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€1.60 Friday, September 17, 2021 – first for breaking news WIN €100 to spend at *In store and online entry FREE Birds pullout Maura fury at ‘predator’ arm grab VOUCHER: PAGE 14 SEE PAGE 5 FOOTBALL PULLOUT INSIDE 8-page League of Ireland action GANGSTER GRANDAD 62-year-old offered home as safe house to Kinahan hitman facing prison Stephen Fowler by PAUL NEILAN A GRANDAD offered his home as a safe house to a Kinahan cartel assassin. Stephen Fowler, 62, whose own son was murdered over a drug feud, brought hitman Imre Arakas to his Dublin property in a gangland plot to kill James “Mago” Gately. Gardai watched the Estonian take a bus from Dublin Airport to the city centre in April 2017 before he was collected by Fowler. He faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced next month. FULL STORY: PAGE 7

2 10 MIN crossword DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DNA database ‘hits’ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ACROSS 1 Lower leg (4) 4 Resound (4) 7 Fin (7) 9 Obtained (3) 11 Bingo (5) 12 Dried grass (3) 14 Live in (7) 16 Ancient garment (4) 17 Cereal grains (4) Brought to you by 4-page puzzle pullout inside 9 DOWN 2 Ring of light (4) 3 Short sleep (3) 5 Freight (5) 6 Speak (5) 8 Software fix (5) 10 Play unfairly (5) 11 Fibbing (5) 13 Dump (4) 15 In the past (3) Thursday’s solutions Across: 1 Ejector, 7 Rim, 8 Aster, 9 Keys, 10 Ides, 13 Inset, 15 Yam, 16 Archery. Down: 2 Jammy, 3 Coax, 4 Opt, 5 Brekkie, 6 Irksome, 11 Dryer, 12 Etch, 14 Sir. in 1,100 crime cases Forensic evidence helping to nail more suspects By SeAn McCArthaigh MORE than 1,100 inquiries were assisted last year by the DNA database matching suspects’ samples with forensic evidence from crime scenes. The annual report of the DNA Database System Oversight Committee revealed 1,102 Garda investigations benefitted from 856 “hits” identified by Forensic Science Ireland officials. This is almost 100 cases more than in 2019. The committee chairperson Judge Catherine Murphy said the crimesolving capacity of the database is continuing to grow with 47% of crime scene samples linked to an individual in 2020 – up from 43% the previous year. The number of DNA profiles of suspects and offenders increased by 31% to 36,196 – a net addition of almost 9,000. The database also contains Got a story? email our newsdesk on: 8,337 profiles of unknown persons taken from crime scenes. The report stated 11,569 DNA samples were destroyed last year and 5,576 profiles removed from the database as required under legislation. It also revealed FSI established 495 matches as a result of an exchange programme of information with eight other countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The list of participating EU member states is set to expand during 2021. Some 313 cases involved matching DNA material from a crime scene in Ireland with the profile of someone on the database of another country. 47% of crime scene samples were linked to an individual last year AN endangered sea turtle given first class treatment on a flight back to Gran Canaria after winding up on Irish shores is back in warm seas. Loggerhead JC washed up in Co Donegal with hypothermia at just nine months old in 2019. After three years recuperating at Exploris Aquarium, Co Down he jetted off to Gran Canaria with Aer Lingus on Wednesday. And later that night was released into the Atlantic much nearer the equator. Exploris Aquarium manager Kieran Quinn said: “I am proud of how our animal experts at Exploris first of all saved JC, to successfully releasing him.” 313 Irish crime scene samples were matched to databases abroad Irish Mirror newsdesk: Commercial department: Marketing and Irish Mirror Bingo claims: Public notices: Write: 4th Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 In addition, 147 cases linked DNA from a foreign crime scene with an individual on the Irish database while 35 profiles matched a crime scene in Ireland with another one abroad. Judge Murphy welcomed the fact concerns raised in the 2019 annual report had been addressed including the non-submission by gardai of DNA samples over a specified period. And she welcomed progress on the development of a new state-of-theart forensic laboratory at Backweston, Co Kildare, scheduled for completion next summer. The judge added: “To an ever increasing extent, the development and success of our criminal justice system is dependent on the effectiveness and integrity of the DNA database system and on the ability of appropriate staff members to respond in a timely and professional manner to the requirements of criminal investigations.” Turtley amazing trip home... wednesday He catches flight to Gran Canaria yesterday JC goes for a dip off Gran Canaria AROUND THE WORLD Iran fuel aid for Lebanon EIGHTY lorries carrying Iranian fuel have arrived in Lebanon under an initiative by Hezbollah to ease the crippling energy crisis. It is being imported via Syria in an effort to avoid embroiling the country in US sanctions on Iran. Economic collapse has left Lebanon dangerously short of basic necessities. French forces kill IS leader The head of IS in the Sahara has been killed by French troops, President Emmanuel Macron said. Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi formed Islamic State in the Greater Sahara in 2015. The group is blamed for most attacks in the region, including the killing last year of French aid workers. City tribute to sex worker Brussels is to name a street after a murdered Nigerian sex worker. The city council said the new road would bear the name of Eunice Osayande, who was stabbed to death by one of her customers in June 2018. The move is part of a wider campaign to recognise women in Belgium. Romance ban for prisoners Denmark is set to ban prisoners serving life from entering into new romantic relationships. They will only be allowed to contact those already close to them for the first 10 years of their term. The law follows the revelation a 17-year-old girl fell in love with the killer Peter Madsen. This publication supports the work of the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman and our staff operate within the Code of Practice. You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at, PH: (01) 6489130, Lo-call 1890 208 080 or email:

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 3 Heavenly reunion for Drew and Cam THIS photo got a lot of likes – 1.4 million and counting – from fans of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, who praised the actresses for posting an image with “no filters or fillers”. Drew, 46, and Cameron, 49, became pals when they starred in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels. Drew posted the new photo, writing: “Bestie hour with my bestie poo poo!!” One fan wrote: “I love this, beauty without filters, and enhancers.” Another wrote: “Love how you’re embracing your age gracefully.” 2003 Charlie’s Angels sequel premiere 2021 In the reunion shot posted online tough break Elton to have op by MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor Sir Elton John has rescheduled his 2021 tour dates in Ireland to have an operation after falling and damaging his hip. The pop legend said it is with “great sadness and a heavy heart” that he has been forced to postpone his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour to 2023. The 74-year-old revealed in a statement: “At the end of my summer break Elt’s Crocodile Crocked Hip injury forces tour delay I fell awkwardly on a hard surface and have been advised to have an operation as soon as possible to get me have been in considerable pain and discomfort in my hip ever since. back to full fitness and make sure “Despite intensive physio and there are no long-term complications.” specialist treatment, the pain has Sir Elton said he will still perform a continued to get worse and is leading five-track set at the charitable Global to increasing difficulties moving. I Citizen event on September 25, before going under the knife and resuming his tour in New Orleans in January. He added: “I know how patient my incredible fans have been and it breaks my heart to keep you waiting any longer. I will make sure [the shows] are more than worth the wait.” Sir Elton recently announced a new album titled The Lockdown Sessions. @mirrorjeffers

4 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR coronavirus crisis moving forward Commuters get on bus hearingHSE’s Paul Reid HSE boss in vow to claim back €23m from China By Cate McCurry THE HSE boss Paul Reid said he will fight to claw back €23million in ventilator refunds from China. Health chiefs overordered the equipment due to initial fears 40,000 Irish people could die from coronavirus. The HSE is expected to receive another €11million in refunds for orders of ventilators from China, with more than €23million still outstanding. It ordered 2,200 ventilators at a cost of €81million from different suppliers that it had not previously used. However, only 465 were delivered from China and none of them were put to clinical use. Reid defended the decision to source ventilators from companies not known to the Health Service. committee And he told the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee a large amount of the €81million has been recuperated. The committee hearing assessed the HSE’s procurement process and spending for last year. It heard it was paying on average €28,000 for a ventilator before Covid, but the average cost from the new firms was €36,936. Mr Reid said: “We acknowledge we have significant work to do on our procurement processes. “We all know that at the start of this we were dealing with harrowing images on our screen across the world. “We know from early predictions there were up to 40,000 deaths potentially. “We have an outstanding amount of about €35million. We are expecting a recovery of another €11million. “Some other costs have been recouped as part of PPE supplies. “We are not letting up on some of this spend.” Vacc to your office desks By Ciara Phelan Return of workers as restrictions tions detected, and it is likely there is, Political Correspondent at worst, a modest increase in incidence OFFICE workers can return to in children of primary school age their desks as Chief Medical Officer continue to ease across country coincident with the opening of schools. has given the green light for the “What we are seeing is the benefits Government to proceed with the of very widespread vaccination – easing of restrictions on Monday. almost 90% of those aged 16 and over Outdoor group activities and rules around indoor sports and culture events will also be relaxed. But chair of NPHET’s modelling, weeks. The HSE has estimated that, on any given day, around 10,000 children under the age of 18 are restricting their movements. daily admissions to hospital decreasing. The number of people in ICU remains high, and it will take a number of weeks for decreasing incidence before we see – along with population-wide adherence to basic mitigation measures. “Incidence will decline further, reducing risk for all, if we stick with Prof Philip Nolan warned 66% And around 1,200 a significant decrease in the numbers these measures.” the number of people in youngsters are identified as requiring critical care. The NPHET meeting also discussed ICU remains high. close contacts and must “We have seen a huge increase in a review of evidence on antigen testing Children who are close be tested and restrict demand for testing of asymptomatic which was carried out by HIQA. contacts of a confirmed their movements. children who have come in contact It’s understood it will be up to sectors case of Covid-19 won’t It’s also understood with an infected person; testing such as third-level education and have to stay out of school of patients currently NPHET will not recommend the mandatory has quadrupled over the antigen testing as part of many meas- in children aged five to 12 workplaces to consider if they will use from the end of this being treated in ICU month, under plans being wearing of face masks for last three weeks, so we ures to protect against Covid-19. are unvaccinated discussed by NPHET. primary school pupils, are now testing 1% of Meanwhile, the Vice President of Currently a youngster who following advice from the that age group daily. the Intensive Care Society of is a close contact of a case in a school Health Information & Quality “The massive increase Ireland, Dr Alan Gaffney has said is absent from the classroom for 10 to Authority. in testing has yielded a two thirds of the patients with 14 days. However, Prof Nolan tweeted: “We much smaller increase Covid-19 who are being treated But this is expected to change once are seeing a slow improvement in in the number of infec- in intensive care units are there is no significant increase to overall epidemiological situation, with hopefulProf unvaccinated. in-school transmission in the coming incidence, numbers in hospital and Philip Nolan Budget to hike up cost of petrol & diesel rise Pumps By Sophie Collins The cost of petrol and diesel will rise from next month due to carbon tax increases in next month’s Budget. Papers released by the Government’s Tax Strategy Group state a 60-litre tank of diesel will increase by €1.48, or 2.5c a litre, while a 60-litre tank of petrol will go up by €1.28, or 2.1c a litre. The fuel increases, from October 13, are part of the Government’s commitment to increasing carbon tax to €100 per tonne by 2030, with €7.50 hikes each year to 2029 and €6.50 in 2030. The plan is to help meet Ireland’s ambitious climate change goals of reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and developing less environmentally harmful policies. It will also see increases in the cost of other fuels which are due to rise from May 1, 2022. These include around €19.40 on a 900-tank of kerosene, while the average yearly household usage of natural gas will to cost about €16.95.

DMEEIR 5 FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR decision Marks & Spencer Dealz & M&S closed on St Stephen’s Day By emma nevin Two Dublin retail giants have announced they won’t open on St Stephen’s Day this year so their staff can have “a welldeserved break”. Dealz are among those who will not be back in business on December 26 and they will also be shut on New Year’s Day. Managing director Barry Williams said: “Throughout the last 18 months, our colleagues have been heroes and they deserve a well-earned rest.” Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer also announced they will be shut on Stephen’s Day, “as a small thank you for [our staff ’s] incredible hard work, enabling our colleagues to spend more time with loved ones”. charges Jonathan Keogh Jailed Keogh in court over ‘threats to kill’ exclusive By Paul healy KINAHAN cartel killer Jonathan Keogh has appeared in court charged with threatening to kill or cause serious harm. The 36-year-old, of Gloucester Place, Dublin, appeared before Portlaoise District Court. The offence is alleged to have occurred in Portlaoise prison, where Keogh was serving his life sentence for the gangland murder of Gareth Hutch. The court was told yesterday the book of evidence was not yet ready in the case and that there was no bail application as the accused was already “serving a sentence”. And the killer was remanded into custody to appear before the court again this month. Maura’s terror as man attempts to pull her into car Love Island star tells of street harassment ordeal after awards scary image Maura Higgins in London last week warningLongford star speaks of incident on social media anger She pulls her arm away By Sandra Mallon MAURA Higgins has revealed she was grabbed by a man who tried to pull her into his car after the National Television Awards. The former Love Island star attended the bash looking glamorous and showed off her abs in a stunning two-piece glitzy dress. But the 30-year-old Longford beauty revealed yesterday shortly after she left the NTAs in London, a man tried to grab her and pull her into his car. Speaking of the scary moment, she Maura said: “For people who think this does not happen… I can assure you it does. “Here is an image of me leaving a venue after the NTAs – the guy that I have never met in my life grabbed hold of my arm and tried to pull me back towards his car. “As you can see, I am smiling and the reason being is because pictures can be portrayed very differently.” The model, who is dating Strictly star Giovanni Pernice, then posted a second picture showing her attempt to remove her arm from the unidentified man’s grasp. She said she was relieved she had two girls walk with her as she left the venue. SCARY Maura added: “Luckily I had two girls walk with me to my car and I would never leave a venue alone at night because of this reason.” She said the man was “actively predatory”, adding “repeatedly violating women’s personal space and boundaries”. “His behaviour is completely inappropriate and it’s crucial we address the issue of street harassment.” Earlier this year, the Ballymahon star revealed the scary moment she found a man in her back garden taking photos of her. The Glow Up host revealed she is being tormented by fans and stalkers turning up at her house in London. Maura said: “I’ve had to close my curtains. I think people have figured out where I live now, which obviously isn’t the best because you lose your privacy then. It definitely is scary. And describing a particular story that left her shaken she told how she once found a man in her backyard taking photos of her as she sat outside in her dressing gown. Maura said: “That’s definitely one of the downsides to being in the public eye.”

6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR President ‘was long road Michael D Higgins walks with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor chargedRenato Gehlen Man accused of killing wife ‘warned lover to leave her’ By EOIN REYNOLDS A man accused of murdering his wife discovered she was seeing someone else and sent a message warning him “not to ever go near” her again, a jury was told yesterday. The Central Criminal Court heard from colleagues and friends of Anne Colomines that in the months before she died she had started a relationship with a man she met during a holiday in France. They said she had wanted to divorce her husband Renato Gehlen and have a “fresh start”. Ms Colomines, a 37-year-old French national, was found dead at the apartment she shared with Gehlen in Dorset Square, Gardiner Street, Dublin, on October 25, 2017. Gehlen, 39, a Brazilian national, has pleaded not guilty to her murder. Saide Lambattane told the court she worked with Ms Colomines at Paypal. During a trip to France in July, Ms Colomines had met another man. On October 3, Ms Lambattane recalled her saying she had told her husband she wanted a divorce. On the day she died, the deceased told her about a message Mr Gehlen had sent to her new boyfriend telling him “not to ever go near his wife or don’t communicate with my wife any more”. The trial continues. Statins hope for gut illness Statins could be used to treat ulcerative colitis. Until now there has been no real cure for sufferers. But Stanford University in the US found those with the bowel ailment were 50% less likely to need surgery if they were on the cholesterol-busting pills. a Sore winner AUSSIE Daniel Scali, 28, set an abdominal plank world record of nine-anda-half hours despite having pain disorder CRPS. not advised’ to decline invite to service with Queen in North By Ciara Phelan, Political Correspondent and DAvid Young THE Government last night said it did not advise President Michael D Higgins to decline an invitation to a church service to mark the North’s centenary. It added it would be constitutionally prohibited from doing so. The service next month will be attended by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. It is part of a programme of events to mark 100 years since the island of Ireland was partitioned. A spokesperson for the President said: “The President is not in a position to attend the ceremony and this has been communicated to the organisers. “The President, through his office, has already conveyed his good wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. “The President has welcomed, and continues to welcome, any opportunities to meet with Her Majesty and members of her family.” President Higgins is currently in Italy and is due to meet Pope Francis at the By Ciara Phelan Political Correspondent Simon Harris has said he is “very strongly” considering making a complaint against a Sinn Fein TD for a “misuse” of Dail privilege. Speaking during a heated debate on Wednesday, Matt Carthy accused the Fine Gael minister of leaking from Cabinet. Minister Harris DENIALSimon Harris Government denies involvement in decision as DUP asks for explanation Vatican today. The DUP leader has written to his office asking why he declined the invitation. Jeffrey Donaldson said many people would regard it as “a snub” in terms of reconciliation and would assume “politics is at play”. Unionists and the Alliance Party have asked President Higgins to reconsider. Mr Donaldson added: “I think it’s very unfortunate that for a service, the focus of which is hope and reconciliation, that the head of denied he was responsible and said the accusation was “completely untrue”. He added: “It is quite extraordinary that someone would come into the Dail and misuse Dail privilege, abuse Dail privilege. “Dail privilege is there for very specific reasons and it’s certainly not there to engage in tittle tattle. “[Deputy Carthy] was making a very serious charge on the record of the House in the absence of my meetingPres Higgins with Italian Pres Sergio Mattarella state of our neighbouring country feels he is unable to attend. We don’t know the reasons why that is the case. “However, given that the President of the Republic takes advice from the Irish Government on such President is not in a position to attend the ceremony spokesperson dublin yesterday presence because I was unavoidably somewhere else. It is untrue and it is a misuse of Dail privilege.” In an interview on RTE, Mr Carthy said he stood by the accusation, despite admitting he had no evidence. He stated: “I am aware of what I said and the exact wording of what I said and I am aware that it is general knowledge and generally accepted knowledge. “My actions and my statement in the Dail was completely consistent with the matters, one could conclude perhaps there is some politics in all of this. “If that is the case I think it is most unfortunate, particularly given the progress we have made during the period of the World War One centenary when we all worked hard, including President Higgins, to take an approach respectful of our shared history.” Asked if it was a snub, Mr Donaldson said: “Without knowing the reasons for his decision, it is difficult to say. “I think it would have been better if we had clarity on the reasons why and in the absence of such an explanation it is difficult not to conclude there is politics at play here and many will see that as a snub in terms of marking the occasion of Northern Ireland’s centenary. “We have written to President Higgins seeking an explanation as to why he is unable to attend the church service.” A spokesman for Taoiseach Micheal Martin said any invitation for a Government representative to attend the ceremony in Armagh would be considered. Harris considering complaint over TD’s leak accusation principal and reason parliamentary privilege is in place.” It has been reported a junior minister allegedly sought to find out who leaked the appointment of Katherine Zappone as a Special Envoy to a journalist. Mr Harris said he was not aware of a sting operation against him and described it as an “interesting concept”. He added: “I am also around Leinster House long enough to know that stories can get embellished.” DMEEIR 7 Gangster grandad FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TRAGIC Lyra McKee Two charged with journalist Lyra’s murder By CONNOR LYNCH Two men were last night charged with the murder of journalist Lyra McKee. Detectives have charged a 21-year-old and a 33-year-old with the murder of the 29-year-old journalist on April 18, 2019, in the Creggan area of Derry. The pair have also been charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life, riot, possession of petrol bombs, throwing petrol bombs and arson. The 33-year-old has also been charged with robbery. A third man, aged 20, has been charged with riot and the possession and throwing of petrol bombs. All three men will appear at Derry Magistrates Court via video link today. COUrt Daniel Goulding Man accused of attempt to kill gardai By tom tuite A MAN has been sent forward for trial accused of attempting to murder two detectives injured in a shooting. Daniel Goulding, 38, was arrested following an exchange of gunfire and a two-hour siege on May 25 at his family home at Whitechapel Grove, Clonsilla, Dublin. The two detectives were shot in their legs and one of them was struck in his left hand in the incident. Goulding appeared at Cloverhill District Court before Judge Cephas Power yesterday and stood silently during the hearing. He will face trial at the Central Criminal Court. His solicitor said it was anticipated he will bring a High Court bail application today. offered his house to Kinahan hitman 62-year-old admits helping Estonian assassin Arakas hired gun Imre Arakas was jailed in 2018 target James ‘Mago’ Gately in the dock Stephen Fowler pleaded guilty killed Eric Fowler was shot dead By Paul Neilan A GRANDAD whose son was murdered over a drug feud offered his home as an overnight safe-house to a Kinahan cartel assassin, a court has heard. Stephen Fowler 62, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to his participation in the attempted murder of James “Mago” Gately, a member of the rival Hutch gang, when he was living in Belfast in April 2017. Less than a month later Gately survived a second assassination attempt on his life when he was parked at the Topaz petrol station in Clonshaugh in North Dublin, where he was shot five times. Yesterday Det Gda Sgt David Carolan told prosecutor Dominic McGinn that a conspiracy to murder Gately was under way as gardai monitored Estonian hitman Imre Arakas upon his arrival at Dublin Airport in April 2017. Det Sgt Carolan said officers monitored Arakas taking a bus from the airport to Dublin city centre, where he bought a wig, before he was collected by Fowler and another male and taken to Fowler’s home. Mr McGinn said that at around 8.20pm on April 3, 2017, Fowler picked up Arakas in his van, which was branded Blakestown Tyres, at Barry’s Hotel in Dublin city centre. He then brought him to Blakestown Cottages because Fowler had “owed” another unnamed male. The next day gardai, on foot of a search warrant, went to the Blakestown Cottages address and arrested Fowler and Arakas. Fowler said he would not name who he took instruction from because it would amount to a threat to his life. Mr McGinn said a visible open thread on the Blackberry phone used by Arakas led to gardai piecing together the plot to murder Gately. He added that a tracking device had later been put in place on Gately’s car and that the PSNI had been informed of the matter on April 4, 2017, which led to the thwarting of the assassination. In 2012, Fowler pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis worth €450,000 and served six years of an eight-year sentence. Defending counsel, Michael Bowman, said Fowler’s son, Eric, 34, was in Poland at the time of the offence and that Fowler had taken responsibility for a debt associated with his deceased son. Eric was gunned down in 2018. Arakas, 63, was jailed for six years in December 2018 after he admitted to conspiring with others to the attempted murder of Gately in Northern Ireland between April 3 and 4, 2017. Mr Justice Tony Hunt, presiding at the three-judge court, said sentencing will be on October 4.

10 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 COMMENT 4th Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 An ongoing nightmare for families Catherine Corless accused the Church, the State and the medical profession of a big cover-up – and there is no doubt relatives deserve to know the truth. The local historian collected 796 death certificates for children supposedly buried on the site, but shockingly both her and all the families are unsure if there are real or fake. There are many children of mothers who were incarcerated at the Mother and Baby home in Tuam – and siblings of kids who are unaccounted for – that need answers and certainty. It’s disgraceful and deeply upsetting that no one really knows how many babies were sent from Tuam to America for adoption. According to official Mother and Baby Homes Commission records a staggering 1,638 children went from Ireland’s 14 Mother and Baby Homes to the US, from the 1930s through to the 1990s and the sooner excavations can start to try the better. Catherine said the Bill is supposed to pass all stages this current term and if that is the case it will be next Spring or early summer before the dig begins – a significant seven years after the story broke nationally. For family members such as Anna Corrigan of the Team Babes Family Group – who previously spoke to the Irish Mirror and fears two of her brothers were buried in the sewers – it has been an ongoing nightmare. Get checked if lumps appear THREE brave Irish women have told how they were diagnosed with breast cancer and urged ladies to be vigilant because it can happen in your 30s. Grace Slattery, 39, Catriona Kavanagh, 38, and 34 year-old Prob Brar insisted that early detection is the best treatment available. Grace revealed that she ignored the symptoms for a number of months and it is vitally important that no matter how busy women are with their careers, motherhood and family life that they act quickly if they notice any changes. If a lump is found a check-up can be done quickly and an all clear will put minds at ease. Roo awakening it seems we can’t get enough of steamy books with librarians ordering more copies of Sally Rooney’s latest novel. Beautiful World Where Are You is already a bestseller in this country. Sounds like we’re tickled ink about it. EXCLUSIVE By Sean Murphy LIBRARIANS have ordered hundreds more copies of Sally Rooney’s top selling new book to meet sky-high demand for the sexy novel. Normal People author Rooney, 30, from Castlebar in Co Mayo, released her latest book Beautiful World, Where Are You only last week. It has already topped the bestselling charts and several hundred readers from every county in Ireland have now ordered it from their local library. Libraries Ireland has told the Irish Mirror that the first request to borrow the book was made a full five months before it was even due in shops. That number soared to 300 requests two days before the book was published just 10 days ago and then more than doubled to over 800 requests after it was released. There are now 710 people waiting to borrow it from libraries all over the country, with a high number of requests coming from counties like Clare, Cork, Dublin, Donegal, Galway, Kildare, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath, and Wicklow. Ireland’s libraries have 114 copies of the novel and at least another 100 editions of the bestselling book have been ordered to meet the huge demand. And that is just the hard copies of the book – with many more people also ordering electronic versions of book from their libraries. A spokesperson for Libraries Ireland told the Irish Mirror: “Sally Rooney’s new novel has proved very popular with library members. “There have been 809 requests so far. The first request came in all the way back on April 7. “The national library catalogue currently has 114 copies of the book and more than 100 more are on order to meet the huge demand from our members. “There is also significant demand for the book on Borrowbox, which offers free eBooks and audiobooks to library members. “Libraries are currently arranging for more digital copies to meet demand.” Rooney’s latest book, which hit the shelves on September 7, includes more hot scenes like her previous sensation Normal People, which was her second novel, and was transformed into a steamy award-winning TV series. So explicit was some of the nudity that it prompted complaints and outrage on shows including RTE Radio 1’s Liveline. Rooney’s first novel Conversations With Friends, which also features sex scenes, is set to be made into a 12-part BBC drama by Normal People’s Oscarnominated director Lenny Abrahamson. Meanwhile, the new book also 809 Requests for Rooney’s new book which was just released 10 days ago DMEEIR Sex Salls gripping Rooney’s new No 1 bestseller Big demand for Rooney’s new novel in libraries bedroom action TV adaptation of Normal People features plenty of bedroom action, including a hot scene involving the main characters making love while watching RTE presenter Claire Byrne on telly. The Libraries Ireland spokesperson added: “We have 500 copies of Sally Rooney’s Normal People, which obviously had a huge boost in popularity thanks to the TV series last year. “For broader comparison, the most borrowed book in Irish libraries in 2020 was Blue Moon by Lee Child and there are 350 copies of that available. “Similarly, there are more than More than 100 copies are on order to meet the huge demand from our members Libraries Ireland spokesperson on new novel charts topper Rooney has three in top 10 500 copies of Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, which was the best-selling fiction book in Ireland last year. “Both of those have been out for some time so demand for copies would have grown over time. “Comparing to popular books that are newly published, there are 83 copies of 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard available at the library with 70 more good read Sarah Jessica Parker with a copy on set copies ordered.” Ryan Howard’s 56 Days sold 1,225 copies in its first few days, on sale followed by the 1,098 sales of Cecelia Ahern’s book Freckles – but Rooney’s new book shifted 12,632 copies in Ireland in the same period and sold an extra 46,065 in the UK in the first five days, according to sales monitor company Nielsen BookScan. The speed of sales was “astonishing” and “enormous” according to book retailers like Waterstones Ireland and Dublin store Hodges & Figgis. Rooney now dominates the top 10 lists, with her new stunner at No 1, Conversations with Friends at No 7 and Normal People at No 9 in the paperback fiction chart.

DMEEIR 11 rte receive just nine complaints about Kin More than half a million watch show FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR Aer Lingus jobs warning Aer Lingus warned cabin crew last night they are facing lay-offs and a lengthy pay freeze that will last until at least 2025. The airline, who sent a letter to all cabin crew, outlined that it has started an immediate review of crew bases and their terms and conditions. Aer Lingus cabin crew members rejected a restructuring deal earlier this week and stressed they believed it was an erosion of their terms and conditions. angerChristy Burke 4 days only exclusive By SANDRA MALLON A TOTAL of nine people complained to RTE about the violence in its new gangland series Kin. The Irish Mirror can reveal the national broadcaster received the “negative feedback” from viewers after the first episode aired on Sunday night. Kin – starring Clare Dunne, Emmett Scanlan and Aiden Gillen – centres around crime family The Kinsella’s who become embroiled in a feud with rival gang the Cunninghams, after innocent teenager Jamie Kinsella gets shot outside a gym. An RTE spokesman said nine people have called the station to give negative feedback on the show, which was watched by more than half a million people. It comes in the wake of former Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke claiming he’s been “inundated” with texts and calls from families who said it was too true to life of the Kinahan/Hutch feud in Dublin. The councillor fumed it was a “total disgrace” and the show should immediately be taken off air. He said on Monday: “If all RTE can provide is a young guy, then a woman using cocaine, then a 17-year-old bloody Murder scene from RTE’s Kin drinking alcohol in front of his mother and a guy with a very fake Dublin accent again using drugs, what kind of message is this sending out about Irish society? “They need to understand families all over Ireland have lost loved ones through drug use along with young people being shot dead due to crime. “The national broadcaster needs to ask itself what this series stands for. “[Dublin] city is awash with cocaine and anti-social behaviour and deaths of so many involved in crime feuds. “It doesn’t need any further glamorising which without a doubt impacts on young people’s behaviour.” Cllr Burke said at the time he has been “inundated” with texts from families, not only from those directly affected by drugs, but also from others who are “sickened by the glamorising” of such crime and the “vulgar” use of violence. He added: “Not only is this bad enough but there was also a smart remark about Alcoholics Anonymous but they should realise people attend this extremely important organisation to help them to recover.” Cllr Burke did not respond for comment when contacted by the Irish Mirror yesterday. everything Exclusively for B&Q Club members Join now in store Hurry, ends Monday Bid to end ‘outdated’ animal testing You can do it BY SHAUNA CORR ANIMAL testing and “outdated” experiments could soon be a thing of the past in Ireland following an EU vote. In 2019 alone, 139,343 procedures “likely to cause pain and suffering” to creatures were carried out across the country. But MEPs voted almost unanimously this week to call on the European Commission to work with scientists to create an action plan to end vivisection. Irish Anti Vivisection Society spokesperson Jenn Scannell said: “The IAVS is delighted with the results.” Ends 20th September. Excludes gift cards, installation, delivery and in store concessions. Exclusive to B&Q Club members. For full T&Cs visit

12 DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 There’s tension in the air..Andrew’s not so blasé now gauntlet Nick Foster Sophie book author in TV challenge on murder claim By sandra mallon AUTHOR Nick Foster has said he wants to challenge film director Jim Sheridan to a TV debate about the evidence surrounding the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. Mr Sheridan, meanwhile, has revealed he will reject Mr Foster’s sensational claims that Ian Bailey discussed pleading guilty to the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in a new documentary, claims which he denies. Mr Foster claims in his book, Murder at Roaringwater, that Bailey suggested he admitted the killing in a conversation with a cameraman working for Mr Sheridan, whose documentary aired on Sky earlier this summer. But Sheridan said he will refute Mr Foster’s claims about Bailey – who has always denied any involvement in Ms Du Plantier’s murder. He said: “I’m just going to do a response to a few people, amongst whom is Nick Foster and his outrageous claims.” But Mr Foster was adamant he was sticking to his story. He said: “I would like to challenge Jim to a TV debate on the evidence against Mr Bailey in the Garda file. I can see no reason why he would not accept this challenge, as he spent, we are told, six or seven years analysing the case in depth.” ‘‘SCHOOL MUM ACCUSeD ME OF MESSING ABOUT WITH HER MAN’’ dear coleen page 28 High Court to serve sex case papers accuser Andrew with Virginia when she was teen GONEPrince Philip died aged 99 Phil’s will stays secret THE contents of Prince Philip’s will are to remain secret following a High Court ruling. After the death of a senior royal it has been convention for over a century that a bid to seal the will is made to the president of the court’s family division. This means they are not open There’s been a dramatic shift in mood.. the issue has become very pressing A SOURCE on THE atmosphere around prince andrew to public inspection in the way one ordinarily is. President of the Family Division of the High Court Sir Andrew McFarlane yesterday ordered Philip’s remains sealed for 90 years. Even after that it may only be opened in private. Sir Andrew said: “There is a claims Prince at Balmoral this week €16m Amount Virginia Giuffre could make if she wins sex claim against Prince need to enhance the protection afforded to truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of individuals in order to maintain the dignity of close members of her family.” Prince Philip died aged 99 on April 9, just two months short of his 100th birthday. exclusive by russell myers Royal Editor just last week Prince Andrew was convinced he would easily beat Virginia Giuffre’s sex allegations against him. But sources have revealed his bullish mood has changed after the High Court announced on Monday it will act to serve US civil case papers on him. And the Duke of York is now bracing himself for a legal battle that he fears could go on for years and end up costing him millions of pounds. Giuffre, a former sex slave of late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has accused Andrew, 61, of forcing her to sleep with him three times when she was 17. Legal experts have predicted she could be awarded around €16.4million if she wins. The Mirror revealed last week the Prince was so confident the case would collapse he planned to return to royal duties. But insiders revealed he is now giving off a different vibe. One source said: “He’s not been his usual blasé self, acting like everything is in hand. stark “The issue has suddenly become very pressing and there is a distinct tension in the air. “There has been a dramatic shift in mood and the reality that this could not only go on for many months, if not years, as well as costing potentially millions of pounds is very real.” Another insider added: “The stark reality is that the Duke and his team need to face the fact they need to address this.” Ms Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies said: “We are hopeful that Prince Andrew will now stop trying to evade and delay facing his accuser in court. “The bottom line is Andrew is being served. He cannot refuse.” In another blow for Andrew, the High Court judge refused to unseal a document the Prince’s lawyers claim would invalidate Ms Giuffre’s claim. The document, signed by his accuser, allegedly prevents her from suing. But Andrew will now have to make a legal request for a copy and that would mean accepting he has been served the lawsuit. The High Court will now begin trying to locate the Duke for a legal representative to tell him about the case, known as service of proceedings. Once served, his legal team would have 21 days to respond. A US judge this week dismissed claims Andrew could not respond to the suit launched by Giuffre as he had not received the documents despite them being left with a policeman at his Windsor home. Lewis A Kaplan has listed the case for a further hearing on October 17. Andrew, who denies the claims, was this week pictured at the Queen’s Balmoral estate. @rjmyers

DMEEIR 13 FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR IF YOU HAVE A COMMENT TEXT PAT ON 0872953395 FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER @patflanagan1 PAT FLANAGAN email Raising the bar with new laws PROPOSED changes to the alcohol licensing laws being discussed by the Cabinet are as welcome as they are overdue. Many of the current ones date from the middle of last century and even then they were particularly restrictive compared to our European neighbours. The staggering and extending of closing times for bars and possibly nightclubs should have been introduced years ago. I recently emerged from a pub at final call in the centre of Drogheda to find the town crowded with hundreds of people with nowhere to go and not enough taxis to take them home. There were no problems but turfing everyone out of the pubs at the same time is asking for trouble and has led to violence in the past. 6WELL we can’t say we weren’t told about the prospects of the lights going out this winter because of a shortage of electricity. The warnings have been coming thick and fast in recent months, yet power-hungry data centres continue to be built without any requirement to provide their own electricity. Twice last week amber alerts were issued because there was a threat to the nation’s electricity supply and with dozens more data centres in the pipeline, it could be only a matter of time before the lights go out. CO2 vow just load of hot air OUR children have been put in unnecessary danger because of a defect in 10,000 carbon dioxide monitors which the Government pledged would be installed in all classrooms by mid-September. That promise to deliver 35,000 devices to all primaries and secondaries by next week is in tatters as many facilities do not have enough of them to go round. This setback comes hot on the heels of the debacle where the HSE spent up to €70million on thousands of ventilators from China which were not acceptable for use in this country. Had these blunders been made by private firms those involved would have been sacked but this being the Irish State a promotion or a bonus could be on the cards. Why our politicians can’t trust anyone these days If the Government can’t trust its own ministers, how can the public be expected to trust the Government? At the same time, the public can take some delight in the Cabinet’s discomfort in knowing there is a traitor in their midst who is only too willing to betray them. While Micheal Martin is far from a messiah, he certainly has a Simon and a Judas among his disciples. i THERE was a sense of deja vu as it emerged plans are afoot for five Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park next year. Who could forget the controversy in 2014 when he was set to perform here for the first time since 1997. Plans for two shows at Croker turned into a five-night run and 400,000 tickets sold. Dublin City But it was another Simon who claimed he was wrongly crucified yesterday after being accused under Dail privilege by Sinn Fein’s Matt Carthy of leaking information from the Cabinet. Simon Harris claims he is not Judas and is “considering very strongly” making a complaint over what he says was a misuse of Dail privilege. I know if I was accused of betraying my colleagues there would be nothing Council agreed to three gigs instead of five but Garth refused to perform unless all five were allowed and the lot were scrapped. As with much else in the country, it appears the lessons from the past have not been learned and the same madness is being repeated with those involved expecting a different result. I think not. to consider and I’d be out to prove it with all the evidence I possessed. All Mr Harris has to do is to make available his phone records for the period in question and he’s in the clear. That’s assuming of course he didn’t delete them like the other Simon who kicked off this entire scandal in the first place. The odds are, Mr Harris will not pursue the matter further as to do so will just add to the gift that keeps on giving and who knows what will come out of the woodwork – just ask Simon Coveney. Still, isn’t this the perfect opportunity for Fine Gael to put the knife into Sinn Fein by revealing who leaked the info about Katherine Zappone’s crony appointment? Indeed, the party should also be reporting it to gardai as it amounts to a criminal offence. If Simon isn’t Judas then Matt Carthy would be exposed and forced to make a grovelling apology. On the other hand, such a move would also expose the constant backstabbing going on within the upper echelons of the Fine Gael party. When they betray and damage their own colleagues, we should not be surprised they put the interests of their corporate friends above the public interest. Both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are both desperate to put the entire ZapponeGate debacle behind them as, for a brief period, it shone a light into Martin is far from a messiah but has a Simon and Judas in his disciples the rotten heart of Irish politics. Unfortunately that window closed when our national parliament gave the green light to the continuation of what in most other democracies would be considered political corruption. Far from learning lessons from the fiasco, an indigent Mr Coveney seemed to be claiming he was some kind of victim. “I’ve never had my integrity questioned the way it has been the last month”, he said, seemingly forgetting this was because he was caught in an act of blatant cronyism. It was a case of carry on with cronyism when the majority of TDs voted down the no confidence motion in Mr Coveney – although many Fianna Fail deputies did so reluctantly last Wednesday. Their lame duck leader Mr Martin – probably the last ever Fianna Fail Taoiseach – deemed the loss of Marc MacSharry, who resigned and voted in favour of the Sinn Fein motion – as an acceptable price for clinging on to power. The Dail has now given its tacit approval to the continuation of cronyism although many of the TDs – especially those from Fianna Fail – might regret doing so come the next election. Had the Taoiseach not threatened his TDs with six months suspension from the parliamentary party if they failed to vote for a Fine Gael minister who deserved to be sacked, the outcome might have been different. We’re going on budget holiday HAVING to choose between a holiday in sunny Fuerteventura and a staycation in rainy Ireland, I opted for the former at half the cost of the latter. After not being abroad in well over two years it is truly shocking to realise the extent the public are being ripped off in this country. A pint of beer in Spain is less than €3 in most pubs while eating out costs a fraction of what it would set you back here. A few days ago I visited a restaurant in Corralejo offering seven tapas and a bottle of Rioja for less than €25. A cheap night for two people if you are on a budget.

14 DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 100% Mica redress is ‘not off the table’ 2,800 homes plan for city A plan to build up to 2,800 “affordable homes” was launched yesterday. The Land Development Agency said the project in Limerick would be “the largest ever transfer of State land for housing”. LDA’s John Coleman said its objective is “to transform a city”. Launching the plans, the Minister for Housing » Darragh O’Brien said the project was “the most significant housing strategy in the history of the State.” » New pledge to tackle crisis » » Survey says huge mental toll WIN Urgent action Darragh O’Brien in Limerick yesterday TO SPEND IN STORE OR ONLINE AT WE HAVE 3 €100 VOUCHERS TO GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE 40 YEARS OF TOYS AT FOYS, HOUSING ALL OF THE BEST TOYS AND GAMES FOR BABIES TO TEENS AND NOW OFFERING DELIVERY NATIONWIDE THROUGH WWW.TOYSATFOYS.COM TO ENTER SIMPLY SCAN HERE By David Raleigh The Housing Minister has left the door open for a 100% redress scheme for households affected by the devastating Mica crisis. The news came as a survey published yesterday found that residents of homes built with the faulty blocks are suffering a “major negative impact to their mental health”. It also found that some Mica homeowners are medicating for the first time ever to cope with the stress of it all. Representatives of the Mica Action Group plan to give their survey to government as well as a document spelling out what is needed to help those whose home are in some cases falling down due to defective blocks. Lisa Hone, a spokesperson for the group, said: “It can only be hoped that it is treated with respect and gravity, and is acted upon with urgency.” Meanwhile, speaking in Limerick yesterday Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien hinted at a “resolution” to the Mica crisis. When asked if he was open to 100% redress for homeowners, Minister O’Brien replied: “I’ve taken nothing off the table.” He added: “I’m committed to improving the scheme that the previous government brought in last February 12 months, so I know for homeowners the stress they’re under.” Mr O’Brien said the Cabinet will “assess” documents to be handed into government today, adding, “I want to be able to bring improvements to the scheme, and try to bring a resolution to this in the next few weeks.” “I’ll have to go to Cabinet with some of the changes, if they require additional expenditure, which I expect it will do so.” He acknowledged the Mica issue “is a terrible scourge for people, for families, that literally their homes are crumbling in front of them…we want to help”. Ms Hone said 483 registered members of the Mica Action Group responded to the survey, and they admitted to “dealing with unrelenting anxiety about safety and finances, the distress of having homes demolished and worries about future homelessness”. She added: “Prior to being aware that their house was affected, 96% of homeowners reported having good to excellent mental health. “Following the recognition of defective blocks in their home, 84% state that it has had a negative/very negative impact on their mental health, “A common theme running through comments from defective block homeowners was the constant nature of the anxiety seeping into all corners of their lives, with 50% feeling unsafe in their home. “One respondent told the survey, ‘I can’t cope with this madness anymore, nightmares thinking something will fall off (the house) and hurt one of my children. I can’t afford it, this is a living hell’.” I can’t cope with this madnesss …it’s a living hell mica householder responds to survey

DMEEIR 15 FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR fan frenzy Picture This Picture This.. us playing at Electric Picnic By sandra mallon PICTURE This look set to announce they will be among the first acts to play Electric Picnic next year. The One Drink stars sent fans into a frenzy when they announced a ticket reminder to revellers at the Stradbally venue on September 2. It comes just weeks after Electric Picnic boss Melvin Benn was forced to pull the plug on the three-day festival this year. He was refused permission by Laois County Council for a licence over fears of rising Covid-19 case numbers. But now it appears Picture This look will be one of the first bands signed up to play at Electric Picnic next year as they emailed fans a reminder about tickets. Gallagher brothers dad facing eviction ordeal Tommy Gallagher I’m sure their stomach will churn when they find out what is happening TOMMY GALLAGHER MANCHESTER YESTERDAY disputeHouse is on Ashdown Avenue, Burnage character Det Deegan No evidence of Fair City garda’s age By senan hogan FAIR City bosses have refused to reveal what age the long-running garda character is on the popular soap – as he should be retired if he is 60 or over. Silver-haired detective John Deegan has been played for nearly two decades by veteran Dublin actor Tommy O’Neill, who is aged in his mid-60s in real life. At present, gardai must retire when they reach 60 years of age but RTE has refused to say if the Carrigstown officer has reached the milestone. A RTE spokeswoman said: “Det John Deegan is a fictitious character and as such there is no stated age for him in Fair City. “Fair City uses artistic licence in creating and developing characters.” Estranged father of Oasis Liam and Noel may relocate to childhood Irish village By Damon Wilkinson THE estranged dad of Noel and Liam Gallagher is facing homelessness in Manchester and could move back to his childhood home in Co Meath. Tommy Gallagher has been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute over the fate of his semi-detached home in Burnage, where the Oasis brothers grew up. Despite a judge ruling that on the balance of probabilities the 77-year-old has been the victim of “fraud”, the sale of the Ashburn Avenue property has been allowed to stand. Mr Gallagher, who separated from Noel and Liam’s mum Peggy when they were children, is planning to appeal the decision, but says he is resigned to losing the house he’s lived in since 1972. Despite being estranged from his rock star sons for a number of decades, he added he wants to make them aware of his predicament. Asked what he’d say to his sons, Mr Gallagher said: “It will upset them. I’m sure their stomach will churn when they find out what’s happening. “If they want to come and buy the house, they can come and buy the house. “You always love the place you were born in, don’t you? “Where you played with the kids, played football, went to school, them still being big time Man City fans, they can never get away from that.” Mr Gallagher is still living in the threebedroom property and doesn’t know when he might be evicted. The former builder is considering moving back to his childhood home in the village of Duleek, but says coronavirus restrictions make that difficult. Liam and Noel’s mother Peggy comes from Charlestown in Co Mayo. In the meantime, Mr Gallagher said he’s living under a cloud of uncertainty. He added: “It’s like hanging on a rope, waiting for someone to let it go. “It feels like I’m drowning every minute. I’ve never had a feeling like this rockers Liam and Noel Gallagher before in my life. I worked hard on that house. I would come home from a hard day’s work and I’d jump up a ladder to fix the roof. I never stopped. “It’s terrible. I don’t like talking to people I know about it. It’s OK talking to a stranger, but talking to someone I know, it’s very difficult because of all the memories.” Mr Gallagher faced having the house repossessed when his mortgage deal expired, leaving him with £27,000 outstanding and no way to pay it. He launched civil proceedings after selling his home in 2017 where he claimed in court Thomas Keenan, said to be a childhood pal of Noel’s, suggested his brother Ricky Keenan might be able to buy his house for him. As part of the deal, Mr Gallagher claimed it was agreed he could live in the property rent-free for the rest of his life. 1972 Year Tommy Gallagher moved into his house in Burnage in Manchester But it is claimed he actually signed papers agreeing to pay £650-a-month in rent – which he denied. The home was sold in January 2017 and is now owned by Hanna Property Company Ltd. In his findings, Judge Colin Green said the house was sold as part of an “elaborate scheme” in which Ricky Keenan “represented” that Hanna Property was his company and assured Mr Gallagher he could live there rent-free and would be paid further sums of money over the following year. In fact, Mr Keenan wasn’t connected to Hanna and shared a £56,000 “finder’s fee” following the sale. The judge’s ruling read: “Although I have made a finding of fraud committed against Mr Gallagher, I have also found that this was not carried out by or on behalf of Hanna.”

16 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR BREAST CANCER campaign honourGda Gary Sheehan Garda killed by IRA gang to get medal By MICHAEL O’TOOLE A HERO garda murdered by the IRA almost 40 years ago is to receive the force’s top medal for bravery on what would have been his 61st birthday. Garda Gary Sheehan is to be awarded the gold Scott medal at a ceremony in Dublin next Friday. He is one of 15 members of the force being commemorated for their bravery during the rescue of businessman Don Tidey, kidnapped by the IRA in December 1983. Garda Sheehan, who was just 23, and army Private Patrick Kelly were shot dead when they came across the gang that had been holding Mr Tidey for 23 weeks in Derrada Wood in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim. Mr Tidey was released and the gang fled. OPERATIONCannabis Two charged over ‘€42k drugs’ find By TREVOR QUINN TWO men were charged yesterday following the discovery by gardai of €42,500 worth of suspected cannabis herb. The seizure on Wednesday was part of Operation Tara, targeting the use of public transport to ferry drugs around East Cork. The Midleton District Drug Unit carried out a checkpoint on Youghal Road and stopped a public bus. They conducted a search under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. A spokesperson said cannabis herb with a street value of €35,000 was seized while €7,500 of cannabis herb was later found at a residence in Waterford. They added: “Gardai who arrested two men, both early 30s, have charged both men.” life saver Mum Catriona Kavanagh, 38 Brave women share their tales to stress importance of getting symptoms checked out tough Don’t ignore time 34-year-old Prab Brar is recovering the first signs By Louise Kennedy and trevor quinn Sarah Harding who lost her battle with acting quickly and visiting her GP affects you and stays with you. A YOUNG woman has revealed she the disease on September 5. immediately may have saved her life. I have found the whole process is lucky to be alive after she ignored The 39-year-old singer was diagnosed Catriona warned: “Early detection is really difficult.” the first signs of breast cancer. with advanced-stage breast cancer in the best treatment out there. You know More than 3,600 women and around Grace Slattery was just 35 and studying to become an advanced paramedic August 2020. your own body so if you notice anything 40 men are diagnosed with breast cancer Ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, women Prab Brar is also supporting It is more common in women over 50 unusual at all, go get it checked out.” each year in Ireland. when she noticed stiffening in her breast. are being urged to learn the the Care For Your Pair movement after recently undertance of being breast aware at every age. but the campaign highlights the impor- Her decision not to get the symptoms warning signs for the looked at for a number of months led to disease. going a full mastectomy at Aileen McHale, Cancer Information her undergoing a double mastectomy The Irish Cancer Society’s new early detection Prab admitted she is Society, said: “If you notice anything the age of 34. Services Manager at the Irish Cancer and extensive treatment. Grace, from Galway, told the Irish campaign Care For Your finding it hard to deal with unusual, such as changes in breast or Mirror: “I do think if I had got myself Pair aims to get people the aftermath of the breast armpit shape or texture, unexplained checked at the start when I initially talking about breast health cancer diagnosis. fatigue or unexplained weight loss, found the changes in my breast I would and learning the signs She said: “Cancer took a lot please visit your GP without delay.” have probably been able to avoid all of and symptoms. more from me than I expected. Meanwhile, former Ireland rugby that hassle. Catriona Kavanagh, 38, was diagnosed with cancer in May 2019, ally, physically and financially mammoth 290km walking challenge It has impacted me emotion- captain Rory Best completed a “I’ve been incredibly lucky since then but everyone thinks it won’t happen to just one week after she discovered a lump under her right “When you complete treat- The big-hearted 39-year-old passed as well. yesterday. them and I was definitely one of those.” Charities have been raising awareness breast. The mother of one said ment, people expect you through six counties and 30 towns following the death of Girls Aloud star LOSSSarah Harding was 39 to be normal but it all and villages during the gruelling DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 17 in ‘care for your pair’ plea Early detection is the best treatment out there catriona kavanagh yesterday therapy Vicky Phelan wise words Grace Slattery, 35, regrets delay nine-day event in a bid to raise €500,000 for charity. The former Ulster skipper was all smiles as he arrived at the site of a proposed Daisy Lodge Cancer Fund for Children therapeutic short break centre in Cong, Co Mayo. The rugby legend left Daisy Lodge in Newcastle, Co Down, on September 7 and throughout his journey he was joined for periods by families affected by cancer and fellow sports stars. Rory said: “In terms of endurance, walking over 20 miles a day for nine days was tough but it is nowhere near as tough as the challenges families living with childhood cancer face. “Along my journey I heard some heartbreaking and inspiring stories from children, parents and health professionals. “Whilst the care children diagnosed with cancer receive in hospital is excellent, it is clear they really benefit from the emotional and therapeutic support provided by Cancer Fund for Children. “Daisy Lodge in Newcastle can accommodate around 500 families a year and the charity simply cannot meet the demand for support. “They can currently only provide short breaks to 23% of children diagnosed with cancer across Ireland which is why a new Daisy Lodge in Mayo is vital.” More than €440,000 had already been raised by the time Rory finished his walk yesterday. Current and former Irish and Ulster rugby players who joined him along the way included Tommy Bowe, Jacob Cancer took a lot more from me than I expected PRAB BRAR yesterday If I’d have got checked at the start I’d have avoided all the hassle GRACE SLATTERY yesterday Stockdale, Tadhg Furlong, Rob Kearney, Robert Balacoune, Bundee Aki and Conor Murray. TV chef Neven Maguire also took part in the charity event and offered his support. ■■To donate to Rory’s Miles 2 Mayo for Cancer Fund for Children, go to cancerfundforchildren. ie or donate to Rory’s JustGiving page at campaign/rorysmiles- 2mayoie. walking tallRory Best ■■Members of the public can support the Care For Your Pair campaign by making a donation or by hosting a virtual collection or fundraiser on the Irish Cancer Society’s website at www. Vicky’s ‘Xmas at home’ hope for new treatment By Paul Moore VICKY Phelan is to undergo beam therapy in a bid to shrink the large tumours in her lower back. The brave mother of two hopes the treatment will allow her to be home in time for Christmas. The specialised type of radiation therapy uses protons to precisely target tumours. The CervicalCheck campaigner is hopeful that if it achieves 20% shrinkage and reduces the amount of pain she is in she could hopefully delay going for any medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, for up to six months. She said this course of targeted treatment was necessary as the tumours are “dangerously close” to invading her vital organs. It should allow her to “buy myself six months” before it grows back. Vicky, from Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny, added: “If I could go home at the end of this round of treatment I’d be home around November. I’d be home for Christmas. “If it meant I didn’t have to go inside a goddamn hospital for two or three months, except for maybe flushing out my port and check-ups, I’d be so happy. “It would just be the best Christmas present to be able to be at home with my kids and not going to a hospital, I swear to God.” Vicky revealed she made the decision to pursue this therapy after a long process of research, consultations, applying for access to her medical records and sending the records to various hospitals in order for them to review her scans and medical history. She said: “I think it would reduce the amount of pain I’m in at the moment because my pain has definitely increased over the last number of months due to the increase in that tumour mass circling my aorta. “I have to sit down after a couple of minutes so I’m planning where I’m going all the time to make sure I can sit somewhere. “This proton beam therapy would hopefully relieve that pain or that pressure.” The tumour is also close to Vicky’s kidneys, bladder and liver. If it grows bigger, she said: “At that stage there’s nothing that would be able to be done so I’m really trying to stop it from invading organs. “Following a consultation at Georgetown University Hospital last Friday, I have been deemed eligible for proton beam therapy. “We do not have access to proton beam therapy in Ireland. Patients in Ireland have to go to the UK or elsewhere in Europe to avail of this treatment. And so, while I am still here in the United States, I wanted to see if I would be eligible. “Next steps are I am booked in tomorrow morning to have CT planning scans done so my team can map out my treatment. This process can take up to two weeks. “Once a plan has been drawn up, treatment takes place over five weeks, five days a week Monday to Friday and then I will have a scan once finished to see how successful the therapy was.”

18 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR Irish mum arrested raids Cash found this week 116kg tobacco & €24k seized at two ports By trevor quinn REVENUE officers have seized €24,000 in cash and 116kg of tobacco in two separate incidents during the past week. A three-month cash detention order was granted by Judge John Cheatle at a sitting of Gorey District Court in Co Wexford yesterday after the seizure of €10,500 cash at Rosslare Europort. The cash was found on an Irish-registered vehicle intending to board a ferry to Bilbao, Spain. Meanwhile, a total of €14,460 was found on an Irish registered freight vehicle that had disembarked a ferry from Bilbao. And on Wednesday, officers seized 116kg of tobacco at Dublin Port in three separate consignments from Poland. after horror smash kills two of her kids sad loss Smaller, 10, and four-year-old Lilly died in smash bets are on BoyleSports A lotto lucky numbers lead to windfalls By louise kennedy Two lucky punters have struck gold this week thanks to a run of lucky numbers. A Cavan Lotto player bagged €10,800 from a €1.50 punt on Wednesday when a flutter on four numbers led to a windfall. They beat odds of 7,200/1 by predicting four numbers to come out in the teatime 49s draw. Meanwhile, a Dublin punter struck gold as a €1 stake turned into €7,500. The anonymous customer placed the €1 punt on their online BoyleSports account on Wednesday’s Lotto draw. They picked four numbers and placed a simple €1 accumulator on all landing at odds of 7,500/1. Woman, 35, held after fears she would flee to Ireland By Trevor Quinn AN Irish mum who failed to show at court after a horror crash in England which killed two of her kids has been arrested. A warrant had been issued for Mary McCann, 35, after she failed to appear at court to answer charges of two counts of causing death by dangerous driving. She will now face charges over allegations she was behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Astra which smashed into a lorry on the M1 near Milton Keynes last month. McCann’s son Smaller, 10, and her four-year-old daughter Lilly were killed in the crash on the northbound carriageway between junctions 14 and 15, near Milton Keynes. The lorry driver was unhurt, but the motorway was closed for 12 hours. McCann, of Bamford Avenue, Sunny Hill Derby, is alleged to have been driving the car which collided with a Scania HGV at about 11.10pm on August 9. Her 13-year-old daughter had stayed in London and was not in the vehicle. At a hearing last Friday, Judge Francis Sheridan issued a warrant for the McCann’s arrest and warned she might try to flee the country. He said she was “likely” to “abscond” to Ireland and stressed he wanted the Home Office to put ports and airports on alert for her. Judge Sheridan added: “It is most likely she will flee to Ireland. This is a sad case, but by absconding to avoid the indictment being put, is in my view tactical.” Gardai had also been contacted by Thames Valley Police who were keen to be informed if McCann returned to Ireland. However, she was arrested on Wednesday after she handed herself into the authorities at Aylesbury police station. McCann will now appear at Aylesbury Crown Court at a later date. She had been granted bail before a hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court charges Mary McCann handed herself in last Friday but did not arrive. She is known to have links to Ireland, Derby, Huntingdon, Luton, the Northolt and Uxbridge areas of London. In a statement Thames Valley Police said: “A woman who was wanted for failing to appear at court in connection with a fatal road traffic collision has now been arrested. “The woman, aged 35, from Derby, presented herself at Aylesbury police station last night.” tragedyMcCann with her son

DMEEIR 19 FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR sanctuary Surrounded by lush gardens plush Space to spare in huge residence High life Outside terrace freed Matthew Cummins Man cleared over murder of pensioner By eoin reynolds A MAN who had his murder conviction quashed has been released from prison after serving seven years. Matthew Cummins, 27, admitted helping the actual killer by trying to set fire to the deceased. He entered the Offaly home of Thomas Dooley in the early hours in 2014 with two friends, James Davy and Sean Davy. Sean Davy was found guilty of savagely killing the pensioner with a baseball bat. Cummins and James Davy were initially convicted of murder but their convictions were overturned when the Court of Appeal found there was no evidence they were involved in Mr Dooley’s murder. HOUSE ABOUT THIS FOR A COOL €14m.. Prime property Ireland’s most expensive house 4.7 Thousand square foot D4 home is huge by any standards 10 Thousand square foot extension is an option for the buyer DEMENTIA Gates in 1969 First game to kick off with headers ban By Tom Wilkinson The first adult football match with headers outlawed will take place later this month. Heading will only allowed if the ball is in the penalty box in the first half, while it will be banned outright in the second half. The fundraising game will be held at Spennymoor Town FC in County Durham on September 26. Brain charity Head For Change and the Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust will benefit. Head for Change chairwoman Dr Judith Gates’ husband Bill, 77, who played for Middlesbrough FC, has dementia. She said: “We look with interest to see how players adapt. I am hoping for a fast, skilful game.” Dublin 4 des res comes with its own lift and an acre of gardens By Marita Moloney THE most expensive house in Ireland is up for sale in Dublin – for €14million. The prestigious property at 73 Ailesbury Road in Ballsbridge went on the market yesterday. Fitted out with its own lift and an acre of land in prime Dublin 4, the sevenbedroom family residence spans 4,768 square feet and comes with a three hole putting green. Built in 1913, the house sits with a backdrop of manicured gardens and is located on one of the Southside’s most sought after residential roads. Estate agents Colliers describe the property as “a classical early-20th century city detached home of elegant proportions surrounded by extensive private and secluded gardens, offering the discerning purchaser the opportu- nity to acquire a magnificent family home situated on the renowned tree lined Ailesbury Road.” Among the features highlighted by the agents are separate gated entrances, several fireplaces, including one in the entrance hall, and formal dining and drawing rooms. The agents added: “The property boasts beautifully proportioned south facing reception rooms opening out to the spectacular terrace and gardens, as well as a well-planned English style kitchen and breakfast room with access to the balustrade terrace.” The house’s new buyers can take the lift to the first floor where they will find “an exquisite principal bedroom with substantial dressing room and bathroom suite”, as well as six bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. As for the gardens, they are laid out Location, LOCATION Site in posh Ballsbridge with “wonderful secret areas interconnected by meandering pathways”, as well as a “wooded area with trickling brook and rock waterfall”. The property also has scope for major expansion to provide an even bigger des res with swimming pool and cinema. Architect Joe Lawrence said: “To substantially increase the size of the house for future needs, it is important to retain this special character. With a considered design, we propose to extend the property to 14,000 sq ft without taking away from its original character. “By careful design, this can be achieved, without damaging its existing special qualities.” “The design concept extends an area of circa 10,000 sq ft of superb accommodation for future needs, to include cinema, wine cellar, 20m swimming pool, sauna, steamroom and gym.” Meanwhile, the location of the home on Ailesbury Road means prospective owners can enjoy what Colliers describe as “a leafy setting in Dublin 4’s embassy belt with the convenience of being within walking distance of Dublin’s central business district and St Stephen’s Green”.

20 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR We’ve EU’s biggest class sizes LIFE OF CRIME: by Laura Colgan IRISH schools have the biggest class sizes in Europe in a “national embarrassment”, a report claims. Education At A Glance found an average of 24 primary school kids – four more than the EU mean. Countries such as Estonia, Finland and Poland fare better with an average of less than 20 pupils per class. The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation said it simply isn’t good enough. Union chief John Boyle added: “In the midst of a pandemic it remains a national embarrassment that Ireland languishes at the bottom of the EU class size table. “The INTO is actively campaigning for further reductions in class sizes in the forthcoming Budget.” The report also revealed Irish primary teachers work longer hours than their counterparts in other 915 Hours primary school teachers work in a year ...108 above EU average countries – 915 hours per year compared to the EU average of 807. Along with the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we provide the most compulsory instruction. But Ireland also invests the least in education and was ranked in last place out of EU countries for investment in education. Investment in education hit 2.3% of gross domestic product – lower than the OECD average of 3.2%. INSIGHTS Hutch, left, and two pals exclusive By nicola donnelly GERRY “The Monk” Hutch wanted to work as a messenger boy in his younger days and said if he was offered the job he would take it, we can reveal. Footage has emerged of the future gang boss and pals being interviewed for a TV programme in 1972 when he was the tender age of nine. In the clip, seen yesterday, the young Gerry claimed: ■■If he was offered a job as a messenger boy he’d take it ■■A school he went to on Rutland Street “didn’t learn ya much” ■■Most of the time he and his pals played cards in the flats ■■Sherriff Street was very dangerous with oil lorries driving through it at night ■■Lorry drivers thought kids were going to rob the lorries, and ■■He was saved from drowning by a pal after he fell into the River Liffey. The convicted criminal is currently in custody in a maximum security prison in Madrid following his arrest on the Costa del Sol on August 12, awaiting his extradition hearing. The 58-year-old had been on the run for five years and is wanted by gardai in connection with the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel on February 5, 2016. During the shootings five gunmen – including three dressed in fake Garda uniforms and armed with AK47s – burst into a boxing tournament weigh-in and opened fire, killing Byrne. The killing escalated the Kinahan- Hutch feud which has so far claimed 18 lives. Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan, who was in the hotel at the time, was the target of the hit but he escaped. Police from the Guardia Civil’s Central Operative Unit had been tracking him since the previous month at the request of gardai. SLAUGHTERHOUSE Now, while he is being held in custody, the old footage shines a spotlight on his early life in the inner city. When asked by the interviewer if he had a job, a young, fresh faced Hutch replied: “I’m looking for one.” And he said he’d “like to be a messenger boy, taking messages to people”. “If I got a job as a messenger boy I’d take it,” he told pals. “You’d still have money in your pocket haven’t ya.” Later, he gave an insight into his school days in a conversation with two pals in which he claimed a particular school was “like a slaughterhouse”. He added: “Then I went to Rutland Street. They don’t learn ya much but it’s good there. They let you play football.” If I got a job as a messenger boy I’d take it... you’d have money in your pocket GERRY HUTCH Dublin inner city, 1972 laugh Youngster CANDID Hutch on film He claimed that school would give you your books for free but “they don’t let you bring them home”. Hutch and his pals are filmed walking around the inner city, in particular on Sherriff Street near where he grew up. He gave the interviewer a rare insight into their childhood saying most of the time they’d play cards in the flats while another pal said women would complain when they played football. On Sundays he claimed they would go to the pictures after dinner and then go back home. He added: “Sherriff DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 21 STREET URCHIN TO A GANG BOSS Cheeky Monkey Old footage shows interview with 8-yr-old Hutch & inner city pals FRESH FACED Young Hutch talks about school life CROOK Gerry Hutch WALKABOUT The lads head through flats WARNING He tells of road danger Street is very dangerous. Big oil lorries do be coming down all through the night.” His pal claimed the lorries would break the lights and kids would get knocked over by them. The young Monk then claimed the truck drivers throught kids were going to rob their vehicles and he explained how they could change the traffic lights via a small box. “They think the kids are going to rob the lorries. There’s a little box and you press it and it changes the lights. And they just fly by and when they get to the bridge they stop. If they see you coming through the mirror they fly off even when the lights are red.” Later, it emerged that Hutch fell into the River Liffey and was saved by “another young fella”. He explained: “On Sunday me and two fellas were there. I was walking along the edge and I fell in and another young fella put down his coat and pulled me up.” Although Hutch has been regarded as a major Irish criminal, his roots in crime are much more localised. He notched up his first conviction at just eight for stealing a bottle of lemonade. He then progressed to an outfit of teen Dublin criminals called the Bugsy Malone gang, named after a famous 1970s musical film about underage mobsters and their molls. The gang of young criminals soon became notorious all over the city for their robberies. They specialised in raids on banks – often jumping over counters, grabbing what cash they could and escaping in a matter of seconds. The teenage Hutch quickly became the leader of the gang and also a target of gardai. One of their favourite tactics was to stand on a street corner, then approach a car as it slowed at a junction. They would then open the door and throw a live rat inside – terrorising the driver and stealing what valuables they could. The Monk was sent to youth jail in the 1970s for his involvement in that outfit. Lorry drivers, if they see you coming they fly off even when the lights are red GERRY HUTCH Dublin inner city, 1972

22 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 TRAILBLAZER Sir Clive ZX Spectrum ace Sinclair dies aged 81 By LOUIE SMITH HOME computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair died yesterday aged 81. The British inventor cut his teeth in the tech world, creating a range of pocket calculators in the 1970s. But things really took off when he released his landmark ZX Spectrum home computer in 1982. They flew off the shelves and he was knighted. Sir Clive later brought out the Sinclair C5 electric vehicle which was a flop. Daughter Belinda said her father had been ill for a long period of time. He died at his London home. Belinda told the Guardian: “It was ideas, the challenge, he found exciting. He’d come up with an idea and say, ‘There’s no point asking if someone wants it, because they can’t imagine it’.” battleStevens and Jack Everton star in cell plea to save his son By David Meikle FORMER Everton star Gary Stevens is pleading for a stem cell donor to help his four-year-old son Jack battle cancer. The lad was diagnosed with a rare leukaemia last year and at first responded well to treatment. But he has now relapsed and needs chemotherapy – and a matching stem cell donor – to get better. Gary, 58, now a physiotherapist living in Australia with his wife Louise, said: “This is the worst possible news for all of us.” Gary, also dad to Joshua and Oliver, added: “He was doing so well. It really is a race against time.” His old club and their arch-rivals Liverpool are urging fans to register with the Anthony Nolan charity or the World Marrow Donor Association. DMEEIR Blue sees red 1 2 Gang of four walk along the player’s driveway They peer into the star’s home using torch ragePiers set to storm off 3 They roll heavy safe towards a waiting car empty pad Reece with his girl Mia Chelsea star Reece urges fans to help him find ‘cowardly’ burglars win With 2021 medal by louie smith Chelsea star Reece James urged fans to help find “low-life” burglars who stole his medals while he was playing in the Champions League. James, 21, revealed “cowardly robbers” swiped a safe filled with his Champions League and Super Cup winners and Euro 2020 runners-up medals. The England defender posted CCTV videos on Instagram showing the four-strong gang as they burgled his Surrey home. Some of the group wore balaclavas while others carried torches. They can be seen wrenching open gates and rolling a safe to the road. James wrote online: “These medals were won representing Chelsea and England – honours that can never be taken away from me whether or not I have the physical medals to prove it. “Nevertheless, I’m appealing to all my Chelsea and England fans to help turn in these low-life individuals who will never be able to rest easy as the evidence is mounting against them.” James, dating model Mia McClenaghan, 22, said no one was at the property during the break-in. The raid happened on Tuesday night as Chelsea beat Zenit St Petersburg 1-0. Surrey Police said the probe was in its early stages and no arrests had been made. @smith_louie Piers: I’d have nutted Alex if I hadn’t walked off By ASHLEigh RAINBIRDDiary Editor Piers Morgan says he had to walk off Good Morning Britain to avoid headbutting “deputy stand-in weather guy” Alex Beresford. The pair got into a row after Piers questioned Meghan Markle’s he said: “I shouldn’t have walked off when I did... because the deputy stand-in weather guy says something annoying. “It was either that or give him a Glasgow kiss. I decided that wouldn’t go down very well.” annoying enough when I worked with him – why would I bother now?” He also said he rarely watches the ITV show now. But he added: “I want them to be successful. I put my heart and soul into it for five to struggle by some how.” Speaking after being named best news presenter at the TV and Radio Industries Club awards, he said news of his next “ad- venture” was imminent. Later it was confirmed he honesty in her Oprah interview. Piers, 56, hasn’t spo ken to Alex, years. Obviously it’s dif ferent rowAlex will front a prime slot on Talk Speaking at an awards ceremony, 40, since be cause “he was with out me – they have to try Beresford TV, which launches next year.

DMEEIR 23 TUAM CAMPAIGNER STRUGGLES Laura Nolan DWTS Laura: Injury would be Hell for me By KATIE GALLAGHER Dancing With The Stars pro Laura Nolan admits she feared a career-ending injury on Hell Week. The 26-year-old even thought about getting her legs insured ahead of the hit RTE endurance show. Dub Laura said: “Going into the show I was thinking to myself, maybe I should insure my legs. “My legs are my money makers, what is going to happen if I break my ankle? My career is done. “I threw myself into the challenges but at the back of my mind I was thinking ‘I can’t injure myself, I need to be able to dance’. “But thankfully that didn’t happen.” The dancer is taking part to help Women’s Aid, a service for victims of domestic abuse. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR SLAMS ‘COVER-UP’ TOUGH WORK Catherine Corless at Tuam shrine MEETINGWith Minister Roderic O’Gorman STARS John and Edward We’re Jeddy to be the Big Deal in USA EXCLUSIVE By SANDRA MALLON Jedward could be set for US domination as they reveal they’re in talks with bosses at a TV network. The Waterline singers – twins John and Edward Grimes – impressed Fox bosses with their stint as judges on The Big Deal. John said: “A lot of the edits have been made to have more of us in it because we’re bringing so much life to it and I feel like it is a stepping stone. “The CEO of Fox added us on Linkedin so we’re having the chats with him. “If James Corden, Jack Whitehall and Piers Morgan can get massive roles in America, then we will absolutely slay.” The twins already own a house in Los Angeles, a €3million pad they bought back in 2015. By John Kierans THE woman who exposed the Tuam babies scandal last night accused the Church, the State and the medical profession of a cover-up. Catherine Corless claimed relatives won’t know if their loved ones are dead or alive until every last body has been dug up from the site and identified. Many may have a brother or sister still alive, adopted in America, and don’t even know. She collected 796 death certificates for children supposedly buried on the site. But she doesn’t know how many of these are real or fake. Catherine fumed: “The Government is dilly-dallying and dragging its feet about exhuming the bodies and digging up the site. “They can dig up the body of a dead baby down in Kerry at a whim yet we in Tuam have to have special laws passed in the Dail to dig up our dead babies. “The Bill is supposed to pass all stages this current term so if that is the case it Catherine says Church, State and medical profession hiding truth will be next spring or early summer before the experts can get digging. It is all a very slow process and very tough on the families. “They are sitting at home and literally don’t know whether their loved ones are dead or alive. “The Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman visited the site two weeks ago but doesn’t appear to have any sense of urgency.” At the moment no one really knows how many babies went from Tuam to America for adoption. There is little or no documentation recording the various child transactions. Catherine said: “I am sure the documents are here in this country somewhere. Someone has to have them. “The State, the Church and the medical profession are all involved in a big cover-up and are not co-operating. “The only way we can find out is to dig up all the Families don’t know if their loved ones are alive CATHERINE CORLESS yesterday bodies from the Tuam site and painfully identify each and every child using the latest forensic science and DNA. That way we can discover who is dead and who is unaccounted for. “At least then families will know if their loved one is dead or missing, presumed adopted in the US.” Most of the children are buried in 23 separate 6ft chambers in a disused sewerage tank beneath the site and also in other graves throughout the grounds which is now largely a housing estate. According to official records gathered by the recent Mother and Baby Homes Commission, 1,638 children went from Ireland’s 14 Mother and Baby Homes such as Tuam and four “county homes” to America, from the 1930s through to the 1990s before the last home closed. The babies were sold to rich Catholic families for adoption and in many cases the mothers were forced to give them up and sign documents. Many of the illegal adoptions happened in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The whole tragic story was brought to the public eye by Philomena, a movie about Philomena Lee’s quest to find her son, Michael, who was taken off her by nuns and sold for adoption when he was three. She spent her life searching but he had died by the time she found him.

24 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 FINALISTJoe Swash Chef Joe off the instant gravy train By NICOLA METHVEN TV Editor Joe Swash says his journey to the Celebrity Master- Chef final has killed his appetite for gravy granules. Joe, 39, goes into battle tonight with reality star Megan McKenna and Paralympian Kadeena Cox. And he has vowed to never put convenience over flavour when cooking for his kids and wife Stacey Solomon in the real world. The former I’m A Celeb winner said: “That was the biggest shock I had when I went into the MasterChef kitchen – you don’t get any granules. “It’s like a half-hour job making gravy from scratch and custard from scratch. “But since doing MasterChef, I can do it, so no more ready-made stuff.” ■■Celebrity MasterChef, BBC1, tonight, 8pm. show fave Diane Sugden Emmerdale queen going after 22 yrs By MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor EMMERDALE actress Elizabeth Estensen is retiring after playing Diane Sugden for 22 years. The character has been landlady of the Woolpack in the soap for 17 years. Widowed Diane has had cancer twice, been held at gunpoint and been conned and stabbed during her time on the ITV show. She has also been a supportive mother, sister, stepmother and grandmother to her family. Elizabeth, 72, who also appeared in Corrie in the 1990s, has filmed her final scenes but will be on screen for several weeks. She said: “Emmerdale will always remain special. I’ll miss everyone dearly.” ITV boss John Whiston described her as “the queen” of the programme. can’t whaite John starts on Strictly this week I realised how important a step forward it is. I’ve had no negative messages john whaiteon the positive reaction to same-sex pairing Kids making me, says Dan BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker revealed he signed up because his kids begged him to. Dan, 44, said of his brood aged 14, 12 and 10: “They sat me down at Christmas and said, ‘Dad, if you ever get asked again, we’d really like you to do it’. that age will know it’s rare to do something your kids are fully invested in.” The presenter added he needed some cheering up after all his Covid coverage, saying: “The last 18 months has just been grim story after grim story “Anyone who’s got kids of dancing dad Dan Walker after grim story.” DMEEIR Strictly John: I’m so happy it’s not been guys & trolls Fans welcome same-sex pair by NICOLA METHVEN TV Editor John Whaite has told how he expected to be a target of trolls for being part of the first same-sex male Strictly partnership… but was instead met by a positive reaction. And the Bake Off star turned TV chef is delighted by the response. John, 32, said: “The reaction has been so positive. I genuinely did think I was going to receive a fair bit of hate in my inbox because you do as a gay man, you get a lot of hate. It’s something you grow up and you learn to deal with. “Shouldn’t have to, but we do. “And I can honestly say that I haven’t had a single message of negativity.” The enormity of what John was doing struck him as he spoke to Matt Lucas on Radio 2 to reveal he was going to be a Strictly contestant. He said: “I realised how important a step forward this is. “Because kids who watch the show, to have same sex role models, it’ll give them a little bit of hope for the future. It won’t make them grow up with the same shame that I grew up with. “It’s not just about queer people. It’s about intimacy generally. Two men, whether they’re straight or gay, can be intimate with each other. “I hope this comes to show that it breaks down that notion of toxic pairing Johannes & Quentin masculinity, which is so rife, especially in Britain. “If you look at Europe, people are much more intimate with each other there. So why can’t we have that here?” On this weekend’s Strictly launch celebs will be paired with their pro partners. And John is hoping he gets South African Johannes Radebe, who danced with Caroline Quentin last year. He said: “It has to be Johannes. It’d be really important for him to have the first all-male couple, it would be a really powerful message for him as well. That’s not to say in the future it has to be two gay men.” John told how he is looking forward most to dances that are filled with passion. He said: “I want to learn a really intense samba and really go for it. Or a rumba. “I want to do the queerest outfits possible. I want mesh. I want sequins. I want everything on the show basically. I want to be as glamorous as possible.” John, who won Bake Off in 2012, said he has no fear of criticism from the judges. He added: “Listen, if you can survive Paul Hollywood, you can survive Craig Revel Horwood.” ■■Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1, tomorrow , 7.45pm. @mirrormeths Corrie Katie hot to foxtrot Actress Katie McGlynn can’t wait to show off her “positive, fun” side after her Coronation Street role as tragic Sinead, who died of cancer. Katie, 28, said: “I’m very nervous for the viewers to see a different side of me because I’ve always read from a script and When it’s very serious it can drain you.” In reality, she is all about fun. Katie said: “I don’t take things too seriously so this is just my cup of tea. I want to smile, I want to laugh, I want to dance and have a good time. “And hopefully make some done serious storylines. funEx-Corrie star Katie life-long friends.”

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 25 WACKY amateur night WORLD For more weird stories from around the globe visit Don’t scoot over record.. A pair of Canadian pets with a unique hobby set a Guinness World Record for the fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat. Owner Melissa Millett said: “When they scoot together the response can only be likened to a media frenzy over a celebrity.” Police earn their stripes POLICE in Wisconsin responded to an unusual situation when multiple 911 callers reported a pair of zebras walking down the middle of a road. The sheriff ’s office said the animals belonged to a nearby resident and he escorted them home. Want to stay an Bearbnb? A cottage inspired by the home of Winnie-the- Pooh is available for rent in England to celebrate the beloved character’s 95th anniversary celebration. The “Bearbnb” cottage, was designed in East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest by artist Kim Raymond. Power cut a pain in asp... Utility officials in North Carolina said a snake was responsible for a substation fire that left an entire town and the surrounding area without power. The Denton Fire Department added the huge blaze did major damage to the substation. Four pages of puzzles inside »» First all-civilian crew to orbit Earth in space capsule lift-offSpaceX launches crew on board Dragon on Wednesday astronautsCrew Chris Sembroski, Sian Proctor, Jared Isaacman and Hayley Arceneaux arrive for launch of the Inspiration4 mission at Kennedy Space Center by STEPHEN WHITE FOUR amateur astronauts have blasted off from Florida on their private mission to orbit the Earth. The Inspiration4 crew, comprising one billionaire and three “ordinary citizens”, rode out of the Kennedy Space Center in a Dragon capsule provided by the SpaceX rocket company on Wednesday. They will orbit Earth for three days. The crew of Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Dr Sian Proctor and Chris Sembroski had six months of training. But onboard computer systems will be in control overseen by ground crew. The Dragon has flown to an altitude of 360 miles, roughly the height at which the Hubble Space Telescope operates. The venture was purchased from Elon Musk’s SpaceX by Jared, 38, who made his fortune developing systems to process credit card payments. Rather than go on an “outing with fishing buddies”, he decided “to inject real purpose into the flight”, he says. THERE’S one person who could teach these novices a thing or two. Capt Samantha Cristoforetti, 45, spent 199 days on the International Space Station. Ahead of her return as ISS commander and to mark the digital Crew member Hayley, 29, works for the medical facility that cured her of bone cancer in childhood, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Jared is on a mission to raise awareness and €170million for the facility. Sian, 51, is a geoscientist and artist. She plans to paint while looking out from the Dragon’s domed window. And Chris, 42, is a US Air Force veteran and works with aerospace company Lockheed Martin. A friend won a place in a lottery draw to join the crew and asked him to take the place. SpaceX described the launch as the first “all-civilian mission to orbit”. This summer, billionaires Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos went above Earth’s atmosphere in space vehicles. Following this flight, there will be two private visits to the International Space Station in October and the New Year. @StephenWhite278 release of The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station, she talks about her “home from home”. Watch: Jess Saying’s Wonder Women, 2pm, today at or later at »» Billionaire joined by three ‘ordinary citizens’ for launch FAMILYJared hugs his daughter before flight FREE PUZZLES PULLOUT Everyday inside your

26 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 we talk to th DMEEIR TRAVEL Great Northern Hotel ★★★★ exclusive by julie mccaffrEy You might find it hard to see the funny side of mopping up blood and body fluids from the floors or scraping human flesh from the walls. But comic Greg Davies is getting plenty of laughs playing a crime scene cleaner in a new BBC1 series. His job as Wicky in The Cleaner is one few would have the stomach for. But every day trauma cleaners get to work removing all traces of gore safely and sensitively. Here, four crime scene cleaners explain funWith Jo Hartley in episode six why on earth they do their jobs… @JulieMcCaffrey The majestic 4 Star Great Northern Hotel stands regally on its own 18 hole golf course with breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean & Rougey Cliff walk. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and discover the luxury of Bundoran’s Sea Side Hotel. The Great Northern Hotel is located in the bustling town of beautiful Bundoran with great friendliness and atmosphere. Feel and taste the ocean’s force on your door step while enjoying the sheer beauty of the of Donegal Bay, our blue flag beaches and the greatness of the Ben Wisken and Ben Benbulben Mountains can be viewed from most parts of the hotel. Indulge in the finest cuisine and savour the flavour of an attractive wine from our carefully selected menu. Snuggle up to an open fire as the sun sets over the stunning views of Donegal bay in this beautiful part of County Donegal. The 4 star Great Northern Hotel is just two hour’s drive from Dublin & Belfast. Our spectacular Tir Connaill restaurant and the trendy Bar & Bistro with its warmth and comfortable setting extends a warm welcome to golfers near and far to play the 18 hole golf course situated on site at the hotel. Our unique features have created an old world setting but with all the mod cons of today’s world, great food and exceptionally friendly service and relaxation. All of our bedrooms have multichannel Plasma TVs, tea and coffee making facilities and individual toiletries in the en suite CALL 0719 842 888 (quoting Mirror Offers) oR EmAiL: mARion@bmCEniffhoTELs.Com CounTy musiC ConCERTs ARE bACk sEPTEmbER 2021 Jimmy Buckley 21st September Robert Mizzell 22nd September Patrick Feeney 23rd September Mike Denver 24th September Declan Nerney 26th September ARRiVE 21sT sEPTEmbER 3 b&b 3 ConCERTs €265PPs ARRiVE 24Th sEPTEmbER 3 b&b 3 ConCERTs €295PPs LIMITED SPACE DON’T MISS OUT Subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply bathrooms. With an onsite leisure centre why not build up an appetite in the gym before breakfast or relax in the Swimming pool, Sauna, Steam room or Jacuzzi. These breaks are sold and supplied by Brian McEniff Hotels with whom you contract when you accept this offer. All holidays are subject to availability. Minimum numbers may apply. Terms and conditions apply. No job I’ve seen others retch at jobs whereas I just get stuck in – Steve Carr, 54 Steve has a crime scene cleaner superpower – no sense of smell. Nothing is too fetid for him to face, as a near-fatal car crash 20 years ago left Steve unable to detect even the stinkiest stench. He says: “I’ve seen others retch at jobs, whereas I just get stuck in.” His special skill was handy when he had to tackle a 3ft pile of human excrement left on top of a toilet by a man with mental health problems. The incident led to Steve being crowned Prince of Poo by workmates. Steve, from Sunderland, says: “Nothing fazes me because I’m old school. “In fact, the jobs that need extreme cleans are the best jobs because you can really see a difference afterwards.” The married dad of one began working as a trauma cleaner in 2007 after he was laid off from building work. He has scrubbed dirty protests from prison walls and blood from mortuary floors. But memories of one job still sadden him. He recalls: “An old lady was too frail to tak out her rubbish so a caretaker used to do it her. When he left, everyone else said it wasn their job and it piled up.” It got so bad she had to crawl to get outside. Steve continues: “No one was looking after her. And when they said they’d fixed her telly, they cut the wire so she was stuck in every day with nothing to do. “No grime or gore bothers me. But the stories behind why people need our help can be really upsetting.” DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 27 e real crime scene cleaners dirty work Greg Davies as Wicky in The Cleaner too gory Our cleaners must be very sensitive – Ryan Colquitt, 41 After a decade working as a trauma cleaner, Ryan has spent the last two years managing and training 100 staff at SafeGroup, a specialist and emergency cleaning service. He says: “Crime scene cleaners need to be very sensitive. A family is likely to be in a very emotional state and could want to share every nasty detail of what happened. Our cleaners have to be able to cope not just with what they see, but what they hear, smell and breathe in. They need a genuine drive to help people.” Ryan, from Hertfordshire, rarely talks about his job outside working hours. He has dealt with the aftermath of a machete attack which left pools of blood in every room of a property and the lift and paths outside. He cleaned up after a burglary ended in murder and can’t forget picking up an eyeball from train tracks. He says: “I feel lucky to know I have helped people in traumatic situations and fortunate to have a job I can do every day which makes an impact on people who are struggling with a whole spectrum of emotions. “I constantly hear bereaved people say, ‘I wish I could have spoken to him one more time’. “So every day, when I leave home, I make sure that I’m on good terms with my wife and my three kids and I never hold grudges with the wider family or friends.” Smell of blood will never leave me – Steve Broughton, 46 Steve left the corporate world to found SafeGroup 17 years ago, and now employs 70 trauma cleaners nationwide. His company provides a free counselling service for staff, but he has discovered that many have their own ways of coping. One employee who fished testicles from a toilet told himself he was holding boiled eggs. Another tells himself blood is ketchup and faeces is curry. Steve, of Worthing, West Sussex, says: “I cleaned up after a man threw himself through a glass window. Cleaning pints of blood from stairs I zoned out and was focused on the job. “A couple of things haunt me. One is the smell of a dead body, musty with a sweet undertone, and the smell of lots of fresh blood will never leave me.” e for ’t grime busters Trauma cleaners Steve Carr & Yanky Blair The Cleaner, 9.30pm BBC1 tonight. Catch up on iPlayer If I do my job well I can help take pain and trauma away – Yanky Blair, 41 A steel stomach and selfless heart have kept trauma cleaner Yanky in her job since 2006. She says: “My mum was hit and killed by a bus. Death and tragic situations are part of life and leave families feeling really emotional. “I want to do what I can to help people and make sure others don’t have to see the sad sights of life. There are difficult moments, like removing the little that’s left of a deceased person from train tracks, but I get through it by thinking of their family and the pain they go through when they hear the news, and reminding myself I’m helping in a small way. “I think of my mum and hope a caring person looked after her when she died.” No job has ever made her vomit or faint. She says: “When I first arrive at a job, I think, ‘What do I have to do to make this area perfect again?’ Years ago, a man bled to death at home and a co-worker said he couldn’t take it. “I’ve got a certain strength, so I worked doubly hard cleaning the blood and the clots because I didn’t want his elderly wife to have to see it or deal with it. I’d always do extra things like wash the dishes too.” Yanky never eats on a job and often takes off her clothes outside her home in Croydon, South London, as the smells can linger. She says: “Yes, there are easier ways to make an honest living. Friends are always asking how on earth I do it and my partner always says she couldn’t do it. But bereaved families are already suffering so much. If I do my job well I can help take pain, bad memories and even more trauma away from them. “I love my job. And if you love your job every job is a good job. No other job makes the difference to people’s lives like this one.”

28 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR DEAR COLEEN your problems solved I’m scared of stanDing up to stroppy wife Dear Coleen I’d like to find out how I can be more assertive with my wife. I always end up backing down because I can’t stand the grief that comes with challenging her on anything. She either shouts and screams or sulks for days. It’s a very one-sided relationship – basically I do what I’m told or there’s hell to pay. I’m sick of this unequal balance and I feel she doesn’t respect me at all. It never used to be like this. What has gone wrong and what can I do about it? School mum accused me of messing about with her man Dear Coleen I’ve found myself in a really awkward situation and don’t know what to do about it. When I collect my daughter from school, I chat to one of the dads in her class, who’s a nice guy. We’re always joking around and, to be frank, I’d rather speak to him than most of the mums. Sometimes I’ll give him a lift back home after drop-off if the weather’s bad, as he usually walks his daughter to school. To cut a long story short, his wife came up to me in the playground the other day and accused me of “messing about” with her husband! I was so shocked, I actually laughed. She started going on about “cosy chats” at school and inviting him into my car. I basically told her that her suspicions couldn’t be any further from the truth, and advised her to take it up with her husband, and then I made a swift exit. However, I feel really angry that I’ve been accused of something I didn’t do and wouldn’t do, as I have a husband and kids. This guy is just someone I pass time with on the school run. What “I’m angry I’ve been accused of something I didn’t do should I do – tell him about the confrontation or just keep quiet and avoid him in the future? Coleen says This isn’t your problem and it sounds to me as if his wife has incredible trust issues. Maybe he’s had an affair in the past or she’s been hurt by someone else. Perhaps she thinks he fancies you and maybe he’s got form. Equally, though, you don’t want to get dragged into their mess and caught in the crossfire when it’s really nothing to do with you. I’d speak to the guy and explain that you don’t want to cause a problem between him and his wife. If he wants more details, then explain that she told you she’s not happy with him talking to you or being in your car. I don’t think I would stop being friendly with him, but just take a step back for your own sake and leave the two of them to sort it out. It also sounds as if one or more parents at the school are stirring things up a bit, which could be another reason for his wife’s anger. Coleen says Don’t enable it. I understand you back down all the time for an easier life, but it’s not really making life any easier for you in the long term because you’re deeply unhappy. I don’t know why things changed – that’s something for you to think about and discuss. However, when she starts shouting, walk out. You should refuse to stay and listen – explain you will when she’s calm. She’s almost behaving like a spoilt, naughty child and if she screams and shouts, she’ll get her own way. And the same goes for the sulking. It’s just about standing up for yourself, not in an aggressive or confrontational way. Explain that unless she can talk to you calmly and with respect (as an adult), then you don’t want to have the conversation. you say I’d like to reply to the man who’s worried about taking on his girlfriend’s kids (Dear Coleen, September 13). For what it’s worth, I took on my wife and her four boys when I was 27. My mother was dubious as well, but it’s worked out great. We’ve been married for 47 years, had a son of our own, and now have 29 grandchildren. My life is brilliant and it was the best thing I ever did. At times, life has been a bit up and down, but I expected that. The decision is yours, but I would say go for it. Phil, South Wales PROBLEMS? Tell Coleen Nolan about them and she’ll give you an honest answer... every weekday in the Irish Mirror email: – sorry, but Coleen can’t reply personally WRITE TO: Coleen Nolan, The Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP always TOO TIRED OR BUSY TO HAVE SEX Dear Coleen I’m a 34-year-old mum of two with a full-time job and, the upshot is, I never have the time or energy to have sex with my husband. We’re lucky if we do it once a month. While neither of us seems particularly bothered that we do it so infrequently, I know deep down that it’s not good for our relationship in the long term. Any tips on how to revive things? Coleen says You have to make the time – even if it’s just a couple of hours a week to spend together. What about when the kids go to bed? When children come along, it’s a work in progress and it’s easy to ignore the fact that you’re a couple. Sex doesn’t have to be every day but, if the lack of it is worrying you, then tell your hubby you don’t want to lose the intimate side of your relationship. The good thing is, you’ve realised now that it could become a problem, so sit down and work it out. With sex, I always think the more you have it, the more you want it. So, while you might have to make an effort initially, you’ll get into a rhythm. If all you feel like doing at the end of the day is flopping on the couch, then flop on the couch together. Sometimes you get home at night and feel exhausted, but why not get a babysitter? Once you make an effort to go out, you’ll enjoy yourself. I’m sure when you first met, you were staying up until all hours and still getting up for work the next day. Sign up to my newsletter! I’m excited to let you know that I’ve launched a fab newsletter, which I hope you’ll sign up to receive once a week via email. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on love, life and relationships, as well as my pick of the week’s readers’ problems. Sign up by visiting

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 29 TODAY’S tv with katie gallagher EMMERDALE Virgin Media One, 7pm Rhona tries to talk to Marlon, but he’s fuming after the assault incident with Brenda – and then a police car arrives. April talks to the cop about the bullying. Bob is emotional at having to finally face his failings as a father. He tries to talk to Marlon but tensions soon run high. And Moira tries to convince Matty that compensation is the way forward, but Cain isn’t convinced as Chas doesn’t have the money. It’d be a crime to miss JEALOUSTyrone’s angry when Phill drops his car in CORONATION STREET Virgin Media One, 7.30pm and 8.30pm Alya is stressed when the food delivery is late. As Elaine tries to placate the diners, Alya tries to solve the problem. But things get worse when a customer points at a tarantula crawling across a table. When Phill drops his car off at the garage, a jealous Tyrone searches it, hoping to find something to discredit him. And as the row over Norris’s funeral escalates, Mary announces she’s stepping down so Freda can sort out the whole business herself. EASTENDERS RTE One, 8pm Ruby is waiting for the results of her pregnancy test – she checks it and wells up. Later, Martin confronts her about why she has been lying to him. Will Ruby come clean that she sent Stacey down? Tiffany takes the opportunity of being Low blow Dotty in pain boxing partners with Dotty to punch her in the stomach, then a proper fight breaks out between them. And Rainie is agitated as she and Stuart wait for Bernie to go to a scan. Something is up. In the IRISH Mirror Saturday 18 SEPTEMBER 2021 LET’S DANCE Prepare for sequins, spray tans and salsas as TESS DALY and CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN return for the new series of Strictly All the new shows, soap news and 7-day listings More TV and film news online at Pick of the day The Late Late Show RTE One, 9.35pm Stars of the controversial new TV crime drama Kin join Ryan Tubridy tonight. Legendary actor Ciaran Hinds and rising star Clare Dunne are on hand to chat to the Late Late audience. Ciaran opens up on the joys of filming in Dublin again and his childhood spent dancing in Belfast. SEX EDUCATION Netflix The opening scenes of this third, long-awaited season get straight down to business. It’s a hilarious montage of sexual encounters, all set to The Rubinoos’ I Think We’re Alone Now. This comedy drama has become a cult hit, beginning with a focus on teenager Otis (Asa Butterfield), who is mostly mortified that his mother Dr Jean Milburn (a glorious Gillian Anderson) is an extremely candid sex therapist. The show has now morphed into more of an ensemble piece, which Ryan... DRAMA Ciaran Hinds, Clare Dunne & Jack Woolley Meanwhile, Clare reveals why she could never be a crime boss and tells of the real stories that inspire her. TikTok sensation Miriam Mullins, who has amassed more than 1.6 million followers, speaks to Ryan about living her life online and her now famous Irish mammy. She also gives him tips on how to make it on TikTok. And after his assault in Dublin bustedOtis is out of the sex clinic business follows the teens at Moordale Secondary School as they navigate the transition to adulthood. The school is still reeling from last year’s chlamydia outbreak and the discovery – and shutting down – of Otis and his friend Maeve’s on-campus sex clinic. As a result, another student has taken it upon himself to run his own clinic, despite knowing nothing. Meanwhile, a pregnant Jean must summon up the courage to tell the father – plus she has a new sex manual to promote. This series is refreshingly frank and funny. last month attracted global media attention, Olympic Taekwondo star Jack Woolley discusses how he has coped with being thrust into the spotlight over the last six weeks. He’ll talk about his road to recovery, why he wants to inspire Ireland’s next generation of athletes and how he can’t wait to get back into the ring as Tokyo slips from view. Tuam historian Catherine Corless THE MORNING SHOW Apple TV+ Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return for season two of this hit US drama, which tackles workplace power dynamics. Picking up after the explosive events of the season one finale, which saw the co-anchors on The Morning Show tell some hard truths about the toxic, misogynistic culture at the UBA network as it tries to emerge from the wreckage. A flashforward reveals that Bradley (Witherspoon) is now co-anchor with NEWS CREWHasan Minhaj and Reese Witherspoon HOST Ryan Tubridy will be speaking about her new book Belonging: A Memoir. It focuses on her quest for the truth about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Galway and the events of her early childhood. Plus the fabulous Wallis Bird will be performing her classic song To My Bones while The Three Amigos give the nation a Garth Brooks treat with a special medley of his hits. new guy Eric, while Alex (Aniston) is holed up in a secluded lodge in Maine writing her memoir. Most of the action takes place as the team prepares for the New Year’s Eve live from Times Square special, with the network in flux and everyone gearing up for a promising 2020. But there is a pandemic around the corner that will bring the world to a standstill. A stellar co-cast includes Hasan Minhaj, Billy Crudup, Steve Carell and Julianna Margulies as a news anchor. And bad news for binge watchers – episodes will drop weekly.

30 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 All programmes Today’s are listed in British TV Summer Time previews (BST). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat DMEEIR RTE One RTE2 Virgin One BBC One BBC Two 6.00am EuroNews 6.30 Teleshopping 8.05 Impossible Gameshow. (R) 9.00 Father Brown Drama. (R) 9.55 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 10.50 Dr Phil Talk show; Weather 11.45 Shortland Street Drama. 12.15pm Still Open All Hours (R) 12.45 Telly Bingo Gameshow. 1.00 RTE News; Weather 1.30 Home and Away Ziggy opts to visit Dean at the hospital. 2.00 Neighbours Sheila tries to address Evelyn’s cold attitude. 2.30 Fair City Phoebe unwittingly makes up Damien’s mind. (R) 3.00 EastEnders Martin secretly visits Stacey in prison. (R) 3.30 RTE News Headlines. 3.40 Call the Midwife Jenny and Sister Evangelina assist at the birth of a baby with spina bifida. (R) 4.40 Room to Improve A couple in Dublin draw inspiration for their home from California. (R) 5.40 Nuacht The day’s headlines. 6.00 The Angelus (R) 6.01 RTE News; Weather 6.00am EuroNews 7.00 TRTE Children’s shows. 12.05pm Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (R) 12.30 Ben 10 Double bill. 12.55 Millie Inbetween: Access All Areas (R) 1.25 The Dumping Ground (R) 2.00 Drop Dead Weird (R) 2.30 4 O’Clock Club (R) 3.00 Junior MasterChef (R) 3.35 Danny & Mick (R) 4.00 World’s End (R) 4.20 news2day (R) 4.30 The Simpsons Hour-long episode. Mr Burns crosses paths with a hip-hop mogul. 5.00 The Goldbergs Adam worries that his cool grandpa may finally be slowing down. 5.30 Shortland Street Longrunning hospital drama set in a New Zealand accident and emergency ward. (R) 6.00 Neighbours Sheila tries to address Evelyn’s attitude. (R) 6.30 Home and Away Ziggy opts to visit Dean instead of working at the Garage. (R) 6.10am The Six O’Clock Show (R) 7.00 Ireland AM Magazine programme featuring health, safety and education reports, entertainment news and interviews with personalities making the headlines. 10.00 This Morning Daily magazine, featuring a mix of celebrity chat, showbusiness news, lifestyle features, topical discussion, health and beauty advice and more. 12.30pm News at 12:30 1.00 The Chase Double bill. Quiz, hosted by Bradley Walsh. (R) 3.00 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 4.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs A playful pug that needs an operation to help its breathing difficulties. (R) 4.30 Judge Judy Double bill. Real-life small-claims cases. 5.30 News at 5.30 6.00 The Six O’Clock Show Chat show, featuring celebrity interviews, food from leading chefs and guidance on a wide range of topics. 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Morning Live Magazine. 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer The development of properties in Kent, Nottinghamshire and west London. (R) 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 1.45 Unbeatable Quiz show. 2.30 The Repair Shop An antique skeleton clock, a giant teddy bear and a transistor radio are restored by the experts. 3.00 Escape to the Country Ginny Buckley helps a former army couple find a new home in Devon. (R) 3.45 Garden Rescue A Pontypridd couple seek a space in which they can enjoy the wildlife. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip James Braxton and Irita Marriott head to the final auction. 5.15 Pointless Quiz show. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 6.15am Homes Under the Hammer The development of houses in in Derby and South and West Yorkshire. (R) 7.15 Garden Rescue (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: The House That £100K Built (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics UK 1.00 Eggheads (R) 1.30 Make Me a Dealer (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge The artists visit the National Portrait Gallery. (R) 3.15 The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation Si King and Dave Myers seek out the best baking in Europe, beginning in Norway. (R) 4.15 Madagascar, Lemurs and Spies: Natural World (R) 5.15 Flog It! Interesting finds. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Kaye Adams, Mark Chapman, Philip Glenister and Thanyia Moore compete. 6.30 Take a Hike B&B owner Colin hosts the last Devon hike on a trail from Greenway to Dartmouth. 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 Nationwide Current affairs. 7.30 The Zoo Lumara and Kitabu welcome a new okapi calf, the first of its kind to be born at Dublin Zoo, and Cahaya the siamang gibbon is in need of an emergency blood transfusion. (R) 8.00 EastEnders Martin confronts Ruby about her lying to him. 8.30 Cat Hospital A prize-winning Maine Coon needs a new home as it is feeling stressed out living in such a large group of other cast, so Clare tries to help owner Claudia. 9.00 RTE News; Weather A round-up of the latest national and international news. 9.35 The Late Late Show Ryan Tubridy hosts the light entertainment show, officially the world’s second longestrunning late-night talk show, featuring music, in-depth interviews and discussions on the stories that have the nation talking. As usual, a galaxy of celebrity guests appear to reflect on their life and times, and promote their current ventures; Weather 11.25 FILM Song for a Raggy Boy (2003, 12) A widower is hired to teach at a strict Catholic reformatory school, but the harsh regime soon fires his anger, leading to a series of confrontations with the heavy-handed priests in charge of the establishment. Fact-based drama set in 1939, starring Aidan Quinn. ★★ 1.10am Casualty. Duffy finally lets Charlie in on her big secret. (R) 2.10 Telly Bingo (R) 2.20 Nationwide (R) 2.45 Dr Phil (R) 3.30 Doctors (R) 4.00-6.00am EuroNews 7.00 Young Sheldon The youngster gets a summer job at the local train museum. (R) 7.25 Coast Australia The team explores the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with Tim Flannery finding out about British atomic testing. (R) 8.25 Top Gear Nepal Special Presenting trio Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris set off on a trek from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, to the Forbidden City of Lo Manthang. (R) 9.50 FILM The Specialist (1994, 18) An explosives expert is reluctantly persuaded out of retirement by the charms of a vengeful woman bent on destroying the gang that murdered her parents. He carries out a series of assassinations, but finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse when one of his targets hires a former colleague to track him down. Action thriller, starring Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, James Woods, Rod Steiger and Eric Roberts. ★★★ 11.55 Bachelors Walk With Jane packing their belongings ahead of the move to the new flat, Michael ignores Jimmy’s protests and decides to meet Rachel for lunch. Comedy drama, with Simon Delaney. (R) 12.40am Live at the Apollo. Darren Harriott introduces stand-up performances by Jessica Fostekew and Stephen Bailey. (R) 1.35 Friday Night Dinner. The house is in a mess due to building work, Mum takes refuge in the shed because of a mouse. (R) 2.05-6.00am EuroNews 7.00 Emmerdale Bob is emotional and Marlon is furious. 7.30 Coronation Street Alya experiences a trying day at work, Tyrone hunts for a way to discredit Phill, and Max’s poor performance at school gives cause for concern. 8.00 News at 8 The latest national and international headlines. 8.30 Coronation Street Alya turns to Zeedan for help after a costly blunder, Tyrone tackles Phill with his discovery, and Freda disapproves of Gemma’s choice for Aled. 9.00 Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow The comedian hosts an updated version of The Price Is Right, with eight players invited to ‘come on down’ to contestants’ row to guess the value of a host of prizes. 10.00 FILM Law Abiding Citizen (2009, 18) A man is forced to witness the murder of his wife and daughter, and is driven to despair when one of the perpetrators walks free at trial. Years later, he begins a campaign of vigilante violence, seeking revenge on the killers and the justice system that failed to punish them, particularly an assistant district attorney who allowed the defendant to make a deal during the court proceedings. Thriller, with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. ★★★ 12.10am Gogglebox Ireland. Telly addicts review the week’s viewing. (R) 1.10-3.05am Vera. DCI Stanhope investigates a murder at a remote country house, but no sooner does she arrive, than a second body is discovered and a connection starts to emerge between the victims. (R) 7.00 The One Show Live chat and topical reports, with Ronan Keating and Rylan Clark-Neal. 7.30 Question of Sport With Amy Williams, Leon Osman, Anna Hopkin and Anton Du Beke. Light-hearted quiz, hosted by Paddy McGuinness. 8.00 EastEnders Martin confronts Ruby to ask why she has been lying to him, while Dotty and Tiffany come to blows. 8.30 Would I Lie to You? With Johnny Vegas, Alex Jones, Martin Lewis and Anna Maxwell-Martin. (R) 9.00 Celebrity MasterChef The three remaining contenders compete in the final, tasked to cook and present a threecourse meal for judgement by John Torode and Gregg Wallace. Last in the series. 9.30 The Cleaner Wicky tries to help a pompous novelist with two problems – his grandmother has just died in his living room and he has writer’s block. Comedy, written by and starring Greg Davies, with guest star David Mitchell. 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.25 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.35 Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit A stand-up performance at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, with the comedian sharing tales from more than 20 years as an entertainer. 11.35 FILM The Graduate (1967, 12) A naive college graduate is seduced by a middle-aged woman, only to fall in love with her daughter. Comedy drama, starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft and Katharine Ross. ★★★★★ 1.20am Weather for the Week Ahead 1.25-6.00am BBC News 7.00 MOTDx Football discussion. 7.30 Remarkable Places to Eat Nisha Katona takes Fred Sirieix to San Sebastian for a meal at one of the world’s top restaurants and to visit a tiny sports bar to learn the secrets of the perfect tortilla. (R) 8.30 Gardeners’ World Toby Buckland gives tips on maintenance for borders, and singer-songwriter Billie Marten shares her passion for growing vegetables. Adam Frost reports from his garden with a seasonal catch-up. 9.30 The North Water Sumner’s adventure turns into a nightmare when one of the crew is murdered and he can’t escape a feeling that Henry Drax is the culprit. Meanwhile, Drax has a daring opportunity to escape, but must convince Cavendish to help him. Mystery, starring Colin Farrell, Jack O’Connell, Stephen Graham, Sam Spruell and Gary Lamont. 10.30 Newsnight The day’s important national and international news stories. Presented by Kirsty Wark. 11.05 Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League A look at the title race between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United in the 1994-95 season, assessing the impact of Eric Cantona’s ban for attacking a Crystal Palace supporter. (R) 12.05am FILM Life on the Line (2015, 15) The head of a power line team is sent in to fix the grid just as a huge storm hits Texas. Action thriller, starring John Travolta and Kate Bosworth. ★★★ 1.35 Sign Zone: Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business: Panorama (R) 2.05-6.35am This Is BBC Two Freeview 6 UTV ITV2 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News 1.55 UTV Live 2.00 Judge Rinder 3.00 Tenable 3.59 UTV Weather 4.00 Tipping Point 5.00 The Chase. Bradley Walsh presents. 6.00 UTV Live The day’s headlines. 6.30 ITV Evening News Today’s reports. 7.00 Emmerdale Marlon is furious. 7.30 Coronation Street Tyrone hunts for a way to discredit Phill. 8.00 UTV Life Stories and studio guests. 8.30 Coronation Street Alya needs help. 9.00 Grantchester The apparent suicide of a councillor prompts an election. 10.00 ITV News at Ten Headlines. 10.30 UTV Live The day’s stories. 10.45 FILM Rocky (1976, 12) Boxing drama, with Sylvester Stallone. ★★★★ 12.50am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best! 4.05-6.00am ITV Nightscreen Dave E4 Channel 4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Modern Wheels or Classic Steals 8.00 Ultimate Movers 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 2.00 Cop Car Workshop 3.00 Top Gear 5.00 Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico 6.00 QI XL Extended edition. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Beattie Edmondson, Amol Rajan, Gaby Roslin and Hugh Dennis. 7.40 Would I Lie to You? At Christmas 8.20 QI With Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker. 9.00 QI XL Extended edition. With Chris Addison, Sara Cox and Sue Perkins. 10.00 Mock the Week Topical comedy. 10.40 Would I Lie to You? Panel show. 11.20 Taskmaster Comedy challenges. 12.20am Have I Got a Bit More News for You. Satirical quiz. 1.20 Would I Lie to You? At Christmas 2.00 QI 2.30 Insert Name Here 3.15 Room 101 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Melissa & Joey 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory. Four episodes. 3.00 Mike & Molly 4.00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight UK 5.30 The Big Bang Theory 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Sylver is finally home. 7.30 Young Sheldon Sitcom spin-off. 8.00 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer Jeremy Paxman, Joe Wilkinson, Sally Lindsay and Georgia Toffolo take part. 9.00 FILM Red (2010, 12) Action thriller, starring Bruce Willis. ★★★ 11.10 Naked Attraction 12.15am Naked Attraction 1.20 Gogglebox 2.25 First Dates 3.20 The Big Bang Theory 3.45 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.10-5.00am The Goldbergs 6.00am Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer meet a couple in High Wycombe. 9.00 NEW Gogglebox The armchair critics share their opinions on this week’s TV. 10.00 Highlife Docu-ality series. 11.05 FILM The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016, 12) Fantasy adventure, starring Chris Hemsworth. ★★★ 1.10am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 2.00 Celebrity Undercover Boss USA 2.50 Come Dine with Me 5.05-6.00am Location, Location, Location 6.00am Love Bites 6.55 Ellen’s Game of Games 8.00 Emmerdale 9.00 Coronation Street 10.00 Dress to Impress 11.00 Love Bites 12.00noon Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 Supermarket Sweep 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites. Kyle from Newcastle hopes that his love of good food will help him pick his perfect date. 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Unchained! 6.00 Catchphrase Celebrity Special 7.00 Superstore Double bill. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Ready to Mingle The partners cause havoc as they take over for the day, while a new man arrives in an attempt to break up the love triangle. Katherine Ryan hosts. 10.00 Family Guy Animated comedy. 11.25 American Dad! Double bill. 12.25am Bob’s Burgers 1.20 Superstore 2.10 The Emily Atack Show 2.45 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.15 FYI Extra 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama More4 Freeview 13 Freeview 18 Channel 5 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.25 Doctor Finlay 8.25 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.15 Birds of a Feather 6.00 Bread Freddie receives his court date. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Classic comedy. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine A retired jewel thief regales the village with a series of fanciful tales. 8.00 Father Brown The priest is determined to find out why the body of a young man was taken from his graveyard. Fifties-set crime drama based on the stories by GK Chesterton, starring Mark Williams. 9.00 The Doctor Blake Mysteries The medic investigates a fire fighter’s death. 10.00 New Tricks Pilot episode of the crime drama, starring Amanda Redman. 12.00m’t Bad Girls 1.10 Waking the Dead 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 8.55am Food Unwrapped 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau: DIY 12.10pm Heir Hunters 1.10 Four in a Bed. Five episodes. 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 The Secret Life of the Zoo 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Erin and JB launch their chateau business by opening it up to the locals, while May holds her health and wellbeing retreat. 7.55 Grand Designs Kevin McCloud revisits Kelly and Masoko Neville, who built an oak-framed, straw-baled hexagonal house in 2005, and learns if they have found the idyllic life they craved. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E Double bill. The medics treat a doorman who was stabbed multiple times; the stories of patients who are facing adversity head-on. 11.05 Emergency Helicopter Medics Two motorcyclists need specialist care, as the medics try to save the life of Pete. 12.10am Father Ted 1.15 24 Hours in A&E 3.25-3.55am Father Ted 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.15pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Killer in Red (2018, PG) Thriller, starring Tammin Sursok. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Secret Scotland with Susan Calman 8.00 NEW The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres 9.00 NEW Lighthouses: Building the Impossible Why building the world’s first rock lighthouse was such an achievement. 10.00 Greatest Hits of the 80s 11.25 Swayze: The Demons & the Dance 12.50am Entertainment News on 5 1.00 The Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.05 Secrets of Tutankhamun’s Treasures 3.55 The Funny Thing About Love and Sex 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Thomas & Friends 5.50-6.00am Fireman Sam DMEEIR Virgin two 6.30am The Chase 7.30 Dress to Impress 8.30 Pressure Pad 9.30 Tipping Point 10.30 The Chase 11.30 Dress to Impress 12.30pm Pressure Pad 1.30 Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape 2.00 Emmerdale 3.00 Coronation Street 4.00 Tipping Point 6.00 The Chase. Quiz show. 7.00 The Chase Alex, Mark, Bev and Diana take part in the quiz. 8.00 Celebrity Catchphrase With Richard Ayoade and Katie McGlynn. 9.00 Ready to Mingle A new arrival enters the house to help Sophia. 10.00 Schitt’s Creek Double bill. 11.00 Coronation Street Double bill. 12.00m’t Emmerdale. Marlon is furious. 12.30 The Graham Norton Show 1.30 Love Island: Australia 2.30 Eggheads 3.00 The Royal Today 3.30-3.50am Schitt’s Creek 4.30 Kentucky Bidders 5.00- 6.00am The Chase Australia virgin three 7.00am The Chase Australia 8.00 Gino’s Italian Escape 8.30 Teletubbies 9.00 Inside Paddington Station 10.00 Loose Women 11.00 Heartbeat 12.00noon The Chase Australia 1.00 Inspector Morse 3.00 Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover 4.00 The Royal 5.00 Heartbeat 6.00 Inspector Morse. Detective drama. 8.00 Heartbeat Paul Nicholas guest stars as a Swedish sailor who may not be telling the truth about the contents of the coffin he’s escorting. 9.00 Lewis A parcel bomb claims the life of genius mathematician Adam Capstone, and as Lewis and Hathaway investigate, suspicion falls on the victim’s spurned wife. 11.00 Tonight at the Palladium Featuring Blondie and Imelda May. 12.00m’t Wentworth Prison 1.00 This Morning 3.15-3.40am The Royal Today. Medical drama. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR tg4 31 7.00am Cula 4 7.30 Cula 4 na nOg 10.30 Cruthaim 10.40 Ainmhi 999 11.10 The Irish RM 12.10pm A Chef’s Life 12.40 Garrai Glas 1.10 Murder, She Wrote 2.05 Weakest Link 3.00 Cula 4 na nOg 4.00 Cula 4 5.52 An Aimsir Laithreach 5.55 Domhan an Dulra. Last in the series. 6.57 An Aimsir Laithreach 7.00 Nuacht TG4 The day’s headlines. 7.30 Frank O’Connor – Idir dha Shruth Profile of the writer. 8.30 Oiche Chultuir sa Ghaeltacht Musicians and artists. 9.30 Samhlu 2020 Performances from Roundstone, Co Galway. 11.02 An Aimsir Laithreach 11.05 FILM Man Without a Star (1955, PG) King Vidor’s Western, starring Kirk Douglas and Jeanne Crain. ★★★★ 12.45am Se Mo Laoch. Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh. 1.45 Orange Is the New Black 2.45-7.00am France 24

32 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 The Football Show 10.30 LIVE One-Day International Cricket Action from Pakistan v New Zealand. 6.30pm Sky Sports News 7.00 LIVE FNF Newcastle United v Leeds United. 10.45 My Icon 11.00 Live: NFL Fantasy 12.00m’t LIVE MLS Inter Miami CF v NY Red Bulls. 2.10 MLS. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goals. 2.15 My Icon 2.30-6.00am Sky Sports News Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 Football Years 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Play Off Final C’Ship 16/17 12.00noon EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games 1.00 Football’s Greatest Players 1.30 Football Countdowns 2.00 Football Years 2.30 EFL Cup Final 12 3.30 EFL Greatest Games 4.15 SPFL Greatest Games 4.30 Football’s Greatest Players 5.00 MLS Round-Up Show 5.30 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 5.45 SPFL Highlights 6.00 Bundesliga Highlights Show 7.00 Bundesliga Weekly 7.30 EFL Highlights 10.30 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 10.45 SPFL Highlights 11.00 EFL Greatest Games 12.00m’t LIVE MLS Inter Miami CF v NY Red Bulls. 2.10 MLS 2.15 EFL Highlights 3.00 EFL Cup Final 08 5.45-6.00am One2Eleven Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am T20 Blast 2019 Final 7.00 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 8.00 Best of the Women’s World T20 8.50 England Women 9.25 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 10.20 LIVE One-Day International Cricket Coverage of Pakistan v New Zealand. 6.30pm Best of T20 Blast Finals Day 6.45 Talking Cricket 7.15 T20 Blast 2019 Final Highlights 8.15 Best of T20 Blast Finals Day 8.30 One-Day International Cricket 9.30 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 10.30 One-Day International Cricket 11.30 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 12.30am Women’s International T20 Cricket 4.30 Talking Cricket 5.00-6.00am Best of The Women’s World T20 eir Sport 1 HD 6.00am Football Gold 7.00 Passing it On: Ballymun Kickhams 8.00 Stories 8.30 Always Iniesta 9.00 Football Gold 11.20pm Bloody Sunday 12.20am Paulinho from the Heart 12.45 2016 O’Donovan Brothers Race 1.00-6.00am Football Gold BT Sport 1 6.00am Ligue 1 Show 6.30 Premier League Match Pack 7.00 WWE Raw Highlights 8.00 WWE NXT Highlights 9.00 ESPN FC 9.30 Inside AFL 10.00 The Aussie Rules Show 10.30 Serie A 11.00 Hero CPL 11.30 Hope United 12.00noon PSA Squash 1.30 Premier League Match Pack 2.00 MotoGP Rewind 2.15 WWE NXT 4.00 Inside Serie A 4.30 Ligue 1 Show 5.00 ESPN FC 5.30 Hero CPL 6.00 Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union 6.30 Scottish Football 7.00 LIVE Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union Bristol Bears v Saracens (kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00 WWE NXT UK 11.00 WWE NXT Highlights 12.00m’t WWE SmackDown Highlights 1.00 LIVE WWE Friday Night SmackDown 3.00 Premier League Preview 3.30 Scottish Football Extra 4.00 UFC Fight Camp 4.30 The Outdoor Sports Show 5.00-6.00am UEFA Champions League Review BT Sport 2 6.00am Badminton Unlimited 6.30 Super League Triathlon 7.30 DIY Pundit 8.00 LIVE MotoGP Action from San Marino. 3.15pm MotoGP Rewind 3.30 FIM Speedway 4.30 LIVE FIM Speedway of Nations 8.15 FIM TrialGP World Championship 8.45 MotoGP 9.00 Scottish Football 9.30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 10.00 UFC Fight Camp 10.30 UFC Live 11.00 Premier League Preview 11.30 Premier League Match Pack 12.00m’t LIVE MLB Cincinnati Reds v LA Dodgers. 3.00 MLB’s Best 3.30 UEFA Europa League Highlights Show 4.30 ESPN Classic Boxing 5.30-6.00am Badminton Unlimited Eurosport 1 7.00am Cycling: Tour of Slovakia 8.00 Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 9.00 Tokyo 2020 10.00 Sports Spotlight 11.30 Cycling: Tour of Slovakia 12.30pm Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 1.30 LIVE Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg Stage four. 3.30 LIVE Cycling: Tour of Slovakia Stage two. 4.30 Cycling: Wallonie Grand Prix 5.30 Olympic Games 7.00 Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 8.00 Cycling: Tour of Slovakia 9.00 GOLFTV Weekly 9.30 European Rally Championship 10.00 Cycling: Championship of Flanders 11.00 World Superbikes 12.00m’t Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 1.00 Cycling: Tour of Slovakia 2.00 Tokyo 2020 3.00 Cycling: Tour of Slovakia 4.00-5.00am Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg BBC Four Freeview 9 7.00pm One-Hit Wonders at the BBC 8.00 TOTP: 1991 9.00 The Old Grey Whistle Test Story 9.40 The Old Grey Whistle Test: For One Night Only 12.45am TOTP: 1991 1.45 One-Hit Wonders at the BBC 2.45-3.15am Motherland 5USA Freeview 21 9.00am Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 11.55 Entertainment News on 5 12.00noon Law & Order 6.00 NCIS 9.00 FILM Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012/12) ★★★ 10.50 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.50am Chicago PD 3.25 Criminals: Caught on Camera 3.55-4.00am Entertainment News on 5 ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.10 Man About the House 9.45 On the Buses 10.20 A Touch of Frost 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May 6.55 Maigret 8.00 Doc Martin 10.00 Arthur & George 11.00 Maigret 12.10-2.15am A Touch of Frost ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am World of Sport 6.15 Cadfael 7.45 The Avengers 8.50 The Sweeney 9.55 Minder 11.00 The Saint 12.05pm The Big Match Revisited 1.10 Cadfael 2.50 The Avengers 4.00 The Sweeney 5.05 Minder 6.15 LIVE World Cup. England v North Macedonia (kick-off 8.00pm). 9.15 LIVE World Series of Darts: Nordic Masters 12.00m’t All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 2.10 Auto Mundial 2.40-3.00am ITV4 Nightscreen Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV with LoveitBookit 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 Homes Under the Hammer 2.00 Animal Cops Houston 4.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Ghost Adventures: Top 10 10.00 Destination Fear 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Portals to Hell 2.00 Teleshopping 4.00-6.00am Antiques Road Trip Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Nothing to Declare 12.00noon Border Patrol 1.00 Border Security USA 2.00 Border Security: Canada’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 Star Trek: The Next Generation 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 MacGyver 9.00 Killer Neighbours 10.00 Fringe 11.00 World’s Most Evil Killers 12.00m’t Murders That Shocked the Nation: Jack the Ripper 1.00 The Force: Manchester 2.00 Police Force: Australia 3.00 Highway Patrol 4.00 Motorway Patrol 5.00-6.00am Nothing to Declare Sky Arts 6.00am Hollywood in Vienna: A Night at the Oscars 8.00 Darbar Festival 2017 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering: Gary RTE Radio 1 FM 88-90MHz 7.00am Morning Ireland 9.00 The Ryan Tubridy Show 10.00 Today with Claire Byrne 12.00noon The Ronan Collins Show 1.00 News at One 1.45 Liveline 3.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show 4.30 Drivetime 7.00 Arena 8.00 The John Creedon Show 10.00 Paddy’s People 10.30 Seascapes 11.00 Late Date 2.00am Playback Daily 3.00-6.00am RTE Gold on RTE Radio 1 RTE 2FM 90-92MHz 6.00am 2FM Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha and Carl 9.00 Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM 12.00noon Tracy Clifford 3.00 Jenny Greene on 2FM 6.00 Game On 7.00 The National Chart Show 10.00 Weekends on 2fm with DJ Wax 12.00m’t Cormac Battle 2.00 The Late Night Sessions 5.00-7.00am 2FM Overnight RTE lyric fm 96-99MHz 7.00am Marty in the Morning 10.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime 1.00pm The Full Score with Liz Nolan 4.00 Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive 7.00 The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott 10.00 Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch 1.00-7.00am Lyric Through the Night RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta 92-95MHz 7.00am Nead Na Fuiseoige 8.00 Adhmhaidin 9.00 Priomhscealta na Nuachta 9.15 Iris Aniar 10.15 Cuideachta Ceoil 10.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 11.00 Barrscealta 12.00noon Priomhscealta na Nuachta 12.08 An Saol o Dheas 1.00 Nuacht a hAon 2.00 DMEEIR Entertainment & Factual Oldman 11.00 The Eighties 12.00noon Muriel Spark by Ian Rankin 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering: Bruce Willis 3.00 Cold War & Cinema 4.00 Otis Redding: Music Icons 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: Michelle Pfeiffer 7.00 Isle of Wight Festival 2021 9.00 James at Isle of Wight 10.00 Tom Jones at Isle of Wight 11.00 Liam Gallagher at Isle of Wight – Part One 12.00m’t Liam Gallagher at Isle of Wight – Part Two 12.30 Primal Scream at Isle of Wight 1.00 Classic Albums 2.00 Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall (2019) 4.00 Thomas Hardy: Fate, Exclusion and Tragedy 5.00-6.00am The Eighties GOLD 7.20am Fresh Fields 8.35 Hi-de-Hi! 9.15 Only Fools and Horses 9.55 Last of the Summer Wine 11.15 The Green Green Grass 11.55 Hi-de-Hi! 12.35pm Only Fools and Horses 1.40 The Story of Only Fools and Horses 2.40 Only Fools and Horses 4.00 The Green Green Grass 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Only Fools and Horses 6.40 Hi-de-Hi! 7.20 The Green Green Grass 8.00 Only Fools and Horses 9.40 Live at the Apollo 10.40 Peep Show 11.50 Live at the Apollo 12.50am David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles 1.50 Bridget & Eamon 2.20 Fresh Fields 3.15-4.00am Peep Show Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Impossible Engineering 8.00 History’s Greatest Hoaxes 9.00 Abandoned Engineering 11.00 Great British Railway Journeys 12.00noon Antiques Roadshow 1.00 Railway Journeys with Chris Tarrant 2.00 Bangers and Cash 3.00 Underground Worlds 4.00 War Factories 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Bangers and Cash 8.00 Abandoned Engineering 9.00 Bangers and Cash 1.00-3.00am Impossible Engineering Alibi 7.15am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1.00 Death in Paradise 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 Death in Paradise 9.00 Deception 10.00 Whiskey Cavalier. Will and the team are tasked with hunting down the culprit behind an attack. 11.00 The Good Wife 12.00m’t Unforgettable 1.00 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 2.00-4.00am I Am the Night Radio Live FNF Sky Sports Main Event, 7pm Steve Bruce’s (left) Newcastle United welcome Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United to St James’ Park, with both teams looking for victory after making slow starts to the season. 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A hitwoman is reunited with her estranged mother – also a professional assassin – after a high-stakes mission spins out of control. Action thriller, starring Karen Gillan and Lena Headey. ★★★ 10.00 Bombshell (2020/15) Drama, starring Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie. ★★★★ 11.55 Hero Mode (2021/12) Comedy, starring Chris Carpenter and Mira Sorvino. ★★★ 1.30am 23 Walks (2020/12) Romantic comedydrama, starring Dave Johns. ★★★ 3.15 No Man’s Land (2020/12) Action adventure, starring Jake Allyn. ★★★ 5.20-6.55am Beast Beast (2020/15) Drama, starring Shirley Chen and Will Madden. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 5.40pm Foxcatcher (2014/15) Fact-based drama, starring Steve Carell. ★★★★ 8.00 Saving Private Ryan (1998/15) American soldiers scour the battlefields of France in search of a missing infantryman. Oscarwinning Second World War drama, starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. ★★★★★ 10.50 A Beautiful Mind (2001/12) Drama, with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. ★★★ 1.10am Monster’s Ball (2001/15) Drama, with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. ★★★★ 3.10 The Short History of the Long Road (2019/12) Adventure, with Sabrina Carpenter, Maggie Siff and Danny Trejo. ★★★★ 4.55-6.40am Six Minutes to Midnight (2020/12) Drama, with Judi Dench. ★★★ Sky Cinema Family 4.40pm My Girl 2 (1994/PG) Comedy drama, with Anna Chlumsky and Dan Aykroyd. ★★ 6.25 Five Children and It (2004/U) Children’s fantasy, with Kenneth Branagh. ★★ 8.00 The Witches (2020/PG) Fantasy, starring Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer. ★★★★ 9.50 A Boy Called Sailboat (2018/12) Family drama, starring JK Simmons. ★★★★ 11.25 The Adventure Of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend (2020/PG) Adventure, starring Jude Manley, Sophia Alongi and Greg Lutz. ★★★ 1.05am My Girl (1991/PG) Drama, starring Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin. ★★★ 3.00 My Girl 2 (1994/PG) See 4.40pm. ★★ 4.50-6.30am The Borrowers (1997/U) Children’s fantasy, starring John Goodman, Jim Broadbent and Celia Imrie. ★★★ TCM 5.15pm Son of a Gunfighter (1966/U) Western, starring Russ Tamblyn. ★★★ 7.10 The Gun That Won the West (1955/U) Western, starring Roy Gordon. ★★★ 9.00 Run All Night (2015/15) Action thriller, starring Liam Neeson. ★★★ 11.20 National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983/15) Comedy, starring Chevy Chase. ★★★ 1.25-4.00am All the President’s Men (1976/15) Political drama, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. ★★★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008/12) Comedy drama, starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. ★★★ 6.25 Coach Carter (2005/12) Sporting drama, starring Samuel L Jackson. ★★★ 9.00 Braveheart (1995/15) Oscar-winning historical epic, starring Mel Gibson. ★★★★ 12.35am 10 Minutes Gone (2019/15) Action mystery, starring Bruce Willis. ★★★ 2.30 Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015/PG) Drama, with Jessica Amlee. ★★★ 4.15-6.00am Deadly Daycare (2014) Thriller, starring Kayla Ewell. ★★

DMEEIR 33 BOOKS with Charlotte Heathcote New SAVED Bob with old pal Vic Reeves And Away… Bob Mortimer Simon & Schuster €23.50 There’s a compilation on YouTube of the “true or false” stories Bob Mortimer has told on BBC One comedy quiz Would I Lie To You? and it’s had over 13 million views – probably because it’s one of the funniest things you could hope to see. Bob’s exuberantly surreal true stories of his younger days give the impression of a popular chap enjoying mischief and mayhem with a gang of loyal friends but, as he explains in his fascinating and often poignant memoir, Vic Reeves rescued him from a life of crushing loneliness when Bob was 25. His father had died in a car accident when Bob was seven and, from that day on, his focus was on making his beloved mother happy. His schooldays were dogged by crippling shyness and his dreams were shattered as a teen when he was rejected by Middlesbrough FC. Join the Mirror Book Club His university days were the loneliest of his life and he suffered from depression for five years. This is, of course, no misery memoir as Bob’s account of tough times is punctuated with comic escapades. But he comes across as such a genial, humble and good-natured man that his low self-esteem seems especially misplaced. Part two opens in 1988 with Bob living in a hostel for the homeless in London, working as a Legal Aid solicitor and feeling demoralised by the difficulty of making a difference to people in need. Then Alan, an old acquaintance from Middlesbrough, knocked on Bob’s door and invited him to watch a friend performing above a nearby pub. Bob reluctantly went along because it was the only social contact on his horizon. The show was Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out. Bob was bowled over. He and Vic were introduced after the show and Bob started going to see him perform regularly, drinking afterwards with Alan, Vic and their friends. When the show transferred to a larger venue, Vic asked Bob to come on stage to BOOK CLUB Our brand-new book of the month is The Weekend by Charlotte Wood and we’re giving away 20 copies at We’d love you to read it and tell us what you think… Jude, Wendy and Adele, all in their 70s, are lifelong friends of Sylvie, who recently died, and it falls to the trio to clear out her chaotic beachside home. But without Sylvie to pour oil on troubled waters, long-standing tensions and buried secrets bubble to the surface. @MirrorBookClub To order any of these books, please call the Express Bookshop on 020 3176 3832. Free UK p&p for orders over £20. Reluctant comedy hero present him with a cheque. From there, Bob slowly became more and more involved in performing and writing, and the show went from strength to strength before being commissioned by Channel 4 in 1990. Bob ditched the day job and embraced his new-found rock ’n’ roll status, hobnobbing with the likes of Jarvis Cocker and Liam Gallagher. He invited Groucho Club drinking buddies to appear on their most popular show Shooting Stars and went on to make a series of wellloved shows with Vic, from Catterick to House Of Fools. But he happily left the showbiz life behind after meeting his partner Lisa and becoming a father of two. Open heart surgery in 2015 was clearly a defining experience but survival gave Bob a new lease of life. Filming Gone Fishing with Paul Whitehouse, now into its fourth series, helped him find his own voice in front of the camera. He ends by pleading with readers to take “a quiet one” under their wing and encourage them to shine. We owe Vic a debt of gratitude for leading the inimitable Bob Mortimer into the spotlight. by CHARLOTTE HEATHCOTE PODCASTS Mum’s The Word When DJ Ashley James found out she was pregnant, she vowed not to follow in the footsteps of other celeb parents and start a blog or podcast. Yet when her son Alfie was born six months ago, she was overwhelmed by the support she received from fellow parents. So her new podcast explores what it is like to be a mum and she has no-holds-barred discussions with guests. In the first episode, Ashley tells influencer Roxie Nafousi how she never thought of herself as maternal until she had Alfie, and explains how she navigated the shift in her identity. Daughters Of War Dinah Jefferies HarperCollins, €10.50 It’s 1944 and in a Dordogne village three sisters are living under Nazi occupation. Nurse Hélène sees it as her duty to care for her sisters – headstrong Elise who has joined the Resistance and dreamer Florence who longs for everything to return to how it was before the war. But one night the sisters’ quiet lives are turned upside down when Allied fighters knock on their door in dire need of help and they all find themselves in deadly peril. Dinah Jefferies, author of bestselling The Tea Planter’s Wife, is a wonderful writer and her story of wartime bravery is a joy to read, full of evocative descriptions of life in rural France. Apples Never Fall Liane Moriarty Michael Joseph, €23.50 Ace tennis players Joy and Stan have been married for nearly 50 years but, when Joy vanishes after sending baffling text messages to her four children, police suspect the worst. Even more suspiciously, Stan’s face is covered in scratches and he refuses to discuss the blazing row he had with his wife before she disappeared. As the Delaney offspring struggle to make sense of their parents’ relationship, they wonder if they really knew them at all. Moriarty is the bestselling author of Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers which have both been turned into successful TV series. Not surprisingly, TV rights have already been snapped up for this No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast After repeated delays due to the pandemic, the new film in the James Bond franchise will finally come to cinemas this month. And to mark the occasion, this six-part podcast series takes listeners behind the scenes of one of the world’s most famous movie series. Listen in to interviews with Daniel Craig, who speaks about taking on the role for the fifth time, and hear from co-stars Rami Malek and Naomie Harris. Billie Eilish and composer Hans Zimmer also discuss the new theme song and soundtrack. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR fiction with ELIZABETH ARCHER Freckles Cecelia Ahern HarperCollins, €20 Allegra, known to her friends as Freckles, works as a parking warden, poses nude for money and sometimes sleeps with strangers. But she starts to reconsider her life after she slaps a parking ticket on a Ferrari and the car’s furious owner tells her that everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with. Apart from her dad, Allegra has no one she can count on – her mother left when she was a baby and her ex-boyfriend has gone off with her best friend – so she resolves to find a new set of five people to share her life with. Cecelia Ahern never follows the crowd and her latest novel is a delight – funny, thought provoking and original. Frontline Dr Hilary Jones Welbeck, €22.50 Hilary Jones is Good Morning Britain’s resident doctor so it’s no surprise that his debut novel is awash with fascinating medical detail. A sweeping historical drama set during the First World War, it’s the story of two idealistic teenagers who join the war effort in 1914 and eventually fall in love. Grace, spirited daughter of an aristocrat, works as a nurse at a French field hospital while dockworker’s son Will serves as a stretcher bearer on the frontline and has ambitions to become a doctor. Squeamish readers might baulk at graphic descriptions of childbirth, battlefield surgery and the brutality of war but this is an enthralling tale and Jones’ medical expertise never gets in the way of the action. by EMMA LEE-POTTER It’s The Economy Ever wondered what the national debt is and how it affects us? In this new eight-week series, presenter Nicola Walton explains complex economic ideas in just 15 minutes. So, in the time it takes to have a coffee break, listeners can gain an insight into how bad inflation can get, or why the gender pay gap is bad for the economy. In the first episode, former head of the civil service Gus O’Donnell explains why a country having a high GDP doesn’t always mean people are living well – and how prostitution and illegal drugs play a role in official calculations.

34 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR BIG INTERVIEW A House might’ve been one of the greatest Irish bands, but don’t hold your breath about them ever jumping on any “Love of the Eighties” nostalgia bandwagon for a Big Fat Merry-Go-Round reunion tour. Fergal Bunbury was always convinced it was the end of the long and winding road when they played their last concert to a full house at the Olympia in 1997. “We advertised that final gig as the last gig and we meant it,” Fergal told me. “I didn’t even have an amp after that. I just didn’t even pick it up. I said, ‘Listen, that’s it’. “And then over the years people have often got in touch saying, ‘Do you want to get the band back together and do this?’ “And we said no. I don’t like when bands get back together. I think we’re all creative people – just come up with a new name.” The old hackneyed phrase, “The queen is dead, long live the queen,” sprung to mind when the band’s frontman Dave Couse and Fergal, going under their new moniker A House Is Dead, performed as a duo at Vicar St in 2019. “We could’ve kept the name and a lot of people were saying we should. But we’re very single-minded,” he said. PERFECT “I think A House Is Dead is perfect because you know it’s A House but it’s not. Because it wasn’t A House, it was me and Dave “We didn’t want people to come along thinking, ‘Oh, it’s the same people’. “It was inspired by The Pixies. I always admired The Pixies’ last compilation album Death to the Pixies. “Now they’ve since gone out and been The Pixies again. They should’ve just called themselves Pixies Are Dead.” They first performed together as A House Is Dead after their seminal record I Am The Greatest was the recipient of the National Concert Hall/IMRO Trailblazer award in 2019. They’re only the second ever band to be honoured with this accolade. Microdisney got the same seal of approval for The Clock Comes Down the Stairs album in 2018. The Vicar St gig was all the more emotional because Dave’s daughter Eva, who sings, and Fergal’s daughter Mairead, who plays the drums, made a joint guest appearance. They’d also performed at the NCH award ceremony night, too. “The two girls did I Am Afraid, which on the original record is Dave talking about the fears you have in life. “And that was coming from an older person and this was just like a child saying, ‘Listen, I am afraid as ‘‘ This is like our gift to the world – you can pay us if you want. House music is making A big comeback Founding members of A House, Dave Couse and Fergal Bunbury, are sharing their back catalogue of songs... for free well’. “And then when the two of them were singing it in harmony it just became this really powerful moment. “There was like a ten-minute standing ovation for the two of them, which was great to see. “It was very emotional. The whole thing was very emotional. I think if anyone was holding back the tears that sorted it all out.” Fergal doesn’t rule out the idea of A House Is Dead performing again. “I think there’s a possibility. We’ve actually written songs for A House Is Dead, just before the initial lockdown. I was up in Cavan with Dave. We wrote ten songs,” he revealed. In the meantime, A House fans should be tickled pink with the news that Fergal and Dave have decided to release their entire back catalogue’s worth of rare and previously unheard material. Known as the Pre Extinction Tapes project, the first two albums in a series of a half dozen (digital only) long-players are out now – The Darker Side and Greatness and Ignorance, which was released this month. And even better still, they’re all being made available for free. “This is like our gift to the world – you can pay us if you want,” he said, laughing. “If you want to buy it on iTunes, buy it and we’ll get a bit more money. “If you want to stream it on Spotify we’ll get money but it might take 30 years. It doesn’t matter.” He added about the Greatness and Ignorance album: “Dave and I recorded these songs on a four-track set recorder.” Without any major label behind them it would come at an exorbitant cost to master these tapes in the studio for any self-released CD. “It would be just ridiculous,” he continued. “The best thing you can do is download this and make a cassette yourself – that’s how we listened to it when we made it. “I want to get beyond reissue of vinyl thing and putting B-sides on it, and hoping for the best. “I want to get beyond charging people 35/40 quid for a record. Ridiculous. “It’s a big ask we’re going for but I think if you don’t reach for some big idea you’re doomed. “We want to be post- music business. All this technology is available, let’s not wait for someone else to put out our record. I can put out a new record by us by the end of the month. “If we’re going to release something (on physical formats) it’ll be new stuff. This is old stuff and it’s like a gift that DEAD GOOD A House made their mark with superb music we’re giving away.” Saying all that, Fergal doesn’t rule out the possibility of one day reissuing I Am The Greatest on vinyl for fans, seeing as secondhand copies are now going for about 120 quid on eBay. But next up will be the third album in this series called Almost Film Noir, which also includes stuff from the I Am The Greatest era. It’s due out on September 30. “The Pre Extinction Tapes project is much more ambitious than a reissue with b-sides and demos,” Fergal explained. “I’m trying to lay out the whole history of a band. It’s everything we’ve done. When everything is out it will be called A House in Wonderland. DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 35 @jasonotoolereal with JASON O’TOOLE “Most of the time you just see the release of singles and LPs. “But with this, I want to show everything: the demos, the four-track stuff, the live stuff. The history of a band is not just their main releases. “After I Am The Greatest came out, for example, we – me and Dave – wrote songs and that’s what this latest batch (Greatness and Ignorance) is. It’s songs that we wrote after I Am The Greatest.” The tracks from Greatness and Ignorance had slipped through the cracks because A House found themselves in a totally mad situation when I Am The Greatest was first released. EMI reissued the album soon after indie label Sentana Records who – crazy as it sounds now – were unable to get enough copies of it into stores. “It was so well received it was kind of overwhelming at the time,” Fergal recalled. “Endless Art was the most london calling Dave Couse on stage with A House at Town & Country Club, London in 1992 played track on BBC Radio One. It was single of the week. But we’d no copies in the shops! “Everyone was playing it at the time. Everybody. It was played at football stadiums, it was played everywhere, but you couldn’t get it. “And then when EMI came in and rereleased it, we kind of lost a year. “Well, not lost a year, but you know what I mean: we went back out on the road to promote that and it came out again, and the single came out again. “But everyone had played it on the radios, so they didn’t want to play it again. “So, we lost a bit of time there and then when that was done we went back and started writing more new songs. “So these ones got lost. We never even played these live. “They were scattered on various tapes that I had. I’ve been going through all these old tapes of demos and stuff, trying to put together this whole thing during lockdown,” he said. The Dublin band might be long dead, but their third record is still one of the greatest Irish albums of all time. It was memorably ranked as the third best in an Irish Times’ top 40 poll back in 2008, behind My Bloody Valentine at number one and U2 at number two. “And listen, that’s the kind of thing you were up against in a way. And for a tiny band like us to compete with that it’s great,” Fergal said. “We spent very little on I Am The Greatest – we had no money, we were broke. We made the whole thing in 17 days. “And famously, My Bloody Valentine bankrupt Creation (Records) making their record. “I don’t want to think about what U2 spent on Achtung Baby. “But they all have their thing. “I Am The Greatest has really held up. It’s always mentioned in any critwhole project to map out the history of the band.” He added: “So there’s going to be about six LPs of rarities, I’d say. They kind of slot in-between each of our official releases. “So then when you add the whole lot together that’s like the history of A House from start to finish. AVAILABLE “We’re looking after the legacy by making these things available to people who really love the band. “In a way, we’re giving back a little something to people who’ve followed the band and are still there, and we’re really grateful for that.” As if he hadn’t already got enough on his plate with this ambitious project, Fergal also released a colossal amount of solo material during the pandemic, which is all well worth checking out, too. “I recorded two solo albums and six EPs – 54 tracks or something. I did the ic’s polls, it’s in the top two or three, normally, of greatest Irish albums. “Every couple of years people do these polls and it’s always there or thereabouts, so that kind of rekindles it.” Fergal laughed off the mock outrage about there being no female artists name-checked on the original version of Endless Art, which prompted them to later up-date it. Describing the criticism as “absolute nonsense”, he explained: “It would be very easy to get very pretentious with a song like that. “Our main criteria was that people would’ve mostly heard of these artists. “So we did a big list of all these artists: men, women, you name it. “And it’s just one of these things that happened, when Dave was putting it together there’s lots of things that have to go right – they have to be the right amount of syllables for the song, all that stuff. “I’d say 150 people had heard it and no one had noticed anything about it. It got single of the week in the NME. “And (only then) it turns out there’s no women. “But it’s not even like we were saying, ‘These are the only good artists’. “We were just saying, ‘Art is a great thing. You go and do your own one’. “We have now recorded the most comprehensive shout out to female artists in the world ever. So, you know, youse are all welcome for that too!” he said tongue-in-cheek. Never mind I Want Too Much, A House’s split happened because Here Comes The Good Times simply never materialised in the shape of a regular pay cheque for them. There were no major scraps when the band called it a day. “It’s a very intensive experience. It’s nearly never about big stuff – it’s about who stole my crisps in the van at that point, and this becomes life or death!” Fergal explained. “And we were broke. It was very hard to make a living, you’re getting into your thirties, so it became very hard. “I know Dave (Couse) all my life so we’re never going to fall out. We drifted apart a little bit from the rest of the band. These things happen.” Fergal and Dave haven’t spoken to their ex-bandmates in 20 years. “We had so much in common for a long time and then you don’t. And then a year becomes five years,” Fergal concluded. “I’m sure there’s people from 20 years ago you haven’t spoken to. As you said, life does move on and things change.” But one thing will never be different – I Am The Greatest will always remain one of the best ever Irish albums. I’ll Always Be Grateful… ■All ■ A House and Dave Couse solo material is available on Spotify and Deezer. Fergal Bunbury’s solo stuff is available on Bandcamp: www.fbu62.

36 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 Movies DMEEIR with ANDY LEA STAR RATINGS ★★★★★ Excellent ★★★★ Good ★★★ Worth a look ★★ Poor ★ Don’t bother Queen of the night EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE Cert 12A ★★★ Selected cinemas and on Amazon Prime now According to this feel-good musical, the most important thing in life is to be true to one’s self. In the spirit of that message, I confess to finding some of the sequences in this stagey adaptation of the smash West End show rather painful. For many, the titular routine will be a delight. But for me, a tsunami of winces erupted as a troupe of twentysomething drama-school graduates in school uniforms loudly spread rumours about Jamie through the medium of dance. Still, those more accustomed to the ROSE PLAYS JULIE Cert 15 ★★★★ In cinemas now over-the-top conventions of the West End stage (and not scarred by childhood memories of Rod Hull’s Pink Windmill Show) should find plenty here to enjoy. The film’s greatest asset is its lead. Age aside, 24-year-old newcomer Max Harwood is perfectly cast as gay schoolboy Jamie New. We meet him on the morning of his 16th birthday as he’s lugging a bag of newspapers up the hilly streets of Sheffield while dreaming of becoming a drag queen. A plan to release his outrageous alter ego at his school prom puts him on a collision course with his homophobic dad (Ralph Ineson), a rule-bound teacher (Sharon This sounds like another worthy issue-based family drama but co-writers and directors Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor toy with those expectations as their script takes some very unexpected twists and turns. Student vet Rose (Ann Skelly) is learning how to euthanise large animals at her Dublin university. But her mind’s focus isn’t on the grisly lessons. She’s just tracked down her birth mother, a jobbing London-based actress called Ellen (Orla Brady). After her initial approach is rebuffed, Rose turns into a stalker, turning up on a film set then posing as a house buyer so she can root through Ellen’s possessions. Clearly, something is not right with this troubled young woman. After finally engineering a meeting with Ellen, she learns the dark story of her adoption. In response, Rose takes on the persona of Julie (the name on her birth certificate) to get dangerously close to her biological father, a sinister archaeologist named Peter (Aidan Gillen). Molloy and Lawlor stage this unusual family reunion with pitch-black comedy and nail-biting suspense. ‘‘ Charismatic Harwood has the moves and voice to carry the showstoppers RUMOURS Will Jamie’s classmates accept his drag queen alter ego? Horgan) and a school bully (Samuel Bottomley). Thankfully, his mum (Sarah Lancashire) is supportive and local drag clobber seller Hugo Battersby (Richard E Grant) agrees to act as his mentor. The charismatic Harwood has the moves and the voice to carry the play’s showstoppers. But there are quieter, more reflective songs too and one original number written and sung by Holly Johnson. Here the film leaves the feelgood formula behind to deliver a refreshingly cinematic montage about the history of gay rights. The title song is my latest earworm but I suspect this sequence will be my most enduring memory. STALKERAnn Skelly as Rose, who sets out to track her birth mother 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS Cert 12A ★★★ In cinemas now We know pretty much where this true story is heading from the off. Archive footage takes us to the Great Depression of the 1930s, as Martin Sheen’s honeyed voiceover introduces us to The Mighty Mites, an American football team who defied the odds. This is an CROWDPLEASERUnderdogs triumph in touching true story underdog sports movie. There will be triumph over adversity, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and a rousing finale. Luke Wilson plays saintly PE teacher and war hero Rusty Russell who uproots his English teacher wife Juanita (Vinessa Shaw) and two young daughters from their comfortable life in Texas to the dustbowl of Fort Worth to take a job in an impoverished school for orphans. Determined to motivate his unruly charges, he takes on far better resourced schools in the high-school football league. As he has just 12 players, he knows he and Sheen’s boozy assistant coach will have to rely on us-versus-them psychology and innovative tactics. Early successes turn the lads into national celebrities until rival schools resort to dirty tricks. It’s predictable but this rousing and unshowy crowdpleaser proves that the old formula still works. parodyKaren Gillan heads up a brilliant cast in a terrible film GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE Cert 15 ★ In cinemas, NOW and Sky Cinema now If you haven’t seen an action movie since the mid 90s, prepare to be amazed by this hyper-stylised bloodbath. Sadly, I suspect every cinemagoer and Sky Cinema subscriber will recognise at least one of the far better movies this far-from-explosive film attempts to rip off. A fatally miscast Karen Gillan plays Sam, a charisma-free version of Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill assassin who does a Léon by breaking a contract to protect an innocent young girl (Chloe Coleman) in a heightened John Wick-style fantasy world of rule-based organised crime. After teaming up with her estranged killer mum (Lena Headey) and her Kingsman-esque secret society of gun-toting librarians (Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, Carla Gugino), Sam has to fight off a gang of goons sent by a Russian crime lord (Ralph Ineson) seeking revenge for the assassination of his son (John Wick again). Director Navot Papushado’s use of garish neon colours and consciously artificial sets is more likely to induce headaches than gasps of admiration. The dialogue is witless, the heroine is dull and, worst of all, the fights scenes are unconvincing. After nearly two hours, we get to the finale – a sub-Zack Snyder slow-motion gunfight ironically cut to a Dylan cover – and this shallow spectacle has tipped into self-parody.

DMEEIR 37 Music with GARRY BUSHeLL Creative peak shows The Vaccines Back In The City Of Love Album releases there’s life after Mac Who could be anti these Vaccines? They’re smart, inventive and fun: ‘When I exercise my demons, I just take them to the gym,’ sings Justin Young on the title track. The Londoners foresee a dystopian future when emotions are artificially dispensed. Nods to video games and spaghetti westerns cement the danceable indie joy. Metallica The Black Album The one with Enter Sandman. The one that took the one-time thrash metal band to new heights, selling 16 million copies in the States alone. Here, they opted for simpler songs, occasional subtlety, and even soaring harmonies on Nothing Else Matters. This 30th anniversary re-release has lost none of its power. Still remarkable. Lindsey Buckingham Lindsey Buckingham They were the world’s biggest band but Fleetwood Mac were also a spell-binding soft rock soap opera. Scandalous affairs were their trademark, usually with each other. Three years ago, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey’s ex, gave her bandmates an ultimatum: “Either he goes or I do”. Or, as Peggy Mitchell might have put it, “Get aht of my band!” The result was Mac-xit. Lindsey – who wrote Tusk, Big Love and Go Your Own Way – was sacked. It got worse. The guitarist/ singer suffered a major heart attack, lost his voice and wife Kristen filed for divorce. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR Buckingham says this new solo album, his first for 10 years, was mostly written before all that, which must put him on a par with Mystic Meg. It’s prophetic! On The Wrong Side is sunny, radio-friendly West Coast power-pop about finding his path away from the Fleetwood Mac circus. The driving Swan Song channels his frustrations with the band’s aversion to recording, asking, “Has the queen [Stevie?] lost her sight?” Dreamy but defiant I Don’t Mind tackles love’s ups and downs, while infectious opening track Scream is an honest celebration of married love, where joy and pain must co-exist, he says. Recorded in Lindsey’s home studio, these 10 tracks show he’s lost none of his songwriting knack. The melancholy Santa Rosa, inspired by Kristen trying to move the family onto a rural horse ranch, comes with an immense chorus, as does the addictive toe-tapper Power Down. Blind Love is 60s-inspired with a touch of the Beach Boys and he covers the plaintive haunting 60s folk classic Time. Ah time, where does it go? Lindsey Buckingham is nearly 72, an age when most rockers are content with churning out their greatest hits. But this, and his 2017 album with Christine McVie, show he’s hit a new creative peak.

38 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR TRAVEL require a Senior Sub editor Reporting into the Group Chief Sub Editor, the Senior Sub Editor is responsible for the quality of the pages and content within the Daily Mirror NI and Irish Daily Mirror. They will sub pages and stories to ensure standards are high and pages are completed in house style and legally compliant. So, who are we? We are Reach plc, you might not have heard of us but we have probably met without you even realising it. We are home to the UK and Ireland’s most iconic digital platforms, magazines and newspapers. From the Irish Mirror, Irish Daily Star, DublinLive, BelfastLive, RSVP and Cork Beo. We help all kinds of people share experiences through our stories because we believe this is what makes us human. At Reach, not only will you feel better understood, you will also feel you understand other people better too. Key Responsibilities • Sub-edit print content across the Irish titles • Work collaboratively with stakeholders from across the company, in particular the backbench • Ensure tasks are completed in accordance to IPSO and legal requirements • Complete page production process in line with established KPIs and benchmarks • Ensure all work at all times conforms to Reach PLC policies and procedures The Ideal Candidate • You will have brilliant design skills to create and lead production of great pages • You will have proven ability in designing, sub-editing and proofing pages • You will have a history of editorial page production ideally at daily newspaper level • You will be experienced at working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines • You should be familiar with House style and have sound brand positioning understanding Package Description We are offering a competitive salary and benefits including; • 25 days holiday per annum • Contributory pension scheme • Holiday purchase scheme • Simply Health Healthcare Cashplan • Free wellbeing apps and coaching support • Share save scheme • Inclusion Networks and Champions, giving all employees a voice Reach plc believes diversity brings benefits for our customers, our business and our people. This is why we are committed to being an inclusive employer and encourage applications from all suitable applicants irrespective of background, circumstances, age, disability, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or belief and sexual orientation. If you think you’re good enough to join our team, visit Closing date: 22/09/2021 Reach PLC is an Equal Opportunities Employer. HHHH Planning a Midweek Staycation check out the Clanree Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre in Letterkenny. The Clanree Hotel offers the perfect base to explore Donegal. With 120 luxurious and spacious bedrooms to choose from which include double, twin and executive suites the Clanree Offers something for everyone. During your stay you can enjoy complimentary access to our Leisure Centre with a 20m swimming pool, sauna, steam room and fitness suite in addition to the added bonus of free parking. Dinner is served in McGettigans Bar on a night of your choice. For larger groups please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily negotiate a great value package to accommodate your group. Please note at present due to COVID 19 restrictions only the Pool and Gym are open CALL 074 9124 369 (quoting Mirror Offers) DONEGAL STAyCATiON AT ThE 4 STAR CLANREE hOTEL, LETTERkENNy Package are as follows: l 1 Night’s accommodation in one of our Standard Double Rooms l 1 Dinner on one night l Full irish Breakfast l Free Parking l Free WiFi throughout the hotel l Complimentary use of the Leisure Centre PRICES FROM €85pps This offer is subject to availability and is available 7 days a week all other facilities in the leisure Centre remain closed until further notice. Please check with the Hotel team for further updates. These holidays are sold and supplied by the Clanree Hotel with whom you contract when you accept this offer. Terms & conditions apply, subject to availability. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 39 Peter O’Hehir 1.25 The Greek 2.00 Dazzling Darren 2.35 Alexharwill 3.10 Clondaw Hollow 3.45 Hurricane Georgie 4.20 Chesterville 4.55 Top Bandit (Nap) Next Best 1.25 Easca Peasca 2.00 Knock On Steel 2.35 Ask The Leader 3.10 Mars Harper 3.45 The Abbey 4.20 Doldido 4.55 Mary Meehan DOWNPATRICK Going: Good. Course: Tight, undulating, right-hand circuit of over 1m. 1f. with 1f. straight and stiff uphill finish. Trifecta: All races. Placepot (€15,000 Guarantee): 1.25, 2.00, 2.35, 3.10, 3.45, 4.20. Top Trainers (with runners): G Elliott 121, N Meade 72, W P Mullins 47, P J Rothwell 31, M McNiff 26, C A McBratney 20, B R Hamilton 17, G P Cromwell 18, J C McConnell 18, H de Bromhead 17, E Sheehy 14, J J Lambe 13, T G McCourt 10, E Doyle 9, J P O’Brien 9, R K Watson 6. Top Jockeys (with rides): D N Russell 50, S W Flanagan 31, Mr P W Mullins 26, D F O’Regan 17, B J Cooper 16, L P Dempsey 15, J W Kennedy 15, Mr J J Codd 14, J M Moore 12, J S McGarvey 9, D J O’Keeffe 9, C D Maxwell 8, B Hayes 7, A W Short 7, J C Gainford 6, C J Orr 6, D Meyler 6, J J Slevin 6, S D Torrens 4, R P Treacy 4, M P O’Connor 4. Favourites: 39.55% Jumps. 2.35 NORTHERN IRELAND ON COURSE BOOKMAKERS ASSOCIATION.CO.UK HANDICAP HURDLE (80-95) 2m 1f 165yds Winner €6,000 (18 run) 1 8-02472 FASSBENDER (30) Mark Michael McNiff 5 12-0 (ew)......D F O’Regan – 2 975422 ALEXHARWILL (18) L Young 6 11-13 (BF) (sf)......................... R P Treacy – 3 u40205 RAGS KITTEN (38) Gerard Kelleher (USA) 5 11-10..............S D Torrens – 4 0p0600 EDMOND DANTES (74) Gavin Patrick Cromwell 5 11-8.............................. .........................................................................................................S W Flanagan – 5 700p9 JOVIAL JACK (13) Gavin Patrick Cromwell 4 11-8............L P Dempsey – 6 05845 BEECHROAD WINNIE (13) John A Kinsella 5 11-7.......P J O’Hanlon (7) – 7 0933 MATER MATUTA (22) E D Delany 5 11-7.........................J C Gainford (5) – 8 p9p891 ASK THE LEADER (18) D M Christie 5 11-6 (C) (f)........... D J O’Keeffe – 9 9-719u9 WILLYOUWALKWITHME (22) H Smyth 6 11-6 (CD).................................... ......................................................................................................S Fitzgerald (7) – 10 57p7-9p BALLY UPPER (13) E Sheehy 7 11-5......................................J S McGarvey – 11 787pp7 LARKHILL LADY (22) Seamus Fahey 6 11-4................. B P Kennedy (7) – 12 00-49f-7 SAMANTHA SUNSHINE (34) P J Rothwell (GB) 7 11-3.............................. ......................................................................................................... H Morgan (3) – 13 0-90/070 GLOVES ON (75) Donncha Duggan 7 11-1................. Richard Deegan (5) – 14 03p4-7-0 KNOCKANORA LADY (10) S Curling 7 11-1..................................B Hayes – 15 p58u LOPITO (18) C A McBratney (GB) 6 11-1..................................C D Maxwell – 16 56-0p30 OUR BRIAN (65) P J Rothwell 11 11-2 (CD)................................................... – 17 u8240 BATALHA (22) T G McCourt (GB) 4 11-13..................................................... – 18 690-72p GALYPSO CLERMONT (77) Paul Nolan (FR) 5 11-7.................................. – BETTING: 5-2 Alexharwill, 4 Fassbender, Ask The Leader, 5 Mater Matuta, 10 Beechroad Winnie, 12 Rags Kitten, 14 Willyouwalkwithme, 16 Edmond Dantes, Lopito, 25 Larkhill Lady, Samantha Sunshine, 33 Knockanora Lady, Jovial Jack, 50 Others. 2020: No Corresponding Race. ALEXHARWILL (11-11) 11/4fav prominent, soon tracked leaders on inner, 3rd at 6th, travelled well after 2 out, disputed 2nd at last, soon ridden in 2nd, kept on same pace, no impression on winner inside final furlong , 2nd 1.25L behind Ask The Leader here Aug hcap hdl 2m 2f 165yds Good 15 ran. FASSBENDER (11-4) 6/1 mid-division and not fluent 1st, 10th from halfway, some progress on outer from 4 out and went 3rd after 2 out, ridden in 2nd from last, no impression on winner run-in and kept on same pace close home, 2nd 2.75L behind Mullins Cross at Sligo Aug hcap hdl 2m 1f 110yds Good 15 ran. ASK THE LEADER (11-1) 20/1 chased leaders, headway after 3 out, went 2nd next, led travelling well before last, soon ridden to assert and 2 lengths lead 1f out, stayed on well, won by 1.25L from Alexharwill here Aug hcap hdl 2m 2f 165yds Good 15 ran. MATER MATUTA (11-2) 5/1 rear of mid-division, ridden and some headway early straight, mistake on outer 2 out, under pressure and went 4th before last where not fluent, kept on one pace to go moderate 3rd close home, 3rd 14L behind Vischio at Bellewstown Aug hcap hdl 2m 212yds Good 15 ran. BEECHROAD WINNIE (11-0) 9/1 tracked leaders, mistake 3rd, ridden in 5th after 3 out, no impression, 5th 22L behind Cornerkova at Kilbeggan Sep mdn hdl 2m Good 14 ran. 3.10 BAR ONE RACING RATED NOVICE HURDLE 2m 5f 110yds Winner €6,600 (10 run) 1 1 CLONDAW HOLLOW (12) John C McConnell (GB) 7 12-0 (C) (sf).............. ...................................................................................................................B Hayes – 2 3-62132 MARS HARPER (42) Gordon Elliott (GB) 5 12-0 (f).....J C Gainford (5) – 3 0-41r40 LONGACRE SQUARE (50) Gordon Elliott 6 11-10 (C)..........B J Cooper – 4 0 NEW SOCIETY (13) R K Watson 7 11-10 (ew)..............S O’Callaghan (7) – 5 12 ALLY CAY (22) John C McConnell 5 11-9 (C)................................................... ......................................................................................Jack George Gilligan (7) – 6 fp5140 NEW ROSS (50) Joseph Patrick O’Brien 5 11-9........................... J J Slevin – 7 0-921 GATEAU DE MIEL (18) Henry De Bromhead (FR) 5 11-4 (CD).................... .......................................................................................................... D J O’Keeffe – 8 9-31800 STOCKDALE (132) B R Hamilton 5 11-1......................................J M Moore – 9 1-p63 ROSE MILAN (27) Michael Winters 7 11-0.......................S Fitzgerald (7) – 10 592f52 BELLES BENEFIT (13) S Curling 5 10-12......................... C M Quirke (7) – BETTING: 3 Gateau De Miel, 4 Clondaw Hollow, Mars Harper, 6 Ally Cay, New Ross, 8 Longacre Square, 10 Belles Benefit, 14 New Society, 20 Stockdale, Rose Milan. 2020: ARDAGHS CHOICE 5 11 0 K C Sexton 9-1 (E Sheehy) 9 ran. GATEAU DE MIEL (11-6) 16/5 led, not fluent 2nd, joined 4 out, led again next, travelling well after 2 out, pushed along last, ridden and 2 lengths lead 1f out, reduced advantage final 100 yards, pressed close home, kept on well under pressure, held on , won by 0.5L from Bout Time Bobby here Aug mdn hdl 2m 5f 160yds Good 7 ran. CLONDAW HOLLOW (9-11) 20/1 mid-division, ridden in moderate 3rd 2 1/2f out, moderate 2nd and no impression on winner over 1f out, 3rd close home, 3rd 9.75L behind Dollar Value at Navan Sep hcp 1m 6f Good 14 ran. MARS HARPER (10-10) 9/2 chased clear leader in 5th, closer 4 out, ridden after next, 4th and no impression entering straight, under pressure and wandered early run-in, kept on to go moderate 2nd closing stages, 2nd 8.5L behind The Little Yank at Sligo Aug hdl 2m 1f 195yds Yielding 7 ran. ALLY CAY (11-0) 3/1 tracked leaders, slight mistake 1st, 3rd halfway, pushed along before 2 out, rider soon lost whip, went 2nd at last, edged left and kept on well run-in, just failed, 2nd shd behind Lady Lingo at Bellewstown Aug hdl 2m 4f 57yds Good 7 ran. NEW ROSS (11-0) 28/1 chased leaders early, mid-division halfway, weakened 4 out, 15th 31L behind Shanwalla at Galway Jul hcap hdl 2m 5f 11yds Good 20 ran. Double: Dazzling Darren and Top Bandit. O’Hehir’s Longshot: Rubiana (4.20) 1.25 BILL MCILROY BOOKMAKER MAIDEN HURDLE 2m 2f 165yds Winner €6,000 (18 run) 1 3221-04 THE BANGER DOYLE (42) R K Watson 5 12-0 (ew).S O’Callaghan (7) – 2 43 WILD SHOT (46) John C McConnell (GB) 7 12-0.............S Fitzgerald (7) – 3 97 BUSHTUCKER TRIAL (13) Leanne Breen 4 11-12..................A W Short – 4 82522 EASCA PEASCA (119) B R Hamilton 4 11-12 (f).................. S F O’Keeffe – 5 09 ETERNAL PRINCE (13) J J Lambe (GB) 4 11-7.............. L A McKenna (7) – 6 55 MAGNETIC ZERO (30) S Curling 4 11-7........................... C M Quirke (7) – 7 07 ROYAL FINESSE (13) L Young 6 11-6........................................ R P Treacy – 8 SERENITY GROVE Henry De Bromhead 5 11-6................ D J O’Keeffe – 9 7-50 SKOL (147) Noel Meade (GB) 5 11-6.......................................S W Flanagan – 10 85-2223 THE GREEK (104) Gordon Elliott 5 11-6 (BF) (sf)................. D N Russell – 11 357 JJ NESTER (18) Robert Widger 4 11-0..................................P E Corbett – 12 MISS DAINGERFIELD (333) Paul Power 4 11-0................ H Morgan (3) – 13 0 WHATCOLORISTHEWIND (142) Gordon Elliott 4 11-0.J C Gainford (5) – 14 85 DARRAUGHS DIAMOND (13) D M Christie 7 10-13............S D Torrens – 15 09 EANNASAREAL (13) Liam P Cusack 6 10-13........... Richard Deegan (5) – 16 07 I’LL ASK THE UNCLE (17) James Andrew Fahey 5 11-6.......................... – 17 LONRACHA Andrew McNamara 4 11-0....................................................... – 18 INGENIOUS STROKE Henry De Bromhead 5 11-6.................................. – BETTING: 5-2 The Greek, 3 Easca Peasca, 5 Skol, Wild Shot, 6 Serenity Grove, 8 The Banger Doyle, 12 Whatcoloristhewind, 20 Darraughs Diamond, 25 Magnetic Zero, 33 Jj Nester, Miss Daingerfield, 66 Royal Finesse, 100 Others. 2020: THE SHUNTER 7 11 6 B Hayes 5-2 (Emmet Mullins) 9 ran. 2.00 FRANCO HUGHES BOOKMAKER HANDICAP HURDLE (80-109) 2m 2f 165yds Winner €6,600 (12 run) 1 83p824 KNOCK ON STEEL (13) Brian Jordan 8 12-0 (f)..... Richard Deegan (5) – 2 0-94 BUILDING BRIDGES (17) Gary McGill (GB) 5 11-13..... Mr O McGill (7) – 3 45455 DECIMAL DAY (20) William Durkan 4 11-13...................................C J Orr – 4 935 ODD VENTURE (13) R K Watson 4 11-12.... Derek Thomas McGrath (7) – 5 03365 SAEER (21) Gordon Elliott 4 11-11 (ew)................................. J W Kennedy – 6 80401 MASSONS CASTLE (95) Dermot A McLoughlin (GB) 6 11-8 (C).............. ..............................................................................................................A W Short – 7 0465 SO NEAR SO FARHH (13) C A McBratney (GB) 6 11-8............................... ...................................................................................................J P O’Sullivan (5) – 8 81 DAZZLING DARREN (20) Gavin P Cromwell 4 11-7 (sf).C D Maxwell – 9 523571 AMLAD (13) Andrew McNamara 7 11-5......................................B J Cooper – 10 24668 JAZZ RANGER (14) James Andrew Fahey 9 11-5...........S Fitzgerald (7) – 11 000 OCEAN LEGACY (150) Dermot A McLoughlin 4 10-8.P J O’Hanlon (7) – 12 6-79974 BACK TO BATAAN (10) Mervyn Torrens 9 10-4....Jennifer Torrens (7) – BETTING: 3 Dazzling Darren, 7-2 Massons Castle, 5 Amlad, 10 Building Bridges, Saeer, Decimal Day, 12 Odd Venture, Knock On Steel, 14 Back To Bataan, 16 Jazz Ranger. 2020: BRITISH ART 8 11 11 B Browne 12-1 (R K Watson) 11 ran. 3.45 IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF BEGINNERS STEEPLECHASE 2m 1f 165yds Winner €8,400 (13 run) 1 867p88 BENEFIT NORTH (17) C A McBratney 10 12-0 (C)............S W Flanagan – 2 070015 BERLIET EXPRESS (13) P J Rothwell 5 12-0...............J P O’Sullivan (5) – 3 p5 IT’S ALL GUCCI (18) Gary McGill (GB) 5 12-0................... H Morgan (3) – 4 06p-06 JIMLI’S ISLAND (13) R K Watson (GB) 5 12-0............S O’Callaghan (7) – 5 3-41869 LISTENHERETOMEJACK (64) Eoin Doyle 6 12-0.......Donagh Meyler – 6 6p62 OLD TOWN ROAD (27) Sabrina J Harty 8 12-0......................A W Short – 7 956-0f3 SEANBHOTHAR (18) Joseph Patrick O’Brien 6 12-0 (ew)...... J J Slevin – 8 062347 SECRET CARGO (24) Philip Fenton 7 12-0..........................M Hamill (3) – 9 3p THE ABBEY (12) Gordon Elliott 8 12-0 (f)............................D N Russell – 10 909481 SHIROCCOVILLE (27) Emmet Mullins 6 11-7...............................B Hayes – 11 50-p331 WITHALLDUERESPECT (33) Henry De Bromhead 7 11-7.......................... ................................................................................................. M P O’Connor (5) – 12 000-6p8 YOU NO ME TOO WELL (114) R K Watson 6 11-7.Derek T McGrath (7) – 13 56322 HURRICANE GEORGIE (18) G Elliott 4 10-11 (BF) (sf).J C Gainford (5) – BETTING: 11-4 Withallduerespect, 4 Seanbhothar, 5 Shiroccoville, The Abbey, 13-2 Hurricane Georgie, 8 Secret Cargo, 10 Old Town Road, 14 Listenheretomejack, 20 Berliet Express, 25 Benefit North, 33 It’s All Gucci, 50 You No Me Too Well, 66 Jimli’s Island. 2020: ITSALONGLONGROAD 6 12 0 M J Bolger 12-1 (John C McConnell) 12 ran. WITHALLDUERESPECT (11-1) 9/4fav tracked leaders, headway to lead after 3 out, went clear and jumped left 2 out, soon ridden, kept on well inside final furlong, won by 6.5L from Tagg’s Island at Tramore Aug hcap hdl 2m Yielding 12 ran. SEANBHOTHAR (12-0) 16/1 held up in touch, slight mistake 2nd, 6th at 6th, 4th 3 out, pushed along before next, ridden and no impression early run-in, went 3rd inside final furlong, kept on same pace under pressure, nearest finish, 3rd 2.5L behind Corran Cross here Aug chse 2m 3f 55yds Good 10 ran. SHIROCCOVILLE (10-10) 10/3jfav waited with in mid-division, 5th after 8th, 3rd after 4 out, pushed along to challenge and on terms next, ridden and led 2 out, asserted before last where 2 lengths lead, stayed on well , won by 3L from Trouble And Strife at Killarney Aug hcap hdl 2m 4f 50yds Good 17 ran. THE ABBEY (9-13) 50/1 dwelt, rear of mid-division, no impression from 3f out, never a factor, 11th 27L behind Dollar Value at Navan Sep hcp 1m 6f Good 14 ran. HURRICANE GEORGIE (10-13) evensfav tracked leaders, 3rd before 5th, pushed along 2 out, ridden in 2nd at last, no impression run-in, kept on one pace, just held on for moderate 2nd, 2nd 8L behind Clondaw Hollow here Aug mdn hdl 2m 2f 165yds Good 7 ran. 4.20 NORTHERN IRELAND ON COURSE BOOKMAKERS ASSOCIATION.CO.UK HANDICAP STEEPLECHASE (0-109) 2m 7f 110yds Winner €6,600 (15 run) 1 024503 ARCHIES CHARM (24) B R Hamilton (GB) 6 12-0.................B J Cooper – 2 5p-05-c5 JACK FIASCO (190) Ciaran Murphy (GB) 8 12-0............. P J Cawley (7) – 3 u23221 PAT COYNE (35) John Queally 7 12-0 (ew)......................... H Morgan (3) – 4 p50694 ARDAGHS CHOICE (24) E Sheehy 6 11-12 (C)..................... D J O’Keeffe – 5 8-0315p ARRYCAN (32) Liam P Cusack 7 11-11 (CD)................ Richard Deegan (5) – 6 853136 DAKOTA BEAT (13) Gavin P Cromwell 6 11-11................................................ ......................................................................................Jack George Gilligan (7) – 7 126361 DOLDIDO (10) Michael Winters 8 11-10 (f).......................J C Gainford (5) – 8 610609 CLONGUILE WAY (10) Gavin P Cromwell 8 11-9 (CD).......C D Maxwell – 9 p253 KING’S SONG (18) D Broad (FR) 11 11-7 (D2).......................Jack Foley (7) – 10 496327 SIBERIAN STAR (24) P J Rothwell (GB) 6 11-5............J P O’Sullivan (5) – 11 85p-678 PAT’S PEARL (18) John C McConnell 10 11-0 (C)..................S D Torrens – 12 856-501 CHESTERVILLE (56) Gordon Elliott 7 10-13 (sf).............. J W Kennedy – 13 0p220p RUBIANA (12) Mrs Caroline McCaldin 8 10-13 (CD).................. J J Slevin – 14 174 CARRIED (13) R K Watson 11 10-9...................................S O’Callaghan (7) – 15 7-p9p0 THE LYING KING (6) Shane Nolan 6 9-12................................................. – BETTING: 4 Pat Coyne, 11-2 Rubiana, 13-2 Siberian Star, 7 Arrycan, Archies Charm, 8 The Lying King, Carried, 12 Chesterville, Ardaghs Choice, Doldido, 33 Clonguile Way, King’s Song, Dakota Beat, 66 Pat’s Pearl, 100 Jack Fiasco. 2020: GIVE HIM TIME 9 10 11 D F O’Regan 6-1 (Gordon Elliott) 12 ran. 4.55 FRANCO HUGHES BOOKMAKER FLAT RACE 2m 1f 165yds Winner €6,000 (8 run) 1 7 CRABTREES REBEL (22) James Andrew Fahey 5 12-2............................... ...........................................................................................Miss H Heffernan (7) – 2 HENRY MILLER W J Burke 5 12-2...............................Mr W J Burke (7) – 3 22-24 TOP BANDIT (153) Gordon Elliott (GB) 5 12-2 (BF) (sf)......Mr J J Codd – 4 0 THEMUNSTEREXPRESS (34) S Slevin 4 12-0.............. Mr J Dunne (7) – 5 0 WOODSTREAM LAD (153) R K Watson 4 12-0..........Mr T P Harney (7) – 6 BUNDLE OF DREAMS John C McConnell 5 11-9 (ew)............................. ............................................................................................... Mr B W Harvey (7) – 7 0-04 MARY MEEHAN (27) W P Mullins 5 11-9 (f)................. Mr P W Mullins – 8 GRANDY LIGHT Gerald Stephen Quinn 4 11-7..............Mr P Rogan (7) – BETTING: 10-11 Top Bandit, 2 Mary Meehan, 8 Henry Miller, 10 Grandy Light, 14 Bundle Of Dreams, 50 Crabtrees Rebel, Woodstream Lad, Themunsterexpress. 2020: OFF YOUR ROCCO 4 11 12 Mr J J Codd 7-4 Fav (Gordon Elliott) 9 ran. Three-time championjockey Davy Russell makes his eagerly-awaited return to action, with two rides for Gordon Elliott, in Downpatrick today. Russell (42) has been side-lined since sustaining a serious neck injury when Doctor Duffy fell in the Munster National in Limerick in October. And Elliott will hope the Cork man makes a fairytale return on board The Greek in the opening Bill McIlroy Bookmaker Maiden Hurdle. Placed four times over hurdles (and a beaten favourite on three of those occasions), The Greek, whose form includes seconds to The Cathal Don and Old Town Garde, should be capable of landing a maiden of this standard. Russell’s other mount The Abbey has claims in the beginners chase, but might not cope with fouryear-old stable-companion and chasing debutante Hurricane Georgie, receiving lumps of weight from her rivals and with Jordan Gainford claiming 5lb. Jack Kennedy, out of action since early August, also returns today. And the Elliott-trained Chesterville might click for him in the 0-109 handicap chase. Cullentra’s Top Bandit, runner-up in two winter bumpers at Leopardstown, is a confident nap choice in the bumper. BY peter o’hehir In Dundalk this evening, Leo De Fury, a Group 2 winner last season and a staying fifth to Camorra in a Group 3 at Leopardstown last Saturday, might continue Jessica Harrington’s great run by taking the Join On Instagram @dundalk_ stadium Race. And the Joseph O’Brientrained Pennine Hills, who faded late to finish fifth behind Panama Red on the same Leopardstown card, will relish the drop to five furlongs in the opening juvenile event. RETURNING FROM INJURY Jockey Davy Russell Davy eyes big Greek celebration The Fury’s unleashed Peter O’Hehir 4.40 Pennine Hills 5.10 Redbud 5.45 Sister Lola 6.15 What Adaay 6.45 Skontonovski 7.15 Pin Your Hopes 7.45 Leo De Fury 8.15 Mokhles Next Best 4.40 Hms Endeavour 5.10 Takana 5.45 Phantom Power 6.15 Shimla Rolann 6.45 Pride Of Pimlico 7.15 Dollar Value 7.45 Benaud 8.15 Smaoineamh Sile DUNDALK Going: Standard. Course: Left-hand 1m. 2f. polytrack (allweather) circuit with 2.5f. straight. Draw: Low numbers favoured. Trifecta: All races. Placepot (€15,000 Guarantee): 4.40, 5.10, 5.45, 6.15, 6.45, 7.15. Top Trainers (with runners): M Halford 281, G M Lyons 204, A P O’Brien 172, J P O’Brien 131, E Lynam 128, A McGuinness 98, D Marnane 86, A Oliver 66, J J Feane 64, Mrs J Harrington 55, P Martin 52, K Prendergast 49, Ms T Collins 46, T G McCourt 43, J P Murtagh 43, J C McConnell 43. Top Jockeys (with rides): C T Keane 202, S Foley 199, W M Lordan 174, D P McDonogh 153, C D Hayes 152, K J Manning 152, R P Whelan 123, C P Hoban 114, J A Heffernan 97, R P Cleary 76, O J Orr 58, D W O’Connor 47, B M Coen 41, S M Crosse 41, G P Halpin 40. Favourites: 38.85% Flat. 5.45 CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL DUNDALK HANDICAP (45-70) 7f Winner €6,300 (17 run) 1 830014 WOODROW (15) 17 Leanne Breen 4 10-2 (BF) (D) (ew).S T McCullagh (5) – 2 457391 PHANTOM POWER (15) 12 Edward Lynam 4 10-1 (CD) (sf).J Coen (10) – 3 704863 CRYSTAL DAWN (15) 13 Gavin P Cromwell 5 9-13 (CD2)...Ben M Coen – 4 034461 SISTER LOLA (15) 7 James McAuley 4 9-13 (CD2) (f)................. S Foley – 5 113220 TIPPERARY MOON (42) 16 Des Donovan 4 9-13 (BF) (CD2).C T Keane – 6 00-3162 WHAT A FEELING (34) 9 P J F Murphy 4 9-13 (D).................C D Hayes – 7 750006 EGLISH (15) 1 Adrian McGuinness (GB) 4 9-12 (CD3).Adam Caffrey (10) – 8 700305 MOKHALAD (9) 2 J C McConnell (GB) 8 9-12 (CD).Siobhan Rutledge (7) – 9 234459 SUNSET NOVA (8) 6 Andrew Slattery 5 9-12 (CD2)........... A J Slattery – 10 265504 GOT THE MOVES (24) 5 A Oliver 3 9-10...............................R P Whelan – 11 2148-02 LINUS LARRABEE (15) 10 Edward Lynam 4 9-10 (CD).D P McDonogh – 12 148458 JERED MADDOX (15) 14 David Marnane (GB) 5 9-7 (D)............O J Orr – 13 007-068 THE BLUE GARTER (75) 15 B W Duke (GB) 3 9-6...... M Horsman (10) – 14 9744 MYRCELLA (26) 3 P F McEnery 4 9-5............................... N M Crosse (3) – 15 60-0000 CHICA POWER (41) 8 Ciaran Murphy 3 9-0............................. G M Ryan – 16 522741 TAI SING YEH (18) 4 J F Levins 7 9-3 (D2).................................................. – 17 034005 KING’S VIEW (14) 11 Patrick J McKenna 4 8-6........................................... – BETTING: 9-2 What A Feeling, 5 Crystal Dawn, 6 Tipperary Moon, Woodrow, 13-2 Linus Larrabee, Sister Lola, 10 Got The Moves, Phantom Power, 12 Sunset Nova, Myrcella. 2020: ALHAAZM 4 10 1 C D Hayes 7-1 (Kevin Prendergast) drawn (10) 14 ran. 6.15 IRISHINJUREDJOCKEYS.COM HANDICAP (45-65) (DIV I) 1m Winner €6,000 (17 run) 1 712594 CAESAR’S COMET (15) 2 James McAuley 7 10-2 (C) (ew)........ S Foley – 2 032000 KINCH (98) 13 Garry Bernard Caldwell 5 9-13 (CD)..........D E Sheehy (3) – 3 846101 SHIMLA ROLANN (16) 3 Miss Hilary McLoughlin (GB) 3 9-13 (D) (f)....... ........................................................................................................ J A Heffernan – 4 55-4009 HASANAAT (21) 5 Jack W Davison (GB) 3 9-10.............................O J Orr – 5 886486 MISS CUNNING (33) 1 Kevin Prendergast 4 9-7 (CD)............G P Halpin – 6 04070 SENTIMENT (43) 14 Adrian McGuinness 3 9-6.... C J MacRedmond (7) – 7 540908 DREAMS DELIVERED (34) 6 Darren Bunyan 3 9-5..............C D Hayes – 8 8-85040 HERE’S HOPING (42) 15 Tracey Collins 6 9-4......................R P Whelan – 9 500088 JACK BERRY HOUSE (24) 8 John C McConnell (GB) 5 9-4 (CD)............ ..................................................................................................Ben Martin Coen – 10 9-9600 HIGHTOWN HEIGHTS (8) 10 G M Lyons 3 9-3 (BF)...............C T Keane – 11 00000 NAKAO (7) 9 Paul W Flynn (GB) 3 9-3....................................... R P Cleary – 12 810049 MACCLIFF (33) 12 Gerard M Hussey 5 9-2 (CD).. Siobhan Rutledge (7) – 13 8-82078 PHILLY’S HOPE (67) 7 T G McCourt 4 8-12.....................J J G Ryan (10) – 14 46-4575 WHAT ADAAY (18) 4 Patrick Martin (GB) 3 8-8 (sf).. Wesley Joyce (7) – 15 050070 NEVER BACK DOWN (46) 17 Joseph A Murray 6 9-9.... James J Doyle – 16 791200 GORMANSTON (33) 11 Nigel Thomas Slevin 5 9-9 (C2)........................... – 17 59-9010 LEVIOSA (36) 16 Seamus Fahey 4 9-13 (BF)................................................. – BETTING: 5 Dreams Delivered, 7 Hightown Heights, Kinch, 8 Miss Cunning, What Adaay, Jack Berry House, Caesar’s Comet, Shimla Rolann, 10 Hasanaat, 12 Maccliff, 14 Here’s Hoping, Philly’s Hope, 16 Sentiment, 33 Others. 2020: (DIV 1) HELEN DE POURTALES 3 9 13 W J Lee 13-2 (Andrew Kinirons) drawn (14) 14 ran. 6.45 IRISHINJUREDJOCKEYS.COM HANDICAP (45-65) (DIV II) 1m Winner €6,000 (17 run) 1 5522-70 BROSNA EMPRESS (20) 15 Mrs John Harrington 3 10-2.......... S Foley – 2 450068 CALIFORNIA POPPY (67) 17 Edward Lynam 3 10-1..............C P Hoban – 3 076248 PHOENIX OPEN (16) 10 S M Duffy (USA) 5 10-0 (BF) (CD)......................... ........................................................................................................Sam Ewing (5) – 4 313763 BURNING LAKE (15) 7 Joseph A Murray 5 9-13 (CD).Wesley Joyce (7) – 5 960581 SKONTONOVSKI (8) 6 Adrian McGuinness (GB) 4 9-13 (sf).R P Whelan – 6 555600 HAAYEM (98) 2 James McAuley (FR) 5 9-12....................L T McAteer (5) – 7 567804 BOASTY (67) 3 F Birrane 4 9-10 (BF) (D)................. C J MacRedmond (7) – 8 424001 PRIDE OF PIMLICO (33) 14 B W Duke 5 9-10 (CD2) (f)........ R P Cleary – 9 721688 BELEAGUERMENT (15) 4 James McAuley 5 9-9 (C)..............C T Keane – 10 008702 THE BOG BANK (24) 13 T G McCourt 4 9-4 (ew)...........J J G Ryan (10) – 11 947408 POWER OF LAZARUS (41) 16 Ciaran Murphy 4 9-2............ G M Ryan – 12 589506 LITTLE CAMACHO (36) 12 Anthony McCann 6 9-1.......... W M Lordan – 13 090-997 MINKY (174) 1 Andrew Kinirons 5 9-1....................................... A J Slattery – 14 805050 RAFFAELLO (16) 5 W McCreery 5 9-1 (D).....................Jessica Maye (10) – 15 460607 FASCINATING SPIRIT (8) 9 Eoin C McCarthy 6 9-1..........K J Leonard – 16 970516 TYNAMITE (16) 8 David Marnane 7 9-5 (CD)............................................. – 17 5009-00 KELLMAR (8) 11 Darren Bunyan (GB) 5 9-1.................................................. – BETTING: 4 Pride Of Pimlico, 6 Boasty, The Bog Bank, 7 Phoenix Open, 8 Brosna Empress, 10 Burning Lake, Skontonovski, 12 California Poppy, Beleaguerment, 14 Raffaello, Haayem. 2020: (DIV 1) HELEN DE POURTALES 3 9 13 W J Lee 13-2 (Andrew Kinirons) drawn (14) 14 ran. Double: Pennine Hills and Leo De Fury. O’Hehir’s Longshot: Dance Emperor (7.15) 4.40 IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF RACE 5f Winner €11,100 (6 run) 1 17 ANATOLI (5) 3 John James Feane (GB) 2 9-9 (C)................... K J Manning – 2 31 HMS ENDEAVOUR (20) 4 A P O’Brien (USA) 2 9-9 (D) (sf).J A Heffernan – 3 31500 LORD GORGEOUS (46) 1 J P Murtagh 2 9-9 (CD)......Ben Martin Coen – 4 782431 SPEEDACUS (13) 5 Kieran P Cotter 2 9-9 (D).................D P McDonogh – 5 742092 JARVIS (13) 2 G M Lyons 2 9-4....................................................C T Keane – 6 1265 PENNINE HILLS (6) 6 Joseph Patrick O’Brien 2 9-4 (f).H J Horgan (7) – BETTING: 6-4 Pennine Hills, 13-8 Hms Endeavour, 7 Anatoli, 8 Speedacus, Jarvis. 2020: No Corresponding Race. PENNINE HILLS (9-2) 22/1 led, joined at halfway, headed and ridden entering straight, dropped to 5th 1f out, no extra, 5th 5.5L behind Panama Red at Leopardstown Sep 7f 37yds Good 11 ran. HMS ENDEAVOUR (9-7) 3/1cfav made all, pushed along to go 2 lengths clear over 1f out, ridden and kept on inside final furlong, reduced advantage close home, won by 0.5L from Pirate Jenny at Navan Aug mdn 5f 164yds Good 14 ran. ANATOLI (9-5) 125/1 always rear, ridden and no impression over 2f out, soon no extra, 7th 19L behind Native Trail at Curragh Sep 7f Good 7 ran. SPEEDACUS (9-5) 17/2 led, ridden over 1f out, joined 1f out, strongly pressed inside final furlong, stayed on well to regain lead last strides, all out, won by nk from Jarvis at Navan Sep hcp 5f Good 8 ran. JARVIS (9-1) 4/1 disputed 2nd early, 4th at halfway, dropped to 6th on stands’ side 2f out, soon ridden, close 4th inside final furlong, improved into 2nd close home, strongly pressed winner to line, 2nd nk behind Speedacus at Navan Sep hcp 5f Good 8 ran. 5.10 IRISH EBF MEDIAN SIRES SERIES MAIDEN 6f Winner €15,000 (10 run) 1 564 EXQUISITE ACCLAIM (20) 5 Mrs John Harrington 2 9-6 (ew).S Foley – 2 0 BOBBY DASSLER (36) 7 Eddie Patrick Harty 2 9-2......M A Gallagher – 3 9 COUSIN SHAY (20) 1 John C McConnell (GB) 2 9-2...... D W O’Connor – 4 HEZAHUNK 8 M Halford 2 9-2................................................R P Whelan – 5 583446 THISMYDREAM (20) 3 W P Browne 2 9-2........................M Dos Santos – 6 02 REDBUD (15) 2 J A Stack 2 9-1 (f)............................ C J MacRedmond (7) – 7 0 HELMET STAR (20) 6 J Larkin (GB) 2 8-9.........................D E Sheehy (3) – 8 0 MARSA (145) 4 Edward Lynam 2 8-9..........................................C D Hayes – 9 424 PEPPER STREAK (20) 10 W McCreery 2 8-9................ N M Crosse (3) – 10 452 TAKANA (20) 9 Ciaran Murphy 2 8-9 (sf)............ Siobhan Rutledge (7) – BETTING: 5-2 Takana, 3 Pepper Streak, 4 Redbud, 5 Thismydream, 11-2 Exquisite Acclaim. 2020: ZAFFY’S PRIDE 2 8 11 S Foley 3-1 (Mrs John Harrington) drawn (4) 10 ran. TAKANA (8-2) 33/1 soon led, pushed along and headed 1 1/2f out, dropped to 5th 1f out, ridden and kept on to go 2nd inside final 100 yards, 2nd 1.5L behind Up Above at Navan Aug mdn 5f Good 14 ran. PEPPER STREAK (8-6) 7/1 tracked leader, 3rd halfway, pushed along under 2f out and 4th 1f out, ridden and no impression inside final furlong, kept on one pace, 4th 2.25L behind Up Above at Navan Aug mdn 5f Good 14 ran. REDBUD (9-2) 6/1 held up in touch, a little keen, 5th halfway, pushed along 2f out, ridden and progress to 2nd over 1f out, soon challenged, kept on well without quite matching winner final 100 yards, 2nd nk behind Anatoli here Sep mdn 6f Standard 7 ran. THISMYDREAM (9-2) 20/1 mid-division, pushed along 2f out, 7th and ridden 1f out, kept on one pace, 6th 3.75L behind Up Above at Navan Aug mdn 5f Good 14 ran. EXQUISITE ACCLAIM (9-7) 11/2 prominent, challenged 2f out, soon pushed along, 2nd and ridden over 1f out, soon no impression on winner, no extra inside final furlong and dropped to 4th closing stages, 4th 2.5L behind Hms Endeavour at Navan Aug mdn 5f 164yds Good 14 ran. 7.15 BETVICTOR APPRENTICE HANDICAP (50-80) 1m 4f Winner €6,900 (16 run) 1 855742 PIN YOUR HOPES (15) 12 A Oliver 4 10-2 (BF) (CD) (f)............................... ........................................................................................... C J MacRedmond (2) – 2 3-25956 GOLDEN VALOUR (97) 11 Richard John O’Brien (GB) 5 10-1 (C2).............. .......................................................................................................S T McCullagh – 3 235092 BLUE SHADOW (18) 15 A Oliver 4 9-12 (CD) (ew).Siobhan Rutledge (2) – 4 2/ PEARL OF THE WEST (778) 8 John C McConnell 7 9-12 (D2)................. ...........................................................................................Cillian McConnell (7) – 5 2121 DOLLAR VALUE (13) 1 T G McCourt (USA) 6 9-11 (D) (sf).L T McAteer – 6 170150 TIME AND MONEY (42) 4 A Oliver 4 9-11 (CD).......................J Coen (7) – 7 6840 EFFERNOCK FIZZ (6) 16 Miss Katy Brown 6 9-9 (D)......J Kearney (7) – 8 011367 DANCE EMPEROR (18) 10 Peter Fahey 6 9-8........................ Sam Ewing – 9 01320 FALLEN FOREST (28) 5 William Durkan 6 9-8 (CD)..... R Whearty (4) – 10 0 MORNING SKYE (126) 3 Ciaran Murphy 6 9-8 (D2).........J A Powell (4) – 11 216105 CHATEAU MUSAR (67) 6 John Geoghegan 4 9-7 (BF) (CD2)..................... ..................................................................................................... P A Harnett (4) – 12 115579 TOOREEN ANGEL (41) 2 J A Stack 4 9-7 (C2)...............O Shanahan (7) – 13 46-89 QUAMINO (126) 14 Paul Nolan (GER) 8 9-5.................... Wesley Joyce (4) – 14 121706 NEVER MISTABEAT (14) 13 Jarlath P Fahey 4 9-3 (C2).W T Byrne (4) – 15 858 AFTERNOONWITHSUSAN (21) 9 P F McEnery 6 9-3............................ – 16 577 SHAMIYAN (28) 7 M Halford 5 9-0 (CD)..................................................... – BETTING: 5-2 Dollar Value, 6 Chateau Musar, Pin Your Hopes, 8 Fallen Forest, Tooreen Angel, Time And Money, 10 Golden Valour, Blue Shadow, 12 Dance Emperor, 14 Never Mistabeat, Pearl Of The West, 25 Others. 2020: ELA KATRINA 4 9 3 Sam Ewing 11-2 (G M Lyons) drawn (15) 12 ran. DOLLAR VALUE (9-8) 7/2 led and clear throughout, travelling well 2f out, soon ridden, stayed on strongly final furlong, eased close home, unchallenged, won by 8L from Metal Man at Navan Sep hcp 1m 6f Good 14 ran. CHATEAU MUSAR (10-0) 4/1jfav mid-division, not clear run over 2f out, ridden in 7th 1 1/2f out, kept on inside final furlong, 5th 1.25L behind Time And Money here Jul hcp 1m 4f Standard 13 ran. PIN YOUR HOPES (10-2) 4/1jfav held up towards rear, ridden to close on outer 2f out, under pressure in 4th over 1f out, stayed on to challenge inside final furlong, strongly pressed leader last 100 yards, just held, 2nd nk behind Aurora Princess at Clonmel Sep hcp 1m 1f 111yds Good 8 ran. FALLEN FOREST (9-13) 10/1 led, headed 5f out, pushed along and lost place early straight, no extra from 2f out, 11th 21L behind Powerful Kieran at Killarney Aug hcp 1m 6f 40yds Good 13 ran. TOOREEN ANGEL (10-13) 33/1 held up mid-division, 9th halfway, ridden and no impression from 2f out, 9th 23L behind Sequoiaspirit at Tipperary Aug hcp 1m 4f 115yds Soft 15 ran. 7.45 JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM @DUNDALK_STADIUM RACE 1m 4f Winner €8,100 (5 run) 1 556-505 LEO DE FURY (6) 1 Mrs John Harrington 5 9-7 (sf).................... S Foley – 2 041-144 BENAUD (43) 5 Joseph Patrick O’Brien 3 9-4 (f)................ W M Lordan – 3 1-553 ISLE OF SARK (69) 2 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (USA) 3 9-0 (C).................. ......................................................................................................D P McDonogh – 4 21786- SOUTHERN CAPE (356) 3 Donnacha Aidan O’Brien 3 9-0. G M Ryan – 5 1 STOUR (15) 4 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (GB) 3 9-0 (C)..............S M Crosse – BETTING: 9-4 Leo De Fury, 5-2 Benaud, 3 Stour, 5 Isle Of Sark, 7 Southern Cape. 2020: ORDER OF AUSTRALIA 3 9 2 J A Heffernan 10-11 Fav (A P O’Brien) drawn (3) 6 ran. 8.15 FIND US ON TWITTER @DUNDALKSTADIUM HANDICAP (45-65) 1m 2f 150yds Winner €6,000 (17 run) 1 089000 MORNING DEW (21) 16 Andrew Kinirons (FR) 5 10-2 (sf)... A J Slattery – 2 756231 MOKHLES (33) 5 Anthony McCann 6 10-1 (CD)..............L T McAteer (5) – 3 373189 CLIARA (14) 12 Anthony McCann 5 10-0 (D).......................J A Powell (7) – 4 509009 FIRSTMAN (32) 11 A J Martin (FR) 4 9-12 (ew).........................C T Keane – 5 7-70600 EDEN GARDENS (13) 9 K A Heffernan 5 9-11..........................C D Hayes – 6 327648 EL C WELLS (15) 13 Patrick Martin 3 9-10..................S T McCullagh (5) – 7 6-07402 CLEW BAY (22) 10 Mrs John Harrington 3 9-9.............................. S Foley – 8 00068 KHAIRY (15) 3 Andrew Slattery 4 9-8......................... Amy Jo Hayes (10) – 9 580658 SECRET WIZARD (44) 2 Paul W Flynn 8 9-7 (C2)........ Ciara Flynn (10) – 10 03 BOING (14) 4 Paul Traynor (GB) 6 9-4..................................Sam Ewing (5) – 11 003309 ALL THE MOLLIES (15) 17 Ciaran Murphy 7 9-3......................................... .......................................................................................... Siobhan Rutledge (7) – 12 80055 BORN LEADER (15) 1 Eoin Christopher McCarthy (FR) 5 9-2.G M Ryan – 13 0-56003 SMAOINEAMH SILE (15) 6 J C McConnell (GB) 3 9-1 (f).J A Heffernan – 14 60-0868 HELIAEBEL (14) 8 Leanne Breen (GB) 4 9-0........................ M A Enright – 15 0378 WOJOOD (20) 7 Denis Gerard Hogan (GB) 5 9-13 (CD)............................. – 16 903930 DREAM WISELY (13) 15 A Oliver (GB) 4 9-0.........................R P Whelan – 17 695029 MACABAN CITY (13) 14 Gerard Michael Hussey 5 9-2 (C)......................... ......................................................................................................Izzy Clifton (7) – BETTING: 5-2 Mokhles, 4 Clew Bay, 7 Firstman, 8 Smaoineamh Sile, El C Wells, 12 Boing, 14 Khairy, All The Mollies, Cliara, 16 Heliaebel, Eden Gardens, 20 Morning Dew, 25 Others. 2020: DAME RAPIDE 3 7 13 Siobhan Rutledge 20-1 (John C McConnell) drawn (15) 14 ran.

40 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 results & PRICES YARMOUTH 1.30: GLOBAL WISDOM (S De Sousa 3-1) 1; Buoyant (6-4f) 2; Zebelle (10-1) 3. 8 ran. 1½, 4¾. (C Dwyer). Tote: £3.50; £1.40, £1.20, £2.60. Tote Exacta: £9.10. Tricast: £36.97. Trifecta: £48.90. CSF: £7.78. NRs: Aristobulus, Wild Mountain. 2.05: WAJD (W Buick 13-8f) 1; Mizzen You (14-1) 2; Love Trophy Power (4-1) 3. 8 ran. 1l, hd. (Patrick Owens). Tote: £2.40; £1.10, £2.90, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £23.50. Trifecta: £99.80. CSF: £26.43. 2.40: MIGHTY ULYSSES (R Havlin 9-4) 1; Ingleton (6-5f) 2; Cowboy (28-1) 3. 8 ran. 3¼, nk. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £3.40; £1.50, £1.10, £3.30. Tote Exacta: £6.60. Trifecta: £59.70. CSF: £5.30. 3.15: PLEASANT MAN (A Kirby 11-4) 1; Marshall Plan (100-30) 2; The Trader (6-1) 3. 6 ran. 9-4f Prince Alex. hd, nk. (R Charlton). Tote: £3.30; £1.90, £1.90. Tote Exacta: £13.70. Tricast: £47.55. Trifecta: £42.00. CSF: £12.15. NRs: Ispahan, Whitehaven. 3.50: JASMINE JOY (W Buick 5-2f) 1; Trinity Girl (25-1) 2; Future (7-2) 3. 8 ran. 2½, ½. (J Fanshawe). Tote: £3.10; £1.10, £5.80, £1.50. Tote Exacta: £56.00. Tricast: £218.16. Trifecta: £262.10. CSF: £64.07. NRs: Summertime Romance, Topanticipation. 4.25: FOREST FALCON (W Buick 13-2) 1; Dubai Souq (7-1) 2; Pied Piper (100-30) 3. 7 ran. 11-10f Mango Boy. 1½, ¾. (M Johnston). Tote: £6.60; £3.20, £3.10. Tote Exacta: £53.90. Tricast: £177.36. Trifecta: £193.70. CSF: £49.56. NRs: The City’s Phantom, Titian. 5.00: NATURAL PATH (T Marquand 7-4f) 1; Spirited Guest (18-1) 2; Liberated Lady (100- 30) 3. 7 ran. nk, 1¼. (M Bell). Tote: £2.20; £1.40, £5.50. Tote Exacta: £32.50. Trifecta: £139.70. CSF: £35.08. Placepot: £45.50. Quadpot: £24.00. AYR 1.50: GORAK (P Hanagan 10-1) 1; Outbreak (2-7f) 2; Oliver’s Army (12-1) 3. 10 ran. 1¾, 1¼. (R Fahey). Tote: £10.50; £2.40, £1.02, £2.50. Tote Exacta: £20.20. Trifecta: £96.70. CSF: £13.88. NRs: Echosmith, Million Thanks, Pretty Bouquet, Sun Hill. 2.25: NORTHERN EXPRESS (P Mulrennan 14-1) 1; Poet’s Magic (4-1f) 2; Swiss Knight (25-1) 3. 12 ran. nk, 2l. (M Dods). Tote: £14.90; £4.30, £1.30, £6.40. Tote Exacta: £101.70. Tricast: £1420.99. Trifecta: £2191.60. CSF: £64.75. NR: King’s Pavilion. 3.00: VENTURA RASCAL (K Stott 4-1) 1; Empirestateofmind (100-30f) 2; Mi Capricho (11-1) 3. 10 ran. hd, 2½. (K Ryan). Tote: £5.90; £1.70, £1.30, £2.80. Tote Exacta: £19.50. Tricast: £137.36. Trifecta: £165.30. CSF: £17.49. 3.35: INVINCIBLY (P Mulrennan 12-1) 1; Tilsitt (10-1) 2; Mac Ailey (14-1) 3. 10 ran. 3-1f Eligible. hd, ¾. (K Burke). Tote: £12.20; £3.70, £3.00, £3.80. Tote Exacta: £113.80. Tricast: £1746.61. Trifecta: £1526.50. CSF: £125.26. 4.10: BOLLIN MARGARET (D Allan 3-1f) 1; Alyara (7-2) 2; Ayr Empress (15-2) 3. 8 ran. ns, ½. (T Easterby). Tote: £3.70; £1.40, £1.50, £2.60. Tote Exacta: £14.00. Tricast: £70.75. Trifecta: £86.30. CSF: £13.82. 4.45: CHICHESTER (C Rodriguez 6-1) 1; Platinumcard (7-1) 2; Man Of The Night (11- 2) 3. 12 ran. 3-1f Fairmac. 6½, ½. (K Dalgleish). Tote: £6.50; £2.60, £2.30, £2.60. Tote Exacta: £42.00. Tricast: £245.39. Trifecta: £245.40. CSF: £44.19. NR: First Impression. 5.18: THRILLA IN MANILA (B Robinson 7-1) 1; Sound Of Iona (13-2) 2; Denzil’s Laughing (20-1) 3. 15 ran. 7-2f Rory. ¾, nk. (P Midgley). Tote: £6.50; £3.00, £6.00, £1.80. Tote Exacta: £46.40. Tricast: £904.26. Trifecta: £1155.20. CSF: £44.77. NR: Tanasoq. 5.50: ECLIPSE DE LUNAR (D Allan 2-1f) 1; Euro Implosion (11-1) 2; Nakeeta (4-1) 3. 13 ran. ¾, 1¾. (T Easterby). Tote: £2.90; £1.30, £3.00, £1.70. Tote Exacta: £27.30. Tricast: £86.43. Trifecta: £88.60. CSF: £25.85. NR: Art Of Diplomacy. Jackpot: Not won. Placepot: £178.00. Quadpot: £62.70. PONTEFRACT 2.15: ESKEN ROSE (T Eaves 14-1) 1; Clarets Glory (85-40f) 2; Purple Bling (5-2) 3. 9 ran. 1l, 2½. (K Ryan). Tote: £11.30; £2.30, £1.20, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £54.00. Trifecta: £291.00. CSF: £43.59. 2.50: ACE ROTHSTEIN (D E Hogan 15-8) 1; Liberation Point (11-8f) 2; Big Kitten (10-1) 3. 6 ran. 1¾, 1½. (M Bell). Tote: £2.70; £1.50, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £5.80. Trifecta: £26.70. CSF: £4.92. NR: Seasett. 3.25: GALE FORCE MAYA (G Lee 7-2) 1; Silent Flame (15-8f) 2; Zim Baby (10-1) 3. 6 ran. ½, nk. (M Dods). Tote: £4.30; £1.80, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £11.10. Trifecta: £52.90. CSF: £10.33. NR: Ey Up It’s Maggie. 4.00: FLINT HILL (G Lee 3-1f) 1; The Rutland Rebel (14-1) 2; Dynali (5-1) 3. 11 ran. 1l, 1¼. (Ruth Jefferson). Tote: £4.10; £1.40, £4.80, £2.10. Tote Exacta: £50.70. Tricast: £178.60. Trifecta: £274.80. CSF: £44.16. NRs: Red Tornado, Soldier On Parade, Tynecastle Park, Warranty. Warranty| Rule 4 applies to All Bets, deduct 5p in the pound. 4.35: ENFRANCHISE (F Norton 9-1) 1; Baltic Coast (11-1) 2; Geminga (6-4f) 3. 7 ran. 1¼, 1¾. (M Johnston). Tote: £8.10; £2.80, £3.60. Tote Exacta: £55.30. Trifecta: £188.50. CSF: £83.68. NRs: Abbey Heights, Halic, Madame Glitters. Madame Glitters| Rule 4 applies to All Bets, deduct 5p in the pound. 5.10: PERFECT SWISS (P Dennis 3-1) 1; Ghost Rider (7-2) 2; Tangled (9-4f) 3. 6 ran. ¾, 1¼. (T Easterby). Tote: £2.90; £1.30, £2.10. Tote Exacta: £8.40. Tricast: £24.32. Trifecta: £24.40. CSF: £13.19. NRs: Barshaa, Coul Kat, Just Hiss, Ledham, Natchez Trace. 5.40: MR ORANGE (O McSweeney 3-1) 1; Singe Anglais (6-5f) 2; Fossos (14-1) 3. 8 ran. ½, 1¾. (P Midgley). Tote: £3.80; £1.40, £1.10, £3.20. Tote Exacta: £9.60. Tricast: £40.04. Trifecta: £60.90. CSF: £6.88. NRs: Enderman, Ey Up Its Mick, Jems Bond. Placepot: £106.10. Quadpot: £53.00. CHELMSFORD CITY 4.50: JAZZY PRINCESS (B McHugh 5-1) 1; Lucky Man (3-1f) 2; Mr Ginja Ninja (14-1) 3. 10 ran. hd, 2½. (R Cowell). Tote: £5.40; £2.90, £1.80, £1.30. Tote Exacta: £22.10. Tricast: £148.85. Trifecta: £213.70. CSF: £17.59. NRs: Next Second, Sian Mist. Next Second| Rule 4 applies to All Bets, deduct 10p in the pound. 5.30: HEATH RISE (C Shepherd 2-1f) 1; Suns Up Guns Up (9-4) 2; Murhib (9-1) 3. 5 ran. 1l, 1l. (D M Simcock). Tote: £2.90; £1.50, £1.20. Tote Exacta: £3.40. Trifecta: £24.60. CSF: £6.75. NR: The Tide Turns. 6.00: LA ROCA DEL FUEGO (T Heard 11- 4jt-f) 1; Big Impact (3-1) 2; Brazen Belle (33-1) 3. 12 ran. 11-4jt-f The Tron. 1¾, 1¾. (G Deacon). Tote: £2.30; £1.10, £3.70, £3.30. Tote Exacta: £27.40. Tricast: £225.68. Trifecta: £170.10. CSF: £10.48. NRs: Maid Millie, Plastic Paddy. 6.30: CHOCOYA (James Doyle 11-8f) 1; Top Breeze (16-1) 2; Huraiz (8-1) 3. 6 ran. ¾, ½. (H Palmer). Tote: £4.60; £2.00, £4.10. Tote Exacta: £44.80. Trifecta: £348.80. CSF: £23.64. 7.00: SUNRAY MAJOR (L Dettori 4-6f) 1; Lord Lovelace (9-4) 2; Great Hunter (12-1) 3. 12 ran. 4l, 2¼. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £15.70; £4.10, £1.10, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £48.10. Trifecta: £233.70. CSF: £2.62. NR: Il Pescatore. 7.30: DAANY (Elisha Whittington 40-1) 1; Boy George (7-2jt-f) 2; Blairlogie (33-1) 3. 14 ran. 7-2jt-f My Lady Claire. 5½, 1l. (A West). Tote: £6.60; £2.40, £1.10, £8.10. Tote Exacta: £25.10. Tricast: £4943.78. Trifecta: £425.40. CSF: £181.69. NRs: Disarming, Jack Bean. 8.00: JENSON BENSON (K Shoemark 15-2) 1; Puffin Island (11-4f) 2; Aiguillette (9-2) 3. 13 ran. nk, 1¾. (S Lycett). Tote: £3.30; £1.30, £2.90, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £13.90. Tricast: £110.04. Trifecta: £75.40. CSF: £28.68. NRs: Arlo’s Sunshine, The Mehmas Touch. 8.30: MEISTERZINGER (C Bennett 33-1) 1; Agent Of Fortune (100-30cof) 2; Flower Of Thunder (100-30cof) 3. 15 ran. 100-30cof Headley George. 1¼, hd. (M Usher). Tote: £7.30; £1.70, £1.30, £2.50. Tote Exacta: £22.20. Tricast: £495.18. Trifecta: £35.60. CSF: £140.77. Placepot: £33.40. Quadpot: £15.80. NAAS: Good, Good To Firm In Places 1.25: SABLONNE (S Foley, 9-4f) 1; Karkiyna (4-1) 2; Starsong (50-1) 3. 7 ran. 1 4. (Mrs John Harrington). Tote: €1.50, €1.10, €1.20. Tote Exacta: €3.20. Csf: €3.08. 2.00: LEINSTER HOUSE (J A Heffernan, 4-1) 1;NERO TULIP (C T Keane, 1-1f) 1; Brown Eagle (3-1) 3. All 11 ran. Dht 2½. (, A P O’Brien(Leinster House), G M Lyons(Nero Tulip)). Tote: €1.00, €1.60, €1.10, €1.60. Tote Exacta: €4.18. Csf: €1.88. 2.35: RED LACEWING (A J Slattery, 7-2) 1; New York City (4-1) 2; Neo Soul (15-2) 3. All 10 ran. hd 3½. (J A Stack). Tote: €4.30, €1.60, €2.10, €2.10. Tote Exacta: €17.70. Csf: €18.59. 3.10: RHYTHM OF ZAIN (D P McDonogh, 6-1) 1; Memory Motel (11-2) 2; Wild Eyed Girl (9-2f) 3. All 13 ran. nse ½. (Kieran P Cotter). Tote: €8.80, €2.60, €1.20, €2.10. Tote Exacta: €49.20. Csf: €38.09. Tricast: €171.72. 3.45: BELLABEL (S T McCullagh, 4-1jf) 1; Inchiquin Star (40-1) 2; Walking On Clouds (10-1) 3. 18 ran. 2½ 1½. (Mrs John Harrington). Tote: €4.60, €1.80, €9.10, €2.70, €1.50. Tote Exacta: €186.00. Csf: €190.23. Tricast: €1,522.92. NR: Play By The Rules. 4.20: EUROCRAT (S Foley, 2-1f) 1; Corporal Violette (11-4) 2; Eastern Wind (40-1) 3. 15 ran. nk 1½. (Mrs John Harrington). Tote: €2.80, €1.60, €1.50, €13.00. Tote Exacta: €14.74. Csf: €7.28. NR: Waiere Falls. 4.55: UNITED NATIONS (J A Heffernan, 11-2) 1; Paris Peacock (8-1) 2; Herring Island (10-3f) 3. 8 ran. 1¼ ¾. (A P O’Brien). Tote: €5.70, €1.20, €2.30, €1.20. Tote Exacta: €23.30. Csf: €49.58. NR: Olympicus. Placepot Pool: €8,245.15. TODAY’S abc guide to FOUR UK meetings Newsboy 1.00 AZURE BLUE 1.35 STRAITS OF MOYLE 2.10 GEOCENTRIC 2.45 WHITE LAVENDER 3.20 BE PROUD 3.55 PRINCE IMPERIAL 4.30 MERRICOURT 5.00 TAHONTA BOUVERIE 1.00 AZURE BLUE 1.35 STRAITS OF MOYLE 2.10 GEOCENTRIC 2.45 TWEET TWEET 3.20 CALL ME GINGER 3.55 PRINCE IMPERIAL 4.30 TILSITT 5.00 RON O SP• T FORM p ayr JACKPOT RTV Going: Good to Firm. Course: Left-handed flat, oval course of 1m 4f, with a 4f run-in. Races up to 6f run on the wide straight course DRAW: Middle to high numbers are favoured on the straight course Top Trainers: J Goldie 50-551 (9.1%), K Dalgleish 47-548 (8.6%), I Jardine 40-347 (11.5%), R M Smith 36-359 (10.0%), R Fahey 32-337 (9.5%), D O’Meara 31-220 (14.1%), M Dods 29-259 (11.2%), T Easterby 23-181 (12.7%), M Johnston 23-166 (13.9%), K Ryan 20-169 (11.8%). Top Jockeys: Paul Mulrennan 31-233 (13.3%), Joe Fanning 31-241 (12.9%), Graham Lee 24-171 (14.0%), Ben Curtis 24-165 (14.5%), P J McDonald 22-145 (15.2%), Paul Hanagan 21-181 (11.6%), Jason Hart 20-153 (13.1%), Patrick Mathers 20-149 (13.4%), Andrew Mullen 18-152 (11.8%). Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): K Dalgleish won the 1.35 in ‘13 and ‘19. R Fahey won the 1.35 in ‘15 and ‘20. R Fahey won the 3.20 in ‘11 and ‘18. CHEEKPIECES: 1.35 Final Account*, Ninky Nonk, 3.20 Musicality, Northernpowerhouse, Out The Hat, True Mason, 4.30 Al Erayg, Little Ted, Merricourt, Royal Regent, 5.00 En Couleur*, Motarajel, Rhythmic Blues*. TONGUE STRAPS: 1.35 Ayling, Jkr Cobbler, 2.45 Let’s*, Queen Kahlua*, Russian River, Teresa Mendoza, 3.20 Flying Pursuit, 3.55 Beechwood Jude*, 4.30 Al Erayg, Dancin Boy, 5.00 Rhythmic Blues*. (*=1st time). Profitable races for Favs: 2.10. Ayr - Ay Kempton - Km Newbury - Nb Newton Abbot - Ne Ace Aussie 3.30 Nb Actaea 6.00 Km Al Erayg 4.30 Ay Al Simmo 2.45 Ay Al Suhail 3.30 Nb Al Suil Eile 6.00 Km Al Tarmaah 8.30 Km Alafdhal 5.25 Km Albasheer 3.30 Nb Aleezdancer 1.35 Ay Allerby 6.00 Km Almufeed 7.30 Km Alramz 3.38 Ne Alternative Fact 4.35 Nb Altraif 2.20 Nb Amelia’s Dance 3.03 Ne American Star 2.20 Nb Animist 1.15 Nb Appreciate 8.30 Km Arc Of Bubbles 4.45 Ne Are You Able 5.25 Km Arizona Gold 8.00 Km Artemis Sky 7.00 Km Arthur’s Realm 4.35 Nb Aye Aye Charlie 4.13 Ne Ayling 1.35 Ay Azure Blue 1.00 Ay Balzac 3.38 Ne Bankawi 4.30 Ay Baradar 3.30 Nb Bari Breeze 5.15 Ne Bavardages 4.30 Ay Be Proud 3.20 Ay Beechwood Jude 3.55 Ay Beholding 6.30 Km Beloved Of All 4.50 Km Beluga Gold 1.00 Ay Bernardo O’Reilly 3.20 Ay Best Pal 5.15 Ne Bimble 2.45 Ay Bitcoin Ranger 1.00 Ay Black Anthem 2.28 Ne Blackberry 2.45 Ay Blackcastle Storm 6.00 Km Blackthirtyone 5.25 Km Blazing Saddles 3.38 Ne Bolthole 2.55 Nb Boogie Time 3.20 Ay Borak 3.38 Ne Botanist 1.15 Nb Bringitonboris 5.00 Ay Busted Ice 7.30 Km Cage Of Fear 2.28 Ne Call Me Ginger 3.20 Ay Calling The Wind 4.05 Nb Canonized 2.10 Ay Capla Dream 6.00 Km Carpentier 8.00 Km Casting Vote 4.35 Nb Catch My Breath 8.30 Km Celestial Star 1.00 Ay Chifa 8.30 Km Chookie Dunedin 3.20 Ay Citron Major 3.20 Ay Clay Regazzoni 5.00 Ay Cochise 7.00 Km Cool Dandy 4.30 Ay Cotai Class 1.35 Ay Crocus 6.00 Km Croupier 2.20 Nb Cu Chulainn 6.30 Km D’bai 3.30 Nb Dancin Boy 4.30 Ay Dandalla 2.45 Ay Danzan 3.20 Ay Dark Side Diamond 5.25 Km Dark Swansong 1.15 Nb Darksideoftarnside 7.00 Km Dartington 4.35 Nb Debbie’s Choice 1.15 Nb Decoration Of War 4.13 Ne Deodar 1.15 Nb Diligent 1.53 Ne Dourado 8.30 Km Dream A Little 5.25 Km Dreambird 7.00 Km Eaglesglen 7.30 Km Easkey Lad 3.38 Ne Easyrun De Vassy 4.13 Ne Echosmith 1.00 Ay Edward Cornelius 2.10 Ay Eglantine Du Seuil 4.45 Ne El Maga 1.35 Ay Emraan 6.00 Km En Couleur 5.00 Ay End Result 4.35 Nb Ernest Rutherford 2.10 Ay Eternal Halo 2.10 Ay Evaluation 7.00 Km Every Breakin Wave 1.53 Ne Everyonelovesagrey 1.15 Nb Fact Of The Matter 2.28 Ne Fae The Port 4.30 Ay Fast Attack 1.45 Nb Fast Response 2.10 Ay Favorite Moon 4.05 Nb Final Account 1.35 Ay Flamenco De Kerser 3.38 Ne Flat To The Max 7.30 Km Flying Moon 5.00 Ay Flying Pursuit 3.20 Ay Flying Secret 1.15 Nb Forgivable 1.00 Ay Fortamour 3.20 Ay Frosted Angel 5.25 Km Fundamental 3.30 Nb Gaelic Belle 3.03 Ne Galahad Threepwood 4.05 Nb Gellhorn 2.45 Ay Geocentric 2.10 Ay Ghathanfar 3.20 Ay Ginger Du Val 3.03 Ne Golden Duke 1.35 Ay Good Bye 3.38 Ne Good Soul 7.00 Km Green Team 1.00 Ay Havana Go 5.00 Ay Haveyoumissedme 3.55 Ay Hen Harrier 4.50 Km Heredia 1.45 Nb Honeywell 4.50 Km Hope Springs 5.25 Km Hurry Up Hedley 4.50 Km Hy Eales 7.30 Km Ince 3.03 Ne Invincible Wish 3.38 Ne Isosceles 7.30 Km Jazz Club 2.20 Nb Jkr Cobbler 1.35 Ay Joey Steel 2.28 Ne John Kirkup 3.20 Ay Joy Coast 6.30 Km Just No Risk 3.38 Ne Kaloor 8.00 Km Kanzino 1.00 Ay Kattani 4.35 Nb Keep Busy 2.45 Ay Kendelu 4.13 Ne Kendred Fire 1.35 Ay Kentucky Kingdom 4.35 Nb King Capella 6.30 Km King Of Conquest 2.55 Nb King Of Tonga 4.30 Ay Labeebb 4.05 Nb Lady Ayresome 2.10 Ay Lady Gwhinnyvere 8.30 Km Lady Lade 1.35 Ay Lassie 6.30 Km Latent Heat 8.00 Km Let Me Be 3.55 Ay Let’s 2.45 Ay Lethal Levi 1.35 Ay Lhebayeb 7.30 Km Liger King 6.00 Km Like A Lion 2.20 Nb Like Sugar 7.30 Km Little Jessture 3.03 Ne Little Ted 4.30 Ay Locke 1.35 Ay Los Camachos 6.00 Km Loup De Maulde 5.15 Ne Lucky Deal 3.55 Ay Lucky Violet 5.00 Ay Mabo 8.30 Km Makambe 8.30 Km Makram 4.05 Nb Marhaba The Champ 1.00 Ay Mark’s Choice 3.20 Ay Master The Stars 4.05 Nb Matthew Flinders 3.30 Nb Merricourt 4.30 Ay Mild Reflection 4.50 Km Mister Robbo 4.45 Ne Mitbaahy 2.10 Ay Morani Kali 7.30 Km Motarajel 5.00 Ay Mountain Ash 8.30 Km Mums Tipple 3.30 Nb Musicality 3.20 Ay Mythical Star 4.50 Km Nate The Great 4.05 Nb Neenee’s Choice 4.35 Nb Neptunian 1.15 Nb Never Dark 3.20 Ay Ninky Nonk 1.35 Ay Noorban 2.45 Ay North Of Amazing 5.00 Ay Northbound 8.30 Km Northernpowerhouse 3.20 Ay Nuance 2.20 Nb Odisseo 4.50 Km Olympic Honour 7.00 Km On To Victory 4.05 Nb Operatic 2.45 Ay Oscars Reign 1.53 Ne Out The Hat 3.20 Ay Paradias 2.55 Nb Pearl Of Qatar 3.20 Ay Pedestal 8.00 Km Peggy Sioux 2.10 Ay Perceivable 4.50 Km Percy 3.38 Ne Phuket Power 6.00 Km Pockley 3.20 Ay Poet’s Eye 8.30 Km Pride Of Hawridge 8.00 Km Pride Of Nepal 7.30 Km Prince Imperial 3.55 Ay Proclaimer 8.00 Km Project Dante 2.10 Ay Promises 7.30 Km Publicist 8.00 Km Queen Kahlua 2.45 Ay Rajmeister 6.00 Km Rawyaan 2.55 Nb Remedium 4.35 Nb Restitution 6.30 Km Retirement Beckons 4.30 Ay Rhythmic Blues 5.00 Ay River Nymph 3.30 Nb Ron O 5.00 Ay Roque Angel 3.03 Ne Royal Regent 4.30 Ay Rumi 7.30 Km Ruskin Red 7.30 Km Russian River 2.45 Ay Ryan’s Party 1.35 Ay Salonniere 6.30 Km Samphire Coast 8.00 Km San Pedro 4.35 Nb Satellite Call 1.15 Nb Savitar 7.30 Km Saxon Queen 3.03 Ne Scherbobalob 6.30 Km Secret Strength 2.20 Nb Secretinthepark 3.20 Ay Sergeant 3.38 Ne Sextant 4.05 Nb Shackabooah 4.30 Ay She’s A Novelty 3.03 Ne Shimmering Sands 1.00 Ay Shobiz 5.25 Km Show Me Show Me 3.20 Ay Shyjack 8.00 Km Silent Escape 3.30 Nb Silk Romance 1.45 Nb Sister Raphael 4.45 Ne Snash 3.30 Nb Sophiesticate 1.00 Ay Southfield Lily 1.53 Ne Sparked 1.15 Nb St Andrew’s Castle 1.35 Ay Star Caliber 4.05 Nb Star From Afarhh 1.45 Nb Starchant 8.00 Km Stargazer Lily 4.50 Km Stars In The Night 2.45 Ay Straits Of Moyle 1.35 Ay Streak Jazz 4.50 Km Sun Hill 1.00 Ay Surrey Gold 4.05 Nb Symbolize 3.30 Nb Tahonta 5.00 Ay Temper Trap 5.00 Ay Tenaya Canyon 2.45 Ay Teresa Mendoza 2.45 Ay Thaler 5.25 Km Thatsthefinest 4.50 Km Thebannerkingrebel 6.30 Km Thegreatestshowman 3.20 Ay Thinque Tank 3.38 Ne Thornaby Pearl 3.20 Ay Tilsitt 4.30 Ay Titaneasy 8.30 Km Tomfre 3.30 Nb Travers 4.50 Km Treble Clef 8.00 Km Tridevi 5.25 Km True Mason 3.20 Ay Tweet Tweet 2.45 Ay Twilight Madness 3.20 Ay Twilight Prince 5.00 Ay Twistaline 4.50 Km Twisted Reality 4.05 Nb Uncle Dick 8.00 Km Undomiel 6.30 Km Unfinishedsympathy 2.10 Ay Valentino 4.13 Ne Ventura Express 3.20 Ay Vertiginous 2.10 Ay Vintage Clarets 2.10 Ay Westover 2.55 Nb Whatsthecraicjack 4.13 Ne Whatzupwithme 8.30 Km White Lavender 2.45 Ay Winalotwithalittle 5.25 Km Witch Hunter 1.15 Nb With Thanks 3.30 Nb Won Love 8.00 Km Wonder Elmossman 3.30 Nb Wootton’sun 1.00 Ay Yagan 7.00 Km Yeeeaah 1.00 Ay Zechariah 2.55 Nb Zoravan 4.30 Ay 1.00 BRITISH STALLION STUDS EBF NOVICE STAKES (4) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £7,560 (14 run) 1 (8) Beluga Gold J J Quinn 9-5 (EW)................................................J Hart - - 2 (14) 37 Bitcoin Ranger (14) J J Quinn 9-5.................................... B Robinson 59 GF 3 (9) 0 Echosmith (28) A Keatley 9-5..............................................L Edmunds 62 G 4 (4) 45 Forgivable (35) T Easterby 9-5 (BF) (F).....................................D Allan 77 GF 5 (11) 5 Green Team (78) K Ryan 9-5......................................................S Gray 70 G 6 (5) Kanzino K Burke 9-5....................................................................C Lee - - 7 (7) Marhaba The Champ K Ryan 9-5.........................................T Eaves - - 8 (6) Shimmering Sands M & D Easterby 9-5............................JP Sullivan - - 9 (3) Sun Hill M & D Easterby 9-5..................................... Joanna Mason (3) - - 10 (12) 64 Wootton’sun (31) R Fahey 9-5........................................... P Hanagan 72 GF 11 (10) 567 Yeeeaah (20) M Dods 9-5.......................................................C Beasley 68 GF 12 (1) 32 Azure Blue (30) M Dods 9-0 (SF)..................................... P Mulrennan ●87 GF 13 (2) Celestial Star K Dalgleish 9-0.......................................C Rodriguez - - 14 (13) Sophiesticate J Goldie 9-0...................................................A Mullen - - BETTING: 7-4 Azure Blue, 5-2 Forgivable, 6 Marhaba The Champ, 8 Kanzino, 12 Wootton’sun, 14 Beluga Gold, 16 Green Team, 20 Celestial Star. 1.35 EBF NURSERY (2) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £9,277 (15 run) 1 (12) 411900 Aleezdancer (30) K Ryan 9-7 (D)............................ O McSweeney (7) 92 GS 2 (10) 9421 Locke (10) B Meehan 9-4(6ex) (D) (F).................................... P Mulrennan 87 GF 3 (8) 5110 Lady Lade (30) K Dalgleish 9-3...........................................C Rodriguez 92 GF 4 (15) 140 St Andrew’s Castle (5) I Jardine 9-0 (CD)...........................A Mullen 89 GF 5 (3) 321221 Lethal Levi (20) K Burke 9-0 (D) (SF)..............................P-L Jamin (5) 89 G 6 (2) 25615 Ryan’s Party (16) K Ryan 8-12 (D)............................................T Eaves 89 G 7 (11) 25502 Final Account (16) R Fahey 8-11........................................ P Hanagan 88 G 8 (4) 4520 Cotai Class (29) Phillip Makin 8-8............................................ R Scott ●94 GF 9 (13) 104096 El Maga (9) Phillip Makin 8-8 (D)................................ Joanna Mason (3) 87 G 10 (1) 7812 Kendred Fire (39) J O’Keeffe 8-7 (D).............................. P J McDonald 91 GF 11 (9) 254930 Ninky Nonk (8) K Dalgleish 8-7 (EW).............................................G Lee 88 G 12 (6) 603541 Straits Of Moyle (9) R Fahey 8-7(6ex) (D).......................... B McHugh 93 GF 13 (14) 076314 Golden Duke (19) N Tinkler 8-6 (D).......................... F McManoman (3) 91 GF 14 (5) 32628 Ayling (9) A Keatley 8-5.........................................................L F Roche 92 GF 15 (7) 877 Jkr Cobbler (13) I Jardine 8-0............................................J Gormley 89 GF BETTING: 9-2 Straits Of Moyle, 5 Lethal Levi, 6 Locke, 7 Kendred Fire, 8 Final Account, 10 Golden Duke, Ryan’s Party, 16 Cotai Class, Ninky Nonk, Lady Lade. 2.10 BRITISH EBF STALLIONS HARRY ROSEBERY STAKES (LISTED) (1) (2-Y-O) 5f Winner £24,385 (13 run) 1 (6) 122 Edward Cornelius (16) K Dalgleish 9-3 (BF, D).................... J Fanning 96 G 2 (5) 51 Ernest Rutherford (26) M O’Callaghan (IRE) 9-3 (D)..........L F Roche 93 S 3 (3) 8513 Mitbaahy (27) R Varian 9-3 (D) (EW)........................................R Dawson 102 G 4 (12) 130 Project Dante (71) B Smart 9-3 (BF, D) (SF).................................G Lee ●109 G 5 (13) 411368 Vintage Clarets (28) R Fahey 9-3 (CD).............................. P Hanagan 107 G 6 (9) 211344 Canonized (15) W Haggas 8-12 (D)..............................................D Allan 105 G 7 (7) 417 Eternal Halo (27) K Dalgleish 8-12 (D)..............................C Rodriguez 98 G 8 (4) 413141 Fast Response (5) K Burke 8-12 (D)..........................................J Hart 103 G 9 (1) 212 Geocentric (21) G M Lyons (IRE) 8-12 (D) (F).........................G F Carroll 108 FM 10 (10) 51190 Lady Ayresome (48) K Ryan 8-12 (D).........................................S Gray 98 GS 11 (11) 1 Peggy Sioux (16) K Ryan 8-12 (D)..............................................T Eaves 100 G 12 (2) 610 Unfinishedsympathy (15) R Spencer 8-12..........................A Villiers 93 G 13 (8) 25242 Vertiginous (14) B Meehan 8-12 (BF)................................ P Mulrennan 107 GF BETTING: 7-2 Project Dante, 5 Geocentric, 6 Peggy Sioux, 7 Vintage Clarets, Canonized, 8 Mitbaahy, 10 Ernest Rutherford, 12 Vertiginous. 2.45 ARRAN SCOTTISH SPRINT EBF FILLIES’ STAKES (FILLIES’ AND MARES’ LISTED) (1) 5f 110yds Winner £30,907 (16 run) 1 (6) 551759 Keep Busy (19) J J Quinn 4 9-3 (CD) (F)........................................J Hart 106 GS 10-1 (8-12) 9th of 12, 9l behind Garrus (9-2) at Deauville(FR) 6f Grp 3 gd in Aug 2 (13) 111212 Al Simmo (9) Steph Hollinshead 4 9-0 (BF, D)....................................C Lee 95 GF 10-3fav (9-0) 2nd of 12, ½l behind Wentworth Falls (9-6) at Doncaster 6f hcp 0-85 (4) gf 3 (7) -52334 Bimble (33) H Candy 4 9-0 (D)................................................ P Hanagan 100 G 14-1 (9-2) 4th of 12, 8l behind Double Or Bubble (9-2) at Pontefract 6f fll lst stks (1) gf in Aug 4 (14) 651514 Gellhorn (52) S C Williams 4 9-0 (BF, D)....................................M Ghiani 101 G 5-2fav (9-1) 4th of 6, 7l behind Lovely Breeze (8-8) at Goodwood 6f flls hcp 0-95 (3) sft in Jul 5 (2) -46685 Queen Kahlua (47) S C Williams 4 9-0...................................C Beasley 100 G 33-1 (8-10) 5th of 8, 5l behind Judicial (9-1) at Chester 6f Listed stks (1) gs in Aug 6 (16) 111820 Stars In The Night (30) K Ryan 4 9-0 (D)..............................T Eaves 101 G 20-1 (9-2) 12th of 13, 17l behind Tweet Tweet (9-7) at York 5f fll hcp (2) gd in Aug 7 (9) -59145 Blackberry (9) B Smart 3 8-12 (D)...............................................G Lee 105 G 20-1 (9-5) 5th of 6, 6l behind Khaadem (9-11) at Doncaster 5f listed stks (1) gf 8 (4) 646055 Dandalla (20) K Burke 3 8-12 (D) (EW)...................................... B Curtis 103 G 22-1 (8-9) 5th of 11, 5l behind Tis Marvellous (9-2) at Beverley 5f Listed stks (1) gf in Aug 9 (10) 045457 Let’s (22) K J Condon (IRE) 3 8-12 (D)..................................J M Sheridan 110 GY 80-1 (9-2) 7th of 15, 3½l behind Pearls Galore (9-10) at Tipperary 7f flls Group 3 stks (1) in Aug 10 (5) 234233 Noorban (13) (V) D O’Meara 3 8-12 (CD).........................................S Gray 103 G 7-1 (9-5) 3rd of 8, 2¼l behind Mine’s A Double (9-6) at Ascot 5f hcp 0-95 (3) gf 11 (8) 430192 Operatic (21) S & E Crisford 3 8-12 (D).............................. P J McDonald 107 G 7-1 (9-7) 2nd of 5, 1¼l behind Cairn Island (9-7) at Newmarket 6f 3yo hcp 0-95 (3) gf in Aug 12 (11) -52466 Russian River (58) J P O’Brien (IRE) 3 8-12 (D)......................R Dawson 109 GF 6-1 (9-3) 6th of 13, 3½l behind Wren’s Breath (9-3) at Naas 6f fll lst stks (1) gd in Jul 13 (3) 751214 Tenaya Canyon (30) E Walker 3 8-12 (BF, D)..................... P Mulrennan 108 G 5-1fav (9-1) 4th of 13, 1¾l behind Tweet Tweet (9-7) at York 5f fll hcp (2) gd in Aug 14 (12) 332734 Teresa Mendoza (40) K J Condon (IRE) 3 8-12 (D)...................W J Lee 114 GF 17-2 (9-2) 4th of 7, 7l behind Gustavus Weston (10-0) at Curragh 6f Grp 3 (1) in Aug 15 (15) 3-1911 Tweet Tweet (30) D Carroll 3 8-12 (D) (SF)................................ H Shaw ●115 G 7-1 (9-7) won at York 5f fll hcp (2) gd in Aug beating Mid Winster (9-3) by 1¼l, 13 ran 16 (1) 14422 White Lavender (22) Joseph G Murphy (IRE) 3 8-12 (D)........G F Carroll 113 GY 12-1 (9-2) 2nd of 15, nk behind Master Matt (9-9) at Tipperary 5f Listed stks (1) in Aug BETTING: 11-4 Keep Busy, 5 Tweet Tweet, 7 White Lavender, 8 Teresa Mendoza, 10 Russian River, 12 Operatic, Tenaya Canyon, 14 Dandalla, Let’s. 3.20 VIRGIN BET AYR BRONZE CUP HANDICAP (2) 6f Winner £15,462 (25 run) 1 (25) 638024 Bernardo O’Reilly (7) R Spencer 7 9-10 (D) (EW)............A Villiers (3) ●96 G 12-1 (8-6) 4th of 12, 2½l behind Able Kane (8-11) at Doncaster 6f hcp 105 (2) gd 2 (11) 908394 Musicality (15) R Varian 4 9-9 (D)..........................................R Dawson 92 G 10-1 (9-5) 4th of 11, 2½l behind Strike Red (9-5) at Newcastle 6f hcap (3) 3 (22) 114839 Out The Hat (6) J O’Keeffe 3 9-9 (D)...............................P-L Jamin (5) 90 G 25-1 (9-7) 9th of 12, 12l behind Gabrial The Devil (9-4) at Chester 6f hcp 0-90 (3) gs 4 (6) 416411 Secretinthepark (20) (V) R Menzies 11 9-9 (D).............. P J McDonald 89 G 7-1 (9-7) won at Newmarket 5f hcp 0-85 (4) gf in Aug beating Passional (9-0) by ½l, 9 ran 5 (15) 741115 Boogie Time (21) K Burke 3 9-9 (D)........................................... B Curtis 91 G 10-3 (9-5) last of 5, 7l behind Cairn Island (9-7) at Newmarket 6f 3yo hcp 0-95 (3) gf in Aug 6 (5) 710012 Show Me Show Me (15) R Fahey 4 9-9.................................P Mathers 92 G 10-1 (9-8) 2nd of 11, 1¼l behind Saluti (9-5) at Newcastle 5f hcap (3) 7 (13) 844233 Danzan (28) (B) T Easterby 6 9-8 (D)............................................D Allan 94 ST 10-3 (9-7) 3rd of 9, ¾l behind Lion Tower (9-9) at Musselburgh 7f hcp 0-90 (3) gd in Aug 8 (8) 521385 Be Proud (5) J Goldie 5 9-8 (C)..................................Miss A Waugh (5) 92 GF 16-1 (9-10) 5th of 17, 2l behind Lezardrieux (8-8) at Haydock 6f hcp 0-85 (4) gf 9 (7) 224373 Ghathanfar (21) T Waggott 5 9-7 (D)........................................T Eaves 94 G 7-1 (9-0) 3rd of 13, 4l behind Just Frank (9-9) at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug 10 (16) 435000 Flying Pursuit (21) T Easterby 8 9-7 (CD)..........................D Fentiman 93 G 25-1 (8-9) 10th of 13, 10l behind Just Frank (9-9) at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug 11 (17) 806104 Citron Major (8) N Tinkler 6 9-7 (D)........................................ R Scott 92 G 6-1 (8-12) 4th of 7, 6l behind Call Me Ginger (8-7) at Doncaster 6f ladys hcp 0-95 (3) gf 12 (4) 924311 Call Me Ginger (8) J Goldie 5 9-7 (D) (SF)........................ P Mulrennan 94 G 3-1 (8-7) won at Doncaster 6f ladys hcp 0-95 (3) gf beating Lord P (8-9) by 2l, 7 ran 13 (3) -97216 John Kirkup (47) (B) M Dods 6 9-6 (CD).................................C Beasley 93 G 11-2 (9-12) 6th of 9, 2¾l behind Ready Freddie Go (9-4) at Thirsk 5f hcp 0-85 (4) gd in Aug 14 (10) 387815 Fortamour (13) B Haslam 5 9-6 (D)...................................... P Hanagan 92 GS 10-3 (8-8) 5th of 7, 4½l behind Popmaster (9-5) at Ascot 6f hcp 105 (2) gf 15 (20) 304407 Northernpowerhouse (21) B Smart 5 9-6 (D).........................G Lee 92 G 16-1 (8-13) 7th of 13, 7l behind Just Frank (9-9) at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug 16 (23) 256323 Ventura Express (14) P Midgley 4 9-6............................. B Robinson 95 GF 5-2 (8-11) 3rd of 7, 3½l behind King Of Stars (9-6) at Pontefract 5f hcp 0-95 (3) gf 17 (2) 0-1113 Twilight Madness (20) S Hodgson 3 9-4 (BF, D)........................J Hart 93 G 1-1fav (9-5) 3rd of 7, 1½l behind Louie de Palma (9-5) at Windsor 6f hcp 0-85 (4) gf in Aug 18 (21) 450712 Mark’s Choice (17) S England 5 9-3 (C, D) (F)...........................C Hardie 94 G 3-1 (9-12) 2nd of 7, ¾l behind Wade’s Magic (8-5) at Ripon 6f hcp 0-80 (4) gd in Aug 19 (1) 330163 Never Dark (5) I Jardine 4 9-3................................................A Mullen 90 GF 6-1 (8-11) 3rd of 6, 2¼l behind Glory Fighter (8-13) at Musselburgh 5f hcp 0-90 (3) gs 20 (14) 556346 Pearl Of Qatar (31) (H) T Davidson 5 9-1 (CD)......................... P Dennis 92 FM 16-1 (9-9) 6th of 11, 3½l behind Call Me Ginger (9-7) at Hamilton 6f hcp 0-80 (4) gd in Aug 21 (18) 935742 Thegreatestshowman (13) (B) A Murphy 5 9-0 (D)......... Doubtful 14-1 (8-6) 2nd of 8, nk behind Mine’s A Double (9-6) at Ascot 5f hcp 0-95 (3) gf 22 (12) 632352 Pockley (22) Miss L Perratt 3 9-0 (D)...................................JP Sullivan 94 GF 20-1 (9-3) 2nd of 7, ½l behind Bowman (9-6) at Carlisle 6f 3yo hcp 0-85 (4) gd in Aug 23 (24) 404346 Chookie Dunedin (13) K Dalgleish 6 9-0 (CD)....................C Rodriguez 92 GF 14-1 (9-4) 6th of 9, 5l behind Sucellus (9-5) at Haydock 1m hcp 0-80 (4) gf 24 (9) 053475 True Mason (34) (H) Phillip Makin 5 8-12 (D)................................S Gray 93 GS 10-1 (9-0) 5th of 16, 2¾l behind Mark’s Choice (9-0) at Ripon 6f hcp (2) gd in Aug 25 (19) 331631 Thornaby Pearl (48) Adrian Nicholls 3 8-11 (D).................... B McHugh 92 G 13-2 (9-3) won at Doncaster 6f hcp 0-75 (5) gs in Jul beating Mutanaaseq (9-9) by ½l, 8 ran BETTING: 11-2 Call Me Ginger, 8 Mark’s Choice, 12 Twilight Madness, Ghathanfar, Secretinthepark, 14 Danzan, Thornaby Pearl, Show Me Show Me, Pockley, Fortamour. 3.55 VIRGIN BET HANDICAP (3) 2m 1f 105yds Winner £8,100 (5 run) 1 (2) 000324 Lucky Deal (7) (V) M Johnston 6 10-0 (SF)............................. J Fanning 95 ST 2 (4) 491216 Prince Imperial (30) R Hughes 4 9-12 (D)..........................T Heard (5) ●97 G 3 (1) 811218 Let Me Be (54) K Dalgleish 5 9-3 (C).....................................C Rodriguez 95 G 4 (3) 4710-4 Beechwood Jude (24) K Dalgleish 5 9-0.....................................G Lee 96 H 5 (5) 1-5241 Haveyoumissedme (11) I Jardine 3 8-4 (F).............................A Mullen 94 SF BETTING: 9-4 Lucky Deal, 11-4 Prince Imperial, 7-2 Haveyoumissedme, 4 Let Me Be, 8 Beechwood Jude. 4.30 REMUS UOMO HANDICAP (DIV 1) (5) 1m Winner £3,132 (14 run) 1 (8) 333212 Tilsitt (1) R M Smith 4 10-1 (D) (F)...................................S B Kirrane (5) 74 SF 2 (5) 439777 Al Erayg (25) T Easterby 8 9-12 (D).............................................D Allan 74 GF 3 (14) 835253 King Of Tonga (7) D O’Meara 5 9-11..........................................D Nolan 75 S 4 (3) 831153 Merricourt (24) I Jardine 5 9-10 (CD)......................................A Mullen 74 SS 5 (4) -60677 Dancin Boy (21) M Dods 5 9-8 (D)...........................................C Beasley 72 G 6 (9) -41324 Fae The Port (117) K Burke 3 9-7..................................................C Lee 76 G 7 (11) 364312 Little Ted (6) T Easterby 4 9-5 (D)....................................... P Hanagan 73 G 8 (2) -54315 Royal Regent (24) R M Smith 9 9-3 (CD)...............................P Mathers 74 S 9 (13) 704942 Bavardages (22) M & D Easterby 4 9-2 (D) (SF).................. P Mulrennan 75 ST 10 (6) 012297 Bankawi (17) M & D Easterby 4 9-2 (D)........................ Joanna Mason (3) 73 G 11 (7) 237160 Shackabooah (31) S Dixon 4 9-0............................................ B Curtis 74 G 12 (1) 639237 Zoravan (31) (V) K Dalgleish 8 8-11 (C, D)..............................C Rodriguez ●77 GF 13 (12) 364324 Retirement Beckons (9) (H) Miss L Perratt 6 8-7 (CD) (EW).....JP Sullivan 74 GS 14 (10) 386463 Cool Dandy (6) K Dalgleish 3 8-3.......................................... J Fanning 67 GS BETTING: 4 Tilsitt, 13-2 Bavardages, 7 King Of Tonga, 8 Little Ted, 10 Fae The Port, Merricourt, 12 Royal Regent, Bankawi, Al Erayg. 5.00 REMUS UOMO HANDICAP (DIV 2) (5) 1m Winner £3,132 (13 run) 1 (9) 548742 Bringitonboris (15) K Dalgleish 4 9-13 (CD)......................... J Fanning 75 G 2 (7) 807573 Tahonta (21) (B) K Ryan 3 9-8.................................... O McSweeney (7) 75 S 3 (6) 272-00 Twilight Prince (70) R Fahey 3 9-8................................... P Hanagan 50 S 4 (4) 416313 Clay Regazzoni (5) (V) K Dalgleish 4 9-8 (D).....................C Rodriguez 75 ST 5 (3) 345405 North Of Amazing (41) K Burke 3 9-6........................................C Lee 75 S 6 (2) 828361 Motarajel (19) T Easterby 4 9-4 (D) (F)...............................D Fentiman 75 ST 7 (11) 095332 Ron O (21) (V) J L Eyre 3 9-2....................................................... B Curtis ●78 S 8 (5) -84171 Temper Trap (16) T Easterby 4 9-2 (SF).....................................D Allan 73 GS 9 (13) 505 Rhythmic Blues (J25) M & D Easterby 3 9-1........... Joanna Mason (3) 68 ST 10 (8) 376-5 En Couleur (150) M & D Easterby 4 9-0 (BF)....................... P Mulrennan 64 ST 11 (10) 154548 Flying Moon (22) R M Smith 5 8-13 (CD)................................P Mathers 76 G 12 (1) 093165 Havana Go (6) I Jardine 6 8-7 (CD) (EW)....................................A Mullen 77 ST 13 (12) 631486 Lucky Violet (24) (H) Miss L Perratt 9 8-7 (CD)..............................G Lee 72 G BETTING: 4 Temper Trap, 11-2 Bringitonboris, 6 Motarajel, 7 Ron O, 8 Clay Regazzoni, Tahonta, 10 En Couleur, 12 Havana Go. Trainer Claire Hitch and jockey Ben Godfrey have a 67 per cent strike rate when teaming up at Newton Abbot — 2 wins from 3 runners for a level-stake profit of +£32.00pts. So look out for Every Breakin Wave (1.53). STAT OF THE DAY TRAINERS: C Longsdon 2-4 (50%), P & O Cole 4-9 (44%), J Snowden 2-5 (40%), P Nicholls 2-5 (40%), E Walker 7-18 (39%), G Baker 3-8 (38%), J & T Gosden 16-44 (36%), C Appleby 11-31 (35%), C Dwyer 2-6 (33%), A Wintle 3-10 (30%), P Hobbs 2-7 (29%), C Cox 8-30 (27%), J Harrington 15-56 (27%). JOCKEYS: Harry Cobden 3-6 (50%), Liam Harrison 3-7 (43%), Ben Curtis 6-17 (35%), Gavin Sheehan 2-6 (33%), Paddy Brennan 2-6 (33%), James Doyle 9-31 (29%), Rossa Ryan 10-36 (28%), O M McSweeney 3-11 (27%). IN FORM TOP DOG’S BEST KINSLEY FANCIES 11.06 Ay Up Brook (2-3-6) 11.21 Coolanga Storm (5-6-1) 11.36 Sheriffs Rose (2-3-4) 11.51 Jaxleg Swift (3-6-2) 12.06 Christopper (1-2-6) 12.21 Star Bawn (Nap) (5-1-3) 12.36 Foxrock Julie (1-5-4) 12.51 Easy Ella (5-2-3) 1.06 Wilbrook Tikka (6-1-4) 1.21 Hillview Heidi (3-4-6) 1.36 Someoneyouloved (6-3-2) 1.51 Mossie Paws (2-5-3) NEWCASTLE FANCIES 2.04 Slamannan Days (6-4-3) 2.19 Dina Dina Bobina (4-6-3) 2.36 Manx Disco (1-6-4) 2.54 Gartcloss Dakota (1-5-6) 3.09 Remember Lisa (1-6-5) 3.26 Darver Elayne (5-2-6) 3.44 Minnies Baku (1-2-5) 4.04 Avonside Golly (5-6- 4) 4.23 Gartcloss Spence (2-5-1) 4.43 Nitro June (Nap) (6-1-5) 5.03 Ring Of Fire (1-6-5) 5.22 Quilkearn (3-2-5) SWINDON FANCIES 11.13 Blackbird Boy (1-3-4) 11.28 Crusty Freddie (4-6-2) 11.43 Hello Bridie Mai (6-5-2) 11.58 Skimcoat Finch (4-3-2) 12.13 Ringsend Ruby (Nap) (6-1-5) 12.28 Ravenswell Rebel (3-4- 5) 12.43 Storys Elaine (5-1-6) 12.58 Superior Boss (5-1-2) 1.13 Say That Again (6-5-1) 1.28 Ballinulty Blue (4-2-3) 1.44 Bettyville Blitz (1-6-5) 1.59 Jetts Razl (5-4-6) CALLS: €0.97c per min plus your telephone company’s network access charge. 18+ only. SP: Spoke, AL10 9NA. Helpline: 0333 202 3390 IRISHDAILY LIVE RACING COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS with Sports Radio 1550 924 238 1550 933 650 (€0.97c per min) (€0.97c per min) GREYHOUND COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS CALL FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 41 TALENTED Baaeed is the latest Shadwell star Newsboy 1.15 DEODAR 1.45 SILK ROMANCE 2.20 NUANCE (NAP) 2.55 KING OF CONQUEST 3.30 SILENT ESCAPE (NB) 4.05 FAVORITE MOON 4.35 NEENEE’S CHOICE Going: Good to Soft. Course: Left-handed, oval, mainly flat track of 1m 7f, with a 5f run-in. 5-8f races run on straight course. 7f 64yd and 1m races start on a chute to the round course. DRAW: High numbers have a slight advantage on the straight course. Top Trainers: R Hannon 55-472 (11.7%), J & T Gosden 49-184 (26.6%), W Haggas 40-197 (20.3%), R Charlton 25-158 (15.8%). Top Jockeys: James Doyle 41-205 (20.0%), Oisin Murphy 34-269 (12.6%), William Buick 23-113 NEWBURY RTV (20.4%), Sean Levey 18-143 (12.6%). Profitable races for Favs: 1.45. BRITISH STALLION STUDS EBF MAIDEN STAKES (4) 1.15 (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £6,534 (11 run) FORM SP• T p 1 (3) Animist J Gallagher 9-5.................................................... G Buckell (3) - - 2 (4) Botanist G Baker 9-5......................................................... P Cosgrave - - 3 (5) 42 Dark Swansong (24) C Cox 9-5 (BF) (SF)................................ A Kirby 80 GF 4 (10) Deodar R Beckett 9-5............................................................ R Hornby - - 5 (2) 7 Everyonelovesagrey (13) A West 9-5..........Elisha Whittington (5) 28 G 6 (8) 264 Flying Secret (10) E J-Houghton 9-5 (BF)............................... W Buick ●84 G 7 (7) Neptunian M Meade 9-5 (EW)............................................ T Marquand - - 8 (11) Satellite Call A Wintle 9-5................................................D Probert - - 9 (9) Witch Hunter R Hannon 9-5 (F).......................................... S M Levey - - 10 (1) 66 Debbie’s Choice (24) J Bridger 9-0....................................David Egan 63 GF 11 (6) Sparked J Boyle 9-0..........................................................Rossa Ryan - - BETTING: 7-4 Dark Swansong, 3 Flying Secret, 4 Deodar, 6 Neptunian, 15-2 Witch Hunter. 1.45 DUBAI DUTY FREE FULL OF SURPRISES BRITISH EBF FILLIES’ CONDITIONS STAKES (STR) (2) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £8,504 (4 run) 1 (3) 15 Fast Attack (27) S & E Crisford 9-1 (D) (F).........................James Doyle 97 SS 2 (2) 21 Silk Romance (21) C Appleby 9-1 (D) (SF)................................. W Buick ●98 G 3 (4) 16 Star From Afarhh (27) A Balding 9-1 (D)............................O Murphy 91 G 4 (1) 1 Heredia (20) R Hannon 8-12................................................... S M Levey 89 GF BETTING: 5-4 Silk Romance, 3 Fast Attack, 7-2 Star From Afarhh, 5 Heredia. DUBAI DUTY FREE NURSERY (STR) (3) (2-Y-O) 7f 2.20 Winner £5,154 (7 run) 1 (6) 431 Nuance (47) W Haggas 9-6 (D) (SF)...................................... T Marquand 95 G 2 (5) 7313 Jazz Club (8) R Varian 9-6 (Doubtful).................................. Doubtful 3 (2) 4441 Croupier (24) S & E Crisford 9-6 (CD) (F).............................James Doyle 91 GF 4 (1) 4321 Altraif (14) J & T Gosden 9-5 (D)...........................................David Egan 91 G 5 (4) 6219 American Star (28) E Walker 9-4........................................O Murphy 89 G 6 (3) 410264 Secret Strength (14) R Hannon 9-4................................Rossa Ryan 92 G 7 (7) 819 Like A Lion (40) Muir & Grassick 9-2 (D)................................... M Dwyer 88 S BETTING: 2 Nuance, 3 Croupier, 10-3 Altraif, 5 American Star, 12 Secret Strength, 14 Like A Lion. 41ST RUNNING OF THE HAYNES, HANSON & CLARK 2.55 CONDITIONS STAKES (STR) (2) (2-Y-O) 1m £9,277 (6 run) 1 (1) 1 King Of Conquest (26) C Appleby 9-1 (SF)............................. W Buick 95 G 2 (2) 1 Westover (43) R Beckett 9-1 (D) (F)........................................ R Hornby 90 GS 3 (3) 681 Zechariah (57) M Meade 9-1.............................................. T Marquand ●96 G 4 (6) 1 Bolthole (40) M Bell 8-12 (D).................................................O Murphy 91 G 5 (5) 2 Paradias (26) A King 8-12................................................James Doyle 91 G 6 (4) 711 Rawyaan (31) M Tregoning 8-12................................................ D O’Neill 94 G BETTING: 15-8 King Of Conquest, 11-4 Westover, 5 Zechariah, 6 Bolthole, 8 Rawyaan, 10 Paradias. DUBAI DUTY FREE CUP STAKES (LISTED) (STR) (1) 7f 3.30 Winner £22,684 (15 run) 1 (9) -30361 Al Suhail (15) (H) C Appleby 4 9-2 (D) (SF)................................. W Buick 120 G 2 (3) 2-2192 D’bai (6) (B) C Appleby 7 9-2 (D)...........................................James Doyle 121 G 3 (1) -37027 Matthew Flinders (55) E Walker 4 9-2.................................A Atzeni 115 G 4 (2) 225484 Mums Tipple (20) R Hannon 4 9-2 (D)....................................... P Dobbs 115 G 5 (11) 10-014 River Nymph (111) C Cox 4 9-2 (CD) (EW).................................... A Kirby 118 S 6 (13) -20701 Symbolize (42) A Balding 4 9-2 (D).........................................D Probert 115 GF 7 (5) 11-229 Tomfre (92) R Beckett 4 9-2 (D).............................................. R Hornby 119 GS 8 (7) 10-235 Ace Aussie (61) J Harrington (IRE) 3 8-13 (D).........................David Egan 116 G 9 (6) 126-2 Albasheer (24) Owen Burrows 3 8-13 (BF, D)............................. D O’Neill 113 G 10 (15) 1413-4 Baradar (63) R Varian 3 8-13 (CD)........................................Rossa Ryan 114 GS 11 (12) 152527 Fundamental (52) J & T Gosden 3 8-13 (D).............................M Harley 114 G 12 (10) 617-1 Snash (206) C Hills 3 8-13.........................................................N Callan 106 SS 13 (4) 22 Wonder Elmossman (8) J S Moore 3 8-13............................ J F Egan 90 GS 14 (8) 1-121 Silent Escape (27) S bin Suroor 4 8-11 (D) (F).........................O Murphy 119 G 15 (14) 121-77 With Thanks (75) W Haggas 4 8-11 (D)................................ T Marquand ●123 H BETTING: 4 Al Suhail, 11-2 D’bai, 6 Albasheer, 7 Silent Escape, 10 Baradar, 12 River Nymph. DUBAI DUTY FREE HANDICAP (2) 1m 4f 4.05 Winner £10,800 (12 run) 1 (3) 17-250 On To Victory (27) A King 7 10-0 (D)........................................ A Kirby 106 S 2 (2) 2-3621 Calling The Wind (49) R Hughes 5 9-12 (D) (EW)..................... P Dobbs 100 G 3 (8) 18-100 Favorite Moon (91) W Haggas 4 9-11 (D)............................ T Marquand 101 S 4 (7) 3-6583 Sextant (15) K Dalgleish 6 9-11 (CD)................................... B Garritty (3) 102 GS 5 (5) -52212 Makram (42) R Charlton 4 9-9 (BF) (SF)...............................James Doyle 103 G 6 (9) -23140 Nate The Great (133) A Balding 5 9-6......................................J Bryan ●108 ST 7 (10) 631265 Master The Stars (41) E Dunlop 4 9-3.......................... M Crehan (3) 107 G 8 (12) 3-3533 Labeebb (56) S & E Crisford 4 9-0 (D)......................................... W Buick 105 G 9 (1) 113234 Galahad Threepwood (132) M Channon 4 8-12 (D)............. R Hornby 105 ST 10 (4) 1-40 Twisted Reality (92) R Beckett 3 8-11.................................O Murphy 98 GS 11 (11) 1-2188 Surrey Gold (27) H Morrison 3 8-5 (C)................................David Egan 104 GS 12 (6) -73223 Star Caliber (41) (H) A Balding 3 8-5 (BF) (F).........................D Probert 103 GS BETTING: 5 Makram, 11-2 Star Caliber, 6 Labeebb, 7 Twisted Reality, 8 Calling The Wind. CROSSLAND EMPLOYMENT SOLICITORS HANDICAP (4) 1m 2f 4.35 BOUVERIE 1.15 WITCH HUNTER 1.45 SILK ROMANCE 2.20 NUANCE 2.55 ZECHARIAH 3.30 SILENT ESCAPE (NAP) 4.05 STAR CALIBER 4.35 DARTINGTON (NB) Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): R Hannon won the 1.15 in ‘14, ‘17 and ‘19. R Hannon won the 2.20 in ‘15, ‘17, ‘18 and ‘19. C Appleby won the 2.55 in ‘13 and ‘20. R Hannon won the 3.30 in ‘17 and ‘19. S bin Suroor won the 3.30 in ‘12 and ‘13. W Haggas won the 3.30 in ‘15 and ‘18. TONGUE STRAPS: 3.30 D’bai, 4.05 Favorite Moon, Labeebb, 4.35 Kattani. (*=1st time). 1ST TIME HOODS: 4.05 Star Caliber. Winner £4,347 (10 run) 1 (7) 0-9860 Alternative Fact (50) A King 6 9-12 (D)..............................M Harley 87 GS 2 (10) 10/00- San Pedro (J105) P Henderson 4 9-9...................................Rossa Ryan - H 3 (4) 0-2111 Neenee’s Choice (15) A Balding 3 9-7 (C, D) (SF)....................O Murphy 88 G 4 (6) 2145-6 Casting Vote (15) Christian Williams 4 9-7 (D)............................ A Kirby 92 GF 5 (5) 374-58 Kattani (108) M Appleby 5 9-5...........................................James Doyle 86 G 6 (3) 21-337 End Result (68) D Elsworth 4 9-4 (BF, CD)...............................D Probert 90 G 7 (9) -53124 Arthur’s Realm (28) E Dunlop 3 9-3............................... T Marquand 87 GF 8 (2) 5-2238 Remedium (58) R Hannon 3 9-2.............................................. S M Levey 87 FM 9 (8) -23312 Dartington (8) M Tregoning 4 9-0 (D) (F)................................. W Buick ●94 G 10 (1) 451617 Kentucky Kingdom (14) H Evans 5 8-13 (D) (EW).................D Costello 89 ST BETTING: 13-8 Neenee’s Choice, 3 Dartington, 6 Arthur’s Realm, 8 End Result, 12 Remedium. HAMDAN’S SHADWELL TO DOWNSIZE BY DAVID YATES THE colours of the late Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum will be a less common sight on British racecourses with a “substantial number” of his horses bound for the sales. Since Mushref gave Sheikh Hamdan his first winner in 1980, his silks – royal blue, white epaulets, striped cap – have been associated with some of the sport’s great names, including 1989 Derby hero Nashwan and 1990 champion sprinter Dayjur. But speculation has been rife his Shadwell Estate Company Ltd – whose latest Group 1 in Europe came via the William Haggastrained Baaeed in the Prix du Moulin at ParisLongchamp 12 days ago – would undergo a downsizing after the sheikh’s death last March. And yesterday “important changes” were announced, including the sale this autumn of horses in training and home-bred yearlings, with a dispersal of Sheikh Hamdan’s band of broodmares to follow. While Shadwell stressed its commitment to “focus on quality and competition at the highest level”, UK director Chris Kennard said: “As part of a long-term plan for Shadwell to operate on a sustainable footing, a recent decision has been made to contract the size of the global business. This will involve the imminent sale of a substantial number of horses, including yearlings, horses in training and breeding stock and, in due course, a reorganisation of each of the worldwide operations.” ■ WILLIAM BUICK was cut to 2-1 (from 7-2) with Paddy Power for the 2021 jockeys’ title after a treble at Yarmouth yesterday. The Dublin firm eased reigning champion Oisín Murphy to 1-3. STEVE CHAPMAN MEMORIAL NOVICES’ HURDLE 1.53 FORM SP• (4) 2m 6f Winner £4,084 (4 run) T p 1 U-3211 Every Breakin Wave (29) Claire Hitch 11 11-12 (CD) (F)....B Godfrey (5) ●121 G 2 1-1213 Diligent (12) (H) N Hawke 8 10-12 (BF, C) (SF)..................... K Buckley (7) - - 3 945 Oscars Reign (61) Alexandra Dunn 4 10-9...........................N Scholfield - - 4 0/76- Southfield Lily (148) (BH) M Bradstock 5 10-5......................J J Burke 96 G BETTING: 8-11 Every Breakin Wave, 11-8 Diligent, 20 Oscars Reign, 25 Southfield Lily. MIKE MCHUGH MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE (4) 3m 2f 2.28 Winner £3,594 (4 run) 1 4-7343 Fact Of The Matter (17) (B) J Snowden 11 12-0 (F)............. G Sheehan ●118 G 2 P7-P25 Black Anthem (24) T Lacey 9 11-12 (C)..................................J J Burke 99 G 3 62-545 Cage Of Fear (32) Christian Williams 7 11-9..........................J Tudor (3) 114 GS 4 2P-212 Joey Steel (100) Christian Williams 8 10-5 (BF) (SF)..............N Scholfield 113 GF BETTING: 11-8 Joey Steel, 5-2 Fact Of The Matter, 3 Black Anthem, 7 Cage Of Fear. DEVONDALE ELECTRICAL 40TH ANNIVERSARY MARES’ 3.03 NOVICES’ HURDLE (4) 2m 1f Winner £4,084 (8 run) 1 65-441 She’s A Novelty (24) F O’Brien 6 11-5 (D) (SF)................L Harrison (5) 113 G 2 92370- Amelia’s Dance (198) (H) R Walford 6 10-12........................S Sheppard 114 S 3 7-2232 Ginger Du Val (24) (H) M Rowley 5 10-12 (F).............. Mr B Bromley (7) ●116 G 4 13- Little Jessture (F31) Ben Clarke 5 10-12 (CD) (EW).............. B R Jones - - 5 7-55P4 Roque Angel (24) (H) M Rowley 5 10-12...........................A Edwards (3) 86 G 6 Gaelic Belle (F427) Chris Honour 4 10-10...............................D Noonan - - 7 6 Ince (24) F O’Brien 4 10-10.......................................................P Brennan 82 G 8 90 Saxon Queen (16) P Bowen 4 10-10..........................................J Bowen 45 G BETTING: 11-10 She’s A Novelty, 3 Ginger Du Val, 6 Amelia’s Dance, 7 Little Jessture, 10 Ince, 25 Roque Angel, 50 Gaelic Belle, Saxon Queen. PRO-BET STAR CALIBER (4.05 Newbury) 3pts win TODAY’S FAB 4 TIPS NORTHERNER’S NAP MERRICOURT (4.30 Ayr) TOPSPOT TWEET TWEET (2.45 Ayr) SHARON CORAL’S 60TH BIRTHDAY BASH 4.50 FORM SP• NURSERY (6) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £2,322 (13 run) T p 1 (10) 9691 Odisseo (11) M Botti 9-13(6ex) (D) (SF)................................S Cherchi (3) 62 SF 2 (1) 560 Stargazer Lily (15) A Watson 9-7 (EW)....................................H Doyle 62 ST 3 (8) 9537 Streak Jazz (37) R Brisland 9-6..........................................T Ladd (3) 62 SS 4 (11) 0703 Beloved Of All (76) C Dunnett 9-3......................................E J Walsh 59 G 5 (13) 80073 Mythical Star (4) R Hughes 9-2 (BF)................................ Doubtful 6 (5) 0588 Travers (3) (B) S P C Woods 9-2.............................................. D Keenan 63 G 7 (6) 8076 Hurry Up Hedley (11) (B) W Haggas 9-2 (F).............................C Fallon 62 SF 8 (7) 8866 Perceivable (8) (H) J Butler 8-11.............................................. G Wood 62 G 9 (2) 4094 Mild Reflection (37) J Portman 8-11................................ Doubtful 10 (9) 889312 Thatsthefinest (4) J Butler 8-10 (CD)...................................L Morris 65 ST 11 (4) 064325 Twistaline (8) B Millman 8-10.............................................. R Coakley ●66 GF 12 (3) 0907 Hen Harrier (17) J Boyle 8-8...................................Georgia Dobie (3) 62 SS 13 (12) 8809 Honeywell (18) R Harris 8-8..................................................T Whelan 48 GF BETTING: 11-4 Odisseo, 7-2 Hurry Up Hedley, 9-2 Thatsthefinest, 8 Twistaline, Streak Jazz. UNIBET CASINO DEPOSIT 10 GET 40 BONUS NOVICE STAKES 5.25 (5) 6f Winner £3,510 (11 run) 1 (7) 897 Alafdhal (13) P McEntee 3 9-5................................................L Morris 61 ST 2 (10) 54 Blackthirtyone (25) A West 3 9-5..................................... J Haynes 62 ST 3 (2) 23-3 Shobiz (13) C Hills 3 9-5 (F)..................................................C Shepherd 81 GS 4 (4) 622 Thaler (107) Sir M Stoute 3 9-5 (BF) (SF)..............................R Kingscote ●89 ST 5 (8) Are You Able P Evans 4 9-2............................................... G Downing - - 6 (6) 07/7-0 Winalotwithalittle (79) J R Jenkins 5 9-2.................Jimmy Quinn 33 ST 7 (3) Dark Side Diamond C Dwyer 3 9-0.................T Hammer Hansen (3) - - 8 (1) 7- Dream A Little (351) E Walker 3 9-0 (EW)................................H Doyle 67 GS 9 (11) 22 Frosted Angel (23) Brian O’Rourke 3 9-0 (BF)........................R Havlin 79 G 10 (9) 9-7 Hope Springs (23) (H) J Boyle 3 9-0.................................... C Bennett 51 ST 11 (5) Tridevi J Fox 3 9-0.............................................................S Hitchcott - - BETTING: 11-8 Thaler, 9-4 Shobiz, 7-2 Frosted Angel, 12 Dream A Little, 14 Are You Able. UNIBET NEW INSTANT ROULETTE HANDICAP (5) 7f 6.00 Winner £3,240 (11 run) 1 (11) 4-2276 Blackcastle Storm (87) (B) R Hughes 4 9-11 (D).............. Doubtful 2 (1) 448075 Phuket Power (28) (V) T Dascombe 4 9-10 (CD).................W Carver (3) 72 ST 3 (10) -55855 Emraan (41) (V) I Williams 5 9-10..........................................R Kingscote 77 ST 4 (5) 124080 Al Suil Eile (37) S A Harris 5 9-9 (CD).................................... S W Kelly 77 SS 5 (8) 469327 Allerby (21) H Candy 3 9-7 (BF)................................................. G Wood 77 SS 6 (7) 8363 Rajmeister (44) (H) Tom Clover 3 9-7................................... J Mitchell 76 SS 7 (9) 448751 Liger King (19) W Knight 3 9-4 (D) (SF).................................C Shepherd 78 SS 8 (2) 007934 Los Camachos (16) (B) J Gallagher 6 8-13 (C, D) (EW).. Grace McEntee (5) 77 GF 9 (6) 0-4455 Actaea (23) (H) H Main 3 8-13.....................................................C Fallon 74 SS 10 (4) 5668-1 Capla Dream (122) J Tuite 3 8-13 (F)........................R Clutterbuck (5) 76 GS 11 (3) 8-638 Crocus (18) E Walker 3 8-12.......................................................H Doyle 74 FM BETTING: 4 Liger King, 5 Capla Dream, 6 Rajmeister, 7 Allerby, Los Camachos, 8 Crocus. UNIBET/BREEDERS BACKING RACING EBF NOVICE STAKES (5) 6.30 NEWMARKET’S BEST NUANCE (2.20 Newbury) SPEEDHORSE ZECHARIAH (2.55 Newbury) 1m 4f Winner £4,050 (10 run) 1 (8) 3-1 Restitution (143) A King 3 9-9................................................C Fallon 73 GF 2 (9) Thebannerkingrebel (J27) J Snowden 8 9-9.................C Shepherd - - 3 (10) 31 Beholding (16) J & T Gosden 3 9-4 (D) (F).................................R Havlin 83 ST 4 (1) Cu Chulainn B Meehan 3 9-2 (EW)..........................................L Morris - - 5 (5) 96 Joy Coast (59) I Mohammed 3 9-2......................................... L Steward 51 ST 6 (4) 2 King Capella (15) Sir M Stoute 3 9-2 (SF)..........................R Kingscote ●85 GF 7 (6) 62 Scherbobalob (36) A Carroll 3 9-2.........................................H Doyle 59 G 8 (7) 8 Lassie (62) (H) J-R Auvray 3 8-11...........................................Jane Elliott 37 GF 9 (3) 67 Salonniere (22) Matt Crawley 3 8-11.........................R Clutterbuck (5) 41 ST 10 (2) 9 Undomiel (21) P Webber 3 8-11...........................................W Carver (3) - GF BETTING: 11-10 Beholding, 9-4 King Capella, 5 Restitution, 10 Thebannerkingrebel. LONGEST TRAVELLER By road, Manton-based Brian Meehan sends Locke (1.35), Vertiginous (2.10) on a 383-mile trip to Ayr. NEWTON ABBOT NEWTONABBOTRACING.COM HANDICAP HURDLE (5) 2m 1f 3.38 Winner £2,723 (12 run) 1 142-34 Flamenco De Kerser (120) (H) Mrs R Ford 6 12-0 (EW)..... R McLernon 106 G 2 B17/4- Borak (147) D Faulkner 9 11-12..............................................N Scholfield 87 S 3 4-PP6P Percy (24) (B) M Sheppard 7 11-10...........................................S Sheppard 101 G 4 -25240 Blazing Saddles (32) J Scott 6 11-9.................................M Griffiths 109 GS 5 P-6112 Easkey Lad (61) D Burchell 6 11-3 (F).....................................B R Jones 107 GF 6 03430- Just No Risk (149) S Thomas 5 11-2.......................... S Twiston-Davies 103 G 7 352-87 Good Bye (123) (B) A Jones 6 11-0.........................................DOUBTFUL 8 9-2516 Alramz (65) Mrs S Gardner 5 10-10 (C)................................Lucy Gardner 105 S 9 86531- Thinque Tank (197) C Longsdon 5 10-7........................ Paul O’Brien (3) 105 S 10 4P50-1 Sergeant (17) M Harris 4 10-3 (CD) (SF)............................M Bastyan (3) 110 GF 11 -75D89 Invincible Wish (32) S-J Davies 9 10-0........................... W T Kennedy 109 GS 12 P9-753 Balzac (4) Sheila Lewis 4 10-0................................... Sean Houlihan (3) ●113 G BETTING: 9-4 Sergeant, 11-2 Easkey Lad, 6 Thinque Tank, 8 Balzac, 10 Flamenco De Kerser, Alramz, 12 Borak, Just No Risk. 4.13 KEMPTON UNIBET 3 UNIBOOSTS A DAY (JOCKEY CLUB GRASSROOTS 7.00 STAYERS’ SERIES) HANDICAP (4) 2m Winner £5,400 (8 run) 1 (3) 1/4124 Cochise (92) Miss S West 5 10-0...............................................T Whelan 78 G 2 (4) /097-6 Darksideoftarnside (28) N Mulholland 7 9-9.......................R Havlin 57 S 3 (8) 16/8-1 Olympic Honour (22) E Williams 5 9-6 (D) (F)....................... S W Kelly ●79 G 4 (2) 51-356 Good Soul (22) H Palmer 3 9-1..................................................C Fallon 74 ST 5 (7) -11123 Yagan (16) Sir M Prescott 3 8-9 (SF)............................................L Morris 76 ST 6 (1) 534441 Evaluation (27) Sir M Stoute 3 8-8 (D)...............................R Kingscote 75 G 7 (6) 548323 Dreambird (15) R Charlton 3 8-8 (EW)........................................H Doyle 77 GF 8 (5) 537323 Artemis Sky (16) M Tregoning 3 8-6...................................... C Bennett 74 GF BETTING: 3 Olympic Honour, 10-3 Yagan, Evaluation, 8 Good Soul, Dreambird, Cochise. TRY OUR NEW RUNNER BOOST AT UNIBET HANDICAP (6) 1m 3f 7.30 Winner £2,322 (14 run) 1 (7) 57-247 Flat To The Max (24) S Hodgson 6 9-12..................................R Havlin 70 YS 2 (5) -20754 Eaglesglen (36) (B) Tom Clover 4 9-11 (EW)........................... J Mitchell 68 ST 3 (13) 71700/ Isosceles (J344) J Flint 5 9-10..............................................W Cox (3) - SS 4 (8) 810415 Like Sugar (107) K P De Foy 4 9-8 (BF, C)................................D Muscutt ●72 ST 5 (1) 0787 Almufeed (35) S Curran 4 9-7................................. Grace McEntee (5) 67 GF 6 (6) 3102-8 Busted Ice (30) S Dow 6 9-7...............................................J Duern (3) 10 G 7 (3) 67-6 Rumi (212) R Charlton 3 9-6 (F)...................................................T Whelan 63 ST 8 (11) 63-366 Promises (16) Suzi Best 4 9-6...................................................L Morris 65 G 9 (10) 74-062 Pride Of Nepal (32) J Scott 3 9-5.....................................C Shepherd 67 ST 10 (4) -08253 Ruskin Red (40) D Coakley 4 9-4...............................................C Fallon 69 G 11 (12) 44056 Morani Kali (48) Martin Smith 3 9-4........................... Georgia Lea (7) 69 SS 12 (2) -89144 Hy Eales (38) J Spearing 4 9-3 (SF)......................................... S W Kelly 70 G 13 (9) 577562 Savitar (23) L Carter 6 9-0.................................................... J Haynes 71 ST 14 (14) -36508 Lhebayeb (30) V Dartnall 3 8-10.................................C Hutchinson (5) 69 SS BETTING: 9-2 Ruskin Red, 6 Like Sugar, 13-2 Pride Of Nepal, 7 Eaglesglen, Savitar, 8 Rumi. RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) 1m 8.00 Winner £2,322 (14 run) 1 (11) -77095 Kaloor (43) C Banham 5 10-0 (D)............................................. J Haynes 65 GS 2 (3) 36-967 Samphire Coast (15) (V) D Shaw 8 9-12 (CD)......................... D Keenan 70 ST 3 (14) -66U40 Latent Heat (37) A Carroll 5 9-11 (D)..................................... L Steward 71 S 4 (1) 5-0715 Pride Of Hawridge (28) B Millman 3 9-9 (D)....................... R Coakley 72 G 5 (13) 0-8042 Publicist (23) (H) J Tate 3 9-8 (C) (F).................................... J Mitchell 68 SS 6 (2) 064-6 Arizona Gold (31) P & O Cole 3 9-8.....................................M Tabti (7) 64 ST 7 (5) 47-907 Proclaimer (14) J Camacho 4 9-7......................................R Kingscote 68 G 8 (10) 7-79 Won Love (53) J Tuite 3 9-7......................................................R Havlin 64 ST 9 (12) 333435 Uncle Dick (17) E J-Houghton 3 9-6......................................... C Bishop ●74 G 10 (6) 425307 Carpentier (23) Sir M Prescott 3 9-5.......................................L Morris 73 ST 11 (9) 582417 Shyjack (24) (V) C Dunnett 6 9-3 (CD)......................................E J Walsh 71 G 12 (4) 967-10 Treble Clef (156) (B) L Carter 6 8-10 (CD) (EW)....................C Shepherd 70 ST 13 (8) 554292 Pedestal (18) D Flood 7 8-8 (SF)................................................H Doyle 69 GY 14 (7) 753656 Starchant (21) J Bridger 5 8-7.......................................... G Rooke (3) 63 GS BETTING: 7-2 Publicist, 5 Uncle Dick, 6 Pride Of Hawridge, Pedestal, 8 Proclaimer. RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) 1m 8.30 RACING PARTNERSHIP TRP CONDITIONAL JOCKEYS’ HANDICAP HURDLE (4) 3m 2f 105yds Winner £3,159 (6 run) 1 3-8561 Aye Aye Charlie (17) Christian Williams 9 12-1 (CD) (F).........J Tudor (3) 110 S 2 533211 Decoration Of War (9) M Young 6 12-0 (SF).................... J Dixon (3) 114 G 3 7-3P22 Easyrun De Vassy (11) P Nicholls 7 11-12 (D)...................A Cheleda (6) ●121 G 4 348-00 Kendelu (16) N Hawke 6 10-12 (C)............................................T Buckley 117 S 5 9098/3 Whatsthecraicjack (61) P Hobbs 8 10-5................... Sean Houlihan 100 S 6 8U5-2 Valentino (77) Miss J Du Plessis 6 10-0............................. H Kimber (5) 105 G BETTING: 6-5 Decoration Of War, 9-4 Aye Aye Charlie, 4 Easyrun De Vassy, 14 Valentino, 20 Whatsthecraicjack, Kendelu. DEVONDALE ELECTRICAL 40TH ANNIVERSARY NOVICES’ 4.45 CHASE (3) 3m 2f Winner £7,080 (4 run) 1 -21F21 Eglantine Du Seuil (17) P Nicholls 7 11-5 (C) (SF).................H Cobden ●149 GF 2 76-2F3 Arc Of Bubbles (27) Mrs H Nelmes 6 11-2.................. Paul O’Brien (3) 98 GF 3 31PP/6 Mister Robbo (26) D Faulkner 10 11-2................................N Scholfield - - 4 4PP- Sister Raphael (153) J Flint 5 10-9 (F)...................................C Brace - - BETTING: 1-20 Eglantine Du Seuil, 14 Arc Of Bubbles, 25 Sister Raphael, 33 Mister Robbo. 5.15 SKY SPORTS RACING ON SKY 415 OPEN NH FLAT RACE (5) 2m 1f Winner £1,906 (3 run) 1 4/43 Bari Breeze (118) M Harris 6 11-0 (SF)...................................P Brennan ●108 GS 2 1 Best Pal (145) S Drinkwater 4 10-12............................ S Twiston-Davies - - 3 3 Loup De Maulde (29) Christian Williams 4 10-12..................J Tudor (3) 99 G BETTING: 11-10 Bari Breeze, 7-4 Loup De Maulde, 7-2 Best Pal. Winner £2,322 (13 run) 1 (4) 332025 Dourado (16) (V) P Chamings 7 10-0 (C, D)...................R Clutterbuck (5) 72 G 2 (2) 644333 Poet’s Eye (23) K P De Foy 4 9-12 (BF).............................S Osborne (5) 69 SS 3 (7) 160977 Makambe (13) C Banham 6 9-10 (CD)........................................ J Haynes 55 ST 4 (13) 1-0446 Al Tarmaah (38) L Carter 4 9-10..............................................L Jones 71 G 5 (3) 5489 Chifa (30) E De Giles 4 9-8........................................................T Whelan 69 GF 6 (5) 4658 Titaneasy (17) J Bridger 6 9-7........................................... G Rooke (3) 65 S 7 (1) 4-5989 Appreciate (17) Tom Clover 3 9-7.......................................... J Mitchell 68 S 8 (6) 985334 Northbound (21) J Camacho 3 9-6 (F)................................ Doubtful 9 (8) 225155 Mabo (22) (B) G Harris 6 9-5 (CD)................................................L Morris 64 ST 10 (11) 680494 Catch My Breath (19) J Ryan 5 9-4 (D) (EW)........................ D Keenan 68 ST 11 (12) 49-684 Whatzupwithme (21) M Loughnane 3 9-3................................P Prince 69 G 12 (9) 716452 Mountain Ash (25) B Millman 3 8-9 (D) (SF)..............................H Doyle 69 S 13 (10) 9050/5 Lady Gwhinnyvere (36) J Spearing 7 8-7........................Jane Elliott 46 G BETTING: 3 Poet’s Eye, 7-2 Mountain Ash, 6 Dourado, Mabo, 8 Whatzupwithme. Newsboy 1.53 EVERY BREAKIN WAVE 2.28 JOEY STEEL 3.03 SHE’S A NOVELTY 3.38 BALZAC 4.13 DECORATION OF WAR 4.45 EGLANTINE DU SEUIL 5.15 BARI BREEZE BOUVERIE 1.53 DILIGENT 2.28 BLACK ANTHEM 3.03 SHE’S A NOVELTY 3.38 BALZAC 4.13 DECORATION OF WAR 4.45 EGLANTINE DU SEUIL 5.15 BARI BREEZE SKY Going: Good-Good to Firm in places. Course: Left-handed track of 1m 1f, with 7 easy fences to a circuit and a short run-in. Top Trainers: P Nicholls 49-166 (29.5%), F O’Brien 23-85 (27.1%), P Hobbs 18-116 (15.5%), P Bowen 12-57 (21.1%), J Scott 11-75 (14.7%). Top Jockeys: Harry Cobden 32-158 (20.3%), Sam Twiston-Davies 25-108 (23.1%), Nick Scholfield 17-121 (14.0%), Paddy Brennan 16-67 (23.9%). Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): None. 1ST TIME BLINKERS: 3.38 Percy. CHEEKPIECES: 2.28 Black Anthem, Joey Steel, 3.38 Blazing Saddles*, Borak, Easkey Lad, Sergeant, 4.13 Easyrun De Vassy, Kendelu, Valentino, 4.45 Arc Of Bubbles, Eglantine Du Seuil, Sister Raphael*. TONGUE STRAPS: 1.53 Every Breakin Wave, 2.28 Black Anthem, Fact Of The Matter, 3.03 Ginger Du Val, Little Jessture*, She’s A Novelty, 3.38 Blazing Saddles, Borak, Thinque Tank, 4.13 Easyrun De Vassy, 4.45 Arc Of Bubbles, Eglantine Du Seuil. (*=1st time). 1ST RUN SINCE WIND OP: 3.38 Good Bye. Profitable races for Favs: 3.03. Newsboy 4.50 STREAK JAZZ 5.25 THALER 6.00 LOS CAMACHOS 6.30 KING CAPELLA 7.00 YAGAN 7.30 SAVITAR 8.00 PUBLICIST 8.30 DOURADO BOUVERIE 4.50 THATSTHEFINEST 5.25 THALER 6.00 RAJMEISTER 6.30 KING CAPELLA 7.00 OLYMPIC HONOUR 7.30 HY EALES 8.00 PEDESTAL 8.30 DOURADO RTV Going: Standard to Slow. Course: Right-handed, all-weather Polytrack. There are two oval tracks; the outer is 1m2f, inner is 1m (1m2f & 5f races only). DRAW: No advantage. Top Trainers: J & T Gosden 94-360 (26.1%), A Watson 53-255 (20.8%), R Charlton 47-269 (17.5%), E Walker 43-289 (14.9%), H Palmer 43-223 (19.3%), M Botti 42-381 (11.0%), A King 40-334 (12.0%), Sir M Stoute 33-200 (16.5%), A Carroll 33- 449 (7.3%), W Haggas 32-196 (16.3%), R Hughes 32-308 (10.4%), W Knight 27-246 (11.0%), J Butler 25-267 (9.4%), C Hills 24-220 (10.9%). Top Jockeys: Luke Morris 84-897 (9.4%), Hollie Doyle 69-523 (13.2%), Robert Havlin 65-402 (16.2%), Richard Kingscote 51-369 (13.8%), Jack Mitchell 39-319 (12.2%), Callum Shepherd 32-380 (8.4%), Shane W Kelly 31-520 (6.0%), Daniel Muscutt 29-343 (8.5%), Charles Bishop 20-350 (5.7%), George Wood 18-234 (7.7%), Joey Haynes 12-262 (4.6%), Stefano Cherchi 10-83 (12.0%), Cieren Fallon 9-128 (7.0%). Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): None. 1ST TIME BLINKERS: 4.50 Travers, 6.00 Blackcastle Storm, 8.00 Treble Clef. CHEEKPIECES: 4.50 Hen Harrier*, Mild Reflection, Thatsthefinest, 5.25 Frosted Angel*, 7.00 Darksideoftarnside, 7.30 Flat To The Max, Isosceles, Promises*, 8.00 Pride Of Hawridge, Uncle Dick, 8.30 Al Tarmaah*, Catch My Breath, Makambe, Mountain Ash, Poet’s Eye*. TONGUE STRAPS: 4.50 Travers, 5.25 Dream A Little*, Frosted Angel, Thaler, 6.00 Actaea, Emraan, Liger King, 6.30 Cu Chulainn*, Joy Coast, Thebannerkingrebel, 7.00 Evaluation, 7.30 Eaglesglen, Flat To The Max, Isosceles, 8.00 Kaloor. (*=1st time). Profitable races for Favs: 8.00. SINGLE-SHOT STAR (Top in-form jockey with just one booked ride) Harry Cobden: EGLANTINE DU SEUIL (4.45 Newton Abbot)

42 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 KEARNEY IN FRONT By Phil Casey 1,592nd in the world at Ireland’s Niall Kearney this time last year, but carded a flawless 65 to has climbed inside the set the pace on day one top 500 thanks to top-10 of the Dutch Open at finishes in the Canary Bernardus Golf. Islands Kearney Championship and covered his first Hero Open. 10 holes in four “This year has under par and been positive for then birdied three me,” the of his last four to finish 33-year-old said. “I have seven under, a shot had a lot of good finishes ahead of Denmark’s and put myself in the Martin Simonsen and right spaces and I have Germany’s Maximilian grown in confidence. I am Kieffer. starting to feel a bit more Kearney was ranked comfortable.” GOLF Ryder cup countdown i wanna be back in tommy’s sack GET ALL THE LATEST SPORT NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX SIGN UP TO OUR IRISH MIRROR SPORT NEWSLETTER OPEN CAMERA AND SCAN TO SIGN UP more than a dream The fun image of Fleetwood and Molinari in bed with the trophy Absent Molinari eyes Fleetwood reunion EXCLUSIVE By neil Mcleman IATLIAN Francesco Molinari insists he won’t be at all jealous if big pal Tommy Fleetwood ends up in bed with the Ryder Cup and a different partner next weekend. The Moliwood pairing famously combined to win all four Paris matches together in 2018 as Europe romped to victory. And the enduring image of the long French weekend has been the video of Molinari and Fleetwood waking up together with the trophy after a drunken night of celebration. The Italian became the first European to win all five of his matches in 2018 but will be watching Whistling Straits from his LA home after failing to qualify this year. And the world No.167 said: “I wish I could be there but it is not going to be too weird for me. I wish the European team all the best and I hope to see Tommy and the rest of the lads celebrating at the end – however they do it. “Will I mind if he ends up in bed again? No! I’m hoping we get another chance some time in the future. So hopefully it’s not the end of our partnership. It would be great to be there together in Rome (in 2023). “Every bit of the partnership with him was just brilliant. When you’re winning matches, you have fun. I will make sure I phone him every night to keep in the right frame of mind.” Captain Padraig Harrington has the task of finding Fleetwood a new partner in Wisconsin. “Tommy has the advantage of being a player with no weaknesses so you can pair him up pretty much with anyone,” said Molinari (celebrating with Fleetwood, below). “Sometimes it’s a double-edged sword because you end up filling the gaps when you’re like that, so hopefully they think he’s a bigenough player now to be at the top of the pecking order. Tommy is going to be fine. He will be one of the team leaders, though it didn’t feel like he was a rookie last time in Paris.” Molinari was the hottest player on the planet in 2018 as he won his first PGA Tour title (the Quicken Loans National in Washington DC) by eight shots and then the Open at Carnoustie before his Ryder Cup heroics. But the former world No.5 has never been the same player since losing the final-round lead at the 2019 Masters. And moving his family from London to Los Angeles just before the pandemic, coupled with a back injury which saw him miss the Olympics, has seen him slowly slide down the rankings. “It’s been really difficult for me because it’s been a big jump backwards,” said the Turin-born 38-year-old. “It’s been the toughest stretch in my career in terms of injuries and just not being as consistent as I was. But that’s golf, that’s life. Hopefully, I can find a way to get out of it.”

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 43 17 SEPTEMBER ARSENE WENGER pleaded for clemency for Thierry Henry after the Arsenal striker was accused of elbowing. The France World Cup winner appeared to swing an elbow at Charlton’s John Robinson. But Gunners boss Wenger said his man should be treated the same way as England skipper David Beckham, who escaped punishment after catching Leeds star Lee Bowyer in the face. Wenger said: “It would be unfair if Thierry was charged.” BIRTHDAYS Peter Lever (81) – former Lancashire and England paceman. Billy Bonds (75) – former West Ham captain and manager. Damon Hill (61) – Formula One world champion in 1996. Ken Doherty (52) – Ireland’s 1997 world snooker champion. quick quiz 1 In which year did Andy Roddick win the men’s US Open title? 2 How many NBA titles did Dwyane Wade win with the Miami Heat? 3 When did show jumping make its debut as an Olympic event? A- 1912; B- 1920; C- 1932 4. A standard game of table tennis ends when one player scores how many points? 5. Marco Silva replaced which former Chelsea player as Fulham manager in July? answers on this day 1948: Australian Don Bradman played his last innings on British soil in Aberdeen, scoring 123 against Scotland. 1999: Hampshire signed Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne as their overseas player in one of the most lucrative contracts agreed in County Championship history. 2004: Jaguar announced they would be pulling out of Formula One at the end of the season. 2009: England lost by 111 runs to Australia in the sixth NatWest ODI at Trent Bridge. Australia took a 6-0 lead in the seven-match series, but were denied a whitewash three days later when England won the final match. 2014: Newcastle winger Jonas Gutierrez revealed he was having treatment after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in his native Argentina. He made a full recovery. back page: 2002 1 2003; 2 Three; 3 A, 1912; 4 11; 5 Scott Parker. gaa tyrone football thrill of By karl o’kane FEARGAL Logan reckons the ability of his All-Ireland winning stars has been overlooked in the rush to hail Tyrone’s grit and determination. Joint-manager Logan saw four of his back seven – including goalkeeper Niall Morgan – score against Monaghan and Mayo, with five of them hitting the target against Kerry. “I sort of felt people generally underestimated how good the footballers we were dealing with are here,” said Logan. “That was shown out during the summer. “Going into the final when Mayo were favourites, I felt, there is a double edge to that. “You are nearly glad they are favourites and you think let’s just get in and out, win this and show them how good we are. “Because for all that is said about Tyrone – it’s grit and it’s this, that and the other – fundamentally there are very talented footballers at play in Tyrone.” Logan revealed that he was worried about Tyrone’s lack of goals during the National League, with the likes of Kerry (13), Dublin (8) and Monaghan (6) bagging majors for fun. Tyrone hit just three in their four games. But, they finished out the year with five goals in the All-Ireland semi-final (3) and final (2) to claim a fourth Sam Maguire. Conor McKenna (2), Cathal McShane (2), and Darren McCurry – palming home a McKenna pass in the All-Ireland final – got the five crucial goals. McKenna, who left Essendon Bombers last year, and McShane, who rejected overtures from Adelaide Crows, could both have been on the other side of the world had things worked out differently. In the end, Tyrone needed all the pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place. “Every piece,” said Logan. “I said to myself, and to Brian too, ‘When is this team going to open up and score a few goals?’ “We had struggled in the League. I thought, ‘There must be goals somewhere. There is something wrong.’ “Every other team is able to score goals and we weren’t but happily they came for us. “It was better keeping them to the last.” CRICKET T20 WORLD CUP the skill Tyrone chief Logan says Red Hands’ technical ability isn’t given credit it deserves game of tyrones Feargal Logan and Brian Dooher, above, led the Tyrone celebrations after claiming Sam KOHLI’S NEW T20 VISION Virat Kohli is quitting as continue to play alongside skipper of India’s T20 team leading the Test and one-day following next month’s World international teams. Cup in Dubai. He said: “Understanding The 32-year-old, who has workload is a very important scored 3,159 runs at an thing. I feel I need to give average of 52.65 in T20s, myself space to be fully captains his country in all ready to lead the team in three formats, but will Test and ODI Cricket.” WOMEN’S CRICKET ENGLAND v NZ, 1st ODI GOOD opening KNIGHT England Women held their nerve to win by 30 runs in the first ODI in Bristol. Heather Knight’s side reduced New Zealand to 177-9, chasing 242 to win. But Amy Satterthwaite, who was 79 not out, and Leigh Kasperek put on 34 for the last wicket. Lauren Winfield-Hill (below) then ran out Kasperek to give England a 1-0 lead in the five-match series. Captain Knight, who hit 89, said: “We’re learning lots as a side. We’ve got a lot of experience but also trying to add to the team.”

44 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 one game at a time Munster’s Chris Farrell United in quest for Red glory BY MICHAEL SCULLY Chris Farrell says Champions Cup qualification hasn’t been discussed in the Munster dressing-room – despite only one Irish province being guaranteed a place in Europe. The new United Rugby Championship format will see teams qualify for Europe on a geographical basis, so one team each from Ireland, South Africa and Wales will progress as winners of their respective regional pool – and one from Scotland or Italy. After that it has been made harder for the provinces, including Johann van Graan’s Reds, with derbies making up a third of their League matches – which have been reduced from 21 to 18. Below the pool winners, the others will be hoping to scramble for one of the HARdER TO QUALIFY Boss Johann van Graan four highest-ranked loser spots up for grabs. “No. It hasn’t been talked about,” said Farrell. “It’s important we have a couple of home games at the start and it’s important we get off to a good start. “The fact there’s less games makes every game more important. “There’s extra competition in these games now so it’s going to be huge that we kick on from the very start, get a few wins under our belt. “There’s obviously no guarantees as regards qualifying but I think we’ll just focus on trying to win every game at a time. “We’ve got to trust that we’ll qualify if we do that. “It doesn’t even have to be discussed – but we expect to be competing at the end of the season in the top competitions. “If we were to not qualify that would certainly be disappointing, really disappointing.” rugby union bryn has winning vermula Ferris believes Duane coup will inspire Ulster confidence and instill fear into opponents By DARREN FULLERTON STEPHEN Ferris says the shock signing of World Cup winner Duane Vermeulen will fuel-inject Ulster’s ambitions heading into the new season. The Premier Sports pundit also believes the capture of the 35-year-old Springbok, who was being courted by clubs in England, is a major “coup” for the province. “What more can you say,” said the former Ireland and Ulster ace (inset). “It’s Duane Vermeulen and he’s coming to Belfast. It’s a fantastic signing.” Vermeulen, a stunning replacement for Marcell Coetzee who left for the Bulls in April, is arguably the most high profile signing in the province’s history. Nicknamed the ‘Thor’ of rugby, the 18 stone No8 – who has signed a two year deal until 2023 – is set to arrive in Belfast after South Africa’s autumn internationals. DMEEIR He could make his debut in early-December against the Ospreys in the new-look United Rugby Championship or Clermont in the Heineken Champions Cup. “It is a big coup for Bryn Cunningham (Ulster’s head of recruitment),” said Ferris. “He was wanted in Japan and I was speaking to an agent saying there were clubs all over England looking at him, so for Ulster to get him is a big, big deal. “He’s a World Cup winner, vastly experienced and the perfect player to come here where it won’t be hard pitches and fast running rugby all year round. “He’s a slightly different player from Marcell Coetzee. He’s a colossus of a man, but he’s not just going to crash it up and give you front foot ball. “He’s a brilliant maul defender, very steady at the back of a scrum, can put team-mates into holes, get through contact and he’s also a pretty good defender. “Yes, he’s 35 and yes, he’s had a few injuries over the past year, but he’s been very durable any time he has played. It’s a fantastic signing.” Ferris hopes Vermeulen lives up to his “marquee signing” status and makes a lasting impact in the mould of former Wallaby Rocky Elsom who starred for Leinster in the late 2000s. “I’d go back to Rocky signing for Leinster,” he said. “Marquee signings like that can contribute so much because sometimes it’s that extra two or three percent that you need in the big games. SENSATIONal SIGNING Ulster have shocked the rugby world with the acquisition of South African superstar Duane Vermeulen “It breeds confidence. I wouldn’t want to be going up against him and those guys at Leinster – Josh van der Flier, Jack Conan, whoever is playing – they’ll know how good he is. “I hope it’s not a situation like Justin Harrison where he was brilliant in that first season (with Ulster in 2005) and then fizzled out. I don’t think he will.” Ferris says the signing of Vermeulen, who sat out the recent Lions tour with an injury, is also a timely boost after Ulster opted out of signing Fijian Leon Nakarawa in June. “There has been so much disappointment over some things that have happened and then all of a sudden ‘Duane Vermeulen has signed’,” he said. “It’ll give everyone a lift.” •Premier Sports is the home of live Ulster Rugby action in the United Rugby Championship this season, bringing action and analysis from every Ulster game home and away. PROVINCES ARE UP FERR battle By DARREN FULLERTON FORMER Ireland flanker Stephen Ferris believes reigning champions Leinster and Johann Van Graan’s Munster will lead Ireland’s assault on the United Rugby Championship. Leinster pipped Munster in last season’s final and Ferris believes the two southern rivals will again be in the mix for major honours in the new-look tournament which kicks off next week. “It’s hard to look past the two Irish sides getting into the top three or four,” said Ferris. “Leinster, obviously and Munster are only going to get better. “Their coaching staff have found their feet and RG Snyman (left) and Joey Carbery are getting back to fitness. With fans back inside Thomond Park, they’ll be a hard team to beat. “I think Ulster will definitely get into a play-off, but will they come up short? We’ll have to wait and see.” As for a potential surprise package, Premier Sports pundit Ferris pointed to Italian club Benetton who beat the Bulls in last season’s Rainbow Cup final. “Somebody like Benetton could really kick on from their success in the Rainbow Cup,” he said. “I know they’re missing (Paolo) Garbisi (inset) who’s away to Montpellier, but they could shock a few people along the way.” FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 45 john cross He’s got his ear to the ground and his finger on the pulse Ex-addict Shilts calls for ban on betting adverts PETER SHILTON is leading a campaign to crack down on gambling adverts in football, with a warning for former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. The legendary England keeper, 71, had a 45-year gambling addiction and admits he lost millions. Now the Three Lions’ most-capped player – Shilton made 125 appearances – has written a book called ‘Saved: Overcoming A 45-Year Gambling Addiction’ with his wife Steph. And this week he presented a powerful letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for shirt sponsorship by betting companies to be outlawed. Former World Cup star Shilton (above) believes that Mourinho and former England striker Peter Crouch are adding to the gambling problem by fronting television adverts for Paddy Power bookmakers. Shilton, who has gone six years without a bet, said: “They are just encouraging people to gamble. One thing is for sure, neither Jose Mourinho nor Peter Crouch would have done those adverts if they knew someone who was an addict or a chronic gambler. “I wrote a book to try and help show other addicts that there is a way out but also to try and highlight the problem. I met Boris at the Euros in the summer and my hope is that he and his wife Carrie will read the letter and the book to see the impact it can have. “This is a big opportunity for the Government to make a difference. Players wearing shirts with gambling advertising normalise betting for young people. “Things like pop-up ads and free spins merely entice youngsters into a life of gambling. “Formula One survived without tobacco advertising. Cricket doesn’t have it. And we’re not asking for all ads to be stopped. “When I was playing, it was about horse racing. “Now football is the No.1 sport to bet on and there’s more and more children taking part.” Burnley v Arsenal things are gunner get better PREMIER LEAGUE tomorrow, ko 3pm Arteta can see ‘bright lights’ ahead as he looks to build on Norwich win By JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror MIKEL ARTETA has told Arsenal fans he can see “bright lights” ahead. The Gunners boss says he is full of optimism, despite the club’s poor start, which has seen them manage just one win from their opening four games. They face another test at Burnley tomorrow, but Arteta believes they can build on their win over Norwich last weekend, which lifted them off the foot of the table. He said: “I can really see the light. I’m telling you, I’m very positive most of the time. “I have seen the light and I can see bright lights. There can be bumps in the road within that light, but I can see a lot of light. “We have to put a run together. We know how much we need the results and the performances will lead to that. “If we do what we have to do against Burnley, we’ll be much closer to achieving that. “We’ve had a good week to prepare for the game. We know what we are facing. The challenge is going to be big because it’s one of the toughest places to go in the Premier League. We are ready for it.” Arteta (above) recounted an experience from his playing days when he left Rangers to go to Spain to join Real Sociedad to be closer to his parents. And, even though it did not work out on a football level, he says it taught him an important lesson. “I didn’t play – I was on the bench and I always said that was the key moment in my career to have more success after,” he said. “But it was the right thing that I needed in that moment. At that moment, I couldn’t see it. “I was annoyed, upset and angry. I was really bad with myself and everyone, but today, looking back at it and reflecting on it, it was the perfect moment in the right time.” Arteta has praised the way Bernd Leno reacted after being axed in favour of Aaron Ramsdale last weekend, but also dismissed reports in Germany that Leno (left) would be brought back for bigger games such as the north London derby on Sunday week. Arteta added: “I don’t know where they are coming from, but they are ahead of me! “I think I am the one who picks the team at the weekend and sometimes I read things that I haven’t decided yet. “I haven’t made a decision for Saturday, so you can imagine the north London derby!” BT SPORT has gained a reputation for making superb football documentaries. The latest to catch the eye this autumn are on football’s Windrush Generation and also Glenn Hoddle: Extra Time, with the ex-England boss in philosophical mood after his cardiac arrest in 2018 as he takes a look at his life and legacy in the game. FA chiefs are due to travel to Qatar in December to put final plans into place for their World Cup training base. England boss Gareth Southgate and his assistant Steve Holland have already been out to the Middle East to check on venues, stadiums and potential training centres. Another visit will be EFL clubs fear the full financial impact of the pandemic will not be felt until next month. Clubs in the Championship, and Leagues One and Two relied heavily on loans and the Government’s furlough scheme to help stay afloat. But furlough is due to end next month and that could spell disaster for clubs already existing on a hand-to-mouth basis. made during the Arab Cup which is being hosted in Qatar from November 30 to December 18. They have almost certainly got a base in mind and will want to put down an early marker. But FIFA also allocate places and the FA will want to get their towels down early… assuming Harry Kane & Co (above) have qualified. Forest eyeing super Cooper By James Nursey NOTTINGHAM FOREST aim to open talks with Steve Cooper, but caretaker boss Steven Reid will take charge of the Championship’s bottom side at Huddersfield tomorrow. Chris Hughton was axed yesterday – Forest’s 12th boss in 10 years – after six losses in seven games. Hughton, 62, lasted less than a year despite saving them from the drop last term. New CEO Dane Murphy wants a younger coach such as Cooper (above), 41, who guided Swansea into successive play-offs before leaving. dyche deal to tempt stars to stay By David Anderson SEAN Dyche hopes his decision to sign a new four-year deal at Burnley will help persuade his players to commit their future to the Clarets. Dyche (left) yesterday signed on at Turf Moor until 2025 and now wants the club to tie down the 10 players who are out of contract next summer. Skipper Ben Mee, James Tarkowski, Ashley Barnes and Jack Cork are among those who could leave on Bosmans. “I think it’s helpful that I’ve re-signed because it gives clarity to the players, to their agents and the club,” he said. “The club will speak to their representatives and see what can be done.” Dyche, 50, said he is happy to commit his future to Burnley because he feels owner Alan Pace and his board share his vision. Pace sanctioned nearly £30million worth of transfers in the summer and Dyche believes the American will keep backing him financially. “I think you commit to a cause because you think it’s right and appropriate,” he said. ENGLAND RISE to WORLD top three By John Cross ENGLAND have been named the third best team in the world, their joint highest place since FIFA rankings began. Boss Gareth Southgate (right) and his men were rewarded for their Euros campaign and World Cup qualifying results, with only Belgium and Brazil above them. Republic of Ireland have fallen to 50th in the rankings, with Wales in 19th, Scotland at 45 and Northern Ireland 47th. Rams will take points penalty By James Nursey DERBY owner Mel Morris is close to agreeing a points deduction with the Football League to try to speed up the sale of the Championship club and avoid potential administration. Morris (above) is in talks to finalise sanctions which would see the Rams docked nine points, with a further three suspended, over financial fair play and how they valued players. The agreement would leave Wayne Rooney’s side bottom of the table on -2 points but avoid the time and cost of a future formal hearing.

46 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 klopp stunned by divock snub By Chris McKenna football world is a crazy JURGEN KLOPP was place and people stunned nobody came in obviously forgot how with a firm offer to sign good he is.” Divock Origi this summer. Origi (right) has Origi made his first scored some big start since January in goals for the Reds, Wednesday night’s 3-2 including two win over AC Milan in the against Barcelona Champions League. in the 2019 Klopp (top) is happy to Champions League have him at Anfield but and one in the final admits he thought he against Spurs. Klopp would be off in the added: “When we look summer. The Liverpool back in 10 years he will be manager said: “The a Liverpool legend.” Two-Tier Boot Stand – 4 Pairs Designed with long metal poles to take the full length of riding boots, wellingtons or walking boots. With poles up to 52cm tall, you can ensure your boots are held securely and in the best position to dry as well. The boot stands feature two tiers, the longer poles are great for long boots, whereas the shorter tier is perfect for ankle boots or children’s wellies. Great for indoor or outdoor use. CoolForm Mini Air Cooler Stay cool and comfortable, even in a heatwave 400ml removable tank, holds enough water for 20 hours of use Quiet and portable with high/low speed settings Adjustable air vents and non-slip rubber feet Powered with 4xC 1.5v batteries Cooks Professional 1200w Stand Mixer The powerful 1200W motor will help you mix whatever combination of ingredients you choose. It includes speed settings 1 to 10 and a pulse function The 6.2-litre bowl allows you to make more mix in one go, perfect for parties and events. Includes 3 attachments: a flat beater, whisk and dough hook, perfect for all tasks. Guarantee; 24-month guarantee Available in silver and black Maxi Dry Electric Air Dryer Crease free, ‘line-dried’ clothes whatever the weather Come rain or shine, you can dry your clothes, quickly and easily Can dry up to 10kg of laundry 900W motor uses less energy than a tumble dryer, saving you money Easily packed away, portable and lightweight Guarantee; 24-month guarantee CALL 01-2962333 DMEEIR RED-LIST STARS BACK FOR VILLA By James Nursey in the UK tomorrow and EMILIANO MARTINEZ and could both be available for Emi Buendia are set to tomorrow’s 5.30pm hand Aston Villa a boost kick-off at Villa Park. by jetting in to return The pair were cleared to against Everton. leave Villa for the first two Villa’s Argentine of Argentina’s three keeper (above) scheduled qualifiers, and attacking despite the fixtures being compatriot played in red-list countries. Buendia have spent The second match, in more than a week Brazil, was abandoned due training in Croatia in order to the participation of to avoid hotel quarantine Martinez and Tottenham after international duty. duo Giovani Lo Celso and They are expected back Cristian Romero. IDM3371 €54.90 inc. p&p IDM5469 €39.90 inc. p&p IDM1186 €159.90 inc. p&p IDM8623 €95.90 inc. p&p OR VISIT n’castle v leeds quit toon? no chants Bruce: Terrace taunts will never force me to leave By simon bird @SimonBird_ STEVE Bruce insists he will not quit Newcastle United even if the terrace chants directed at him get worse. The veteran boss admits his job is to keep the club “ticking along in the Premier League” - the kind of low-key ambition that infuriates Geordies. Toon host Leeds tonight, with both clubs looking for their first win of the campaign. Newcastle are second bottom and a section of fans have made known their discontent. Bruce said: “It’s always difficult. I’d be sick if I say I enjoyed it. The frustration is if you don’t get results, the manager, head coach, whatever I am, bear the brunt. That’s what it is. I have to accept the results haven’t been good enough. “My family thinks I’m a bit sick. I don’t think about those things. It’s a challenge at the minute. “I said when I came here two years ago I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But with my experience I hope I can keep the club ticking along, that the club stays where it is, that we maintain our Premier League status. “I know for a lot of people that’s the frustration. We should be better than that. That is where we are at the m o m e n t , and have been for a while. I want Newcastle at the top of the league. “All Newcastle fans want to see their team competing at the top of the table like they did 20 years ago. Unfortunately at the moment we are not there. My job is to keep us on an even keel.” Toon legend Alan Shearer described the club as “hollow, empty”. Asked if he would go if the atmosphere had a negative impact on the team, Bruce added: “Then you look at yourself. I don’t think, ‘The noise is too bad, I’ll walk away’. It’s not in my nature when you are in a battle ahead. Walk away? That doesn’t register with me. “I’ll keep doing my best. I’ll never walk away from the challenge. “Alan is entitled to his opinion. He gets paid for that and it is his job.” WE’LL PASS TEST By David Anderson MARCELO BIELSA will not change Leeds’ passing game in a bid to end their winless start to the league campaign. They have failed to win any of their first four fixtures for the first time since 1958 and are one point and one place above the drop zone ahead of tonight’s clash. Bielsa (left) is calm about the slow start and said: “If I BOTTOM OF THE PREM P W D L F A Pts Watford 4 1 0 3 3 7 3 Arsenal 4 1 0 3 1 9 3 Leeds 4 0 2 2 4 11 2 Burnley 4 0 1 3 3 8 1 Newcastle 4 0 1 3 5 12 1 Norwich 4 0 0 4 1 11 0 Newcastle: Darlow, Manquillo, Lascelles, Hayden, Clark, Ritchie, Saint-Maximin, Willock, Longstaff, Almiron, Joelinton Leeds: Meslier, Shackleton, Ayling, Cooper, Firpo, Phillips, Raphinha, Dallas, Rodrigo, Harrison, Bamford Ref: Mike Dean TV: Sky Sports, 8pm thought another way of playing would improve the team, I would not have any doubts in doing it. “There is only one great difference in style, what a team does when the goalkeeper has the ball. “There are teams who put the ball in play and there are some who go long and go for 50-50 balls. We are not going to do this. “It’s legitimate someone chooses to go long because it reduces the chance of errors. But it also reduces the beauty of the game and possibilities to attack.” FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 47 Prickly issue of Rose’s cut EUROPEAN Ryder Cup captains, if we ignore the debacle that was Nick Faldo’s effort at Valhalla in 2008, do not tend to get many things wrong. But Padraig Harrington’s decision to ignore the claims of Justin Rose (above, left), a former world No.1, for next week’s contest could come back to haunt him. The initial problem was that while USA captain Steve Stricker had six wildcard selections, Harrington (above, right) was limited to three. And in the end, essentially, it came down to a choice of three from four. Rose, Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter and Shane Lowry. Rose has form at Whistling Straits, having finished fourth at the US PGA Championship in 2015, his Ryder Cup record – in terms of points per appearances – is better than that of Poulter, who missed the cut at the Wisconsin course six years ago. On a brute of a track, Poulter will probably be the shortest hitter out there. Everyone knows the Ryder Cup can inspire Poulter, who revels in his Postman nickname. Helping Europe retain the trophy in America would be his most impressive delivery yet. TELEVISION viewing figures are in from America. An average of 2.05 million viewers watched the US Open final between Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic. An average of 2.44 million viewers watched the US Open final between Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez. If there are any dinosaurs out there who still believe women tennis players do not deserve the same prize money as the men, your argument is dead in the Hudson River. ANDY DUNN Salah’s a world-class talent deserving of a world-class contract Simone snipers are so off target THROUGH tears, giving evidence to the Senate, Simone Biles once again relived the horror of how Larry Nassar sexually abused her. One statement was particularly stark. “USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee knew that I was abused by their official team doctor long before I was ever made aware more mo money Salah’s brilliance deserves a bumper new contract at Liverpool of their knowledge.” In other words, Biles (right) says she was betrayed by the people who were supposed to protect her. The physical and emotional agony she must have suffered is unimaginable... as is the idea that some thought she let her team-mates down when the psychological trauma stopped her playing a full part at the Tokyo Olympics. AFTER Liverpool’s win at Elland Road last Sunday, Jurgen Klopp gave a telling insight into the mindset of Mohamed Salah. “What a player,” declared Klopp (right). “And he’s still hungry. I saw him in the dressing room and we were all in the situation concerning Harvey Elliott, but he was still not happy for not scoring one or two other goals.” Shame about Harvey, isn’t it, Mo? Yeah, but I can’t believe I didn’t get a hat-trick. Obviously, it was not like that. Salah would have been as concerned as all of his team-mates about Elliott’s wellbeing. It would have been his first thought. But the perfectionist in a truly elite player is never far from the surface. The selfishness of a truly great goalscorer is a badge of honour, not a black mark. Salah is a truly elite player and a truly great goalscorer. Salah is a perfectionist and is selfish. For someone who has won a whole slew of individual honours, it seems a strange thing to say, but Salah still seems to be slightly underappreciated. Off the cuff, name your top halfdozen players in the world. I might be wrong, but I bet there are a good few out there who would not have Salah in that bracket. Well, he IS in that bracket and will want to be paid accordingly under the terms of any new contract. When you look around at the money earned by Kevin De Bruyne, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku and Neymar, a ballpark figure would be around £400,000 a week. Liverpool and Fenway Sports Group would do well to stretch to that sort of money, but you could not blame Salah for asking. He turns 30 next June, but, considering his fitness record, Salah should have another seven productive years, at least. But surely his options would be limited if he decided to look for money elsewhere? Yes, but if Mbappe does go to Real Madrid next summer, there is at least one club that could pay Salah the big, big numbers. And he is so good that Salah for Mbappe would be no downgrade. With his brilliance undimmed, his statistics telling a startling story and that crucial two-year countdown to the end of his current deal already well under way, Salah holds plenty of cards when it comes to negotiations. Recently, Liverpool have been proficient in extending contracts. After Georginio Wijnaldum walked away for nothing, the club has secured fresh, long-term commitments from Andy Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson, Fabinho and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Good work, but Salah might be harder work. For a moment, consider some of those statistics. His goal at Elland Road was his 100th in 162 Premier L e a g u e appearances. Across all competitions for Liverpool, he has scored 129 in 208 outings. Yes, he takes the penalties – and Wednesday’s miss against Milan was his first in 18 attempts – but it still remains a fantastic record. It is the sort of scoring contribution that demands special acclaim and, like it or not, it is the type of scoring contribution that demands special remuneration. So, if there is some sort of wage structure at Anfield and they have to break it to keep Salah at Anfield for good, then that is what they should do. He is that special. Unholy spectacle shames boxing ANYONE who watched a video of 58-year-old Evander Holyfield shadow-boxing ahead of his ‘fight’ with Brazil’s former UFC fighter Vitor Belfort knew what was coming. If judges had been marking Holyfield’s shadow-boxing session, the shadow would have won by a unanimous decision. And sure enough, with Donald Trump commentating on a truly awful spectacle, Holyfield, at the first sign of something resembling a Belfort punch, went down like Salah is a truly elite player & a truly great goalscorer an old drunk at closing time. The really grim element is that freak shows are now becoming a staple part of the global boxing diet. Anthony Joshua’s collision with the brilliant Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday week can’t come quickly enough.

48 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 real betis 4 celtic 3 Miranda 32, Juanmi 34 53, Iglesias 50 Ajeti 13, Juranovic 27, Ralston 87 DMEEIR europa league group g benito villamarin Stadium hoops they did it again Who’d have guessed it.. Celtic’s sieve costs dearly in Seville hard to swallow Jota reacts as Celtic blow a two goal lead in the 4-3 defeat to Betis in Seville last night By scott burns IT WAS a case of more pain in Spain and sorrow in Seville for Celtic. Yet it could have been so different for Ange Postcoglou’s patched up side had they not blown a two goal lead. Albian Ajeti and Josip Juranovic’s penalty had put the Hoops in the driving seat but their defensive frailties came back to haunt them again. A double from Juanmi and goals from Juan Miranda and Borja Iglesias gave the Spanish the win – although Anthony Ralston’s late goal ensured that it was a nervier end than it should have been for the locals. Ismaila Soro went into the book early for an early foul on Nabil Fekir. The Seville sun was beating down but it was Celtic who turned up the early heat and took a deserved lead. David Turnbull fed Jota. He beat his full-back and put in a delightful cross that Ajeti bundled into the net in the 13th minute. Referee Fran Jovic initially whistled for a foul but the VAR assistant intervened. Joe Hart got down well to deny Andres Guardado and then Soro was lucky mr tumble Albian Ajeti goes down for a pen which Juranovic scored, below not to walk for a clumsy challenge on Joaquin. Celtic were delighted with the Croatian referee again when they hit with a superb counter that saw Ajeti nip in ahead of Claudio Bravo who took him down. Juranovic was an unlikely taker but he coolly stepped up to slam the ball high and confidently into the top right-hand corner of the net. The Hoops looked to be GROUP g P W D L F A Ps Real Betis 1 1 0 0 4 33 B Leverkusen 1 1 0 0 2 1 3 Celtic 1 0 0 1 3 40 Ferencvaros 1 0 0 1 1 20 on course for their first win in Spain after a wait of almost 60 years – but that was to quickly change. Nabil Fekir played a ball into the box and Miranda got a break when it fell into his path as he burst into the box and slotted it low under Hart in the 32nd minute. Borja Iglesias then wasn’t picked up as he broke the offside trap and he unselfishly squared to give Juanmi the easiest of tap-ins for 2-2. It took just five minutes after the restart for Betis to inevitably go ahead. Miranda found Sergio Canales and he was given too much time to put in a cross for Iglesias to knock home. Then a corner was only half-cleared and it fell to Juanmi just inside the box and he arrowed a shot in off Hart’s right-hand post. Celtic rallied and Ralston headed home David Turnbull’s free kick for a goal put a different reflection on the scoreline if not the game. FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 49 results & rennes 2 tottenham 2 europa conference league fixtures Tait 23, Laborde 71 Bade 11 og, Hojbjerg 76 group G UEFA Europa League Group A Brondby (0).......... 0 S Prague (0)........0 Rangers (0).......... 0 Lyon (1)................2 2-2 Toko Ekambi 23 Tavernier 55 (og) P W D L F A Pts Lyon 1 1 0 0 2 0 3 Brondby 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 Hojbjerg is sharp Sparta Prague 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 to fire home from Rangers 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 close range and Group B earn a share of Monaco (0)........... 1 Sturm Graz (0)...0 the spoils PSV (1)................... 2 R Sociedad (2).....2 Group C Leicester (1)........ 2 Napoli (0).............2 Perez 9 Osimhen 69, 87 Barnes 64 Group D E Frankfurt (1)... 1 Fenerbahce (1)...1 Olympiakos (0).... 2 Antwerp (0).........1 Group E Galatsaray (0).... 1 Lazio (0)...............0 Lok Moscow (0)... 1 Marseille (0)......1 Group F Midtjylland (1)... 1 Ludogorets (1)...1 R S Belgrade (0).. 2 Braga (0)..............1 Group G Bayer Lev (1)........ 2 Ferencvaros (1).1 Real Betis (2)....... 4 Celtic (2).............3 GROUP G P W D L F A Pts Vitesse 1 1 0 0 2 0 3 Tottenham 1 0 1 0 2 2 1 Rennes 1 0 1 0 2 2 1 Mura 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 brittany fears Nuno gets toxic after Tottenham given major fright by the French FROM TONY BANKS in Rennes ON a torrid night here in Brittany, Spurs boss Nuno Espirito Santo almost went toxic. Nuno’s team were lucky to get away with a point against a team who languish in 11th spot in French Ligue 1. Yet they had been given a perfect start when Loic Bade turned a Lucas Moura cross into his own net in the 11th minute. Oops! What a pity he didn’t do it again. Nuno had told his team that nights of Champions League heroics were in Tottenham’s past – on this evidence they aren’t in Tottenham’s future. The Europa Conference League below a club of their size? Not with performances like this, it isn’t. Pierre-Emile sarina: do fans proud Sarina WIEGMAN wants to “make the fans proud” during her first match in charge of England Women. The Lionesses face North Macedonia in a World Cup qualifier at St Mary’s tonight before Luxembourg next week. It is Wiegman’s first match since taking over from interim manager Hege Riise on September 1. Wiegman (above) said: “Of course, the priority is to win. We want to have Hojbjerg’s late strike saved the day in their opening Group G contest in a game that went dangerously astray after Bade’s early own goal. Nuno, who saw his team’s good start to the season come to a shuddering halt with defeat at Crystal Palace at the weekend, had warned his players not to take this competition lightly. But the warning clearly was not heeded. The Portuguese admitted: “It was not perfect. We scored but then we lost control. Rennes are a good team and they caused us problems. “We showed character and belief to change the result after we conceded. This will make us stronger for the future.” Nuno selected a strong side but injuries to Steven Bergwijn ratings motm: good wins and score a lot of goals. The team work so hard that sometimes we have to tell them to slow down a little bit. We want to show how good we can play and make the English crowd proud of us.” England captain Steph Houghton said “This is kind of like starting fresh. We want to show how good we are and it’s a chance to impress the new manager.” painful,” added Nuno. Heungmin Son is facing a race against time to recover from a calf injury and Giovani Lo Celso does not get back from his quarantine camp in Croatia until Saturday, leaving Nuno facing big problems. Spurs got off to exactly the start they would have wanted thanks to a large slice of luck. Moura fired in a low cross after good work by Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Kane and the ball took a deflection off Bade to fly into the net. But the French side were not on their heels for long and Benjamin Bourigeaud saw his angled shot well stopped by Pierluigi Gollini. Spurs were struggling to contain Rennes and, after Flavien Tait played a neat giveand Moura will worry him ahead of Sunday’s clash with title-chasing Chelsea. “It feels By tony banks RENNES TOTTENHAM Salin........................ 7 Traore...................... 7 Aguerd.................... 7 Bade........................ 6 Truffert.................... 7 Bourigeaud ............ 7 Santamaria............. 7 Tait .......................... 7 Sulemana................8 Guirassy.................. 7 Laborde................... 7 SUBS Meling (Truffert 79), Ugochukwu (Sulemana 79), Martin Booked (Santamaria 86), Tel (Guirassy 90) Gollini...................... 6 Doherty................... 6 Tanganga................. 6 Rodon...................... 6 Davies..................... 6 Ndombele............... 7 Skipp....................... 6 Gil Booked ............... 6 Moura...................... 7 Kane........................ 6 Bergwijn.................. 6 SUBS Hojbjerg (Bergwijn 30) 7, Scarlett (Moura 54) 6, Emerson (Kane 54) 6, Alli (Ndombele 79) REFEREE: Halis Ozkahya Kamaldeen SulemanA and-go with the troublesome Serhou Guirassy, he was able to guide his drive expertly into the far corner of Gollini’s net. Nuno’s team were lucky not to fall behind at a raucous Roazhon Park just before halftime when Kamaldeen Sulemana put his diving header wide from only six yards out. Substitute Hojbjerg wasted a good chance to put Spurs ahead, but it was Rennes who looked the more dangerous. And when Sulemana’s shot was palmed out by Gollini, Gaetan Laborde stabbed home. An embarrassing defeat looked on the cards but, when Matt Doherty’s cross was deflected into his path just five minutes later, Hojbjerg coolly slid the ball home. Phew! dominic out for 4 games By Adam Lanigan tomorrow nor in forthcoming EVERTON striker Dominic league games with Norwich and Calvert-Lewin must sit out Manchester United and a another four matches. Carabao Cup tie at QPR. A broken toe and a thigh strain He also must be extremely forced the England man out of doubtful for England’s World Cup the 3-1 win over over Burnley at qualifiers with Andorra and Goodison on Monday night. Hungary next month. Calvert-Lewin has scored in all “We still have to wait some of his three Premier League weeks, we don’t know exactly HUGE blOW Key man appearances this season but he how many,” said Everton Calvert-Lewin is KO’d will not feature at Aston Villa manager Rafa Benitez. Miranda 32 Ajeti 13 Juanmi 34, 53 Juranovic 27 (pen) Iglesias 50 Ralston 87 P W D L F A Pts Real Betis 1 1 0 0 4 3 3 Bayer Leverkusen 1 1 0 0 2 1 3 Celtic 1 0 0 1 3 4 0 Ferencvaros 1 0 0 1 1 2 0 Group H D Zagreb (0)......... 0 West Ham (1).......2 Antonio 21 Rice 50 R Vienna (0).......... 0 Genk (0)................1 UEFA Europa Conference league Group G Mura (0)................ 0 Vitesse (1)...........2 Rennes (1)............. 2 Tottenham (1).....2 Tait 23 Bade 11 (og) Laborde 71 Hojbjerg 76 CRICKET 1st One Day International— England Women v New Zealand Women (Bristol): England 241 (49.3 overs; H C Knight 89). New Zealand 211 (46.3 overs; A E Satterthwaite 79no). England beat New Zealand by 30 runs. GOLF European Tour (Dutch Open, Netherlands)— 1st rnd: —(Gbr & Irl unless stated, Par 72): 65 N Kearney, 66 M Kieffer (Ger), M Leth Simonsen (Den), 67 S Horsfield, T Detry (Bel), R Santos (Por), A Cockerill (Can), R Enoch, B Evans, M Helligkilde (Den), S Tarrio (Spa), E Walker, 68 B Stone (Rsa), J Harding (Rsa), M Schmid (Ger), S Maurits (Ned), D Horsey, A Canizares (Spa), K Broberg (Swe), M Siem (Ger), W Nienaber (Rsa), O Lieser (Cze), P Peterson (USA). 69 C Wood, D Burmester (Rsa), G Coetzee (Rsa), R Langasque (Fra), T Pieters (Bel), P Bootsma (Ned), Jean-Baptiste Gonnet (Fra), L de Jager (Rsa), M Schmitt (Ger), A Karlsson (Swe), B Henson (USA), A Sandhu (Ind). Rugby League Betfred Super League Castleford....... 24 Warrington...... 40 Castleford—T: Mata’utia (2), Turner, Millington. G: Richardson (4). Warrington—T: Ashton (3), Mamo (2), Wrench. G: Ratchford (7), Widdop. P W D L F A Pts Catalans Dr 22 19 0 3 680 386 38 St Helens 20 16 0 4 534 203 32 Warrington 21 15 1 5 588 354 31 Wigan 24 14 0 10 375 377 28 Hull K R 19 10 0 9 485 422 20 Leeds 23 12 0 11 520 428 24 Castleford 23 11 0 12 437 552 22 Hull 20 8 1 11 397 432 17 Huddersfield 23 8 0 15 418 492 16 Wakefield 23 8 0 15 438 536 16 Salford 21 6 0 15 376 570 12 Leigh 21 2 0 19 332 828 4 Today’s diary (7.45pm unless stated) Premier League Newcastle v Leeds (8pm)......................... (Live on Sky Sports Main Event) Scottish League Two: Edinburgh City v Stirling. Women’s World Cup Qualifying Group B: Hungary v Scotland (7). Group D: England v North Macedonia (7), N Ireland v Luxembourg (7). Group I: Wales v Kazakhstan (7.15). CRICKET 1st ODI: Pakistan v New Zealand (Rawalpindi, 10.30am). 2nd T20 International: Scotland V Zimbabwe (Edinburgh, 2pm). U19 ODI: England V West Indies (Canterbury, 10.30). RUGBY LEAGUE Betfred Super League (7.45): Leeds v Hull K R, Salford v St Helens, Wakefield v Hull, Wigan v Catalans Dragons. RUGBY UNION Gallagher Premiership Rugby (7.45): Bristol v Saracens. Greene King IPA Championship (7.45): Nottingham v Ampthill.

50 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 GAA EXTRA dinamo zagreb 0 west ham 2 Antonio 21, Rice 50 europa league group H STAYING MONMcEnaney remains as Monaghan boss Third year for Banty BY MARK DONLON Seamus McEnaney will remain in charge of the Monaghan senior football team for a third season. ‘Banty’ was reinstated as manager for the 2022 season by the Monaghan county board following a management meeting on Wednesday night. In his second stint as manager, following on from a spell in charge from 2004 to 2010, McEnaney has had a backroom team made up of Donie Buckley, Peter Donnelly, Conor Laverty, David McCague and Ray Boyne. It now looks increasingly likely that highly soughtafter Kerry native Buckley will remain as a coach with Monaghan. Buckley has been part of Kingdom coaching set-ups and also worked with Mayo under James Horan. McEnaney’s charges reached the Ulster final this year, where they were beaten by eventual All-Ireland winners Tyrone at Croke Park. Monaghan lost out by a single point as Tyrone kept them at bay on their way to a fourth All-Ireland success. RUGBY EXTRA Kiely out on a Lim BY KARL O’KANE ULSTER rugby have pounced for Limerick double All-Ireland-winning strength and conditioning coach Michael Kiely. Kiely’s departure is a blow to the back-to-back All-Ireland champions, with Limerick’s conditioning viewed as the best across inter-county hurling. The Ballybrown clubman joined John Kiely’s set-up in 2019. The 32-year-old had previously worked with the Limerick senior footballers and helped Clare under-21 hurlers to the All-Ireland title in 2013. Tyrone S and C coach Peter Donnelly, who helped guide the Red Hand men to All-Ireland glory this year, was previously employed by Ulster before moving to the Irish rugby set-up. Ant & DEC greb the spotlight Goal heroes Michail & Rice too dynamic for Dinamo ratings zagreb Livakovic.................5 Sutalo..................... 6 Lauritsen................ 6 Theophile-Catherine..4 Ristovski.................5 Ademi......................5 Misic Booked.......... 5 Franjic.....................5 Petkovic..................5 Ivanusec................ 7 Orsic........................ 6 SUBS Juric (T-Catherine 46) 6, Moharrami (Ristovski 64) 6, Tolic (Misic 75) 6, Menalo (Orsic 83), Gojak (Ivanusec 83) west ham Fabianski ................ 7 Fredericks............... 7 Zouma..................... 7 Diop........................ 6 Cresswell................ 6 Rice.........................8 Soucek.................... 7 Vlasic...................... 6 Lanzini Booked........ 6 Fornals.................... 6 Antonio................. 7 SUBS Benrahma (Lanzini 51) 6, Bowen (Vlasic 69) 6, Yarmolenko (Antonio 82), Noble (Rice 82) Masuaku (Fornals 82) REFEREE: Halis Ozkahya motm: declan rice Moyes: Goals will take skipper to next level from PAUL BROWN in Zagreb DAVID MOYES watched Declan Rice lead West Ham to glory – then told him to score more goals Michail Antonio broke the deadlock and Rice then helped to give the Hammers their first-ever clincher Declan Rice fires the Hammers 2-0 in front win in the Europa League group stage with a brilliant solo strike. But Irons boss Moyes (right), whose side are top of Group H on goal difference from Genk, said: “The ability for him to surge away from people, his power, is a great trait to have. We’d like him to use it more. “He’s been getting a bit of a ribbing for not scoring enough goals. “He could be a very good goalscoring midfielder and if he can score a few more, that would be great. With GROUP H Declan, he’s tried to take himself to the next level. “He’s getting better, he captained West Ham for the first time in Europe and he scores a goal that makes the game much more comfortable. “He’s doing really well for us.” P W D L F A Ps West Ham 1 1 0 0 2 03 Genk 1 1 0 0 1 03 Rapid Vienna 1 0 0 1 0 10 Dinamo Zagreb 1 0 0 1 0 20 from PAUL BROWN in Zagreb ANT and Dec are not just a TV double act – they are not bad for West Ham either. Michail Antonio made history by scoring his side’s first goal in a major European competition – excluding qualifiers – for 22 years. And Declan Rice capped an inspirational captain’s performance with a brilliant solo goal to give the Hammers a dream start to their Europa League adventure. Their namesakes may be best known for presenting Britain’s Got Talent, but it was West Ham’s dynamic duo proving there’s plenty at London Stadium, too. Antonio was called “stupid” by boss David Moyes for getting sent off in his side’s goalless draw with Southampton at the weekend. But he bounced back in the best way possible to score his fifth goal in as many games this season. And Rice made sure it was a perfect start to West Ham’s first-ever Europa League group stage campaign with a second-half strike. Moyes could not have asked for more – and it was all the more impressive because Dinamo Zagreb are no mugs. West Ham knew what they were up against. Spurs came a cropper here last season, crashing out of this competition after losing 3-0. Part of the Stadion Maksimir has been shut since then after an earthquake ripped through Zagreb. But it was rocking for a different reason when Antonio sent West Ham’s 2,000 travelling fans crazy by breaking the deadlock in the 21st minute. Kevin Theophile-Catherine played a suicidal backpass that the Irons striker picked off before dancing around keeper Dominik Livakovic for a simple finish. The visitors played with the swagger of a side used to winning and Livakovic quickly had to save a Ryan Fredericks shot with his legs. Six Hammers fans had been arrested after a bar brawl the night before the game, but it was Dinamo who were safely locked away last night – in their own half. And West Ham underlined their dominance five minutes after the break when Rice picked off another bad ball and stormed forward to fire home between Livakovic’s legs. The England midfielder then wound up the locals by celebrating right in front of their Ultras. And that finally seemed to wake Dinamo up. Luka Ivanusec promptly had a shot blocked and then whipped another just wide. But West Ham’s new-look back four – with new signing Kurt Zouma starting alongside Issa Diop at centre-back – held them at bay. And, with Manchester United to come this weekend, Moyes even had the luxury of bringing off some of his big guns for a rest before the match was over. West Ham’s key men are performing, their new faces are gelling and their confidence is high. Last season was no fluke. This one could be even better. leicester 2 napoli 2 Perez 9, Barnes 64 Osimhen 69, 87 GROUP C P W D L F A Ps Legia Warsaw 1 1 0 0 1 03 Leicester 1 0 1 0 2 2 1 Napoli 1 0 1 0 2 2 1 Sptk Moscow 1 0 0 1 0 10 europa league group c 2-2 1-0 Osimhen completes stunning Napoli comeback 2-0 2-1 FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 51 Ole hopes Jesse will stay a Red by Gideon Brooks OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER is confident of persuading Jesse Lingard to stay despite the England star’s refusal to sign a new deal. The midfielder, who is out of contract at Manchester United next summer, rebooted his career on loan at West Ham last season. But despite being welcomed back to Old Trafford this summer, Lingard, 28, and his advisors have refused to sign a new offer. Lingard (above) joined United as a 15-year-old in 2008, and boss Solskjaer said: “He’s got one year left on his contract and the club is talking to him and his dad. We see him as a Man United player in the future,. “Jesse has showed his qualities and got back into the England squad.” Lingard, bagged a double for England against Andorra, and nine goals in 16 games for the Hammers – compared to nine in 66 for United. Yet, despite his back pass howler which gifted Young Boys victory in Tuesday’s Champions League Group F opener, Solskjaer has not lost faith in the player. He added: “We really want to see the best of him this season. He’s a red through and through.” Solskjaer also revealed tomorrow’s visit of West Ham will come too soon for striker Edinson Cavani who has been sidelined with a slight strain. DRAW BLIMEY Napoli peg back frustrated Foxes with a late Osimhen double BY DAVE ARMITAGE Leicester blew a golden chance to get their Europa League campaign off to a winning start when they let a two-goal lead slip away last night. Napoli’s Victor Osimhen pegged them back with a late double after looking like he could not hit a barn door for most of the match. But he found the target when it mattered – and when it hurt – with a 69thminute goal and then headed home an equaliser two minutes from time. The Foxes looked to be cruising when the impressive Harvey Barnes drilled home soon after the hour mark to add to the early lead Ayoze Perez had given the home side. But it all went wrong late on and that included the stoppage-time dismissal of Wilfred Ndidi when he picked up a second yellow. Brendan Rodgers’ decision to start without star names such as Jamie Vardy, James Maddison and Youri Tielemans may have caused one or two raised eyebrows when the teamsheet dropped into the Napoli dressing room. The Leicester boss’s selection could be considered brave or risky, depending on your view, particularly against opponents who had started the Serie A season in splendid fashion. Napoli had extended their 100 per cent record with a third win on the bounce at the weekend, a late goal toppling Juventus. But Rodgers decided to shake things up a bit and then watched his side go at the visitors from the off. It did not take long for their brisk start to pay dividends when Perez put them into a ninth-minute lead. The Foxes went close just a couple of minutes earlier when Perez hit a first-time shot which bounced away ratings leicester napoli Schmeichel............. 7 Castagne................. 7 Evans....................... 6 Vestergaard Booked...6 Bertrand.................. 7 Ndidi Sent Off.......... 7 Soumare Booked...... 7 Perez....................... 7 Daka........................ 7 Barnes.....................8 Iheanacho............... 7 SUBS Soyuncu Booked (Evans 45) 6, Tielemans (Perez 45) 7, Lookman (Daka 71) 6, Maddison (Soumare 78) 6, Vardy Ospina..................... 7 Malcuit.................... 6 Rrahmani Booked..... 7 Koulibaly................. 7 Di Lorenzo Booked... 7 Anguissa................. 7 Fabian...................... 6 Zielinski................... 6 Lozano.................... 6 Osimhen.................. 6 Insigne.................... 6 SUBS Elmas (Zielinski 64) 6, Politano (Lozano 64) 6, Ounas (Insigne 74) 6, Nunes Jesus (Malcuit 84), Petagna (Iheanacho 87) (Anguissa 84) REFEREE: Tiago Martins motm: harvey barnes off the legs of former Arsenal keeper David Ospina. But it was Barnes causing havoc again minutes later and this time Leicester made it count. Ryan Bertrand set them on their way with a neat interception just inside his own half, putting Barnes away down the left. He played a one-two with Patson Daka before clipping the ball superbly towards the far post where Perez smashed a volley past Ospina to give the Foxes the advantage. Napoli responded, desperately trying to get back on level terms and only had themselves to blame for not doing so. They wasted a number of reasonable chances, with striker Osimhen the main culprit. Leicester looked to have delivered a real hammer blow on the hour, only to see Daka’s well-taken effort ruled out for offside. But Barnes took it on himself to make up for that, cashing in on the far side of the box after Kelechi Iheanacho found him with a superb ball. Barnes made no mistake, taking the pass in his stride and setting his sights before drilling a shot into the far corner of the net. That should have been enough but Napoli replied instantly, the erratic Osimhen finally getting some reward for his endeavours when he shrugged aside Jannik Vestergaard a bit too easily and poked a dropping shot over Kasper Schmeichel before earning a draw with his looping effort with two minutes left to play. Fans for nothing Pep told from back page effectively what he is doing, is disappointing and uncalled for.” The attendance for Wednesday’s 6-3 win prompted Guardiola to say: “I’d like more people to come to the next game on Saturday. We will need the people next Saturday, please, because we will be tired. I invite all our people to come next Saturday, 3pm, and watch the game.” Rival fans joke about the “Emptyhad” and Parker added: “He doesn’t understand the difficulties some might have getting to the Etihad on a Wednesday at 8pm. “He’s absolutely the best coach in the world but, in the nicest possible way, I think maybe he should stick to that. I don’t think anybody anywhere within the club should be questioning the loyalty of the supporters. “It also plays into the hands of supporters from other teams who take every opportunity to have a go at City for what they think are poor attendances. It’s not factual. Our attendances are generally excellent.” City new boy Jack Grealish scored against Leipzig on his Champions League debut - and cannot wait to test himself against Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. A trip to Paris Saint-Germain is next up and Grealish said: “Neymar’s an unbelievable player and it will be pleasure to share a pitch with him.” BRUCE: i’ll never walk out on toon newcastle v leeds preview: See pAGE 46 PLENTY TO CRO ABOUT Antonio points the way to success for West Ham in Croatia how did that happen? Jota cannot believe Celtic threw away a two goal lead rennes 2 tottenham 2 group g europa conference league report page 49 dinamo zagreb 0 west ham 2 europa league group H report page 50 fans take pop at pep cityzen pain at guardiola plea by Gideon Brooks PEP GUARDIOLA has been told to lay off the fans and stick to coaching after appearing to question attendances at the Etihad. The Manchester City boss issued a rallying call to supporters following the Champions League clash with RB Leipzig, which attracted 38,062 spectators to the 55,000-seat stadium. But official supporters’ club general secretary Kevin Parker said: “To question the support, which is turn to page 51 City supporter group hits out after boss calls for more to turn up at the Etihad real betis 4 celtic 3 europa league group g report page 48 HANDS OFF Guardiola has been told to stop criticising the crowd leicester 2 Napoli 2 europa league group c report page 51 Show some respect for Pete’s sake By Peter Ramsey CIARAN Whelan says Peter Keane (above) has been shown a lack of respect by the Kerry County Board Whelan hit out at the Kerry manager’s treatment after his three-year term expired. Kerry GAA this week released a statement indicating they were opening up the process of appointing a senior football manager. There was no mention of Keane in the statement, and it appears he will have to apply for the job again – if he wants it. Ex-Dublin star Whelan (circled) told RTE: “It’s amazing the County Board didn’t have a chat with Peter Keane and have a review of the three years. “They should have asked him where are we at and what are your plans? The process they are engaging in is disrespectful to Keane. “Simple basic respect. You go about the process in an appropriate manner. “If they don’t want him as manager, at least deal with it in the right way. Having to reapply for the job, I don’t get that.” logan: We can play - see page 43 Published by MGN Ltd at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP (020-7293 3000) and printed by The Irish Times Ltd at 4080 Kingswood Rd, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office Serial No. 34,941 ©MGN Ltd Friday, September 17, 2021 E Austria €3.50, Belgium €2.00, Bulgaria 3.70 BLG, France €2.00, Germany €2.00, Greece €2.50, Italy €2.20, Netherlands €2.00, Portugal €2.95 (cont) 341Esc, Spain €2.95, Malta €2.50 (inc VAT), Turkey: YTL 10, Cyprus €2.40, Denmark 20DK, Norway NKR22, Egypt EGP. 12.00

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 1 Take a break and get your brain in gear €75 to be PUZZLES won! Quizword & Crossword Two sets of clues, two different answers – all on the same grid. Choose one or the other. Quizword ACROSS 1 Ignace Jan —, pianist and composer who became prime minister of Poland in 1919 (10) 8 1953 adventure film starring Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly (7) 9 V I —, Russian statesman who died in 1924 (5) 10 and 16 Down 2012 Wimbledon mixed doubles tennis champion with Mike Bryan (4,7) 11 Edmund —, English tragic actor whose roles included Shylock at Drury Lane in 1814 (4) 12 1963 film drama that starred Paul Newman in the title role (3) 14 Port in Corsica; capital of Haute-Corse department, France (6) 15 1973, 1974 and 1977 Grand National-winning horse (3,3) 18 Evergreen or deciduous tree or shrub whose fruit is the acorn (3) 20 Town in Galilee north of Nazareth where Jesus performed his first miracle (4) 21 Sandy —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 1985 (4) 23 European finch with a brown streaked plumage (5) 24 G —, England Test cricketer who hit 246 not out against India at Leeds in 1967 (7) 25 Playwright whose stage works include Present Laughter and Design for Living (4,6) DowN 1 Immortal winged horse in Greek mythology (7) 2 and 7 2014 film comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels (4,3,6,2) 3 Cecil —, British financier; prime minister of the Cape Colony from 1890-96 (6) 4 Mats —, 1988 US Open singles tennis champion (8) 5 Bev —, 1984 European Indoor Championships 60m gold medallist (5) 6 Author of novel Wuthering Heights, first published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell (5,6) 7 See 2 Down 13 R J —, designer of the Spitfire fighter aircraft produced by the Supermarine company (8) 16 See 10 Across 17 Joe —, Scotland and London Irish rugby union centre forced to retire through injury in 2013 (6) 19 Kipchoge —, 1968 Olympic men’s 1,500m gold medallist (5) 22 Small constellation in the northern hemisphere containing the star Vega (4) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 Crossword 17 23 24 25 ACROSS 1 Feeling of revulsion (10) 8 One who takes country walks (7) 9 Musical drama (5) 10 Chair (4) 11 Close with a bang (4) 12 Body of water (3) 14 Difficult to see or find (6) 15 Reflected light (6) 18 Drinking venue (3) 20 Encircle (4) 21 Second Greek letter (4) 23 Golf term (5) 24 Alligator pear (7) 25 Again and again (10) 22 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror DOWN 1 Swimming aid (7) 2 Cavity (4) 3 Hardly ever (6) 4 Gigantic (8) 5 Board game (5) 6 Insect type (11) 7 Mild analgesic drug (11) 13 Stay of execution (8) 16 Healing treatment (7) 17 Very young child (6) 19 Military instrument (5) 22 Precious metal (4) CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) to hear FULL SOLUTIONS to CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD, and to hear 5 EXTRA CLUES for CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD too! Two-speed coffeebreak Two sets of clues – but the answers are the same. Cryptic clues ACROSS 3 Singer has suitable part of tome (7) 7 Register for a large drink (6) 8 Managed as well to be a nonentity (4-3) 9 Letters from Mali, perhaps (4) 11 Supermarket has style (4) 12 Husky, say, or another animal (5) 15 Same sort of suture (4) 16 Rush at different rate (4) 17 Terribly eager to tally (5) 18 Air of invention (4) 19 Rental is increased, we hear (4) 21 Match for the devil (7) 22 Silent about a time to change (6) 23 See headland after comedian (7) DOWN 1 Mix in prison (4) 2 Sully bees and ram, somehow (7) 3 Seafood has one demand (5) 4 He will reach a terrible place (4) 5 Organiser in favour of metro layout (8) 6 Athlete’s bean? (6) 10 Remain a new countryman (8) 11 She’s on the line (3) 13 We learn about continuation (7) 14 Relaxed during conversation (3) 15 School to permit looking unhealthy (6) 18 Microbe that may be virtual (5) 19 Borders forming mesh (4) 20 Naval flyer? (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 1 2 3 4 5 6 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! TWO-SPEED COFFEEBREAK 1550 501110 (€0.75/min) TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818229660. Min age 18+. 7 9 10 ACROSS 3 Book section (7) 7 Triple (6) 8 Loser (4-3) 9 Post (4) 11 Hairstyle (4) 12 Equine mammal (5) 15 Join (4) 16 Rip (4) 17 Concur (5) 18 Opening (4) 19 Charter (4) 21 Evil spirit (7) 22 Transform (6) 23 Observer (7) 8 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 23 Quick clues 19 20 22 DOWN 1 Move (4) 2 Defile (7) 3 Assert (5) 4 Hades (4) 5 Impresario (8) 6 Sprinter (6) 10 From Yerevan? (8) 11 Clothes fastener (3) 13 Renovation (7) 14 Was seated (3) 15 Pale (6) 18 Disease (5) 19 Edges (4) 20 Small bird (4) The name game Hidden in the grid is the name of a TV personality. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 30-sec brain teaser Boost your brain power with our 30-second test. Start with the number on the left and follow the instructions. Beginners should aim to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds. Intermediates should finish their own puzzle and the Beginner’s Challenge. Genius players have 30 seconds to complete their own plus the Intermediate. Good luck! Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror BOX1: Which member of the Beatles did Jimmy Tarbuck go to primary school with? Ringo Starr (G) Paul McCartney (W) John Lennon (A) BOX2: What is the name of Benedict Cumberbatch’s eldest son with his wife Sophie Hunter? Colin (V) Casper (M) Christopher (G) BOX3: Which city was elected to host the 2024 Summer Olympics? Paris (Y) Berlin (I) Madrid (C) BOX4: The web television drama Ratched is based on a character from which novel? A Clockwork Orange (N) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (U) The Bell Jar (K) BOX5: Which rock group performed their last concert in the 1978 film The Last Waltz, directed by Martin Scorsese? Deep Purple (E) Led Zeppelin (A) The Band (O) BOX6: Which Emmerdale character was played by Richard Thorp? Alan Turner (A) Seth Armstrong (B) Amos Brearly (H) BOX7: In the Old Testament, to which kingdom was the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel exiled? Moab (F) Edom (G) Babylon (P) BOX8: Which of these is a film starring Robert De Niro? Angry Cow (P) Raging Bull (R) Livid Lobster (F) BOX9: What is the name of the runt rabbit who is a main character in Richard Adams’ novel Watership Down? Fievel (N) Fiver (D) Fitz (S) BOX10: Jeremy Renner (pictured) played which superhero in a series of Marvel comic book films? Hawkeye (L) The Hulk (D) Ant-Man (U) BEGINNER 16 INTERMEDIATE 128 ADVANCED 274 Take the square root +8 ×5 −29 Reverse the digits ×3 +9 5/8 of this −66 Square it +136 75% of this +84 5/9 of this +155 8/11 of this Mirrorgram −76 3/4 of this −126 Increase by 75% +157 9/10 −81 7/12 of this of this Solve our ten-letter anagram O U T L I V E R O N Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER

2 IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 DMEEIR PUZZLES Speedbreaker 3 24 24 5 2 25 12 3 1 9 Target time: 20:35 mins Test your codecracking skills against us! We took 20 minutes and 35 seconds to complete this puzzle — can you do better? We’ve taken a completed crossword puzzle and replaced each letter in the grid with the same number throughout. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. If you find it hard to get going, call the Extra Letter line where you will also find a little bit of extra help. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions in Monday’s Irish Mirror ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 A N 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 €75 to be won! B HOW TO ENTER: Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) and tell us which letter is represented by the number ‘1’ in today’s Speedbreaker. The winner will be drawn at random after lines close at midnight tonight. Last Friday’s winner:John Faithfull, from Enfield, Middlesex Solutions Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) for 5 extra letters or the full solution. Deduct one minute from the target time for each extra letter used. 12 1 6 11 1 2 15 15 5 26 11 2 10 17 23 12 15 9 24 5 11 2 22 5 18 17 7 11 21 12 3 21 11 23 13 10 16 9 B 2 25 11 A 4 8 18 11 14 1 25 10 21 1 19 9 10 11 12 12 2 20 12 19 15 1 21 21 11 5 8 12 1 1 17 25 21 11 17 15 8 11 13 17 8 1 18 17 21 2 12 10 22 4 17 16 N Just a bit of fun Which one of our three definitions is correct? VIVACE 1 Type of fox 2 Ancient weapon 3 Lively Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Scribble pad ✍ TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818 229660. Min age 18+. 12 17 5 1 8 15 10 11 20 26 Arrow Word Settee Tuberous food Sign of tiredness Fabric Perform Northern European Pig meat Tom _, pictured Arrow Words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Object which attracts Mix Brawl Poem Precious stone Seduce Flying insect Moon of Saturn Globe _ Mendes, US actress Farewell Excellent Seat Insurgent Short skirt Item of footwear Robbie _, singer America (1,1,1) Distress call (1,1,1) Stitched Scratch Ribbonshaped pasta Tree King _, famous play Pose a question Former Russian ruler Desk Secondhand Enlists Snake-like fish Unwell Part of the head _ Chanel, late fashion designer Artist's stand Type of cocktail Thin Lay eyes on Educators Had food Finish Chances _ Kudrow, US actress Schedules Tied together Vegetable Casual clothing item Imitates _ Hathaway, pictured Vanished Require Picture Lena _, Swedish actress Quaint Posted Fruit peel Almond, for example Legends Hot drink Sadness Eras Top card Colour Female deer Estimated (abbr.) DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 3 Su-doku corner Easy su-doku 3 5 1 6 9 1 5 6 7 9 4 3 5 6 1 7 9 5 7 3 4 4 8 7 6 1 8 2 3 7 3 6 The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 3 1 4 2 Su-doku toughie The rules for Su-doku are easy, but this one’s a toughie! Each number from 1 to 9 must appear only once in each horizontal and vertical line, and only once in each 3x3 grid. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) to hear SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES or FULL SOLUTIONS to the easy and toughie su-dokus and hitoshii. Killer su-doku 15 14 7 24 5 11 15 3 9 18 14 13 18 10 13 15 10 16 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 10 6 12 16 12 11 22 10 14 11 5 13 15 18 FUTOSHIKI 5 3 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Word Ladder Quarry waste Shut loudly Join Appear Prophet Wordsearch Can you find all the listed things to look through in the grid? Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror P K A L E I D O S C O P E A D E A N W Z K P Y H E M A S V S P K G N C Z M T R I Y U H J E O G Y A Y O S R D E N E X N L C K R D N S E T L G S R I R C S C O O V R R O L I M Z H X A E I C O G G H A K A A D C W T L L L L B P S E L G R L B G C E T R X E S Y R A U I R I Q E T V N E E H A M F H C H H E P G E P S O E V G R J T O P W S B Q G L Q P W I G J Y Z N I H A N E K W K N I C K X E J I J B D M Q M I C R O S C O P E B W I N D O W B E W Y P V H R W BINOCULARS BOOK CRACK EYES GAP KALEIDOSCOPE STAG DEER KEYHOLE LIES MAGAZINE MICROSCOPE MONOCLE Using the clues provided, fill in each step of the ladder with a new word, changing one letter at a time. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror PEEPHOLE SPECTACLES SUNGLASSES TELESCOPE WINDOW Brickwork 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS QUIZWORD ACROSS: 1 Flint, 7 Figueroa, 8 Astor, 10 Royal Rebel, 12 Sheridan, 14 Daly, 16 Tees, 17 Dead Cert, 20 Withernsea, 23 Rubik, 24 Roommate, 25 Kelly. DOWN: 1 Fear Is, 2 Ngor, 3 Aida, 4 Burra, 5 Art Blakey, 6 Fawlty, 9 Robin, 11 Desert God, 13 Ace, 15 Adler, 16 Towers, 18 The Key, 19 Helms, 21 Nott, 22 Aude. CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Above, 7 Forecast, 8 Wager, 10 Woodpecker, 12 Location, 14 Else, 16 Cool, 17 Jettison, 20 Indication, 23 Patio, 24 Produces, 25 Belly. DOWN: 1 At will, 2 View, 3 Good, 4 Celeb, 5 Backslash, 6 Starve, 9 Route, 11 Accordion, 13 One, 15 Strop, 16 Crispy, 18 Nobody, 19 Scrub, 21 Teem, 22 Nave. Two-speed COFFEEBREAK ACROSS: 1 Shortstop, 8 Parts, 10 Scone, 12 Ore, 13 Tan, 14 Acne, 15 Severn, 16 Snore, 18 Listen, 20 Mast, 22 Ale, 23 Ban, 24 Noted, 25 Ingot, 26 Antelopes. DOWN: 2 Heron, 3 Rose, 4 Sister, 5 Ozone, 6 Appalling, 7 Reinstate, 9 Trestle, 11 Caveman, 15 Son, 17 Needle, 19 Satin, 21 Angle, 23 Biro. WEDNESDAY’S SPEEDBREAKER 1=C, 2=B, 3=T, 4=F, 5=G, 6=H, 7=Y, 8=O, 9=W, 10=I, 11=D, 12=L, 13=A, 14=R, 15=U, 16=K, 17=X, 18=E, 19=S, 20=V, 21=J, 22=Z, 23=P, 24=N, 25=Q, 26=M. Enter the solutions to the clues in their numbered layers of the wall. Each word must be an anagram of its neighbours, plus or minus one letter. 1 Mate 2 Smack 3 Failing 4 Jacket collars 5 Jumps 6 Wan 7 Circuit ARROW WORD Bingo Fri Sep 17 2021 Game 35 Day 5 34 19 56 41 36 84 83 4 78 49 54 C H F S S A G A P E O L D M A N A R R A N G E A G A S T O O D H E A L E R E L M T O R L O L A S I A R E V E L U S T A N D A R D S S T O W E S T N I M A G E W A S T O N I S H E D B I N L A S A N O N E N L A R G E S H A K E S P E A R E E A T S P U M E U G L I N N S P Y R A T A C R E A T E G E L N H O O D I E A L E S N A C K S L U R R Y P M A T I N E E S T A G R A T I N G P O G O H E R E T O C A R O B In the Irish Mirror every Saturday there’s €1000 to be won in our Big Name prize crossword EASY SU-DOKU 6 8 3 5 2 7 9 4 1 4 3 5 7 1 9 8 6 2 2 5 8 3 9 6 1 7 4 2 5 9 8 4 1 6 7 3 1 2 8 5 3 6 4 9 7 9 1 4 7 8 5 3 6 2 KILLER SU-DOKU 8 5 9 6 1 3 2 4 7 7 4 6 9 8 2 5 1 3 2 3 1 4 7 5 8 9 6 1 6 2 7 9 8 4 3 5 3 8 7 5 2 4 1 6 9 MIRRORGRAM EXASPERATE 30-SEC BRAIN TEASER Beginner 32; Intermediate 255; Advanced 646. JUST A BIT OF FUN 1 Surface skin 4 9 5 3 6 1 7 8 2 BRICKWORK Lea, Bale, Blare, Herbal, Rehab, Bear, Bar. WORD LADDER Luke, Lute, Late, Lane, Wane, Ware, Warm. HERE are the numbers for Day 5 of Game 35 on your Bingo card. TO WIN a full house €250 prize, all 15 numbers on the Game 35 grid must be correctly crossed off with the Irish Mirror numbers. If you’re still short by Saturday, buy the Irish Sunday Mirror and Irish Sunday People for more numbers and the chance to win a €100 prize. TO CLAIM Call 01 868 8620 from 10am to 3pm on Mondays only. If you get a full house on any other day, you will need to phone and make your claim on the following Monday. No responsibility accepted for failure to call within stated hours. Standard Reach PLC rules apply, see 7 1 4 9 3 6 8 2 5 6 7 9 4 8 2 1 5 3 3 6 7 2 4 1 5 9 8 6 2 3 8 4 7 9 5 1 9 1 4 2 5 6 3 7 8 5 7 8 1 3 9 6 2 4 SU-DOKU TOUGHIE FUTOSHIKI 1 5 3 2 4 2 4 1 5 3 4 1 2 3 5 3 2 5 4 1 5 3 4 1 2 WORDSEARCH P T C A S H F L O W H Y O T X I M D D E P R E C I A T I O N O V A R I A B L E C O S T Z D E H O I T A R K C I U Q L Q W A L A T I P A C G N I K R O W T W D Y L M T D F Z H D J V G S D G N I R A E G L N Z N E F E D O M B E Q Q G E G E J R O T I O V A H N G T D S B A H R D V D T I Z K P U F U F S E E I I W A L D R Z R L B B S A C C D I T S O C D E X I F E D A A E L T F I P D G N V R T G S O N L I R E S E R V E S S Z T N D T S H A R E C A P I T A L NAME GAME WINCHESTER 1C, 2S, 3R, 4H, 5N, 6W, 7E, 8E, 9T, 10I.

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES GO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER 4 ARIES IRISH DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 RIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER RUSSELL ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ICORN GRANT AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO MINI CANCER EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO horoscopes ARIES TAURUS LEO GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO VIRGO LIBRA LIBRA LEO SCORPIO SCORPIO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Aries March 21–April 20 Libra Sept 24–Oct 23 SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES If you have no set plans You have discovered right now, you might declutter someone close been keeping a your surroundings SAGITTARIUS and clear CAPRICORN your AQUARIUS secret and you PISCESwish they had LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO desk ARIES of any TAURUS paperwork, SAGITTARIUS GEMINI CAPRICORN CANCERtalked to you sooner. Now the AQUARIUS PISCES correspondence and accounts that truth is out you realise you should have recently been neglected. have noticed the signs. This is a PISCES Your priority will ARIES be to TAURUS use your GEMINI CANCER ARIES situation TAURUS that GEMINI needs dealing CANCER eith time and energy in as positive a now. In some matters you seem to way as you possibly can. have no choice but to take charge. LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS For TAURUS more call 1560 CAPRICORN GEMINI 932201 CANCER AQUARIUS For PISCES more call 1560 932207 TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER ARIUS GO LIBRA SCORPIO RIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES Taurus April 21 – LEO May 21 VIRGO Scorpio LIBRA SCORPIO Oct 24 – Nov 22 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES Professional TAURUS matters GEMINI will CANCER People will complain about provide the stimulation you need the drastic changes you feel you CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS to SAGITTARIUS feel you CAPRICORN are making AQUARIUS progress. PISCESmust now make. A problem is not You are taking on new going to go away until someone commitments and the greater SAGITTARIUS the CAPRICORN does something AQUARIUS about PISCES it and you responsibility, the happier you will need to step in. Had someone else LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO feel. Some interesting LEO VIRGO dealt LIBRA with this SCORPIO matter sooner, developments will give your family there wouldn’t have been the need SCORPIO a lot to talk about. for you to get involved. For more call 1560 932202 For more call 1560 932208 ICORN AQUARIUS PISCES MINI EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES ARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Gemini May 22 –June 21 Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER An alert SAGITTARIUS frame of mind CAPRICORN will AQUARIUSFrustration PISCES is likely and this PISCES ensure those relying on you in the will come in the form of people workplace aren’t let down. who are uncooperative and LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO Although things won’t go to plan unhelpful. You are determined to all the time there will be a lot LEO to get VIRGOa job out LIBRA of the way SCORPIO and you keep you amused. You might won’t allow them to block your resent demands ARIES being TAURUS made GEMINI on progress, CANCER because once you’ve you within the family in which case overcome these obstacles it speak your mind immediately. should be plain sailing. For CANCER more call 1560 932203 ARIES TAURUS For GEMINI more call 1560 CANCER 932209 GO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ICORN SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS CAPRICORN PISCES PISCESAQUARIUS PISCES MINI SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES BRARIES ARIUS LEO VIRGO LIBRA Cancer June 22 –July 23 SCORPIO Capricorn Dec 22 –Jan 20 If you drop your guard you Some things you’ve been could end up spending a lot of keeping to yourself have to be SCORPIO time TAURUS talking GEMINI but achieving CANCER nothing. brought out into the open even LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO Concentrate solely on the matter though you know someone won’t in ARIES hand. SAGITTARIUSA group TAURUSCAPRICORN effort GEMINI will AQUARIUS seem CANCERbe PISCES happy about it. Discussions will to go off course a little and it may be tense but are necessary and be appropriate to keep your next can no longer be avoided. You feel move quiet from some who might more up to dealing with issues you try to block your way. have been avoiding. PISCES For LEO more call 1560 VIRGOSAGITTARIUS 932204LIBRACAPRICORN SCORPIOFor AQUARIUS more call 1560 PISCES 932210 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO Leo July 24 – August 23 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 The starting gun has not Some people are getting yet been fired but a project seems you down with all their grumbling. to already be under way. You have Their negative attitude is having a SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS a lot to grapple with when some PISCES dull impact on a group experience. people have LEO openly VIRGOjumped in LIBRAand SCORPIO You know life could be better but took over matters that had been at the same time you are grateful TAURUS GEMINI CANCER standing still too long. Without for your many blessings. All you warning, you seem to have heaps wish for is that others could be a of things to get on with. little more positive at times. For more call 1560 932205 For more call 1560 932211 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES LEO VIRGO SAGITTARIUS LIBRA CAPRICORN SCORPIO AQUARIUS PISCES Virgo Aug 24 – Sept 23 Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 Whatever you had planned A partner or close friend to do you might find yourself will encourage you to follow your having to help sort out some own choices as they know how messy business. You would like to much it will mean to you. Knowing give a younger relative help but it you have their support means a seems they don’t want to know. It’s lot. If a neighbour is willing to let hard to watch people struggling bygones be bygones after a recent but it could be important that they argument, you will be relieved. learn from their own mistakes. You’ve always hated arguments. For more call 1560 932206 For more call 1560 932212 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Calls cost €1.28 per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0818 205 403 The Spirit Sisters Call our team of Psychics BY PHONE BILL 1570 923 215 €1.78/min from an Eircom landline. Other networks and mobiles may be more. CALL & PAY BY CARD (01) 554 1915 €35.60 / 20 Mins. Calls charged at standard network rate. All calls recorded. 18+. Entertainment purposes only. You must be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission. We may send free promotional messages. Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk - DMEEIR CARTOONS Packed lunches BBC Good Food daily recipe to collect Black bean tortilla with salsa Make this frittata for a quick, easy and healthy lunch option, making the most of store cupboard ingredients and packing in three of your five-a-day For the salsa 400g can chopped tomatoes 1 onion, finely chopped 1 red chilli, halved, deseeded and finely chopped 2 tsp smoked paprika 15g (1/2 pack) coriander, finely chopped 6 Kalamata olives, thinly sliced 1/2 lemon or lime, juiced For the omelette 2 x 400g can black beans, drained 3 garlic cloves, finely grated 2 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp ground coriander 6 large eggs 1 tbsp rapeseed oil 4 generous handfuls of rocket Tip the tomatoes into a pan and stir in 1 the onion, 1 /2 the chilli and the smoked paprika. Cook over a low heat for 10 mins. Tip 1 /2 into a bowl, then stir in 2 tbsp of the coriander and the olives and lemon juice. Meanwhile, heat the grill. Tip the beans 2 into a bowl and stir in the remaining chilli, the garlic, cumin and coriander. Beat in the eggs, then add the reserved 1 /2 of the salsa and the remaining fresh coriander with a little salt to taste. Blitz a little using a hand blender or mash some of the beans with a potato masher. Heat a 24cm non-stick pan with the oil. 3 Pour in the bean mixture and leave to cook gently for 5-7 mins until the base is set, then grill for 5 mins. Tip out and cut into 4 wedges. If you’re following our Healthy Diet Plan, serve two wedges with half of the remaining salsa and the rocket. Chill the rest for the following day. Prep: 10 mins Cook: 20 mins Serves 4 TOMORROW’s recipe: Spiced ‘chorizo’ pastry slices

DMEEIR FRIDAY 17.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 1 RSPB guide to birds in your area Content taken from 8-PAGE SPECIAL Plus: Top tips from the experts on bird care

2 House Sparrow DMEEIR Blue tit Although not as common as it once was, the humble house sparrow still visits many gardens, and often forms noisy colonies. It likes to nest in ivy on walls, as well as in crevices in buildings and nest boxes. You can tell the male by his large black bib, while females are paler and plainer. House sparrows feed on the ground but also use birdfeeders, and love a good communal bath. This colourful, acrobatic little bird is often the first to discover a new birdfeeder. It is also the most likely species to use a nest-box in your garden – if you are lucky it will then bring its brood of grey-and-yellow chicks to the feeders. It is best identified by its blue cap, white cheeks and eyebrows, and bright yellow belly. By Karen Rockett Woodpigeon Garden Birds With its short legs and waddling walk, the woodpigeon is a somewhat comical figure. It is bigger than feral or ‘street’ pigeons, with distinctive white markings on its neck-sides and wing edges, as well as a yellowish bill and white eyes, and a beautiful rosy-pink chest. Woodpigeons feed on the ground but also take buds from trees, and can be heard singing their five-note crooning coo from the trees. Great tit This bird is larger than the blue tit, and is just as colourful but has a black head with white cheek patches, as well as a black stripe down its chest and belly. It has a cheerful, ringing song and is familiar at feeders. Like blue tits, great tits will use nestboxes in the garden. They usually have one brood of chicks, which look like slightly muted versions of their parents. Lockdown has brought many of us closer to nature and the last year has seen a huge upsurge in the number of people birdwatching. Memberships of local birdwatching groups have soared and a recent poll commissioned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) found over half of adults saying the pandemic has made them more aware of nature in their local area. Your own back garden is a wonderful place to start out as a birdwatcher. Even small urban gardens will attract several kinds of birds, and the nation’s gardens as a whole form a large and important area of habitat for wildlife. Here’s a look at the ‘top ten’ garden bird species recorded in the RSPB’s 2021 ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ survey. Goldfinch A flock of goldfinches is known as a ‘charm’, which is very apt for this pretty bird. It has a distinctive red face and black and yellow wings, and is otherwise black and white on its head and tail, and light brown on its body. Juveniles are plain brown but have the black and yellow wings and black tail. Goldfinches love sunflower seeds and usually visit feeders in flocks. Starling Like the house sparrow, this species has declined in recent years. It is also often seen in flocks, and is notoriously hungry, but it will also reduce the leatherjackets in your lawn. Adults have glossy black plumage (spotted with white in winter) while juveniles are plain light brown. It has a strutting walk, and singing males imitate other birds, as well as making many other strange noises. Magpie One of the most eye-catching birds, the magpie is an inquisitive black-and-white crow with a very long tail, which reflects beautiful rainbow colours when the light hits it. You will often hear it before you see it, as it has a distinctive harsh chattering voice. Magpies are clever and inventive, and can be great fun to watch, especially newly fledged juveniles which are highly curious and active. Robin DMEEIR Blackbird This plump, dark and long-tailed thrush is most often seen hopping across the lawn; males also sing their beautiful, fluty territorial song from rooftops and other high places. It will nest in dense hedges or bushes, and loves to feed on windfall fruit. Only adult males are black (with yellow bills and eye-rings); females and juveniles are mottled dark brown. Officially our favourite bird, the robin is unmistakeable with its orange-red face and breast, and fearless habits. If you are digging in the garden, your local robin is probably nearby, hoping you will dig up a worm or two. Robins often nest in strange places, including inside plant pots in sheds if they can get in. Look out for the golden-brown, spotted juveniles from mid-spring to autumn. Long-tailed tit This is a tiny, round bird with a very long tail, leading to its nickname of ‘lollipop’. Its colours of black, white and dusky pink are unlike any other garden bird. It is usually seen in family groups, which keep in contact as they move through the bushes with a constant ‘conversation’ of purring call notes. Juveniles have blackish face masks, and less pink plumage than adults. How to attract birds to your garden 3 Tips from RSPB expert Adrian Thomas Food and water Putting out birdfood will help birds in your garden. Finches, tits and sparrows enjoy seeds and nuts, especially sunflower seeds, while thrushes will go for windfall apples, and many species enjoy fat-balls and suet-based foods. Always buy good quality birdfood. Make sure feeders and bird tables are placed somewhere safe from cats, not right next to dense bushes but close enough that the birds can easily retreat there. It is really important to keep feeding areas clean. Make sure you can see the feeders from indoors to get the most pleasure from them! Birds like a drink and a bathe, too. A birdbath is ideal, but an upturned dustbin lid that is watertight will work well. Basically, it needs to be wide and shallow. Keep it clean, and top it up daily in hot weather. During frosty weather, pour warm water onto any ice that forms. Again, siting is crucial, as birds are very vulnerable when bathing. The complete home There are many other things you can do in the garden to give birds their ideal home. ■ Plant as many shrubs, trees, climbers and flowers as you can, and try to keep hard landscaping to a minimum. A fruit tree is ideal, as is any shrub that bears berries, and leave seedheads standing in flowerbeds overwinter. Lawns are great for birds, whether kept long or mown short. ■ Cut down on chemicals, especially pesticides. And add a log pile to encourage more insects, which provide food for most of our garden birds. ■ Put up a range of birdboxes – those with holes for tits and sparrows should always be placed facing between north and east; open-fronted boxes for robins should be hidden behind dense climbers. ‘Nature on your Doorstep’ is a fantastic free RSPB resource for helping you attract birds and wildlife to your garden. For more information, visit www.rspb.

4 Mallard Tufted Duck Coast, Wetlands & River Kingfisher Oystercatcher Of the many duck species you may see, this is the most familiar. Mallard males have shiny green heads, white neck-collars and chestnut-brown chests, while the females are mottled brown and produce the familiar loud quacking call. You can see mallards on most town park lakes, but they are also widespread in wilder wetlands, where they rub shoulders with scarcer species like wigeons and teals. One of the most distinctive shorebirds, the oystercatcher is black-and-white with an eye-catching orange ‘carrot’ of a bill. It is most often seen on mud-flats near estuaries, but you might also see it on shingle and rocky shores, and in Scotland in particular it often breeds inland, on grassy fields and riversides. It has a distinctive, urgentsounding piping call. The thrill of a kingfisher sighting is your reward for walking slowly and quietly along a river-side. This dazzling jewel of a bird has iridescent blue upperparts and an orange belly, and catches its fish prey by diving head-first into the water. It nests in a tunnel that it digs into a bank side and may have three broods a year. The best time of year to see it is late summer, when young birds are wandering in search of their own territories. This is a diving duck which often visits lakes in towns, as well as reservoirs and estuaries. Males are black-and-white while females are dark chocolate brown – both sport a droopy crest at the backs of their heads. Tufted ducks are expert divers – in clear water you can see them swimming underwater with powerful kicks of their large webbed feet. Ireland and Britain are blessed with coastlines of almost 20,000 miles making it very important worldwide for coastal wildlife. We are lucky to have some of the world’s largest colonies of nesting seabirds in summer, as well as great gatherings of shorebirds in winter. Our rivers, lakes and marshes are also home to a wonderful diversity of birdlife. The wetlands of Norfolk, Suffolk and Somerset for example provide some of the most ideal habitats for birds in the world. But birdwatching in wetland and coastal areas can be tricky, as the birds can be quite distant and the terrain is quite exposed. Fulmar Look out for fulmars wheeling around tall cliff-faces in spring and summer. This bird looks a bit like a gull with its grey and white plumage, but is a closer cousin to the albatrosses, sharing with them a distinctive stiff-winged flight and a very keen sense of smell, enabling it to sniff out food such as floating carrion over many miles as it wanders far out at sea. Invest in a decent pair of binoculars, and visit RSPB reserves with purpose-built hides that enable you to enjoy closer views without disturbance. A visit to the Farne Islands, which lie just off the north Northumberland shore or RSPB Bempton Cliffs on the Yorkshire coast. Overlooking the North Sea, it is home to one of the top wildlife spectacles, the best mainland sea colony with visitor facilities and six safe cliffedge viewing platforms giving stunning close-up views of life on the edge. With crest eater distin large on th comp ‘danc you m humb

Great Crested Grebe DMEEIR Grey Heron 5 its elegant slim outline and ed, frilled head, this diving fishis one of our most attractive and ctive swimming birds. It lives on r lakes, though you may also see it e sea in winter. Pairs perform a lex, synchronised courtship e’ in spring, and later in the year ay see them carrying their ug-striped chicks on their backs. Often seen waiting, still and patient, at the water’s edge, the grey heron is a tall grey bird with a crested head and long, daggerlike bill. It is a skilled fish-catcher that can be seen around rivers, lakes and ponds of all kinds. When it takes flight, it looks prehistoric with its huge broad wings, gangling legs, and folded-in neck. It nests in colonies called ‘heronries’, building huge stick nests. Herring Gull This clever and resourceful bird with its evocative mewing and cackling voice is the most familiar ‘sea-gull’ . It has a silver-grey back and wings, with black wing-tips, and candypink legs; juveniles are mottled brown, and attain adult plumage gradually over four years. It is declining severely on rural coasts but does better in towns, making a living by clearing up what humans leave behind, on the streets and beaches. The Bird watchers’ Code Some three million adults go birdwatching every year. The Birdwatchers’ Code puts the interests of birds first and applies not just when you are at a nature reserve, but whenever you are watching birds here or abroad. Guillemot If you think you have seen a penguin in the wild here, chances are it was a guillemot. This dark brown-and-white bird has a penguin-like shape and is as skilful a swimmer and diver as any penguin, but it can fly, and belongs to the family known as auks (along with the puffin and the razorbill). Guillemots nest in large colonies on cliffs on mainly northern and western coasts. Gannet This is the biggest seabird. It is cigar-shaped with long, narrow wings. The adult it is mostly white, with black wing-tips and a yellowish head. Young birds are dark brown, and become whiter with each annual moult. Gannets feed by plungediving spectacularly, from a considerable height, then catching fish underwater. Most of its colonies are on islands – they include Bass Rock, off eastern Scotland, and Grassholm, off Pembrokeshire. Top tips Avoid disturbing birds and their 1 habitats – the birds’ interests should always come first. If a bird flies away or makes repeated alarm calls, you’re too close. And if it leaves, you won’t get a good view. Be an ambassador for 2 birdwatching. Respond positively to questions from interested passers-by. They may not be birdwatchers yet, but a helpful answer may spark an interest in birds, wildlife and its conservation. Know the law. Intentional or 3 reckless disturbance of some species at or near the nest is illegal in Britain. Don’t trespass on private land. Legislation provides access for walkers to open country, and includes measures to protect wildlife but the rules and codes are different in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, so make sure you know what you can do. Repeatedly playing a recording 4 of birdsong or calls to encourage a bird to respond can divert them from feeding their young. Never use playback to attract a species during its breeding season. Send your sightings to the 5 County Bird Recorder and the Birdtrack website ( our-science/projects/birdtrack) To read the full Birdwatchers’ Code, go to

6 Common Buzzard DMEEIR Kestrel Farmland, Park & Woodland This is the most frequently seen large bird of prey in the UK. Often several may be seen together, circling high overhead with their shortish tails fanned out. Most common buzzards are mid-brown, but some are much darker and others paler. In some areas you may see them alongside red kites, which are more rufous with long, forked tails. Skylark Its sweet, twittering, ceaseless ramble of a song is a characteristic sound of summer in meadows and on moorland, but seeing a skylark is more challenging than hearing one. The male rises from near his nest on the ground and flies straight up, extremely high, singing all the while. You might see him as a small dot against the blue sky. Look out for perched skylarks on fence posts; their pointed crests help tell them apart from other smallish brown birds. Great Spotted Woodpecker Of the three woodpeckers that breed here, the great spotted is the one seen most often, especially in woodlands. Starling-sized, with boldly marked blackand-white plumage, it gives itself away with its loud, sharp ‘kick’ call, and its territorial ‘drum-rolls’ on tree trunks in spring. It is also a fairly frequent visitor to gardens. If you see a bird hovering very still for a long spell, with fastbeating wings and a long, fanned-out tail, that is almost certainly a kestrel. This small falcon hunts mice and voles in grassland, using its hovering skill to hold position while it pinpoints where its prey is, before dropping down in a high-speed pounce. Females are chestnut, mottled black, while males have grey heads and tails. Because of our geographic position, climate and soil, much of our countryside would naturally be heavily wooded. However woodland cover has diminished greatly over the centuries, but we are now reversing this trend and creating new woodlands, to the benefit of some of our woodland birds. Farmland, although managed primarily to produce food rather than to benefit wildlife, can also be a wonderful wildlife habitat and is home to many special and much loved birds. Goldcrest Our smallest bird, the goldcrest prefers coniferous woodland to deciduous. Its tiny size and needle-like bill enable it to pick miniscule insects from in between conifer needles – this food source is enough to allow it to overwinter in Britain, unlike most insect-eating birds which migrate to warmer areas. Olive green with a yellow, black-edged crown, the goldcrest is extremely lively and active, and can be quite fearless. Barn owl DMEEIR Swallow 7 This beautiful owl is easily recognised, with its mostly white underparts and its effortless, wafting, low-level flight on long wings. It is primarily nocturnal but may be seen hunting in late afternoon and evening, especially in summer when it has a nest full of chicks to feed. Many barn owls nest in derelict farm buildings, but they will also use large nestboxes. Nuthatch Not all tree-climbing birds are woodpeckers, and the nuthatch is arguably a better tree-climber than any woodpecker, being able to run head-first down a trunk as well as up on its strong legs with grapplinghook claws. It has light bluegrey plumage with a pale orange belly and a long black eye-stripe, and uses its long, strong bill to crack open hard nuts and seeds. Tawny Owl The largest and most abundant of owls, the tawny owl is nonetheless difficult to see, as it is strictly nocturnal and lives in wooded habitats, where it is well-camouflaged when roosting by day. You may hear its wavering hoot at night anywhere where there are some mature trees, especially through winter when territories are being established. It is intricately mottled brown all over, with a large round head and dark eyes. Jay This gorgeously colourful woodland bird is a member of the crow family, and is reluctant to show off its beautiful pink, blue and black-and-white plumage, being shy and timid. You are most likely to see jays in autumn, when they gather acorns in large quantities to bury for later consumption. Of course, some acorns are never retrieved, so jays are also responsible for planting many oak trees. The first swallows arrive back from Africa at the end of March, and by early May many farm buildings will have nesting pairs in situ. This migratory bird has a delightful chuckling song, and is striking in appearance with its dark metallic-blue upperside, creamy belly, red throat and very long, forked tail. Swallows often hunt insects in cattle fields, almost skimming the grass as they catch their prey in flight. Top tips for spotting birds hidden in nature Be quiet! Don’t make any 1 sudden movements. Birds are easily startled by loud noises and will flee to cover. It is almost impossible to sneak up on a bird, because birds hear much better than human beings do. 2 Avoid brightly coloured clothes. Many birds have poor colour vision, but bright clothes, like whites, will contrast with the surrounding environment and enhance the appearance of movement. In woodlands, walk 3 slowly, pause often to scan the treetops with binoculars, and let birds come to you. 4 Use your ears as much as your eyes – learn the songs and calls of the commoner species and then a new voice in the chorus will stand out more. Be patient. Birdwatching is often 5 about waiting for the birds to show themselves. There are more than 6600 different types of birds have been seen here so buy a pocket book of birds to help you identify them.

8 CUCKOO DMEEIR song thrush Death of the dawn chorus IF you are an early riser you will be familiar with the dawn chorus. And if you’re a late riser, no doubt you think the birds sound too loud! However 50 years ago it was much louder and in that time we’ve lost 40 million birds, according to the RSPB. Birds can be split into three categories of conservation importance – red, amber and green. The Red List keeps track of how different species are doing and those on the red list (67 species) are in need of urgent help. The Red list criteria includes globally threatened species and species who are in severe decline (at least 50%) in breeding population over last 25 years. One in four birds are on that list and many of the iconic crooners are among them like nightingales, skylarks and cuckoos hence the death of the dawn chorus. Common garden birds like starlings, song thrushes and house sparrows are also on the list. Amber is the next most critical group and includes species in moderate decline (25 to 50 percent) with fewer than 3000 breeding pairs. Species on the green list are the least critical group that occur regularly. Pied Flycatcher NIGHTINGALE Red list Counting Birds Dr Mark Eaton, one of the RSPB’s Principal Conservation Scientists, is responsible for collecting the data on bird conservation and numbers. Mark and his team analyse hundreds of statistics from monitoring schemes such as the Breeding Bird Survey and the Wetland Bird Survey. Mark explains: “Thanks to thousands of volunteers – counting birds, doing surveys, getting their data to organisations such as the RSPB, BTO and WWT – birds are probably amongst the best monitored groups of wildlife on the planet. “We produce lots of stats which enable us to assess whether each species should go onto one of our lists of conservation concern. “Either amber for moderate concern or red which are the ones we are really worried about. “To be on the red list you need to be a bird of highest conservation concern, meaning you’re in a pretty bad way. “You’ve declined very rapidly, you’re at risk of extinction globally, or you are historically depleted, meaning you are at much lower population levels that you were in the past.” * To see what you can do to help or make a donation visit uk/join-and-donate/donate/ appeals/red-alert/ WILLOW TIT

17.09.2021 ’NOOTH & NAIL.. Underdogs ready to put up fight BY PAUL O’HEHIR SHANE HARTE says the romance of the cup is alive and well as Maynooth University Town dream of a quarter-final upset over Bohemians tonight. And the boss (right) is calling on his Leinster Senior League players to draw inspiration from their trip to Dalymount Park. Harte told Mirror Sport: “We’re not going there to make up the numbers or to have a good wave at our families in the crowd. “The odds are stacked against us and that’s the beauty of getting this far – lads can dream. “But you have to put in the hard work too, although it’s all on Bohs because their fans will be baying for blood as they expect their team to put on a show.” Maynooth, 2018 FAI Intermediate Cup winners, dumped Cobh Ramblers TURN TO PAGE 4 My pal Joey can be hit as a boss stuart byrne see page 8 BOHEMIANS v MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY TOWN FAI CUP QUARTER-FINAL DALYMOUNT PARK TONIGHT 7.45pm NOTHING TO LOSE The Maynooth University Town squad are put through final preparations this week UCD v WATERFORD PAGE 2 HARPS v DUNDALK PAGE 3 SAINTS v WEXFORD PAGE 6

2 irish DAILY Mirror 17.09.2021 DMEEIR It’s a free shot so STUDENTS WILL GIVE US A TEST by Michael Scully BRIAN Murphy has missed the drama involving Waterford in the FAI Cup so far this season – and is hoping to avoid more if picked against UCD. The Blues also faced First Division opposition in Athlone in the first round. It took a last-minute goal by Greg Halford to get Waterford to extra-time and they won on penalties. Paul Martin was the hero between the posts, then Matt Connor was in goal for the 4-1 victory over non-league Kilnamanagh. The vastly experienced Murphy (above) could return in Belfield tonight. “It just goes to show that you have to be at your best to win any game,” said Murphy. “We had about 70% possession in the last cup game and you have to be creating chances. “That’s something that our team is still getting used to. We’re going to have the right mentality. “It will be difficult against a team like UCD. There’s a chance of getting to a semi-final, which would mean one game away from a cup final. It’s not often that you get in them. “We’ll get what we deserve if we put in the right performance. They’re all tricky games - there’s very little between many of the teams in the country.” Blues boss Marc Bircham said he is aware of what the FAI Cup means to Waterford people and pledged to pick his strongest team available. “We’ll treat it like a league game with the same preparation,” he said. “You don’t need any bigger incentive as a player knowing that you’re just three wins away from winning a major trophy. We’ve got to win.” we’ll give our Paul STUDENTS’ DOYLE TARGETS MEMORABLE END TO UCD TIME MATCH FACTS • First Division UCD are unbeaten in nine competitive games, winning their last six and scoring 23 goals in the process. • Waterford won two FAI Cups, in 1937 and 1980. Their last final was in 2014 during Daryl Murphy’s first spell with the Blues. • 1984 Cup winners UCD have qualified for the semi-finals twice in 15 years, in 2007, and 2018, beating Waterford on the way. a new challenge UCD midfielder Paul Doyle is hoping for a strong finish to the year before he moves on ucd v waterford FAI Cup: Tonight 7.45pm By MIChael SCULLY PAUL Doyle has come full circle and hopes to square off his UCD career with a rousing farewell in both the league and FAI Cup. In 2018, in his first season, Doyle came off the bench with 10 minutes left to help the Students hold out for a cup quarter-final victory against Waterford who were flying high. UCD’s team boasted players who went on to join top clubs, such as Liam Scales, Gary O’Neill and Neil Farrugia (all Shamrock Rovers) and Greg Sloggett (Dundalk). Doyle’s ambition now is to follow suit, having recently graduated as a physiotherapist. “Hopefully I’ll work as a physio in some capacity but I want to play full-time football at that level now,” said the 23-year-old. “My contract is up at the end of the year, I’ve done four years and have had my time. Everyone in UCD knows I’ll be moving on, it’s the natural conclusion to my time here. “Other lads have had to bide their time, you have to let them have their chance. If you haven’t done enough to earn that move in that time, t h a t ’ s your o w n fault. “Having trained with Gary, Scalesy and Farrugia, I know what they have in their locker – and what I have to do to reach that level after playing over 100 games. “At UCD, you’re exposed to a lot of semi-finals and finals in college competitions. It stands to players, allows them to step up to the mindset needed at top clubs.” Doyle had to bide his time in his debut year as O’Neill and Sloggett were first-choice central midfielders in a strong side that pipped Finn Harps and Shels to the First Division title. Before he leaves, he’d love to repeat the feat of making the last four of the cup – Dundalk beat them in the 2018 semis. He acknowledges that league pace-setters Shels will be almost impossible to catch. If UCD are to go up they will likely need to get through the play-offs. “A similar performance, and result, against Waterford would be great,” Doyle said of the 2018 win over the Blues. “Myself and Evan Osam are the last two involved from that time. I remember that quarter-final well. Waterford ended up securing European football only for disaster to strike (UEFA denied them a licence).” O’Neill conceded a penalty to give Waterford a lifeline but the Students held on. “I always look at it that we got promoted a year too late,” said Doyle. “We would’ve competed comfortably in the Premier Division if we’d kept Gary, Farrugia, Scalesy, Jay McClelland, Georgie Kelly and others. It was a quality team. “I wouldn’t be surprised if current UCD players move to big clubs in the future. “Conor Whelan’s a top player, Liam Kerrigan (inset) got a hattrick last week, Jack Keaney’s a big player for us and Sam Todd has been excellent. “The club has a lot of players in the Ireland under-17 and under- 19 set-ups. “The pressure isn’t on us to win. No one bats an eyelid if we lose but we’ll have a plan. “It’s a free shot. The ultimate goal is getting back to the Premier Division.”

DMEEIR We can’t 17.09.2021 Irish DAILY Mirror 3 your shout Patrick LYNN muck up cup Sloggett hopes Lilywhites can keep Euro run going by winning trophy finn harps v dundalk FAI Cup: Tonight 8pm By MARK McCADDEN GREG SLOGGETT has highlighted the importance of tonight’s FAI Cup quarter-final by stating Dundalk “need” to qualify for Europe next season. The cup is the only realistic route back into continental competition next year for Vinny Perth’s Lilywhites. They have qualified for Europe for each of the last eight seasons, banking over €10million in prize money over the course of those campaigns. Perth’s side are highly unlikely to claim one of the Premier Division’s European spots this time around as they are more focused on relegation matters. So the cup offers their best chance of making it nine in a row for the side that reached the Europa League group stages in 2016 and last year. “It’s a route into Europe and we need to be there,” said Sloggett of the FAI Cup. The midfielder acknowledged, however, that things would have to change against Finn Harps if their cup dream is to survive in Ballybofey. Tuesday night’s 2-1 defeat to Sligo Rovers again highlighted Dundalk’s deficiencies. Their weakness at defending set-pieces is something that an in-form Harps side could exploit tonight. “I keep repeating myself after every game, we need to bounce back,” said Sloggett. “We are getting into some bad habits, conceding goals from set-pieces and generally being the better team on a lot of occasions. “So it’s very disappointing that we aren’t getting the results. But we have to turn to Friday, it’s a huge opportunity for us, it’s a big competition for us with the way the league is panning out. “They’ll be a threat in the areas where we’ve been conceding goals, so that’s where we need to tidy up massively.” Sloggett feels Dundalk haven’t been getting the results their overall displays have deserved. Since they recorded a 1-0 win over Finn Harps at Oriel Park in mid-July, the Lilywhites have picked up just one point from six league games. That came in a 1-1 draw away to Waterford. Elsewhere, there were defeats to St Patrick’s Athletic, Derry City and Drogheda United, with their latest losses coming away to Longford Town and Sligo. In the cup, meanwhile, they recorded wins over Treaty United and nonleague St Mochta’s, while they came agonisingly close to beating Vitesse Arnhem in the Europa Conference League. Perhaps their form away from the Premier Division will give some confidence tonight? “Performance-wise against a lot of teams we have really shown some positive signs,” said Sloggett. “It’s just been the ruthlessness at both ends of the pitch where we’ve been caught out, so that’s where we need to improve. “I suppose it does [make a difference that it’s a different competition] but to us it’s another game that we feel we can and should be winning. “I think no matter what the team in this league, we feel that way. We can’t underestimate the importance of Friday night for us in the grand scheme of our season.” IT’S BEEN A SLOGG... Dundalk are going through a tough period but Sloggett knows the cup offers a route to European football MATCH FACTS • Although Harps won 2-1 at Oriel Park in March, Dundalk haven’t lost at Ballybofey since the 2007 First Division play-off semi. • In six ties - 1970, 1979, 1980, 1981, the 2002 replay at Ballybofey and 2018 - Finn Harps have never beaten Dundalk in the FAI Cup. • The Donegal club can reach their first semi-final since 2014 while Dundalk have made it to the Aviva in seven straight seasons. • Finn Harps, who lifted this trophy in 1974, were denied a seventh consecutive win by Derry’s 90th-minute equaliser last week. • In Dundalk’s nine games since August, they’ve won one, against non-league St Mochta’s in the cup, losing six and drawing the other two. Waterford fan Cup’s a bonus but we must stay up We’re back in Dublin tonight on a revenge mission in the FAI Cup. UCD turned us over at the Bowl at this stage back in 2018, so we owe them one. They’re going well with Collie Whelan, who began his senior career with us, banging in the goals for them. But we’re a different animal now under Marc Bircham, with just two defeats in our last 10 games. Win tonight and it’s just 90 minutes away from a possible trip to the Aviva which would be a wonderful way to finish off the season. But our priority is to stay up. That looked unlikely a few months back when we were propping up It’s 1980 since we won the cup, our last major honour the table in a battle with Longford to avoid the automatic relegation place. Since new owner Richard Forrest and Bircham have come in we’ve been revitalised. We got our first win under Marc away to Dundalk in June and we’ve made very steady progress since. It’s remarkable to think that it looks like a tussle between ourselves and Dundalk to avoid the relegation play-off place. It’s a pity from our point of view that Finn Harps have hit really good form over the same period we’ve improved. I’ve been following the Blues for 20 years since my dad, David, brought me to see us play Shamrock Rovers at the RSC. I remember Jason Sherlock was playing for Rovers at the time. Dad thought the game was rubbish but I was hooked. It’s 1980 since we won the FAI Cup, our last major honour. We did lift the League Cup five years later but my time following Waterford has been about ups and downs between the Premier Division and First. We reached the FAI Cup final in 2004 only to lose to Longford – by far the most deflating feeling I’ve experienced as a fan. We also lost a League Cup final to a very good Bohemians side. My standout memory is undoubtedly 2005 up in Dalymount when we beat Rovers to stay up in the last game of the season. Pat Dolan came in for the last few matches and kept us up. We’ve had some great away days in places like Derry and Sligo when we’d stay over. Winning the First Division in 2017 was huge as we’d been down in the doldrums for a decade. Lee Power had come in and gave Alan Reynolds a good budget to bring in some really exciting players. Optimism abounded when we came up. It was wonderful to have big matches and crowds back at the RSC. Though we finished fourth, as a new entity we couldn’t play in Europe, which greatly upset Power. We’re in a fight to stay up this year and avoiding the relegation play-off is the target. If not, we’d be quietly confident of beating the First Division side. First, it’s about winning tonight. And dreaming of the Aviva.

4 FINAL PREP Maynooth’s Jake Corrigan takes part in training during the week Irish DAILY Mirror 17.09.2021 DMEEIR I’VE BOH R We must justify being in last 8 FROM BACK PAGE out in the previous round but this is another level altogether. Harte, who also played for the club, continued: “I was watching Bohs in Europe at the Aviva Stadium a few weeks ago and now we’re playing them. “I’d pay to watch them every week and their front five are as good as anything in the league. “I haven’t been off the phone since the start of last week. It’s been madness but it’s great publicity for the club. “We got to the last 32 and last 16 before so this is progress. The romance of the cup is alive but this is a reward for the last five or six years.” But Celbridge man Harte, who reached the FAI Cup semifinals as a player with St Pat’s, is under no illusions how difficult a task this is. “We’re the team everyone wanted to get, let’s be honest,” he said. “We’re realistic and know we won’t win the cup so the next best thing was to get a high-profile draw – and we’ve got the favourites. “Our club name has been put on the map and the amount of people in Maynooth and Celbridge stopping me to talk about the game is brilliant. “We’re enjoying the attention PLOTTING DOWNFALL Ciaran Kilduff (left), Shane Harte (centre) and Gavin Kinsella but it’s a game of football and we have serious work to justify being in the last eight.” Harte is assisted by former League of Ireland striker Ciaran Kilduff and is also keen to highlight the roles played by first-team coach Gavin Kinsella and physio Elaine Farrell. Kinsella is also director of football at Ballyoulster United in Celbridge where he oversees players and coaches across 34 teams. Like Harte, he also played for Maynooth and featured in their clash away to Cork City three years ago when the Rebels were reigning double champions at the time. And sizing up tonight’s quarter-final, Kinsella said: “It’s a huge task but a great occasion and the players couldn’t be happier with the draw. “You want to pit your wits against some of the best in the country and Bohs have three in the Irish Under-21s and a goalkeeper in the senior international squad. “But we’re not going to take photographs, we want to showcase our talents and see where it takes us.” MATCH FACTS • Bohs, who last reached a cup final in 2008, dispatched Corinthians and then Rovers in a typically cagey derby with two red cards. • Surprise package Maynooth beat Malahide and Cobh en route. St Francis, in 1990, were the last non-league team to reach the semis. • Maynooth’s league form has been out of sorts since this glamour draw. Manager Shane Harte recently added Ciaran Kilduff to his roster. • Experienced Shane Fagan is between the posts, with former Gypsy Alex Kelly and box-to-box midfielder Conor Foley feeding the strikers. • Captain and ex-Rovers defender Conor Dunne at least won’t have the job of keeping top scorer Georgie Kelly at bay as he is banned. STATS BY KARL REILLY – FOLLOW HIM ON @HistoryLOI Kelly’s satisfied he made right career c BOHEMIANS v Maynooth UNI. FAI Cup: Tonight 7.45pm By PAUL O’HEHIR SOMETIMES a career in the professional game isn’t for everyone - not that Alex Kelly found it easy to walk away. Tonight he will be a key member of the Maynooth University Town team that pitches up at Dalymount Park dreaming of an FAI Cup quarter-final upset over Bohemians. And ever since the draw was made, he has wondered what might have been had he stayed with the Gypsies instead of pursuing a scholarship at Maynooth University. But almost two years on, Kelly is adamant that he has no regrets. As a 16-year-old, he went on trial to West Brom and the following year he was at Burnley. But it was at Bohs where he established himself. He had a year with the Under-17s and two with the Under-19s where he was captain during the second one. Current first-team stars like Dawson Devoy (inset top), Ross Tierney (inset bottom) and Andy Lyons were his team-mates and they remain good pals. When he made his Bohs first-team debut in a Leinster Senior Cup win away to Shelbourne in 2019, Devoy and Lyons also featured at Tolka Park that night. But friendships will be parked this evening as he tries to be a thorn in their side. Kelly, 21, told Mirror Sport: “In my final year at Bohs, I was moved into the first-team for training along with Rossy and Dawson and just played games for the 19s. The three of us at the same time but reasons with contracts knew I didn’t want to do of my life. “So I stepped back as want to waste the lads’ t Keith Long and Trevor had been very good to m “I’ve no doubt thousands of lads would their right leg to be position I was, getting of contract with Bohs’ first- – and a team on the up. “You look at Rossy, Daw and Andy now, all of them in the Ireland Under-21 and playing in big Eu nights for Bohs. “But it just wasn’t for what I wanted to do wit life and I had other car

DMEEIR EGRETS hoice as he prepares to face old pals were moved up for one or two and that, I just this for the rest I didn’t ime as Croly e. that give in the fered a team son m are squad ropean me in terms of h the rest of my eer ambitions. I only graduated from Maynooth Uni last week after three years on scholarship and studying business. Everyone has different ambitions and the most important thing is figuring out what you want to do.” Midfielder Kelly continued: “Football played a massive part in my life and I had a great time. I went to Premier League clubs on trial and represented Ireland at underage. “When you get to West Brom and Burnley, you realise that getting there is actually the easy part. “Getting into the first-team is the hard part and that’s why so few make it. Trials at that age were a great learning experience and taught me a lot about myself. “It got to a point where I had to ask myself if I was going to keep on doing WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN Alex Kelly takes a break from team training at Maynooth this week to reflect on his football journey so far PICS BY JAMES CROMBIE/INPHO this. It wasn’t what I wanted and I wasn’t going to waste anyone’s time at Bohs. Football at that level needs 100% commitment and I wasn’t willing to do that.” Combining his studies with Leinster Senior League football was the perfect fit for Kelly but he admits initially being torn about turning his back on the professional game. “There were a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of tossing and turning,” he said. “It took me two months to decide and it was difficult because you have the world at your feet. “It was a difficult conversation with my parents given how many sacrifices they made to get me to that point and also the hard work that I put in myself. “But it comes down to what people want and Rossy and Dawson were willing to put in that commitment and you can see the fruits of their success – they’re flying. But it wasn’t for me and NOW You’ve got to fulfil your promise BY PAUL O’HEHIR PROMISE OMOCHERE has been told to make the most of his opportunity at Bohemians. And with Georgie Kelly suspended, he is poised to start tonight - against the university he attends! The Gypsies host Maynooth in the FAI Cup quarter-finals and then Derry City in a rescheduled league match on Monday. Omochere (below) scored in Monday’s 2-1 win away to Finn Harps after coming off the bench to replace injured Ali Coote after 20 minutes. Bohs boss Keith Long said: “Unfortunately we lost Ali Coote early in the first half. “Ali has been in superb form for us and has been pivotal to how we want to play so hopefully it’s not too serious. “The introduction of Promise provided us with a different attacking dynamic, scoring the first goal and causing problems throughout the game for Harps’ defence. “It’s been a difficult time for Promise but he has been training exceptionally well since his return from injury and has contributed well from the bench in recent games. “It’ll do him the world of good scoring and it would be nice to see him produce the performances that he’s capable of on a more consistent basis if he stays injury free. “We must remember he’s still young and while he has been at the club a long time now, he’s still learning the game and developing. “A consistent run in the team and the avoidance of injuries will go a long way towards helping him fulfil his potential.” I’ve other ambitions and I’m career focused now having just graduated.” Maynooth are 14/1 in a two-horse race tonight but while their league form is patchy this season, the Kildare outfit have pedigree in the FAI Cup. They played Cork City in 2018 when the Rebels were double champions and also faced Waterford while they dumped Cobh Ramblers out of the previous round this year. Their allocation of 450 tickets was snapped up in two hours and the buzz around Maynooth town hasn’t gone unnoticed. Kelly added: “I’ve nothing but praise for our management team of Shane Harte, Ciaran Kliduff and Gavin Kinsella who have raised our standards in every way possible. “We seem to have found a bit of magic in the cup and wouldn’t it be special to cause another upset?” 17.09.2021 Irish DAILY Mirror 5 Bohs striker Georgie Kelly is suspended after his red card against Shamrock Rovers in the previous round. Promise Omochere - on the mark against Finn Harps in midweek - could start up front against the university he attends. Ali Coote (inset) is a doubt after shipping a hamstring injury midway through the first half of Ollie Horgan’s Harps received a timely boost this week with the news that Johnny Dunleavy’s hand injury is not as serious as first feared. He came off at half-time in Monday’s home defeat to Bohemians but has not suffered any broken bones. Goalkeeper Mark McGinley (inset) is suspended after landing an additional two-game THE LOWDOWN bohemians v maynooth tonight 7.45pm that win at Harps and Stephen Mallon is definitely out with a hamstring injury. Maynooth - the 2018 FAI Intermediate Cup winners - knocked Cobh Ramblers out in the previous round but this would be quite the giantkilling feat by Shane Harte’s Leinster Senior League side. finn harps v dundalk tonight 8pm Robbie Benson and John Mountney (above) will miss this quarter-final through injury. And Lee Desmond continues to recover from the concussion he suffered against Waterford. Adam Murphy remains on the sidelines after his hamstring issue. Kyle Robinson and Cian Kelly are ineligible for If there’s going to be an upset it could be here at Belfield as UCD - who knocked Longford Town out in the previous round - are riding high in second spot in the First Division. And Andy Meyler’s side are also scoring for fun after nine goals in their last two league games with 5-2 and 4-3 romps over Cabinteely and Bray respectively. Waterford boss Marc mirror says Bohemians 3 Maynooth 1 ban. Dundalk will have Daniel Cleary and Han Jeongwoo available again after serving a suspension. But Patrick McEleney, Wilfried Zahibo, David McMillan, Brian Gartland, Darragh Leahy, Cameron Yates are all out with injuries as the headaches mount for Vinny Perth. mirror says Harps 2 Dundalk 1 st.patrick’s ath v wexford tonight 7.45pm Wexford having joined on loan from St Pat’s. Jack Doherty is doubtful with a hamstring injury but Paul Fox returns from suspension. Manager Ian Ryan serves a touchline ban as the First Division side look to cause a major upset at Richmond Park. mirror says Saints 3 Wexford 0 UCD v waterford tonight 7.45pm Bircham (inset) said: “I’ve learnt that the people of Waterford love the cup. We’ll pick the strongest team possible and give UCD the respect they deserve.” Shane Griffin was injured against Shamrock Rovers last week while long-term absentee Daryl Murphy remains out. mirror says UCD 2 Waterford 1

6 irish DAILY Mirror 17.09.2021 DMEEIR I’M wary of ryan’s minnows BY PAUL BUTTNER Stephen O’Donnell wants to keep the home fires burning at Richmond Park tonight as St Pat’s look to dampen down the energy he believes Wexford will bring to Inchicore. The Saints have been in scintillating home form this season having won all seven of their games by the Camac since fans were allowed back in - and 12 from 14 in total for the year. And while high-flying Pats will be hot favourites to overcome First Division bottom side Wexford, gaffer O’Donnell (above) is respectfully wary of Ian Ryan’s (below) side. “It’s a game we’re really looking forward to - it’s the quarter-finals, and you are two games away from The Aviva,” said three-time cup winner O’Donnell. “We’ve been in really good home form recently so hopefully the crowd gets behind us as always. We’re hoping to get through to the semifinals. “Wexford are coming off the back of a good 3-1 win over Cobh Ramblers so their confidence will be high and they will be looking forward to the game themselves. “Ian Ryan has come in and has done very well. The games they have been on the wrong end of have been tight affairs, so he has improved them massively. “They’ve good players, they play a certain system, they’re a young team and they have good legs and energy. “They will be eyeing this game tonight as a massive opportunity to really stake a claim as a club and as players, so we’re going to have to be ready for that.” RETURN OF THE SA INT Fitzgerald’s excited to be heading back to place full of happy FAI Cup memories st patrick’s ath v wexford FAI Cup: Tonight 7.45pm by pAUL Buttner It’s a return to the venue of some of the best days of his career for Lorcan Fitzgerald tonight as the Wexford player-coach takes on St Pat’s at Richmond Park. Fitzgerald won a league title and the club’s Holy Grail FAI Cup – after a 53-year wait – in 2014 (right) during his time at St Pat’s under Liam Buckley. The former West Ham trainee had first lifted the cup under Buckley during his spell at nowdefunct Sporting Fingal in 2009. The 32-year-old Dubliner also has a runners-up medal from Shelbourne’s defeat to Sligo Rovers in 2011, though he was injured for the final. Wexford are bottom of the First Division and Fitzgerald is under no illusions about the size of the task facing them tonight. But he insists there is no pressure on the visitors. “Stevie O’Donnell has been excellent for Pat’s in the way he tries to play the game,” Fitzgerald acknowledged. “Pat’s are renowned for that, even when I was there under Liam. We’ve watched them and Stevie has them playing an attractive style of football. I think he’s done well in trying to bridge that gap with Rovers this year. Hopefully they have an off-night tonight and we can steal their thunder. “There is no pressure on us. We’ve got to go up there to first and foremost enjoy the occasion. “But it’s an opportunity for our lads to showcase their talent against a top Premier Division side. “People will say Pat’s should beat us, but we’re quietly confident and we have the mentality that we’re going through to the semi-final.” While Fitzgerald, has cup pedigree, there will be precious little else of it in the visitors’ dressing room tonight. “I asked before the Killester Donnycarney game, ‘how many of you have played in a cup quarter-final?’, and I think there was one,” said Fitzgerald. “So this is the reward for getting through that game. “Our incentive now is that we’ve a cup semi-final to play for. And what’s stopping us? “Most people won’t give us a chance, but we’ve got belief in our ability that we can go there and try to get the result.” Though seven points adrift in propping up the whole league, last week’s 3-1 win over Cobh Ramblers made it seven points from their last four games. “That gives us some confidence going to Richmond Park tonight,” said Fitzgerald of Wexford’s third win since he and boss Ian Ryan took charge. “We’ve started the third series very well and that was the target. “It was a big challenge when Ian and I came in, as Wexford didn’t have a point at that stage. “Overall, the way we’ve played and the progress in the group has been clear for everyone to see. “We’ve picked up points and we should have picked up more. “That’s football and we’re learning from our mistakes. “The plan is to catch Cobh above us in the table. “It’s going to be a hard task, but we’ll battle away until the end of the season.” some RICH PICKINGS Lorcan Fitzgeralld made FAI Cup memories at Richmond Park and faces his old team there tonight MATCH FACTS • St Patrick’s have won all six meetings with Wexford so far, including the 2008 FAI Cup, scoring 20 goals and conceding two. • Wexford have reached the quarter-finals for only the second time. The other was in 2016 when they were knocked out by Derry. • Wexford are bottom of the First Division, winning three out of 22 games. Their top league goalscorer is teenager Kyle Robinson (8). • The Saints beat Bray and Cork on the way here. They’ve won each of their last seven games at Richmond Park, scoring 20 goals. • St Patrick’s have lifted the FAI Cup three times in their history. The 2014 triumph ended a 53-year wait for the Inchicore club.

DMEEIR 17.09.2021 Irish DAILY Mirror 7 • COBH RAMBLERS have appointed Darren Murphy as manager on a permanent basis until the end of the 2023 season. The former Ramblers, Stevenage, Port Vale and Cork City player landed the job in July on an interim basis. Murphy said: “I really appreciate the club showing their faith in me and my team. “We’re all happy to continue on after our spell so far.” fixtures TOnight FAI Cup quarter-finals Bohemians v Maynooth University Town Dalymount Park, 7.45pm Referee: Adriano Reale Assistant 1: Dermot Broughton Assistant 2: Alan Sherlock Fourth Official: John McLoughlin St Patrick’s Athletic v Wexford Richmond Park, 7.45pm Referee: Derek Tomney Assistant 1: Allen Lynch Assistant 2: Ciaran Delaney Fourth Official: Ray Matthews UCD AFC v Waterford UCD Bowl, 7.45pm Referee: Rob Hennessy Assistant 1: Darren Corcoran Assistant 2: Eoin Harte Fourth Official: Ben Connolly Finn Harps v Dundalk Finn Park, 8pm Referee: Damien MacGraith Assistant 1: Rob Clarke Assistant 2: Emmet Dynan Fourth Official: Paul McLaughlin TOnight Premier Division Sligo Rovers v Shamrock Rovers The Showgrounds, 7.45pm Referee: Neil Doyle Assistant 1: Wayne McDonnell Assistant 2: Dermot Broughton Fourth Official: Rob Hennessy MONDAY Premier Division Bohemians v Derry City Dalymount Park, 7.45pm Referee: Rob Harvey Assistant 1: Rob Clarke Assistant 2: Michelle O’Neill Fourth Official: Oliver Moran tables premier DIVISION P W D L F A Pts Shamrock R 25 16 5 4 42 20 53 St Patrick’s 27 15 5 7 46 32 50 Sligo Rovers 26 13 6 7 32 19 45 Derry City 26 10 8 8 33 31 38 Bohemians 24 11 4 9 39 28 37 Drogheda 27 10 7 10 40 34 37 Finn Harps 27 9 6 12 29 37 33 Waterford 27 9 2 16 24 46 29 Dundalk 26 7 7 12 29 38 28 Longford 27 2 8 17 19 48 14 first division P W D L F A Pts Shelbourne 22 14 7 1 44 19 49 UCD 22 11 6 5 49 30 39 Galway Utd 22 11 6 5 31 20 39 Treaty United 22 10 7 5 32 23 37 Bray Wdrs 22 8 9 5 31 23 33 Athlone Town 22 8 4 10 27 36 28 Cork City 22 6 7 9 30 27 25 Cabinteely 22 7 1 14 22 38 22 Cobh Rmblrs 22 5 4 13 18 41 19 Wexford 22 3 3 16 20 47 12 WNL P W D L F A Pts Peamount Utd 18 15 2 1 54 12 47 Shelbourne 19 15 1 3 50 19 46 Wexford Yths 18 13 4 1 46 12 43 DLR Waves 17 10 2 5 29 16 32 Galway 19 5 4 10 28 40 19 Bohemians 19 5 3 11 28 36 18 Athlone Town 18 2 5 11 21 46 11 Cork City 19 2 4 13 20 48 10 Treaty United 19 2 3 14 25 72 9 SKY’S THE LIMIT Jessica Ziu at the launch of Sky as shirt sponsor of Republic of Ireland Women Ireland W v AUSTRALIA W International friendly: Tuesday 7pm By DAVE DONNELLY When 19-year-old Jess Ziu took to the field for Shelbourne last week in the top-of-the-table clash with Peamount United she remarkably did so as the club’s longest-serving player. The departure of her Ireland teammate Jamie Finn for Birmingham City last month left Ziu and Mia Dodd as the last two standing from before the 2015 merger with Raheny United. It’s a record the winger may not hold for much longer as she makes no secret of her desire to make the step up to professional football in the near future. While Finn and 17-year-old striker Emily Whelan chose to make that move mid-season, Ziu is happy to wait until the conclusion of the league in November to assess her options. Having joined the club from Rivermount Boys at the age of 11, making her full debut at 16, the Finglas girl has I’m so glad my hard work is paying off now SAYS IRELAND’S JESSICA ZIU waited a long time for success to return to Tolka Park. Ziu said: “There’s captain Pearl Slattery and those who were with Raheny and came in to Shels but I’m the longest there now. I’m an old bag now I am!” While prospects of a first league title in five years took a blow following a 5-0 defeat to the champions on Saturday, the carrot of an FAI Cup final remains. Shels have been drawn at home to Galway in the semi-finals and the prize is a possible first-ever appearance at the Aviva Stadium. The league has never been so competitive, a fact that TG4 acknowledged when they announced a historic broadcast deal for the Women’s National League. And Tuesday now offers Ziu the opportunity to test herself against one of world footb a l l ’s t o p teams – and in Sam Kerr one of the world’s best in her position – as Ireland host Australia. Training five days a week as one of six women on the FAI’s ETB development programme, in what is essentially a professional environment, hasn’t escaped the notice of Vera Pauw (below). Ziu said: “I’m glad that Vera is noticing and all my hard work is paying off. I train five days a week with the boys along with FAS, three with Shels and then the games. “I missed two or three games with a bit of a foot injury but I’m fit now and happy to be in this squad and hopefully I can build on that and then be in the Sweden squad. “I train with the FAI ETB FAS course with Sean Byrne. He’s really good. He’s really direct. What I really like about him is he doesn’t let you float about, he gives things to you. “The constructive feedback that players don’t like hearing, he gives that to you straight. I’m on it with five other girls so that’s nice to see. “We’ve got a swimming pool that’s free to us, a gym that’s free to us, so it feels like working in a pro environment. “You go to the gym before you go out to train, go home, have dinner and recover, then go to Shels training. I like it like that.” It would cap off a fine year on a personal level should Ziu get the chance to add to her four caps for her country on Tuesday evening. Caps are hard-earned under Pauw, though it could all have worked out differently had her father’s country, Albania, been able to tempt her into their set-up. She said: “They’ve a team in the Albanian league that finish top each year and two years ago, during Shels’ break, they were actually asking if I wanted to go over and play Champions League with them and then come back and resign for Shels. “We did play the Albania national team at underage level with the under- 17s in Serbia and we beat them 14-0 so maybe I’m better off !”

8 irish DAILY Mirror 17.09.2021 DMEEIR stuart byrne League of Ireland legend has the final word Be yourself Joey because COUP Sky are backing women’s set-up Lessons to learn for LoI The speed of development in Irish women’s football is a joy to behold and makes you wonder what could happen to the League of Ireland. Walking through Dublin city centre every morning, I’m struck by the number of cranes. They’ve been building office blocks to beat the band for the last four or five years - but the reality now is they won’t be filled because people are working remotely. It’s a big problem but I can’t help wondering why the football community hasn’t been lobbying the Government to leverage its own building capabilities. Sligo and Bohs are flying their own flags but why is there no joined-up thinking to upscale stadiums - that incorporate office and commercial space - over the next 10 years? The first attempt at decentralisation in this country was a disaster but now it’s happening naturally. Towns around the country are being repopulated and there’s an opportunity for stadiums to act as small enterprise centres. But there’s no conversation around it which is deflating. If we could plug into the creative minds of some of those responsible for the transformation in women’s football, it might help for starters. The people pushing the women’s game have made everyone stand up and take notice and the League of Ireland could learn a thing or two from it. Referees are in the line of fire again but they won’t get any sympathy from me. The game is suffering from paralysis by analysis and officials are baulking under the pressure. If a referee is unsure, he will give the decision. When I played, it was only given when he was 100% sure. People don’t want to tackle anymore and it’s ruining the game. we need those characters who speak their own mind HE’S NO AVERAGE JOE League of Ireland legend Joseph Ndo went into management after retiring and is Sligo IT’s new boss Long time coming but Bohs have to earn it I’ve heard people say that Keith Long ‘deserves’ a trophy after so much good work at Bohemians - but that’s nonsense. Yes, it would be the icing on the cake for Long (right) but you have to earn everything in this game and only then do A friendly warning to my old pal Joseph Ndo – start speaking managerial drivel as IT Sligo boss and I’ll be heading west to have it out with you. Be your flamboyant self and do it your way because the game needs characters who speak their mind. And there’s no better man. Since retiring, Joey has been involved with Achill Rovers and the Mayo League representative side but I was delighted to hear about this new role. He’s one of the greatest players to have graced our league and I was blessed to count him as a team-mate (right). But he was a rubbish trainer! So I’d love to know how he’s going to deal with players not pulling their weight. At Shels, Joey would occasionally turn up late and it came to a head in the AUL one morning. We’d all get there at 9.30. You were late if it was 9.45. It was on the grass for 10.20 and training began at 10.30. Eamonn Collins was about to blow the whistle to start the session but all we you deserve it. Bohs have been smarting since they botched the 2018 semi-final to Cork City after a replay. They have been looking for a chance to put that right and this is it. No disrespect to Maynooth but Bohs could see was Joey’s car trundling down the driveway. It was 10.40am before he even got to the pitch! Well, myself and Owen Heary went ballistic. We didn’t care that this guy played at the World Cup, in our eyes you don’t take the piss with timekeeping. Eamonn was sweating but Pat Fenlon didn’t intervene. He was happy to let the players clear the air. We had a huge barney with Joey but it was good for both sides and there was never an issue after that. Joey got the message and what a brilliant team-mate. He had a protective shield around him in the early days, a natural defence mechanism. At times he’d even pretend that he didn’t speak good English. He’d rant in French and was probably calling us all sorts but Joey soon came out of his shell. We shared an interest in architecture which helped cement our relationship, discussing ‘flying buttresses’ should march into the semis and they are favourites to win the cup. And we’ll also see what Dundalk are made of tonight. Lose to Finn Harps and it’ll just copperfasten a diabolical season. while swanning down European boulevards, as you do. He’s great company. One of the funniest people you’ll meet. And I’d like to think our friendship showed on the pitch. I had to change my game for him as he was different to the midfielders I played with. He’d roam everywhere and I’d drift into the gaps but he was doing it to get on the ball and make things happen. And you had no problem altering your game for a genius like him, or Wes Hoolahan and Alan Moore. Did I see Joey as a manager? Not in a million years. I didn’t see Stephen Bradley as one either, but that was just me being short-sighted. When you’re a player, you wear a mask. Your true personality doesn’t show because you’re part of a team. But when you retire your perception on life changes and the real you comes out. I hope Joey gets to manage in the league one day. He’ll brighten the place up.