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Katharine McPhee: David Foster Is More Than Just My Sugar Daddy!

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Last November, Katharine McPhee responded to dating rumors by claiming that she was more or less single.

Fast forward half a year, and Katharine McPhee and David Foster are engaged.

Fans had a lot to say, and Katharine is defending her engagement.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee Picture

Katharine McPhee reminds her fans and followers to keep their priorities in order.

"Y’all should be worrying more about registering to vote and midterm elections," McPhee admonishes on Twitter.

She writes that the fate of the country and the world is much more important "than who’s marrying me."

McPhee finishes her tweet with one of the best ways to conclude any announcemeng or argument on social media.

She says: "Thank you for coming to my TED talk."

Katharine McPhee Tweet - ted talk

In a text message with Jared Eng, who is the Jared of Just Jared and Just Jared Jr., McPhee provided some details on the proposal.

"He did it at the top of this mountain in Anacapri," McPhee shares.

She also posted a screencap of the conversation to Instagram, so that everyone could get the details.

"Totally dark, only stars," McPhee described, setting the mood.

"Thankfully he didn't push me off the cliff," she joked.

McPhee is known for her wit.

"He said it was one or the other," she said, continuing the joke. "And in the end he spared me."

Katharine McPhee, Jared Eng Convo

"He still has the option to push you off another day," Jared Eng wisely commented.

It's good when you can have a sense of humor with your friends.

Katharine McPhee also joked on Twitter about her engagement news, acknowledging that fans already knew before she ever tweeted about it.

"Guys HELLO!" She wrote. "i’m back in america and back on stage tonight."

"Were you saying anything?" she asked, making it obvious that she had seen their tweets about her engagement. "What did I miss?"

David Foster and Katharine McPhee

Of course, even so, some people decided to respond to the engagement news by throwing some shade.

One person tweeted: "Hope his 5th marriage & 8th engagement works out!"

Yes, he has really been married four times. He also has five (biological) daughters and seven grandchildren.

But neither that, nor the fact that, at 68, he is literally twice the age of the 34-year-old actress, necessarily mean that this is a bad match.

Similarly, just because McPhee had a relationship with a man while he was married and also just because she's on that awful Scorpion show doesn't mean that she isn't marriage material.

Katharine McPhee, David Foster Throwback

For the record, Foster's daughters Erin and Sara have already weighed in on this happy engagement news.

After David confirmed the news on Instagram, Erin commented: "Mommmyyy" followed by three heart emojis.

(Erin has made this joke before, even when her father and McPhee were "just friends")

Sara echoed McPhee's joke, writing: "Out of the country. What did I miss?"

It's always good when you're already comfortable with someone who is about to be family.

Congratulations to Katharine McPhee and to David Foster on their engagement.

But we recommend that they avoid honeymooning on any mountains.

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