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moonshiners tv show heritage map

My Moonshiners TV Show Heritage Map

I watch the Moonshiners TV show religiously and realized that my ancestors come from the same places as the shiners so I created a map! As a family historian it’s the coolest thing to note that I have a genealogical connection to places near to the Moonshiners TV show personalities such as Tim & Tickle, Mark & Digger, Mark Rogers, Josh, Jeff & Lance, and even ole Jim Tom. I even have a heritage location connection to James “Jimbo” Bray who won the “Moonshiners: Master Distiller” show, a spinoff of the original “Moonshiners.”


NOTE: The above list is not a full list of the personalities that have appeared on the show, only those who live near to where my family history roots come from.

The Moonshiners TV show features shiners from Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Louisiana. My ancestors come from all those places except the last two: Kentucky and Louisiana. Although Patti Bryan’s father David Parker is from Murphy, NC right in Cherokee County.

Technically, I do have a 5th great grandfather that settled in Hopkins County, Kentucky (his son moved to Caldwell County) although it’s nowhere near to Gravel Switch where the infamous moonshiner Chico lives.

Of course this map is just for fun! Google Maps limits how many layers I can put on there so I missed out on adding my ancestor who lived in Greenville, South Carolina near where Josh is from. I also did not add Townley, Alabama where my Bama line comes from – but hey, I’ve written a bunch about them on the Family History Foundation already.

Townley is right up the road from Carbon Hill, and that place represents the very first winner of the Moonshiners TV show spinoff “Moonshiners: Master Distiller” competition series where a dude named James “Jimbo” Bray from Carbon Hill won. Yeah buddy!

It’s true I’m a huge “Moonshiners” fan and have even tasted a bunch of legal shine while in Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama. I think my favs are the Climax Fire No32 and Mark Rogers Peach shine. I’ve even visited the Belmont Farm Distillery where Chuck Miller and Tim Smith work their magic.

Although my family roots are in the same neck of the woods as these outlaw shiners I don’t have a lick of moonshining in my blood! At least not that I know about. We were plain simple farmers, but who knows I wouldn’t be surprised if on one of those special occasions my ancestors took a few sips of the ole white lightning!

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