after the death of a man in Bristol. The 54-year-old is in custody after the man in his 30s was found dead in a property in Bishport Avenue, Hartcliffe. He was found at around 6pm on Thursday after police received a call from the ambulance service. The man’s next of kin has been informed. The incident sparked a large emergency response, with police reassuring the public it was an isolated incident. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Constabulary said in a statement yesterday: “A murder investigation is under way following a sudden death in Hartcliffe. “Police were called by the ambulance service to a residential address in Bishport Avenue just before 6pm on yesterday. A man in his 30s, was found critically injured. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. “Formal identification has not yet been carried out, but the man’s next of kin has been informed. A forensic postmortem [examination] will be carried out in due course. Jessica Mercer jessica.mercer@reachplc.com “A woman, 54, has been arrested and is currently in custody.” Senior investigating officer, Det Insp Russell Saunders, said: “The man’s family have been informed and will be supported by specially trained officers. “Our thoughts and sympathies go out to them at this difficult time. “A scene remains in place and we’d ask people to keep away to allow us to carry out detailed inquiries. “Our investigation is at an early stage, but at this time we can confirm we’re treating the man’s death as suspicious. “The local community can expect to see an increased police presence in the area for reassurance and while we carry out inquiries to fully understand what happened. “But we believe this to be an isolated incident and do not consider there to be any wider risk to the public.” Anyone with information that could help the investigation should call 101 and give reference number 5221216090.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 5 NEWS Peek-a-roe: A summer of ‘patience and persistence’ A teenage photographer spent hours crawling on his hands and knees to capture these beautiful images of a roe deer peering through wheat at sunset. Ben Pulletz, 19, crept downwind along a dirt track in order to not disturb the majestic creature nestled in the undergrowth near his home in Somerton, Somerset. He then managed to capture stunning images of the deer peeping through sheaths of wheat as well as bounding across the field of crops as the golden sun set. Ben said he spent the summer following the family of deer and getting to know their movements throughout the day so he could eventually get the perfect shot. He added: “Sunset tends to be the best time to get the images. “I’ve captured them in different lights and all the light you can see – the red and orange – is completely natural. “I crawled along a tram line for two hours and kept looking for the deer. It sounds mad, I know. Then there it was, this head popped up and it looked straight at me. I managed to photograph it a couple of times. “It didn’t move at all, it was amazing really. “I spent the summer tracking and following the deer so I think they are used to seeing me and they think ‘I know he’s not a threat’. “I absolutely love the deer and they are nice to look at. I am completely addicted to taking pictures of them. I started taking pictures oneand-half years ago and haven’t put my camera down since. “I would rather wait hours for the right light, timing and location than take lots of average shots. “Patience and persistence are what I go by to capture the images.” Ben used a hand-held Canon 5D with a 100-400mm lens to capture the images last week. Pictures: Ben Pulletz Extra funds for hotspot policing in West Sam Russell news@westerndailypress.co.uk Avon and Somerset police are to get a share of extra government funding to help tackle crime hotpots. It follows an initiative by another police force that found that putting officers on 15-minute-long uniformed patrols in crime hotspots, at targeted times, helped cut violent crime. Detective Chief Inspector Lewis Basford, of Essex Police, said officers targeted 20 hotspots, each of 150 metres by 150 metres, with short, high-visibility patrols during a pilot in Southend last year. The tactic resulted in a 73.5% drop in violent crime and 31.9% fall in street crime on days when patrols visited, compared with days they did not. DCI Basford, who designed the socalled ‘hotspot policing’ as part of his Masters degree in criminology from Cambridge University, said: “This is about putting a police officer in an area for the shortest amount of time for the highest residual benefit on crime. “We’re getting the presence of the police, we’re giving back to the public a visible police presence, but we’re doing it at sporadic times, the right times, the right place, driven by data... driven by the inconsistencies of when we’re there.” He said that some days officers may attend at 2pm, the next day maybe at 6pm. He said that during the pilot, officers conducted patrols at one location for three days in a row and found that the effect lasted for a further three days afterwards, with crime This kind of datadriven scientific hotspot policing is showing fantastic results in dealing with that problem Policing Minister Kit Malthouse rising on the fourth day without a patrol. The Home Office is giving 18 police forces – including Avon and Somerset – a share of an additional £4.12 million to increase hotspot policing in towns and cities blighted by violent crime. Mr Basford said funding would help deploy officers to hotspot policing, pay for environmental changes such as CCTV cameras and cutting back foliage, and help with outreach schemes. Policing Minister Kit Malthouse said: “One of the chief missions I’ve been set by the Prime Minister is to get violence down and particularly violence in the public realm. “This kind of data-driven scientific hotspot policing is showing fantastic results in dealing with that problem so we’re investing in it across 18 areas of the country that are most plagued by this kind of violence and hopefully we’ll see significant falls over the months to come. “Here in Southend, they’re proving that this smart approach to hotspot policing, done consistently, can have a massive impact, but we want to see that across the rest of the country.” He said the extra funding is from £28 million won in the spending review last year to combat violence. Mr Malthouse said the drive to recruit 20,000 extra police officers by 2023 is “ahead of schedule”. “We’re just touching 10,000 police officers, almost halfway, about six to eight months ahead of where we should be, which is great news,” he said. “We’ve got a lot more to go but the pipeline of applicants is looking really strong.”

6 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Tree surgeon fined £7k for fly-tipping waste A TREE surgeon has been hit with a nearly £7,000 fine and had his vehicle crushed for illegally dumping hazardous construction waste and other offences. Daniel Waters, 33, of Old Dairy, Amesbury, pleaded guilty at Salisbury Magistrates’ court to fly-tipping hazardous rubbish on Collingbourne Ducis farmland. Waters also failed to provide waste transfer notes to Wiltshire Council when he was requested to do so. A spokesman for the local authority said: “Mr Waters was fined a total of £6,980.80 including costs, and the vehicle he used to fly-tip the waste, which has been seized by the council, was authorised for disposal by the magistrates, as a result of the criminal investigation conducted by the council’s environmental enforcement officers. “The vehicle will have the hazardous materials removed, and any reusable parts will be salvaged before it is crushed and recycled in the coming weeks.” The court heard on Tuesday how Waters used his tipper truck to collect hazardous construction waste that contained asbestos from a property in Andover, and then flytipped it on private farmland in Collingbourne Ducis. The vehicle used in the fly-tip was seized by Wiltshire Police at the request of the council. Once seized, the vehicle was stored securely until the court hearing, where magistrates authorised its destruction. In addition to this, Mr Waters failed to provide the council with any of his waste transfer notes for his business, DW Tree Services, which would have shown how he was lawfully disposing of his waste. > > Veterinary nurse Helen Macdonald with the alpaca Geronimo Finnbarr Webster READER OFFER 5 YOU COULD SAVE Slaughter of Geronimo was justified says Eustice . ON ENERGY BILLS Are you one of the millions of UK households currently overpaying on their energy bills? On behalf of our loyal readers, we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s most trusted energy switching brands to create the InYourArea Energy Campaign - built with our readers in mind and designed to find you the best new deals, we could save you up to a huge £216* on your energy bill. We do all the hard work for you... so why not start saving today? FIND OUT HOW EASY IT IS TO SWITCH AND SAVE... VISIT INYOURAREA.CO.UK/GO/ENERGYSWITCH OR CALL 0800 049 2435 *Between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved an average of £216. Environment Secretary George Eustice defended the decision to euthanise Geronimo the alpaca after it twice tested positive for bovine TB, saying that farmers, including his own father, go through the same trauma as the alpaca’s owner, but “we have to maintain consistency in the fight against TB.” The minister, who is a member of a long-established Cornish farming family, spoke about his own family’s experience with the “terrible” disease of bovine tuberculosis, as he justified the destruction of Geronimo, which attracted condemnation from celebrity animal rights campaigners. Mr Eustice, who kept his job as Secretary of State at Defra, despite suggestions he was for the chop this week, said that his father had been “very distraught” to have to slaughter one of his show cows. He said he believes it was the right decision to euthanise alpaca Geronimo, which lived on a farm in Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, but admitted it had been “difficult”. He told LBC radio: “The important thing to recognise is that every week we have to remove and slaughter about 500 cattle who test positive. I know this particular owner was attached to Geronimo, but there are farmers up and down the country who suffer similar heartbreak every week. My own family, who have cattle, have lost show cattle, excellent cattle they wanted to show, through this terrible disease, and it is difficult but necessary.” He added: “My family have a pedigree herd of South Devon cattle. They are wonderful, gentle animals, native to the Westcountry, but, yes, a few years ago we had an outbreak of TB and my father was very distraught because he lost one of the cows that he staff reporter news@westerndailypress.co.uk said was one of the best South Devon cows he had ever seen.” Of Geronimo, he said there was a danger of a “false negative” emerging if vets continued to test the animal for bovine tuberculosis. He told radio listeners : “These cases are always difficult, and I had looked at the Geronimo case three years ago, and a couple of other times since, actually. But the truth is he had tested positive for bovine TB using a test called the Emperplex test, which very rarely has false positives. “The owner at that point said she was unsure about the result, would we give her a second test. We don’t really do that, but the vets, to do her a favour, said ‘OK, we’ll give you a second test’. “That also came back positive, so she said ‘Well, now I want a third test’, and at that point the danger of just relentlessly testing is you will at some point get what is called a false negative, and that is that it will tell you it is clear when it is not. “Difficult though it is, and I know she was very attached to Geronimo, we do have to maintain consistency in our fight against TB, and at post-mortem they did find TB-like lesions.” Mr Eustice said the results of the post-mortem examination on Geronihave been shared with the animal’s owner, Helen Macdonald. He said they showed the animal had atypical TB-like lesions, in the liver and in the lymph. “Not in the lungs, and I think on that basis she has claimed he didn’t have TB, but there were TB-like lesions,” he added. He said scientists would not try to culture TB from the lesions to identify what strain of bovine TB it was.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 7 Samms and GB News anchor to be married Gloucestershire-based celebrities Emma Samms and Simon McCoy have announced their engagement. The Mirror reports that former Dynasty actress Samms is set to wed GB News anchor McCoy “some time next year”. Samms, who previously spoke in support of keeping car parks in Nailsworth free of charge, was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, having played Fallon Carrington Dolby in the hit American show before going on to star in The Colbys for two seasons. McCoy, 59, is an experienced and well-known journalist who quit the We are both so happy, as are our children. We shall celebrate in the spring Simon McCoy BBC earlier this year to join the startup television channel GB News, saying he was “not a leftie BBC journalist”. He started his career with Thames TV as a researcher before leaving to join Sky News as a presenter. He has presented a string of BBC shows, including BBC News, News at One, News at Six, News at Ten and the weekend news. He was married for nearly 14 years to Victoria Graham, but the pair split in 2019 and his former wife reportedly then embarked on a relation- Neil Goulding & Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson news@westerndailypress.co.uk ship with her BBC colleague, Jon Gripton. Discussing their engagement, McCoy said in an interview with MailOnline: “Yes, it’s true. We are both so happy, as are our children. We shall celebrate in the spring, when it’s safe to share a party.” Samms has been married three times before, making McCoy her fourth husband at the age of 61. She also has two children from her previous marriages. In 2003, she made a cameo appearance in BBC show Holby City and had a small run on the BBC daytime series Doctors. She also played a drug addict in ITV police show The Bill and has starred on the stage in a number of theatrical productions. In an interview with Great British Life, McCoy said his idea of a perfect weekend in the Cotswolds was “just being at home with Emma”. He said: “Just being at home with Emma, mooching. I’m happy to sit in front of the telly. Most of all, I never thought I’d be quite so obsessed with mowing the lawn. “We’ve got a new mini-tractor thing and I could sit on it all day. I use it so much that it keeps running out of petrol. “It has a cup-holder but, luckily, you can also get a wine glass in it. Don’t come round after I’ve been at it two hours because there will be no straight lines.” > > Emma Samms and, below, her partner Simon McCoy Matt Crossick/PA Wire NEWS ‘Haven’ plan for minster’s grounds Plans have been submitted to turn Cheltenham Minster’s churchyard into a vibrant social space. It is part of the Minster Exchange development – a £6.8 million scheme to improve the area around the church, reducing antisocial behaviour and bringing modern technology businesses into the heart of Cheltenham. The joint project between Cheltenham Borough Council and Workshop Cheltenham aims to do this by cutting back trees to allow for more natural light, as well as adding seating and pathways through what will now be called Minster Gardens. Cllr Rowena Hay, leader of Cheltenham Borough Council, said: “The Minster Gardens plan is another exciting step in the Minster Exchange transformation. The plans have been designed to provide a haven in the heart of the town’s conservation area, complementing St Mary’s church and the surrounding area. We’d encourage the community to look at the plans, which will create a new, vibrant and creative quarter in Cheltenham for all to enjoy.” The planned changes will also include maintenance and restoration of headstones and monuments in the church’s grounds. As the plans have to be approved by the council and the church, there will be two planning notices available to view in the churchyard. Rev Clare Dyson, associate vicar for The Minster with St Matthew’s, said: “The congregation and PCC are delighted to know that the grounds around this much-loved church are to be enhanced and improved, helping to shake off the negative impression residents currently have of the area. “The Minster and it’s churchyard offer a tranquil space in the middle of our town for people to find peace and refreshment.” JUST £5.49 A BOTTLE ON 12 CRAFT WINES Plus 2 FREE wine glasses worth £18, and FREE delivery! Luxury Craft Wine Selection 12 CRAFT WINES WAS £136.38 NOW £65.88 Plus FREE WINE GLASSES AND DELIVERY! 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8 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Council on wrong track with signs Red-faced council chiefs have had to remove signs from a new cycle path in Weston-super-Mare – because they directed riders into the path of pedestrians. The signs were put up on the new split walkway and cycleway on Station Road earlier this month. But they had to be quickly removed after they directed cyclists to use the pedestrian walkway and pedestrians to walk on the cycle path. People took to social media to voice their concerns about the signs, which they claimed could lead to an accident. A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “The signs have already been removed. New signs will go up early next week.” Roadworks around the town centre started at Easter – with traffic lights on Station Road – and carried on for the majority of the summer. They are part of a scheme to allow Regent Street to become a pedestrian zone with a new bus hub. The town centre regeneration project, costing £6.8 million, will enhance cycle and pedestrian links and bring together scattered bus stops across the town to the single hub. The project will also see changes to the road layout at Alexandra Parade and Walliscote Road to reduce the volume of traffic in the town centre. Pictures: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire > > A visitor alongside a print of ‘Girl with Balloon – Colour AP (gold)’, by Banksy, which is expected to fetch £150,000 to £250,000 at the Christie’s sale, ‘Banksy: I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Sh*t’. Pictured left is a Christie’s employee with Banksy’s ‘Soup Can – White/Emerald/Tan’ next to prints of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans. The Banksy work is expected to fetch £60,000 to £80,000 City universities both down in key rankings Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photography 23rd September 2021 TO INCLUDE THE DENNIS SILK COLLECTION An important archive of letters, publications and other material relating to Siegfried Sassoon, an English Poet, writer and solider. All lots online now at lawrences.co.uk The Linen Yard, South Street, Crewkerne TA18 8AB ( 01460 73041 Liam Buckler liam.buckler@reachplc.com Both of Bristol’s universities have fallen in the latest Good University Guide, published by The Times and The Sunday Times. The University of Bristol dropped one place in the guide to 14th, but the University of West of England slipped 15 places to 73rd. Meanwhile, the University of Bath has held its rank of ninth place to remain the top-performing institution in the South West. The University of Gloucestershire was 96th, Bath Spa University 103rd, Hartpury University 112th and the Royal Agricultural University 116th. The guide provides the definitive rankings for UK universities and the most comprehensive overview of UK higher education. It includes profiles of 135 universities, making use of data published in the past two months. The guide says of the University of Bristol: “A degree from Bristol carries weight with employers, and the university achieved another top ten place in the latest High Fliers graduate market report, which reveals the universities most targeted by leading graduate employers. “The surge in student numbers experienced by Bristol since the cap on student numbers was lifted is showing no signs of slowing down. “There were almost seven applications per place in the 2020 admissions cycle, pushing enrolments 37 per cent higher than in 2014, with a similar hike in applications. “The 2021 cycle looks set to be another whopper for Bristol: applications were already 9 per cent higher by the end of March than they were at the same point the year before.” Meanwhile, the guide said of UWE: “Boosting work-ready skills for its graduates is central to activities at UWE Bristol, which has one of the largest internship programmes at any university. “In a recent snapshot of its goings-on, the scheme had almost 11,000 contacts registered across 5,800 organisations and was advertising 370 vacancies. “After stellar results in the National Student Survey (NSS) last year (when UWE Bristol finished sixth for students’ satisfaction with the wider undergraduate experience and 13th for their assessment of teaching quality), there was one of the sharpest downturns during the pandemic year, although scores for both NSS-derived rankings in our table still remain within the UK top 50. “Over the past year, the university created more outdoor covered spaces so that students could connect socially and safely, and added outside catering outlets. “The return to hands-on learning at UWE Bristol’s facilities should help to return satisfaction levels among undergraduates.” After a year of closed campuses and a move to online learning, the guide reveals most universities have seen a dramatic drop in student satisfaction and teaching quality scores in the latest National Student Survey.

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10 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS UK&WORLD NEWS Older people and men ‘at greater risk’ Older people, men and those from ethnic backgrounds are more likely to end up in hospital or die even after they have been double-vaccinated against Covid-19, researchers say. Scientists at Oxford University used a range of data to show that while the risk of severe Covid-19 after vaccination remains low, some people are at greater risk than others. They include older people, those from Indian and Pakistani origin, those from a deprived background, care home residents and people with chronic conditions Craig Charles tests positive for Covid Actor and DJ Craig Charles has said he is self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus. The Red Dwarf star, who hosts the Saturday night Funk and Soul Show on BBC Radio 6 Music, told his followers on Twitter his breathing was laboured, which he described as “a worry”. Charles, 57, is due to take over Shaun Keaveny’s weekday afternoon slot on BBC Radio 6 Music from October. We buy any house! Legal papers may be served on Prince in US The Duke of York may have to acknowledge the civil sex case brought against him following reports a judge has ruled the paperwork can be delivered to Andrew’s US lawyer. Andrew’s legal team contested whether he has been officially notified about Virginia Giuffre’s claim for damages from the duke after she alleges he sexually assaulted her. But newspaper reports suggest the US case judge has ruled Ms Giuffre’s legal team can try delivering the papers to Andrew’s Los Angeles-based lawyer. Historic tower to be demolished New Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has removed the listed status of an industrial landmark, allowing it to be demolished after campaigners thought it had been saved. The Dorman Long Tower, a 1955 brutalist concrete coal bunker, had been given Grade-II status by Historic England and was considered a Teesside landmark. It was only granted listed building status last week. > > Members of medieval music group Maranella (left to right) Jed Armstrong with a 1400-1450 Citole, Marilyn Farrington with a medieval harp, Peter Farrington with a Frame Drum, and Elizabeth Armstrong with English Bag Pipes in the grounds of Bolton Castle in North Yorkshire, ahead of performing during Medieval Music in the Dales, England’s festival of medieval music. The festival takes place in and around Bolton Castle. Danny Lawson Amber list scrapped as travel rules eased WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH Sell in days – or in your timescale No fees & no obligation Any condition or location NAPB approved & RICS regulated GET UP TO £30,000 CASH ADVANCE Call us FREE today for a cash offer available 24/7 0800 031 9071 goodhousemove.co.uk BEST PRICE PAID The traffic light system for international travel is to be scrapped and the number of countries from which returning travellers will be required to quarantine in a hotel is to be cut, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced. From October 4, there will be a single red list of countries from where travellers to England must stay in a Government-supervised hotel - with Turkey, Pakistan and the Maldives all removed from the line-up. People who are fully vaccinated will no longer need a pre-departure test before returning from non-red list destinations, and from later in the month will be able to replace the day two PCR test with a cheaper lateral flow test. In a series of tweets, Mr Shapps said the new “simplified” system aimed to strike “the right balance to manage the public health risk as No.1 priority”. The widely expected move comes amid intense pressure from the travel industry to relax restrictions after another summer hit by coronavirus controls. In a statement, Mr Shapps: Ministers demand action after third M25 demo Government ministers have demanded police take “swift” and decisive action against climate protesters after the M25 was blocked for the third time in a week. Junction 3 at Swanley in Kent, Junction 9 at Leatherhead in Surrey, and Junction 28 near Brentwood in Essex were targeted on Friday morning. Surrey Police said officers arrested 14 people at Junction 9, and Essex Police said 24 were held at junction 28 of the M25 and junction 8 of the M11 where it meets Gavin Cordon Press Association “Today’s changes mean a simpler, more straightforward system. One with less testing and lower costs, allowing more people to travel, see loved ones or conduct business around the world while providing a boost for the travel industry. “Public health has always been at the heart of our international travel policy and with more than eight in 10 adults fully vaccinated in the UK, we are now able to introduce a proportionate updated structure that reflects the new landscape.” The move was welcomed by the chairman of the Commons Transport Committee Hew Merriman. “The committee has called out confusing watchlists and quarantines; criticised the delay in reaping the benefit of the vaccine dividend and puzzled over the high costs and lack of sequencing of PCR tests,” he said. “The need for caution is clear but with 80% of our country now vaccinated, UK travel needs a shot in the arm and this could be it. the A120. Insulate Britain, the group behind the demonstrations, which is demanding Government action on home insulation, claimed 79 people attempted to block the London orbital motorway hours after their release from police custody following similar protests earlier this week. Home Secretary Priti Patel is said to have told police to take “decisive” action to crack down on the protests which brought traffic to a halt. In a call with chief constables - “It’s a relief to see the Government move on these issues and this announcement, timed ahead of October half-term, could have an immediate impact on the UK’s travel industry.” Karen Dee, Airport Operators Association chief executive, said: “The easing of travel restrictions is a good step forward. By reducing complexity and the cost of testing, this should encourage more people to travel this winter and allow airports to see a further uplift in passenger numbers. “However, this last formal checkpoint of the Global Travel Taskforce should have been the time to return to restriction-free travel at a time when nearly all of the population has been vaccinated. Instead, we continue to have a more onerous approach to travel than our European competitors. “Ultimately, we need to return to a situation similar to prior to the pandemic, in which people can travel without further tests or forms to fill out. The UK and devolved governments should aim for this as soon as is safely possible.” including Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick - on Friday Morning, Ms Patel is understood to have reiterated her position and sought assurances as she was updated on the situation. Ms Patel had already criticised the “selfish” protesters, some of whom glued themselves to the road, after they stopped thousands of motorists at four junctions on Britain’s busiest motorway shortly after 8am on Wednesday for the second time in three days.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 11 UK&WORLD NEWS Young ‘acted selfishly’ over Covid – 49% adults Emma: I still can’t get a court! Emma Raducanu has said she “can’t get a tennis court” due to the buzz around the sport after her US Open victory. And after storming to a historic win in New York on Saturday, the 18-year-old sang Sweet Caroline and Mr Brightside on a party bus with her team. But the star, above, revealed she has not thought about her £1.8m prize. She told BBC Breakfast: “After the final it was a really nice moment, I just shared it with my close team back at the hotel. On the way to the hotel after winning and leaving the club there was a party bus going on with music, good tunes and we were all just singing along, and we had a really nice night just talking until early on in the morning, just reflecting on the whole experience.” She added:“I managed to go to some really cool events and places, at the Met Gala I spoke to Lewis Hamilton, which was really cool.” She said she hasn’t yet treated herself to anything with the prize money telling ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I know that tennis is an extremely expensive sport so it will probably go towards that. “I don’t really think of the money side of it, I just love competing. After hearing that tennis facilities around the country are busy following her success, Raducanu said: “Can I say, I can’t get a tennis court either, I still can’t get a court!” Almost half of UK adults believe young people have acted selfishly during the coronavirus pandemic, research has suggested. Some 49% of adults said they feel young people have been selfish by ignoring restrictions on their freedoms because of the lower risk to them. The research, by New Scientist magazine and the Policy Institute at King’s College London (KCL), found 31% believe most youngsters have been selfless in following rules. There was little difference in views across the generations, with younger cohorts also more likely than not to think that young people have acted selfishly. KCL’s Professor Bobby Duffy, who led the research, said all age groups have been “remarkably compliant” and perceptions of selfishness are driven by “fake stereotypes”. For the study, Savanta ComRes surveyed 2,050 UK adults online between August 2 and 9. The results suggest older people are overwhelmingly perceived to have suffered the most, but they are more likely than younger people to report having experienced no negative effects. Some 44% of respond- Jemma Crew Press Association ents feel older people have suffered the most, despite the older generation being roughly twice as likely as younger respondents to say they have suffered no real effects on their lives. Just under half (47%) felt people aged 70 and above were most likely to have reported feeling lonely at the start of the first national lockdown in 2020. Separate research from the Office for National Statistics suggests young people aged 16-24 were most likely to feel lonely at this time. The research marks the publication of Generations, a book by Prof Duffy which explores whether when we are born determines our attitudes to money, sex, religion and politics. He said: “Our perceptions of individual generations and relations between them are driven by fake stereotypes and conflict, fuelled by headlines anticipating coming ‘generational wars’ or selfish behaviour by old or young. “The reality is that all age groups, including the young, have been remarkably compliant with extraordinary restrictions on their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, mostly to protect older and vulnerable people. This has come at significant economic and social costs – but even here we have the wrong impression. “We think it was older groups who were more likely to feel lonely during the lockdowns, but it was young people who suffered from that social isolation much more.” ■■ Unvaccinated university students have been urged to get a Covid jab in freshers’ week to protect themselves and their peers against the virus. The NHS’s top doctor has called on freshers to get the vaccine at pop-up clinics and walk-in centres set up by universities before their courses begin. The plea comes as thousands of students arrive at UK university campuses over the next few weeks. Prof. Stephen Powis, national medical director, NHS England, said: “Starting university is a really exciting time and getting your Covid vaccine means you will be armed with maximum protection against the virus. It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm from young people with more than 3.4 million people aged between 18 and 24 already having their first jab. With many universities set to run pop-ups and walk-ins throughout the first weeks of term it has never been easier to get protected.” The Manor & ashbury hoTels Okehampton | Devon Craft, Sport and Spa HotelS StayCationS for 2022 Selling out faSt BooK noW and reCeiVe 15% OFF When yOu pay in Full By 26/09/21 Quote Spring15 Winter SpeCial any 2 nigHtS or More all WeeKend all Mid-WeeK BreaKS £69 BreaKS £55 per perSon per nigHt plus! Free upgraDe tO caBBeD Buggies (suBject tO availaBility) Free Wine On thursDays anD sunDays (One BOttle BetWeen tWO) Full BOarD all-inclusive meals When paiD in Full By 26/09/21 QuOte reach Book online at manorhousehotel.co.uk or call us on 0800 118 2583 What’s including in your stay: full Board - that’s all of your meals throughout your stay free golf - 27 holes with each night of stay free Hydro SpaS - saunas, steam rooms, hydro pools and more free SportS & leiSure - up to 50 activities every week free Craft tuition - you only pay for consumables in 20 classes free faMily faCilitieS - Fun house, pedal karts, water slides & more *15% offer breaks between 4/09/21 - 30/10/21 & 19/12/21 - 01/01/22 & 10/2/22 - 27/02/22 and all breaks after 30/03/22 | ** Winter special breaks between 31/10/21 - 18/12/21 & 02/01/22 - 09/02/22

12 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS UK&WORLD NEWS WORLD BULLETINS Australia defends submarine pact AustrAliA’s prime minister scott Morrison has rejected Chinese criticism of Australia’s new nuclear submarine alliance with the united states – and said he does not mind that us president Joe Biden might have forgotten his name. China reacted angrily when Mr Biden, Mr Morrison and Prime Minister Boris Johnson used a virtual news conference this week to announce a trilateral defence alliance that will provide Australia with a fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. Chinese foreign affairs spokesperson Zhao lijian said it was “highly irresponsible” for the us and Britain to export the nuclear technology. Mr Morrison said Australia wanted to boost peace and stability in the indo- Pacific region. “Everything we’ve done with the united states is consistent with the partnerships and relationships and alliances we’ve already had with the united states,” Mr Morrison told radio 3AW. Australia’s nearest neighbour after Papua New Guinea, indonesia, was “deeply concerned over the continuing arms race and power projection in the region,” the country said in a statement. singapore prime minister lee Hsien loong told Mr Morrison in a phone call he hoped the deal would “contribute constructively to the peace and stability of the region”. Woman charged with killing 3 girls A 40-yEAr-old woman has been charged with killing three young girls in New Zealand. A local news agency said she was the girls’ mother, a doctor who had just moved to New Zealand from south Africa. Emergency services said that when they responded to an incident at the home in the south island town of timaru they found a woman, who was admitted to hospital in a stable condition. Police said the girls were two-year-old twins and their six-year-old sister. China’s astronauts return home tHrEE Chinese astronauts have returned to Earth after a 90-day stay aboard their nation’s first space station, marking China’s longest mission yet. Nie Haisheng, liu Boming and tang Hongbo landed in the shenzhou-12 spaceship just after 1.30pm local time (6.30am Bst) yesterday after having undocked from the space station on Thursday morning. state broadcaster CCtV showed footage of the spacecraft parachuting to land in the Gobi desert, where it was met by helicopters and off-road vehicles. Wildfire threatens world’s largest tree FirEFiGHtErs wrapped the base of the world’s largest tree in a fire-resistant blanket as they tried to save a famous grove of gigantic old-growth sequoias from wildfires burning in California’s rugged sierra Nevada. The colossal General sherman tree in sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, some other sequoias, the Giant Forest Museum and other buildings were wrapped for protection against the possibility of intense flames, fire spokeswoman rebecca Paterson said. The aluminium wrapping can withstand intensive heat for short periods. Federal officials say they have been using the material for several years throughout the us West to protect sensitive structures from flames. Near lake tahoe, some homes that were wrapped in protective material survived a recent wildfire while others nearby were destroyed. The Colony Fire, one of two burning in sequoia National Park, was expected to reach the Giant Forest, a grove of 2,000 sequoias, at some point within days, fire officials said. US warning over Brexit effect on peace process NANCy Pelosi has said a breakdown in the talks over the Northern ireland Protocol would be “problematic” for a post- Brexit uK-us trade deal. The speaker of the us House of representatives has been critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approach to Northern ireland following Britain’s exit from the European union. The pair discussed the issue in downing street on Thursday and Ms Pelosi expanded on her views about the talks currently under way between the uK and Brussels to resolve issues surrounding the implementation of the protocol. The senior democrat said she felt it would be “very unlikely” for london and Washington to agree the fresh trade terms coveted by the uK Government “if there is destruction Patrick Daly Press Association of the Good Friday accords” as a result of the negotiations. it is not the first time there has been intervention from senior Washington figures about Brexit’s impact on ireland, with us President Joe Biden - who has irish ancestry - and other democrats, such as Ms Pelosi, taking a keen interest in the situation in Northern ireland. At a time when the uK was considering overriding parts of the agreement in 2020, Ms Pelosi made similar comments, warning that Congress would never pass a free trade agreement with the uK if the Government’s actions imperilled the peace process. The uK wants to rewrite the protocol, which avoids a hard border with ireland by effectively keeping Northern ireland in the European union’s single market for goods. The post-Brexit rules have led to trade barriers for goods crossing the irish sea from Great Britain, even with grace periods in place to help goods such as chilled meats continue to be exchanged. Ms Pelosi told a Chatham House event in london she was “glad that more time” had been afforded for talks between the uK and the Eu on how to operate the protocol. But she said there “has to be an agreement” that respects the terms of the peace agreement in Northern ireland or transatlantic relations and the prospect of a trade concord could suffer. “if it takes a little more time, then so be it,” the senior us politician said. “This is not said as any threat, it is a prediction: if there is destruction of the Good Friday accords, it would be very unlikely to have a uK-us bilateral. “We have to have a path that includes it. it would be problematic in terms of a bilateral.” she revealed that Mr Johnson had given her “reading material” about the issues Britain faces around the protocol when they met at No 10 this week. And in the clearest indication yet that the Prime Minister will travel to Washington as part of his trip next week to the us for the united Nations general assembly, Ms Pelosi said she “hopes to host” the Conservative Party leader at the House of representatives, where she will raise any matters that arise from her reading. Navalny app removed from online stores as russian polls open AN app created by allies of imprisoned russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny disappeared from Apple and Google stores yesterday as polls opened across russia for three days of voting in a parliamentary election. russian authorities are seeking to suppress the use of smart Voting, a project designed by Mr Navalny to promote candidates that are most likely to defeat those backed by the Kremlin. This weekend’s election is widely seen as an important part of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to cement his grip on power ahead of the 2024 presidential polls, in which control of parliament will be key. Apple and Google have come under pressure in recent weeks, with russian officials urging them to remove the app, which features smart Voting, saying failure to do so will be interpreted as interference in the election and threatening them with fines. last week, russia’s Foreign Ministry summoned us ambassador John sullivan over the issue. on Thursday, representatives of Apple and Google were invited to a meeting in the upper house of russia’s parliament, the Federation Council. The Council’s commission on protecting state sovereignty said in a statement after the meeting that Apple agreed to cooperate with russian authorities. Apple and Google have not responded to a request for comment.Google was forced to remove the app because it faced legal demands by regulators and threats >the fire burns in Sequoia National Forest. it has burned into the Peyrone Sequoia Grove Noah Berger of criminal prosecution in russia, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter who also said russian police officers visited Google’s offices in Moscow on Monday to enforce a court order to block the app. Kremlin spokesman dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday that the presidential administration “definitely, of course” welcomes the companies’ decision to remove the app, as it comes in compliance with russian laws.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 13 NEWS Security staff shortage scales back market B Ath Christmas Market will be severely scaled back this year because of a national shortage of security staff. Most of the stalls, which were to run for an extra week, will now move online, it was announced yesterday. But there will still be some pitches along Kingston Parade and Abbey Green, as well as an artisan market in Queen Square. Bath and North East Somerset Council said it had been hit by a “double whammy” of Brexit and Covid, making security a struggle. Christmas in Bath will therefore be “reshaped”, with an emphasis on local traders. In a statement, the council said: “The move follows concerns that the national recruitment crisis for security and specialist staff and equipment makes it impossible to run the Bath Christmas Market, which is one of the largest in the country, safely, securely and within reasonable cost.” The new Bath at Christmas programme will now include: ■ A number of festive stalls in Kingston Parade and Abbey Green with priority given to local traders; ■ The independent Bath artisan market in Queen Square; ■ traditional Christmas celebrations around the Abbey Quarter; Weather IMogen MCguCkIn news@westerndailypress.co.uk ■ An illumination trail of the iconic and historic buildings of Bath; ■ A Victorian carousel ride outside of the Roman Baths; ■ Street entertainment and carol singing; There will also be stalls serving traditional Christmas food and drink and a festive light parade. A virtual Bath Christmas Market will be launched online to give all stallholders the opportunity to sell their goods. Cllr Dine Romero, cabinet member for Children and Young People, Communities and Culture, said: “I hope these plans will be welcomed by all who love Bath and who love Christmas. “We have reshaped our Bath at Christmas programme to attract residents and visitors and we hope as many as possible will be able to enjoy this festive programme of events in our beautiful city. “We cannot get around the harsh reality that the supply chain at the moment has been hit by a double whammy of Brexit and Covid which is affecting the logistics and security industries very hard. “We understand in particular that > Most of the stalls at the Bath Christmas Market will now move online Paul Gillis the market for security staff has been hugely depleted as a result of staff finding jobs in other sectors. So, we have reshaped our plans to focus our festivities on attracting residents and visitors in a sustainable way. “Given the exceptional circumstances we are in, my concern is to ensure our wonderful city can celebrate Christmas safely. “This reshaped programme allows us to create a wonderful environment for families and people of all ages and an event that businesses can benefit from after such a difficult year.” Around the Country Today’s Weather Four-Day Outlook Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Carlisle Exeter Gloucester Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Norwich Nottingham Plymouth Swansea Saturday Sunday °C °F °C °F Around the World Amsterdam Beijing Corfu Majorca Mexico City Moscow New Delhi New York Paris Rio Rome Sydney Tokyo cloudy 21 70 rain 18 64 cloudy 22 72 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 21 70 cloudy 18 64 cloudy 18 64 showers 17 63 cloudy 21 70 showers 18 64 cloudy 22 72 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 22 72 showers 18 64 cloudy 20 68 showers 17 63 pcloudy 23 73 cloudy 20 68 cloudy 21 70 showers 18 64 cloudy 23 73 showers 20 68 cloudy 21 70 showers 19 66 cloudy 19 66 pcloudy 18 64 cloudy 20 68 pcloudy 18 64 Saturday Sunday °C °F °C °F cloudy 19 66 overcast 19 67 cloudy 24 75 rain 19 67 pcloudy 26 79 overcast 26 78 rain 27 80 rain 26 78 rain 21 70 rain 21 69 overcast 12 53 cloudy 9 49 rain 32 90 rain 33 92 rain 23 74 sunny 19 67 cloudy 22 72 rain 16 60 rain 27 80 sunny 27 80 rain 28 83 sunny 27 80 overcast 24 76 sunny 22 72 rain 26 78 rain 23 74 Skies will be cloudy today. Afternoon highs will range from 19 to 22C. Sun & Moon Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Truro 6:52 a.m. 7:19 p.m. 6:59 p.m. 3:14 a.m. Almanac Bideford Bristol Cardiff Bideford Plymouth Gloucester Exeter Exeter Gloucester Bristol Taunton Sep. 20 Sep. 28 Oct. 6 Oct. 12 Full Last New First Taunton Yesterday's High (°C/°F) 20/68 20/68 20/68 Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip 11/52 0.00" 11/52 0.00" 14/57 0.00" Truro Yesterday's High (°C/°F) 20/68 20/68 20/68 Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip 12/54 0.00" 10/50 0.00" 10/50 0.00" High Tides Police hunt dog owner after attack PolICE in Cheltenham are appealing for information about a dog walker after a lurcher was attacked by two Staffordshire bull terriers last week. The incident took place at Caernarvon Park between 7am and 8am last Saturday after an unknown man’s Staffies attacked the lurcher called oakley, pictured, causing injuries which required veterinary treatment. oakley’s owner said that a black male and tan female Staffie, which appeared to be called Nala, were off their leads at the time of the attack. They ran over towards oakley before growling and attacking him causing four wounds. one of the wounds was severe as it was very close to the jugular vein in the neck and required quite significant treatment. The owner of the Staffies was asked for his details but told the caller that he would come back with the details but never returned. he was described as being a white man of medium to athletic build who was between 5ft 10ins and 6ft tall. he was believed to be in his 30s or 40s and had short dark hair with facial stubble. Sunday Scattered light rain. 19°C/ 66°F 11°C/ 52°F Monday Partly cloudy. 20°C/ 68°F 9°C/ 48°F Tuesday Cloudy. 19°C/ 66°F 12°C/ 54°F Wednesday Cloudy. 18°C/ 64°F 12°C/ 54°F Saturday Sunday Milford Haven 6.0 5:14 a 6.5 5:36 p ---- ---- 6.4 6:03 a Swansea 8.0 5:19 a 8.6 5:45 p ---- ---- 8.6 6:09 a Cardiff 10.3 5:56 a 11.1 6:23 p ---- ---- 11.3 6:48 a Weston 10.0 5:35 a 10.7 6:01 p ---- ---- 11.0 6:28 a Minehead 8.9 5:15 a 9.5 5:41 p 9.7 6:08 a 10.3 6:29 p Padstow 6.3 4:21 a 6.8 4:44 p 6.7 5:11 a 7.2 5:29 p Newlyn 4.8 3:41 a 5.2 4:00 p 5.1 4:30 a 5.4 4:45 p Falmouth 4.4 4:15 a 4.8 4:30 p 4.7 5:03 a 5.1 5:15 p Plymouth 4.7 4:42 a 5.1 4:58 p 5.0 5:35 a 5.4 5:46 p Torquay 4.2 5:14 a 4.6 5:30 p 4.5 6:06 a 4.9 6:17 p

14 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS ‘Phoenix’ boater rising again after river disaster Imogen McGuckin imogen.mcguckin@reachplc.com > > James has opened a cafe onboard his A man who lost his boat when new boat, Dreckly a sluice gate failed on the River Avon in Bath is thriving again a year after the disaster. James Stuart-Wigley saw his home sucked away when a mechanical fault drained the river, dragging a number of boats downstream. His boat, The Indian Scout, sank and when he returned to rescue his belongings, it looked like “something from a disaster movie”. This week marked one year since the catastrophe and James says he has recovered well from the incident. Now the proud owner of Dreckly, a beautiful narrowboat he managed to buy through crowdfunding, James is thriving. He said: “A lot has happened since the accident. At the time, it was like the end of the world, but I am trying to rebuild things. “We all got compensated at the end of last year, and I was able to buy another boat with the help of a James Stuart-Wigley GoFundMe page. “I have set up a plant-based cafe onboard and have been travelling around southern England in it. “I make vegan cookies, flapjacks, pizzas, and tea, coffee and juice. I’m moored in Oxford and am hoping to start up yoga classes again.” James was a fitness and yoga At the time, it was like the end of the world, but I am trying to rebuild things James Stuart-Wigley instructor before the pandemic but lost his income during lockdown when no classes could be held. Then the sluice gate disaster washed his life down the plughole and he was left with just two pairs of shoes and his beloved dogs. “I have still got the dogs – they are going from strength to strength and loving the bigger boat. I’m a bit like a phoenix, really. “After lockdown, we just wanted to take off and see other parts of the country. “I have been to Leamington Spa, the Midlands, Braunston, Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard. “My friend is doing up the old boat and it has been given a new lease of life,” he added. However, last year’s trauma has left its mark and James admitted he had been afraid to travel on rivers ever since. He said: “I just go on canals now, which is a shame really because I loved the river before. “In March this year, I had to go on the Thames during the storms and I was terrified. “There was a failure the year before last as well, so I would like to know what they’ve done to make the river safe again.” > > James’s wrecked boat after the incident in Bath Paul Gillis The Environment Agency explained the work that had been carried out following the incident. A spokesman said: “The Environment Agency recognised the stress and disruption this incident had on people’s lives and worked with our Local Resilience Forum partners to reduce this as quickly as possible. “The situation involved an urgent need to look after boat owners’ welfare and wellbeing, as well as leading the operation to refloat all the affected canal boats. “We organised temporary accommodation, welfare, security, boat inspection and compensation for the boat owners. “We set up community meetings and issued regular updates to everyone impacted.” The agency said since the incident it had taken a number of measures, including: ■■ independently reviewing the existing site infrastructure; ■■ implementing all recommendations to the control system and gate itself; ■■ monitoring the gate and the river levels, with a 24-hour site presence; ■■ liaising with the boating community and listening to feedback on the incident. The spokesman said: “We recognise our initial response could be improved, so we are prioritising training with our incident responders and carrying out joint training also with our partners.” NEWS IN BRIEF ‘Racist’ face mask taken off shelves A pharmacy has apologised for stocking a “racially insensitive” mask that makes skin “whiter” after a horrified customer complained. The Whitening Facial Essence Mask was on sale at Westbury Pharmacy, in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, which removed the product. Made by Korean company Purederm, it was available for £3.87 at the store. The packaging for the mask offered “visibly whitening, anti-aging and moisturising treatment”. A complaint was made by a customer who spotted it for sale. The pharmacy’s director, Mitul Patel, said he was unaware the item was being stocked. He said the product was “appalling” and “racially insensitive” and he would remove it from the store’s shelves straightaway. Council throws out housing plan AN outline planning application for 28 homes at the Gold Hill Business Park at Gold Hill, Child Okeford, has been refused by Dorset Council. The application, for the Beehive Self Storage Company site, had attracted almost 100 letters – the majority against the scheme. It is the second proposal for housing on the site to have been turned down. The council decided that to build there would be unsustainable, with limited access to local services for future occupiers, and would result in a harmful impact on the surrounding area, including the setting of Hambledon Hill. The site has previously been the subject of a planning appeal. An inspector dismissed an application for 68 homes, saying the site was unsustainable and there was no clear need to release land for housing outside the defined development area, and that building would affect the setting. Six fire crews at major barn blaze Two barns caught fire and triggered an emergency response at a Somerset farm. The blaze broke out in Ash, near Martock, on Thursday afternoon. Six fire crews went to the scene and found two barns and a large haystack ablaze. About 500 tonnes of hay caught fire as well as the two barns, one of which contained cattle. Near the barn was a diesel tank containing 10,000 litres of fuel. The blaze was extinguished by 5.30pm.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 15 Man who threw missiles at police during riot jailed staff reporter news@westerndailypress.co.uk A 41-year-old man has been jailed for five years after admitting a charge of riot relating to the violence in Bristol city centre in March. Benjamin Rankin, of no fixed address, appeared at Bristol Crown Court yesterday for sentencing. During the riot on March 21, Rankin threw missiles at officers, threw a bike into a fire that had engulfed a police van and tried to get into a police vehicle as an officer tried to drive it away from the rioters. Judge James Patrick said the riot saw missiles thrown at officers and police vans attacked, demobilised and set on fire. He said: “Officers were attacked and dragged into the crowd, separated from their colleagues. It is fortunate they were not more seriously hurt. “Your behaviour was criminal and far exceeded anything that can be described as a lawful protest. “You have pleaded guilty to the offence of riot. You were on a roof of > > A police van engulfed in fire on March 21 and, right, Benjamin Rankin the police station throwing missiles, someone was setting fire to the van and you provided cover to try and prevent him from being identified. “The dehumanisation of officers is a big factor in this case and your remorse shows you have some empathy.” The judge added that had Rankin been found guilty following a trial, the sentence would have been six years and nine months. Ch Supt Carolyn Belafonte said: “Benjamin Rankin took part in some of the worst violence and disorder seen in Bristol for many years. “He should be thoroughly ashamed of the role he played in the riot and for the fear and anxiety he caused within our communities. “A total of 80 people have been arrested so far in what continues to be the largest investigation ever carried out by our force. “To date, 35 people have been charged, but this is far from over and all those people who instigated and took part in this wanton violence should be brought to justice for their shameful actions. “A total of 37 people remain on our online gallery and we still need the public’s help to identify them.” NEWS XR protest outside West MP’s office Climate activists staged a protest outside MP Marcus Fysh’s office in Yeovil. The members of the South Somerset Extinction Rebellion group held placards on Thursday, demanding greater action on the climate emergency and an end to the use of fossil fuels. This comes after a major UN report earlier this year said human activity was altering the climate in unprecedented – and in some instances irreversible – ways, in what was described as a “code red for humanity”. The scientific study warned of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding, and a key temperature limit being broken in just over a decade. Amanda Acland, an activist at the Yeovil demonstration, said: “We invite everyone to come to the table and take part in the kind of grown-up conversations that the government, the media and industry are refusing. When those in positions of power fail us, it is the responsibility of the people to step up.” The group hopes to draw attention to proposals to build new gas-fuelled power stations in Yeovil and Crewkerne. Looking to boost your bookings this Christmas? Get in touch today content.reachsolutions.co.uk/christmas

16 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Sprout’s in flying form for 75th milestone The renowned wetland centre at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire celebrated its 75th anniversary this week. And to mark the occasion, Sprout, a pink-backed African pelican, performed a flying display. The event at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre focused on the past, present and future of WWT’s conservation work, and Sprout performed at the opening of the new Living Wetland Theatre. Seventy-five years ago, WWT was just an idea in the mind of founder, Sir Peter Scott. Slimbridge was the first WWT wetland centre to open in 1946 and it now covers 1,000 acres of exhibits and internationally important wetlands. More than 250,000 visitors a year visit the centre to connect with nature, and it is the heart of WWT’s pioneering conservation breeding work. In 2016, WWT received £4.5 million Lottery funding towards a £6 million project to continue this work in memory of Sir Peter Scott. WWT has now built six new exhibits at Slimbridge, including the Living Wetland Theatre and Waterscapes Aviary – the largest exhibit, dedicated to engaging visitors in wetland conservation. > > Sprout, a pink-backed African pelican, performing a flying display at the WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre PAUL NICHOLLS New centre at hospital ‘a real positive’ A new therapies centre has opened to patients at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. The purpose-built centre brings together the hospital’s inpatient occupational therapy, physiotherapy and orthotics teams. It is one part of Musgrove 2030 – an ambitious programme to transform the hospital’s facilities and ensure people are cared for in the right place to meet their health needs. The therapies centre has an examination suite and an area where patients can get used to daily living activities before they are discharged from hospital. It also has a gym space, where assessments of patients can be made by a team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists, and the hospital’s orthotics department has also moved into the new building. There is an office space for clinicians, professional leads and administrative colleagues to use as a single base. Patricia Acton, clinical lead for physiotherapy at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be opening this new centre, which has been designed for the needs of a modern therapies department.” She added: “It has a fresh and bright feel, which is a real positive for both the patients who visit here and our therapy teams working here.” Legal threat fails to stop Saxonvale plan approval Daniel Mumby Local Democracy Reporter A > > Artist’s impression of the public square within the Saxonvale regeneration scheme Image: Acorn Property Group major Somerset regeneration scheme has been narrowly approved for a second time – despite the imminent threat of legal action. Mendip District Council has been working with the Acorn Property Group to regenerate the Saxonvale brownfield site in Frome town centre, through a mixture of housing, commercial uses and public open space. The council’s planning board voted to approve outline plans for the scheme in January, subject to legal agreements being signed, and work to clear the site using a grant from Homes England began last month. The board has now given its backing to the scheme for a second time in light of new planning policies being approved – and in spite of the alternative Mayday Saxonvale bid team threatening the council with a judicial review. The Saxonvale site includes a large number of disused industrial buildings. There are plans for up to 300 homes for the site as well as up to 45,000 sq ft of commercial space to be set aside for shops, cafes and restaurants. The ‘western warehouse’ on the current site is expected to become an arts and heritage venue. Mayday Saxonvale has served the council with a ‘pre-action protocol letter’, which lays out the grounds on which a possible judicial review may be requested. Its director, Damon Moore, said the council’s officers had “misrepresented” key planning policies at the January meeting, arguing that the We do not believe that such a critical development should be imposed on Frome Paul Oster Acorn scheme was “clearly in breach” of policies regarding both affordable housing levels and employment land allocation. He added: “This plan fundamentally fails to deliver the town centre employment space that Frome desperately needs.” Mayday Saxonvale’s alternative vision for the site includes a lido and a new site for St John’s School. Fellow director, Paul Oster, said: “We are appealing to members of the planning board to give the Mayday Saxonvale scheme a fair hearing. “We do not believe that such a critical development should be imposed on Frome, if there is a realistic, viable alternative that safeguards the social and economic priorities of our town.” Acorn released a statement following the meeting, welcoming the reapproval of the scheme and promising rapid progress on the development site. A spokesman said: “We will now focus on finalising the first reserved matters application for the mixeduse development, which will be submitted this winter, and we will prepare to re-engage and consult with local residents and the business community. “It is important that we create a new sense of place as early as possible; therefore, the first phase will prioritise the public open space, park facilities, footpaths and footbridge to connect with Rodden Meadow.”

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 17 NEWS ‘Out of practice’ freshers advised on safe drinking healthlottery.co.uk play in-store | app | online > > Bristol City Council’s Carly Heath wants people to ‘take care’ A new campaign has been launched to promote responsible drinking and safety among university freshers who, because of the lockdown, are “out of practice”… at boozing. The warnings have been issued for new students who have forgotten how to drink sensibly and stay safe in pubs. Lockdowns and closures mean many may not have socialised in bars and clubs before and may be unaware of the risks of going out at night. Bristol Rules is a new poster campaign led by the city council and backed by universities and venues. The hope is that freshers and older students will take more care while out and make sure their friends get home safely. Carly Heath, Bristol City Council’s night-time economy adviser, told the BBC: “This year is particularly magnified because we’ve got two years’ worth of 18-year- Ollie Buckley news@westerndailypress.co.uk olds hitting the clubs for the first time. “It’s making sure that they consume alcohol within moderate limitations when they go out, not abandoning their friends and making sure that they will get home together, and giving them the confidence to call out bad behaviour when they see it.” Before the pandemic struck, Bristol would normally have seen the population swell by 40,000 to 50,000 during term-time as people began or continued their university or college courses. Lockdown restrictions for nightclubs were lifted in July, and so far in Bristol many events have either sold out or are near capacity, making it feel like “a normal season”, Ms Heath told the BBC. “Many of us are excited to be back out with friends old and new, but we’re out of practice going out to socialise, and tolerances may have reduced. “We know that fresher season is always chaotic, but in a good way in nightlife in Bristol. “The campaign messaging is there to welcome people back and to act as a reminder for people to take it easy, take care of themselves and the people they are with and keep an eye out for others to make sure everyone is having a good time.” She claimed Bristol was the first city in the UK to put together this type of poster and billboard campaign. The project has been paid for via the England European Regional Development Fund. “We also expect that some of the posters will come down and end up on the bedroom walls, as tends to happen during freshers season, so we will do another run to make sure they stay up and they will be on billboards across the city,” added Ms Heath. Worker trapped in machinery at school site A worker was seriously injured when he became trapped in machinery on a building site at a school. An air ambulance, as well as police and fire vehicles, rushed to Shirehampton Primary School in Bristol yesterday. The school reassured anxious parents in a statement, stating that no child has been hurt in the incident. A South West Ambulance Service spokesperson said they were called out at 10.43am to treat a middle-aged man with “serious injuries”. The spokesperson added: “We allocated multiple resources including our Hazardous Area Response Team and an air ambulance.” Avon Fire and Rescue said in a statement: “Crews from Avonmouth and Southmead were called at 10.49am to St Mary’s Walk, Shirehampton. On arrival they found one casualty trapped in machinery. “Firefighters used hydraulic equipment to rescue the casualty from the machinery.” Avon and Somerset police said that the patient had been working onsite as a contractor. A spokesperson said: “We’re assisting the fire and ambulance service at the scene of an incident in the grounds of Shirehampton Primary School. The man has been taken to hospital and inquiries are ongoing at the scene in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive. No other persons were involved.” Players must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply. Excludes NI. The Health Lo ttery operates 5 main lo ttery draws per week (Tue-Sat) each with a jackpot of £25,000. Every £1 line for any Wednesday or Saturday main lot tery draw will also automa tically be entered into the appropriate £100,000 free prize draw which also take place on those days. All players matching 5 numbers in the free draw will win an equal share of the prize. The Health Lo ttery scheme manages 12 society lot teries that operate in rotat ion and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain. This month’s society lot tery is Health Lo ttery North West. For more details on which society lot tery is running each month please visit www.healthlottery.co.uk or ask your Health Lo ttery retailer. The Health Lo ttery logo is a registered trademark of The Health Lot tery Ltd.

18 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS Hop growers go fruity to halt the US charge A Worcestershire hop grower has teamed up with a Derbyshire brewery and retailer Tesco on the first of a series of “all-British-grown” IPA-style beers aimed at halting the charge of imported ingredients from America. Newland-based hop factor and merchant Charles Faram has been on a 10-year mission to modernise the flavour of British hops through natural cross-breeding programmes, making some varieties “fruitier” to compete with US-grown competitors used in East and West Coast IPAs. Traditional hop-growing areas including Kent, Herefordshire and Worcestershire have faced increasing competition in recent years from New World hops brought in from the US, Australia and New Zealand, as younger drinkers demanded bolder new tastes. Paul Corbett, managing director of grower-owned merchant Charles Faram, which has been operating for more than 150 years, said: “We have Matthew Cooper news@westerndailypress.co.uk to move with the times in terms of current beer tastes but this shouldn’t be at the expense of the great and historic British hop industry. “British hops used in the UK travel fewer miles from farm to brewery so have a lower carbon footprint than most imported hops. By choosing British hops we support the local economy – everyone from the farmer to those who work on the farms, to those who service the tractors and the picking machines.” Charles Faram is supplying four hop varieties – Jester, Harlequin, Mystic and Olicana – to the Buxton Brewery to flavour the 6.8% ABV Brithop, billed as a modern all-British-grown hop IPA. Figures show the amount of hops imported from the US grew from around 1,642 metric tonnes in 2006 to 1,973 metric tonnes last year, while UK hop production slipped back from 1,410 tonnes to 924 over the same period. The growing thirst for IPA styles of craft beer, which have relied heavily on US hop varieties, is said to be responsible for part of the decline. As well as direct-from-brewery sales, Brithop is hitting the shelves at 800 Tesco stories as the first in a series of beer launches the retailer hopes will help to “re-popularise” British hops. Geoff Quinn, managing director at > > Traditional hop-growing areas including Kent, Herefordshire and Worcestershire have faced increasing competition in recent years from New World hops Buxton Brewery, said: “As brewers who believe in great tasting, fresh, locally-brewed British beers we feel that using locally-grown ingredients is a key part of the process. “We feel that these new modern British hop varieties could be the very beginning of more UK brewers using more locally grown varieties, and we would very much like to be pioneers by using them in a range of modern craft IPAs.” Tesco craft beer buyer, Luke O’Connor, said the development of new “fruitier-tasting” British hops could herald a fightback by homegrown varieties. He said there was a bitter irony because IPAs, made with New World hops, which were helping fuel the craft beer boom, were originally created in Britain with British hops 200 years ago. “We hope that the launch of this refreshing and modern tasting new British hopped ale could help kickstart that revival,” he added. FREE ISSUE OF MAGAZINE WORTH £1.70 HOW TO CLAIM: Simply cut out the voucher and present it at any major retailer to get your free copy of The People’s Friend magazine. This offer is valid until Tuesday September 21 2021, while stocks last. Please read the terms and conditions on the voucher before redemption. For any queries relating to this promotion please email ceadmin@dcthomson.co.uk. Get your weekend off to a great start with this exclusive offer to claim the latest edition of The People’s Friend! If you’re in the mood for some feel-good reading, this issue has seven original short stories by favourite authors, and two exclusive serial instalments, plus a new episode of the much-loved soap, “Riverside”, by bestselling author Glenda Young From expert health advice to practical gardening hints and tips from regular columnist Alexandra Campbell and puzzles/brain teasers to keep your mind active, the “Friend” is the perfect companion to spend an hour or two with – just sit back, put your feet up and relax! So make sure you don’t miss out and visit your local retailer to get your free copy!

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20 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS NEWS West council rejects plan for 50 homes A DEVELOPMENT of 50 houses in Malmesbury has been unanimously rejected by Wiltshire Council. Stonewater Housing Association and White Lion Land had bid to build the development on land off park road in the town. At the latest meeting of the strategic planning committee meeting, councillors voted to knock back the plans on a number of grounds. Town councillor Kim Powers and Malmesbury mayor Paul Smith, as well as councillor and Wiltshire Area Localism and Planning Group (WALPA) leader Campbell Ritchie all asked the committee to uphold the sanctity of the neighbourhood plan. Due to Wiltshire’s lack of a housing land supply, there is a balance in favour of development, and thus officers recommended the scheme for approval – a fact quoted by Tom Cole for the applicants when asking for approval. Cllr Pip Ridout said there was a drainage team concern over flooding at the site, and asked how can the committee can make a decision without seeing the detail and asked if it would come back to strategic planning to scrutinise Chairman of the committee, Cllr Howard Greenman asked if there was a five-year land supply would this bid have been recommended for approval. To which Mike Wilmott, head of development management, said no. Cllr Gavin Grant, who represents Malmesbury, said the neighbourhood plan was an extraordinary achievement by the community, added: “This matters so much. Do not let the people of Malmesbury down. They have already accepted what housing they were asked to take. They’ve accepted with good grace the decision made by this committee for a further 70 houses above the neighbourhood plan. “Do not undermine the principles of the neighbourhood plan. Do not undermine the principles of a planning led approach.” Cllr Tony Trottman said the benefits of the scheme did not outweigh its adverse impact and proposed that the committee refuse the plans, which was seconded by Cllr Sarah Gibson. Cllr Greenman added that the council should not claw to approve every scheme just because of a shortfall in land supply and does not want developers to consider Wiltshire as ‘easy pickings’. “What I do not want is a strategic planning committee that is spitting in the face of the Malmesbury neighbourhood planning team,” he said. At the vote, councillors voted unanimously to oppose the development. After the meeting, Malmesbury mayor, Cllr Smith said: “No doubt it will go to appeal.” Strip club reprieve – but ban proposal still looms > > Above and below right, Central Chambers strip club in Bristol A strip club has won the right to operate for another year despite a proposed ban in Bristol and dozens of objections from women’s rights campaigners. Central Chambers in St Stephen’s Street had its annual application for a sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licence granted by Bristol city councillors on Thursday, September 16. But public consultation is in the pipeline for the local authority’s controversial draft licensing policy including a “nil cap” on lap-dancing clubs, which would prohibit such establishments anywhere in the city. Licensing sub-committee members were told 67 objections had been received to Central Chambers’ renewal application. Bristol Women’s Commission chairwoman Penny Gane told the City Hally hearing: “In the case of SEVs, including the one seeking the licence today, women’s bodies are objectified for the sexual gratification of men. Bristol City Council has a duty to uphold equality law, yet it is this committee of the council that has enabled harmful attitudes towards women. The women’s commission is asking you now to end the support of these practices.” She said many women avoided the area near the club because they felt unsafe. Another objector said: “The dehumanisation of women makes it easier for men to behave violently towards women.” Adam Postans Local Democracy Reporter She said the harms caused were to all women and not just those in the club. Barrister Philip Kolvin QC, representing Central Chambers, said: “The dancers are strong, independent women who are capable of making their own choices and are both protected and in control. They regard themselves as feminists. Feminism fails when it tells a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.” He said there were no objections from any authorities, including the police, licensing and environmental health. “There is a very good reason for that – the applicant company and its owners and managers are of impeccable character,” he said. “The conditions on the SEV and premises licence are observed, as are the codes of conduct for customers and dancers which are designed for public protection. “The house rules are clearly understood and they are applied rigorously by the vigilant management team. There is a no-contact rule. It’s strictly enforced. “The premises do not cause crime and disorder in the vicinity or more widely.” Mr Kolvin said the Hale family, who have run the venue for 19 years without issues, were of “impeccable character”. He said: “They generate a family atmosphere around the workers. The dancers are valued, respected and protected. It is a female-led venue.” Mr Kolvin said some of the objectors were more concerned with whether lap-dancing was good or bad for society. “Parliament has had that debate and it has decided lap-dancing is a lawful activity,” he said. “These objections are just not relevant to this committee. “I am conscious there is a political debate being had in this city but this is not a debate for you to have today. “This is not a meeting to determine whether sexual entertainment should be permitted. It only concerns these premises and the regulatory tests under the legislation.” He said no Core City, of which Bristol is one, had a nil cap of SEVs. Mr Kolvin said the venue was open for topless and fully nude performances after 9pm, which require a licence, but that it was open in the day for private functions and activities that did not, including tea parties with a male butler and naked life-drawing classes. A council licensing officer told the panel there were no statutory grounds for refusal, and the panel ruled there was also no reason to reject the licence on discretionary grounds, such as the club’s location or the applicants’ suitability. Sub-committee chairwoman Cllr Fi Hance said: “We are assessing the application against current policy as it stands. “There was insufficient reason not to grant.”

WESTON-SUPER-MARE 25 SEPT TIVERTON 26 SEPT MINEHEAD 02 OCT NAILSEA 09 OCT TEIGNMOUTH 16 OCT BURNHAM-ON-SEA 23 OCT CLEVEDON 30 OCT A t a l l o u r e v e n t s y o u c a n b u y l o c a l f o o d & d r i n k d i r e c t f r o m t h e p r o d u c e r s i n a s a f e , o r g a n i s e d , o u t d o o r s e t t i n g F r e s h g o o d f o o d h a s n e v e r b e e n s o i m p o r t a n t f o r o u r h e a l t h a n d t h e s t r e n g t h o f o u r c o m m u n i t y W W W . E A T F E S T I V A L S . O R G e a t : L o c a l e a t : S e a s o n a l e a t : F e s t i v a l s

22 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS BUSINESS Shop sales fall for fourth month in row UK retail sales dropped in August for the fourth consecutive month as grocery sales were impacted by more people returning to restaurants and pubs, according to official figures. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said retail sales volumes dropped by 0.9% last month, following a 2.8% fall in July. However, retail sales volumes remain 4.6% ahead of pre-pandemic levels. The drop in sales for August came as a surprise to analysts, who had forecast a 0.7% increase for the month. It represents the first time since 1996 that retail sales have dropped for four months in a row. Jonathan Athow, ONS deputy national statistician for economic statistics, said: “Sales fell again in August, though not nearly as much as in July, and, overall, remained above their pre-pandemic level. “Other data suggest that the drop in food stores’ sales is linked to an increase in eating out following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. “Meanwhile, motor fuel sales increased on the month as people ventured out more, but they remained below pre-pandemic levels.” Food store sales slipped by 1.2% for the month, with many shoppers returning to pre-pandemic habits. It comes as data from Open Table has shown that restaurant reservations picked up last month while credit card providers highlighted a rebound in social spending. Meanwhile, non-food stores reported a 1% decline in sales volumes, driven partly by department stores, which saw a 3.7% plunge for the month. Motor fuel sales volumes rose by 1.5% for the month as people continued to increase their amount of travel, although this remains below prepandemic levels. The ONS also highlighted that, in the two weeks to August 22, around 6.5% of retailers said they were unable to get the materials, goods or services they needed due to ongoing supply chain challenges. Department stores highlighted the biggest difficulties, with 18.2% of these companies stressing issues. Meanwhile, 22% of food stores said they were able to source products they needed but had to change suppliers or find alternative solutions. Erin Brookes, managing director at Alvarez & Marsal’s European retail and consumer practice, said: “These figures should remind retailers to start planning for Christmas, which could be one of the most exciting on record, especially given restrictions last year. “It will be critical to understand consumer demands and solidify nimble and responsive supply chains, which are only as strong as their weakest link.” > > Start-up Business of the Year – sponsored by Visit Gloucestershire – winners Prosperity Care and Wellbeing Ltd Anna Lythgoe Celebrating business in a year like no other The winners of the 2021 GloucestershireLive Business Awards have been announced at a special event at the Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse. The black-tie ceremony, which recognised the outstanding achievements of the county’s business community, was hosted by magician and television presenter Ben Hanlin, who dazzled guests with his mindboggling tricks. The winners included individuals and companies from across a wide range of sectors – from technology to engineering to retail to the public sector – who have managed to succeed despite a year like no other. The headline sponsors, chartered accountancy firm Randall & Payne, also returned to support the event – now in its 23rd year – for the tenth time. Pennon’s takeover of Bristol Water facing competition probe The competition watchdog has said it will assess whether Pennon’s plans to buy Bristol Water could reduce competition in the water industry. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) officials will examine the deal, which valued Bristol Water at £814 million when it was announced in June. Officials will first look at whether the takeover creates what they call a “relevant merger situation” and, if so, if that might result in a “substantial lessening of competition within any market or markets in the United Kingdom for goods or services”. hannah baker hannah.baker@reachplc.com Tim Watkins, managing partner of Randall & Payne, said: “A win this year feels even more momentous after last year’s awards had to be cancelled due to such difficult circumstances. “It’s been such a special evening celebrating the success and resilience of our business community. Congratulations to all the winners – and the finalists should also feel extremely proud of their achievement.” A special recognition award for the great work of the NHS in Gloucestershire during the pandemic was presented to Peter Lachecki, chair of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of all the 9,000 NHS workers in the county. The wording is standard for any takeover the CMA decides to investigate and many inquiries are dropped after these initial checks. The CMA can also block the deal or force the buyer to dispose of some parts of their business if they want approval. However, more unusually, the watchdog has to make a separate assessment when two water companies merge. The CMA will assess whether the deal “is likely to prejudice (water regulator) Ofwat’s ability, in carrying out its functions, to make comparisons between water enterprises”. A lifetime achievement award, sponsored by British Bespoke Auctions, was also presented on the night to Dr Diane Savory, OBE DL, chair at Gloucestershire local enterprise partnership GFirst LEP. Reach Plc regional editor, Emma Slee, said: “Congratulations to all the winners. Last night we celebrated the achievements of businesses in the most challenging of circumstances. “Our businesses may look quite different to two years ago – and they may operate differently – but innovation and evolution are shining brightly and demonstrating that we will not be beaten. I was proud to be in the room with so many innovators, so many determined and persistent pioneers, so many people who have rolled with the punches and refused to admit defeat.” The CMA invited comments before October 1. Bristol Water presented a chance for Pennon to spend some of the £4.2 billion it raised from selling its waste management business last year. The company, which has 1.2 million customers, was valued at £814 million, but, once its debts were factored in, Pennon paid £425 million in cash. When announcing the deal in June, Pennon said it would also return £1.9 billion to shareholders through a special dividend and buying back shares. winners ■■ Business of the Year, sponsored by Randall & Payne: Spirax Sarco ■■ Family Business of the Year, sponsored by WSP Solicitors: Badham Pharmacy ■■ Small Business of the Year, sponsored by Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre: Leaf Creative Design ■■ Start-Up Business of the Year, sponsored by Visit Gloucestershire: Prosperity Care and Wellbeing ■■ Business Innovation Award, sponsored by University of Gloucestershire: Fire & Flow Coffee ■■ Best Place to Work Award, sponsored by Murdock & Wasley Estate Agents: Vanessa Arbuthnott Fabrics ■■ Corporate Social Responsibility Award, sponsored by Cresco Globe: The Beeswax Wrap Co ■■ Best Employee Award, sponsored by Spirax Sarco: Paul Dixon, Mill House Care and Dementia Care Home ■■ Business in the Face of Adversity Special Award, sponsored by EESI Group Services: The Cheltenham Trust ■■ Local Business Hero, sponsored by Wembley Partners: Paul Dixon, Mill House Care & Dementia Home ■■ Young Business Person of the Year, sponsored by Renishaw plc: Oliver Bruce, PinPoint Media ■■ GloucestershireLive Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by British Bespoke Auctions: Dr Diane Savory, OBE DL, chair at Gloucestershire local enterprise partnership GFirst LEP ■■ Special Recognition Award for the great work of the NHS in Gloucestershire during the Covid-19 pandemic: Gloucestershire NHS, accepted by Peter Lachecki, chair of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of all the 9,000 NHS workers in the county. A win this year feels even more momentous after last year’s awards had to be cancelled Tim Watkins, Randall & Payne MANAGING PARTNER At the time, Pennon boss Susan Davy said: “The acquisition of Bristol Water brings great people and a great business to Pennon and I am hugely excited about building a future together. “We see attractive opportunities to continue to invest in the Bristol Water business, to deliver enhanced resilience and water security to benefit customers in Bristol and beyond. “This latest acquisition, building on a strong heritage and history, firmly cements Pennon as one of the leading UK water and waste water companies.”

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 23 Shares West Stocks highlighted Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Price +/- Year Year High Low Aerospace & Defence Avon 1780 -10 4625 1763 BAE 5601/4 +6 5825/8 397 Chemring Group 309 -51/2 338 228 Meggitt 7363/8 +23/8 8391/4 252 QinetiQ 3341/4 +51/4 356 2363/8 Rolls-Royce 111 +2 2433/4 691/2 Senior 1591/4 -23/8 1811/8 427/8 Ultra Electronics 3200 +60 3370 1856 Banks Barclays 1823/4 + 1891/8 911/2 HSBC Hldgs 376 +71/8 4551/2 2833/8 Lloyds Banking Gp 45 +1/4 50 24 NatWest Group 213 +1 2201/8 933/8 Standard Chartered 442 +3/4 5215/8 3363/4 Beverages Barr (AG) 540 +5 582 3721/2 Britvic 893 -20 1006 728 Diageo 3458 -9 36351/2 24861/2 Chemicals Carclo 40 +3/8 683/4 121/8 Croda International 8964 -180 9304 5860 Elementis 154 +1/4 1613/4 721/4 Johnson Matthey 2678 -22 3300 2149 Porvair 660 -10 690 485 Synthomer 5061/2 -3 564 3043/8 Victrex 2484 -38 2706 1825 Zotefoams 430 +10 500 360 Construction & Materials Balfour Beatty 2781/4 +3/4 3223/4 2083/4 Boot (Henry) 274 -1 289 234 Costain 601/2 +1/2 693/8 325/8 CRH 3642 -106 3921 2636 Galliford Try 1745/8 -43/8 179 70 Gleeson MJ 820 900 518 Keller Group 1028 +31 1028 506 Kier Group 1225/8 -2 133 431/2 Kingspan Group 965/8 -5/8 973/4 53 Marshalls 807 -121/2 845 569 Morgan Sindall Gp 2510 -45 2685 1088 NMCN 1135/8 335 1135/8 TClarke 172 -7 183 793/8 Electricity Drax Gp 4755/8 -13/8 477 255 SSE 16341/2 -401/2 1675 1171 Electronic & Electrical Eq Dialight 380 +13 380 238 Halma 3024 -20 3062 2194 Morgan Advanced 3911/2 +1 4121/2 210 Oxford Instruments 2450 +10 2680 1524 Renishaw 5435 -65 6900 4774 Ross Group 33/8 +1/8 41/8 1 Spectris 3973 +18 4034 2380 TT Electronics 277 -1/2 290 170 Volex 4581/2 -1 4931/2 1701/2 Xaar 200 +83/8 2581/2 81 XP Power 5370 +140 5700 3960 Equity Inv Instruments Aberdeen Diversified 101 +1 1021/2 873/4 Aberforth Smaller Cos 1548 -6 1612 801 Alliance Trust 1018 -4 1044 792 AVI Global Trust 1004 -6 1014 726 Bankers IT 1161/4 +1 1191/4 98 BlackRock Wld Mining 520 -14 691 3871/2 Caledonia Investment 3455 +25 3460 2405 City of London IT 388 -11/2 4021/2 308 Edinburgh Inv Tst 605 -5 643 434 Electra Private Equity 590 670 1721/4 F&C Investment 886 +2 898 663 Fidelity Eur 3181/2 -2 331 244 JP Morgan Japan IT 719 -7 739 566 JPM Euro IT Gwth 356 -10 374 2551/2 Merchants Trust 524 -10 542 325 Middlefield Canadian 107 -1/4 113 771/4 Monks Inv Tst 1444 +10 1484 1078 Murray Income Tst 899 -10 952 700 RIT Cap Partners 2625 -10 2690 1784 Scottish Inv Tst 744 -2 827 681 Scottish Mortgage 13911/2 +7 1415 942 Temple Bar IT 1030 -16 1172 637 Templeton Emerging Mkts 1835/8 +5/8 2143/8 1641/4 Witan Inv Tst 2471/2 +1 252 1821/4 Fixed Line Telecoms BT Group 1561/8 +11/2 2055/8 977/8 Telecom Plus 1010 -6 1494 1010 Food & Drug Retailers Greggs 2978 +33 3117 1119 Morrison (WM) 2933/4 +23/4 2933/4 1613/4 Sainsbury (J) 2823/8 +3/8 340 1901/4 Tesco 256 -11/4 2583/8 203 Food Producers Anglo-East Plantations 660 +5 724 4671/2 Assoc Brit Foods 1890 +11/2 2494 16391/2 Carrs Group 154 -7 1671/2 943/4 Cranswick 3746 -72 4148 3200 Devro 219 +21/2 2271/2 1463/8 Glanbia 15 +3/4 151/4 73/4 Greencore Gp 1343/8 +11/4 1703/4 891/4 Kerry Group A 120 -53/4 1293/8 1001/4 Premier Foods 1183/8 -1/4 1221/4 841/4 REA Hldgs 61 671/2 50 Tate & Lyle 6723/4 -193/8 8153/4 5951/4 Unilever 3918 -28 4892 3733 Forestry & Paper Mondi 19031/2 -671/2 2068 1463 General Financial 3i Group 12851/2 -7 1339 9213/8 Brewin Dolphin 390 +2 406 2251/2 Close Bros Group 1574 +10 1685 9461/2 Coats Group 761/4 +25/8 793/4 503/4 Hargreaves Lansdown14241/2 -2 1788 13481/2 IG Group 8441/2 -21/2 9521/2 750 Intermediate Cap 2176 -62 2340 1141 Investec 2831/4 -1 3113/4 127 IP Group 1413/4 +3/4 1551/4 735/8 London Stock Exchange 8010 -130 9852 6914 Man Group 211 +1/2 2191/8 1071/2 Paragon 5501/2 +6 570 294 Provident Finl 339 -6 3603/4 184 Rathbone Brothers 2010 -15 2065 1414 Schroders 3837 -34 3871 2603 Schroders NV 2625 +30 2735 1770 TP ICAP 1621/2 +31/2 2873/8 158 General Industrials Smith (DS) 4537/8 -43/4 4621/4 2711/8 Smiths Group 13711/2 -50 1661 13041/2 General Retailers Brown (N) 513/4 -1/4 797/8 441/8 Caffyns 525 525 270 Dixons Carphone 1351/4 1591/4 871/2 Dunelm Group 1465 +22 1561 1141 French Connection 223/8 +1/2 271/2 51/8 Halfords 3083/4 +43/4 435 177 Howden Joinery Gp 9603/4 -25/8 9633/8 5515/8 Inchcape 850 +4 933 425 JD Sports Fashion 8213/4 8213/4 8213/4 Kingfisher 3701/2 +21/2 3763/8 2601/4 Lookers 663/8 -25/8 723/8 21 Marks & Spencer 1823/8 +1/4 1887/8 883/4 Next 8122 +120 8320 5744 Pendragon 195/8 +5/8 21 71/8 Studio Retail Group 233 233 233 Ted Baker 1555/8 +63/4 2123/8 85 Topps Tiles 705/8 +21/4 755/8 43 WH Smith 1651 +27 2016 9301/2 Health Care Eqpmnt & Serv Smith & Nephew 13281/2 -221/2 16681/2 1321 Household Goods Barratt Devel 6793/4 -103/4 7943/4 4325/8 Bellway 3440 -7 3712 2060 Headlam Group 510 536 246 Reckitt Benckiser 5862 -31 7706 5519 Taylor Wimpey 1673/8 -33/8 1913/4 991/8 Victoria 990 -15 1190 2971/2 Vistry Group 12411/2 +51/2 13461/2 529 Industrial Engineering Assoc Brit Engineering 15 15 15 Bodycote 928 -17 9841/2 561 Castings 373 420 302 Goodwin 3430 +35 3580 2790 Hill & Smith 1824 -22 1902 1170 IMI 1802 -16 1827 1019 Molins 158 158 158 Renold 231/8 -7/8 281/2 97/8 Rotork 3673/8 +31/4 3765/8 2763/4 Severfield-Rowen 775/8 -13/8 825/8 533/8 Spirax-Sarco 16195 -145 16600 10630 Trifast 1291/2 -101/4 165 97 Vitec Group 1555 -50 1615 680 Weir Group 1703 -82 2107 11961/2 Industrial Transportation Braemar Shipping 255 -8 310 123 Clarkson 3800 -5 4010 2000 Esken 13 -1/2 391/4 12 Fisher (James) 798 -22 1316 737 Ocean Wilsons 1020 1135 620 Royal Mail 485 -51/4 6063/8 2265/8 Wincanton 380 470 193 Leisure Goods Games Workshp 11190 -400 12220 9135 Hornby 41 711/2 331/2 Photo-Me 671/2 +3/8 783/4 435/8 Life Insurance abrdn 2563/4 -47/8 3311/8 2087/8 Aviva 4033/4 -11/2 4261/4 2561/2 Hansard Global 56 -1/2 65 303/4 Legal & General 280 -33/4 2963/8 178 Prudential 14451/2 -161/2 15851/2 9343/8 St James Place 16131/2 -21 1692 8855/8 Media 4imprint 3060 +65 3115 1744 Bloomsbury Pub 350 -2 401 1901/2 Centaur Media 501/2 511/2 221/2 Daily Mail & Gen Tst 1108 -4 1124 634 Euromoney Instl Inv 1004 -4 1112 794 Future 3674 -8 3910 1634 Hyve Group 1133/4 +83/8 1521/8 50 Informa 5315/8 +43/4 5985/8 3543/8 ITV 1081/2 -11/2 1321/2 597/8 Moneysupermarket.com 2405/8 -35/8 3053/8 2371/4 Pearson 7205/8 -5 8693/8 484 Quarto Group 105 +1 105 461/2 Reach 3881/2 -71/2 420 581/8 RELX 2196 -2 2213 15271/2 Rightmove 7301/4 -165/8 7463/4 5553/4 STV Group 363 +6 370 2391/2 Wilmington 224 226 118 WPP 9623/4 -83/8 10171/2 5635/8 Mining Anglesey Mining 37/8 87/8 11/4 Anglo American 2591 -2271/2 3444 17963/8 Anglo Pacific Res 1293/8 +33/8 160 993/4 Antofagasta Hldgs 14071/2 -26 1925 9805/8 BHP Group 18733/4 -943/8 23751/2 14901/4 Bisichi Mining 70 821/2 45 Kenmare 432 +5 466 229 Rio Tinto 48291/2 -1801/2 6658 4266 Mobile Telecommunications Vodafone Group 1143/8 -5/8 1423/8 1013/4 Nonlife Insurance Admiral Grp 3524 +13 3688 2590 Beazley 3981/4 +41/4 4215/8 2933/8 Hiscox 8611/4 -53/4 11081/2 770 Oil & Gas Producers BP 3045/8 -11/4 3323/4 1931/2 Cairn Energy 1711/2 -21/8 213 1255/8 Royal Dutch Shell A 1456 -81/4 15835/8 900 Royal Dutch Shell B 14453/4 -133/4 1518 8663/8 Soco International 191/2 -1 273/4 101/2 Tullow Oil 447/8 -1/2 65 141/4 Oil Equipment & Services Hunting 203 -51/2 2895/8 122 Petrofac 973/8 -1 1771/2 913/8 Wood Gp(J) 2061/4 -67/8 3601/2 2021/2 Personal Goods Burberry Gp 17971/2 +13 2264 1356 Creighton 1231/2 -7 134 46 PZ Cussons 239 -41/2 2741/2 2091/2 RiverFort 13/8 21/4 3/4 Worthington Group 851/2 851/2 851/2 Pharma & Biotech AstraZeneca 8063 -78 8812 6794 Dechra Pharms 5130 +154 5405 3156 Genus 5650 +40 6070 3744 GlaxoSmithKline 13881/4 -63/4 15253/4 11903/4 Hikma Pharma 2423 -36 2695 2193 Oxford Biomedica 1430 -110 1540 783 Vectura 1643/4 -1/4 173 993/4 Real Estate Big Yellow Gp 1435 -25 1573 1019 British Land 5101/4 -35/8 5443/4 322 Capital & Regional 60 +15/8 92 35 Cardiff Property 1875 1925 1720 Derwent London 3638 3802 2360 Grainger 3093/4 -91/4 335 2595/8 Hammerson 331/4 +3/8 441/4 15 Helical 4471/2 -81/2 497 246 Highcroft Invs 880 885 610 Land Securities 6963/4 +41/4 7505/8 489 London & Assoc Prop 121/2 121/2 71/2 McKay Secs 228 239 176 Mountview Estates 14200 -100 14350 10300 Primary Health Props 1615/8 -3/4 1695/8 1383/4 Savills 1384 +7 1399 7741/2 Schroder Real Est 351/4 351/4 351/4 SEGRO 1254 -17 13061/2 8711/4 Shaftesbury 608 -41/2 669 420 Smart (J) 1311/2 1311/2 1111/2 Town Centre 1331/2 -31/2 1451/4 811/2 TR Property IT 486 -1 510 3441/2 U And I Group 855/8 -3/8 983/8 515/8 Unite Group 1163 -5 1237 8091/2 Software & Comp Serv Aptitude Software Grp 696 -6 725 414 Aveva Group 3985 +36 4863 3107 Computacenter 2812 -28 3030 2086 Gresham Technologies 1671/2 176 110 Parity 61/4 131/2 61/4 RM 139 139 139 Sage Group 7425/8 +25/8 7565/8 5585/8 Triad Group 110 150 24 Support Services Ashtead Gp 5988 -174 6162 2750 Babcock Intl Grp 3617/8 +21/4 3723/4 199 Bunzl 2508 -42 2700 2150 Capita Group 493/8 +1/4 507/8 233/4 DCC 6280 +24 6614 5006 De La Rue 1895/8 207 1275/8 Diploma 3166 +20 3166 1711 discoverIE Gp 1180 +20 1262 560 Electrocomponents 1088 -31 1119 6791/2 Essentra 269 -21/2 3321/2 234 Experian 3312 -35 3347 2273 Hays 1713/4 -3/8 1763/4 1055/8 Homeserve 970 -51/2 1272 917 Intertek Group 5334 -58 6440 5156 Kin and Carta 295 -4 308 641/4 Macfarlane Grp 145 +5 145 791/2 Mears Group 208 -2 224 1051/2 Menzies (J) 2971/2 +14 353 99 MITIE Group 71 771/4 271/4 Pagegroup 6381/2 -121/2 651 3563/8 Paypoint 690 +1 721 497 Ricardo 410 -2 489 320 Robert Walters 740 +36 756 353 RPS Group 123 +1 123 431/4 Serco Group 1371/8 +21/8 1453/4 1065/8 SIG 517/8 + 631/2 221/8 Smiths News 381/4 -1/2 453/8 181/2 Speedy Hire 69 -1/4 81 485/8 SThree 300 300 300 Travis Perkins 1722 -23 1830 9325/8 Tribal Grp 105 +1 110 60 Vp 1035 +171/2 1035 604 Technology Hardware & Equipment BATM Adv Comms 931/2 -1 1221/2 78 Northamber 591/2 77 511/2 Spirent Comms 2983/8 +31/4 303 2281/2 Vislink 17 17 17 Tobacco British Amer Tobacco 2658 -51/2 2924 2448 Imperial Brands 1536 -15 1674 1219 Travel & Leisure 888 Holdings 4201/4 -43/4 450 1813/8 Carnival 15463/4 +375/8 18653/8 8381/4 Compass 14671/2 -21 1646 1055 easyJet 6303/8 +233/4 1095 4703/4 FirstGroup 861/4 +1/2 971/8 371/4 Fuller S.T.A. 762 +12 954 549 Go-Ahead Gp 8651/2 +21/2 1435 5511/2 Intercontl Htls 4650 +90 5312 3870 Intl Cons Airl 1491/2 +7 2177/8 91 Marston’s 781/2 +1 1011/4 391/8 Mitchells & Butlers 2561/4 +63/4 3571/2 119 National Express 2183/4 +1/4 3281/4 1191/8 Rank Group 169 -5 207 86 Restaurant Grp 115 +95/8 1395/8 401/2 Ryanair Hldgs 167/8 +1/4 171/2 111/4 Stagecoach 667/8 -2 1081/8 357/8 Wetherspoon (JD) 1055 +14 1404 7731/2 Whitbread 3276 3595 2049 Utilities Centrica 511/8 +1/4 58 371/8 National Grid 9651/4 -13/4 979 8063/8 Pennon Group 1220 -25 17241/4 1178 Severn Trent 2785 -66 2915 2168 United Utilities 1038 -221/2 10881/2 839 AIM 600 Group 14 161/2 81/4 Advanced Medical S 2771/2 +51/2 2971/2 196 Afentra 153/8 +3/8 19 93/8 Alliance Pharma 105 -5/8 110 73 Alumasc 240 +61/2 2771/2 79 Aminex 5/8 +1/8 11/2 3/8 Andrews Sykes 495 -15 625 490 Arkle Resources 11/8 11/8 11/8 ASOS 3188 +138 5918 3050 Aukett Fitzroy Robinson 2 21/8 11/8 Best of the Best 72 72 72 Billington Hldgs 308 -5 342 264 Blackbird 15271/8 +85/8 16465/8 13695/8 Braime Grp A Non Voting 2250 2400 1340 Brand Architekts Group 1621/2 +1/2 200 115 Celtic 1121/2 1271/2 941/2 Chamberlin 85/8 -1/4 133/4 7 CML Microsystems 422 469 229 Colefax 640 +5 640 380 Concurrent Tech 95 114 80 Crimson Tide 3 4 27/8 Cropper (J) 1475 +25 1475 815 D4t4 Solutions 3421/2 -121/2 400 177 Dart Group 1220 +59 15641/2 6391/2 Dewhurst 2000 2710 940 Dewhurst A 675 875 5421/2 Dillistone Group 221/2 -11/2 271/2 15 Dolphin Capital Investors 41/8 41/2 3 Ebiquity 57 61 183/8 Eckoh 55 80 55 Eco Animal Health 3121/2 +71/2 395 2021/2 Egdon Resources 11/2 23/8 11/4 Eleco 128 +31/2 146 741/2 Finsbury Food 95 +11/2 96 511/4 Fletcher King 45 471/2 321/2 Futura Medical 423/8 -1/8 675/8 121/2 Gooch & Housego 1385 +5 1550 972 Grafenia 61/8 81/4 4 Great Eastern Energy 41 -21/2 431/2 8 Griffin Mining 85 -5 1531/2 581/2 Heavitree Brewery 303 430 303 Heavitree Brewery A 200 300 200 Helios Underwriting 1621/2 216 96 Iomart 224 -1 375 224 James Halstead 554 +14 578 438 Johnson Service 1573/4 +4 1803/8 86 Journeo 137 +2 137 431/2 Latham (J) 1285 -40 1365 800 Lok’n Store 817 845 486 London Security 2400 2550 2020 M&C Saatchi 1441/2 -1 175 573/8 Majestic Wine 826 +12 888 415 Mirada 71 85 60 Mothercare 175/8 +1/4 177/8 8 MS Intl 220 +1 240 1071/2 Mulberry Group 270 407 140 Nanoco Group 201/4 -1/8 297/8 83/4 Netcall 831/2 -1/2 87 37 Next 15 Comms 1155 +25 1155 438 Nichols 13771/2 -321/2 1640 982 Northern Bear 51 -1/2 59 48 Numis Corp 369 +14 398 2861/2 Ovoca Bio 121/4 141/4 83/4 Oxeco 5/8 - 7/8 3/8 Panther Securities 275 275 175 Pennant Intl 28 511/2 271/2 Personal Group 323 +8 323 198 Petrel Resources 13/4 41/2 15/8 Pittards 611/2 -21/2 64 37 Portmeirion 685 700 365 Prime People 721/2 78 421/2 Publishing Technology 126 126 126 Pursuit Dynamics 37 47 173/4 Quantum Blockchain 11/4 33/4 1/4 Real Good Food 33/8 51/4 21/2 Renew Holdings 810 -24 850 431 Rockhopper Exploration 83/8 -1/4 12 47/8 RTC Group 471/2 65 351/2 Rua Life Sciences 138 +91/2 1761/2 1171/2 Sabien Technology 261/2 -31/4 581/4 173/4 Sagentia Gp 490 +10 490 235 Sanderson 76 84 551/2 Secure Property Dev & Inv 63/4 7 5 Slingsby (HC) 190 270 190 Sportech 381/4 +1/4 401/4 113/4 SRT Marine Systems 39 45 301/8 Sutton Hrbr Grp 241/2 271/2 151/2 Synetics 115 150 90 Tasty 55/8 77/8 11/4 Telme Group 922 +61/2 954 694 Thorpe (FW) 461 -7 520 286 Time Finance 251/4 +3/4 313/4 153/4 Tintra 65 871/2 35 Titon 116 140 761/2 Trakm8 Hldgs 221/2 +11/2 221/2 131/2 Univision 11/8 23/4 1 URU Metals 320 +10 535 205 Vertu Motors 525/8 -1 595/8 255/8 Wynnstay Group 525 +15 592 2821/2 Wynnstay Props 735 735 565 Young Brewery A 1600 +70 1675 778 Young Brewery N/Vtg 950 982 496 Zoo Digital 1241/2 151 53 British Funds Conv 2.5% 100.00 100.00 100.00 War Ln 3.50% 100.07 100.07 100.07 Tres 8.75% 17 101.69 101.69 101.69 Tres 5% 25 116.06 -0.08 123.07 116.06 Tres 6% 28 138.02 -0.29 148.38 138.02 Tres 4.25% 32 134.66 -0.46 145.73 133.50 Local Laptop Appeal Do you have unwanted, working IT equipment donate? Help us help those in need by donating your unwanted IT equipment at our appeal. Change your IT. Change a life. Unit 1B (Former PC World), Gallagher Retail Park, Marchfields Way, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3YY Thursday 23rd September 2021 - 12pm-5pm Friday 24th September 2021 - 8am-1pm www.computers4charity.org saturday £30,000 for every ticket in this winning postcode CF64 2TH Penarth Murray International Tst 1102 -14 1230 905 McBride 78 -2 945/8 60 JKX Oil & Gas 41 +1/2 41 161/8 Redde Northgate 250 250 250 Feedback 3/4 11/2 5/8 North American Inc 280 +4 285 205 Persimmon 2781 -10 3238 2271 Premier Oil 3615/8 -135/8 6471/4 2251/4 Rentokil Initial 5971/4 -73/4 605 4645/8 Filtronic 111/4 121/2 71/4

24 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS WDP Martin Hesp on Saturday Read Martin’s column every week in the Western Daily Press Why do we accept these crazy politics? There are times when a short period – maybe just a single hour – can bring a whole series of revelations capable of altering your perspective. It happened to me this week as I entered Exeter’s vast Marsh Barton industrial estate to have my windscreen replaced. Maybe it was the giant crack across the screen which was altering my perspective, but three things came along in the following 60 minutes that gave me the theme for this column. First the car radio told me that the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle was underway. This, not for the first time, made me think what a strange, cut-throat and illogical world politics is. You wouldn’t run a stable and sustainable business in the way in which humans run countries. Cabinet reshuffles are a case in point. For ages the public is treated to endless ringing endorsements of this minister or that as their bosses are called to defend them in the media. “So-and-So has been working hard on this,” they declare. “No, when he was on holiday he was actually busy in his hotel room working on the A new food regime is here – complete with awful bread There’s been a new outbreak of healthy eating. The poor Boy has watched pale-faced as crisps and crackers have disappeared from the snacks cupboard and have been replaced with nuts and raisins, and the fridge is crammed with fruit, fish, vegetables and pots of plain yoghurt. There’s not a sausage in sight. My beloved bottle of whisky has been put to the side for a while and all sorts of fruit tea is back on the agenda, as is lots of water, water and more water. A large pot of something called psyllium husk has appeared. Two things you can very sure of with psyllium: it is not very pleasant and it is very effective. If you need to know more, look it up. This new phase of environmentally and personally-friendly ingestion comes on the back of a wave of exer- problem morning, noon and night. We have absolute confidence in him.” Then suddenly So-and-So has gone. It turns out the senior politician had no confidence in that particular minister and was simply trotting out the usual untruths. For “absolute confidence in him” read “Daft plonker! He’s for the chop in the next reshuffle”. I cannot think of any other type of person who would act like this. In most walks of life there would be chaos if whole swathes of managers were sacked or moved sideways with such regularity. But in politics they’ve been stabbing one another in the back since Cicero was fighting his corner at the Roman senate. And the great clueless and gullible public seems to accept it all because politics tends to be presented, and accepted, as some sort of game. Full of winners and losers. In business only a shallow-minded and ineffectual boss would bring in a bunch of department heads simply because they were the least likely to cause him or her trouble or wobble BILL MARTIN cise. There has been gyming, running, dog walking and lots of swimming. Even The Boy, after the best part of a year in The Dark Place (his bedroom), emerged a couple of weeks back and announced: “I think I might start going to the gym.” To say this was a surprising announcement would be an understatement. So once Mrs Martin and I had got back up off the floor, we discussed the why, when, what and where of the pronouncement and developed a plan. The Boy’s gym journey has begun. Exercise is not a new thing, but our even-moreenthusiastic embracing of raising the their boat. I have never been one, but I imagine top executives choose their managers because those individuals are good at their jobs. No one could have ever said that about the recently departed Secretary for Education. It is bewildering – and I don’t only mean the way in which politics is run, but also the way in which we voters seem happy to accept that it should be such a crazy circus. Why can’t we just say: “Stop messing around you lot – and get on with the boring managerial task of running the country!” We never do and the media makes sure we don’t because it feeds off the art of presenting politics as a colourful game full of winners and losers. In reality of course it’s all the boring stuff like making sure the buses run on time We soak up Cabinet reshuffles because we’re enchanted by intrigue... love heroes and villains heart rate has been a direct response to the confines of lockdowns, and coronavirus restrictions. If you live in the middle of a city and all the pubs, restaurants, shops, theatres and cinemas are shut, the only reason to go out is to exercise. It becomes healthy habit forming. The Boy has always been a gamer, and as such can spend a lot of time in his room. While it appears he is alone, in fact he’s in touch with all his fellow gamers 24/7. So, once last year’s college course became entirely online, The Dark Place became bedroom, classroom, and social meeting place. There was no reason which actually makes a nation tick day after day, but the likes of Kuenssberg and Peston are never going to attract an audience by analysing the latest thoughts on refuse collection. For them, and inevitably for us, a Cabinet reshuffle is a thriller in the making – the stuff of legend – a narrative capable of garnering dramatic epithets such as Night of the Long Knives. And we soak it up because we humans are enchanted by the idea of intrigue. We like having heroes and villains. For us mere mortals, there is nothing better than watching the high-and-mighty in the act of falling. It’s the ultimate soap opera, but not a single drip of it oils the machinery that is the governance of municipal Britain. By enjoying the spectacle we are viewing a very strange perspective of what should be reality. Just like I was viewing a very weird perspective of the road in front of me thanks to my badly cracked windscreen. What I didn’t know was that a modern windscreen is not just a bit of laminated glass. Thank goodness mine was insured! I was told it would cost nearly £1,000 to replace: “You’ve got a rain detector, a light detector and a lane detection camera in that screen,” I was informed. The sheer complexity meant I had to undertake a 120-mile round-trip to a specialist workshop – and what do you do if you’ve got two hours to kill in the heart of a huge industrial estate? I went for a walk and found a warehouse selling walking gear. Having wiled away an hour I went to the till where my purchases added up to over £250. Even my limited mental arithmetic told me that must be wrong. “The prices you see aren’t the real prices,” the guy at the till explained. “This is a discount store. You need one of our discount cards – they’re £5 to buy as a one-off purchase. Now your bill has come down to £130.” Call me old-fashioned, but when I shop I expect the price on the item to be the price I’ll pay. Not in this modern world of smoke, mirrors and strange perspectives, it isn’t. I can only wonder if that particular store isn’t run by a bunch of recently sacked politicians… to come out at all, other than to eat. That can be not-so-healthy habit forming. Fortunately ever since summer really began The Boy and his mates have been out and about, and the gym shocker has either been self or peer-led, definitely not because of any paternal pressure. We’ve done a couple of sessions together, and already you can see the signs; brighter eyes, a fresher face, standing just a tiny bit taller. He’s not gone the whole hog though and is not on the super-healthy eating train. News that he is welcome, in fact encouraged, to eat as many chips from the freezer as he wants has been taken full advantage of, and there are more than a few takeaway delivery drivers who are familiar with our address. He has also joined me in joint condemnation of a horrendous food item that has appeared in the house. The object purports to be bread, but is clearly made without any of the things that make bread delicious. It is very dark brown, extremely heavy, and very dense. Both The Boy and I are bread aficionados. I still dream about the bread that used to come from the bakery in Witheridge all those years ago, and the one sure way to get him out of his room in lockdown was to bring a freshly baked loaf into the house. I’ll tackle almost any bread, and have always found a good toasting and lots of butter the key to making even ordinary bread pretty delicious. But this. This thing in the house can’t be saved. We’ve been trying not to throw any food away but right now I’m feeling conflicted.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 25 WDP New National Parks to be applauded The news that the Government is minded to create two new National Parks is to be applauded. There is a suggestion that one of these could be the Cotswolds. This would be especially welcome, in view of the way the North-West Escarpment is fast becoming a building site. The Cotswolds are the largest of our AONBs at 890 square miles and have long cried out to be made a National Park. To its credit, the Gordon Brown government in its three years of office did attempt to give tax breaks for the development of brownfield sites. Unfortunately, the EU declared this to be illegal, despite the obvious conservation benefits. Were the Cotswolds to become a National Park, this would give brownfield development an incentive, now we are no longer in the EU. Michael Newman Cheltenham Reshuffle won’t make much difference Boris’s reshuffle of his Cabinet reminds me of the cricket saying “You can change the bowler, not the bowling”. Things will carry on the same as before. Promoting Liz Truss as Foreign Secretary should be interesting, particularly in talks with the Taliban! Bob Matthews Tisbury UK an easy target for economic migrants A simple question: Why can’t the BBC news report the truth rather than make up words that are misleading and untrue? The people in France trying to break into our country are economic migrants. They have passed through lots of safe countries, where they are eligible to seek sanctuary and they could have safely stayed. The BBC news articles refuse to use the word economic migrant with the people that are trying to milk the UK for as many pounds as they can get. Everyone knows that Britain is an easy target. The do-gooders and the BBC are sending out the signal that you can get free health care, free housing and money for nothing if you come here. When will the BBC report the truth? Craig Thornbury Wonderful sound of silence... for now There’s a wonderful new sound in the centre of Bath. The quiet following the annual departure of Bath’s gull breeding colony to the Mediterranean for the autumn and winter. No more screeching at 5am in the morning, no more swooping, defecating birds defending the nests of their relentlessly noisy chicks. What’s charming at the seaside is a nightmarish cacophony for city centre residents. Bath and North East Somerset has six months now to do something Letters powered by > > Familiar faces at the top table in Cabinet yesterday – but not all in the same roles. From left, Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Dominic Raab, Liz Truss, Ben Wallace and Alok Sharma Jeremy Selwyn What do you think? before the next ear-splitting breeding onslaught spoils our spring and summer next year. Tim Newark Bath Churchill was right man at right time I realise I studied history a long time ago, but surely we must look at Winston Churchill in the context of when he lived? To try to make opinions about him as if he lived in 2021 is crazy. He was a remarkable man of his time, who was just what we needed. Otherwise we are in danger of slipping into a Doctor Who type mode! Stuart Thomsett By email Should Shamima be heard in court? Shamima Begum is one of three London schoolgirls who were groomed by and joined the Islamic State group. She was 15 years of age and a British citizen. She was “married” to an Islamist fighter and had three children – all of whom died. She will have witnessed the atrocities committed by ISIS. Now she is in a refugee camp and wants to return to the UK to answer for her actions. The former Home Secretary Sajid Javid withdrew her British nationality – effectively making her stateless. As such, she cannot put her case to a British court. She and her family have appealed against the decision that Unfortunately, due to restrictions on non-essential travel and an emphasis on staff working from home, the office is closed and we are currently unable to receive letters by post. Please use the email address letters@westerndailypress.co.uk Will Boris’s reshuffle make any difference? Join the debate by emailing letters@westerndailypress.co.uk and including your name and address renders her stateless. If, as an adult, she had committed murder, she would have had her days in court. I am aware of the atrocities committed by ISIS, but wonder what the outcome would have been if her name had been Mary Cooper? Norman Bathurst Tiverton Definition of voter ‘fraud’ is complex I recently wrote on the issue of voting identity and asked my MP Anne Marie-Morris for her opinion, and I have now received a reply. In it, she clearly states she will not support the Government over the bill to impose the possession of a Personal Identity Card requirement to vote. She says: “I believe that voting is a fundamental right and should never be made more difficult without clear and compelling reason. Ministers have cited the risk of electoral fraud as the main justification for these changes, but the evidence I have seen points to in-person voting fraud being incredibly rare. I do not believe that there is a clear case to make such a significant change to a voting system that has served us well for so long, and I am therefore unable to support the proposals.” I personally feel the word ‘fraud’ is quite wrong to describe the act of theft of a vote when it’s been done within the knowledge and intention of the voter. Theft of a vote gets complicated as it suggests intellectual property. I am sure that in a quite casual way some people will – because they are asked to – go off and vote for mum or dad or an auntie, who does not feel up to going out on that day and they want to vote and make it known who for. I know it has happened and it’s wrong... but it is not fraud in my eyes when it is for the greater good. No one has lost – in fact someone has gained – one vote. Fraud is to contrive to avoid paying for goods, services or taxes when payment should lawfully be made. The farmer who cuts a cabbage from his field and has it for his Sunday lunch and did not pay 20p for it, so it does not appear as income in his tax return... that is fraud. The Buy-to-Let owner, or B&B proprietor who is paid, say, £2,000 in cash that never appears anywhere in their tax return... that is fraud. M Don Frampton Newton Abbot Demographic ‘time bomb’ has exploded! It has been known for around 50 years that the demographic for older people would peak around now as the ‘baby boomers’ got older. The shape of the demographic was likened to a ‘mushroom’. Importantly, it was known that it would be a temporary phenomenon. Yet successive governments have failed or refused to plan for it despite knowing the financial and infrastructure implications. The Conservatives, always wanting to be seen as the party of low taxation, went for short-term measures which they hoped would get them re-elected. Labour didn’t want to upset the working people and the unions. Now the country is having to pay the cost of short-termism and cowardice. And the results are far, far worse than they should have been including the Government blaming the elderly for existing. Perhaps governments were hoping that a pandemic would knock enough of us off to solve the problem without showing them up. Instead, people will be substantially poorer, able to buy less, with more unemployment and a reduction in tax revenue. Congratulations guys. Collectively you have damaged the NHS, perhaps beyond repair, and made the future for millions of ageing and increasingly frail people more burdensome. Karen Jacob by email COP26 will be full of delegates’ own hot air The UK is unlikely to have passed its own environment bill in time for November’s COP26 climate change conference; and China is refusing to take part anyway. The only evidence for man-made global warming will come from the hot air emanating from the delegates who have flown to Scotland from all around the world; including the US President. What a waste of money for a few ego trips and a politically motivated agenda. Gareth Jones Plymouth Opportunity missed to fix social care As an old age pensioner I will not be paying extra towards social care and the NHS backlog. As a taxpayer this is wrong. I look at the arrangements to raise funds via National Insurance and can see that given the ceilings which apply, poorer people will carry a heavier burden than those who pay income tax. As for the limits and caps on paying for social care – these are blatantly harmful to those who own homes of lower value. For example, a couple with a home worth £80,000 to £100,000 will clearly lose their home if one or more of the partnership are taken into care. Conversely, a maximum of £86,000 taken from a home worth £500,000 may be saved by a mortgage or help from those likely to inherit. As for pushing money into the bottomless pit of the NHS, try managing the funds they have first. If doctors were doing their job and seeing patients, millions could be saved in A&E and ambulance services. GP surgeries were allowed to take over other surgeries, resulting in huge numbers of patients. It is hardly surprising that my surgery, with 57,000 patients, has posted notices citing shortage of staff. I believe that our surgery has only one full-time doctor! From the percentage quoted I can see that only a small amount will go into social care. I am very disappointed that this opportunity to sort out social care has been missed. Norah Western By email

26 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS THE LONG READ Story of a life spent showing the world ‘new possibilities and new ideas…’ West-based inventor, entrepreneur and tycoon Sir James Dyson has just released a fascinating autobiography. Richard Bache discovers more about what drives one of the region’s most famous people If any barbers in north Wiltshire have been mystified about why their profits dipped in the early 2010s, the answer might just lie in the pages of Sir James Dyson’s newly-released autobiography. For inside the top secret Dyson laboratories in Malmesbury, dozens of engineers – and Sir James – had stopped getting their hair cut. This wasn’t some sort of Movember-style charity challenge, but speaks to the obsession with handson experimentation and research that has helped Dyson become one of the biggest technology firms in the world. As the firm was developing its Supersonic hairdryer – ultimately released in 2016 – it wasn’t enough to employ trichologists and cornering the market in ethically-sourced hair tresses to experiment with. No, for Sir James and some of the other male engineers trying to perfect the hairdryer, they simply had to grow their own hair to a length where using a hairdryer themselves was a necessity (not something that was as much of a challenge for the growing number of female engineers at Dyson). As with all technology development projects, the threat of industrial espionage was rife and work was carried out on the hush-hush, so there must have been quite a few wives, girlfriends and significant others who were also somewhat baffled by their loved ones’ sudden change in appearance. It is this preoccupation with experimentation and failure that has driven Sir James, now 74, to become one of Britain’s richest men and one of the more prolific inventors in history. After all, it wasn’t until he had made the small matter of 5,127 prototypes of his first cyclonic vacuum cleaner that he was satisfied he had developed something genuinely mould-breaking. His new autobiography, Invention: A Life, gives a detailed insight into his design and engineering philosophies, why failure is a good thing, what drives him, the innovators who inspired him and the things that continue to frustrate him. It is those engineers, designers and inventors who persuade a sceptical public to buy a new product that they didn’t know they wanted that appear to be Sir James’s personal heroes. In the book, Sir James writes: “I learned that most people don’t really know exactly what they want, or if they do it’s only from what they know, what is available or possible at the time. “As Henry Ford said, famously, if he had asked American farmers what they wanted in terms of future transport, they would have answered ‘faster horses’. “You need to show them new possibilities, new ideas and new products and explain these as lucidly as possible.” As well as Ford, other names that crop up time and time again in the book as inspirations to Sir James are jet engine inventor Sir Frank Whittle; Mini designer Alec Issigonis; Akio Morita, creator of the Sony Walkman; and legendary Swiss-French architect/designer Le Corbusier. Given his role in developing not only his world-famous vacuum cleaners, hand-driers, air purifiers and hair-straighteners, but also his earlier invention of the Ballbarrow and work on Bath-based Rotork’s Sea Truck, it is likely that future generations of designers and engineers will mention Dyson’s name with similar reverence. Today, however, Sir James cuts a somewhat polarising figure. Admiration for his achievements as an inventor and businessman comes up against prejudices old and new. Some people will never warm to those of vast wealth (estimated at £16 billion by the Sunday Times Rich List), added to which being a prominent voice on either side of the highlycharged Brexit debate automatically puts one at odds with either 48 or 52 per cent of the population. There were dozens of reasons to vote either for or against Brexit in 2016, and Sir James doesn’t shy away from discussing his in the book. His personal experience of expensive litigation with European Union institutions that he believed were susceptible to lobbying from (mostly) German rival manufacturers of household goods was one reason. As was Dyson’s successful long-term record of manufacturing in Malaysia and Singapore and thriving despite facing import duties when selling in Europe. Put bluntly, he views the fastgrowing giant consumer markets of Asia as being more important than Europe. He says: “The more time we spent in Singapore and Malaysia and then the Philippines, the more we became an Asian company that just happened to be owned by British people. “While I’m proud to be English, started Dyson in rural England and As Henry Ford said, famously, if he had asked American farmers what they wanted in terms of future transport, they would have answered ‘faster horses’ continue to employ thousands of people there, I have never thought of trading on flag-waving.” Hence why Dyson’s manufacturing is carried out in the Far East – the proximity to both markets and, crucially, component suppliers, plus access to highly-skilled engineering workforces, being compelling reasons for Sir James. He admits that moving manufacturing from Malmesbury to Malaysia in 2000 was a controversial decision, particularly given the number of redundancies it caused. But he says that the company now employs far more people in Wiltshire than it did then, most of them in highly-skilled roles, and the company wouldn’t have grown as it has without making the move. It is very unlikely indeed that he Sir James Dyson regrets the decision, and the current supply chain crisis in the UK is not likely to change his mind. In fact, his admiration for dynamic Asian economies, in particular Singapore, is made clear throughout the book. He contrasts the speed of decision-making and support from government that the South East Asian city-state offers the manufacturing sector to the plodding nature of the British planning system and successive governments of all stripes, in his view, barely concealing their contempt for any type of factory. It is, he argues, a peculiarly British trait that the country that gave the world the industrial revolution has lost its appetite for manufacturing – as though it is below supposedly educated people. Sir James writes: “As soon as

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 27 THE LONG READ > > Dyson with his vacuum cleaner at an exhibition in Hanover in 2000 AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer Dyson became successful, people in Britain asked when I was going to sell the company, as if I was only lowering myself temporarily in the dim and grubby world of uncreative manufacturing. “Once I had made my first million, it was surely time for me to get away from the sweat, grime and grim routine of factory life and to become a reclusive landowner …cleaning the moat around my house.” The old adage of the first million being the hardest to make certainly rings true here. Maybe the hero of the entire book is Sir James’s wife, Deirdre, who displays rare understanding and the patience of several saints in happily accepting a man who not only makes 5,000-plus prototypes of a vacuum cleaner at home, but accrues massive debt while constantly re-mortgaging the family home before ultimately finding success. Although Sir James and Deirdre now own vast swathes of English farmland, the Dodington Park mansion in South Gloucestershire and homes around the world, the book details that for the first 30 years of their marriage they were often essentially penniless. > > Sir James Dyson at his company’s then HQ in Malmesbury in 2016 Heathcliff O’Malley As late as 1992, the Dysons were having to sign over their house to a very understanding bank manager at the Corn Street branch of Lloyds in Bristol to secure the £600,000 funding for him to start making his own vacuum cleaners rather than licensing designs to third parties. It is safe to say it was an investment that paid off… It is the lot of an inventor and entrepreneur – particularly one willing to embrace failure – that not all investments or ideas will pan out. In the past five years alone, almost £500 million was lost on trying to revolutionise the electric car market and £20 million was spent answering Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plea to help out with a national effort to build more ventilators in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Both chapters make fascinating reading. One major investment that is appearing to pay off is the 36,000 acres of farmland Sir James owns. Through his Dyson Farming operation, he is seeking to bring his passion for innovation and doing things differently to the agricultural sector. In a manner that will be all too familiar to any West Country farmer, it didn’t take Sir James long, though, to realise how skewed the food market was in favour of supermarkets and processors. But unlike most farmers, he might just have the resources to perhaps fight back against the power of supermarkets. In the chapter on farming, he writes about the frustration with farmers taking on all the risk and making massive investments to grow a crop, only for middle-men and retailers to take most of the profit. The majority of his farm holdings are in Lincolnshire and Norfolk – he is Britain’s biggest pea grower – but it may surprise some that shoppers can already buy West Country beef and lamb directly from Dyson Farming’s website. The herd at one of his farms near Bath – at Freshford to the south of the city – provides Taste of the West award-winning meat that is sold online, while also supplying the canteens at Dyson’s campuses at Malmesbury and nearby Hullavington. It will come as little surprise that technology features heavily in Sir James’s vision for the future of agriculture and while no farm will ever be quite as spotless as his high-tech labs, he appears to have little truck with the rusting paraphernalia that is not an uncommon sight on most farms. He says: “Farming is a visceral form of manufacturing with much to teach us. As in making anything on a large and repetitive scale, however, all the basics have to be right. “There is no reason why a farm, its equipment, tracks, ditches and yards should be messy, muddy or untidy. We should always maintain high standards.” One area where Sir James has consistently argued Britain’s standards aren’t high enough is in educating sufficient engineers. Dyson has now launched its own degree programmes at its Malmesbury campus and funds extensive research at numerous top universities, including Cambridge, Warwick, Bristol, Bath, Imperial and his own alma mater, the Royal College of Art. Yet still we fall further behind fastgrowing economies, such as China, India, South Korea and Singapore in educating people with the technical skills to thrive in the 21st century global economy. Although Dyson has moved its headquarters to Singapore – to a grandiose former power station that was most recently used as one of Asia’s biggest nightclubs – he writes that Wiltshire remains fundamental to the company. He writes: “We continue to invest heavily in Dyson’s operations in the UK, as well as our educational initiatives, both through loyalty and because I do believe Britain produces, while not nearly enough of them, some of the most inventive and enquiring minds anywhere in the world. “With the addition of Hullavington and the Dyson Institute, our Wiltshire campus has grown significantly. It will continue to do so.” Precisely what products are in the future pipeline at Dyson, of course, remain a secret – but if, for instance, the gyms of north Wiltshire notice an uptick in business, perhaps, just maybe, it is engineers at Dyson trying to lose a few pounds to get selected for its nascent space programme… ■■ James Dyson’s Invention: A Life is published by Simon and Schuster and costs £25.


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30 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS COUNTRYSIDE Help ghost villages keep spark this winter Summer’s end will see gloom spreading through dozens of villages in the South West – and it will have nothing to do with the weather, Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell- Grainger tells Defra Secretary George Eustice Dear George, Well, autumn beckons, holding out the prospect of scores of villages across this region emptying with the kind of speed associated with the removal of the plug in a very well-filled bath. The crockery will be washed up and put away, the linen stored, the gas and electricity will be turned off and hundreds of second homes will be shut up as the nights lengthen and the weather deteriorates. They may briefly spring to life for a half-term weekend and perhaps for a few days over Christmas and New Year but, by and large, they will remain dormant until Easter. As will the communities where they are situated. It obviously doesn’t matter a tittle or jot to anyone living in a town or city where the pace of life alters little from day to day or season to season. But in holiday areas where the spread of second homes has been unchecked for years, it’s a vastly different thing. I can name you a dozen villages where it is possible in winter, even in the middle of the day, to drive from one end to the other without seeing a single living soul. In fact, that’s a good word to use because ‘soul-less’ is what these communities are. I feel very sorry indeed for those remaining inhabitants who face a winter of empty streets and whose settlements have become so overrun with second homes that their social life – indeed their entire quality of life – is now being affected. Depleted populations often lack the critical mass necessary to sustain clubs and other organisations. There are no longer enough people to raise a cricket or football team, run a flower show, even ring the church bells. And as these traditional elements of village life decline so the spark, the spirit of the community, is dimmed. From which sentiment you may judge that I am indeed grateful that we are proposing to empower councils (finally) to tackle an issue which has already bequeathed us dozens of winter ghost villages. National park authorities and others have already taken some steps towards slowing, if not halting, the spread of second homes, but their efforts have necessarily been piecemeal. All being well, we should soon be able to adopt a far more robust approach. The only positive I can see is that the move for more home-working has delivered the South West an injection of new blood as families have upped sticks in the suburbs and taken advantage of the property market differentials to move down. I welcome every last one of them because many have young families and all are going to be year-round residents. We could be witnessing one of the most significant population shifts since the migration in the 19th century of thousands of poor, rural families into towns and cities in search of better-paid work. All we need now is to ensure that > > Scores of villages across this region will remain dormant now until Easter, warns Ian the home workers are properly serviced in terms of telecommunications, but this remains a real problem for the more rural parts of my constituency – and in several others, as I know. Millions have been spent, deadlines have been set and missed, promises made and broken, and still we are a very long way indeed from delivering decent broadband to swathes of the countryside. I could go on, but the guilty parties know who they are and they know, equally, that my sights are permanently trained on them. Yours ever, Ian David Handley Rewilding really a man-made problem Events in faraway Vancouver are hardy likely, you might think, to have any bearing whatsoever on life in the UK countryside. But in one respect I certainly think they do. A furious debate is currently ranging over the management of wildlife in Stanley Park, a 400-hectare public open space on a peninsula bounded by English Bay and Burrard Inlet. It’s home to an array of wildlife, and notably to a population of wild coyotes. And the animals have been making a bit of a nuisance of themselves lately. Or perhaps it should be that the Vancouver residents have been making a nuisance of themselves to the coyotes. Either way, there have now been 45 cases of coyotes attacking people – including children – since December and the city authorities have therefore closed the park at night and are preparing to shoot 35 of them. A signal for the inevitable anti-cull petition to start and lots of collective weeping and shroud-waving of the kind we saw during Geronimo’s final days. Yet this is a man-made problem. Do-gooders, bunny-huggers and the rest have taken – against firm official advice – to feeding the coyotes, while others have tempted them out of cover with food specifically in order to photograph them. The coyotes have therefore worked out that humans equal food and have been getting uppity when they have been denied it. Why is all this relevant? Because I can see exactly the same situation developing here if the rewilders get their way and alien and potentially dangerous wildlife is released back onto the hills once government policies have made actively farming them completely uneconomic. Where there is exotic wildlife people will want to go and see it and photograph it Because where there is exotic wildlife people will want to go and see it and photograph it. And will be prepared to go to any lengths to obtain a selfie with a lynx or a wolf, neither of which is likely to be entirely happy that its territory is being invaded. This is just one likely negative outcome of rewilding, but one which, as usual, will hardly rate any consideration by the more extreme factions in the environmental lobby. The ones who still believe that rewilding on a crowded island, where we shall shortly need every last square inch of farmable high ground land as swathes of lower-lying zones are lost to the sea, remains a safe, desirable and sensible prospect. Who blithely suggest that predatory species will observe the rules about not taking livestock, when you only have to look as far as the mountainous regions of Spain, Italy and France to understand what inroads hungry wolves can make into sheep flocks. In fact, you don’t even have to look that far to see problems. Scottish government conservation agencies have admitted that the sea eagles reintroduced into the west coast of Scotland are now preying on lambs – the National Farmers’ Union for Scotland recorded one farm alone lost 181 healthy lambs to the birds between 2012 and 2018. Yet the issue is still being officially played down – presumably to facilitate further reintroductions. I spoke to a Scottish farmer’s wife who had angrily complained about a spate of eagle attacks on her flock only to be accused of ‘exaggeration’ – not a view, she retorted, that would be shared by the newborn lamb she had just witnessed being carried off in an eagle’s talons barely before it had managed to stand.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 31 COUNTRYSIDE Accidents shouldn’t happen, but they do A near miss with a tractor while in a rush to get out leaves Wiltshire dairy farmer Ro Collingborn shaken It was Saturday morning and I’d got up early with the intention of being completely ready to drive to the smart James Martin restaurant in the New Forest for my daughter’s 40th birthday (yes, I am old enough). Start time was to be 10am. I was going to get ready in a leisurely fashion for once. At this time of year, the cows nearing calving are in the field outside the kitchen window. This is when they look at their absolute best with their udders filled, looking really good. I know them all by name and when asked I can recite their mothers and grandmothers from memory. It comes very hard when a cow has to leave the farm. An hour before we were due to leave, my husband looked out of the window and saw a cow that he thought might be in trouble calving and would need assistance . “I’ll just pop out and get her in to check her,” he said, as another cow had calved overnight as well. I watched a pantomime taking place as he struggled to get cow and calf out of the field. He then disappeared from view at the corner of the house. Ten minutes later, I got a very anxious phone call, “Ro, I need help.” Obedient as ever, I raced outside. There were two cows approaching the garden, with a black calf some way ahead in a wheelbarrow. Instead of following her calf, cow number 156, Brinkworth Denmark, kept breaking away, rushing back to the field where she’d given birth. Her favoured route was through my flower garden, which I was very proud of. Every time we got her anywhere near her calf, which was lying quietly in the big wheelbarrow, she would break back and arms in her face wouldn’t stop her, or even the yard broom waved despairingly as she trampled the flowers yet again. The other cow had disappeared some time ago. “We’ll have to put her back in the field and bring all the dry cows in,” said my husband, with a sensible suggestion at last, though time was getting on. After some persuasion, 156 Brinkworth Denmark accepted this approach and we were able to separate her in the yard and reunite her with her remarkably patient calf. The other cow had also reappeared and calved by itself without any problem. All that was left, according to my husband’s instructions, was for me to shut the yard gate behind them. As I got hold of the gate, I realised it was wedged against the tractor tyre. The tractor suddenly started to move towards me, dragging the gate with it and knocking me into its path. From the ground, I screamed as loudly as I could. The tractor stopped just in time, and my husband peered down from the tractor, white faced. “I didn’t see you there.” “You told me to shut the gate,” I replied very shakily. With his comforting hug and heartfelt apology, I burst into tears. I think I was suffering from delayed shock. We consider ourselves to be well > > A farm is a constantly changing landscape of jobs and problems, says Ro aware of health and safety. The tractor was in good order, the gate properly hung; it was rather the pressure of the morning’s race against time. What had just happened could easily happen on any family farm when two people are in a hurry. A farm is a constantly changing landscape of jobs and problems. Unfortunately, farm accidents appear to be making the headlines more often these days, sometimes with fatal results. The car journey to the New Forest was initially quite tense, with me informing Joe that we should sell the herd and retire, but by the time we got there, only half an hour late, the bottle of champagne on the table and the enthusiastic welcome from the grandchildren soothed matters considerably, and we had a great time. I have been part of other incidents involving gates – one when an 18-hand horse charged the gate, which fell on me and the horse luckily cleared both of us. The other was when I had stupidly wound the horse’s lead rope round the gate while I was shutting it, and she galloped off still attached to the gate. That was terrifying and taught me never to attach a horse to a gate again. Many other industries are increasingly under time pressure, not just farming, but not all are dealing with heavy machinery, and there’s no retirement age for self-employed farmers. It’s expensive to employ labour now, even if you can find any, and it’s tempting for farmers to work themselves to the bone to save money. Serious and fatal accidents most often occur when there is pressure to complete a job; a farmer working alone, getting frustrated by a long job, may be tempted to clear a blockage in a baler without shutting down, with dreadful consequences. Pressure on our industry is caused by labour shortages and has been greatly exacerbated by Brexit. Without access to foreign labour, all areas are suffering. Priti Patel’s insistence on no immigrant labour is extremely irresponsible and blinkered. Farmers are facing massive input inflation, particularly for foodstuffs and fertiliser. The shortage of labour is having a knock-on impact on food supplies. Shortages of labour on the farm, and in transport, mean crops rotting in the field, and animals over fattening, leading to gaps in supply. The Government’s reply that “employers should use the UK domestic work force instead of relying on labour from abroad” is shortsighted when advertised vacancies are unfulfilled. Is it the Government’s ill-considered plan to decimate our home industry and fill in the gaps with produce from Australia and New Zealand, ignoring animal welfare and exporting our carbon footprint? ■■ Ro Collingborn has been dairy chairman of the Women’s Food and Farming Union, on the Milk Development Council, the Veterinary Products Committee and the RSPCA Council and is currently a Wiltshire Wildlife Trust director. philip bowern philip.bowern@reachplc.com The mushroom season is well and truly underway – or at least it should be. But my hopeful hunt for field mushrooms and ceps – the only two species I can confidently identify and therefore safely pick and eat – have proved fruitless so far. I’m putting it down to the dry spell. Fungi tend to appear after rain, and we may have to wait for more showers before there’s enough for mushrooms on toast. There is more to fungi foraging than searching for a meal, how- Fungi that can help measure the health of our grasslands ever. People are being urged to look out for colourful waxcap fungi – not normally edible – as part of efforts to help experts protect carbon-storing wildliferich grasslands. Nature charity Plantlife said it received hundreds of records for rare waxcap grasslands across the country last year, and is urging volunteers to send in sightings via its WaxcApp app again this autumn. At this time of year, the pinks, oranges and reds of waxcap fungi which pop up in Country Notebook meadows, lawns and graveyards are a good indicator of long undisturbed grassland habitat. These old, species-rich grasslands are not just important for the hundreds of wildflowers that grow in them, but are a key natural solution in the climate crisis alongside forests and peatlands, the charity said. Undisturbed grasslands store a third of the world’s land-based carbon in their soils, and old, species-rich areas store significantly more than land with few species or monocultures. But the UK has lost 97% of its traditional meadow and grassland habitat, which now covers less than 1% of the country’s land area. ■■ Visit Plantlife’s website – https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk/ discover-wild-plants-nature/ habitats/grassland/waxcapsfungi/waxcapp-survey – for more information and to download the WaxcApp.

32 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Your Money Heading off to university is an exciting time but it can also bring about financial worries Going to university is one of the most exciting times of your life but it is also one of the most worrying, as money is never far from your mind. As well as leaving home, making friends and keeping up with coursework, students also get an education in managing personal finances. For many, it proves too much, and the pandemic has only made matters worse, as students pay up to £9,250 a year for restricted tuition. An astonishing three in four have thought of dropping out at some point, a rise of a quarter on last year. While mental health and the pandemic were the major concerns, four in 10 cited money worries as a reason to quit, according to the National Student Money Survey 2021, carried out by the website savethestudent.org.uk The average student maintenance loan is £340 less each month than actual living costs, so no wonder most struggle to make ends meet. Many are looking for ways to earn, with two in five setting up their own business or side hustle, while the number gambling on risky cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin tripled in a year. Students are also less confident about finding a job after uni and expect lower graduate starting salaries in the wake of the pandemic. Save the Student’s money expert Jake Butler says the pandemic has hit everybody hard but students are among the worst affected. “With an unstable part-time job market and some parents losing earnings, the usual funding sources are hard to come by,” he says. He urges struggling students to reach out to their university support services, adding: “There is extra funding available in many cases.” Don’t spend, spend, spend Heading off to university is exciting but don’t get carried away or you could regret it later. Go easy when your first student loan hits your bank account, says Thomas Allder, customer director at Vanquis Bank. “It can be tempting to spend like there is no tomorrow. Instead, allocate yourself a weekly budget so you are not caught short a month or two down the line,” he says. This should take into account Do you really need all those subscriptions? Harvey Jonesreveals how students can avoid ending up with a financial hangover Clever ways to help beat the cost of uni your loan and any income you have, minus tuition fees, rent, mobile phone bills and other essentials. “The amount left over needs to be enough to pay for your food, transport and fun for the rest of the term.” Thomas says you can budget easily by creating a section in your Notes app on your phone, or even a spreadsheet. Also, decide whether you need all those subscriptions. “Netflix, Spotify and others often offer group subscriptions, so see if you can club together with new pals or housemates,” he says. Many first-time students have a limited credit history, which will partly determine whether you can borrow money and how much interest you pay. It can be tempting to splash the cash but you may regret it later “Download an app from an approved credit reference agency such as ClearScore or Experian to see how to build your score,” he says. Before taking out a credit card, make sure you understand how they work, and why you need to repay the balance in full each month to avoid interest and fees, Thomas adds. Strong finances = strong mental health Dr Dominique Thompson, who worked with mystudenthalls.com to write Student Wellbeing: A Guide To Building Better Mental Health In University, says think twice before buying anything online. She advises popping items in the basket without completing the transaction until the next day, when they may not seem so essential. “For essential purchases, try charity shops or apps such as Depop or Vinted. Used textbooks are also often sold through student or Facebook groups,” she suggests. Be wary of Buy Now Pay Later schemes such as Klarna or Clearpay. They may offer interest-free credit but if you fall behind on repayments it can hit your credit score and you could be chased by debt collection agencies. “Avoid this slippery slope at all costs,” Dr Thompson says. Universities, charities and private companies offer thousands of grants, bursaries and scholarships every year. “Unlike loans, most don’t need to be paid back. Do your research and check your uni to see what may be available.” Many universities have funds for student hardship and mental health support too. “Search for ‘student funding’ on your university’s website,” she says. Check out student bank accounts The big banks offer freebies and goodies to entice a new generation of students to take out their student bank accounts. HSBC is leading the charge by offering £80 up front cashback, plus a choice of a £20 Uber Eats voucher or a year of next-day unlimited delivery with online clothing retailer ASOS. NatWest and Royal Bank Of Scotland both offer £50, according to business information service defaqto.com. These cashback offers are lower than in previous years, which saw some banks pay more than £100, but are still tempting. Allocate yourself a weekly budget so you are not caught short a month or two down the line Thomas Allder of Vanquis Bank Make sure you understand how credit cards work before you take one out Defaqto banking expert Katie Brain says don’t just look at the freebies but compare all the features and benefits to choose the right account for you. Banks have also cut the interest paid on balances. TSB’s Student account pays 5% on balances up to £500, worth up to £25 a year. This will have less appeal to students who have no savings. Many will want the maximum interest-free overdraft. HSBC and Nationwide offer £1,000 in the first year, rising to £2,000 in the second year then £3,000. NatWest and RBS offer a flat £2,000 from year one. Pauline van Brakel, chief product officer at money app Yolt, says use your overdraft strictly for emergencies and do not take it into account when calculating budgets. “Unlike your student loan, you might need to pay it back quickly after you graduate, and those interest-free deals don’t last for ever.”

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 33 Your Money Your consumer rights champion Revealed: The pitfalls of third-party purchases It might not always feel like it, but we actually have lots of laws, rules and regulations protecting our consumer rights in the UK. Unfortunately, wherever there are rules, there are ways to bend them. In recent years, there’s been a huge rise in ‘third party’ firms. These are businesses that don’t actually offer the goods or services they are providing. If you’ve bought a holiday online in the last few years, you’ve probably used an ‘online marketplace’. So the firm you booked the hotel and flights with isn’t the firm that provides the services. This might not seem like a major problem – until you need to complain. I’ve spent the last year being deluged by complaints about travel traumas alone, with most about online travel marketplaces. Many of these firms refused to refund cancelled holidays despite being threatened with fines and court action. Their argument is your contact isn’t with them – it’s with the hotel or airline. I disagree – but this is a grey area. Businesses operating as a third party are often able to exploit gaps in the rules like this to avoid responsibility when things go wrong. Which brings us to vouchers… Voucher websites have been one of the biggest success stories of the last few years. They appeared seemingly from nowhere, and millions of people use them regularly. But their customer service often leaves a lot to be desired. Last year nearly 14,000 people used Resolver to make a complaint about these websites. Voucher websites offer a huge range of goods and services. They work by offering big discounts on the things being sold on the site. The catch? You buy a voucher from the website, then use it to make your purchase from the retailer. Everyone loves a bargain, so on face value this rather complex arrangement doesn’t seem so bad. The voucher website doesn’t have all the overheads of a superstore and the retailer can reach a much wider range of shoppers. The problem though, is when the goods turn up and they aren’t what you wanted or expected. One of the most common complaints I hear is about poorquality items, broken or damaged goods or things that simply never appear. Lots of people raise concerns about T&Cs on ‘experience days’ that make the actual experience rather less fabulous. The Consumer Rights Act gives you loads of powers when it comes to dealing with retailers in the UK. You’re entitled to a full refund from the retailer in the first 30 days if the goods or services are damaged or misrepresented, for example. And for six months after the purchase, the firm must repair or replace items that don’t work. However, many people I’ve spoken to have reported businesses based abroad that don’t respond. Others have told me that some shops have refused point blank to refund. And, of course, the other problem is technically, what you’ve purchased is a voucher. So even if you do get a refund, it might just be a voucher for something you don’t want or need. Because of this, voucher websites have come under scrutiny and have reputedly been warned about poor practices, refund rights and customer service. Not all firms are bad, but bear in mind that you might encounter problems when making a complaint. Ultimately, if you’re thinking about using a voucher website, check the T&Cs on the website before going ahead. Check to see if there’s a phone number to speak to staff on the ‘contact us’ page too. If there’s no way to speak to a human, then have a think if the firm deserves your cash. Always remember though that getting a 5% discount might seen tempting – but bear in mind that buying direct makes it much easier to sort out a complaint. Voucher sites have been a success in recent years ■■Get help for free at resolver.co.uk Having wealth runs in the family Young adults with the richest parents are typically around six times as wealthy themselves as those who come from the poorest families, according to analysis. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) explored the impact that wealthier parents have on transferring economic advantages on to their children in the UK. By the time they were aged in their 30s, people born in the 1970s and 1980s, with parents in the wealthiest fifth in their generation, had average net wealth of £107,000, the think-tank said. This was around six times the £18,000 held by those with parents in the poorest fifth in terms of wealth. People with wealthier parents also tend to save more. They may receive more transfers and capital income on top of their earnings, and so are able to save some of this additional income. Those with wealthier parents are also more likely to hold higher-risk, higher-return investments such as stocks and shares. PEOPLE’S PET AWARDS An uplifting celebration of Britain’s most inspirational pets NOMINATE NOW THEPEOPLESPETAWARDS.CO.UK

34 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Cashing in in brief BATHroom Snuggle up Consumers ‘blocked from using cash’ Around one in five consumers have been blocked from paying with cash in recent months as lockdown rules have eased, according to Which? The consumer group carried out two separate surveys, covering more than 3,000 people in total, to gauge their experience of payments. One was a phone survey, to include consumers who may be less digitally capable and potentially more dependent on cash. The second survey was carried out online. Around a fifth (18%) of people in the phone survey reported being unable to pay with cash at least once when trying to make purchases between April and July, as coronavirus restrictions were gradually being lifted. Eight in 10 (84%) consumers believe businesses and shops should continue to accept cash, the consumer group found. Jenny Ross, Which? Money editor, said: “Cash is still a vital way to pay for millions of consumers, so it’s very concerning to see many people still reporting difficulties when trying to spend their notes and coins, even as the country moves out of lockdown restrictions.” £100 offer to join the Club A new £100 current account switching offer has been launched by Lloyds Bank. Customers using the seven-day current account switch service to change to a new Club Lloyds current account or new Club Lloyds Platinum account will receive the cash within 10 days. The Club Lloyds current account has no fee for maintaining it as long as people pay in £1,500 each month. Those who pay in less are charged £3 each month. People can also potentially earn in-credit interest of 0.6% on balances up to £3,999.99 and 1.5% on any part of the balance between £4,000 to £5,000. The account also has various rewards, including cinema tickets, and cashback. Laura Ashley bath towel, tkmaxx.com, was £25, now £12.99 SAVE: £12.01 Westlab Sleep Epsom bath salts with lavender, jasmine and valerian, (1kg), Boots, were £5.99, now £2.99 SAVE: £3 Threadgirls Cosy bath robe, debenhams. com, was £22, now £16.50 SAVE: £5.50 BEDroom Harry Potter Hogwarts glow in the dark bedding set (single), M&S, was £29.50, now £23.60 SAVE: £5.90 Leopard bath mat, Argos, was £8, now £6 SAVE: £2 A Calm & Quiet Place candle, yankeecandle. co.uk, was £20.99, now £15.74 SAVE: £5.25 CliCk k & save If you’re missing your Dorothy Perkins high street fix, head to debenhams.com and add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. This dramatic longline chunky knit cardie from the brand is down from £40 to £30. for autumn From cosy nightwear to kitchen gadgets for rustling up comfort food, we’ve got deals for you... and your pet KiTCHEn Zodiac Sunnex superior 4 cup teapot, Argos, was £20, now £15 SAVE: £5 Tassimo by Bosch My Way 2, ao.com, was £100, now £79 SAVE: £21 Iris and Lilly women’s flannel pyjama set, amazon.co.uk, was £22.90, now £17.13 SAVE: £5.77 Silentnight quilted jumbo mattress topper and pillow set (kingsize), B&M, was £15, now £13 SAVE: £2 Savvy Opal padded gilet, £39.99, Mountain Warehouse Russell Hobbs Colours 2 slice toaster, Tesco, was £32 , with Clubcard £25 SAVE: £7 Double sandwich maker by Dihl, wayfair.co.uk, was £19.46, now £13.99 SAVE: £5.47 Budget or bust... gilets Spend Covalliero waistcoat, £57.99, Sports direct Splurge Tog 24 Drax down- filled gilet, £90, next Morphy Richards slow cooker (3.5 litres), amazon.co.uk, was £34.99, now £29.99 SAVE: £5 Palm printed velvet bedspread (220x200cm), Oliver Bonas, was £135, now £75 SAVE: £60 Rocket Dog Stratus faux fur mules, shoezone.com, RRP £30, now £14.99 SAVE: £15.01 Living room Tripod floor lamp, habitat. co.uk, was £35, now £26.25 SAVE: £8.75 Serena jacquard cushion, The Range, was £8.99, now £7.19 SAVE: £1.80 Teddy bear rug (120x170cm), Dunelm, was £49.99, now £35 SAVE: £14.99 grab it now If, like us, you’ve got a million things to do but are always losing to do lists on your phone or just misplacing paper versions, Asda has the solution – a memo chalkboard. It may be old school but we like the idea of jotting it down or popping notes under our noses by using the pegs. It’s down from £14 to £13 until September 26. Long faux throw (125x160cm), next.co.uk, was £50, now £25 SAVE: £25 Ophelia thermal lined striped velvet curtain panel (137x218cm), B&M, was £25, now £20 SAVE: £5

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 35 Cashing in PETS Jumbo cord donut cat bed, Pets at Home, was £17, now £12.75 SAVE: £4.25 Pet Magasin cat cave bed, amazon.co.uk, was £19.88, now £15.71 SAVE: £4.17 Resploot deep ocean snuggle dog bed (small), petplanet.co.uk, was £29.99, now £22.49 SAVE: £7.50 Buster outdoor wear winter jacket, doggiesolutions.co.uk, was £25.85, now £16.99 SAVE: £8.86 SnuggleSafe micro- fibre small towel (92x46cm), zooplus.co.uk, was £8.99, now £6.29 SAVE: £2.70 *All prices correct at time of going to press and subject to availability Five simple ways to be a smarter switcher Review key household expenses or you could be missing out on significant sums, finds Vicky Shaw Around one in six (16%) adults across the UK never review some of their key household expenses. This indicates that millions of people are potentially missing out on better deals on products and services such as their bank account, energy bills or broadband, according to the research from money app, Yolt. Pauline van Brakel, chief product officer at Yolt, says: “Many consumers have had a challenging period financially as a result of the pandemic, and with Yolt’s own user data showing utilities bills are rising, and recent announcements such as the Ofgem energy price cap hike due later this year, it’s a good time for people to take stock of their regular outgoings to see if they could save by switching. “Checking in on whether you are on the best deal available could save you hundreds of pounds a year.” Wondering whether you could switch and save some money? Here are Pauline’s tips on how to become a smarter switcher... 1. Check you have the info needed Depending on the utility or service you are looking to switch, you may need information about your existing account, such as the name of the account holder or any security details or passwords or email addresses associated with the account. When switching energy providers, you’ll need to check the type of contract or meter you have – for example, some suppliers may not be able to offer tariffs for pre-payment meters. Having all this information to hand will help to ensure the process goes smoothly. 2. Are there any exit fees to pay? Check whether your existing provider charges exit fees for leaving a plan Take stock of your regular outgoings and see if switching could save you money early – as unfortunately many do. Also find out when the contract ends, so you’ll be able to switch without paying a fee. 3. Are you in credit on your account? If you pay bills by direct debit, your current energy supplier may actually owe you money. Before switching, always ask your supplier if you are in credit with them, to ensure that you are paid back anything you are owed. 4. Consider going ‘green’ In some cases, choosing to help the planet with certain providers can also help you save money. Many energy providers offer cheap rates for renewable electricity and gas deals. 5. Finally, do your research Once you’re ready to switch, consider using price comparison websites as well as contacting providers directly. Once you’ve chosen, check who’s responsible for changing everything over. Often, new providers may do this for you, such as with the current account switch service (Cass), and it may be possible to leave the admin work to them. £1000 Vouchers to be won We have £1000 for one lucky reader to win in our fantastic promotion. One lucky reader will receive a gift card to the value of £1000 to spend in whichever way they like in an M&S Store. M&S has a huge range of clothing for all the family, Home & Garden furniture, Gifts & Flowers and not forgetting the Food & Wine. How to enter: For your chance to win simply collect eight tokens from the tokens we will be printing until Saturday 25th September. Attach your tokens to the form and send your completed entry to M&S competition Western Daily Press. FAO Newspaper Sales Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, OL9 8EF Closing date is Friday 1st October 2021. ENTRY FORM Name: ....................................................................................................................... Telephone: .............................................................................................................. TOKEN £1,000 VOuCHERS ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE ATTACH ANOTHER TOKEN HERE Terms & conditions: Standard competition rules apply rules apply see reachplc.co.uk/rules One winner will be drawn at random from all entries received by the closing date. The winner will receive M&S gift cards to the value of £1000.

36 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Tech JuSTIN connolly technology Editor WhEn the iPhone 12 was unveiled around 11 months ago Apple described the event as a ‘leap year’ – everything was new about the device. This year we’re taking smaller steps forward – with the iPhone 13 everything is better, but to the passing observer not a lot has changed. But the iPhone 13 in all its variants was revealed this week in another glossy presentation film broadcast online. The phone was not the only thing Apple CEO Tim Cook and a parade of top execs from the company showed off during the event. here’s what’s new from Cupertino this autumn. iPhone 13 Design-wise not a lot has changed with the iPhone 13 – the only way to tell them apart from the 12 is the smaller notch on the front-face to house the True Depth camera system, and the diagonal arrangement of the dual-lens camera system on the back. There are new colours, of course – pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED for the 13 while the 13 Pro will come in graphite, gold, silver, and the allnew sierra blue. But what’s really new this year is all on the inside. While the updates could be seen as incremental, they are far from insignificant. The new chip at the heart of both phones is the A15 Bionic, the latest in a long line of Apple-designed chips that make the iPhone the fastest smartphone you can buy. Everything else these new iPhones can do flows from that power. As well as general processing duties, the A15 also houses dedicated hardware to process images – which makes the computational photography features of the new phones possible. Paired with the extraordinary new camera units, the image processor arguably makes the devices more cameras than phones. The 13 houses ultra-wide and wide camera units which have The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Cinematic Mode brings rack focus to mobile video capture, while the iPhone 13 Pro is capable of macro photography The iPhone13 teenage kicks The iPhone 13 wasn’t the only thing offered up at Apple’s latest launch event improved a lot on last year’s. The 13 Pro adds a telephoto lens to the mix. They are great cameras, but what they and the power increase mean for users is new features in software. Chief among those is the new Cinematic Mode. The phones will shift focus from one subject to another in shot automatically, according to what happens on screen. Say one person turns to look at someone else who is blurred in the background, the focus will shift from them to the person in the background. You can even edit these transitions after shooting. The still images get new ‘photographic styles’. You can set up the character of your photos in terms of tone and warmth and the camera will remember your style, while still applying its software smarts to keep skin tones natural. The other big upgrade this year comes in the Pro, which now features a display with a variable refresh rate. It can switch between refreshing the screen 10 times a second and 120 times a second depending on what you are doing, which helps to save power. Battery life on all the phones is better than previous models too. The phones come in the same sizes and variants as the 12, so we have the 13 Mini with a 5.4in screen, a 13 and 13 Pro with a 6.1in screen, and a 13 Pro Max with a 6.7in screen. The 13 Mini starts at £679, with the 13 from £779. The Pro starts at £949 and the Pro Max at £1,049. Storage tiers start at 128GB, while the Pro model is now available with 1TB of storage. Should you pro-order? I’d say if you have any 12 model you’ll still be happy with that. But these new phones will feel like a massive upgrade to anyone else. You can pre-order all four models of the iPhone 13 now for delivery on September 24. iPad mini The iPad mini has received a big redesign that means it’s now more the baby brother of the iPad Air than the base-model iPad. It’s got the flattened edges and the Touch ID button on top, and it supports the second generation Apple Pencil, which attaches magnetically to its side. The new design allows for an allscreen front – and that allows for a bigger 8.3in screen. There are four new colours, too – pink, starlight, purple, and space grey. Inside the mini rocks the same super-fast A15 chip in the new iPhones. There’s also 5G support for fast data, making this the most portable iPad you can get. It’ll start at £479 and hit shops on September 24, but you can pre-order now. Apple upgraded the base model iPad as well – it now sports the faster A13 Bionic chip, and adds an ultra-wide FaceTime camera for the Centre Stage feature which zooms in on faces to keep you in shot during video calls. The feature is also coming to the iPad mini. Apple Watch Series 7 The new Apple Watch defied the The 2021 iPad mini The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in green, blue, starlight, midnight and PRODUCT(RED) pre-event rumours – it does not feature the flatter sides many had predicted. What the Series 7 does have, though, is a bigger screen – about 20% bigger than the Series 6. This has allowed the software engineers to add features like a QWERTY keyboard. They’ve also optimised things like buttons for the larger display and there are new colours, too – the Series 7 will come in green, blue, starlight, midnight and PRODUCT(RED). Software updates include new pilates workouts, as well as fall detection while cycling. If you fall off your bike it’ll ask you if you’re OK and can call an ambulance for you. The Series 7 is also more durable with a stronger screen. There’s also faster charging – the battery can go from zero to 80% in around 45 minutes. There’s no price yet, and Apple’s vague release date for the device is ‘later this autumn’. the all-new operating systems We now know when the new operating systems for Apple devices will arrive. iOS 15 for iPhone, iPadOS 15 for iPad, and watchOS 8 for Apple Watch will be available for free download on September 20, bringing new features and upgrades. tech that the latest in the digital world Twitter’s new Communities feature EvEn morE from TwiTTEr New week, new feature from Twitter – this time we have Communities, which adds the same kind of functionality as Facebook’s Groups. Communities will allow users to create a group that others can join, and you can tweet to that group only, without those tweets being broadcast to the wider community. Communities are intended to focus on particular topics, and Twitter is hoping that will bring greater context to the conversations that take place there. At the moment, creating Communities is not available to everyone – just a select few as the kinks are ironed out. Anyone can, though, be invited to join the small number of communities that exist now. But pretty soon everyone will be able to make their own home. Ray-Ban Stories facEbook x ray-ban I remain unconvinced that glasses with built-in cameras are the future of technology we’ve all been waiting for. Yet Facebook and Ray-Ban have teamed up to make that very device. Ray-Ban Stories are sunglasses that come in three classic Ray-Ban styles (including Wayfarer) which also feature both speakers for listening to music and taking Messenger calls, and two 5MP cameras to capture video and still on the go – capture what you see, as Ray-Ban puts it. The cameras feature LED lights that light up when you are taking images, so passers-by know what you’re up to. It’s all controlled by tapping the frames of the glasses, or by voice control. The pictures and videos captured are shared to an app on your phone, and from there to wherever you want to share them. The Stories are available now for £299 from ray-ban.com, and there is an option to add prescription lenses

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 37 Shop It lingerie 1 2 3 4 to love Underwear drawer in need of a restock? we’ve got yoU covered 5 EMMA JOHNSON Fashion Editor 1 support team Enjoy comfort without compromising on support with this Daisy non-wire bra £24, Next 6 2 body beautiful This lace-trimmed all in one is too pretty to cover up, £29.99, Zara 3 mint source Stay comfy in this lace bralet, £12, Accessorize 7 4 petal powered Brighten up your undie offering with this Hazy Daisy Spectrum bra £40 and briefs, £28, Les Girls Les Boys 5 bring me flowers This floral triangle set is a bargain at £5, from Primark 8 6 in the pink At these prices, you can fill up your underwear drawer. Left, rib-mould bras £12 (3pk), rib midi briefs £7 (3pk), right lace bralette £12 (3pk), lace briefs £7 (3pk), all Matalan 7 it’s seamless If you ditched your bra in lockdown this Anyday Anya bra is for you, £18, John Lewis 8 briefs encounter There’s nothing pants about this trio of knickers, £14.99, Lindex 9 9 simply the vest Two-pack lace trim cotton vests have added stretch for comfort, £8, Marks & Spencer 10 10 smooth operator This shapewear set is on offer reduced from £15 to £10.50, debenhams.com *All prices correct at time of going to press and subject to availability

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WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 39 Crosswords CODE CHALLENGE Puzzle Saturday Sep19,2021 SATURDAY EXTRA CC 630 CODE CHALLENGE 2021 You have just 20 minutes and 21 seconds to crack the Code Challenge. Each grid number represents a letter. Every letter of the alphabet is used. Today’s clue letters are below the main grid. Write in the appropriate letter wherever its number appears. Don’t give up. Call the Extra Letter line. Solution next week. 1 21 6 15 13 25 22 3 12 13 17 3 12 20 3 3 12 5 24 21 22 13 17 14 14 13 25 22 13 5 19 5 3 4 1 15 25 13 12 21 9 10 10 26 21 5 10 16 2 13 3 14 10 18 25 16 14 2 16 7 11 2 13 14 13 13 3 3 3 8 3 23 16 25 6 17 10 9 18 13 25 16 16 5 21 11 25 5 15 21 10 10 4 13 16 8 13 2 3 10 9 3 21 14 14 10 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z F 15 13 25 2 16 4 3 3 9 13 G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 0900 586 4352 For up to 5 EXTRA LETTERS and FULL SOLUTION, call: Use your Target Time minutes when you call the Extra Letters line. Deduct two minutes for each extra letter you use. Stay on the line for some hints, followed by the Full Solution. TARGET TIME 20:21 mins secs Last week: Across: Sage, Scandal, Exile, Enslave, Default, Felt, Reward, Cherub, Dolt, Unlucky, Prolong, Reign, Leaflet, Spit. Down: Slender, Dope, Grief, Welcome, Require, Golf, Create, Jungle, Nose, Cholera, Amateur, Crisp, Zest, Bayonet. Landline calls cost 61p/min plus network extras. Calls from mobiles will be higher. Minimum age 18. Line closes next Friday. Std Reach plc rules apply. See www.mirror.co.uk/rules. SP: J Media UK, SW4 7BX. Helpline: 08448001188. west FOR CHECKING PURPOSES ONLY crossword Solution to puzzle above (to appear next week): Across Solution to puzzle on this page 5 There’s a (for railway checking track at the purposes) bottom of the hill in the middle of Templecombe (4) 7 So FOR after four CHECKER years living in Othery, we left and moved to a place near Treswithian (10) 8 As ACROSS: arranged, me Fib, and Pervade, Pip went to the youth centre in Culmhead Skive, at Unnerve, the weekend Predict, -- it’s something that always cheers Twist, us up Throng, (4-2-2) Oxygen, Major, 10 It Butcher, takes three Spittle, hours Omega, to get to West Ashton, travelling by car Pergola, (4) Ace. 11 Mysterious DOWN: Fusspot, objects in Most, the sky were reported by three youngsters Baize, at Rejoice, the beginning Designer, of February, Tag, just outside of Oak Equate, Cross (4) Abseil, Van, Taxation, 13 When Darling, my cousin Hyena, worked Deft, Narrate. in the supermarket right in the centre of Cardiff, he treated me to money off my shopping (8) 15 Dotted around my backyard in Arne, I have four hedges and a shrub with fragrant white flowers (8) 16 Charlie and Mel from Elmscott must be run ragged having so many small children! (4) 17 We are going to leave Knowle and relocate to Germany’s fourth-largest city (4) 18 The crematorium at Truro was designed by men who lived in Upton (8) 21 The orchestra leader from Enmore was in a terrible tizz -- at the start of the opera he had messed up his short solo (10) 22 Looking at Topsham, essentially everything is in an untidy state (4) Down 1 The road in the middle of Berry Pomeroy has collapsed -- there is an abrupt downwards slope in it (4) 2 I’m a leading wordsmith from Gweek -- I’m almost obsessively knowledgeable (4) 3 Old men go walking around this area near Porton (8) 4 There is only one place to catch a bus in the whole of this Topsham estate (4) 5 My lover left on the first day in October, and moved to a place near Highampton (8) 6 I had my first tipple, a gin and tonic, around noon in the Turks Head about two miles from the centre of Weymouth (10) 1 7 8 11 15 17 22 9 Giant Crossword Across 8 Leaves or eats the bit on the outside (5,2) 9 Sets up as rival to a successful body-building business? (7,2) 13 Jack will be a breeder (5) 14 Ways to make money (5) 15 Manage – to administer the anaesthetic to? (4,3) 16 Interrupt, but you start getting used to it (5,2) 17 Find one must take a right turn first (5) 18 Give, as a tip, a ball-point (5) 20 Took a chance and within days are caught (5) 22 A danger to the people ahead of one (6) 23 Leaned over and told you what to bet on (6) 25 Said ‘A mere outward show,’ which does offend (7) 27 That is among the various words meaning ‘hooligans’ (7) 30 Maybe black marks, thanks to being caught in wrongdoing (6) 31 Were all different, as a random drive round showed (6) 32 Catches ‘They ain’t hadders!’ (5) 35 Are too small to pick up (5) 36 Is first to be locked in the big prison (5) 37 As soon as you see round, things are different (2,5) 39 Renovate and stash away again (7) 41 A retiring person of little intelligence; a loner (5) 42 Animal of which there are many in the pound (5) 43 Amazed by the speculator and the awful greed (9) 44 The bird has flown, you understand from her (7) Down 1 Want Father Edward to come back at first (6) 2 Shot in the nude (8) 3 Are ice-picks used to work in it? (7,4) 4 Material wealth (9) 5 Zip up coats the salesman came back with (7) 6 Top time for successful mountaineering expeditions? (4,6) 7 The name on the metal disc (4) 10 Felt anti an all-night sitting? (6) 11 A beating by father hurt (7) 12 Brooded over when drunk (6) 19 Reduce the price of squash (7) 21 The notes you keep from (7) 9 My mobile and four cufflinks were in my car when it got broken into while I was visiting this resort on the North Devon coast (10) 12 I read this top surfer intends to relocate to a village near Indian Queens (2,6) 14 Near Ansty, there’s a place that recreates one of the old tin- mining districts in the South West (8) 2 12 21 3 Solution to last week’s puzzle to appear in this issue. TIMED CODECRACKER ACROSS: Sage, Scandal, Exile, Enslave, Default, Felt, Reward, Cherub, Dolt, Unlucky, Prolong, Reign, 13 DOWN: Slender, Dope, Grief, Welcome, Require, Golf, Create, Jungle, Nose, Cholera, Amateur, Crisp, Zest, Bayonet. 18 4 14 24 An electric blanket when you want central heating? (4,7) 26 Pervade the whole of the rehearsal? (3-7) 28 When unmasked, is brazen (4-5) 29 Girl getting the first rise in a job (7) 30 A really good note to end on. Great (6) 32 Argues it’s intended to be read (3,5) 33 Put the plastic cup beside the seat (6) 34 The fellow had got angry but concealed it (7) 38 Look! The strawberry roan is rearing! (6) 40 The locale, or spot, spoken of (4) 5 10 16 19 18 The first time I visited Plymouth, I broke down on the way back -- which was an unfortunate turn of events (4) 19 Do as you’re told by youth leader Ron from Oborne, otherwise you’ll get into trouble (4) 20 On the outskirts of Tresmeer, I saw two horses starting to run at a slow pace (4) 6 20 Last week’s solution Across: 9, Pulled out 10, Tee-total 12, (pe)Elsa (rev) 13, Assail (a sail) 14, B-Lister 15, Carrie-D-on 17, To-othsome 18, To-aster 20, Sh-odd-y 21, Pa-I-d 24, Entrance 26, Addition 28, Over 29, Knocks 31, Chisels 34, Ba-dmin-t-on 36, Runnersup 38, De-spa-ir 39, En-su-es 40, Ergo (rev) 41, Crackers 42, Ma-de has-te. Down: 1, Upper-cut 2, C-loser 3, Conside-r 4, (mo)St-rain 5, St-I-let-to 6, Redblooded 7, To-nigh-t 8, Tattoo 11, Fri-ends 16, In turn 19, Annie 20, She 22, A-L-one 23, Strif-E 25, Non-starter 26, (l)Ass 27, Forbad-e 30, Co-nverse 31, Contends 32, Supposed 33, Fin-ance 35, Desert (dessert) 36, R-esum-e 37, Stress. west crossword Across: 5 Line, 7 Roseworthy, 8 Pick-me-up, 10 Auto, 11 Ufos, 13 Discount, 15 Gardenia, 16 Tots, 17 Koln, 18 Penmount, 21 Intermezzo, 22 Mess. Down: 1 Drop, 2 Geek, 3 Gomeldon, 4 Stop, 5 Lydacott, 6 Nottington, 9 Ilfracombe, 12 St Dennis, 14 Stannary, 18 Pity, 19 Obey, 20 Trot.

40 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Puzzles & Stars Cryptic crossword Quick crossword Gogen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Stuck on today’s puzzle? Call 0905 789 4220 to hear individual clues or the full solution. Calls cost 80p per minute plus network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 18/09/2021 Across: 1 Putrid; 4 Garbed; 9 Station master; 10 Untamed; 11 Yield; 12 Hobby; 14 Staid; 18 Tower; 19 Plunger; 21 Electric train; 22 Splash; 23 Measly. Down: 1 Possum; 2 Traction wheel; 3 Idiom; 5 Analyst; 6 Battering rams; 7 Deride; 8 Anode; 13 Berates; 15 Steeds; 16 Spain; 17 Brandy; 20 Untie. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Across: 3 Clean; 8 Heals; 10 Fairy; 11 Via; 12 Deals; 13 Bolster; 15 Oasis; 18 Son; 19 Salute; 21 Deposit; 22 Rues; 23 Male; 24 Lexicon; 26 Fracas; 29 Lot; 31 Tarot; 32 Capital; 34 Peter; 35 Vim; 36 Kites; 37 Genes; 38 Stilt. Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. 1 J W L Y S 8 X O T E V M B F N R K U A I G ACROSS 1. Come, there’s endless mercy in trade (8) 5. Knotty rock (4) 9. Clink of spoon against basin? (4) 10. Awful result of dud flare (8) 11. Judge not; though he swears in court (5) 12. Width of ten vessels between two points (7) 13. Pop! Litter dies. Solution must be found for keen mother (13) 18. Dwelling, for men in principle (8) 19. A pest of a bullet (4) 20. Raise confusion over late Eve (7) 21. Important person hesitates – the poisoner (5) 22. Such repetition is fair (2-2) 23. Hide back in stage and become motionless (8) ACROSS 1. Rupture (5) 6. With reference to (2,3) 9. Torture (7) 10. Splendour (5) 11. Culpability (5) 12. Inquired (5) 13. Rich stew (7) 15. Small flap of material (3) 17. Mountain range (4) 18. Star sign (6) 19. Unfashionable (5) 20. Irregular (6) 22. Spoken, verbal (4) 24. Pitch (3) 25. Plunder (7) 26. Soup server (5) 27. Fulcrum (5) 28. Cookers (5) 29. Coast (7) 30. Defeats (5) 31. Worthless matter (5) DOWN 2. Do brute caper and push in unasked (7) 3. Mother Church on one radio pioneer (7) 4. Sender of 13 down has literary post (13) 6. Fed fine and became a man of respect (7) 7. There’s a sell up in centre stuff; and it’s stuffed more than most (7) 8. Spotted five hundred fruit (6) 13. Landlords eject settler (7) 14. Better boatmen? (7) 15. Lower demeanour doesn’t belong to us (6) 16. Sun and air’s featured in this nationality (7) 17. Take pittance with ease. The result is far from sweet (7) DOWN 2. Unsophisticated, informally (6) 3. Plays for time (6) 4. Toddler (3) 5. Break violently (5) 6. Enraged (7) 7. Fastener (4) 8. Lent out (2,4) 12. Of Asia (5) 13. Whole range or scale (5) 14. Shoe part (5) 15. Jewelled headdress (5) 16. Holy book (5) 18. Magic servant (5) 19. Formal discussions (7) 21. Indigenous (6) 22. Boy’s name (6) 23. Representatives (6) 25. Luxurious (5) 26. Missing (4) 28. Peculiar (3) Down: 1 Devon; 2 Glasses; 4 Leer; 5 Afloat; 6 Nasal; 7 Trait; 9 Ail; 12 Denotes; 14 Top; 16 Susan; 17 Sever; 19 Similar; 20 Draft; 21 Debar; 23 Motives; 24 Latest; 25 Cop; 27 Rabid; 28 Copes; 30 Camel; 32 Cell; 33 Tin. Q D P H C AUK BOX CHAFING DUB ENVY FELT JOWLY LYSERGIC PHANTOM QUAD A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 2 G M J X Y O N I H R Q W V T C Codeword This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 I 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 S Need a little help getting started? Then call 0901 293 6261 to hear four random extra letter clues. Or text CODE and send to 64343 to receive 4 clues. Calls and texts cost £1 plus any network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 F K G M V Y U E W O S N X 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Q T C I L H R J A D P Z B Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. U A S T H U E R S P S U E L A N V G N A D K B D F P S C F H I A P F T S Y T U S W H T A H E R T Z E T D BUSK CRY FEW GOWN HIVE JIVED MIX MOW PATCHY SQUELCHING SWITCH A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS B L U R B O N O R H I N O E O Z D U N C E YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS L P F X T O H E U R C K J F B G P S Y A W I R W O Q M S V K E X U V D I B L D N A M Q N G Y T C H J

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 41 In association with teamdogs.co.uk Sudoku 6 1 4 7 8 4 1 3 7 3 7 4 5 9 7 1 1 4 Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. EASY 5 6 3 8 9 1 9 2 3 1 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Easy Circlegram Niner 4 3 1 9 6 5 3 6 2 8 4 5 4 9 6 7 8 1 5 2 3 2 5 7 6 9 3 1 4 8 1 8 3 4 5 2 6 7 9 6 7 2 5 3 8 4 9 1 5 3 9 1 4 6 2 8 7 8 1 4 2 7 9 3 6 5 7 2 5 9 1 4 8 3 6 9 4 8 3 6 5 7 1 2 3 6 1 8 2 7 9 5 4 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Hard 9 2 1 9 3 3 6 5 9 3 6 4 2 HARD 8 1 5 1 5 6 5 7 8 6 9 8 5 4 7 3 1 2 5 2 3 8 1 9 6 7 4 1 4 7 6 3 2 8 5 9 7 1 9 3 2 4 5 6 8 4 3 5 7 6 8 2 9 1 2 8 6 1 9 5 7 4 3 8 6 1 4 5 3 9 2 7 9 7 4 2 8 6 1 3 5 3 5 2 9 7 1 4 8 6 Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within the circle can be rearranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? U F B F P R O A ? E E P N T H A D YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS The letter represented by the question mark is C. Columbo, Clouseau, Fletcher, all fictional detectives. Alphamuddle Wordsquare Rearrange the letters in the top grid to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed in the bottom grid to start you off. C H O I S I R T R U C K S O U L S C I S O U S Y H E E D S E M M E E M O T T E D E T E R S T E R N L Y Y T T Y Find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found. O O S T H T M O E HOW YOU RATE 12 Good; 16 Very Good; 20 Excellent. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS TINKERING eking, gent, grin, ignite, igniter, inert, inker, inking, inner, inter, intern, irking, kern, king, kiting, knit, nine, reign, rein, rent, renting, ring, rink, tern, tine, ting, tinge, tinier, tinker, tinnier, tiring. Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 5243619 gives a fabric; 69856 gives a fabric; 7834 gives a fabric banner. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: LIVESTOCK YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Find the familiar phrase, saying or name in this arrangement of letters. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: Forever and a day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 www.dingbats.net 18/09/2021 RUSSELL GRANT For more call 0905 789 4271 For more call 0905 789 4272 For more call 0905 789 4273 For more call 0905 789 4274 For more call 0905 789 4275 VIRGO For more call 0905 789 4276 arIEs March 21–April 20 In one-to-one relationships of any kind, it would be best to avoid discussing serious topics. Spontaneous sounds good, and if you can arrange it, you will be packing your bags and spending a weekend away from familiar surroundings. Even a day trip would be rejuvenating. TaUrUs April 21-May 21 You don’t like to interfere in anyone else’s life, but it might be up to you to talk an idealistic friend into seeing sense regarding a romantic or financial matter. You would regret not having at least tried to save them from making what might be the biggest mistake of their life. GEMINI May 22-June 21 A project you have been looking forward to is at last going ahead. You have talked about this a lot. You felt you were ready for it, but now the time has come you feel strangely nervous. You want to get this right and you’ve put so much thought into it, how can it possibly go wrong? caNcEr June 22-July 23 It’s lonely at the top. You have a leading role to play in a team project and it seems appropriate not to let those you normally deal with know what your next move is going to be. There is someone who cannot be trusted, so you need to keep some plans to yourself. lEo July 24-Aug 23 Too many people are taking too much interest in your private concerns. You just want to be alone. This seems impossible to arrange when your reclusive behaviour is drawing friends to you just to see why you are feeling this way. Some can’t seem to understand you need some space. You aren’t particularly competitive, but you will be assertive about anything that is meaningful for you. You could find yourself competing for something that you feel so strongly about that you intend to win. People are going to see the more assertive side of your nature. SCORPIO CAPRICORN lIBra Sept 24–Oct 23 You can’t see how a friend’s ideas can be successful, but you will be happy to go along with them and let them prove you wrong. Demands from friends, colleagues and neighbours will keep you on your toes. You might ask yourself whether some people are starting to take advantage. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4277 access charge) scorPIo Oct 24-Nov22 Someone will move furniture or change the place where everyday items are kept in their effort to tidy up the place. A temporary alteration in your surroundings might throw you a little, but once you’ve got used to a changing situation, you might actually quite like it. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4278 access charge) saGITTarIUs Nov 23-Dec 21 You might agree to finally tackle dreary tasks you’ve been avoiding for ages if only to keep someone happy. You’re tired of listening to their complaints. It might feel as if you have financial problems and stresses coming out of your ears. Breathe deeply when you feel overwhelmed. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4279 access charge) caPrIcorN Dec 22-Jan 20 A family matter needs to be addressed. You have put this off for long enough. What might surprise you is that this won’t be as bad as you imagined it to be. Once a satisfactory conclusion is reached, you will feel relieved and more positive than you have been for some time. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4280 access charge) aQUarIUs Jan 21-Feb 19 A senior colleague is about to make a huge blunder. Keep an eye on them and you might step in and help them out. Although they will assure you that they know what they are doing, it will be more than obvious that they don’t. It could be an interesting and amusing day. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4281 access charge) VIrGo Aug 24-Sept 23 PIscEs Feb 20-Mar 20 Talking will help release tension. It’s not a good idea to keep problems and emotions bottled up inside. Talk to someone you trust. If you’re worried about your job, discuss this with your boss. Getting a change of scenery will allow you to view your life from a different perspective. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4282 access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0333 202 3390

42 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Puzzles TWO SPEED CROSSWORD This two-speed crossword has two sets of clues, but just one grid. If you can’t solve the Cryptic clue, try the Quick. Cryptic Across 7. A very long time back in the ring (5) 8. Confirm that the wild animal has escaped (4,3) 9. How could cad harm old currency? (7) 10. The brotherhood is clearly not in disarray (5) 12. Always a loss, apparently, but not to be repeated (5,5) 15. A grave diet, but not all one colour (10) 18. The kingdom of nature, almost (5) 19. The consequences of having property? (7) 21. Went to bed, having stopped work (7) 22. Swear nothing left the race-track (5) Down 1. No runs came when the girl fell (6,4) 2. Stop the making of bread (5) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 14 12 13 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 3. Clean western tree (4) 4. Flaming sailor must be idle! (6) 5. Why book of noblemen won’t include those too old? (8) 6. Do give up, with lady getting round forester (7) 11. Telephone teacher – he’s employed in the circus (4-6) 17 13. Eternally increasing? (8) 14. The drab dimension (7) 16. Restitution finishes in the morning (6) 17. Twenty, but no more in 1 (5) 20. Figurehead to take the stage in reality (4) Quick Across 7. Stadium (5) 8. Confirm (4,3) 9. Former Greek monetary unit (7) 10. Command (5) 12. Not once more (5,5) 15. Multicoloured (10) 18. Domain (5) 19. Belongings (7) 21. Gave up work (7) 22. Oath (5) Down 1. Set of cricket deliveries yielding no runs (6,4) 2. Exclude (5) 3. Cleanse (4) 4. On fire (6) 5. Noble rank (8) 6. Forester (7) 11. Circus member (4-6) 13. For all time (8) 14. Width (7) 16. Corrects (6) 17. Points total (5) 20. Datum (4) Scribble pad CLOCKWORD The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter L in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a late US actor. 10 9 1. Oral 8 2. Middle Eastern country 3. Club 11 4. Hand tool 5. Soup flavour 6. Show 12 7 L 6 1 6 7. Small piece 8. Cunning 9. Underground passage 10. Ill 11. Rogue 12. Involve 2 5 3 4 3 Solutions Star Seeker Across: 1 Schoolmaster; 7 Peril; 8 Enter; 9 Tow; 10 Eloquence; 11 Narrow; 12 Far off; 15 Sacrilege; 17 Eon; 18 Alien; 19 There; 21 Sailing boats. Down: 1 Shooting star; 2 Oar; 3 Mellow; 4 Speculate; 5 Eaten; 6 Green fingers; 7 Power; 10 Emotional; 13 Obese; 14 Beaten; 16 China; 20 Ebb. Star Name: BILLIE EILISH General Knowledge Quiz 1 C; 2 C; 3 C; 4 B; 5 D; 6 C; 7 A; 8 A; 9 D; 10 D; 11 D; 12 D; 13 C; 14 B; 15 C. Easy 4 9 7 8 2 3 1 6 5 6 4 1 2 5 9 7 3 8 9 7 2 5 1 6 3 8 4 Hard 7 9 5 2 1 3 4 8 6 5 6 7 9 3 1 8 2 4 1 4 9 6 7 8 3 5 2 Fill In 5 8 3 9 1 6 7 2 4 2 3 9 8 7 1 6 4 5 4 6 8 3 9 2 1 5 7 2 4 8 5 9 6 1 7 3 8 3 4 7 2 5 9 6 1 3 8 7 4 5 2 6 1 9 S T E P C O W N S U V B O X A L C R E W C A L S O H E R E O S L I T G B E A C H M M U G Y U H I D L T E S T S L L A C E T A W A Y I R O N R D A R E M I O A K G L B A N D P T E L L City: EXETER 1 6 2 5 4 7 8 9 3 7 8 5 6 3 4 2 1 9 3 5 1 4 7 8 9 2 6 3 6 1 8 7 4 2 5 9 1 9 2 6 4 8 7 3 5 5 2 6 9 1 3 4 8 7 Medium 8 4 5 1 9 6 3 2 7 7 6 8 5 3 2 4 1 9 9 7 1 2 8 4 6 5 3 9 1 2 8 3 7 4 6 5 1 2 9 6 4 8 5 7 3 3 5 4 7 9 6 2 8 1 3 6 7 4 5 2 8 1 9 5 4 3 9 7 1 6 2 8 2 8 6 1 3 5 7 9 4 General Knowledge Crossword Across: 1 Steppenwolf; 9 Eco; 10 Running on; 11 Empty; 13 Coal tit; 14 Chough; 16 Coyote; 18 Weeks in; 19 Octet; 20 Succotash; 21 Bow; 22 Clothes moth. Down: 2 Two; 3 Perry; 4 Eunuch; 5 Waikato; 6 Lightfoot; 7 Rebecca West; 8 Another Town; 12 Provençal; 15 Guscott; 17 Kneale; 19 Ogham; 21 Bit. Sportword Across: 1 Chappell; 6 Bulls; 7 Greig; 9 Alec; 10 Bedser; 12 Eubank; 14 Open; 17 Grant; 18 Laver; 19 Cudicini. Down: 2 Hulme; 3 Pass; 4 Eagles; 5 Leeds; 6 Boateng; 8 Gardner; 11 United; 13 Blanc; 15 Pavin; 16 Ilic. Wordsearch N P H Z D E T W T D W S G G R W H E E L B A R R O W T J S E K U E E S T B K E X A C F W L B C D A H L L P E W T E L O K X X I H Z P E H H H E S O S N Z D L O G R A J O T R N W E I P L S L E Y S R U E I I E H R S Y Q E E P R G S H N K R S P S E L B A T E G E V G N S U S Q H S W I N G H P F C F W B T E M O N G J N X Z O A S U A E J L T B F R U I T Y N R M H L N I A T N U O F J D H D E H S D Q S W H R L M Q S D L E Z X P A D D L I N G P O O L H O V Arrowword Word Wise: A. A rich decoration Niner 1. PLECTRUMS: TRUMPET CELESTE LUTE 2. CABRIOLET: BOLERO BALLET CARIOCA A D B U I C G R E A S E S A N D E E T S T E P S M H A W A I I T I R E A D U E D E N S I X T E E N M E L T N I T O E I S I I N N E R I E L E P H A N T O I D E N T I F I E D E A S S U M E O D P D A M P E N S T R E S S E D L U I N T O V M O N L Y K N I T I M M E D I A T E E N O R A L T W O S L A W N M E R E R T T E A A D M I T H I G H G A P A G O O L I E I N D I A E N V Y D A D E N D Remember When A 1946; B 1954; C 1968. Quick Quiz 1 Isaac; 2 Gary Cooper; 3 Five; 4 Cork; 5 Firefly; 6 Discus; 7 Captain James Cook; 8 Ferret; 9 California; 10 Renaissance. Codeword 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 L J K F B Y S R Q C A T M 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 E Z D N H I W X O P G U V 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 T U J C A W M S I H B V Q 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 G E R P K Y O D F Z X N L 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 F G C H N W M Z V U K Q O 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 L E A Y B P S X T R D I J Two Speed Crossword Across: 7 Arena; 8 Bear out; 9 Drachma; 10 Order; 12 Never again; 15 Variegated; 18 Realm; 19 Effects; 21 Retired; 22 Curse. Down: 1 Maiden over; 2 Debar; 3 Wash; 4 Ablaze; 5 Baronage; 6 Woodman; 11 Ring-master; 13 Evermore; 14 Breadth; 16 Amends; 17 Score; 20 Fact. Clockword 1 Verbal, 2 Israel, 3 Cudgel, 4 Trowel, 5 Oxtail, 6 Reveal, 7 Morsel, 8 Artful, 9 Tunnel, 10 Unwell, 11 Rascal, 12 Entail. Actor: VICTOR MATURE

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 43 Puzzles STAR SEEKER Can you find the star name hidden in this crossword? Complete the crossword in the normal way then make a note of the letters contained in all the squares which are marked with shaded stars. These letters will make an anagram of the name you are trying to discover. 1 2 3 4 5 9 ACROSS 1. Teacher (12) 7. Danger (5) 8. Come in (5) 9. Haul (3) 10. Persuasive speech (9) 11. Constricted (6) 12. Distant (3,3) 15. Profanation (9) 17. A vast age (3) 18. Extraterrestrial (5) 19. At that point (5) 21. Yachts (7,5) 7 8 1 11 12 13 15 16 17 H 14 18 19 2 21 H H H H H H H H DOWN 1. Meteor (8,4) 2. Scull (3) 3. Matured (6) 4. Gamble (9) 5. Consumed (5) 6. Gardening skill (5,7) 7. Might (5) 10. Excitable (9) 13. Corpulent (5) 14. Defeated (6) 16. Porcelain (5) 20. Recede (3) H H 6 H General Knowledge Quiz 1. Which wizard in Lord of the Rings bred his own race from orcs and men before being defeated by the Ents? A Sauron B Gandalf C Saruman D Morgorth 2. In which country can koalas be found in the wild? A Brazil B Madagascar C Australia D Mexico 3. In which US state was the marine preserve that was home to Flipper? A California B Oregon C Florida D South Carolina 4. What was the title of the album released by Blur in 1997? A Country House B Blur C Park Life D Modern Life Is Rubbish 5. In which continent is the Kalahari Desert situated? A Asia B Europe C North America D Africa 6. Rylan Clark-Neal hosts which ITV2 show that was originally presented by Dale Winton? A Hole in the Wall B The Crystal Maze C Supermarket Sweep D Ready Steady Cook 7. What was a farthingale? A A hooped petticoat B A English garden bird C A lace summer hat D A wax jacket 8. Which German battleship sunk HMS Hood? A Bismarck B Lusitania C Wilhelm II D Bavaria 9. Which three-piece boy band released an album entitled The Journey? A East 17 B Take That C Westlife D 911 Rylan Clark-Neal See Question 6 10. Where did Davy Crockett die? A At Little Big Horn B In Alaska C On the Lusitania D At the Alamo 11. In which country are the Catskill Mountains found? A China B Ireland C Scotland D The USA 12. What is the stretch of mown grass between the tee and the green on a golf course called? A Straightway B Plainway C Smoothway D Fairway 13. From which country did Israel capture the Golan Heights? A Iraq B Iran C Syria D Jordan 14. What was the title of Del Shannon’s 1961 number one hit? A Castaway B Runaway C Walkaway D Crawlaway 15. What was the name of the little girl who was sucked into the television set in Poltergeist? A Betsy B Karen C Carol Anne D Heather SUDOKU There is one simple rule in Sudoku. Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. Easy Medium Hard 5 3 2 2 3 1 6 5 7 1 6 7 2 9 8 2 9 8 7 4 3 6 5 2 9 8 5 1 6 9 4 7 3 1 7 6 1 2 4 6 1 7 2 1 5 3 2 8 7 6 1 9 6 5 3 6 8 1 4 9 7 2 2 5 2 7 6 5 9 7 8 1 3 5 9 1 2 5 8 6 3 8 1 4 9 7 5 2 6 4 3 9 1 2 7

44 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Puzzles FILL IN When you’ve completed the puzzle, the shaded squares will spell out a city. We’ve given you one word to start you off. WORDSEARCH NINERS ACROSS DOWN 1. Herman Hesse novel featuring the character Harry Haller (11) 9. Umberto, author of The Name of the Rose (3) 10 and 11. 1988 film with River Phoenix and Judd B E A C H Hirsch (7,2,5) 11. See 10. 13. Small European songbird which has a black head with a white patch on the nape (4,3) 14. Large black bird of the crow family with a red bill (6) 16. Canine mammal also called a prairie wolf (6) 18. See 2 Dn. 19. Piece of music composed for eight 3 LETTERS 4 LETTERS 5 LETTERS 7 LETTERS people (5) ASH ALSO LIMB BEACH REGULAR 20. Mixture of cooked BOX AWAY OWNS COCOA SIMILAR sweet corn kernels CUT BAND SLIT STRAP and lima beans (9) EYE COIN SLOT TESTS HID CREW STEP 21. The forward part of MUG DARE SUCH a vessel (3) OAK EVER TELL 22. Insect such as SAD HERE WAGE Tineola bisselliella TEN IRON WALL whose larvae feed WEB LACE YELL on wool or fur (7,4) Find these things you might find in the garden in the grid below. Words can run forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally. BUSHES FLOWERS FOUNTAIN FRUIT GNOME INSECTS LAWN LOUNGERS PADDLING POOL POND SHED SHRUBS SLIDE SPRINKLER SWING TABLE TREE HOUSE VEGETABLES WATERING CAN WHEEL BARROW General Knowledge Crossword 2 & 18 Across & 8 Down. 1962 film with Kirk Douglas based on a novel by Irwin Shaw (3,5,2,7,4) 3. Fred, 1934- 36 Wimbledon men’s singles tennis champion (5) 4. Castrated man used as a guard in a harem (6) 5. Longest river in New Zealand (7) 6. Gordon, Canadian singer/songwriter who penned If You Could Read My Mind (9) 7. English author of The Return of the Soldier (7,4) 8. See 2. 12. Language closely related to French, Italian and Catalan (9) 15. Jeremy, England Rugby Union player who scored a hattrick of tries on his international debut (7) 17. Nigel, writer who created Professor Bernard Quatermass (6) 19. Ancient writing system used by the Celts (5) 21. Single digit of binary notation used in computer technology (3) WORD WISE The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means? PARAMENT Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 5678135 gives a musical instrument; 2 4323953 gives a musical instrument; 2753 gives a musical instrument. A B C A rich decoration Slipper-shaped Line which determines a point 367846 gives a type of dance; 327789 gives a type of dance; 1245612 gives a type of dance. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 N P H Z D E T W T D W S G G R W H E E L B A R R O W T J S E K U E E S T B K E X A C F W L B C D A H L L P E W T E L O K X X I H Z P E H H H E S O S N Z D L O G R A J O T R N W E I P L S L E Y S R U E I I E H R S Y Q E E P R G S H N K R S P S E L B A T E G E V G N S U S Q H S W I N G H P F C F W B T E M O N G J N X Z O A S U A E J L T B F R U I T Y N R M H L N I A T N U O F J D H D E H S D Q S W H R L M Q S D L E Z X P A D D L I N G P O O L H O V SPORTWORD A test of knowledge for the sporting enthusiast 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 8 ACROSS 1. Greg ........, Australia Test cricket captain 1975- 83 (8) 6. Chicago ....., NBA basketball team that won six Championships in the 1990s (5) 7. John ....., Rangers defender who captained their 1972 European Cup Winners’ Cup-winning side (5) 9 & 10Ac. Chairman of the England Cricket Selection Committee from 1968 to 1981 (4,6) 10. See 9 Across 12. Chris ......, 1991-95 WBO Super Middleweight champion who was on 2001 reality TV series Celebrity Big Brother (6) 14. The .... Championship is the oldest of the four majors in golf (4) 17. Avram ....., former West Ham, Chelsea and Ghana manager (5) 18. Rod ....., 1969 Wimbledon singles champion (5) 19. Carlo ........, former Spurs and Chelsea goalkeeper (8) DOWN 2. Denny ....., New Zealander who won the 1967 F1 World Championship (5) 3. Movement of a ball from one player to another (4) 4. Philadelphia ......, NFL American football team (6) 5 & 11Dn. 1970/71 Inter- Cities Fairs Cup winners (5,6) 6. Kevin-Prince ......., former Ghana and Milan midfielder (7) 8. Ricardo ......., former Bolton Wanderers and Jamaica midfielder (7) 11. See 5 Down 13. Laurent ....., French manager who left PSG in 2016 after three years in charge (5) 15. Corey ....., 1995 US Open golf champion (5) 16. Sasa ...., former Charlton Athletic goalkeeper (4)

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 45 Puzzles REMEMBER WHEN The following events all occurred in living memory. Can you guess the year? A B 1. Liza Minnelli was born 2. Author HG Wells died 3. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman starred in Notorious 4. The bikini first went on sale in Paris 1. Alastair Sim starred in The Belles Of St Trinian’s 2. Doris Day had a Secret Love at the top of the singles chart 3. Queen Elizabeth II was the first reigning monarch to visit Australia 4. Popstars Neil Tennant and Adam Ant were born Arrowword Locality 1978 film US state Number of ounces in a pound TV's Star Trek android Ruby _, TV comedian Next to Paces Tavern Draw Owed Employ Emeli _, pictured Unfasten Make weary Within Fitting Lair Encounter Building material Respite C 1. World racing champion Jim Clark was killed in a car crash 2. Actress and model Helena Christensen was born 3. Steve McQueen starred in Bullitt 4. The first decimal coins were introduced in the UK QUICK QUIZ 1. What is the name of Cain and Moira’s son in Emmerdale? 2. Which American film star won Oscars for his roles in High Noon and Sergeant York? 3. How many events are there in the modern pentathlon? 4. What is the largest county of the Republic of Ireland? 5. Which nocturnal beetle emits a greenish light from organs on its abdomen? 6. In which athletics field event does a man have to throw something that weighs 2 kg? 7. Which British naval explorer claimed New South Wales for Britain? 8. What name is given to the domesticated form of polecat used to hunt rabbits and rats? 9. In which US state did Disneyland open in 1955? 10. Which French word meaning ‘rebirth’ describes the period in European cultural history that began in Italy in the 14th century? Archery target ring Suppose Rotated Facial feature Picked out Entity Thaw Edge Digit Covers Journey's end Actor, _ Hiddleston pictured Large mammal And not At any time Grin Female pronoun Tube Water barrier Speckled Append Article Everything Biro Accented Fresh Affirmative Join To the inside Instant Grassed area Verbal Every four weeks Disfigured Lofty Beverage Let in Solely In pairs Swift Source Lake Created Amphibian CODEWORD Opening In the past This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. Jealousy Falsehood Father Asian country Finish 1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 X Y 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Z N I 2 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 A 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 L A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 E R

46 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS OBITUARIES The man who led the UK’s tech revolution Multimillionaire Sir Clive Sinclair was Britain’s leader of the microchip revolution. The maverick entrepreneur masterminded an incredible shrinking world of tiny computers, televisions and even cars. But the shy guru of new technology also had remarkable plans with his vision for the future of the world - one where robots would carry out our every command. He was born on July 30 1940 into a middle-class London background. His father was an engineer and designer of machine tools. Sir Clive went to a succession of schools - Boxgrove Preparatory in Guildford, Highgate, Reading and St George’s College, Weybridge - before quitting formal education at the age of 17. He became a technical journalist with Practical Wireless, where he wrote specialist manuals. After four years, at the age of 22, he formed his first company, Sinclair Radionics. He set up the company in 1962 at a house in Islington, north London, with just £25 borrowed from a friend. The firm made small radio kits and sold them by mail order, the most well-known being a matchbox-sized product which was the smallest transistor radio in the world. In 1967, Sir Clive moved his company to Cambridge, where a “club” of self-made young entrepreneurs with revolutionary business thinking was starting to form. Sir Clive pioneered the pocket calculator, which earned him the title of “electronics wizard” but had tough competition from Japan and the US in the fast-moving consumer markets. An expansion into digital watches led to trouble, but in 1976 the Labour government’s National Enterprise Board (NEB) poured in capital to help him complete development of his first miniature television set. It was launched as the world’s smallest television set, having only a two-inch screen, but Sir Clive ran into trouble again with an almost £2 million loss. By 1979, the NEB saw the future of Sinclair Radionics in the steady business of selling scientific instruments in known markets, but Sir Clive wanted the rollercoaster world of consumer electronics and left with a reported £10,000 golden handshake. He set up his current company, Sinclair Research, at the start of the computer boom and in 1980 launched the Sinclair ZX 80 personal computer. It astonished the world. Barely a generation before, computers cost thousands of pounds and occupied special rooms. The ZX 80 measured 9in x 7in x 2in and cost just £99.95. Sir Clive then launched the even more powerful ZX 81 in March 1981. It sold half a million units with the price tag cut to under £50 before the American and Japanese competition could catch up. In April 1982 he launched the ZX Spectrum, the start of a wider and more powerful range of Sinclair computers to come. By 1983, Sinclair had become the first company in the world to sell more than a million computers - making it a household name around the Western world. Sir Clive also realised a radical change in television design with a new version of the Sinclair pocket television, using a unique flat screen. He had numerous other projects on the boil, the biggest gamble being a small, highly manoeuvrable electric car. The C5 was a low-set, oneperson, battery-powered tricycle. It was a critical and commercial flop, but went on to become a cult item for collectors. In 1983 Sir Clive bought a 200-year-old manor house near Cambridge and offered top salaries to scientific geniuses to establish his own “think tank”. He owned 95% of his company when 10% of its shares were placed in the city in 1983. The outcome then valued his personal worth at around £130 million, making him one of the country’s richest men. At the time he separated from his wife; they had three children. He was knighted in the birthday honours in June 1983 after his many accomplishments had been praised as examples to British industry. Sir Clive had many interests. He was chairman of British Mensa, the High IQ society, a trustee of the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, and a marathon runner, competing in the London and New York events. Many people who worked for him went on to form their own highly successful companies. His vision of the future was that industry in Britain would be based around small, innovative groups of people - not large factories - producing “products of the mind”. It was a vision Sir Clive sought to establish, with one of his ultimate products being a domestic robot which would carry out household duties on command. The head of brutal Peruvian Shining Abimael Guzman was the leader of the brutal Shining Path insurgency in Peru. Guzman, 86, died last Saturday after suffering from an infection. The former philosophy professor launched an insurgency against the state in 1980 and presided over numerous car bombings and assassinations in the years that followed. He was captured in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison for terrorism and other crimes. Guzman preached a messianic vision of a classless Maoist utopia based on pure communism, considering himself the “Fourth Sword of Marxism” after Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Mao Zedong. He advocated a peasant revolution in which rebels would first gain control of the countryside and then advance to the cities. Guzman’s movement declared armed struggle on the eve of Peru’s presidential elections in May 1980, the first democratic vote after 12 years of military rule. Throughout the 1980s, the man known to his followers as Presidente Gonzalo built up an organisation that grew to 10,000 armed fighters before his capture inside a Lima safehouse in September 1992. By the time Guzman called for peace talks a year after his arrest, guerrilla violence had claimed tens of thousands of lives in Peru, displaced at least 600,000 people and caused an estimated 22 billion dollars (£15.87 billion) in damage. A truth commission in 2003 blamed the Shining Path for more than half of nearly 70,000 estimated deaths and disappearances caused by various rebel groups and brutal government counter-insurgency efforts between 1980 and 2000. Yet it lived on in a political movement formed by Guzman’s followers that sought amnesty for all “political prisoners”, including the Shining Path founder. The Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Right failed, however, to register as a political party in 2012 in the face of fierce opposition from Peruvians with bitter memories of the destruction brought by the Shining Path. In its songs and slogans, the Shining Path celebrated bloodletting, describing death as necessary to “irrigate” the revolution. Its militants bombed electrical towers, bridges and factories in the countryside, assassinated mayors and massacred villagers. In the insurgency’s later years, they targeted civilians in Lima with indiscriminate bombings. Guzman was initially sentenced to life imprisonment by a secret military tribunal, but Peru’s top court ruled in 2003 that the original sentencing was unconstitutional and ordered a new trial. He also received a life sentence at the 2006 retrial.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 47 OBITUARIES To book a family announcement in the Western Daily Press call 08444 060263 or visit the website www. thisisbristol.co.uk/ announcements. Our telephone lines are open from 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday Renowned actor of French New Wave funeral-notices.co.uk Announce, share and remember forever Preferred partners funeral-notices.co.uk working in partnership with your local Funeral Director, you can now browse all their notices on the websites below or all notices on funeral-notices.co.uk Visit: michaelwrowefunerals.co.uk Funeral Directors can be added free to this advert by calling 03444 060 276 > > Sir Clive Sinclair demonstrating his C5 electric vehicle, the battery-come-pedal powered trike, at Alexandra Palace in 1985 Light insurgency > > Abimael Guzman during the first day of his civilian trial at the Naval Base in Callao, Peru Jean-Paul Belmondo was the star of the iconic French New Wave film Breathless, whose crooked boxer’s nose and rakish grin went on to make him one of the country’s most recognisable leading men. In a career spanning 50 years, Belmondo, pictured, embodied in the 1960s a new type of male star characterised by pure virility rather than their classic good looks. He went on to appear in more than 80 films and worked with a variety of major French directors, from Francois Truffaut to Claude Lelouch. His career choices were equally varied, from acclaimed art house films to critically lukewarm action and comedy films later on in his career. His unconventional looks - flattened nose, full lips and muscular frame - allowed him to play roles from thug to police officer, thief to priest, Cyrano de Bergerac to an unshakable secret agent. Belmondo was also a gifted athlete who often did his own stunts. Belmondo was given his first important role by director Claude Sautet in Classe tous risques (Consider All Risks) in which he starred alongside Lino Ventura in 1960. The same year, he appearedin Breathless, which became one of the breakthrough films of the French New Wave. The movement, which included Truffaut, grouped filmmakers of the late 1950s and 1960s who abandoned traditional narrative techniques and were known for their mood of youthful iconoclasm. Following the huge success of Breathless, Belmondo showed the vast array of his talent and his versatility in dramas (Leon Morin, pretre), arthouse movies (Moderato Cantabile) and blockbusters (Cartouche). In Truffaut’s 1969 Mississippi Mermaid, Belmondo played a tobacco farmer and starred opposite Catherine Deneuve. Belmondo and Danish-born Anna Karina played a couple on the run in Godard’s 1965 Pierrot le Fou. Belmondo also won a Cesar - the French equivalent of an Oscar - for his role in Lelouch’s 1988 film Itinerary of a Spoiled Child, his final big success. In the 1980s Belmondo returned to the stage, his first love, and won back the doubting critics. His comeback role was in a 1987 Paris production of Kean, about an actor famous for his uncontrollable temper and genius. DARE Ivan Alfred (Gunner) Passed away peacefully on 10th September 2021 aged 82 years. Reunited with Queenie, he will be greatly missed by his family and many friends. A funeral service to celebrate Ivan's life will be held at St John's Church, Churchill on Wednesday 6th October at 12.30pm. Family flowers only please, donations if desired for Weston Hospicecare & Minehead RNLI may be made online at www. ivandare.muchloved. com or sent to C V Gower Funeral Directors, The Square, Winscombe, BS25 1BS. Tel: 01934 842945. GOULD David Passed away suddenly on September 7th 2021, aged 87 years. Beloved Husband of Win, much loved Dad of Steph and treasured Bamp to Charles, Eddie, Laura and Dan. He will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends. A Service to Celebrate Dave's life will be held at St Andrew's Church, Blagdon on Wednesday, September 29th at 2.30 pm. Donations if desired for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and The R.S.P.C.A. at Brent Knoll are being accepted in Dave's memory by Michael W Rowe Funeral Directors, 2, The Vinery, Harford Square, Chew Magna. Telephone 01275 332565. PERRY Brenda of Street passed peacefully away at Arthurs Court Nursing Home on 15th September 2021 aged 90. Dearly missed by all her family and friends. Funeral service at Mendip Crematorium on Tuesday 5th October at 11.30am. Flowers, or donations if desired made payable to RSPCA, may be forwarded to Forsey and Son, Funeral Directors, Willowfields, Lowerside Lane, Glastonbury BA6 9GY. WATKINS Ruth Valerie (nee Parfitt) Passed away on August 31st 2021. Loved by all who called her part of their family and knew her. She will be greatly missed. The Funeral Service will be held at South Bristol Crematorium on Wednesday, September 22nd at 12.00 noon. Family flowers only. Donations if desired for Cancer Research UK are being accepted in Ruth's memory by Michael W Rowe Funeral Directors, 2, The Vinery, Harford Square, Chew Magna. Telephone 01275 332565. BABER Graham Edna, Elizabeth, Royston and Adrian would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of sympathy, attendance at the funeral service and donations to Macmillan Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK to date. A special thank you to all family and friends for their help at this sad time. Enquiries to Keith C. Britton & Son, Funeral Directors Tel: 01934 832115

48 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS ON THIS DAY > > Peter Shilton, who is 72 today, holds the record for playing more games for England than anyone else, earning 125 caps, and holds the all-time record for the most competitive appearances in world football. At Nottingham Forest, Shilton won many honours, including the First Division championship, two European Cups, a UEFA Super Cup, and the Football League Cup. He represented England in the World Cup in 1982, 1986 and 1990 Birthdays Peter Shilton, left, ex-goalkeeper, 72; John Aldridge, ex-footballer, 63; John Fashanu, ex-footballer, 59; Darren Gough, ex-cricketer, 51; Jada Pinkett Smith, top, actress/singer, 50; James Marsden, actor, 48; Sol Campbell, ex-footballer, 47; Dizzee Rascal, above, singer/rapper, 37. thought Dear God, You alone know the way, Yours alone is life everlasting. As we hear of the barbaric actions and intentions of humankind throughout this world (that You have created for good), we can only bow our heads in sorrow, and beg for Your forgiveness. May we raise our eyes to see Your goodness, to accept the cross of Christ who took our sin, that all who turn to Him will receive the promise of new life and faith through the Saviour’s love. Amen WHAT THEY SAY He has removed people from Government not because they’re incompetent, not because they weren’t loyal enough, et cetera, which are often the narratives you see, but often he has to refresh his team and move people out the way – Defence Secretary Ben Wallace speaking about the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle. We need to worry about the third of youngsters, the forgotten third, that don’t achieve the benchmark grades. Inequality was already bad before the pandemic, but it has gotten significantly worse. If I was Nadhim Zahawi I’d make that the priority – to make sure the disadvantaged do significantly better in our system – Former Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw on priorities for the new Education Secretary. It wasn’t nerve-wracking, the duke and duchess have a really down-toearth way about them. And because they have attended the Royal National Mod, they have a real interest in that, and in Gaelic. It just felt like a really nice conversation, and it was a real pleasure – Gaelic singer Robert Robertson, the frontman for folkrock band Tide Lines, on meeting and singing for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to Skye. When I heard it was going ahead, I had to get it to make sure I don’t get Covid, or if I do I’m not seriously ill, because I’m aware of the impact of getting it – Maternity support worker Catherine Cargill becomes one of the first people in the UK to receive a Covid-19 booster jab. I know how patient my incredible fans have been since Covid halted touring last year, and it breaks my heart to keep you waiting any longer. I promise you this, the shows will return to the road next year and I will make sure they are more than worth the wait – Sir Elton John announces he has been forced to reschedule his upcoming European and UK tour dates to 2023 due to injury. > > Sir Elton John > > Jimi Hendrix who died on this day in 1970 in the back of an ambulance this day 1709: Samuel Johnson, poet and lexicographer, was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire. His dictionary, which took him eight years to compile, contained some eccentric explanations, such as “Oats: A grain which in England is generally given to horses but in Scotland supports the people.” 1851: The New York Times was first published. 1905: Greta Garbo, the Swedish shop girl who became one of the most legendary film stars of all time, was born. 1948: Some 7,000 tons of food supplies and petrol were airlifted into Berlin by British and American aircraft, defying a three-month Russian blockade. 1949: The British pound was devalued by 30% by Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Stafford Cripps, from 4.03 dollars to 2.80 dollars. On the same day, the milk ration was reduced to two pints a week per person. 1970: Rock star Jimi Hendrix died in an ambulance on the way to hospital, apparently suffering from a drug overdose. 1981: France abolished execution by guillotine. > > Film star Greta Garbo

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 49 Classified TRAIN & MODEL CAR COLLECTIONS WANTED *** WANTED ******WANTED***** WANTED ******WANTED*** RAILWAY HORNBY BACHMANN ALL MAKES AND SIZES OO GAUGE N GAUGE O GAUGE 45MM LIVE STEAM DIECAST BOXED CORGI DINKY MATCHBOX METAL FIGURES & PLASTIC KITS MAMODS CALL ROGER 01225 420725 or 07752 222 645 MOTORBIKES & OLD MOPEDS WANTED CASH IN YOUR ATTIC Have you ever wondered if your possessions are of value? Free home visit, advice given. Distance no problem. Instant cash payment for - Old coins & banknotes - any age, country, quantity or condition. Gold and silver coins, sovereigns, guineas etc. Paintings, watercolours, china, pens, watches, clocks, corkscrews, old toys. Silver items incl. candlesticks trays, cutlery, tea sets etc. Jewellery, costume and fine jewellery. Medals, militaria, uniforms, stamps, postcards, photo albums. Any other items you feel could be of interest to me. Discretion assured. Contact Ian on - Tel: 07817 097343 or 01935 873839 H.F. STILES & SON LTD Sloperton Farm, Westbrook, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 2ED Fourth generation retail and wholesale butchers Return to owner slaughtering and butchery • Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Goats slaughtered and butchered to your requirements • All carcasses can be hung before being cut • Packed ready for home freezing • Sausages, burgers and bacon produced on request Please contact us for booking and more details Telephone: (01380) 850153 www.hfstiles.co.uk POINT OF LAY HENS Cheshire blues, Russet greens. Blue and green egg layers. Strong healthy birds, Nr Radstock £15 07595279126 ANY AGE OR CONDITION GREAT PRICE PAID EVEN FOR SCRAP COMPLETE COLLECTIONS BOUGHT IM LOCAL CALL MIKE 07422516869 symondsandsampson.co.uk 01884 218911 Paul Heard 07800 913637 Toby Cleave 07375 382429 Tuesday 21 st September commencing at 11am WEST SOMERSET COLLECTIVE MACHINERY SALE Nunnington Park Farm, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA4 2AD Collective Sale of Tractors, Farm Machinery & Effects. Entries include; John Deere 6115M 4WD Tractor; 21’ Twin Axle Bale Trailer; AW 8T Dropside Trailer C/W Bale Extensions; IW GD106G Trailer; IW 505 Horse Trailer; Vicon MK II 400 Wagtail Varispreader; Mesko-Rol Z275 Haybob; Reco KM 215 Drum Mower; Vaderstad 6.2M Triple ring Rollers; Forigo FTS-105 Rotavator; Vicon Acrobat, Fiona Grass 3M Drill; PTO Driven Saw Bench; Qty of Livestock equipment including Drinking Troughs, Sheep Hurdles, Fencing Stakes & H Irons; Qty Chainsaws, Strimmers & Hedge Trimmers; Qty Shrubs, Trees & Plants. Entries are invited & entry forms available from the website or by contacting the Tiverton Office on Tel 01884 218911. ONLINE TIMED MACHINERY DISPERSAL AUCTION NOW LIVE!! Closing from 7pm Tuesday 21 st September Online Auction of Tractors, Potato and Cultivation Equipment, Fullwood Herringbone and Lely Robotic Parlours, Bulk Tanks, etc. Contact the Yeovil Office on Tel 01935 382909 for further information. ONLINE TIMED COLLECTIVE AUCTION OF FARM MACHINERY & EFFECTS Opening Monday 20 th closing from 7pm on Tuesday 28 th September Entries include; TRACTORS, HANDLERS & VEHICLES: New Holland LM435A Power Shuttle 110 (WX54 EXF); Case IH 5130 4wd c/w Quicke 660 Loader; MF 399 4wd (N132 HFW); Deutz Fahr DX 3.90 4wd (E63 YTT); MF T20; Leyland 262; Mercedes 814 Lorry (R624 KOJ); LR Defender 90 (WA52 DPN); MGB GT (JTH 800P); Austin A35 (VUV 284); Citroen C1 Rhythm (YX58 WAW); Manitou Forklift (1996); 6T Dumper; Pel-job EB22 2.4T Mini Tracked Excavator; TRAILERS: Rolland V64 ‘Plain Red’ Cattle Trailer; Bailey 15T Monocoque Trailer; Frax 10T Grain Trailer; Morston 10T Silage Trailer; Dropside Tipping Trailer; Bateson Deuville Twin Horse Trailer; Faro Solidus Trailer; 5’3” Single Axle Car Trailer; FARM MACHINERY: Major 2400 LGP Slurry Tanker; Marshall 60 Muck Spreader; Abbey Dung Spreader; Doweswell MA120 5F Reversible Plough; Claas Disco 3050C Mower; JD 545 Round Baler; Tanco 404 EH Conv Bale Wrapper; Ritchie Big Bale Handler; Lucas Castor 30R Straw Chopper; Nordstein NS 1025 2.5m Grain Drill; Kesmac Gang Mower; Woods Combitilth; Protech P22 Post Banger; along with Livestock Equipment and many more items of interest. Contact the Tiverton office on Tel 01884 218911 for further information. NEW SALE DATE - Wednesday 6 th October commencing at 11am SOUTH MOLTON COLLECTIVE MACHINERY SALE Hacche Lane, South Molton, Devon, EX36 3EH Collective Sale of Tractors, Farm Machinery & Effects. Entries are invited & entry forms available from the website or by contacting the Tiverton Office on Tel 01884 218911. Full sale information at: www.symondsandsampson.co.uk/auctions/agricultural-sales-diary

Classified Forthcoming Deadstock Sales Telephone: 01278 410250. Email: livestock@gth.net CLAPTON LANE PORTISHEAD, BRISTOL, BS20 7RA Tuesday 21st September at 1.00pm The Dispersal Sale of Massey Ferguson 5613 Tractor, JCB Telehandler, Farm Machinery & Effects (16) MF 5613 Dyna 4 TRACTOR c/w MF 946 Loader; (10) JCB TM310S Agri TELEHANDLER. ATTACHMENTS: Alo 220 BUCKET; Allbutt Bale SQUEEZE; (17) Strimech Dung FORK; Albutt 4 in 1 BUCKET. (03) Krone Vario Pack 1500 Round BALER; (02) JD 1365 Trailed Mower CONDITIONER; (11) McHale HS2000 BALE WRAPPER; (18) Krone TC640 Twin RAKE; Fella 4 Star TEDDER; (02) Opico 6m Folding Grass Tine HARROWS c/w Opico Air 8 Grass SEEDER; Amazone ZA-F 1204 R Fert SPINNER; Quantock Post BANGER; Twose Yard SCRAPER; 20’ Ken Wootton Tandem Bale TRAILER; IW Transporter TRAILER; Dowdeswell ROTOVATOR; Shelborne Reynolds Dung SPREADER; Dowdeswell DPH 300 3m Power HARROW; Overum 4F Rev PLOUGH; (03) Herbst 14T Tandem Axle Dump TRAILER; (04) McHale C460 Trailed Straw CHOPPER; Range of Digger BUCKETS; Cebora Plasma CUTTER; Pressure WASHER; BT Pallet FORKS; Arc WELDER; LATHES; Commercial Tyre PUMP; Large Qty of Workshop TOOLS; Portable Open Plan OFFICE; Feed TROUGHS; etc. Full listing on www.gth.net For R & A Fowler A 10% plus VAT Buyers Premium is charged on all lots, subject to a cap of £250 plus VAT per lot. Buyers not known to the Auctioneers are required to provide photographic ID to obtain a buyers number. Payment by cash and debit card only. ** Live bidding on MartEye, please register in advance at gth.marteye.ie ** HUDFORD FARM WIVELISCOMBE, TAUNTON, SOMERSET, TA4 2SN Wednesday 29th September at 11.00am The Dispersal Sale of A Large Collection of 24 Tractors, 22 Land Rovers, 4 Combines & 7 Vehicles plus Agricultural Machinery & Bygones TRACTORS & BACKHOE LOADERS: (92) JCB FASTRAC 145 Turbo 4WD; (84) Case 4890 4WD TRACTOR; (77) Muir-Hill III 4WD TRACTOR; County 1124 4WD TRACTOR; County Super 6 4WD TRACTOR; County 754 4WD TRACTOR c/w Super 4 Pensteel Loader; MF 244 CRAWLER; JD CRAWLER; 10x David Brown TRACTORS to Inc.: 1412,995, 990, 950, 885, 2x 880, etc.; JCB 3C Backhoe LOADER; Fordson Major 2WD TRACTOR c/w PTO Cement Mixer; Ford 2WD Backhoe LOADER; County Tractor PARTS. COMBINES, EXCAVATORS & TELESCOPIC HANDLERS: 2x Matbro 4WD Telescopic HANDLERS; JCB 814 Powerslide 14T EXCAVATOR; (69) NH COMBINE; Lely 2WD COMBINE c/w Folding Header; NH Clayson 1530 2WD COMBINE; NH Clayson 122 2WD COMBINE. QTY OF LAND ROVERS (all spare or repairs): 1x DEFENDER 90; 2x SERIES 2; 5x SERIES 3; 8x DISCOVERYS; 4x Range ROVERS. MISC VEHICLES: Various Ford CAPRI’S & Ford CORTINA’S (none running); Dodge 6 Wheel LORRY; EDF 25G3RD Cattle LORRY; 2x Albion 6 Wheel LORRIES; Thames Trader LORRY. MACHINERY & MISC ITEMS: Pottinger Profi 4 Forage WAGON; Westmac Bale WRAPPER; JD 545 Round BALER; Welger RP125 Round BALER; (14) Samasz Drum MOWER; McConnel Hy-Reach HEDGETRIMMER; Dowdeswell Rotary Dung SPREADER; Howard ROTASPREADER; Claas Jaguar 60 Trailed FORAGER; 2x MF 30 Drills, Trailed Lime SPREADER; McHale Bale SQUEEZE; 4 in 1 BUCKET; Crumbler CULTIVATOR; Various Workshop TOOLS; Livestock EQUIPMENT; Lister ENGINES; Vintage EQUIPMENT; etc. Full listing on www.gth.net For The Estate of the Late D Farrant and Mr G Farrant A 10% plus VAT Buyers Premium is charged on all lots, subject to a cap of £250 plus VAT per lot. Buyers not known to the Auctioneers are required to provide photographic ID to obtain a buyers number. Payment by cash and debit card only. SEDGEMOOR AUCTION CENTRE NORTH PETHERTON, SOMERSET, TA6 6DF (M5, J24) WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER at 10.30am (Items to be delivered Tuesday 12th October between 9:30am-4:30pm) WANTED TRACTORS, MACHINERY, HORTICULTURAL EQUIPMENT ETC Live bidding on Marteye, please register in advance. Forthcoming Dairy Sales SEDGEMOOR AUCTION CENTRE Friday 24th September at 11.00am The Dispersal of the Milking & Incalf Heifer Portion of the “Tomson” Herd being 202 PEDIGREE HOLSTEINS Comp: 157 Dairy Cows & Heifers Inmilk &/or Incalf; 12 Calved Heifers & 33 Incalf Heifers ✰ NMR HERD AV: 10,154KGS. 3.87%BF; 3.27%P; SCC=195 ✰ HERRINGBONE Parlour; CUBICLE Housed ✰ YOUNG COWS: 134 1st – 3rd Lactation ROSS AUCTION CENTRE SALE OF STORE CATTLE THURSDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER 2021 Sale at 11.15am Tel: RG & RB WILLIAMS (01989) 762225 Forthcoming Dairy Sales ✰ CALVING: Jul-Oct (55); Nov-Feb (75); Mar-Jun (51) ✰ SIRES INC: Aladdin-Red; Asterix; Bill; Brody; Caballero; Conrad; Cruise; Fantastic; Glenton; Goodwood; Mozarella; Superpoll; etc. ✰ SERVICES TO: Aberdeen Angus; British Blue; Lannister; Raptor; Razzy; Spicy; Stark. For M Hooper & Sons Ltd (ceasing milk production) (Removed from Tomson Dairy, Winterborne Tomson, Dorset for convenience of sale) ** Live bidding on MartEye, please register in advance at gth.marteye.ie ** OCTOBER Thurs 14th SEDGEMOOR AUCTION CENTRE. The Autumn Gold Collective Dairy Sale of Freshly Calved Cows, Heifers, Youngstock & Bulls. ** Further Entries Invited ** Forthcoming Devon Cattle Sale OCTOBER Tues 5th SEDGEMOOR AUCTION CENTRE. The Devon Cattle Breeder’s Society Annual Autumn Show and Sale of Ruby Red Devons. Sedgemoor Auction Centre North Petherton, Somerset, TA6 6DF (M5, Junction 24) Telephone: 01278 410278 www.gth.net TOTAL STOCK FOR THE WEEK 7,242 Stock from across the West Country, sold to buyers from throughout the Nation Returns for Saturday 11th September 2021 DAIRY CATTLE (89) Heifers to £2200. Others £2150. Cows to £1900. Others £1600. (1302) STORE CATTLE & STIRKS – FORWARD STORES (751) Steers to £1580 (SIMX). Others £1490 (LIMX) £1470 (BRBX) & £1460 (BRBX). Heifers to £1400 (2x LIMX). Others £1320 (3x) (SIMX, AA & HEX) £1290 (BRBX) & £1260 (2x SIMX). GRAZING COWS (21) to £1320. Others £1235. SUCKLERS (132) to £2500 for a BRB 16m Bull. Ped Lim cow with BRBx hfr calf to £2650. STIRKS (419) Steers to £1140 (CHX). Others £1075 (LIMX) £1045 (CHX) & £1020 (LIMX). Heifers to £890 (LIMX). Others £880 (CHX) £875 (CHX) & £860 (LIMX). CALVES (514) – Beef Bulls to £700 (LIMX). Others £650 (LIMX) £620 (BRBX) & £550 (BRBX). Heifers to £600 (BRBX). Others £500 (BRBX) £365 (2x BRBX) & £355 (BRBX). Black & Whites to £220 (2x). Others £170 (5x). (3816) SHEEP – STORE LAMBS (2732) to £136. Others £129 & £120. Overall Ave £80.79. CULL EWES & RAMS (997) Ewes to £129. Others £127 & £124. Rams to £137. Overall Ave £74.81. GOATS (22) to £105. Overall ave £66.50. BREEDING EWES (56) to £140. Others £130. Overall Ave £104.76. STOCK RAMS (9) to £350 (2x). Overall average £225.56. (100) PIGS – WEANERS (52) to £32. CULL SOWS & BOARS (5) to £45. BREEDING PIGS (26) to £190. STORES (17) to £162. Overall ave £127.64. The West Country’s Gateway to National Abattoirs Returns for Monday 13th September 2021 PRIME CATTLE (91) Steers UTM av 217.7ppk to 245.5ppk & £1,617.00. Others 235.0ppk, 233.0ppk & 232.5ppk. Others £1,521.92, £1,512.67 & £1,508.70. Heifers UTM av 215.3ppk to 244.0ppk and £1,565.23. Others 241.5ppk, 239.0ppk & 238.5ppk. Others £1,556.54, £1,547.00 & £1,538.36. BARREN COWS (54) Continental av 142.6ppk to 177.5ppk and £1,437.75. Native Beef av 153.7ppk to 167.5ppk and £1,316.00. Dairy av 122.5ppk to 149.5ppk and £1,156.61. FINISHED SHEEP (1275) Lamb ave 218.67ppk to 249.0ppk and £134.50. Others 243.0ppk, 242.0ppk & 240.0ppk. Others £128.00 (2x) £120.00 (3x) & £119.00. FORTHCOMING SPECIAL SALES For full COVID-19 rules on market attendance and up to date sales list please refer to our website https://www.gth.net/sedgemoorauction-centre SEPTEMBER Sat 25th Monthly Sale of Native Store Cattle 10am Ring 2 Sat 25th Wed 29th OCTOBER Fri 1st Fri 1st Fri 1st Sat 2nd Tue 5th Fortnightly Sale of Pigs 10am Orange Market Dedicated Sale for bTB Restricted Cattle. Store Cattle – 15 Months & Over, Prime Cattle & Barren Cows. Stock to be booked in with the market office by 22nd September. Licences to be obtained from Truro Trading Standards on 03000 200301 or CSC.TBlicensing@apha.gsi.gov.uk Sale commences 4.30pm Special Catalogued Sale of Mule & Mule Cross Breeding Ewes 4pm Monthly Seasonal Catalogued Sale of Breeding Ewes & Ewe Lambs 4pm Monthly Catalogued Sale of MV Accredited Rams & Ewes & Non MV Rams 4.30pm Monthly Catalogued Sale of Organic Store Stock 10am Ring 2 Sedgemoor’s Multibreed Beef Day (Inc Devon Cattle Breed Society Sale), High Health Sale & C Commercial Suckler Sale Forthcoming Property & Land Auction THURSDAY 14th OCTOBER AT 1.00PM AT THE BATCH COUNTRY HOUSE, LYMPSHAM PLEASE SEE OUR HALF PAGE ADVERT IN THE PROPERTY SECTION Contact Jeremy Bell, Robert Stone or Robert Baker on 01278 765588 or email: farms.burnham-on-sea@gth.net www.gth.net Apprentices WAnted to support our smAll teAm of techniciAns. Building, servicing and repairing welding machines and generators. An interest in electrical and mechanical engineering is preferred. please contact nadine at Warrior Welders on: Tel: 01225 312 177 Email: info@warriorwelders.com Livestock, Machinery & Equipment Saturday 9 th October 2021 at 10:30am Dispersal Sale of Livestock, Farm Machinery and Equipment On Behalf of Messrs A.G & S.R Morgan, who Are Relinquishing Their Tenancy At Lower House Farm, Llanvair Discoed, Chepstow, NP16 6LX (Commencing with Machinery, Livestock to follow at 12 Noon Approx.) Machinery To Include: 2003 MF4365 3128 Hrs. Power Shuttle 24/24 Fully Serviced, 1989 MF398 Fully Serviced, 2007 Manitou MLT627 Turbo 8188 Hrs, 2014 Kubota RTU900 950 Hrs recently serviced Graham Edwards 12’ft Stock Trailer, Watson Mobile Cattle Feeder, Plastic Footbath, Qty. Water Tanks and containers, Qty. Calf Pens, Hayracks, Barrier Feeders & Gates, 2009 Shelbourne Reynolds Power spread Dairy 1800, Fuller Vacuum Tanker, 2016 Teagle Tomahawk 8500, Kvernland 4F Reversible Plough, Teagle 510 Topper, Quad Sprayer (new 2021), Bale Trailer, Shear Grab, Single Bale Spike, 3T Flat Roller, Howard Loader, 2021 Diesel Station (new March 2021), Washdown Pump (In situ), 500 Gallon Water Tank & Pump, Milk Tank, L Shape Concrete Panels, Large Qty. Hand Tools and Equipment. Livestock To Include: 15 Hereford, British Blue and Angus Cross Suckler Cows with Spring born Aberdeen Angus Cross Calves at foot. (Running with Aberdeen Angus Bull) Aberdeen Angus Stock Bull (5 ½ y.o) 110 Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, British Blue and Charolais Cross Store Cattle Viz: 24 Head - (22- 26 m.o), 70 Head (12-18m.o) and 21 Head (6-12m.o) Pre-movement TB Test – 17 th August 2021 For Further Information Contact: Machinery - Phil Jones / Mike Davies 01633 880220 Cattle - Stephen Williams / Eifion Morgan 01873 840726 Property For Sale By Auction 19 TH OCTOBER 2021 LAND & PROPERTY AUCTION MENDIP SPRINGS GOLF CLUB, CONGRESBURY AT 7PM djpnr.co.uk ENTRIES TO DATE: LOTS 1, 2 & 3 DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY CLAVERHAM ROAD, CLAVERHAM To be sold in three lots; Lot 1 - derelict farmhouse, outbuildings and gardens of 0.90 acres - £500,000 Lot 2 - pasture land and stone barn of 3.73 acres - £150,000 Lot 3 - pasture land of 14.05 acres - £120,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 LOTS 4 & 5 INVESTMENT LAND AT BUTTS BATCH, WRINGTON Lot 4 - 0.25 acres of land - £200,000 Lot 5 - 0.44 acres of land - £100,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 LOT 6 LAND AT KINGSTON BRIDGE, KINGSTON SEYMOUR, NORTH SOMERSET 1.48 acres of pasture land and orchard - £60,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 LOT 7 THE COTTAGE, THE STREET, STOWEY Three bedroom semi-detached cottage - £500,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED FOR LAND & PROPERTY IN SOMERSET, GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND SOUTH EAST WALES Tuesday 19 th October 2021 at 7pm To be held at Mendip Springs Golf Club, Congresbury Contact Wrington Office 01934 864300 Land For Sale By Private Treaty LAND AT WINTERS LANE, REDHILL, NORTH SOMERSET 13.31 acres of pasture land and woodland - £250,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 LAND AT ELMSLEY LANE, KEWSTOKE, NORTH SOMERSET 8.15 acres of pasture land - £75,000 Contact the Wrington Office 01934 864300 LAND OFF NIBLEY GREEN, NORTH NIBLEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE 12.70 acres of pasture land in a ring fence: £150,000 Contact the Wotton Office 01453 843720 For Sale by Informal Tender MAYS HILL, FRAMPTON COTTERELL An attractive Grade 11 Listed property requiring full renovation and a range of farm buildings with potential for alternative uses. Lot 1 – Grade 11 Farmhouse, outbuildings and paddock (Guide Price £550,000) Lot 2 – A range of traditional farm buildings with potential for alternative uses (subject to planning) and adjoining paddock. (Guide Price £425,000) Contact Wotton-under-Edge 01453 843720 newlandrennie.com Voyce Pullin Auctioneers, Valuers & Rural Surveyors FORTHCOMING SALES CIRENCESTER MARKET Cotswold Agricultural Centre, Cirencester, Glos, GL7 5QA TUESDAY, 21 st SEPTEMBER 2021 50 Rearing Calves (10.30 am) 200 Stores Cattle (11.30 am) Inc 60 Organic Continental x Steers & Heifers (10 - 15mths) MONDAY, 27 th SEPTEMBER 2021 (2.00 pm) TB Restricted Store Cattle & Barren Cows Licences need to be applied for by Monday 20 th September 14 th & 16 th September 2021 – Market Results Full Report available on Website REARING & WEANED CALVES (123): A much improved entry saw Bulls to £460, Heifers to £340. STORE CATTLE (280): An improved entry saw another very strong trade with most cattle as sharp as last week. Again, not too much strength on offer with the few stronger short-term steers still a good trade topping at £1400 (154p/kg). The stronger medium-term steers were still a strong trade between £1100 - £1290 (220 – 240p/kg). The native steers continue to sell well trading at the same levels topping at £1260 (229p/kg) for Aberdeen Angus & Hereford’s to £1260 (192p/kg). The general medium-term steers were again an extremely strong trade between £1000 - £1100 (215 – 230p/kg) with younger & longer-term cattle £750 - £900 (220 – 235p/kg). A grand show of organic cattle met an extremely good trade with 50 cattle (10 – 14mths) saw Charolais steers to £952 (247p/kg), £872 (260p/kg) & £740 (251p/kg). A few more Friesian steers on offer sold to a very good trade with the stronger sorts £900 - £1020 (175 – 187p/kg). The stronger short-term heifers traded between £1100 - £1250 (210 – 220p/kg) with the stronger medium-term heifers trading between £900 - £980 (205 – 215p/kg) & the general medium-term & younger sorts were £800 - £880 (200 – 210p/kg). PRIME LAMBS (557) A similar entry with trade now levelled around the 225p/kg. The tight coated lambs traded between 240p/kg - 250p/kg topping at 252p/kg. Lighter lambs 230 – 240p/kg & Heavier sorts to £120. STORE SHEEP (1420) A very good entry saw the stronger lambs £85 - £91. Medium sorts £75 - £82. Smaller long-term lambs £60 - £65. Ewe lambs sold to £115 BREEDING EWES saw Welsh Mules to £130, Suffolk’s £160 Breeding Rams topped at £550 CULL EWES (270) A shorter entry saw another very good trade with the stronger Continental & Suffolk ewes £130 to £140, Half meat ewes £110 - £125. Rams to £140. CATTLE (11) The best Steers to 209p/kg & Heifers to 225p/kg. General sorts 190p/kg - 200p/kg. The meat beef cows were 140 - 170p/kg, medium cows well sold between 118 – 130p/kg. Contact Chris Voyce (Lydney Office), Jon Pullin (Oldbury Office) FORTHCOMING LIVE SALES Two Genuine End of Tenancy Dispersal Sales Friday, 24 th September (11.00 am) Manor Farm, Uckington, Cheltenham, Glos On instructions of G & S Olney 5 Tractors, Teleporter, ATV, Machinery, Livestock Equipment, Surplus Furniture Tractors: 2 x Ford 6600 2wd,1x genuine 895 hours), MF 5464 4wd (06), Claas Targo K50 Teleporter (02), Fordson Major, David Brown 770, Polaris Ranger ATV (1927 hrs) (13), Albutt Muck Grab, Albutt Soft Bale Grab (11), Bale Spike. Machinery: Votex Topper, Chainharrows, 10’ Flat Roll, Protech Post Knocker, Kuhn GF7501 6 Rotor Tedder (98), Post Hole Borer, McConnell Saw Bench, Logic Contract 2000 Weed Wipe (11), Howard 90’ Rotovator, Vicon Spinner, 2x PZ Haybobs, Link Box, Log Splitter, Ransomes TS59 Plough, Veg Planter, Bale Trailers, Tipping Trailer, Car Trailer, Kober 10’ x 5’ High MeshTrailer. Livestock Equipment: IW TA510G Trailer c/w Sheep Decks (02), Galv Sheep Snacker, MEP Galv Cattle Crowder Handling System, IAE Sheep Handling System, 100 IAE Galv 5’ Sheep Hurdles, Qty Hay Racks, Bateman Dehorning Crate, Grays Cattle Crush, Qty sheep / cattle sundries Troughs, 6x Round Bale Feeders, 3 x Square Bale Feeders, 2x IAE Creep Feeders, 6x Portable 6 bar cattle hurdles, IAE Galv Sheep Scales, 15’ Cattle Barriers, Fencing Stakes, Fodder, Hanco 3T Feed Bin, 10’ Steel Container, 2x 40 ft fully insulated shipping containers, Chainsaws, Strimmers, Hedgecutters, Compressors etc, Victorian Writing Desk, Pine Welsh Dresser, Kitchen Island etc. Saturday, 25 th September (11.00 am) Poole Farm, Leighterton, Tetbury, GL8 8UN On instructions of C & E Best 7 John Deere Tractors, Machinery, Livestock Equipment, Building Materials & Fixtures Tractors: JD 6130M 40K Power Quad 2900 hrs (17) c/w H/D Loader, JD 6210 Power Quad 10,000hrs (00) c/w Quicke 650 Loader, JD2650 4wd 12,000hrs (92) c/w Quicke Loader, JD 2140 9,112 hrs (84), JD 2130 5132 hrs (76), JD1120 9,600 hrs (67), JD710 c/w Gardener Rear Forklift 1414 hrs (69). Attachments (euro brackets): Albutt Bucket, 8’ Bucket, Muck Fork, Silage Grab, LE Twin Bale Spike, Alo 5’ Bucket, Euro Combi Headstock Conversion Bracket, JT500 Bale Grab. Trailers: Honeyfield Car Trailer, IW P6G Livestock Trailer (03), 17’ Bale Trailer, Sheppard 17’ Bale Trailer, Teagle 4T Tipper, 2x Batchelor Feed Trailers. Machinery: 2x JD1360 Mow/Conditioners, SR Muckspreader (01), Hippo Slurry Tanker, Major Slurry Vac (08), Teagle 8 Offset Topper (04), KV Round Bale Shredder, RansomesTine Harrows, Taarup & NH Harvesters, Rolls, 3 x Yard Scrapers, Lagoon Stirrer (spares). Vintage: Bamford, Fisher & Massey Ploughs, Hay Rake, Finger Mower, Original John Deere Dealership Signage & flags. Livestock Equipment: 2 x De Laval MK3 Cow Brushes, Bateman & Taylor Crushes, C15 Feed Barriers, Concrete Troughs, 6x Galv Wheeled Hurdles, 8 Calf Igloo & Pen, Single Igloo, Qty IAE Galv Calf Penning & Hurdles, Troughs, Hayracks, Milk Feeders, Gates, Chemical Cage, 400 Electric Fence Stakes, 100 Railway Sleepers, Steel RSJs, 6 & 9T Bulk Bins, 10x Concrete Panels (11-20’), Sheep Feeders, Parlour incl 3000L DX Bulk Tank, Water Heaters, Teat Sprayers, Vacuum Pumps, Cubicle Matting, Soft Pit Mats, Gates, Farm Fixtures to incl all Fixed Gates/Hurdles/Sheeted Doors, Generator, Troughs & General Farm Sundries Catalogues available on Website ONLINE TIMED AUCTIONS COMMERCIAL ASSETS & REDUNDANT STOCK Cirencester Market, Driffield Road, Cirencester, Glos Viewing Monday 27 th September (10am – 4pm) Bidding Closing – Thursday, 30 th September from 12 noon MONTHLY ONLINE COLLECTIVE Bidding from Mon, 27 th to Thur,30 th Sept from 12 noon Entries Invited Oldbury: 01454 269486 Lydney: 01291 680068 Market: 01285 869911 Commercial: 01285 869333 www.voycepullin.co.uk

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 51 Classified SALE 10.30am TODAY COLLECTIVE AUCTION OF FARM MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT & BYGONES OAK TREE ARENA, EDITHMEAD, HIGHBRIDGE ,TA9 4HA Enquiries: 07815 985737 or 01373 852410 FOR FILER & MILLER LTD - GENUINE HERD DISPERSAL 165 HIGH YIELDING HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN DAIRY COWS & IN-CALF HEIFERS Av: 9,500 ltr 4.08%BF 3.25%PR R/Av cc 158 Home Bred, Cubicle Housed, NMR Recorded. Autumn Calving due mainly to Sexed HF, Hereford, A/Angus & B/Blue. Sires inc: Atrium, Crimson, Hyperion, Prince, Radical, Santos, Achiever, Sprite, Stardust, Seville & Boastful 10.30am MON 27th SEPTEMBER FROME MARKET, STANDERWICK, BA11 2QB Catalogues 01373 831010 (option 3) or online LAND & PROPERTY AUCTIONS - THURS 30th SEPTEMBER – Rural Lots: Timed Auctions via registration at cooperandtanner.co.uk/land-and-property Warminster - Approx 60 acres of predominantly level land with a livestock building and collecting yard, together with consent for two additional buildings. Guide Price £575,000 to £600,000. Lot A: Chewton Mendip – 7.15 acres of pastureland. Guide Price £60,000 to £80,000 Lot B: Chewton Mendip – 7.5 acres of pastureland. Guide Price £60,000 to £80,000 Lot C: Chewton Mendip – 5.38 ac of pastureland & buildings. Guide Price £60,000 to £90,000 Vole Road, Mark – Single enclosure of level pastureland with direct highway access. Guide Price £40,000 to £60,000 Puriton Road, Pawlett – 3.52 acres of level pastureland with direct highway access, mains water and electricity supply (currently disconnected). Planning permission for 2,500 free range chicken unit with associated buildings. Guide Price £80,000 to £100,000 Radford Hill, Timsbury - Four adjoining lots viz: Lot A – 5.38 acres arable capable land with direct road access. Guide Price £45,000 to £55,000 Lot B – 4.52 acres arable capable land with direct road access. Guide Price £35,000 to £40,000 Lot C – 16.88 acres of steeply sloping land forming a valley of pasture, scrub & mature trees. Disused sewage treatment works site. Open Access land. Guide Price £70,000-£90,000. Lot D – 6.10 acres pasture land. Guide Price £60,000 to £75,000. Tilley Lane, Farnborough - 16 acres level pasture land with good road access and mains water. Guide Price £140,000 to £160,000. ENTRIES INVITED FOR FUTURE PROPERTY AUCTIONS Enquiries/to discuss entering property or land into an auction contact Hannah Pole 01373 455060 or George Trippick 01458 834288 COLLECTIVE ON FARM FODDER AUCTION FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED FOR TUESDAY 12th OCTOBER Enquiries: Trevor Rowland 01373 831010 AUTUMN COLLECTIVE AUCTION OF TRACTORS, IMPLEMENTS, FARM MACHINERY NEW TOOLS & WORKSHOP CONSUMABLES Tractors: NH TS115A 4wd (2004) c/w NH 120FL Loader, JD 6200 c/w Loader & Deutz DX390 2wd, NH TCE45 Compact 4wd (2006). JD 4x4 SUV 855M Gator (2020), Kawasaki KVF 4x4 Quad, Mule Quad & 220 2wd ATVs. Ezgo Golf Buggy. Renault Traffic Van, C&M T/A 7’6” Plant, IW Flat & 3.5T Tip Trailers, IW HB505 F/U Horse Box. Krone Comprima CF155XL Combi Baler, Trailed Hardi Navigator Echo 3000 ltr Sprayer (2016), Bomford Trim-Master B578 Flail Hedge Trimmer, Teagle Tomahawk 4040 Round Straw Chopper, Kuhn 2.7m Flail Mower, Kubota 1.2m Compact Flail Mower, Zweegers Haybob, KRM 2200 Ferti Spinner, C-Dax Lemken ATV Slug Pelletter, Fimco High Flo 40 Gallon 8ft Boom Compact Sprayer, Kongskilde 16ft Semi Mtd Spring Tine & Parmiter Chain Harrows, Beaco 15ft6in Hyd Chain Harrows, Twose 402 Yard Scrapes, Cherry GS76 H/Duty Grab, Red Rock Shear Grab, Albutt Twin Ram Silage Grab, Richie Bale Squeeze, Quicke Muck Grab, Chilton MX Auger Bucket, Manure Fork, Cherry X Form 2.3m, ALO, Quicke & Digger Buckets, Pallet Forks, Potato Riddler, Twose Link/Transport Box, RM Post/Log Grab, EM5000 PTO Post Hole Auger, Ripvator Rear Mounted Fork Lift, Sand School Levelling Harrow, Leaf Vacuum, NH Chilton MX & Claas Weights, Terex Lights/ Generator, Qty Salt, Asstd Tyres, Gates, Cattle, Sheep & Pig Feeders & Troughs, Poultry & Fencing Equipment, IAE Calf Dehorning Crate, ,Stihl O28 AV5 Chain Saw, Husqvarna & Stihl Hedge Trims, Rotavators, Garden Mowers, Van Vault, Car Wash Machine. Ladders, Roofing Sheets & Timber. THURSDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER at FROME MARKET, STANDERWICK, FROME, SOMERSET, BA11 2QB Tools at 10am & Machinery at 11am Viewing: Machinery 2-5pm Wed 22nd Sept and all lots on the Morning of Sale. Enquiries: 01373 831010(3). Full catalogue online. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY: 120 ORGANIC TB RESTRICTED FRIEISIAN HOLSTEIN DAIRY CATTLE to include some Pedigree Shorthorn. All year calving, 7,500ltrs, Cubicles, Closed Herd, BVD & Lepto Vaccinated. Enquiries: Trevor Rowland 01373 831010 or 07968 480401 www.cooperandtanner.co.uk/forthcoming-sales KING FARM WASTE Tel: 01761 221246 Mob: 07850 838046 FARM WASTE COLLECTIONS We are Licensed Waste Carriers/Brokers and provide Waste Transfer Receipts We collect in 14 Counties in the Midlands, South West England and South Wales We collect from farms, nurseries, market gardens, equine establishments NO ANNUAL FEES, JUST PAY FOR WHAT WE TAKE AWAY! We Re-Cycle over 99% FARM & RURAL FINANCE Contact your regional agents: Chris Eden 01373 831010 Tori Osborne 01934 740055 Nick Oliver 01458 834288 FARMS & LAND For free Marketing Advice phone Martin Hemmett 01373 455060 or Ross Whitcombe 01458 834288 AGRI LIME GYPSUM SUPERSLAG King Contracting East Harptree, Bristol Tel - 01761 221246 M - 07850 838046 FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER Sale of 1000+ Breeding Ewes, Breeding Rams & Store Lambs To Include Sales from both the Beltex & Blue Texel Sheep Societies Catalogues available on line For more information please contact Ross Whitcombe 07815 985 737 Tom Rogers 07384 462 288 Nick Hill 07741 591 575 MONDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 10.30am FOR FILER & MILLER LTD - GENUINE HERD DISPERSAL 165 HIGH YIELDING HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS Av: 9,500 ltr 4.08%BF 3.25%PR R/Av cc 158 Home Bred, Cubicle Housed, NMR Recorded. Autumn Calving due mainly to Sexed HF, Hereford, A/Angus & B/Blue Sires inc: Atrium, Crimson, Hyperion, Prince, Radical, Santos, Achiever, Sprite, Stardust, Seville & Boastful at FROME MARKET, STANDERWICK, BA11 2QB Catalogues 01373 831010 (option 3) or online MONDAY 4TH OCTOBER Dancing Hill Fleckviehs The 2nd Dancing Hill Production Sale of 52 Home bred Pedigree Fleckvieh Heifers all Sired by Elite German Sires such as Magier, Hokuspokus, Viano, Vernando On behalf of RTJ Voizey at FROME MARKET, STANDERWICK, BA11 2QB For all information, please contact Charlie Coleman on 07494588013 On Line Bidding available through Mart eye Catalogues in preparation SATURDAY 9TH OCTOBER POULTRY SALE GRADED SHOW & SALE over 1000 cages Contact Nick Hill 07741 591 575 or 01373 830 033 Sale of Traditional & Rare Breeds of Poultry SALE STARTS AT 9.00AM Market Office 01373 830033 Frome Livestock Market, Standerwick, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2QB Tel 01373 830033 Email: info@fromelivestock.com Website: www.fromelivestock.com JOHN BOLTON Same Day Payment For barren cows, All areas bulls, over age cattle, fat and lean covered 7 days a Also Registered collector of fallen stock. week Cattle, horses, calves, sheep, e.t.c. Also TB restricted cattle taken. Parbrook, Glastonbury BA6 8PB Tel. 01458 850230 | Mob. 07860 269462, 07788153419 6 mph Road Legal Scooter Bereavement Sale.6 mph Road Legal Scooter. Superb Condition. Good Batteries. Max user weight 25 stone. Range 25 miles..Captain Seat. Cost £2300.Can deliver with Social Distancing Observed. £595 07874352551 Car Boot Scooter. Immaculate Bereavement Sale. Car Boot Transportable Scooter in Excellent Condition. Good Batteries. 10 mile range. 21st Max User Weight. Charger and Basket. Swivel seat. Can deliver £395 07874352551 BROMHAM POll HeRefORds PedigRee RegisteRed Bulls fOR sAle sAC HeAltH sCHeMe fABBl PHOne Pike (Wilts) 01380 850412 07891 386484 WANTED COINS English and Foreign Coins, Banknotes and Medals. Private Collector. Good Prices Paid. Any Distance 0117 9850863 or 07896 852038 WANTED CARAVANS cash paid any age, any size, any caravan considered 07785567739 WANTED F O O T B A L L P R O G R A M M E S WANTED PRE - 1969 , BADGES , TICKETS , SHIRTS , PHOTOS , Also RUGBY SPEEDWAY 07427 746 806 cornerprogrammes@ gmail.com ABERDEEN ANGUS EASTON GREYS HERD Excellent Pedigree young bulls (semen tested), in calf heifers and young cows for sale. High health status. Tel Matt 07932 914302 (Wiltshire)

52 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Kubota Dealers for Wiltshire & Somerset Manor Farm, Marston, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 5SQ Contact Us: 01380 723986 or Jason Howard: 07968 324465 OUTSTANDING Summer Special Offers Available on all new Kubota M-Series Tractors Including 5 Years Warranty & 0% Finance Deals! Classified ABBOTT & CO LTD are buyers and sellers of HAY AND STRAW also Bedmax, Bedrap, shavings & haylage. Large & Small Bales delivered to all areas Tel 01934 822177 or 01458 447833 WANTED for Resale and Export tractors, telehandlers, combine harvesters, farm machinery, landrovers, wheeled diggers, excavators, lorries ANYTHING CONSIDERED Andrew Wilkins Ltd Tel. 01249 740377 or 07702 332109 www.awilkinsmachinery.co.uk FOR DEMO: Kubota M6-142: 140HP with 20HP Transport Power Boost, 24x24 Fully MF 6485: 2006, 7600 Hrs, 150HP, 40kph Dyna4 Trans, Front Axle & Cab Susp, 3x LELY SPLENDIMO 280MC: 2015, 2.8M Cut, 7 Disc, Rear Conditioner with Nylon Robotic Transmission with Xpress Restart, 7 Rear Spools, Front Linkage, Push Out PUH, Tines, Vertical Fold Up, Been Used This Tonne Rear Lift, GAME CHANGER! £PoA Power Beyond Hyd, Lovely £29,950 +VAT Season, YouTube Video £4,750 +VAT Property TEAGLE TOMAHAWK 8100: 2018, Swivel Shute, Suitable for Straw & Silage, In Cab Controls, Little Use, Like New £9,995 +VAT QUIVOGNE APX TL DISC HARROWS: 4.2m, X Pattern, Scalloped Front Discs with Plain Rear, Hyd Transport, £4,750 +VAT KEENAN VA2-24S DIET FEEDER: Twin Vertical Auger, 2017, 24M Cube, Can Be Seen Working, Like New! £19,950 +VAT Frome Cheese Show on Saturday 11 th Sept West Woodlands Showground, Bunns Lane, Frome BA11 5ES www.fromecheeseshow.co.uk Come and visit us to see the all-new Kubota M6’s & M7’s! V P Voyce Pullin Rural Property Agents REQUIRE ALL CLASSES OF CATTLE Cows, Stock Bulls Steers & Heifers - under 30 months Steers & Heifers - over 30 months Farm visits available ALL STOCK WEIGHED & CLASSIFIED Luke Scrivin 07985 416 431 BY THE MLC PROMPT PAYMENT Please contact: OR HIGH STREET OLDLAND COMMON BRISTOL BS30 9TN Tel: 0117 932 2725 www.alecjarrett.co.uk Gosia Fudge 07498 229 248 ABBOTT & CO LTD are buyers and sellers of Barley & Wheat Straw HAY & HAYLAGE also Bedmax Bedrap Shavings Tel 01934 822177 or 01458 447833 A G Sansum & Sons Ltd FOR SALE Hay & haylage Delivered or Collected Also taking orders for the coming season Spraying & lime spreading Taking orders for May harvesting Please call Colin - 07836 561575 Clare - 07834 038314 Office - 01454 294574 Straw now available LAND & BUILDINGS Hawkesbury Common, Badminton, Gloucestershire 4.10 acres of permanent pasture with two agricultural buildings and hard standing with potential for equestrian and amenity uses (subject to planning). For Sale by Tender - Deadline 15th October 2021 Guide Price £100,000 For further details of above please contact the Oldbury Office/Website Oldbury 01454 269486 www.voycepullin.co.uk Lydney 01291 680068

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 53 Property

54 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Motors WANTED CARAVANS cash paid any age, any size, any caravan considered 07785567739 WANTED TOURING CARAVAN Any make, model, year or condition. With or without damp. Same day collection. Payment of your choice. Please contact Martin with further details. 07388448303 WANTED TOURING CARAVAN Any make, model, year or condition. With or without damp. Same day collection. Payment of your choice. Please contact Martin with further details. 07388448303 Public Notices HOLIDAY HOMES FOR SALE, close to Exmoor, Somerset SMALL, PEACEFUL, COUNTRY, CARAVAN PARK. NEW 2021 Europa Mulberry 36ft x 12ft with deck FREE Swimming Pool FREE Wi Fi FREE Coarse Fishing Sorry, no pets & no sub letting More details visit: www.oxenleazefarm.co.uk £59,750.00 call Marian on 01984 623427 facebook WANTED MOTORHOME OR CARAVAN Any age or condition, any make or model even damp or damaged. Same day collection, same day payment genuine buyer please call James 07392180003 DiD you know? you can now book your Public notice by visiting bookanad.com For help booking online call our team on 01227 907972 9am-5pm Mon-Fri Self-Serve online Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence ML TRANSPORT LOGISTIC LTD of 3 Pevensey Walk, Bristol, BS41SH is applying for a licence to use Plant Speed Ltd, River Fields Estate, Central Avenue, Hallen, Bristol BS107ES, as an operating centre for a 1 goods vehicle and 1 trailer. Owners or occupiers of land (including buildings) near the operating centre(s) who believe that their use or enjoyment of that land would be affected, should make written representations to the Traffic Commissioner at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF stating their reasons, within 21 days of this notice. Representors must at the same time send a copy of their representations to the applicant at the address given at the top of this notice. A Guide to Making Representations is available from the Traffic Commissioner’s Office. Services Your TV Reception Fixed Today! Bad Reception? No Signal? Picture Freezing? Friendly local fully insured engineers in your area today - Call now! Aerial & Satellite Specialists Free Estimates - TV Wall Hanging 0800 470 2403 07868 809 796 Western Aerial & Satellite Entertainment Malvern Flea & Collectors Market Up to 400 inside & outside exhibitors. Sunday 19th September Entrance: 7.30am-3.30pm - £5 Three Counties Showground, Worcs. WR13 6NW. Tel: 01636 676531 www.b2bevents.info

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 55 Sport starts here Runners and riders on seven weekend cards RACECARDS: PAGES 56-59 Contact us Western Daily Press sport 0117 9343522 email: wdsport@bepp.co.uk SPORTS TRIVIA ON THIS DAY 2006: Former England captain Bryan Robson left his post as West Bromwich Albion manager by mutual consent. BIRTHDAYS Football’s Alex Stepney – former Manchester United goalkeeper who made one appearance for England, 1942, Peter Shilton – former England goalkeeper, capped a record 125 times by his country and winner of the European Cup with Nottingham Forest, 1949, John Aldridge – former Republic of Ireland and Liverpool striker, 1958, John Fashanu – former Wimbledon and England striker, 1962, and Sol Campbell – former England, Tottenham and Arsenal defender, 1974; and Cricket’s Derek Pringle – former England all-rounder, 1958, and Darren Gough – former Yorkshire and England bowler, 1970. QUIZ 1 Which Italian club has Carlo Ancelotti played for but not managed? 2 Before joining the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick was the head coach for which NFL team? 3 Which international sport league culminates in the Rip Curl Finals? 4 The Fed Cup is currently named after which former women’s tennis player? 5 Which is the only Welsh racecourse that does not hold meetings on the Flat? A: Bangor, B: Chepstow or C: Ffos Las? Answers: 1 Roma; 2 Cleveland Browns; 3 World Surf League; 4 Billie Jean King; 5 A: Bangor. > > Just Frank wins impressively at Newmarket in 2020 Tim Goode/PA OFFICIALHORSERACING COMMENTARY AND RESULTS Cal09016094248 Calscost65pperminplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccesscharge.18+only. SP:Spoke.Helpline:03332023390 Wings can win the War Wings Of War can strike HORSE RACING Group Two gold in the Dubai Duty Free Mill CAPTAIN WESSEX Reef Stakes at Newbury today. Western Daily Press tipster Winner of one of his four starts so far, Wings Of War has acquitted himself well in both hot sales company and Group Dark Angel colt to York where he did not help himself by hanging left, eventually a halflength Three class without actually third to Ever Given, who getting his head in front. A Nottingham maiden winner in July, Clive Cox then sent the was narrowly denied another payday at Doncaster last week. Cox felt sufficiently confident TODAY’S HORSE RACING STATISTICS to have a whirl in the Sirenia at Kempton, and the decision nearly paid dividends as Wings Of War found only Eve Lodge too good at the finish. Meanwhile, Just Frank could be the solution to the alwaystricky puzzle that is the Virgin Bet Ayr Gold Cup Handicap. Having dropped a touch in the ratings, Just Frank is the type to have a bit in the locker. ■■ Easysland has suffered a setback while on his summer break and will be out of action until the new year. The cross-country chaser was at his owner JP McManus’ Martinstown Stud in County Limerick when the problem surfaced. It is hoped the sevenyear-old, trained in France by David Cottin, will be back in early 2022. TODAY Ayr – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): J Goldie 46-501 (9.2%), K Dalgleish 45-492 (9.2%), R Fahey 32-302 (10.6%), D O’Meara 29-204 (14.2%), R M Smith 28-218 (12.8%), M Dods 28-238 (11.8%), I Jardine 25-260 (9.6%), T Easterby 23-174 (13.2%), M Johnston 22-165 (13.3%), K Burke 18-114 (15.8%), K Ryan 18-154 (11.7%), J J Quinn 16-98 (16.3%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): Paul Mulrennan 31-223 (13.9%), Joe Fanning 31-236 (13.1%), Kevin Stott 25-156 (16%), Graham Lee 23-159 (14.5%), Paul Hanagan 21-185 (11.3%), Patrick Mathers 20-147 (13.6%), Jason Hart 20-155 (12.9%), David Allan 17-117 (14.5%), Connor Beasley 17-152 (11.2%), Callum Rodriguez 17-190 (8.9%), James Sullivan 17-198 (8.6%), Andrew Mullen 16-144 (11.1%). Favourites: 188-632 (29.7%). Catterick – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): T Easterby 39-312 (12.5%), R Fahey 27-202 (13.4%), D O’Meara 26-182 (14.3%), K Dalgleish 21-124 (16.9%), M Johnston 21-126 (16.7%), R Carr 15-150 (10%), M Dods 14-83 (16.9%), K Burke 13-67 (19.4%), R Fell 10-104 (9.6%), P Kirby 8-102 (7.8%), O Pears 7-71 (9.9%), Mrs A Duffield 7-80 (8.8%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): Sam James 14-98 (14.3%), Phil Dennis 14-134 (10.4%), Harrison Shaw 13-119 (10.9%), Jane Elliott 9-50 (18%), Andrew Elliott 7-31 (22.6%), Luke Morris 6-42 (14.3%), Dougie Costello 5-56 (8.9%), Shane Gray 5-67 (7.5%), Jamie Gormley 5-73 (6.8%), Ben Sanderson 4-26 (15.4%), David Nolan 4-54 (7.4%), Franny Norton 3-40 (7.5%). Favourites: 199-599 (33.2%). Newbury – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): R Hannon 54-442 (12.2%), J & T Gosden 47-173 (27.2%), W Haggas 37-181 (20.4%), R Charlton 24-151 (15.9%), A Balding 21-212 (9.9%), R Varian 20-140 (14.3%), E Walker 17-141 (12.1%), Sir M Stoute 13-92 (14.1%), C Hills 13-166 (7.8%), R Beckett 12-129 (9.3%), H Morrison 10-111 (9%), E J-Houghton 10-129 (7.8%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): James Doyle 40-192 (20.8%), Jim Crowley 37-251 (14.7%), Oisin Murphy 34-255 (13.3%), William Buick 23-112 (20.5%), Sean Levey 18-135 (13.3%), Andrea Atzeni 18-154 (11.7%), Tom Marquand 17-178 (9.6%), Adam Kirby 14-168 (8.3%), David Probert 13-177 (7.3%), Charles Bishop 12-153 (7.8%), Rob Hornby 9-102 (8.8%), Pat Dobbs 9-111 (8.1%). Favourites: 185-656 (28.2%). Newmarket – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): J & T Gosden 48-266 (18.1%), R Varian 30-175 (17.1%), M Johnston 23-216 (10.7%), A Balding 22-175 (12.6%), W Haggas 21-175 (12%), R Beckett 20-118 (16.9%), R Hannon 19-287 (6.6%), S bin Suroor 10-79 (12.7%), C Hills 8-124 (6.5%), G Boughey 7-16 (43.8%), C Cox 6-61 (9.8%), I Williams 5-48 (10.4%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): David Egan 10-114 (8.8%), Pat Cosgrave 8-45 (17.8%), Dane O’Neill 7-51 (13.7%), Kieran Shoemark 5-51 (9.8%), Cieren Fallon 4-22 (18.2%), Tom Queally 4-52 (7.7%), Martin Harley 4-55 (7.3%), Cameron Noble 3-13 (23.1%), Ben Curtis 3-35 (8.6%), Hayley Turner 3-39 (7.7%), Georgia Dobie 2-9 (22.2%), Rossa Ryan 2-53 (3.8%). Favourites: 182-587 (31.0%). Wolverhampton – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): P Evans 74-650 (11.4%), M Johnston 59-462 (12.8%), A Watson 51-277 (18.4%), A Brittain 48-484 (9.9%), R Hannon 43-342 (12.6%), M Loughnane 43-511 (8.4%), J Tate 40-195 (20.5%), K Burke 35-255 (13.7%), J Butler 34-335 (10.2%), R Hughes 32-217 (14.8%), J Osborne 32-274 (11.7%), C Appleby 26-79 (32.9%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): Cam Hardie 54-639 (8.4%), Stevie Donohoe 44-354 (12.4%), Shane W Kelly 39-388 (10.1%), Kieran O’Neill 30-350 (8.6%), Josephine Gordon 28-322 (8.7%), Joey Haynes 18-254 (7.1%), Charlie Bennett 16-230 (7%), Barry McHugh 11-145 (7.6%), William Carson 11-159 (6.9%), George Rooke 9-95 (9.5%), William Cox 9-205 (4.4%), Darragh Keenan 8-193 (4.2%). Favourites: 989-3033 (32.6%). Cheek pieces – Ayr: 1.20 The Grey Wolf(*); 2.30 Golden Apollo, Lord Rapscallion, Staxton; 3.40 Commanche Falls, Gulliver, Hey Jonesy, Just Frank, Mr Lupton(*), Pendleton; 4.15 Garden Oasis; 4.50 Abduction, Asad, Redarna. Catterick: 5.45 Fircombe Hall, Listen Again. Newbury: 1.40 Il Bandito(*), Tom Collins; 2.50 Ilaraab(*), Solid Stone; 3.25 Mo’assess; 5.05 Ridgeway. Newmarket: 2.05 Dancing To Win, Dashing Dick, Sadiqaa, Sir Maxi; 2.40 Spring Bloom; 3.15 Live Your Dream(*), Mancini, Themaxwecan; 4.25 Hotspur Harry, Hugosthere. Wolverhampton: 4.55 Bernard Spierpoint, Carlovian, Iesha, Jungle Inthebungle, Makter, Surewecan; 5.30 Regal Rhapsody; 6.00 Tathmeen, Tawaazon(*); 7.00 Across The Nile, Raffles Rebel(*), Secret To Success. (*) denotes horses wearing cheek pieces for the first time. Tongue straps – Ayr: 1.55 Judgment Call; 2.30 Lord Rapscallion, Strike Red, Golden Apollo; 3.40 Gulliver, Sunday Sovereign, Above; 4.50 Manigordo; 5.20 Get Shirty, Dash Of Spice, Beechwood Jude. Catterick: 2.25 Neptune Legend; 4.10 Khagan, Eye Knee; 5.15 Bachau; 5.45 Jakacan. Newbury: 1.10 Mambo Beat; 2.15 Tis Marvellous; 5.05 Without Revenge. Newmarket: 3.15 Ernesto; 3.50 Tarroob; 4.25 Mercurius Power. Wolverhampton: 4.55 Thaki; 6.00 Show Me A Sunset, Canford Bay; 6.30 Port Noir, Clegane; 7.30 Nurse Florence. Visored for the first time – Catterick: 2.25 Tricky Business; 4.10 Socially Shady. Newbury: 3.25 Dawaam. Wolverhampton: 6.30 Dacesa. Blinkered for the first time – Ayr: 2.30 Royal Scimitar; 3.40 Popmaster. Newbury: 2.15 Moss Gill. Newmarket: 2.05 Street Kid. Today’s longest travellers: Royal Scimitar (2.30), Crazyland (3.05) and Dance Fever (4.15) – all at Ayr (424 miles). TOMORROW Hamilton – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): K Dalgleish 57-428 (13.3%), M Johnston 36-204 (17.6%), R Fahey 36-242 (14.9%), T Easterby 28-167 (16.8%), D O’Meara 27-144 (18.8%), I Jardine 18-206 (8.7%), M Dods 11-81 (13.6%), J J Quinn 9-71 (12.7%), R M Smith 8-82 (9.8%) K Burke 8-88 (9.1%), Miss L Perratt 8-127 (6.3%), H Palmer 6-9 (66.7%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): Ben Curtis 29-132 (22%), Daniel Tudhope 29-144 (20.1%), Rowan Scott 24-177 (13.6%), Callum Rodriguez 20-110 (18.2%), Jamie Gormley 20-150 (13.3%), David Allan 18-99 (18.2%), Connor Beasley 16-121 (13.2%), Andrew Mullen 16-160 (10%), Paul Hanagan 15-86 (17.4%), James Sullivan 15-153 (9.8%), Graham Lee 15-160 (9.4%), P J McDonald 14-71 (19.7%). Favourites: 207-603 (34.3%). Plumpton – (five-year record) Top Trainers (with runners): G L Moore 41-286 (14.3%), C Gordon 31-155 (20%), Seamus Mullins 15-103 (14.6%), P Nicholls 12-28 (42.9%), Miss S West 11-74 (14.9%), N King 10-47 (21.3%), N Mulholland 9-90 (10%), Miss Suzy Smith 7-48 (14.6%), D Bridgwater 7-65 (10.8%), A Murphy 5-20 (25%), N Henderson 5-22 (22.7%), J Snowden 5-43 (11.6%). Top Jockeys (with mounts): Tom Cannon 25-144 (17.4%), Jamie Moore 22-172 (12.8%), Joshua Moore 16-132 (12.1%), Marc Goldstein 11-118 (9.3%), Tom O’Brien 9-70 (12.9%), Nick Scholfield 8-64 (12.5%), Page Fuller 8-95 (8.4%), Bryony Frost 7-26 (26.9%), Gavin Sheehan 7-58 (12.1%), Niall Houlihan 7-65 (10.8%), Brendan Powell 6-68 (8.8%), James Davies 6-70 (8.6%). Favourites: 153-411 (37.2%). Cheek pieces – Hamilton: 2.50 Sleight; 3.20 Impeller; 4.20 Cheese And Wine, Ezanak, Port Or Starboard, Well Planted; 4.50 Liberated Lad. Plumpton: 2.10 On The Meter(*); 2.40 Sufi; 3.10 Court Jurado; 3.40 The Yellow Mini; 4.10 Andapa, Imphal, Jumping Jack, Mr Yeats, One Handsome Dude. (*) denotes horses wearing cheek pieces for the first time. Tongue straps – Hamilton: 1.45 Evocative Spark; 3.20 Impeller; 4.20 Ooh La Lah, Card High; 4.50 Liberated Lad. Plumpton: 2.10 Alioski, Carole’s Tzarina; 2.40 Glory And Fortune, Manor Park, Sufi; 3.10 Lord Schnapps, Dogon; 3.40 Business Flight, Impulsive One; 4.10 One Handsome Dude, Watchman; 4.40 Outlaw Jack, Game In The Park, Hold Me Tight. Visored for the first time: None. Blinkered for the first time – Hamilton: 3.50 Angel Eyes; 4.20 Tsarmina. Plumpton: 2.10 Carole’s Tzarina; 4.10 Bullsempire; 4.40 Outlaw Jack. Tomorrow’s longest traveller: Basharat (3.20 Hamilton) – 406 miles.

1 – WESTERN DAILY PRESS, XXXDAY, MONTH XX, 2009 56 Saturday, September 18, 2021 Racing WESTERN Desk: 0117 DAILY 934 PRESS 3284 Racing HORSE RACING HaMiLTOn SUnDaY captain Wessex Selections 1.45 — Qitaal 2.20 — Omany Amber 2.50 — Arctic Victory 3.20 — Elladora (nb) 1.45 USAVE BUSINESS EBF NOVICE STAKES (Class 5) 1m 2yo Only Winner £3,510 1 (6) 41 EVOCATIVE SPARK (23) (T) H Palmer 9-9 O Murphy 2 (1) 66 BELLSLEA (23) K Dalgleish 9-2 C Rodriguez 3 (3) 8 DARK MYSTERY (53) I Williams 9-2 P J McDonald 4 (4) 0 NICOLAS ANDRY (37) (H) Phillip Makin 9-2 R Scott 5 (5) 3 QITAAL (17) M Johnston 9-2 D O’Neill 6 (2) 83 SHARVARA (15) R Hannon 9-2 B Curtis 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 13-8 Qitaal, 9-4 Sharvara, 5-2 Evocative Spark, 10 Dark Mystery, 33 Nicolas Andry, Bellslea. Form QITAAL 20-1 (9-0) Held up, signs of greenness, ridden 3f out, stayed on strongly final furlong but not getting to first two, 3rd of 7, 2l behind New Kingdom (9-0) at Haydock 1m 2yo nov stk (4) gf. SHARVARA 3-1 (8-13) Tracked leader, ridden over 1f out, kept on one pace, 3rd of 11, 3 1/2l behind Mythical Dancer (9-2) at Thirsk 7f 2yo nov stk (4) gd. EVOCATIVE SPARK 10-3 (9-5) Raced keenly in mid-division, headway near side of group chasing leaders over 2f out, led inside final furlong, headed and bumped by winner final 100 yards, kept on (finished 2nd, placed 1st), won at Ffos Las 7f 2yo nov stk (5) gd in Aug beating Out From Under (9-5) by hd, 8 ran. DARK MYSTERY 33-1 (9-2) Raced keenly in mid-division, weakened 2f out, 8th of 13, 12l behind El Bodegon (9-5) at Sandown 7f 2yo nov stk (4) hvy in Jul. BELLSLEA 33-1 (9-5) Chased leaders early until raced in 4th on outer after 1f, slightly hampered 4f out, left behind from under 3f out, hung right and beaten 2f out, 6th of 7, 19l behind Thunder Legend (9-5) at Hamilton 1m 2yo mdn (5) gd in Aug. NICOLAS ANDRY 66-1 (9-2) Raced mid-division on outside, ridden 3f out, weakened 1f out, last of 11, 13l behind Leopold Bloom (9-2) at Thirsk 7f 2yo nov stk (4) gd in Aug. 2.20 USAVE BUSINESS FILLIES’ HANDICAP (4) 1m 3yo plus Winner £4,347 1 (1) 712 VOICE OF WISDOM (61) (D) S & E Crisford 3-9-8 P J McDonald 2 (2) 186340 URBAN VIOLET (28) M Channon 3-9-7 O Murphy 3 (4) 4-114 ALPHA CRU (17) (D) D O’Meara 3-9-3 D Tudhope 4 (3) 123234 OMANY AMBER (59) (V;D) K Burke 3-8-10 C Lee 2020: Freyja 3-9-7, Ben Curtis 11-2 (M Johnston), drawn 3, 4 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5-4 Voice Of Wisdom, 3 Urban Violet, 7-2 Alpha Cru, 5 Omany Amber. 2.50 3.50 — Shesadabber 4.20 — De Mazzaro (nap) 4.50 — Liberated Lad Draw Advantage: Low to middle numbers best in sprints, especially on soft ground. Stall Positions: 1m & 1m1f Inside; Remainder Stands Side Racing TV. Going: Good BIG DREW HUNTER SELLING STAKES (4) 1m 1f 3yo to 5yo Winner £4,347 1 (7) 303465 CABALLERO (11) (V) K Dalgleish 5-9-0 C Rodriguez 2 (4) 874668 LEXINGTON FORCE (6) (V) R Hannon 4-9-0 B Curtis 3 (5) NEW DELHI EXPRESS (J19) I Jardine 5-9-0 A Mullen 4 (3) 0-6667 ARCTIC VICTORY (31) (H) B J Llewellyn 4-8-9 G Lee 5 (6) 5 MUSTAVIM (69) J Wainwright 3-8-9 K Schofield(5) 6 (8) 800048 SLEIGHT (6) (P) I Jardine 3-8-9 T Eaves 7 (2) 0-7859 TRUSTY SCOUT (10) D O’Meara 3-8-9 O Murphy 8 (9) 79-69 WEE DRACULA (20) I Jardine 3-8-9 J Gormley 9 (1) HALLOW HALLIE R M Smith 3-8-4 P Mathers 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 13-8 Lexington Force, 4 Arctic Victory, 9-2 Trusty Scout, 7 Caballero, 10 Mustavim, 12 Sleight, 14 New Delhi Express, 25 Wee Dracula, 33 Hallow Hallie. Form LEXINGTON FORCE 33-1 (9-11) Slowly into stride, behind, never on terms, 8th of 13, 10l behind Diamond Bay (9-1) at Kempton 1m 4f hcp 0-75 (5) pol. ARCTIC VICTORY 50-1 (9-5) Soon led, ridden and headed over 2f out, weakened quickly, 7th of 9, 8l behind Spirit Of The Bay (8-13) at Chepstow 1m flls hcp 0-75 (5) gd in Aug. TRUSTY SCOUT 28-1 (9-10) Mid-division, pushed along halfway, ridden and weakening when hung left over 1f out, 9th of 11, 7l behind Sky Blue Thinking (9-4) at Chelmsford City 7f hcp (0-65) (6) pol. CABALLERO 14-1 (9-5) Towards rear, pushed along 3f out, ridden over 2f out, kept on inside final furlong, 5th of 10, 3l behind Captain Corelli (9-2) at Carlisle 1m hcp 0-65 (6) gf. MUSTAVIM 28-1 (9-2) Close up, pushed along 3f out, weakened final furlong, 5th of 13, 8l behind Totally Charming (9-2) at Wolverhampton 1m 1f nov auc stk (6) in Jul. Strap goes across here and here and here 3.20 RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP (5) 6f 3yo Only Winner £2,862 1 (8) 435460 THE THIN BLUE LINE (43) (D) K Dalgleish 9-7 C Rodriguez 2 (10) 320035 WATER OF LEITH (20) (D) R Menzies 9-7 O Murphy 3 (9) 426157 IMPELLER (24) (P,T;D) T Easterby 9-6 D Allan 4 (4) 4-4117 PATSY FAGAN (59) (D) R Fahey 9-1 P Hanagan 5 (1) 423222 IRIS DANCER (18) (BF,D) T Davidson 9-0 P Dennis 6 (11) 324491 BASHARAT (12) (D) J R Jenkins 8-13 C Beasley 7 (5) 370702 ELLADORA (32) K Scott 8-11 J Hart 8 (2) -06562 KATS BOB (44) I Jardine 8-11 A Mullen 9 (7) 702609 DANDY’S MAX (26) E Alston 8-2 P Mathers 10 (6) 246384 SIXCOR (3) Miss L Perratt 8-2 JP Sullivan 11 (3) 785 TOSHACK (108) I Jardine 8-2 J Gormley 2020: Vintage Polly 3-9-4, Callum Rodriguez 12-1 (R Menzies), drawn 8, 11 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 Iris Dancer, 6 Water Of Leith, Elladora, 7 Basharat, Kats Bob, 8 The Thin Blue Line, Patsy Fagan, 12 Impeller, Sixcor, 14 Others. Form IRIS DANCER 6-5fav (8-7) Held up tracking leaders, good headway and switched right inside final 2f, led over 1f out, hung left inside final furlong, headed and not pace of winner final 100 yards, 2nd of 5, 3/4l behind International Girl (9-1) at Hamilton 6f flls hcp 0-85 (4) gd. ELLADORA 12-1 (8-11) Tracked winner, ridden over 1f out, kept on one pace, 2nd of 12, 1l behind Runninwild (9-5) at Carlisle 6f 3yo hcp 0-70 (5) gd in Aug. WATER OF LEITH 5-1 (9-10) Chased leaders, waiting for room under 2f out, switched left and headway over 1f out, kept on same pace until weakened closing stages, 5th of 12, 2l behind Canford Bay (9-8) at Wolverhampton 6f hcp 0-70 (5) in Aug. 3.50 MEMBERS OF HAMILTON PARK HANDICAP (6) 5f 3yo plus Winner £2,322 1 (5) 771326 MEWS HOUSE (3) (D) G Tuer 4-9-12 O Murphy 2 (3) 063756 TOMILY (23) (D) I Jardine 7-9-10 A Mullen 3 (8) 706380 ECONOMIC CRISIS (7) (CD) A Berry 12-9-9 H Russell(3) 4 (9) 644641 ALBEGONE (7) (B;D) T Easterby 3-9-8(6ex) D Allan 5 (7) 5-2587 SHESADABBER (23) (CD) M Mullineaux 5-9-6 P Dennis 6 (6) 586452 THE GLOAMING (8) (D) I Jardine 3-9-6 T Eaves 7 (1) 577938 ANGEL EYES (7) (B) J Riches 6-8-10 K Schofield(5) 8 (4) 90-000 HEER ME (26) D Whillans 4-8-10 Joanna Mason(3) 9 (2) -48386 LANCASHIRE LIFE (21) Mrs Stella Barclay 3-8-9 F McManoman(3) 2020: Shesadabber 4-9-5, Phil Dennis 11-2 (M Mullineaux), drawn 4, 12 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 6-4 Albegone, 7-2 Mews House, 4 The Gloaming, 8 Tomily, 12 Lancashire Life, 14 Shesadabber, 16 Economic Crisis, 25 Others. 4.20 ALEX MAC DONALD MEMORIAL HANDICAP (6) 1m 4f 4yo plus Winner £2,322 1 (13) -29003 OOH LA LAH (12) (T) J J Davies 4-9-7 G Lee 2 (8) 0260-4 PORT OR STARBOARD (39) (P) B J Llewellyn 4-9-6 Jordan Williams(7) 3 (7) 149-51 CARD HIGH (115) (T;CD) W Storey 11-9-6 Joanna Mason(3) 4 (10) 323777 DANDY’S ANGEL (21) J Wainwright 4-9-5 H Russell(3) 5 (4) -25164 WELL PLANTED (115) (P;D) J J Quinn 4-9-5 J Hart 6 (1) 422348 G FOR GABRIAL (17) (D) R Fahey 4-9-4 P Hanagan 7 (11) -51836 EZANAK (73) (P;D) J Wainwright 8-9-2 T Eaves 8 (6) 219350 EDGAR ALLAN POE (33) (C,D) Harvey Bastiman 7-9-1 D Allan 9 (2) 113812 DE MAZZARO (7) (H;BF,CD) T Davidson 7-9-1 P Dennis 10 (3) 093165 HAVANA GO (8) (C) I Jardine 6-8-12 J Gormley 11 (12) /80338 MISTAMEL (12) (D) I Jardine 9-8-12 A Mullen 12 (9) 757804 CHEESE AND WINE (33) (P) Ewan Whillans 4-8-12 R Scott 13 (14) 766333 THE BRORA POBBLES (18) Ewan Whillans 6-8-12 P J McDonald 14 (5) 0/0-05 TSARMINA (58) (B,E) M Mullineaux 5-8-12 F McManoman(3) 2020: Tattenhams 4-9-5, Charlie Bennett 13-8 Fav (A West), drawn 6, 10 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 De Mazzaro, 5 Card High, 6 Havana Go, 7 Ooh La Lah, 10 Well Planted, Cheese And Wine, 12 Others. 4.50 STAY AT OUR ONSITE HOTEL HANDICAP (5) 1m 4f 3yo Only Winner £2,862 1 (4) 1-5241 HAVEYOUMISSEDME (13) (D) I Jardine 10-2 A Mullen 2 (3) 232602 DOCTOR PARNASSUS (18) D O’Meara 9-13 D Tudhope 3 (2) 513318 PRISON BREAK (43) (D) R Fahey 9-13 P Hanagan 4 (5) 226260 CARN A CHLAMAIN (29) K Dalgleish 9-9 C Rodriguez 5 (1) 6-5513 BERRY EDGE (47) M Dods 9-7 C Beasley 6 (6) 767061 LIBERATED LAD (12) (P,T) I Williams 9-2 B Curtis 7 (7) 46751 HELLENISTA (27) (D) T Easterby 8-12 D Allan 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 9-4 Haveyoumissedme, 7-2 Hellenista, 4 Liberated Lad, 7 Berry Edge, 8 Doctor Parnassus, 10 Carn A Chlamain, Prison Break. THE HaRE’S RUnning . . . gREYHOUnD SERVicE HHH TAYSOF MAJESTIC HH PIPPAPIPPAPOPS H FEORA JESSIE 6.17 480m (A9) 1 544 Keady Bally (md ep) .............................. Griffiths 00.00 5-1 2 554 Awesome Act (sa ro) ..................................Meek 29.78 6-1 3 265 Supreme Freya (sa rl) ..........................Buckland 30.26 3-1 4 646 Gentle Alice (wd ro) ........................C D Marston 29.96 6-1 5 123 CLOUGH BABYSHARK (wd ep) ...C S Fereday 29.75 11-4 6 463 Bravo Grace (sa fw)......................... Gary Sallis 29.98 9-4 6.33 480m (A8) 1 562 Jaguar Tod (rl ro) .................................G Rankin 29.81 6-1 2 341 Dolla Athlete (sa md) ...........................Buckland 29.79 9-2 3 345 Beatties Eleanor (sa ro) ...................Billingham 30.39 9-4 4 534 TAYSOF MAJESTIC (wd ro) .....................Meek 29.47 11-2 5 345 Glenvale Pablo (ep md) .............................Meek 30.03 9-4 6 533 Skyfall Babs (wd ep) ......................... Gary Sallis 29.50 5-1 6.48 480m (A4) 1 612 DROMBEG TIMMY (rl ro) ....................G Rankin 28.91 7-4 2 355 Cosard Wonder (md ep) ......................G Rankin 29.42 11-2 3 4 No Moretti (sa md) ......................................Field 29.60 8-1 4 654 Skys Lilly (md ro) ............................C D Marston 29.37 8-1 5 546 Rushmoor Carol (wd ro) .................C D Marston 29.69 5-1 6 133 Noduff Aria (sa ro) ..............................Buckland 29.57 2-1 7.07 480m (A7) 1 556 Cooladerry Jig (sa fw) ...................C D Marston 30.51 2-1 2 544 Rockmount Maid (sa ep)....................Billingham 29.91 10-3 3 511 Easy Winner (sa md) .................................Meek 29.78 9-2 4 6 Kalgoorlie Gold (md ro)........................T D Dunn 29.71 8-1 5 544 BANGON MUCKA (md ep) ........................Field 29.38 7-2 6 443 Burgess Jessica (wd ro) .................C D Marston 30.11 4-1 7.24 480m (A5) 1 344 Skyfall Anita (sa fw) .......................... Gary Sallis 29.74 11-2 2 536 Boherna Millie (rl ro) ............................G Rankin 30.11 7-2 3 156 Hawkster (rl ro) ..........................................Meek 29.72 6-1 4 532 SHERIFF GLEN (wd ep) .....................T D Dunn 29.47 4-1 5 535 Bangon Escobar (ep wd) ..........................Field 29.80 2-1 6 613 Final Heat (md ro) ..............................Thompson 29.89 4-1 MOnMORE 7.44 264m (OR) 1 133 Ardera Nidge (sa ro) ......................... R J Britton 15.84 3-1 2 453 Strategic Lenson (md ep) ...... Gary Sallis(Unatt) 15.65 11-2 3 15 Vixons Wildcat (RL EP)......................Thompson 15.86 7-2 4 211 Scullys Trapper (md ro) ..................C D Marston 15.48 7-2 5 661 Jaguar Brett (rl ro)................................G Rankin 15.60 10-3 6 261 PIPPAPIPPAPOPS (wd ro) ..... G Vincent(Unatt) 15.78 9-2 8.03 630m (OR) 1 441 Salsabil (md ep) ................................. P Doocey 00.00 8-1 2 423 Vixons Lad (sa md) ..........................Thompson 38.84 5-2 3 535 Toast Of Sydney (rl ro) .......................... Bateson 38.58 10-3 4 536 Echo Tiger (rl ro) .............................C S Fereday 39.18 11-4 5 132 DEETEEDEE SLIDER (sa ro) ...........Billingham 38.62 2-1 6 141 Forest Blaze (sa fw) ............... Gary Sallis(Unatt) 00.00 8-1 8.23 480m (OR) 1 124 Polly Gone (rl ro) ...........................C S Fereday 29.05 3-1 2 15 Coolavanny Bundi (md ep) ................. P Doocey 28.76 10-3 3 151 Coolavanny About (md ep) ........................ West 28.76 7-2 4 442 FINAL XAFONIC (md ep) ..................Billingham 28.72 3-1 5 154 Rahyvira Quinn (md ep)......................... Griffiths 29.38 6-1 6 261 Alanas Lad (wd ep) ..............................T D Dunn 28.76 9-2 8.43 480m (OR) 1 163 LAYBACKDOLLY (wd ro) ..............C S Fereday 29.46 3-1 2 436 Goldies Mabbutt (rl ro) ....................C S Fereday 29.58 3-1 3 355 Bluethecash (rl ro) ..........................C D Marston 00.00 8-1 4 221 Lemon Reuben (wd ro) .Jason Bloomfield(P’bro) 29.49 7-2 5 646 Hazelhill Eyes (ep ro) ...........E T Skeech(Unatt) 29.78 5-2 6 112 Bionic Bullet (wd ep) .............. Gary Sallis(Unatt) 28.91 7-2 9.02 630m (OR) 1 544 Ballyhoe Breeze (md ep) ....... Gary Sallis(Unatt) 38.15 7-2 2 561 Showtime Emoski (rl ro)........... G Vincent(Unatt) 00.00 11-2 3 411 Easy Warrior (rl ro) .....................Gavin Holman 00.00 2-1 4 315 Rage Storm (md ep) ............................Buckland 38.98 4-1 5 322 Scala Brady (sa ro) ............................Billingham 38.83 6-1 6 166 FEORA JESSIE (wd ro) .................C D Marston 39.09 9-2 9.18 480m (OR) 1 252 Heathlawn Wonder (sa ro) ....... G Vincent(Unatt) 00.00 8-1 2 241 Strategic Billy (ep md)............ Gary Sallis(Unatt) 28.90 5-1 3 212 Goldies Symnsy (md ro) .................C S Fereday 29.01 3-1 4 324 EASY SHOT (wd ro) ....................Gavin Holman 28.41 11-4 5 324 Chasing Landy (wd ro).........................Buckland 28.88 3-1 6 444 Sweetheart Deal (sa fw) ....................... Griffiths 28.69 11-4 PLUMPTOn SUnDaY captain Wessex Selections 2.10 — Galata Bridge 2.40 — Leroy Leroy 3.10 — Dogon 3.40 — The Yellow Mini Sky Sports Racing. Going: Good to Firm 2.10 J H BUILDERS MAIDEN HURDLE (GBB RACE) (Class 4) 2m 2f 4yo plus Winner £4,084 1 2424/5 ON THE METER (27) (P) D Bridgwater 7-11-4 B J Powell 2 54 ALIOSKI (18) (T) G Brown 4-11-2 Paul O’Brien(3) 3 2 GALATA BRIDGE (18) (BF) Dr R Newland 4-11-2 S Twiston-Davies 4 MICKEY DRIPPIN (F185) C Poulton 4-11-2 M Batchelor 5 9-424 SPLINTER (51) A Hales 4-11-2 K Woods 6 432-7 CAROLE’S TZARINA (32) (B,T) A Murphy 5-10-11 J Quinlan 7 ANYONEWHOHADAHEART (F465) Miss S West 4-10-9 M Goldstein 8 4 CITY ESCAPE (14) S Humphrey 4-10-9 N Scholfield 2020: Zarrar 5-10-12, Nick Scholfield 15-2 (R Guest), 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4-5 Galata Bridge, 5-2 Splinter, 8 Alioski, 10 On The Meter, 20 Carole’s Tzarina, 25 Anyonewhohadaheart, 50 City Escape, Mickey Drippin. 2.40 NORMAN SHARPE HANDICAP HURDLE (3) 2m 3yo plus Winner £7,951 1 4025-2 GLORY AND FORTUNE (133) (H,T;BF,D) T Lacey 6-11-12 S Sheppard 2 22110- LEROY LEROY (F20) (D) J Boyle 5-11-7 B J Powell 3 3-6834 CONSTANCIO (17) (B;BF,CD) D McCain 8-11-2 B Hughes 4 0-1311 MANOR PARK (F32) (T;D) B Barr 6-11-2 P Cowley(3) 5 044-14 ZUBA (F57) (CD) N Gifford 5-10-6 J M Davies 6 1-3336 SUFI (F36) (P,T) M Harris 7-10-4 K Jones(3) 2020: Get Back Get Back 5-11-6, Sean Bowen 10-3 Fav (H Fry), 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 15-8 Glory And Fortune, 5-2 Manor Park, 4 Zuba, 7 Leroy Leroy, 8 Constancio, 16 Sufi. Form GLORY AND FORTUNE 2-1fav (11-12) Prominent, led 2nd, dived at 3 out, mistake 2 out, soon driven and hung left, headed last, held flat, kept on, 2nd of 6, 1 1/2l behind Cotton End (10-11) at Ludlow 2m hcp hdl 0-130 (3) gs in May. MANOR PARK 9-4fav (11-7) Always prominent, led 3 out, clear before next, easily, won at Newton Abbot 2m 1f hcp hdl 0-115 (4) gd in Jul beating First Quest (11-6) by 10l, 7 ran. ZUBA 5-1 (11-7) Midfield, keen, headway to chase leader after 4 out, ridden before 3 out, weakened, 4th of 9, 29l behind Fire Away (11-0) at Worcester 2m 4f nh nov hdl (4) gd in Jul. LEROY LEROY 22-1 (11-12) Chased leaders, raced keenly, steadied after 2nd, effort 3 out, weakened after 2 out, 15th of 17, 40l behind Lively Citizen (10-8) at Cheltenham 2m nov hcp hdl (3) gs in Nov. CONSTANCIO 2-1fav (11-3) Tracked leader, led narrowly 3rd, not fluent 4th and headed narrowly, losing touch when ridden after 2 out, no extra, 4th of 6, 7l behind Lucky Robin (10-0) at Sedgefield 2m 1f hcp hdl 0-135 (3) gd. SUFI 25-1 (10-7) Midfield, pushed along when not fluent 3 out, faded approaching last, 6th of 8, 24l behind Alqamar (11-2) at Cartmel 2m 1f (3) gd in Jul. 3.10 4.10 — Imphal 4.40 — Air Hair Lair 5.10 — Strensham Court PETER EARL MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE (4) 2m 1f 4yo plus Winner £4,275 1 863112 ROMANOR (15) (D) Seamus Mullins 7-11-12 D Sansom(3) 2 -227P4 LORD SCHNAPPS (17) (T) Dr R Newland 8-11-9 S Twiston-Davies 3 3-P233 DOGON (19) (B,T) P Nicholls 6-11-9 Bryony Frost 4 12-U64 AWAY FOR SLATES (15) (D) M Harris 11-11-5 M Bastyan(3) 5 33-464 COURT JURADO (36) (P) D McCain 7-10-7 B Hughes 2020: Carolines Charm 6-11-7, Robbie Dunne 5-1 (N Mulholland), 6 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 13-8 Romanor, 9-4 Dogon, 4 Lord Schnapps, 7 Court Jurado, 10 Away For Slates. Form ROMANOR 9-2 (11-4) Held up, headway to chase leader 4th, led 6th, clear 3 out until after 2 out, soon headed, no impression last, 2nd of 7, 4 1/2l behind Larch Hill (11-3) at Stratford 2m 1f hcp chs 0-115 (4) gd. DOGON 10-3 (11-4) Led, going easily 3 out, not fluent 2 out, no extra soon after, 3rd of 6, 15l behind Cheltenam De Vaige (10-11) at Newton Abbot 2m 5f hcp chs 0-120 (4) gd in Aug. LORD SCHNAPPS 11-2 (11-2) Led narrowly, headed 2nd, chased leading pair 3rd, ridden and not fluent 3 out, weakened before last, last of 4, 46l behind Caddyhill (11-4) at Sedgefield 2m 1f nov hcp chs 0-120 (4) gd. COURT JURADO 10-1 (10-12) Chased leaders, went second 4 out, ridden and weakened 3f out, 4th of 7, 31l behind Captain Cobajay (10-4) at Market Rasen 2m 1f hcp chs 0-105 (5) gd in Aug. AWAY FOR SLATES 40-1 (11-0) Chased winner until 2nd, outpaced 4 out, well beaten from next, 4th of 7, 23l behind Larch Hill (11-3) at Stratford 2m 1f hcp chs 0-115 (4) gd. PicKS CRAYFORD FANCIES 10.17 Typical Illusion (5-6-4) 10.37 Feora Neptune (1-3-6) 10.53 Bugalagrande (5-1-4) 11.09 Woodcocks Alya (5-6-1) 11.24 Yacht Bay (6-4-5) 11.39 Ballymac Candice (6-2-3) 11.54 Moaning Pacino (4-6-1) 12.09 Tullovin Charlie (2-5-1) 12.24 Shes The First (Nap) (4-2-3) 12.39 Kilaharry Biddy (4-1-6) 12.54 Kid Bailey (6-4-2) 1.09 Waikiki Boom (1-2-4) 1.24 Moaning Minogue (3-5-4) 1.39 Southfield Marc (6-2-1) 6.56 Moaning Devito (4-2-5) 7.14 Droopys Pearl (5-4-1) 7.29 Alaskan Dawn (2-6-1) 7.45 Follow Rainbow (3-2-4) 8.00 Roxholme Biscuit (3-2- 1) 8.16 Project Year (3-6-4) 8.32 Oldinn Robin (5-6-4) 8.47 Ragtime Storm (4-2-6) 9.04 Toolmaker Daddy (6-5-2) 9.20 Droopys Dial (Nap) (4-5-1) HENLOW FANCIES 1.57 Holycross Blue (1-2-3) 2.12 Savana Dan Dan (2-5-4) 2.32 Go Welly Go (3-4-5) 2.52 Fortune Favours (Nap) (1-2-5) 3.11 Distant Terry (4-6-2) 3.28 Instant Dreamer (6-4-2) 3.48 Joe The Ghost (3-4-2) 4.08 Fair Rocket (4-1-6) 4.28 Bonniebluebullet (4-5-6) 4.48 Aislings Dancer (4-5-2) 5.08 Savana Roxy (6-4-5) 5.28 Chuckle Ozzy (5-3-2) 5.44 Fi Me Jezabelle (5-6-2) 6.02 Savana Moment (6-4-5) HOVE FANCIES 6.09 Punk Rock Ceili (6-5-4) 6.28 Silverside Billy (2-3-1) 6.43 Feora Paul (5-1-4) 6.58 Nunhead Shiv (Nap) (5-2-1) 7.18 Galaxy Freedom (6-1-2) 7.36 Maui Sunshine (2-4-1) 7.56 Insane Pam (4-5-6) 8.17 Swift Fifty (1-3-2) 8.38 Insane Tyson (1-6-4) 8.54 Pass The Gin (6-3-4) 9.12 Killeacle Amelia (5-4-2) 9.28 Cynthias Gift (2-3-1) ROMFORD FANCIES 10.12 Mandeville Dizzy (Nap) (5-6-2) 10.31 Melville Kizzy (4-2-5) 10.46 Exve Forgetmenot (5-6-1) 11.01 Health Care (4-6-3) 11.16 Xmas Jet (3-4-2) 11.31 Dahlia (5-1-6) 11.46 Skidroe Queenie (3-2-4) 12.01 Signature Sophie (1-4-2) 12.16 Lakeview Night (1-3-6) 12.31 Look At Him (5-3-6) 12.46 Jasons Gold (2-3-6) 1.02 Seven Of Nine (4-3-6) 1.17 Chuck Jaeger (6-3-5) 1.33 Talias Mack (3-4-6) 6.22 Kits Jim (Nap) (6-4-5) 6.39 Swithins Bullet (1-5-3) 6.54 Dark Phoenix (1-2-4) 7.12 Manassas (5-3-6) 7.32 Jeopardy Corbett (5-6-3) 7.52 Lavan Fairy (3-4- 5) 8.08 Took A Chance (1-3-6) 8.28 Pantone Whisper (2-6-4) 8.48 Fire Gel (5-1-4) 9.07 Mayses Princess (2-4-5) 9.22 Bonville Susie (4-6-5) 3.40 STRONG FLAVOURS CATERING JUVENILE HDL (4) 2m 2f 3yo Only Winner £4,357 1 4221 FRED BEAR (27) Miss S West 11-5 M Goldstein 2 7 AGGAGIO (F21) G L Moore 10-12 Joshua Moore 3 BABAJAN (F93) A Murphy 10-12 J Quinlan 4 8 BUSINESS FLIGHT (18) (T) G Brown 10-12 Paul O’Brien(3) 5 EPIC PASS (F21) B Barr 10-12 P Cowley(3) 6 IMPULSIVE ONE (F94) (H,T) N Henderson 10-12 J Bowen 7 4 PREY FOR GLORY (27) D P Quinn 10-12 T J O’Brien 8 55 SIR TAWEEL (14) (H) N King 10-12 Bryony Frost 9 P4 TARA ITI (14) (H) G L Moore 10-12 Jamie Moore 10 1 THE YELLOW MINI (14) (P;D) M Wigham 10-12 G Sheehan 11 7P BABY SHAM (27) Seamus Mullins 10-5 A Thorne(5) 12 45 DARK MOTIVE (18) J Snowden 10-5 Page Fuller 2020: Peat Moss 3-10-12, David Noonan 11-1 (N Hawke), 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-4 The Yellow Mini, 3 Fred Bear, 10-3 Impulsive One, 8 Dark Motive, 12 Babajan, 14 Aggagio, Tara Iti, Epic Pass, 25 Others. Form THE YELLOW MINI 16-1 (10-5) Disputed lead, took it up on bend before 2nd last, stayed on well after last, always holding 2nd, won at Fontwell 2m 2f 3yo hdl (4) gd beating Ramure (10-5) by 3 1/2l, 7 ran. FRED BEAR 6-5fav (10-12) Made all, not fluent 3 out, mistake last, edged left flat, ridden out, won at Stratford 2m 3yo hdl (3) gd in Aug beating Scots Gold (10-12) by 3 1/2l, 11 ran. IMPULSIVE ONE 10-3 (9-7) Held up, travelled well 3f out in fourth, pushed along before 2f out, progress into second 1f out, not pace of winner, 2nd of 4, 2 3/4l behind Harlem Soul (9-6) at Ripon 1m 4f 3yo hcp 0-85 (4) gf in Jun (flat). DARK MOTIVE 7-1 (10-5) Prominent, not always fluent, led after 3rd, not fluent and headed 4th, led 5th, headed 4 out, no extra before 2 out, 5th of 10, 12l behind Keepyourdreamsbig (10-12) at Worcester 2m 3yo hdl (4) gd. BABAJAN 20-1 (9-3) Soon led, headed over 2f out, weakened over 1f out, 9th of 11, 11l behind Baby Alya (9-5) at Newmarket 1m 3yo hcp 0-75 (5) gs in Jun (flat). AGGAGIO 17-2 (10-12) Chased leaders, struggling after 3 out, mistake 2 out, soon weakened, tailed off, 7th of 11, well behind Caramelised (11-4) at Stratford 2m 3yo hdl (3) gd in Aug. EPIC PASS 11-10fav (9-3) Led, pressed well over 3f out, ridden well over 2f out, headed 2f out, not pace of winner, 2nd of 3, 4l behind Aggagio (9-5) at Goodwood 1m 3f 3yo sll (3) gf in Aug (flat). 4.10 HANDICAP HURDLE (5) 2m 4f 114yds 3yo plus Winner £2,832 1 8-7637 ONE HANDSOME DUDE (11) (P,T;CD) A West 6-11-12 L Edwards 2 U5-690 TOP MAN (54) (CD) C Gordon 7-11-12 T Cannon 3 23472- IMPHAL (F22) (P;BF) G L Moore 7-11-10 Joshua Moore 4 153U41 BAGAN (15) (B;D) Seamus Mullins 7-11-8 K Jones(3) 5 /20P-P MY BOY JAMES (82) Mrs L Mongan 9-11-5 N F Houlihan(5) 6 P1155- JUMPING CATS (168) (BF) G L Moore 6-11-2 Jamie Moore 7 955113 ANDAPA (31) (P;BF,C) M Roberts 7-11-1 T J O’Brien 8 F6659- SIXTIES SECRET (168) (CD) Miss S West 6-10-13 M Goldstein 9 58P-7U JUMPING JACK (F42) (P;C) P Butler 7-10-9 A Thorne(5) 10 21-127 KILCHREEST MOON (66) (BF) Henry Oliver 10-10-8 N Scholfield 11 7-P6P3 STRIKE THE FLINT (14) (B;C) Miss Suzy Smith 7-10-0 H Bannister 12 476-8F WATCHMAN (67) (T) Mrs N Evans 7-10-0 J Dixon(5) 13 53-853 MR YEATS (62) (P) M Harris 4-10-0 M Bastyan(3) 14 0P-P08 BULLSEMPIRE (11) (B,E) C Hobson 8-10-0 Tabitha Worsley(5) 2020: Sixties Secret 5-11-0, Niall Houlihan(7) 17-2 (Miss S West), 12 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 Imphal, 9-2 Bagan, 5 Jumping Cats, 7 Andapa, 8 Kilchreest Moon, 10 Top Man, 12 Others. 4.40 NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE (5) 2m 4f 4yo plus Winner £3,050 1 2-2142 AIR HAIR LAIR (27) (BF) Miss S West 5-11-12 M Goldstein 2 7963-2 VALENTINE’S TURF (118) Christian Williams 6-11-11 A Wedge 3 018243 OUTLAW JACK (11) (B,T) J Farrelly 9-11-9 B J Powell 4 -44543 GAME IN THE PARK (15) (H,T) N King 8-10-12 J Quinlan 5 3-4285 HOLD ME TIGHT (18) (T) P Gundry 7-10-12 N Scholfield 6 08/F98 PIRATE SAM (54) (H) D Bridgwater 6-10-12 M Bastyan(3) 2020: Captain Speaking 5-11-10, Joshua Moore 11-4 Fav (N Littmoden), 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 2 Air Hair Lair, 5-2 Valentine’s Turf, 4 Outlaw Jack, 7 Hold Me Tight, Game In The Park, 16 Pirate Sam. 5.10 SKY SPORTS RACING OPEN NH FLAT RACE (5) 2m 2f 4yo to 6yo Winner £2,178 1 P-31 STRENSHAM COURT (15) S Drinkwater 6-11-7 D Burton(5) 2 70- NOAHTHIRTYTWORED (174) A West 5-11-0 Jamie Moore 3 HARPTREE HILL N Mulholland 4-10-12 S Bowen 4 26 SISTER SOPHIE (49) Christian Williams 5-10-7 A Wedge 5 86 TRIPTOTHECITY (15) N King 4-10-5 Bryony Frost 2020: On My Command 4-10-5, Jack Quinlan 10-3 Fav (A Murphy), 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 8-11 Strensham Court, 5-2 Sister Sophie, 4 Harptree Hill, 50 Triptothecity, Noahthirtytwored. YESTERDaY’S RESULTS CRAYFORD: 1.49 Stophers Sandy 7-1 (2-3-6 £50.83 TC £133.81). 2.07 Joyces Glen 5-2 (2-1-6 £15.85 TC £28.07). 2.23 Zenas Ronnie 2-1jt (3-4-2 £7.28 TC £0.00). 2.42 Corrin Logan 2-1f (2-3-1 £11.08 TC £23.88). 3.02 Rafiki Nala 4-1 (1-3-2 £15.80 TC £50.68). 3.18 Millview Black 11-4 (5-1-2 £9.13 TC £0.00). 3.38 Ardnasool Flash 4-5f (1-3-5 £4.85 TC £10.04). 3.58 Ruffian Blitz 9-4f (4-6-5 £17.31 TC £55.79). 4.18 Turbine Trooper 4-1 (1-5-4 £28.43 TC £96.47). 4.38 Mill Rose 11-4 (3-2-4 £18.31 TC £39.24). 4.58 Runwild Teddy 6-4f (5-2-3 £8.07 TC £0.00). 5.18 Sporting Rainbow 6-4f (3-1-2 £7.57 TC £23.39). 5.37 Merry Jester 5-2 (2-4-1 £8.79 TC £0.00). 5.54 Dece Emma 7-2 (2-1-6 £20.81 TC £41.45). HOVE: 10.17 Dinner Lagis 10-11f (1-6-4 £6.14 TC £21.49). 10.37 Tinned Tuna 4-1 (2-4-3 £17.95 TC £69.70). 10.53 Tyrap Bobbi 8-1 (6-2-1 £29.29 TC £64.53). 11.09 Hilark Belle 3-1 (DH 2nd 2-5-6 £12.09 TC £31.04, 2-6-5 £7.77 TC £25.20). 11.24 Lasair Breno 11-8f (5-1-6 £14.75 TC £39.00). 11.39 Cloudy Ozzie 4-1 (6-1-4 £13.86 TC £30.49). 11.54 Carters Chase 6-1 (3-6-4 £37.98 TC £159.31). 12.09 Betting On Red 11-4 (1-6-5 £10.83 TC £46.41). 12.24 Gemini Jax 5-2 (2-4-1 £16.38 TC £59.78). 12.39 Shaunas Brea 2-1f (3-6-4 £8.23 TC £37.73). 12.54 Yassoo Eliza 5-1 (4-5-6 £26.41 TC £107.80). 1.09 Alanas Roddick 7-2 (3-6-4 £25.19 TC £74.41). 1.24 Im Justa Mazing 4-1 (1-5-6 £27.07 TC £63.38). 1.39 Enchanted Sioux 10-3 (1-3-4 £17.88 TC £54.39). KINSLEY: 11.06 Highview Pet 9-2 (5-6-4 £28.11 TC £68.32). 11.21 Swift Inception 15-8f (6-2-5 £8.33 TC £21.81). 11.36 Ramors Rustic 11-4jt (4-6-5 £12.63 TC £30.68). 11.51 Cox Green Dream 11-2 (4-6-2 £42.55 TC £112.83). 12.06 Grumpy Lemmy 11-4 (2-1-3 £11.39 TC £31.81). 12.21 Star Bawn 13-8f (5-3-4 £9.01 TC £38.57). 12.36 Hazelwood Marie 9-2 (5-1-4 £24.32 TC £87.42). 12.51 Ballymac Florrie 7-4 (3-2-6 £17.57 TC £69.69). 1.06 Wilbrook Tikka 2-1jt (6-5-1 £6.84 TC £25.11). 1.21 Tullymurry Boss 7-2 (5-6-1 £38.00 TC £172.98). 1.36 Ask Gary 9-2 (3-4-1 £26.91 TC £112.32). 1.51 Bitofamiss 11-2 (5-4-3 £38.73 TC £63.32). MONMORE: 1.57 Barnfield Sid 10-3 (6-4-1 £12.56 TC £45.28). 2.12 Make Me A Star 5-1 (2-6-3 £29.95 TC £65.20). 2.32 Final Prince 9-2 (1-2-4 £14.97 TC £32.58). 2.52 Dee Gee Boy 6-1 (4-6-3 £16.11 TC £61.72). 3.11 Optic Maloney 5-1 (3-1-4 £22.72 TC £77.14). 3.28 Forever Yours 3-1 (3-4-5 £18.19 TC £36.38). 3.48 Skyfall James 4-1 (1-2-5 £16.06 TC £37.26). 4.08 Relentless Chip 9-2 (1-5-2 £27.29 TC £119.03). 4.28 No Name Mave 13-8f (1-6-4 £15.02 TC £39.47). 4.48 Delboys Guinness 6-1 (3-1-2 £35.12 TC £107.50). 5.08 Cohens Lady 7-2 (3-1-5 £14.38 TC £28.15). 5.28 Supreme Loki 7-2 (4-2-1 £14.46 TC £28.79). 5.44 Corcass Rapid 3-1 (4-2-1 £26.12 TC £91.99). 6.02 Flyhigh Trapeze 15-8f (1-5-2 £8.95 TC £22.26). SWINDON: 11.13 Fourbet Link 6-1 (2-3-1 £36.14 TC £71.06). 11.28 Crusty Freddie 11-2 (4-6-2 £22.54 TC £87.63). 11.43 Seriouslygenuine 13-2 (3-5-4 £35.26 TC £175.57). 11.58 Norton Lad 3-1 (6-5-4 £12.96 TC £46.15). 12.13 Ringsend Ruby 8-13f (6-1-2 £3.14 TC £8.58). 12.28 Ravenswell Rebel 5-4f (3-1-5 £9.53 TC £21.62). 12.43 You Say Star 8-1 (2-4-3 £48.28 TC £195.20). 12.58 Superior Boss 6-4f (5-1-3 £6.80 TC £0.00). 1.13 Millridge Corrie 7-2 (1-3-4 £23.84 TC £65.44). 1.28 Shes Mine 7-2 (DH 2nd 6-4-5 £7.06 TC £26.77, 6-5-4 £16.61 TC £36.37). 1.44 Will I Fall 5-2 (3-6-2 £14.36 TC £62.52). 1.59 Dundrum Molly 7-2 (1-6-5 £35.29 TC £76.24).

1 – WESTERN DAILY PRESS, XXXDAY, MONTH XX, 2009 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 Racing Desk: 0117 934 3284 57 Racing Strap goes across here and here and here HORSE RACING nEWMaRKET 1.00 CLOSE BROTHERS FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (Class 4) 1m 2yo Only Winner £5,400 1 (4) 71 MYSTIC WELLS (34) G Boughey 9-6 B Curtis 2 (7) 5 DELPHINUS (25) (BF) J & T Gosden 9-0 M Harley 3 (5) 45 HOMER’S GIRL (28) E Dunlop 9-0 H Turner 4 (9) 87 LA BELLE VIE (29) H Main 9-0 R Tate 5 (6) 2 MASHAAER (14) R Hannon 9-0 D O’Neill 6 (1) 2 MELLOW YELLOW (12) W Haggas 9-0 C Fallon 7 (8) 5 MOON DE VEGA (29) R Beckett 9-0 Rossa Ryan 8 (3) PERIPATETIC R Varian 9-0 David Egan 9 (2) QUEENS BALLET P Chapple-Hyam 9-0 K Shoemark 2020: Monsoon Moon 2-9-0, Ryan Moore 2-5 Fav (J & T Gosden), drawn 5, 5 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 9-4 Mashaaer, 3 Mellow Yellow, 9-2 Delphinus, 8 Moon De Vega, Peripatetic, Mystic Wells, 20 Queens Ballet, Homer’s Girl, 66 La Belle Vie. 1.30 CLOSE BROTHERS FILLIES’ HANDICAP (3) 1m 3yo plus Winner £7,560 1 (6) 557/59 ANANYA (29) Sir M Prescott 4-9-12 R Tate 2 (3) -31761 CASPIAN QUEEN (19) S P C Woods 4-9-9 S Woods(5) 3 (2) 321317 ANGHAAM (28) (D) R Hannon 3-9-8 D O’Neill 4 (4) -22345 LAST SUNSET (14) (H) S bin Suroor 3-9-4 P Cosgrave 5 (1) 92-1 MOBADRA (63) (D) R Varian 3-8-11 David Egan 6 (5) -46931 MADAME TANTZY (22) (B;CD) E J-Houghton 5-8-10 Georgia Dobie(3) 2020: Madame Tantzy 4-8-7, Nicky Mackay 6-1 (E J-Houghton), drawn 5, 6 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 15-8 Mobadra, 7-2 Anghaam, 4 Madame Tantzy, 5 Caspian Queen, 8 Last Sunset, 12 Ananya. Form MOBADRA 4-1 (9-0) Broke well, held up in touch, headway going well to lead over 2f out, stayed on, ridden out, won at Haydock 1m fll nov stks (5) gf in Jul beating Evident Beauty (9-7) by 1l, 6 ran. ANGHAAM 15-2 (9-7) Held up, soon in rear, last and pushed along 4f out, weakened over 2f out, eased over 1f out, last of 7, 32l behind Mrs Fitzherbert (8-1) at Lingfield 1m hcap (3) pol in Aug. MADAME TANTZY 12-1 (8-2) Held up, headway on outside over 3f out, led entering final furlong, edged right, stayed on, won at Goodwood 1m flls hcp 0-90 (3) gd in Aug beating Dalanijujo (9-1) by 3/4l, 5 ran. CASPIAN QUEEN 6-4 (9-9) Tracked sole rival, shaken up 3f out, ridden and pressed leader over 2f out, led well over 1f out, stayed on well, won at Chepstow 7f hcp 0-85 (4) fm in Aug beating Bolly Bullet (9-2) by 2 1/4l, 2 ran. LAST SUNSET 9-1 (9-8) Tracked leader, led halfway, ridden 2f out, edged right approaching final furlong, headed inside final furlong, no extra, 5th of 6, 2 3/4l behind Star Jewel (9-7) at Thirsk 7f flls hcp 0-130 (3) gd. ANANYA 50-1 (10-0) Prominent, ridden over 2f out, close up entering final furlong, weakened close home, 9th of 12, 5l behind The Flying Ginger (8-12) at York 1m 2f fll hcp (2) gf in Aug. 2.05 CLOSE BROTHERS ASSET FINANCE HANDICAP (4) 7f 3yo Only Winner £5,400 1 (8) 43241- MAYAAS (356) (D) W Haggas 9-7 D O’Neill 2 (3) -75232 STREET KID (46) (B;BF) K P De Foy 9-6 Miss Mia Biggs(7) 3 (7) 013-8 RICH WATERS (247) (D) S bin Suroor 9-6 P Cosgrave 4 (12) 7-9880 GIORGIO VASARI (8) (V;D) D Shaw 9-4 A Farragher(5) 5 (11) 2-2421 DANCING TO WIN (54) (H,P;D) H Palmer 9-2 B Curtis 6 (1) 2-8752 SIR MAXI (9) (P;D) G Boughey 9-1 Rossa Ryan 7 (5) 73-873 SADIQAA (41) (P) C Cox 9-0 J Fahy 8 (6) 019254 ROYAL MUSKETEER (21) C Hills 9-0 K Shoemark 9 (10) 242134 DASHING DICK (25) (P;BF,D) W Stone 8-13 C Fallon 10 (4) 935624 FANGORN (25) (BF,D) M Channon 8-12 David Egan 11 (9) 6-4131 DEPUTY (49) (H;D) C Fellowes 8-8 H Turner 12 (2) -36626 AJRAD (9) (BF) W Knight 8-7 Jimmy Quinn 2020: Colonel Whitehead 3-9-3, Ellie Mackenzie(7) 3-1 Fav (H Main), drawn 4, 9 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-2 Mayaas, 6 Deputy, Rich Waters, Dancing To Win, 7 Dashing Dick, 8 Sir Maxi, Street Kid, 10 Royal Musketeer, Sadiqaa, 12 Others. 2.40 CLOSE BROTHERS HANDICAP (4) 6f 3yo plus Winner £5,400 1 (5) 946-55 LOVE POWERFUL (70) (D) R Hannon 4-9-8 Rossa Ryan 2 (8) 281211 TOUSSAROK (11) (D) M Johnston 3-9-7 B Curtis 3 (4) 12-605 BEAUTY CHOICE (104) (D) C Fellowes 4-9-5 H Turner 4 (3) 4-1354 INVER PARK (6) (D) M Quinn 3-9-3 P Cosgrave 5 (1) 680556 EQUIANO SPRINGS (15) (CD) T Tate 7-9-2 T P Queally 6 (6) 292322 SPRING BLOOM (18) (P) R Eddery 4-9-0 David Egan 7 (7) 721731 WORLD OF WINDHOVER (20) (D) C Dwyer 4-8-12 C Fallon 8 (2) 744404 MY STYLE (9) (B;D) E J-Houghton 5-8-9 Georgia Dobie(3) 2020: Nefarious 4-9-1, Dane O’Neill 11-1 (H Candy), drawn 1, 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5-2 Toussarok, 4 World Of Windhover, 5 Spring Bloom, 7 Love Powerful, 8 Beauty Choice, My Style, 10 Inver Park, 12 Equiano Springs. captain Wessex Selections 1.00 — Mashaaer 1.30 — Mobadra 2.05 — Dancing To Win 2.40 — World Of Windhover Draw Advantage: Inconsistent. Stall Positions: Far Side Course: Centre Racing TV. Going: Good to Soft 3.15 CESAREWITCH TRIAL HANDICAP (2) 2m 2f 3yo plus Winner £20,616 1 (2) /12114 LIVE YOUR DREAM (21) (P;BF) S bin Suroor 4-9-10 P Cosgrave 2 (8) 000871 THEMAXWECAN (11) (P) M Johnston 5-9-8 B Curtis 3 (10) 904572 HOCHFELD (7) M Johnston 7-9-7 D O’Neill 4 (3) 009692 MANCINI (28) (P;BF) I Williams 7-8-12 David Egan 5 (1) 616812 INDIGO TIMES (11) D M Simcock 4-8-8 H Turner 6 (4) 470009 CLEONTE (42) (V) A Balding 8-8-8 C Fallon 7 (5) 0-1030 GREAT BEAR (7) T Gibney (IRE) 5-8-4 A Farragher(5) 8 (9) 0754-2 TURNPIKE TRIP (15) C Byrnes (IRE) 7-8-2 J F Egan 9 (6) 985-85 ERNESTO (11) (T) I Williams 6-8-2 Mollie Phillips(5) 10 (7) 112125 YAGOOD (27) Joseph Parr 5-8-0 Jimmy Quinn 2020: Ocean Wind 4-9-1, Jack Mitchell 5-4 Fav (R Teal), drawn 4, 10 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-4 Turnpike Trip, 7-2 Live Your Dream, 6 Themaxwecan, 7 Hochfeld, Indigo Times, 8 Mancini, 12 Great Bear, 20 Yagood, Cleonte, 25 Ernesto. Form TURNPIKE TRIP 3-1 (10-0) Tracked leaders, 3rd halfway, pushed along over 3f out, soon ridden and no impression 1f out, under pressure and kept on to go 2nd close home, 2nd of 9, 3/4l behind Anyonecanhaveitall (8-5) at Down Royal 2m 2f hcp 50-80 gd. LIVE YOUR DREAM 10-11fav (9-10) Awkwardly away, tracked leaders in 4th, ridden to challenge over 1f out, no extra inside final furlong, 4th of 7, 2 1/2l behind Indigo Times (8-2) at Newmarket 1m 6f hcp 105 (2) gf in Aug. THEMAXWECAN 7-4fav (10-0) Chased leaders, ridden to press leaders 3f out, led 2f out, edged right well over 1f out, stayed on well, always doing enough, won at Goodwood 2m hcp 105 (2) gf beating Indigo Times (9-1) by 3/4l, 5 ran. HOCHFELD 9-2 (9-1) Raced wide, tracked leader 9f out, pushed along 4f out, ridden to lead over 2f out, headed towards finish, 2nd of 8, nk behind Au Clair De Lune (8-8) at Chester 1m 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gs. INDIGO TIMES 10-3 (9-1) Steadied to race in detached last, nudged along occasionally, in touch halfway, ridden over 3f out, stayed on well to chase winner inside last, always held, 2nd of 5, 3/4l behind Themaxwecan (10-0) at Goodwood 2m hcp 105 (2) gf. MANCINI 9-4fav (10-3) Led, ridden over 1f out, headed approaching final furlong, kept on, no chance with winner, 2nd of 7, 3/4l behind Solent Gateway (9-2) at Chester 2m hcp 0-85 (4) gd in Aug. GREAT BEAR 33-1 (8-2) Disputed lead, headed 4f out, soon ridden and weakened, 21st of 23, 17l behind Ever Present (10-0) at Leopardstown 1m 5f hcp gd. CLEONTE 18-1 (9-2) Mid-division and pushed along at times, reminder 7f out, weakened final 2f, 9th of 10, 21l behind Just Hubert (9-2) at Ascot 2m hcp 0-100 (2) gs in Aug. 3.50 CLOSE BROTHERS FILLIES’ HANDICAP (3) 1m 2f 3yo plus Winner £7,560 1 (4) 1-3 SAMMARR (215) (BF) R Varian 3-9-7 C Noble(3) 2 (6) 411215 JEWEL IN MY CROWN (29) (D) R Guest 3-9-5 P Cosgrave 3 (1) 314-22 TARROOB (60) (T;BF,D) W Haggas 4-9-5 C Fallon 4 (7) 3146 GAL WONDER (27) J & T Gosden 3-9-1 M Harley 5 (3) 6-1302 AVETA (40) R Beckett 3-9-0 Rossa Ryan 6 (2) 123325 WIDAAD (7) (BF,C) G Boughey 4-8-13 B Curtis 7 (5) 973214 ATAVIQUE (22) (V;D) G Kelleway 4-8-10 H Turner 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 7-2 Tarroob, 4 Gal Wonder, 5 Sammarr, Jewel In My Crown, 6 Atavique, Aveta, 8 Widaad. 4.25 3.15 — Mancini 3.50 — Sammarr 4.25 — Luna Magic AMATEUR JOCKEYS’ CAMBRIDGESHIRE (H'CAP) (4) 1m 1f 3yo plus Winner £6,160 1 (13) 10-686 BALGAIR (85) (CD) Tom Clover 7-11-0 Mr R Birkett 2 (2) -57808 KRYPTOS (7) (D) J Berry 7-10-11 Miss S Brotherton 3 (7) -84311 LUNA MAGIC (20) (D) A Watson 7-10-9 Ms B Hampson 4 (9) 312151 SANDS CHORUS (21) (D) K Tutty 9-10-7 Miss A Collier 5 (4) 516922 FIELDSMAN (26) (C) A Carroll 9-10-6 Miss S Bowen 6 (8) 285452 GLOBAL ART (15) (B;D) E Dunlop 6-10-6 Miss Sophie Smith 7 (3) 616 SECRET GLOW (183) H Main 3-10-6 Mr Henry Main 8 (6) 351120 FIRST DANCE (10) (D) T Tate 7-10-4 Mr P Millman 9 (12) 321621 MERCURIUS POWER (9) (T;D) A Balding 3-10-4 Mr S Walker 10 (1) 364123 MARK OF RESPECT (29) J Portman 3-10-2 Mr M Ennis 11 (10) 565634 HOTSPUR HARRY (19) (P) R Eddery 4-10-0 Mr G Eddery 12 (11) 94/870 TIME ZONE (25) (C) L Allan 7-9-4 Miss H C Tucker 13 (5) 809347 HUGOSTHERE (23) (P) R Teal 3-8-13 Miss Megan Jordan 2020: Balgair 6-11-0, Mr Ross Birkett 12-1 (Tom Clover), drawn 3, 12 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-4 Mercurius Power, 5 Luna Magic, 7 Balgair, 8 Sands Chorus, 10 Mark Of Respect, Global Art, First Dance, Fieldsman, 14 Others. caTTERicK captain Wessex Selections 2.25 — Neptune Legend 3.00 — Sunday Justice 3.35 — Shamlaan 4.10 — Molinari 2.25 NATIONAL RACEHORSE WEEK NURSERY (Class 4) 7f 2yo Only Winner £3,726 1 (5) 636311 MY LITTLE TIP (4) (D) G Boughey 9-9(6ex) S Osborne(5) 2 (4) 284182 NEPTUNE LEGEND (14) (T;D) H Palmer 9-7 L Morris 3 (2) 212483 ETERNAL GLORY (15) (BF) M Johnston 8-10 F Norton 4 (1) 4315 TRICKY BUSINESS (15) (V;D) K Dalgleish 8-10 S James 5 (3) 54415 MATTY TOO (23) T Easterby 8-7 P Dennis 2020: Paws For Thought 2-9-3, Jane Elliott 2-1 Fav (T Dascombe), drawn 2, 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 6-5 My Little Tip, 5-2 Neptune Legend, 7 Tricky Business, Eternal Glory, 8 Matty Too. Form MY LITTLE TIP 1-2fav (9-7) Close up, headway over 1f out, led entering final furlong, quickened clear, won at Yarmouth 7f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) gd beating Penywern Taverner (9-10) by 3 1/2l, 8 ran. NEPTUNE LEGEND 13-8 (9-7) Broke well to lead, ridden at 2f, joined and all out inside final furlong, just failed, 2nd of 5, 3/4l behind Noisy Night (9-7) at Kempton 7f 2yo hcp 0-85 (4) pol. ETERNAL GLORY 10-3fav (9-4) Led, ridden and headed 1f out, lost 2nd close home, 3rd of 6, 2l behind Kit Gabriel (9-7) at Pontefract 6f 2yo hcp 0-85 (4) gf. TRICKY BUSINESS 9-2 (8-11) Led, ridden and headed inside 2f, weakened, 5th of 9, 6l behind Sanitiser (9-0) at Newcastle 1m 2yo hcp (2). MATTY TOO 10-3 (9-4) Chased leaders, ridden 2f out, faded final furlong, 5th of 6, 6l behind Makalu (8-12) at Carlisle 7f 2yo hcp 0-75 (5) gd in Aug. 3.00 EBF RESTRICTED NOVICE STAKES (5) 6f 2yo Only Winner £3,780 1 (5) 51 SUNDAY JUSTICE (19) (D) T D Barron 9-7 D Costello 2 (2) 36277 CROCODILE TEARS (24) H Palmer 8-11 L Morris 3 (1) 85 MY BONNIE LASSIE (10) K Burke 8-11 S James 4 (4) 933 BETTER HALF (10) M Johnston 8-9 F Norton 5 (3) 68 HEART OF KABEIR (10) R Fahey 8-9 T Hamilton 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 2 Sunday Justice, 5-2 Better Half, 3 Crocodile Tears, 6 My Bonnie Lassie, 10 Heart Of Kabeir. Form SUNDAY JUSTICE 5-2 (9-2) Led, ridden over 2f out, joined over 1f out, battled inside final furlong, all out, dead-heat, won at Ripon 6f 2yo nov stk (5) gd in Aug deadheating with Maybe Even Never (9-9), 8 ran. BETTER HALF 12-1 (8-12) Tracked leader, ridden under 2f out, kept on, no impression, 3rd of 13, 2 3/4l behind Sandbeck (8-5) at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. CROCODILE TEARS 9-2 (9-0) Tracked leader until halfway, tracked leaders, ridden 2f out, weakened final furlong, 7th of 9, 5l behind Belacqua (8-7) at Lingfield 7f 2yo mdn fll (5) pol in Aug. MY BONNIE LASSIE 9-1 (8-9) Tracked leaders, ridden and wandered over 1f out, kept on one pace, 5th of 13, 4l behind Sandbeck (8-5) at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. HEART OF KABEIR 8-1 (8-12) Towards rear, ridden well over 3f out, kept on final furlong, 8th of 13, 6l behind Sandbeck (8-5) at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. 3.35 4.45 — Love Is Golden 5.15 — Old Flame 5.45 — Aliento Draw Advantage: Low numbers have an advantage in races over five and seven furlongs, high best over six furlongs. Stall Positions: 1m4f Centre; Remainder Inside Racing TV. Going: Good HAPPY 60TH TONY DITCHBURN NURSERY (4) 5f 2yo Only Winner £3,726 1 (1) 125141 BLACK HILL STORM (6) (CD) P Evans 9-11(6ex) B Sanderson(3) 2 (5) 310 KING OF SPEED (93) (D) R Cowell 9-7 L Morris 3 (3) 235 SHERDIL (21) K Burke 9-5 S James 4 (2) 66313 SHAMLAAN (18) (D) D O’Meara 8-13 S Gray 5 (4) 541634 JUST A CLAIM (7) (D) R Fell 8-11 Jane Elliott 6 (6) 647 DANDY BAY (48) T Easterby 8-6 J Gormley 2020: Tatsthewaytodoit 2-9-1, Graham Lee 8-1 (K Dalgleish), drawn 5, 6 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 7-4 Black Hill Storm, 4 Shamlaan, 9-2 King Of Speed, 5 Sherdil, 7 Dandy Bay, 10 Just A Claim. Form BLACK HILL STORM 17-2 (9-2) Quickly away, made all, clear when shaken up over 1f out, ran on strongly, unchallenged, won at Bath 5f 2yo hcp 0-75 (5) fm beating Bluebell Way (8-6) by 5l, 9 ran. SHAMLAAN 7-2 (9-5) Raced keenly chasing leader, led inside final 2f, ridden over 1f out, headed towards finish, lost 2nd final strides, 3rd of 10, 1l behind Mereside Angel (9-6) at Ripon 5f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) gd in Aug. KING OF SPEED 50-1 (9-1) Raced far side, prominent, ridden and edged left over 2f out, soon beaten, well held final furlong, 14th of 15, 14l behind Perfect Power (9-1) at Royal Ascot 5f 2yo Grp 2 (1) gf in Jun. SHERDIL 5-1 (9-5) Chased leaders, ridden 2f out, could not match pace of leaders, weakened final furlong, 5th of 13, 6l behind Heredia (9-0) at Windsor 6f 2yo nov stk (5) gf in Aug. DANDY BAY 18-1 (9-0) Held up in rear, pushed along 2f out, kept on same pace, 7th of 13, 7l behind Mitbaahy (9-5) at Thirsk 5f 2yo mdn (4) gd in Aug. 4.10 VICKERS.BET BET 10 GET 20 HANDICAP (4) 1m 6f 3yo plus Winner £4,347 1 (2) 077377 KHAGAN (13) (T) D O’Meara 5-10-1 S Gray 2 (4) 244711 MOLINARI (17) M Todhunter 4-9-9 D Nolan 3 (5) -53312 SALIGO BAY (21) (BF) R Charlton 3-9-7 T Whelan 4 (6) 714514 DREAMS UNWIND (17) M Johnston 3-9-2 F Norton 5 (1) 273925 SOCIALLY SHADY (15) (V) K Burke 4-9-1 S James 6 (3) 849414 EYE KNEE (12) (T;C) T Easterby 3-8-6 H Shaw 2020: Herman Hesse 3-8-7, Cam Hardie 7-2 (D O’Meara), drawn 1, 5 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 9-4 Saligo Bay, 5-2 Molinari, 5 Dreams Unwind, 6 Socially Shady, Eye Knee, 12 Khagan. Form SALIGO BAY 15-8fav (9-2) Tracked leader, ridden and every chance 2f out, went 2nd soon after, stayed on same pace inside final furlong, 2nd of 6, 2 3/4l behind Bague D’or (9-2) at Newmarket 1m 4f hcp 0-80 (4) gf in Aug. MOLINARI 8-1 (9-11) Tracked leaders, went 2nd 8f out, led over 2f out, ridden and stayed on well final furlong, won at Hamilton 1m 3f hcp 0-75 (5) gd beating Innse Gall (9-7) by 1 1/2l, 6 ran. DREAMS UNWIND 14-1 (9-2) Tracked leaders, ridden 3f out, one pace inside last, 4th of 8, 7l behind Basilicata (9-5) at Bath 1m 4f flls hcp 0-80 (4) fm. EYE KNEE 12-1 (8-12) Led, asked for effort over 2f out, headed over 1f out, one paced thereafter, 4th of 8, 8l behind Haveyoumissedme (9-7) at Newcastle 1m 4f hcp 0-75 (5). 4.45 MICK PAWLUK RETIREMENT FUND HANDICAP (3) 1m 4f 3yo plus Winner £6,480 1 (4) 111135 CARIBENO (164) (V;CD) Sir M Prescott 4-10-2 L Morris 2 (2) 311358 FURZIG (30) (D) R Fahey 6-9-7 T Hamilton 3 (3) 255124 LOVE IS GOLDEN (15) (BF,D) M Johnston 3-9-5 F Norton 4 (1) 160605 RED FORCE ONE (13) P Kirby 6-9-2 P Dennis 2020: Kitten’s Dream 3-8-9, Barry McHugh 11-2 (R Fahey), drawn 6, 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 6-4 Caribeno, 13-8 Love Is Golden, 7-2 Furzig, 12 Red Force One. Form CARIBENO 10-3 (9-7) Went right start and settled at rear, asked to take closer order 3f out, under pressure over 2f out, unable to quicken, last of 5, 15l behind Rare Groove (9-12) at Newcastle 2m hcp 0-105 (2) in Apr. LOVE IS GOLDEN 5-4fav (8-10) Led, ridden and headed inside final 2f, no chance with winner when lost 2nd inside final furlong, weakened, 4th of 5, 8l behind Recovery Run (9-7) at Ascot 1m 4f hcp 105 (2) gd. FURZIG 28-1 (9-5) Last pair, never really involved, 8th of 11, 6l behind Sword Beach (8-13) at Windsor 1m 3f hcap (3) gf in Aug. RED FORCE ONE 40-1 (9-0) Held up in rear, ridden 3f out, never in contention, 5th of 9, 19l behind Emaraty Hero (8-12) at York 1m 4f app hcp 0-80 (4) gf. 5.15 MILLBRY HILL COUNTRY STORE NOVICE STKS (5) 7f 3yo plus Winner £3,510 1 (2) 1 LIGHTENING COMPANY (124) (D) B Haslam 3-9-9 L Morris 2 (1) 41 OLD FLAME (14) (D) R Beckett 3-9-9 D Costello 3 (4) 7 BACHAU (213) (H,T) E Bethell 3-9-2 S Osborne(5) 4 (3) 35 PIXIE CARTER (10) J J Davies 3-8-11 S James 2020: Leafhopper 3-9-4, R Havlin 5-4 JtFav (J & T Gosden), drawn 2, 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-10 Old Flame, 6-5 Lightening Company, 10 Pixie Carter, 16 Bachau. Form OLD FLAME 10-11fav (9-2) Prominent, ridden 2f out, headway to lead over 1f out, ran on well, won at Wolverhampton 7f nov stk (5) beating Unique Cut (9-4) by 1/2l, 12 ran. LIGHTENING COMPANY 16-1 (9-3) Mid-division, ridden and headway over 2f out, challenged and every chance inside final furlong, ran on, led post, won at Carlisle 7f mdn stks (5) sft in May beating Lexington Knight (9-3) by ns, 8 ran. PIXIE CARTER 33-1 (9-0) Towards rear, ridden well over 2f out, hampered in mid-division over 1f out, pushed out final furlong, some late progress, 5th of 10, 10l behind Hello Zabeel (9-5) at Carlisle 7f mdn stks (5) gf. BACHAU 9-1 (8-11) Dwelt, in rear, no impression, 7th of 10, 11l behind Moraaheq (8-11) at Kempton 7f mdn stks (5) pol in Feb. 5.45 RACING AGAIN 29TH SEPTEMBER HANDICAP (6) 7f 3yo plus Winner £2,700 1 (1) 762743 ALIENTO (11) (CD) M Dods 6-9-10 F Norton 2 (8) 40-365 HOW BIZARRE (10) (D) Liam Bailey 6-9-9 D Nolan 3 (3) 911224 MR STRUTTER (11) (BF,CD) G Harker 7-9-9 A Elliott 4 (10) 545301 FINAL FRONTIER (24) (CD) R Carr 8-9-8 J Gormley 5 (9) 2-4502 SPECIAL MAYSON (20) Mrs P Sly 3-9-5 D Costello 6 (2) 386 CRAGSIDE (26) T Easterby 3-9-3 P Dennis 7 (5) 2-9444 HOOFS HAPPY NOW (86) M & D Easterby 3-9-1 Joanna Mason(3) 8 (7) 136978 FIRCOMBE HALL (15) (P) P Kirby 3-8-13 T Whelan 9 (4) 783646 BIBBIDIBOBBIDIBOO (5) (B,H;C,D) Mrs A Duffield 6-8-12 S Gray 10 (14) 231445 LOCKDOWN LASS (32) G Hanmer 3-8-11 T Hamilton 11 (6) 306279 JAKACAN (11) (T) D Carroll 3-8-10 H Shaw 12 (12) 506709 LUKOUTOLDMAKEZEBAK (7) (B;CD) D Thompson 8-8-6 S James 13 (15) 00-434 THE GREY BAY (21) J Camacho 4-8-5 Jane Elliott 14 (11) 304702 LISTEN AGAIN (7) (P) T Easterby 3-8-5 S Osborne(5) 15 (13) 300586 CHRISTMAS NIGHT (11) (CD) O Pears 6-8-5 L Morris 2020: Aliento 5-9-7, Callum Rodriguez 3-1 Fav (M Dods), drawn 8, 10 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-2 Aliento, 6 Mr Strutter, 7 Final Frontier, Special Mayson, 8 Listen Again, 10 Lockdown Lass, The Grey Bay, 12 Bibbidibobbidiboo, 14 Others. WOLVERHaMPTOn captain Wessex Selections 4.55 — Thaki 5.30 — Reem Zabeel 6.00 — Twilight Secret 6.30 — Annie Rose Draw Advantage: Little effect. Stall Positions: 7f Outside; Remainder Inside Sky Sports Racing. Going: Standard 4.55 7.00 — Chillsea 7.30 — Nurse Florence 8.00 — Geelong 8.30 — Dreambird WHATACCA.COM BETTING TIPS HANDICAP (Class 6) 6f (AW) 3yo plus Winner £2,700 1 (2) 770-53 JUNGLE INTHEBUNGLE (5) (P) Phillip Makin 5-9-7 H Burns(5) 2 (4) 603351 THAKI (24) (T;CD) C Dwyer 4-9-6 T Hammer Hansen(3) 3 (5) 565722 BIG IMPACT (2) (D) R Brisland 4-9-4 M Crehan(3) 4 (9) 4397P0 BLUE CABLE (74) (BF,CD) M Attwater 4-9-4 S W Kelly 5 (8) 0-6600 BERNARD SPIERPOINT (2) (P) C Wallis 4-9-3 R Ffrench 6 (12) 427544 IESHA (9) (P) C Wallis 3-9-3 D Keenan 7 (11) 090 MAKTER (24) (P) Andi Brown 4-9-2 S Cherchi(3) 8 (10) 592806 JAZZ LEGEND (163) (D) Miss M Rowland 8-9-2 K O’Neill 9 (1) 504936 SUREWECAN (24) (P;D) Sarah Hollinshead 9-8-13 W Cox(3) 10 (13) -12780 KRAZY PAVING (24) (CD) O Murphy 9-8-12 Grace McEntee(5) 11 (6) 370007 CARLOVIAN (22) (P;C,D) M Walford 8-8-12 T Heard(5) 12 (7) 788700 SPARKLING DIAMOND (5) (CD) Frank Bishop 4-8-12 W Carson 13 (3) 554590 LASTING BEAUTY (9) J Butler 3-8-11 B McHugh 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 2 Thaki, 9-2 Big Impact, 6 Iesha, Jungle Inthebungle, 8 Blue Cable, 14 Lasting Beauty, 16 Krazy Paving, 20 Others. 5.30 ATTHERACES.COM SELLING STAKES (6) 6f (AW) 2yo Only Winner £2,700 1 (9) 043605 THREE DONS (4) R Hannon 8-12 T Hammer Hansen(3) 2 (5) 6 ARLADY AITCH (28) P McBride 8-7 B McHugh 3 (6) 75 BELLA ROSETTA (10) Joseph Parr 8-7 D Keenan 4 (10) 5 DARCY’S ROCK (26) S Durack 8-7 W Cox(3) 5 (4) 49 HEIDI HIGH (109) A Watson 8-7 C Bennett 6 (7) 62864 JAM TART (24) M Loughnane 8-7 Josephine Gordon 7 (1) 76 PRETTY MAHRA (88) R Brotherton 8-7 C Hutchinson(5) 8 (3) 4 REEM ZABEEL (47) R Hughes 8-7 G Rooke(3) 9 (2) 432650 REGAL RHAPSODY (2) (P) G Boughey 8-7 J Haynes 10 (8) 88 SHE’S SOPHIE (10) P Evans 8-7 C Hardie 2020: Source Of Wealth 2-8-9, Cam Hardie 85-40 Fav (D O’Meara), drawn 8, 11 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 3 Three Dons, 7-2 Heidi High, 4 Regal Rhapsody, 5 Reem Zabeel, 7 Jam Tart, 8 Arlady Aitch, 25 Darcy’s Rock, Bella Rosetta, 33 Others. 6.00 CAZOO HANDICAP (5) 6f (AW) 3yo plus Winner £3,240 1 (2) 134413 VERREAUX EAGLE (12) (BF,CD) E Dunlop 3-9-10 M Crehan(3) 2 (6) 654113 LILKIAN (14) (CD) Darryll Holland 4-9-10 T Heard(5) 3 (5) 609155 TATHMEEN (19) (P;CD) A Brittain 6-9-8 K Schofield(5) 4 (10) 2252 TWILIGHT SECRET (15) J Tate 3-9-8 S Cherchi(3) 5 (7) 934534 STRONG POWER (46) (D) Alice Haynes 4-9-5 K O’Neill 6 (4) 256849 SHOW ME A SUNSET (19) (T) R Cowell 5-9-4 B McHugh 7 (9) 644351 CANFORD BAY (19) (T;CD) A Brittain 7-9-4 C Hardie 8 (3) 642 TAWAAZON (26) (P) Owen Burrows 3-9-3 S W Kelly 9 (1) 308324 SEEKING PERFECTION (39) (BF,D) Frank Bishop 3-9-1 W Carson 10 (8) 2245 STRIKE ME A POSE (9) A Watson 3-8-10 C Bennett 2020: Bahuta Acha 5-8-13, Luke Morris 13-2 (D Loughnane), drawn 5, 10 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 Twilight Secret, 9-2 Verreaux Eagle, 5 Tawaazon, 7 Canford Bay, 8 Lilkian, 10 Strike Me A Pose, Show Me A Sunset, Tathmeen, 12 Others. 6.30 ATTHERACES.COM FILLIES’ HANDICAP (5) 7f (AW) 3yo plus Winner £3,240 1 (5) 545257 THE BLUE BOWER (14) (CD) J Portman 4-9-9 Josephine Gordon 2 (9) 751111 SKY BLUE THINKING (9) (CD) A West 3-9-8 C Bennett 3 (8) 751221 FAR FROM A RUBY (14) (C) Muir & Grassick 4-9-7 Cathal Gahan(7) 4 (7) 7-2013 ANNIE ROSE (19) (C) T D Barron 3-9-5 S Cherchi(3) 5 (2) 533477 DACESA (117) (V) P Evans 3-9-5 C Hardie 6 (3) 316430 PORT NOIR (19) (T;CD) R Stephens 4-9-4 D Keenan 7 (6) 0-047 WHITE LADY (115) C Hills 3-9-3 W Carson 8 (4) 044136 CLEGANE (7) (T;D) J Chapple-Hyam 4-9-2 Doubtful 9 (1) 154574 LADY ALAVESA (150) (D) M Herrington 6-9-2 B McHugh 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 7-4 Sky Blue Thinking, 9-2 Far From A Ruby, 6 Annie Rose, 8 Dacesa, The Blue Bower, 10 Port Noir, White Lady, 12 Lady Alavesa. 7.00 WHATACCA.COM HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) 7f (AW) 3yo Only Winner £2,700 1 (5) 190867 DONNY MARLOW (54) (C) A Keatley 9-10 Ryan Sexton(7) 2 (1) 2-0452 ACROSS THE NILE (24) (P) J Ferguson 9-7 S Mooney(7) 3 (8) 685384 HOT DAY (12) J S Moore 9-6 Laura Coughlan(5) 4 (6) -58576 ELEKTRONIC (31) R Hughes 9-5 S W Kelly 5 (3) 450220 SECRET TO SUCCESS (9) (P;C) P McEntee 9-4 D Keenan 6 (4) 6-5657 ROYAL HEART (135) E Dunlop 9-3 M Crehan(3) 7 (2) 655717 SILK TIE (22) (BF,C) P Evans 9-3 C Hardie 8 (7) 9-4532 CHILLSEA (95) T Ward 9-2 K O’Neill 9 (9) 666305 RAFFLES REBEL (41) (P) A Stronge 9-0 R Clutterbuck(5) 10 (10) 463891 POLAM LANE (11) T D Barron 8-12 Josephine Gordon 2020: Ivadream 3-9-2, Adam J McNamara 15-2 (R Charlton), drawn 4, 11 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-4 Across The Nile, 6 Polam Lane, Silk Tie, 7 Chillsea, 8 Elektronic, Royal Heart, 10 Secret To Success, 12 Hot Day, 14 Others. 7.30 WHATACCA.COM HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) 7f (AW) 3yo Only Winner £2,700 1 (10) 455122 DISTINCTION (11) (D) K Burke 9-7 Alan Persse(7) 2 (4) 771135 ALCAZAN (19) (D) R Teal 9-6 W Carson 3 (9) 625670 KEEP RIGHT ON (9) (B) R Hannon 9-5 T Hammer Hansen(3) 4 (7) 285589 SMART QIBILI (17) (H) P McEntee 9-4 Grace McEntee(5) 5 (8) 127233 NURSE FLORENCE (8) (H,T) J Osborne 9-3 S W Kelly 6 (6) 647- WISPERING ANGEL (430) (H) P Evans 9-2 C Hardie 7 (5) 382755 THE FIRST HURRAH (24) C Fellowes 9-2 S Donohoe 8 (2) 9-7491 GIRL FROM IPANEMA (22) (D) R Stephens 9-1 D Keenan 9 (1) 714971 PRISCILLA’S WISH (38) (D) P McBride 8-11 B McHugh 10 (3) 48980- ALL IN THE GAME (310) J S Moore 8-3 Josephine Gordon 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 5-2 Distinction, 4 Nurse Florence, 5 Alcazan, 8 Priscilla’s Wish, The First Hurrah, Wispering Angel, 10 Girl From Ipanema, 14 Others. 8.00 SKY SPORTS RACING EBF NOVICE STAKES (5) 1m 1f (AW) 2yo Only Winner £3,780 1 (3) 81 JUSTICE PROTECOL (16) I Mohammed 9-6 S Cherchi(3) 2 (4) AWAY WIT DA FAIRYS Alice Haynes 9-2 K O’Neill 3 (9) CABINET MAKER M Johnston 9-2 C Hardie 4 (7) 0 DRAWING CLOCKS (36) E Dunlop 9-2 M Crehan(3) 5 (1) GEELONG P & O Cole 9-2 S W Kelly 6 (6) 0 GEOPOLITIC (8) R Hannon 9-2 T Hammer Hansen(3) 7 (5) MILITARY CROWN (H) C Appleby 9-2 R Ffrench 8 (2) 6 SANDY PARADISE (9) R Hannon 9-2 S Hitchcott 9 (8) 8 RITA RANA (11) A West 8-11 C Bennett 2020: Greatgadian 2-9-5, Eoin Walsh 2-5 Fav (R Varian), drawn 3, 9 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 7-4 Military Crown, 5-2 Justice Protecol, 5 Sandy Paradise, 6 Cabinet Maker, 10 Geelong, 20 Geopolitic, 25 Others. 8.30 CAZOO SEARCH DRIVE SMILE HANDICAP (5) 1m 6f (AW) 3yo plus Winner £3,240 1 (1) 302241 NICKS NOT WONDER (7) J Osborne 4-10-5 S W Kelly 2 (2) 853111 MERLIN’S BEARD (6) (D) R Hughes 3-9-4(6ex) G Rooke(3) 3 (4) 548323 DREAMBIRD (16) R Charlton 3-9-3 T Hammer Hansen(3) 4 (3) 0566 DIVINE COMEDY (31) C Wall 3-9-2 Josephine Gordon 2020: No corresponding race. BETTING FORECAST: 11-10 Merlin’s Beard, 9-4 Nicks Not Wonder, 4 Dreambird, 8 Divine Comedy.

58 1 – WESTERN DAILY PRESS, XXXDAY, MONTH XX, 2009 Saturday, September 18, 2021 Racing WESTERN Desk: 0117 DAILY 934 PRESS 3284 HORSE RACING Racing Strap goes across here and here and here aYR...iTV1: 1.55, 2.30, 3.05, 3.40 & 4.15 captain Wessex Selections 1.20 — Makalu 1.55 — Juan Elcano 2.30 — Blackrod 3.05 — Canonized 1.20 MICROTECH GROUP EBF NURSERY (Class 3) 1m 2yo Only Winner £7,731 1 (2) 816 VACCINE (36) (C) M Dods 9-7 C Beasley 2 (6) 43D KING OF YORK (32) K Ryan 9-4 K Stott 3 (8) 311003 HIGHLAND PREMIERE (15) M Johnston 9-2 J Fanning 4 (1) 851402 THE DUNKIRK LADS (8) T Easterby 9-0 D Allan 5 (7) 35011 MAKALU (23) K Ryan 9-0 O McSweeney(7) 6 (3) 5224 GRIFTER (23) (BF) R Fahey 8-13 P Hanagan 7 (9) 3416 SHE’S THE DANGER (10) (BF) A Keatley 8-10 L Edmunds 8 (4) 543 HEIGHTS OF ARAN (22) K Dalgleish 8-8 H Doyle 9 (5) 066 THE GREY WOLF (14) (P) T Easterby 8-0 D Fentiman 2020: Recovery Run 2-9-3, Oisin Murphy 16-5 (A Balding), drawn 3, 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 7-2 King Of York, 4 The Dunkirk Lads, 5 Makalu, 7 Vaccine, Grifter, 8 Heights Of Aran, Highland Premiere, 12 Others. 1.55 DOONSIDE CUP STAKES (LISTED) (1) 1m 2f 3yo plus Winner £22,684 ITV1 1 151250 EUCHEN GLEN (28)(CD2) 8-9-8 ............P Mulrennan (4) Runs: 42 Wins: 12(F,S,GS,G) Places: 7 £451,603 Trainer: J Goldie Owner: Mr W M Johnstone 2 8-6127 JUAN ELCANO (31)(D) 4-9-6...........................K Stott (2) Runs: 11 Wins: 2(F,S) Places: 2 £118,455 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: S Mohammed Obaid Al Maktoum 3 202175 MAYDANNY (14)(D) 5-9-3 .......................... J Fanning (9) Runs: 14 Wins: 3(F,GS,G) Places: 4 £132,516 Trainer: M Johnston Owner: Shadwell Estate Co 4 4-2309 PALAVECINO (37)(H,D2) 5-9-3.............. R Kingscote (8) Runs: 16 Wins: 5(A,GS,G) Places: 3 £84,485 Trainer: B Meehan Owner: Araam 5 311142 PLATINUMCARD (2)(CD2) 6-9-3 ................B Garritty (10) Runs: 8 Wins: 4(S,F,G) Places: 2 £37,751 Trainer: K Dalgleish Owner: Straightline Bloodstock 6 69 BOBBY SHAFTOE (10) 3-8-12 ............Miss A Waugh (5) Runs: 2 Trainer: J Goldie Owner: Mr J Callow & Mr J S Goldie 7 31-124 JUAN DE MONTALBAN (21)(D) 3-8-12 .......J Watson (3) Runs: 6 Wins: 2(S,G) Places: 1 £140,785 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: S Abdullah Almalek Alsabah 8 7 JUDGMENT CALL (101)(T) 3-8-12 ...............A Mullen (1) Runs: 1 Trainer: Miss L Perratt Owner: Mr M Sawers 9 6-7 YAASER (166) 3-8-12............................... JP Sullivan (6) Runs: 2 Trainer: J Goldie Owner: M Craig And D D Smith 10 418561 THE FLYING GINGER (29)(D) 3-8-7............... H Doyle (7) Runs: 13 Wins: 4(S,F,GS) Places: 1 £69,896 Trainer: R Fell Owner: Mr Sabah Mubarak Al Sabah 2020: Addeybb 6 9 10, Tom Marquand 11-10 Fav (W Haggas), drawn (1), 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-10 Juan Elcano, 11-4 Euchen Glen, 9-2 Maydanny, 12 Juan De Montalban, Palavecino, 14 Platinumcard, 25 The Flying Ginger, 100 Yaaser, Judgment Call, 200 Bobby Shaftoe. 2.30 3.40 — Just Frank 4.15 — Shelir 4.50 — Summa Peto 5.20 — Ben Lilly Draw Advantage: A middle to high draw is an advantage in sprint races, low numbers favoured on the round course. Stall Positions: 6f Centre; 7f Outside; Remainder Inside ITV1: 1.55, 2.30, 3.05, 3.40, 4.15. Racing TV. Going: Good to Firm VIRGIN BET AYR SILVER CUP HANDICAP (2) 6f 3yo plus Winner £25,770 ITV1 1 010-80 AIR RAID (91)(D4,WS) 6-9-10 ..................... J Garritty (25) Runs: 22 Wins: 6(S,G) Places: 1 £57,912 Trainer: J O’Keeffe Owner: Caron & Paul Chapman 2 033034 TOTAL COMMITMENT (49)(V,D5) 5-9-10 . W Carver(3) (24) Runs: 28 Wins: 6(F,A) Places: 9 £77,644 Trainer: S Hodgson Owner: P C F Racing Ltd 3 121529 RATHBONE (22)(B,BF,D4) 5-9-10 ..O McSweeney(7) (21) Runs: 33 Wins: 4(S,F) Places: 10 £87,920 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mrs Angie Bailey 4 404382 ROYAL SCIMITAR (14)(B,D) 3-9-10 ............ H Crouch (9) Runs: 10 Wins: 1(G) Places: 3 £23,119 Trainer: C Cox Owner: AlMohamediya Racing 5 647119 TYPHOON TEN (16)(D3) 5-9-10(5ex) ............ H Doyle (15) Runs: 36 Wins: 5(F,A) Places: 10 £100,172 Trainer: R Hannon Owner: Mr Des Anderson 6 4-3063 MAGICAL SPIRIT (42)(BF,CD) 5-9-9 ...............K Stott (4) Runs: 20 Wins: 5(A,GS,G) Places: 6 £51,530 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Hambleton Racing Ltd XXXII 7 110004 BOARDMAN (28) 5-9-9 .............................P Hanagan (11) Runs: 18 Wins: 4(S,GS,G) Places: 1 £52,956 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: Mr Ball, Mr Hodkinson 8 139710 BICKERSTAFFE (49)(BF,D2) 3-9-9 ...................C Lee (17) Runs: 8 Wins: 3(S,F,GS) £18,765 Trainer: K Burke Owner: Mr David W Armstrong 9 617409 STREAMLINE (35)(H,D2) 4-9-8 ............... JP Sullivan (20) Runs: 12 Wins: 4(F,A) Places: 1 £63,981 Trainer: Miss L Perratt Owner: Mr R Winning 10 94-040 SOLDIER’S MINUTE (35)(H,D4) 6-9-7 ... C Rodriguez (6) Runs: 38 Wins: 5(F,A) Places: 7 £87,064 Trainer: K Dalgleish Owner: Weldspec Glasgow Limited 11 244305 LORD RAPSCALLION (42)(P,T,D) 5-9-6 ...... M Ghiani (23) Runs: 43 Wins: 5(A,G) Places: 13 £120,573 Trainer: S C Williams Owner: Mr T W Morley 12 390093 TINTO (14)(D4) 5-9-6 .............................P Mulrennan (7) Runs: 55 Wins: 6(S,A,F) Places: 14 £102,715 Trainer: A Perrett Owner: D M James & Steve Jenkins 13 100400 STAXTON (35)(P,D7) 6-9-6 ......................D Fentiman (2) Runs: 40 Wins: 7(F,A,GS,G) Places: 7 £139,783 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: Ontoawinner 10 & Partner 14 -21221 BERGERAC (13)(D2) 3-9-6(5ex) ...................T Eaves (5) Runs: 9 Wins: 2(F) Places: 5 £22,268 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mrs Angie Bailey 15 110190 KIND REVIEW (7)(D) 5-9-5................................ J Hart (22) Runs: 28 Wins: 7(A,G) Places: 7 £43,941 Trainer: T Waggott Owner: E Crankshaw G Allan 16 321161 STRIKE RED (16)(T,D4) 3-9-5(5ex) ............ P Mathers (12) Runs: 11 Wins: 4(S,A,G) Places: 1 £64,204 Trainer: R Fahey Owner: Mr Peter Timmins 17 150221 GABRIAL THE DEVIL (7)(D7) 6-9-5(5ex) ..C Murtagh(3) (8) Runs: 54 Wins: 8(F,S,A,GS,G) Places: 16 £103,578 Trainer: R Fahey Owner: Dr Marwan Koukash 18 812905 SHALLOW HAL (126)(CD) 5-9-4 ...........P-L Jamin(5) (3) Runs: 25 Wins: 5(S,A,GS) Places: 4 £46,232 Trainer: K Burke Owner: Ontoawinner 14 & Mrs E Burke 19 202248 MUSIC SOCIETY (35)(CD) 6-9-4.........Ella McCain(5) (18) Runs: 40 Wins: 5(S,F,A,GS,G) Places: 12 £85,175 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: R Taylor & P Hebdon 20 -34330 UNCLE JUMBO (98)(D) 3-9-4 ........... Megan Nicholls (1) Runs: 9 Wins: 1(G) Places: 2 £36,259 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mr T A Rahman 21 7-7211 BLACKROD (28)(D2) 3-9-4 .................... B Garritty(3) (10) Runs: 7 Wins: 3(F,GS,G) Places: 2 £98,449 Trainer: M Dods Owner: Mr David W Armstrong 22 -24592 WOVEN (22) 5-9-3 ...................................... C Beasley (16) Runs: 25 Wins: 2(GS,G) Places: 9 £114,495 Trainer: M Dods Owner: J Sagar And Dunham Trading 23 1-3617 BLACK FRIDAY (48)(CD3) 6-9-2 ............... L Steward (14) Runs: 29 Wins: 5(S,GS,G) Places: 7 £38,347 Trainer: R M Smith Owner: Riverside Racing 24 326726 GOLDEN APOLLO (15)(P,T,CD) 7-9-1 ............ D Allan (19) Runs: 49 Wins: 5(F,GS,G) Places: 12 £201,590 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: Mr David Scott & Partner 25 453172 MID WINSTER (31)(C,D) 5-9-1 .......................... G Lee (13) Runs: 27 Wins: 4(F,GS,G) Places: 5 £59,107 Trainer: P Midgley Owner: John Blackburn & Alan Bell 2020: Magical Spirit 4 9 4, Kevin Stott 18-1 (K Ryan), drawn (4), 24 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5 Blackrod, 8 Royal Scimitar, 10 Bergerac, Magical Spirit, 12 Bickerstaffe, 14 Rathbone, Boardman, Woven, 16 Others. Form BLACKROD 5-1 (8-9) Chased leaders, outpaced and ridden 3f out, headway to press leaders inside final furlong, ran on well to lead close home, won at York 5f app hcp 0-105 (2) gd in Aug beating Digital (8-1) by nk, 12 ran. ROYAL SCIMITAR 10-3 (9-7) Chased leaders, ridden over 2f out, stayed on well inside last, no impression, 2nd of 7, 2 1/2l behind Popmaster (9-5) at Ascot 6f hcp 105 (2) gf. BERGERAC 15-2 (9-0) Ducked leaving stalls, tracked leader close up, led over 2f out, soon ridden, strongly pressed 1f out, stayed on grimly, all out, won at York 6f 3yo hcp 0-95 (3) gf beating Ava Go Joe (8-2) by 1/2l, 12 ran. MAGICAL SPIRIT 9-2fav (9-3) Raced near side in 3rd, ran on well inside final furlong, just failed, 2nd in group and 3rd overall, 3rd of 10, hd behind Tis Marvellous (9-13) at Ascot 5f hcp 105 (2) gs in Aug. BICKERSTAFFE 9-2fav (9-8) Mid-division near side, pushed along when not clear run on rail 2f out, ridden and weakened inside final 2f, 15th of 25, 9l behind Mr Wagyu (9-8) at Goodwood 6f hcp (2) sft in Jul. WOVEN 15-2 (9-5) Awkward start, held up in rear, headway when not clear run over 1f out, soon switched left, went 2nd and stayed on inside final furlong, not trouble winner, 2nd of 13, 2 1/4l behind Just Frank (9-9) at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug. 3.05 FIRTH OF CLYDE FILLIES’ STKS (GROUP 3) (1) 6f 2yo Only Winner £22,684 ITV1 1 211344 CANONIZED (16) 9-0 .............................P Mulrennan (5) Runs: 8 Wins: 3(F,G) Places: 1 £37,423 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: Cheveley Park Stud 2 1001 CHOUX (69) 9-0 ........................................P Hanagan (15) Runs: 4 Wins: 2(S) £38,016 Trainer: P Evans Owner: Chris Kiely Racing Ltd 3 13063 CRAZYLAND (16) 9-0 ................................. H Crouch (14) Runs: 5 Wins: 1(F) Places: 2 £12,550 Trainer: C Cox Owner: Mr P Stokes & Mr S Krase 4 42 DESIGNER (15) 9-0 ................................ R Kingscote (2) Runs: 2 Places: 1 £3,258 Trainer: J Butler Owner: Mr Abdullateef Al Zeer 5 1 HALA HALA ATHMANI (31)(D) 9-0 ..................K Stott (6) Runs: 1 Wins: 1(G) £3,780 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mr Jaber Abdullah 6 11 HEAD MISTRESS (36) 9-0 ........................ G F Carroll (1) Runs: 2 Wins: 2(G) £27,321 Trainer: G M Lyons (IRE) Owner: J Brady/brian Gleeson 7 023532 HELLOMYDARLIN (19)(D) 9-0 ....................... D Allan (9) Runs: 7 Wins: 1(F) Places: 4 £42,601 Trainer: G Boughey Owner: Nick Bradley Racing 48 8 641 LADY OF YAPHAM (24) 9-0 .............................. G Lee (12) Runs: 3 Wins: 1(G) £4,420 Trainer: B Smart Owner: Bond Thoroughbred Limited 9 8219 LITTLE PRAYER (84)(D,WS) 9-0 ................. A Villiers (7) Runs: 4 Wins: 1(F) Places: 1 £4,476 Trainer: R Spencer Owner: Phil Cunningham 10 392176 MISTY AYR (16) 9-0 ................................ C Rodriguez (10) Runs: 6 Wins: 1(G) Places: 2 £14,544 Trainer: K Dalgleish Owner: Middleham Park Racing III 11 148 NAZANIN (30)(D) 9-0 ..................................... H Doyle (11) Runs: 3 Wins: 1(S) £6,942 Trainer: A Watson Owner: Mr Imad Alsagar 12 1 RISHES BAAR (15)(D) 9-0 ...........................J Watson (13) Runs: 1 Wins: 1(F) £5,400 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: Ontoawinner, A Finneran 13 171 SADMAH (28)(D2) 9-0 ....................................T Eaves (3) Runs: 3 Wins: 2(F,G) £13,710 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Emirates Park PTY Ltd 14 15 SCOT’S GRACE (14)(D) 9-0 ...................... D Muscutt (4) Runs: 2 Wins: 1(A) £8,148 Trainer: K P De Foy Owner: Mr Bernard Havern 15 91 SNOOZE N YOU LOSE (36)(D) 9-0 ....................C Lee (8) Runs: 2 Wins: 1(F) £3,780 Trainer: K Burke Owner: Mrs Melba Bryce 2020: Umm Kulthum 9 0, Paul Hanagan 9-4 Fav (R Fahey), drawn (4), 15 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 3 Head Mistress, 11-2 Scot’s Grace, 6 Hala Hala Athmani, 7 Hellomydarlin, 8 Canonized, 12 Crazyland, Choux, 14 Others. Form HEAD MISTRESS 11-4fav (9-0) Rear of mid-division, headway on far side 2f out, ridden in 4th 1f out, 2nd inside final furlong, stayed on well to lead close home, won at Curragh 5f 2yo lst stk (1) gd in Aug beating Loveday (9-0) by 1/2l, 11 ran. SCOT’S GRACE 3-1 (8-12) Held up, travelled strongly and hampered at 2f, ridden inside 2f and kept on, denied a clear run at 1f, weakened, 5th of 7, 3 1/2l behind Eve Lodge (8-12) at Kempton 6f 2yo Grp 3 (1) pol. HALA HALA ATHMANI 11-8fav (9-0) Dwelt soon in touch, headway over 1f out, soon led, quickened clear, impressive, won at Carlisle 6f mdn flls stks (5) gd in Aug beating Round Acre (9-0) by 6l, 12 ran. HELLOMYDARLIN 9-2 (8-12) Chased leaders, pushed along over 2f out, kept on final furlong, no match for winner, 2nd of 11, 4 1/2l behind Flotus (8-12) at Ripon 6f 2yo lst stk (1) gd in Aug. CANONIZED 7-1 (8-10) Rear early, headway 2f out,hampered, stayed on well, 4th of 11, 1 1/2l behind Corazon (8-10) at ParisLongchamp(FR) 5f 2yo Grp 3 gd. CHOUX 4-1 (8-10) Outpaced early, ridden 2f out, ran on well, won at Deauville(FR) 5f 2yo lst stk hvy in Jul beating Papa Don’t Preach (8-13) by nk, 7 ran. CRAZYLAND 18-1 (9-0) Raced keenly chasing leaders, ran on under pressure inside final furlong, went 3rd towards finish, 3rd of 12, 1 1/4l behind Romantic Time (9-0) at Salisbury 6f 2yo fll Grp 3 (1) gf. LADY OF YAPHAM 20-1 (9-0) Mid-division, headway and not much room inside 2f out, led over 1f out, clear inside final furlong, easily, won at Catterick 5f 2yo mdn (5) gd in Aug beating Silky Wilkie (9-5) by 5l, 13 ran. RISHES BAAR 28-1 (9-0) Slowly away, pushed along 2f out, went 2nd entering final furlong, stayed on well, led close home, won at Haydock 6f 2yo fll nov stks (4) gf beating Vertiginous (9-0) by nk, 8 ran. MISTY AYR 25-1 (9-0) Edgy in stalls and slowly away, well off the pace in last pair, headway and ran on inside final furlong, never going pace to get involved, 6th of 12, 2 1/4l behind Romantic Time (9-0) at Salisbury 6f 2yo fll Grp 3 (1) gf. NAZANIN 16-1 (9-0) Close up, ridden 2f out, weakened approaching final furlong, 8th of 10, 8l behind Zain Claudette (9-0) at York 6f 2yo fll Grp 2 (1) gd in Aug. SADMAH 4-1 (9-0) Made all, pushed along over 1f out, ridden and ran on, won at Chester 6f 2yo fll stks (2) gd in Aug beating Little Miss Dynamo (9-0) by 1l, 6 ran. SNOOZE N YOU LOSE 15-2 (9-0) Prominent, went 2nd approaching final 2f, shaken up to challenge inside final furlong, ran on well to lead towards finish, won going away, won at Nottingham 6f mdn flls stks (5) gf in Aug beating Serenity (9-0) by 1l, 11 ran. 3.40 VIRGIN BET AYR GOLD CUP HANDICAP (2) 6f 3yo plus Winner £77,310 ITV1 1 400018 SUMMERGHAND (14)(V,D13) 7-10-1(5ex) ..S B Kirrane(5) (22) Runs: 58 Wins: 13(S,F,A,G) Places: 18 £342,302 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: Mr H Rashed Bin Ghedayer 2 -13311 GREAT AMBASSADOR (13)(D3) 4-9-9(5ex) . R Kingscote (1) Runs: 13 Wins: 4(F,A) Places: 5 £103,337 Trainer: E Walker Owner: Ebury Racing 6 3 141411 COMMANCHE FALLS (49)(P,CD) 4-9-8 .... C Beasley (2) Runs: 16 Wins: 8(S,F,GS,G) £167,219 Trainer: M Dods Owner: D Graham, I Davison, A Drysdal 4 500244 GULLIVER (6)(P,T,D6) 7-9-6 ........................J Watson (8) Runs: 65 Wins: 8(S,F,A,G) Places: 16 £378,860 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: Withernsea Thoroughbred 5 -90550 BRAD THE BRIEF (35)(D5) 4-9-5 ..........P-L Jamin(5) (12) Runs: 15 Wins: 6(S,A,GS,G) £71,685 Trainer: T Dascombe Owner: Chasemore Farm 6 741000 MR LUPTON (35)(P,D6) 8-9-5 .........O McSweeney(7) (13) Runs: 57 Wins: 10(S,F,GS,G) Places: 12 £661,510 Trainer: R Fahey Owner: Mr N D Kershaw & Partner 7 5-0467 SNAZZY JAZZY (31)(CD) 6-9-4 ..... Laura Pearson(3) (14) Runs: 22 Wins: 6(S,GS,G) Places: 2 £247,951 Trainer: L Mullaney Owner: Ian Buckley & Ben Buckley 8 566140 VENTUROUS (7)(D5) 8-9-3 ....................... G F Carroll (9) Runs: 60 Wins: 11(F,S,A,G) Places: 9 £163,274 Trainer: T D Barron Owner: Mr L O’kane/Harrowgate 9 7-0373 FIVETHOUSANDTOONE (13)(D) 3-9-3 ............ G Lee (6) Runs: 8 Wins: 1(A) Places: 2 £25,913 Trainer: A Balding Owner: King Power Racing Co Ltd 10 315144 EDRAAK (15)(BF,D4) 5-9-3 ......................... T Ladd(3) (20) Runs: 13 Wins: 4(F,A,G) Places: 4 £35,093 Trainer: M Appleby Owner: M Appleby & T Wickins 11 200431 SUNDAY SOVEREIGN (28)(T,D2) 4-9-3(5ex) .. T Eaves (23) Runs: 13 Wins: 3(S,G) Places: 1 £50,122 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: King Power Racing Co Ltd 12 2/2100 PENDLETON (31)(P,D) 5-9-2 .............................C Lee (17) Runs: 15 Wins: 3(S,A) Places: 7 £50,826 Trainer: M Dods Owner: Mr David W Armstrong 13 -57456 CHIEFOFCHIEFS (21)(V,D) 8-9-2 ................ Doubtful (5) Runs: 37 Wins: 6(A,G) Places: 8 £114,462 Trainer: C Fellowes Owner: Mr Mervyn Ayers 14 232106 MR WAGYU (7)(V,CD2) 6-9-2 ............................ J Hart (16) Runs: 55 Wins: 13(S,F,G) Places: 14 £108,882 Trainer: J J Quinn Owner: The New Century Partnership 15 3-4244 MOTAGALLY (20)(B,D4) 5-9-1 ..................P Hanagan (15) Runs: 21 Wins: 5(A,F) Places: 3 £46,417 Trainer: C Hills Owner: Shadwell Estate Company 16 -91047 VOLATILE ANALYST (35)(CD2) 4-9-1 ... C Rodriguez (10) Runs: 10 Wins: 3(S,F) £32,429 Trainer: K Dalgleish Owner: Mr Keith Dalgleish 17 2-3377 ABOVE (91)(T,D) 4-9-1 ............................... D Muscutt (24) Runs: 13 Wins: 3(A,G) Places: 4 £35,172 Trainer: S C Williams Owner: N Boyden And C Harrold 18 503660 HEY JONESY (49)(P,D2) 6-9-1 .......... Megan Nicholls (3) Runs: 29 Wins: 2(GS,G) Places: 6 £155,180 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Pallister Racing 19 -25286 BIELSA (49)(D4) 6-9-1 .....................................K Stott (25) Runs: 15 Wins: 4(F,S,G) Places: 2 £45,748 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: King Power Racing Co Ltd 20 283151 POPMASTER (14)(B,D4) 3-9-1(5ex) .............. H Doyle (11) Runs: 10 Wins: 4(F,A,GS) Places: 4 £43,631 Trainer: E Walker Owner: Laurence Bellman 21 662351 JUST FRANK (22)(P,D2) 3-9-1(5ex) .......P Mulrennan (18) Runs: 12 Wins: 3(S,G) Places: 4 £103,619 Trainer: J L Eyre Owner: Billy Parker & Steven Parker 22 150737 LEXINGTON DASH (14)(D3) 4-9-0 ............ J Fanning (7) Runs: 18 Wins: 3(F,G) Places: 4 £37,431 Trainer: R Hannon Owner: Middleham Park Racing Lxiii 23 0-0600 LAHORE (31)(D2) 7-9-0 ..................................R Scott (19) Runs: 28 Wins: 6(S,F,GS,G) Places: 2 £71,616 Trainer: Phillip Makin Owner: Mrs Wendy Burdett 24 000094 OSTILIO (21) 6-8-13 ............................... B Garritty(3) (21) Runs: 25 Wins: 6(S,F,GS,G) Places: 6 £266,359 Trainer: P Midgley Owner: Taylor’s Bloodstock Ltd 25 750683 COUNT D’ORSAY (7) 5-8-13 ........................... D Allan (4) Runs: 36 Wins: 5(S,GS,G) Places: 8 £104,570 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: A Turnbull & J Cruces 2020: Nahaarr 4 9 5, Tom Marquand 7-2 Fav (W Haggas), drawn (13), 24 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5 Great Ambassador, 15-2 Popmaster, 8 Commanche Falls, Bielsa, 10 Just Frank, 14 Gulliver, Summerghand, Ostilio, 16 Others. Form GREAT AMBASSADOR 11-10fav (9-2) Tracked leaders, ridden and pressed leaders under 2f out, led under 1f out, drifted left but kept on well final furlong, won at York 6f Listed stks (1) gf beating Tabdeed (9-2) by 1 1/2l, 4 ran. POPMASTER 2-1fav (9-5) Tracked leader, ridden over 2f out, led 1f out, ran on well, readily, won at Ascot 6f hcp 105 (2) gf beating Royal Scimitar (9-7) by 2 1/2l, 7 ran. BIELSA 9-1 (8-13) Raced alone in centre, well up with the pace, every chance 1f out, weakened inside final 100 yards, 6th of 24, 2 3/4l behind Commanche Falls (9-1) at Goodwood 6f hcap (2) sft in Jul. COMMANCHE FALLS 10-1 (9-1) Raced near side, held up headway chasing leaders over 1f out, strong run inside final furlong, led towards finish, ran on, won at Goodwood 6f hcap (2) sft in Jul beating Gulliver (9-0) by nk, 24 ran. JUST FRANK 5-1 (9-9) Made all, ridden over 1f out, stayed on well, unchallenged, won at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug beating Woven (9-5) by 2 1/4l, 13 ran. GULLIVER 18-1 (9-13) Held up in far side, ridden 2f out, 10th 1f out, kept on well, just held for 3rd, 4th of 22, 2 1/2l behind Big Gossey (8-11) at Curragh 6f hcp gd. OSTILIO 11-1 (9-2) Held up in rear, going well but plenty to do 2f out, headway when not clear run over 1f out and soon switched right, closed well inside final furlong, gaining at line, 4th of 11, 5l behind Tis Marvellous (9-2) at Beverley 5f Listed stks (1) gf in Aug. SUMMERGHAND 25-1 (9-3) Held up, pushed along 2f out, switched right 1f out, ridden inside final furlong, kept on final furlong, 8th of 11, 3 1/2l behind Emaraaty Ana (9-3) at Haydock 6f Grp 1 (1) gf. MR WAGYU 12-1 (9-7) Slight lead until halfway, remained well there, ridden and every chance over 1f out, weakened towards finish, 6th of 16, 2 1/4l behind Hurricane Ivor (9-10) at Doncaster 6f hcp (2) gs. PENDLETON 12-1 (9-5) Mid-division, ridden halfway, weakening when hampered well over 1f out, eased, 16th of 22, 6l behind Copper Knight (8-12) at York 5f hcp 105 (2) gd in Aug. SNAZZY JAZZY 20-1 (9-7) 4 bumped rival leaving stalls, mid-division, ridden and headway halfway, chased leader over 1f out, no extra well inside last, 7th of 22, 3l behind Copper Knight (8-12) at York 5f hcp 105 (2) gd in Aug. COUNT D’ORSAY 25-1 (9-4) Held up in mid-division, headway chasing leaders and squeezed through inside final furlong, kept on in 3rd towards finish, not pace of leading duo, 3rd of 16, 1 1/4l behind Hurricane Ivor (9-10) at Doncaster 6f hcp (2) gs. EDRAAK 11-4fav (9-12) Edged right start, chased leaders, driven over 1f out, held inside final furlong, kept on same pace, 4th of 7, 2 1/4l behind Regional (9-4) at Haydock 6f hcp 0-100 (2) gf. MOTAGALLY 4-1 (9-12) Middivision on outside, ridden and some headway over 2f out, every chance 1f out, no extra inside last, 4th of 9, 1 3/4l behind Atalanta’s Boy (9-4) at Goodwood 6f hcp 105 (2) gf in Aug. SUNDAY SOVEREIGN 5-1 (9-7) Tracked leaders, ridden to lead inside final furlong, ran on, won at Chester 5f hcp 0-100 (2) gd in Aug beating Gabrial The Devil (8-11) by 1l, 8 ran. VENTUROUS 18-1 (9-7) Slowly into stride, held up towards rear, never involved, 10th of 16, 4 1/2l behind Hurricane Ivor (9-10) at Doncaster 6f hcp (2) gs. ABOVE 50-1 (9-3) Raced far side, always about same place in mid-division, ridden and weakened final furlong, 7th of 21, 4 1/2l behind Rohaan (9-8) at Royal Ascot 6f hcp 0-110 (2) sft in Jun. 4.15 VIRGIN BET HANDICAP (2) 1m 3yo plus Winner £15,462 ITV1 1 671265 MARIE’S DIAMOND (19)(CD) 5-9-13 ......... J Fanning (11) Runs: 36 Wins: 7(F,S,GS,G) Places: 6 £279,529 Trainer: M Johnston Owner: Middleham Park Racing 2 331620 YOUNG FIRE (30)(V,D) 6-9-12 .......................... J Hart (8) Runs: 43 Wins: 7(S,A) Places: 8 £124,785 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: Mr Evan M Sutherland 3 -01324 DANCE FEVER (21) 4-9-12 ......................... H Crouch (7) Runs: 10 Wins: 4(F,A) Places: 3 £47,016 Trainer: C Cox Owner: Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds 4 181171 CRUYFF TURN (30)(D2) 4-9-10 ...................... D Allan (3) Runs: 13 Wins: 5(F,GS,G) Places: 1 £75,177 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: Aberdeen Park & Partner 5 202292 SHELIR (15)(D2) 5-9-9 .................................J Watson (5) Runs: 24 Wins: 3(GS,G) Places: 7 £84,609 Trainer: D O’Meara Owner: Akela Construction Ltd 6 220330 FAME AND ACCLAIM (30)(D2) 4-9-9 .......L Edmunds (10) Runs: 19 Wins: 3(S,G) Places: 7 £68,985 Trainer: J L Eyre Owner: Rp Racing Ltd 7 002437 REVICH (8)(V,BF,D) 5-9-4 ........................A Villiers(3) (1) Runs: 33 Wins: 4(GS,G) Places: 10 £58,447 Trainer: R Spencer Owner: Middleham Park Lxvii 8 821011 GARDEN OASIS (19)(P,CD) 6-9-3 ........... JP Sullivan (6) Runs: 31 Wins: 7(F,G) Places: 6 £60,988 Trainer: T Easterby Owner: Mr T A Scothern & Partners 9 16-113 HONG KONG HARRY (23)(BF,C2) 4-8-13 P Hanagan (2) Runs: 6 Wins: 4(S,F,A,G) Places: 1 £22,741 Trainer: R Fahey Owner: Mr R A Fahey 10 361936 JUMP THE GUN (31)(BF,D) 4-8-8 .................A Mullen (12) Runs: 23 Wins: 2(A,G) Places: 8 £21,218 Trainer: I Jardine Owner: Let’s Be Lucky Racing 26 11 517314 CHALLET (19)(H,D4) 4-8-7 ........................ C Beasley (4) Runs: 19 Wins: 4(GS,G) Places: 6 £24,680 Trainer: M Dods Owner: Dunham Trading Ltd 12 9-4430 MARAAKIZ (2) 3-8-3 ...................... Laura Pearson(3) (9) Runs: 6 Wins: 1(A) £6,127 Trainer: Miss L Perratt Owner: Mr B Jordan 2020: Johan 3 9 5, Tom Marquand 9-2 (W Haggas), drawn (4), 9 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 Dance Fever, 5 Cruyff Turn, 11-2 Shelir, 7 Hong Kong Harry, 8 Garden Oasis, 10 Challet, Revich, 12 Others. 4.50 DOWNLOAD THE GRIBBENS TAXI APP H'CAP (3) 7f 3yo plus Winner £8,100 1 (14) 20-280 TAMMANI (30) (H;D) D O’Meara 4-9-10 J Watson 2 (11) 764193 REDARNA (10) (P;CD) D Sayer 7-9-5 JP Sullivan 3 (4) 9-1103 SUMMA PETO (76) (C) K Dalgleish 3-9-4 C Rodriguez 4 (9) 413526 TITAN ROCK (19) (BF,D) J J Quinn 3-9-2 J Hart 5 (3) 201204 CASSY O (2) (B;CD) T Easterby 4-9-1 D Fentiman 6 (5) -53160 WOBWOBWOB (70) (D) A Keatley 3-9-0 H Doyle 7 (8) 824324 ASAD (28) (P;D) M Appleby 5-8-13 T Ladd(3) 8 (7) 731411 BOWMAN (11) (D) M Johnston 3-8-12 J Fanning 9 (12) 212132 POET’S MAGIC (2) (BF,CD) J J Quinn 5-8-11 R Kingscote 10 (10) 205379 MANIGORDO (6) (T;BF,D) T Easterby 4-8-11 D Allan 11 (2) 592695 ADMIRALITY (2) (D) R Fell 7-8-9 R Scott 12 (6) 820968 EBURY (7) S Dixon 5-8-8 P Mathers 13 (13) -20005 ABDUCTION (16) (P) R Fahey 3-8-7 P Hanagan 14 (1) 632352 POCKLEY (23) (D) Miss L Perratt 3-8-6 A Mullen 2020: Ascension 3-9-4, Andrea Atzeni 5-2 Fav (R Varian), drawn 4, 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5 Poet’s Magic, 11-2 Redarna, 6 Bowman, 7 Summa Peto, 8 Titan Rock, 10 Asad, 12 Cassy O, Pockley, 14 Others. 5.20 JORDAN ELECTRICS LTD HANDICAP (3) 1m 5f 3yo plus Winner £8,100 1 (5) 501334 DARK JEDI (7) T Easterby 5-10-4 D Fentiman 2 (8) 176-60 GET SHIRTY (31) (T) D O’Meara 5-10-4 J Watson 3 (7) 026618 DASH OF SPICE (22) (H,T) A Keatley 7-10-0 H Doyle 4 (2) /30-00 SIR CHAUVELIN (8) (CD) J Goldie 9-10-0 Miss A Waugh(5) 5 (3) 139049 BEN LILLY (12) D Brown 4-9-10 O McSweeney(7) 6 (1) 751700 GLASSES UP (6) (C) R M Smith 6-9-6 D Allan 7 (4) 4710-4 BEECHWOOD JUDE (25) (T) K Dalgleish 5-9-2 C Rodriguez 8 (6) 317325 GREENGAGE (25) (H;CD) T Davidson 6-9-0 J Hart 9 (9) 332720 ANNANDALE (28) M Johnston 3-8-12 R Kingscote 2020: Make My Day 4-9-13, Rob Hornby 6-4 Fav (R Beckett), drawn 6, 5 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-4 Dark Jedi, 7-2 Annandale, 5 Greengage, 8 Beechwood Jude, Ben Lilly, 10 Glasses Up, 12 Dash Of Spice, Get Shirty, 14 Sir Chauvelin.

1 – WESTERN DAILY PRESS, XXXDAY, MONTH XX, 2009 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 Racing Desk: 0117 934 3284 59 Racing Strap goes across here and here and here HORSE RACING nEWBURY...iTV1: 2.15, 2.50, 3.25 & 4.00 1.10 SIR DAVID SIEFF NOVICE STAKES (DIV 1) (STR) (Class 4) 7f 2yo Only Winner £4,860 1 (4) 6 BEACHES (10) C Hills 9-5 W Buick 2 (5) 6 BRILLIANT BLUE (14) G L Moore 9-5 C Shepherd 3 (10) 7 CODSWALLOP (24) A West 9-5 Elisha Whittington(5) 4 (8) 4 DUBAI POET (36) R Varian 9-5 A Atzeni 5 (6) 23832 GAIUS (25) R Hannon 9-5 S M Levey 6 (9) GREG THE GREAT E J-Houghton 9-5 C Bishop 7 (12) JABBAR A Balding 9-5 O Murphy 8 (1) MAMBO BEAT (T) C Cox 9-5 A Kirby 9 (11) 05 NIETZSCHE’S STAR (36) A Balding 9-5 James Doyle 10 (7) ROYAL AVIATION R Beckett 9-5 R Hornby 11 (3) TROPICAL TALENT D Elsworth 9-5 D Probert 12 (2) ZOOM R Hannon 9-5 P Dobbs 13 (13) 9 MREMBO (16) J Portman 9-0 G Downing 2020: Oo De Lally 2-9-5, David Probert 125-1 (A Balding), drawn 5, 13 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 5-2 Dubai Poet, 5 Gaius, 6 Jabbar, 7 Royal Aviation, Beaches, 10 Mambo Beat, 12 Tropical Talent, 14 Zoom, Greg The Great, 20 Others. 1.40 HEATHERWOLD STUD HANDICAP (STR) (3) 7f 3yo plus Winner £6,210 1 (9) 1-3775 DIOCLES OF ROME (35) (D) R Beckett 6-9-12 R Hornby 2 (8) 628333 IVATHEENGINE (8) P & O Cole 4-9-10 M Tabti(7) 3 (6) 61/25 THE TURPINATOR (8) M Tregoning 4-9-10 A Atzeni 4 (7) 51-054 TOM COLLINS (84) (P;D) W Haggas 4-9-9 T Marquand 5 (2) 9-6931 FIREPOWER (19) (H;D) Muir & Grassick 4-9-8 M Dwyer 6 (3) 121153 MR TYRRELL (14) (D) R Hannon 7-9-6 L Browne(7) 7 (4) 222316 SPANISH STAR (8) (CD) P Chamings 6-9-6 D Probert 8 (12) 184884 DULAS (23) (D) C Hills 4-9-6 James Doyle 9 (5) 21-096 HUDDLETON MAC (8) (D) H Morrison 3-9-6 N Currie 10 (1) 312222 IL BANDITO (42) (P;BF,D) C Hills 3-9-5 W Buick 11 (10) 511226 PAXOS (30) (BF,D) E Walker 4-9-5 O Murphy 12 (11) 759564 GREEN POWER (19) J Gallagher 6-8-12 P J McDonald 2020: Epic Endeavour 3-8-13, David Egan 10-1 (W Muir), drawn 10, 17 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-2 Il Bandito, 6 Firepower, Paxos, 7 Tom Collins, 8 The Turpinator, Ivatheengine, 10 Huddleton Mac, Spanish Star, 12 Others. 2.15 WORLD TROPHY STAKES (GROUP 3) (1) 5f 3yo plus Winner £39,697 ITV1 1 012031 HURRICANE IVOR (7)(D2) 4-9-1 ............ T Marquand (3) Runs: 14 Wins: 5(GS) Places: 2 £114,288 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: Mrs Fiona Carmichael 2 325451 KHAADEM (10)(B,C,D) 5-9-1 ..................... J Crowley (8) Runs: 18 Wins: 5(F,GS,G) Places: 3 £296,845 Trainer: C Hills Owner: Shadwell Estate Company Ltd 3 321736 KING’S LYNN (63)(BF,D) 4-9-1 ...................O Murphy (6) Runs: 11 Wins: 2(F,GS) Places: 6 £195,483 Trainer: A Balding Owner: The Queen 4 1-7402 MAKANAH (43)(D5,WS) 6-9-1 .................... D Probert (5) Runs: 28 Wins: 6(S,F,GS,G) Places: 7 £72,482 Trainer: J Camacho Owner: Axom Lxxi 5 -20220 MOSS GILL (29)(B,D5) 5-9-1 ............... P J McDonald (2) Runs: 21 Wins: 5(S,F,A,G) Places: 9 £140,849 Trainer: E Bethell Owner: G Van Cutsem, J & S Bethell 6 944311 TIS MARVELLOUS (21)(T,D6) 7-9-1 ...............A Kirby (1) Runs: 37 Wins: 7(F,GS,G) Places: 5 £306,909 Trainer: C Cox Owner: Miss J Deadman & Mr S Barrow 7 -12193 ATALIS BAY (14)(D3) 3-9-0 ........................... A Atzeni (7) Runs: 11 Wins: 5(F,A,GS) Places: 3 £58,577 Trainer: M Botti Owner: Scuderia Blueberry S R L 8 211468 SIGNIFICANTLY (6)(D2) 3-9-0 ...................... W Buick (4) Runs: 16 Wins: 3(S,A,G) Places: 8 £111,009 Trainer: K Burke Owner: Mr J Laughton & Mrs E Burke 2020: Lazuli 3 9 0, William Buick 5-2 (C Appleby), drawn (9), 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 3 Khaadem, 7-2 King’s Lynn, 4 Hurricane Ivor, Tis Marvellous, 7 Moss Gill, 12 Atalis Bay, 20 Significantly, 25 Makanah. Results aYR: good to firm 1.00—Green Team (S Gray, 13-2) 1; Azure Blue (11-8 Fav) 2; Wootton’sun (14-1) 3. 13 ran. 1l, 1 /2l. (K Ryan). Tote: £7.90; pl £1.10, £3.90, £2.10. Ex: £22.80. Trifecta: £179.10. CSF: £15.78. Non-runner: Beluga Gold. 1.35—Straits Of Moyle (B McHugh, 3-1 Fav) 1; Cotai Class (18-1) 2; Lethal Levi (5-1 Jt 2nd Fav) 3. Hcap 15 ran. 2 1 /2l, nk. (R Fahey). Tote: £4.20; pl £1.90, £6.00, £2.40. Ex: £68.40. Tricast: £272.22. Trifecta: £490.40. CSF: £59.39. 2.10—Vertiginous (P Mulrennan, 17-2) 1; Mitbaahy (15-2) 2; Geocentric (9-2 Fav) 3. 13 ran. 2l, 1l. (B Meehan). Tote: £9.80; pl £2.80, £2.60, £2.00. Ex: £68.40. Trifecta: £488.00. CSF: £68.80. 2.45—Dandalla (B Curtis, 13-2) 1; Bimble (18-1) 2; Keep Busy (10-3 Fav) 3; Teresa Mendoza (17-2) 4. 16 ran. 1 3 /4l, Sh Hd, 1l. (K Burke). Tote: £8.20; pl £2.70, £5.50, £1.70. Ex: £135.50. Trifecta: £801.00. CSF: £108.47. 3.20—Call Me Ginger (P Mulrennan, 4-1 Fav) 1; Be Proud (11-1) 2; Danzan (11-2 2nd Fav) 3; Never Dark (33-1) 4. Hcap 22 ran. 1 /2l, nk, Sh Hd. (J Goldie). Tote: £3.70; pl £1.30, £2.30, £2.50, £7.90. Ex: £42.00. Tricast: £257.31. Trifecta: £236.50. CSF: £40.26. Non-runners: Secretinthepark, Thegreatestshowman, Twilight Madness. 3.55—Prince Imperial (T Heard, 5-4 Fav) 1; Lucky Deal (9-4 2nd Fav) 2; Let Me Be (3-1) 3. Hcap 4 ran. 2l, 1 /2l. (R Hughes). Tote: £1.90; Ex: £4.10. Trifecta: £6.10. CSF: £4.39. Non-runner: Haveyoumissedme. 4.30—Tilsitt (S B Kirrane, 7-4 Fav) 1; Little Ted (6-1 2nd Fav) 2; Royal Regent (18-1) 3. Hcap 13 ran. 1 1 /2l, 3l. (R M Smith). Tote: £2.40; pl £1.30, £2.40, £5.30. Ex: £15.50. Tricast: £150.13. Trifecta: £167.10. CSF: £10.14. Non-runner: Shackabooah. 5.00—Havana Go (A Mullen, 16-1) 1; North Of Amazing (11-1) 2; Clay Regazzoni (5-1) 3. Hcap 13 ran. 1 /2l, 1 /2l. (I Jardine; 3-1 Fav Bringitonboris). Tote: £17.50; pl £4.50, £4.40, £1.90. Ex: £230.40. Tricast: £734.15. Trifecta: £4262.70. CSF: £181.36. Jackpot: Not won, pool of £3,198.74 carried over. Placepot: £31.10 Quadpot: £12.00 2.50 LEGACY CUP STAKES (GROUP 3) (1) 1m 3f 3yo plus Winner £39,697 ITV1 1 6-1122 AL AASY (72)(BF,C2) 4-9-6 ........................ J Crowley (5) Runs: 9 Wins: 4(S,GS,G) Places: 3 £207,526 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: Shadwell Estate Co 2 513341 SOLID STONE (21)(P) 5-9-6 ......................... W Buick (2) Runs: 21 Wins: 6(F,A,GS,G) Places: 9 £148,847 Trainer: Sir M Stoute Owner: Mr Saeed Suhail 3 11-180 ILARAAB (28)(P,BF,C) 4-9-3 ................... T Marquand (4) Runs: 9 Wins: 6(S,A,GS,G) £75,838 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum 4 -15121 FOXES TALES (42)(C) 3-9-0 .......................O Murphy (3) Runs: 6 Wins: 3(S,G) Places: 2 £105,223 Trainer: A Balding Owner: King Power Racing Co Ltd 5 4-10 AD INFINITUM (93)(H) 3-8-8 ................... C Shepherd (1) Runs: 3 Wins: 1(S) £22,987 Trainer: D M Simcock Owner: St Albans Bloodstock 2020: Elarqam 5 9 3, Jim Crowley 2-1 (M Johnston), drawn (2), 4 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4-5 Al Aasy, 3 Foxes Tales, 6 Solid Stone, 15-2 Ilaraab, 25 Ad Infinitum. 3.25 nEWBURY: good to soft-good in places 1.15—Deodar (R Hornby, 12-1) 1; Witch Hunter (7-4 Fav) 2; Dark Swansong (9-4 2nd Fav) 3. 11 ran. nk, Sh Hd. (R Beckett). Tote: £13.40; pl £2.90, £1.40, £1.10. Ex: £45.20. Trifecta: £168.40. CSF: £34.98. 1.45—Heredia (S M Levey, 5-1 2nd Fav) 1; Silk Romance (4-9 Fav) 2; Fast Attack (6-1) 3. 4 ran. nk, Sh Hd. (R Hannon). Tote: £5.90; Ex: £8.00. Trifecta: £14.60. CSF: £7.96. 2.20—American Star (O Murphy, 11-2) 1; Croupier (85-40 Fav) 2; Altraif (10-3) 3. Hcap 6 ran. 1 3 /4l, 2l. (E Walker). Tote: £5.50; pl £2.50, £2.00. Ex: £19.70. Trifecta: £48.30. CSF: £17.03. Non-runner: Jazz Club. 2.55—Zechariah (T Marquand, 9-1) 1; Westover (3-1 2nd Fav) 2; King Of Conquest (5-4 Fav) 3. 6 ran. 2 1 /4l, 5 1 /2l. (M Meade). Tote: £9.80; pl £3.80, £2.20. Ex: £40.30. Trifecta: £74.70. CSF: £34.73. 3.30—Silent Escape (O Murphy, 16-5 JtFav) 1; D’bai (8-1) 2; Al Suhail (16-5 JtFav) 3. 15 ran. 1 1 /2l, 3 /4l. (S bin Suroor). Tote: £3.60; pl £1.60, £2.70, £1.90. Ex: £25.70. Trifecta: £43.10. CSF: £24.50. 4.05—Makram (James Doyle, 11-4 Fav) 1; Calling The Wind (18-1) 2; Sextant (16-1) 3. Hcap 12 ran. hd, 1 1 /4l. (R Charlton). Tote: £3.60; pl £1.40, £4.80, £4.10. Ex: £44.30. Tricast: £693.35. Trifecta: £1117.60. CSF: £54.58. 4.35—Neenee’s Choice (O Murphy, 13-8 Fav) 1; Kattani (11-1) 2; Arthur’s Realm (17-2) 3. Hcap 10 ran. 1 1 /2l, Sh Hd. (A Balding). Tote: £2.40; pl £1.10, £3.50, £2.30. Ex: £26.20. Tricast: £120.94. Trifecta: £149.60. CSF: £21.45. Placepot: £230.10 Quadpot: £34.80 nEWTOn aBBOT: good-good to firm in places 1.53—Diligent (K Buckley, 4-9 Fav) 1; Every Breakin Wave (9-4 2nd Fav) 2; Oscars Reign (40-1) 3. 4 ran. 21l, 99l. (N Hawke). Tote: £1.20; Ex: £1.50. Trifecta: £4.10. CSF: £1.76. 2.28—Joey Steel (N Scholfield, 2-1 JtFav) 1; Fact Of The Matter (2-1 JtFav) 2; Cage Of Fear (11-4) 3. Hcap 4 ran. 1 1 /2l, 19l. (Christian Williams). Tote: £2.20; Ex: £5.80. Trifecta: £10.10. CSF: £6.55. DUBAI DUTY FREE HANDICAP (2) 1m 2f 3yo plus Winner £25,770 ITV1 1 -18453 DAWAAM (20)(V,D2) 5-9-10 ....................... J Crowley (2) Runs: 11 Wins: 4(A) Places: 1 £40,986 Trainer: Owen Burrows Owner: Shadwell Estate Co 2 1/16- KING LEONIDAS (457)(BF) 4-9-10 ....... James Doyle (11) Runs: 3 Wins: 2(S,G) £9,315 Trainer: J & T Gosden Owner: S H Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum 3 -60441 SAM COOKE (29) 5-9-2 .............................. R Hornby (6) Runs: 13 Wins: 3(S,F,G) Places: 3 £71,710 Trainer: R Beckett Owner: Chelsea Thoroughbreds 4 741692 PIVOINE (13)(B,D5) 7-9-1 ...........................O Murphy (9) Runs: 35 Wins: 7(F,A,GS) Places: 3 £274,279 Trainer: A Balding Owner: King Power Racing Co Ltd 5 763884 STRAIT OF HORMUZ (10)(D) 4-9-0 .............. A Atzeni (7) Runs: 14 Wins: 3(S,G) Places: 3 £51,088 Trainer: J O’Keeffe Owner: Quantum 6 122-23 FAIR STAR (14) 5-8-11 ............................ B Robinson (8) Runs: 6 Wins: 2(A,GS) Places: 3 £13,021 Trainer: B Ellison Owner: D Gilbert, M Lawrence 7 5-211 ARAMAIC (13)(D) 3-8-11 ........................ T Marquand (3) Runs: 4 Wins: 2(F,G) Places: 1 £15,225 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: Isa Salman Al Khalifa 8 521231 KING OF CLUBS (28)(D) 3-8-10 ................. D Probert (1) Runs: 7 Wins: 2(GS,G) Places: 3 £31,753 Trainer: H Morrison Owner: Castle Down Racing 9 211 MO’ASSESS (29)(P) 3-8-10 ....................... R Dawson (4) Runs: 3 Wins: 2(A) Places: 1 £10,951 Trainer: S bin Suroor Owner: Godolphin 10 3311 INJAZATI (29)(D2) 3-8-8 ......................... C Shepherd (5) Runs: 4 Wins: 2(A,G) Places: 2 £9,363 Trainer: C Fellowes Owner: Mr Mohamed Obaida 11 34-571 FURTHER MEASURE (16) 4-8-8 .................C Bishop (10) Runs: 8 Wins: 2(A,GS) £18,830 Trainer: S Kirk Owner: Marchwood Aggregates 2020: Ilaraab 3 8 8, Martin Dwyer 15-2 (W Haggas), drawn (12), 11 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 4 Aramaic, 11-2 King Of Clubs, 6 Mo’assess, 7 Injazati, King Leonidas, 8 Sam Cooke, 10 Dawaam, 12 Pivoine, Further Measure, Strait Of Hormuz, 20 Fair Star. 3.03—Ginger Du Val (Mr B Bromley, 15-8 2nd Fav) 1; She’s A Novelty (evens Fav) 2; Amelia’s Dance (15-2) 3. 8 ran. 2 3 /4l, 3l. (M Rowley). Tote: £2.60; pl £1.10, £1.10, £2.20. Ex: £4.90. Trifecta: £14.90. CSF: £4.31. 3.38—Borak (N Scholfield, 100-1) 1; Easkey Lad (7-1) 2; Flamenco De Kerser (18-1) 3. Hcap 11 ran. 1 3 /4l, nk. (D Faulkner; 11-10 Fav Sergeant). Tote: £147.90; pl £16.90, £1.80, £3.00. Ex: £325.80. Tricast: £12641.62. Trifecta: £3111.50. CSF: £705.92. Non-runner: Good Bye. 4.13—Valentino (H Kimber, 9-2) 1; Aye Aye Charlie (3-1 2nd Fav) 2; Kendelu (12-1) 3. Hcap 6 ran. 8 1 /2l, 20l. (Miss J Du Plessis; 15-8 Fav Decoration Of War). Tote: £5.10; pl £2.30, £1.90. Ex: £24.00. Trifecta: £114.50. CSF: £17.70. 4.45—Sister Raphael (C Brace, 40-1) 1; Arc Of Bubbles (8-1 2nd Fav) 2; Eglantine Du Seuil (1-12 Fav) 3. 4 ran. hd, 8l. (J Flint). Tote: £38.80; Ex: £88.50. Trifecta: £94.50. CSF: £215.84. 5.15—Bari Breeze (P Brennan, 6-5 JtFav) 1; Loup De Maulde (5-1) 2; Best Pal (6-5 JtFav) 3. 3 ran. 6l, 13l. (M Harris). Tote: £1.80; Ex: £3.80. Trifecta: £3.10. CSF: £6.18. Placepot: £10,432.80 Quadpot: £926.10 KEMPTOn: Standard to slow 4.50—Odisseo (S Cherchi, 15-8 Fav) 1; Twistaline (3-1 2nd Fav) 2; Streak Jazz (33-1) 3. Hcap 10 ran. 2l, nk. (M Botti). Tote: £2.50; pl £1.10, £2.00, £6.10. Ex: £10.60. Tricast: £135.73. Trifecta: £126.40. CSF: £7.42. Non-runners: Hen Harrier, Mild Reflection, Mythical Star. 5.25—Thaler (R Kingscote, 1-2 Fav) 1; Shobiz (5-2 2nd Fav) 2; Dream A Little (7-1) 3. 9 ran. 4l, 2 3 /4l. (Sir M Stoute). Tote: £1.40; pl £1.10, £1.10, £1.70. Ex: £2.70. Trifecta: £7.30. CSF: £2.19. Non-runners: Alafdhal, Tridevi. 6.00—Los Camachos (Grace McEntee, 8-1) 1; Liger King (7-1) 2; Allerby (4-1 2nd Fav) 3. Hcap 10 ran. 2 1 /4l, 2 3 /4l. (J Gallagher; 10-3 Fav Rajmeister). Tote: £9.80; pl £2.80, £2.10, £1.70. Ex: £68.40. Tricast: £265.35. Trifecta: £380.20. CSF: £63.87. Non-runner: Blackcastle Storm. 6.30—Beholding (R Havlin, 8-11 Fav) 1; Restitution (6-1) 2; King Capella (5-4 2nd Fav) 3. 9 ran. 12l, 13l. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £1.60; pl £1.10, £1.30, £1.10. Ex: £6.90. Trifecta: £11.10. CSF: £6.94. Non-runner: Cu Chulainn. captain Wessex Selections 1.10 — Zoom 1.40 — Firepower 2.15 — Khaadem 2.50 — Al Aasy (nb) 4.00 MILL REEF STAKES (GROUP 2) (1) 6f 2yo Only Winner £44,971 ITV1 1 163 DHABAB (70)(BF,D) 9-1 ................................ R Havlin (5) Runs: 3 Wins: 1(F) Places: 1 £13,950 Trainer: J & T Gosden Owner: Poseidon Thoroughbreds 2 41124 FEARBY (29)(D) 9-1 ............................. P J McDonald (10) Runs: 5 Wins: 2(F,GS) Places: 1 £52,207 Trainer: E Bethell Owner: Clarendon Thoroughbreds 3 2162 GIS A SUB (29)(D) 9-1 ........................... James Doyle (3) Runs: 4 Wins: 1(G) Places: 2 £47,812 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mr Steve Ryan 4 1135 GUBBASS (27)(C) 9-1 ............................... S M Levey (6) Runs: 4 Wins: 2(F) £126,550 Trainer: R Hannon Owner: J Bin Ali Al Attiyah 5 113 HIERARCHY (14)(D2) 9-1 ...........................O Murphy (7) Runs: 3 Wins: 2(A,G) £15,636 Trainer: H Palmer Owner: D Howden & Qatar Racing 6 122620 KHUNAN (27) 9-1 .......................................... A Atzeni (9) Runs: 7 Wins: 1(G) Places: 3 £43,109 Trainer: R Fahey Owner: AlMohamediya Racing 7 4122 MAGLEV (30)(BF,D) 9-1 .......................... T Marquand (4) Runs: 4 Wins: 1(F) Places: 1 £22,720 Trainer: W Haggas Owner: M M Stables 8 431 MANACCAN (21)(D) 9-1 ............................... W Buick (2) Runs: 3 Wins: 1(F) Places: 1 £6,738 Trainer: J Ryan Owner: Mr G Smith-bernal 9 14 MELAYU KINGDOM (19) 9-1 ........................ N Callan (1) Runs: 2 Wins: 1(F) £6,544 Trainer: K Ryan Owner: Mr Michael Reilly abc index To Today’s Meetings A - Ayr, C - Catterick, Nb - Newbury, Nmr - Newmarket, W - Wolverhampton. Abduction ...................... A 4.50 Above............................. A 3.40 Across The Nile ............ W 7.00 Ad Infinitum .................Nb 2.50 Admirality ...................... A 4.50 Air Raid .......................... A 2.30 Ajrad ..........................Nmr 2.05 Al Aasy .........................Nb 2.50 Alcazan ......................... W 7.30 Aliento ........................... C 5.45 All In The Game ............ W 7.30 Ananya.......................Nmr 1.30 Anghaam ...................Nmr 1.30 Annandale ..................... A 5.20 Annie Rose ................... W 6.30 Aramaic .......................Nb 3.25 Arlady Aitch .................. W 5.30 Asad ............................... A 4.50 Ascending ...................Nb 4.35 Atalis Bay ....................Nb 2.15 Atavique ....................Nmr 3.50 Aveta ..........................Nmr 3.50 Away Wit Da Fairys ...... W 8.00 Bachau........................... C 5.15 Bague D’or ...................Nb 5.05 Balgair .......................Nmr 4.25 Beaches .......................Nb 1.10 Beauty Choice ...........Nmr 2.40 Beechwood Jude .......... A 5.20 Bella Rosetta ................ W 5.30 Ben Lilly ......................... A 5.20 Bergerac ........................ A 2.30 Bernard Spierpoint ...... W 4.55 Berrygar.......................Nb 4.35 Better Half ...................... C 3.00 Bibbidibobbidiboo ........ C 5.45 Bickerstaffe ................... A 2.30 Bielsa ............................. A 3.40 Big Impact .................... W 4.55 Black Friday .................. A 2.30 Black Hill Storm............. C 3.35 Blackrod ........................ A 2.30 Blue Cable .................... W 4.55 Boardman ...................... A 2.30 Bobby Shaftoe .............. A 1.55 Borntobealeader .........Nb 4.35 Bowman ......................... A 4.50 Brad The Brief ............... A 3.40 Brilliant Blue ................Nb 1.10 Cabinet Maker .............. W 8.00 Canford Bay ................. W 6.00 Canonized ..................... A 3.05 Caribeno ........................ C 4.45 Carlovian ...................... W 4.55 Caspian Queen ..........Nmr 1.30 Cassy O ......................... A 4.50 Challet............................ A 4.15 Chiefofchiefs ................. A 3.40 Chillsea ......................... W 7.00 Choux ............................ A 3.05 Christmas Night ............ C 5.45 Clegane......................... W 6.30 Cleonte ......................Nmr 3.15 Codswallop .................Nb 1.10 Commanche Falls ......... A 3.40 Count D’Orsay ............... A 3.40 Cragside ........................ C 5.45 Crazyland ...................... A 3.05 Crocodile Tears ............. C 3.00 Cruyff Turn..................... A 4.15 Dacesa .......................... W 6.30 Dance Fever .................. A 4.15 Dancing To Win .........Nmr 2.05 Dandy Bay ..................... C 3.35 Darcy’s Rock ................ W 5.30 Dark Jedi ........................ A 5.20 Dash Of Spice ................ A 5.20 Dashing Dick .............Nmr 2.05 Dawaam .......................Nb 3.25 Definite ........................Nb 4.35 Delphinus ..................Nmr 1.00 Deputy .......................Nmr 2.05 Designer ........................ A 3.05 Dhabab ........................Nb 4.00 Diocles Of Rome .........Nb 1.40 Distinction .................... W 7.30 Divine Comedy ............. W 8.30 Donny Marlow .............. W 7.00 Drawing Clocks ............ W 8.00 Dream By Day ..............Nb 4.35 Dreambird..................... W 8.30 Dreams Unwind ............. C 4.10 Dubai Poet ...................Nb 1.10 Duke Of Verona ...........Nb 5.05 Dulas ............................Nb 1.40 3.25 — Injazati 4.00 — Wings Of War (nap) 4.35 — Sweet Summer 5.05 — Praiano Draw Advantage: High numbers best in large fields, especially in very soft ground. Stall Positions: Centre ITV1: 2.15, 2.50, 3.25, 4.00. Racing TV. Going: Good to Soft Ebury ............................. A 4.50 Edraak............................ A 3.40 Elektronic ..................... W 7.00 Equiano Springs .......Nmr 2.40 Ermin Street ................Nb 4.35 Ernesto ......................Nmr 3.15 Eternal Glory ................. C 2.25 Euchen Glen .................. A 1.55 Everyday......................Nb 4.35 Eye Knee ........................ C 4.10 Fair Star .......................Nb 3.25 Fame And Acclaim ........ A 4.15 Fangorn .....................Nmr 2.05 Far From A Ruby........... W 6.30 Fearby ..........................Nb 4.00 Fieldsman ..................Nmr 4.25 Final Frontier ................. C 5.45 Fircombe Hall ................ C 5.45 Firepower ....................Nb 1.40 First Dance ................Nmr 4.25 Fivethousandtoone ...... A 3.40 Fox Vardy .....................Nb 5.05 Foxes Tales..................Nb 2.50 Frontispiece ................Nb 5.05 Further Measure ..........Nb 3.25 Furzig ............................. C 4.45 Gabrial The Devil ........... A 2.30 Gaius............................Nb 1.10 Gal Wonder ................Nmr 3.50 Garden Oasis ................ A 4.15 Geelong ........................ W 8.00 Geopolitic ..................... W 8.00 Get Shirty ....................... A 5.20 Giorgio Vasari ...........Nmr 2.05 Girl From Ipanema ....... W 7.30 Gis A Sub .....................Nb 4.00 Glasses Up .................... A 5.20 Global Art ...................Nmr 4.25 Golden Apollo ............... A 2.30 Great Ambassador ........ A 3.40 Great Bear .................Nmr 3.15 Green Power ................Nb 1.40 Greengage ..................... A 5.20 Greg The Great ............Nb 1.10 Grifter............................. A 1.20 Gubbass ......................Nb 4.00 Gulliver .......................... A 3.40 Hala Hala Athmani ......... A 3.05 Head Mistress ............... A 3.05 Heart Of Kabeir .............. C 3.00 Heidi High ..................... W 5.30 Heights Of Aran ............. A 1.20 Hellomydarlin ................ A 3.05 Hey Jonesy .................... A 3.40 Hierarchy .....................Nb 4.00 Highland Premiere ........ A 1.20 Hochfeld ....................Nmr 3.15 Homer’s Girl ..............Nmr 1.00 Hong Kong Harry .......... A 4.15 Hoofs Happy Now ......... C 5.45 Hot Day ......................... W 7.00 Hotspur Harry ............Nmr 4.25 How Bizarre ................... C 5.45 Huddleton Mac ............Nb 1.40 Hugosthere ................Nmr 4.25 Hurricane Ivor .............Nb 2.15 Iesha ............................. W 4.55 Il Bandito .....................Nb 1.40 Ilaraab ..........................Nb 2.50 Imperial Sun ................Nb 5.05 In The Breeze ...............Nb 5.05 Indigo Times ..............Nmr 3.15 Injazati .........................Nb 3.25 Inver Park ..................Nmr 2.40 Ivatheengine................Nb 1.40 Jabbar ..........................Nb 1.10 Jakacan ......................... C 5.45 Jam Tart ........................ W 5.30 Jazz Legend ................. W 4.55 Jewel In My Crown ....Nmr 3.50 Juan De Montalban ....... A 1.55 Juan Elcano ................... A 1.55 Judgment Call ............... A 1.55 Jump The Gun ............... A 4.15 Jungle Inthebungle ...... W 4.55 Just A Claim ................... C 3.35 Just Frank ...................... A 3.40 Justice Protecol ........... W 8.00 Keep Right On .............. W 7.30 Khaadem .....................Nb 2.15 Khagan .......................... C 4.10 Khunan ........................Nb 4.00 Kind Review .................. A 2.30 King Leonidas .............Nb 3.25 King Of Clubs ..............Nb 3.25 King Of Speed ............... C 3.35 King Of York .................. A 1.20 King’s Lynn .................Nb 2.15 10 2132 WINGS OF WAR (14)(BF,D) 9-1 ......................A Kirby (8) Runs: 4 Wins: 1(F) Places: 3 £38,363 Trainer: C Cox Owner: Isa Salman Al Khalifa 2020: Alkumait 9 1, Jim Crowley 8-1 (M Tregoning), drawn (1), 8 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 2 Dhabab, 5 Gubbass, 6 Gis A Sub, 7 Fearby, 8 Maglev, 12 Manaccan, 14 Wings Of War, Khunan, 16 Others. 4.35 SIR DAVID SIEFF NOVICE STAKES (DIV 2) (STR) (4) 7f 2yo Only Winner £4,860 1 (9) 53 ASCENDING (41) C Cox 9-5 A Kirby 2 (10) BERRYGAR H Main 9-5 R Dawson 3 (6) 8 BORNTOBEALEADER (99) A Perrett 9-5 J Crowley 4 (11) 46 DEFINITE (22) R Beckett 9-5 R Hornby 5 (3) 5 DREAM BY DAY (15) J & T Gosden 9-5 R Havlin 6 (1) ERMIN STREET C Hills 9-5 W Buick 7 (4) 0 EVERYDAY (9) R Hannon 9-5 S M Levey 8 (5) 52 KOY KOY (15) A Balding 9-5 O Murphy 9 (8) LOOE BEACH R Hannon 9-5 T Marquand 10 (2) 9 NIGHT GLASS (15) R Hannon 9-5 P Dobbs 11 (7) PROMOTION D & C Kubler 9-5 N Currie 12 (12) SWEET SUMMER R Charlton 9-0 James Doyle 2020: Ibiza Rocks 2-9-5, William Buick 11-1 (C Hills), drawn 5, 14 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 15-8 Koy Koy, 7-2 Ascending, 5 Dream By Day, 15-2 Definite, 12 Ermin Street, Looe Beach, 14 Sweet Summer, 16 Night Glass, 25 Others. 5.05 DUBAI DUTY FREE FINEST SURPRISE HANDICAP (3) 1m 4f 3yo plus Winner £6,210 1 (2) 13352- FOX VARDY (364) (BF,D) M Meade 5-10-2 P J McDonald 2 (1) -31360 PARACHUTE (28) (D) E Walker 3-9-7 T Marquand 3 (11) 315472 WITHOUT REVENGE (20) (T) R Charlton 3-9-6 O Murphy 4 (4) -01559 RIDGEWAY (27) (P) E J-Houghton 4-9-5 C Bishop 5 (3) 622142 PRAIANO (14) (D) R Varian 3-9-4 A Atzeni 6 (10) 11-602 WHITEHAVEN (43) (D) H Morrison 4-9-3 R Hornby 7 (8) 4-3310 IMPERIAL SUN (28) (D) J & T Gosden 3-9-3 R Havlin 8 (9) 497733 FRONTISPIECE (21) (CD) A Perrett 7-9-1 J Crowley 9 (12) 4-221 TALL ORDER (16) (D) M Bell 3-8-13 W Buick 10 (13) 65-121 BAGUE D’OR (21) (D) C Wall 3-8-13 James Doyle 11 (6) 3-8310 IN THE BREEZE (51) (CD) R Charlton 3-8-12 T Greatrex(3) 12 (7) 32115 WINTERWATCH (16) (H;D) A Balding 3-8-9 J Bryan 13 (5) 1423 DUKE OF VERONA (127) W Jarvis 3-8-8 D Probert 2020: Union 3-8-8, David Egan 15-2 (R Varian), drawn 3, 7 ran. BETTING FORECAST: 11-2 Bague D’or, 6 Praiano, Fox Vardy, 7 Whitehaven, Tall Order, 8 Without Revenge, 10 Imperial Sun, 12 Parachute, 14 Others. Koy Koy .......................Nb 4.35 Krazy Paving ................ W 4.55 Kryptos ......................Nmr 4.25 La Belle Vie ................Nmr 1.00 Lady Alavesa ................ W 6.30 Lady Of Yapham ............ A 3.05 Lahore............................ A 3.40 Last Sunset ...............Nmr 1.30 Lasting Beauty ............. W 4.55 Lexington Dash ............. A 3.40 Lightening Company .... C 5.15 Lilkian ........................... W 6.00 Listen Again .................. C 5.45 Little Prayer ................... A 3.05 Live Your Dream ........Nmr 3.15 Lockdown Lass ............. C 5.45 Looe Beach .................Nb 4.35 Lord Rapscallion ........... A 2.30 Love Is Golden .............. C 4.45 Love Powerful ...........Nmr 2.40 Lukoutoldmakezebak ... C 5.45 Luna Magic ................Nmr 4.25 Madame Tantzy .........Nmr 1.30 Magical Spirit ................ A 2.30 Maglev .........................Nb 4.00 Makalu ........................... A 1.20 Makanah ......................Nb 2.15 Makter ........................... W 4.55 Mambo Beat ................Nb 1.10 Manaccan ....................Nb 4.00 Mancini ......................Nmr 3.15 Manigordo ..................... A 4.50 Maraakiz ........................ A 4.15 Marie’s Diamond ........... A 4.15 Mark Of Respect ........Nmr 4.25 Mashaaer ...................Nmr 1.00 Matty Too ....................... C 2.25 Mayaas.......................Nmr 2.05 Maydanny ...................... A 1.55 Melayu Kingdom .........Nb 4.00 Mellow Yellow ............Nmr 1.00 Mercurius Power .......Nmr 4.25 Merlin’s Beard .............. W 8.30 Mid Winster.................... A 2.30 Military Crown .............. W 8.00 Misty Ayr ........................ A 3.05 Mo’assess ...................Nb 3.25 Mobadra .....................Nmr 1.30 Molinari .......................... C 4.10 Moon De Vega............Nmr 1.00 Moss Gill ......................Nb 2.15 Motagally ....................... A 3.40 Mr Lupton ...................... A 3.40 Mr Strutter ..................... C 5.45 Mr Tyrrell ......................Nb 1.40 Mr Wagyu ....................... A 3.40 Mrembo ........................Nb 1.10 Music Society ................ A 2.30 My Bonnie Lassie .......... C 3.00 My Little Tip ................... C 2.25 My Style .....................Nmr 2.40 Mystic Wells ..............Nmr 1.00 Nazanin .......................... A 3.05 Neptune Legend ............ C 2.25 Nicks Not Wonder ........ W 8.30 Nietzsche’s Star ..........Nb 1.10 Night Glass ..................Nb 4.35 Nurse Florence ............. W 7.30 Old Flame ...................... C 5.15 Ostilio ............................ A 3.40 Palavecino ..................... A 1.55 Parachute ....................Nb 5.05 Paxos ...........................Nb 1.40 Pendleton ...................... A 3.40 Peripatetic .................Nmr 1.00 Pivoine .........................Nb 3.25 Pixie Carter .................... C 5.15 Platinumcard ................. A 1.55 Pockley .......................... A 4.50 Poet’s Magic .................. A 4.50 Polam Lane ................... W 7.00 Popmaster ..................... A 3.40 Port Noir ....................... W 6.30 Praiano ........................Nb 5.05 Pretty Mahra ................. W 5.30 Priscilla’s Wish ............ W 7.30 Promotion ....................Nb 4.35 Queens Ballet ............Nmr 1.00 Raffles Rebel ................ W 7.00 Rathbone ....................... A 2.30 Red Force One............... C 4.45 Redarna ......................... A 4.50 Reem Zabeel ................. W 5.30 Regal Rhapsody ........... W 5.30 Revich ............................ A 4.15 Rich Waters ...............Nmr 2.05 Ridgeway .....................Nb 5.05 Rishes Baar ................... A 3.05 Rita Rana ...................... W 8.00 Royal Aviation .............Nb 1.10 Royal Heart ................... W 7.00 Royal Musketeer .......Nmr 2.05 Royal Scimitar ............... A 2.30 Sadiqaa ......................Nmr 2.05 Sadmah.......................... A 3.05 Saligo Bay ..................... C 4.10 Sam Cooke ..................Nb 3.25 Sammarr ....................Nmr 3.50 Sands Chorus ...........Nmr 4.25 Sandy Paradise ............ W 8.00 Scot’s Grace .................. A 3.05 Secret Glow ...............Nmr 4.25 Secret To Success ....... W 7.00 Seeking Perfection ...... W 6.00 Shallow Hal .................... A 2.30 Shamlaan....................... C 3.35 She’s Sophie ................ W 5.30 She’s The Danger .......... A 1.20 Shelir.............................. A 4.15 Sherdil ........................... C 3.35 Show Me A Sunset........ W 6.00 Significantly ................Nb 2.15 Silk Tie .......................... W 7.00 Sir Chauvelin ................. A 5.20 Sir Maxi ......................Nmr 2.05 Sky Blue Thinking ........ W 6.30 Smart Qibili ................... W 7.30 Snazzy Jazzy ................. A 3.40 Snooze N You Lose ....... A 3.05 Socially Shady .............. C 4.10 Soldier’s Minute ............ A 2.30 Solid Stone ..................Nb 2.50 Spanish Star ................Nb 1.40 Sparkling Diamond ...... W 4.55 Special Mayson ............. C 5.45 Spring Bloom ............Nmr 2.40 Staxton .......................... A 2.30 Strait Of Hormuz ..........Nb 3.25 Streamline ..................... A 2.30 Street Kid ...................Nmr 2.05 Strike Me A Pose........... W 6.00 Strike Red ...................... A 2.30 Strong Power ............... W 6.00 Summa Peto .................. A 4.50 Summerghand .............. A 3.40 Sunday Justice ............. C 3.00 Sunday Sovereign ........ A 3.40 Surewecan.................... W 4.55 Sweet Summer ............Nb 4.35 Tall Order .....................Nb 5.05 Tammani ........................ A 4.50 Tarroob ......................Nmr 3.50 Tathmeen ...................... W 6.00 Tawaazon ...................... W 6.00 Thaki ............................. W 4.55 The Blue Bower ............ W 6.30 The Dunkirk Lads .......... A 1.20 The First Hurrah ........... W 7.30 The Flying Ginger .......... A 1.55 The Grey Bay ................. C 5.45 The Grey Wolf ................ A 1.20 The Turpinator .............Nb 1.40 Themaxwecan ...........Nmr 3.15 Three Dons ................... W 5.30 Time Zone ..................Nmr 4.25 Tinto ............................... A 2.30 Tis Marvellous .............Nb 2.15 Titan Rock...................... A 4.50 Tom Collins..................Nb 1.40 Total Commitment......... A 2.30 Toussarok ..................Nmr 2.40 Tricky Business ............ C 2.25 Tropical Talent .............Nb 1.10 Turnpike Trip .............Nmr 3.15 Twilight Secret.............. W 6.00 Typhoon Ten .................. A 2.30 Uncle Jumbo ................. A 2.30 Vaccine .......................... A 1.20 Venturous ...................... A 3.40 Verreaux Eagle ............. W 6.00 Volatile Analyst ............. A 3.40 White Lady .................... W 6.30 Whitehaven .................Nb 5.05 Widaad .......................Nmr 3.50 Wings Of War ...............Nb 4.00 Winterwatch ................Nb 5.05 Wispering Angel ........... W 7.30 Without Revenge.........Nb 5.05 Wobwobwob ................. A 4.50 World Of Windhover .Nmr 2.40 Woven ............................ A 2.30 Yaaser ............................ A 1.55 Yagood.......................Nmr 3.15 Young Fire ..................... A 4.15 Zoom ............................Nb 1.10

60 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS CRICKET Somerset a stronger unit – Kerr SOMERSET head coach Jason Kerr insists the club’s recent struggles in four-day cricket will have served to make them stronger ahead of today’s Vitality T20 Blast Finals Day. Kerr’s men take on Hampshire in the opening semi-final at 11am, and should they win that game they will face Kent or Sussex in the final at 6.45pm this evening. However, the West county go into today’s match having lost by ten wickets to Lancashire in the County Championship, a result which came after successive defeats by an innings in the same competition. Kerr told the official club website: “It’s an exciting showpiece occasion in the season. We’ve played some unbelievably good cricket in the competition and it’s important that we don’t forget that. “Everything that we’ve been KEITH WATSON Sports editor through in the last few weeks will ultimately make us a stronger unit. “You learn from your successes, but I think you learn more from your disappointments. We’ve had a few of those over the years and a few of the lads have experienced that. “For others, Saturday will be their first taste of a final and it’s really important to enjoy the experience, embrace the atmosphere, take it all in, and learn from it.” ■■ Nottinghamshire’s ex-Somerset all-rounder Peter Trego has announced his retirement after 22 years in county cricket. Trego, 40, spent the best part of two decades with his home county of Somerset, either side of brief spells at Kent and Middlesex, before joining Nottinghamshire last year. > > Big-hitting Somerset batsman Will Smeed Harry Trump/Getty Images Dent says ‘a huge thanks’ FROM BACK PAGE help the team and the club progress and I am really proud of what we have achieved in the last four years. “It has truly been a team effort, from the squad and coaching staff to everyone in the main office and behind the scenes. “The help and guidance I have had from everyone at the club has made my job so much easier. “Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to all the players; I feel so lucky to have captained such a great bunch of guys.” Interim head coach Ian Harvey said: “His record as captain is hugely impressive. Since taking the role, Denty has dedicated his time to bettering the team, and prioritising every member of the squad ahead of himself. “Chris will continue to be a leader in the dressing room and a role model to the younger players coming through. The club are fortunate to have such a quality top-order batter and brilliant fielder so committed to the team and the search for trophies.” The club will appoint a new captain once the head coach role has been filled, with vice-captain James Bracey leading the team in the final match of the season against Durham.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 61 RUGBY Cipriani to make Bath debut away to Sharks DANNY Cipriani will make his first competitve appearance in ten months after being given his Bath debut in today’s Gallagher Premiership clash away to Sale. Cipriani left Gloucester abruptly, having made just one appearance last season, in the round one defeat at Leicester, and, after a sabbatical, he moved to the Recreation Ground. Although available for the end of Bath’s 2020-21 campaign, he was not selected and instead will make his first appearance in this weekend’s trip to Manchester. Playmaker Cipriani, who turns 34 in November, has been installed as first choice fly-half, while 19-yearold Orlando Bailey continues his development and will be responsible for shaping the club’s attack. Cipriani won the last of his 16 caps in 2018, being unable to convince Eddie Jones of his value to England despite being named players’ player of the year and Premiership player of the year in 2019. “Danny’s been great. He’s obviously been out of the game a long time, so there’s a big excitement for him to get back and get the ball in his hands and get playing,” Bath director of rugby Stuart Hooper said. “I want him to enjoy himself, I want him to play games with a smile on his face and be the dominant attacking force that we’ve seen him be previously.” Charlie Ewels captains the Blue, Black & Whites. Bath Rugby: T De Glanville; S Rokoduguni, J Joseph, M Ojomoh, W Muir; D Cipriani, B Spencer; B Obano, T Dunn, J Jonker, M Williams, C Ewels (capt), M Reid, S Underhill, J Bayliss. Replacements: J Du Toit, J Schoeman, D Rae, T Ellis, J Coetzee, O Fox, O Bailey, M Clark. ‘It’s an absolute honour to continue at Bristol’ FROM BACK PAGE Premiership and secured their first major silverware since 1983 with a European Challenge Cup final win over French side Toulon. Last term, the Bears recorded their highest-ever regular-season position, topping the table and making the Champions Cup knockout stages, while Lam was awarded Global Reach Director of Rugby of the Year. Bristol chairman Chris Booy, seen right with Lam, added: “We’re delighted to have secured Pat’s signature on a long-term contract. “It’s no surprise he would have the interest of every top club in the world, so it’s testament to the DUNCAN BECH & JOHN EVELY Rugby writers ■■ Gloucester have announced they will no longer be keeping supporters updated on their injured players. Last season, the Cherry & Whites noted comments from supporters at their Fans’ Forum and launched a website page dedicated to explaining which players were unavailable because of injury. Without being overly specific, the page updated each week at the same time as the team news for the fourthcoming weekend was announced. However, despite the popularity of this service with fans, Gloucester have now opted to stop the service. A press officer for the club also told journalists attending head coach George Skivington’s midweek press conference that he would not be taking any questions on injuries. Chief operating officer Alex Brown said: “This decision has been taken by the management team in respect of the players, who, at times, may not wish for their injuries to be shared.” Gloucester are clearly suffering from shortages in the second row this week, with number eight Ben Morgan named as a lock for the game at Northampton. Loosehead Val Rapava-Ruskin is also nowhere to be seen, but Jamal Ford-Robinson returns to the 23 despite suffering a concussion against Coventry in last weekend’s pre-season clash. Gloucester Rugby: K Moyle; J May, T Seabrook, B Twelvetrees, O Thorley; L Evans, B Meehan; H Elrington, J Singleton, F Balmain, B Morgan, A Davidson, J Reid, L Ludlow (capt), J Clement. Replacements: H Walker, J Ford-Robinson, K Gotovtsev, F Clarke, R Ackermann, S Varney, A Hastings, G Kveseladze. ambition of the Bears that Pat was eager to stay. We are absolutely aligned on the direction of the club. Bristol Bears will continue to grow and we will achieve sustainable success at the top of the domestic and European game. “Pat has built a squad of humble young men who not only represent our community superbly, they play an innovative brand of rugby that has everybody taking notice.” Lam himself said: “It’s an absolute honour to continue as director of rugby at Bristol Bears. To have the opportunity to work with a great group of people, and to represent our community with pride and love is very special. I am grateful to have > > Danny Cipriani will make his long-awaited debut for Bath Rugby this evening Stu Forster/Getty Images the continued support of Steve, Jon (Lansdown) and Chris and I’m thankful that they have entrusted me to keep leading the Bristol Bears along our journey of Inspiring Our Community Through Rugby Success. “While we have come a long way in the last four years, I am really excited by what is still to come as we challenge all of us individually and collectively to raise the bar every single day. “I genuinely believe that now we have our men, women and Academy (teams) aligned as one club, we are poised to bring a lot of inspiration and success, on and off the field, for many years ahead and I feel very humbled to be a part of it.” Massive test for Hartpury HARTPURY kick-off their GKIPA Championship campaign with arguably their biggest challenge of the season – away to big-hitting Ealing Trailfinders. The London club finished top of the Championship table last term, but were ultimately overpowered by Saracens in the twolegged play-off final. Hartpury have chosen largely the XV that started the pre-season clash against the Ospreys, but Ben Foley moves from wing to fullback with George Simpson out. Gloucester’s Ciaran Knight is in the front row in place of injured cousin Shaun, while their are debuts for locks Alex Groves and Cameron Jordan, and back row men Oli Robinson and Xavier Hastings. Half-backs JB Bruzulier, at nine, and Tommy Mathews also feature for the Red & Blacks for the first time. Elsewhere, something will have to give in National League One as early leaders Rosslyn Park visit a Taunton Titans side sitting second in the standings, both having taken maximum points so far. Cinderford have also won two from two, albeit collecting just one bonus point, and they travel to Chinnor this afternoon. In National League Two South, meanwhile, table-topping Clifton welcome Barnes to Bristol, while Dings Crusaders play host to the islanders of Guernsey, with both clubs having won one game and lost one game so far. Whyte set for Wallin clash BOXING DILLIAN Whyte will attempt to push his claims for a showdown against Tyson Fury by taking on the WBC heavyweight champion’s former opponent Otto Wallin at London’s O2 Arena next month. Whyte lost his position as the WBC’s mandatory challenger after being brutally knocked out by Alexander Povetkin in August last year, but he avenged the setback, stopping the Russian inside five rounds in March. And the Londoner will look to make a statement on October 30 – three weeks after Fury defends his crown in a rearranged trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder – when he goes up against the now highlyrated Wallin. The Swede was something of an unknown when he took on Fury two years ago, but he inflicted a gruesome cut over his rival’s eye which almost ended the bout before Fury eventually sealed a unanimous decision win. Wallin rebounded to the only defeat of a 24-fight professional career – with 22 wins and one nocontest – by stopping Travis Kauffman last year and beating two-time world title challenger Dominic Breazeale on points in February. The bout will be for the WBC interim title. Meanwhile, Derek Chisora will face Joseph Parker on December 18 at the AO Arena in Manchester.

62 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS FOOTBALL Clarke and Nicholson facing time on sidelines Joey Barton had little positive injury news to share at his press conference yesterday, with Bristol Rovers set to be without front men Leon Clarke and Sam Nicholson for lengthy periods. Barton revealed that Clarke’s hamstring injury is likely to be longterm, forcing the striker out for months, while Nicholson could miss four weeks with a shin problem. With Trevor Clarke, Alex Rodman and, most likely, Anssi Jaakkola missing for the visit of Leyton Orient this afternoon, too, the manager is light on options. “Clarkey’s (Leon Clarke) had a bit of a setback,” Barton said. “He came off in the last game. We’re waiting on the full prognosis of that, but it doesn’t look too good. “He’s in today, big Leon, so we’ll have a chat with him and we’ll have a bit of information, but it looks like a long-term one as opposed to a shortterm one, so that is a real blow. “We got 45 minutes from him and he scored a goal and 30 minutes where he looked lively. “He’s going to miss a significant period of time by the looks of it, so I’m really disappointed.” Barton accepts it was a risk signing the 36-year-old last month, given his recent struggles with injury. “We knew we were short anyway with the window closing,” Barton added. “Obviously, when you take 36-year-old free agents, it’s a risk, it’s a gamble and Brett (Pitman) is kind of in the same boat. “You do want 23, 24, 25, 26-yearold players, but they tend to cost a significant amount more than the Cobblers can pose a threat constantly – Garner BEN Garner believes that “very well organised” Northampton Town will provide tough opposition when his Swindon Town play there in Sky Bet League One this afternoon. Both clubs have made useful starts to the 2021-22 campaign, with the Robins lying eighth and the Cobblers up in third position. Garner, right, whose side were this week handed a suspended three-point fine for non-payment of wages under the previous ownership of the club, said of today’s clash: “They’ve had a good start to the season. They are very strong defensively and they’ve had five clean sheets in seven games, so they are very well organised. “I watched their game on Tuesday SAM FROST sam.frost@reachplc.com boys on free transfers. We tried our best to get the best available. “Losing Brandon (Hanlan) was tough because it was late in the window and, as I said at the time, it was always going to be a risk because of the scarcity of that type of player in the marketplace. “Clarkey came in and scored and you’re thinking we’ve got a focal point now to build the attack around, and then 30 minutes into his first start he has to come out of the game injured. “That is football and Leyton Orient won’t be feeling sorry for us. They will be rubbing their hands together and thinking Saturday is a great opportunity to continue their good start to the season.” Rovers were relieved Nicholson had not suffered a broken shin after being caught by a heavy challenge in the win over Crawley a fortnight ago, but further assessment has found he needs to spend several weeks on the sidelines. The manager said: “Sammy Nicholson, we had an initial scan which showed he didn’t have a break, but he’s got severe bone bruising, so it’s going to put him out for the better part of a month because you can get stress fractures and stuff like that. That’s another disappointing bit of news. “Anssi Jaakkola’s had an injection in his Achilles, that’s settling down and he’s on the way back, Trevor Clarke is the same. No real good news on the injury front.” night at Newport and they are very resilient, very structured and they posed a threat constantly throughout the game. “They are very, very good from setpieces, they have been very effective from set-pieces this season and from long throws, so we know it is going to be a really tough game. “However, we’re unbeaten away from home in all competitions and we want to keep that record as long as we can. We will certainly be going there to win the game. “We’re focussing on ourselves and we’re looking forward to the game. I’m fully expecting a much stronger performance this week than against Port Vale last week.” > > Leon Clarke will be out of action for some time Andy Watts/JMP ■■ Head coach Rob Edwards has hailed the togetherness of his tabletopping Forest Green Rovers side ahead of today’s trip to Stevenage. Following two games without a goal, the Green Devils returned to the top of the standings with a 1-0 win over Northampton last weekend. Edwards said of his players: “They want to fight for each other and work for each other, they’re really together this group, probably more than any group I’ve ever seen.” Rovers, with five victories, a draw and a defeat in their seven League Two matches thus far, will fancy their chances against a Stevenage side that has won just twice in the League up to now. Tie will be a difficult one, says Groves FA CUP QUALIFYING PAUL Groves has demanded that his Gloucester City side become “harder to play against” ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s FA Cup second qualifying round tie with near neighbours Longlevens. Gloucester have now lost four National League North matches on the spin, including a 9-0 defeat at Chorley, and a 2-1 home loss against Curzon Ashton in their most recent outing. And with ambitions of playing at a higher level, defeat against city rivals Longlevens, from three tiers below the New Meadow Park club, would be unthinkable. Speaking about the aftermath of the Chorley hammering, boss Groves said: “It was a tough week for everybody, but the players have worked extremely hard, tried to improve, tried to get better. “For effort and competitiveness (against Curzon), we did that. That becomes your first protocol, and your organisation, certainly from set plays.” On the Longlevens tie, Groves, pictured, added: “It’s an FA Cup game, a derby, so it’s a difficult game for sure and we’ll face it full on and prepare properly for that.” Longlevens lie third in the early Hellenic Premier table with 16 points from seven games, and they beat second-in-the-table Brimscombe in midweek. In today’s matches, Yate Town host a Gosport side they were beaten 2-1 by in the Southern League only last week. Lodge Road boss Paul Michael said: “We missed three great chances to take the lead (at 1-1) and potentially win the game. “In the end, we felt we could have done better, although what it tells me is we can go into (today’s) game confident that we can mix it with a strong, solid side who give precious little away.” There is an all-Somerset clash at Weston-super-Mare, who host fellow Southern Premier South side Taunton, while Bath City have a potential banana skin of a tie away to Shaftesbury. Elsewhere, Bishop’s Cleeve make the journey to Aylesbury United, Cirencester play host to Hamworthy, and Frome are at home to Oxford City. Hereford head south to take on Lymington in their second qualifying round encounter, while Chippenham head in a similar direction with Poole their opposition.

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 63 FOOTBALL WEEKEND FIXTURES TODAY CRICKET (10.30am unless stated) Vitality T20 Blast semi-finals – Edgbaston: Hampshire v Somerset (11am), Kent v Sussex (2.30pm). Winners to meet in final at 6.45pm. Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy – Loughborough: Lightning v Central Sparks. Beckenham: South East Stars v Thunder. Ageas Bowl: Southern Vipers v Northern Diamonds. Bristol: Western Storm v Sunrisers. Boss Guardiola insists he will not apologise Pep Guardiola will not apologise for calling on more supporters to attend Manchester City’s Premier League clash against Southampton. The City boss irritated some fans this week by saying he would like a bigger crowd for today’s match than the 38,062 that watched the win over Leipzig in the Champions League. Kevin Parker, the general secretary of the City’s official supporters’ club, labelled the remarks “disappointing and uncalled for” as they questioned fan loyalty by drawing attention to the number of empty seats. Parker added Guardiola should be more considerate of the reasons why people are unable to attend games. Guardiola, right, however, feels his words have been misinterpreted. He says he was speaking more generally about the benefits of playing at a full house for a tough game. Speaking at a press conference, Guardiola said: “I’m not going to apologise for what I said. I made an approach to do something together again. What I said was we would love, and need, their support. Whether it’s 10,000 people, 40,000 or 50,000 – it doesn’t matter how many people come. We need their support.” > > Bristol City’s Cameron Pring, right, in action against Luton Town Rogan Thomson/JMP Pring taking confidence from every appearance DAILY PRESS REPORTER BRISTOL City’s Cameron Pring has revealed he is growing in confidence with each match he plays for the Ashton Gate club. Pring has featured several times on the left-hand side of midfield for the Robins this season, and could well do so again with Nigel Pearson’s men set to face Queens Park Rangers in west London this afternoon. The 23-year-old has had eight different loan spells from City, with both non-League and League clubs, but is now getting regular action in the first team. Speaking to the official website of the club, Pring said: “The opportunity has given me a lot of confidence, especially as at the start of the season I didn’t expect to be playing left-midfield. “Playing up there gives me the opportunity to show what I can do without that scary thought of making a mistake at the back. It gives me a lot more freedom and I think I’ve done alright there; I just need to add more assists and goals then I will be a bit more happy. “If selected, (QPR) will be a good contest for me personally. It will probably be one of the better teams I’ve faced in my career. It will be interesting to see how it goes, but we’ve got a lot of confidence in the team, it just needs to click.” ■■ Cheltenham Town boss Michael Duff admits the high performance of his players is giving him a selection headache ahead of this afternoon’s Sky Bet League One ‘A40 derby’ with Oxford United. The Robins earned their best result of the campaign thus far by winning at Charlton last weekend, and Duff is hopeful his players will continue to shine when tackling the Yellows at the Jonny-Rocks Stadium. Duff revealed: “The players have given us (the coaching staff) some decisions to make. “Whatever the team is, or the shape is, it will be thought out. We will pick a team that we think is right. “Players have put their hands up and said ‘Pick me’, so that’s all you can ask for. “We are not going to get carried away because we had a good 45 minutes at Charlton. “They (Oxford) are a good team. They’re in the top four or five for everything in the League. It is going to be a difficult game. “We can pass the ball and get results against bigger teams – that’s what we get from last week – but we don’t kid ourselves that we’ve suddenly made it.” On-loan youngsters Taylor Perry (knock) and Mattie Pollock (cramp) are both expected to feature after their respective issues picked up against Charlton. ■■ Yeovil boss Darren Sarll is making sure his players stick to a mantra of ‘the next game is the most important game’ in the National League. The Glovers host Chesterfield in a fixture hastily arranged in the light of Covid outbreaks at the originally scheduled opponents of both the Glovers and Spireites. And Sarll is taking things one game at a time: “The players need to keep focused on what is happening now, not January, February or March. Not where the play-off final is, because we don’t care, all we care about is what’s happening now.” FOOTBALL (3pm unless stated) Premier League: Wolverhampton Wdrs v Brentford (12.30pm), Burnley v Arsenal, Liverpool v Crystal Palace, Manchester City v Southampton, Norwich v Watford, Aston Villa v Everton (5.30pm). Sky Bet Championship: Hull City v Sheffield Utd (12.30pm), Barnsley v Blackburn Rov, Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth, Derby County v Stoke City, Fulham v Reading, Huddersfield Tn v Nottingham Forest, Luton Tn v Swansea City, Middlesbrough v Blackpool, Millwall v Coventry City, Peterborough Utd v Birmingham City, Preston North End v West Bromwich Alb, Queens Park Rgrs v Bristol City. Sky Bet League One: Accrington Stanley v Wigan Ath, AFC Wimbledon v Plymouth Arg, Bolton Wdrs v Rotherham Utd, Cheltenham Tn v Oxford Utd, Crewe Alexandra v Burton Alb, Doncaster Rov v Morecambe, Fleetwood Tn v Sunderland, Gillingham v Milton Keynes Dons, Lincoln City v Ipswich Tn, Portsmouth v Cambridge Utd, Sheffield Wednesday v Shrewsbury Tn, Wycombe Wdrs v Charlton Ath. Sky Bet League Two: Northampton Tn v Swindon Tn (2pm), Bradford City v Barrow, Bristol Rov v Leyton Orient, Carlisle Utd v Scunthorpe Utd, Colchester Utd v Crawley Tn, Exeter City v Sutton Utd, Mansfield Tn v Rochdale, Newport County v Walsall, Oldham Ath v Hartlepool Utd, Port Vale v Harrogate Tn, Stevenage v Forest Green Rov, Tranmere Rov v Salford City. National League: Bromley v Barnet, FC Halifax Tn v Stockport, Grimsby Tn v Eastleigh, Notts County v Maidenhead Utd, Solihull Moors v Boreham Wood, Torquay Utd v Southend Utd, Wealdstone v Aldershot Tn, Wrexham v Dagenham & Redbridge, Yeovil Tn v Chesterfield, Weymouth v Dover Ath. FA Cup second qualifying round (selected): Aylesbury Utd v Bishop’s Cleeve, Cirencester Tn v Hamworthy Utd, Frome Tn v Oxford City, Lymington Tn v Hereford, Poole Tn v Chippenham Tn, Shaftesbury Tn v Bath City, Weston-super-Mare v Taunton Tn, Yate Tn v Gosport Borough. Southern League Division One South: AFC Totton v Slimbridge, Barnstaple Tn v Cinderford Tn, Evesham Utd v Bristol Manor Farm, Highworth Tn v Bideford, Plymouth Parkway v Paulton Rov, Willand Rov v Mangotsfield Utd. Toolstation League Premier Division: Ashton & Backwell Utd v Helston Ath, Bitton v Saltash Utd, Bridport v Cadbury Heath, Buckland v Shepton Mallet., Clevedon Tn v Bridgwater Utd, Ilfracombe Tn v .Millbrook, Keynsham Tn v Exmouth Tn, Mousehole v Street, Wellington v Brislington. Toolstation League Division One: Almondsbury v Gillingham Tn, Cheddar v Sherborne Tn, Odd Down v Hengrove Ath, Oldland Abbotonians v Devizes Tn., Radstock Tn v Bishop Sutton, Wells City v Lebeq Utd, Welton Rov v Portishead Tn, Wincanton Tn v. AEK Boco. RUGBY UNION (3pm unless stated) The Rugby Championship: Australia v South Africa (8.05am), Argentina v New Zealand (11.05am). Gallagher Premiership: Leicester Tigers v Exeter Chiefs, Northampton Saints v Gloucester Rugby, Worcester Warriors v London Irish, Sale Sharks v Bath Rugby (5pm). Greene King IPA Championship: Cornish Pirates v Richmond (1.30pm), London Scottish v Jersey Reds (2.15pm), Coventry v Doncaster, Ealing Trailfinders v Hartpury. National League One: Blackheath v Darlington Mowden Park, Caldy v Birmingham Moseley, Cambridge v Old Elthamians – postponed, Chinnor v Cinderford, Leeds Tykes v Bishop’s Stortford, Plymouth Alb v Rams, Taunton Titans v Rosslyn Park, Tonbridge Juddians v Sale FC. National League Two South: Bury St Edmunds v Rochford Hundred, Canterbury v Worthing, Clifton v Barnes (2.30pm), Esher v Barnstaple, Guernsey v Dings Crusaders, Hinckley v Old Albanian, Redruth v Henley Hawks, Westcliff v Leicester Lions. SPORT ON TELEVISION CRICKET: T20 Blast, Hampshire v Somerset – Sky Sports Main Event & Cricket 10.30am, Kent v Sussex – Sky Sports Main Event & Cricket 2.30pm, T20 Blast final – Sky Sports Cricket 6.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event 8pm. FOOTBALL: Premier League, Wolves v Brentford – BT Sport 1 11.30am, Aston Villa v Everton – Sky Sports Main Event & Premier League 5pm; Championship, Hull vs Sheffield United – Sky Sports Football noon. RUGBY UNION: Rugby Championship, Australia v South Africa – Sky Sports Main Event 8am. TOMORROW CRICKET Women’s One-Day International – New Road: England v New Zealand. FOOTBALL Premier League: Brighton & Hove Alb v Leicester City (2pm), West Ham Utd v Manchester Utd (2pm), Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (4.30pm). FA Cup second qualifying round: Longlevens v Gloucester City (3pm). RUGBY UNION Gallagher Premiership: Newcastle Falcons v Harlequins (3pm).

Sport Western Daily Press SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 CHECK OUT THE RUNNERS AT SEVEN MEETINGS RACECARDS PAGES 56-59 Dent opts to stand down as skipper MARK HALLIWELL mark.halliwell@reachplc.com Chris Dent has stepped down as the captain of Gloucestershire after four years in the role. The 30-year-old succeeded Gareth Roderick as skipper in 2018 and led the team in 45 first-class matches and 20 List-A matches. The crowning achievement of his four-year spell as captain was promotion from Division Two in 2019, back to the premier division of first-class cricket in England for the first time since 2004. The season before, Dent’s first as captain, Gloucestershire ended > > Somerset’s Tom Banton bats during yesterday’s net session ahead of today’s Vitality T20 Blast Finals Day at Edgbaston – See Page 60 Alex Davidson/Getty Images Joy as Lam pens a new deal at Bears Lansdown: He has given the city of Bristol a rugby club we can be proud of JOHN EVELY jonathan.evely@reachplc.com Bristol Bears owner Steve Lansdown and chairman Chris Booy are celebrating a victory bigger than any they might achieve on the field this season after securing the services of rugby director Pat Lam until the end of the 2027/28 season. With a new Premiership season kicking-off at Ashton Gate last night – although the Bears’ match with Saracens came to an end after the Daily Press deadline – Bristol have confirmed Lam, pictured, has signed a new five-year contract following the completion of his existing deal, keeping him at the club until 2028. Owner Lansdown explained why he has locked down the former Samoa international on such a long contract. He said: “What Pat and his team have achieved in a short space of time at Bristol Bears is excellent, but it’s not just the way that the team have performed on the field, it’s the culture and standards he has set to drive the organisation forward. “Bristol Bears are on an exciting journey, and we are delighted to have Pat at the forefront of that. “He has embraced the rebrand and our vision of ‘Inspiring Our Community Through Rugby Success’. From the Academy to our women’s team, Pat lives and breathes our mission every day. He has given the city a rugby club we can be proud of.” Bristol won the Championship in Lam’s first season at the club in 2017/18, having arrived in the West from Irish side Connacht, and the next season they finished ninth in the Premiership with the highest points tally for a newly-promoted club in 12 years. A year later, Bristol clinched a third-placed finish in the Gallagher TURN TO PAGE 61 in the top five in Division Two for the first time since 2011. This year, Dent, above, led the Glo’sters to seven Championship wins as captain – the most firstclass wins in a season since Mark Alleyne’s 11 in 1998. In the last 50 years, only Jack Russell has had a better winning percentage as firstclass captain than Dent. The opening batsman has also led the team in List A cricket since 2018, winning 11 of 20 games and qualifying for the quarter-finals of the 2021 Royal London Cup. Dent said: “I have decided that the time is right for me to step down as captain, it’s been a real honour to captain the club and it is something I will look back on with real pride. It has been a tough decision that I have been thinking about for a few months now, but I think it is the right decision for myself and the club. “My aim when I took over the captaincy was to do all I can to TURN TO PAGE 60 Western Daily Press Published by Bristol News and Media at Temple Way, Bristol BS2 0BY (Tel: 0117 9343000). Registered office: Reach PLC, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP. For permission to copy cuttings, contact the NLA, 7 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1NL (Tel: 01892 525273; email: copy@nla.co.uk). Printed by Reach PLC. The recycled paper content of newspapers in 2016 was 62.8 per cent

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 1 TEASER Eight pages of puzzles, quizzes and sudoku STAR SEEKER Can you find the celebrity name hidden in this crossword? Complete the crossword in the normal way, then make a note of the letters contained in all the squares which are marked with shaded stars. These letters will make an anagram of the name you are trying to discover. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ACROSS H 9 10 11 14 7. Unconcealed (5) 8. Voter (7) 9. Go before (7) 10. Nimble (5) 12. Colony (10) 15. Irritate greatly (10) 18. S. American dance (5) 19. Caretaker (7) 21. Stern (7) 22. Chooses (5) 12 13 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 GOGEN H H H H DOWN 1. Self-satisfied (10) 2. Discourage (5) 3. Inflamed eyelid (4) 4. Up-to-date (6) 5. Indulgent (8) 6. Hits (7) 11. Undertaking (10) 13. In a job (8) 14. Serious (7) 16. Din (6) H 17. Adhere (5) 17 20. Absorbed (4) H H H General Knowledge Quiz 1. What were damaged or destroyed by the ‘bouncing bombs’ of Barnes Wallis? A Dams B Factories C Boats D Harbours 2. Which government securities, introduced in 1956, entitle the holders to participate in a prize draw? A Stock bonds B Premium bonds C National bonds D Utility bonds 3. Who wrote The Old Curiosity Shop? A William Thackeray B George Orwell C Charles Dickens D Elizabeth Gaskell 4. Which Australian city do the band AC/DC hail from? A Melbourne B Perth C Brisbane D Sydney 5. In which year was the first walk in space? A 1960 B 1965 C 1968 D 1957 6. Which American rock band is fronted by singer Gwen Stefani? A No Way B No Doubt C No Limits D No Worries 7. What is the common name for animals of the family Felidae? A Dogs B Rodents C Cats D Birds 8. Which Australian group had a number one single in 1983 with Down Under? A Truly Madly Deeply B INXS C Jason Donovan with Kylie Minogue D Men at Work Gwen Stefani See Question 6. 9. Which Italian nun, who founded a religious order, was proclaimed patron saint of television in 1958? A St Mary of Assisi B St Josephine of Assisi C St Clare of Assisi D St Francis of Assisi 10. Who founded Singapore in 1819? A James Cook B Thomas Stamford Raffles C Christopher Colombus D Henry James-Wallace 11. In botany what name is given to the process whereby the embryonic plant in a seed starts to produce roots and shoots? A Demegration B Germination C Implication D Fermentation 12. Which infectious disease of rabbits and hares was introduced to Australia during the 1950s as a pest-control measure? A Hepatitis B Myxomatosis C Bubonic Plague D Malaria 13. Which is the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? A The Lighthouse at Alexandria B The Colossus of Rhodes C The Pyramids at Giza D The Gardens of Babylon 14. Who wrote The Soft Machine? A Jonathan Burrows B William Burroughs C Richard Burrel D Thomas Brown 15. Which animal represents the constellation Capricornus? A The bear B The lion C The goat D The ram Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. L X R Q V O C P Y AXIOMS CHEWY DRIFT FIVE HEMP HUT JUG LAUGH QUESTION TALK TUG WEB A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 1 2 3 F B G F N V N Y C D T X DAMP ENVY EQUATOR FISH GOBSMACKED JADE KILN PACKED SINK TAX WORM A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y R C Q B Y X APT BOX CURLING DUCK EQUALITY FLIMSY GLAD HOW JAIL POT TWO VEST A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y

2 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge FILL IN When you’ve completed the puzzle, rearrange the shaded squares to spell out a precious metal. We’ve given you one word to start you off. 3 LETTERS FAT HAM HEN LEG RAP SKI SPA SUP 4 LETTERS ABET AGAR KNIT PLAN STAR SUCH TUNA VAST WORDSEARCH 5 LETTERS AGATE NOBLE PAPER TASER THIEF WHILE P L A N E T 6 LETTERS AVENUE FEEDER MUTANT NEBULA PLANET TARTAR 7 LETTERS CORONET DUSTMAN Here is a list of Japanese cities. Can you find them in the grid? The answers can be found running backwards or forwards, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. ADACHI CHIBA FUKUOKA FUKUYAMA HIROSHIMA KAWASAKI KOBE KYOTO NAGASAKI NAGOYA NERIMA OSAKA SAITAMA SAKAI SAPPORO SENDAI SETAGAYA TOKYO TOYOTA YOKOHAMA A M A H O K O Y N E R I M A N F U K U O K A R B M S K B C A W V U B Q O Z R K R E K D B G J C S M Y I U A S A N O B H O T T K K H C Y N B U D B E A Y E R O C A K A S O I A E M S A I T A Y Z Z P S M K I I O B L K D L R O A A O Q A H M I F S A Z F F X T Y S V S C H I U A S T T W I Q A A O A C X V K I A N M M K K W R G G H I V U T W D O C A Y I B X A Y F M Y A A X K I Y H O T R N T Q C A M K B P I S F F T K K K E O M A S A P P O R O I O R X G S A K General Knowledge Crossword ACROSS 1. A knife with the blade pivoted to fold into a recess in the handle (9) 8. Robert E., commanderin-chief of the Confederate armies in the American Civil War (3) 9. Hawkeye’s name in stories by James Fenimore Cooper (5,6) 11. Small cucumber used for pickling (7) 12. ‘Barnaby ---’, novel by Charles Dickens (5) 13. Clara’s husband in Dickens’s David Copperfield (6) 15. State capital of Kansas (6) 17. Capital of Tunisia (5) 18. Rhododendron of E. North America (7) 20. Severiano, 1983 US Masters golf champion (11) 22. Umberto, author of Foucault’s Pendulum (3) 23. ‘--- de Paris’, novel by Victor Hugo (5,4) NINERS A test of knowledge for the sporting enthusiast 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 22 20 21 23 WORD WISE The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means? HAUTEUR A B C Of noble birth High fashion Arrogance Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 57694 gives a fictional Jack 2 5 7 9 12 17 91734 gives a fictional Jack 8324 gives what lay in Jack’s house SPORTWORD 19 13 14 DOWN 2. Miss Gardner, US actress born Lucy Johnson (3) 3. Small light boat used by Eskimos (5) 4. Large tropical American lizard with a greyish-green body (6) 5. Grass of S. Europe and N. Africa that yields a fibre used to make rope (7) 6. Andrew, composer of the musical Cats (5,6) 7. The --- bird is a large African bird of prey which feeds chiefly on snakes (9) 10. 1889 novel by R.L. Stevenson (3,5,3) 11. ‘The ---’, 1953 novel by L.P. Hartley (2-7) 14. Protein hormone secreted in the pancreas (7) 16. ‘Murder on the --- Express’, novel by Agatha Christie (6) 19. Erik, French composer of Trois Morceaux en forme de poire (5) 21. The derived SI unit of electric resistance (3) 16 8 11 18 10 15 6 4593671 gives a Greek goddess 217 gives a Greek letter 979481 gives Greek gods 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ACROSS 1. Bruce ........, 1974 and 1978 Individual Eventing World Champion (8) 7. Bob ....., vice-captain on the 1932/33 England Test cricket tour of Australia (5) 8. Boxer’s arm span (5) 9. Country that hosted the Euro 1992 Championships (6) 10. Darren ...., former England striker (4) 12. Patrice ...., former Juventus defender (4) 14. Michael ......, 1996-97 IBF Heavyweight champion (6) 17. Zsolt ....., WBO Light Heavyweight champion 2004-09 (5) 18. Bacary ....., former France and Man City defender (5) 19. Roberto ........, Pittsburgh Pirates baseball star who died in a 1972 plane crash (8) WHIFFLER A B C One who complains Official who clears the way for a procession Producer of soured milk DOWN 8 1. Mohamed ....., former Senegal and Hull midfielder (5) 2. Sebastian ......, F1 driver who won the 2009 Chinese GP (6) 3. Françoise ...., winner of the 1967 French Open singles championship (4) 4. John .’...., Derby and Notts Forest forward under Brian Clough (5) 5. West Germany 1966 World Cup Final captain (3,6) 6. Fatima ........., 1987 World Championships javelin gold medallist (9) 11. John ......, football commentator known as Motty (6) 13. Vebjørn ....., 1996 Olympic men’s 800m champion (5) 15. Jacques ....., President of the International Olympic Committee from 2001- 2013 (5) 16. .... Brady, Celtic manager 91-93 (4)

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 3 TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge Kakuro Fill in the white squares with the numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block of squares must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block must add up to the number in the shaded square above it. No number may be used more than once in any one block. 1 2 9 5 4 28 4 3 14 28 16 11 14 8 12 6 15 7 14 8 16 20 8 10 12 25 30 22 26 11 13 13 22 9 13 8 7 9 13 12 8 15 10 13 9 16 12 10 11 24 7 13 24 29 23 10 14 13 15 10 6 13 11 7 28 8 6 11 16 19 32 28 19 11 20 8 19 8 6 5 9 9 4 8 7 15 9 10 3 10 WORD LADDER Using the clues provided, fill in each step of the ladder with a new word, changing one letter at a time. 1 2 Chef Irish town Cereal crop Ripped Settlement SHAM LOOK DOWN Propelled body through water 3 4 16 3 20 17 19 4 18 12 19 23 4 6 6 12 12 10 19 3 16 28 5 4 13 35 5 16 17 17 19 20 18 23 13 30 23 4 21 26 10 8 7 10 25 12 13 23 20 9 8 8 5 15 4 5 7 10 8 13 22 11 9 23 23 22 23 20 6 15 21 12 10 11 6 5 12 8 10 13 10 12 11 3 6 3 MOCK Cook Unadorned Dog noise Trade Cleansing product Immerse Footwear BIKE TWO SPEED CROSSWORD This two-speed crossword has two sets of clues, but just one grid. If you can’t solve the Cryptic clues, try the Quick. Cryptic Across 1. The first man to make a crazy comeback (4) 8. Those who attend summit conferences presumably don’t suffer from this (10) 9. Manage to shift gold inside, maybe! (8) 10. The kind of enemy to be shrewd (4) 12. Price for one heraldic device (6) 14. Finding fault with an assessment (6) 15. Restricts the space for a hundred rackets (6) 17. It’s easy to find an account in documentary system (6) 18. It will support any blooming thing! (4) 19. The one who puts down the notes for an instrument (8) 21. Make a chance discovery and hand over information on demand (4,6) 22. Sped away to find cover, we hear (4) Down 2. Prevent one from succeeding (10) 3. It was made of chain letters! (4) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 4 & 7D The equestrian’s way to the wedding, we hear (6,4) 5. To be published, a paper needs revising (6) 6. Descriptive of those who take orders (8) 7. See 4 Down 11. Current meeting-place (10) 22 13. Be mindful about one of the society (8) 16. Trim a conifer (6) 17. A fractional part for the commission agent (6) 18. One regularly puts one’s foot in it (4) 20. Spots a bit of disorder ashore (4) Quick Across 1. Man’s name (4) 8. Fear of heights (10) 9. Remove (8) 10. Knowing (4) 12. Fee (6) 14. Ranking (6) 15. Contractions (6) 17. Superficial (6) 18. Stalk (4) 19. Instrument (8) 21. Meet with (4,6) 22. Hurried (4) Down 2. Deprive of a right (10) 3. Post (4) 4. Horse’s headgear (6) 5. Seem (6) 6. Reclusive (8) 7. Track (4) 11. Merging of rivers (10) 13. Recall (8) 16. Neat (6) 17. Element (6) 18. Foot covering (4) 20. Impetuous (4) Scribble pad Rear Be without ALPHAMUDDLE Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. LOCK Rearrange the letters in the grid on the left to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed to start you off. C I M I T O A L F A R E M A C E T O P A C A D A L A SPLIT DECISION A C R L A S R I E N U Z P R T G A E F R A E R A R C U T I C B F E E I A J K I Y R N G Z S R

4 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge PATHFINDER Beginning with the top highlighted letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. Classical composers T R A U L A N R S R B E T S T C T S S U O G E C E I Z B R R H A H S S B S U H N G U R E A K I C A I B I M N W A C K N V O V S B L E L A N R E V S N I S L K Y I U L A T D I Y K N H T O E V A S B R T E M S O H I V H L N R I R A Z N L S E D L A H A E T T E M O D E A G H B U G N W C A G S R B F R A C E I C C I V O K A O I O D B T E N I U L L S K Y K N G E N H O V D P S I M I R C N E F I N V O K S M A S A S H I N F O I E R A A I N T E N O P R O S S N Sudoku Challenge Easy 8 4 9 2 3 2 6 8 9 7 5 6 2 6 3 7 3 6 1 8 8 4 7 6 1 4 9 7 5 5 9 8 1 6 8 5 1 2 6 9 1 6 5 4 7 4 5 6 7 8 4 5 5 3 4 2 7 9 8 4 6 2 8 9 7 7 7 3 5 9 8 1 MIRROR IMAGE Medium Which of the shapes below is an exact mirror image of the shape on the right? A C CLOCKWORD The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter E in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a US actress. 10 9 1. Respect 2. Agile 3. Spout 4. Tempt 5. Breed of hound 6. Dress 11 8 B D 12 7 E 1 6 7. Stinging plant 8. Coax 9. Rubbish 10. Decorated 11. Weak 2 5 3 4 12. Religious building 6 3 2 9 1 9 7 6 8 4 5 2 Hard 5 7 8 7 2 9 9 7 1 1 3 7 8 2 3 6 7 2 9 4 9 2 6 4 7 4 9 8 5 3 5 4 2 3 9 6 4 5 4 8 3 2 8 4 2 1 5 3 4 8 2 2 9 1 4 3 9 1 4 2 8 3 6 4 4 6 2 7 9 4 6 1 5 4 9 7 5 8 4 1 3 1 7 6 8 5 4 3 7 5 8 6 1 9 2 7 5 3 4 1 2 7 9 1

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 5 TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge Giant Sudoku Every row, every column and every 5 x 5 box must contain every digit from 1 to 9 and every letter from K to Z. N T X 3 Q M K 8 L 6 P 1 R U 8 V Q U 6 W 7 3 K W K 5 O N T V Z 4 R 7 1 U R K 7 3 9 T P Y 4 Z M L T Y 1 8 6 3 O 2 4 5 8 M P 7 Q S 7 W 5 Z 8 4 N 3 9 U P M Q 1 7 P R 8 K U 2 K 9 V S 3 Y 7 1 L W 6 8 T U W X Y M N 1 5 R P 5 Z X T W N 2 O S W 8 9 M L 1 R Z 4 V 2 X 1 V 6 R 9 M Z L 5 Y Y V O 2 P L N 7 S W 6 U U M 3 K 5 1 Q O 9 N O Z 5 V U K 9 X 5 U 6 O 8 M 3 Q S P W Z 2 P 9 Y L U W R 4 1 R M Z S L Y 2 Q 8 1 S Y Q W 4 T M L V O S R Y X M V W L 3 9 K 7 5 K M W L S 2 P X Z R P U Y V 7 9 4 8 2 1 5 6 6 1 O 5 Q K M U S L T P Q P 7 8 4 9 5 Y T N Z O ALPHADOKU Both the puzzles contain 9 x 9 sudokus but with the letters R to Z. NUMBERFIT Fit the listed numbers into the grid. 1 2 digits: 16 19 26 43 3 digits: 649 662 666 688 936 939 946 949 4 digits: 1926 1948 1992 1994 1996 2099 4998 6308 5 digits: 28857 38854 6 digits: 123315 193412 484312 883312 8 digits: 79114383 79926383 2 2 digits: 38 48 3 digits: 135 196 433 439 603 634 846 933 948 995 5 digits: 39696 65365 6 digits: 130539 198938 343434 648934 7 digits: 1311556 4694356 6448484 6556453 9 digits: 193349634 583849934 954847484 3 T R Z U Y W Z V W X Y T S Z S T W Y V T Y W Z X W V X U T R Z S U T V Z W T Y R W V R Y S V Z 2 digits: 39 90 3 digits: 191 195 205 251 338 481 555 717 778 814 5 digits: 41072 45561 6 digits: 100191 103981 652974 915304 7 digits: 2314419 8215018 8981958 9557192 9 digits: 191310120 805811095 915511702

6 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge REMEMBER WHEN The following events all occurred in living memory. Can you guess the year? A 1. Faye Dunaway and Nick Nolte were born 2. Walt Disney’s Dumbo was released 3. Airwoman Amy Johnson went missing 4. Rudolf Hess arrived in Scotland to apparently negotiate peace talks Arrowword Title American state Strict _ Beckinsale, pictured Vehicle Most pleasant Top of milk Had food Barter Image recorder Uncooked Riches Most recent B 1. Ricky Martin had a UK No.1 hit with Livin’ La Vida Loca 2. Annette Bening starred in American Beauty 3. Stanley Kubrick died 4. Britain got its first minimum wage Below Epoch Ovum Was seated In front Water source Rodent Alcoholic drink C 1. Bros had a No.1 hit single with I Owe You Nothing 2. Jamie Lee Curtis and John Cleese starred in A Fish Called Wanda 3. Singer Roy Orbison died 4. Margaret Thatcher became the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century QUICK QUIZ 1. Which former Countdown star hosts the Pride of Britain Awards? 2. Which voting system is sometimes known by the initials PR? 3. Which state of the USA was formerly known as the Sandwich Islands? 4. Togo can be found in which continent? 5. Which UK seabird is known as the ‘clown of the sea’ or ‘sea parrot’? 6. Mount Everest is part of which mountain range? 7. Which Soviet leader signed a major arms limitation treaty with President Reagan in 1987? 8. With which musical instrument is Sir Yehudi Menuhin associated? 9. What is the capital of Argentina? 10. Which crystalline hydrocarbon was traditionally used to make mothballs? CODEWORD This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. 1 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 I 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 R 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Freight Midpoint In the past Office furniture item Simplicity Ladder step Grasped Stole Belonging to us Small rustic houses Organ of sight Certainly Mineral Roman city Clint _, director Consume Assam, Earl Grey etc Continent Finished Gourd Leftovers Split apart Hurt Boot _ Gosling, pictured Secondhand Small vegetable Tavern 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 L O 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Repair Artificial satellite (1,1,1) Bashful Classify Enquired Not those! A pair Sound quality Breathe quickly Verge Unkind Cease living Goes fast Spike of wheat Novel Peculiar Put in Eager Lazy Atom Thick oil Neckwear item Actress, _ Barrymore 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 A 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 C

WESTERN DAILY PRESS Saturday, September 18, 2021 7 TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge Giant Crossword 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 ACROSS 1 Not genuine (6) 5 Sleeve parts (5) 8 __ Poitier, American actor (6) 10 Object damaged beyond repair (5-3) 14 Studies (6) 16 Divided (5) 21 Heater (8) 22 Californian city (7) 23 __ Has Fallen, 2013 film (7) 25 Military officers (9) 26 Gifts (6) 27 Rotate (4) 28 Cereal (3) 29 Practise (8) 32 Celestial bodies (5) 33 Hairless (4) 34 Residence (5) 35 Peruse (4) 38 Cat that catches lots of prey (6) 40 Long handled brush (5) 42 Remote possibility (7,6) 44 Light wood (5) 46 Scottish journalist and broadcaster (6,4) 48 Strangest (6) 51 Italian composer (7) 54 Legitimate (5,5) 55 Rebuke (8) 59 Tristan und __, Wagner opera (6) 60 Forbearance (9) 62 Expel (7) 63 Irritated (5) 64 Lunar rays (9) 67 Hairdressing implement (4,5) 69 Daniel __, English author (5) 71 Fiendish (7) 74 Members of a religion (9) 77 Dissertation (6) 78 Shortened (8) 81 Rogues (10) 82 Facial hair (7) 84 Settle (6) 87 Toys (10) 90 Sleeping noise (5) 92 Jail officers (6,7) 95 Planet (5) 96 Most proficient (6) 98 Test (4) 100 European river (5) 101 Assistant (4) 102 Tic (5) 104 __ Hoult, British actor (8) 107 Cretan mountain (3) 109 Adhesive (4) 111 Terminates (6) 112 Seriously (9) 114 Taint (7) 117 __ Hart, British actress and comedian (7) 118 Metal source (4,4) 119 British singersongwriter (5) 120 Alcoholic drink (6) 121 Housing loan (8) 122 Fairness (6) 123 Appears (5) 124 Scant (6) DOWN 2 Hair-cleaning agent (7) 3 Confederation (5) 4 Month (7) 5 Collector’s item (5) 6 Main entrance (5,4) 7 Member of a religion (4) 8 Ringo __, British drummer (5) 9 Self (3) 11 Type of music (3) 12 Type of tree (3) 13 Something treated in a pedicure (7) 14 Covered inside (5) 15 Commercials (3) 17 Trails (5) 18 Projecting end (5) 19 Colouring agents (4) 20 Erase (6) 24 Type of fabric (5) 25 Knight’s title (3) 26 Loud booming sound (7) 30 Strike (3) 31 Liquorice flavouring (7) 34 Con (4) 36 Muhammad __, late American boxer (3) 37 Variety of capsicum (6) 38 Cow’s sound (3) 39 Cunning (7) 40 Washing place (7) 41 Skinflint (5) 42 Pungent bulb (5) 43 Bacteria (1,4) 44 Fragile (9) 45 Wasim __, Pakistani former cricketer (5) 47 Character in The Matrix films 49 Interrupt (7) 50 Abundant (7) 52 Unutterable (9) 53 Dwells (7) 54 Lack (7) 56 Synthetic material (7) 57 Heart-related (7) 58 Character in the sitcom Friends (4) 61 Glorify (4) 65 Implore (7) 66 Unique (7) 68 Foot parts (5) 70 Consume completely (3,2) 72 System (6) 73 Cold symptom (7) 75 Frock (5) 76 Haul (5) 79 Plant (3) 80 Australian dogs (7) 83 Cyclone (9) 85 Headgear (3) 86 Island (4) 88 Lenient (3) 89 Capital of Zimbabwe (6) 91 Leftover (7) 93 Place within (5) 94 Long fish (3) 96 Antennae (7) 97 Partly closes the eyes (7) 98 Stage and film musical (5) 99 Woman’s name (5) 101 Clothes horse (5) 103 Layer (esp. of wood, cloth or paper) (3) 105 Type of bird (4) 106 Aerosol (5) 108 Book of maps (5) 109 Greek letter (5) 110 Finishes (4) 112 Flightless bird (3) 113 __ Hiddleston, British actor (3) 115 Scrap of cloth (3) 116 Konnie __, British TV presenter (3)

8 Saturday, September 18, 2021 WESTERN DAILY PRESS TEASER TEASER Your weekly puzzle challenge N K N A C W H A W A I I T R A D E M T C R E A M A S E V E R E W E L L A S A T R A T B E N E A T H B A T H R G E Y E E T I C A R G O A E A S T W O O D U U N D E R S T O O D L C E N T R E A I N D I E A G O C O T T A G E S O S O V E R E R P A N T D E S K S E P A R A T E D I S U S E D E D G E H A R M M E N D R R P E A A S K E D K I C K I S S E A R L I N N T H E S E R Y A N S H Y N E W 1 A; 2 B; 3 C; 4 D; 5 B; 6 B; 7 C; 8 D; 9 C; 10 B; 11 B; 12 B; 13 C; 14 B; 15 C General Knowledge Quiz PAGE 1 Across: 7 Overt; 8 Elector; 9 Precede; 10 Agile; 12 Settlement; 15 Exasperate; 18 Tango; 19 Curator; 21 Austere; 22 Picks. Down: 1 Complacent; 2 Deter; 3 Stye; 4 Recent; 5 Decadent; 6 Strikes; 11 Enterprise; 13 Employed; 14 Earnest; 16 Racket; 17 Stick; 20 Rapt. Star Name: MIKE MYERS. Star Seeker Gogen PAGE 2 General Knowledge Crossword Across: 1 Jackknife; 8 Lee; 9 Natty Bumppo; 11 Gherkin; 12 Rudge; 13 Barkis; 15 Topeka; 17 Tunis; 18 Rosebay; 20 Ballesteros; 22 Eco; 23 Notre Dame. Down: 2 Ava; 3 Kayak; 4 Iguana; 5 Esparto; 6 Lloyd Webber; 7 Secretary; 10 The Wrong Box; 11 (The) Go-between; 14 Insulin; 16 Orient; 19 Satie; 21 Ohm. Word Wise: C. Arrogance. S U C L A N H T L P L K O W I E H L I R G A R I G A G N O L V B E N H E N E D E R F E A B E U N A T T U M U T N S U P A T L G T E R A A V A S M F T S P P R A A A E S T A N I T R R N K N Precious metal: SILVER Fill In A M A H O K O Y N E R I M A N F U K U O K A R B M S K B C A W V U B Q O Z R K R E K D B G J C S M Y I U A S A N O B H O T T K K H C Y N B U D B E A Y E R O C A K A S O I A E M S A I T A Y Z Z P S M K I I O B L K D L R O A A O Q A H M I F S A Z F F X T Y S V S C H I U A S T T W I Q A A O A C X V K I A N M M K K W R G G H I V U T W D O C A Y I B X A Y F M Y A A X K I Y H O T R N T Q C A M K B P I S F F T K K K E O M A S A P P O R O I O R X G S A K Wordsearch Niner Sportword Kakuro PAGE 3 PAGE 4 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 6 8 2 1 3 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 8 4 2 4 8 7 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 6 1 6 8 6 2 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 1 6 6 1 5 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 3 5 6 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 6 4 9 7 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 5 9 8 8 1 4 9 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 6 2 4 3 2 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 1 7 5 3 7 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 4 6 4 9 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 3 4 8 5 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 8 9 6 6 3 1 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 6 9 7 3 4 2 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 8 5 6 5 6 1 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 2 8 1 7 1 8 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 3 7 8 5 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 9 5 4 1 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 8 5 6 6 2 4 2 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 3 2 5 4 1 8 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 4 3 5 7 3 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 8 1 9 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 9 2 8 3 1 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 7 1 9 2 8 6 9 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 3 1 4 2 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 9 3 1 9 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 7 1 6 2 4 5 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 3 2 1 3 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 4 1 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 9 2 8 1 2 7 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 6 9 7 8 6 8 9 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2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 4 2 4 1 8 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 8 5 5 1 4 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 9 3 2 9 2 4 1 3 1 Admire, 2 Nimble, 3 Nozzle, 4 Entice, 5 Beagle, 6 Attire, 7 Nettle, 8 Cajole, 9 Refuse, 10 Ornate, 11 Feeble, 12 Temple. US actress: ANNE BANCROFT. ANNE BANCROFT. ANNE BANCROFT Clockword Sudoku 3 1 8 7 9 2 4 5 6 7 8 4 2 5 9 6 3 1 5 9 3 1 6 8 2 4 7 1 2 6 8 3 5 9 4 7 8 4 1 9 7 3 5 6 2 7 3 4 2 5 1 6 9 8 6 4 3 2 8 1 7 9 5 5 3 7 1 9 8 2 4 6 8 1 5 6 4 7 9 3 2 8 7 9 2 5 1 6 4 3 5 9 1 3 7 2 4 6 8 3 2 4 8 6 9 1 7 5 1 9 3 6 2 5 8 7 4 2 5 8 4 1 6 7 9 3 4 3 5 9 7 8 6 2 1 3 6 4 5 1 2 7 9 8 8 4 9 7 2 3 5 1 6 1 9 3 6 8 7 2 5 4 Easy Medium 6 3 2 9 4 1 5 8 7 8 1 3 7 6 9 2 4 5 9 7 1 8 5 2 4 6 3 2 8 9 7 6 4 3 1 5 6 4 8 1 2 7 5 3 9 7 1 3 5 4 8 9 2 6 3 9 8 4 1 7 6 5 2 5 8 6 2 7 1 4 9 3 1 2 5 3 9 6 7 4 8 5 6 2 8 3 7 1 9 4 4 8 5 9 7 2 3 6 1 2 9 6 4 1 3 7 5 8 6 7 8 3 2 4 9 1 5 8 4 7 5 9 6 1 3 2 3 2 1 6 4 8 5 9 7 7 9 6 2 8 3 5 4 1 2 6 4 1 3 9 8 7 5 1 3 9 7 5 2 4 8 6 Hard 6 7 3 4 8 1 9 5 2 1 8 7 2 5 3 4 9 6 2 3 9 1 6 4 5 7 8 3 1 7 8 9 6 5 2 4 8 2 5 4 1 9 6 3 7 4 9 6 3 2 1 7 8 5 7 3 8 1 5 4 2 9 6 5 9 2 6 4 8 1 7 3 6 4 3 9 7 2 8 5 1 8 1 7 5 9 2 4 3 6 9 2 1 4 3 7 6 8 5 3 7 8 6 2 1 5 4 9 2 8 5 1 3 6 9 7 4 5 4 8 7 6 2 3 1 9 1 6 9 2 4 3 7 8 5 6 2 8 4 7 3 1 9 5 3 7 9 2 1 4 5 6 8 9 8 6 5 3 2 4 7 1 9 N 7 2 T 4 9 N 7 2 T 4 X 3 Q M K X 3 Q M K 5 8 L Y 6 5 8 L Y 6 S O P Z 1 S O P Z 1 V W R U S L 8 V Y Z S L 8 V Y Z 2 P 5 R Q 2 P 5 R Q U 6 4 W T U 6 4 W T 7 X 3 1 O 7 X 3 1 O M K N 9 W K 6 3 5 U W K 6 3 5 U O 9 1 N M O 9 1 N M T P V Z 4 T P V Z 4 R 8 Y Q 7 R 8 Y Q 7 L 2 X S Q 1 O U R 8 Q 1 O U R 8 W S K 6 X W S K 6 X 7 3 N 9 2 7 3 N 9 2 L 5 M V T L 5 M V T P Y Z 4 Z 4 X M P L Z 4 X M P L T V 7 Y 2 T V 7 Y 2 O 1 R S U O 1 R S U W 9 K N Q W 9 K N Q 5 8 6 3 N 3 U 1 X K L O 2 4 5 Z 9 8 6 R M P T Y V S 7 Q W 6 S 2 7 W M 6 S 2 7 W M R 5 Z 8 T R 5 Z 8 T 4 N 3 K Q 4 N 3 K Q 9 V L O U 9 V L O U Y X P 1 M Y T Q Z 6 M Y T Q Z 6 1 7 P 9 V 1 7 P 9 V R X W O 8 R X W O 8 K 3 S U 5 K 3 S U 5 N 4 L 2 5 R K 9 V S 5 R K 9 V S 3 Y N Q 7 3 Y N Q 7 1 U P L X 1 U P L X 2 Z 4 W 6 2 Z 4 W 6 8 T M O P 8 L 4 O T P 8 L 4 O T V U W X Y V U W X Y S M Q 2 N S M Q 2 N 6 1 7 5 9 6 1 7 5 9 K R 3 Z R P 9 5 6 Q Z X T 7 8 W 4 K V Y U N 1 2 3 O M S L 7 W N S 8 O 7 W N S 8 O 9 6 M U L 9 6 M U L 3 2 Y 1 5 3 2 Y 1 5 X Q R K Z X Q R K Z 4 V T P 2 X Q T 1 V 2 X Q T 1 V 4 N 8 S U 4 N 8 S U 6 R 9 P M 6 R 9 P M Z L O 3 K Z L O 3 K W 5 7 Y Y V Z O 4 2 Y V Z O 4 2 P L 3 K N P L 3 K N M 7 S 5 W M 7 S 5 W T 6 8 9 R T 6 8 9 R X U 1 Q U M 3 L K W U M 3 L K W 5 R Y 1 Z 5 R Y 1 Z X Q O T S X Q O T S P 7 V 4 2 P 7 V 4 2 9 6 8 N 8 O W Z 7 5 Q T R V P 2 L U 3 1 4 K 9 X S 6 N Y M L 5 V X U 1 L 5 V X U 1 K 4 6 O 9 K 4 6 O 9 8 Y M 7 3 8 Y M 7 3 Q S N P W Q S N P W R Z 2 T 3 6 M P 9 Y 3 6 M P 9 Y 7 8 X 2 S 7 8 X 2 S N Z T Q L N Z T Q L V U W R 4 V U W R 4 1 O K 5 K T 4 R N 3 K T 4 R N 3 M Z S L W M Z S L W V 5 1 X O V 5 1 X O Y 2 6 7 P Y 2 6 7 P Q 9 U 8 1 2 S Y Q N 1 2 S Y Q N U W 9 P R U W 9 P R K O 6 4 Z K O 6 4 Z 8 T 5 M X 8 T 5 M X 3 L V 7 O U 1 N S R Y Q 4 Z 6 P T X M V 5 W 2 L 8 7 3 9 K T 7 5 K 3 9 T 7 5 K 3 9 N M V W 1 N M V W 1 L S 2 8 P L S 2 8 P O R Z 6 Y O R Z 6 Y U Q 4 X X Z R W L P X Z R W L P S K U T O S K U T O Y V 7 N 9 Y V 7 N 9 3 4 Q 8 M 3 4 Q 8 M 2 1 5 6 4 9 Y 8 2 X 4 9 Y 8 2 X 6 1 O 5 3 6 1 O 5 3 6 1 O 5 3 Q K Z R 7 Q K Z R 7 N M U S L N M U S L T P W V V Q P 6 M 7 V Q P 6 M 7 8 2 L 3 4 8 2 L 3 4 9 W 5 U K 9 W 5 U K 9 W 5 U K 1 Y X T N 1 Y X T N Z S O R 9 N 7 2 T 4 S L 8 V Y Z W K 6 3 5 U Q 1 O U R 8 Z 4 X M P L 6 S 2 7 W M M Y T Q Z 6 5 R K 9 V S P 8 L 4 O T 7 W N S 8 O 2 X Q T 1 V Y V Z O 4 2 U M 3 L K W L 5 V X U 1 3 6 M P 9 Y K T 4 R N 3 1 2 S Y Q N T 7 5 K 3 9 X Z R W L P 4 9 Y 8 2 X V Q P 6 M 7 9 N 7 2 T 4 S L 8 V Y Z W K 6 3 5 U Q 1 O U R 8 Z 4 X M P L 6 S 2 7 W M M Y T Q Z 6 5 R K 9 V S P 8 L 4 O T 7 W N S 8 O 2 X Q T 1 V Y V Z O 4 2 U M 3 L K W L 5 V X U 1 3 6 M P 9 Y K T 4 R N 3 1 2 S Y Q N T 7 5 K 3 9 X Z R W L P 4 9 Y 8 2 X V Q P 6 M 7 9 N 7 2 T 4 S L 8 V Y Z W K 6 3 5 U Q 1 O U R 8 Z 4 X M P L 6 S 2 7 W M M Y T Q Z 6 5 R K 9 V S P 8 L 4 O T 7 W N S 8 O 2 X Q T 1 V Y V Z O 4 2 U M 3 L K W L 5 V X U 1 3 6 M P 9 Y K T 4 R N 3 1 2 S Y Q N T 7 5 K 3 9 X Z R W L P 4 9 Y 8 2 X V Q P 6 M 7 9 N 7 2 T 4 S L 8 V Y Z W K 6 3 5 U Q 1 O U R 8 Z 4 X M P L 6 S 2 7 W M M Y T Q Z 6 5 R K 9 V S P 8 L 4 O T 7 W N S 8 O 2 X Q T 1 V Y V Z O 4 2 U M 3 L K W L 5 V X U 1 3 6 M P 9 Y K T 4 R N 3 1 2 S Y Q N T 7 5 K 3 9 X Z R W L P 4 9 Y 8 2 X V Q P 6 M 7 9 N 7 2 T 4 S L 8 V Y Z W K 6 3 5 U Q 1 O U R 8 Z 4 X M P L 6 S 2 7 W M M Y T Q Z 6 5 R K 9 V S P 8 L 4 O T 7 W N S 8 O 2 X Q T 1 V Y V Z O 4 2 U M 3 L K W L 5 V X U 1 3 6 M P 9 Y K T 4 R N 3 1 2 S Y Q N T 7 5 K 3 9 X Z R W L P 4 9 Y 8 2 X V Q P 6 M 7 X 3 Q M K 2 P 5 R Q O 9 1 N M W S K 6 X T V 7 Y 2 R 5 Z 8 T 1 7 P 9 V 3 Y N Q 7 V U W X Y 9 6 M U L 4 N 8 S U P L 3 K N 5 R Y 1 Z K 4 6 O 9 7 8 X 2 S M Z S L W U W 9 P R N M V W 1 S K U T O 6 1 O 5 3 8 2 L 3 4 X 3 Q M K 2 P 5 R Q O 9 1 N M W S K 6 X T V 7 Y 2 R 5 Z 8 T 1 7 P 9 V 3 Y N Q 7 V U W X Y 9 6 M U L 4 N 8 S U P L 3 K N 5 R Y 1 Z K 4 6 O 9 7 8 X 2 S M Z S L W U W 9 P R N M V W 1 S K U T O 6 1 O 5 3 8 2 L 3 4 X 3 Q M K 2 P 5 R Q O 9 1 N M W S K 6 X T V 7 Y 2 R 5 Z 8 T 1 7 P 9 V 3 Y N Q 7 V U W X Y 9 6 M U L 4 N 8 S U P L 3 K N 5 R Y 1 Z K 4 6 O 9 7 8 X 2 S M Z S L W U W 9 P R N M V W 1 S K U T O 6 1 O 5 3 8 2 L 3 4 X 3 Q M K 2 P 5 R Q O 9 1 N M W S K 6 X T V 7 Y 2 R 5 Z 8 T 1 7 P 9 V 3 Y N Q 7 V U W X Y 9 6 M U L 4 N 8 S U P L 3 K N 5 R Y 1 Z K 4 6 O 9 7 8 X 2 S M Z S L W U W 9 P R N M V W 1 S K U T O 6 1 O 5 3 8 2 L 3 4 5 8 L Y 6 U 6 4 W T T P V Z 4 7 3 N 9 2 O 1 R S U 4 N 3 K Q R X W O 8 1 U P L X S M Q 2 N 3 2 Y 1 5 6 R 9 P M M 7 S 5 W X Q O T S 8 Y M 7 3 N Z T Q L V 5 1 X O K O 6 4 Z L S 2 8 P Y V 7 N 9 Q K Z R 7 9 W 5 U K 5 8 L Y 6 U 6 4 W T T P V Z 4 7 3 N 9 2 O 1 R S U 4 N 3 K Q R X W O 8 1 U P L X S M Q 2 N 3 2 Y 1 5 6 R 9 P M M 7 S 5 W X Q O T S 8 Y M 7 3 N Z T Q L V 5 1 X O K O 6 4 Z L S 2 8 P Y V 7 N 9 Q K Z R 7 9 W 5 U K 5 8 L Y 6 U 6 4 W T T P V Z 4 7 3 N 9 2 O 1 R S U 4 N 3 K Q R X W O 8 1 U P L X S M Q 2 N 3 2 Y 1 5 6 R 9 P M M 7 S 5 W X Q O T S 8 Y M 7 3 N Z T Q L V 5 1 X O K O 6 4 Z L S 2 8 P Y V 7 N 9 Q K Z R 7 9 W 5 U K 5 8 L Y 6 U 6 4 W T T P V Z 4 7 3 N 9 2 O 1 R S U 4 N 3 K Q R X W O 8 1 U P L X S M Q 2 N 3 2 Y 1 5 6 R 9 P M M 7 S 5 W X Q O T S 8 Y M 7 3 N Z T Q L V 5 1 X O K O 6 4 Z L S 2 8 P Y V 7 N 9 Q K Z R 7 9 W 5 U K S O P Z 1 7 X 3 1 O R 8 Y Q 7 L 5 M V T W 9 K N Q 9 V L O U K 3 S U 5 2 Z 4 W 6 6 1 7 5 9 X Q R K Z Z L O 3 K T 6 8 9 R P 7 V 4 2 Q S N P W V U W R 4 Y 2 6 7 P 8 T 5 M X O R Z 6 Y 3 4 Q 8 M N M U S L 1 Y X T N S O P Z 1 7 X 3 1 O R 8 Y Q 7 L 5 M V T W 9 K N Q 9 V L O U K 3 S U 5 2 Z 4 W 6 6 1 7 5 9 X Q R K Z Z L O 3 K T 6 8 9 R P 7 V 4 2 Q S N P W V U W R 4 Y 2 6 7 P 8 T 5 M X O R Z 6 Y 3 4 Q 8 M N M U S L 1 Y X T N S O P Z 1 7 X 3 1 O R 8 Y Q 7 L 5 M V T W 9 K N Q 9 V L O U K 3 S U 5 2 Z 4 W 6 6 1 7 5 9 X Q R K Z Z L O 3 K T 6 8 9 R P 7 V 4 2 Q S N P W V U W R 4 Y 2 6 7 P 8 T 5 M X O R Z 6 Y 3 4 Q 8 M N M U S L 1 Y X T N S O P Z 1 7 X 3 1 O R 8 Y Q 7 L 5 M V T W 9 K N Q 9 V L O U K 3 S U 5 2 Z 4 W 6 6 1 7 5 9 X Q R K Z Z L O 3 K T 6 8 9 R P 7 V 4 2 Q S N P W V U W R 4 Y 2 6 7 P 8 T 5 M X O R Z 6 Y 3 4 Q 8 M N M U S L 1 Y X T N V W R U M K N 9 L 2 X S P Y Z 4 5 8 6 3 Y X P 1 N 4 L 2 8 T M O K R 3 Z 4 V T P W 5 7 Y X U 1 Q 9 6 8 N R Z 2 T 1 O K 5 Q 9 U 8 3 L V 7 U Q 4 X 2 1 5 6 T P W V Z S O R V W R U M K N 9 L 2 X S P Y Z 4 5 8 6 3 Y X P 1 N 4 L 2 8 T M O K R 3 Z 4 V T P W 5 7 Y X U 1 Q 9 6 8 N R Z 2 T 1 O K 5 Q 9 U 8 3 L V 7 U Q 4 X 2 1 5 6 T P W V Z S O R V W R U M K N 9 L 2 X S P Y Z 4 5 8 6 3 Y X P 1 N 4 L 2 8 T M O K R 3 Z 4 V T P W 5 7 Y X U 1 Q 9 6 8 N R Z 2 T 1 O K 5 Q 9 U 8 3 L V 7 U Q 4 X 2 1 5 6 T P W V Z S O R Giant Sudoku W X Z S V Y U T R R T U X W Z Y V S Z S T Y R U V X W R Z S X U T W V Y T U V Y R W S Z X V Y Z W T S X R U U W V Y T X R Z S S V R U Z T X W Y T Z W S X R Y U V Z V W X U Y T R S S W Y Z V U R X T U Y S R T V X Z W W R V U T X S Y Z V U X Y R W Z T S Y X Z W S U T V R T Y Z V W R U S X W Z T R X V S U Y X V Y S U W R T Z Alphadoku PAGE 3 Across: 1 Adam; 8 Acrophobia; 9 Dislodge; 10 Arch; 12 Charge; 14 Rating; 15 Cramps; 17 Facile; 18 Stem; 19 Recorder; 21 Come across; 22 Hied. Down: 2 Disinherit; 3 Mail; 4 Bridle; 5 Appear; 6 Monastic; 7 Path; 11 Confluence; 13 Remember; 16 Spruce; 17 Factor; 18 Sock; 20 Rash. Two Speed Crossword Word Ladder 1. Look, Cook, Cork, Corn, Torn, Town, Down. 2. Sham, Swam, Swap, Soap, Soak, Sock, Mock. 3. Bike, Bake, Bare, Bark, Back, Lack, Lock. Mirror Image: D Split Decision S L I C K U N I G R E E N A R G R A T E S PAGE 6 Pathfinder Tchaikovsky, Bach, Strauss, Sibelius, Britten, Ravel, Holst, Vaughan Williams, Puccini, Dvorak, Saint Saens, Rimsky-Korsakov, Cage, Mozart, Tallis, Boulanger, Schumann, Wagner, Bizet, Bruckner, Stravinsky, Verdi, Mendelssohn, Hildegard of Bingen, Chopin, Rossini, Offenbach, Beethoven. Arrowword PAGE 5 PAGE 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 C L T X I M S G F N R V Z K E U O Y A W D Q J P B H 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 J D S U W Z K Q F V I M R E C H X A L T G Y N P O B 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 F A D H N V B Q U M W R G Y J T E C O I Z X L P S K 3 Codeword Across: 1 Pseudo, 5 Cuffs, 8 Sidney, 10 Write-off, 14 Learns, 16 Apart, 21 Radiator, 22 Oakland, 23 Olympus, 25 Sergeants, 26 Treats, 27 Spin, 28 Oat, 29 Rehearse, 32 Stars, 33 Bald, 34 House, 35 Scan, 38 Mouser, 40 Broom, 42 Outside chance, 44 Balsa, 46 Andrew Neil, 48 Oddest, 51 Rossini, 54 Above board, 55 Reproach, 59 Isolde, 60 Tolerance, 62 Dismiss, 63 Irked, 64 Moonbeams, 67 Hair brush, 69 Defoe, 71 Demonic, 74 Buddhists, 77 Thesis, 78 Abridged, 81 Reprobates, 82 Eyelash, 84 Clinch, 87 Playthings, 90 Snore, 92 Prison warders, 95 Earth, 96 Ablest, 98 Exam, 100 Rhone, 101 Aide, 102 Spasm, 104 Nicholas, 107 Ida, 109 Glue, 111 Aborts, 112 Earnestly, 114 Tarnish, 117 Miranda, 118 Lead mine, 119 Adele, 120 Liquor, 121 Mortgage, 122 Equity, 123 Seems, 124 Sparse. Down: 2 Shampoo, 3 Union, 4 October, 5 Curio, 6 Front door, 7 Sikh, 8 Starr, 9 Ego, 11 Rap, 12 Fir, 13 Toenail, 14 Lined, 15 Ads, 17 Paths, 18 Tenon, 19 Dyes, 20 Delete, 24 Satin, 25 Sir, 26 Thunder, 30 Hit, 31 Aniseed, 34 Hoax, 36 Ali, 37 Chilli, 38 Moo, 39 Stealth, 40 Bathtub, 41 Miser, 42 Onion, 43 E coli, 44 Breakable, 45 Akram, 47 Neo, 49 Disturb, 50 Teeming, 52 Ineffable, 53 Resides, 54 Absence, 56 Plastic, 57 Cardiac, 58 Ross, 61 Laud, 65 Beseech, 66 Special, 68 Heels, 70 Eat up, 72 Method, 73 Catarrh, 75 Dress, 76 Heave, 79 Ivy, 80 Dingoes, 83 Hurricane, 85 Hat, 86 Isle, 88 Lax, 89 Harare, 91 Oddment, 93 Inset, 94 Eel, 96 Aerials, 97 Squints, 98 Evita, 99 Mabel, 101 Airer, 103 Ply, 105 Ibis, 106 Spray, 108 Atlas, 109 Gamma, 110 Ends, 112 Emu, 113 Tom, 115 Rag, 116 Huq. Numberfit Giant Crossword Alphamuddle F A T A A R O M T O P I A M I C L A C E L A C E D PAGE 4 7 9 1 1 4 3 8 3 1 4 9 9 8 8 6 6 6 9 4 9 8 3 1 2 3 3 1 5 2 0 9 9 1 9 9 4 8 8 3 3 1 2 2 8 6 4 9 6 6 2 5 1 9 4 8 6 7 9 9 2 6 3 8 3 1 4 6 9 4 3 5 6 1 3 0 5 3 9 4 1 9 3 3 4 9 6 3 4 3 8 8 9 4 8 1 9 6 4 6 3 4 1 3 5 7 4 8 5 8 3 8 4 9 9 3 4 5 6 4 8 9 3 4 6 5 5 6 4 5 3 2 2 3 1 4 4 1 9 1 0 3 9 8 1 5 8 0 5 8 1 1 0 9 5 9 0 3 7 1 7 8 1 4 1 2 5 1 1 9 5 0 3 9 9 1 5 5 1 1 7 0 2 5 6 5 2 9 7 4 8 2 1 5 0 1 8 3 Solutions Solutions L R X F K G N E M H Q O V S U J D T I A Y C P W B 1 F Y N V L W J M A O B D C U S H Q K E I X G T P R 2 F C R D J M H T O E N B Q P I G K A U L X V Y W S 3 B. Official who clears the way for a procession. A. 1941; B.1999; C. 1988. Remember When 1 Carol Vorderman; 2 Proportional representation; 3 Hawaii; 4 Africa; 5 Puffin; 6 The Himalayas; 7 Mikhail Gorbachev; 8 Violin; 9 Buenos Aires; 10 Naphthalene. Quick Quiz Across: 1. Davidson; 7. Wyatt; 8. Reach; 9. Sweden; 10. Bent; 12. Evra; 14. Moorer; 17. Erdei; 18. Sagna; 19. Clemente. Down: 1. Diamé; 2. Vettel; 3. Durr; 4. O’Hare; 5. Uwe Seeler; 6. Whitbread; 11. Motson; 13. Rodal; 15. Rogge; 16. Liam. 1. PLATFORMS: FROST, SPRAT, MALT 2. SPEARMINT: ARTEMIS, PSI, TITANS