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American animator Joseph Barbera: biography, cartoons

American animator, artist, director andProducer Barber Joseph was born in 1911, on December 18 in New York. His parents, Italians from Sicily, lived in a small area called Little Italy.

Joseph Barbera

Walt Disney

Joseph Barbera from childhood discovered the ability todrawing, and at a young age got a job as a newspaper artist-designer. One day a young man visited a movie theater and saw a Walt Disney cartoon called "Dance of Skeletons". The plot of the cartoon was simple - four skeletons dance an uncomplicated choreographic picture for ten minutes. But Joseph saw the scene with the eyes of a professional artist and was shocked by the smoothness of the characters' movements and the way Disney animators managed to put as much expression into a simple ten-minute cartoon. The impression was so strong that he decided at all costs to meet with the creator of the masterpiece.

full-length cartoons

The beginning of a creative career

And although the rendezvous with the master did not take place, JosephBarbera firmly decided to devote himself to animation filmmaking. In 1930, a young artist went to work in Max Fleischer's studio, a famous multiplier, where he began to clean celluloid blanks. Soon, having shown diligence and certain abilities, Barbera became an artist in the installation of the phase and storyboard.

Two years later, the multiplier went intoAnimation studio Beuren, where he began to work as a screenwriter. However, here he was unlucky: the owner barely made ends meet, and his enterprise had to be closed in the end. The next place of work for Joseph was the animation department of Terry Tunes, where he also had to write scripts.

Studio "Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer"

Full-length cartoons at the time were producedmostly only at the Walt Disney film studio, but for a simple artist the legendary production was not available, it was necessary to be satisfied with what was offered.

In 1937, Joseph Barbera was received onthe Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer film studio, where he met William Hannah, the animated director who became a friend and companion of the artist for the rest of his life.

hanna barbera

"Tom and Jerry"

The first significant project carried out by Joseph Barbera and William Hannah at the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer studio was a multi-part animated film about the adventures of a malefic and a defenseless mouse.

Animation series was launched in 1940 andwas created continuously for six years. The stories were extremely witty and informative. The popularity of two "friends" - a cunning and absolutely unprincipled cat on the one hand, and a mouse, which at first sight can not even stand up for itself - began to go off scale as soon as the show came on the screen.

The project "Tom and Jerry" was so successful,that the creators received seven Oscar prizes at once. In 1957, the animators founded their own studio under the auspices of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, which was called Hanna-Barbera ("Hannah-Barbera"). A new creative education produced several serials at once, among which instantly became popular "Flintstones", "Jetsons", "Johnny Quest", "Scooby-Doo" and others.

american animator


He is the second most popular after the series "Tom andJerry, "this is the all-time favorite film about two married couples living near each other: Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty.The characters are so colorful that the audience genuinely sympathizes with what happens to the characters.The unlucky Fred always finds himself in an extreme situation, Then he calls his faithful wife Wilma to the rescue, and feels that without him she will simply be lost.

Flintstones, Wilma and Fred, live through the fence oftheir neighbors Rabblov. Therefore, when Fred is at work, Betty often comes to his wife, and sometimes Barney, when he is free from business. Neighbors live together, celebrate celebrations together, go on vacation, help each other in everything. The impression is as if it were one family.

The main character of the animated series Fred Flintstoneworks in career development - he is a driver of a huge excavator. A powerful machine is a kind dinosaur who never tires and loves his master very much.

A small town called Bedrock neverhe misses: then Fred Flintstone will be detained by the police, then Barney will be punished. And always their wives will come to the rescue. Plots of the movie are really good, the characters liked moviegoers once and for all.

Joseph Barber and William Hanna

America's Best Animation Studio

List of animated masterpieces by 1971 onthe studio "Hannah-Barbera" has passed for three hundred films. Such unprecedented results attracted experts from all over the Americas. Everyone wanted to work with Joseph and Williams. Many of them managed to take part in the creation of certain projects. Multipliers admitted that the work gave them real pleasure, quarrels and conflicts never arose, the whole process took place in an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding.

In 1955, Joseph Barbera replaced the staffproducer Fred Quimby, who led all the films from the series "Tom and Jerry", forced to leave his post for health reasons. The success of the multiplier on the new position was unquestionable.

Until 1990, Joseph Barbera, whose series alreadylooked around the world, tried together with William Hannah to improve the quality of animation. The techniques for creating hand-drawn pictures are considered to be the most complex, but the laborious process is more than compensated by the colorfulness of the image. Artists made a bet on the contrast of the outline, and this technique justified itself.

Full-length cartoons were producedless often, the creators of the series tried to limit themselves to twenty-minute animated pictures, which were the most popular among spectators. Short films were also more profitable.

Joseph Barbera series

Longevity of the creative workshop

Studio Hanna-Barbera successfully functioned inFor forty-five years, her activity declined only after the death of one of the founders, William Hannah. The death of a friend and partner was a hard blow for Joseph: he fell into depression and for several years the production of cartoons was done by assistants and assistants. Thanks to the established process, the series went on hire on time, and this was one of the main conditions for success.

In 1992, the studio "Hannah-Barbera" was renamed the Cartoon Network, "Animation Network".

Death multiplier

Joseph Barbera survived his friend and colleaguefor only five years. The legendary animator died in Los Angeles in his own home at the age of 91, he was buried in the Forest Lawn cemetery, where celebrities such as the Hollywood star Clark Gable, the King of Pop Michael Jackson and Walt Disney are buried.

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