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Why Anna Faris was forced to delete this picture

Earning the fans

Anna Faris is a name that many of us have grown to know and love over the years thanks to her many comedy roles. As well as appearing alongside some of the biggest stars in the world, Anna has also been spotted in some pretty high profile relationships over the years. All her talents and romances have earned the actress a huge fan base over the years. As if that wasn’t enough, many of Anna’s fans now get the chance to see what life is like when the cameras stop rolling thanks to her social media.

Life behind the camera

All her time in the limelight has been enough to shoot Anna to the top of her game. Believe it or not, but the actress now has more than 2 million social media followers that all get the chance to see what Anna’s life is really like. As well as behind the scenes snaps, Anna also loves to upload funny photos, family pics, and throwbacks to her childhood days. It seems as though there is nothing that Anna likes to keep too much of a secret from her millions of fans.

The photo in question

Although Anna has uploaded hundreds of photos over the years, it seems as though there was one, in particular, that was about to get the world talking. It looks as though no one is safe on the internet anymore, but could this one photo have taken things too far? It was certainly enough that Anna felt as though she needed it gone. Surely nothing could have been so bad that it needed to be deleted from Instagram? Just what was in the upload?

Dividing the nation

It seems as though the photo was about to have the nation split. There had to be more to it. Many fans of the actress thought Anna was brave to show off such an emotional and personal photo. However, others worried it was a show that Anna was in desperate need of help, or that it could promote others to be unhealthy. Although Anna is often seen smiling and laughing in her photos, this upload was about to change it all.

Behind the scenes

Anna was ready to show the world her hilarious side once again with an upload of a backstage snap. Unfortunately, it soon turned much worse. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the photo could be about to have devastating consequences. Maybe the actress should have spent more time thinking about the repercussions of the snap? Perhaps there was a way she could undo all the drama it caused? Sadly, it looked as though Anna was about to struggle to recover.

The early years

Anna Kay Faris was born on November 29, 1976, in Maryland. The youngster was born to a teacher and professor who were keen for their daughter to begin learning about the world. Although they lived in Maryland, Anna’s parents had always lived in Washington, and it was about time they all fell back in love with their home state. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the family were settled in, and Anna signed up to her first acting class at just six years old.

Starting young

It wasn’t long before Anna realized she had a real passion for acting. The youngster had no idea how to make it to Hollywood, but she was determined to do whatever it took to get there. Anna began to write and perform shows with other kids from the neighborhood and would produce them all from her bedroom. To top it off, Anna would even imagine talking to her retainer. She would often host fake talk shows where Anna would be interviewed with her talking partner.

The role of a lifetime

Anna had been acting for many years when she was finally given the chance of a lifetime. At last, the actress got her ticket to Hollywood, but would it pay off? Anna was signed up to play the starring role of Cindy Campbell in the parody film Scary Movie. Thankfully, Anna didn’t have to wait long to find out the movie was a huge success. To top it off, the popularity of the film meant Anna was soon guaranteed her role in the rest of the franchise.

Climbing the ladder

It was back in 2003 that Anna was about to get her next biggest boost in the world of fame. The star signed up to a role in the drama Lost in Translation, but it wasn’t the movie that was about to change her life; it was the chance to work alongside Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray that was going to be her ticket to success. At last, people could see Anna Faris was a name to watch, even if she almost didn’t make it into the film.

Meeting Mr. Right

As Anna continued to grow, so did her resume. All of a sudden, Anna was rapidly becoming the next biggest actress in the world. Perhaps it was no wonder she was invited to a table read of the comedy film Take Me Home Tonight? Producers knew they needed the comical genius in their movie. However, there was someone else at that table read. Chris Pratt. This was the first time the actors met, and it wasn’t long before they took their onscreen romance to the real world.

Proving her worth

Anna continued to appear in hit after hit as she climbed her way to the top, earning a massive number of fans along the way. Some of her many appearances included the comedy The House Bunny, the sci-fi film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, and the animated children’s movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The star was now a hit all around the world. Anna had proved to the world how adaptable she was to any role.

A world on the edge

Many people had grown to love Anna Faris and Chris Pratt over the years, but their family life was about to have the nation on the edge. The pair announced they were expecting their first child together, but the news of his early arrival took the world by storm. Jack was born in August 2012 – nine weeks before his due date. Chris and Anna prayed their youngster would make it. Thankfully, after a lengthy stay in the NICU, Jack was able to go home.

Heading online

Both Anna and Chris took to social media to thank their many fans for their kind words and wanted to keep the world updated on Jack’s condition. Everyone was safe, and the pair were ready to settle into life as parents. Although it was a traumatizing experience for both Anna and Chris, their premature birth was one that earned them thousands of followers all around the world. Everyone wanted to be there to know about Anna’s every move.

A major split

Sadly, the news of Chris and Anna’s split emerged in August 2017. The couple had been married for nine years, but now it seemed as though they were about to head their separate ways. In fact, they had filed for divorce by December 2017. Although Chris Pratt is a tremendous actor, people still wanted to keep up with Anna and her life. No one could wait to follow her into the next stage of her life. Little did Anna know just how far some fans are willing to go…

The fateful upload

Anna regularly uploads snaps for her day to day life, and her next snap was supposed to be no different. The actress has been running a successful podcast named Unqualified for the last few years, but Anna admits she still gets nervous before they head on air. Someone else at the recording was quick to grab a photo of Anna as she battled her pre-recording nerves, and the star uploaded it to social media with a joke about later putting on pants. This was about to change everything.

One step further

The actress has always been known for her slim frame. In fact, many people have often wondered how Anna stays so slender. The actress admits it is all down to her job meaning she is usually on her feet. However, fans began to worry that Anna might be hiding a much darker secret. They feared her slim legs in the photo revealed that Anna had developed an eating disorder. Others began to comment about how it looked as though she needed a huge meal.

Fighting the haters

Although many were quick to worry about Anna’s slim frame, other fans were there to offer their words of support to the actress. People flocked from far and wide to leave comments of encouragement about how Anna should be happy no matter the size of her body. Plus, others believed she was healthy and that Anna just appeared to be thinner because of the angle of the photos. These fans wanted the star to ignore any hate and carry on living her best life.

15 minutes of fame

There was only one person that could put an end to it all: Anna Faris. Why was she looking so slender in the snap? Was it just an honest mistake, or was there much more to it than appeared on the surface? The world was going to have to wait because Anna deleted the photo just 15 minutes after posting it online. It seemed as though the thousands of comments were already too much for the star. She needed to get away from it all.

When people cross the line

It would make sense that Anna would feel the need to retreat from the public eye after receiving such negative backlash. It’s not just the fact that nobody likes to be verbally attacked – it actually goes a lot deeper than that. It’s the fact that there are some things that don’t always need to be said. There are some things that are intimate about our lives that we’re allowed to keep to ourselves – and when other people have opinions about them, it can hurt.

Hurtful comments

Here’s an example of a comment that someone made right after Anna Faris posted the picture: “You look so unhealthy” was the comment, followed up by a direct suggestion for her to “eat.” Given the fact that Anna probably eats like a normal person, it was probably hard for her to receive such a comment. Granted, we don’t know the ins and outs of how she conducts her eating habits, but neither does the person who made that comment.

Making assumptions

It all comes down to assumptions. When you assume something about someone, you’re crossing a certain boundary that isn’t very comfortable for the other person. It’s almost as if you’re reach a conclusion that’s outside of your proper jurisdiction. True, it’s natural to speculate about things. People can even make well educated guesses. But the second you decide that something is a cold hard fact, you better make sure that it’s correct before you go spreading it to the world.

Another mean comment

It also comes down to a matter of trust. Anna figured that if she posted the picture on her account, her fans would see it for what it is – a comical photograph, one intended to make people laugh – because that’s what Anna does best. But some people didn’t see it that way. One of them even commented that the picture was a “cry for help.” Again, this was an assumption that Anna didn’t appreciate being spread around for the whole world to talk about.


Apparently, there are many people who “care” about Anna’s safety, because another comment said that they hope she gets the help she needs. Another comment was just one word – “alarming.” No wonder Anna wasn’t having it. No one deserves that kind of ridicule and shame. It makes sense that took the picture, which, of course, she’s well within her rights to do. The crazy thing is that she probably never saw any of this coming.

Comic genius

When many people think of Anna Faris, they think about all of her hilarious roles she’s done over the years. One role she played was that of Samantha Jones, the singing diva in the comedy film starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. In the film, her comic genius shines through in such a way that it’s hard to not want to be friends with her in real life. It’s hard to believe anyone would decide to body shame her online.

Healthy laughter

Her comic flair that we see in her movies gives off the impression that we don’t always need to take everything so seriously in life. It’s obviously important to treat things with reverence, but only to a certain extent. After a while, it can be healthy to laugh at yourself sometimes – and this may be why she posted that picture. She was inviting her followers – her so called “friends” – to enjoy a quick laugh with her. So why didn’t they see it the same way?

Break from the fans

Alas, sometimes there are people that will jump to the craziest of conclusions. Perhaps this is what happens when you have 2 million followers – you never know what you’re going to get. For this reason, it was necessary that Anna take a much needed break from Instagram. Maybe this will be the break she needs to get away from certain hecklers that had been shaming her. Maybe the experience will inspire her to come up with an interesting new project.

Talented author

Speaking of projects, we mentioned earlier how Anna is the creator of an extremely popular podcast, Unqualified. But it turns out that Anna also wrote a book – a memoir in fact – under the same name. She released it in 2017, and it was a big success. This is no surprise, considering that Anna has had a very interesting life. When you combine that with her stellar writing talents and her unique flair for comedy, it’s a recipe for a bestseller.

Understanding the people

Given the fact that she gave her memoir and her podcast the same name, one might come to the conclusion that she sets a lot of store behind its meaning. And the more you think about it, the more you begin to understand why so many people love the things she’s putting out. Unqualified isn’t just a cool sounding title – it represents a demographic of meaning who feel – well, unqualified. Anna understands these people, and is able to identify with them.

How we respond

Life isn’t about being perfect all the time, and Anna understands that better than most. The concept of “Unqualified” seems to suggest that life isn’t not about succeeding or failing – it’s how we respond to success and failure. Life is all about reactions, and choosing to go about things in the best way we can. Anna seems to understand that not everything is in her control – and she unfortunately got a big taste of that after posting that picture we’ve been discussing.

Making a comeback

As a result, we’re confident that Anna will bounce back after all of this. Although she’s been quiet on Instagram lately (which is so unlike her), that doesn’t mean she isn’t working on things on her own time. The world doesn’t center around social media, and maybe she just wants her fans to think about the things they said before she’s willing to trust them again. Whenever you start to amass followers, a level of give and take is established, and trust is a big part of that.

New love interest

Trust is important, and love is as well. Speaking of love, we mentioned earlier how Anna admitted to be seeing someone. His name is Michael Barrett, and he’s a cinematographer who’s worked on a fair amount of Hollywood hits, such as Ted, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He and Anna are seen together quite a lot on social media, and as you can see here, they look pretty cozy together.


Although Anna and Chris Pratt have been spotted together here and there recently, people that have held hope for a possible rekindling will be saddened to know that they’ve just finalized their divorce papers. Anna and Chris are now free to “officially date” anyone else who they please, and they can continue to be platonic friends as they co-raise their child. So who’s Chris dating? And what did he have to say about the whole body shaming incident?

Pratt’s new girl

You’ll be really intrigued to know that Anna’s ex-husband Chris Pratt is dating Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold, the Terminator himself. They been seen kissing together, and they’ve also been seen grabbing ice cream, and having a picnic. It’s nice to see that Pratt has found someone else’s hand to hold, but wait till you hear what he had to say about the body shaming situation that Anna recently found herself in… Spoiler alert, he wasn’t happy.

Unexpected support

Although Chris and Anna have been separated for many months, the actor was quick to stand up and defend his nearly ex-wife. Chris admits to being heartbroken by the comments Anna was receiving online, and couldn’t believe she had been pushed to delete the photo just moments after it was first uploaded. Chris also admitted he has been in love with Anna for many years and couldn’t bear to watch as the world turned against her. He needed people to leave her alone.

Growing close

It looks as though Anna and Chris have been growing back together again even long after their split. In fact, the ex-couple were spotted taking this son, Jack, to kindergarten for his first day and it looked as though there could be rumors of the pair getting back together. On the contrary, both Anna and Chris admit to seeing other people. Chris just wants to remain close so he can be there to support Anna and his son as much as possible.

Hiding from the world

So where has Anna been in all the drama? It looks as though the actress has almost entirely disappeared from the internet. The photo was uploaded on October 2, 2018, and Anna, who always used to post regular updates, has since kept quiet. As if that wasn’t enough, Anna has yet to make a public comment about the photo in question. Is this star taking some time away from the internet, or could this be an example of taking body shaming too far?