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The Gazette TRUSTED NEWS SINCE 1869 teessidelive.co.uk Saturday, September 18, 2021 make some noise! Warnock’s call to Boro fans: SPORT 95p DON’T MISS A THING! SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS ‘shock and sadness’ at tower ruling Pages 2&3 www.teessidelive.co.uk/signup I wIll keep up MY full story page 4 £25K TO be wON see page 21 for how to play T&Cs apply fIGHT fOr juSTIce THE mother of a housebound disabled woman who killed herself after her benefits were cut has lost a High Court bid for a fresh inquest into her daughter’s death. Jodey Whiting, 42, from Stockton, died in February 2017 around two weeks after her disability benefit was stopped. After the ruling, mum Joy Dove said: “This is not the end. I am not giving up and I will continue to fight for justice for Jodey. mum loses battle for fresh daughter inquest See Page 17 insiDe: Your TV guide & lifestyle pull-out Claim your FRee issue of The People’s Friend Magazine

2 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News The Gazette Price: 95p SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER www.teessidelive.co.uk/signup Subscription offer Save on The Gazette’s cover price. 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Helplines NHS Advice Line 111 Emergency Dentist 0845 6033131 Samaritans Middlesbrough 01642 217777 Citizens Advice Bureau: Billingham 01642 633877 Middlesbrough 08444 994110 Redcar 01642 488483 Stockton and Thornaby 01642 633877 Consumer Direct 0845 4040506 ‘Shock and sadness’ Why protected status was removed HERE is Ms Dorries letter to Deborah Mays, Head of Listing at Historic England in full. WE refer to Historic England’s recommendation that the building should be retained on the statutory list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest, at Grade II. As you are aware, Historic England recommended listing the building on 10th September 2021 without benefit of a site visit or wider consultation, given the immediate threat of demolition. The building was due to be demolished on 18 September, requiring closure of Network Rail infrastructure, with significant lead in times. Following receipt of a listing review request on 13 September 2021, DCMS requested Historic England undertake a more comprehensive assessment of the site and building, with the benefit of a site visit. This assessment was undertaken on 14 September 2021 and we are grateful for Historic England’s summary report. ■ ■ The Secretary of State’s delist decision The Secretary of State has completed her review of the evidence, including the advice from Historic England and the review representations and has decided to overturn the previous decision to list Dorman Long Tower as, based on the evidence now available, the building is not of sufficient architectural or historic interest to merit listing under the terms of section 1 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The Secretary of State has carefully considered HE’s advice and the points raised, together with the Principles of Selection for Listed Buildings (2018). In line with the Principles of Selection for Listed Buildings, careful selection is required for buildings from the period after 1945. The general state of repair and upkeep of a building will not usually be a relevant consideration when deciding whether it meets the test of special architectural or historic interest. The Secretary of State will list a building that has been assessed as meeting the statutory criteria, irrespective of its state of repair. Loss of original fabric will however be a relevant consideration when considering special interest. Rarity is also a consideration, the older a building is, and the fewer the surviving examples of its kind, the more likely it is to have special interest. The Secretary of State acknowledges that there is widespread spalling of the concrete surface of the building which presents a significant repair cost and an ongoing maintenance and health and safety liability, though this in itself is not a criteria for delisting. However, Historic England’s subsequent report outlines that there is a greater loss of the building’s original fabric than previously understood, something only evident from the post-listing site visit. It is also now more clearly apparent that there have been extensive previous demolitions of key components of the original coke ovens structure, in the form of the oven batteries, conveyors, chimney, rail lines etc, which detract from the building’s degree of interest. There has also been further very recent demolition, in preparation for the planned total demolition, of which Historic England and the Secretary of State were not aware prior to listing, which has removed some panels from around the base of the tower. In addition, the Dorman Long Tower was built as part of an extensive landscape of integrated steel works, these have now been largely lost and it remains as an isolated fragment, it has no significant group value, which while not of itself definitive, does detract from the building’s interest when considered in the context of its immediate surroundings. Whilst the building does remain a local landmark, these losses do impact on the ability to appreciate the original coke ovens complex as an integrated site. These have now been largely lost and Dorman Long Tower remains as an isolated fragment, somewhat out of context from its designed primarily functional role, despite its more recent isolation and monolithic concrete form adding some aesthetic interest as a local landmark. Historic England’s original advice was that Dorman Long Tower is a very good example of high-quality Modernist architecture which could be seen as an early example of Brutalist design. However, the review applicant contends that Dorman Long Tower was being built at the same time as Brutalism was emerging as a powerful idea in English architecture through the work of subtle and considered architects such as Alison and Peter Smithson and the writings of Reyner Banham. Historic England’s site visit and further consideration has led Historic England to revise their interpretation of the architectural interest of the tower. In Historic England’s view, it does incorporate some architectural display and is essentially a Modernist design, but this is rather an emerging or proto-Brutalist design that shows an Art Deco influence and a Germanic, functionalist tradition. Upon review, the Secretary of State is not persuaded by Historic England’s original advice that Dorman Long Tower is “an early example of Brutalist design” in the considered sense, but on balance rather by the case that building’s form and use of concrete is more likely out of engineering and functional requirements, albeit accepting that the building does have some degree of aesthetic interest, particularly as a local landmark and as a rare building type, although making the point that most buildings are in some way unique, which does not necessarily of itself make them of special interest. With the benefit of Historic England’s latest advice and the evidence contained within the review request, the Secretary of State is, on balance, persuaded by the arguments in favor of delisting Dorman Long Tower as it does not in her view possesses the level of architectural or historic interest required for a building to be included in the statutory list. Having carefully considered the case, the Secretary of State has decided to remove Dorman Long Tower, Redcar, from the list compiled under the terms of section 1 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The Secretary of State has decided to delist Dorman Long Tower for the following principal reasons: Architectural interest ■ ■ Loss of fabric: the architectural interest of the building is impacted by the loss of a significant propartion af original fabric, including: very recent demolition, in preparation for the planned total demolition, of which HE was not previously aware, which has removed some panels from around the base of the tower. Internally, the loss of original fabric and machinery is substantial, which detracts from the building’s degree of interest; ■ ■ The building is essentially a functional structure with its only clear embellishment being large recessed letters spelling out Dorman Long. The building’s form and use of concrete is considered to be more likely out of engineering and functional requirements, than being a good and early example of Brutalist design, where a more sophisticated and refined use offorms and materials might be expected; ■ ■ As a coal handling structure, the Dorman Long Tower is not particularly emblematic of the regional steel industry although it is acknowledged that it does retain a degree of significance as a local landmark; Historic interest ■The ■ Dorman Long Tower does not display any particular innovation which has gone on to be adopted more widely. Its historic interest is primarily local in nature. I would be grateful if HE could now also inform the interested parties. Kind regards, Nadine Dorries

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 3 at Dorman Long ruling News By alex meTcalfe Local democracy reporter alex.metcalfe@reachplc.com @Mecs_LDR Dorman Long Tower A CAMPAIGNER who saw his effort to list the Dorman Long tower rescinded on appeal has shared his shock and sadness at the decision as the structure could be razed within 48 hours. Hospital worker Nick Taylor said he was “speechless” after an appeal by Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen saw the coal tower stripped of its Grade II status on Thursday. Mr Taylor successfully lodged an application with Heritage England to help safeguard the 1950s structure from impending demolition at the Teesworks site. But new culture secretary Nadine Dorries agreed with calls to de-list the structure yesterday after the mayor and the South Tees Development Corporation asked for it to be overturned. Meanwhile, uncertainty now surrounds when the demolition of the tower will take place. Officials had planned to bring it down in the early hours of Sunday morning before the listing saga unfolded. Timescales were adjusted to the “coming weeks” after the Grade II status was overturned. However, the Local Democracy Reporting Service understands demolition teams are now working around the clock to prepare the tower for razing this weekend to fit with a night-time railway closure and the demolition of three other structures. Charities and campaigners had argued the tower was a monument to Teesside’s industrial past – with hopes it could have become a heritage attraction – in line with previous South Tees Development Corporation visions. Mr Taylor said he was deflated at the decision to overturn the listing. “It is what it is – all we can say is we’ve tried our best with it,” he added. “I don’t think there is much more we can do now. “We tried to save it – I’m deflated about the whole situation. The campaigners have done their best. I’d just like to thank everyone for their efforts.” General Electric wind turbine plans are taking shape on land near the 180ft tower. Teesworks leaders have pointed to a report by engineers Atkins to back up their demolition argument. Officials say this showed “ongoing and irreversible” damage to the structure meant it could cost between £7m and £9m to secure and maintain – with concrete cracking, and “general age-related wear and tear”. Mr Houchen said the appeal to overturn the listing was lodged last Sunday – claiming it would have cost the taxpayer more than £9m if the status stood and thousands of jobs. He also hit out at campaigners. The Conservative mayor added: “Our heritage does not lie in a rotting coal bunker, our heritage lies in the people that built this great region. It lies in the structures that stand tall across the world, from The Shard, Sydney Harbour Bridge and One World Trade Centre. “That is our heritage, and to try to keep a structure that’s been left to wrack and ruin and that cannot be saved, delaying and putting at risk thousands of jobs we’re trying to create for local people, is utterly ridiculous.” Mr Taylor said campaigners would have sorely loved to have seen the building kept for future generations. He added: “We were looking at plans where the cost implications would not be on the taxpayer – it would be funding through the Heritage Lottery fund and other ways to save it. “The combined authority and Teesworks have a bigger idea of the area which is fine. I’m all for jobs – I’m not against that and it does need regeneration. “But given it’s one small area of a vast piece of land it would have been nice for the structure to be kept.” The campaigner was irked by TVCA officials saying the listing episode had cost the taxpayer £40,000 to £50,000. Anybody could have put it in,” added Mr Taylor. “It’s an open forum to do that – why should people be penalised for trying to save something at the heart of Teesside? “I think it’s a bit of an unfair pop at us about that – anyone can do a listing, it’s not just campaigners like ourselves.” Mr Taylor also claimed leaders had “gone against their word” given past versions of the South Tees Development Corporation masterplan. The 2019 document stated the “landmark structure” could have been retained and adapted as a viewing platform, climbing wall, or integrated into the heritage trail given it was near the Teesdale Way. Last week, Mr Houchen said it had always been the plan to keep the tower but the numbers had to stack up. He added: “Disappointingly, this (engineers’) report shows that all we would achieve by doing this is burdening the taxpayer with costs for something that would have to come down – at a higher cost – in just a few short years anyway, because of the irreversible damage it sustained due to it being left to wrack and ruin. “We have to be realistic and we can’t put the jobs of tomorrow at risk.” Reasons given for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) overturning the listing were revealed in a letter signed by Ms Dorries. The loss of a “significant proportion of the original fabric” – including material lost in preparation for the total demolition – was cited as hitting its architectural interest. Substantial original fabric and machinery inside the structure also counted against its listing. A DCMS spokesperson added: “After carefully reviewing the new evidence presented to the Secretary of State since the initial listing on Friday, she has decided to delist the Dorman Long tower. “The decision is based on further evidence which, in the Secretary of State’s view, highlighted that the building is not of the required special architectural or historic interest to remain listed.” Historic England said the building did merit Grade II listing. A spokesperson added: “Our site visit highlighted the prior loss of much of the historic coking plant, as well as the likely costs and ongoing safety risks of keeping the surviving tower. “We recognise the importance of the public benefits that will come from the remediation and planned regeneration of the whole Teesworks site. We also accept, with regret, that demolition of the tower is now likely to proceed but we are keen to continue supporting local partners as works progress.” Catherine Croft, director of charity 20th Century Society which works to protect modern structures of architectural value , said the decision to delist and the building’s impending demolition was a “real pity”. “Making decisions at the last minute is not much good for anybody,” she added. “What we need are a lot more resources into these things up front so we can make much better and informed decisions about what we keep, and how we integrate it into new schemes.” Ms Croft said funding would allow thorough research and comparative studies to be carried out earlier. “It does seem an incredible pity and a deeply frustrating situation,” she added. Teesville councillor Vincent Smith set up a petition to save the Dorman Long tower which has attracted more than 1,400 signatures. He believed political pressure had been applied behind closed doors – claiming there had been “a lot of smoke and mirrors” throughout the demolition process. Cllr Smith added: “They keep on saying how it’s going to cost jobs at the wind farm, but the wind farm is about 200 yards away. “There is plenty of other space around them if they want to expand – they don’t need the space where the tower is.” Ben Houchen saturday £30,000 for every ticket in this winning postcode CF64 2TH Penarth

4 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News Emmerdale actress is leaving after 22 years STOCKTON-born actress Elizabeth Estensen who plays matriarch Diane Sugden in Emmerdale is leaving the soap after 22 years. The 72-year-old, will retire after playing a key role in the popular ITV programme since 1999. Her character has been involved in numerous high-profile storylines over the years including being ripped off by her conman lover, stabbed and held at gunpoint, as well as a battle with colon cancer. She was also the landlady of The Woolpack pub for 17 years. Estensen has filmed her last ‘Four years on from losing Jodey, the DWP has still not had to answer for the role that I believe they played in her death’ Jodey Whiting’s mum Joy Dove Elizabeth Estensen scenes but will be on screen for a few weeks. She said: “For the past 22 years I have loved playing Diane Sugden - she’s kind, reliable and fiercely loyal. “However, I now feel the time has come to say goodbye. “Emmerdale will always remain special to me. I’ve been treated with respect and kindness and I’ve had the very best friends and colleagues, both past and present. I’ll miss everyone dearly.” John Whiston, head of continuing drama and of ITV in the North, called the actress “the natural heart and centre of the Sugden family”. He added: “It’s a role she has made so totally her own, bringing compassion, humour and credibility to her portrayal of Diane. “Whenever she’s on screen, as a viewer, you just let out a contented sigh and say to yourself, ‘The Queen is on her throne and all is well with the world.’” He added that actors don’t “get to stay in a soap that long” unless they are “truly professional” and a really, really lovely person”. “Liz is both,” he said. The mother of a housebound disabled woman who killed herself after her benefits were cut has lost a high Court bid for a fresh inquest into her daughter’s death. Jodey Whiting, 42, from Stockton, died in February 2017 around two weeks after her disability benefit was stopped when she did not attend a work capability assessment. her mother, Joy Dove, asked the high Court in London in June to grant a new inquest to investigate the role of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in Ms Whiting’s death. The original inquest, which lasted 37 minutes, determined that Ms Whiting had taken her own life. Ms Dove’s lawyers argued there were “multiple, significant failings” by the DWP when it terminated her daughter’s employment and Support Allowance (eSA) that were not considered at the previous inquest. But in a ruling on Friday, Lord Justice Warby, Mrs Justice Farbey and Judge Thomas Teague QC – the chief coroner for england and Wales – dismissed the claim, finding the original inquest was sufficient. Mrs Justice Farbey said it would not be in the interests of justice for a new inquest, adding: “It is likely to remain a matter of speculation as to whether or not the department’s decision caused Ms Whiting’s suicide. “In my judgment, it would be extremely difficult for a new inquest to conclude that the department caused Ms Whiting’s death.” At the hearing earlier this year, the court heard Ms Whiting had mum loses high court bid for fresh inquest received benefits for more than a decade due to serious, long-term physical and mental health issues, including severe pain and a history of self-harm. In late 2016, the DWP started to reassess Ms Whiting, who said she needed a house visit as she was housebound, had severe anxiety and was unable to walk more than a few steps. Ms Dove’s lawyers argued that a house visit was not Jodey Whiting, left, and Joy Dove with Jodey’s daughter Emma Bell This is not the end. I am not giving up and I will continue to fight for justice for Jodey. Joy Dove properly considered before the DWP terminated her disability benefit, which led to Ms Whiting’s housing benefit and council tax benefit also being terminated. The decision to terminate Ms Whiting’s benefit was overturned on March 31, weeks after her death. The independent case examiner (ICe), the body which investigates complaints about the DWP, later found multiple breaches of department policy, significant errors by staff and several “missed opportunities” for the DWP to reconsider the claim. Jonathan hough QC, for the coroner’s service, told the high Court in June that the coroner had called sufficient evidence to address how Ms Whiting died. “It is unquestionable that the failures of DWP staff were serious and indefensible but that does not mean that the first inquest was inadequate,” he said. In the judgment, Mrs Justice Farbey agreed and said: “It is not necessary and would not be in the public interest for a coroner to engage in an extensive inquiry into the department’s decision-making. “The fact that the ICe found numerous significant failings does not mean that an inquest should adduce substantial evidence about them. “The inquest conducted by the coroner was short but fair. It covered the legal ground and dealt with the evidence before the coroner including the views of Ms Whiting’s family,” she concluded. After the decision, Ms Dove said: “I am bitterly disappointed by the high Court’s ruling. “More than four years on from losing Jodey the DWP has still not had to answer for the role that I believe they played in her death. “Despite dismissing my application the judgement makes it clear that the behaviour of the DWP has been shocking and I welcome the high Court ruling that Jodey’s eSA should never been withdrawn. “This is not the end. I am not giving up and I will continue to fight for justice for Jodey. “Thank you to all those that have supported me in this fight so far.”

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 5 News ‘Dreamboat Dave’ David Atkinson who appeared on First Dates is now ‘off the market’ after getting married to his new bride Maryam Atkinson No more dates for Dreamboat Dave as he ties knot By kelley price kelley.price@reachplc.com @kelleyprice_gaz A STOCKTON ‘dreamboat’ who appeared on First Dates has been taken “off the market” – after getting hitched at a stunning Maltese wedding. Ex-firefighter David Atkinson set hearts aflutter when he dated Becky at Channel 4’s First Dates restaurant in 2019. He left his date disappointed when things did not work out – but the 37-year-old has since found true love with wife Maryam. His new bride said: “I think it is safe to say he will not be appearing on First Dates a second time!” The two knew each other – but had not actually dated when the programme aired. Maryam, a former model from Jarrow, said: “I was doing my Masters and David was speaking at a conference at Yarm School. “We were making eyes at each other at the conference. “I fancied him so I sent him a message on LinkedIn. “I could tell he fancied me but we did not start dating until a year after that. “The First Dates episode had not been on TV when we met but it had been filmed. “He told me he was on the programme, I was really interested to watch it to see what I was getting myself into – and it was all good. “I was not surprised by the reaction, you can just tell he is a good guy.” The couple had their own first TV heartThrob finds true love off screen date at the French Quarter restaurant in Newcastle – and “have not been apart since.” David won legions of fans after his First Date appearance, despite giving Becky the brush-off, with Twitter calling him “cute” and “honest.” His blind date was genuinely gutted when things did not work out. “Of course I fancied him,” she told the cameras afterwards, “are you joking, have you seen him? “He is like a b l o o d y dreamboat with his eyes and his hair, I think it is safe to say he will not be appearing on First Dates a second time. his bloody shirt, his broad shoulders and his cool job.” Maryam, 35, said: “She was there for a second time, she had had that awful guy on the first date who said she was short. “There is a nice way of saying ‘you are not for me’, instead of crushing someone on Channel 4. David was a gentleman.” David proposed to Maryam on the Charles Bridge in Prague last July. They were married at the Limestone Heritage Gardens in Malta Maryam Atkinson in front of Maryam’s five-year-old daughter Sadia and guests from America, Canada and The Netherlands. They have just returned from their honeymoon in Santorini and are expecting their second daughter in January. David now works as a fire safety officer for the film industry – on blockbusters from Spiderman and Peter Rabbit to the new Cinderella film on Amazon. Maryam, who also works in the safety industry, has just finished working on detective series Vera. She added: “He makes sure stunts are done correctly and makes sure everyone is safe. “We have been able to go to America, Prague. We have been very lucky.” Female fans of the Teesside heart-throb might be pleased to know he has a younger single brother Matthew. Maryam says any eligible ladies should definitely “slide into his DMs” – because he is just as lovely as his brother. She said: “He is just like David, they are two of a kind.” Adding a TOUCH OF GLASS!... 10 year guarantee • Windows • Doors • Bi - Folding Doors • Porches • Conservatories • Extensions • Building Work • Fascias & Gutters • Vertical Sliding Windows Gallowgate Buildings, 36 Laburnum Avenue, Blackhill, Consett, Co. Durham DH8 5UF Tel: (01207) 581638 Fax: (01207) 591096 www.north-east-windows.co.uk email: info@garyhallbuildingltd.co.uk FREE ESTIMATES We now offer A rated frames at no extra cost

6 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News Drug-driver hit pedestrian A MAN has admitted causing serious injuries to a pedestrian by driving dangerously while under the influence of drugs. Carl Maughan was driving a Vauxhall Combo van towards Loftus Bank when a collision with a man happened on West Road (A174). The pedestrian sustained serious injuries in the crash, which happened shortly after 6pm on January 30. Maughan was subsequently arrested and charged in connection with the incident. On Tuesday, the 33-year-old appeared at Teesside Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to drug driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Judge Howard Crowson adjourned the hearing and Maughan, of Beechcroft Close, Saltburn, will be sentenced next month. We buy any house! WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH Sell in days – or in your timescale No fees & no obligation Any condition or location NAPB approved & RICS regulated GET UP TO £30,000 CASH ADVANCE Call us FREE today for a cash offer available 24/7 0800 031 9071 goodhousemove.co.uk The land next to 20 Fountains Drive No go for home plan for side garden BEST PRICE PAID By EMILY CRAIGIE emily.craigie@reachplc.com @emilycraigie AcklAm residents say they are ‘delighted’ that middlesbrough council has refused permission for a developer to build a detached house in a side garden. However, property developer John Bradley, who owns the real estate company Ruby Housing, is planning to appeal the decision to stop him from building a two-storey, four-bedroom house in the garden next to 20 Fountains Drive. carol Foy, who lives in a bungalow opposite the proposed house, was concerned that the new build would invade her privacy and create a blind bend. On hearing that the council rejected the planning application, she said: “On behalf of the residents and myself, I would like to say how delighted we are that planning permission was refused.” ms Foy spoke at the planning meeting to raise her concerns about the development. She added: “We didn’t buy these properties to eventually be overlooked. Every corner plot around that area has the same surrounding garden. “We are going to be overlooked, overshadowed, we are going to have a loss of privacy.” ms Foy also raised the issue that if the council approved this application then more side gardens could be used for properties. She added: “It’s just bizarre that we want to take up these green areas, and we have to remember, this is someone’s front garden. “It’s not a plot of land. Are we going to have to now, when we buy property, think ‘oh that has a big side garden or a front garden, I wonder if they might be building there’. “It’s going to encroach on our Residents delighted as PeRMissiOn FOR hOUse is ReFUsed BY COUnCillORs Councillors Sheila Dean and Eric Polano life. I just think it’s a ludicrous idea to put a big building like this in front of a row of little bungalows.” Both of the Acklam councillors, Sheila Dean and Eric Polano were against the proposed development. cllr Dean added: “This is not a piece of derelict land, it is literally somebody’s garden. “my main issue is the safety. This is going to make it a blind bend. There are children walking, cycling and scootering up and down to school there. “There are cars racing up and down already. “The residents told me that cars going too fast come off the road into the grass verges.” Despite concerns about the bend, the council’s planning officers said the proposed vehicle access to the rear of the property from Sledmere Drive was sufficient to ensure visibility. They also said that they did not have any objections to the design and thought it would not ‘prejudice the appearance of the area’. It was recommended that the Planning and Development committee approve this project with conditions. However, seven out of the eight councillors present voted to reject the application while cllr David Branson abstained. There have been more than 40 objections from local residents with the main concerns being that it would not fit in with the local surroundings, loss of privacy and reduced visibility on the bend. Terence lawton, who lives at 20 Fountains Drive, submitted a comment in support of the planning application. He added: “Although we hire a gardener, this corner plot is looking unkempt and derelict because of anti-social behaviour. Pedestrians use it as a shortcut, leaving it littered with beer cans etc. “Some irresponsible local dog walkers either use the garden as a “doggy toilet” or dump black bags of excrement on the side garden, leaving us to dispose of them in our refuse bin. “We are in favour of the proposed build by the applicants and welcome the site being used for a new build rather than be left to become a dumping ground by a few anti-social and offensive local residents.” In the past, planning applications to build on this piece of land have been approved - in 2016 the council were happy for a bungalow to be built on the land. However, the project was not started and the time limit on this has now passed, meaning that a new application has had to be submitted.

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 7 PCC cops flak over departure of force’s chief News Home Secretary Priti Patel with Cleveland Police chief constable Richard Lewis, left, and the area’s Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner By sTuarT arnold Local democracy reporter stuart.arnold@reachplc.com @LDRArnold The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland has denied there was friction between himself and the force’s set-to-depart chief constable. Steve Turner was quizzed by members of the Cleveland Police and Crime Panel about Richard Lewis, who announced in July he was leaving for family reasons after a little more than two years in charge. Mr Lewis has been confirmed as the new chief constable in Dyfed-Powys, Wales but has agreed to stay on at Cleveland Police for another six months until a successor is found. his departure – announced just months after the election of Mr Turner – came as a surprise after Mr Lewis had agreed a contract extension to 2027 just a year earlier. The troubled force is now looking for its seventh chief constable in a decade. Stockton councillor Steve Nelson said Mr Lewis was “arguably the best chief constable” the force had ever had and he had resigned just a few months into the tenure of PCC Mr Turner, who was elected in May. he asked: “Is there a connection between the two events?” Labour’s Cllr Nelson said he had seen tension in other areas between elected mayors and chief executives and also questioned why Mr Lewis was not present at the police and crime panel meeting to explain his decision. Mr Lewis was appointed by Steve Turner’s Labour predecessor Barry Coppinger. Conservative Mr Turner said Cllr Nelson had suggested Mr Lewis was “using his family as a shield” in terms of the explanation given for his departure. he said: “Mr Lewis has made a decision based on his family and to question the man’s integrity in the way you have done is unfair.” Mr Turner insisted there was no statutory requirement for the chief constable to attend the panel meetings. he added: “That is because it is the Police and Crime Commissioner’s job to hold the chief constable to account. “The purpose of the panel since its No frictioN betweeN me aNd lewis, crime boss tells paNel inception is to scrutinise the Police and Crime Commissioner, not to scrutinise the chief.” Mr Turner said following his appointment in May he had sat down with Mr Lewis and “made plans not just for the short term but the long term”. Councillor Chris Jones, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in this year’s election, said he had been assured Mr Lewis was staying until 2026. he said: “I think one thing we will agree on is it is a huge loss.” Cllr Norma Stephenson said she was “disappointed and gutted” Mr Lewis had decided to go and had “lost confidence in the whole process.” Mr Turner attempted to put into context Mr Lewis’s leaving, stating the average tenure of a chief constable at any force was about three years. he said: “If you look at Cleveland over the last 20 years we have had less chief constables than Durham or North Yorkshire.” Councillor Tony Riordan, chairman of the police and crime panel, said he had a private meeting with Mr Lewis when he gave his reasons for leaving, which were the same as in a press release which relayed the announcement. he said: “his explanation was candid and honest.” Councillor Barrie Cooper said: “If the chief constable tells me, as a Welshman, he is going back to Wales because his family is there and he has another good job to go to then good luck to him.” earlier this month the formal process to recruit Mr Lewis’s successor began with the release of an application pack for the £164,904-a-year role. Applications for the post have to be submitted by September 29.

8 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News By EMILY CRAIGIE emily.craigie@reachplc.com @emilycraigie A COMMUNITY worker from Easterside has been elected as the new Ladgate ward councillor in a disappointing result for the Labour Party. Independent Tony Grainge won 362 votes, putting him ahead of the other five candidates including representatives from the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party’s Lee Holmes won 315 votes, Labour’s Mick Thompson came third with 226, Independent Sharon Platt won 121, Liberal Democrat Paul Hamilton secured 14 and Independent Vic Hoban came in last with three. Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service about how he was feeling after his victory, Tony Grainge said: “It feels like I can’t stand still to be honest. I am very excited. I felt like just jumping up and down and screaming there. So I’m buzzing, very excited. “Moving forward, I love Ladgate, I love living in Ladgate, I want to bring the community together. “I am a parent of four kids, I want to get alongside parents who want to raise kids in Ladgate in the best place it can be. “We are excited about getting into the sports village, we are excited to get people to live happier and healthier lives and just bringing the community together. “Not me and the council are going to put this for Ladgate, but what can we do as a community do to make this place a better place to New ward councillor ‘buzzing’ after win Tony Grainge with his wife Stephanie at Middlesbrough Town Hall crypt after being elected as the new councillor for Ladgate live for all of us.” Earlier this week, Mayor Andy Preston came out on social media and backed Tony Grainge – he said that he was an “honest and decent man” and would be “great”. Ladgate is traditionally a Labour seat, so it will be a shock for the party to come in third place. Labour ran Mick Thompson, who lost against Andy Preston in the 2019 mayoral election and was previously a councillor for Berwick Hills and Pallister Park for six years. In total, 1,046 votes were cast which meant a 25.8% turnout for the area. The by-election was called following the death of Cllr June Goodchild in July – she was elected as a Labour councillor however defected to the Middlesbrough Independent Group (MIG). Labour’s Craig Wright is the other current councillor for this area having been elected during the 2019 local elections. It is not clear whether Tony Grainge will join one of the Independent alliances, but he was backed by Cllr Antony High, leader of the Middlesbrough Independent Group (MIG). Middlesbrough Council continues to be run by independent mayor Andy Preston while independents also hold a majority over Labour in terms of councillor numbers. Following this election, there are 18 Labour councillors, twelve MIG councillors, ten Middlesbrough Independent Councillors Association councillors, three Conservatives and three independents (including Tony Grainge). Weather Around the Country Today’s Weather Four-Day Outlook Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Carlisle Exeter Gloucester Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Norwich Nottingham Plymouth Swansea Saturday Sunday °C °F °C °F cloudy 21 70 rain 18 64 cloudy 22 72 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 21 70 cloudy 18 64 cloudy 18 64 showers 17 63 cloudy 21 70 showers 18 64 cloudy 22 72 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 22 72 showers 18 64 cloudy 20 68 showers 17 63 pcloudy 23 73 cloudy 20 68 cloudy 21 70 showers 18 64 cloudy 23 73 showers 20 68 cloudy 21 70 showers 19 66 cloudy 19 66 pcloudy 18 64 cloudy 20 68 pcloudy 18 64 Around the World Amsterdam Beijing Corfu Majorca Mexico City Moscow New Delhi New York Paris Rio Rome Sydney Tokyo Saturday Sunday °C °F °C °F cloudy 19 66 overcast 19 67 cloudy 24 75 rain 19 67 pcloudy 26 79 overcast 26 78 rain 27 80 rain 26 78 rain 21 70 rain 21 69 overcast 12 53 cloudy 9 49 rain 32 90 rain 33 92 rain 23 74 sunny 19 67 cloudy 22 72 rain 16 60 rain 27 80 sunny 27 80 rain 28 83 sunny 27 80 overcast 24 76 sunny 22 72 rain 26 78 rain 23 74 Skies will be cloudy today. Afternoon highs will range from 18 to 22C. Haltwhistle Durham Sun & Moon Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Leeds Almanac Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip Berwick upon Tweed 6:43 a.m. 7:12 p.m. 7:01 p.m. 2:52 a.m. Newcastle upon Tyne Sunderland Middlesbrough York Newcastle Grimsby Leeds upon Tyne Hull Hull Grimsby Sep. 20 Sep. 28 Oct. 6 Oct. 12 Full Last New First 20/68 19/66 21/70 12/54 11/52 8/46 0.00" 0.00" 0.00" Middlesbrough York 20/68 21/70 19/66 12/54 8/46 11/52 0.00" 0.00" 0.00" High Tides Sunday Isolated light rain. 17°C/ 63°F 10°C/ 50°F Monday Partly cloudy. 17°C/ 63°F 11°C/ 52°F Tuesday Cloudy. 17°C/ 63°F 11°C/ 52°F Wednesday Isolated light showers. 16°C/ 61°F 10°C/ 50°F Saturday Sunday Holy Island 4.3 1:24 a 4.5 2:10 p 4.6 2:15 a 4.7 2:55 p Newcastle 4.8 2:10 a 5.0 2:56 p 5.1 3:01 a 5.2 3:41 p Tynemouth 4.5 2:07 a 4.7 2:53 p 4.8 2:58 a 4.9 3:38 p Sunderland 4.6 2:06 a 4.8 2:49 p 4.9 2:57 a 5.0 3:34 p River Tees Ent. 4.8 2:23 a 5.0 3:06 p 5.1 3:14 a 5.2 3:51 p Spurn Head 6.2 4:15 a 6.4 5:19 p 6.5 5:05 a 6.7 6:04 p Grimsby 6.2 4:25 a 6.4 5:26 p 6.7 5:16 a 6.7 6:13 p Wells ---- ---- 2.1 5:16 a ---- ---- 2.5 6:06 a Dover 6.0 10:17 a 6.2 10:57 p 6.4 11:05 a 6.5 11:40 p Liverpool 8.3 10:19 a 8.8 10:33 p 8.8 11:07 a 9.2 11:17 p

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 9 By Toni GuilloT toni.guillot@reachplc.com @ToniGuillot89 A MAN bit off more than he could chew when he picked a fight with a Teesside jiu-jitsu world champion. Student Alex Williams was on his lunch break with a friend when he says an unknown man approached him on Guisborough High Street. The grown yob became aggressive towards the 16-year-old, shouting: “I’m gunna smash your head in” and “I’m gunna stab you down the alley.” It was at that point the multiple junior world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu jumped into defence mode. Video footage shows the moment Alex delivered a signature double leg takedown which allowed him to restrain the fully grown man on the ground. Speaking of the incident, Alex, from Redcar, told The Gazette: “As he got closer I saw an opportunity to defend myself and fight back, so I took it. “When the fight or flight kicks in you’ve got to choose one or the other, and I chose to fight back and I was focused. ”Obviously I was worried in case he had a knife on him because he has threatened to stab me, but in situations like that it’s about surviving and I was thankfully ready for him.” The 30-second clip – which went viral – shows the man trying, and failing, to attack Alex for a second time. “I thought after I had taken him down the first time that he would have walked away, but he came back for more so I just con- tinued to try to restrain him without hitting him. “I was in a seated posi- tion and the move just came to me naturally because I’ve drilled it a thousand times in training. “My main aim was to de-escalate the situation safely.” Eventually the man walked away and Prior Pursglove College student Alex rang Cleveland Police. “There was blood everywhere and I realised he had bitten a chunk out of my ear,” added Alex. “I went to hospital to get it cleaned and I’ve got six stitches in it now.” Alex who is trained in BJJ, MMA, mixed martial arts and wrestling at SBG South Shields says he hopes his experience encourages others to take up a combat sport. He added: “I am glad it’s raised awareness for other young people like me to hopefully inspire them to get into a combat sport or something where they can learn to defend themselves safely.” News Yob picked on the wrong guy... The moment Alex used a martial arts move to restrain the man Multiple junior jiu-jitsu champion Alex Williams Durham. No ordinary county. Celebrate our culture at Durham2025.co.uk

healthlottery.co.uk play in-store | app | online 10 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News Cath Robson, manager of the Jobcentre in Middlesbrough Firms ‘crying out’ for workers says Jobcentre Players must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply. Excludes NI. The Health Lo ttery operates 5 main lo ttery draws per week (Tue-Sat) each with a jackpot of £25,000. Every £1 line for any Wednesday or Saturday main lot tery draw will also automa tically be entered into the appropriate £100,000 free prize draw which also take place on those days. All players matching 5 numbers in the free draw will win an equal share of the prize. The Health Lo ttery scheme manages 12 society lot teries that operate in rotat ion and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain. This month’s society lot tery is Health Lo ttery North West. For more details on which society lot tery is running each month please visit www.healthlottery.co.uk or ask your Health Lo ttery retailer. The Health Lo ttery logo is a registered trademark of The Health Lot tery Ltd. By ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter alex.metcalfe@reachplc.com @Mecs_LDR A Jobcentre boss says teesside warehouses are seeing many vacancies – with some employers “crying out” for workers. national statistics from May to July this year estimated a record high of 953,000 job vacancies in the UK. cath robson, from the Jobcentre in Middlesbrough and redcar and cleveland, said the high vacancies picture was also being seen on teesside. Ms robson added: “I’ve been in the department for 30-odd years and I’ve not seen it like this in such a long time. “Across Middlesbrough and redcar and cleveland we’ve got three job fairs coming up in the next few weeks because employers are crying out for staff.” Fairs will take place on September 22 at Middlesbrough town Hall, with another on october 7 in the same venue. A separate fair will take place in redcar and cleveland on october 6. Ms robson believed the labour market was “buoyant” with a wide range of jobs available. She also revealed her branch had seen a lot of applications for funding for HGV/LGV licences amid high demand for drivers. Hospitality, manufacturing, VACANCIES rISE for multIplE SECtorS IN rEgIoN renewable energy and wind farms were also among sectors where vacancies were being seen. “even down to your retail, administration, call centres – there’s a lot of call centre work,” added Ms robson. “there are a lot of security jobs out there at the moment and we can provide funding for SIA licences.” the jobcentre manager said the big warehouse distribution centres at teesport had also clocked a high number of vacancies. “It has raised issues with transport links that way which we’re looking at with the (tees Valley) combined authority, Stagecoach and others,” she added. “It’s the distribution centres over there – tesco and Asda. “We’ve got teesworks – we’re going to be at the jobs fair on october 6 and they’ve just announced just over 2,000 jobs they’ll be recruiting for, “Some of them are quite skilled but there are low-level entry jobs as well.” teesside Park was another area where the Jobcentre was seeing openings. “It’s not just the pubs but the hotels as well,” said Ms robson. the pandemic hit younger people in work particularly hard on teesside, with many jobs lost. Amid the latest figure release, there has been concern about the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in Stockton north. House of commons library figures showed there were 3,890 people claiming in Stockton north in August – down on figures from February this year, but up on those before the pandemic in March 2020. Labour MP Alex cunningham also shared worries about the number of 18 to 24-year-olds claiming. He added: “the tories can make as many announcements about jobs in the future but the reality is that they are still failing our part of the country big time.” Ms robson said the pandemic hadn’t helped but she believed unemployment registers for 18 to 24-year-olds were now reducing. She added: “It did rise a lot during the pandemic – but in the last three or four months there has been a decline month on month. “normally in September we prepare for an increase (in unemployment) due to the school and college leavers. “We’ve not seen that this year.”

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12 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive National News Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox has been crowned winner of Celebrity MasterChef BBC MINUTE BRIEFING Motorway protest CLiMATe protesters blocked the M25 for a third time in a week as the Transport Secretary demanded ‘swift action’ by police to clear the road. Junctions three, at Swanley in Kent, nine at Leatherhead in Surrey, and 28, near Brentwood in essex, were targeted yesterday morning. Surrey Police said officers had arrested 14 people at junction nine. insulate Britain, the group behind the demonstrations, is demanding Government action on home insulation. Youngsters ‘selfish’ ALmosT half of UK adults believe young people have acted selfishly during the pandemic, research has suggested. some 49% of adults said they feel young Protesters blocking the M25 people have been selfish by ignoring restrictions on their freedoms because of the lower risk to them, while 31% believe the majority of youngsters have been selfless. NHS Trust win appeal An nHS trust has won a Court of Appeal fight to overturn a landmark ruling over the use of pubertyblocking drugs for children with gender dysphoria. Last year, the High Court ruled it was ‘highly unlikely’ that a child aged 13 or under would be able to consent to the hormone-blocking treatment and that it was ‘very doubtful’ a child of 14 or 15 would understand the long-term consequences. The appeal was brought by Tavistock and Portman nHS Foundation Trust, which runs the UK’s only gender identity development service for children. Sir Elton’s call to PM Sir Elton John sir Elton John said he has requested a meeting with Boris Johnson over visa issues for musicians touring in the European Union. The 74-year-old said: “i’m on the warpath to try and get this sorted out.” Johnson’s ‘pep talk’ BoriS Johnson has given his overhauled Cabinet a ‘half-time pep talk’, urging them to unite to deliver for the nation, after carrying out a ruthless cull in his top team. in the first meeting of the new Cabinet on Friday, the Prime Minister said it is time to ‘spit out the orange peel’ and work together. Both demoted Justice Secretary Dominic raab and his replacement as Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, sat opposite Mr Johnson on the Cabinet table. Kadeena takes masterchef gold! PArALymPic champion Kadeena cox said she is ‘absolutely buzzing’ after being crowned winner of celebrity masterchef. The 30-year-old, who has represented Great Britain in both sprinting and cycling events, impressed judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace in a final that saw the three remaining contestants attempt to cook a ‘flawless’ three-course meal in two hours. reality star megan mcKenna and former EastEnders actor Joe swash both also made it to the final on BBc one but missed out on the trophy. After being announced as the winner, cox, who has multiple sclerosis, said: “i gave everything i could today. i am absolutely buzzing. This smile is not disappearing from my face for a while. “i am just proud of myself for doing it. i didn’t change who i was, i learnt along the way, but i was still Kadeena right to the end. “it has just been a great journey and one that i am never going to forget.” Torode said: “so many times during this year’s competition i forgot Kadeena had multiple sclerosis and was not only battling for the trophy but had her own personal battle going on. she just never let up, she didn’t stop! For me she is a true inspiration.” Airport welcomes travel rule change By HANNAH GRAHAM and GAVIN CORDON Reporters Newcastle airport bosses have welcomed a change in the UK’s international travel rules which they say will help their industry recover after covid-19. the changes, announced yesterday, are the biggest adjustment to travel regulations since the traffic light system was announced. Under the new system there will be one ‘red list’ while all other destinations will be easier to visit, especially for fully-vaccinated travellers. From October 4, double-jabbed holidaymakers will no longer need a predeparture test before returning from non-red list destinations and from later in the month they will be able to replace the day-two PcR test with a cheaper lateral flow test. Meanwhile, the red list has been trimmed down with turkey, Pakistan and the Maldives all removed. travellers returning from a red list country will still be required to quarantine in a Government-approved hotel. a spokesperson for Newcastle International airport said: “we welcome the removal of the pre-departure testing requirement for fully-vaccinated passengers returning to england as well as the move to cheaper and more convenient lateral flow tests on day two following arrival. “we have been lobbying the Government for these changes, along with the simplification of the traffic light system, in the hope of making travel as easy as possible and to support the recovery of the UK’s travel industry. “the announcement is well-timed for the return of our emirates flights to Dubai and the half -term holidays in October. “as well as this, the removal of turkey and the Maldives from the red list will give even more choice for holidaymakers looking for a winter sun getaway.” Other travel bodies also welcomed the news. Dale Keller, chief executive of the Transport secretary Grant Shapps Board of airline Representatives in the UK said: “Greater freedom of movement for many vaccinated passengers, without the anxiety of pre-departure tests and the high cost of PcR testing on arrival, will help restore traveller confidence and set the aviation, travel and tourism sectors on what is still a long road to recovery.” In a statement, transport secretary Grant shapps said: “today’s changes mean a simpler, more straightforward system. “One with less testing and lower costs, allowing more people to travel, see loved ones or conduct business around the world while providing a boost for the travel industry. “Public health has always been at the heart of our international travel policy and with more than eight in 10 adults fully vaccinated in the UK we are now able to introduce a proportionate updated structure which reflects the new landscape.” the move was welcomed by the chairman of the commons transport committee Hew Merriman. He said: “the need for caution is clear but with 80% of our country now vaccinated UK travel needs a shot in the arm.”

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 13 Aussie PM shoots down sub criticism AustrAliA’s Prime Minister scott Morrison has rejected Chinese criticism of Australia’s new nuclear submarine alliance with the united states – and said he does not mind that us president Joe Biden might have forgotten his name. China reacted angrily when Mr Biden, Mr Morrison and Prime Minister Boris Johnson used a virtual news conference this week to announce a trilateral defence alliance that will provide Australia with a fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. Chinese ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson, Zhao lijian, said it was ‘highly irresponsible’ for the us and Britain to export the nuclear technology. Mr Morrison said Australia wanted to boost peace and stability in the indo-Pacific region. “Everything we’ve done with the united states is consistent with the partnerships and relationships and alliances we’ve already had with the united states,” Mr Morrison told Firefighters walk near a giant sequoia tree and, inset, fire burns in the hollow of an old-growth redwood tree in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in California World’s largest tree is under wraps FireFiGhTers wrapped the base of the world’s largest tree in a fireresistant blanket as they tried to save a famous grove of gigantic old-growth sequoias from wildfires burning in California’s rugged sierra Nevada. The colossal General sherman Tree in sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, some other sequoias, the Giant Forest Museum and Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison radio 3AW. Australia’s nearest neighbour after Papua New Guinea, indonesia, was ‘deeply concerned over the continuing arms race and power projection in the region’, the indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. News of the alliance received a positive response in singapore. the island-state’s Prime Minister, lee Hsien loong, told Mr Morrison in a phone call he hoped the nuclear other buildings were wrapped for protection against the possibility of intense flames, fire spokeswoman rebecca Paterson said. The aluminium wrapping can withstand intensive heat for short periods. Federal officials say they have been using the material for several years throughout the Us West to deal would ‘contribute constructively to the peace and stability of the region and complement the regional architecture’, singapore’s foreign ministry said. French leaders and the European union are angered at being excluded from the alliance that scuppers a contract with France to build 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines for Australia. Observers say Mr Biden appeared to have forgotten Mr Morrison’s name during thursday’s news conference, which was televised from three countries. the president referred to the Australian as ‘pal’ and ‘that fellow Down under’. Mr Biden did not use Mr Morrison’s name, while he referred to Johnson as ‘Boris’. it reminded Australians of when then-President Donald trump’s spokesman sean spicer repeatedly referred to Morrison’s predecessor, Malcolm turnbull, in 2017 as ‘Mr trumble’. Mr Morrison laughed off protect sensitive structures from flames. Near Lake Tahoe, some homes that were wrapped in protective material survived a recent wildfire while others nearby were destroyed. The Colony Fire, one of two burning in sequoia National Park, was expected to reach the Giant Forest, a grove of 2,000 sequoias, at some point within days, fire what some have described as an awkward exchange with Mr Biden that undermined Australia’s significance to the united states. “usually when we speak privately, he refers to me as ‘pal,”’ Mr Morrison told the seven Network. Mr Morrison said he and the president enjoyed a great working relationship. “Oh, i didn’t pay much attention to it. i mean, these things happen. they happen frequently,” Mr Morrison told Nine Network. “From time to time, you know, i’ve been known to let the odd name slip from my memory – that’s pretty normal in our line of work, i’ve got to be honest,” he added. the Australian leader said he referred to Mr Biden as ‘Mr President’ or ‘mate’ in private conversations. Mr Morrison will visit the united states next week for the first time since Mr Biden became president. the pair will be joined by the leaders of india and Japan. officials said. however, the fire did not grow significantly on Thursday as a layer of smoke reduced its spread in the morning, fire spokeswoman Katy hooper said. it comes after a wildfire killed thousands of sequoias, some as tall as high-rises and thousands of years old, in the region last year. The General sherman Tree is the largest in the world. World News GLOBAL BRIEFING Prison plea is thrown out South Africa’s highest court has denied an application by former president, Jacob Zuma, to rescind his sentence of 15 months in jail for contempt of court. the Constitutional Court judgment upheld its earlier ruling that Zuma should go to prison for refusing to testify at a commission of inquiry into widespread corruption in government and at state-owned companies while he was president of South Africa from 2009-2018. Jacob Zuma Astronauts brought back down to earth three Chinese astronauts have returned to earth after a 90-day stay aboard their nation’s first space station, marking China’s longest mission yet. Nie haisheng, Liu Boming and tang hongbo landed in the Shenzhou-12 spaceship just after 1.30pm local time (6.30am BSt) after having undocked from the space station on thursday morning. State broadcaster CCtV showed footage of the spacecraft parachuting to land in the Gobi Desert, where it was met by helicopters and off-road vehicles. Minutes later, a crew of technicians began opening the hatch of the capsule, which appeared undamaged. the three astronauts emerged about 30 minutes later. App vanishes as polls open AN app created by allies of imprisoned russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, disappeared from Apple and Google stores on Friday as polls opened across russia for three days of voting in a parliamentary election. Authorities are seeking to suppress the use of Smart Voting, a project designed by Mr Navalny to promote candidates that are most likely to defeat those backed by the Kremlin.


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16 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Books My cardiologist told me if I had gone on tour I’d probably have died on stage in Southampton BoB MoRtIMeR, Gone Fishing star, Would I Lie to You? regular, one half of comedy duo Reeves and Mortimer and all-round comedic mischief-maker, reflects that his life has taken a turn for the better since his health took a turn for the worse. Some six years since his triple heart bypass operation he feels healthier than he has for years, despite not doing enough exercise and by his own admission, still hankering after a pastrytopped meat pie. Meeting him today, Mortimer, 62, is instantly likeable, witty and thoughtful with his answers. The surreal imaginations of his Would I Lie to You? stories are absent over Zoom, but the twinkle in his eye and laughter as he recalls funny anecdotes are ever-present. The man who used to have 16 sugars in his tea and still takes some ‘pocket meat’ with him whenever he goes out – Scotch egg, pork pie and Peperami sausage are among his favourites – admits that even now he’s still not great at looking after his health, although he’s down to between five and seven sugars depending on how naughty he’s feeling. “I didn’t really look after my health before and I’m not as good as I should be now. Some people seem to have the DNA for exercise and health and the motivation, while some people struggle – and I do struggle,” he admits. “I’m better than I was, but I get so bored with things. I got an exercise bike and that lasted about four months, but then I lose the will to live,” he says, laughing. “At this moment I’m in a phase where my wife and I go rambling every day.” He charts the highs and lows of his life in his memoir, And Away..., from his early years growing up in Middlesbrough and his biscuit salesman father’s shocking death in a car accident when he was seven, to quitting his job as a solicitor to take to the stage with Vic Reeves (aka Jim Moir) and enjoy success in comedy. The childhood and career adventures are interspersed with Bob Mortimer talks to HannaH StepHenSon about his recovery following his brush with death chapters on his dramatic triple heart bypass in 2015. That year, he was about to go on a Reeves and Mortimer tour, marking 30 years since they first stepped on stage together, and was a little concerned about his constant tiredness, as well as a sharp pain behind his left ribcage. “Looking back on it, I was sleeping every afternoon, I was breathless when I went to the top of the stairs or if I played football with my sons I couldn’t last very long. I just put it down to my age.” He went to his doctor for a pretour check-up, was immediately referred to a cardiologist and a few days later underwent open triple heart bypass surgery. The consultant told him that some of his arteries were between 95-98% blocked. “He told me that if I’d gone on tour I would have probably died on stage in Southampton,” he recalls. “The overpowering feeling was one of fear. I was very scared. I convinced myself that it would be absolutely life-changing. I don’t suppose I thought I was going to die, although they give you the warning that everyone gets before an operation. “But I just didn’t think life was ever going to be the same again and you start having regrets of ‘I’m never going to be able to do that’,” he says. “The reason I carp on about it Paul whitehouse You feel very vulnerable, even going out into the street...It’s true that the only voice in my life telling me to get out of the house was Paul Whitehouse BElOw: Bob was set to go on tour with his longtime comedy foil Vic Reeves when his heart condition was diagnosed now – and I get sick of hearing myself talking about the heart thing – is that when I went through it I felt very ignorant about it. I didn’t know how long it (the triple bypass) lasted or whether I’d ever walk. I didn’t know what the future held and in my own little way I’m trying to repay the doctors by being someone who people can see and say, ‘oh, you’re all right’.” He married his long-term partner, Lisa, with whom he has two sons, Harry and tom, aged 18 and 16 on the day he went into hospital for the operation. Lisa drove him to hospital after the register office ceremony. The surgery went well but afterwards Bob was scared to go out, and basically spent a month hiding away after being discharged, ignoring calls from all his friends, even Jim Moir. But his old pal Paul Whitehouse didn’t give up. Bob reflects he was instrumental in his mental recovery. “When you’ve had the operation – especially that big cut down your CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE: Bob Mortimer says he did not think life would ever be the same again after his heart bypass chest – you feel very vulnerable, even going out into the street. I was sat about a bit. It’s true that the only voice in my life telling me to get out of the house was Paul Whitehouse. He was very insistent and very persistent.” Because Paul had previously had three stents inserted into the arteries around his heart, he was the nearest to a friendly expert that Bob had. He finally persuaded him to go on a fishing trip together – which helped to reconnect him with the world and subsequently spawned the idea of the hit show Gone Fishing. “He was the first person I opened up to apart from my wife about the journey. And there’s that lovely thing about fishing. If I’d gone for a drink with Paul, all we’d have done is try to make each other laugh. “But when you go to the riverbank you make each other laugh and there’s still six hours left and you do get a bit reflective and I started to dare to ask Paul about his rehab. We both support each other with it.” Some 12 weeks after his surgery, Bob resumed the tour with Reeves, after being signed off by the consultant on condition he didn’t let his heart rate rise above 154bpm. Yet on the opening night at the o2 Arena in Leeds, his legs turned to jelly as the heart monitor on his wrist rose to 150bpm before he set a foot on stage. He just wanted to run away and hide but it was too late. The show went well, the comedy duo ad-libbing about Bob’s heart monitor – and he’s never looked back. “When I went out on that stage at Leeds when my wristband was telling me not to, that was my recovery over because then I realised that I’m probably stronger than I was before the operation. I thank the audience for giving us a good cheer to get us out there.” They’ve completed several tours since and are hoping to tour next year, as well as writing a film. “I’ve learned a lot more about (heart) disease so before I go on tour I’ll have a stress test. In essence, I’ve got three new pipes. I’m not on many tablets. I take statins and that’s it.” “I did some things after the operation that I wouldn’t have done before. It felt like a brush with mortality. I realised that you are counting down the years.” These things have included his football podcast, Athletico Mince, an interview on Desert Island Discs and Gone Fishing, which he hopes will run to a fifth series. He says he doesn’t worry about his health much now but has given up smoking after being a 20-a-day man for nearly 50 years, and changed his diet a little. “At home, I earn a ‘dirty’ meal by having two healthy ones,” he reveals. And his favourite dirty meal is “any meat pie”. As for the younger comedy talent coming up through the ranks – James Acaster, Rob Beckett, Nish Kumar et al – he says he doesn’t feel threatened. “They’re all lovely – and I’m not just saying that. I did a podcast with ed Gamble and James Acaster last week and they were hilarious. It makes me nostalgic. They are funny and they have got it all ahead of them. “ten years ago I used to wonder who our audience was, because we were used to entertaining younger people, but with the likes of Gone Fishing you come to terms with the fact any audience is just great!” ■ And Away... by Bob Mortimer is published by Gallery UK, priced £20. Available now

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 17 Books REVIEWS fiction freCkleS by Cecilia Ahern, HarperCollins, £16.99, ebook £10.99 HHHHI Cecilia Ahern – best known for her debut novel PS, I Love You – is back with her latest offering, Freckles. Misfit country girl Allegra ‘Freckles’ Bird moves to Dublin to achieve her dreams, but as reality sets in, she realises she isn’t exactly who she hoped she would become. A tense encounter with a stranger sets her on a journey to uncover the five people who have made her who she is, and in pursuit, she begins to uncover what truly defines her. This is fresh and timely, picking apart Allegra’s character thoughtfully without cliché or judgement. Asking boldly what and who make us who we are, Freckles teams wit and wisdom harmoniously – albeit wrapped in a slightly saccharine bow. pick of the week SnoW CountrY by Sebastian Faulks, Hutchinson, £20, ebook £9.99 HHHHI Snow Country returns to the Schloss Seeblick sanatorium in Austria, loosely following Faulks’ 2005 novel Human Traces. The clinic is as much a personality as the two main characters, Anton and Lena – he a journalist, fortunate enough to travel before being plunged into the German trenches of the Western Front, and she an impoverished, uneducated child of a prostitute Beautiful World, Where are You by Sally Rooney, Faber & Faber, £16.99, ebook £8.99 HHIII The cult of Sally Rooney is so strong – her work has been adapted into an awardwinning TV programme, and her style has inspired waves of new writers – it’s easy to forget the latest release is looking for somewhere, or someone, to call home. Through all the political turbulence, love and loss, Schloss Seeblick is a place of calm – both for the characters that end up there, and for us, through Faulks’ flawless prose. Snow Country’s pensive wandering expresses mental resilience and wistful yearning in a love story that struggles to bloom in the lugubrious period between two world wars. only her third book. Beautiful World, Where Are You is unmistakeably Sally Rooney: but magnified to an extent it almost seems like a parody. Alice – a famous writer who has moved to the seaside after a mental breakdown – and Eileen – her best friend living in Dublin with a nice but unfulfilling job – are the central characters, along with the two men in their lives: Felix and Simon. There’s not too much plot in the book – it’s more of a meditation on life when you’re in the tail end of your 20s, and every second chapter is a long email between the two women. This format hinders the flow of the book – it feels like pages of selfindulgent musings about life, sex, capitalism and more. It’s heavy-handed and has none of the emotional heart of Rooney’s previous books. Non-fiction the tranSgender iSSue: an argument for JuStiCe by Shon Faye, Allen Lane, £20, ebook £9.99 HHHHI Few books are as urgent as trans activist and journalist Shon Faye’s debut. She covers the dire situation facing the trans community today. The analysis is thorough and heartbreaking. It’s a highly fact-based book backed up with statistics and case studies, but Faye manages to write it in a hugely emotive and powerful way. ToP TEnS bESTSEllERS 1. The Song Of Achilles: Madeline Miller 2. The Dark Remains: Ian Rankin & William McIlvanney 3. A Slow Fire Burning: Paula Hawkins 4. Magpie: Elizabeth Day 5. Snow Country: Sebastian Faulks 6. How To Kill Your Family: Bella Mackie 7. The Heron’s Cry: Ann Cleeves 8. The Women Of Troy: Pat Barker 9. Freckles: Cecelia Ahern 10. 1979: Val McDermid Chart courtesy of Waterstones EbookS 1. One August Night: Victoria Hislop 2. The Holiday: T.M. Logan 3. Find Them Dead: Peter James 4. Dark Sacred Night: Michael Connelly 5. All That Remains: Sue Black 6. The Road Trip: Beth O’Leary 7. The Whistler: John Grisham 8. The Last Letter from Your Lover: Jojo Moyes 9. The Only Plane in the Sky: Garrett M. Graff 10. Beautiful World, Where Are You: Sally Rooney Chart courtesy of the Kindle store at Amazon FREE ISSUE OF MAGAZINE WORTH £1.70 HOW TO CLAIM: Simply cut out the voucher and present it at any major retailer to get your free copy of The People’s Friend magazine. This offer is valid until Tuesday September 21 2021, while stocks last. Please read the terms and conditions on the voucher before redemption. For any queries relating to this promotion please email ceadmin@dcthomson.co.uk. Get your weekend off to a great start with this exclusive offer to claim the latest edition of The People’s Friend! If you’re in the mood for some feel-good reading, this issue has seven original short stories by favourite authors, and two exclusive serial instalments, plus a new episode of the much-loved soap, “Riverside”, by bestselling author Glenda Young From expert health advice to practical gardening hints and tips from regular columnist Alexandra Campbell and puzzles/brain teasers to keep your mind active, the “Friend” is the perfect companion to spend an hour or two with – just sit back, put your feet up and relax! So make sure you don’t miss out and visit your local retailer to get your free copy!

18 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS Get Teessidelive’s top stories sent straight to your inbox with our newsletters Morning and evening we will keep you bang up-to-date on Teesside's latest with our breaking news, Boro and What's On newsletters www.teessidelive.co.uk/signup Popular old pub brought back to life READER OFFER 5 YOU COULD SAVE . ON ENERGY BILLS Old Victorian pub The Lambton in Stockton is being brought back to life Are you one of the millions of UK households currently overpaying on their energy bills? On behalf of our loyal readers, we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s most trusted energy switching brands to create the InYourArea Energy Campaign - built with our readers in mind and designed to find you the best new deals, we could save you up to a huge £216* on your energy bill. We do all the hard work for you... so why not start saving today? FIND OUT HOW EASY IT IS TO SWITCH AND SAVE... VISIT INYOURAREA.CO.UK/GO/ENERGYSWITCH OR CALL 0800 049 2435 *Between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved an average of £216. By kELLEY PRICE Reporter kelley.price@reachplc.com A once-thriving Stockton pub is being brought back to life – after standing empty for almost a decade. The Lambton was cindy Sheehan’s local and she was a regular there for years. now she’ll be on the other side of the bar. Together with her husband Trevor and brother-in-law John, she’s giving the Victorian High Street boozer a big facelift. They want to bring back a “proper pub”, serving “everything except food” including beers, wines, cocktails and coffee. A smart refurb is almost complete, with the first pints due to be pulled by the end of the month. There will be pool, live entertainment and they also have plans for an outdoor area. “It’s my local,” says cindy, “I live down the street and used to drink in there years ago. “It’s open-plan now, it used to have lots of little rooms. “The Lambton was one of the places you went, then moved onto the next pub. “People don’t do that any more. They tend to stay in one place. People have been stopping and looking in the window. “A lot are saying ‘we used to go there’.” According to Stockton Heritage, records of a public house at the site stretch back to 1855. The Lambton castle Hotel was also the business premises of a milliner and dressmaker in the 1860s and had a string of “colourful” landlords. In 1894, it was torn down and replaced using “more modern” building principles – to increase the drinking facilities and allow the police to better supervise. cindy, who has run The Ramsgate pub in the town among other things, said the pub had been closed since 2012. “A gentleman had started doing it up for the original reopening date for The Globe. He passed away six years ago and the building has been empty since. “There’s been wear and tear, no heating and things were weather damaged. “We’ve found a wooden plaque from around the late 1800s that we will put up. “We had to replace the front – and behind it all there was an old shop sign from years ago. “We’re looking for old photos to hang in the pub.”

ADVERTISING FEATURE The grassroots cultural scene supporting County Durham’s bid for UK City of Culture 2025 The compelling and people-based arTs projecTs in counTy durham hoping To help clinch The coveTed TiTle County Durham is in the running to be UK City of Culture 2025, a title that would showcase the creative ambition, talent, and heritage of communities across the county, while bringing transformational social and economic benefits to the entire North East. County Durham’s bid, submitted by Durham County Council with principal partner Durham University on behalf of Culture Durham, is in a very strong position indeed. The county boasts a UNESCO world heritage site, a globally renowned university and the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There is also first-class cricket and a calendar of world-class events including Lumiere and Kynren. But what of the grassroots arts and culture scene across the county, which the UK City of Culture 2025 judges will be particularly keen to explore to make sure the bid is truly inclusive. How does the county measure up? Alison Clark, head of culture, tourism and sport at Durham County Council, said: “Thankfully there are many well-established projects that have been bringing people together and connecting communities for decades. You don’t have to look far to find examples of ambitious and surprising creative work in County Durham communities. “The grassroots element of the bid is one of our strengths and unique selling points. We have urban areas, rural areas and post-industrial areas and there is something very powerful about this diversity. “We also have very strong traditions like brass bands and the miners’ welfare halls, which are rooted in the rich history of the county and celebrate the stories of the people who have made it their home. The bid shines a light on these traditions and makes sure they are supported, while ensuring the voices of local people are heard. The grassroots arts and culture work, which is at the heart of our UK City of Culture 2025 bid, addresses the issues that communities are faced with today while imagining what the future holds.’’ Along with 19 other locations across the UK and Ireland, Culture Durham will discover if the Durham 2025 bid has made the shortlist of six places later this month. The overall winner of the competition, run by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, will be declared next year. The winning location will then take on the baton from Coventry, UK City of Culture 2021, which has so far attracted more than £100m in capital investment to support cultural projects. To find out more about the bid, visit: www.durham2025.co.uk In County Durham, there are a number of organisations producing exciting and engaging arts and cultural activities at a grassroots level, many of which have been life-changing for those taking part and are a tribute to the county, its heritage, and its communities. Here are three examples: The Forge The Forge has a reputation for working with some of County Durham’s most socially and economically disadvantaged communities, bringing nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to work with children and young people, and school and community partners across the region. An Arts Council-funded organisation, it has been based in Stanley for 20 years and was set up in 2001 by Tony Harrington, executive director. He explained: “Our specialism is to work within schools and other agencies to ensure that every child and young person in the region has access to high quality arts experiences. Our programmes are inspired by local people and places and develop from our understanding of local cultures and local heroes, such as our schools and community programme that celebrates the work of the pitman poet, Tommy Armstrong. We work with artists, teachers, and other creatives to develop projects that inspire young people and help them develop their own creative voices. “The youngsters we work with are digitally very sophisticated, and our arts programmes recognise their digital competencies as well as helping them to develop more traditional arts skills. As well as working closely with schools, our multi-agency work focuses on engaging children and young people who have had limited opportunities to access the arts - such as those who are not in education or employment. We want to ensure that every young person is given the opportunity to experience the arts and develop their own creative pathway - which supports their well-being and their future employability.’’ One of The Forge’s proudest achievements was the UK premiere of Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezin at Durham Cathedral. The piece commemorates the victims of the Terezin concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia where tens of thousands died during the Second World War. He added: “Our Defiant Requiem programme was initially developed in response to the reported rise in extreme right-wing radicalisation in the UK. We began by touring a production of The Tin Ring into schools which tells the story of a young girl’s’ experiences in the Holocaust. The idea was to expose young people to the cataclysmic harm that can be caused by scapegoating others and allowing prejudice to flourish. From that we collaborated with Defiant Requiem Foundation and staged the performance at Durham Cathedral.’’ The Forge also partners Culture Bridge North East in delivering the Arts Council’s very successful Artsmark scheme. This gives schools with strong arts and cultural provision the recognition they deserve and helps them to create even more exciting opportunities for their pupils to grow and learn. NorTherN hearTlaNds Northern Heartlands firmly believes in the creative power of communities to bring about real change. The Barnard Castle-based charity operates across south west County Durham, including many rural and coalfield communities. For director Jill Cole, one of the proudest moments was a few years back when a mighty metal monster appeared in the former pit village of Willington. This was The Man Engine, described by its Cornish creators as the largest mechanical puppet ever created in Britain. She explained: “The population of Willington is below 6,000 but it looked as if everyone had turned out to see it on that June day in 2018. The mighty monument to a miner was an engineering masterpiece. People just loved it and they had never seen anything like it. “The event and the work we did leading up to it connected young people to the mining industry of County Durham’s past, but also helped people to rediscover a huge sense of pride in their place. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you get to know what makes communities tick.’’ Another highlight of the work of Northern Heartlands was a community opera called ‘Song of our Heartland’ which was produced by Opera North. It was developed in partnership with members of local communities from south west County Durham, a region with a strong heritage in mining and railway industries, as well as upland hill-farming. Jill added: “Song of Our Heartland was part of our work as a Great Place Scheme in south west Durham. We were very lucky to partner with such a prestigious organisation as Opera North ‘If These Walls Could Talk,’ a community based visual arts project commissioned by east durham Creates, brought people of all ages together. Credit: richard Kenworthy and taking part was life-changing for many of the individuals involved. The project also showed the strength of community spirit here in County Durham and just what we can achieve when we work together.’’ easT durham CreaTes East Durham Creates engages people in creative activities, inspired by East Durham and made for and by the communities who live there. Part of the Creative People and Places programme and funded by Arts Council England, the organisation is managed by East Durham Trust. Project lead Jess Hunt explained that inequality is inequality whether we are talking at a rehearsal of the community opera song of our heartland with composer Will Todd Nursery school children take part in arts activities supported by the Forge The man engine event at Willington by Paul Norris a financial level or with regard to access to culture. She said: “East Durham is highlighted as one of the areas in the country among the lowest in terms of art and cultural engagement and we’ve found that the voices of people living in places like East Durham don’t get heard. One of the reasons is that it doesn’t have a major theatre or gallery and is made up of small communities that couldn’t support a venue of this scale. People tend to travel 10 to 20 miles if they want to take part in arts and culture, to places such as Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle.’’ Never daunted, East Durham Creates has helped transform communities by getting more local people involved in creating and experiencing great art. Jess explained: “We aim to remove the barriers to help people engage with arts and culture and those barriers can be lack of income, lack of transport or a fear that art isn’t for them. We make sure that the art and culture we promote is relevant and inclusive. “One of our biggest achievements are the cultural hubs formed from existing community centres, led by and for local people. These hubs now have their own programmes of performances and exhibitions, which are shaped by the communities they serve. “Whether we’re commissioning new work from community groups or international artists, East Durham Creates projects will always be inspired by things that local people have told us matter to them - the people, stories and heritage that are unique to our area.’’

20 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive feed back All letters must include your full address, though this will not be printed. We reserve the right to edit letters, which must be a maximum of 250 words. Write to Letters, Ground Floor Hudson Quay, The Halyard, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough TS3 6RT or email letters@gazettemedia.co.uk “Beautiful orchids in full bloom in my garden room”, sent in by Christine Crook, Redcar YOUR POEM Paul Daniels, Magician Extraordinaire. (Born 1938- Died 2016) Newton Edward Daniels, A child born to succeed. Raised in South Bank, Middlesbrough, A cherished son indeed. Nineteen thirty-eight the year, When jobs were hard to find. Born amid such hardship, South Bank was then deprived. Schooled in Redcar, Yorkshire, His first job as a clerk. Worked for Eston Council, Chose not to make his mark! Set his mind on stardom, He had a simple plan. Climb the ladder of success, Become a “Magic Man!” From working clubs he progressed, To national TV. Deftly demonstrating, His tricks, his sorcery. A master of illusion, A wizard who’d amaze. His audience before him, Encores, eternal praise! Father of three children, Sons Martin, Gary, Paul. Joined The Magic Circle, So loved by one and all. On his final journey, His family by his side. Tears were shed together, The day Paul sadly died. subscription offers If you live in the area, you can choose to have your copy home delivered and save on the cover price along with no extra delivery charges*. Call 0333 202 8000 for details. *Terms & Conditions. Published by Gazette Media Company Ltd at Ground Floor East, Hudson Quay, The Halyard, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough TS3 6RT and printed by Reach Printing Services (Teesside) Ltd at Barton Road, Riverside Park, Middlesbrough TS2 1UT. Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office. The recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2016 was 62.8% United by our aspirations I’M not a big admirer of Gordon Brown, but his very own think tank has accurately concluded that people throughout the UK have increasingly common priorities and are “moving closer together.” (The Gazette, 16.09.21). This means that both the SNP and Plaid Cymru will ultimately fail to split up the UK because, deep down, the Scots and the Welsh know that to prosper in the modern world they are far better off united with England, the wealth creator and backbone of the Union. Only recently Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to appeal for help from the UK Army because the Scottish health service is unable to cope with Covid. How humiliating is that after all her pretence of having a handle on Covid, coupled with her empty talk about Scotland being able to stand on its own feet? In the end, common sense will defeat nationalism in our small islands, where the Northern Irish loyally appreciate the value of the English connection. Gordon is right. English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish want the same things: peace, security, good jobs, decent homes and rising living standards. United, these aspirations are possible for all. Divided, the weakest will go to the wall. STEVE KAY, Redcar & Cleveland Councillor Universal credit and sums involved Mr Dixon, I think your comments are both misleading and incorrect (Letters, September 16). The facts are that for every £1 earned, the DWP take only 0.37p to calculate universal credit entitlement – so for every £10 earned, only £3.70 is used as earned income. As for having to work seven and nine extra hours per week, the poor souls. And here’s me thinking I was badly done to, having to work full-time for 50 years with no financial incentives – shame on me. PAULA BARRATT, Stockton How much it costs to employ someone AS I move in the business world and talk to other employers in the area, I am amazed that they do not know what it really costs to employ their staff members, especially if one considers the present Conservative government decision to raise national insurance contributions on April 5, 2022, by 1.25%, and the council tax rise which will be granted next spring because we are told monies will not come fast enough. So the way you find out is, with employees’ National Insurance being at 12% and the employers’ being at 13.8% on all wages over £184 per week, and six weeks’ paid holiday, add to that employer insurance and raft of other items the cost is 110% over whatever you pay the staff member. In simple terms if you pay £10 per hours the true cost is nearly £22 per hour, so making labour one of the most highly-taxed commodities in the marketplace. Yet the Conservative people who stood on our doorsteps in 2019 and said they would protect us from Labour and their big government big taxes have betrayed us, the people, like any old time, Wild West snake oil salesmen peddling wares that are not fit for purpose. ANDREW STEPHENSON, Elton Village Could Royal Signals have helped out? I AM surprised that Arqiva didn’t ask the royal Signals for help when Bilsdale went off air. As a national serviceman in the ’50s, we were erecting aerials in minutes, quite tall ones too. Setting up SHF networks, operating digital receivers and transmitters at the drop of a hat. Seventy years later, with the advances made in technology, it shouldn’t have taken months to get things at least working again, even on a temporary basis. DAVID PRATT, ex-signalman, Middlesbrough Poppy seeds to add colour to your area AN increasing number of people are coming on board to help try to change the image of our town to a much more colourful one. Some areas don’t need improving, while others, where few houses have gardens, need a lot of help. I have a quantity of poppy seeds (various colours) to give away to anyone who does not have a garden, but knows of some small areas nearby where they can be scattered and left to grow. I am happy to deliver. CLLR JOAN McTIGUE, Beechwood Longlands, Grove Hill, Saltersgill Sutton and Holmwood AT THE HEART AND SOUL OF YOUR COMMUNITY The Gazette has served the area of Teesside as a local daily paper since 1869 and is independent of any political party. Issue number: 46,369 Price: 95p THE Gazette conforms to the newspaper industry’s voluntary Code of Practice, which is administered by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). If you feel we have made an error in a report or have fallen below the high standards to which we aspire, please turn to Page 2. The information panel on the lefthand side of the page contains details of how to go about lodging a complaint with The Gazette or how you might seek redress. It also explains how to contact the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

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22 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive News Fury at ‘lazy’ dog owners PLEA OVER PLAGUE OF POO BAGS By kelley price kelley.price@reachplc.com @kelleyprice_gaz Selfish dog walkers who leave bagged poo behind have been branded “ignorant pigs” – after one couple filled two black sacks full of muck. Dog owner John Hartgrove says he and his wife made a sign to remind people to pick up after their pooches after their mammoth collection of bagged faeces at Christmas. But he says there’s now more dog poo dumped by the river at Stokesley Industrial Estate than ever before. He fears the home-made sign asking people not to throw their bags into the nearby trees has “antagonised” animal owners. Now residents have blasted the offenders as “lazy, pathetic and thoughtless”. “Who are these people who leave poo bags where there are bins?” one woman has posted. John said: “I don’t know who put the notice up along the river on Stokesley Industrial estate, but they have obviously antagonised people as there are more poo bags being dumped than ever. “My wife and myself cleared two black sacks full around Christmas time and now we have decided we will not be doing this again. “We personally take our dog’s waste to the bin on the way into the swimming baths. It’s not hard to clean up It’s not hard to clean up after your dogs and is no hardship for a responsible dog owner. John Hartgrove John Hartgrove and his wife filled two black sacks full of bagged dog poo after your dogs and is no hardship for a responsible dog owner.” One woman added: “I can’t understand why people bag it then can’t be bothered to bin it. Pathetic and thoughtless. “It makes us responsible dog owners look bad,” one man added, “there are enough bins about so why don’t people use them?” Another says the perpetrators are “so far up their own bums” and “too lazy to pick up”. “When will people realise owning animals brings responsibility including cleaning up after them,” they added. “I think this town has a serious problem with dog muck,” another lady wrote, “our streets are covered in it, it’s disgusting.”

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 23 James Ruddock News College group supporting their communities Hundreds of hours spent helping good causes are now being added up by staff and students across the education Training Collective (etc.). The college group has signed up to a national campaign encouraging people to support their local communities. The Good for Me Good for Fe campaign aims to generate £1m of social value via a sustainable programme of community action including volunteering, fundraising and charitable partnerships. no stranger to doing their bit for their communities, the etc. colleges were happy to get on board. “I believe everybody at some point in their life should do some form of volunteering,” said James ruddock, stockton riverside College’s course leader for professional programmes. Volunteering up to 90 hours a month as a special chief inspector with Cleveland Police and a driving force behind the launch of a new water safety charity, he said: “For me, it is enjoyable and a privilege to be in a position where you are able to help people.” now supported by its own small team of volunteers, Tees river rescue aims to preserve and protect lives on the Tees by deploying a river rescue craft and carrying out safety patrols. James, 35, of Middesbrough, said: “I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that we have made a difference and that can be quite grounding and humbling.” Once again heading into her busiest time of year, neTA Training’s centre support manager sian Cameron is also well known for putting the voluntary hours in, as Poppy Appeal organiser for Hartlepool. For her, it means limitless hours spent manning the stands, delivering poppies across the borough and seeing her home in Wolviston full to bursting with red paper flowers. entering her 12th year at the helm, sian’s efforts were recently recognised using their spare time for good causes by Hartlepool Council, named Honorary Freewoman of the Borough. “It’s good to be able to give back to the community,” she said. “Volunteering or doing something for others ultimately gives you a sense of pride, knowing what you have done is helping those around you.” Counting up the time she dedicates to the Poppy Appeal alone each year, she said: “It works out about 900 hours.” Also giving many more hours to helping those in her local community, she added: “It is nice to be nice.” Putting the spotlight on the amazing voluntary work carried out by their staff members like James and sian, the etc. colleges, made up of Bede sixth Form College, neTA Training, redcar and Cleveland College, stockton riverside College and The skills Academy, are among over 100 signed up to the Good for Me Good for Fe campaign. “This is chance to highlight the fantastic work that individuals across our college group are already doing and to encourage others to think about ways they can help make a difference,” said the etc.’s Group Marketing director, erika Marshall. “While people like James and sian go above and beyond, there are so many small ways we can all play our part and together make a really positive impact.” The Good for Me Good for Fe campaign is being spearheaded by London south east Colleges, east Coast College and Loughborough College. PEOPLE’S PET AWARDS An uplifting celebration of Britain’s most inspirational pets Sian Cameron NOMINATE NOW THEPEOPLESPETAWARDS.CO.UK

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facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 25 DENT JOHN Passed away peacefully on 6th September aged 87 years. Loving partner to Mary, father to James and Fiona and fatherin-law to Jeremy and Andrea. A loving grandad to Jessica, Chloe and Liam. Funeral Service to take place at St Bede's Chapel, Teesside Crematorium on Friday 1st October at 1.30pm. Family flowers only. FINDLAY RONALD Peacefully passed away at home on the 31st August. A devoted Husband to Jan and a much loved Dad and Grandad. Funeral service to be held on Monday 20th September in Maplewood Chapel, Stockton Crematorium at 1pm. All enquiries to Rose Funerals, Stockton 01642 677114. FREER JOHN EDWARD (Middlesbrough). With very heavy hearts, the Freer family deeply regrets to announce the passing of John Edward Freer, on 12th September 2021. A service will be held at St. Hilda's Church, Danby, North Yorkshire, on 25th September 2021, at 3:30. Refreshments and afternoon tea will be served afterwards, in the church. We are not asking for flowers or gifts, at this difficult time, but your presence at the funeral would be greatly appreciated. McDONAGH THADY VINCENT (Ted) Sadly missed brother of Bernadette, brother-in-law of John, uncle of Angela and Gerard and great uncle of Georgia, Oliver and Eve. - Rest in peace. MCLINN PETER Of Helmsley, formerly of Nunthorpe. Passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family on Sunday 12th September 2021 aged 67 years. Precious husband of Pam, an adored father of Lorraine and Sarah, devoted grandfather (Pops) of Georgiana, Lysander and Inaiya, and a dearly loved brother and uncle. Funeral service to be held at All Saints Church, Helmsley, on Friday 24th September at 12:00 noon. Family flowers only please but donations if desired may be given for the Haematology Department at James Cook University Hospital (a plate will be provided at the service or sent c/o Adam Collier Funeral Services Tel 01439 772340). RODRIGUES NOEL BARTHOLOMEW Noel passed away peacefully at home with his family by his side on Monday 30th August 2021. Loving Father of Juliette, Maria, Miguel and Juanita. Beloved Fatherin-law to George. Loving Grandpa to Peter, Paul, Matthew, Niomi, Natasha and Sophia. Loving Great Grandpa to Lexi and the late Baby Tyler George. A loving Brother and Uncle. Noel to be received into St Josephs RC Church, Norton on the evening of Monday 27th September 2021. Requiem mass will be held on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 12 noon followed by the cremation in Maplewood Chapel, Stockton Crematorium, Junction Road TS19 9NA at 1pm. Can all friends please meet at St Josephs Church. The family have requested for only family flowers at the service. All enquiries to Rose Funerals Stockton-On- Tees Tel. (01642) 677114 TROWBRIDGE FLORENCE ROSENA 10th September, Florence Rosena, passed away at Middleton Hall Retirement Village in her 100th year. Private funeral to take place at The West Cemetery Chapel, Darlington at 11.00am on Monday 4th October. No flowers by request. funeral-notices.co.uk Announce, share and remember forever Preferred partners funeral-notices.co.uk working in partnership with your local Funeral Director, you can now browse all their notices on the websites below or all notices on funeral-notices.co.uk Visit: colinmcginleyfuneralservice.co.uk Visit: crakeandmallon.co.uk Visit: roseberryfuneralservice.co.uk Funeral Directors can be added free to this advert by calling 03444 060 276 ALLISON LIAM MICHAEL (Best Mate) Thinking of you on your Birthday and every day. Love and miss you so much, little mate. Grandad xxx DALEY JOHN (19th September) Another year has passed my darling, dearest, most loving devoted husband. My life, my world, my man. Together for eternity, the first, my last, my everything. Love you, need you, want you, got to have you, forever and ever Amen. - Your ever loving, devoted, unbearably heartbroken Wife Elaine (Babbie) xxxxxxxxxx KNOWLES PAUL Another year without you, missing the sound of your voice, seeing your wonderful smile, the way you cared for people and your gentleness, we were so lucky to have the memories of your love forever. Love from Dad and your late Mam xxx Love you as always forever. Aunt Ellis x Fawcett & Hetherington FUNERAL SERVICE King George House 92 High Street, Eston Tel: 01642 459555 Fax: 01642 454114 The only family owned Funeral Service in Normanby, South Bank and Eston.

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facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 29 Stars aim to shine on tough trip to Warriors By carol whiTe BILLINGHAM STARS and their fans will make a long-awaited short trip up the A19 tomorrow afternoon for the first Tyne-Tees derby since February last year to take on pre-season favourites Whitley Warriors in the National Ice Hockey League Moralee Cup (North). Tomorrow’s game will be Whitley’s home opener after a 7-4 victory on the road at Widnes Wild in a league fixture last weekend. What better way to start at Hillheads for the team widely predicted to take all the honours this season than with a derby battle against their nearest neighbours. The Warriors will be hoping to make it a happy homecoming by taking all the points as they start their campaign for a trophy they narrowly missed out on in 2019- 2020. On paper Whitley look untouchable – they have quality throughout the squad and have made stand-out signings in Steven Chalmers from Hull Pirates, Adam Wood from Streatham and Dean Bowater from Nottingham Lions. Their major coup, however, was the signing of Great Britain forward Robert Farmer, an outstanding talent with experience of playing at the very highest level of international hockey. Last icing for Lausitzer Füchse in the second tier of German hockey, Farmer is responsible for scoring two of the most important goals in Great Britain’s history. He scored the game-tying goal against Hungary which saw GB promoted to the elite league of the sport, then another tying goal against France the following season which forced the game into overtime and ultimately led to GB avoiding relegation back to Division 1A. With a team which could easily challenge in the National League, it will be a huge shock if Whitley do Raducanu enjoys home comforts after whirlwind success Emma Raducanu revealed she spent her first night back in the UK watching a replay of her US Open final victory. The 18-year-old arrived back at home in Bromley on Thursday, five days after her historic victory in New York. Raducanu spent yesterday morning doing the rounds of breakfast TV and radio, saying: “I think my victory is gradually sinking in a bit more. not take home all the silverware on offer this year. Billingham will face no tougher test this season. With a young side still learning its trade and no ‘superstar’ signings to boast, the challenge will not come any harder than a visit to a packed Hillheads with the home crowd expecting goals and glory. The Stars proved last weekend they will be no pushovers, however, the youngsters showing resilience and maturity to trouble perennial challengers Solway Sharks on the way to a narrow opening-day defeat. Coach Stephen Foster will look to ice a similar bench to last Sunday, barring any injuries to any of the junior Stars who open their own under-18 campaign today Tennis “Last night I re-watched the final and tried to relive a couple of the moments and remember how it felt. “It is still such a whirlwind of an experience. I have loved every moment of it. It is something that is very difficult to fully comprehend. “When I was watching it it almost felt like that was not me playing and pulling off some of those shots. with a home game against Manchester Storm. Stars’ general manager Allen Flavell is relishing a derby game so early in the new season. He said: “We were really pleased with how the boys approached last Sunday’s game and the effort was there for all to see. “Solway are one of the best-drilled sides we will face this season and to keep pace with them was really encouraging for the coaching staff. “Yes, we made one or two mistakes but that is to be expected with such a new side. “We are already seeing signs of improvement and the team will only get better with time and games. “This weekend is going to be very tough but we always look forward to “I knew exactly what was going to happen but still there were some very tense moments and I was really proud of how I came through some of those moments. “The timeout at the end, I did not realise how stressful that was watching on TV.” Raducanu has spoken of how her parents’ strict approach helped her become a grand slam champion. Of her welcome home, the teenager added: “They just gave me Stars’ Chris Sykes gets round the Whitley Warriors’ defence in the last meeting between the two sides in February 2020 COLIN EdWaRdS / CJE PHOTOGRaPHY a derby game and getting one under our belt this early will help our lads develop and give the fans plenty to talk about! “We must maintain our discipline in what is always a hostile atmosphere, stay out of the box and hope to capitalise on any errors the Warriors make. “In many ways we have nothing to lose, our lads are playing without fear and as long as we keep our heads who knows what might happen?” Face-off at Hillheads tomorrow is at 5.00. Weekend Fixtures niHL(n)1: Nottingham Lions v Widnes Wild (Tomorrow, 5.00), Blackburn Hawks v Solway Sharks (Tomorrow, 6.00). nortH Cup: Solway Sharks v Whitley Warriors (Today, 7.00), Whitley Warriors v Billingham Stars (Tomorrow, 5.00). MidLands Cup: Solihull Barons v Sheffield Scimitars (Tomorrow, 5.30). a hug when I came back, nothing crazy. my mum made some really good homemade dumplings. “Just some reassurance in saying they are proud of me is enough.” Raducanu has not yet treated herself to anything with the £1.8m prize money she won. Both the teenager’s parents work in finance and Raducanu said: “I know tennis is an extremely expensive sport so it will probably go towards that.” Ice Hockey England tour to Pakistan put in doubt crickeT England’s return to Pakistan for the first time in 16 years has been plunged into doubt after new Zealand abruptly abandoned their tour of the country because of a “security alert” from their government. Both England’s men’s and women’s sides are scheduled to play back-to-back Twenty20 double headers on October 13 and 14 in Rawalpindi, with Heather Knight’s team staying on for three one-day internationals later in the month. However, the England and Wales Cricket Board says it will make a decision over the weekend about whether to press ahead with the landmark expedition, set to mark their first international trip to Pakistan since 2005. a spokesperson said: “We are liaising with our security team who are on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation. “The ECB board will then decide in the next 24 to 48 hours whether our planned tour should proceed.” The pitstop for Eoin Morgan’s side ahead of their T20 World Cup campaign, which starts in the United arab Emirates in October, rests on a knife edge after Pakistan claimed new Zealand “unilaterally” pulled the plug on their tour. It was supposed to get under way yesterday with the first of three OdIs in Rawalpindi followed by five T20s in lahore. However – with echoes of the confusion which reigned when last week’s fifth Test between England and India was called off two hours before the scheduled toss – new Zealand Cricket announced the trip had been aborted. a nZC statement said: “The Black Caps are abandoning their tour of Pakistan following a new Zealand government security alert. “Following an escalation in the new Zealand government threat levels for Pakistan, and advice from nZC security advisors on the ground, it has been decided the Black Caps will not continue with the tour.” nZC chief executive david White added: “I understand this will be a blow for the PCB, who have been wonderful hosts, but player safety is paramount and we believe this is the only responsible option.” The Pakistan Cricket Board expressed its disappointment at the decision, which came despite the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan directly contacting his new Zealand counterpart Jacinda ardern to try to convince her that there was no security threat to the tourists.

30 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive CATTERICK TODAY Going: Good Draw: Low numbers have an advantage in races over five and seven furlongs, high best over six furlongs. Neptune Legend 2.25 Neptune Legend Sunday Justice 3.00 Crocodile Tears Shamlaan 3.35 King Of Speed Molinari 4.10 Molinari Love Is Golden 4.45 furzig Old Flame 5.15 Old Flame Aliento 5.45 Final Frontier 2.25 NURSERY (4) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £3,726 (5 run) RTV 1 (5) 311 My Little Tip (4) G Boughey 9-9(6ex) (D2)........S Osborne (5) 81 2 (4) 182 Neptune Legend (14) H Palmer 9-7 (D)...................L Morris 73 3 (2) 483 Eternal Glory (15) M Johnston 8-10 (BF)............. F Norton 74 4 (1) 315 Tricky Business (15) K Dalgleish 8-10 (D)..............S James 66 5 (3) 415 Matty Too (23) T Easterby 8-7................................ P Dennis 74 BETTING: 6-5 My Little Tip, 5-2 Neptune Legend, 6 Eternal Glory, 8 Tricky Business, Matty Too. 2020: PAWS FOR THOUGHT 9 3, Jane Elliott 2-1 Fav (T Dascombe), drawn (2), 7 ran. FORM GUIDE: MY LITTLE TIP 1-2fav Close up, headway over 1f out, led entering final furlong, quickened clear, won at Yarmouth 7f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) gd beating Penywern Taverner by 3 1/2l, 8 ran. NEPTUNE LEGEND 13-8 Broke well to lead, ridden at 2f, joined and all out inside final furlong, just failed, 2nd of 5, 3/4l behind Noisy Night at Kempton 7f 2yo hcp 0-85 (4) pol. ETERNAL GLORY 10-3fav Led, ridden and headed 1f out, lost 2nd close home, 3rd of 6, 2l behind Kit Gabriel at Pontefract 6f 2yo hcp 0-85 (4) gf. MATTY TOO 10-3 Chased leaders, ridden 2f out, faded final furlong, 5th of 6, 6l behind Makalu at Carlisle 7f 2yo hcp 0-75 (5) gd in Aug. TRICKY BUSINESS 9-2 Led, ridden and headed inside 2f, weakened, 5th of 9, 6l behind Sanitiser at Newcastle 1m 2yo hcp (2). 3.00 NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £3,780 (5 run) RTV 1 (5) 51 Sunday Justice (19) T D Barron 9-7 (D).................D Costello 66 2 (2) 277 Crocodile Tears (24) H Palmer 8-11......................L Morris 80 3 (1) 85 My Bonnie Lassie (10) K Burke 8-11.......................S James 60 4 (4) 933 Better Half (10) M Johnston 8-9.......................... F Norton 62 5 (3) 68 Heart Of Kabeir (10) R Fahey 8-9.....................T Hamilton 59 BETTING: 7-4 Sunday Justice, 5-2 Better Half, 4 Crocodile Tears, 5 My Bonnie Lassie, 10 Heart Of Kabeir. 2020: No corresponding race. FORM GUIDE: SUNDAY JUSTICE 5-2 Led, ridden over 2f out, joined over 1f out, battled inside final furlong, all out, dead-heat, won at Ripon 6f 2yo nov stk (5) gd in Aug deadheating with Maybe Even Never (9-9), 8 ran. BETTER HALF 12-1 Tracked leader, ridden under 2f out, kept on, no impression, 3rd of 13, 2 3/4l behind Sandbeck at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. CROCODILE TEARS 9-2 Tracked leader until halfway, tracked leaders, ridden 2f out, weakened final furlong, 7th of 9, 5l behind Belacqua at Lingfield 7f 2yo mdn fll (5) pol in Aug. MY BONNIE LASSIE 9-1 Tracked leaders, ridden and wandered over 1f out, kept on one pace, 5th of 13, 4l behind Sandbeck at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. HEART OF KABEIR 8-1 Towards rear, ridden well over 3f out, kept on final furlong, 8th of 13, 6l behind Sandbeck at Carlisle 6f 2yo fll nov stks (5) gf. 3.35 HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY TONY DITCHBURN NURSERY (4) (2-Y-O) 5f Winner £3,726 (6 run) RTV 1 (1) 141 Black Hill Storm (6) P Evans 9-11(6ex) (CD).B Sanderson (3) 74 2 (5) 310 King Of Speed (93) R Cowell 9-7 (D).........................L Morris 67 3 (3) 235 Sherdil (21) K Burke 9-5..........................................S James 70 4 (2) 313 Shamlaan (18) D O’Meara 8-13 (D)..............................S Gray 81 5 (4) 634 Just A Claim (7) R Fell 8-11 (D)............................Jane Elliott 73 6 (6) 647 Dandy Bay (48) T Easterby 8-6...............................J Gormley 66 BETTING: 11-8 Black Hill Storm, 4 Shamlaan, 9-2 King Of Speed, 5 Sherdil, 10 Just A Claim, 14 Dandy Bay. 2020: TATSTHEWAYTODOIT 9 1, Graham Lee 8-1 (K Dalgleish), drawn (5), 6 ran. FORM GUIDE: BLACK HILL STORM 17-2 Quickly away, made all, clear when shaken up over 1f out, ran on strongly, unchallenged, won at Bath 5f 2yo hcp 0-75 (5) fm beating Bluebell Way by 5l, 9 ran. SHAMLAAN 7-2 Raced keenly chasing leader, led inside final 2f, ridden over 1f out, headed towards finish, lost 2nd final strides, 3rd of 10, 1l behind Mereside Angel at Ripon 5f 2yo hcp 0-70 (5) gd in Aug. KING OF SPEED 50-1 Raced far side, prominent, ridden and edged left over 2f out, soon beaten, well held final furlong, 14th of 15, 14l behind Perfect Power at Royal Ascot 5f 2yo Grp 2 (1) gf in Jun. SHERDIL 5-1 Chased leaders, ridden 2f out, could not match pace of leaders, weakened final furlong, 5th of 13, 6l behind Heredia at Windsor 6f 2yo nov stk (5) gf in Aug. JUST A CLAIM 4-1 Chased leaders, ridden and every chance when edged right over 1f out, kept on same pace inside final furlong, 4th of 9, 4l behind Mythical Molly at Musselburgh 5f 2yo hcp 0-65 (6) gs. DANDY BAY 18-1 Held up in rear, pushed along 2f out, kept on same pace thereafter, 7th of 13, 7l behind Mitbaahy at Thirsk 5f 2yo mdn (4) gd in Aug. 4.10 VICKERS.BET BET 10 GET 20 HANDICAP (4) 1m 6f Winner £4,347 (6 run) RTV 1 (2) 377 Khagan (13) D O’Meara 5 10-1.....................................S Gray 83 2 (4) 711 Molinari (17) M Todhunter 4 9-9.............................D Nolan 81 3 (5) 312 Saligo Bay (21) R Charlton 3 9-7 (BF)..................... T Whelan 81 4 (6) 514 Dreams Unwind (17) M Johnston 3 9-2................ F Norton 81 5 (1) 925 Socially Shady (15) K Burke 4 9-1..........................S James 83 6 (3) 414 Eye Knee (12) T Easterby 3 8-6 (C).............................. H Shaw 81 BETTING: 2 Saligo Bay, 9-4 Molinari, 6 Socially Shady, Dreams Unwind, 8 Eye Knee, 10 Khagan. 2020: HERMAN HESSE 3 8 7, Cam Hardie 7-2 (D O’Meara), drawn (1), 5 ran. 4.45 MICK PAWLUK RETIREMENT FUND HANDICAP (3) 1m 4f Winner £6,480 (4 run) RTV 1 (4) 135 Caribeno (164) Sir M Prescott 4 10-2 (CD).................L Morris — 2 (2) 358 Furzig (30) R Fahey 6 9-7 (D4)..............................T Hamilton 94 3 (3) 124 Love Is Golden (15) M Johnston 3 9-5 (BF, D2)....... F Norton 98 4 (1) 605 Red Force One (13) P Kirby 6 9-2........................... P Dennis 83 BETTING: 5-4 Caribeno, 15-8 Love Is Golden, 7-2 Furzig, 14 Red Force One. 2020: KITTEN’S DREAM 3 8 9, Barry McHugh 11-2 (R Fahey), drawn (6), 7 ran. FORM GUIDE: CARIBENO 10-3 Went right start and settled at rear, asked to take closer order 3f out, under pressure over 2f out, unable to quicken, last of 5, 15l behind Rare Groove at Newcastle 2m hcp 0-105 (2) in Apr. LOVE IS GOLDEN 5-4fav Led, ridden and headed inside final 2f, no chance with winner when lost 2nd inside final furlong, weakened, 4th of 5, 8l behind Recovery Run at Ascot 1m 4f hcp 105 (2) gd. 5.15 MILLBRY HILL COUNTRY STORE NOVICE STAKES (5) 7f Winner £3,510 (4 run) RTV 1 (2) 1 Lightening Company (124) B Haslam 3 9-9 (D).....L Morris 85 2 (1) 41 Old Flame (14) R Beckett 3 9-9 (D)........................D Costello — 3 (4) 7 Bachau (213) E Bethell 3 9-2.............................S Osborne (5) — 4 (3) 35 Pixie Carter (10) J J Davies 3 8-11...........................S James 57 BETTING: 10-11 Lightening Company, 6-4 Old Flame, 10 Pixie Carter, 14 Bachau. 2020: LEAFHOPPER 3 9 4, Robert Havlin 5-4 JtFav (J & T Gosden), drawn (2), 8 ran. 5.45 RACING AGAIN 29TH SEPTEMBER HANDICAP (6) 7f Winner £2,700 (15 run) RTV 1 (1) 743 Aliento (11) M Dods 6 9-10 (CD).............................. F Norton 73 2 (8) 365 How Bizarre (10) Liam Bailey 6 9-9 (D2).................D Nolan 70 3 (3) 224 Mr Strutter (11) G Harker 7 9-9 (BF, CD3)...............A Elliott 70 4 (10) 301 Final Frontier (24) R Carr 8 9-8 (CD)...................J Gormley 70 5 (9) 502 Special Mayson (20) Mrs P Sly 3 9-5....................D Costello 68 6 (2) 386 Cragside (26) T Easterby 3 9-3................................ P Dennis 65 7 (5) 444 Hoofs Happy Now (86) M & D Easterby 3 9-1.Joanna Mason (3)65 8 (7) 978 Fircombe Hall (15) P Kirby 3 8-13....................... T Whelan 77 9 (4) 646 Bibbidibobbidiboo (5) Mrs A Duffield 6 8-12 (C, D)..S Gray 70 10 (14) 445 Lockdown Lass (32) G Hanmer 3 8-11...............T Hamilton 73 11 (6) 279 Jakacan (11) D Carroll 3 8-10.................................... H Shaw 73 12 (12) 709 Lukoutoldmakezebak (7) D Thompson 8 8-6 (CD).S James 68 13 (15) 434 The Grey Bay (21) J Camacho 4 8-5.....................Jane Elliott 67 14 (11) 702 Listen Again (7) T Easterby 3 8-5.....................S Osborne (5) 68 15 (13) 586 Christmas Night (11) O Pears 6 8-5 (CD)................L Morris 63 BETTING: 11-2 Aliento, 6 Mr Strutter, 7 Final Frontier, Special Mayson, 8 Listen Again, 10 Lockdown Lass, The Grey Bay, 12 Bibbidibobbidiboo, 14 Others. 2020: ALIENTO 5 9 7, Callum Rodriguez 3-1 Fav (M Dods), drawn (8), 10 ran. CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS AYR TODAY NEWBURY TODAY Going: Good to firm Draw: A middle to high draw is an advantage in sprint races, low numbers favoured on the round course. Going: Good to soft Draw: High numbers best in large fields, especially in very soft ground. Makalu 1.20 vaccine Juan Elcano 1.55 Euchen Glen Blackrod 2.30 Royal Scimitar Canonized 3.05 Canonized Just Frank 3.40 Commanche Falls Shelir 4.15 Shelir Summa Peto 4.50 aSad Ben Lilly 5.20 Get Shirty Zoom 1.10 Beaches Firepower 1.40 Mr Tyrrell Khaadem 2.15 Hurricane Ivor Al Aasy (nb) 2.50 Solid Stone Injazati 3.25 Sam Cooke Wings Of War (nap) 4.00 Gis A Sub Sweet Summer 4.35 Definite Praiano 5.05 Fox Vardy 1.20 MICROTECH GROUP EBF NURSERY (3) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £7,731 (9 run) RTV 1 (2) 816 Vaccine (36) M Dods 9-7 (C).................................... C Beasley 63 2 (6) 43D King Of York (32) K Ryan 9-4................................... K Stott 64 3 (8) 003 Highland Premiere (15) M Johnston 9-2..........J Fanning 72 4 (1) 402 The Dunkirk Lads (8) T Easterby 9-0......................D Allan 70 5 (7) 011 Makalu (23) K Ryan 9-0............................. O McSweeney (7) 69 6 (3) 224 Grifter (23) R Fahey 8-13 (BF).............................P Hanagan 73 7 (9) 416 She’s The Danger (10) A Keatley 8-10 (BF)........L Edmunds 65 8 (4) 543 Heights Of Aran (22) K Dalgleish 8-8.....................H Doyle 67 9 (5) 066 The Grey Wolf (14) T Easterby 8-0....................D Fentiman 65 BETTING: 10-3 King Of York, 4 The Dunkirk Lads, 9-2 Makalu, 6 Vaccine, 7 Grifter, 10 Highland Premiere, 12 Heights Of Aran, She’s The Danger, 16 The Grey Wolf. 2020: RECOVERY RUN 9 3, Oisin Murphy 16-5 (A Balding), drawn (3), 7 ran. 1.55 VIRGIN BET DOONSIDE CUP STAKES (LISTED) (1) 1m 2f Winner £22,684 (10 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (4) 250 Euchen Glen (28) J Goldie 8 9-8 (CD2)..............P Mulrennan 121 2 (2) 127 Juan Elcano (31) K Ryan 4 9-6 (D)............................ K Stott 122 3 (9) 175 Maydanny (14) M Johnston 5 9-3 (D).....................J Fanning 120 4 (8) 309 Palavecino (37) B Meehan 5 9-3 (D2)................R Kingscote 121 5 (10) 142 Platinumcard (2) K Dalgleish 6 9-3 (CD2)...........B Garritty 108 6 (5) 69 Bobby Shaftoe (10) J Goldie 3 8-12.............. Miss A Waugh 43 7 (3) 124 Juan De Montalban (21) D O’Meara 3 8-12 (D).... J Watson 105 8 (1) 7 Judgment Call (101) Miss L Perratt 3 8-12............ A Mullen — 9 (6) 6-7 Yaaser (166) J Goldie 3 8-12................................. JP Sullivan 53 10 (7) 561 The Flying Ginger (29) R Fell 3 8-7 (D)...................H Doyle 107 BETTING: 11-10 Juan Elcano, 11-4 Euchen Glen, 9-2 Maydanny, 12 Juan De Montalban, Palavecino, 14 Platinumcard, 25 The Flying Ginger, 100 Yaaser, Judgment Call, 200 Bobby Shaftoe. 2020: ADDEYBB 6 9 10, Tom Marquand 11-10 Fav (W Haggas), drawn (1), 7 ran. FORM GUIDE: JUAN ELCANO 40-1 Held up in rear, pushed along well over 2f out, soon ridden and weakened over 1f out, never on terms, last of 7, 11l behind Mishriff at York 1m 2f Grp 1 (1) gd in Aug. EUCHEN GLEN 28-1 Led, tracked leader 9f out, ridden and one pace 3f out, 11th of 20, 12l behind Sonnyboyliston at York 1m 6f hcp (4yo+) (2) gd in Aug. 2.30 VIRGIN BET AYR SILVER CUP HANDICAP (2) 6f Winner £25,770 (25 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (25) -80 Air Raid (91) J O’Keeffe 6 9-10 (D4).........................J Garritty 88 2 (24) 034 Total Commitment (49) S Hodgson 5 9-10 (D5).W Carver (3) 102 3 (21) 529 Rathbone (22) K Ryan 5 9-10 (BF, D4)........ O McSweeney (7) 102 4 (9) 382 Royal Scimitar (14) C Cox 3 9-10 (D)..................... H Crouch 104 5 (15) 119 Typhoon Ten (16) R Hannon 5 9-10 (D3)..................H Doyle 104 6 (4) 063 Magical Spirit (42) K Ryan 5 9-9 (BF, CD)................. K Stott 102 7 (11) 004 Boardman (28) T Easterby 5 9-9.........................P Hanagan 98 8 (17) 710 Bickerstaffe (49) K Burke 3 9-9 (BF, D2)..................... C Lee 102 9 (20) 409 Streamline (35) Miss L Perratt 4 9-8 (D2)............ JP Sullivan 84 10 (6) 040 Soldier’s Minute (35) K Dalgleish 6 9-7 (D4)... C Rodriguez 90 11 (23) 305 Lord Rapscallion (42) S C Williams 5 9-6 (D).......M Ghiani 100 12 (7) 093 Tinto (14) A Perrett 5 9-6 (D4)............................P Mulrennan 98 13 (2) 400 Staxton (35) T Easterby 6 9-6 (D7)......................D Fentiman 105 14 (5) 221 Bergerac (13) K Ryan 3 9-6 (D2)................................T Eaves 100 15 (22) 190 Kind Review (7) T Waggott 5 9-5 (D)...........................J Hart 101 16 (12) 161 Strike Red (16) R Fahey 3 9-5 (D4).......................P Mathers 92 17 (8) 221 Gabrial The Devil (7) R Fahey 6 9-5 (D7)......C Murtagh (3) 100 18 (3) 905 Shallow Hal (126) K Burke 5 9-4 (CD).............P-L Jamin (5) 95 19 (18) 248 Music Society (35) T Easterby 6 9-4 (CD)........Ella McCain (5) 103 20 (1) 330 Uncle Jumbo (98) K Ryan 3 9-4 (D)..............Megan Nicholls 103 21 (10) 211 Blackrod (28) M Dods 3 9-4 (D2)......................B Garritty (3) 106 22 (16) 592 Woven (22) M Dods 5 9-3....................................... C Beasley 104 23 (14) 617 Black Friday (48) R M Smith 6 9-2 (CD3).............. L Steward 101 24 (19) 726 Golden Apollo (15) T Easterby 7 9-1 (CD)................D Allan 100 25 (13) 172 Mid Winster (31) P Midgley 5 9-1 (C, D).......................G Lee 113 BETTING: 5 Blackrod, 8 Royal Scimitar, 10 Magical Spirit, 12 Bergerac, Bickerstaffe, 14 Total Commitment, Boardman, Woven, 16 Others. 2020: MAGICAL SPIRIT 4 9 4, Kevin Stott 18-1 (K Ryan), drawn (4), 24 ran. 1.10 SIR DAVID SIEFF EBF NOVICE STAKES (DIV 1) (GBB RACE) (STR) (4) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £4,860 (13 run) RTV 1 (4) 6 Beaches (10) C Hills 9-5............................................W Buick 57 2 (5) 6 Brilliant Blue (14) G L Moore 9-5................... C Shepherd 13 3 (10) 7 Codswallop (24) A West 9-5............ Elisha Whittington (5) — 4 (8) 4 Dubai Poet (36) R Varian 9-5.................................. A Atzeni 63 5 (6) 832 Gaius (25) R Hannon 9-5........................................S M Levey 75 6 (9) Greg The Great E J-Houghton 9-5.........................C Bishop — 7 (12) Jabbar A Balding 9-5............................................O Murphy — 8 (1) Mambo Beat C Cox 9-5............................................. A Kirby — 9 (11) 05 Nietzsche’s Star (36) A Balding 9-5................James Doyle 41 10 (7) Royal Aviation R Beckett 9-5..............................R Hornby — 11 (3) Tropical Talent D Elsworth 9-5.........................D Probert — 12 (2) Zoom R Hannon 9-5................................................. P Dobbs — 13 (13) 9 Mrembo (16) J Portman 9-0................................G Downing 19 BETTING: 9-4 Dubai Poet, 7-2 Beaches, 5 Gaius, 7 Jabbar, 8 Royal Aviation, 10 Mambo Beat, 16 Tropical Talent, 20 Zoom, Nietzsche’s Star, Brilliant Blue, 25 Others. 2020: OO DE LALLY 9 5, David Probert 125-1 (A Balding), drawn (5), 13 ran. 1.40 HEATHERWOLD STUD HANDICAP (STR) (3) 7f Winner £6,210 (12 run) RTV 1 (9) 775 Diocles Of Rome (35) R Beckett 6 9-12 (D4)..........R Hornby 89 2 (8) 333 Ivatheengine (8) P & O Cole 4 9-10.....................M Tabti (7) 90 3 (6) /25 The Turpinator (8) M Tregoning 4 9-10................ A Atzeni 86 4 (7) 054 Tom Collins (84) W Haggas 4 9-9 (D)................T Marquand 87 5 (2) 931 Firepower (19) Muir & Grassick 4 9-8 (D)...............M Dwyer 92 6 (3) 153 Mr Tyrrell (14) R Hannon 7 9-6 (D)................. L Browne (7) 89 7 (4) 316 Spanish Star (8) P Chamings 6 9-6 (CD)................D Probert 92 8 (12) 884 Dulas (23) C Hills 4 9-6 (D)..................................James Doyle 95 9 (5) 096 Huddleton Mac (8) H Morrison 3 9-6 (D)................N Currie 84 10 (1) 222 Il Bandito (42) C Hills 3 9-5 (BF, D2).........................W Buick 92 11 (10) 226 Paxos (30) E Walker 4 9-5 (BF, D2)...........................O Murphy 94 12 (11) 564 Green Power (19) J Gallagher 6 8-12............. P J McDonald 94 BETTING: 5 Firepower, 6 Mr Tyrrell, 13-2 Il Bandito, Paxos, 15-2 Ivatheengine, 10 Dulas, Tom Collins, The Turpinator, Spanish Star, 12 Others. 2020: EPIC ENDEAVOUR 3 8 13, David Egan 10-1 (W Muir), drawn (10), 17 ran. 2.15 DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WORLD TROPHY STAKES (1) 5f Winner £39,697 (8 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (3) 031 Hurricane Ivor (7) W Haggas 4 9-1 (D2).........T Marquand 122 2 (8) 451 Khaadem (10) C Hills 5 9-1 (C, D)............................ J Crowley 122 3 (6) 736 King’s Lynn (63) A Balding 4 9-1 (BF, D).................O Murphy 120 4 (5) 402 Makanah (43) J Camacho 6 9-1 (D5)......................D Probert 118 5 (2) 220 Moss Gill (29) E Bethell 5 9-1 (D5)................... P J McDonald 125 6 (1) 311 Tis Marvellous (21) C Cox 7 9-1 (D6)....................... A Kirby 122 7 (7) 193 Atalis Bay (14) M Botti 3 9-0 (D3)............................ A Atzeni 118 8 (4) 468 Significantly (6) K Burke 3 9-0 (D2).......................W Buick 116 BETTING: 3 Khaadem, 7-2 Tis Marvellous, King’s Lynn, 9-2 Hurricane Ivor, 13-2 Moss Gill, 12 Atalis Bay, 20 Significantly, 25 Makanah. 2020: LAZULI 3 9 0, William Buick 5-2 (C Appleby), drawn (9), 7 ran. FORM GUIDE: KHAADEM 5-4fav Made most, ridden and ran on (new track record), won at Doncaster 5f listed stks (1) gf beating Live In The Moment by 1 3/4l, 6 ran. KING’S LYNN 9-4fav Tracked leaders in near side trio, never on terms with leaders, 6th of 7, 4 1/2l behind Happy Romance at Newbury 6f Grp 3 (1) gf in Jul. TIS MARVELLOUS 7-1 Tracked leaders, switched right and headway under 2f out, switched left and closed to challenge over 1f out, led inside final furlong, quickened clear closing stages, easily, won at Beverley 5f Listed stks (1) gf in Aug beating Justanotherbottle by 4l, 11 ran. HURRICANE IVOR 11-2fav Distracted by horse and taken out of stalls then reloaded, held up towards rear, good headway far side of group chasing leaders 2f out, ridden and ran on inside final furlong to lead towards finish, won at Doncaster 6f hcp (2) gs beating Boundless Power by 1/2l, 16 ran. MOSS GILL 28-1 In rear of midfield, ridden over 2f out, weakened over 1f out, 11th of 14, 9l behind Winter Power at York 5f Grp 1 (1) gf in Aug. ATALIS BAY 5-1 Chased leaders, pushed along over 1f out, ridden inside final furlong, ran on, 3rd of 10, 1l behind Mondammej at Haydock 5f hcp 105 (2) gf. SIGNIFICANTLY 66-1 Chased leaders on outer, ridden in 3rd 2f out, challenge 1 1/2f out, under pressure in 4th 1f out, no extra final furlong, 8th of 13, 5l behind Romantic Proposal at Curragh 5f Grp 1 (1) gd. 3.05 VIRGIN BET FIRTH OF CLYDE FILLIES’ STAKES ( (1) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £22,684 (15 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (5) 344 Canonized (16) W Haggas 9-0.........................P Mulrennan 92 2 (15) 001 Choux (69) P Evans 9-0.........................................P Hanagan 60 3 (14) 063 Crazyland (16) C Cox 9-0...................................... H Crouch 91 4 (2) 42 Designer (15) J Butler 9-0..................................R Kingscote — 5 (6) 1 Hala Hala Athmani (31) K Ryan 9-0 (D)................. K Stott 72 6 (1) 11 Head Mistress (36) G M Lyons (IRE) 9-0...............G F Carroll 91 7 (9) 532 Hellomydarlin (19) G Boughey 9-0 (D)..................D Allan 100 8 (12) 641 Lady Of Yapham (24) B Smart 9-0..............................G Lee 85 9 (7) 219 Little Prayer (84) R Spencer 9-0 (D)......................A Villiers 84 10 (10) 176 Misty Ayr (16) K Dalgleish 9-0........................... C Rodriguez 90 11 (11) 148 Nazanin (30) A Watson 9-0 (D).................................H Doyle 87 12 (13) 1 Rishes Baar (15) D O’Meara 9-0 (D)....................... J Watson 95 13 (3) 171 Sadmah (28) K Ryan 9-0 (D2).....................................T Eaves 82 14 (4) 15 Scot’s Grace (14) K P De Foy 9-0 (D)..................... D Muscutt — 15 (8) 91 Snooze N You Lose (36) K Burke 9-0 (D)...................... C Lee 73 BETTING: 3 Head Mistress, 11-2 Scot’s Grace, 7 Hellomydarlin, Hala Hala Athmani, 8 Canonized, 10 Choux, 12 Crazyland, 14 Lady Of Yapham, 16 Others. 2020: UMM KULTHUM 9 0, Paul Hanagan 9-4 Fav (R Fahey), drawn (4), 15 ran. 3.40 VIRGIN BET AYR GOLD CUP HANDICAP (HERITAGE HANDICAP) (2) 6f Winner £77,310 (25 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (22) 018 Summerghand (14) D O’Meara 7 10-1 (D13). S B Kirrane (5) 110 2 (1) 311 Great Ambassador (13) E Walker 4 9-9 (D3)...R Kingscote 110 3 (2) 411 Commanche Falls (49) M Dods 4 9-8 (CD)........... C Beasley 113 4 (8) 244 Gulliver (6) D O’Meara 7 9-6 (D6)........................... J Watson 114 5 (12) 550 Brad The Brief (35) T Dascombe 4 9-5 (D5)....P-L Jamin (5) 109 6 (13) 000 Mr Lupton (35) R Fahey 8 9-5 (D6)............ O McSweeney (7) 116 7 (14) 467 Snazzy Jazzy (31) L Mullaney 6 9-4 (CD)....Laura Pearson (3) 114 8 (9) 140 Venturous (7) T D Barron 8 9-3 (D5).....................G F Carroll 113 9 (6) 373 Fivethousandtoone (13) A Balding 3 9-3 (D)...........G Lee 103 10 (20) 144 Edraak (15) M Appleby 5 9-3 (BF, D4).....................T Ladd (3) 114 11 (23) 431 Sunday Sovereign (28) T Easterby 4 9-3 (D2)..........T Eaves 111 12 (17) 100 Pendleton (31) M Dods 5 9-2 (D)................................. C Lee 115 13 (5) 456 Chiefofchiefs (21) C Fellowes 8 9-2 (D)............... L Steward 112 14 (16) 106 Mr Wagyu (7) J J Quinn 6 9-2 (CD2)..............................J Hart 115 15 (15) 244 Motagally (20) C Hills 5 9-1 (D4).........................P Hanagan 110 16 (10) 047 Volatile Analyst (35) K Dalgleish 4 9-1 (CD2). C Rodriguez 116 17 (24) 377 Above (91) S C Williams 4 9-1 (D)............................ D Muscutt 105 18 (3) 660 Hey Jonesy (49) K Ryan 6 9-1 (D2).................Megan Nicholls 117 19 (25) 286 Bielsa (49) K Ryan 6 9-1 (D4)...................................... K Stott 115 20 (11) 151 Popmaster (14) E Walker 3 9-1 (D4).........................H Doyle 116 21 (18) 351 Just Frank (22) J L Eyre 3 9-1 (D2)....................P Mulrennan 116 22 (7) 737 Lexington Dash (14) R Hannon 4 9-0 (D3)...........J Fanning 116 23 (19) 600 Lahore (31) Phillip Makin 7 9-0 (D2).......................... R Scott 115 24 (21) 094 Ostilio (21) P Midgley 6 8-13............................B Garritty (3) 107 25 (4) 683 Count D’Orsay (7) T Easterby 5 8-13.........................D Allan 114 BETTING: 5 Great Ambassador, 8 Commanche Falls, Popmaster, 10 Just Frank, 12 Bielsa, 14 Gulliver, Summerghand, Ostilio, Mr Wagyu, Chiefofchiefs, 16 Others. 2020: NAHAARR 4 9 5, Tom Marquand 7-2 Fav (W Haggas), drawn (13), 24 ran. 2.50 DUBAI DUTY FREE LEGACY CUP STAKES (GROUP 3) (1) 1m 3f Winner £39,697 (5 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (5) 122 Al Aasy (72) W Haggas 4 9-6 (BF, C2)....................... J Crowley 129 2 (2) 341 Solid Stone (21) Sir M Stoute 5 9-6..........................W Buick 119 3 (4) 180 Ilaraab (28) W Haggas 4 9-3 (BF, C)...................T Marquand 127 4 (3) 121 Foxes Tales (42) A Balding 3 9-0 (C)......................O Murphy 122 5 (1) -10 Ad Infinitum (93) D M Simcock 3 8-8................. C Shepherd 110 BETTING: 4-5 Al Aasy, 3 Foxes Tales, 11-2 Solid Stone, 8 Ilaraab, 25 Ad Infinitum. 2020: ELARQAM 5 9 3, Jim Crowley 2-1 (M Johnston), drawn (2), 4 ran. FORM GUIDE: AL AASY 1-2fav Tracked leaders, pushed along over 2f out, ridden to chase winner over 1f out, driven to press winner inside final furlong, not quicken close home, 2nd of 5, nk behind Sir Ron Priestley at Newmarket 1m 4f Grp 2 (1) gf in Jul. FOXES TALES 5-4fav Chased leaders, nudged along over 4f out, ridden over 2f out, stayed on to lead over 1f out, kept on well final furlong, won at Haydock 1m 2f Grp 3 (1) sft in Aug beating Fancy Man by 3/4l, 6 ran. SOLID STONE 9-4 Wore hood entering stalls, made all, increased tempo 3f out, pressed final furlong, always doing enough, won at Windsor 1m 2f Grp 3 (1) gf in Aug beating Fancy Man by 3/4l, 4 ran. ILARAAB 5-1fav Slowly away, raced in rear, ridden well over 3f out, weakened over 1f out, never on terms, 18th of 20, well behind Sonnyboyliston at York 1m 6f hcp (4yo+) (2) gd in Aug. AD INFINITUM 20-1 Edged right start, held up in rear, raced freely, well beaten final 2f, 11th of 13, 10l behind Loving Dream at Royal Ascot 1m 4f 3yo fll Grp 2 (1) gf in Jun. 3.25 DUBAI DUTY FREE HANDICAP (2) 1m 2f Winner £25,770 (11 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (2) 453 Dawaam (20) Owen Burrows 5 9-10 (D2)................ J Crowley 107 2 (11) 16- King Leonidas (457) J & T Gosden 4 9-10 (BF)...James Doyle — 3 (6) 441 Sam Cooke (29) R Beckett 5 9-2..............................R Hornby 108 4 (9) 692 Pivoine (13) A Balding 7 9-1 (D5)...........................O Murphy 109 5 (7) 884 Strait Of Hormuz (10) J O’Keeffe 4 9-0 (D)........... A Atzeni 112 6 (8) -23 Fair Star (14) B Ellison 5 8-11............................ B Robinson — 7 (3) 211 Aramaic (13) W Haggas 3 8-11 (D).....................T Marquand 109 8 (1) 231 King Of Clubs (28) H Morrison 3 8-10 (D)..............D Probert 106 9 (4) 211 Mo’assess (29) S bin Suroor 3 8-10....................... R Dawson 95 10 (5) 311 Injazati (29) C Fellowes 3 8-8 (D2)...................... C Shepherd 101 11 (10) 571 Further Measure (16) S Kirk 4 8-8......................C Bishop 92 BETTING: 4 Aramaic, 11-2 King Of Clubs, 13-2 King Leonidas, Mo’assess, 7 Injazati, 15-2 Sam Cooke, 10 Dawaam, 12 Further Measure, Fair Star, 14 Others. 2020: ILARAAB 3 8 8, Martin Dwyer 15-2 (W Haggas), drawn (12), 11 ran. FORM GUIDE: ARAMAIC 13-8fav Chased leaders, pushed along and headway 3f out, ridden and led 2f out, stayed on well, readily, won at York 1m 2f hcp 0-95 (3) gf beating Pivoine by 3 1/2l, 5 ran. KING OF CLUBS 5-2 Held up in mid-division, switched left over 2f out, headway over 1f out, 2nd and edged right inside final furlong, stayed on, led post, won at Sandown 1m 2f hcp (2) gd in Aug beating Victory Chime by ns, 11 ran. KING LEONIDAS 9-4fav Raced quite freely, kept wide early, soon close 3rd, nudged along 3f out, ridden 2f out, weakened final 100 yards, 6th of 13, 8l behind Molatham at Royal Ascot 7f 3yo Grp 3 (1) sft in Jun ‘20. MO’ASSESS 5-4 Made all, came clear final 2f, unchallenged, won at Kempton 1m nov stk (5) pol in Aug beating Emblem Empire by 2 3/4l, 11 ran. INJAZATI 6-4fav Led, going well 3f out, pushed along over 2f out, drew clear inside final furlong, comfortably (hand time), won at Newcastle 1m 2f hcp 0-85 (4) in Aug beating Pallas Dancer by 2 1/2l, 5 ran. SAM COOKE 14-1 Prominent, travelled strongly behind leaders 3f out, progress between horses to lead over 1f out, ran on strongly under pressure final furlong, won at York 1m 4f hcp 105 (2) gf in Aug beating Throne Hall by nk, 15 ran. FORM GUIDE: GREAT AMBASSADOR 11-10fav Tracked leaders, ridden and pressed leaders under 2f out, led under 1f out, drifted left but kept on well final furlong, won at York 6f Listed stks (1) gf beating Tabdeed by 1 1/2l, 4 ran. COMMANCHE FALLS 10-1 Raced near side, held up headway chasing leaders over 1f out, strong run inside final furlong, led towards finish, ran on, won at Goodwood 6f hcap (2) sft in Jul beating Gulliver by nk, 24 ran. POPMASTER 2-1fav Tracked leader, ridden over 2f out, led 1f out, ran on well, readily, won at Ascot 6f hcp 105 (2) gf beating Royal Scimitar by 2 1/2l, 7 ran. JUST FRANK 5-1 Made all, ridden over 1f out, stayed on well, unchallenged, won at Thirsk 6f hcp 0-95 (3) gd in Aug beating Woven by 2 1/4l, 13 ran. BIELSA 9-1 Raced alone in centre, well up with the pace, every chance 1f out, weakened inside final 100 yards, 6th of 24, 2 3/4l behind Commanche Falls at Goodwood 6f hcap (2) sft in Jul. CHIEFOFCHIEFS 18-1 Steadied start, held up in rear, never on terms, 6th of 9, 4 1/2l behind Summerghand at Newmarket 6f Listed stks (1) gf in Aug. 4.15 VIRGIN BET HANDICAP (2) 1m Winner £15,462 (12 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (11) 265 Marie’s Diamond (19) M Johnston 5 9-13 (CD).....J Fanning 106 2 (8) 620 Young Fire (30) D O’Meara 6 9-12 (D)..........................J Hart 104 3 (7) 324 Dance Fever (21) C Cox 4 9-12............................... H Crouch 106 4 (3) 171 Cruyff Turn (30) T Easterby 4 9-10 (D2)...................D Allan 104 5 (5) 292 Shelir (15) D O’Meara 5 9-9 (D2)............................. J Watson 104 6 (10) 330 Fame And Acclaim (30) J L Eyre 4 9-9 (D2).........L Edmunds 106 7 (1) 437 Revich (8) R Spencer 5 9-4 (BF, D)........................A Villiers (3) 107 8 (6) 011 Garden Oasis (19) T Easterby 6 9-3 (CD).............. JP Sullivan 105 9 (2) 113 Hong Kong Harry (23) R Fahey 4 8-13 (BF, C2)..P Hanagan 105 10 (12) 936 Jump The Gun (31) I Jardine 4 8-8 (BF, D)............... A Mullen 107 11 (4) 314 Challet (19) M Dods 4 8-7 (D4).............................. C Beasley 105 12 (9) 430 Maraakiz (2) Miss L Perratt 3 8-3..............Laura Pearson (3) 99 BETTING: 9-2 Cruyff Turn, 5 Dance Fever, 6 Shelir, 7 Hong Kong Harry, Garden Oasis, 10 Challet, Revich, 12 Marie’s Diamond, Jump The Gun, 16 Others. 2020: JOHAN 3 9 5, Tom Marquand 9-2 (W Haggas), drawn (4), 9 ran. 4.50 DOWNLOAD THE GRIBBENS TAXI APP NOW HAND- ICAP (3) 7f Winner £8,100 (14 run) RTV 1 (14) 280 Tammani (30) D O’Meara 4 9-10 (D)......................... J Watson 86 2 (11) 193 Redarna (10) D Sayer 7 9-5 (CD5)......................... JP Sullivan 101 3 (4) 103 Summa Peto (76) K Dalgleish 3 9-4 (C).............. C Rodriguez 96 4 (9) 526 Titan Rock (19) J J Quinn 3 9-2 (BF, D)..........................J Hart 103 5 (3) 204 Cassy O (2) T Easterby 4 9-1 (CD)...........................D Fentiman 102 6 (5) 160 Wobwobwob (70) A Keatley 3 9-0 (D2)...................H Doyle 97 7 (8) 324 Asad (28) M Appleby 5 8-13 (D)...............................T Ladd (3) 110 8 (7) 411 Bowman (11) M Johnston 3 8-12 (D3)....................J Fanning 100 9 (12) 132 Poet’s Magic (2) J J Quinn 5 8-11 (BF, CD2).........R Kingscote 101 10 (10) 379 Manigordo (6) T Easterby 4 8-11 (BF, D)...................D Allan 98 11 (2) 695 Admirality (2) R Fell 7 8-9 (D).................................. R Scott 103 12 (6) 968 Ebury (7) S Dixon 5 8-8.........................................P Mathers 100 13 (13) 005 Abduction (16) R Fahey 3 8-7.............................P Hanagan 112 14 (1) 352 Pockley (23) Miss L Perratt 3 8-6 (D)........................ A Mullen 101 BETTING: 5 Bowman, 11-2 Redarna, 7 Asad, 10 Manigordo, Abduction, Summa Peto, Wobwobwob, Poet’s Magic, 12 Others. 2020: ASCENSION 3 9 4, Andrea Atzeni 5-2 Fav (R Varian), drawn (4), 8 ran. 5.20 JORDAN ELECTRICS LTD HANDICAP (3) 1m 5f Winner £8,100 (9 run) RTV 1 (5) 334 Dark Jedi (7) T Easterby 5 10-4...........................D Fentiman 95 2 (8) -60 Get Shirty (31) D O’Meara 5 10-4........................... J Watson — 3 (7) 618 Dash Of Spice (22) A Keatley 7 10-0.........................H Doyle 94 4 (2) -00 Sir Chauvelin (8) J Goldie 9 10-0 (CD)...... Miss A Waugh (5) — 5 (3) 049 Ben Lilly (12) D Brown 4 9-10.................... O McSweeney (7) 90 6 (1) 700 Glasses Up (6) R M Smith 6 9-6 (C6)...........................D Allan 95 7 (4) 0-4 Beechwood Jude (25) K Dalgleish 5 9-2.......... C Rodriguez 77 8 (6) 325 Greengage (25) T Davidson 6 9-0 (CD2).......................J Hart 87 9 (9) 720 Annandale (28) M Johnston 3 8-12...................R Kingscote 96 BETTING: 3 Dark Jedi, 4 Greengage, 6 Annandale, 7 Beechwood Jude, 8 Get Shirty, Ben Lilly, 10 Dash Of Spice, 12 Sir Chauvelin, Glasses Up. 2020: MAKE MY DAY 4 9 13, Rob Hornby 6-4 Fav (R Beckett), drawn (6), 5 ran. 4.00 DUBAI DUTY FREE MILL REEF STAKES (GROUP 2) (1) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £44,971 (10 run) ITV1/RTV 1 (5) 163 Dhabab (70) J & T Gosden 9-1 (BF, D)........................ R Havlin 98 2 (10) 124 Fearby (29) E Bethell 9-1 (D)............................ P J McDonald 100 3 (3) 162 Gis A Sub (29) K Ryan 9-1 (D)..............................James Doyle 101 4 (6) 135 Gubbass (27) R Hannon 9-1 (C)..............................S M Levey 103 5 (7) 113 Hierarchy (14) H Palmer 9-1 (D2).........................O Murphy 83 6 (9) 620 Khunan (27) R Fahey 9-1......................................... A Atzeni 100 7 (4) 122 Maglev (30) W Haggas 9-1 (BF, D)......................T Marquand 96 8 (2) 431 Manaccan (21) J Ryan 9-1 (D)..................................W Buick 88 9 (1) 14 Melayu Kingdom (19) K Ryan 9-1......................... N Callan 82 10 (8) 132 Wings Of War (14) C Cox 9-1 (BF, D).......................... A Kirby 91 BETTING: 13-8 Dhabab, 11-2 Gubbass, 13-2 Gis A Sub, 8 Fearby, 10 Manaccan, 12 Wings Of War, Maglev, Khunan, 14 Others. 2020: ALKUMAIT 9 1, Jim Crowley 8-1 (M Tregoning), drawn (1), 8 ran. FORM GUIDE: DHABAB 9-5fav Raced far side, tracked leaders, ridden to lead over 1f out, headed and lost two places towards finish, 3rd of 9, 1 3/4l behind Native Trail at Newmarket 7f 2yo Grp 2 (1) gf in Jul. GUBBASS 16-1 Mid-division, effort 2f out, kept on final furlong, never reached leaders, 5th of 14, 2 1/2l behind Perfect Power at Deauville(FR) 6f 2yo Grp 1 gs in Aug. GIS A SUB 8-1 Pressed leader, led narrowly when ridden over 2f out, headed inside final furlong, ran on, 2nd of 11, 1 1/4l behind Lusail at York 6f 2yo Grp 2 (1) gf in Aug. FEARBY 5-1 Held up in rear, steady headway when ridden over 2f out, switched left over 1f out, ran on final furlong, 4th of 11, 2 1/2l behind Lusail at York 6f 2yo Grp 2 (1) gf in Aug. MANACCAN 1-1fav Tracked leaders, led going well 2f out, clear when shaken up over 1f out, ran on strongly, won at Newmarket 6f 2yo nov stk (4) gf in Aug beating Wajd by 4 1/2l, 9 ran. KHUNAN 20-1 Chased leaders, headway to challenge 2f out, not quicken, weakened final furlong, 10th of 14, 9l behind Perfect Power at Deauville(FR) 6f 2yo Grp 1 gs in Aug. 4.35 SIR DAVID SIEFF EBF NOVICE STAKES (DIV 2) (GBB RACE) (STR) (4) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £4,860 (12 run) RTV 1 (9) 53 Ascending (41) C Cox 9-5.......................................... A Kirby 52 2 (10) Berrygar H Main 9-5.......................................... R Dawson — 3 (6) 8 Borntobealeader (99) A Perrett 9-5................. J Crowley 32 4 (11) 46 Definite (22) R Beckett 9-5....................................R Hornby 59 5 (3) 5 Dream By Day (15) J & T Gosden 9-5........................ R Havlin — 6 (1) Ermin Street C Hills 9-5.........................................W Buick — 7 (4) 0 Everyday (9) R Hannon 9-5...................................S M Levey — 8 (5) 52 Koy Koy (15) A Balding 9-5.....................................O Murphy 73 9 (8) Looe Beach R Hannon 9-5................................T Marquand — 10 (2) 9 Night Glass (15) R Hannon 9-5.............................. P Dobbs — 11 (7) Promotion D & C Kubler 9-5...................................N Currie — 12 (12) Sweet Summer R Charlton 9-0........................James Doyle — BETTING: 15-8 Koy Koy, 7-2 Ascending, 5 Dream By Day, 15-2 Definite, 12 Ermin Street, Looe Beach, 14 Sweet Summer, 16 Night Glass, 25 Others. 2020: IBIZA ROCKS 9 5, William Buick 11-1 (C Hills), drawn (5), 14 ran. 5.05 DUBAI DUTY FREE FINEST SURPRISE HANDICAP (3) 1m 4f Winner £6,210 (13 run) RTV 1 (2) 52- Fox Vardy (364) M Meade 5 10-2 (BF, D).......... P J McDonald — 2 (1) 360 Parachute (28) E Walker 3 9-7 (D)....................T Marquand 96 3 (11) 472 Without Revenge (20) R Charlton 3 9-6.............O Murphy 93 4 (4) 559 Ridgeway (27) E J-Houghton 4 9-5..........................C Bishop 101 5 (3) 142 Praiano (14) R Varian 3 9-4 (D)................................ A Atzeni 91 6 (10) 602 Whitehaven (43) H Morrison 4 9-3 (D)...................R Hornby 95 7 (8) 310 Imperial Sun (28) J & T Gosden 3 9-3 (D)................ R Havlin 81 8 (9) 733 Frontispiece (21) A Perrett 7 9-1 (CD).................. J Crowley 91 9 (12) 221 Tall Order (16) M Bell 3 8-13 (D).............................W Buick 90 10 (13) 121 Bague D’or (21) C Wall 3 8-13 (D)......................James Doyle 92 11 (6) 310 In The Breeze (51) R Charlton 3 8-12 (CD).......T Greatrex (3) 93 12 (7) 115 Winterwatch (16) A Balding 3 8-9 (D).....................J Bryan 90 13 (5) 423 Duke Of Verona (127) W Jarvis 3 8-8...................D Probert 93 BETTING: 5 Praiano, 11-2 Fox Vardy, 7 Bague D’or, 15-2 Tall Order, 8 Whitehaven, Without Revenge, 10 Parachute, Imperial Sun, 12 Others. 2020: UNION 3 8 8, David Egan 15-2 (R Varian), drawn (3), 7 ran. CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS NEWMARKET TODAY Going: Good to soft Draw: Inconsistent. Mashaaer 1.00 Mystic Wells Mobadra 1.30 Anghaam Dancing To Win 2.05 mayaas World Of Windhover 2.40 Love Powerful Mancini 3.15 Hochfeld Sammarr 3.50 Sammarr Luna Magic 4.25 Luna Magic 1.00 EBF FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (4) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £5,400 (9 run) RTV 1 (4) 71 Mystic Wells (34) G Boughey 9-6........................... B Curtis 45 2 (7) 5 Delphinus (25) J & T Gosden 9-0 (BF).....................M Harley 53 3 (5) 45 Homer’s Girl (28) E Dunlop 9-0.............................H Turner 47 4 (9) 87 La Belle Vie (29) H Main 9-0.......................................R Tate 24 5 (6) 2 Mashaaer (14) R Hannon 9-0.................................D O’Neill 70 6 (1) 2 Mellow Yellow (12) W Haggas 9-0........................C Fallon — 7 (8) 5 Moon De Vega (29) R Beckett 9-0...................... Rossa Ryan — 8 (3) Peripatetic R Varian 9-0................................... David Egan — 9 (2) Queens Ballet P Chapple-Hyam 9-0...............K Shoemark — BETTING: 5-2 Mashaaer, 3 Mellow Yellow, 5 Delphinus, 13-2 Mystic Wells, 15-2 Moon De Vega, 8 Peripatetic, 16 Queens Ballet, Homer’s Girl, 66 La Belle Vie. 2020: MONSOON MOON 9 0, Ryan Moore 2-5 Fav (J & T Gosden), drawn (5), 5 ran. 1.30 CLOSE BROTHERS PREMIUM FINANCE FILLIES’ HANDICAP (3) 1m Winner £7,560 (6 run) RTV 1 (6) /59 Ananya (29) Sir M Prescott 4 9-12................................R Tate 91 2 (3) 761 Caspian Queen (19) S P C Woods 4 9-9............... S Woods (5) 96 3 (2) 317 Anghaam (28) R Hannon 3 9-8 (D3).........................D O’Neill 96 4 (4) 345 Last Sunset (14) S bin Suroor 3 9-4.....................P Cosgrave 89 5 (1) 2-1 Mobadra (63) R Varian 3 8-11 (D)....................... David Egan 93 6 (5) 931 Madame Tantzy (22) E J-Houghton 5 8-10 (CD).Georgia Dobie (3) 95 BETTING: 7-4 Mobadra, 10-3 Anghaam, 4 Madame Tantzy, 11-2 Caspian Queen, 8 Last Sunset, 14 Ananya. 2020: MADAME TANTZY 4 8 7, Nicky Mackay 6-1 (E J-Houghton), drawn (5), 6 ran. FORM GUIDE: MOBADRA 4-1 Broke well, held up in touch, headway going well to lead over 2f out, stayed on, ridden out, won at Haydock 1m fll nov stks (5) gf in Jul beating Evident Beauty by 1l, 6 ran. ANGHAAM 15-2 Held up, soon in rear, last and pushed along 4f out, weakened over 2f out, eased over 1f out, last of 7, 32l behind Mrs Fitzherbert at Lingfield 1m hcap (3) pol in Aug. MADAME TANTZY 12-1 Held up, headway on outside over 3f out, led entering final furlong, edged right, stayed on, won at Goodwood 1m flls hcp 0-90 (3) gd in Aug beating Dalanijujo by 3/4l, 5 ran. 2.05 CLOSE BROTHERS ASSET FINANCE HANDICAP (4) (3-Y-O) 7f Winner £5,400 (12 run) RTV 1 (8) 41- Mayaas (356) W Haggas 9-7 (D)................................D O’Neill — 2 (3) 232 Street Kid (46) K P De Foy 9-6 (BF)........... Miss Mia Biggs (7) 90 3 (7) 3-8 Rich Waters (247) S bin Suroor 9-6 (D)...............P Cosgrave — 4 (12) 880 Giorgio Vasari (8) D Shaw 9-4 (D)...............A Farragher (5) 76 5 (11) 421 Dancing To Win (54) H Palmer 9-2 (D).................... B Curtis 97 6 (1) 752 Sir Maxi (9) G Boughey 9-1 (D)............................ Rossa Ryan 93 7 (5) 873 Sadiqaa (41) C Cox 9-0.................................................J Fahy 91 8 (6) 254 Royal Musketeer (21) C Hills 9-0....................K Shoemark 92 9 (10) 134 Dashing Dick (25) W Stone 8-13 (BF, D)...................C Fallon 92 10 (4) 624 Fangorn (25) M Channon 8-12 (BF, D)................. David Egan 93 11 (9) 131 Deputy (49) C Fellowes 8-8 (D2)................................H Turner 90 12 (2) 626 Ajrad (9) W Knight 8-7 (BF).............................. Jimmy Quinn 90 BETTING: 5 Deputy, 11-2 Dancing To Win, 7 Mayaas, Dashing Dick, 15-2 Sadiqaa, Street Kid, 8 Rich Waters, 10 Royal Musketeer, Sir Maxi, 12 Others. 2020: COLONEL WHITEHEAD 9 3, Ellie Mackenzie(7) 3-1 Fav (H Main), drawn (4), 9 ran. 2.40 CLOSE BROTHERS HANDICAP (4) 6f Winner £5,400 (8 run) RTV 1 (5) -55 Love Powerful (70) R Hannon 4 9-8 (D3)......... Rossa Ryan 87 2 (8) 211 Toussarok (11) M Johnston 3 9-7 (D3)..................... B Curtis 90 3 (4) 605 Beauty Choice (104) C Fellowes 4 9-5 (D)................H Turner 83 4 (3) 354 Inver Park (6) M Quinn 3 9-3 (D2)......................P Cosgrave 92 5 (1) 556 Equiano Springs (15) T Tate 7 9-2 (CD).............T P Queally 88 6 (6) 322 Spring Bloom (18) R Eddery 4 9-0.................... David Egan 92 7 (7) 731 World Of Windhover (20) C Dwyer 4 8-12 (D2)...C Fallon 91 8 (2) 404 My Style (9) E J-Houghton 5 8-9 (D2)..........Georgia Dobie (3) 93 BETTING: 9-4 Toussarok, 4 World Of Windhover, 5 Spring Bloom, 13-2 Love Powerful, 8 Inver Park, My Style, 12 Beauty Choice, 14 Equiano Springs. 2020: NEFARIOUS 4 9 1, Dane O’Neill 11-1 (H Candy), drawn (1), 8 ran. 3.15 CLOSE BROTHERS CESAREWITCH TRIAL HANDICAP (2) 2m 2f Winner £20,616 (10 run) RTV 1 (2) 114 Live Your Dream (21) S bin Suroor 4 9-10 (BF)...P Cosgrave 108 2 (8) 871 Themaxwecan (11) M Johnston 5 9-8..................... B Curtis 107 3 (10) 572 Hochfeld (7) M Johnston 7 9-7...............................D O’Neill 109 4 (3) 692 Mancini (28) I Williams 7 8-12 (BF)..................... David Egan 110 5 (1) 812 Indigo Times (11) D M Simcock 4 8-8......................H Turner 106 6 (4) 009 Cleonte (42) A Balding 8 8-8....................................C Fallon 106 7 (5) 030 Great Bear (7) T Gibney (IRE) 5 8-4...............A Farragher (5) 109 8 (9) 4-2 Turnpike Trip (15) C Byrnes (IRE) 7 8-2..................J F Egan 104 9 (6) -85 Ernesto (11) I Williams 6 8-2.....................Mollie Phillips (5) 35 10 (7) 125 Yagood (27) Joseph Parr 5 8-0.......................... Jimmy Quinn 101 BETTING: 11-4 Turnpike Trip, 3 Live Your Dream, 13-2 Themaxwecan, 7 Hochfeld, 15-2 Indigo Times, 10 Mancini, Great Bear, 16 Yagood, 20 Others. 2020: OCEAN WIND 4 9 1, Jack Mitchell 5-4 Fav (R Teal), drawn (4), 10 ran. FORM GUIDE: TURNPIKE TRIP 3-1 Tracked leaders, 3rd halfway, pushed along over 3f out, soon ridden and no impression 1f out, under pressure and kept on to go 2nd close home, 2nd of 9, 3/4l behind Anyonecanhaveitall at Down Royal 2m 2f hcp 50-80 gd. LIVE YOUR DREAM 10-11fav Awkwardly away, tracked leaders in 4th, ridden to challenge over 1f out, no extra inside final furlong, 4th of 7, 2 1/2l behind Indigo Times at Newmarket 1m 6f hcp 105 (2) gf in Aug. THEMAXWECAN 7-4fav Chased leaders, ridden to press leaders 3f out, led 2f out, edged right well over 1f out, stayed on well, always doing enough, won at Goodwood 2m hcp 105 (2) gf beating Indigo Times by 3/4l, 5 ran. 3.50 CLOSE BROTHERS FILLIES’ HANDICAP (3) 1m 2f Winner £7,560 (7 run) RTV 1 (4) 1-3 Sammarr (215) R Varian 3 9-7 (BF)...................... C Noble (3) — 2 (6) 215 Jewel In My Crown (29) R Guest 3 9-5 (D2).......P Cosgrave 92 3 (1) -22 Tarroob (60) W Haggas 4 9-5 (BF, D)........................C Fallon — 4 (7) 146 Gal Wonder (27) J & T Gosden 3 9-1......................M Harley 89 5 (3) 302 Aveta (40) R Beckett 3 9-0................................... Rossa Ryan 89 6 (2) 325 Widaad (7) G Boughey 4 8-13 (BF, C).......................... B Curtis 90 7 (5) 214 Atavique (22) G Kelleway 4 8-10 (D2).......................H Turner 91 BETTING: 10-3 Tarroob, 7-2 Jewel In My Crown, 4 Sammarr, 5 Gal Wonder, 13-2 Aveta, 8 Atavique, 10 Widaad. 2020: No corresponding race. 4.25 AMATEUR JOCKEYS’ CAMBRIDGESHIRE (HAND- ICAP) (4) 1m 1f Winner £6,160 (13 run) RTV 1 (13) 686 Balgair (85) Tom Clover 7 11-0 (CD)................... Mr R Birkett 66 2 (2) 808 Kryptos (7) J Berry 7 10-11 (D).................Miss S Brotherton 62 3 (7) 311 Luna Magic (20) A Watson 7 10-9 (D3)...........Ms B Hampson 68 4 (9) 151 Sands Chorus (21) K Tutty 9 10-7 (D3)............Miss A Collier 68 5 (4) 922 Fieldsman (26) A Carroll 9 10-6 (C)..................Miss S Bowen 68 6 (8) 452 Global Art (15) E Dunlop 6 10-6 (D)........ Miss Sophie Smith 66 7 (3) 616 Secret Glow (183) H Main 3 10-6.................Mr Henry Main — 8 (6) 120 First Dance (10) T Tate 7 10-4 (D)...................Mr P Millman 68 9 (12) 621 Mercurius Power (9) A Balding 3 10-4 (D)......Mr S Walker 68 10 (1) 123 Mark Of Respect (29) J Portman 3 10-2............Mr M Ennis 69 11 (10) 634 Hotspur Harry (19) R Eddery 4 10-0.............. Mr G Eddery 74 12 (11) 870 Time Zone (25) L Allan 7 9-4 (C)......................Miss H C Tucker 43 13 (5) 347 Hugosthere (23) R Teal 3 8-13..............Miss Megan Jordan 59 BETTING: 5-2 Mercurius Power, 5 Luna Magic, 7 Sands Chorus, 8 First Dance, 10 Mark Of Respect, Global Art, Fieldsman, 12 Secret Glow, Hotspur Harry, 14 Others. 2020: BALGAIR 6 11 0, Mr Ross Birkett 12-1 (Tom Clover), drawn (3), 12 ran. CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS

statistics Weight watcher Horses which have dropped most from previous winning handicap marks in the last two years. AYR: 2.30 Tinto (won off 100 down 6lb to 94); 3.40 Lahore (4lb). CATTERICK: 4.10 Socially Shady (won off 69 down 3lb to 66); 4.45 Red Force One (3lb); 5.45 Lukoutoldmakezebak (3lb); How Bizarre (7lb); Christmas Night (8lb). NEWBURY: 1.40 Ivatheengine (won off 89 down 3lb to 86). NEWMARKET: 2.40 My Style (won off 76 down 6lb to 70); Equiano Springs (7lb). TRP EXTRAS: None. WOLVERHAMPTON: 4.55 Sparkling Diamond (won off 57 down 11lb to 46); 6.00 Tathmeen (4lb); Strong Power (5lb); Canford Bay (10lb); 6.30 The Blue Bower (5lb); 7.00 Donny Marlow (3lb). Downgraded Horses dropped two grades or more from their previous race. CATTERICK: 2.25 Tricky Business (down 2 grades), 3.35 King Of Speed (down 5). NEWMARKET: 2.05 Giorgio Vasari (down 2), 4.25 Balgair (down 2). WOLVERHAMPTON: 8.00 Geopolitic (down 2), 8.30 Merlin’s Beard (down 3). NEWBURY: 1.10 Beaches (down 2), 1.10 Mrembo (down 2), 2.15 Moss Gill (down 2), 2.15 Significantly (down 2), 3.25 King Leonidas (down 2). AYR: 1.55 Juan Elcano (down 3), 3.40 Summerghand (down 4). Stable movers Horses which are having their first run for a new trainer. CATTERICK: 5.15 Bachau (W Haggas to E Bethell). NEWMARKET: 3.15 Turnpike Trip (C Byrnes to C Byrnes), 4.25 Secret Glow (S & E Crisford to H Main). WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.30 Pretty Mahra (Adrian Nicholls to R Brotherton), 6.00 Seeking Perfection (K Burke to Frank Bishop), 6.00 Strong Power (G Scott to Alice Haynes), 7.00 Chillsea (R Fahey to T Ward), 7.30 All In The Game (S Kirk to J S Moore), 7.30 Girl From Ipanema (E Walker to R Stephens), 7.30 Wispering Angel (R Spencer to P Evans). TRP EXTRAS: 4.20 Al Mahbooba (A) (F Rohaut to James Owen), 4.20 Storm Troupour (A) (Randy Nunley to Ms B Deutrom). NEWBURY: None. AYR: 1.55 Judgment Call (D M Simcock to Miss L Perratt), 1.55 Yaaser (F Head to J Goldie), 2.30 Streamline (C Cox to Miss L Perratt), 3.40 Above (A Watson to S C Williams). Race trends Highlighting any races which a trainer has won twice or more in the past 10 years. AYR R Fahey won the 1.20 in 2013 and ‘15 and the 4.50 in 2012 and ‘15. D O’Meara won the 4.50 in 2014, ‘16 and ‘18 and the 4.15 in 2018 and ‘19. A Balding won the 3.40 in 2013 and ‘17. K Ryan won the 3.40 in 2011, ‘12 and ‘16. CATTERICK None. NEWBURY R Fahey won the 4.00 in 2013 and ‘15. W Haggas won the 2.50 in 2011 and ‘18. D M Simcock won the 2.50 in 2015, ‘16, ‘17 and ‘19. NEWMARKET J & T Gosden won the 1.00 in 2017 and ‘’. TRP EXTRAS None. WOLVERHAMPTON P Evans won the 7.00 in 2011 and ‘18. Fit and ready Horses which have won in the last 7 days. My Little Tip (2.25 Catterick) won at Salisbury (7f) hcp, Yarmouth (7f) hcp. Black Hill Storm (3.35 Catterick) won at Bath (5f) hcp. Merlin’s Beard (8.30 Wolverhampton) won at Bath (1m6f) hcp. Nicks Not Wonder (8.30 Wolverhampton) won at Bath (1m4f) hcp. Hurricane Ivor (2.15 Newbury) won at Doncaster (6f) hcp. Gabrial The Devil (2.30 Ayr) won at Chester (6f) hcp. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 31 facebook.com/TeessideGazette Calscost65pperminplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccesscharge.18+only. SP:Spoke.Helpline:03332023390 OFFICIALHORSERACING COMMENTARY AND RESULTS Cal09016094248 YESTERDAY’S RESULTS AYR Going: Good to Firm 1.00 (7f 50yds, £14,000 added): 1 GREEN TEAM (FR) (S A Gray) 13-2; 2 AZURE BLUE (IRE) 11-8Fav; 3 WOOTTON’SUN (FR) 14-1. Also: 3-1 Forgivable 4th, 11-1 Marhaba The Champ 5th, 40-1 Echosmith (IRE) 6th. 13 ran. 1l, ½l. (K A Ryan). NR: Beluga Gold. 1.35 (6f, £18,000 added): 1 STRAITS OF MOYLE (IRE) (B McHugh) 3-1Fav; 2 COTAI CLASS (IRE) 18-1; 3 LETHAL LEVI 5-1. Also: 7-1 Aleezdancer (IRE) 4th, 12-1 Lady Lade 6th, 14-1 Kendred Fire (IRE) 5th. 15 ran. 2½l, nk. (R A Fahey). 2.10 (5f, £43,000 added): 1 VERTIGINOUS (IRE) (P Mulrennan) 17-2; 2 MITBAAHY (IRE) 15-2; 3 GEOCENTRIC (IRE) 9-2Fav. Also: 13-2 Fast Response (IRE) 4th, 17-2 Vintage Clarets 6th, 10-1 Canonized 5th. 13 ran. 2l, 1l. (B J Meehan). 2.45 (5f 110yds, £54,500 added): 1 DANDALLA (IRE) (B A Curtis) 13-2; 2 BIMBLE (IRE) 18-1; 3 KEEP BUSY (IRE) 10-3Fav. Also: 18-5 Tweet Tweet 6th, 15-2 Tenaya Canyon 5th, 17-2 Teresa Mendoza (IRE) 4th. 16 ran. 1¾l, shd. (K R Burke). 3.20 (6f, £30,000 added): 1 CALL ME GINGER (P Mulrennan) 4-1Fav; 2 BE PROUD (IRE) 11-1; 3 DANZAN (IRE) 11-2; 4 NEVER DARK 33-1. Also: 14-1 Ghathanfar (IRE) 5th, 20-1 Boogie Time (IRE) 6th. 22 ran. ½l, nk, shd. (J S Goldie). NRs: Secretinthepark, Thegreatestshowman, Twilight Madness. 3.55 (2m 1f 105yds, £15,000 added): 1 PRINCE IMPERIAL (USA) (T Heard) 5-4Fav; 2 LUCKY DEAL 9-4; 3 LET ME BE (IRE) 3-1. Also: 10-1 Beechwood Jude (FR) 4th. 4 ran. 2l, ½l. (R Hughes). NR: Haveyoumissedme. 4.30 (1m, £7,000 added): 1 TILSITT (FR) (S B Kirrane) 7-4Fav; 2 LITTLE TED 6-1; 3 ROYAL REGENT 18-1. Also: 15-2 Al Erayg (IRE) 5th, 14-1 King Of Tonga (IRE) 4th, 22-1 Retirement Beckons 6th. 13 ran. 1½l, 3l. (R M Smith). NR: Shackabooah. 5.00 (1m, £7,000 added): 1 HAVANA GO (A Mullen) 16-1; 2 NORTH OF AMAZING 11-1; 3 CLAY REGAZZONI 5-1. Also: 3-1 Fav Bringitonboris (USA) 4th, 4-1 Ron O 5th, 11-1 Flying Moon (GER) 6th. 13 ran. ½l, ½l. (I Jardine). KEMPTON Going: Standard / Slow 4.50 (7f, £5,527 added): 1 ODISSEO (S Cherchi) 15-8Fav; 2 TWISTALINE 3-1; 3 STREAK JAZZ 33-1. Also: 4-1 Hurry Up Hedley (IRE) 4th, 9-2 Thatsthefinest (IRE) 6th, 11-1 Stargazer Lily (IRE) 5th. 10 ran. 2l, nk. (M Botti). NRs: Hen Harrier, Mild Reflection, Mythical Star. 5.25 (6f, £6,500 added): 1 THALER (R Kingscote) 1-2Fav; 2 SHOBIZ 5-2; 3 DREAM A LITTLE 7-1. Also: 14-1 Frosted Angel (IRE) 4th, 66-1 Are You Able 5th, 80-1 Blackthirtyone 6th. 9 ran. 4l, 2¾l. (Sir Michael Stoute). NRs: Alafdhal, Tridevi. 6.00 (7f, £7,200 added): 1 LOS CAMACHOS (IRE) (G McEntee) 8-1; 2 LIGER KING (IRE) 7-1; 3 ALLERBY 4-1. Also: 11-2 Phuket Power (IRE) 5th, 11-1 Crocus (IRE) 6th, 20-1 Actaea 4th. 10 ran. 2¼l, 2¾l. (J Gallagher). NR: Blackcastle Storm. 6.30 (1m 3f 219yds, £7,500 added): 1 BEHOLDING (R Havlin) 8-11Fav; 2 RESTITUTION (FR) 6-1; 3 KING CAPELLA 5-4. Also: 50-1 Scherbobalob 4th, 50-1 Thebannerkingrebel (IRE) 5th, 125-1 Joy Coast (USA) fell, 300-1 Lassie (IRE) 6th. 9 ran. 12l, 13l. (J & T Gosden). NR: Cu Chulainn. 7.00 (1m 7f 218yds, £11,200 added): 1 GOOD SOUL (C Fallon) 9-2; 2 EVALUATION 11-8Fav; 3 OLYMPIC HONOUR (FR) 13-2. Also: 10-1 Cochise 4th, 16-1 Artemis Sky 6th, 50-1 Darksideoftarnside (IRE) 5th. 7 ran. 2l, 7l. (H Palmer). NR: Dreambird. 7.30 (1m 2f 219yds, £5,527 added): 1= RUMI (T E Whelan) 13-2: 1= RUSKIN RED (IRE) (C Fallon) 9-2CoFav 3 LIKE SUGAR 9-2CoFav. Also: 9-2 Co Fav Eaglesglen 4th, 11-1 Savitar (IRE) 5th, 12-1 Almufeed (IRE) 6th. 14 ran., hd (R Charlton, D J Coakley). 8.00 (1m, £5,527 added): 1 PROCLAIMER (R Kingscote) 2-1Fav; 2 UNCLE DICK 9-2; 3 CARPENTIER (FR) 10-1. Also: 13-2 Pedestal (IRE) 4th, 15-2 Pride Of Hawridge (IRE) 5th, 33-1 Latent Heat (IRE) 6th. 13 ran. ½l, ¾l. (Miss J A Camacho). NR: Publicist. 8.30 (1m, £5,527 added): 1 POET’S EYE (S Osborne) 15-8Fav; 2 MOUNTAIN ASH (IRE) 3-1; 3 DOURADO (IRE) 4-1. Also: 9-1 Catch My Breath 5th, 16-1 Makambe (IRE) 6th, 22-1 Chifa (IRE) 4th. 9 ran. NEWBURY Going: Good to Soft (Good in places) 1.15 (6f, £12,100 added): 1 DEODAR (R Hornby) 12-1; 2 WITCH HUNTER (FR) 7-4Fav; 3 DARK SWANSONG (IRE) 9-4. Also: 11-4 Flying Secret 6th, 15-2 Neptunian (IRE) 5th, 25-1 Botanist 4th. 11 ran. nk, shd. (R M Beckett). 1.45 (7f, £16,500 added): 1 HEREDIA (S M Levey) 5-1; 2 SILK ROMANCE (IRE) 4-9Fav; 3 FAST ATTACK (IRE) 6-1. Also: 11-1 Star From Afarhh 4th. 4 ran. nk, shd. (R Hannon). 2.20 (7f, £10,000 added): 1 AMERICAN STAR (IRE) (O Murphy) 11-2; 2 CROUPIER (IRE) 85-40Fav; 3 ALTRAIF 10-3. Also: 11-5 Nuance 4th, 22-1 Like A Lion (IRE) 5th, 22-1 Secret Strength (IRE) 6th. 6 ran. 1¾l, 2l. (E Walker). NR: Jazz Club. 2.55 (1m, £18,000 added): 1 ZECHARIAH (IRE) (T Marquand) 9-1; 2 WESTOVER 3-1; 3 KING OF CONQUEST 5-4Fav. Also: 5-1 Bolthole (IRE) 6th, 12-1 Paradias (GER) 4th, 14-1 Rawyaan 5th. 6 ran. 2¼l, 5½l. (M Meade). 3.30 (7f, £40,000 added): 1 SILENT ESCAPE (IRE) (O Murphy) 16-5JtFav; 2 D’BAI (IRE) 8-1; 3 AL SUHAIL 16-5JtFav. Also: 12-1 Matthew Flinders 6th, 16-1 River Nymph 4th, 28-1 With Thanks (IRE) 5th. 15 ran. 1½l, ¾l. (S bin Suroor). 4.05 (1m 4f, £20,000 added): 1 MAKRAM (IRE) (J Doyle) 11-4Fav; 2 CALLING THE WIND (IRE) 18-1; 3 SEXTANT 16-1. Also: 3-1 Surrey Gold (IRE) 6th, 5-1 Star Caliber 4th, 14-1 Favorite Moon (GER) 5th. 12 ran. hd, 1¼l. (R Charlton). 4.35 (1m 2f, £9,250 added): 1 NEENEE’S CHOICE (O Murphy) 13-8Fav; 2 KATTANI (IRE) 11-1; 3 ARTHUR’S REALM (IRE) 17-2. Also: 3-1 Dartington (IRE) 6th, 8-1 Alternative Fact 5th, 16-1 Remedium 4th. 10 ran. 1½l, shd. (A M Balding). NEWTON ABBOT Going: Good (Good to Firm in places) 1.53 (2m 5f 122yds, £7,500 added): 1 DILIGENT (FR) (K Buckley) 4-9Fav; 2 EVERY BREAKIN WAVE (IRE) 9-4; 3 OSCARS REIGN (IRE) 40-1. Also: 22-1 Southfield Lily refused to race. 4 ran. 21l, 99l. (N J Hawke). 2.28 (3m 1f 170yds, £8,000 added): 1 JOEY STEEL (IRE) (N Scholfield) 2-1JtFav; 2 FACT OF THE MATTER (IRE) 2-1JtFav; 3 CAGE OF FEAR (IRE) 11-4. Also: 5-1 Black Anthem (IRE) 4th. 4 ran. 1½l, 19l. (Christian Williams). 3.03 (2m 167yds, £7,500 added): 1 GINGER DU VAL (FR) (M Ben Bromley) 15-8; 2 SHE’S A NOVELTY (IRE) EvensFav; 3 AMELIA’S DANCE (IRE) 15-2. Also: 22-1 Ince (AUT) 6th, 33-1 Roque Angel 4th, 150-1 Gaelic Belle pulled up, 150-1 Saxon Queen 5th. 8 ran. 2¾l, 3l. (M Rowley). 3.38 (2m 167yds, £6,436 added): 1 BORAK (IRE) (N Scholfield) 100-1; 2 EASKEY LAD (IRE) 7-1; 3 FLAMENCO DE KERSER (FR) 18-1. Also: 11-10 Fav Sergeant (FR) fell, 4-1 Balzac 6th, 14-1 Alramz 5th, 28-1 Invincible Wish (IRE) 4th. 11 ran. 1¾l, nk. (D Faulkner). NR: Good Bye. 4.13 (3m 2f 105yds, £7,200 added): 1 VALENTINO (H Kimber) 9-2; 2 AYE AYE CHARLIE 3-1; 3 KENDELU (IRE) 12-1. Also: 15-8 Fav Decoration Of War (IRE) 4th, 9-2 Easyrun De Vassy (FR) 6th, 16-1 Whatsthecraicjack 5th. 6 ran. 8½l, 20l. (Miss J Du Plessis). 4.45 (3m 1f 170yds, £14,400 added): 1 SISTER RAPHAEL (IRE) (C Brace) 40-1; 2 ARC OF BUBBLES (IRE) 8-1; 3 EGLANTINE DU SEUIL (FR) 1-12Fav. Also: 66-1 Mister Robbo (IRE) 4th. 4 ran. hd, 8l. (J L Flint). 5.15 (2m 167yds, £3,500 added): 1 BARI BREEZE (IRE) (P J Brennan) 6-5JtFav; 2 LOUP DE MAULDE (FR) 5-1; 3 BEST PAL (IRE) 6-5JtFav. 3 ran. 6l, 13l. (M F Harris). WOLVERHAMPTON TODAY Going: Standard Draw: Little effect. 4.55 WHATACCA.COM GET FREE BETTING TIPS HAND- ICAP (6) 6f Winner £2,700 (13 run) SSR 1 (2) -53 Jungle Inthebungle (5) Phillip Makin 5 9-7...H Burns (5) 52 2 (4) 351 Thaki (24) C Dwyer 4 9-6 (CD)...............T Hammer Hansen (3) 62 3 (5) 722 Big Impact (2) R Brisland 4 9-4 (D).................... M Crehan (3) 63 4 (9) 7P0 Blue Cable (74) M Attwater 4 9-4 (BF, CD)..............S W Kelly 62 5 (8) 600 Bernard Spierpoint (2) C Wallis 4 9-3.............. R Ffrench 64 6 (12) 544 Iesha (9) C Wallis 3 9-3............................................D Keenan 71 7 (11) 090 Makter (24) Andi Brown 4 9-2...........................S Cherchi (3) 46 8 (10) 806 Jazz Legend (163) Miss M Rowland 8 9-2 (D5)..........K O’Neill 66 9 (1) 936 Surewecan (24) Sarah Hollinshead 9 8-13 (D5)......W Cox (3) 82 10 (13) 780 Krazy Paving (24) O Murphy 9 8-12 (CD)..Grace McEntee (5) 72 11 (6) 007 Carlovian (22) M Walford 8 8-12 (C, D4).............. T Heard (5) 46 12 (7) 700 Sparkling Diamond (5) Frank Bishop 4 8-12 (CD).W Carson 67 13 (3) 590 Lasting Beauty (9) J Butler 3 8-11.....................B McHugh 64 BETTING: 2 Thaki, 9-2 Big Impact, 6 Iesha, 8 Blue Cable, Jungle Inthebungle, 10 Bernard Spierpoint, 12 Lasting Beauty, 20 Surewecan, 25 Others. 2020: No corresponding race. 5.30 FREE REPLAYS ON ATTHERACES.COM SELLING STAKES (6) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £2,700 (10 run) SSR 1 (9) 605 Three Dons (4) R Hannon 8-12..........T Hammer Hansen (3) 75 2 (5) 6 Arlady Aitch (28) P McBride 8-7.........................B McHugh 55 3 (6) 75 Bella Rosetta (10) Joseph Parr 8-7.....................D Keenan 52 4 (10) 5 Darcy’s Rock (26) S Durack 8-7.............................W Cox (3) — 5 (4) 49 Heidi High (109) A Watson 8-7............................. C Bennett — 6 (7) 864 Jam Tart (24) M Loughnane 8-7...............Josephine Gordon 57 7 (1) 76 Pretty Mahra (88) R Brotherton 8-7........C Hutchinson (5) — 8 (3) 4 Reem Zabeel (47) R Hughes 8-7......................... G Rooke (3) 57 9 (2) 650 Regal Rhapsody (2) G Boughey 8-7......................J Haynes 42 10 (8) 88 She’s Sophie (10) P Evans 8-7.................................C Hardie 41 BETTING: 3 Three Dons, 7-2 Regal Rhapsody, Heidi High, 6 Reem Zabeel, 7 Jam Tart, 8 Arlady Aitch, 20 Darcy’s Rock, 25 Bella Rosetta, Pretty Mahra, 50 She’s Sophie. 2020: SOURCE OF WEALTH 8 9, Cam Hardie 85-40 Fav (D O’Meara), drawn (8), 11 ran. 6.00 CAZOO HANDICAP (5) 6f Winner £3,240 (10 run) SSR 1 (2) 413 Verreaux Eagle (12) E Dunlop 3 9-10 (BF, CD).M Crehan (3) 82 2 (6) 113 Lilkian (14) Darryll Holland 4 9-10 (CD)................ T Heard (5) 84 3 (5) 155 Tathmeen (19) A Brittain 6 9-8 (CD2)..............K Schofield (5) 82 4 (10) 252 Twilight Secret (15) J Tate 3 9-8....................S Cherchi (3) 83 5 (7) 534 Strong Power (46) Alice Haynes 4 9-5 (D).............K O’Neill 90 6 (4) 849 Show Me A Sunset (19) R Cowell 5 9-4...............B McHugh 83 7 (9) 351 Canford Bay (19) A Brittain 7 9-4 (CD)....................C Hardie 92 8 (3) 642 Tawaazon (26) Owen Burrows 3 9-3......................S W Kelly — 9 (1) 324 Seeking Perfection (39) Frank Bishop 3 9-1 (BF, D).W Carson 83 10 (8) 245 Strike Me A Pose (9) A Watson 3 8-10................. C Bennett 73 BETTING: 4 Twilight Secret, 9-2 Verreaux Eagle, 5 Tawaazon, 13-2 Canford Bay, 8 Lilkian, 10 Strike Me A Pose, Strong Power, Tathmeen, 12 Others. 2020: BAHUTA ACHA 5 8 13, Luke Morris 13-2 (D Loughnane), drawn (5), 10 ran. 6.30 READ KEVIN BLAKE ON ATTHERACES.COM FILLIES’ HANDICAP (5) 7f Winner £3,240 (9 run) SSR 1 (5) 257 The Blue Bower (14) J Portman 4 9-9 (CD).Josephine Gordon 82 2 (9) 111 Sky Blue Thinking (9) A West 3 9-8 (CD2).......... C Bennett 76 3 (8) 221 Far From A Ruby (14) Muir & Grassick 4 9-7 (C).Cathal Gahan (7)77 4 (7) 013 Annie Rose (19) T D Barron 3 9-5 (C2)................S Cherchi (3) 75 5 (2) 477 Dacesa (117) P Evans 3 9-5.......................................C Hardie 78 6 (3) 430 Port Noir (19) R Stephens 4 9-4 (CD).....................D Keenan 82 7 (6) 047 White Lady (115) C Hills 3 9-3............................... W Carson 67 8 (4) 136 Clegane (7) J Chapple-Hyam 4 9-2 (D2)........................R Tart 77 9 (1) 574 Lady Alavesa (150) M Herrington 6 9-2 (D3)........B McHugh 76 BETTING: 5-2 Sky Blue Thinking, 3 Far From A Ruby, 5 Annie Rose, 10 Dacesa, Port Noir, 12 Clegane, The Blue Bower, Lady Alavesa, White Lady. 2020: No corresponding race. 7.00 FREE FOOTBALL TIPS AT WHATACCA.COM HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) (3-Y-O) 7f Winner £2,700 (10 run) SSR 1 (5) 867 Donny Marlow (54) A Keatley 9-10 (C)...... Ryan Sexton (7) 75 2 (1) 452 Across The Nile (24) J Ferguson 9-7...............S Mooney (7) 69 3 (8) 384 Hot Day (12) J S Moore 9-6...................... Laura Coughlan (5) 66 4 (6) 576 Elektronic (31) R Hughes 9-5...............................S W Kelly 70 5 (3) 220 Secret To Success (9) P McEntee 9-4 (C)..............D Keenan 72 6 (4) 657 Royal Heart (135) E Dunlop 9-3...................... M Crehan (3) 77 7 (2) 717 Silk Tie (22) P Evans 9-3 (BF, C).................................C Hardie 70 8 (7) 532 Chillsea (95) T Ward 9-2.........................................K O’Neill 66 9 (9) 305 Raffles Rebel (41) A Stronge 9-0.............R Clutterbuck (5) 69 10 (10) 891 Polam Lane (11) T D Barron 8-12.............Josephine Gordon 37 BETTING: 10-3 Across The Nile, 5 Chillsea, 6 Polam Lane, Silk Tie, 8 Elektronic, Royal Heart, 10 Raffles Rebel, 12 Hot Day, 14 Others. 2020: IVADREAM 9 2, Adam J McNamara 15-2 (R Charlton), drawn (4), 11 ran. 7.30 FREE FOOTBALL TIPS AT WHATACCA.COM HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) (3-Y-O) 7f Winner £2,700 (10 run) SSR 1 (10) 122 Distinction (11) K Burke 9-7 (D).................. Alan Persse (7) — 2 (4) 135 Alcazan (19) R Teal 9-6 (D2).................................. W Carson 71 3 (9) 670 Keep Right On (9) R Hannon 9-5.......T Hammer Hansen (3) 44 4 (7) 589 Smart Qibili (17) P McEntee 9-4.............Grace McEntee (5) 84 5 (8) 233 Nurse Florence (8) J Osborne 9-3........................S W Kelly 73 6 (6) 47- Wispering Angel (430) P Evans 9-2......................C Hardie — 7 (5) 755 The First Hurrah (24) C Fellowes 9-2..............S Donohoe 66 8 (2) 491 Girl From Ipanema (22) R Stephens 9-1 (D).......D Keenan — 9 (1) 971 Priscilla’s Wish (38) P McBride 8-11 (D)............B McHugh 47 10 (3) 80- All In The Game (310) J S Moore 8-3.......Josephine Gordon — BETTING: 5-2 Distinction, 4 Nurse Florence, 5 Alcazan, 8 Priscilla’s Wish, The First Hurrah, Wispering Angel, 10 Girl From Ipanema, 14 Keep Right On, 25 Others. 2020: No corresponding race. 8.00 SKY SPORTS RACING SKY 415 EBF NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 1m 1f Winner £3,780 (9 run) SSR 1 (3) 81 Justice Protecol (16) I Mohammed 9-6.........S Cherchi (3) 54 2 (4) Away Wit Da Fairys Alice Haynes 9-2...................K O’Neill — 3 (9) Cabinet Maker M Johnston 9-2............................C Hardie — 4 (7) 0 Drawing Clocks (36) E Dunlop 9-2................ M Crehan (3) — 5 (1) Geelong P & O Cole 9-2...........................................S W Kelly — 6 (6) 0 Geopolitic (8) R Hannon 9-2.............T Hammer Hansen (3) — 7 (5) Military Crown C Appleby 9-2........................... R Ffrench — 8 (2) 6 Sandy Paradise (9) R Hannon 9-2.....................S Hitchcott 49 9 (8) 8 Rita Rana (11) A West 8-11.................................. C Bennett — BETTING: 2 Military Crown, 5-2 Justice Protecol, 4 Cabinet Maker, 7 Sandy Paradise, 10 Geelong, 20 Geopolitic, Away Wit Da Fairys, 25 Drawing Clocks, 66 Rita Rana. 2020: GREATGADIAN 9 5, Eoin Walsh 2-5 Fav (R Varian), drawn (3), 9 ran. 8.30 CAZOO SEARCH DRIVE SMILE HANDICAP (5) 1m 6f Winner £3,240 (4 run) SSR 1 (1) 241 Nicks Not Wonder (7) J Osborne 4 10-5..............S W Kelly 71 2 (2) 111 Merlin’s Beard (6) R Hughes 3 9-4 (D)............. G Rooke (3) 41 3 (4) 323 Dreambird (16) R Charlton 3 9-3.......T Hammer Hansen (3) 59 4 (3) 566 Divine Comedy (31) C Wall 3 9-2..............Josephine Gordon 59 BETTING: 11-10 Merlin’s Beard, 13-8 Nicks Not Wonder, 6 Dreambird, 10 Divine Comedy. 2020: No corresponding race. Thaki 4.55 Big Impact Reem Zabeel 5.30 Heidi High Twilight Secret 6.00 Canford Bay Annie Rose 6.30 Far From A Ruby Chillsea 7.00 Silk Tie Nurse Florence 7.30 Alcazan Geelong 8.00 Cabinet Maker Dreambird 8.30 Nicks Not Wonder CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS HAMILTON TOMORROW Going: Good Jackpot meeting 1.45 EBF NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £3,510 (6 run) RTV 1 (6) 41 Evocative Spark (23) H Palmer 9-9.....................O Murphy 70 2 (1) 66 Bellslea (23) K Dalgleish 9-2............................ C Rodriguez 40 3 (3) 8 Dark Mystery (53) I Williams 9-2.................. P J McDonald 52 4 (4) 0 Nicolas Andry (37) Phillip Makin 9-2...................... R Scott 30 5 (5) 3 Qitaal (17) M Johnston 9-2......................................D O’Neill 62 6 (2) 83 Sharvara (15) R Hannon 9-2................................... B Curtis 60 BETTING: 13-8 Qitaal, 9-4 Sharvara, 5-2 Evocative Spark, 10 Dark Mystery, 33 Nicolas Andry, Bellslea. 2020: No corresponding race. 2.20 USAVE BUSINESS ENERGY SPECIALIST FILLIES’ HANDICAP (4) 1m Winner £4,347 (4 run) RTV 1 (1) 712 Voice Of Wisdom (61) S & E Crisford 3 9-8 (D). P J McDonald 85 2 (2) 340 Urban Violet (28) M Channon 3 9-7....................O Murphy 86 3 (4) 114 Alpha Cru (17) D O’Meara 3 9-3 (D2)................... D Tudhope 87 4 (3) 234 Omany Amber (59) K Burke 3 8-10 (D)......................... C Lee 89 BETTING: 5-4 Voice Of Wisdom, 3 Urban Violet, 7-2 Alpha Cru, 5 Omany Amber. 2020: FREYJA 3 9 7, Ben Curtis 11-2 (M Johnston), drawn (3), 4 ran. 2.50 BIG DREW HUNTER MEMORIAL SELLING STAKES (4) 1m 1f Winner £4,347 (9 run) RTV 1 (7) 465 Caballero (11) K Dalgleish 5 9-0...................... C Rodriguez 77 2 (4) 668 Lexington Force (6) R Hannon 4 9-0..................... B Curtis 89 3 (5) New Delhi Express I Jardine 5 9-0...................... A Mullen — 4 (3) 667 Arctic Victory (31) B J Llewellyn 4 8-9.......................G Lee 98 5 (6) 5 Mustavim (69) J Wainwright 3 8-9.................K Schofield (5) — 6 (8) 048 Sleight (6) I Jardine 3 8-9..........................................T Eaves 56 7 (2) 859 Trusty Scout (10) D O’Meara 3 8-9......................O Murphy 72 8 (9) -69 Wee Dracula (20) I Jardine 3 8-9..........................J Gormley 25 9 (1) Hallow Hallie R M Smith 2021 8-4....................P Mathers — BETTING: 13-8 Lexington Force, 4 Arctic Victory, 9-2 Trusty Scout, 7 Caballero, 10 Mustavim, 12 Sleight, 14 New Delhi Express, 25 Wee Dracula, 33 Hallow Hallie. 2020: No corresponding race. FORM GUIDE: LEXINGTON FORCE 33-1 Slowly into stride, behind, never on terms, 8th of 13, 10l behind Diamond Bay at Kempton 1m 4f hcp 0-75 (5) pol. ARCTIC VICTORY 50-1 Soon led, ridden and headed over 2f out, weakened quickly, 7th of 9, 8l behind Spirit Of The Bay at Chepstow 1m flls hcp 0-75 (5) gd in Aug. TRUSTY SCOUT 28-1 Mid-division, pushed along halfway, ridden and weakening when hung left over 1f out, 9th of 11, 7l behind Sky Blue Thinking at Chelmsford City 7f hcp (6) pol. CABALLERO 14-1 Towards rear, pushed along 3f out, ridden over 2f out, kept on inside final furlong, 5th of 10, 3l behind Captain Corelli at Carlisle 1m hcp 0-65 (6) gf. MUSTAVIM 28-1 Close up, pushed along 3f out, weakened final furlong, 5th of 13, 8l behind Totally Charming at Wolverhampton 1m 1f nov auc stk (6) in Jul. SLEIGHT 40-1 Mid-division, ridden halfway, kept on one pace, 8th of 18, 6l behind Manumission at Thirsk 6f sell hcap (6) gf. NEW DELHI EXPRESS 28-1 Always towards rear, never on terms, tailed off and pulled up before the last, in a race won by Abington Park at Hexham 2m 7f hcp hdl 0-105 (5) gd in Aug, 11 ran. WEE DRACULA 14-1 Towards rear, pushed along 3f out, kept on same pace from 2f out, 9th of 11, 16l behind Seven For A Pound at Ripon 1m 2f hcp 0-55 (6) gd in Aug. HALLOW HALLIE unknown sire horse out of unknown dam. 3.20 RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP (5) (3-Y-O) 6f Winner £2,862 (11 run) RTV 1 (8) 460 The Thin Blue Line (43) K Dalgleish 9-7 (D)..... C Rodriguez 81 2 (10) 035 Water Of Leith (20) R Menzies 9-7 (D2)...............O Murphy 80 3 (9) 157 Impeller (24) T Easterby 9-6 (D2)..............................D Allan 79 4 (4) 117 Patsy Fagan (59) R Fahey 9-1 (D2)......................P Hanagan 65 5 (1) 222 Iris Dancer (18) T Davidson 9-0 (BF, D).................. P Dennis 78 6 (11) 491 Basharat (12) J R Jenkins 8-13 (D)........................ C Beasley 78 7 (5) 702 Elladora (32) K Scott 8-11.........................................J Hart 77 8 (2) 562 Kats Bob (44) I Jardine 8-11................................... A Mullen 76 9 (7) 609 Dandy’s Max (26) E Alston 8-2.............................P Mathers 81 10 (6) 384 Sixcor (3) Miss L Perratt 8-2................................. JP Sullivan 74 11 (3) 785 Toshack (108) I Jardine 8-2...................................J Gormley 56 BETTING: 4 Iris Dancer, 6 Water Of Leith, Elladora, 7 Basharat, Kats Bob, 8 The Thin Blue Line, Patsy Fagan, 12 Impeller, Sixcor, 14 Others. 2020: VINTAGE POLLY 9 4, Callum Rodriguez 12-1 (R Menzies), drawn (8), 11 ran. 3.50 MEMBERS OF HAMILTON PARK RACECOURSE HANDICAP (6) 5f Winner £2,322 (9 run) RTV 1 (5) 326 Mews House (3) G Tuer 4 9-12 (D4).......................O Murphy 66 2 (3) 756 Tomily (23) I Jardine 7 9-10 (D5).............................. A Mullen 75 3 (8) 380 Economic Crisis (7) A Berry 12 9-9 (CD6).........H Russell (3) 69 4 (9) 641 Albegone (7) T Easterby 3 9-8 (D)..............................D Allan 59 5 (7) 587 Shesadabber (23) M Mullineaux 5 9-6 (CD3)......... P Dennis 70 6 (6) 452 The Gloaming (8) I Jardine 3 9-6 (D).........................T Eaves 67 7 (1) 938 Angel Eyes (7) J Riches 6 8-10........................K Schofield (5) 59 8 (4) 000 Heer Me (26) D Whillans 4 8-10................. Joanna Mason (3) 24 9 (2) 386 Lancashire Life (21) Mrs Stella Barclay 3 8-9.F McManoman (3) 48 BETTING: 6-4 Albegone, 7-2 Mews House, 4 The Gloaming, 8 Tomily, 12 Lancashire Life, 14 Shesadabber, 16 Economic Crisis, 25 Angel Eyes, 66 Heer Me. 2020: SHESADABBER 4 9 5, Phil Dennis 11-2 (M Mullineaux), drawn (4), 12 ran. 4.20 ALEX MAC DONALD MEMORIAL CELEBRATION HANDICAP (6) 1m 4f Winner £2,322 (14 run) RTV 1 (13) 003 Ooh La Lah (12) J J Davies 4 9-7....................................G Lee 62 2 (8) 0-4 Port Or Starboard (39) B J Llewellyn 4 9-6..... Jordan Williams (7) 45 3 (7) -51 Card High (115) W Storey 11 9-6 (CD)....... Joanna Mason (3) 68 4 (10) 777 Dandy’s Angel (21) J Wainwright 4 9-5............H Russell (3) 67 5 (4) 164 Well Planted (115) J J Quinn 4 9-5 (D).......................J Hart 66 6 (1) 348 G For Gabrial (17) R Fahey 4 9-4 (D3)................P Hanagan 72 7 (11) 836 Ezanak (73) J Wainwright 8 9-2 (D).............................T Eaves 69 8 (6) 350 Edgar Allan Poe (33) Harvey Bastiman 7 9-1 (C2, D).D Allan 69 9 (2) 812 De Mazzaro (7) T Davidson 7 9-1 (BF, CD)............... P Dennis 68 10 (3) 165 Havana Go (8) I Jardine 6 8-12 (C)..........................J Gormley 70 11 (12) 338 Mistamel (12) I Jardine 9 8-12 (D).......................... A Mullen 65 12 (9) 804 Cheese And Wine (33) Ewan Whillans 4 8-12........... R Scott 62 13 (14) 333 The Brora Pobbles (18) Ewan Whillans 6 8-12.P J McDonald 63 14 (5) -05 Tsarmina (58) M Mullineaux 5 8-12.........F McManoman (3) 24 BETTING: 4 De Mazzaro, 5 Card High, 6 Havana Go, 7 Ooh La Lah, 10 Well Planted, Cheese And Wine, 12 The Brora Pobbles, Dandy’s Angel, 14 Others. 2020: TATTENHAMS 4 9 5, Charlie Bennett 13-8 Fav (A West), drawn (6), 10 ran. 4.50 STAY AT OUR ONSITE HOTEL HANDICAP (5) (3-Y-O) 1m 4f Winner £2,862 (7 run) RTV 1 (4) 241 Haveyoumissedme (13) I Jardine 10-2 (D)........... A Mullen 28 2 (3) 602 Doctor Parnassus (18) D O’Meara 9-13.......... D Tudhope 76 3 (2) 318 Prison Break (43) R Fahey 9-13 (D)...................P Hanagan 70 4 (5) 260 Carn A Chlamain (29) K Dalgleish 9-9............ C Rodriguez 73 5 (1) 513 Berry Edge (47) M Dods 9-7................................. C Beasley 72 6 (6) 061 Liberated Lad (12) I Williams 9-2........................... B Curtis 70 7 (7) 751 Hellenista (27) T Easterby 8-12 (D)..........................D Allan 70 BETTING: 9-4 Haveyoumissedme, 7-2 Hellenista, 4 Liberated Lad, 7 Berry Edge, 8 Doctor Parnassus, 10 Carn A Chlamain, Prison Break. 2020: No corresponding race. FORM GUIDE: HAVEYOUMISSEDME 13-8 Chased leaders, pushed along over 2f out, headway over 1f out, led inside final furlong, kept on well, won at Newcastle 1m 4f hcp 0-75 (5) beating Mushirif by 1 1/4l, 8 ran. HELLENISTA 9-2 Slowly into stride, held up last, pushed along and headway out wide chasing leaders 3f out, challenged and hung right 2f out, led inside final 2f, ridden and stayed on well, won at Ripon 1m 4f 3yo hcp 0-65 (6) gd in Aug beating Out Of Sight by 2l, 6 ran. Qitaal 1.45 Evocative Spark Omany Amber 2.20 Urban Violet Arctic Victory 2.50 Arctic Victory Elladora (nb) 3.20 Water Of Leith Shesadabber 3.50 Mews House De Mazzaro (nap) 4.20 Card High Liberated Lad 4.50 Hellenista CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS PLUMPTON TOMORROW Going: Good to firmgood in places 2.10 J H BUILDERS MAIDEN HURDLE (GBB RACE) (4) 2m 2f Winner £4,084 (8 run) SSR 1 4/5 On The Meter (27) D Bridgwater 7 11-4......................B J Powell 94 2 54 Alioski (18) G Brown 4 11-2................................Paul O’Brien (3) 94 3 2 Galata Bridge (18) Dr R Newland 4 11-2 (BF)..S Twiston-Davies 119 4 Mickey Drippin C Poulton 4 11-2...........................M Batchelor — 5 424 Splinter (51) A Hales 4 11-2..........................................K Woods 121 6 2-7 Carole’s Tzarina (32) A Murphy 5 10-11....................J Quinlan 51 7 Anyonewhohadaheart Miss S West 4 10-9........ M Goldstein — 8 4 City Escape (14) S Humphrey 4 10-9........................ N Scholfield 58 BETTING: 4-5 Galata Bridge, 5-2 Splinter, 8 Alioski, 10 On The Meter, 20 Carole’s Tzarina, 25 Anyonewhohadaheart, 50 City Escape, Mickey Drippin. 2020: ZARRAR 5 10 12, Nick Scholfield 15-2 (R Guest), 8 ran. 2.40 HANDICAP HURDLE (3) 2m Winner £7,951 (6 run) SSR 1 5-2 Glory And Fortune (133) T Lacey 6 11-12 (BF, D)... S Sheppard 135 2 10- Leroy Leroy J Boyle 5 11-7 (D2)..................................B J Powell — 3 834 Constancio (17) D McCain 8 11-2 (BF, CD)....................B Hughes 133 4 311 Manor Park B Barr 6 11-2 (D)................................P Cowley (3) 136 5 -14 Zuba N Gifford 5 10-6 (CD)............................................J M Davies 133 6 336 Sufi M Harris 7 10-4.....................................................K Jones (3) 135 BETTING: 15-8 Glory And Fortune, 5-2 Manor Park, 4 Zuba, 7 Leroy Leroy, 8 Constancio, 16 Sufi. 2020: GET BACK GET BACK 5 11 6, Sean Bowen 10-3 Fav (H Fry), 8 ran. FORM GUIDE: GLORY AND FORTUNE 2-1fav Prominent, led 2nd, dived at 3 out, mistake 2 out, soon driven and hung left, headed last, held flat, kept on, 2nd of 6, 1 1/2l behind Cotton End at Ludlow 2m hcp hdl 0-130 (3) gs in May. MANOR PARK 9-4fav Always prominent, led 3 out, clear before next, easily, won at Newton Abbot 2m 1f hcp hdl 0-115 (4) gd in Jul beating First Quest by 10l, 7 ran. ZUBA 5-1 Midfield, keen, headway to chase leader after 4 out, ridden before 3 out, weakened, 4th of 9, 29l behind Fire Away at Worcester 2m 4f nh nov hdl (4) gd in Jul. LEROY LEROY 22-1 Chased leaders, raced keenly, steadied after 2nd, effort 3 out, weakened after 2 out, 15th of 17, 40l behind Lively Citizen at Cheltenham 2m nov hcp hdl (3) gs in Nov. CONSTANCIO 2-1fav Tracked leader, led narrowly 3rd, not fluent 4th and headed narrowly, losing touch when ridden after 2 out, no extra, 4th of 6, 7l behind Lucky Robin at Sedgefield 2m 1f hcp hdl 0-135 (3) gd. SUFI 25-1 Midfield, pushed along when not fluent 3 out, faded approaching last, 6th of 8, 24l behind Alqamar at Cartmel 2m 1f (3) gd in Jul. 3.10 PETER EARL MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE (4) 2m 1f Winner £4,275 (5 run) SSR 1 112 Romanor (15) Seamus Mullins 7 11-12 (D)..............D Sansom (3) 119 2 7P4 Lord Schnapps (17) Dr R Newland 8 11-9.......S Twiston-Davies 124 3 233 Dogon (19) P Nicholls 6 11-9.................................... Bryony Frost 120 4 U64 Away For Slates (15) M Harris 11 11-5 (D)...........M Bastyan (3) 121 5 464 Court Jurado (36) D McCain 7 10-7............................B Hughes 121 BETTING: 13-8 Romanor, 9-4 Dogon, 4 Lord Schnapps, 7 Court Jurado, 10 Away For Slates. 2020: CAROLINES CHARM 6 11 7, Robbie Dunne 5-1 (N Mulholland), 6 ran. FORM GUIDE: ROMANOR 9-2 Held up, headway to chase leader 4th, led 6th, clear 3 out until after 2 out, soon headed, no impression last, 2nd of 7, 4 1/2l behind Larch Hill at Stratford 2m 1f hcp chs 0-115 (4) gd. DOGON 10-3 Led, going easily 3 out, not fluent 2 out, no extra soon after, 3rd of 6, 15l behind Cheltenam De Vaige at Newton Abbot 2m 5f hcp chs 0-120 (4) gd in Aug. LORD SCHNAPPS 11-2 Led narrowly, headed 2nd, chased leading pair 3rd, ridden and not fluent 3 out, weakened before last, last of 4, 46l behind Caddyhill at Sedgefield 2m 1f nov hcp chs 0-120 (4) gd. COURT JURADO 10-1 Chased leaders, went second 4 out, ridden and weakened 3f out, 4th of 7, 31l behind Captain Cobajay at Market Rasen 2m 1f hcp chs 0-105 (5) gd in Aug. AWAY FOR SLATES 40-1 Chased winner until 2nd, outpaced 4 out, well beaten from next, 4th of 7, 23l behind Larch Hill at Stratford 2m 1f hcp chs 0-115 (4) gd. 3.40 STRONG FLAVOURS CATERING JUVENILE HURDLE (GBB RACE) (4) (3-Y-O) 2m 2f Winner £4,357 (12 run) SSR 1 221 Fred Bear (27) Miss S West 11-5.............................. M Goldstein 99 2 7 Aggagio G L Moore 10-12...................................... Joshua Moore 40 3 Babajan A Murphy 10-12.............................................J Quinlan — 4 8 Business Flight (18) G Brown 10-12................Paul O’Brien (3) 30 5 Epic Pass B Barr 10-12.............................................P Cowley (3) — 6 Impulsive One N Henderson 10-12..............................J Bowen — 7 4 Prey For Glory (27) D P Quinn 10-12........................T J O’Brien 54 8 55 Sir Taweel (14) N King 10-12................................. Bryony Frost 33 9 P4 Tara Iti (14) G L Moore 10-12..................................Jamie Moore 47 10 1 The Yellow Mini (14) M Wigham 10-12 (D).............. G Sheehan 113 11 7P Baby Sham (27) Seamus Mullins 10-5...................... A Thorne (5) 83 12 45 Dark Motive (18) J Snowden 10-5........................... Page Fuller 88 BETTING: 11-4 The Yellow Mini, 3 Fred Bear, 10-3 Impulsive One, 8 Dark Motive, 12 Babajan, 14 Aggagio, Tara Iti, Epic Pass, 25 Others. 2020: PEAT MOSS 10 12, David Noonan 11-1 (N Hawke), 8 ran. 4.10 HANDICAP HURDLE (5) 2m 4f 114yds Winner £2,832 (14 run) SSR 1 637 One Handsome Dude (11) A West 6 11-12 (CD)......... L Edwards 102 2 690 Top Man (54) C Gordon 7 11-12 (CD).............................. T Cannon 97 3 72- Imphal G L Moore 7 11-10 (BF).............................. Joshua Moore 108 4 U41 Bagan (15) Seamus Mullins 7 11-8 (D)..........................K Jones (3) 106 5 P-P My Boy James (82) Mrs L Mongan 9 11-5...........N F Houlihan (5) — 6 55- Jumping Cats (168) G L Moore 6 11-2 (BF)..............Jamie Moore 106 7 113 Andapa (31) M Roberts 7 11-1 (BF, C)...........................T J O’Brien 108 8 59- Sixties Secret (168) Miss S West 6 10-13 (CD).......... M Goldstein 108 9 -7U Jumping Jack P Butler 7 10-9 (C)............................ A Thorne (5) 111 10 127 Kilchreest Moon (66) Henry Oliver 10 10-8 (BF)... N Scholfield 106 11 6P3 Strike The Flint (14) Miss Suzy Smith 7 10-0 (C).... H Bannister 106 12 -8F Watchman (67) Mrs N Evans 7 10-0............................ J Dixon (5) 109 13 853 Mr Yeats (62) M Harris 4 10-0.................................M Bastyan (3) 103 14 P08 Bullsempire (11) C Hobson 8 10-0..............Tabitha Worsley (5) — BETTING: 4 Imphal, 9-2 Bagan, 5 Jumping Cats, 7 Andapa, 8 Kilchreest Moon, 10 Top Man, 12 One Handsome Dude, Strike The Flint, Sixties Secret, 14 Others. 2020: SIXTIES SECRET 5 11 0, Niall Houlihan(7) 17-2 (Miss S West), 12 ran. 4.40 NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE (5) 2m 4f Winner £3,050 (6 run) SSR 1 142 Air Hair Lair (27) Miss S West 5 11-12 (BF)............. M Goldstein 90 2 3-2 Valentine’s Turf (118) Christian Williams 6 11-11..... A Wedge — 3 243 Outlaw Jack (11) J Farrelly 9 11-9..............................B J Powell — 4 543 Game In The Park (15) N King 8 10-12........................J Quinlan 102 5 285 Hold Me Tight (18) P Gundry 7 10-12..................... N Scholfield 104 6 F98 Pirate Sam (54) D Bridgwater 6 10-12...................M Bastyan (3) 78 BETTING: 2 Air Hair Lair, 5-2 Valentine’s Turf, 4 Outlaw Jack, 7 Hold Me Tight, Game In The Park, 16 Pirate Sam. 2020: CAPTAIN SPEAKING 5 11 10, Joshua Moore 11-4 Fav (N Littmoden), 8 ran. 5.10 SKY SPORTS RACING OPEN NH FLAT RACE (GBB RACE) (5) 2m 2f Winner £2,178 (5 run) SSR 1 -31 Strensham Court (15) S Drinkwater 6 11-7..........D Burton (5) 121 2 70- Noahthirtytwored (174) A West 5 11-0............Jamie Moore — 3 Harptree Hill N Mulholland 4 10-12......................... S Bowen — 4 26 Sister Sophie (49) Christian Williams 5 10-7................ A Wedge 129 5 86 Triptothecity (15) N King 4 10-5......................... Bryony Frost 41 BETTING: 8-11 Strensham Court, 5-2 Sister Sophie, 4 Harptree Hill, 50 Triptothecity, Noahthirtytwored. 2020: ON MY COMMAND 4 10 5, Jack Quinlan 10-3 Fav (A Murphy), 7 ran. Galata Bridge 2.10 Splinter Leroy Leroy 2.40 Manor Park Dogon 3.10 Lord Schnapps The Yellow Mini 3.40 Impulsive One Imphal 4.10 Bagan Air Hair Lair 4.40 Valentine’s Turf Strensham Court 5.10 Sister Sophie CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS Racing

32 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Boro Warnock’s recipe for success By CraiG G Johns craig.johns@reachplc.com @craig_johns NEIL Warnock admits one or two Middlesbrough players have had to be reminded of the importance of diet and conditioning ahead of games following an enquiry into the defeat at Coventry City. Boro lost 2-0 at the CBS Arena last weekend and Warnock admit- ted afterwards that three or four players had disappointed him. While the Teessiders’ boss knows players can sometimes have off days, his veteran instinct told him there was something deeper behind the poor form shown in the defeat. After launching an enquiry and speaking to the players in question, the Boro boss had his answer. He revealed: “I saw all the indi- viduals I thought let me down at Coventry – there were two or three lads – because I knew there was something wrong. “I know it sounds daft but I knew in the dressing room something was not right with one of them. I could tell just looking into his eyes. “Then I knew straight away after about five minutes that the other two were not on their game. So we looked at it. “I know it sounds silly but we get to the hotel and they eat at 6.00 and then we have snacks at 9.00. Then we are down for breakfast and something prematch. “ H o w e v e r , some lads are eating their meal and then not coming down for snacks and not having breakfast. “So we found they had not eaten from 6.00 the previous night until midday the next day. That is going to make you a little weak. “We sometimes have to look into things a little more professionally and that is exactly what we did once I found out about these little habits. “I just thought there had to be something. They are not bad players but at Coventry on Saturday I did not recognise three of them.” Warnock's admission is a fascinating insight into the intricate levels of detail both professional clubs and players must live their life in mind of as they search for every and any slight They are not bad players but at Coventry on Saturday I did not recognise three of them. advantage in what is always a tightly contested league. Warnock is hoping he will not have to force his Boro players to come down for breakfast - but will do if he has to. He added: “I know with certain players in the dressing room before a game if they are OK. “I knew one particular lad was not himself on Saturday before the game. “So my job then was to look at Neil Warnock why that was the case. I had to look for a reason. “When I looked I came up with this reason and I spoke to two other lads who I was disappointed with and they were all the same. “You tend to not want to get up for breakfast in the morning. “You think: ‘I will just stop in bed and have lunch at midday or what have you.’ “You don’t realise you need stuff in your body between 6.00 and midday the next day. “You cannot just overload it later. You need to make sure you have that fitness and that balance right. “If we have to make them come down for breakfast we will have to do that but it should be voluntary that. “They are the levels we have to go to, though, we look at all sorts because it just wasn’t on.” With that minor issue sorted, Warnock is hoping his side can start to show more consistency having been disappointed they don't have at least two more victories on the board this season.

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 33 Boro Siliki is fit for clash as Payero hopeful JAMES Lea Siliki will be fine for Middlesbrough’s clash with Blackpool today, with manager Neil Warnock also hoping he will be able to welcome Martin Payero back into his squad. Siliki had an encouraging full debut in Wednesday night’s win over Nottingham Forest, though there were fears he had picked up a minor thigh injury towards the end of his 70-minute runout. Warnock was pleased to learn the on-loan midfielder merely suffered cramp, rather than any serious damage which might keep him out of today’s fixture at the Riverside. Speaking yesterday, Warnock joked: “I went in to see him yesterday. “I said: ‘Cramp at 25!? What have you been doing son?’ Can you believe that? Cramp at 25!” The Boro boss’ midfield options could be well-bolstered for the weekend’s Championship clash, with hopes Payero will also be available after rolling his ankle in training last week. Warnock added: “I have seen Kevin Blackwell before I came into the press conference and he was telling me Payero trained really well yesterday. “So Iam hoping he is with us today. I have not had a meeting with the physios and the doctor yet, though. “It was not so much the ankle he went over on. The scan showed nothing there. “However, as he went over on his ankle he actually just did something to the side of his knee as a reaction to the ankle, that kind of thing. “It was that that was sore the other day and he was a bit unlucky in that sense because I probably would have played him the other night as well. “Hopefully, he will be available for me, for the bench at the very least. “I told him he was playing at Coventry and then he did his ankle last minute. “Then I told him he would be playing at Forest and he was not quite ready. “So we will just have to wait and see but I will not tell him he is playing again!” It is not as positive news on Marc Bola and Paddy McNair, however. Both, like Payero, have missed Boro’s last two, with Bola picking up a knock in the clash with Blackburn before the international break while McNair tweaked a muscle in the warm-up and was a late withdrawal before the Coventry City defeat last weekend. Both are nearing returns, though unlikely to be ready in time for today. Warnock said: “Losing Paddy and Bola was a big blow really, but the lads have coped really well with that. I don’t think either will be available for this weekend. “They both did some light training yesterday. I have not seen the physios yet, but will be having a meeting with the physios and the doctor before training so I will know more then.” James Lea Siliki should be fit Very late decision to play striker Sporar By CraiG G Johns craig.johns@reachplc.com @craig_johns Middlesbrough will not have to adapt their style to suit Andraz sporar, according to manager Neil Warnock. The striker got off to the perfect start at his new club on Wednesday evening when he produced a wonderful finish to help boro win 2-0 at Nottingham Forest - his first full appearance for the Teessiders. The slovenian striker will be hoping to follow that up with many more goals in a boro shirt, but in his first full outing it was clear he is not the same type of centre forward as uche ikpeazu. he is more of a striker who looks for runs off the shoulder of the last defender, in contrast to ikpeazu’s more assertive, oldfashioned kind of centre-forward play. however, asked if boro might have to adapt their style slightly to bring the best out of sporar, Warnock pointed to the goal against Forest as why he does not think it will be necessary. he said: “it is all about quality really. if you like at players in our squad like Tavernier, hernandez and siliki they can all spot a pass. “having those players with that ability, you don’t need to coach them to play for sporar. They do it automatically; they will see that pass anyway and they will do it. “like Tav’s pass the other night – i did not see that was on until after he had played it - but that is what these kinds of lads do. “sporar is the kind of striker who will make those kinds of runs because he is not going to go right up in the air and win Andraz Sporar things. i don’t think he woukld shirk challenging for anything up in the air but he is not natural at it. “i thought it was important he got those minutes under his belt in quite a physical game and a pressurised game and i think he thrived on that really.” Warnock noted after the game he believes asking sporar to play centre forward without Matt Crooks behind him would be perhaps too big an ask right now because of that aerial dominance. Powerful Crooks played at number ten at Forest and did a lot of that aerial competing for sporar, who was then able to look to feed off the flicks and second balls. in a similar way, if the formation ever suits, Warnock thinks sporar and ikpeazu could form a potent partnership up top for boro. he added: “i think in certain systems you can play them together. it is just working out what you are going to do and each game is going to be different really. “That has cropped up in my mind and everybody else’s really.” sporar goes into today’s clash with blackpool looking to build on his performance in the Midlands and will hope to notch his first goal at the riverside. it was only a late change of heart which saw him start at Forest, though. Warnock admitted: “i did initially tell Andraz i was not going to play him. “sometimes you change your mind and i did. i just thought after Coventry maybe it would be good to give him some minutes. “When i told him he was playing he said: ‘i am ready’. “he is a confident lad, i have not met anyone as confident as him for years.” Asked whether it was a masterstroke of psychological measures telling sporar he initially was not playing, Warnock joked: “i will say yes, it was a brilliant stroke of managerial genius. i wish! “i just had a look at how they played and thought it would suit him so i changed my mind. it worked thankfully and it was a positive start for him.”

34 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Big match preview Boro Fixtures and results AUGUST 8 Fulham (A)......................... Draw....................1-1 11 Blackpool (A, EFL Cup)..... Loss ................3-0 14 Bristol City (H)....................Win....................2-1 18 QPR (H)................................Loss.................2-3 21 Derby County (A)...............Draw................ 0-0 28 Blackburn Rovers (H)........ Draw..................1-1 SEPTEMBER 12 Coventry City (A)............... Loss..................2-0 15 Nottingham Forest (A)........Win..................2-0 18 Blackpool (H).................................................. 25 Reading (A)..................................................... 28 Sheffield United (H)....................................... OCTOBER 2 Hull City (A).................................................... 16 Peterborough United (H)............................... 20 Barnsley (H).................................................... 23 Cardiff City (A)............................................... 30 Birmingham City (H)..................................... NOVEMBER 2 Luton Town (A)............................................... 6 West Bromwich Albion (A)............................ 20 Millwall (H)...................................................... 23 Preston North End (H).................................. 27 Huddersfield Town (A)................................... DECEMBER 4 Swansea City (H)........................................... 11 Stoke City (A)................................................. 18 Bournemouth (H)........................................... 26 Nottingham Forest (H).................................. 29 Blackpool (A).................................................. JANUARY 1 Sheffield United (A)....................................... 15 Reading (H)..................................................... 22 Blackburn Rovers (A).................................... 29 Coventry City (H)........................................... FEBRUARY 5 Fulham (H)...................................................... 9 QPR (A)........................................................... 12 Derby County (H)........................................... 19 Bristol City (A)............................................... 22 West Bromwich Albion (H)........................... 26 Barnsley (A).................................................... MARCH 5 Luton Town (H)............................................... 12 Millwall (A)...................................................... 15 Birmingham City (A)..................................... 19 Cardiff City (H)............................................... APRIL 2 Peterborough United (A)............................... 9 Hull City (H).................................................... 15 Bournemouth (A)........................................... 18 Huddersfield Town (H)................................... 23 Swansea City (A)............................................ 30 Stoke City (H)................................................. MAY 7 Preston North End (A).................................. * Fixtures are subject to change. ** FA Cup third round to take place on January 8. *** Boro v Blackpool By craig johns craig.johns@reachplc.com @craig_johns Neil Warnock is hoping Middlesbrough fans can help his side build on Wednesday night’s victory when they host Blackpool this afternoon. After an inconsistent start to the season sees the Teessiders sitting mid-table after seven games, the boss is looking for another win in front of the Riverside faithful as he looks to build positive momentum. Wednesday night saw Boro win 2-0 at Nottingham Forest with new boys Onel Hernandez and Andraz Sporar scoring the goals and looking impressive overall. Both were roared on by the travelling Boro fans at the City Ground and made note of the away support on the night. Inspired by that support, Warnock is hoping the Riverside roar will help bring out the best in them again when Neil Critchley’s side visit. He said: “I think we have been really unfortunate not to have won more games at home this season but I think the fans are appreciative of the football we have played. “We have just missed that spark which hopefully the new lads will give us. “We have a hungry squad now and the new lads have helped with that. “The crowd was fantastic on Wednesday. I just cannot put into words how much it means to the lads. “You see the nutters up there singing their heads off and waving their scarves and what have you. “I think it is fabulous and it is nice when you get the right result for them and know they can head back up the motorway happy. “I had a chat with Hernandez and Andraz on the pitch. “One of them mentioned how good the fans were and I just said, ‘If you think that is good, wait until Saturday!’ “They will not have heard anything like the crowd on Saturday when they get out there. I think they are all looking forward to it. “People like Andraz, Hernandez and James Lea Siliki, crowds and atmospheres bring the best out of them. Neil Warnock says the Riverside crowd can inspire his side today Warnock: A give team Blackpool boss Neil Critchley “It gives you that extra bit you need.” Boro have had one of everything on home turf so far this season – one win, one loss and one draw. It matches the general pattern of the first seven games of the campaign overall, Warnock still seeking consistency from his side after it proved a major headache for him last term too. He knows only too well if they are to achieve the lofty goals he has for them this term finding that consistency and putting together good runs will be key. He continued: “When you have had a good result and a good performance you want to put another one in and get a bit of a run going if you can. “That is what every club strives for. This league is so unpredictable. “You only have to look at Blackpool beating Fulham last weekend, who until that point were undefeated. “Nobody would have put money on that but that is what the Championship is all about. “Blackpool can beat anybody on their day. We can beat anybody on our day. “You just need to try and find consistency and the Fulhams of this world have massive squads which help with that. “They have two good teams really and the teams who come down tend to always have that about them. “The rest of us are all battling to try and get three or four good results on the trot, but it is very, very difficult. “You have to capitalise on a good result because you see how quickly it moves you up the

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 35 at The riverside Today (3pm) Big match preview championship weekend fixtures Barnsley v Blackburn Cardiff v AFC Bournemouth Derby v Stoke Fulham v Reading Huddersfield v Nottm Forest Hull v Sheff Utd (12.30) Luton v Swansea Millwall v Coventry Peterborough v Birmingham Preston NE v West Brom QPR v Bristol City Riverside roar can a fan-tastic boost how they stand Sky Bet, Championship P W D L F A Pts Fulham 7 5 1 1 17 5 16 West Brom 7 4 3 0 13 6 15 AFC Bournemouth 7 4 3 0 13 6 15 Coventry 7 5 0 2 8 5 15 Stoke 7 4 2 1 10 8 14 Huddersfield 7 4 1 2 13 9 13 QPR 7 3 3 1 15 10 12 Blackburn 7 3 3 1 11 8 12 Cardiff 7 3 2 2 11 8 11 Birmingham 7 3 2 2 10 7 11 Middlesbrough 7 2 3 2 8 8 9 Bristol City 7 2 3 2 8 8 9 Luton 7 2 3 2 9 11 9 Preston North End 7 2 2 3 8 10 8 Millwall 7 1 4 2 7 9 7 Derby 7 1 4 2 4 6 7 Barnsley 7 1 4 2 6 9 7 Reading 7 2 1 4 13 17 7 Sheff Utd 7 1 3 3 9 11 6 Swansea 7 1 3 3 4 8 6 Hull 7 1 2 4 4 9 5 Blackpool 7 1 2 4 5 11 5 Peterborough 7 1 1 5 7 17 4 Nottm Forest 7 0 1 6 5 12 1 top scorers Ikpeazu ................................2 Crooks ...................................2 Bola .......................................1 Howson ..................................1 Hernandez .............................1 Sporar ....................................1 table. That is what the good sides do, they find consistency.” On paper, Blackpool appear the perfect opponent for such a cause. Although they beat Middlesbrough comfortably in the Carabao Cup last month, Boro were muchc h a n g e d that night and Joel Lumley is likely to be the only survivor of that starting 11. The crowd was fantastic on Wednesday. I just cannot put into words how much it means to the lads Neil Warnock The Tangerines have found things more difficult in league competition since their promotion to the Championship this summer. Critchley’s side sit third-bottom and were beaten 3-0 by Huddersfield on Tuesday evening, though Blackpool did become the first side to beat table-toppers Fulham last weekend, as Warnock noted. Having sent Ronnie Jepson to watch them on Tuesday, he is in no doubt Boro have a game on their hands this weekend. He added: “You say struggling but Ronnie Jepson went to their game the other night. “When you read it in the papers it looks lopsided but Ronnie said they should have been 2-0 up easily. Goals change games, but he said in the first half Blackpool were the better side. “So you have to be careful. Huddersfield took their goals well and killed the game off but Ronnie said it was not a reflection of the game. “They beat us quite easily in the cup, showing what a good footballing side they were and they had good movement. “They have good forwards and good wide players so we will have to be on our toes.” Warnock will be hoping, much like at Forest on Wednesday his players are, like Hudderfield, ruthless in taking opportunities which come their way. With the famous Riverside roar behind them, he knows they have to capitalise on that midweek victory. Lumley Dijksteel Hall Fry Peltier Howson Siliki Tavernier Crooks Hernandez Sporar Formation: 4-2-3-1

The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 SPORT Pump up the volume riverside roar can get Boro fired up Pages 34&35 tough trip for stars Page 29 SIGN UP FOR OUR BORO NEWSLETTER www.teessidelive.co.uk/signup published by gazette Media Company Ltd at ground floor East, hudson Quay, the halyard, Middlehaven, Middlesbrough ts3 6rt and printed by reach printing services (teesside) Ltd at Barton road, riverside park, Middlesbrough ts2 1ut. registered as a newspaper at the post office. food for thought how warnock’s diet discovery could help boro players raise their game page 32

Saturday 18.09.21 extra HOTSEAT Michelle Visage on why drag is an art form to her FASHION ...they’re inside Jamie Oliver’s new recipe book, and we’ve got a sneak preview of three of them Natural selections: This season’s must-buy styles TV Bake Off hopefuls will rise to the occasion YOUR FULL 7-DAY TV GUIDE INSIDE

2 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive To Do List Nicki Minaj A daring rescue in The Finest Hours TRENDING strictly come dancing Summer may be over but at least we have the glitzy spectacle of fake-tanned celebs trying to get to grips with the foxtrot on live TV to keep our minds off the dark nights drawing in. We have high hopes for Corrie’s Katie McGlynn, right, and Loose Women’s Judy Love. emma radUcanu First she powered to victory in the US Open becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam title in 44 years, then she stole the show at the Met Gala. Is there anything this teenage tennis sensation cannot do? Surely national treasure status awaits. coastal homes Our dream home is a four-bed detached house in a seaside village with a pub and a Tesco nearby. According to a study for estate agent Rightmove, the perfect pad also has two living rooms, two bathrooms, a garden, garage, utility room and an office. luther It has been rumoured for months but Netflix has now confirmed that Idris Elba will reprise his role as DCI John Luther for a feature-length film version of the BBC crime series, alongside Oscar-nominated actress Cynthia Erivo and Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis. Idris Elba as DCI John Luther nicki minaj The rapper stoked the ire of Professor Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, after she shared a story on social media about a man who was supposedly made impotent by the Covid vaccine. At a Downing Street press conference Prof Whitty said such claims were “clearly ridiculous” and “designed just to scare”. dominic raab The former Foreign Secretary was one of the highest-profile scalps in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle. Raab, who was on holiday as British troops were trying to manage the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been demoted to Justice Secretary. Education Gavin Williamson also got the elbow. Liz Truss and Nadhim Zahawi take their roles. christmas toys Parents are being urged to shop early for toys to avoid tears on Christmas Day. Industry analysts warn stocks will be low as the festive season nears due to supply chain shortages. house prices House prices fell by £10,000 as the full stamp duty holiday ended. The average home cost £255,535 in July – £19,000 up on a year earlier but well below June’s record of £265,448, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed. TANKING BOOK IT Roger Daltrey The Who’s Roger Daltrey is planning a series of solo dates and says he is eager to get back on stage after his 50-plus years of performing was interrupted by Covid restrictions. He says: “Live music is an important part of all our lives, something to free us from the groundhog days that life has become. This pandemic has brought home to me what an important part of me singing is and it’s made me determined to get back on stage asap.” He will be touring the country from November 7 offering a mix of music and conversation built around his musical journey and encompassing nearly every style imaginable – including blues, rock, country, soul and metal – and even reinterpreting a few Who classics and rarities along the way. Go to aegpresents.co.uk/events/ detail/roger-daltrey for tour and booking details. WATCH IT The Finest Hours (tomorrow, BBC2, 5.10pm) is a thrilling depiction of the most daring rescue in US Coast Guard history. It’s set in 1952, and Chris Pine plays Bernie Webber, a crewman sent on a suicidal mission during a devastating storm to save the survivors of a stricken oil tanker. Engineer Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) galvanises the terrified crew and attempts to buy them some time. Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff (Eric Bana), who oversees the lifeboat station at Chatham, Massachusetts, orders Bernie to assemble a threestrong team and attempt a rescue. The Finest Hours is a resolutely old-fashioned drama of gallantry at sea, that pays glowing tribute to real-life heroes. READ IT Author and musician Boff Whalley and his long-time friend British running champion Gary Divine are legendary. Boff is from the band Chumbawamba and infamous for throwing eggs at John Prescott. He has written several touring plays and large-scale musicals, working for Tate Britain, Manchester Museum, and most recently with Welsh National Opera. His latest book, Faster Louder, tells the true story of how teenage punk Gary Divine, went from seemingly existing on a diet of cider, parties and loud music to rise to the top in the tough sport of fell running. The paperback from Great Northern Books is out now, RRP £9.99, and is also available on kindle. drinkit love it Tasteit Raise a glass to Negroni Week with a perfectly mixed version of the iconic Italian drink from the Bottle and Bar Shop. A winner of the 2019 Great Taste Award, its Negroni (£17 for 20cl, bottlebar-andshop. com) is infused with orange and grapefruit zest for several weeks to give it a perfect balance of flavours and just the right amount of bitterness. A combination of Campari, rock rose gin, vermouth and bitters, serve 100ml over ice with a slice of orange. All the Bottle and Bar Shop cocktails and infusions are handmade with all natural ingredients with no additives or added flavours. Thanks to the boom in online shopping, gone are the days of a mad dash to the high street to hunt down a last-minute birthday card. With so many online card market places a fantastic greeting is just a few clicks away, no matter how late you have left it. But Prezzybox.com has gone that one step further. Buy one of its cards and you can have sweet treats such as Jaffa Cake slice, fizzy pick ’n’ mix, and lemon drizzle cake popped inside… Many happy returns indeed! Available for £11.99, prezzybox.com Live life on the veg with the limited edition Sainsbury’s SO Organic Veg Box. The £7 boxes are available until October 13 and are packed with a variety of six different SO Organic vegetables. Sainsbury’s was the first UK supermarket to launch its own organic range more than 30 years ago and now offers more than 250 items. They are thinking inside the box to offer British produce including leeks, seasonal squash and hearty potatoes. Rebecca Sargent, from Sainsbury’s, says: “We want to showcase to our customers the best of our organic offering.”

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 3 Hotseat I just call myself a drag queen Michelle Visage is back on the judging panel for series three of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Georgia Humphreys found out why she adores the role From hitting the music charts with girl band Seduction to winning a whole new legion of fans thanks to starring in Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, Michelle Visage has had a glittering entertainment career. But there is one job which she is particularly famous for – being a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The third series of the UK version of the reality competition lands on BBC iPlayer this month, and once again, New Jersey-born Michelle, 52, who is married to author and screenwriter David Case, will be sitting on the panel alongside drag queen RuPaul, who she met on the New York scene in the 80s. Graham Norton and Alan Carr will alternate each week as guest judges, while other famous faces who have been confirmed to appear on the show are comedians Matt Lucas and Kathy Burke, Strictly Come Dancing professional Oti Mabuse, pop star Nadine Coyle and Loose Women presenter Judi Love. A total of 12 queens will be sashaying down the runway. Amongst those hoping to impress is the show’s first-ever cisgender [meaning a person who’s sense of identity corresponds to their birth sex] female drag queen, Portsmouth-born Victoria Scone. Here, we find out more from mum-oftwo Michelle. How would you sum up the new series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK? It’s completely different, because it’s completely different queens, with completely different stories, completely different trajectories. You don’t know where somebody is going to go, and that’s the beauty of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you go on a ride with these people. How important is the decision to include Victoria Scone in the line up? I’ve always maintained that all drag is A lot of people try to fit into a certain mould to make people happy instead of making themselves happy Michelle Visage ‘SHE’S WONDERFUL’: Drag Race contestant Victoria Scone: valid, and it really is. It needs to be on RuPaul’s Drag Racelevel to get into the competition. So, we will always welcome everybody to audition – that audition tape better be very, very good! Having Victoria on this series is gamechanging. I consider myself a cis woman drag queen, AFAB [assigned female at birth] queen, whatever you want to call it – I just call myself a drag queen. And I’ve been trying to compete behind that judging table for 14 years now. It’s just part of the beautiful growth of drag, and what we represent, and we are all-inclusive, so it is important that she’s there. And she’s wonderful. You must get some amazing reactions from fans. What’s the strangest place you’ve been recognised? An odd place was at the gynaecologists’ office; sitting there waiting to go in and you see somebody looking, and it’s like, Michelle Visage says she is looking forward to watching this year’s drag queens do their thing Michelle fought through an early knee injury on Strictly ‘Do I have something on my face?’ It was one of those moments where I was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna remember this one!’. The queens get a lot of support on social media too. How does it feel to see drag becoming more accepted? I’ve been a fan of drag since I was a kid, and people thought I was crazy for loving drag. But drag, to me, has always been as viable an art form as painting, as dance. So, it’s very rewarding for me to sit back and go, ‘See, I told you! I knew it’. Drag is amazing and expressive and artistic, and it fills my soul and my heart with joy. No matter what it is, there’s going to be haters, whether it’s politics, whether it’s the arts, whether it’s your face, there’s always going to be somebody who has something negative to say. You just can’t spend too much time soaking in that. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career? I’ve learned to be flexible. A lot of people try to fit into a certain mould to make people happy instead of making themselves happy, and I have been a victim of that as well. If you can stay steadfast to who you are, and true to what you believe, what you feel you represent, you’ll be unstoppable. I’m the best Michelle Visage that there can be, and I need to just focus on that. Have you kept up ballroom dancing since competing on Strictly? I left Strictly and had to have knee surgery. I hurt my knee on the launch show. I did that entire competition with a torn meniscus. Obviously, the team knew, but I was given the OK to dance through it. I didn’t want the judges to know because I didn’t want to have a target on my back, I wanted to give it all I could. Two weeks after knee surgery, I said to my doctor, ‘When can I dance?’ He’s like, ‘You’re good! You can go dance’. So I take a dance class at least once a week. I’m still not great, but I love it so much. I found my love of Latin and ballroom through doing Strictly and I had the best experience of my life. ■■RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 3 will return to BBC Three and iPlayer on Thursday September 23, with new episodes dropping weekly.

4 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Food & Drink RAISE A GLASS WITH JANE CLARE What a few days. I’ve been hot (phew, a September sun), I’ve been rained on (lots and lots). Who knows what the weather gods will be throwing around by the time you’re reading this. But those few days have also been perfect. I’ve been “out out” – not in a posh frock and lipstick sense – but in a wine sense. I’ve met real wine people at live tasting events. Bordeaux Day was a joy, and for the first time, I had the chance to taste the wines in the latest Bordeaux Hot 50. I brought you one of them just a couple of weeks ago: Château Pey de Faure 2019 (£12.99, online at Averys). I’ve now met its wine friends, all of them highlighting the modern approach adopted by Bordeaux winemakers – whether through their techniques or sustainable practices. The Hot 50 wines are under £25 and chosen to be approachable and appealing. If you’re nervous about trying new wines they’re a great place to start exploring the diversity of the region. Here are three: A sparkling, a white and a red. I love a drop of fizz and Premius Crémant de Bordeaux Brut (£RRP £10-£12, Slurp) is gorgeous. The grapes sémillon, muscadelle and cabernet sauvignon have been cajoled into creating a wine with aromas of fresh and baked apples, toasty bread and baking spice. It is fresh, characterful and zesty. One of my favourite whites of the day was Château Argadens 2019 (£12.50, tanners-wines.co.uk). It’s vegan, and the vineyards are managed in a way which increases biodiversity and decreases any negative environmental impact. It is also very enjoyable. The white is a blend of sauvignon blanc (which takes the lead role in this palate performance) and sémillon. The aromas just keep on giving; tangy citrus, especially grapefruit. A savoury edge adds depth and interest. The flavours zing and twist and delight. As for the red, there were many to choose from, but for this missive I’ve opted for Roc de Lussac 2019 (£7.75, Sainsbury’s). The wine is from the Saint-Emilion appellation where the fruitily plummy merlot grape dominates. Cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc are the blending partners in this wine which speaks of red and black fruits, and spice. Tannins play their part in an undemanding way. ■■The Bordeaux Hot 50 list is online at bordeaux.com/gb/selection ■■Jane is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers. Find her on social media and online as One Foot in the Grapes. Jamie Oliver is an absolute machine. The celebrity chef – no longer ‘naked’, but very much clothed and still campaigning for us all to cook (stress-free) from scratch at home – is back with a new recipe collection, Together. While not all five of his children are featured on the cover (three are, we get the sense the teenagers have bowed out this time around), this book is all about feeding the people you love. With most people now vaccinated and social restrictions lifted, Jamie is betting people will be eager to host dinner parties, brunches and holiday gatherings. His 25th cookbook shows readers how to throw a big party in true Oliver fashion – without too much fuss, so the cook can have fun, too. The emphasis is on sharing delicious meals together rather than spending all your time stressed in the kitchen and it is packed full of tasty, comforting dishes that require minimum preparation. Jamie says: “Together is a real homage to the great home feast, something I have really missed sharing with friends and family over the past year. “So many people find real joy in a shared meal, have rediscovered a love of cooking or perhaps even given it a go for the first time. “I wanted the recipes to feel like a culinary light at the end of the tunnel, where food can be enjoyed and savoured. “This is about giving you an excuse to get the people you love around the table again.” As is usually the case nowadays, the cookbook is tied to a new television series. In each episode of Channel 4’s Jamie Oliver: Together, the chef will take us through the recipes step by step, making them for his Ingredients: 1tbsp quinoa; 1tbsp frozen edamame beans; 100g crunchy veg, such as cucumber, sugar snap peas, mangetout, carrots; 2 level tsps white miso paste; 2tsps rice wine vinegar; 1 fresh chilli; 1cm piece of ginger; 1 lime; 2tsps sesame oil; 2tsps low-salt soy sauce; 2tsps sesame seeds; 200g super-fresh chunky tuna steak, from sustainable sources Optional: 2 sprigs of shiso, mint or basil GET AHEAD: You can prep all this on the day, if you prefer. Method: 1. Cook the quinoa in plenty of water according to the packet instructions, adding the edamame for the last 2 minutes, then drain and cool. Take time to prep your crunchy veg – it’s nice to have a mixture, so use up any veg from the fridge – and finely slice everything as delicately as you can. 2. Muddle the miso into the rice vinegar, then scrunch with the prepped It’s (dinner) party time! Dedicated to NHS staff, the impact of the pandemic is a thread that Jamie picks up on throughout. In the first episode the chef prepares a feast for people doing volfamily and friends, so we can make them for ours. Whether it’s hosting a beautiful curry night, summery feast, or a celebration meal, Jamie’s got you covered. Jamie Oliver in an image from his new book Together Jamie Oliver’s new recipe book, Together, is a homage to the great home feast. The chef reveals why it’s the perfect time to entertain once again veg, quinoa and edamame – flavours will develop and deepen overnight. 3. To make a dressing, deseed and finely chop the chilli and place in a clean jam jar. Peel and finely grate in ginger, squeeze in lime juice, then add sesame oil and soy and pop the lid on. 4. Toast the sesame seeds in a non-stick frying pan on a high heat until lightly golden, tossing regularly, then remove. Sear the tuna for just 20 seconds on each side and edge, turning with tongs. Leave to cool. Cover and refrigerate the veg and tuna overnight. TO SERVE: If you’ve prepped ahead, get everything out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving. Finely slice the tuna and arrange around a platter. Pile the dressed veg in the centre, shake up the dressing and spoon over the tuna. Finish with the herb leaves (if using), and toasted sesame seeds. ■■ENERGY 253kcal; FAT 12.7g; SAT FAT 2.5g; PROTEIN 17.7g; CARBS 7.6g; SUGARS 2.6g; SALT 1.2g; FIBRE 1.8g Together is a real homage to the great home feast, something I have really missed sharing with friends and family over the past year. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on his new TV series and book untary work through the pandemic, from helping at food banks and vaccination centres to sewing PPE. The centrepiece of the meal is salmon decorated and flavoured with rosemary, chillies, capers and anchovies, served with a lemony potato salad and extra sweet oregano and garlic roasted tomatoes. Jamie also serves up cheesy puffs as canapés, strawberry and prosecco cocktails, and a summer pudding made with strawberries, cucumber and Pimm’s. And he’s right, it’s very lovely to be able to sit down, chat and eat together again. ■■Together by Jamie Oliver is published by Penguin Random House (c) Jamie Oliver Enterprises Limited (2021 Together), priced £26. Photography by David Loftus. Available now ■■Jamie Oliver: Together is on Mondays, Channel 4, at 8pm JAMIE OLIVER’S ELEGANT TUNA CARPACCIO, MISO VEG, CHILLI AND LIME DRESSING AND SESAME(Serves 2)

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 5 Food & Drink Jamie Oliver’s fragrant squash curry with chickpeas, ginger, spices and coconut milk (Serves 6 + 2 leftover portions) Ingredients: 1 butternut squash (1.2kg); Olive oil; 1 onion; 2 cloves of garlic; 4cm piece of ginger; 1tsp coriander seeds; 1tsp fenugreek seeds; 1tsp medium curry powder; 300g ripe cherry tomatoes; 2 tinned pineapple rings in juice; 1 x 400ml tin of light coconut milk; 1 x 400g tin of chickpeas Optional: 2 sprigs of coriander, to serve GET AHEAD: You can make this on the day, if you prefer. METHOD: 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Scrub the squash (there’s no need to peel it), carefully halve it lengthways and deseed, then chop into 2cm chunks. 2. Place in a roasting tray, toss with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, then roast for one hour, or until soft and caramelized. 3. Meanwhile, peel and roughly chop the onion, peel the garlic and ginger, and dry fry in a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat with the coriander and fenugreek seeds and the curry powder, stirring until lightly charred all over. 4. Add the tomatoes and pineapple rings (reserving the juice), and cook for 10 minutes to soften and char, stirring regularly. 5. Tip it all into a blender, add the coconut milk and blitz until very smooth. Return to the pan, tip in the chickpeas, juice and all, and simmer gently until the sauce is thickened. 6. Stir in the roasted squash, then season the curry to perfection, tasting and tweaking, and loosening with the reserved pineapple juice. 7. Cool, cover and refrigerate overnight. TO SERVE: Preheat the oven to 150°C. Place the covered pan of curry in the oven until hot through – about an hour. Nice with picked coriander leaves. Jamie Oliver’s chocolate orange crÈme brÛlÉe (Serves 2 + 2 leftover puds) Ingredients: 100ml double cream; 300ml semi-skimmed milk; 100g dark chocolate (70%); 4 large free-range eggs; 80g golden caster sugar, plus extra for sprinkling; 1 orange; Seasonal berries, to serve GET AHEAD: Pour the cream and milk into a non-stick pan, snap in the chocolate, and place on a medium-low heat until chocolate has melted, whisking regularly. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly while you separate the eggs. Method: 1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the yolks (freeze the whites to make meringues another day) with the sugar and the finely grated orange zest until pale and fluffy. Whisking constantly, gradually pour in the chocolate mixture until combined. Return to the pan and place over a low heat, then very gently bring to a simmer, whisking constantly for about 10 minutes, or until you have a custard-like consistency. 2. Divide between four small heatproof cups or two sharing bowls, then cool, cover and leave to set in the fridge overnight. TO SERVE: Sprinkle a little sugar over two of the puds, then melt it under a hot grill or using a blowtorch. Serve with orange segments, berries or cherries. The two extra puds will keep for up to 5 days in the fridge, if you can wait that long! ■■ENERGY 414kcal; FAT 27.1g; SAT FAT 13.7g; PROTEIN 8.9g; CARBS 39.8g; SUGARS 39.6g; SALT 0.2g; FIBRE 1g GET YOUR FAVOURITE PAPER AT HALF PRICE * ORDER YOUR COPY DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR OR SUBSCRIBE TO PURCHASE AT A RETAILER OF YOUR CHOICE AND YOU WILL SAVE 50% THERE ARE TWO EASY WAYS TO ORDER YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND CLAIm THIS GREAT DISCOUNT 1. You can order online at newspapersubs.co.uk/TGS It’s a quick and simple process that can be done 24 hours a day. Enter the offer code DAILYCP21 when prompted. 2. If you would prefer to speak to someone, please call us on 0333 202 8000 and one of our customer care advisers will be happy to assist you to arrange your home delivery or retail subscription. Don’t forget to mention the offer code DAILYCP21 to claim your additional discount. If you want to arrange home delivery from a local newsagent, the 50% discount is also available using the same offer code as above and you can give the retail subscription vouchers we send you to the newsagent as payment. If you have any other questions, please email newspapersalesteam@reachplc.com Terms and conditions: This offer is for new customers only and redeemable by direct debit. NEWS COLLECTED: *The price is £2.85 per week (50% discount) for the first 13 weeks and then £4.56 per week (20% discount) moving forward. NEWS DELIVERED *The price is £2.85 per week (50% discount) for the first 13 weeks and then £4.56 per week (20% discount) moving forward. After this period you will be given a 20% discount unless you decide to cancel. Offer ends: 31/10/2021 *Offer details correct at the time of printing.

6 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Style Counsel 6of the Best mini earrings 1 The hit list From quilted coats to capes, to statement sweaters, EMMA JOHNSON picks out her new season must buys Green and crystal £185, Monica Vinader 2 Silver Ocean Eyes £32, Milly Grace 3 MONSOON’S QUILTED COAT: Make every day a duvet day in this comfy yet bang-on-trend number. Stella coat £99, Monsoon Flowers £69, Daisy London 4 MANGO’S RHOMBUS SWEATER: Statement knits are big news for autumn/winter and this one certainly draws attention, £49.99, shop.mango.com Moon and star £42, Oliver Bonas 5 WAREHOUSE’S KNITTED MIDI DRESS: Knitted dresses are having a moment, make a statement in this one, £63.20, warehousefashion.com & OTHER STORIES’ JEANS: Step away from the skinnies this season and show a little flare. Patch pocket jeans £65, stories.com Crystal snakes £29.95 Seol + Gold 6 KAREN MILLEN’S MILITARY CAPE: Steal a march on this beautiful buy before it is gone. Was £159, now £127.20, karenmillen.com Rainbow drop £35, Scream Pretty

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 7 MARKS & SPENCER’S GEOMETRIC MIDAXI: This season’s must-have print, in a must-have silhouette, £39.50, marksandspencer.com *All prices correct at time of going to press EMMA JOHNSON tennis ace emma had a ball in new york SHE was on the same red carpet as icons like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Debbie Harry and fellow tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, but teenage sporting sensation Emma Raducanu was the one courting all the attention at Monday’s Met Gala. Just 48 hours after she powered to victory in the US Open, the 18-year-old from Kent was posing for photographers at the event known as ‘the Oscars of the fashion world’ as if she had been doing it her whole life. Ditching her blue and red tennis kit for a black and white silk crop top, skirt and cape by Chanel, no less, it was a case of advantage Emma. While the likes of Kim Kardashian, 40, whose black Balenciaga number completely hid her face and hands, set out to shock, the youngster was understated and elegant. The pearl belly chain brought a fresh youthful touch to her ensemble. The Met Gala, which is a fundraiser for New York’s Costume Institute, has become renowned for weird and wacky outfits, but Kim’s top-to-toe Dementor-esque look and singer Frank Ocean’s creepy robotic baby aside – this year’s was a largely straightforward affair. Back to Kim, and how do we even know it was her under there? She could have been home watching reruns of her reality show. At least nobody came dressed as a cheeseburger this time, like Style Counsel ACE LOOK: Emma Raducanu singer Katy Perry did in 2019. Emma wasn’t the only Brit at the glittering party hosted by Vogue editor-in-chief and tennis fan Anna Wintour. Actress Sienna Miller, 39, looked radiant in a heavily embellished Gucci gown, while Girl on the Train star Emily Blunt, 38, channelled 1930s screen icon Hedy Lamarr in her Miu Miu ensemble and headdress. The event which was cancelled last year due to Covid, also saw the return of the ‘naked dress’ as seen on Kendall Jenner, 25, in Givenchy and Zoe Kravitz, 32, in Saint Laurent – how on earth did they sit down in all those rhinestones? Ouch! Jennifer Lopez, 52, was one of the stars who played to the night’s theme of In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, with a striking ensemble from US design icon Ralph Lauren. If they ever do a genderswitch Indiana Jones, J-Lo is a shoo-in. But with a smile wider than pop star Billie Eilish’s Oscar de la Renta ballgown, the evening belonged to Emma Raducanu. The Met Gala was also the second time in as many days the teen has been spotted wearing Chanel. She donned a shimmering strapless black mini dress by the French fashion house to collect her US Open trophy on Saturday, prompting speculation the label is wooing her as an ambassador. It has been predicted Emma could earn as much as £100m in sponsorship over the next few years. A Chanel deal would be a pretty ace way to start. DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Emily Blunt and Kim Kardashian at this week’s Met Gala

8 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Your Garden Winter wonders Plant OF THE WEEK liriope muscari Commonly known as lily turf, this is a useful ground-cover plant for sunny areas or the dappled shade you get under trees and shrubs. Give it a lime-free or even slightly acidic soil and it will thrive. It’s an evergreen perennial that forms 12-18in tall tufts of arching, coarse grass. In time, the clumps will join up and form a lovely green carpet. At flowering time – from mid-August to November when colour in the garden can be in short supply – it produces foot-high spikes of violet flowers that look like giant grape hyacinths. Invest in a few potfuls now, plant and enjoy. Then simply dig up and divide established plants in spring. to do list ■■Refresh patio pots. Replace compost and replant with winter pansies, redstemmed dogwood, heathers or ornamental cabbages. ■■The first frosts are not far off. However, before bringing tender plants back indoors, check them over for pests and give the pots a good clean. ■■The best way to ripen green tomatoes is to place them in a box with a ripe apple or banana – both give off ethylene gas that will help speed up the ripening process. Store the box in a cool, dark place. Use bananas to ripen your tomoatoes To ensure your garden looks good all year round, plan now for the colder months with topiary and evergreens Alan Titchmarsh Gardening Expert How good does your garden look out of season? Go on – be honest. Too many people settle for browned-off borders offset by shaggy lawns and thickets of bare twigs, shrugging off their dismal surroundings by thinking, “Well it’s winter, what do you expect?” But a garden does not magically appear for six months of summer – it surrounds you for 365 days a year, so why not create a scheme that will look good whatever the season? I always think of the Sussex garden of my old friend, the late Christopher Lloyd. The basic framework was created by his father Nathaniel Lloyd using the great architect Edwin Lutyens. Together they designed the backbone of yew hedges, paths, steps, paving and arches heavily decorated with topiary, leaving beds and borders like a blank canvas to be painted with flowers. If you visit Great Dixter in summer, what you’re aware of are its flowers and plants. The background topiary, stone paths and decorative steps add a richness, but as features they take a back seat – until winter, when the floral spectacle dies down and a new, sculptural landscape emerges. With everything tidied, supports taken out and bare ground forked over and mulched, suddenly it almost looks like a Distinctive dogwood second garden in the same place. If you have a well-planned garden that just needs more winter interest, you can often fine-tune what is there without major changes. Beef up borders with an outline of low-clipped box edgings, or divide them into a series of boxedged planting bays. An area of lawn Great Dixter looks instantly more interesting given a trio of clipped evergreen topiary. Try planting three different-sized spheres running into each other. A long, straight evergreen hedge can be given off-season appeal by having a peephole cut through it, opening up views beyond. Alternatively, you could clip a castellated top or grow a couple of taller towers or a pillar, crowned with a topiary shape. Even a patio can be wintered up by outlining the shape with low evergreen edgings and add- Cotoneaster franchetii ing a few pieces of potted topiary and a trough of winter bedding. These are all things you can do right now for immediate effect. Airy seed heads, large leaves and bare twigs look sensational outlined in frost, so arrange a few ornamental grasses, large-leaved evergreens and Sedum spectabile close to the house (where the frost melts last). Include as much colour as you can. A dark evergreen background of hedging such as yew sets off yellow, orange or red witch hazel blooms perfectly, and large-leaved Fatsia japonica teams wonderfully with winter jasmine on a wall. Cotoneaster franchetii offers bright red berries, while blue to blue-green conifers look stunning behind clusters of redstemmed dogwoods. Make the most of contrasting shapes to create effective winter cameo plantings. Choose from long, lean bamboo stems and large evergreen leaves that are smooth, thick and rounded (bergenia), strap-shaped (phormium) or long, oval and leathery (Viburnum rhytidophyllum). To keep costs down, root cuttings of box, rosemary, euonymus and bay during the summer and train your own potted topiary shapes over preformed frames. Keep them in pots while they are young and you can stand them in place temporarily wherever you need winter interest. If you are starting from scratch or making major alterations, it’s worth thinking architecturally and planning your scheme out to scale on squared paper. Starting from the house, aim to create a journey through the garden that wanders round a series of small cameo features. You can create natural features that look good in winter if you make a wildlife-friendly log pile with woodland plants round them, with a decent stand of redstemmed dogwoods just offside. If your garden is tiny, create a small formal knot garden – an area of gravel decorated with low-clipped evergreens planted in complicated patterns which can be filled in with flowers in summer. Clipped evergreen hedges, an attractive hardwood seat and a statue standing on stone paving complete the scene. So don’t write off your patch in winter, as it has got plenty of potential. Just think about structure and you’ll soon discover your inner secret garden.

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 9 Topiary makes a statement SpotlightON north facing walls Yellow witch hazel Red dogwood stems set off against a Thuja conifer background “What can I plant against a north–facing wall?” must be one of the top 10 gardening questions of all time. Roses are notorious sun–lovers, so very few can cope north facing. However, Veilchenblau, a vintage rambler with parma violet and white flowers, or Mme Gregoire Staechelin, an antique climber with pink, frilly flowers are both good choices. Some clematis will also flower well with good indirect light. Go for Bees Jubilee (pink with a deeper pink stripe down the centre of each sepal), Comtesse de Bouchaud (a strong–pink with lots of flowers) or Duchess of Edinburgh (double white summer flowers followed by single blooms in autumn). For something a bit different, there are shade–loving shrubs that take kindly to Camelia Clematis `Comtesse de Bouchaud` being trained flat against a wall. Camellias look lovely in full flower and, being evergreen, will mask a grotty wall all year round. Another evergreen is azara. It is usually grown as a small tree for its lovely fluffy flowers in March, but when trained as a wall shrub it flowers even better. For a decorative and useful wall plant, how about a fan– trained morello cherry? You’ll enjoy spring blossom plus a crop of classic sour cooking cherries later. L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls Surprise Newcastle fans with first ever LIVE show! L.O.L. Surprise! LIVE VIP Party in collaboration with VisitMalta is the exciting new live show set to remix the vibes of a club with the best ever beats and latest songs from the upcoming L.O.L. Surprise! movie, never-before-seen dance moves and the ultimate Instagrammable sets. The show gives fans of L.O.L. Surprise! the chance to get runway ready with their favourite fierce, fun and fearless dolls including Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Swag and Neonlicious, and party alongside their BFFs and B.B.s at Utilita Arena Newcastle on 29 & 30 January 2022. Featuring spectacular choreography, elaborate sets, flawless costumes and brand-new music, the show will be a concert come dance party for the whole family to enjoy. The Gazette have teamed up with our friends at L.O.L. Surprise! LIVE to give 5 lucky winners the chance to win a family ticket to the show Dolls To enter this competition you must collect three tokens that will be printed in the Gazette every day from Monday 13th September to Saturday 18th September. Once you have all of the tokens visit www.gazettelive.co.uk/LOL and enter the form online, you can also see the full terms and conditions here. All entries must be submitted by Sunday 19th September. All winners will be contacted by Tuesday 21st September.

10 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Your Home Into the Sam Wylie-Harris hunts down homewares in the calming colour of blue blue... Inspired by ocean blues, Mediterranean backdrops and azure skies, indigo is one of the easiest shades to colour your world. Like pulling on your favourite pair of jeans, there’s durability with denim, sun-bleached blues and classic navy. Whether you’re in a faraway frame of mind or in need of a quickie makeover, blue is where it’s at... Dark blue recycled glass desk and table lamp, £45 (bulb not included), Oliver Bonas This trendy table lamp will steal the spotlight once you’ve tracked down a Tala Gaia bulb (Heal’s stock them) to light up the indigo tones and gleaming pattern Stoneware plate medina blue tile, £8.95, Rex London Think breakfast outside, fresh bread rolls warmed by the sun and this Moroccaninspired stoneware plate is just the ticket Hudson stool, Sundance Collection, Rhodes fabric, £570, Mind The Gap An object of desire and prized for its versatility – an ottoman can double up as a stool, padded bench or coffee table – this cushioned seat is upholstered in blue palm trees with pops of yellow, and you can almost feel the Mediterranean breeze and soothing sounds of the waves Dartington Wellness Calm Collection in blue: Tall vase, £37, Calm orb vase, £32, Calm small vase, £32, Calm candleholder, £28, Dartington Dartington Crystal’s new Wellness Collection in blue is designed to channel a ‘relaxing element to any space’ and certainly brings to mind serene surroundings To The Moon LED neon sign, £240, Yellowpop We’ve taken a shine to this LED neon sign which will brighten up a home bar space, cosy corner or if you’re really star-struck, a TV room John Lewis woodland fable duvet cover set, from £55 to £85, John Lewis & Partners upholstered bed frame, double, saga mustard, £549, other items from a selection, John Lewis With a dark blue background and charming folk inspired print, this cotton satin duvet can be styled with indigo wool throws, Mongolian cushions in teal or French blue and an eye-catching bed frame in mustard yellow, to spice up the bedroom ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners spindle dining chair, set of 2, blue, FSC certified (beech), £179, John Lewis Whether you’re a farmhouse country kitchen or city dweller, a classic spindle chair is trusty and timeless. Easy to stack (how much have we appreciated adaptable furniture in the past year or so?) and style up or down depending on your decor and tablescaping, a blue painted finish is bang up to date Bundle of six navy blue candles, £6, Heavenly Homes and Gardens A rustic navy blue candle imbibes thoughts of Provencal blue room settings, painted blue shutters and lavender fields. The next best thing? Style them in a country basket next to your bedside table with bunches of dried lavender

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 11 Mirage abstract blue rug (80 x 150cm), from £43.99 (was £54.99), Mirage watercolour floral blue rug (80 x 150cm), from 54.99, Carpetright; other items part of room set Much like wanting an ocean view when you step out of your hotel room, having a blue rug in the frame immediately sets a tranquil scene. Think abstract prints in a blue wash or blue and grey hues in a floral print, styled with an accent chair in sea blue Ena blue fabric wall hanging, £59.50, Oliver Bonas Magazine file in wave indigo, £32, Cambridge Imprint Whether you’re upgrading a home office or having a post-summer sort out, a stylish magazine holder is invaluable for those travel mags and to-do lists If you’re dreaming of a hammock strung up on the beach, or the next time you can wear your faded denim cut-offs, this textured wall hanging with fringe and tassels has enough flair to fill that void DIY DONNY Our expert answers your questions QHow can I remove rust from toilet seat hinges and a sink stopper please? Isobel Macallister ABar Keepers Friend Stain Remover will remove most of the rust, but if the hinges are corroding/rusting, then they will be made of metal (iron) and are probably not suitable for wet areas. You need to use a nonferrous metal screw, such as aluminium, brass etc, which doesn’t rust. QHow do I solve the problem of wallpaper not sticking to a cold wall in my porch? T Coyne AIf the wall is single brick (no-cavity), it will be more difficult to achieve than if you had a cavity because the wall might be damp. I would simply dot and dab (using dry wall adhesive) insulated plasterboard to the cold wall, then plaster and paint it. You will probably need a radiator or some form of heating to keep the porch warm as cold walls condensate. QWe are having to soundproof our bedroom wall – can you advise on how Use nonferrous metal screws for a toilet to prevent rusting to do this please? Your Home Chas Brown, by email AFix 15mm of acoustic plasterboard to the wall, leaving a 20mm air gap (this is key), and build a timber or metal stud wall at 600mm centres. Fill between the 600mm studs with acoustic insulation. Next, double sheet the stud portion with 2 x 15mm acoustic plasterboard. Plaster/tape and then paint. QOne of my plastic bath handles is now a different colour to the other one - what should I do? Janet Pooley, by email ARust-Oleum manufactures a plastic primer, which is quick-drying and provides a tight bond – perfectly preparing the plastic for your top coat. Email diy.donny@reachplc.com Looking to boost your bookings this Christmas? Get in touch today content.reachsolutions.co.uk/christmas

12 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Travel ESCAPEPlans The latest news and deals from the tourism industry Barbados Barbados: Seven nights at the four-star boutique all suite South Beach hotel on the South Coast of Barbados costs from £1,055pp, based on two adults sharing a Junior Suite Room on a bed and breakfast basis and includes direct return flights from London Heathrow with British Airways. Price is based on an October 5, 2021 departure. To book go to ba.com/southbeach or call 0344 493 0124. Visit southbeach barbados.com for more hotel information. Malta Marriott Hotel Malta: A week at the newly refurbished five-star luxury Malta Marriott Hotel and Spa costs from £766 per person. Price is based on two adults sharing a Superior Town View Room on a bed and breakfast basis and includes return economy flights from London Luton with Ryanair. This is for an October 13 departure. To book now visit mercuryholidays.co.uk or call 0333 321 3144. The Glacier Express SWITZERLAND: Why not climb aboard the Glacier Express this winter? This rail holiday, based in Chur and Kandersteg, provides ample opportunity to explore the majestic Swiss Alps, cloaked in their winter finery. Price is £1,495pp which includes seven nights hotel accommodation and 12 meals, based on departure January 8, 2022. For more information or to book, call 01904 527180 or visit greatrail.com (Prices correct at time of going to press) During lockdown, most of us learnt to love our local parks. After hours cooped up inside, the chance to stretch our legs somewhere green helped keep us sane. This got me thinking about other parks I had visited across the globe. My new book Park Life: Around the World in 50 Parks is the result. Here are some of my favourites: Dreaming of DC West Potomac Park in Washington D.C. is marvellous, both for a stroll after sightseeing in the nearby Smithsonian museums and for learning US history. With the towering obelisk of Washington Monument in the middle, the Capitol to one side, the White House to the other, the Potomac River meandering by, it feels almost impossible you’re in the heart of the world’s most powerful nation, surrounded by so much greenery. The memorials to Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr are moving – each with inspirational quotes. Go in the spring to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Polonaise in the park During the summer, free Frederic Chopin concerts are held on Sundays beside a small lake and a statue of Poland’s favourite composer in Lazienki Park, Warsaw. This tradition has been in place since 1959 in the tranquil 76- hectare park, which is also home to a palace built in the late 18thcentury by Stanislaw II Augustus. Music is played on a grand piano by the country’s top pianists and those in the audience simply find a spare place on a lawn to spread blankets or nab a bench. Listening to polonaises (a Polish dance) amid the chestnut trees, close to the River Vistula, is delightful. A Spanish stroll Valencia is Spain’s third biggest city after Barcelona and Madrid, and it has a wonderfully laid-back feel. Part of the reason for this is Jardin del Turia, which was created last century on the dried-out bed of the River Turia. In 1957, the Turia burst its banks causing widespread damage and more than 80 deaths. A decision was made to divert the river to the city’s south. This was completed in 1973 when city planners decided to turn the six miles of empty river into a splendid park, with fruit groves, woodland, fields, bike lanes and a futuristic City of Arts and Sciences centre. Beautiful in Beijing There are many parks with evocative names in the Chinese capital: the Longtanhu Dragon Lake Park, the Zizhuyuan Beijing Purple Bamboo Ming Dynasty Park and the Tombs Great places to park Tom Chesshyre’s latest book is a guide to discovering natural beauty in the middle of bustling towns and cities Lazienki Park, Warsaw, Poland Jardin del Turia in Valencia Shuangxiu Double Elegant Park. But the Ming Tombs Scenic Area stands out for its marvellously peculiar stone statues in the shape of horses, elephants, lions and camels, set along an avenue of trees by the Ming dynasty tombs. Beijing’s smog can be awful, but the air is clearer in this park to the north of the city and the statues are terrific fun – splendidly obstinatelooking creatures yet with an overall comic effect. The sculptor obviously had a sense of humour. Meeting of the Niles Not many people make it to the Al Morgan Family Park in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. The troubled country has suffered a long-running bloody civil war, after all. However, those who make the trip to see its many antiquities, including the splendid Meroe Pyramids, often drop by this park at the confluence of the Blue and the White Niles. The Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia and the White Nile in Rwanda, and you can clearly see the muddy water of the White Nile clashing with the clearer Blue Nile. It’s a peaceful spot with a pleasant cafe. Himalayan views Rani Jhansi Park is in the Indian hill- top town of Shimla, the state of Himachal Pradesh’s capital and once the summer base of the British Raj. From its terraces are breathtaking views across the foothills of the Himalayas. The park is named after the 19th-century female freedom fighter Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, and a statue of her astride a rearing horse, arm thrust aloft with her young son clinging to her back, is in pride of place. She was shot dead by the British in the rebellion of 1857, aged 32. It feels somehow right that she is honoured in Shimla, with its British colonial ties. Stockholm’s pleasure island Djurgarden translates as ‘Royal Game Park’ in Swedish and it is on an island in Stockholm covering 700 acres. It is not really a traditional ‘park’ as around 800 people live there, alongside parkland, museums and attractions including Grona Lund, an amusement park that occasionally holds concerts (Bob Marley performed there in 1982). Learn about Swedish history in the Nordic Museum, the pop group Abba at ABBA The Museum, before discovering the tragic fate of the Vasa warship, which sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage and has been recovered and restored. ■■Park Life: Around the World in 50 Parks by Tom Chesshyre is published by Summersdale, RRP £16.99

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 13 Travel Sunset over the Nile in Kharthoum LATEBREAKS Grab Great last-minute deals Lake Garda BLOOMING LOVELY: Sunrise over West Potomac Park in Washington D.C. with the cherry blossoms in full bloom Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden Djurgarden translates as ‘Royal Game Park’ in Swedish and it is on an island in Stockholm Statue of Rani Lakshmibai, Lakshmibai Park LAKE GARDA: Al Fresco Holidays’ five-star Bella Italia park sits on the shores of Italy’s Lake Garda and is a great option for those wanting to make the most of the outdoors. A lively site with an action-packed activity programme, guests benefit from heated pools and access to a private beach. A seven-night, self-catered stay, arriving October 23, 2021 (halfterm week), is priced from £364 for a two-bedroom Comfort mobile home with air-conditioning, which sleeps up to six (was £452 total, saving 20%). Direct return flights with Ryanair from London Stansted to Milan’s Orio al Serio International Airport are available from £22pp. Contact Al Fresco Holidays on 0161 332 8900, alfresco-holidays.com

14 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive TV Highlights Bread alert Last autumn fans rejoiced as The Great British Bake Off returned under exceptional circumstances and this year is no different. For much like before, all those involved in the popular Channel 4 show, which sees passionate amateur bakers compete to be crowned the UK’s best, were obliged to test and self-isolate before entering into a Covid-free bubble. In this case, a six-week stay at the luxurious Down Hall Hotel. A long time away from family, maybe. But if its predecessor is anything to go by (a whopping average of 9.2 million viewers tuned in to witness Peter Sawkins triumph last November), its imminent 12th series will be well worth the extra measures. “We were in a lovely hotel, getting really good food, I had my dog with me, and we’re eating cake for a living – so you can hardly complain about the job!” quips Prue Leith, who returns as a co-judge alongside veteran Paul Hollywood. “So even saying that I found it a little longer and I missed home seems ungracious, because there are people who have had a horrible lockdown.” “There was [also] yoga, meditating, tennis, pizza nights,” lists Paul, 55. “Prue taught floristry skills; I taught a load of people how to use nunchucks...” “And we could play boules, old ladies can play boules, which I enjoyed” restaurateur Prue, 81, interjects. “It’s about all I can do now as I can’t play tennis, I can’t go riding, I can’t do any of the things that I used to do, so boules it is!” Competition is in tents: This year’s Bake Off contestants Strictly Come Dancing Tonight, BBC1, 7.45pm The celebrity line-up has been announced, and it’s time to find out who the stars have been paired with as Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host the Strictly launch show. A couple of the celebs are about to make Strictly history as EastEnders actress Rose Ayling-Ellis becomes the first deaf contestant, and Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite forms the first all-male partnership. The stars will take to the floor for a group dance, and we’ll discover what the judges – including veteran dancer Anton Du Beke, who is stepping in for Bruno Tonioli – think of their chances. The Great British Bake Off is back and it may be the most skilled batch of amateur bakers yet, judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith tell Gemma Dunn Also partaking in the “fun” are returning co-hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. All this in addition to the top-tier baking, of course. So just what can the judges tell us about the latest batch set to enter the famous white tent? “I think the youngest one was 19 and the oldest one nearly 70 – 69, so the usual mix,” Prue reveals. “Not one baker is like the other, I don’t know how the production company manages to do it! “I mean, I know that the first requirement is that they have to be fantastic bakers, but then they are TV PICKS OF THE WEEK Last Man Standing: Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie and Tupac Tomorrow, BBC2, 9pm Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield looks at the unsolved murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, two hip-hop giants who ended up entangled in a turf war. Broomfield examines Death Row Records and how Los Angeles’ street gang culture came to dominate its just so interesting and so nice.” “The standard this year is certainly the highest I’ve ever encountered,” says Paul. “It starts like that and ends like that, so it’s pretty constant all the way through. “I think the semi-final was harder (to judge), to pick the three for the final!” “We did have very good bakers in the final,” Prue agrees, “If I had to choose one episode that I would say you have to watch, it’s the semifinal. They were so good that we had no idea who was going to win!” No disasters of note that would tip the scales, then. “There was a bit of a collapsing going on...,” offers Paul. “And there was the most overflavoured bake I’ve ever had on Bake Off,” Prue recalls. “It was unbelievably ill judged, and it was surprising because it came from a baker who was so good with flavour. It can happen to anyone. “But, and I know it sounds an odd thing to say, I actually prefer it when some of them are not so good as it’s much easier to judge if you have a few disasters. “You think: ‘Right, OK, that one’s out, that one’s out, that one’s out,” she reasons. “There was one business workings, as well as an association with corrupt LA police officers. Manhunt The Night Stalker Monday, ITV, 9pm In 2019, Manhunt chronicled the investigation into French student Amelie Delagrange’s murder, and its eventual connection to the deaths of Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler at the hands of serial killer Levi Bellfield. Written by Ed Whitmore, it starred Martin Clunes as Martin Clunes as DCI Colin Sutton tive ingredient week,” Paul says, last year having set a total of 30 different tasks. “And actually, it was very, very good standard. “But you’ll see how well Matt and Noel interpreted how I felt about it before it started...” “We’re both classically trained, me a cook, him a baker, so we tend to be approving of what we’re used to – the classic way to do things,” Prue explains. “I have always liked gluten-free cakes, for example, because gluten-free cakes could be flourless cakes like a chocolate roulade or something. “But where I think my prejudice shows is I was surprised that they could do so many amazing bakes with substitute ingredimoment, which was one of my signatures right towards the start of the competition, and I thought, ‘This is a good thing to do for a technical’, but in fact, they did it too well, and we were faced with 12 notquite-identical but damn-nearperfect bakes. “Well, how do you judge 12? It’s impossible; you have to rate them one to 12, and number one and number 12 are hardly any different. “They’re both sellable, perfect cakes that you’d pay good money in the shop for. “I’d much rather they were not such good bakers.” So they’re a skilled bunch – but just what challenges can fans expect to see? “Well, we have alterna- Paul and Prue on the red carpet ex-London Metropolitan Police detective, DCI Colin Sutton. Whitmore and Clunes are back, exploring a case that went unsolved for almost two decades. Based on Sutton’s diaries, it follows the police pursuit of a serial rapist, whose 17-year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people in south east London living in fear. A House Through Time Tuesday, BBC2, 9pm David Olusoga’s search through the history of a house in Leeds is up to 1913, when Number 5 is home to the respectable couple Frederick and Louisa Pryce Lewis. A look through their photo album puts David on the trail of their son Walter, who went to the battlefields of Gallipoli before returning to Leeds and a life of crime. The next residents were textiles chemist Percival King and wife Rose, whose seemingly happy family was torn apart when Percival admitted himself to a psychiatric institution. Grand Designs Wednesday, Channel 4, 9pm Kevin McCloud meets teacher Gretta, who moved to Malaysia 17 years ago with her husband Ray and two sons. Then, a couple of years ago,

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 15 Great British Bake Off judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (centre) with hosts Noel Fielding (far left) and Matt Lucas (on the right) TV FILMs of the week TV Highlights 1 Detroit Tonight, BBC2, 11.15pm Kathryn Bigelow’s slow-burning John Boyega in Detroit fact-based thriller picks at the fresh wounds of divided race relations in America by reliving one tragic night in a fractured city that resulted in the deaths of three black teenagers at the Algiers Motel. Detroit skilfully weaves together multiple character arcs, building to a protracted sequence of gut-wrenching terror that draws uncomfortable parallels with the present day. Hand-held camerawork stokes tension and sweat-drenched performances from a fine ensemble cast, headed by John Boyega, are horribly believable. ents you know, using, erm...” “Butter?” Paul interrupts. “Well to cook without butter would seem to me to be impossible, but actually it’s perfectly possible and the bakers prove it!” Prue adds. “It was good for us. I learned something all the time [because] I mean the bakers are, let’s face it, obsessed with cake and baking. “They absolutely live, breathe and think about baking all the time, and so they are way ahead of me anyway on techniques and ingredients!” “I almost rely on the bakers to introduce me into this world of alternative ingredients,” Paul concludes, “I’ve been surprised!” From butter-free cakes to damehood, it’s certainly been a summer to remember for Prue, who was among a host of stars recognised on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list this June, notably for her services to food, broadcasting, and charity. “When it was announced that I was a dame, [Paul] bought me tragedy struck when Ray died. Gretta returned to the UK and went to live with her sister Mary and brother-in-law Fernando in rural Cambridgeshire, in a caravan. She has now bought part of their garden as a building plot and employed her nephew Carlos to design her a Malaysian-inspired, single-storey pavilion. With a budget of £300k and a schedule of seven months, they’re up against it. Taskmaster Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm Series 12 of the hilarious comedy game show sees QI’s Alan Davies, comedian Desiree Burch, Man Like I actually prefer it when some of them are not so good as it’s much easier to judge if you have a few disasters Prue Leith on judging Bake Off some really fancy champagne, and we had a party at about three o’clock in the afternoon,” Prue reveals. “It was everything, you know, flowers and cake, a sing along, it was great. I felt like a child with a birthday party only with alcohol!” “I’ve worked with three dames, Dame Prue, Dame Mary [Berry] and Dame Edna [Everage], and I won’t bow to any of them!” Paul teases. “But I mean, good on her. Prue’s done an amazing job, so we had a little bit of a party and then we added ‘Dame’ at the beginning Taskmaster is back Mobeen’s Guz Khan, The Windsors star Morgana Robinson and Only Connect’s Victoria Coren Mitchell take on a range of outrageous tasks in a bid to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies. As usual, Alex Horne is on hand of her name on the hut.” “It was on a little wooden plaque with a rope over it so I could lift it off, and I took it home with me,” says Prue. “I don’t know where I’ll put it, but I’ll put it somewhere!” Do they feel a stronger bond, having bubbled up for the last couple of years? “I feel I know these three guys better than I did Mel [Giedroyc], Sue [Perkins] and Mary, for instance,” Paul confides, referring to the show’s previous lineup. “You know sometimes you can sit in the same room as a really close friend and not say anything for half an hour and feel quite comfortable with that... “(Whereas) if you feel you have to fill that space with voices, then you know that’s because you’re slightly uneasy about something.” “So it’s more like family then?” Prue asks. “Yeah it is,” finishes Paul. “A really weird dysfunctional family.” ■■The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8pm to welcome the contestants to the Taskmaster house and keep score The Graham Norton Show Friday, BBC1, 10.35pm There is less than a week before the 25th entry in the James Bond canon No Time to Die, hits cinemas. The Covid-19 delayed flick is the final outing for Daniel Craig as 007. He joins French star Lea Seydoux to discuss the movie and we’ll hear from Rami Malek, who plays villain Safin, alongside Lashana Lynch, who has been touted as a potential replacement for Craig. Also tonight, Ed Sheeran will perform his new single Shivers. The rock 2 Tomorrow, Channel 5, 10.25pm A US General (Ed Harris) takes tourists hostage at Alcatraz prison, demanding the government pay compensation to families of Marines killed during covert operations. After he threatens to release chemical weapons, an FBI chemist (Nicolas Cage) recruits John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery, left), the only man to ever escape Alcatraz, to help. The Devil Wears Prada 3 Monday, Film4, 6.45pm Anne Hathaway shines as Andy Sachs who lands a plum job as second assistant to fearsome fashion editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep, left with Hathaway). Andy is unprepared for the challenges catering to her tyrannical boss’s every whim. Watch out for a star-making turn from Emily Blunt (pictured right), too. The Silence of the Lambs 4 Tuesday, ITV4, 10.30pm Jonathan Demme’s terrifying treatment of the Thomas Harris novel sees Jodie Foster, left, play FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is eager to please her superior, Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn). He implores Clarice to earn the trust of cannibal murderer Dr Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in order to track down serial killer Buffalo Bill. 5 Whiplash Wednesday, BBC2, 11.15pm Drummer Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller, left) is determined to excel at his Manhattan music conservatory, and catches the eye of the school’s most revered teacher, Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons). Andrew transfers to Fletcher’s class, but the game of one-upmanship between teacher and pupil spirals out of control in this drama. Lone Survivor 6 Thursday, ITV4, 11.20pm Mark Wahlberg, left, plays one of four Navy SEALs on a top-secret mission to find a high-ranking Taliban member. When three shepherds stumble upon the SEALs’ hiding place, the soldiers must decide whether to shoot the locals or let them go, potentially compromising their safety, in this rousing tribute, based on a true story. A Monster Calls 7 Friday, BBC1, 11.25pm Fantasy drama. Schoolboy Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall, left) is in denial about his mother’s terminal illness and seeks refuge in his drawings. As darkness falls, a nearby yew tree morphs into a gnarled creature (voiced by Liam Neeson) which promises to share three parables, demanding one thing in return: “Tell me your nightmare.”

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20 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive MONDAY’S TV DAYTIME 7 8 9 10 11 AFTER 12 BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 Silent Witness, 9.00pm 6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15 Bargain Hunt Christina Trevanion heads to an antiques centre in Leominster. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Unbeatable General knowledge quiz, hosted by Jason Manford. 3.00 Escape to the Country 3.45 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 4.30 Antiques Road Trip 5.15 Pointless Quiz hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 7.00 The One Show Presented by Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas. (S) 7.30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Nicki Chapman and Angellica Bell introduce coverage of the opening day. (S) 8.00 EastEnders Rainie tries to prove Mick is not the baby’s father. (S) 8.30 Football’s Broken Dreams — Panorama The system that has produced some of English football’s brightest stars. (S) 9.00 Silent Witness 5/10. Nikki, Jack and Adam are brought in to investigate the murder of a surgeon. (S) 10.00 BBC News at Ten (S) 10.25 BBC Regional News; Weather (S) 10.35 Nowhere to Run: Abused by Our Coach Charlie Webster speaks about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. (S) 11.35 The Hit List Strictly Special 3/5. Strictly Come Dancing stars take part in the music quiz. (S) (R) 12.20 Weather for the Week Ahead 12.25 BBC News University Challenge, 8.30pm 6.30 Bargain Hunt 7.15 Garden Rescue 8.00 Sign Zone: Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15 Politics Live The latest stories from Westminster and beyond. 1.00 Eggheads 1.30 Cycling: Road World Championships The elite women’s time-trial. 3.45 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British A selection of extravagant dishes. 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Ruby Bhogal, Ed Byrne, Ingrid Oliver and Matthew Pinsent. 6.30 Take a Hike Five people showcase countryside walks in Northumbria. 7.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Further coverage from the Royal Hospital Chelsea. (S) 7.30 Mastermind 3/30. Specialist subjects include John Cleese, and Marvel’s Avengers films. (S) 8.00 Only Connect 11/28. Two teams of first-round losers get another chance. (S) 8.30 University Challenge 11/37. St Catharine’s College, Cambridge takes on University College, Oxford. (S) 9.00 Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League 3/4. A look at the rise of the celebrity footballer. (S) 10.00 Alma’s Not Normal 2/6. Alma gets a job at a sandwich shop. (S) 10.30 Newsnight (S) 11.10 Weather (S) 11.15 A Killing in Tiger Bay 2/3. The men are put on trial despite the lack of any forensic evidence. (S) (R) 12.15 Sign Zone: Countryfile 1.10 Sign Zone: China’s Magic Weapon The activities of the United Front Work Department. 2.10 Sign Zone: Saving Lives at Sea 3.10 This Is BBC Two Preview of upcoming programmes. Beyond the Line, 8.00pm 6.00 Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30 Loose Women Celebrity interviews and studio discussion. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Local News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder Reallife cases in a studio courtroom. 3.00 Tenable Five workmates from Devon take part. 3.59 ITV Local Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Arcade-themed quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Tom, Estelle, Jessica and Pete hope to win a cash prize, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Local News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Paddy is desperate. (S) 7.30 Coronation Street Zeedan brings trouble to Alya and Yasmeen’s door. (S) 8.00 Beyond the Line: North Wales’s Traffic Cops 1/4. New series. With the North Wales Roads Policing Unit. (S) 8.30 Coronation Street Zeedan places Ryan in the frame for his beating. (S) 9.00 Manhunt The Night Stalker 1/4. New series. Fact-based crime drama, starring Martin Clunes. (S) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather (S) 10.30 Local News; Weather (S) 10.45 Fred and Rose West: Reopened 1/2. Part one of two. Investigators explore new leads in the case of Fred and Rose West. (S) (R) 11.45 Junk and Disorderly 7/10. Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove visit the Stafford Show. (S) (R) 12.35 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 1.25 Shop: Ideal World 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Lingo 4.05 ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 5.05 Tipping Point Quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. First Dates, 10.00pm 6.00 Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.10 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 8.05 The King of Queens 8.35 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 9.35 Frasier 10.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern. 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons Mr Burns is sent to prison. 6.30 Hollyoaks Sylver is finally home, and Mercedes is determined to mend their marriage. 9.00 Bin Laden: The Road to 9/11 3/3. Al-Qaeda ramps up operations in Afghanistan. Last in the series. (S) 10.00 First Dates Those taking part include self-confessed man-eater Caroline. (S) 11.05 The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle 3/8. Amanda receives some poor advice from her agent. (S) (R) 11.40 The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle 4/8. Amanda receives news about her second album. (S) (R) 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.15 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops A scooter is driven the wrong way down a dual carriageway. 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Nanny’s Killer Scandal (2020) (PG) Crime drama, starring Mia Topalian. 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Meeting bargain and bartering supremo Tony Carey and his wife Claire. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours Toadie is in conflict. 6.00 Home and Away Ryder tries to cheer Chloe up while her mum is in the hospital. 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.00 Traffic Cops PC Chris Ryan’s car is rammed five times; (S) (R) 5 News Update (S) 8.00 Jamie Oliver: Together The chef prepares a feast for people doing voluntary work through the pandemic. (S) 12.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12.55 The Man Putin Couldn’t Kill 2.15 Undercover Boss USA 3.05 24 Hours in A&E 4.00 Couples Come Dine with Me 4.55 Location, Location, Location 5.50 Kirstie’s Vintage Gems Submarine: Life Under the… 9.00pm 8.00 Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders New series. Following officers as they crack down on the nation’s worst drivers; (S) 5 News Update (S) 9.00 Submarine: Life Under the Waves 2/2. Part two of two. Captain Stephen Brian takes command of HMS Trenchant. (S) 10.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts 10/10. A 77-year-old man is rushed into hospital showing signs of a heart attack. Last in the series. (S) 11.05 The World’s Heaviest Child The story of an 11-year-old from Indonesia who weighs 30 stone. (S) (R) 12.05 Extraordinary Medical Mysteries 1.00 Live NFL: Monday Night Football 4.30 Britain’s Greatest Bridges 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Entertainment News on 5 5.40 Milkshake! Monkey’s Amazing Adventures 5.45 Peppa Pig RADIO RADIO 1 97.6-99.8 FM 5.00 Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick and Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo. 7.00 Radio 1’s Hottest Records. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders. The new artists we’re most excited about! 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist with Sian Eleri. 11.00 Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Show. 1.00 Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Mix. 1.30 Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Mix. 2.00 Radio 1 Relax. 3.00 Radio 1’s Workout Anthems. 4.00 Radio 1 Dance. RADIO 2 88-90.2 FM 6.30 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. 9.00 The Blues Show with Cerys Matthews. New and classic blues tracks. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. 12.00 OJ Borg. 3.00 Pick of the Pops. 4.00 Vanessa Feltz. RADIO 3 90.2-92.4 FM 6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00 Composer of the Week: Bartok. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.30 New Generation Artists. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. An eclectic non-stop mix of music. 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert. The Geneva Chamber Orchestra perform Pachulski, Haydn and Saint-Saëns. 10.00 Music Matters. 10.45 The Essay: The Songs That Shaped Me. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30 Through the Night. 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An attacker is at large in the hospital. (S) 10.00 BBC News at Ten (S) 10.25 BBC Regional News; Weather (S) 10.35 Back to Life 4/6. Several disasters threaten to derail Miri’s first date with Billy. (S) 11.05 Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit A stand-up performance at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. (S) (R) 12.05 Patrick Kielty: One Hundred Years of Union How the trauma of the past is shaping the future of Northern Ireland. 1.05 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.10 BBC News Saving Lives at Sea, 8.00pm 6.30 Bargain Hunt 7.15 Escape to the Country 8.00 Sign Zone: Shop Well for Less? 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15 Politics Live The latest stories from Westminster and beyond. 1.00 The Super League Show 1.45 Eggheads 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge The artists have to capture the human body in motion. 3.15 Handmade in Bolton 3.45 Make Me a Dealer 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Ruby Bhogal, Ed Byrne, Ingrid Oliver and Matthew Pinsent. 6.30 Take a Hike Student Jasmine leads a seaside stroll along Whitley Bay. 7.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show The famous horticultural event. (S) 8.00 Saving Lives at Sea 5/10. The RNLI crew battle through gale force winds and huge waves as they try to save a surfer. (S) 9.00 A House Through Time 3/4. A back to 1913, when Number 5 is home to Frederick and Louisa Pryce Lewis. (S) 10.00 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing 4/6. Bob and Paul head to the Norfolk Broads. (S) (R) 10.30 Newsnight (S) 11.10 Weather (S) 11.15 NFL This Week Action from the second round of fixtures. (S) 12.05 Sign Zone: Ambulance The pandemic takes its toll on the North West Ambulance Service. 1.05 Sign Zone: A Killing in Tiger Bay The story of one of Britain’s most notorious miscarriages of justice. 2.05 This Is BBC Two Preview of upcoming programmes. The Chase, 5.00pm 6.00 Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Local News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder Real-life cases in a studio courtroom. 3.00 Tenable Five university friends join forces to take on the Tenable tower. 3.59 ITV Local Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Arcade-themed quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Contestants Lynne, Ken, Dave and Hollie take part, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Local News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Paddy makes a dangerous deal. (S) 8.00 Love Your Garden 8/8. Alan Titchmarsh and his team of gardening experts head to Waltham Abbey. (S) 9.00 Manhunt The Night Stalker 2/4. Colin presents his review findings to DCS Hamish Campbell. (S) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather (S) 10.30 Local News; Weather (S) 10.45 Fred and Rose West: Reopened 2/2. Part two of two. Police to take over the search. (S) (R) 11.45 Beyond the Line: North Wales’s Traffic Cops Behind the scenes with the North Wales Roads Policing Unit. (S) (R) 12.10 Shop: Ideal World 3.00 FYI Extra Entertainment news. 3.15 ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 5.05 Tipping Point Quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. A Place in the Sun, 3.00pm 6.00 Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.10 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 8.05 The King of Queens 8.35 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 9.35 Frasier 10.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern. 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons Homer strikes up a friendship with Chief Wiggum. 6.30 Hollyoaks Cher is determined to try and get her family back. 9.30 Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain Five become four as Ginger dramatically leaves the group. (S) 10.30 Gogglebox The armchair critics share their opinions on what they have been watching. (S) (R) 11.35 Sixteen: Class of 2021 4/4. Callum gets a talk from his dad about the “birds and the bees”. Last in the series. (S) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 21 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.15 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops A distressed woman is convinced her boyfriend has fallen into a canal. 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Hidden Family Secrets (2018) Thriller, with Diora Baird. 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun After investing in their Spanish bar, a duo faces uncertain times. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours Jane and Chloe open a package addressed to Nicolette. 6.00 Home and Away Ryder tries to get Bella involved with the fundraiser. 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors Dr Ali is visited by a young patient who has let her urinary tract infection go untreated for eight weeks; (S) 5 News Update (S) 8.00 The Great British Bake Off 1/10. New series. Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas welcome 12 new contestants into the tent. (S) 12.35 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 1.25 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back 2.15 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Queering Di Teknolojik 2.25 Undercover Boss USA 3.15 The Handmaid’s Tale 4.15 Couples Come Dine with Me 5.05 Location, Location, Location Ben Fogle: New Lives in the… 9.00pm 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet A farmer rushes in a struggling pregnant sheep who belongs to his twoyear-old son; (S) 5 News Update (S) 9.00 Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild 4/5. Ben travels to a unique and tiny island in the Scottish Hebrides. (S) 10.00 Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack 5/5. A desperate gang of suspected burglars try to smash a police vehicle with bricks. (S) 11.05 FILM RoboCop (2014). (12) Sci-fi thriller remake, starring Joel Kinnaman. (S) 12.10 Entertainment News on 5 12.15 FILM RoboCop (2014) (12) Concluded. 1.15 The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show 3.20 Inside DHL: The World’s Biggest Delivery Company 4.05 Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive 4.50 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Fireman Sam RADIO RADIO 1 97.6-99.8 FM 5.00 Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 11.00 Radio 1’s Live Lounge. 11.20 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick and Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders. The new artists we’re most excited about! 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist with Sian Eleri. 11.00 Annie Nightingale Presents. 1.00 Radio 1’s Indie Anthems. 2.00 Radio 1’s Chillout Anthems. 3.00 Radio 1’s Classical Movie Mixtape. 4.00 Radio 1 Dance. RADIO 2 88-90.2 FM 6.30 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. 9.00 The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum. The world of jazz. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. 12.00 OJ Borg. 3.00 Radio 2 in Concert: Elvis Costello. 4.00 Vanessa Feltz. RADIO 3 90.2-92.4 FM 6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00 Composer of the Week: Bartok. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. An eclectic non-stop mix of music. 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs live at the Royal Albert Hall. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: The Songs That Shaped Me. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30 Through the Night. RADIO 4 92.4-94.6 FM 5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer for the Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet of the Day. 6.00 Today. 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament. 9.00 The Life Scientific. 9.30 One to One. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The Amur River. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 Electric Ride UK. 11.30 Dante 2021. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me at the Museum. 12.18 Call You and Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World at One. 1.45 Could Do Better. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Brief Lives. 3.00 Short Cuts. 3.30 BBC National Short Story Award 2021. 4.00 The Town Made of Stories. 4.30 Great Lives. 5.00 PM. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The Birthday Cake Game. With Rhys James, Maisie Adam and Rick Edwards. 7.00 The Archers. 7.15 Front Row. Arts programme. 8.00 File on 4. Rogue operators exploiting the long wait for mental health services on the NHS. 8.40 In Touch. 9.00 Three Pounds in My Pocket. 9.30 The Life Scientific. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. 11.00 Fortunately. 11.30 Today in Parliament. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: The Amur River. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20 Shipping Forecast. RADIO 5 LIVE 693 & 909 MW 5.00 Wake Up to Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Naga Munchetty. 1.00 Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00 Dotun Adebayo. CLASSIC FM 100-102 FM 6.00 More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00 Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics at Seven. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet. John marks the birthday of Gustav Holst, with his Suite de Ballet. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00 Bill Overton. *

22 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive WEDNESDAY’S TV DAYTIME 7 8 9 10 11 AFTER 12 BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 Pointless, 5.15pm 6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15 Bargain Hunt The reds and blues go bargain hunting in Lincolnshire. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Unbeatable 3.00 Escape to the Country 3.45 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 4.30 Antiques Road Trip 5.15 Pointless With Richard Osman. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 6.55 Party Political Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats By the Liberal Democrats. 7.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 The sights and sounds of the annual show. (S) 8.00 The Repair Shop 17/20. Restoring a Victorian railway lamp, agricultural trophies and a musical jewellery box. (S) 9.00 Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers A royal tribute to the Duke by his children and other members of the family. (S) 10.00 BBC News at Ten (S) 10.25 BBC Regional News; Weather (S) 10.35 Gossip Girl 5/10. Obie grows suspicious of Zoya’s new friend. (S) 11.35 Hayley Goes 4/7. Hayley Pearce immerses herself in car culture. (S) 12.05 Weather for the Week Ahead 12.10 BBC News House of Games, 6.00pm 6.30 Antiques Road Trip 7.15 Escape to the Country 8.00 Sign Zone: Our Lives: Pride of Place 8.30 Sign Zone: Beechgrove 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 11.15 Politics Live 1.00 Head Hunters 1.45 Eggheads Game shwo. 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge 3.15 Handmade in Bolton 3.45 Make Me a Dealer 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Ruby Bhogal, Ed Byrne, Ingrid Oliver and Matthew Pinsent. 6.30 Take a Hike Marketing assistant Angus guides the group on a fashionthemed hike around Harbottle. 7.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 17/20. Adam Henson and Steve Brown compete in the Cotswolds. (S) (R) 8.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show The famous horticultural event. (S) 9.00 Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop 5/6. Jay and his workshop make furniture for a veteran who set up a charity. (S) 10.00 Mock the Week 10/13. With Jack Whitehall and Chris Addison. (S) (R) 10.30 Newsnight (S) 11.10 Weather (S) 11.15 FILM Whiplash (2014). (15) Drama, starring Miles Teller. (S) 12.55 Sign Zone: Imagine — Bernardine Evaristo: Never Give Up Alan Yentob explores the life and work of author Bernardine Evaristo. 2.10 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef 3.10 This Is BBC Two Preview of upcoming programmes. Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest… 8.00pm 6.00 Good Morning Britain Current affairs and news. 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning 12.30 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Local News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder Real-life cases in a studio courtroom. 3.00 Tenable 3.59 ITV Local Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Arcade-themed quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Contestants Steve, Simon, Kelly and Donna take part, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Local News; Weather 6.25 Party Political Broadcast By the Liberal Democrats. 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale The police are suspicious. (S) 7.30 Coronation Street Freda worries that Aled’s family aims to eradicate his deafness. (S) 8.00 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport Travel becomes ever more complicated in the wake of new quarantine laws. (S) 8.30 Coronation Street Gemma launches a search for Aled. (S) 9.00 Manhunt The Night Stalker 3/4. The Force Tasking Group have to come to a decision about funding Colin’s high stakes gamble. (S) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather (S) 10.30 Local News; Weather (S) 10.45 Peston Political magazine show presented by Robert Peston. (S) 11.40 British Touring Car Championship Highlights Action from Croft. (S) 12.55 Shop: Ideal World 3.00 FYI Extra Entertainment news. 3.15 ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 5.05 Tipping Point Quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. Four in a Bed, 5.00pm 6.00 Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.10 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 8.05 The King of Queens 8.35 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 9.35 Frasier 10.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern. 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons Lisa befriends a beached whale. 6.30 Hollyoaks Cher is at rock bottom after being rejected by her family and friends. 9.00 Grand Designs A widowed teacher making a fresh start in rural Cambridgeshire. (S) 10.00 Sex Actually with Alice Levine New series. Sex and sexuality in the 2020s. (S) 11.05 Death on the Common: My Mother’s Murder The murder of Rachel Nickell from the perspective of her son Alex. (S) (R) 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.15 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops Matt Cooling and Josh Field pursue a lorry they suspect is stolen. 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Young, Stalked and Pregnant (2020) (12) Thriller, starring Taylor Blackwell. 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun A new arrival in Saydo Park discovers the joys of drag at the age of 66. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours Harlow struggles with her lowly position. 6.00 Home and Away Ari remains by Nikau’s side while he is in a coma. 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.00 Inside Greggs: Britain’s Best Bakery Documentary revealing the secrets of the successful bakery chain; (S) (R) 5 News Update (S) 8.00 Changing Rooms 6/6. The teams transform two neighbouring rooms in Bury St Edmunds. Last in the series. (S) 12.05 Bin Laden: The Road to 9/11 1.00 Kitchen Nightmares USA 1.50 Deceit 2.45 The Handmaid’s Tale 3.35 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: The Passing 3.55 Couples Come Dine with Me 4.45 Location, Location, Location 5.40 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Wings Coastal Devon & Cornwall, 8.00pm 8.00 Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo Michael begins this leg of his journey at South Devon’s most southerly point, Start Point; (S) 5 News Update (S) 9.00 This Week on the Farm 2/7. Farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson take on a new apprentice. (S) 10.00 Levi Bellfield: Getting Away with Murder? Documentary examining the crimes of serial killer Levi Bellfield. (S) 11.30 999: Criminals Caught on Camera 4/10. Footage reveals horrifying abuse of homeless people caught on CCTV. (S) (R) 12.25 Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders 1.15 The 21. co.uk Live Casino Show Interactive gambling. 3.15 Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive 4.00 Now That’s Funny! 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Fireman Sam 5.45 Paw Patrol RADIO RADIO 1 97.6-99.8 FM 5.00 Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick and Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders. The new artists we’re most excited about! 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist with Sian Eleri. 11.00 Benji B. 1.00 Radio 1 Dance Presents. 2.00 The Radio 1 Interview. 2.15 The YUNGBLUD Podcast. 2.30 Radio 1 Playlists. 3.00 Radio 1’s Festival Anthems. 4.00 Radio 1 Dance. RADIO 2 88-90.2 FM 6.30 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. 9.00 The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe. Traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic music. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. 12.00 OJ Borg. 3.00 Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton. 4.00 Vanessa Feltz. RADIO 3 90.2-92.4 FM 6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00 Composer of the Week: Bartok. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.00 Choral Evensong. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. An eclectic non-stop mix of music. 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert. A programme of music by Handel and his contemporaries. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: The Songs that Shaped Me. 11.00 Night Tracks. 12.30 Through the Night. RADIO 4 92.4-94.6 FM 5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer for the Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet of the Day. 6.00 Today. 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament. 9.00 More or Less. 9.30 Four Thought. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The Amur River. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 This Union: Two Kingdoms. 11.30 What’s Funny About. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me at the Museum. 12.18 You and Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World at One. 1.45 Could Do Better. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Song of the Reed: Whirlpool. 3.00 Money Box Live. 3.30 BBC National Short Story Award 2021. 4.00 Thinking Allowed. 4.30 The Media Show. 5.00 PM. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 My Teenage Diary. 7.00 The Archers. 7.15 Front Row. 7.45 NatureBang. 8.00 Bringing Up Britain. Advice for a mother on preparing her son for adolescence. 8.45 Four Thought. 9.00 Costing the Earth. 9.30 The Media Show. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. 11.00 Njambi McGrath: Becoming Njambi. 11.15 Rhys James Is Wise. 11.30 Today in Parliament. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: The Amur River. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20 Shipping Forecast. RADIO 5 LIVE 693 & 909 MW 5.00 Wake Up to Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Naga Munchetty. 1.00 Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport. 10.00 5 Live Boxing. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00 Dotun Adebayo. CLASSIC FM 100-102 FM 6.00 More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00 Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics at Seven. Relaxing sounds. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet. Rossini and Rimsky- Korsakov. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00 Bill Overton. *

facebook.com/TeessideGazette THURSDAY’S TV DAYTIME 7 8 9 10 11 AFTER 12 BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 Shop Well for Less?, 8.00pm 6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15 Bargain Hunt From Harrogate, North Yorkshire. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Unbeatable Quiz, hosted by Jason Manford. 3.00 Escape to the Country A couple are looking to relocate to rural Somerset. 3.45 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Further coverage from the Royal Hospital Chelsea. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip 5.15 Pointless 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 7.00 The One Show Presented by Alex Scott and Ronan Keating. (S) 7.35 EastEnders Bobby and Dana face a huge test to their relationship. (S) 8.00 Shop Well for Less? 4/4. Joanna Page and Melanie Sykes help a Gloucester family. Last in the series. (S) 9.00 Ambulance 6/6. A child with a dislocated knee kicks off another busy night shift. Last in the series. (S) 10.00 BBC News at Ten (S) 10.25 BBC Regional News; Weather (S) 10.35 Question Time Fiona Bruce hosts the political debate. (S) 11.35 Newscast (S) 12.05 Weather for the Week Ahead 12.10 BBC News A Killing in Tiger Bay, 9.00pm 6.15 Antiques Road Trip 7.00 Homes Under the Hammer 8.00 Sign Zone: Gardeners’ World 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15 Politics Live 1.00 Head Hunters 1.45 Eggheads Game show. 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge Aspiring painters get a masterclass in still life paintings. 3.15 Handmade in Bolton 3.45 Make Me a Dealer 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Ruby Bhogal, Ed Byrne, Ingrid Oliver and Matthew Pinsent test their skills. 6.30 Take a Hike Life coach Teresa hosts a wild walk in Kielder Forest. 7.00 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Coverage from the Royal Hospital Chelsea. (S) 8.00 The Hairy Bikers Go North 1/8. New series. Simon King and Dave Myers explore the best of northern British food. (S) 9.00 A Killing in Tiger Bay 3/3. With three of the men sentenced to life in prison, the families begin a campaign. Last in the series. (S) 10.00 QI 3/14. With Alan Davies, Eshaan Akbar, John Barrowman and Victoria Coren Mitchell. (S) 10.30 Newsnight (S) 11.10 Weather (S) 11.15 When Nirvana Came to Britain The band’s visits to the UK. (S) (R) 12.15 Sign Zone: Strictly Come Dancing 2.00 Sign Zone: Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League 3.00 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef 4.00 Sign Zone: Celebrity MasterChef 4.30 This Is BBC Two The Martin Lewis Money Show, 8.30pm 6.00 Good Morning Britain Current affairs. 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment and fashion news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30 Loose Women The women put the world to rights once more. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Local News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder Reallife cases in a studio courtroom. 3.00 Tenable A team of workmates answer Top 10 list questions. 3.59 ITV Local Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Arcade-themed quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Local News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Gabby presents Jamie with an ultimatum. (S) 7.30 What’s Really in Our Food? Tonight Helen Skelton reports on food fraud. (S) 8.00 Emmerdale Diane and Kim try to make Gabby see sense. (S) 8.30 The Martin Lewis Money Show: Live Tips on how to avoid an energy bills price hike. (S) 9.00 Manhunt The Night Stalker 4/4. The team are losing morale. Last in the series. (S) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather (S) 10.30 Local News; Weather (S) 10.45 Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up 2/6. With Amanda Holden, David Haye, Johnny Vegas and Aston Merrygold. (S) (R) 11.30 Beat the Chasers Contestants from across the UK take on a team of five Chasers. (S) (R) 12.25 Shop: Ideal World 3.00 FYI Extra Entertainment news. 3.15 What’s Really in Our Food? Tonight Helen Skelton reports on food fraud. 3.40 ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 5.05 Tipping Point Quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. Title, 0.00pm 6.00 Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.10 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 8.05 The King of Queens 8.35 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 9.35 Frasier 10.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern. 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons Surveillance cameras are installed in Springfield. 6.30 Hollyoaks Guilt-ridden Sylver tries to avoid his problems. 9.00 Taskmaster 1/10. New series. Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell compete. (S) 10.00 Highlife Docu-ality series following British Nigerians and Ghanaians. (S) 11.05 First Dates Those taking part include self-confessed man-eater Caroline. (S) (R) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 23 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 12.15 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops A team sets out to intercept a car suspected of being used in drug deals. 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM Mother’s Deadly Secret (2017) (PG) Thriller, starring Kelli Williams. 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Cameras focus on Jan, who moved to Andalucia 17 years ago. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away Nikau regains consciousness, but refuses the support of those closest to him. 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.00 How to Stop Your Migraine Dr Dawn Harper investigates migraines; (S) 5 News Update (S) 8.00 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back Guest Kirsty Wark joins Joe as he annoys the boss of Samuel Smiths pubs. (S) 12.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12.55 Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins 1.50 FILM Criminal (2016) (15) Thriller, with Kevin Costner. 3.40 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: My God, I’m Queer 4.10 Couples Come Dine with Me 5.05 Location, Location, Location Big House Clearout, 8.00pm 8.00 Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the host helps a family overwhelmed by clutter. Last in the series; (S) 5 News Update (S) 9.00 All Creatures Great and Small 2/6. Tristan worries that Siegfried is in danger of losing his edge. (S) 10.00 A&E After Dark 1/12. Return of the documentary following life at Hull Royal Infirmary. (S) (R) 11.05 Police UK: Armed and Deadly 2/4. Firearms officers recall the longest siege in British police history. (S) (R) 12.05 Criminals: Caught on Camera 1.00 The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive 4.00 Now That’s Funny! 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Fireman Sam 5.45 Paw Patrol RADIO RADIO 1 97.6-99.8 FM 5.00 Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James. 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 11.00 Radio 1’s Live Lounge. 11.20 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Scott Mills. 3.32 Vick and Jordan. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo. 8.00 Radio 1’s Indie Show with Jack Saunders. The 1 for Indie and Alternative. 10.00 BBC Introducing Dance. 11.00 Radio 1’s Residency. 12.00 Radio 1’s Residency. 1.00 Radio 1’s Dance Anthems with Charlie Hedges. 2.00 Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents. 3.00 Radio 1’s Motivate Me Mix. 4.00 Radio 1 Dance. RADIO 2 88-90.2 FM 6.30 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 5.00 Sara Cox. 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower. 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist. 7.30 Jo Whiley. 9.00 The Country Show with Bob Harris. A personal selection of fine tracks. 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation. 12.00 OJ Borg. 3.00 Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton. 4.00 A Dance Through the Decades. 4.30 Vanessa Feltz. RADIO 3 90.2-92.4 FM 6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00 Composer of the Week: Bartok. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert. The BBC Scottish SO in music by Sibelius, Beethoven and Lindberg. 10.00 Free Thinking. 10.45 The Essay: The Songs That Shaped Me. 11.00 The Night Tracks Mix. 11.30 Unclassified. 12.30 Through the Night. RADIO 4 92.4-94.6 FM 5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer for the Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet of the Day. 6.00 Today. 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament. 9.00 In Our Time. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The Amur River. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 From Our Own Correspondent. 11.30 From the Steppes to the Stage. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me at the Museum. 12.18 You and Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World at One. 1.45 Could Do Better. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Nine Bob Notes. 3.00 Ramblings. 3.27 Radio 4 Appeal. 3.30 BBC National Short Story Award 2021. 4.00 The Film Programme. 4.30 BBC Inside Science. 5.00 PM. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 Syd. 7.00 The Archers. 7.15 Front Row. 7.45 NatureBang. 8.00 The Briefing Room. 8.30 Elon Musk: The Evening Rocket. 9.00 BBC Inside Science. 9.30 In Our Time. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. 11.00 Slow Radio Comedy. 11.30 Today in Parliament. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: The Amur River. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20 Shipping Forecast. RADIO 5 LIVE 693 & 909 MW 5.00 Wake Up to Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Adrian Chiles. 1.00 Nihal Arthanayake. 4.00 5 Live Drive. 7.00 The Ryder Cup Preview. 8.00 5 Live Boxing. Jeanette Kwakye presents a look ahead to Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk. 9.00 5 Live Sport: The Euro Leagues Podcast. 10.00 5 Live Sport. 10.30 Colin Murray. 1.00 Dotun Adebayo. CLASSIC FM 100-102 FM 6.00 More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00 Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics at Seven. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet. Fom the Royal Albert Hall. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00 Bill Overton. *

24 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive FRIDAY’S TV DAYTIME 7 8 9 10 11 AFTER 12 BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 The Cleaner, 9.30pm 6.00 Breakfast 9.15 Morning Live 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15 Bargain Hunt Eric Knowles presents the show from Gloucester. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 1.45 Unbeatable General knowledge quiz, hosted by Jason Manford. 2.30 The Repair Shop 3.00 Escape to the Country 3.45 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 4.30 Antiques Road Trip 5.15 Pointless Quiz hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Regional News and Weather 7.00 The One Show Presented by Ronan Keating. (S) 7.30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 The famous horticultural event. (S) 8.05 EastEnders Sheree’s plans backfire significantly. (S) 8.30 Question of Sport 4/36. With Eddie Hearn, Katharine Merry, Alex Yee and Laura Collett. (S) 9.00 Would I Lie to You? 11/11. Previously unseen material from the comedy panel show. (S) (R) 9.30 The Cleaner 3/6. Crime scene cleaner Wicky encounters a radical vegan. (S) 10.00 BBC News at Ten (S) 10.25 BBC Regional News; Weather (S) 10.35 The Graham Norton Show 1/22. New series. With the stars of the longawaited James Bond film No Time to Die. (S) 11.25 FILM A Monster Calls (2016). (12) Fantasy drama, starring Lewis MacDougall. (S) (R) 1.00 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.05 BBC News The North Water, 9.30pm 6.15 Antiques Road Trip 7.00 Homes Under the Hammer 8.00 Sign Zone: Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer 8.30 Sign Zone: Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15 Politics UK 1.00 Head Hunters 1.45 Eggheads 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge 3.15 Handmade in Bolton 3.45 Make Me a Dealer 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above 5.15 Flog It! 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Ruby Bhogal, Ed Byrne, Ingrid Oliver and Matthew Pinsent compete in the show. 6.30 Take a Hike Civil servant Paul hosts his hike along the stunning Alnwick coast. 7.00 MOTDx Football discussion presented by Jermaine Jenas. (S) 7.30 Inside Culture 1/7. New series. Mary Beard returns with the cultural review show. (S) 8.00 Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales 1/4. Iolo Williams tracks wildlife in the Cambrian mountains. (S) (R) 8.30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show The famous horticultural event. (S) 9.30 The North Water 3/5. A discovery by Sumner sends Drax into a murderous rage. (S) 10.30 Newsnight (S) 11.00 Weather (S) 11.05 Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League 3/4. A look at the rise of the celebrity footballer. (S) (R) 12.05 Golf: Ryder Cup Highlights Action from day one. 2.05 Sign Zone: Football’s Broken Dreams — Panorama 2.35 Sign Zone: Amy Winehouse: A Life in Ten Pictures A journey through the singer’s life in 10 photos. 3.35 This Is BBC Two Preview of upcoming programmes. Tipping Point, 4.00pm 6.00 Good Morning Britain Current affairs and news. 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment and fashion news. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather 1.55 Local News; Weather 2.00 Judge Rinder Real-life cases in a studio courtroom. 3.00 Tenable A team of bingo colleagues take part. 3.59 ITV Local Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Arcade-themed quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 Local News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale While Al toys with Paddy, Moira is surprised. (S) 7.30 Coronation Street Norris causes mischief at his own funeral. (S) 8.00 Simply Raymond Blanc The chef creates a meringue with blackcurrant coulis, and a heritage salad. (S) 8.30 Coronation Street Daniel angers David by branding Max a thief. (S) 9.00 Grantchester American airmen are arrested for trespassing at the local quarry. (S) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather (S) 10.30 Local News; Weather (S) 10.45 FILM Rocky II (1979). (PG) Boxing drama sequel, starring Sylvester Stallone. (S) 12.50 Shop: Ideal World 3.00 FYI Extra Entertainment news. 3.15 ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. Gogglebox, 9.00pm 6.00 Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.10 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 8.05 The King of Queens 8.35 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 9.35 Frasier 10.00 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30 Steph’s Packed Lunch Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern. 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons A new neighbour moves in. 6.30 Hollyoaks Mercedes makes a drastic decision and has a big announcement for her family. 9.00 Gogglebox The armchair critics share their opinions on what they have been watching. (S) 10.00 The Last Leg New series. Comic review of the significant moments of the past seven days. (S) 11.05 Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast A stand-up performance by the comedian. (S) (R) 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 12.15 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Traffic Cops The driver of a suspected stolen car is determined to escape at all costs. 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM A Teacher’s Killer Obsession (2019) (PG) Thriller, starring Vanessa Marcil and Charles Hittinger. 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Bambi and Johnny go for a minibreak near Marbella. 5.00 5 News at 5 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away Logan wins friends in some parts of the community and clashes with others. 6.30 5 News Tonight 7.00 Channel 4 News (S) 7.00 The Thames: Britain’s Greatest River with Tony Robinson The actor and presenter visits Southend Pier; (S) 5 News Update (S) 8.00 The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice 1/10. New series. With guests Sarah Millican, Sunetra Sarker and Iain Stirling. (S) 12.05 FILM Rough Night (2017) (15) Comedy, starring Scarlett Johansson. 1.55 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 2.45 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Queens 3.05 Come Dine with Me 5.20 Beat the Chef 5.45 Jamie’s Comfort Food The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres, 8.00pm 8.00 The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres The poet’s latest journey starts in Wiltshire in the town of Bradfordon-Avon; (S) 5 News Update 9.00 Lighthouses: Building the Impossible 2/3. Rob Bell uncovers the incredible stories behind Scotland’s Bell Rock lighthouse. (S) 10.00 Greatest Hits of the 80s 2/2. The stories behind six more songs from the decade. (S) (R) 11.30 Freddie Mercury: The Greatest Showman A profile of the Queen frontman. (S) (R) 1.00 The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show Interactive gambling. 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Violent Child, Desperate Parents 4.00 The Funny Thing About Kids 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Fireman Sam 5.45 Paw Patrol RADIO RADIO 1 97.6-99.8 FM 5.00 Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Darcy Kelly. 6.33 Radio 1’s Best New Pop. 7.00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James. 10.00 Radio 1 Anthems. 10.32 Radio 1 Anthems. 11.02 Dean McCullough. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 Matt and Mollie. 3.00 Radio 1’s Party Anthems with Matt and Mollie. 4.00 The Official Chart Show with Scott Mills. 5.45 Newsbeat. 6.00 Danny Howard. 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Dance with Sarah Story. Future club music as Radio 1’s Friday night party continues. 10.00 Pete Tong. 12.00 Radio 1’s Essential Mix. 2.00 Radio 1 Dance Presents. 3.00 Danny Howard. 4.00 Radio 1’s Wind Down Presents. RADIO 2 88-90.2 FM 6.30 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. 9.30 Ken Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. 4.15 Steve Wright in the Afternoon — Serious Jockin’. 5.00 Sara Cox. 7.00 Tony Blackburn’s Golden Hour. 8.00 Sounds of the 80s with Gary Davies. 10.00 Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton. 11.00 Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton. 12.00 The Craig Charles House Party. 1.30 The Craig Charles House Party Mixtape. 2.00 Radio 2 Live: Across the UK. 3.00 Radio 2 Live: Across the UK. 4.00 Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco. RADIO 3 90.2-92.4 FM 6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00 Composer of the Week: Bartok. 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert. 4.30 The Listening Service. 5.00 In Tune. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape. 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert. Sir Simon Rattle launches the London Symphony Orchestra’s new season. 10.00 The Verb. 10.45 The Essay: The Songs That Shaped Me. 11.00 Late Junction. 1.00 Through the Night. RADIO 4 92.4-94.6 FM 5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer for the Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet of the Day. 6.00 Today. 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament. 9.00 Desert Island Discs. 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The Amur River. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00 The Digital Human. 11.30 Charles Paris: A Deadly Habit. 12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04 Meet Me at the Museum. 12.18 You and Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World at One. 1.45 Could Do Better. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: Nuremberg. 2.45 A History of Ghosts. 3.00 Gardeners’ Question Time. 3.30 BBC National Short Story Award 2021. 4.00 Last Word. 4.30 More or Less. 5.00 PM. 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The News Quiz. 7.00 Front Row. 7.45 NatureBang. 8.00 Any Questions? 8.50 A Point of View. 9.00 Teen Spirit: Nevermind at 30. 9.59 Weather. 10.00 The World Tonight. 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You. 11.00 Great Lives. 11.30 Today in Parliament. 12.00 News and Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: The Amur River. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC World Service. 5.20 Shipping Forecast. RADIO 5 LIVE 693 & 909 MW 5.00 Wake Up to Money. 6.00 5 Live Breakfast. 9.00 Your Call. 10.00 Chiles on Friday. 1.00 Elis James and John Robins. 3.00 Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review. 5.00 5 Live Drive. 6.00 The Ryder Cup. 11.30 Stephen Nolan. 1.00 Hayley Hassall. CLASSIC FM 100-102 FM 6.00 More Music Breakfast. 9.00 Alexander Armstrong. 12.00 Aled Jones. 4.00 John Brunning. 7.00 Smooth Classics at Seven. Relaxing sounds. 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet. The birthday of composer John Rutter. 10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00 Katie Breathwick. 4.00 Sam Pittis. *

facebook.com/TeessideGazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 25 Soaps WHO’S DADDY? THE After Rainie posts flyers saying Max is the father of Linda’s child, Mick decides it’s time to show her who she’s messing with EASTENDERS BBC1 Linda is determined that Mick will be her baby’s legal father once he signs the birth certificate, but Rainie has other ideas as she posts flyers claiming Max is the real dad. So, Mick decides to take matters into his own hands, leaving Rainie and Stuart shocked. Bobby, Dana, Waseem, Iqra and Kioni are also handing out flyers, but theirs are in support of the local mosque. They attract the attention of a group of aggressive men, who start throwing out racial slurs before assaulting Dana. Whitney’s latest gig Rainie finds herself in Mick’s crosshairs goes well until Rocky spots Sonia’s new love interest Ethan kissing another woman and punches him. What will this mean for Whitney’s career and Sonia’s budding romance? Also, Patrick gives his blessing to Isaac’s plan to move Lola in, but Sheree is less impressed as she tries to push ahead with her Trinidad plan. Meanwhile, Denise finds herself shocked when the headteacher tells her that Isaac still has a job there, before finding Sheree showing an estate agent around the house. Elsewhere, Martin drowns his sorrows and Kat encourages Janine to get an above-board job. TAKING THE MICK: Rainie’s flyers have Mick on the warpath HOME AND AWAY Channel 5 Martha suggests holding a fundraiser for mental health awareness and Ryder tries to persuade Bella to get involved but she’s not interested. Cash has a breakthrough in his attempts to woo Jasmine, after she tells Irene she’s agreed to a date with him, while poor Dean is knocked for six when Ziggy drops a bombshell about Tane, after chatting with Mackenzie. As Mia decides to go back to work, Ari frets that it’s still too soon. Mercedes is forced to face facts HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 Mia decides to go back to work Mercedes has been putting off telling Bobby about the end of her marriage in the hope the relationship can still be salvaged, but when Sylver returns home, he tells his stepson the truth. Meanwhile, after overhearing Yazz and Tom rowing about her presence, Cher claims that her dad has forgiven her and she’s moving back to The Dog. In reality, she has nowhere to go, and soon hits rock bottom. Emmerdale ITV Marlon and Chas are forced to close the Woolpack when the electric cuts out, but what they don’t know is that someone has deliberately severed the external mains cable. Charity later walks in on a hooded intruder making off with the contents of the pub till, but the thief leaves her unconscious in a pool of blood. She’s taken to the hospital, where Chas is distraught to hear her cousin is suffering from a bleed on Kim tries to get Paddy to dope her racehorse Charity is knocked out by the intruder the brain. Will Charity pull through? Meanwhile, Paddy is horrified at the idea of having Al as a co-owner of the Woolpack, and asks Kim to help get rid of him. She points out it’s actually in her best interests if Al is distracted from HOP and says the vet will have to sweeten the deal – by doping her racehorse. Also, Diane is horrified when she realises Gabby is planning to elope with Jamie, but what the would-be bride doesn’t know is that he’s busy trying to convince Dawn that they can runaway together. CORONATION STREET ITV Alya accepts Zeedan’s loan, but when he belatedly tries to play the protective big brother by having a go at Ryan for cheating on her, she points out that he wasn’t there when she and Yasmeen really needed him. It seems Zeedan could have an ulterior method for coming back now, as he is later found bleeding and battered in the ginnel. He initially hints to the police that Ryan was behind the attack, before coming clean to his family about being in serious trouble. Elsewhere, grieving Freda is hurt when Bernie claims that Aled will be ‘normal’ once he’s got his cochlear implant. She offers to take the youngster for a walk and then disappears with him, just as Gemma and Chesney are about to take their son for his operation. Norris manages to stir up trouble at his own funeral thanks to a final letter, a row between David and Daniel over the teacher’s supposed favouritism threatens to get out of hand, and Kelly is convinced her dad must be the anonymous donor who’s paid her legal fees. Zeedan is attacked Neighbours Channel 5 Toadie ends up kissing Rose The rumblings of dissent among the Lassiters’ staff at Harlow’s nepotistic appointment turn into a fullscale strike. Terese is grateful for Jesse’s support during the tense time, but a slip of the tongue leaves her working to smooth things over. There’s woe for Toadie, who vows to remain at Melanie’s side, only to lose his head with Rose. He comes clean about it, but it’s obvious he has no idea what he wants.

26 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive Puzzles & Stars Cryptic crossword Quick crossword Gogen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Stuck on today’s puzzle? Call 0905 789 4220 to hear individual clues or the full solution. Calls cost 80p per minute plus network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 18/09/2021 Across: 1 Putrid; 4 Garbed; 9 Station master; 10 Untamed; 11 Yield; 12 Hobby; 14 Staid; 18 Tower; 19 Plunger; 21 Electric train; 22 Splash; 23 Measly. Down: 1 Possum; 2 Traction wheel; 3 Idiom; 5 Analyst; 6 Battering rams; 7 Deride; 8 Anode; 13 Berates; 15 Steeds; 16 Spain; 17 Brandy; 20 Untie. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Across: 3 Clean; 8 Heals; 10 Fairy; 11 Via; 12 Deals; 13 Bolster; 15 Oasis; 18 Son; 19 Salute; 21 Deposit; 22 Rues; 23 Male; 24 Lexicon; 26 Fracas; 29 Lot; 31 Tarot; 32 Capital; 34 Peter; 35 Vim; 36 Kites; 37 Genes; 38 Stilt. Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. 1 J W L Y S 8 X O T E V M B F N R K U A I G ACROSS 1. Come, there’s endless mercy in trade (8) 5. Knotty rock (4) 9. Clink of spoon against basin? (4) 10. Awful result of dud flare (8) 11. Judge not; though he swears in court (5) 12. Width of ten vessels between two points (7) 13. Pop! Litter dies. Solution must be found for keen mother (13) 18. Dwelling, for men in principle (8) 19. A pest of a bullet (4) 20. Raise confusion over late Eve (7) 21. Important person hesitates – the poisoner (5) 22. Such repetition is fair (2-2) 23. Hide back in stage and become motionless (8) ACROSS 1. Rupture (5) 6. With reference to (2,3) 9. Torture (7) 10. Splendour (5) 11. Culpability (5) 12. Inquired (5) 13. Rich stew (7) 15. Small flap of material (3) 17. Mountain range (4) 18. Star sign (6) 19. Unfashionable (5) 20. Irregular (6) 22. Spoken, verbal (4) 24. Pitch (3) 25. Plunder (7) 26. Soup server (5) 27. Fulcrum (5) 28. Cookers (5) 29. Coast (7) 30. Defeats (5) 31. Worthless matter (5) DOWN 2. Do brute caper and push in unasked (7) 3. Mother Church on one radio pioneer (7) 4. Sender of 13 down has literary post (13) 6. Fed fine and became a man of respect (7) 7. There’s a sell up in centre stuff; and it’s stuffed more than most (7) 8. Spotted five hundred fruit (6) 13. Landlords eject settler (7) 14. Better boatmen? (7) 15. Lower demeanour doesn’t belong to us (6) 16. Sun and air’s featured in this nationality (7) 17. Take pittance with ease. The result is far from sweet (7) DOWN 2. Unsophisticated, informally (6) 3. Plays for time (6) 4. Toddler (3) 5. Break violently (5) 6. Enraged (7) 7. Fastener (4) 8. Lent out (2,4) 12. Of Asia (5) 13. Whole range or scale (5) 14. Shoe part (5) 15. Jewelled headdress (5) 16. Holy book (5) 18. Magic servant (5) 19. Formal discussions (7) 21. Indigenous (6) 22. Boy’s name (6) 23. Representatives (6) 25. Luxurious (5) 26. Missing (4) 28. Peculiar (3) Down: 1 Devon; 2 Glasses; 4 Leer; 5 Afloat; 6 Nasal; 7 Trait; 9 Ail; 12 Denotes; 14 Top; 16 Susan; 17 Sever; 19 Similar; 20 Draft; 21 Debar; 23 Motives; 24 Latest; 25 Cop; 27 Rabid; 28 Copes; 30 Camel; 32 Cell; 33 Tin. Q D P H C AUK BOX CHAFING DUB ENVY FELT JOWLY LYSERGIC PHANTOM QUAD A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 2 G M J X Y O N I H R Q W V T C Codeword This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 I 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 S Need a little help getting started? Then call 0901 293 6261 to hear four random extra letter clues. Or text CODE and send to 64343 to receive 4 clues. Calls and texts cost £1 plus any network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 F K G M V Y U E W O S N X 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Q T C I L H R J A D P Z B Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. U A S T H U E R S P S U E L A N V G N A D K B D F P S C F H I A P F T S Y T U S W H T A H E R T Z E T D BUSK CRY FEW GOWN HIVE JIVED MIX MOW PATCHY SQUELCHING SWITCH A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS B L U R B O N O R H I N O E O Z D U N C E YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS L P F X T O H E U R C K J F B G P S Y A W I R W O Q M S V K E X U V D I B L D N A M Q N G Y T C H J

facebook.com/TeessideGazette ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 The Gazette 27 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO In association with teamdogs.co.uk SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Sudoku 6 1 4 7 8 4 1 3 7 3 7 4 5 9 7 1 1 4 Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. EASY 5 6 3 8 9 1 9 2 3 1 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Easy Circlegram Niner 4 3 1 9 6 5 4 9 6 2 5 7 1 8 3 6 7 2 5 3 9 8 1 4 7 2 5 9 4 8 3 6 1 3 6 2 8 4 5 7 8 1 5 2 3 6 9 3 1 4 8 4 5 2 6 7 9 5 3 8 4 9 1 1 4 6 2 8 7 2 7 9 3 6 5 9 1 4 8 3 6 3 6 5 7 1 2 8 2 7 9 5 4 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Hard 9 2 1 9 3 6 9 8 5 2 3 1 4 7 7 1 9 4 3 5 2 8 6 8 6 1 9 7 4 3 5 2 3 6 5 9 3 6 4 2 HARD 8 1 5 1 5 6 5 7 8 5 4 7 3 1 2 8 1 9 6 7 4 6 3 2 8 5 9 3 2 4 5 6 8 7 6 8 2 9 1 1 9 5 7 4 3 4 5 3 9 2 7 2 8 6 1 3 5 9 7 1 4 8 6 Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within the circle can be rearranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? U F B F P R O A ? E E P N T H A D YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS The letter represented by the question mark is C. Columbo, Clouseau, Fletcher, all fictional detectives. Alphamuddle Wordsquare Rearrange the letters in the top grid to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed in the bottom grid to start you off. C H O I S I R T R U C K S O U L S C I S O U S ARIES ARIES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES RUSSELL GRANT LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI LEO LEO CANCER VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SCORPIO VIRGO LIBRA Aries March 21–April 20 SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES In one-to-one relationships of any kind, it CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS (80p/min PISCES + network TAURUS April 21-May 21 GEMINI May 22-June 21 cancer June 22-July 23 leo July 24-Aug 23 scorpio Oct 24-Nov22 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO (80p/min + network (80p/min + network LEO VIRGO LIBRA access SCORPIO charge) For more call 0905 789 4278 access charge) LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO SAGITTARIUS LIBRA CAPRICORN SCORPIO AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Scan from SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN LEO AQUARIUS VIRGO SAGITTARIUS PISCES LIBRA CAPRICORN SCORPIO AQUARIUS DINGBATS®, PISCES 2009: vector trace ARIES at TAURUS last DINGBATS® going ahead. GEMINI 1987 You have CANCERtalked about SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES DINGBATS® original logotype, 1987 game board ARIES Y H E E D E M M E E M O T ARIES D E T E S T E R L Y Y T T Y ARIES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER TAURUS GEMINI CANCER TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO ARIES LIBRA TAURUS SCORPIO GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO LIBRA SCORPIO VIRGO S T E R N LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN LEO AQUARIUS VIRGO PISCES LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER F ind as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found. SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN LEO AQUARIUS VIRGO PISCES LIBRA SCORPIO O O S T H T ARIES M O E HOW YOU RATE 12 Good; 16 Very Good; 20 Excellent. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES GEMINI CANCER TAURUS LIBRA Sept 24–Oct 23 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER sAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN LEO AQUARIUS VIRGO PISCES LIBRA SCORPIO G=0 G=0 (80p/min + network (80p/min + network For B=0more call 0905 B=0 789 4273 access charge) For more call 0905 789 4279 access charge) LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES DINGBATS® SAGITTARIUS Red CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER (80p/min + network LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRASAGITTARIUSSCORPIOCAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO TINKERING eking, gent, grin, ignite, igniter, inert, inker, inking, inner, inter, intern, irking, kern, king, kiting, knit, nine, reign, rein, rent, renting, ring, rink, tern, tine, ting, tinge, tinier, tinker, tinnier, tiring. KINGBATS logotype, 1999(?) Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 5243619 gives a fabric; 69856 gives a fabric; 7834 gives a fabric banner. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: LIVESTOCK YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Find the familiar phrase, saying or name in this arrangement of letters. DINGBATS® iPhone logotype, 2009 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: Forever and a day THINGBATS logotype, 1999(?) SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SAGITTARIUS SCORPIO CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER would be best to avoid discussing serious topics. Spontaneous sounds good, and if you can arrange it, you will be packing your bags and spending a weekend away from familiar surroundings. Even a day trip would be ARIES rejuvenating. For more call 0905 789 4271 You don’t like to interfere in anyone else’s life, but it might be up to you to talk an idealistic friend into seeing sense regarding a romantic or financial matter. You would regret not having at least tried to save them from making what might be the biggest ARIES mistake of their life. SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES www.dingbats.net 18/09/2021 For more call 0905 789 4272 A project you have been looking forward to is this a lot. You felt you were ready for it, but now the time has come you feel strangely nervous. LEO You VIRGO want to get LIBRA this right SCORPIO and you’ve put so much thought into it, how can it R=255 possibly go wrong? R=185 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES It’s lonely at the top. You have a leading role to play in a team project and it seems appropriate not to let those you normally deal with know what your next move is going TAURUS GEMINI CANCER to ARIES be. There is TAURUS someone GEMINI who cannot CANCER be trusted, so you need to keep some plans to yourself. For more call 0905 789 4274 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER For more call 0905 789 4276 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4277 access charge) DINGBATS®, 2009: for normal use SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES DINGBATS®, 2009: thicker stems. Only for use at very small sizes, optionally without ring. (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4280 access charge) (80p/min + network LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO You can’t see how a friend’s ideas can be successful, but you will be happy to go along with them and let them prove you wrong. Demands from friends, colleagues and neighbours will keep you on your toes. You might ask yourself whether some people are starting to take advantage. Someone will move furniture or change the place where everyday items are kept in their effort to tidy up the place. A temporary alteration in your surroundings might throw you a little, but once you’ve got used to a changing situation, you might actually quite like it. You might agree to finally tackle dreary tasks you’ve been avoiding for ages if only to keep someone happy. You’re tired of listening to their complaints. It might feel as if you have financial problems and stresses coming out of your ears. Breathe deeply when you feel overwhelmed. A family matter needs to be addressed. You have put this off for long enough. What might surprise you is that this won’t be as bad as you imagined it to be. Once a satisfactory conclusion is reached, you will feel relieved and more positive than you have been for some time. AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 Too many people are taking too much A senior colleague is about to make a huge interest in your private concerns. You just blunder. Keep an eye on them and you R=60 R=0 want to be alone. This seems impossible to might step in and help them out. Although arrange G=212 when your G=130 reclusive behaviour is they will assure you that they know what LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO drawing B=0 friends B=7 to you just to ARIES see why you TAURUS they GEMINI are doing, CANCER it will be more than obvious are TAURUS feeling this GEMINI way. Some CANCER THINGBATS Green can’t seem to that they don’t. It could be an interesting understand you need some space. and amusing day. THINGBATS, 2009 (80p/min + network (80p/min + network For more call 0905 789 4275 access charge) For more call 0905 789 4281 access charge) VIRGO PISCES Aug 24-Sept 23 Feb 20-Mar 20 R=148 R=94 You G=0aren’t particularly G=27 competitive, but you Talking will help release tension. It’s not a will B=207 be assertive B=109 about anything that is good idea to keep problems and emotions meaningful for you. You could find yourself bottled up inside. Talk to someone you trust. KINGBATS Purple SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER competing for something that you feel so If you’re worried about your job, discuss this strongly about that you intend to win. People with your boss. Getting a change of scenery KINGBATS, 2009 are going to see the more assertive side of will allow you to view your life from a your nature. different perspective. (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4282 access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Service provider Uploading, Spoke. 2009 Helpline 0333 202 3390 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES

28 The Gazette SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @TeessideLive The Big Quiz QUOTES OF THE WEEK “In my view they should be ashamed” – England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty on people who deliberately peddle “myths” about the coronavirus vaccine “If you’re thinking about the country as a whole and looking after the people in it, you have to look after the farmers who provide the food. And I’d also ban the sale of avocados” CODE CHALLENGE Puzzle – Celebrity Saturday farmer Sep19,2021 Jeremy Clarkson SATURDAY EXTRA CC 630 MASTERMINDS 1. Which tennis club in Kent was Emma Raducanu’s home club as a junior? 2. What is the name of the forthcoming new Matrix movie? 3. Who was named artist of the year at the MTV VMAs? 4. New single My Universe, which will be sung in both English and Korean, is being brought out by which two bands? 5. Which British heritage site has had scaffolding erected so it can undergo repairs for the first time in 60 years? 6. What Covid-19 vaccine will be used as the primary source of the UK’s booster jab rollout? 7. Which reality TV star wore a full face covering and body outfit to the Met Gala? 8. How much did an art deco diamond and pearl bracelet once owned by Princess Margaret fetch at auction? 9. Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals in the Premier League? 10. Where did Oscar-winning animator Nick Park unveil a statue of his creations Wallace and Gromit? 11. A £10 million pandemic research base launched in which city this week? 12. Which Strictly Come Dancing contestant is part of the show’s first male same-sex couple partnership? 13. Abba entered the UK top 10 for the first time in 40 years with which song? 14. Which newly engaged American pop star has announced she is taking a social media break? 15. Which original Star Trek cast member turned 85 this week? 16. Runners at which marathon ended up running further than planned because 1 course measurements were wrong? 17. Who was the American pop star who surprised fans in Belfast by turning up at a popular city centre bar? 18. Which BBC television series about a grizzled detective is returning as a film on Netflix? 19. Which supermarket chain is extending an online zero-waste shopping service trial to stores? 20. Dina Asher-Smith is defending world champion in which athletics event? 21. Who has stepped down from his roles as the chairman and host of a primetime show on GB News? 22. Researchers have potty-trained cows in a bid to do what? 23. Which player holds the record for the most nine-dart finishes in televised matches? 24. When does the new series of The Great British Bake Off begin on Channel 4? 25. What is the name of the debut album from 2021 Mercury Prize winner Arlo Parks? 26. How many gold medals did Great Britain win at the Tokyo Paralympics? 27. Which mobile network has reintroduced roaming fees when travelling abroad? 28. Who was the first player to be sent off in an FA Cup Final? 29. Which showbusiness duo will present a new primetime game show featuring an unlimited jackpot called Limitless Win? 30. Vaccine passports are to be launched in Scotland on which date? ANSWERS 1. Parklangley Club, Beckenham. 2. The Matrix Resurrections. 3. Justin Bieber. 4. Coldplay and K-pop superstars BTS. 5. Stonehenge. 6. Pfizer/BioNTech. 7. Kim Kardashian. 8. Almost £400,000 9. Alan Shearer. 10. In his birthplace of Preston. 11. Liverpool. 12. Great British Bake Off star John Whaite. 13. Don’t Shut Me Down. 14. Britney Spears. 15. Walter Koenig who played Ensign Pavel Chekov. 16. Brighton Marathon. 17. Taylor Swift. 18. Luther. 19. Tesco. 20. Women’s 200 metres. 21. Andrew Neil. 22. Reduce ammonia emissions caused by their waste. 23. Phil Taylor. 24. On Tuesday. 25. Collapsed In Sunbeams. 26. 41 27. Three – a flat £2 daily charge when roaming within an EU country will apply to customers. 28. Kevin Moran in 1985 29. Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. 30. October 1 CODE CHALLENGE 2021 You have just 20 minutes and 21 seconds to crack the Code Challenge. Each grid number represents a letter. Every letter of the alphabet is used. Today’s clue letters are below the main grid. Write in the appropriate letter wherever its number appears. Don’t give up. Call the Extra Letter line. Solution next week. 1 21 6 15 13 25 22 3 12 13 17 3 12 20 3 3 12 5 24 21 22 13 17 14 14 13 25 22 13 5 19 5 3 4 1 15 25 13 12 21 9 10 10 26 21 5 10 16 2 13 3 14 10 18 25 16 14 2 16 7 11 2 13 14 13 13 3 3 3 8 3 23 16 25 6 17 10 9 18 13 25 16 16 5 21 11 25 5 15 21 10 10 4 13 16 8 13 2 3 10 9 3 21 14 14 10 15 13 25 2 16 4 3 3 9 13 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z F G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 0900 586 4352 For up to 5 EXTRA LETTERS and FULL SOLUTION, call: Use your Target Time minutes when you call the Extra Letters line. Deduct two minutes for each extra letter you use. Stay on the line for some hints, followed by the Full Solution. TARGET TIME 20:21 mins secs Last week: Across: Sage, Scandal, Exile, Enslave, Default, Felt, Reward, Cherub, Dolt, Unlucky, Prolong, Reign, Leaflet, Spit. Down: Slender, Dope, Grief, Welcome, Require, Golf, Create, Jungle, Nose, Cholera, Amateur, Crisp, Zest, Bayonet. Landline calls cost 61p/min plus network extras. Calls from mobiles will be higher. Minimum age 18. Line closes next Friday. Std Reach plc rules apply. See www.mirror.co.uk/rules. SP: J Media UK, SW4 7BX. Helpline: 08448001188. Giant Crossword Across 8 Leaves or eats the bit on the outside (5,2) 9 Sets up as rival to a successful body-building business? (7,2) 13 Jack will be a breeder (5) 14 Ways to make money (5) 15 Manage – to administer the anaesthetic to? (4,3) 16 Interrupt, but you start getting used to it (5,2) 17 Find one must take a right turn first (5) 18 Give, as a tip, a ball-point (5) 20 Took a chance and within days are caught (5) 22 A danger to the people ahead of one (6) 23 Leaned over and told you what to bet on (6) 25 Said ‘A mere outward show,’ which does offend (7) 27 That is among the various words meaning ‘hooligans’ (7) 30 Maybe black marks, thanks to being caught in wrongdoing (6) 31 Were all different, as a random drive round showed (6) 32 Catches ‘They ain’t hadders!’ (5) 35 Are too small to pick up (5) 36 Is first to be locked in the big prison (5) 37 As soon as you see round, things are different (2,5) 39 Renovate and stash away again (7) 41 A retiring person of little intelligence; a loner (5) 42 Animal of which there are many in the pound (5) 43 Amazed by the speculator and the awful greed (9) 44 The bird has flown, you understand from her (7) Down 1 Want Father Edward to come back at first (6) 2 Shot in the nude (8) 3 Are ice-picks used to work in it? (7,4) 4 Material wealth (9) 5 Zip up coats the salesman came back with (7) 6 Top time for successful mountaineering expeditions? (4,6) 7 The name on the metal disc (4) 10 Felt anti an all-night sitting? (6) 11 A beating by father hurt (7) 12 Brooded over when drunk (6) 19 Reduce the price of squash (7) 21 The notes you keep from (7) 24 An electric blanket when you want central heating? (4,7) 26 Pervade the whole of the rehearsal? (3-7) 28 When unmasked, is brazen (4-5) 29 Girl getting the first rise in a job (7) 30 A really good note to end on. Great (6) 32 Argues it’s intended to be read (3,5) 33 Put the plastic cup beside the seat (6) 34 The fellow had got angry but concealed it (7) 38 Look! The strawberry roan is rearing! (6) 40 The locale, or spot, spoken of (4) Last week’s solution Across: 9, Pulled out 10, Tee-total 12, (pe)Elsa (rev) 13, Assail (a sail) 14, B-Lister 15, Carrie-D-on 17, To-othsome 18, To-aster 20, Sh-odd-y 21, Pa-I-d 24, Entrance 26, Addition 28, Over 29, Knocks 31, Chisels 34, Ba-dmin-t-on 36, Runnersup 38, De-spa-ir 39, En-su-es 40, Ergo (rev) 41, Crackers 42, Ma-de has-te. Down: 1, Upper-cut 2, C-loser 3, Conside-r 4, (mo)St-rain 5, St-I-let-to 6, Redblooded 7, To-nigh-t 8, Tattoo 11, Fri-ends 16, In turn 19, Annie 20, She 22, A-L-one 23, Strif-E 25, Non-starter 26, (l)Ass 27, Forbad-e 30, Co-nverse 31, Contends 32, Supposed 33, Fin-ance 35, Desert (dessert) 36, R-esum-e 37, Stress.