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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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Dixie board favors name change

Majority still undecided on what to call district All 13 proposed new names A hearing
were rejected by the board, which Tuesday on
“I think we made some prog- agreed to take up the process of whether to
By Keri Brenner change the
ress,” district parent Bruce An- name selection at a future board
@KeriWorks on Twitter derson, a name change supporter, meeting. Neither board member name of the
said after Tuesday night’s hear- Marnie Glickman, who was push- Dixie School
After a raucous debate and pub- ing, which drew more than 300 ing for a vote in favor of Live Oak District drew a
lic hearing this week in the Dixie people to Miller Creek Middle Valley Elementary School Dis- big crowd.
School District, one stunning new School gymnasium in north San trict — with the acronym LOVE
fact emerged quietly from the rub- Rafael. “At least we’re not still — nor name change supporters
ble of human interaction: a major- talking about whether to change were pleased by the board’s lack JAMES CACCIATORE
ity of the Dixie board of trustees the name — we’re talking about of action. INDEPENDENT
now favors a name change. choosing a new name.” DIXIE >> PAGE 2 JOURNAL



‘vision plan’
ready to be
By Keri Brenner
@KeriWorks on Twitter

Amid protests, debate and

threats of litigation, the Sau-
salito Marin City School Dis-
trict on Thursday will unveil a
far-reaching “vision plan” for its
Bayside Martin Luther King Jr.
Academy in Marin City.
The 236-page plan is on the
agenda for the district’s board
of trustees meeting at 6 p.m. at
Bayside MLK, 200 Phillips Drive,
Marin City. The board, which is
still deciding how to respond to
a scathing report in December
from the state Office of the At-
torney General, has also sched-
uled two special closed session
meetings before the public ses-
sion, one at 4 p.m. and the sec-
ond at 5 p.m. The district is fac-
ing “anticipated litigation” if
it does not correct alleged vi-
olations to the state’s anti-dis-
crimination laws in regard to
A pedestrian crosses A Street in downtown San Rafael during steady rain on Wednesday. Showers will persist through Sunday, with as compared with its financing
another storm expected to hit by the middle of next week. VISION PLAN >> PAGE 2

Some flooding
reported; county
to stay wet Newsom: Let
users profit
By Gary Klien
gklien@marinij.com from online data
@marinij on Twitter
By Don Thompson
With the greens covered in The Associated Press
water, the only action at the
Meadow Club on Wednesday SACRAMENTO >> California Gov.
was the Tartan Ladies’ annual Gavin Newsom has set off a
“Galantine’s Day” luncheon. flurry of speculation after he said
Jim O’Neal, head golf pro the state’s consumers should get
at the Fairfax club, said the a piece of the billions of dollars
course water gauge measured that technology companies make
1.93 inches when the staff ar- by capitalizing on personal data
rived in the morning. And there they collect.
was still a whole day of heavy The new governor has asked
rain ahead. aides to develop a proposal for
“It’s coming down so hard a “data dividend” for California
they can’t drain it fast enough,” residents but provided no hints
O’Neal said. about whether he might be sug-
Parts of Marin could be ab- gesting a tax on tech companies,
sorbing more than half a foot of an individual refund to their cus-
rain by the time the latest storm Cars navigate flooded streets in Marin City on Wednesday. tomers or something else.
eases on Thursday, according to “Companies that make bil-
the National Weather Service. inches in San Rafael through several more inches could soak vard, Casa Buena Drive in Corte lions of dollars collecting, curat-
Showers will persist through late Wednesday afternoon, ac- the county, Tangen said. Madera and the Lucky Drive ing and monetizing our personal
Sunday, followed by a break cording to weather service Creeks in the Ross Valley did area along Highway 101. data have a duty to protect it,” the
on Monday and Tuesday, said gauges. Other totals in Marin not reach menacing levels by Flooding was particularly se- Democrat said in his first State of
weather service forecaster Spen- over that period included 4.3 Wednesday afternoon, but flood- vere in areas of rural Marin, ac- the State speech Tuesday. “Cali-
cer Tangen. Then another storm inches on Mount Tamalpais; ing was reported elsewhere in cording to the sheriff’s depart- fornia’s consumers should also be
could hit by the middle of next 4.16 inches in Kentfield; and 3.78 Marin. Those areas included ment. It said Highway 1 was able to share in the wealth that is
week, he said. inches in Mill Valley. central Marin City, the north- “impassable” south of Tomales created from their data.”
The storm that arrived Tues- With more rain expected ern Sausalito waterfront, the Petaluma Road and that Sir Tech companies, for exam-
day night had dropped 4.45 Wednesday night into Thursday, low areas along Tiburon Boule- WEATHER >> PAGE 4 DATA >> PAGE 2


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1859 FROM PAGE 1
Oregon was admitted to
the Union as the 33rd “Saying no to these
state. names is saying yes to Di-
xie all over again,” Glick-
1912 man said. “I think a lot of
people in this room feel this
Arizona became the way. I think a lot of people
48th state of the Union in the Bay Area feel this way,
as President William and I think a lot of people
Howard Taft signed a in the nation feel this way.”
proclamation. Amos Brown, president
of the San Francisco Chap-
1929 ter of the NAACP, was even
more blunt. “When you
The “St. Valentine’s Day leave dishes in the sink, the
Massacre” took place pests collect,” he said to the
in a Chicago garage Dixie board. Brown then led
as seven rivals of Al a loud rendition of the song,
Capone’s gang were “We Shall Not Be Moved.”
gunned down. During the board’s two-

hour debate Tuesday that
followed three hours of emo-
tional public testimony, two
6-year-old Stormie newly elected board mem-
Jones became the bers — Megan Hutchinson
world’s first heart-liver and Brooks Nguyen — ac-
transplant recipient at knowledged they were both JAMES CACCIATORE — MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL
Children’s Hospital of in favor of changing the
Pittsburgh. The Dixie School District board holds a public hearing on changing the district’s name at the Miller Creek Middle School
name, although they were in San Rafael on Tuesday.
not quite ready to act on it
at that moment. non-binding ballot measure jections were Live Oak Val- dumped for having strings the process should include
Both board members had in 2020 to gauge all public ley and Big Rock Elemen- attached were Mary Dixie a community-wide non-
Double-amputee and declined comment on the sentiment on the issue. tary School District. Both Elementary School District, binding vote in 2020, as
Olympic sprinter Oscar issue during the Novem- The ballot measure, refer to earthy elements in which the board said could was approved by the pre-
Pistorius shot and killed ber election campaign and which was approved 4-1 — the community: oak trees offer legal complications vious board in December.
his girlfriend, Reeva had made no public com- with Glickman casting the on the one hand, and a gen- because it refers to a Mi- They said the way the con-
Steenkamp, at his home ment about their positions sole no vote — was, in ef- uine big rock along Lucas wok Native American tribe, troversy was thrust on the
in Pretoria, South Africa; since taking office — until fect, superseded on Jan. 15 Valley Road. Even so, those and Miller Creek Elemen- community was hurtful,
he was later convicted Tuesday. when name change sup- two lost by a 3 to 2 vote, with tary School District, which and they are not prepared
of murder and is serving “I also think the commu- porters submitted petitions Glickman and Hutchinson some members of the pub- to erase the area’s history or
a 13-year prison term. nity needs to be a part of the for 13 new potential names. voting yes on both. lic object to because it refer- destroy the positive “brand”

process,” Hutchinson said. On Tuesday, the board re- Several of the names, ences James Miller, the orig- they say Dixie has built for
“I’m not quite sure how to jected all 13 names in or- such as Live Oak (with no inal founder of the district, them and their families and
reconcile all these feelings.” der to meet the state educa- Valley) and Miwok, were who, as the legend goes, be- businesses.
A former store clerk was Nguyen said she wanted tion code-imposed deadline rejected because of similar- stowed the name Dixie on Now, with the yes or no
convicted in New York to do more research on each for the petition process, but ities to other school names the tiny Dixie Schoolhouse issue mostly decided in fa-
of murder in one of the name to be sure to get it said they would take up the in the state. The name Sky- he built in 1864, allegedly vor of a name change, the
nation’s most haunting right. matter of name selection at walker was rejected for on a dare from Confeder- question of process for se-
missing-child cases, “I’ve only been in this a future board meeting. trademark reasons due to acy-friendly construction lecting the name will come
nearly 38 years after post for 60 days,” she said. Still not clear is the posi-
its reference to the “Star workers. to a head.
6-year-old Etan Patz “I personally cannot (make) tion of board president Brad Wars” film character Luke School parent Mercy Chiu
disappeared while on this decision based on the Honsberger. On Tuesday, he Skywalker. Ties to racism said Tuesday the whole is-
the way to a school bus information I have now.” was the one to propose vot- Lucas Valley Elementary Prior to Tuesday, the sue so far been has been
stop. ing no on all 13 names en School District got a no vote main issue is the name Di- unsettling. She said she has
Future meeting masse, in effect tabling the because it was geographi- xie’s ties to the racism, slav- joined with those who want
In addition, board mem- whole name selection issue cally limited; the district of ery and violence of the Con- to keep the name, the group
Birthdays ber Alissa Chacko, who for to a future board meeting. some 14,000 voters includes federacy and the Civil War- We Are Dixie, mostly be-
Actor Andrew Prine is months had protested that Glickman argued the names several other communities era South. As is happening cause of what she said was
83. Former New York the name change issue was should be voted on one by in addition to Lucas Valley, all over the country, sym- a difficult community en-
City Mayor Michael thrust unawares on the one, calling out Honsberger such as Marinwood and bols of that part of the na- gagement so far.
Bloomberg is 77. Jour- community in August by for lack of patience. Terra Linda. Terra Linda tion’s history are being re- “I feel the most efficient
nalist Carl Bernstein is Glickman and had unneces- “What, you don’t have five Elementary School District moved as people of color way would be go with what
75. Actor Simon Pegg sarily sparked a vicious and minutes?” Glickman said, was rejected because it was and others say they are the board had voted, to have
is 49. Rock singer Rob angry divide in the commu- referring to the amount of too similar to Terra Linda hurt and offended by them an advisory ballot,” she said
Thomas is 47. Former nity, on Tuesday acknowl- time to vote for each name High School, which is in — and even if they aren’t Tuesday, declining to com-
NFL quarterback Drew edged that she might be in after some discussion. another school district, San bothered by the name, they mit on whether she would
Bledsoe is 47. Actress favor of the name change if The board ultimately did Rafael City Schools. have empathy for those who keep the name Dixie or not.
Danai Gurira is 41. the proper community-wide vote on the names one by Terra Wood Valley El- are. Proponents, members “We feel there’s a lot of his-
engagement and board pro- one, rejecting all them for ementary School District of the Change The Name tory that’s been miscon-
cess could be realized. various reasons. got props for the effort to group, say now it’s finally strued, or highlighted when
Chacko and former board combine several commu- time after decades of try- it isn’t proven fact. We feel
Star report member Mark Schott had in Name suggestions nities, but was rejected for ing. the public is not getting a
December spearheaded a The two names that sur- being “too convoluted,” ac- Those who are opposed dose of fair information
Bradley Cooper’s plan for a community-wide faced as having the least ob- cording to Honsberger. Also to the name change say from both sides.”
dog, Charlie, is
raking in awards
Data Vision Plan
monthly active users. dent the digital marketing lion in WCA’s budget,”
Charlie, a dog who Steyer promised “land- agency Page 1 Solutions, Knowles added. “The sug-
belongs to director, mark legislation” that will said a tax might not bene- gestion that these cuts
star Bradley Cooper, is FROM PAGE 1 change the way consumers fit consumers, while some FROM PAGE 1 will not hit the class-
considered the star of view the value and privacy sort of profit-sharing plan room is just wrong. WCA
“A Star is Born.” ple, sell the data to out- of their online information. would likely return a “pit- of Willow Creek Academy does not have the bloated
“Cooper’s happy dog side businesses that target Most consumers don’t real- tance of a benefit” to indi- in Sausalito, the indepen- overhead that the district
steals the spotlight ads to users. The European ize that companies “are tak- viduals. dent charter school that does, so there is nowhere
in this film because Union and Spain’s socialist ing your data at extremely Facebook co-founder is also under the auspices else to cut. While we have
it’s clear that he loved government last year each detailed levels and selling it Chris Hughes last year of the district. reserves, covering this
being with his real-life proposed taxing big inter- and monetizing it,” he said. suggested that users could On Tuesday, students shortfall may take us be-
dad,” said PETA. net companies like Google, “You’re basically say- band together to negoti- and parents from Wil- low the minimum in less
“PETA has witnessed Facebook and Amazon. ing, ‘It’s my data,’” Steyer ate payments or a data tax low Creek staged a pro- than one year — and then
so much abuse and Common Sense Media, said. “And if you do use it, I could be administered, sim- test at the school about the district’s cuts will di-
neglect of dogs on which helped pass Califor- would like a portion of that ilar to a fund that annu- what they are calling a $1 rectly harm the children.”
set that we’re hoping nia’s nation-leading digital because you’re monetizing ally shares oil profits with million cut to their 2019- District Interim Super-
Cooper’s decision to privacy law last year, plans my personal information. Alaska residents. 20 budget. The protest intendent Terena Mares
engage in nepotism to propose legislation in That’s a big deal, and that Consumer Federation of was in conjunction with was in meetings all day
sets a precedent for coming weeks that would will represent an enormous California executive direc- a petition drive posted Wednesday and unavail-
Hollywood to follow,” reflect Newsom’s proposal, step forward for consumers tor Richard Holober hailed on Change.org alleg- able for comment.
the press release founder and CEO James in California and all across the proposal while allud- ing that some of the dis- T he state Attorney
added. Steyer said, without pro- the country.” ing to the vast financial di- trict’s trustees broke their General’s report, which
viding details. California-based tech gi- vide between rich and poor, campaign promises when came after a two-year in-
Cooper denies he was Starting next year, Cal- ants Facebook and Google particularly in California, they approved the spend- vestigation, alleges that
motivated by nepotism ifornia’s European-style did not immediately com- which is struggling to ad- ing plan — allegations the prior boards of trust-
to cast Charlie. privacy law will require ment. dress homelessness and an trustees have vigorously ees for the district un-
— Martha Ross, Bay Area companies to tell custom- Newsom’s office would affordable housing crisis. disputed. fairly diverted resources
News Group
ers upon request what per- not say who is leading his The governor previously Protesters on Tuesday to Willow Creek, which
sonal data they have col- review. Newsom “is open asked Silicon Valley compa- held signs saying, “Keep is 40 percent white in its
lected and why, which cat- to constructive input” from nies to match $500 million Your Promises to A ll student population, over
egories of third parties have national experts and law- in state funds with their Kids,” and “Cut Overhead, and above those devoted
LOTTERY received it, and allow con- makers, spokesman Brian own low-interest loans for Not Classrooms.” to Bayside MLK, which is
WINNING NUMBERS sumers to delete their infor- Ferguson said in a state- developers to build homes District officials have predominantly black.
Daily 3 Afternoon: mation and not sell it. ment. for middle-income residents said the changes in fi- The current board and
0, 6, 7 U.S. Sen. Mark Warner of The governor’s office in some of the state’s costli- nancing do not consti- district officials say the
Daily 3 Evening: 5, 5, 1 Virginia, ranking Democrat pointed to proposals else- est areas. tute a $1 million budget planned budget changes
on the Senate Intelligence where that would put a tax “We have such a dispar- cut and that they are in- for 2019-20 are necessary
Daily 4: 4, 9, 6, 6 Committee, predicted in on data, including one that ity here with everyday Cal- stead changes to the fa- to get the district, which
Fantasy 5: November that California died in the Washington ifornians who are having cilities use agreement for has been deficit spending
4, 10, 11, 16, 23 would consider legislation state Legislature in 2017. trouble paying their rent or the charter school com- by about $500,000 annu-
Daily Derby that would “send a shiver That measure would have sending their kids to col- plex and other non-class- ally, out of the red and
1st: 1, Gold Rush down the spine” of tech taxed receipts from the sale lege,” Holober said. “Califor- room-related expenses. avoid insolvency within
2nd: 10, Solid Gold companies. of state residents’ personal nia has created a very fer- Willow Creek board two years.
He described the pro- data at a rate of 3.3 percent. tile land for these corpora- member Jeffrey Knowles Willow Creek Acad-
3rd: 8, Gorgeous George posal as returning 25 per- Mahsau Daee of the In- tions to become fabulously strongly disagreed. emy charter board pres-
Race Time: 1:47.05 cent of the value of an indi- ternet Association said the wealthy, and they need to “Any suggestion by the ident Kurt Weinsheimer,
SUPER LOTTO PLUS vidual’s data. It wasn’t clear industry will look forward give back.” district that their bud- however, was skeptical of
Wednesday’s drawing: how the calculation would to reviewing the governor’s Newsom’s announcement get does not cut approxi- that explanation.
8, 26, 33, 40, 46 be made. eventual proposal but that excited lawmakers who au- mately $1 million is dou- “The district’s current
Warner’s office said “free and low-cost, data- thored California’s privacy ble talk, pure and sim- path does not solve its
Mega Number: 13 Wednesday that he made driven online services of- law, but they had no infor- ple,” he said Wednesday deficit problem, it simply
Saturday’s estimated the comment after speak- fer Californians — and all mation about it. in an email. “That bud- shifts the deficit prob-
jackpot: $19 million ing with Steyer. Warner is Americans — enormous Democratic Senate Ma- get will share none of lem,” Weinsheimer said in
MEGA MILLIONS considering federal legisla- benefits.” jority Leader Bob Hertz- the district’s $3.4 million a Feb. 11 letter to Mares
Tuesday’s drawing: tion requiring companies Jeffrey Chester, execu- berg called the proposal in excess public revenue and the district board.
15, 32, 39, 50, 65 like California-based Face- tive director of the Cen- “the next frontier of the on- (over and above minimum “As always, we stand pre-
book and Google to provide ter for Digital Democracy, line data and privacy con- funding) with Willow pared to find budget-bal-
Mega Number: 7 users with annual estimates said Newsom “is off to the versation.” Creek, and imposes max- ancing solutions that sup-
Friday’s estimated of what their data is worth. wrong start” on protecting Democratic Assembly- imum charges for any ser- port all students and ex-
jackpot: $190 million Axios calculated that consumer privacy. man Ed Chau, who is chair- vices provided. pect (the district), our
POWERBALL the average Facebook user “ T hey shouldn’t be man of the Assembly Com- “The net result is a cut Charter Authorizer and
Wednesday’s drawing: is worth $7.37 to the com- tricked into giving away mittee on Privacy and Con- on the order of $1 mil- funder, to do the same.”
pany, while a Twitter user their privacy for a small dis- sumer Protection, said the
2, 8, 14, 24, 69 is worth $2.83, and a Red- count,” he said in an email. proposal “highlights the
Powerball: 26 dit user, about 30 cents. “Selling it for a few bucks value of data, which has of-
Wednesday’s estimated The calculation basically isn’t the answer and will ten been described as the PLEASE RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER.
jackpot: $242 million divided the companies’ make the problem worse.” new oil in this technologi-
annual revenue by their Dan Goldstein, presi- cal data-driven economy.”
» marinij.com


Planning panel approves Agency launches

West End condo project another search
for new manager
By Matthew Pera
mind, which was to work in
vulnerable communities to
@MatthewRPera on Twitter help rebuild them. … I’m go-
ing to continue to move in that
The Marin City Community direction,” she said.
Services District launched its The interim manager’s
search Wednesday for a new contract was set to expire in
general manager, who will be March. Board members on
the fifth to fill that role in the Wednesday extended it until
past three years. June in order to facilitate a
The district’s top post has smooth transition with a new
become a revolving door amid hire.
a financial crisis that crescen- Jones-Taylor in September
doed last year, when the dis- replaced Howard Smith, an
trict fired the majority of its interim general manager that
staff and put on hold plans to the district’s board of direc-
build a new facility. tors fired in August in a closed
The embattled agency func- session meeting. Smith had re-
tions as Marin City’s de facto placed Monique Brown, who
city council and provides rec- was fired last year in connec-
COURTESY CITY OF SAN RAFAEL reation services to the com- tion with the district’s finan-
A rendering depicts the proposed nine-unit condominium complex at 1628 Fifth Ave. in San Rafael. munity. Its $1.3 million an- cial turmoil. Brown had re-
nual budget is funded primar- placed Jonathan Logan, who
By Adrian Rodriguez
think it would destroy the neigh- that would expand the footprint, ily through property taxes and stepped down in February
borhood.” allowing a seventh unit. Because grants. 2016 after more than a de-
@adrianrrodri on Twitter Owners Vincent and Joseph the applicant is also proposing “We don’t want to lolly- cade with the district to take
O’Flynn plan to build eight mar- one affordable unit, two addi- gag and drag this train on,” a job with the Marin Commu-
A three-story, nine-unit con- ket-rate, for-sale condominiums tional units are allowed under said Royce McLemore, a di- nity Foundation.
dominium project planned for and one unit at a below-market the state’s density bonus laws, rector for the district, at a Staff restructuring has been
San Rafael’s West End neigh- affordable rate. said Alan Montes, an assistant board meeting Wednesday. common practice for the dis-
borhood received a thumbs-up The project will increase the city planner. “We need to begin a search trict in recent years. At the
this week, despite concerns that vacant lot from 9,800 square feet The project site is situated in now so we have an opportu- peak of the agency’s finan-
the complex is too big and out of to 10,546 square feet. The build- a transition area between the nity to find someone that’s cial turmoil last year, it had
character with the area. ing will be 14,546 square feet city’s downtown and the West qualified to come in and pick 28 employees. On Wednesday,
The Planning Commission and stand 30 feet tall. It will in- End neighborhood. The neigh- up the pieces, but also to al- it had six.
Tuesday voted unanimously to clude 15 parking spaces and four borhood is a mix of single-fam- low enough time for Audree to The cuts have played a ma-
approve the project at 1628 Fifth private and one common area ily residents, apartments, shops be here to help the transition.” jor role in the district’s finan-
Ave. as residents voiced concerns rooftop decks. and small businesses. South and Audree Jones-Taylor, who cial improvement, said Henry
about the height, mass and de- T he commission Tuesday across the street from the proj- has served as the district’s in- Gardner, a consultant who has
sign. Ultimately, the seven-mem- signed off the environmental and ect site is the Victorian Village, a terim manager since Septem- been working with the district
ber commission said the project design review, lot line adjust- designated historic district. ber, isn’t interested in apply- since its budget crisis came to
fits the city’s zoning and general ment and tentative map needed After three meetings with the ing for a permanent position, light last year.
plan criteria, achieving the goal to get the project done. city’s Design Review Board, the she said in an interview this The district was on track
of adding much-needed housing. The lot is zoned for high-den- applicant, Scott Meyers of Crome week. to end last fiscal year up to
“They (the applicants) are sity housing, meaning that one Architecture, changed the de- Jones-Taylor retired from $30,000 in the red, accord-
not asking for anything spe- dwelling unit could be built for sign from a contemporary look her role as director of Oak- ing to Roy Given, director of
cial,” said Commissioner Mark every 1,500 square feet. In this and added shingles and made land’s parks and recreation Marin County’s finance de-
Lubamersky. “It’s something case that would equal six units. other tweaks so that it was more department in 2015. partment. Last week, the
we need in San Rafael. I do not But with the lot line adjustment, PROJECT » PAGE 4 “I retired with a goal in MANAGER » PAGE 4

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4 | A

SAUSALITO In your town

Hit-and-run suspect arrested

Send us your news: We want more news items from
Marin’s cities and towns. Email them to our City Desk at
localnews@marinij.com, mail them to City Desk, Marin
Independent Journal, 4000 Civic Center Drive, Suite
301, San Rafael, CA 94903, or fax them to 382-7209.
Marin County Jail on suspi- For more information about towns in Marin, visit the IJ’s
By Gary Klien
Burke was booked into Marin cion of hit-and-run driving, website at marinij.com.
@marinij on Twitter County Jail on suspicion of hit- possession of stolen prop- Send us your photos: Send photos to photos@marinij.
erty and recklessly evading com and include your name and phone number so that
Sausalito police arrested and-run driving, possession of officers. we can get back to you for any additional information we
a hit-and-run suspect stolen property and recklessly The damaged vehicle, a might need.
Wednesday after a crash in- evading officers. 1996 Honda, had been re-
volving a car reported sto- ported stolen on Feb. 9,
len in Santa Clara.
A license plate scanner
Fraass said. The pole the
car struck was on private PG&E starts series
Real estate sales
detected the car shortly be- and Bridgeway, the driver lice, Mill Valley police and property. of aerial inspections last week in Marin
fore 10 a.m. as it entered tried to outrace police but county sheriff’s deputies. The police department,
the city on Alexander Ave- soon crashed into a pole Christopher Burke, 43, of which started using license Pacific Gas and Electric
2018 2019
nue, said Sausalito police Lt. along Marinship Way. San Jose, was arrested af- plate cameras in May 2017, is planning to fly a heli- Average $1.3M $1.4M
William Fraass. When po- The driver bailed and ter police found him hiding credited the devices for the copter around Marin this Median $1.13M $1.35M
lice intercepted the car in ran, setting off a one-hour in some foliage. recovery of 19 stolen vehicles week and next to inspect Sales 21 18
the area of Johnson Street search by Sausalito po- Burke was booked into and the arrest of 25 suspects. transmission towers and ADOM* 43 58
poles. SP/LP** 103.60% 100.14%
The utility said the he- Highest $2.65M $2.65M
licopter is equipped with
SAN RAFAEL an infrared camera “to CONDOMINIUMS
determine hot spots on 2018 2019

Man arrested after roadside standoff

Average $506,260 $796,563
conductors, insulators
Median $532,521 $803,750
and connectors which
Sales 4 8
may require repair.” The
ADOM* 37 57
By Gary Klien
a California Highway Pa- Boulevard East and the hours of on-and-off negoti- utility said it accelerated
SP/LP** 100% 97.10%
trol officer spotted the man highway before settling ations, Holton said. Police its inspection efforts in
Highest $675,000 $1.07M
@marinij on Twitter walking along northbound on the city pump sta- reopened the road at about the aftermath of the re-
2018: Feb. 6-12
Highway 101 near the down- tion along the canal. Po- 1:30 p.m. cent catastrophic fires.
2019: Feb. 5-11
San Rafael police ar- town exit, said San Rafael lice closed Francisco Bou- Zach Michael Dangelo, The helicopter crew
*Average Days On Market
rested an alleged freeway police Sgt. Lisa Holton. The levard East to negotiate 40, of San Rafael, was started inspections in
pedestrian after a pro- man then jumped over the with the man and rescue booked into the county jail Marin on Tuesday. **Sales Price/List Price
Source: Patti Cohn, Realtor Pacific Union
longed standoff in the Ca- barrier to Francisco Boule- him if he jumped into the on suspicion of resisting po- International; pacunion.com
nal area on Wednesday. vard East. water. lice, public intoxication and NOVATO
The standoff started The man continued to Police were able to ar- violating his probation con- Design board sets Golden Hind Passage at
shortly after 9 a.m. when cross between Francisco rest the man after several ditions. Paradise Drive in Corte
2 project hearings Madera; Magnolia and
The city Design Review Madrone avenues in
Commission has sched- Larkspur; Doherty Drive
SAN DIEGO CRASH uled hearings next week at Rose Lane in Lark-
on two development proj- spur; Saunders Avenue at

Navy officer guilty of manslaughter ects downtown.

One hearing will
Sir Francis Drake Bou-
levard in San Anselmo;
cover the final details of and the 100 block Cen-
a plan for 50 condomin- ter Boulevard in San An-
The Associated Press ter while intoxicated. He lio had been drinking on standing. iums and a retail site at selmo.
also was acquitted of reck- Oct. 15, 2016, and was ar- Four people died, and 7533 and 7537 Redwood The police authority
SAN DIEGO >> A Navy petty less driving and driving guing with his girlfriend seven were hurt. Blvd. The other is for a said the crosswalks were
officer whose car plunged over the legal alcohol limit — now his wife — by cell- Sepolio’s pickup was re- proposed 30-foot-tall selected based on citizen
off a soaring bridge in San causing injury. phone when he tried to corded doing 81 mph go- building to house two complaints and collision
Diego and killed four peo- Sepolio could be sen- speed past another car on ing onto the bridge, which restaurants at the No- data.
ple below was convicted tenced to up to 18 years in the San Diego-Coronado stretches across San Di- vato Center plaza at Sev-
Wednesday of vehicular prison. Bridge. He lost control of ego Bay and links San Di- enth Street and Grant SAUSALITO
manslaughter while intox- “This was a great out- his pickup truck, which ego to the Navy town of Avenue. Library to show film
icated. come on this case,” prose- crashed through a concrete Coronado, where Sepolio The commission will
A jury also found Richard cutor Cally Bright said out and plunged 60 feet off the was an aviation electron- meet at 7 p.m. Feb. 20 at on women mariners
Sepolio, 27, guilty of driving of court. But Bright added: span into a crowd celebrat- ics technician. City Hall. The city library is of-
under the influence causing “Nothing will bring back ing a motorcycle rally and The prosecution told ju- fering a screening of
injury but acquitted him of the family members lost festival at Chicano Park. rors that Sepolio chose “to ROSS VALLEY “Women at the Helm,”
the more serious charges of that day.” The truck crushed vendor drive irritated, impaired Police cite drivers a documentary about
gross vehicular manslaugh- Prosecutors said Sepo- booths where people were and impatient.” five senior women who
in crosswalk stings worked in the maritime
The Central Marin Po- business in the Bay Area
lice Authority cited 30 and Washington state.
LA ARRESTS drivers during a crack- Filmmaker Helen
down on pedestrian Vandeman will attend

Feds announce ‘takedown’ of 2 gangs crosswalk violations.

Police conducted the
operation over eight
the screening and an-
swer questions about the
47-minute movie. The
hours on Feb. 7, moni- women include two com-
By Amanda Lee Myers
members exerted control east San Fernando Valley,” been trafficking in drugs, toring crosswalks while mercial skippers, a com-
The Associated Press
over their San Fernando said Paul Delacourt, assis- committed attempted mur- a department employee mercial fisher, a sail-
Valley territory by shooting tant director in charge of der of a rival gang member, used them. maker and a long-dis-
LOS ANGELES >> Federal pros- and assaulting rival gangs, the FBI’s Los Angeles field and tried to smuggle drugs The crosswalks that tance sailor.
ecutors say they’ve dealt a trafficking in drugs and Office. into California’s prisons, in- police targeted were at The event is scheduled
blow to two Los Angeles guns, and extorting money “It sends a strong mes- cluding mailing shipments Tamalpais and Lakeside for 7 p.m. Friday. The li-
gangs that have ties to the from other dealers. sage to the gang that we of 100 grams of heroin to an drives in Corte Madera; brary is at 420 Litho St.
Mexican Mafia after charg- Twenty-five suspected will continue our efforts imprisoned Mexican Mafia
ing dozens of suspected Vineland Boys members to crush their organization member.
members with racketeer- were arrested Wednesday, until they no longer pose Police recently arrested
ing and drug and gun vio- while 11 others charged al- any threat,” he said. 11 of the gang’s alleged
lations in indictments an- ready were in custody. The other indictments members, while 16 others
nounced Wednesday. “This takedown will pro- announced Wednesday charged in the indictments
Indictments against the vide significant relief to the say the South Los Angeles- already were in custody and
Vineland Boys gang say its law-abiding residents of the based Florencia-13 gang has nine remain fugitives.

National Weather Service.
In Sonoma County, the Russian The river, which measured
River at Guerneville was forecast to Wednesday morning at
about 10 feet, is projected
rise to moderate flood stage levels to reach 38.8 feet, above
Francis Drake Boulevard by Friday, according to the National the minor flood stage of
was only passable with Weather Service. 32 feet.
high-clearance vehicles at The Sierra Nevada snow-
Mount Vision Road in In- pack measured 129 percent
verness. of historical average for this
In northern Novato, San main shut about two more Alpine, Bon Tempe, Kent, time of year. That number marinij.com | facebook.com/MarinIJFan | @MarinIJ
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because of heavy flooding, Reservoir storage for the nix and Soulajule basins. ries of storms forecast to Email ........................................................ subscriberservices@marinij.com
while the central library Marin Municipal Water Dis- In Sonoma County, the impact the Sierra Nevada Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
branch extended its closure trict was already above 117 Russian River at Guernev- through the weekend. Saturday; 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Sunday.
because of ongoing roof percent on Tuesday, as the ille was forecast to rise to To report a missed newspaper: Call by 9:30 a.m. Monday through
Friday, and by 10:30 a.m. on weekends.
leaking. It was supposed to storm was about to hit. The moderate flood stage levels Bay Area News Group
Online: Manage your subscription at marinij.com/subscribe.
reopen Saturday but will re- district’s reservoirs are the by Friday, according to the contributed to this article.
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Are You Hard
of Hearing?
A major name brand hearing
aid provider wishes to field
test a remarkable new digital
hearing aid, the ME5500

FBI This offer is Risk FREE for

A wanted poster for Monica Elfriede Witt. The former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence
specialist who defected to Iran despite warnings from the FBI has been charged with 45 Days!
revealing classified information to the Tehran government, including the code name and
secret mission of a Pentagon program, prosecutors said on Wednesday.
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US says ex-intelligence Digital hearing aids use the latest technology to

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official defected to Iran clearly. This technology solves the “stopped up ears”
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was warned by FBI agents
By Eric Tucker
The Associated Press
The Texas native that she was a potential re- If you wish to participate, you will be required to have
defected to Iran cruitment target for Iranian
your hearing tested in our office FREE OF CHARGE
WASHINGTON >> A former intelligence.
U.S. Air Force counterin-
in 2013 after “She chose not to heed
telligence specialist who de- being invited to our warning that travel to to determine candidacy and if you can be helped by a
fected to Iran despite warn- two all-expense- Iran could potentially make
ings from the FBI has been paid conferences her susceptible to recruit- hearing aid. You will review your results with the hearing
charged with revealing clas- ment,” Tabb said. “She con-
sified information to the in the country tinued to travel.” aids and our Licensed Hearing Aid
Tehran government, includ- that the Justice Later that year, she was
ing the code name and se- Department hired by an individual who
cret mission of a Pentagon is not named in the indict-
program, prosecutors said says promoted ment but who professed to At the end of this evaluation, you may keep your hearing
The Justice Department propaganda
have ties to high-level offi-
cials to help in the filming aid, if you so desire, at a $1000 Savings off the MSRP
also accused Monica Elf-
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in 2013. This time, with
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hackers linked to the Ira- Iran celebrates the 40th
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nian government, charged
in the same indictment,
anniversary of its Islamic
Revolution and as the
plying information about a
classified Defense Depart-
degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy
used that information to
target the intelligence work-
country denounced a Mid-
dle East security confer-
ment program and assem-
bling into “target packages”
of hearing test, and proper fit. This is a wonderful
ers online, prosecutors said.
Witt had been on the
ence in Warsaw co-hosted
by the U.S. and Poland. Of-
research she conducted
into the family lives, loca-
opportunity to determine if hearing help is available
FBI’s radar at least a year
before she defected after
ficials said the indictment’s
timing was unconnected to
tions and missions of for-
mer colleagues, the indict-
for your hearing loss and get help for you at a very
she attended an Iranian
conference and appeared in
the meeting.
Witt served in the Air
ment said.
The accused hackers ex-
affordable price.
anti-American videos. She Force between 1997 and ploited that research, con-
was warned about her ac- 2008, where she was trained tacting Witt’s former col-
tivities, but told agents that in the Farsi language and leagues through imposter
she would not provide sen- was deployed overseas on Facebook and email ac- ELIGIBLE FOR
sitive information about her classified counterintelli- counts. Their goal was to
work if she returned to Iran, gence missions, including to induce the targets to click AudioTone Pro Hearing Aids AT NO COST!
prosecutors say. She was not the Middle East. She later on links and attachments
arrested at the time. found work as a Defense De- containing malicious soft-
“Once a holder of a top partment contractor. ware that could compro- That’s Right…No Co Pay! No Exam Fee! No Adjustment Fee!
secret security clearance, The Texas native de- mise their computer and
Monica Witt actively sought fected to Iran in 2013 after networks.
opportunities to undermine being invited to two all-ex- The indictment includes
the United States and sup- pense-paid conferences in snippets of dialogue be-
port the government of Iran the country that the Justice tween Witt and the person Call Now and Make a Reservation if
— a country which poses a Department says promoted who hired her, identified
serious threat to our na-
tional security,” said FBI
anti-Western propaganda
and condemned American
only as Individual A.
In 2012, for instance, the
you wish to be Included!
executive assistant director moral standards. person wrote her, “should i
Jay Tabb, the bureau’s top The Treasury Depart- thank the sec of defense...u
national security official. ment on Wednesday sanc- were well trained. Witt re-
Tabb said “she provided tioned the New Horizon plied with a smiley emot- Mention Code: 19FebHealth
information that could Organization, which spon- icon, “LOL thank the sec
cause serious damage to
national security,” though
sored the conferences Witt
attended and hosts events
of defense? For me? Well, I
loved the work, and I am en-
Now through 2-22-2019
he did not provide specifics. that American officials deavoring to put the train-
Witt remains at large in say promote Holocaust de- ing I received to good use
Iran, as do the four hackers, nial, conspiracy theories instead of evil. Thanks for
who prosecutors say were and serve as a platform to giving me the opportunity,”
acting on behalf of the pow- recruit and collect intelli- the indictment says.
erful, government-linked gence from attendees. Using a typed smiley-
Revolutionary Guard. That Witt first traveled to a face, Witt later said, “If all
group, a branch of Iran’s “Hollywoodism” conference else fails, I just may go pub-
armed forces, has previ- in 2012, when she appeared lic with a program and do
ously been designated by in Iranian television vid- like Snowden” — a reference
the U.S. government as ter- eos in which she was iden- to Edward Snowden, a for-
rorism supporter. tified as a former U.S. ser- mer NSA contractor who The Miracle Ear Foundation
The indictment was un- vice member with hostile leaked classified U.S. infor-
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Since 1990 the Miracle-Ear Foundation™ has been providing
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6 | A


Trump still coy on border deal Judge finds Manafort

lied to investigators
— but claims victory anyway in the Russia probe
By Jill Colvin, Alan Fram
no surprises in the final The Associated Press relates to election interfer-
and Catherine Lucey
text, “I think he’s going to ence because much of the
The Associated Press
sign it,” conservative Rep. WASHINGTON >> Former dispute has played out in
Mark Meadows, R-N.C., Trump campaign chair- secret court hearings and
WASHINGTON >> Even be- a close ally of the presi- man Paul Manafort inten- blacked out court filings.
fore seeing a final deal or dent, said Wednesday. He tionally lied to investigators In her ruling Wednesday,
agreeing to seal it, Pres- warned, though, that “it and a federal grand jury in Jackson provided few new
ident Donald Trump la- would be political suicide” the special counsel’s Rus- details as she found there
bored on Wednesday to if Trump signed the deal sia probe, a judge ruled was sufficient evidence to
frame the congressional and then failed to take ac- Wednesday. say Manafort broke the
agreement on border secu- tion to secure additional U.S. District Judge Amy terms of his plea agreement
rity as a political win, never funding for the wall using Berman Jackson’s de- by lying about three of five
mind that it contains only a his executive powers. cision was another loss matters that prosecutors
fraction of the billions for a Swallowing the deal for Manafort, a once- had singled out. The rul-
“great, powerful wall” that would mark a major con- wealthy political consul- ing was largely a rejection
he’s been demanding for cession by Trump, who has tant who rose to lead Don- of Manafort’s attorneys’ ar-
months. spent months insisting the ald Trump’s 2016 cam- gument that he hadn’t in-
Trump is expected to President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with situation at the southern paign and now faces years tentionally misled inves-
grudgingly accept the Colombian President Ivan Duque in the Oval Office of the border represents a national in prison in two criminal tigators but rather forgot
agreement, which would White House in Washington on Wednesday. security crisis that demands cases brought in special some details until his mem-
avert another government an impregnable wall. He counsel Robert Mueller’s ory was refreshed.
shutdown and give him campaign would “go up so was on board. But barring also had insisted he would investigation. The judge found that
what Republicans have fast your head will spin.” any major changes or late accept nothing less than The four-page ruling Manafort did mislead the
been describing as a “down Sounding like he was additions, he was expected $5.7 billion for the barrier hurts Manafort’s chance FBI, prosecutors and a fed-
payment” on his signature again in campaign mode, to acquiesce, according to — a demand that forced the of receiving a reduced sen- eral grand jury about his
campaign pledge. he told a law enforcement White House officials and 35-day partial shutdown tence, though Jackson said interactions with Konstan-
He said Wednesday that group on Wednesday, “It’s other Republicans close to that left hundreds of thou- she would decide the ex- tin Kilimnik, the co-defen-
he’s still waiting on law- going to be a great, power- the White House who spoke sands of federal workers act impact during his sen- dant who the FBI says has
makers to present him ful wall. ... The wall is very, on condition of anonymity without paychecks and Re- tencing next month. It also ties to Russian intelligence.
with final legislative lan- very on its way.” because they weren’t autho- publicans taking the brunt resolves a dispute that Prosecutors had accused
guage before making a de- Carried away by his rized to discuss the matter of the blame. There is no ap- had provided new insight Manafort of lying about
cision. But he’s not waiting own enthusiasm, perhaps, publicly. petite for a repeat. into how Mueller views several discussions the two
to declare victory, contend- he added, “You are going Trump and his aides The tentative deal law- Manafort’s actions as part men had including about a
ing at the White House on to have to be in extremely have also signaled that he makers reached this week of the broader probe of Rus- possible peace plan to re-
Wednesday that a wall “is good shape to get over this is preparing to use execu- would provide less than $1.4 sian election interference solve the Russia-Ukraine
being built as we speak.” one. They would be able to tive action to try to secure billion for border barriers and any possible coordina- conflict in Crimea.
Indeed, work on a first climb Mount Everest a lot additional money for the while keeping the govern- tion with Trump associates. Mueller prosecutor An-
barrier extension — 14 miles easier, I think.” wall by tapping into exist- ment funded through the Prosecutors have drew Weissmann has said
in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley White House officials ing federal dollars without end of September. While made clear that they re- one of the discussions — an
— starts this month, ap- cautioned that they had any congressional sign-off some conservatives, Fox main deeply interested in Aug. 2, 2016, meeting at the
proved by Congress about a yet to see final legislative so he can show support- News commentator Sean Manafort’s interactions Grand Havana Room club
year ago along with money language, which bargain- ers he’s continuing to fight. Hannity among them, have with a man the FBI says and cigar bar in New York
to renovate and strengthen ers all but completed late That could lead to resis- balked at the deal, other al- has ties to Russian intelli- — went to the “larger view
some existing fencing. But Wednesday. And Trump tance in Congress or fed- lies of the president have gence. But it’s unclear ex- of what we think is going
that’s a far cry from the vast has a history of balking eral court. urged him to sign it and actly what has drawn their on” and what “we think the
wall he promised during his at deals after signaling he But assuming there are move on. attention and whether it motive here is.”


Should anyone worry about a $22 trillion national debt?

By Martin Crutsinger
The Associated Press
tial candidate, Trump had
assailed the $1 trillion an-
nual deficits under Pres-
other sources. The debt
has become a perennial
source of hand-wringing
icits, combined into one,
represent the debt. Be-
cause the government typ-
A : One misperception
is that most of the
U.S. debt is held by for-
curity benefits, to finance
other expenses. But once
that money is needed to
WASHINGTON >> The gov- ident Barack Obama and because of, among other ically spends more than eigners — in China, Japan pay Social Security bene-
ernment surpassed a dubi- had said that as president things, concern that it it collects, it must borrow and elsewhere. But in fact fits, the government must
ous milestone this week: Its he could wipe out all the to make up the difference.
will paralyze the nation’s America’s biggest credi- replenish the amounts it
debt topped $22 trillion — debt. Now, Trump is pro- For the 2018 budget year,
ability to finance its fu- tor is ... America. Sixty- borrowed — with interest.
that’s trillion, with a “t” — jecting that his own annual ture operations and will which ended Sept. 30, the two percent of the federal If it’s still running deficits,
for the first time. deficits will top $1 trillion hamstring generations to deficit totaled $779 bil- debt is held in the United the only way to do this is to
Piles of federal debt have for a time. come. Not since the late lion. That was the largest States — by the Federal take on more debt.
been growing ever higher So just what is the na- 1990s and early 2000s hasgap between spending and Reserve, the Social Secu- The debt held by the
for years, fueled by accu- tional debt, why does it the U.S. government run arevenue since 2012, when rity system, banks, pen- public — $16.2 trillion —
mulating annual deficits, keep rising and how wor- the deficit was $1.1 tril-
surplus, a luxury that al- sion plans, mutual funds, is about three-fourths of
which themselves have been ried should we be about it? lion. That year, during the
lows it to reduce the debt insurance companies and the total. It’s held by in-
driven by tax cuts, govern- Here are some questions and finance other needs. Obama administration, individual investors. vestors in both the United
ment spending increases and answers: the government had in- In fact, the largest sin- States and abroad, ranging
and the mounting costs of
Medicare and Social Secu-
rity and interest on the debt Q : What makes up the
national debt?
: How does the debt creased spending and cut
differ from the deficit? taxes to continue stimulat-
ing the economy in the af-
gle chunk — $5.9 trillion,
about one-fourth of the
total — is money the gov-
from individuals and pen-
sion funds to foreign cen-
tral banks. China is the
Under President Donald
Trump, the national debt A : It’s the total the gov-
ernment has bor-
: The deficit is the gap termath of the 2008 finan-
between what the gov- cial crisis and the Great
ernment collects in rev- Recession.
ernment owes itself in the
form of trust funds. The
biggest is the Social Secu-
largest foreign owner of
debt. It holds roughly $1.2
trillion in Treasury secu-
has topped $20 trillion rowed to finance its opera- enue and what it spends rity trust fund. The gov- rities, followed by Japan,
(September 2017) $21 tril-
lion (March 2018) and now
$22 trillion. As a presiden-
tions beyond what it’s col- in any particular budget
lected over the years in
revenue from taxes and
year. The accumulation of
these annual budget def-
: Who holds all the
debt the government
has borrowed?
ernment has drawn on
this money, which is ear-
marked to pay Social Se-
which holds about $1 tril-
lion, according to the lat-
est accounting.


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Luis Aviles: Moving Forward Luis’ Expert Tip
By JAMES FLORENCE, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter
For most people, the loss of a job would be considered a setback, but Finding a Quality Mover
When hiring a mover, get estimates from
for Luis Aviles, it was just the nudge he needed to move his career
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forward. “I had been working for a local moving company for about compare apples to apples and make sure
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being discouraged, I actually felt empowered to go out on my own company whose bid is substantially lower
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a year, but I’m a fast learner and felt I could definitely succeed. After switch. Instead, look for an honest price
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doing some research about starting a business, I bought a truck, got
Read more tips and find local companies rated
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Owner, Moving Forward rest is history.”...Continued at www.dccert.org/luisaviles www.diamondcertified.org
| 7


Congress urged to fully open banks to pot industry

By Michael R. Blood
That conf lict has left hazards for businesses. Legalization advocates
The Associated Press
many growers and sellers The proposal, he said, have reason to celebrate
in the burgeoning pot in- “would offer the needed that the hearing simply
LOS ANGELES >> Bank offi- dustry in a legal dilemma, clarity” for more financial took place before the Con-
cials and others urged Con- shutting them out of every- institutions to welcome the sumer Protection and Fi-
gress on Wednesday to fully day financial services like marijuana industry as cus- nancial Institutions Sub-
open the doors of the U.S. opening a bank account or tomers. committee. The proposal,
banking system to the le- obtaining a credit card. It But others had concerns. or similar versions, have
gal marijuana industry, a also has forced many busi- Republican Rep. Blaine languished in the past.
change that supporters say nesses to operate only in Luetkemeyer of Missouri “Lawmakers are not be-
would reduce crime risks cash — sometimes vast said the proposal would ing asked to weigh in on
and resolve a litany of chal- amounts — making them create confusion while whether marijuana should
lenges for cannabis compa- ripe targets for crime. marijuana remains ille- be legal or not. They are
nies, from paying taxes to Banking, government gal at the federal level. simply looking at whether
getting a loan. and industry representa- He questioned how banks banking services should
Most Americans live in tives at a House commit- would identify criminal op- be available to these busi-
states where marijuana is tee hearing urged law- erators and pointed to how nesses in states where it
legally available in some makers to pass a proposal The proprietor of a medical marijuana dispensary prepares Congress handled hemp, is already legal,” said Ma-
form. But there’s a problem that would allow pot busi- his monthly tax payment, over $40,000 in cash, at his Los the low-THC cousin of the son Tvert of the Marijuana
when it comes to banks: nesses to access loans, lines Angeles store. cannabis plant, which was Policy Project, an advocacy
Most don’t want anything of credit and other banking removed from the list of group.
to do with money from the services, while sheltering home to the nation’s larg- spoke on behalf of the Inde- federally controlled sub- The number of banks
cannabis industry for fear financial institutions from est legal pot market, called pendent Community Bank- stances. and credit unions willing to
it could expose them to le- prosecution for handling the measure a critical step ers of America, said the With the banking legis- handle pot money is grow-
gal trouble from the federal pot money. for the rapidly expanding cloud of legal uncertainty lation, “we are putting the ing, but they still represent
government, which still California Treasurer industry. was inhibiting access to cart before the horse,” he only a tiny fraction of the
considers marijuana illegal. Fiona Ma, whose state is Gregory S. Deckard, who banks while creating safety said. industry.


Double duty: Senators juggle presidential bid and day job

By Elana Schor
poised to force politically minded about it. And so when McConnell tees up a rupted planned campaign ing record there is today,”
The Associated Press
sensitive votes. And candi- over the long haul, it’s re- vote on it. trips for Democratic can- and a political action com-
dates must maintain a re- ally a hard balancing act,” But before that measure didates, and Warren has mittee linked to another ri-
WASHINGTON >> Fresh off lentless travel schedule to he said. “I didn’t run for a comes up, they’ll have to yet to miss a Senate vote val ran a TV ad slamming
jumping into the 2020 pres- build support in the early year or run for two years, cast a challenging vote this this year, according to pub- him for the truancy.
idential race, Sen. Elizabeth voting states of Iowa, New but even the 105-day ver- week on a new government licly available tallies. Sand- Then-Sen. Barack Obama
Warren had plans to meet Hampshire, South Carolina sion of it was tough.” funding bill with more than ers and Sen. Kamala Har- faced criticism for missing
voters in Las Vegas. The and Nevada without miss- Senate Majority Leader $1 billion for constructing ris of California have each votes during his 2008 pres-
only problem: a government ing a beat on Capitol Hill, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., new barriers along the U.S.- missed one vote so far this idential primary against fel-
shutdown roiling Washing- where a missed vote could signaled this week that he Mexico border — less than year, while Minnesota Sen. low Democratic Sens. Hill-
ton. come back to haunt them. will make the task harder President Donald Trump Amy Klobuchar has missed ary Clinton of New York,
The Massachusetts Dem- “This schedule is going for Democratic presiden- pushed for, but still more two votes, Gillibrand has Joe Biden of Delaware and
ocrat had to decide whether to be very different,” Dem- tial hopefuls by holding a than many on the left sup- missed three and Sen. Cory Chris Dodd of Connecticut.
to keep her plans last month ocratic presidential con- vote on a sweeping climate port. Booker of New Jersey has The financial crisis that en-
in a critical early voting tender and New York Sen. change proposal known as Texas Sen. John Cornyn, missed four. Another Dem- gulfed the country that year
state or stay in Washington Kirsten Gillibrand said in the Green New Deal in an a longtime GOP leader, pre- ocratic candidate, Hawaii also forced Obama and Sen.
in case her vote was needed an interview. “I’ll be work- effort to drive a wedge be- dicted in a recent interview Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, has John McCain, then the Re-
in the Senate to end the im- ing every weekend, which tween the candidates and that Democratic senators missed nine House votes so publican presidential nom-
passe. She ultimately de- is just different. And that’s their liberal base. running for president would far this year. inee, to return to the Sen-
cided to remain in the capi- why this was a very impor- Five top-tier Democratic face a “pretty bumpy” time Presidential candidates ate to cast dramatic votes
tal and will make up for the tant family decision that we presidential contenders who given that his party controls can take heat for their ab- on a bailout of the banking
cancellation by visiting Las had to spend time thinking also serve in the Senate are the chamber’s schedule. sentee records. During the system.
Vegas on Sunday. long and hard about over backing the Green New “This is the job they got 2016 Republican primary, The balancing act was es-
The episode illustrates the the holidays.” Deal. A sixth high-profile elected to, so they need to which featured three sit- pecially acute for Dodd, who
challenge facing the nearly Sen. Tim Kaine, a Vir- backer, Vermont indepen- do their day job that the ting senators, Florida Sen. spent 2007 campaigning for
half-dozen senators run- ginia Democrat who was dent Sen. Bernie Sanders, taxpayers pay them for,” Marco Rubio faced particu- president and chairing the
ning for the White House. his party’s 2016 vice presi- is likely to enter the presi- Cornyn said, adding, “I as- lar scrutiny for missed votes Senate Banking Committee,
Dysfunction in Washington dential nominee, said the in- dential race in the coming sume they’re going to miss and committee hearings responsible for oversight of
makes it difficult for them tensity will only grow. weeks. It’s not clear whether votes.” during his presidential bid. the looming financial crisis.
to make plans. Republicans “If you’re going to run, they all will support the am- So far, the Senate sched- Then-candidate Trump de- He dropped out of the cam-
in control of the Senate are you’ve got to be very single- bitious, still-symbolic plan ule has only rarely inter- rided him for “the worst vot- paign in early 2008.

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‘Career drunk driver’ received governor’s pardon

By Ed White
and won Snyder’s blessing conviction disappear. Dur- this one,’” said Chris Gautz, Jagger served his sen- under a public records re-
The Associated Press
before Christmas, despite ing Snyder’s eight years as a spokesman at the Correc- tence, but the pardon quest. He explained it dur-
opposition from the Oak- governor, people filed more tions Department, where means the felony is off the ing a Dec. 12 hearing with
TROY, MICH. >> In his final land County prosecutor, than 4,000 applications for pardon files are screened. books. the Michigan parole board,
days in office, Gov. Rick who vigorously claimed it a pardon or commutation, Jagger, 54, of Royal Oak, He and his lawyer, Bill which makes recommenda-
Snyder wiped out the fel- was “special treatment” for which shortens a prison had four drunken-driving Urich, didn’t respond to tions to the governor and
ony drunken-driving con- a “career drunk driver,” ac- sentence. He granted fewer convictions from 1989 to AP’s multiple requests voted in Jagger’s favor.
viction of a man who cording to records obtained than 100. 2007. It’s typically a mis- for an interview. Nor did Since 2016, he has been
pleaded for a pardon so he by The Associated Press. It’s not publicly known demeanor, but he faced a Peggy Dzierzawski, the senior vice president and
could seek a promotion as “The average Joe out why the governor or his felony charge after the last current president of the chief marketing officer at
the next president of the there is not going to get aides were so interested in arrest because of his re- CPA group. Snyder, who is the Michigan CPA orga-
Michigan Association of a pardon” for the same helping Jagger, who makes peat offenses. No one was a CPA, left office on Jan. 1. nization. The Troy-based
Certified Public Accoun- crime, prosecutor Jessica $144,000 a year as a vice injured in the incidents. An aide, Allison Scott, said group serves 18,000-plus
tants. Cooper told the AP. “Nor president at the CPA group. Judge Michael Warren he was away and unavail- members by offering career
Jim Jagger’s application should they.” But with Snyder’s term sentenced him to 135 days able to answer questions. workshops, monitoring in-
for a pardon sailed swiftly: A pardon is an extraor- nearing an end, his staff in jail after an assistant Jagger’s desire for a par- dustry trends and influ-
He filed in late October, dinary tool in the state put the case “at the top of prosecutor called Jagger a don is detailed in docu- encing laws and account-
got a hearing in December constitution that makes a the stack and said, ‘Process “danger to the public.” ments obtained by the AP ing rules in Lansing.


Call 415-382-7335 to place an obituary.

Martian rover ‘dead’ after 15 years
them up close with a micro-
To Share Memories or to sign the Guest Book visit By Marcia Dunn
http://www.marinij.com/obits. The Associated Press
scopic imager, bang on them
a little bit, shake them up,
Daily deadline for the following day is 2 p.m.
Sat., Sun., Mon., deadline is 2 p.m. Friday.
CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. >> NA- scratch them a little bit, take
SA’s Opportunity, the Mars the measurements, under-
rover that was built to op- stand what the chemistry
erate for just three months is of those rocks and then
but kept going and going, say, ‘Oh, that was interest-
rolling across the rocky red ing. Now I want to go over
soil, was pronounced dead there.’”
Wednesday, 15 years after it Opportunity was explor-
landed on the planet. ing Mars’ Perseverance Val-
The six-wheeled vehicle ley, fittingly, when the fierc-
that helped gather critical est dust storm in decades
evidence that ancient Mars hit and contact was lost.
might have been hospitable The storm was so intense
to life was remarkably spry that it darkened the sky for
up until eight months ago, months, preventing sunlight
when it was finally doomed NASA from reaching the rover’s so-
by a ferocious dust storm. The rover Opportunity is illustrated on the surface of Mars. lar panels.
Colonel Francis Warren Ruehle Flight controllers tried When the sky finally
numerous times to make though it’s a machine and chanical arm for analyzing cleared, Opportunity re-
"Frank" Williams 7/20/2001 - 2/8/2019 contact, and sent one fi- we’re saying goodbye, it’s rocks and soil. Its greatest mained silent, its internal
Passed away peacefully On Friday, February 8th, nal series of recovery com- still very hard and very poi- achievement was discover- clock possibly so scram-
on February 3, 2019. He we lost our beloved son mands Tuesday night, along gnant, but we had to do that. ing, along with Spirit, evi- bled that it no longer knew
was born in Kalamazoo, Warren. His suicide was a
Michigan on January 26, complete shock to all of us with one last wake-up song, We came to that point.” dence that ancient Mars had when to sleep or wake up to
1925. His family moved and our entire community. Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be See- The two slow-moving, golf water flowing on its surface receive commands. Flight
to Reno, Nevada where Words cannot express our ing You,” in a somber exer- cart-size rovers landed on and might have been capa- controllers sent more than
he met his high school grief and sorrow. Warren cise that brought tears to opposite sides of the planet ble of sustaining microbial 1,000 recovery commands,
sweetheart, Mary Jane was 17 years old. team members’ eyes. There in 2004 for a mission meant life. all in vain.
Rippingham. They were Warren was a kind and was no response from space, to last 90 sols, or Mars days, Project scientist Matthew With project costs reach-
married in 1946. His gentle soul who always only silence. which are 39 minutes longer Golombek said these rover ing about $500,000 a month,
heart was broken when made sure no one was Thomas Zurbuchen, head than Earth days. missions are meant to help NASA decided there was no
Janey predeceased him on excluded. He had a brilliant of NASA’s science missions, In the end, Opportunity answer an “almost theologi- point in continuing.
Thanksgiving Day in 2010. mind, and an athletic body.
He is survived by his His depth and talents could broke the news at what outlived its twin by eight cal” question: Does life form Callas said the last-ditch
children: Patrick (Colleen), connect with everyone on amounted to a funeral at years and set endurance and wherever conditions are just attempt to make contact the
Kathy, Diane (Jim New- some level. As was said the space agency’s Jet Pro- distance records that could right, or “are we really, re- night before was a sad mo-
man), Terry (Elaine), Kevin by a fellow student, “You pulsion Laboratory in Pasa- stand for decades. Trun- ally lucky?” ment, with tears and a smat-
(Jill), John (Kathy), Dennis either loved Warren or you dena, California, announc- dling along until communi- The twin vehicles also pi- tering of applause when the
(Dana) and Julie, 19 grand- didn’t know him.” Warren ing the demise of “our be- cation ceased last June, Op- oneered a way of exploring operations team signed off.
children, and 15 great- was a straight-A student, loved Opportunity.” portunity roamed a record the surface of other planets, He said the team members
grandchildren. He faithfully recently applied to colleg- “This is a hard day,” proj- 28 miles (45 kilometers) said Lori Glaze, acting di- didn’t even bother waiting
served his beloved country es, and was even taking ect manager John Callas said and worked longer than any rector of planetary science around to see if word came
in the military for 30 years. a night course at the local
He worked at his alma JC to meet a UC require- at an auditorium packed other lander in the history of for NASA. back from space — they
mater USF until he retired ment. His first college with hundreds of current space exploration. She said the rovers gave knew it was hopeless.
in 1978. acceptance letter arrived and former members of the Opportunity was a ro- us “the ability to actually Scientists consider this
Frank and Janey were the day after he died. team that oversaw Opportu- botic geologist, equipped roll right up to the rocks the end of an era, now that
active members of Saint Warren is deeply missed nity and its long-deceased with cameras and instru- that we want to see. Roll up Opportunity and Spirit are
Isabella’s Church and their by his family — his mother, identical twin, Spirit. “Even ments at the end of a me- to them, be able to look at both gone.
community. Kate; father, Glenn; eldest
There will be a Memorial sister, Alyssa; twin sister,
mass at St. Isabella’s Church Kara; and all his extended DEFENDS SAUDIS
1 Trinity Way, San Rafael, family. We will remember

Trump confidant apologizes for

on Saturday, February 16, all of the happiness and
12:45 PM. humor he shared with us,
and will feel him through
Joseph William our pets that he loved like

comments on slaying of journalist

they were people.
Robb, Jr. We are grateful to be
Age 92, of Belvedere, surrounded by an abun-
California, passed away dance of love from our
peacefully surrounded by family, our friends, and our
his loving family on Janu- By Felicia Sonmez and
the crowd at the Milken In- “I feel strongly that the some of whom have joined
entire community.
ary 10, 2019. A celebration of his life Josh Dawsey
stitute’s MENA Summit, ac- bad acts of a few should not Democrats in accusing the
Joseph was born to will be held at Unity in The Washington Post
cording to audio provided be interpreted as the fail- Trump administration of
Joseph, Sr. and Francis Marin, 600 Palm Dr, Novato by Gulf News reporter Ed ure of an entire sovereign misleading the country and
Robb on November 3, on Saturday, February 16 at Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a Clowes. kingdom,” Barrack said, obscuring the truth of Mo-
1926, in San Francisco, Cali- 2:00pm. All are welcome. billionaire real estate in- “The atrocities in any maintaining that “rule of hammed’s alleged involve-
fornia, at St. Luke’s Hospi- Hold your friends and vestor who is one of Pres- autocratic country are dic- law and monarchies across ment.
tal. He graduated from family close and know that ident Donald Trump’s clos- tated by the rule of law,” the Middle East are confus- Barrack, the executive
Sequoia High School in you are loved and that ing to the West.” chairman of real estate
Redwood City, continuing est confidants, apologized Barrack continued. “So, for
even though it may not Wednesday after defending us to dictate what we think Khashoggi, a Washing- firm Colony NorthStar, has
his studies at the University always seem like it, life is
of Santa Clara and finishing worth living. If you are Saudi Arabia in the wake of is the moral code there — ton Post contributing col- been a friend of Trump’s
his undergraduate work at struggling in any way, journalist Jamal Khashog- when we have a young man umnist and prominent for more than three de-
UC Berkeley, going on to please reach out and ask gi’s killing and saying the (Saudi Crown Prince Mo- critic of Mohammed’s pol- cades.
earn his Doctorate of Juris for help. National Suicide United States has commit- hammed bin Salman) and icies, was killed and dis- He was also a top fund-
Prudence at UC Hastings Prevention Lifeline 1-800- ted “equal or worse” atroc- a regime that’s trying to membered by a team of raiser during Trump’s 2016
College of the Law in 1951. 273-8255. ities. push themselves into 2030 Saudi agents inside the campaign and helped raise
Upon passing the Califor- https://legcy.co/2IaqpdG Barrack’s remarks on — I think is a mistake.” Saudi Consulate in Istan- more than $100 million as
nia State Bar, Joseph started Assisted by Khashoggi, made Tuesday In a statement Wednes- bul on Oct. 2, Turkish and chairman of Trump’s inau-
his legal career by joining Monte’s Chapel of the
his father, Joseph W. Robb, at a summit in Abu Dhabi day, Barrack called the Saudi prosecutors say. gural committee. Federal
Hills San Anselmo, CA organized by the Santa murder of K hashogg i In November, the CIA prosecutors in New York
Sr., at the law offices of
Hession Robb & Creedon Monica-based Milken Insti- “atrocious” and “inexcus- concluded Mohammed or- are currently investigating
in San Mateo. He thereafter tute think tank, were first able” and apologized for dered Khashoggi’s killing. activities related to the in-
began a solo practice in reported by Dubai’s Gulf “not making this clear in Saudi officials reject that augural committee.
San Francisco, later moving News. my comments earlier this assertion and say the agents In the 1970s, Barrack
to Mill Valley where he “Whatever happened in week.” who killed Khashoggi were worked in Saudi Arabia,
established the Law Offices Saudi Arabia, the atroci- But he appeared to sug- acting against orders. where he befriended sons
of Robb and Ross in 1986 ties in America are equal gest responsibility for the The issue has led to a rift of the Saudi king; he later
with his partner, Sterling L.
Ross, Jr. or worse to the atrocities in killing should not rest on between Trump and con- went on to serve as their
Joseph was an avid read- Saudi Arabia,” Barrack told Saudi leadership. gressional Republicans, U.S. representative.
er, a history buff, and a life-
long fan of the San Francis-
co 49ers and Golden State FINANCIAL MARKETS
Joseph is survived by his
loving wife, Esther, after
a remarkable 59 years
Optimism for US-China trade talks boost stocks
of marriage. He is lovingly
remembered by his two The Associated Press conflict that has hurt com- ingly positive tone regard- dexes this year, added 4.71
sons, Philip (wife Kira) and panies and consumers by ing trade has helped under- points, or 0.3 percent, to
John; two nephews, Robert Stocks finished broadly raising prices on a num- pin the market, particularly 1,542.94.
Steger (wife Kathy) and higher Wednesday as in- ber of products. President the industrial names,” said Major indexes in Eu-
William Steger; and his vestors remained optimis- Donald Trump has said he Quincy Krosby, chief mar- rope also finished broadly
five grandchildren, Daniel, tic that the U.S. and China might let a March 2 dead- ket strategist at Prudential higher, despite a report of
Molly, Andrew, Michael will make more progress in line slide if the U.S. and Financial. “That’s a positive slumping industrial output
and Mataeo. resolving their costly trade China get close to a deal. catalyst for the market.” across the 19 countries that
We all take comfort dispute. After March 2, addi- The S&P 500 index use the euro.
knowing that Joseph is
reunited with his beloved Energy companies, re- tional tariffs are scheduled gained 8.30 points, or 0.3 Companies on both
sister Patricia Steger, who tailers and industrial stocks to kick in, making the sit- percent, to 2,753.03. The sides of the U.S.-China dis-
passed away in 2000, and accounted for much of the uation worse. Economists Dow Jones Industrial Aver- pute have been battered by
his son Peter, who passed broad gains as the market and analysts are optimistic age climbed 117.51 points, Washington’s tariffs and
in 2007. extended its winning streak that both sides will eventu- or 0.5 percent, to 25,543.27. retaliatory duties imposed
A celebration of Joe’s life to a fourth day. ally hammer out an agree- The Nasdaq composite by Beijing. The stakes are
for friends and family will Key officials from the ment that satisfies U.S. com- added 5.76 points, or 0.1 per- rising as global economic
be planned for early Spring, world’s two largest econo- plaints that China steals or cent, to 7,420.38. The Rus- growth cools, which has
2019. In lieu of flowers, mies will meet Thursday pressures U.S. companies to sell 2000 index of smaller- contributed to a dimmer
the family requests that
donations be made in and Friday to try and stave hand over technology. company stocks, which has outlook for company earn-
memory of Joe to your off an escalation of a trade “The president’s seem- been leading the other in- ings this year.
favorite charity.

Absent Iran takes center stage Suicide bomber in

Iran kills at least 27
at Middle East talks in Poland By Amir Vahdat
and Jon Gambrell
The Guard, which an-
swers only to Iran’s Su-
By Matthew Lee
the-cuff interview with The Associated Press
preme Leader Ayatollah
The Associated Press
reporters on a Warsaw Ali Khamenei, issued a
street, shortly after meet- TEHRAN, IRAN >> A suicide statement saying a vehicle
WARSAW, POLAND >> A l- ing Oman’s foreign minis- car bomber claimed by loaded with explosives tar-
though it is absent from ter. an al-Qaida-linked group geted a bus carrying bor-
the stage, Iran is neverthe- A lthough Netanyahu attacked a bus carrying der guards affiliated with
less taking the spotlight at used the Hebrew word “mil- members of Iran’s elite its force.
a Middle East security con- chama,” or “war,” in his Revolutionary Guard para- Sistan and Baluchistan
ference co-hosted by the comments, his office later military force Wednesday, province, which lies on
United States and Poland changed its official trans- killing at least 27 people a major opium traffick-
that has highlighted deep lation and said he was re- and wounding 13 others, ing route, has seen occa-
divisions between the U.S. ferring to a “common inter- state media reported. sional clashes between
and some of its traditional est of combatting Iran.” Tehran immediately Iranian forces and Baluch
allies. Pompeo has predicted linked the attack in Iran’s separatists, as well as drug
Amid uncertainty over its that the conference will “de- restive southeastern Sis- traffickers.
aims and questions about liver really good outcomes” tan and Baluchistan prov- However, in recent
what it will deliver, the con- MICHAEL SOHN — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and has played down the ince to an ongoing U.S.- months, there’s been an
ference opens late Wednes- Vice President Mike Pence, front left, and Israeli Prime impact of lower-level par- led conference in Warsaw uptick in assaults by the
day in Warsaw with some Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, front right, shake hands ticipation. “We think we largely focused on Iran, Sunni extremist group
60 nations in attendance. as Pence arrives for a group photo at the Royal Castle in will make real progress,” just two days after the na- Jaish al-Adl, or the “Army
Yet, in an apparent test of Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday. Pompeo said. He didn’t, tion marked the 40th an- of Justice.” Since its found-
U.S. influence and suspi- however, offer any details niversary of its 1979 Is- ing in 2012, it has ab-
cions in Europe and else- State group, and the con- cott and insistence that about specific outcomes. lamic Revolution. ducted or killed border
where over the Trump ad- flicts in Syria and Yemen. their case is the region’s Polish Foreign Minis- T he bombing a lso guards in hit-and-run as-
ministration’s intentions in That effort produced only most important issue. ter Jacek Czaputowicz, the raised the specter of pos- saults from its havens in
Iran, many countries aren’t mixed results, particularly In a series of tweets on conference co-host, also sible Iranian retaliation Pakistan. It kidnapped 11
sending their top diplomats with longtime European al- Wednesday, Greenblatt steered clear of describing targeting a Sunni mili- Iranian border guards in
and will be represented at lies who are trying to save said the Palestinian posi- potential results. And, even tant group called Jaish al- October. Five later were
levels lower than their in- the 2015 Iran nuclear deal tion “impedes nations from he could not paper over the Adl that claimed the at- returned to Iran and six
vited foreign ministers. after last year’s U.S. with- countering the common en- differences between the tack, which largely oper- remained held.
Israeli Prime Minister drawal. emy of Iran.” U.S. and Europe, including ates across the border in Jaish al-Adl claimed
Benjamin Netanyahu and And, while the agenda “Iran is the primary Poland, over the Iran nu- nuclear-armed Pakistan. Wednesday’s bombing in
U.S. Vice President Mike gives no hint of any con- threat to the future of re- clear deal. Recent militant assaults a statement online. Ira-
Pence attended along with crete actions that might gional peace/security,” he “We consider this to be a inside Iran have sparked nian state-run and semi-
Secretary of State Mike result beyond creating “fol- said. “That’s what Palestin- valuable element on the in- retaliatory ballistic mis- official media also blamed
Pompeo and his counter- low-on working groups” on ian leaders don’t grasp; as ternational arena,” Czaput- sile strikes in Iraq and the group for the attack.
parts from numerous Arab a variety of common con- a consequence of being de- owicz told a joint news con- Syria. While Iran has been en-
nations. But France and cerns like terrorism and tached from new realities, ference with Pompeo on the The bombing Wednes- meshed in the wars engulf-
Germany are not sending cybersecurity, comments we see Palestinians increas- eve of the conference. day night struck the bus ing Syria and neighboring
Cabinet-ranked officials, from several participants ingly left behind/more iso- In a joint opinion piece traveling on a road be- Iraq, it largely has avoided
and European Union for- belied the underly ing lated than ever.” published Wednesday by tween the cities of Khash the bloodshed plaguing
eign policy chief Federica theme: countering Iran. On his way to Warsaw CNN, Pompeo and Czaputo- and Zahedan, a mountain- the region. However, at-
Mogherini is staying away. Pence will address the Netanyahu made clear the wicz said they didn’t expect ous region along the Pak- tacks have happened.
Russia and China aren’t conference on a range of conference is centered on all participants to agree on istani border that is also In 2009, more than
participating, and the Pal- Middle East issues, Pom- Iran. policies or outcomes but near Afghanistan. Images 40 people, including six
estinians, who have called peo will talk about U.S. “It is a conference that called for an airing of un- after the blast published Guard commanders, were
for the meeting to be boy- plans in Syria following unites the United States, Is- scripted and candid ideas. by semi-official news agen- killed in a suicide attack
cotted, also will be absent. President Donald Trump’s rael, many countries in the “We expect each nation cies showed the explosion by Sunni extremists in Sis-
Iran, which is this week cel- decision to withdraw U.S. world, many countries in to express opinions that re- tore the bus apart, as pass- tan and Baluchistan prov-
ebrating the 40th anniver- troops and Trump’s se- the region, Arab countries, flect its own interests,” they ers-by used the light of ince. Jundallah, a Sunni
sary of its Islamic Revolu- nior adviser and son-in- against Iran’s aggressive wrote. “Disagreements in their cellphones to illumi- extremist group whose
tion, denounced the meet- law Jared Kushner and his policy, its aggression, its de- one area should not pro- nate the debris. members have joined Jaish
ing as a “circus” aimed at peace partner, Jason Green- sire to conquer the Middle hibit unity in others.” The state-run IRNA al-Adl, claimed responsi-
“demonizing” it. blatt, will speak about their East and destroy Israel,” he In fact, three of Wash- news agency, citing what bility for that attack.
In a bid to encourage as-yet unveiled Israeli-Pal- told reporters. ington’s main European it described as an “in- In the case of Jundal-
better participation, Pom- estinian peace plan. Netanyahu sent out a allies, Britain, France and formed source,” offered lah, Pakistan assisted Iran
peo and others sought to Greenblatt, whose port- belligerent rallying cry to Germany, have unveiled a initial casualty figures of in apprehending its leader,
broaden what was initially folio extends only the Is- his Arab partners, saying new financial mechanism 20 dead and 20 wounded. whom Tehran executed in
advertised as an Iran-cen- raeli-Palestinian peace ef- he planned to focus on the that the Trump adminis- The Revolutionary Guard 2010. Iran has sought the
tric meeting to include the fort, said Iran is the top “common interest” of con- tration believes may be de- later reported on its web- cooperation of Pakistan
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, priority and derided the fronting Iran. He made the signed to evade U.S. sanc- site that 27 were killed and in recent cases involving
the fight against the Islamic Palestinians for their boy- comments during an off- tions on Iran. 13 wounded. Jaish al-Adl as well.

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10 | A


Nigeria fights against fake news Trump pans Maduro’s

refusal to accept aid
ahead of presidential elections By Darlene Superville
The Associated Press
terrible mistake by not al-
lowing” the aid to be dis-
tributed, Trump said. “It’s
By Rodney Muhumuza
nya’s law over concerns it WASHINGTON >> President showing bad things and,
and Sam Olukoya
would stifle press freedom. Donald Trump on Wednes- really, we’re trying to get
The Associated Press
In Uganda there also has day called Venezuelan Pres- food to people that are
been resistance from the ident Nicolas Maduro’s re- starving. You have people
ABUJA, NIGERIA >> In Nige- courts. fusal to accept humanitar- starving in Venezuela, and
ria fake news can be so A Ugandan opposition ian aid a “terrible mistake” it just shows what can hap-
outlandish, yet widely be- activist was jailed last year and the decision an exam- pen with the wrong govern-
lieved, that the president on charges that he falsely ple of what can happen ment.”
recently felt compelled to accused the government of when the wrong govern- Guaido said this week
declare that he had not trying to kill pop star and ment holds power. that he will try to run car-
died and been replaced by politician Bobi Wine. A Trump seemed also to avans of the badly needed
a Sudanese body double. magistrate ordered the ac- hint at future action by the food and medicine into
“It’s (the) real me, I as- tivist, Moses Bigirwa, freed U.S. and its allies against Venezuela, starting Feb. 23.
sure you,” President Mu- in January, ruling that pub- Maduro, who has blocked Duque publicly commit-
hammadu Buhari said late lishing fake news was not shipments of food and ted Wednesday to making
last year, to dispel the story a crime. other assistance sent by the sure the supplies get into
that was viewed more than Some governments in U.S. and other countries for Venezuela.
500,000 times on Face- A man reads a story about Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Africa have been accused the people of Venezuela. Po- “Obstructing the access
book, Twitter and YouTube. Buhari after the government released a photo of Buhari of spreading misinforma- litical and economic tur- of humanitarian aid is a
Nigeria’s fake news can more than two months after he left for London for medical tion themselves or malign- moil has led to vast short- crime against humanity,”
also be lethal. treatment, in Lagos, Nigeria. ing reports that were true. ages of basic goods, forc- the Colombian leader said.
The stakes are high in Authorities in Nigeria fre- ing many Venezuelans to Russia, which backs
Nigeria ahead of Saturday’s Some of the stories Cross- U.N. agency International quently challenge the ve- flee to neighboring Colom- Maduro, has said Venezu-
presidential vote marked Check Nigeria recently dis- Telecommunication Union. racity of reports of alleged bia or participate in mas- ela should be allowed to
by widespread discontent credited include allega- Some African govern- abuses by military officers sive street protests in an at- solve its issues internally
over unemployment, pov- tions the first lady wants ments want to make pub- during campaigns against tempt to pressure Maduro and peacefully, a sentiment
erty and insecurity in some Nigerians to vote against lishing fake news a crime, militants. They also have to leave office. that Russian Foreign Min-
parts of the country. Offi- her husband, as well as a a step too far for journal- fiercely disagreed when The U.S. and other na- ister Sergey Lavrov reiter-
cials warn that fake or out- suggestion that U.S. Pres- ists in countries where the human rights watchdogs, tions favor that outcome ated to U.S. Secretary of
dated pictures depicting ident Donald Trump en- press already is censored citing witnesses on the and have recognized oppo- State Mike Pompeo during
communal violence trig- dorsed opposition candi- and reporters can be jailed ground, repor t higher sition leader Juan Guaido a telephone conversation
ger retaliatory killings. date Atiku Abubakar. Such for critical stories. death tolls than the gov- as Venezuela’s rightful Wednesday, according to
Many were killed in re- allegations almost always Kenyan President Uh- ernment’s official ones. leader. Lavrov’s office.
prisal killings sparked by appear on social media and uru Kenyatta last year Reports by Amnesty In- Asked if he had a backup Trump repeatedly has
horrific, but false, pho- sometimes are published signed a cybercrimes bill ternational’s Nigeria office plan should Maduro retain said he has not ruled out
tos purporting to depict by news websites. that calls for fines and on the conduct of Nigerian power, Trump said: “I al- any option, including mil-
deaths in the conflict be- The project is similar to prison sentences for peo- troops fighting Islamic ex- ways have Plan B. And C itary action, for dealing
tween herdsmen and farm- Africa Check, which calls ple convicted of spread- tremist group Boko Haram and D and E and F. ... A lot with the turmoil in Vene-
ers in central Nigeria last itself the continent’s first ing fake news. The law fol- have created conflicts with of things are happening in zuela.
year, said Tolu Ogunlesi, a fact-checking organiza- lowed a disputed 2017 pres- the military, which has ac- Venezuela that people don’t A s k e d We d ne s d ay
media assistant to Nigeria’s tion and has operated since idential election marred cused the local branch of know about.” whether he would send
president. 2012. by online misinformation the human rights group of During an Oval Office in U.S. troops, Trump re-
“Fake news kills people. In the United States the campaigns that raised po- publishing false accounts. appearance with Colom- plied, “We’ll see.” But El-
We have seen a lot of things term ‘fake news’ became litical tensions in a coun- “Fake news has become bian President Ivan Duque, liot Abrams, the president’s
like that,” he said. “Some of frequently used after the try known for deadly post- like a cliche and ticket for Trump said many countries special representative for
the deadly clashes in Nige- 2016 election, which was vote violence along ethnic demonizing the journalist, want to help Venezuela. Venezuela, was more di-
ria were sparked off by fake marked by a Russian mis- lines. the media and the NGOs,” “We’ll be seeing a lot rect during an appear-
news.” He suggested that information campaign. But In Uganda, where there Amnesty International Ni- over the next few weeks,” ance Wednesday on Capi-
“the naming and sham- in Africa fake news has has been a surge in false geria spokesman Isa Sanusi he said. tol Hill, telling House law-
ing of members that ped- long been a contentious news seen as portraying said, noting that false news Maduro has blasted the makers military action “is
dle fake news” could stem matter, fueled in part by the government negatively, spreads quickly in Nigeria humanitarian aid as part not the path that the U.S. is
the problem. illiteracy and government authorities warn that per- because public officials of- of a U.S.-led coup to topple pursuing.”
Africa’s most populous secrecy even as the con- petrators face charges un- ten are not open with gov- him. Trump said Maduro Several members of
country is so awash in tinent’s 1.2 billion peo- der a 2011 law prescribing ernment information. made the wrong call in de- the House Foreign Affairs
falsehoods posted on Twit- ple rapidly acquire mobile criminal penalties for the “The only thing that is nying his people the assis- Committee said they would
ter, Facebook and YouTube handsets and gain internet misuse of a computer. fueling it is the fact that tance, noting that Maduro oppose U.S. military inter-
that 16 media outlets have access. The issue is now ur- But activists warn that information is not avail- has blocked the bridge clos- vention. Abrams said he
been collaborating on a gent: more than 24 percent countering misinforma- able,” he said. “The solu- est to where the aid is being believed increasing inter-
fact-checking initiative, of people on the continent tion with legislation could tion to stopping fake news warehoused on the Colom- national pressure and the
CrossCheck Nigeria, to re- were online last year, the be used to censor the press. in Nigeria is transparency, bian border, but not other pain of sanctions against
search suspect election strongest growth in the The Committee to Protect particularly from the side crossings. Venezuela will eventually
claims circulating online. world, according to the Journalists opposed Ke- of the authorities.” “I think he’s making a lead to Maduro’s ouster.

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Rob Devincenzi, President, Publisher
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Public member:
Veda Florez


Editorial Cartoonist’s take

Eliminate the
from agendas
Words make a difference.
Government has a reputation for mastering
less-than-straight-forward semantics.
A recent example is a Ross Brown Act recognizes that all
citizen’s complaint about the local citizens, not just those in-
Town Council agenda. She volved in an issue, deserve fair
lives next to a town-owned lot and clear notice of a pending
where once stood a small house public decision.
that in recent years had been The “re-do” of the town’s dis-
rented to a town worker. cussion should be a reminder to
On the council’s Jan. 10 local and regional staffs — and
agenda, a plan to add the lot to elected and appointed decision-
Ross Common Park was listed makers — that how an item is
as “landscape improvement,” listed on an agenda matters.
when clearly there was more For instance, it is not un-
involved. usual for a citizen to need a bu-
The resident who rose to reaucratese/English diction-
complain, Barbara Call, is ary to translate and track an
among those who want the agenda that is supposed to be
town to rebuild the house and written for their notification
once again lease it to a town and understanding.
worker. Authors of public agendas Readers’ Forum
The council, which voted 3-2 need to be conscious of the
to approve the “landscape im- people for whom they are writ- Sexual assault exams sary to ensure these services for He is among those who have
provement,” is now consider- ing. They are not just writing should be done in Marin our residents. encouraged the Marin Com-
ing backtracking after Call’s for other staffers and decision- — Mellissa Ahern, RN, Novato munity Foundation’s shift of
attorney, Jonathan Kathrein, makers who are fluent in bu- Marin simply cannot fancy it- the Buck fund endowment that
wrote the town a letter accus- reaucratic jargon. But often, self immune to sex crimes. The Nature seems to be key in was left for Marin citizens to
ing it of violating the Ralph M. unintentionally, they fall into IJ’s article of Jan. 29, “San Ra- shaping salmon migrations improve the “quality of life”
Brown Act, the state’s open- that language trap. fael sex solicitation bust snags 5 through the arts. The golden
meeting law. Agendas are the front-door men,” describes how a sting led I’ve been following the San era funded a wonderful bloom-
It would wind up being a of public notice. It is the docu- to the arrest of men allegedly Geronimo Golf Course issue ing of the arts, making Marin a
not-so-instant replay of the Jan. ment the public often takes a involved in soliciting sex from with curiosity and close to civic truly great place to live.
10 decision, but Mayor Beach look at to decide whether they a minor and pandering for sex outrage regarding process. Since the 1998 takeover by
Kuhl says the council will con- want to turn out for a council trafficking. The Feb. 10 front-page IJ ar- CEO Thomas Peters, the arts
sider “undoing” its public re- meeting. The failure to provide timely ticle may provide some fresh community has been thrown
view of the issue and vote. He They should be written as forensic exams for patients food for thought. “Nearly 12 under the bus and radical ele-
said he believes the council if the citizen taking the time of sexual assault within our years have passed since this ments like Wilson and the Ca-
did nothing wrong and had a to read the agenda is learning county borders is a symptom many coho salmon swam up nal Alliance have taken over
lengthy public discussion of the about the issue for the first time. of lack of support for victims the Lagunitas Creek watershed and receive vast sums to force
issue before taking a vote. State and federal decision- of sex crimes. Marin County no to spawn” is the topic sentence immigration “social justice” on
The issue has been debated makers need to take note, as longer hosts a Sexual Assault of the article. This is great Marin citizens.
at council meetings since the well. Their public agendas are Response Team (SART). In- news and should be applauded What you promote you re-
house burned down in 2015. not always models of crystal- stead, the county contracts out by all. ceive more of, is that what you
According to town staff, ulti- clear public communication. this important work, requir- However, the golf course was want for Marin? Gridlock, over-
mately adding the property to Call’s complaint is another ing law enforcement to trans- closed at the end of 2018 and as crowding, housing shortage? Be
Ross Common was the original example of an agenda that port sexual assault patients to far as I know there has been no honest.
intent when the town bought could have been clearer. Kaiser Vallejo, often incurring return to nature efforts made — Tim Peterson, San Anselmo
Ross Common in 1911. Even if the mayor and staff overtime. to date. Could it be that Mother
After the fire, the Town Coun- say they did nothing wrong, Sexual assault patients de- Nature’s natural efforts and cy- Questionable practices
cil had voted to repair the house, their decisions to remand the serve a timely forensic exami- cles are more of a determining in public works hiring
but that plan was shelved when Jan. 10 vote and re-hear the nation without an added step factor to the coho salmon num-
the town added up the cost of matter are the right decisions. of driving 45-90 minutes to bers this year than the opin- Marin County Public Works
other needed repairs, such as The outcome may not be dif- Vallejo for such critical and ions and desires of SPAWN, Su- Director Raul Rojas’ hiring
termite and dry rot damage. ferent, but now more people time-sensitive help. pervisor Dennis Rodoni and the a friend for civil engineering
Town staff met with Call be- know about the issue and the Early collection of any bio- other supervisors? work in Marin without check-
fore the Jan. 10 meeting and council’s deliberations. That’s logical and physical evidence This issue was handled very ing why he had been put on
outlined the plan, but the good government. from the crime scene — in badly from the beginning and leave from his previous job in
these cases, a live human body it’s time for the concerned and Napa because of an investiga-
— by a well-trained examiner, involved to make things right tion is strange enough.
is essential for collecting any by finding a functional and Added to that is Rojas’ ques-
Sounding off possible evidence to corrobo- agreeable equilibrium just as tionable claim that friendship
rate or refute a patient’s story. nature does. had nothing to do with the hire.
A look at what readers are saying in comments on our website and To add an extra step to report- — Bob Lewis, Novato Finally, there is the point by Ro-
on social media. ing sexual assault is a disser- jas that it wouldn’t matter be-
vice to victims and our com- Wilson, foundation have cause the job would only last
munity. led a funding shift for six months.
“Kudos to the parents for getting involved. Time to reduce By contributing to under-re- That would only be true if
the amount of administrators in the district and hire more porting, we allow assailants to Tom Wilson may have repre- the issues under investigation
teachers instead so class sizes can go down.” repeat their offenses. As a con- sented the Human Rights Com- would have no impact on the
cerned citizen and a healthc are mission’s opinion on Marin be- work to be performed here. A
provider trained in adult sex- ing a “sanctuary county,” but lot can happen in six months.
ual assault exams, I believe that the Marin Voice column (Feb. Mr. Rojas cannot be sure with-
hosting a SART team within 2) was spot on when it declared out finding out what the Napa
Jon Dizzo, regarding the San Rafael Board of Education deci- the county deserves the time, that he is “promoting illegal im- investigation was about.
sion to not renew the contract for Supt. Michael Watenpaugh. attention and resources neces- migration” into Marin. — Bill Strawbridge, Mill Valley

Marin Voice

Let’s allow cows and elk to thrive together on park land

By Christin Anderson Huffman and former Congress- park service and the commu-
man Rob Bishop, a Republican The tule elk are a vital part of the park nity, a consensus can be forged
from Utah. The bill could give ecosystem, delighting both local residents on how to be good stewards
Living and working in West the Department of the Interior for the natural resources while
Marin is a magical and reward- the power to potentially elim- and the millions of visitors to the park. still maintaining healthy ranch
ing experience. However, issues inate the tule elk from Point herds.
often arise that can draw us into Reyes National Seashore. The tule elk are a vital part of
discussions of how best to pro- First, just a little back story: head of cattle. The average tule an environmental impact study the landscape legacy of our na-
tect the precious natural re- the tule elk have been on the land elk weighs 340 to 500 pounds, and other laws that protect nat- tional seashore. The House Bill is
sources we appreciate and enjoy. at Point Reyes since prehistoric while a milk cow can weigh ural resources. In their settle- currently languishing in the Sen-
As a longtime supporter of times. The original herd num- 1,500 pounds. The tule elk are a ment, the park agreed to outline ate. If you agree that tule elk and
farming and ranching, I am a bered in the thousands. They vital part of the park ecosystem, different solutions for managing cattle can coexist in the park,
member of the Marin Agricul- were culturally significant to the delighting both local residents ranch lands. One possibility is first call the offices of Huffman
tural Land Trust and participate Coastal Miwok tribe for centu- and the millions of visitors to elimination of the elk herd. (415-258-9657) and Rep. Raul
in the Point Reyes Farmers Mar- ries. Mexican and English explor- the park. I agree with Huey Johnson, Grijalva, D-Arizona, (202-225-
ket as a guest chef, using locally ers eliminated the elk through Some of the West Marin one of our local heroes, and Dr. 2435) and tell them that you op-
grown products in my cook- hunting and habitat destruction ranchers lease land from the Marty Griffin, who along with pose this bill. Then call our Sens.
ing demonstrations. I am also a in the 1800’s. A small herd was National Park Service and be- a few other environmentalists Dianne Feinstein (415-393-0707)
member of the National Parks discovered by a rancher in the lieve that the elk are a nuisance. documented in the movie “Reb- and Kamala Harris (415-981-
Conservation Association. Central Valley who brought 10 of A lawsuit was filed against the els with a Cause” helped save 9369) to say you oppose House
I have known about the con- the elk back to our region. park service by three groups: the Point Reyes National Sea- Bill 6687 and that you support
flict between the wild tule elk Over the years, the herd grew the Center for Biological Diver- shore. They believe the park wildlife conservation in the
herd and the cattle ranchers for to about 600 and were then sity, the Resource Renewal In- service needs to take a step Point Reyes National Seashore.
many years, but it was only re- competing with the ranchers’ stitute and the Western Water- back to consider how commer-
cently that I became aware of cattle for the usual items: grass, shed Project. The suit claimed cial ranching is affecting the Christin Anderson, of Woodacre,
the ill-conceived House Bill land and water. There are now the park was continuing to park overall. Through care- holds a master’s degree in
6687, co-authored by our own about 500 tule elk on the land grant leases to the ranches with- ful planning and collabora- environmental science and is a
Democratic Congressman Jared in Point Reyes and over 6,000 out taking into consideration tion between the ranchers, the teacher in West Marin.

How to have your say: Confine letters to 250 words. Letters are edited for length, gram- Email: Mail to: Readers’ Forum, Twitter: Facebook: Leave
mar, spelling, clarity, style, libel and civility. We do not publish form letters, “open” letters, opinion@marinij.com Marin IJ, 4000 Civic Follow and comments at
petitions, individual consumer complaints or letters published elsewhere. Letters must Phone: 415-382-7294 Center Drive, Suite 301, send tweets to FACEBOOK.COM/
include the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number so we can verify authorship. Fax: 415-382-7209 San Rafael, CA 94903 @MARINIJ MARINIJFAN
12 | A


Congress reasserts war-making powers

By Lisa Mascaro
The Associated Press
The White
House says the
WASHINGTON >> Asserting
congressional authority House resolution
over war-making powers, is “flawed”
the House passed a resolu- because U.S.
tion Wednesday that would
force the administration to
troops are not
withdraw U.S. troops from directly involved
involvement in Yemen, in a in military action
rebuke of President Donald in Yemen, where
Trump’s alliance with the
Saudi-led coalition behind the coalition
the military intervention. is fighting the
Lawmakers in both par- Iranian-backed
ties are increasingly uneasy
over the humanitarian cri- Houthi rebels in
sis in Yemen and skeptical a conflict largely
of the U.S. partnership with seen as a proxy
that coalition, especially in
light of Saudi Arabia’s role
war involving
in the killing of Washing- the Mideast’s
ton Post columnist Jamal dominant
Khashoggi, a critic of the regional players.
royal family.
Passage would mark the
first time Congress has re-
lied on the decades-old
War Powers Resolution to the war was approved with
halt military intervention. Republican support late
It also would set up a po- last year.
tential confrontation with At the time, Congress
the White House, which was eager to send a mes-
has threatened a veto. The HASAN JAMALI — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE sage to both the president
House voted 248-177 to ap- The death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has made many U.S. lawmakers increasing uneasy with working closely and the Saudis after the Oc-
prove the measure, send- with Saudi Arabia. tober murder of the U.S.-
ing it to the Senate, where based journalist Khashoggi
a similar resolution passed Afghanistan as part of his olution, which requires lif., who drafted the legisla- divisions over support for at the Saudi Consulate in
last year. “America First” approach, approval of military ac- tion, said there’s an emerg- Israel. Istanbul. The U.S. has sanc-
“We have helped create, but he has shown less in- tions, since it was enacted ing bipartisan alliance The amendment reaf- tioned 17 Saudi individu-
and worsen, the world’s terest in limiting the U.S. in 1973. Lawmakers ap- that’s skeptical of military firms the U.S. commitment als for their involvement
largest humanitarian cri- role in Yemen. proved more sweeping au- intervention without con- “to combat anti-Semitism in the killing, and U.S. in-
sis,” said Rep. Barbara Lee, The White House says thorizations for the wars in gressional oversight. around the world” and says telligence officials have
D-Calif., during the de- the House resolution is Iraq and Afghanistan that “It’s not just about Ye- it’s in the national security concluded that the Saudi
bate. “Our involvement in “ f lawed” because U.S. some argue are being used men. It’s about the Con- interest to oppose boycotts crown prince, Mohammed
this war, quite frankly, is troops are not directly in- too broadly for other mili- gress taking a stand and of Israel. That’s a reference bin Salman, must have at
shameful.” volved in military action tary actions. every future president hav- to the Boycott, Divest and least known of the plot.
The chairman of the in Yemen, where the co- Newly emboldened Dem- ing to think twice about Sanction movement that Trump so far has decided
House Foreign Relations alition is fighting the Ira- ocrats in the House, eager whether to authorize a mil- has gained support of some not to impose harsher pen-
Committee, Rep. Eliot En- nian-backed Houthi rebels to confront Trump on for- itary intervention without lawmakers. alties on the prince. The
gel, D-N.Y., said the vote in a conflict largely seen eign policy, and Republi- congressional approval,” First-term Rep. Ilhan kingdom insists he did not
represents “Congress re- as a proxy war involving cans in both chambers have Khanna said in an inter- Omar, D-Minn., one of the order the killing.
claiming its role in foreign the Mideast’s dominant re- shown a willingness to put view. Muslim-American women The outcome of the legis-
policy.” gional players. a legislative check on the The Senate version is elected to Congress, came lation is uncertain. Repub-
Senate approval would Since 2015, the admin- president’s agenda. from independent Sen. Ber- under criticism this week licans control the Senate,
set up a showdown with istration says, the U.S. has In the House, 18 Republi- nie Sanders of Vermont and for her comments against 53-47, and a simple major-
the administration — a veto provided support to the cans, including members of backed by Utah Republican the Israel lobbying orga- ity is needed to pass.
would be Trump’s first — coalition, including intel- the GOP’s libertarian-lean- Sen. Mike Lee. nization AIPAC that raised Trump has yet to veto
over the president’s shifting ligence and, until recently, ing wing and Trump allies Before Wednesday’s vote, anti-Semitic stereotypes. any measures from Con-
approach on foreign policy. aerial refueling, but it has in the conservative Free- the House overwhelmingly She later apologized. gress. If he did veto the Ye-
Lawmakers are quick not had forces involved in dom Caucus, joined Demo- agreed to add an amend- Now the Yemen measure men resolution, it’s unclear
to point out that Trump “hostilities.” crats in passing the Yemen ment offered by Republi- goes to the Senate, where whether lawmakers would
wants to withdraw troops Congress has not in- measure. cans who are seeking to ex- a similar resolution on re- have enough support to
from the wars in Syria and voked the War Power Res- Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Ca- pose emerging Democratic moving U.S. involvement in override him.



lebr a t ing 6 5 Years




5:30 PM - 11:00 PM

At the Beautiful







Photo: Drew Altizer Photography, Farallon Restaurant: Halibut on Brioche
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Vicki Larson, vlarson@marinij.
com; Colleen Bidwill,

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meets its
match in
By Sam Hurwitt
Bay Area News Group
There’s an almost nonstop
barrage of misogyny on dis-
play in “Creditors,” the August
Strindberg drama playing at
Berkeley’s Aurora Theater Com-
pany in a new adaptation by
David Greig, the Scottish play-
wright whose mass shooting
drama “The Events” was re-
cently produced at both the Cur-
ran and Shotgun Players.
A new friend has wormed
his way into the confidence of
Adolph, an insecure and sug-
gestible young painter, and pro-
ceeds to chip away at the confi-
dence in his wife, his art and his
life. But mostly in his wife, to
whom he’s utterly devoted.
Jonathan Rhys Williams’ Gus-
tave speaks with a chillingly
calm, seemingly friendly con-
fidence, but everything he says
The St. Lawrence String Quartet will be the first performers featured on all of the new Bay Area Music Consortium’s programs. soon less so. He keeps coming
back to the idea that men shap-

Pulling strings
ing women is the natural order
of things, and any independence
on the part of a wife is inher-
ently emasculating. As Adolph’s
older wife, Tekla, is extremely
independent and strong-minded,
much more so than he is, and
flirtatious by nature, Gustave in-
sists she’s making a fool of him.
Joseph Patrick O’Malley com-
pellingly portrays Adolph’s de-
scent from a adoring and wryly
self-effacing sense of relative
Violinist gathers four top Bay Area chamber music groups for new venture contentment to a jittery, jeal-
ous frenzy as Gustave skillfully
twists every chatty confession
into poison for his heart. Why
By Georgia Rowe
was thrilled when the group said Gustave is doing this is a matter
Bay Area News Group
yes. for later on, but he does it deftly
“That was the real aha mo- and utterly without mercy.
Violist Pamela Freund-Strip- ment,” says Freund-Striplen. Gustave’s philosophy isn’t eas-
len has always loved the string “When I heard it as a stand- ily dismissed as being simply
quartet format — the alluring alone movement — it’s 15 min- of its time; it’s rooted in a deep
collaboration that happens when utes long — it just struck me. contempt for women and sounds
four musicians come together to It’s transporting, and it makes unnervingly like the kind of mi-
play a single piece of music. In a perfect link to the Golijov. Now sogynist bile you might hear
1987, she founded the Gold Coast the program has four centuries “men’s rights activists” on Twit-
Chamber Players with her hus- of music. I think it’ll be an in- ter spewing today. The title it-
band, San Francisco Opera clar- teresting musical journey for the self, a metaphor leaned on heav-
inetist Tony Striplen. As artistic audience.” ily in dialogue, is predicated on
director, she’s presented dozens There are practical advan- an entitled sense of being owed
of quartets and other chamber tages to the Consortium’s ap- something.
music artists in Lafayette, Pied- proach, says Freund-Striplen: CREDITORS >> PAGE 3
mont and Alameda. Four presenters pooling their
A few years back, though, resources fosters collaboration,
Freund-Striplen began to con- not competition, and allows
ceive of a different kind of col- them to bring in higher-priced
laboration, one in which she and acts they couldn’t afford individ-
three additional concert pre- ually. And chamber groups trav-
senters would join together to eling to the Bay Area will always
bring top-tier chamber groups Violist Pamela Freund-Striplen, who founded the Gold Coast find four performances more lu-
to the Bay Area. She invited the Chamber Players 32 years ago, has also been instrumental in crative than one.
directors of San Francisco’s Noe organizing the Bay Area Music Consortium. Yet, for Freund-Striplen, the
Valley Chamber Music, Berkeley — its EMI disc of “Dreams and artistic advantages outweigh all
Chamber Performances and the IF YOU GO Prayers,” with Palmer as solo- other concerns.
Mill Valley Chamber Music So- What: St. Lawrence String ist, remains one of the finest re- The opportunity to curate
ciety to join her in a new ven- Quartet with Todd Palmer cordings of the Argentine com- programs that spark artists’ in-
ture. After many meetings, dis- When: 5 p.m. Feb. 17 poser’s music. terests is what it’s all about, she
cussions and planning sessions, Berger, a professor at Stan- says, adding that working with
the Bay Area Music Consortium Where: Mount Tamalpais ford University where the St. her new partners reminds her of DAVID ALLEN — AURORA THEATRE COMPANY
was born. United Methodist Church, 410 Lawrence is ensemble in resi- why she fell in love with cham-
Sycamore Ave. Mill Valley Gustave (played by Jonathan
Freund-Striplen unveiled the dence, is another frequent col- ber music in the first place. Rhys Williams) plots to undermine
first of the Consortium’s jointly Admission: $35 laborator. Haydn’s music is also The Consortium members his friend’s wife, Tekla (Rebecca
curated concerts last weekend, Information: 415-381-4453; a key component of the quartet’s meet once a month now, and Dines) in “Creditors” at Aurora
with a program featuring the chambermusicmillvalley.org repertoire; they recorded his six they e-mail each other in be- Theatre in Berkeley.
award-winning St. Lawrence Op. 20 quartets for a free online tween. Freund-Striplen says the
String Quartet. The concert fea- release last year. ideas just fly.
tures Osvaldo Golijov’s “Dreams nor, Op. 132. As for the Beethoven, Freund- “It’s wonderful,” she says. “Ev- IF YOU GO
and Prayers of Isaac the Blind,” A repeat performance is Sun- Striplen says she heard the quar- ery time we talk, I learn some-
with clarinetist Todd Palmer day in Mill Valley. tet — violinists Geoff Nuttall and thing. We’re gaining informa- What: “Creditors”
joining the St. Lawrence players. Each work is a testament Owen Dalby, violist Lesley Rob- tion and support from each When: Through Feb. 24
The quartet will also play Jona- to Freund-Striplen’s skill in ertson and cellist Christopher other, and we’re already plan- Where: Aurora Theatre,
than Berger’s “Tango alla Zinga- building concert programs. Costanza — play the Op. 132 re- ning our 2020 program. 2081 Addison St., Berkeley
rese,” Haydn’s String Quartet, The St. Lawrence Quartet, cently and was blown away by “Collaborating with the art- Admission: $35 to $70;
Op. 20, No. 4 and the glorious which got its start in Toronto their reading of the third move- ists, thinking programs through
third movement of Beethoven’s in 1989, works closely with liv- ment. She asked Costanza if they as a whole — for me, that’s al-
Information: 510-843-4822,
String Quartet No. 15 in A mi- ing composers such as Golijov would add it to the program and ways going to be the key.”

Four things to do today >> Volunteer of the week

Carol Soker
Residence: Woodacre

Agency: Court Appointed Special Advocates

advocate for the best interests of children
who are in Marin County Juvenile Depen-
dency Court due to abuse or neglect. CASA’s
Love and Singles Heartfelt Somewhere goal is to assure that the child has the opportunity to thrive in a
laughter mingle songs not here safe, permanent and supportive home.
Love is in the air at See if sparks fly Musicians Grahame Six eclectic authors
the Throckmorton at the Society of Lesh, Elliott Peck, read their works Quote: “Carol has been a tireless advocate for six children over
Theatre’s Valen- Single Profession- Sean Nelson and on the theme of the past seven years,” says Laurie Good, CASA program director.
tine’s Day comedy als’ Valentine’s Day others will perform “Somewhere Else” “Her attention to detail and thoughtful approach to her CASA
show hosted by celebration at 7 love songs at at a Why There are responsibilities has garnered the respect of service providers and
comedian Johnny tonight at the EV 6:45 tonight at Words reading se- caregivers. She has approached every challenge with intelligence
Steele at 8 tonight Wine Lounge at Terrapin Crossroads ries at 7:15 tonight and grace. It has been a privilege to work with Carol.”
at 142 Throckmor- 500 San Anselmo at 100 Yacht Club at Studio 333 at,
ton Ave. in Mill Val- Ave. in San An- Drive in San Rafael. 333 Caledonia St.
ley. $22 to $32. selmo. $10. Free. in Sausalito. $10.
2 | B

Best bets
Indigenous art Having laughs
Explore the beauty Celebrate Black
and distinctive History Month
artistry of American with a comedy
Indian art at Marin’s show that will
American Indian make you laugh
Art Show, now in — and think. The
its 35th year. This show, aimed at
weekend, more than celebrating artists
100 dealers and art- of color, features
ists will showcase an eclectic, hilari-
contemporary and ous lineup of Bay
antique textiles, Area comedians,
pottery, jewelry, including Diane
basketry and bead- Amos, Al Clethen
work, as well as and Reggie Steele.
Pre-Columbian and It’s at 8 p.m. Feb.
Spanish Colonial 21 at the Throck-
items. It runs 11 a.m. morton Theatre at
to 5 p.m. Saturday 142 Throckmorton
and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ave. in Mill Valley.
Sunday at the Marin Admission is $21
Center at 10 Avenue to $35. Call 415-
of the Flags in San 383-9600 or go
Rafael. Admission is to throckmorton-
$18 each day. Can’t theatre.org.
wait? Preview the
show from 9 to 11
a.m. Saturday for
$35. Go to marin-


Things to do and see in Marin County

On stage show with host Johnny “Pause and Reflect,” solo
“Deathtrap”: Barn The- Steele. 8 p.m. $22 to $32; show by Elizabeth Geisler.
atre, 30 Sir Francis Drake Feb. 21: Comedy show to Call for times.
Blvd., Ross; 415-456-9555, celebrate Black History The Image Flow: 401 Miller
extension 1; RossValleyPlay- Month with Bay Area come- Ave., Suite A, Mill Valley;
ers.com. Ross Valley Players dians. 8 p.m. $21 to $35. 415-388-3569; theimage-
presents Ira Levin’s comic flow.com. Through March
thriller of devilish clever-
Classical/opera/choral 22: “2018 Group Exhibition,”
ness, thrills and plenty of music student photographs from
laughter. Through Feb. 17; Mount Tamalpais United 2018 workshops. Through
7:30 p.m. Thursdays; 8 p.m. Methodist Church: 410 June: “Theatres Off Mar-
Fridays and Saturdays; 2 Sycamore Ave., Mill Valley; ket,” James Clift’s street
p.m. Sundays. $12 to $27. 415-381-4453; chamber- photography series. 10 a.m.
“Impeaching America”: musicmillvalley.org. Feb. 17: to 6 p.m. weekdays.
The Belrose Theater, 1415 Mill Valley Chamber Music Madrigal Family Winery
Fifth Ave., San Rafael; Society presents St. Law- Tasting Salon & Gallery:
brownpapertickets.com/ rence String Quartet with 819 Bridgeway, Sausalito;
event/4043673. Mila- Todd Palmer. 5 p.m. Free to madrigalfamilywinery.com.
dyCady LLC Productions $35. Through Feb. 27: “Through
presents the world premiere Servino Ristorante: 9 the Lens,” photography
of Elizabeth Cady’s alle- Main St., Tiburon; 415-435- by Rose Hodges, Fairfax’s
gorical political satire about 2676. Feb. 14: Valentine’s MARK MAINZ — GETTY IMAGES Mary Serphos, Novato’s Jeff
America and the evolution Day opera night presented Comedian Greg Proops is a featured performer at the “Whose Live Anyway” improvised Greendorfer, Patricia Gatti
of democracy. Through Feb. by maestro Robert Ashens. comedy show on Friday at the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael. and Davide Antonio. Noon
24; 7:30 p.m. Fridays; 2 and 6:30 p.m. $95, all-inclusive. to 7 p.m. Thursdays through
7:30 p.m. Saturdays; 2 p.m. Reservations required. Galleries & museums Mondays.
Sundays. $20 to $25. Throckmorton Theatre: Art Abloom Studio and Marin Art & Garden Cen-
“Romeo and Juliet”: 142 Throckmorton Ave., Gallery: 751 Sir Francis ter: 30 Sir Francis Drake
Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Mill Valley; 415-383-9600; Drake Blvd., San Anselmo; Blvd., Ross; magc.org.
Throckmorton Ave., Mill Val- throckmortontheatre.org. 415-256-1112; artabloom. Through March 16: “From
ley; 415-383-9600; throck- Feb. 20: Concert featuring com. Ongoing: Works by Ga- Base to Peak.” 10 a.m. to
mortontheatre.org. Throck- clarinetist Tom Rose, pianist briella Drake. Call for times. 4 p.m. Tuesdays through
morton Theatre presents an Betty Woo and viola player Saturdays.
Artist Within — A Cedars
immersive, emotional take Caroline Lee. Noon. Gallery: 603 San Anselmo Marin Center’s Bartolini
on William Shakespeare’s Ave., San Anselmo; 415- Gallery: 10 Avenue of the
tragic love story. Through Dance 454-2568. Through March Flags, San Rafael; marin-
Feb. 17; 7:30 p.m. Fridays; Corte Madera Library: 707 29: Artwork by Cedars art- county.org. Through March
teen cast at 2:30 p.m. Sat- Meadowsweet Drive, Corte ists Andy Buchwald, Judy 28: “Inside Insights: San
urdays; 7:30 p.m. Saturdays; Madera; marinchinesecul- Dobbins, Toni Johnston, Quentin Arts in Corrections”
2:30 p.m. Sundays. $35. ture.org. Feb. 16: The MCCA Elliot Jung, Dana Sparrow, and “Prison Life: Reform
Lion Dance Team perfor- Inez Stewart and others. Activities at San Quentin,
Comedy mance. Noon. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays 1910-1930.” 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Marin Veterans’ Memo- San Anselmo Council through Saturdays; 11 a.m. weekdays.
rial Auditorium: 10 Avenue Chambers: 525 San An- to 5 p.m. Sundays. Marin Community Foun-
of the Flags, San Rafael; selmo Ave., San Anselmo; Art Works Downtown: dation: 5 Hamilton Landing,
tickets.marincenter.org. Feb. townofsananselmo.org. Feb. 1337 Fourth St., San Rafael; Suite 200, Novato; marincf.
15: “Whose Live Anyway” 21: Learn to foxtrot with 415-451-8119; artworks- org. Through June 14:
improvised comedy show Jasmine Worrell. 3 p.m. No downtown.org. Through “Exterior,” works by Michael
featuring Greg Proops, Joel experience required. Feb. 22: “Restless Gar- COURTESY OF GAIL RAGAINS Murphy, Nate Geare and
Murray, Dave Foley and Jeff den,” works by Stephanie The opening reception for “The Archetype” is Saturday at Terry Thompson. 9 a.m. to 5
B. Davis. 8 p.m. $29.50 to Arts events Jucker. Through March 2: the Desta Gallery in San Anselmo. p.m. weekdays.
$59.50. Marin Center: 10 Avenue “Music in the Air,” paint- Marin Jewelers Guild:
Throckmorton Theatre: of the Flags, San Rafael; ings by Marin artist Debbie 1331 Fourth St., San Rafael;
142 Throckmorton Ave., marinshow.com. Feb. 16 and Patrick, “Twelve x Three” 415-454-2711; marinjew-
Mill Valley; 415-383-9600; 17: Marin’s American Indian group show and “Illuminated elersguild.com. Through
throckmortontheatre.org. Art Show featuring more Boxes,” works by Dan Caven. March 2: “Valentine Jewelry
Tuesdays: Tuesday Night than 100 dealers and artists. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays Exhibition.” 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Live! Comedy Showcase. 8 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 16; 11 through Saturdays, or by ap- Tuesdays through Satur-
p.m. $17 to $27. Thursdays: a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 17. $18. pointment. Feb. 16: “Rest- days; closed Sundays and
Mort Sahl. 7 p.m. $20; Feb. Feb. 16: Opening benefit less Garden” picnic includ- Mondays.
14: Valentine’s Day comedy preview. 9 to 11 a.m. $35. ing making something with Marin Museum of Con-
artist Stephanie Jucker from temporary Art: 500 Palm
recycled materials. 2 p.m. Drive, Novato; 415-506-
Bay Model Visitor Center: 0137; marinmoca.org.
2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito; Through Feb. 24: “Open
415-332-3871. Through to Interpretation,” works
FEBRUARY Lunch & Dinner | Fireside Dining
Feb. 23: “Trees, Paper, by MarinMOCA artists and
“The finest string band in America” Styx,” solo show by Linda COURTESY OF TERRY THOMPSON “Hamilton Air Force Base: A
-The Boston Herald
SUN The Crooked Jades Sat. & Sun. Brunch 11-3 PM Colnett. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. New Community.” 11 a.m. to
17 with: Blue Summit San Francisco artist Terry Thompson showcases vintage 4 p.m. Wednesdays through
Tuesdays through Satur- neon signs in the “Exterior” group show through June 14 Fridays; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:00pm Celebrate Valentine's Day with days. at the Marin Community Foundation in Novato.
Grammy Winning Blues Legend the Steve & carmen Show Belvedere Tiburon Li- weekends.
THU Bobby Rush (solo seated show) Bring your sweetheart Thursday night
brary: 1501 Tiburon Blvd., 707 Meadowsweet Drive, Feb. 16: “This is Not a Marin Society of Artists:
21 with: HowellDevine for an evening with live music, dancing
Corte Madera; 415-924- Book,” journals by San 1515 Third St. at E Street,
8:00pm & fabulous food & drink! Tiburon; beltiblibrary.org.
February 14 Through March 9: “Move- 3515; marinlibrary.org. Rafael artist Minna Towbin San Rafael; 415-454-9561;
Performing and celebrating the music and
FRI magic of the Jerry Garcia Band ment,” photographs by Bay Through Feb. 14: “Here and Pinger. 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays marinsocietyofartists.org.
22 Jerry’s Middle Finger rock & roll Party! Area photographers. 10 a.m. There: A Photo Excursion through Fridays; 10 a.m. to Through March 2: “See-
9:00pm Feb 15 Beer ScOutS to 6 p.m. Mondays; 10 a.m. by Terry Peck.” 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays; closed ing Colors.” Noon to 4 p.m.
7:00/ no cover to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through 9 p.m. Mondays through Sundays and Mondays. Wednesdays through Sun-
Rock & Roll Playhouse Presents:
Drew harriSOn
SUN The Music of The Grateful Dead Sat Thursdays; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gallery Route One: 11101 days; closed Mondays and
24 for Kids Feb 16 “ Beatles and More” Fridays and Saturdays; noon Saturdays; noon to 5 p.m. Highway 1, Point Reyes Tuesdays.
The Acoustic Show
Moves indoors! 8:00 to 5 p.m. Sundays. Sundays; closed Fridays. Station; 415-663-1347; gal- Mill Valley Community
WED 27
Jethro Tull's Martin Barre Band eMiLY BOnn & Bolinas Museum: 48 Wharf Dance Palace: 503 B St., leryrouteone.org. Through Center: 180 Camino Alto,
THU 28 with: Matt Jaffe
Sun the ViVantS Road, Bolinas; 415-868- Point Reyes Station; 415- March 3: “If I Only Had Time Mill Valley; youthpostercon-
8:00pm Feb 17 Old Time Swing to
0330; bolinasmuseum.org. 663-1075; dancepalace.org. to Tell You: Personal, Politi- test.org. Through February:
Honky Tonk
MARCH 4:00/ No Cover
cathy Lemons and
Through March 17: “Ship
of Dreams: Artists, Poets
Through February: Photog- cal, True or Fictional Tales,” Winners and finalists’ post-
raphy by David Kramer. 8:30 Gallery Route One’s annual ers of the 2018 Youth Poster
GATORATORS feat Dave Malone
Fri Phil Berkowitz & Band and Visionaries of the S.S. a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. Feb. juried show. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contest. Through Feb. 20:
(The Radiators), Camile Baudoin (The
Feb 22 the LucKY LOSerS Vallejo,” “Blunk Brothers: 17: Reception. 3 to 5:30 p.m. daily, except Tuesdays. “As Above So Below,” solo
FRI 1 Radiators), Reggie Scanlan (The Radiators), Classic R&B and Blues show by Rebecca Katz. 8:30
SAT 2 Mitch Stein (CRYPTICAL) & Eric Bolivar 7:00/ No Cover Paintings and Sculpture by Desta Gallery: 417 San Higher Space Gallery:
(Anders Osborne) + Special Guests Dance Party! Bruno and Rufus Blunk” and Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo; Rebound Bookstore, 1611 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
9:00pm STOMPY JONES “Pressed Seaweed from the 415-524-8932; destagal- Fourth St., San Rafael; Museum of International
Deadgrass - Celebrating the Feb 23 featuring 1880s.” 1 to 5 p.m. Fridays; lery.com. Through March 415-482-0550. Ongoing: Propaganda: 1000 Fifth
SUN Music of Jerry Garcia Annette Moreno noon to 5 p.m. weekends. 19: “The Archetype,” works “Steven Hurst: Treasures Ave., San Rafael; 415-310-
3 8:00
8:00pm Community Congrega- by Alan Mazzetti and Gail From My Dreams: 41 years 1173; propagandamuseum.
An Intimate, Standing/General tommy castro tional Church: 145 Rock Hill Ragains. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. making the world.” 10 a.m. net. Ongoing: Collection
FRI 8 Admission Concert with: & the Painkillers Drive, Tiburon; 415-435- Tuesdays through Satur- to 6 p.m. Mondays through of propaganda posters,
SAT 9 Jorma Kaukonen (solo) 9108. Through Feb. 28: days. Feb. 16: Reception. 5 Saturdays. paintings, sculptures and
8:00pm March 22nd & March 23rd
Friday Night Only! Artwork by Bayside Martin to 7 p.m. Homestead Valley Com- items from more than a
Open Mic Every Monday 7pm
Special Guest Ron Thompson Luther King Jr. Academy Falkirk Cultural Center: munity Center: 315 dozen countries. Noon to 3
with Austin DeLone
students. Call for times. 1408 Mission Ave., San Monford Ave., Mill Valley; p.m. Wednesdays through
19 Corte Madera Ave. Reservations Advised! Corte Madera Library: Rafael; 415-485-3328; 415-388-0128; homestead- Saturdays.
On the tOwn Square • nicaSiO
Mill Valley livelifelocally.org. Through valley.org. Through April 15: CALENDAR » PAGE 3
www.sweetwatermusichall.com www.ranchonicasio.com
DOCUMENTARY stinson-beach. Through
Calendar February: “Face to Face,”

HBO film looks at roller skate culture FROM PAGE 2

artwork by Cedars artists.
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-
days and Fridays; 1 to 9
Novato History Museum: p.m. Tuesdays; 10 a.m. to
By Mark Kennedy 815 DeLong Ave., Novato; 5 p.m. Saturdays; closed
The Associated Press 415-897-4320; novatohis- Wednesdays, Thursdays
tory.org. Ongoing: “Novato and Sundays.
NEW YORK >> First-time doc-
Dairies.” 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.
umentary filmmakers Tina Wednesdays, Thursdays Throckmorton Theatre:
Brown and Dyana Winkler and Saturdays. 142 Throckmorton Ave.,
lugged their cameras to Mill Valley; 415-383-9600;
Central Park in New York O’Hanlon Center for the throckmortontheatre.org.
one day to capture the last Arts: 616 Throckmorton Through March 3: “Rock-
few people still passionate Ave., Mill Valley; 415-388- Paper-Scissors,” works by
about roller skating. Rinks 4331; ohanloncenter.org. Kathryn Keller and Margot
across the country were Through Feb. 21: “Jour- Hartford’s solo show. 2 to
gone. The activity seemed neys.” 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 6 p.m. Tuesdays through
dead. Tuesdays through Fridays; Saturdays.
“ We were shooting 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays.
Toad Fish Gallery: 686
a piece about what we Osher Marin JCC: 200 Bridgeway, Sausalito;
thought was the end of the N San Pedro Road, San 415-324-8106. Ongoing:
era of skating with what we Rafael; 415-444-8000; Sausalito abstract and
thought were the last men marinjcc.org. Through contemporary artists. 10
standing,” said Winkler. March 31: “Local Perspec- a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
“We thought, ‘Who roller HBO tives,” works by Cedars
artists. Call for times. Toby’s Art Gallery: 11250
skates anymore?’” A scene from the documentary “United Skates,” premiering on HBO. Highway 1, Point Reyes
They may have come for Redwood Foyer Gallery: Station; tobysfeedbarn.
a funeral but they found kler said. kler said. in Texas you do the “Slow Marin Veterans’ Memo- com/art-gallery. Through
something else entirely. The documentary ex- That day in Central Park Walk” — and how such a rial Auditorium, 10 Avenue Feb. 26: “One Place Deeply:
Two young African-Amer- plores how roller rinks were changed the trajectory — tight fellowship among of the Flags, San Rafael; Walking the Green Bridge
ican skaters approached the sites of some of the ear- and the lives — of the film- skaters is forged that they marincounty.org. Through Trail,” new photographs by
them and asked them what liest fights of the civil-rights makers. The young skaters will fly across the country May 31: “Marks In Time.” Point Reyes’ Marty Knapp.
they were doing. “They said, era and how they later be- they met invited the women to get together. Open during performances 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Feb.
‘Skating’s not dead. It just came the launching pads to come and see what had Embraced by the com- or by appointment. 16: Reception. 2 to 4 p.m.
went underground,’” Win- for hip-hop artists. happened to skating. And munit y, Win k ler a nd Robert Allen Fine Art:
kler recalled. It shows how unofficial so they got on a night bus Brown never paid for a ho- Town Books: 411 San An-
301 Caledonia St., Sau- selmo Ave., San Anselmo;
Winkler and Brown de- segregation lives on, with to Richmond, Virginia. tel room or car rental or salito; 415-331-2800;
cided to go find it. Five so-called “adult nights” that The duo — one Austra- a meal while crisscross- 415-526-3791; townbooks.
robertallenfineart.com. org. Through February:
years and 500 hours of foot- feature metal detectors and lian, one American — ap- ing the country interview- Through March 29: “Nature Works by Fran Snyder and
age later, they’ve emerged masses of police, something proached a roller rink at ing some 100 skaters. The Abstracted,” a group ex-
with the HBO film “United not used when whites come midnight. It was far from skaters themselves opened Michael Serecsko. 10 a.m.
hibition featuring Beatrice to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through
Skates,” a fascinating look to skate. It also shows how funereal: There was a line their homes and drove Findlay, Victoria Ryan and
at the rich African-Amer- rinks are being closed as down the block, music was them around. Saturdays.
Geoffrey Williams. 10 a.m.
ican subculture of roller communities chase more pumping, skaters were The documentary fea- to 5 p.m. weekdays. Zinz Wine Bar: 207 Corte
skating, which is under revenue by rezoning for re- dressed to kill and everyone tures interviews with hip- Madera Ave., Corte Madera;
Robert Green Fine Arts: 415-927-9466; zinzwine-
threat. tail use. seemed to know each other. hop legends like Salt-N- 154 Throckmorton Ave.,
“We hope that our view- “There’s a bigger story to “We stepped into this Pepa, Coolio and Vin Rock bar.com. Ongoing: “Letting
Mill Valley; 415-381-8776; Go,” works by Aia Bower. 3
ers will learn something tell and we can use the joy- world,” said Winkler. of Naughty by Nature. John rgfinearts.com. Through
they didn’t know about, ous beauty of roller skating They soon learned that Legend is an executive pro- to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through
March 3: “The Next 50!” Thursdays; 3 to 10 p.m.
fall in love with something as the sugar to spoon-feed each city had different ducer and the film received to commemorate Robert
they didn’t know about, and some of these bigger issues. skate dance styles — Bal- the Documentary Audience Fridays and Saturdays; 3 to
Green’s 50th anniversary 8 p.m. Sundays.
maybe be compelled to care That’s when we started to timore has “Snapping,” At- Award at the Tribeca Film in the business of deal-
enough to protect it,” Win- peel back the layers,” Win- lanta has the “Jacknife” and Festival. ing fine art. 11 a.m. to 5
p.m. Wednesdays through — Compiled by

Sundays. Colleen Bidwill.


sudden burst of jealous all in pale off-white tones, leave you with a pretty Send listings to
cruelty may hurt her. as are most of Christine grim view of pretty much Seager Gray Gallery: 108 calendar@marinij.
The play is relentless, Crook’s costumes, with everything. Throckmorton Ave., Mill com at least two weeks
every single scene a study Tekla’s dress the only real It’s all terribly cruel Valley; 415-384-8288; prior to the event. Photo
in either what not to say splash of color. and mean-spirited and seagergray.com. Through attachments should be

Rebecca Dines is a or what not to listen to. From time to time, destructive, but here February: “Capacious Lan- 300 dpi JPGs with a file
breath of fresh air as Each of the three parallel Jim Cave’s moody light- again what saves it is guage,” new paintings by size of 2 megabytes and
Tekla when she finally ar- conversations that make ing is taken over by blue Tekla. People may bad- Leslie Allen. Through March should include caption
rives, charismatic, play- up this tragicomic psy- streaks lining the walls, mouth her all play long — 10: “Deposits,” works by information. Include a
ful and keenly perceptive. chodrama starts off pleas- combining with an elec- and they do — but she’s so Inge Bruggeman. 11 a.m. to daytime phone number
Even as meticulously poi- ant and soon becomes tric hum in Matt Stine’s self-evidently better than 5 p.m. Tuesdays through on your release. Mail
Saturdays; noon to 5 p.m.

soned against her as his both unbearably cruel sound design to suggest her detractors are at life listings to Calendar/
perceptions have become, and nowhere near letting Adolph’s agitation rising that the damage they do Sundays. Lifestyles, Marin
Adolph quickly succumbs up anytime soon. into some kind of fit or proves nothing (despite Stinson Beach Library: Independent Journal,
to her charm and to his Director Barbara Dam- seizure. all Gustave’s philosoph- 3521 Shoreline Highway, 4000 Civic Center Drive,
love for her before his ashek just accentuates The seminal Swed- ical bluster) except how Stinson Beach; 415-868- Suite 301, San Rafael
Notes: None

carefully nurtured inse- that discomfort with the ish playwright Strind- poisonous sour grapes 0252; marinlibrary.org/ 94903.
curities come spilling out. smothering atmosphere berg wrote “Creditors” in can be.
Italian Plate (Bold)
Fonts: Minion Pro (Regular), Avenir (95 Black),

Media Type: BW Fractional Newspaper Ad

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Dines’ Tekla handles all of her tense staging. An- 1888, the same year as his
Run Date: None
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Safety: 5.6875” W x 21” H

Bleed: 5.6875” W x 21” H

Job#: ADC5-9551A0012
Trim: 5.6875” W x 21” H

Title: “NHTSA Buckle Up”


this secondhand venom grette McCloskey’s set of more famous “Miss Julie” Contact Sam Hurwitt at
with cool, collected self- a sparsely furnished sit- (which Aurora produced shurwitt@gmail.com, and

Links: NHTSA_Logo_KO.ai (48.87%), ADCOUNCIL_Wht.eps (28.93%)

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assurance, not letting on ting room peppered with 10 years ago), and that’s follow him at Twitter.com/
Andrew McCarthy
2-18-2015 11:09 AM
1-13-2015 12:27 PM
Final Art

to whatever extent this artworks in progress is a pair of plays that could shurwitt.
Production Manager:
Account Executive:

Creative Director:

Studio Manager:
Art Director:
Ad Council
B. Ehninger
J. Adler-Kerekes
J. Morledge
W. Wood
M. Heckart
R. Virginia
A. McCarthy

ADC5-9551A0012_Buckle_5-6875x21_BWNP_R1.indd Initials Date

Client: AD COUNCIL Art Version: Final Art Studio Manager: A. McCarthy
Job#: ADC5-9551A0012 Paper: Newsprint Proofreader: R. Virginia
Title: “NHTSA Buckle Up” Line Screen: 100 Art Director: M. Heckart
Media Type: BW Fractional Newspaper Ad Edit Round: 2 Copywriter: W. Wood

Bleed: 5.6875” W x 21” H Creation Date: 1-13-2015 12:27 PM Creative Director: J. Morledge
Trim: 5.6875” W x 21” H Modified Date: 2-18-2015 11:09 AM Production Manager: J. Adler-Kerekes
Safety: 5.6875” W x 21” H Printed at: 56.74% Account Executive: B. Ehninger

Gutter: None Printed by: Andrew McCarthy Client: Ad Council

Notes: None Run Date: None Links: NHTSA_Logo_KO.ai (48.87%), ADCOUNCIL_Wht.eps (28.93%)
Publication: None
Fonts: Minion Pro (Regular), Avenir (95 Black),
Italian Plate (Bold)
Inks Black
4 | B


Win or lose at the Oscars, Glenn Close is loving the moment

By Jake Coyle
on the Manhattan Project
The Associated Press
before being fired for be-
coming pregnant with her
NEW YORK >> Glenn Close father’s brother. “I know she
stands doubled over laugh- always wondered what could
ing in the doorway to her have been,” said Starke by
dow ntow n Manhattan phone from Los Angeles.
apartment while her loyal “It was quite a powerful
white Havanese, Pip, circles preparation experience,”
an arriving reporter. said Starke of working with
It’s star time for both. her mother. “She keeps tell-
Close, among the most ac- ing me that she feels like
complished performers she’s at the top of her power.
never to win an Oscar, may She’s getting recognition for
finally break through with something that hit so close
“The Wife,” in which, iron- to home. Hopefully the sev-
ically, she plays a deferen- enth time is the charm.”
tial spouse (to an acclaimed “The Wife” premiered just
author, played by Jonathan as the #MeToo movement
Pryce) who has been long was being born. It debuted
overlooked. The never-nom- at the Toronto International
inated Pip has developed Film Festival in September
his own following, thanks 2017. Sony Pictures Classic,
in part to an appearance on which acquired the movie,
“The View.” The dog’s Ins- chose to wait to release it in
tagram account, under the August, timed to get ahead
name “Sir Pippin of Bean- of the awards season rush.
field,” is up to 3,400 follow- “One of the reasons it was
ers. so fresh and so strong for us
Inside, Close hands the re- was how powerful Glenn
porter a bottle of red wine CHRIS PIZZELLO — INVISION
was in the sequences where
to open as she recounts how she’s not even speaking,”
hours earlier, while walking Glenn Close is nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role in “The Wife.” said Michael Barker, co-pres-
Pip in a park, a lady stopped Award mean to her? She I had new wings. Or maybe cally had to betray what I ing.” ident of Sony Pictures Clas-
her to relate her own story of pauses. my wings were finally devel- thought was the essence of That “The Wife” features sic. “It’s just her face and
being held back in her pro- “It would mean a lot but oped.” that character,” says Close. Close and her daughter (who her face isn’t even the cen-
fession by a man. These are I wouldn’t want it to be a That’s a startling pro- “The Wife,” a feminist par- plays a younger version of tral face in the frame. Even
the kinds of stories Close has pity Oscar because I’ve been nouncement for an actress able based on Meg Wolitzer’s the same character) gives though it was a few months
heard a lot since “The Wife” an actress for 45 years,” who has for decades been 2003 novel, came to Close the film an added, multi- before the MeToo movement
came out and since she gave says Close, whose previous one of the most versatile about six years ago, shortly generational layer of mean- really kicked in, it was obvi-
a show-stopping acceptance honors include three Tony and subtle actors of film, before divorcing her third ing. Both Close and Starke ous the theme was very ur-
speech at the Golden Globes awards, three Emmys and television and theater. A late husband, venture capitalist together crafted the charac- gent and important.”
where she spoke movingly three Globes. “People have bloomer, she didn’t act in her David Evans Shaw. When it’s ter with inspiration from the Close, relaxing on a sofa
about how her mother sub- been going back and look- first film until age 35. But mentioned to Close that she women of their shared fam- next to Pip, grants she, like
limated herself to Close’s fa- ing at my basic body of work since, Close has unfailingly doesn’t seem like someone ily tree. Foremost in Close’s everyone else, thought Gaga
ther, a prominent surgeon. and the six times I lost and embodied intelligence and who would ever sublimate mind was her mother, who was going to win at the
“Another woman cross- what those roles were. So I depth in everything from herself to another, she re- married at 18. Globes. (“I was just kind
ing the street was like, ‘I can’t pretend it’s just for ‘The her early breakthroughs in sponds, “Oh, you don’t know “It broke my heart to hear of going with low expecta-
love you, Glenn!’” says Close. Wife.’ But I feel like every- “The World According to me, personally,” and lets out her say in her late ‘80s that tions, just keep your sanity,”
“People down in the phar- body’s rooting for me.” Garp” and “The Big Chill” a loud laugh. she accomplished nothing,” she says.) What she’d most
macy, they’re all cheering But that’s not to say Close to “Sunset Boulevard” (twice “I’m at a time in my life says Close, tearing up. “You like in awards season is the
me on.” will be crestfallen if she on stage, decades apart; she where I’m not beholden can say, ‘But, oh, you’re such chance to sit with whom she
Seemingly ever yone doesn’t win. She smiles. “I’ve hopes to make a film of the to anyone. I mean, I al- a good mother. Oh, you stuck calls her “category sisters” —
knows that Close, 71, has decided if I lose, I’m going to musical this year); from her ways am attached with ev- it out with dad.’ That wasn’t all the best-actress nominees
emerged as the best actress look at the camera and say: ruthless attorney on “Dam- ery molecule in my body to the point. It was something — at the same table.
front-runner after early ‘I’m OK.’” ages” to her infamous Alex my daughter, whether she else. That’s what I think res- All through the season,
buzz favored Lady Gaga for And she is. Much more Forrest in “Fatal Attraction.” likes it or not. But I’m not onated with a lot women Close has worn her grand-
“A Star is Born.” “The Wife” than OK, even. Making “The “Nobody thought I could attached to any partner,” about that (Golden Globes) mother’s wedding ring, one
may be a modest indepen- Wife” has been its own ca- be sexy,” Close says of the says Close, whose 30-year- speech. Because we do what more reminder of the count-
dent film ($9 million at the thartic, empowering experi- time before 1987’s “Fatal At- old daughter Annie Starke we naturally do. And for a lot less women who, like the
box office, and still playing ence for Close. traction,” a film she’d like to co-stars in “The Wife.” “And of women that might be OK. protagonist of “The Wife,”
six months after opening), “It’s taken me a long time see remade from the wom- I think it’s for the first time But it hasn’t been in the tra- deferred their own self-ex-
but the moment feels finely to gain control of my own an’s perspective rather than in my life that I haven’t felt dition to seek personal ful- pression to serve a husband
tailored to Close, the most- life. When I made ‘The Wife,’ the sympathetic point-of- the obligation to not be who fillment for women.” or a family. “She should have
nominated living actor never I was in control of my own view of Michael Douglas’ I am, to put a shade over the Starke also drew on her been an actress,” Close says,
to win an Oscar. life for probably the first cheating husband. “In mak- light, to temper your power. paternal grandmother, a GE rubbing the ring. “So I feel
What would an Academy time,” says Close. “I felt like ing the movie a hit, I basi- And it’s incredibly liberat- chemist who she said worked like they’re with me.”

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NY Times Puzzle No. 0110 Edited by Will Shortz No. 0110 TELEVISION

ACROSS 34 Army allowance 62 Eastern 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1 Italian scooter European
37 Gun-shy capital 15 16 17
6 Endurance 38 Spiffy top 63 Hoffman who
10 Glimpses 39 Even up wrote “Steal This 18 19 20

15 Like a necktie Book”

40 Partner of pieces 21 22 23 24
near the end of 64 What
a long workday, 41 Elates photocopiers do 25 26 27 28
maybe 42 Long time out? 65 Church chorus
16 Big name in 29 30 31 32 33
cosmetics 43 Not altogether 66 Gave a pill, say
17 Another 44 Playwright Sean 67 River whose 34 35 36 37 38
nickname for the who wrote “The name comes
Governator Plough and the entirely from the 39 40 41
Stars” last eight letters
18 Bass group? of the alphabet 42 43 44
45 “I don’t want
19 Give stars to this house after 68 Sacred text …
20 Prize that comes all”? or your reaction 45 46 47

with 9 million upon figuring

48 Japanese box out this puzzle’s 48 49 50 51 52
kronor meal theme?
21 Kidnapper who 53 54 55 56 57 58
gets arrested? 49 Group of traffic
cops, for short?
24 Page listing DOWN 59 60 61 62
50 ___ economy
1 Oklahoma’s ___
25 Once-over 63 64 65
53 E’en if Air Force Base
26 Soccer player
Hamm 55 Synagogue 2 Attempt 66 67 68
singer with hokey 3 FaceTime
27 Measure of purityhumor? alternative
29 Win a one-on-one
game against a 4 Confined, with
Toronto hoops 61 “No problem at “up” 23 Not a single 40 Margaret 52 Grind, in a way
player? all!” 5 “You’ve got to be 28 Show up Thatcher, e.g., in
kidding me!” her later years 53 Mr. with a
29 Galoot
ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 6 Mustang catcher 41 Derides “Wild Ride” at
30 How this clue Disneyland
7 “Dear ___ appears 43 James who
G I F T S S W I F T sang at the
Hansen” (2017
M I N I S K I M I L L I Tony winner) 30 How this clue opening of the 54 Drifter
W I L D T H I N G I N K I N appears 1984 Summer CHRIS PIZZELLO — INVISION
8 Dark kind of look
I L L S I R I S L I S P S 31 ___ yoga Olympics Logan Browning, right, reacts as Winston Duke announces
9 Some court wear 56 Savoir-faire
I D S I R T T W I N 32 Like some 44 “Beetle Bailey” her as a nominee for the 50th annual NAACP Image Awards
I N T C R I N G I N G 10 Oh, what an shoppes dog during TV One’s Winter Television Critics Association Press
actress! 57 Anthem starter
R I F F S B L I N G K I R 33 Optimistic 46 Crept (along) Tour on Wednesday in Pasadena.
11 Tennis ___
I S I S B R I N K Z I T I 34 Billiards need 47 Need to speak 58 Italy’s Lake ___
G I N S L I N G M I D S T 12 Things in the 35 It’s a relief 50 Many an intern

Donald Glover gets

backs of Macs
S T I F L I N G W I G 36 Ticking dangers 51 Skater Slutskaya 60 Pizza delivery
R I N G S I X F B I 13 Theater seating

5 nominations for
14 What bears do in Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 7,000 past
I R I S H T I G H T K N I T the market puzzles, nytimes.com/crosswords ($39.95 a year).
T I N C T C H I M I N G Read about and comment on each puzzle: nytimes.com/wordplay.
22 “The Last Jedi”

NAACP Image Awards

S I K H S S N I P S director Johnson

Bridge By Phillip Alder

By Andrew Dalton
On Valentine’s Day, guess the key card The Associated Press “Black Panther”
On Valentine’s Day, it seems only right into East’s hand. But not unnaturally, PASADENA >> Coming off a was nominated
to have a deal featuring the queen of he crossed to the king of spades and big night at the Grammys, for 14 awards,
hearts, who ought to be a darling. But ran the knave of clubs (as jacks were Donald Glover and his al-
she certainly isn’t in “Alice in Won- known back then) to East’s ace. What ter-ego Childish Gambino with star
derland,” where she keeps crying, “Off did he do now? were nominated Wednes- Chadwick
with her head!” Had West led a singleton, and had day for five NAACP Image Boseman
South cleverly played the eight from Awards.
Still, what part should she play in this
Glover is nominated for
and director
deal? South is in five clubs, and West 10-8-4? Should East switch to the
two of diamonds, playing his partner his acting and directing Ryan Coogler
leads the seven of hearts.
for the knave? on “Atlanta.” The FX show nominated for
This deal is in “Right Through the itself is nominated for best
Pack” by Robert Darvas and Norman The queen of hearts was also analyz-
comedy series. On the mu-
entertainer of
de Villiers Hart, which was first pub- ing the position, and she spotted the
sic side, Childish Gam- the year along
decapitating defense -- she leapt out
lished in 1948. of East’s hand and landed face upward
bino is nominated for top with Beyonce,
The bidding is weird, as was its wont male performer, and his LeBron James
on the table! song “This Is America” is
in those days. East’s double with only Declarer, after winning on the board, nominated for best video and Regina King.
one club is the most debatable call, needed to get to his hand to take a and song. Glover won four
and some other bids would not escape second trump finesse. However, he Grammys including re-
criticism. could not. He tried a low diamond, but cord and song of the year tertainer of the year along
Declarer, after winning the first trick East won with his ace and led another on Sunday night. w ith Beyonce, LeBron
with the ace of hearts, would have heart, so that West could overruff with The nominees were an- James and Regina King.
led a low club if he could have peeked the queen of clubs. nounced Wednesday at The film was also nomi-
the Television Critics As- nated for best motion pic-
sociation winter meeting ture along with “BlacK-
SIX-WORD STORIES by “Black Panther” actor kKlansman,” “Crazy Rich
Winston Duke and “Dear Asians,” “If Beale Street

Tell IJ your short, short tale of challenges White People” actress Lo-
gan Browning, both of
whom learned as they
Could Talk” and “T he
Hate U Give.”
U.S. Rep. Maxine Wa-
By Vicki Larson
hadn’t anticipated. ginning, middle and end, line or in an attachment), made the announcements t ers w ill rec eive the
What challenges have and not just six adjec- and use proper punctua- that they were among NAACP Chairman’s Award
@OMGchronicles on Twitter you had? How have you tives — make us laugh or tion and check spelling. the nominees. Browning for public service.
overcome them? Let’s ex- cry or feel something. And Send your six-word story teared up after seeing her The 50th NA ACP Im-
Challenges. We all have plore together. please, we’ll be extremely to lifestyles@marinij.com name. age Awards honoring en-
them. The recent govern- For February, please grateful if you include your by Feb. 15 with “Six-Word “Black Panther” was tertainers and writers of
ment shutdown, which may share with the IJ a six- full name and your Marin Story” in the subject line. nominated for 14 awards, color will be held March
or may not continue after word story — just one — hometown, write your Then look for the stories in with star Chadwick Bose- 30 at the Dolby Theatre in
Feb. 15, has caused many about challenges. Please short story in the body of the Feb. 26 lifestyles sec- man and director Ryan Hollywood and aired live
people challenges they make it a story with a be- the email not in the subject tion and online. Coogler nominated for en- on TV One.

Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 1:00, Celebrate

Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13) 10:00 4:00, 7:00 Alita: Battle Angel 3D (PG-13) 7:10,
Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) (10:15,
Green Book (PG-13) 7:00 Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13) 12:00, 10:00
Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) 6:30, 9:30 3:00, 7:00 11:15, 12:30, 1:30, 2:45, 3:45, 5:00) 6:00,
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Green Book (PG-13) 12:15, 6:15 Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 12:30,
7:15, 8:15, 9:30, 10:30
Part (PG) 7:15, 9:55 Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) 12:05, 2:20, 3:30, 6:40, 9:30
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second
A Star Is Born (R) 6:45, 9:50 4:35, 6:50
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second • Best Bets • Lib at Large Cold Pursuit (R) 1:20, 4:15, 7:15, 10:05
Part (PG) (10:15, 11:05, 11:55, 12:40,
Part (PG) 12:00, 3:30, 6:30
Roma (R) 3:15, 6:50
• Film • Theater Glass (PG-13) 12:10, 3:20, 7:15, 10:00
1:30, 2:20, 3:05, 3:55, 4:45, 5:30) 6:20, 7:55,
Green Book (PG-13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45,
Anna Karenina: The Musical (NR) They Shall Not Grow Old (R) 12:45, • Dining & Food • Events Calendar 8:45, 10:20
3:35 9:45
Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13) 12:20
• Sports and more! Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13) 12:00,
Spider-Man: Into the Spi-
der-Verse (PG) (10:15, 12:55, 3:35)
The Favourite (R) 10:00 2:25, 5:00, 7:30, 10:00
Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) (10:20,
The Notebook (PG-13) 8:30 PLUS
Contact us
Vicki Larson, Plus Life,

Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) 11:30, 1:45,

vlarson@marinij.com; Derek Arild,
C1 LIFE+SPORTS Plus Sports, darild@marinij.com

» marinij.com

Vice (R) 3:00 11:00, 11:40, 12:20, 1:00, 1:40, 2:20, 3:00,
Thursday, May 8, 2014 » MORE

4:00, 6:45, 9:00 3:40, 5:00, 5:40) 6:20, 7:00, 7:40, 8:20, 9:00,
Alita: Battle Angel 3D (PG-13) FRANKIE FROST —
Hurdler Monica Bi poses with
some equipment on Tuesday at
Tamalpais High School in Mill

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second

9:40, 10:20
Valley, Calif.

Tam’s Bi
RealD 3D 11:45, 2:45, 5:45, 8:45 contender
for 100,

Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 10:15, 300-meter

Senior is known
for her consistent
Part (PG) 11:25, 1:50, 4:20, 6:50, 9:20 Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13) (10:20,

1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 10:15

an Easter service at Red Hill Church on

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second

On the hunt
Easter egg as she sits on a table during By Ed Yevelev
Jayani Lattiebudaire, 1, plays with a plastic eyeveley@marinij.com
@marinij on Twitter

11:45, 12:45, 2:10, 3:10, 4:35, 5:35) 6:15,

It’s every hurdler’s nightmare
scenario, and Monica Bi was glad
she experienced it early.
Now a Tam High senior stand-

Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13) 12:45,

out, she looks back and laughs at
her own moment — a miscalcu-
lated timing and jump, leading to
a face-first fall onto the track dur-
ing a practice.
“I ate it really really hard,” she

Part (PG) 12:45, 3:10

joked. “But it wasn’t that bad. It

Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 4:00, 10:00 3:55, 7:10, 10:20

was actually kind of good that it
jmara@marinij.com » @The_Janis_Mara on Twitter happened.”
Janis Mara »
Bi said it was helpful in remov-

7:00, 8:00, 8:40, 9:25, 10:25

a tree in the courtyard at San Anselmo’s ing some nervousness — some-
Red-haired Levi Lokkesmoe, 5, shot toward thing she has rarely shown in at-
basket in hand and eye on the ball — tacking the hurdles for the past
Red Hill Church at warp speed Easter Sunday, scooped up a neon orange plastic four years. A top MCAL contender
er, egg. In one fell swoop, the San Rafael
in both the 100 and 300 races this
we got here, his eyes were big as saucers. spring, Bi is known not just for her
pseudo-ovum concealed in the roots. “When consistent performance, but also

Alita: Battle Angel 3D (PG-13)

eggs!’” said his mother, Angie Lokkesmoe, her bubbly, fun-loving personality
He said, ‘Mom, it’s my turn to hunt for

Cold Pursuit (R) 10:35, 1:30, 4:20, 7:20,

— even in the tensest of races.
egg hunt
and adults who took part in the Easter

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second

Hurdler Monica Bi puts on her
one of the crowd of about 200 children shoes at practice on Tuesday, Apr.
15, 2014, at Tamalpais High School
after church services that morning. in Mill Valley, Calif. (Frankie

The Prodigy (R) (10:30, 12:45, 3:00,

“I was afraid Frost⁄Marin
Hurdler Monica Bi puts on her
The hunt was broken down into age
categories, the little shoes at practice on Tuesday, Apr.
a some-
but even the youngest children exhibitedthe wild ones would 15, 2014, at Tamalpais High School

RealD 3D 1:00, 7:00

what disconcerting ferocity in stalking earlier not leave in Mill Valley, Calif. (Frankie

Easter egg. “I was joking with the Frost⁄Marin Independent Jour-
and asked, ‘Is there blood out there?’”
said Pas- anything nal) Frankie Frost
tor Michael Snearly. for the older “She’s always the one breaking
egg hunt,”
“This is our first year for the Easter ones because that tension. She always brings
dd b

Part (PG) 12:00, 2:40 5:15) 7:30, 9:50

A Dog's Way Home (PG) 11:55, 2:30,
5:05, 7:40 Miss Bala (PG-13) 12:10, 2:50, 6:50, 9:25 Cold Pursuit (R) (10:55, 1:35, 4:25)
Glass (PG-13) 12:40, 3:50, 6:55, 10:05 The Upside (PG-13) 11:55, 3:10, 6:20,
Gully Boy (NR) 11:30, 3:00, 6:30, 10:00 Find it in print or online at 7:05, 9:45
Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13) 12:05, 9:15
2:40, 5:15, 7:50, 10:30
marinij.com/entertainment What Men Want (R) (11:10, 1:50, 4:30)
The Favourite (R) 6:45, 9:30
Alita: Battle Angel 3D (PG-13) 1:30, Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) 10:10, 12:30, 7:20, 9:55
4:30, 10:30 Download it for free at the AppStore The Prodigy (R) 11:35, 2:05, 4:20, 6:55,
2:50, 5:10, 7:35, 10:00 Miss Bala (PG-13) (11:20) 10:15
Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 10:30, 7:30 The Kid Who Would Be King (PG) 9:25
Cold Pursuit (R) 10:40, 1:30, 4:20, 7:10, 10:20, 4:10, 10:10 The Upside (PG-13) (1:50, 4:40) 7:25
10:00 They Shall Not Grow Old (R) 11:20,
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Alita: Battle Angel 3D (PG-13) (4:20)
Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13) 10:00, Part 3D (PG) RealD 3D 9:00 2:20, 5:30, 8:30
Glass (PG-13) 7:10, 10:00
12:30, 3:00, 5:30, 8:00, 10:30 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second digitalfirst | marinij.com What Men Want (R) 1:00, 4:00, 7:00,
Isn't It Romantic (PG-13) 10:30, 12:50, Part (PG) 11:00, 12:25, 1:50, 3:15, 4:40, M E D I A

3:10, 5:30, 7:50, 10:20 6:10, 7:30, 10:20 9:50

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Mary Poppins Returns (PG) 1:10,
Part 3D (PG) 12:40 7:05
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second The Favourite (R) 10:35, 1:20, 4:10, 2019 Oscar Nominated Shorts:
Miss Bala (PG-13) 10:15 7:10
Part (PG) 10:50, 1:40, 4:30, 6:40, 7:20, The Prodigy (R) 4:50, 10:25 Animation (NR) 6:15
Green Book (PG-13) 10:45, 1:40, 4:40, Alita: Battle Angel (PG-13) 4:00, 7:00
10:10 Spider-Man: Into the Spi- 7:40 2019 Oscar Nominated Shorts:
The Prodigy (R) 10:10, 3:20, 9:50 der-Verse (PG) 11:10, 2:00, 7:25 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second
If Beale Street Could Talk (R) Live Action (NR) 8:15
The Upside (PG-13) 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, The Upside (PG-13) 1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:25, 1:10, 4:00, 7:00 The Favourite (R) 7:20 Part (PG) 5:00, 7:30
7:00, 10:00 Stan & Ollie (PG) 11:40, 2:20, 4:50, 7:20 Cold War (R) 5:00
They Shall Not Grow Old 3D (NR) Free Solo (PG-13) 4:30 Green Book (PG-13) 4:05, 7:00 They Shall Not Grow Old (R) 3:45,
What Men Want (R) 10:20, 1:10, 4:00, What Men Want (R) 10:55, 1:55, 4:55,
6:50, 9:40 RealD 3D 1:30, 7:30 Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration 6:45
7:45, 10:35 On the Basis of Sex (PG-13) 4:25
They Shall Not Grow Old (NR) 10:30,
For Hearing Wheelchair (NR) 7:00
Impaired 6 Accessible 5 Bargain Shows in ( ) 4:30
Vice (R) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45 I Know Where I'm Going! (NR) 7:00
Showtimes Valid: Thursday, February 14, 2019
6 | B

Athlete’s GoFundMe Horoscope

By Eugenia Last
NEA Crossword

begging distasteful THURSDAY, FEB. 14

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb.

19) — Your home should be
DEAR AMY » I just received Like most people, I welcoming. If something
a GoFundMe request have received GoFundMe is wrong, it’s up to you to
from the mother of a requests for a broad make an adjustment. Look
young man who wants to variety of causes, ranging for an opening that will help
travel with his football from offsetting a stabilize your future.
team to play an out-of- colleague’s medical costs Pisces (Feb. 20-March
state game. (yes) to travel expenses 20) — Look at what you
His coach helped him for a family to go pick up can accomplish, and keep
put together the request. their new dog (um, no). things in perspective. If
There was no mention Some GoFundMe you let minor annoyances
of what this young man requests seem almost bother you, it will prevent
is doing to earn money designed to insult a you from reaching your
for the trip — just the working person. Others goals.
begging. seem viable and valid, but Aries (March 21-April
His come from strangers. 19) — Listen to reason, and
parents And some requests show some discipline when
both work are easily and heartily it comes to your health and
and live a fulfilled. well-being. How you re-
country club It costs nothing spond to others will affect
Amy life. to launch a request the kinds of opportunities
Dickinson They (GoFundMe takes an you are given.
Ask Amy have not yet ample percentage of the Taurus (April 20-May
contributed donations), and because 20) — Live, learn and get
to the page. it is done at a cyber- the most from life. What
I can easily contribute, distance (through the and who you encounter
but I just feel that this internet), the person now will greatly affect
“ask” puts me on the spot, asking doesn’t even have your next move and future
since it will be obvious if to make eye contact or opportunities.
I don’t contribute. answer questions. Gemini (May 21-June
What say you? Anybody can ask for 20) — Keep an open mind,
— Wondering Friend anything. Remember and offer an accurate as-
DEAR WONDERING » For this, as you ignore this sessment of what you wit-
the few who don’t know, GoFundMe ask. ness. Exaggerating facts
GoFundMe allows people And if the mother will get you into trouble.
to set up online accounts knows that you are Truth matters.
to ask people — friends, ignoring it — so what? Cancer (June 21-July
contacts and strangers — 22) — Go about your busi-
for donations. DEAR AMY » I was ness, and refrain from
From your narrative, it gobsmacked by your adding your two cents’
seems probable that the answer to “What’s
worth to a conversation
football players are being that is likely to become
Ap(propriate)” regarding
encouraged to “earn” controversial.
his wife’s texting Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
or otherwise raise the flirtation. By saying,
money to travel. — Don’t let change bring
“Each party in a marriage out the worst in you. If
Asking for donations is has the right to live
not the same as earning. you accept the inevitable,
out their own personal you will find a way to turn
And in encouraging this dreams,” you endorsed
method of raising money, whatever you are faced
her behavior! with into something worth
this coach is undermining — Upset
one of the positive lessons your while.
DEAR UPSET » I absolutely Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept.
learned on the sports did not endorse her
field: the value of hard 22) — Get involved in
behavior. I also said, something that motivates
work. Does the wide
“This is not quite the you. Participation will help
receiver wait on the field
marriage YOU want to be jump-start your ideas and
and “ask” for the ball?
in,” and encouraged this get you moving in a new
No — he runs and works
husband to confront his and exciting direction.
and positions himself for
wife. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct.
the catch.
You can assume that 23) — Step outside your
You can contact Amy
this request is coming comfort zone if it will help
Dickinson via email:
you bring about positive
from the mother because askamy@amydickinson.
change. Don’t ignore some- Celebrity Cipher By Luis Campos
the son is too young to set com and follow her on
up an account. thing or someone that is
Twitter @askingamy. Instructions: Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people,
causing you stress.
Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another.
Sudoku 22) — Go to unfamiliar
places or indulge in some-
thing that will enhance your
knowledge and experience.
Much can be gained if you
are open to something or
someone unusual.
Sagittarius (Nov. 23-
Dec. 21) — Explore things
that interest you. Personal
improvements and activi-
ties that challenge you to
be your best should be your
Capricorn (Dec. 22-
Jan. 19) — If you don’t pay
attention, someone will
make a change that will
affect your home and fam-
ily. Address issues and be
prepared to ask for help.

Daytime movies
02 14, 19 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30
9:00 a.m. Dark Victory
(1939, Drama) TCM A (2) KTVU 2 BigBang BigBang Gotham (N) The Orville (N) News (N) News (N) Modern
selfish socialite falls for her (4) KRON 4 InsEd. ET (N) KRON 4 News (N) KRON 4 News (N) KRON 4 News (N) The Good Wife
doctor after learning that (5) KPIX 5 News (N) Feud (N) BigBang Sheldon Mom (N) Fam (N) S.W.A.T. (N) News (N) Colbert
Answer to Previous Puzzle she has a brain tumour. (7) KGO 7 Jeop. (N) Wheel Grey's Anatomy (N) Little Things (N) With Murder (N) News (N) Kimmel
10:00 a.m. For Love of the (9) KQED 9 Martha Check Vera "Little Lazarus" 'TVG' Shetland Inspector Lynley 'TV14'
Game (1999, Romance) (11) KNTV 3 Extra Access Titan Games (N) Brooklyn WGrace SVU "Brothel" (N) News (N) Tonight
The object is (14) KDTV 14 Rosa Guadalupe Jesus Mi Marido Tiene Amar a Muerte Noticias Noticie.
MAX A pitcher reflects back

to place the on his life and career as (20) KOFY 13 ABC7 News (N) Last Man Last Man ABC7 News (N) ABC7 News (N) Celeb News (N)
numbers 1 to 9 he works on throwing the (22) KRCB 22 Food To Dine Shakespeare Frontline PBS NewsHour Amanpour & C (N)
in the empty perfect game. (26) KTSF 8 Chinese News (N) Stylish Man Once Upon a Bite Chinese News (N) iWalker
squares so that 12:25 p.m. Sense (32) KMTP 32 Journal Quadriga Arts Arts World World Arts Arts Journal Bundes.
each row, each and Sensibility (1995, (36) KTVU+ 6 News (N) News (N) Modern Modern BigBang BigBang Seinfeld Seinfeld TMZ News
column and Romance) STZ ENC Two (43) KCSM 17 The Godless The Godless The Octopus The Godless The Godless
each 3x3 box disparate sisters experience (44) KBCW 12 Goldberg Goldberg Valentine's Movies Legacies "Malivore" NightB. 2 Broke Fam.Guy Fam.Guy
contains the heartache and hardships in (54) KQEH 28 All Gardens Doc Martin Doc Martin Hidden Villages The Kate
number only once. this Jane Austen adaptation. (65) ION 16 Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D.
1:00 p.m. All This and
HBO 551 Movie News (N) <++ Valentine's Day ('10, Com) 'TV14' (:05) True Detective (:05) <++++ Logan
Heaven Too (1940,
Drama) TCM A French MAX 561 (5:50) < Disclosure <+++ Black Widow 'TVMA' (:45) <+++ Body Heat ('81, Cri) 'TVMA' StrikeBk

schoolteacher tells of her SHOW 576 (6:00) TPendergrass < Marshall ('17, Bio) Chadwick Boseman. BlackMon < Black Snake Moan 'TV14'
tainted past as a governess STZ ENC 518 (6:40) <++++ Love Actually 'TVMA' <++++ Love Actually ('03, Rom) 'TVMA' :20 < Love Actually
for a duke’s children. TCM 501 <++++ Father of the Bride 'TVPG' <+++ Kramer vs. Kramer 'TVPG' <++++ Dodsworth
2:00 p.m. Quantum of TMC 591 (6:30) < Vacancy 2 < Assassination Games (:45) <++ Maximum Risk 'TVMA' Movie
Solace (2008, Action) A&E 47 The First 48 The First 48 (N) HomcdAtlta (N) 60 Days In (N) (:05) The First 48
TMC James Bond goes AMC 49 5: < The Karate K... <+++ Jurassic Park ('93, Sci-Fi) Laura Dern, Sam Neill. 'TV14' < Jurassic Park
Find the 7 words to match the 7 clues. The numbers in parentheses rogue after an assassination
© 2019 Blue Ox Family Games, Inc., Dist. by Andrews McMeel

represent the number of letters in each solution. Each letter ANPL 51 River Monsters River River River River River Monsters "Face Ripper" 'TVPG'
attempt on M and looks into BRAVO 48 Listing "Pony Up" Top Chef (N) Million Listing (N) Backyard Envy (N) Watch Listing
combination can be used only once, but all letter combinations
a Bolivian coup. COMC 63 6:50 Office :25 Office Office Office Office Office Broad (N) OtherTwo Daily S. Broad
will be necessary to complete the puzzle.
2:40 p.m. Grosse Pointe DISC 29 Build Off Grid (N) Building Off Grid Building Off Grid Building Off Grid Building Off Grid
CLUES SOLUTIONS Blank (1997, Comedy) MAX E! 64 E! News (N) <+ Fifty Shades of Grey ('15, Dra) 'TVMA' Dating Tonight Movie
A hitman returns home to do FOOD 34 Chopped Chopped Chopped BeatFlay Beat Flay Beat Flay Beat Flay
1 beehive, for example (8) ___________ a little business and attend FX 36 5: < Maze Runner:... <++ Happy Death Day ('17, Hor) 'TV14' <++ Happy Death Day ('17, Hor) 'TV14'
2 egg-laying mammal (9) ___________ his high school reunion.
HIST 62 Swamp People Swamp "Click Click" Swamp People (N) (:05) Truck Night (N) (:05) Swamp People

4:00 p.m. A.I.: Artificial HALL 66 6: < My Secret V... < The Story of Us ('', Rom) 'TVG' < Valentine in the Vineyard 'TVG'
3 what farriers dress (6) ___________ Intelligence (2001, Sci-Fi)
LIFE 46 Bring It! Bring It! Chat (N) Bring It! (N) (:05) Rap Game (N) DaBrat Bring It
4 book club members (7) ___________ TMC A robot boy longs to
OXY 73 NCIS "Switch" NCIS "Mind Games" NCIS "Silver War" NCIS "Switch" Snapped
become human so that
5 the Wrights’ first airplane (5) ___________ he can regain his human PRMT 45 Friends Friends Friends Friends Lip Sync Lip Sync <++ The Wedding Singer 'TV14'
mother’s love. SYFY 160 Movie <+++ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ('05, Adv) 'TV14' < Victor Frankens...
6 Checkerboard Square brand (6) ___________ TBS 35 Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang Conan Miracle
4:35 p.m. Notting Hill
7 it straddles a bike tire (4) ___________ (1999, Romance) STZ TLC 50 Say Yes Say Yes Dr. Pimple Popper Dr. Pimple (N) The E.R. (N) Untold Stories (N)
ENC The press tests the TNT 37 5: Basket. Inside the NBA (L) NBA Basketball Oklahoma vs New Orleans 'TVG' Drop Mic Drop Mic
relationship between a USA 42 6: < The Fast & t... <+++ Thor: The Dark World ('13, Act) 'TVPG' < Thor: The Dark World
FO BO ANT RS HO Hollywood star and a London WGN 33 Last Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Married Married Married Married Mother Mother
shopkeeper. CSN 40 NCAA Basketball BYU/S.D. (L) 'TVG' Warriors WrGrnd Dan Patrick Show Legends

5:40 p.m. Never Been ESPN 38 UFC Main Event (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N)
ES ER ME NA MO Kissed (1999, Romance) CNBC 58 Shark Tank Shark Tank Shark Tank Shark Tank Paid Paid
HBO A journalist poses as a
CNN 56 CNN Tonight CNN Tonight A. Cooper 360 Cuomo Prime Time CNN Tonight
high school student in order

to investigate teen culture. CSPAN 15 (6:00) Politics & Public 'TVG' Politics The day's major public affairs and political events. 'TVG'
FNC 59 Ingraham Angle Fox News @ Night Tucker Carlson Hannity Ingraham Angle
6:30 p.m. Vacancy 2
MSNBC 60 The Last Word (N) The 11th Hour (N) Rachel Maddow The Last Word The 11th Hour
RE RK REA OV PU (2009, Horror) TMC After
FREE 52 5: < Pretty Woman Siren (N) <+++ Beauty and the Beast 'TVPG' The 700 Club
checking into a motel, three

Previous Answers: 1. LAPELS 2. KOREA 3. ESURANCE friends learn that other DISN 55 < Descendants 2 ('17, Fant) 'TVPG' Sydney CoopCmi Bunk'd Bunk'd Raven's. Raven's.
4. GREENLIT 5. UNIVALVE 6. UNDOUBTED 7. RHINO 2/14 visitors have been murdered. NICK 53 H.Danger Cousins Sponge Sponge <+++ Ice Age: The Meltdown 'TVPG' Friends Friends
| 7


ZITS Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman SHERMAN’S LAGOON Jim Toomey

MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM Mike Peters WUMO Wulff & Morgenthaler

THE DUPLEX Glenn McCoy LUANN Greg Evans

BABY BLUES Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman BALDO Hector D. Cantu & Carlos Castellanos

BLONDIE Dean Young & John Marshall BIG NATE Lincoln Peirce

SIX CHIX Bannerman, Shulock, Piccolo, Gibbons, Epstein & Piro TAKE IT FROM THE TINKERSONS Bill Bettwy

TUNDRA Chad Carpenter PICKLES Brian Crane

ARGYLE SWEATER Scott Hilburn NON SEQUITUR Wiley Miller BIZARRO Wayno & Piraro MISTER BOFFO Joe Martin
8 | B

A Community Partnership to Strengthen Nonprofits • Visit givingmarin.com

Supporting independent living
In SpIrIt is a grassroots organization that
supports quadriplegics who live independently
in their homes. Funds are raised through private
donations, community fundraising events and
grants from local foundations. Volunteers have held
bake sales, quilt raffles, art shows and concerts. If
you have an idea for a fundraiser, would like to
share your special expertise, or help out in the office
or at a fundraising event, In SpIrIt would love to
hear from you. Contact the organization via email
at inspirit1@comcast.net or call (415) 488-0477 and
get more information at inspirit-marin.org. PLANTING FOR THE FUTURE: Sanzuma is dedicated to increasing access to healthy food sources
through programs that focus on reconnecting communities with their environment and supporting Marin
County’s title 1 schools. On Feb. 2, 40 volunteers, ages 15-75, from San rafael, Fairfax, San Anselmo, Marin City,
Become a Big novato and Mill Valley, participated in the organization’s first work day of 2019, helping to install the soon-to-be
Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring has a proven
long-lasting, positive effect on kids’ self-esteem, orchard at San pedro Elementary School in San rafael that Sanzuma is donating to the San rafael City schools.
academic achievement, and relationships with Many of the volunteers pictured will participate in more volunteer work days throughout the year.
family and peers. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay
Area welcomes volunteers at locations in Marin,
San Francisco, the East and South bays and in
American Canyon. to find out about the process of
Weeding, digging, planting
becoming a volunteer with the organization, visit

Fun and games
the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito
will present a Lunar new Year celebration on Feb.
18, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. the event will feature lantern
making and other craft projects for kids, games,
dance and music performances and storytelling.
All Lunar new Year programs and activities are
included in the price of museum admission or free
for BADM members. For additional information,
visit bayareadiscoverymuseum.org.

Native Expressions PREPPING FOR PLANTING: Master gardener Alice Cason (above left, standing) worked side-by-
the Museum of the American Indian in novato side with high school students, weeding and getting the garden ready for spring. Michael Davis (above
will feature native American clay/mixed media
masks, gourd masks, photography, serigraphs,
right, holding the ladder) husband of Lori Davis, the founder and executive director of Sanzuma, worked
rawhide shields and other mixed media works with other volunteers, in the mud, to pound the t post through the hard clay soil.
by Becky Olvera Schultz. the exhibit, “native
Expressions,” will have an opening reception FRUITFUL WORK: Sanzuma Founder and
on March 2, 4-6 p.m. and run through June 28.
Admission to the museum is free. For information
Executive Director Lori Davis stands proudly in front of
about location and hours, visit marinindian.com. the 30 fruit trees that will soon be planted in the orchard.
Once the trees produce, the fruit will be used in the San
rafael school meal program. the trees were purchased
Education series
the raising Healthy Families community with grants and donations from Kaiser permanente,
education series, is a series of lectures co-hosted by rotary Club of San rafael Harbor, rotary Club of Marin,
Community Institute for psychotherapy and the Giving Marin, Sanzuma, private individuals and the
Marin County Office of Education. “teen Cannabis Marin County Health and Human Services Department.
and Alcohol Use-What parents Can Do,” will take -Photos courtesy of Sanzuma
place on March 2, 9-11 a.m., at the Marin County
Office of Education in San rafael. Admission is
free, donations are welcome, and all event proceeds
go directly to support Community Institute for
psychotherapy’s safety-net programs. Information
about this and other upcoming lectures can be
VOLUNTEER FAIR: Spend part of your
found at cipmarin.org. Valentine’s Day finding out how you can
help others. Whistlestop is seeking friendly
and reliable volunteers who want to give
Fun fundraiser
Okizu will present its 25th annual Art Inspiring back to their community. the volunteer fair
Hope Gala on March 30 at Fort Mason Center for will take place on Feb. 14, 3-4:30 p.m., at
Arts & Culture in San Francisco. this black tie 930 tamalpais Ave. in San rafael. For more
event will raise funds to provide peer support, information, call (415) 456-9067 or visit
respite, mentoring and recreational programs to whistlestop.org/get-involved/volunteer.
meet the needs of all members of families affected
by childhood cancer. For information about the -Photo courtesy of Whistlestop
organization and this event, visit okizu.org/aih.




Please visit givingmarin.com to learn how you can get involved.

Giving Marin is a special Community Partnership Initiative with significant financial support
from these community-minded business partners. They are making a difference in Marin County
by donating advertising space and funding to nonprofit organizations that provide critical services
to those who most need it.
Contact us
To submit story ideas, contact:
Sports editor Mark Volain at
or at 415-382-7307.

» marinij.com


Warriors lose, Kerr gets tossed

Team’s second loss in past 18 games comes at the hands of Blazers
By Mark Medina THE SCORE one thing dominates Draymond
Bay Area News Group
Green’s thoughts. The Warriors’ for-
WARRIORS 110, BLAZERS 103 ward wants to reclaim the NBA’s De-
PORTLAND, ORE. >> So much for entering Up Next: All-Star Game fensive Player of the Year award. In
the NBA All-Star break on a good note. When: Sunday, 5 p.m. about five months, Green might get
The Warriors finished with a 129- TV: TNT his wish.
107 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers “He’s always in that conversation,”
on Wednesday, marking the team’s Kevin Durant restrained Kerr and Kerr said. “There’s only a handful of
only second loss in the past 18 games pushed him toward the exit. That play guys that will be in that conversation
and coach Steve Kerr receiving a late- resulted in an eight-point play for the every year. Draymond is one of them.”
game ejection. Blazers and a subsequent 31-8 run. So is Utah center Rudy Gobert,
Kerr slammed his clipboard as the The Warriors (41-16) featured Du- who won last season’s DPOY award
Warriors trailed, 110-103, with 3:54 left rant (32 points) and Stephen Curry at Green’s expense. Not only did
after officials ruled that Draymond (32) in double figures. The Trail Blaz- it peeve Green that he lost a vote
Green committed a Flagrant 1 foul on ers were led by Damian Lillard (29 he won in the 2015-16 season, but STEVE DYKES — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Portland forward Zach Collins. Kerr points), Jake Layman (17) and CJ Mc- it also upset him that he wasn’t Warriors guard Stephen Curry tries to get around Portland
yelled profanities to official Ken Mauer Collum (15). named to the NBA’s All-Defensive Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic during the first half on
and even approached him at halfcourt. GREEN DPOY ? >> At every waking hour, First Team. Wednesday.


Pirates weather storm Balanced

MC races
past Arcata
Wildcats advance
in NCS tournament
By Danny Schmidt
@TheRealDSchmidt on Twitter

Marin Catholic High boys bas-

ketball coach Mike Saia has taken
a page out of his brother’s play-
book this season.
In an attempt to capitalize on
practices and give players more
rest before the final stretches of
games, Cal State LA head coach
Jim Saia began substituting in
a five-man bench unit midway
through the opening period.
Mike adopted the method af-
ter the Wildcats’ three-point loss
to Drake on Jan. 8. Since then, in-
cluding No. 6 Marin Catholic’s 58-
41 win over No. 11 Arcata in the
first round of the North Coast Sec-
tion Division IV playoffs Wednes-
day in Kentfield, the Wildcats
have gone 7-4.
“There’s a minimum of 10 who
know they’ll get playing time,”
Mike Saia said. “Everybody knows
they’re going to get a shot. So the
starters know they can go hard
for four minutes and they’re com-
ing out. It’s worked. Everybody
Drake’s Otis Lyons, center, receives a pass and gets into position to drive the ball into Novato’s net for a goal during the first round of the Marin Catholic’s (15-12) start-
North Coast Section Division III playoffs at Red Hill Field in San Anselmo on Wednesday. ers played as if they knew they’d
be subbed out in four minutes
Drake overcomes inclement weather, Novato in section playoffs to begin the game. Senior Dylan
Joyce and freshman Kyle Winters
scored the team’s first 12 points as
By Ian Ross
Drake and Novato High in their nets in the first round of the Di- stretch of the imagination but the first unit raced out to a 12-4
North Coast Section playoff vision III playoffs at Red Hill we know that it was like survive advantage. The reserves did not
@IRossMIJ on Twitter game. Park. and advance today and just do miss a beat, grabbing an 18-8 lead
Attempts to string passes to- “We try to possess as much what we could.” heading into the second period.
With a significant wind blow- gether and play the beautiful as we can under better condi- The win puts Drake (13-3-6) The Wildcats opened the sec-
ing throughout the game and game were complicated by the tions but we also know how to into the quarterfinals against ond quarter on a 9-0 run, and
the rain almost coming down weather but the Pirates know win ugly,” Drake’s Otis Lyons No. 2 Campolindo, which the rout was on. A 13-3 surge
sideways, Wednesday was never how to win ugly when they have said. “When it came down to it, downed No. 15 San Rafael 2-0. gave Marin Catholic a 31-11 edge.
going to be intricate, attacking to and that skill was on display that’s what we were able to do. Lyons scored the lone goal Sean McDevitt, the orchestrator
soccer for the boys teams from in a 1-0 victory against the Hor- It was not a pretty game by any SOCCER >> PAGE 3 of the second unit, drilled a deep
3-pointer in the final seconds of
the half, extending the Wildcats’
lead to 38-19 at intermission.
GIANTS SPRING TRAINING “In the first half, I think we had
three turnovers and about 12 as-

Day one offers a surprise for catcher of future sists,” Joyce said. “With that kind
of margin, we’re going to win a lot
of basketball games.”
The advantage swelled to
By Kerry Crowley
come true.” is one of the Giants’ most impor- troducing himself to Bumgarner 21 points in the third quarter,
Bay Area News Group
Less than an hour later, tant players to watch. earlier this week, the nerves dis- though the Wildcats’ offense
Bumgarner turned that dream Beyond the right-field stands appeared as soon as they took slowed down, scoring seven
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. >> Before the into a reality. at Scottsdale Stadium, Bart the field together. points in the period before an un-
first workout of the spring, the The Giants ace asked the No. caught the three-time World Welcome to Giants camp, eventful fourth quarter.
promising Joey Bart sat by his 2 overall pick in the 2018 draft Series champion while Buster where expectations are sky-high “You hope you can pounce on a
locker explaining what it would to catch his first bullpen work- Posey worked alongside him, for Bart, who will likely spend a team that’s traveling four or five
mean to catch Madison Bumgar- out of the year. catching Ty Blach’s bullpen ses- few weeks in the big league club- hours in this miserable weather,”
ner in a bullpen session. “I was kind of shocked, but it sion. Though Bart acknowl- house before returning to minor Saia said. “They are familiar with
He chose the words, “A dream was fun,” said Bart, who already edged being nervous while in- GIANTS >> PAGE 4 HOOPS >> PAGE 3

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T-Wolves overcome Harden’s 42 to top Houston

The Associated Press Harden stepped back again courtside a scare when he with 32 points and eight re-
behind the arc to attempt tried to chase down a ball bounds. Andre Drummond
MINNEAPOLIS >> Jeff Teague the 3. This time, the ball going to the sideline. He added 21 points and 17 re-
scored 27 points, Karl-An- didn’t even leave his hand went flying just over the bounds.
thony Towns had 25 and before Okogie leaped for- head of actress Regina BULLS 122, GRIZZLIES 110 >>
the Minnesota Timber- ward and stuffed it, bring- King, who won the Best Otto Porter Jr. scored a ca-
wolves overcame James ing the crowd to its feet. Supporting Actress award reer-high 37 points on 16-
Harden’s 42 points to beat NETS 148, CAVALIERS 139 at the Golden Globes, and for-20 shooting, Robin Lo-
the Houston Rockets 121-111 (3 OT) >>D’Angelo Russell crashed into the MSG Net- pez added season-high 25
on Wednesday night. scored 14 of his 36 points work statistician work- points, and Chicago beat
Harden had his 31st in the third overtime and ing next to broadcaster Memphis.
consecutive game with Brooklyn outlasted Cleve- Mike Breen. The statisti- Avery Bradley scored 15
30 or more points, tying land. cian somehow stayed in points for the Grizzlies, who
Wilt Chamberlain for the DeMarre Carroll’s des- the game. lost for the second straight
second-longest streak in peration 3-pointer at the BUCKS 106, PACERS 97 >> Gi- night.
league history. The NBA’s buzzer of the second over- annis A ntetokounmpo HEAT 112, MAVERICKS 101 >>
leading scorer passed the time tied the game, and started fast and finished Dwyane Wade scored 22
30-point mark on his 15th Nets carried the momen- strong, picking up a triple- points in what figures to
four-point play of the sea- tum into the third extra JIM MONE — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS double to help Milwaukee be his final game on the
son, getting Josh Okogie session. The Rockets’ James Harden, left, follows through on a rally late for a victory over court where he won his first
in the air with one of his Jordan Clarkson scored shot as the Timberwolves’ Josh Okogie jumps past him Indiana. championship, helping Mi-
trademark step-back 3s to a career-high 42 points for in the second half on Wednesday in Minneapolis. The The three-time All-Star ami beat Dallas.
put Houston up 74-67 mid- Cleveland. Collin Sexton Timberwolves won 121-111. Harden scored 42 points. had 33 points, 19 rebounds NUGGETS 120, KINGS 118 >>
way through the third. had 24 points and Mar- and 11 assists, leading the Nikola Jokic tipped in a bas-
Okogie had 16 points quese Chriss added 23. third quarter to overcome tress into the crowd, and Bucks back from a 10-point ket with less than a second
and sparked the Timber- RAPTORS 129, WIZARDS 120 a 12-point deficit and post Philadelphia handed New fourth-quarter deficit. NBA- remaining, Isaiah Thomas
wolves to retake the lead >> Pascal Siakam scored a their fifth straight victory York its 18th straight loss. leading Milwaukee has won hit two big 3-pointers in his
with an 18-2 run. The career-high 44 points and over the struggling Wiz- Tobias Harris scored 25 eight of nine overall and long-awaited Denver debut
rookie had a breakaway grabbed 10 rebounds, OG ards. Jeremy Lin played points and Ben Simmons seven straight on the road and the Nuggets held off
dunk and a 3-pointer to Anunoby scored a career- 25 minutes in his Toronto had 18 for the 76ers, who — its longest road winning Sacramento.
give Minnesota a 77-74 best 22 points, and To- debut after signing ear- bounced back from their streak since 1984-85. Jokic finished with 20
lead, but he brought some ronto beat Washington for lier in the day. He was re- 112-109 home loss to Bos- CELTICS 118, PISTONS 110 >> points, 18 rebounds and 11
of the biggest cheers of the its sixth straight win. cently waived by the At- ton on Tuesday, sending Jayson Tatum scored 19 assists for his 28th career
night with an emphatic Serge Ibaka had 10 lanta Hawks. themselves into the All-Star points and Gordon Hay- triple-double, and Paul
block on Harden’s 3-point points and 13 rebounds, 76ERS 126, KNICKS 111 >> Joel break with a 37-21 record. ward finished with 18 to Millsap matched a sea-
attempt with 3:40 to play. and Kyle Lowry had 14 Embiid had 26 points, 14 re- It was during the third help Boston hold off De- son high with 25 points as
After being stripped by points and 13 assists as bounds and one flying leap that Embiid gave the 76ers troit. Denver overcame a 17-point
Okogie a few plays earlier, the Raptors used a big over an award-winning ac- and plenty of people sitting Blake Griffin led Detroit first-half deficit.

Thursday’s local events MLB NOTES

NCS playoffs: Redwood vs. Newark Memorial: 3:30 p.m., Larkspur Sabathia’s 19th season to be his last
Friday’s local events Wire services hab in Arizona. Ellsbury,
35, battled multiple injuries
BOYS BASKETBALL New York Yankees left- last season and underwent
NCS playoffs: Redwood vs. San Lorenzo: 7 p.m., Larkspur hander CC Sabathia will arthroscopic surgery on his
NCS playoffs: Tam vs. Las Lomas: 7 p.m., Mill Valley announce in a news con- left hip to repair a torn la-
NCS playoffs: San Marin at Salesian: 7 p.m., Richmond ference Saturday that he is brum in August.
retiring after the 2019 sea- ARBITRATION WINNERS >>
GIRLS BASKETBALL son, according to a report Three starting pitchers
NCS playoffs: Redwood at Acalanes: 7 p.m., Lafayette Wednesday from MLB.com. —Houston’s Gerrit Cole,
NCS playoffs: Drake at Eureka: 7 p.m., Eureka Sabathia signed a one- Cleveland’s Trevor Bauer
year, $8 million contract and Cincinnati’s Alex Wood
MEN’S BASKETBALL with the team in November. — picked up wins in arbitra-
Merritt at College of Marin: 6 p.m., Kentfield The following month, tion cases Wednesday.
the 38-year-old Vallejo na- Cole will earn $13.5 mil-
PREP SWIMMING tive underwent an angio- lion this season, double his
Branson at Drake: 4 p.m., San Anselmo plasty procedure to clear a 2018 salary of $6.75 mil-
Tam at Marin Catholic: 4 p.m., Kentfield blocked artery, but he got lion. The Astros had offered
Redwood at Novato: 4 p.m., Novato High the go-ahead from doctors $11.425 million.
Terra Linda at San Rafael: 4 p.m., San Rafael High in January to resume work- Bauer, who has won 52
outs. games for the Indians in
Sabathia, a six-time the past four seasons, will
On the air Thursday All-Star and 2007 AL Cy make $13 million this sea-
Young Award winner, has son — $2 million more than
COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL spent the past 10 seasons Cleveland had offered and
3 p.m. St. Francis (Pa.) at F. Dickinson CBSSN with the Yankees. He went doubled his salary after
4 p.m. Houston at Connecticut ESPN 9-7 with a 3.65 ERA in 29 making $6.525 million last
4 p.m. Tulsa at Tulane ESPNU starts in 2018. Overall, he season.
4 p.m. Illinois at Ohio State ESPN2 is 246-153 with a 3.70 ERA Wood, 28, won his case
in 538 career starts over and will receive $9.65 mil-
5 p.m. UAB at Marshall CBSSN 18 seasons. Sabathia needs lion. The Reds had coun-
6 p.m. Airzona at Utah ESPNU just 14 strikeouts to be- tered with $8.7 million.
6 p.m. Murray State at Austin Peay ESPN2 come the 17th member of Wood made $6 million last
7 p.m. BYU at San Diego NBCBA the 3,000-strikeout club. season.

8 p.m. Saint Mary’s at Santa Clara 1220 MORROW >> Chicago Cubs Vallejo’s CC Sabathia is expected to announce that he’ll FAN EVENT >> Former major
closer Brandon Morrow retire after this season. league pitcher Daisuke Mat-
confirmed that he will not suzaka, who last pitched in
the Chicago White Sox con-
be ready for the start of the Machado on Tuesday, but the majors in 2014, is suffer-
3 p.m. Minnesota at Purdue BIGTEN season following elbow sur- tinue their optimistic wait they didn’t chat about base- ing from pain in his right
4 p.m. Georgia at South Carolina SEC gery in November. for free agent Manny Mach- ball. shoulder after an overzeal-
5 p.m. Nebraska at Maryland BIGTEN “I’m feeling really good ado. “I think that’s all going ous fan pulled on his pitch-
6 p.m. Missouri at Mississippi State SEC right now,” the former Cal A vacant locker meant to get taken care of,” Alonso ing arm during a fan event
right-hander told ESPN. “I for Machado — who was of- said. at spring training in Oki-
GOLF fered a seven-year deal by
wouldn’t say I’d be ready for Machado has met with nawa, Japan, according to
the beginning of the regularthe White Sox in January — the San Diego Padres, Phil- his latest team, the Chu-
7 a.m. PGA Tour: Genesis Open GOLF adelphia Phillies, New York
season. Right now, it’s justat the team’s spring train- nichi Dragons of the Nip-
11 a.m. PGA Tour: Genesis Open GOLF feeling it out and seeing ing complex sits available Yankees and White Sox. pon Professional Baseball
8 p.m. LPGA Tour: Women’s Australian Open GOLF how I respond to throwing.” and between two players E LLSBURY STILL AILING league.
Morrow, 34, posted 22 who would be familiar faces >> New York Yankees out- Matsuzaka, 38, had arm
MOTOR SPORTS saves with a 1.47 ERA in 35 to Machado. His brother- fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who problems throughout his
11:30 a.m. NASCAR Truck Series: practice FS2 games out of the Chicago in-law, newly acquired first missed last season because eight-year career in the ma-
1:30 p.m. NASCAR Truck Series: practice FS2 bullpen in 2018, but his baseman Yonder Alonso, of injuries, won’t report to jors and underwent shoul-
4 p.m. NASCAR Cup Series: RV Duel at Daytona FS1 season ended in mid-July and training partner and spring training on time due der surgery after returning
as he experienced linger- good friend Jon Jay, signed to recurring problems with to Japan, where he pitched
ing discomfort from a bone as an outfield addition, are plantar fasciitis. one inning in three sea-
bruise near his right elbow.positioned on either side of Ellsbury, who has not sons before signing with the
5 p.m. Thunder at Nets TNT WHITE SOX HAVE A SPOT FOR the open space dedicated to resumed baseball activi- Dragons last year and earn-
MACHADO >> Leaving the Machado. ties, could join the team in ing the league’s Comeback
NHL light on and a locker open, Alonso said he talked to March after continuing re- Player of the Year honors.
4 p.m. Women’s U.S. vs. Canada NHL
7:30 p.m. Capitals at Sharks NBCCA 1440 NFL

49ers make OL shakeup by cutting veteran

8:30a.m. FIS World Alpine: women’s giant slalom NBCSN

SOFTBALL land Browns just before the when center Weston Rich- ond half of that season. He
By Cam Inman
7 a.m. LSU vs. Oklahoma State ESPNU Bay Area News Group
season for a seventh-round burg yielded to Erik Magnu- subbed in to take half the
10 a.m. Texas vs. Cal ESPNU draft pick. son. The only starting line- snaps in last season’s Weeks
1 p.m. Kentucky vs. Oklahoma ESPNU SANTA CLARA >> Garry Gil- A so-called swing tackle man slated to hit free agency 1 and 4 losses at the Minne-
liam’s release Wednes- is an overlooked but key is right guard Mike Person. sota Vikings and the Los An-
TENNIS day means the 49ers are role on any team, and even Richburg is expected to miss geles Chargers, then played
on the hunt for a new of- though Gilliam served in this spring’s offseason pro- only 15 snaps the rest of the
8:30 a.m. ATP NY/Rotterdam/BA; WTA Doha TENNIS fensive tackle with starter that role the past two sea- gram recovering from quad- season.
2:30 p.m. ATP NY/Rotterdam/BA; WTA Doha TENNIS potential but one who ini- sons, he rarely got called riceps and knee surgeries. “We would like to thank
tially will back up starters into action. Coleman figures Staley is entering the fi- Garry for his contributions
VOLLEYBALL Joe Staley and Mike Mc- to assume that role, but he’s nal year of his contract but to the team the last two sea-
7 p.m. Men’s USC at Stanford PAC12 Glinchey. no lock, not when the 49ers hopes to play a few more sons,” 49ers general man-
Staley, in his 12th season, inactivated every game. years. Once he retires, Mc- ager John Lynch said in a
and McGlinchey, last year’s Coleman has a year re- Glinchey figures to shift over statement. “He filled in ad-
Where the Pros are top draft pick, started every maining on his rookie deal, to left tackle, so finding a fu- mirably when called upon
game and were the team’s and the only other tackle on ture right tackle factors into and was a consummate
NBA most reliable offensive play- the 49ers current roster is Gilliam’s exit. teammate. We wish him and
Golden State Warriors: warriors.com ers during the 4-12 season. Christian DiLauro, a prac- Gilliam was due $4.5 mil- his family all the best.”
Sunday: Feb. 21: Feb. 23: Gilliam, 28, served as tice-squad player last season. lion in base salary this sea- Nose tackle Earl Mitchell
All-Star Game vs. Sacramento vs. Houston their rarely used backup. The 49ers fielded the son. A former Seattle Se- is the only other veteran the
5 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. That left Shon Coleman in- same starting offensive line ahawks starter, he joined 49ers have released ahead
TNT NBSBA, NBSCA ABC active all 16 games after be- for every game except one, the 49ers in 2017 and a knee of next month’s start of the
ing acquired from the Cleve- that being a loss at Arizona injury shelved him the sec- new league year.
San Jose Sharks: sjsharks.com
vs. Washington
vs. Vancouver
vs. Boston
7:30 p.m.
7 p.m.
7 p.m.
Thank you!

Timeline for Karlsson’s Branson girls soccer

advances in NCS action
return clears up slightly
Marin Independent Journal offs. Halle Hanna, Lucinda
Anderson, Phoebe Kinder,
Callie Jones scored one Grace Grassi and Calista
goal and assisted on an- Poulos also scored for MA.
other to lift the Branson The No. 3 Wildcats (16-1-1)
School girls soccer team to advance to face No. 6 Urban
Wire services Burns skated with Radim mentor to savior. sible, and show them that I a 3-0 victory in the North in the quarterfinals. Marin
Simek. The Baltimore Ravens can grow, that I can move Coast Section Division IV Academy hosts a double-
SAN JOSE >> Defenseman Erik Karlsson and Vlasic re- have agreed to trade the vet- forward and I can be who I playoffs against Moreau header with the girls and
Karlsson is moving closer mained together for just eran quarterback to the Bron- am in the right way,” he said. Catholic on Wednesday. boys both in action at noon
to a return to the Sharks’ the first eight-plus games of cos in exchange for a fourth- “I want to face my mistakes Jones assisted Renee Fer- and 2 p.m., respectively.
lineup. the season, as Karlsson at- round pick in this year’s NFL head on. My job is to go out guson on the opening goal • Stephanie Alvarez
Karlsson, out for the last tempted to find a comfort draft, a person with knowl- there and enjoy my game and then scored the third goal scored for San Rafael in an
eight games with a lower zone in his new environment edge of the agreement told show everyone that no mat- on an assist from Abby Dil- eventual 2-1 loss against No.
body injury, was a full par- and Vlasic experienced one the Associated Press. ter what, I can be the best be- lon. Sydney Hwang scored 7 El Cerrito. The No. 10 Bull-
ticipant in Wednesday’s of the few extended dips in The person spoke to the haved guy in the classroom. the middle goal, also as- dogs (5-13-4) made the sec-
practice and wasn’t ruled his game in his 13-year ca- AP on condition of anonym- ... I just hope I can maintain sisted by Dillon. tion playoffs for the second
out for Thursday’s game at reer. Vlasic last month was ity Wednesday because nei- their respect.” The No. 2 Bulls (15-1-6) consecutive season.
SAP Center against the de- also sidelined for 10 games ther team announced the advance to the quarterfi- • Redwood, the No. 4 seed
fending Stanley Cup cham- with an upper body injury. deal, which was first re- Soccer nals and host No. 10 So- in Division II, had its game
pion Washington Capitals. The Sharks went 6-3-3 in Oc- ported by ESPN. NFL rules SUBSTITUTE ASENSIO noma Academy at 2 p.m. postponed until Thursday.
Sharks coach Pete DeBoer tober and entered December prohibit teams from discuss- STRIKES LATE, REAL MA- on Saturday. The Giants host Newark Me-
told KNBR on Wednesday with a 12-9-5 record. ing trades until the start of DRID BEATS AJAX 2-1 >> Substi- • Taylor Martin scored morial at 3:30 p.m.
morning that Karlsson was the league year on March 13. tute Marco Asensio scored for Marin Catholic but the
suffering from a groin strain. MLB a late winner as defend- Wildcats (5-9-4) fell 3-1 Girls basketball
“Just been doing stuff off NATIONALS TRADE RELIEVER Golf ing champion Real Madrid against Sonoma Academy Miranda Jacobson and
the ice to try to fix the prob- TREVOR GOTT TO GIANTS GARCIA APOLOGIZES, WANTS beat Ajax 2-1 Wednesday in in the D-IV playoffs. Sydney Politzer combined
lem that I’ve had,” Karlsson FOR CASH >> Washington has TO BE ‘BEST BEHAVED’ IN the first leg of their round- • Lily Noto had a goal an for 32 points as No. 3
said. “I feel like it’s time to traded right-handed relieverGOLF >> Sergio Garcia apol- of-16 match in the Champi- an assist to guide Drake to Marin Catholic topped El
push it forward a bit and test Trevor Gott to San Fran- ogized in a statement and ons League. a 2-1 win over Terra Linda Molino in the first round
the waters a bit. It’s still day- cisco for cash. in person to the players in Asensio, was unmarked (7-10-4) in the D-III play- of the North Coast Section
to-day and it felt decently Wednesday’s move comes his group when he damaged at the far post as he tapped offs. Noto scored the first Division IV Girls Basket-
good out there.” after Washington desig- five greens at the Saudi In- in a cross from the right by goal for Drake (10-5-5), as- ball tournament Wednes-
Karlsson stayed off of his nated the 26-year-old Gott ternational. He apologized Dani Cavajal in the 87th sisted by Sadie Cudd then day night, 66-21.
skates for the duration of the for assignment to make in a social media post and minute to put Madrid in a Noto turned provider and Politzer had 17, Jacobson
Sharks’ four-game road trip room on the 40-man ros- in an interview at his locker strong position going into set up Ellie Casey for the had 15, and Erika Strom-
through Western Canada, ter for starting pitcher Jer-
Wednesday at Riviera. the second leg on March 5. winner. The No. 8 Pirates berg added 12 as the Wild-
which San Jose swept as it emy Hellickson. That has been the easy move on to face No. 1 Mira- cats (23-6) saw three play-
combined to outscore Winni- Gott went 0-2 with a 5.68part. He has had plenty of MLB monte at 7 p.m. on Saturday. ers in double figures. Sa-
peg, Calgary, Edmonton and ERA in 20 appearances to- experience over the years. NOLA, PHILLIES AGREE TO • Thalia Greenberg and die Blue Starrett added
Vancouver 20-8. taling 19 innings for the Garcia said the challenge $45M, 4-YEAR DEAL, AVOID Lauren Ross scored goals nine and Alexa Greenwood
The Sharks will see how Nationals in 2018, with 15 now is to make sure it does ARBITRATION >> Pitcher as Tam held on for a 2-1 contributed seven for MC,
Karlsson feels Thursday strikeouts, 10 walks and not happen again, knowing Aaron Nola and the Phila- road victory against No. which hosts No. 6 Lick-
morning before they deter- four home runs allowed. that the scrutiny of his behav- delphia Phillies have agreed 12 Santa Rosa. The No. Wilmerding on Saturday.
mine whether he’s available He is 5-4 with a 4.64 ior will be greater than ever. to a $45 million, four-year 5 Red-tailed Hawks ad- • Kayden Korst scored
to play against the Capitals. ERA in 81 games, all in re- “I’m sure I’m going to contract, avoiding a salary vance to the D-II quarter- 19 points to lead San Do-
The Sharks next play Satur- lief, since making his majorhear it throughout the year,” arbitration hearing sched- finals and could face No. menico to a 53-25 victory
day at home against Vancou- league debut in 2015 with Garcia told The Associated uled for this week. 4 Redwood in the next over Athenian in the NCS
ver. the Los Angeles Angels. Press in his first interview The 25-year-old right- round. Division V tournament.
Like at the start of the since he was disqualified hander set career bests last • Liza Kinney scored Alexa Dal Porto scored 10
regular season, Karlsson NFL Feb. 2 for the damage he did year when he was a first- the opening two goals of and Isabella Engler had
was paired with Marc-Ed- SOURCE: BRONCOS TO AC- to five greens out of frustra- time All-Star, going 17-6 with the game and Marin Acad- eight for the Panthers (15-
ouard Vlasic on Wednesday. QUIRE JOE FLACCO FROM RA- tion early in the third round. a 2.37 ERA. He would have emy didn’t look back, roll- 11), who will face either No.
Brenden Dillon was paired VENS >> Joe Flacco has gone “My job is to make sure I been eligible for free agency ing past Berean Christian 4 University or No. 13 Holy
with Justin Braun and Brent from Denver Broncos tor- deal with it the best way pos- after the 2021 season. 7-0 in the NCS D-IV play- Name on Saturday.


of the game against No-

vato (9-5-4) following a set
piece taken about midway
through the first half. The
Pirates changed the point
of attack from right to left
on the set-piece delivery
then Lucas Vance changed
it back again by finding Ly-
ons with a cross into the 18-
yard box. Drake’s Christopher Carlucci, 12, takes a header to protect
“I was able to get a touch his goal against Novato during the first round of the North
and turn,” Lyon said. “Some- Coast Section Division III soccer playoffs at Red Hill Field in
how I was open, it was kind San Anselmo on Wednesday.
of lucky.”
Lyons, moving to his
right, had to create the shot ter it,” Drake defender Ri- prising 1-0 lead but Stan-
with his left foot and was ley Weller said. “They put ley Gaither scored midway
able to steer it inside the post their two strongest guys up through the second half
for the eventual winner. top and they had been scor- to tie things up and force
“It obviously wasn’t the ing all season so we knew overtime.
best shot of my life,” Lyons if we could shut them down American Canyon was
said. “It just kinda piddled and get them into a two-on- called for a handball in-
in, but in these conditions one or three-on-one, they’d side the 18-yard box five
that’s all you can hope for.” PHOTOS BY JAMES CACCIATORE — MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL have to force other guys to minutes into the first over-
This game marked the Drake’s Luke O’Heidhin, 15, and Novato’s Lucas Maher, 16, battle for the ball during the take shots and that bene- time period and Hardister
third meeting of the sea- first round of the North Coast Section Division III playoffs in San Anselmo on Wednesday. fited us, especially in these converted from the spot to
son between the two teams, conditions.” win the game.
all won by the Pirates, who pared, they were organized Novato’s Anthony DeLeon felt like our opportunities
moved ahead of Novato on today. They were ready for opened the game with an im- were timely. I thought that Redwood advances Terra Linda falls
the final day of the season to our set pieces but, I don’t portant save on a shot from one last chance could have Cole Hardister scored on The No. 6 seed Trojans
claim the MCAL regular-sea- know, we got a lucky bounce distance from Nico Sadie iced the game for us but he a penalty kick in overtime (9-4-7) conceded a pair of
son title. in the box. in the first minute. Drake’s kept them in it. He’s been to lift Redwood to a 2-1 win second-half goals in an up-
“We knew that our set “We talked all week about Griffin Finnane made a pair doing it all year for them so against American Canyon set loss to 11th-seeded San
pieces were going to be huge not overrunning the back of important stops in the it wasn’t a surprise that he in the first round of the Lorenzo (13-5-2) in the D-
as far as us creating oppor- post and Otis was patient first half to ensure the Pi- stepped up.” NCS D-II playoffs. III playoffs.
tunities because we have a and stayed in the back-post rates went into the break Novato pushed numbers No. 5 Redwood (13-4-4)
size advantage on Novato area and luckily the ball fell with a 1-0 lead. forward to try find an equal- advances to the quarter- Tam forces OT
and that’s kind of how we did into his lap and he tucked it DeLeon came up big again izer but Drake saw out the finals, hitting the road to The 14th-seeded Red-
our scoring against them the away with his left foot.” with about 15 minutes to final 10 minutes of the game face No. 4 Newmark Me- tailed Hawks put up a fight
second time,” Drake coach When the weather wasn’t play, parrying a shot from without conceding much in morial (21-2-1) at 7 p.m. on on the road against No. 3
Rene Ayala said. “It’s so hard making things miserable Chris Carlucci just over the the way of chances. Saturday. Las Lomas, eventually fall-
to beat a team three times. for both offense, the oppos- crossbar for a corner. “We knew their game A merican Canyon ing 2-1 in overtime. Ben
They know what you’re go- ing goalies took turns doing “(DeLeon) just kept them plan coming into it and scored at the stroke of Southern had the goal for
ing to do. They were pre- it, too. in the game,” Ayala said. “I we tried our best to coun- halftime to take a sur- Tam (6-7-4).

(two 3s) and Joey Bailey No. 14 Ygnacio Valley 63-
(four rebounds) each tal- 49 on Wednesday.
lied six points, Geordie The Wildcats were last
FROM PAGE 1 Aarsheim added four and a No. 6 seed in NCS in
Ryan Dolan, Jack Green- 2015, when they won once
our gym because they play wood, AJ Rohosy (six re- at home and three times
in our Bambauer tour- bounds) and Jack Goller on the road en route to
nament, so it’s not the scored two apiece. capturing the champion-
home - cour t advantage Garrett Hall led the Ti- ship.
that we’re used to. But gers (9-16) with 12 points. “We’ve made our bed as
I’m really happy with our Jason Tuermer-Lee and a 6-seed,” Saia said. “It’s
first group giving us sep- Cameron Dart combined not going to be easy. It’s
aration. We were able to to score 11 points off the one game at a time and
manage it and go deep bench. we’re still play ing, so
into our bench.” “We came out with a we’re thrilled. We’re play-
Eleven Wildcats regis- lot of energy and we kept ing good basketball right
tered at least two points, it going from there,” said now.”
led by Winters, who re- McDevitt, a junior. “We
corded 10 points (two 3s) played our basketball. MA advances
and a pair of rebounds. (The substitutions) make Sam Faber scored 18
“ You can’t pick him us believe that we need points to lead No. 9 Marin
out as being a freshman,” to play hard from start Academy to a 58-45 vic-
Saia said of the 6-footer. to finish.” tory over No. 8 Athenian
“And he’s one of our best Marin Catholic trav- on the road Wednesday in
defenders.” els to face Albany’s Saint the first round of the NCS
Joyce (eight rebounds, Mary’s, the No. 3 seed, in D-V playoffs.
six assists), Eamon David- Saturday’s quarterfinal. Reid Little added 14
son (two rebounds, two T he Panthers (23 - 6) points for the Wildcats BILL SCHNEIDER — VARSITYPIX.COM
Save a life. Don’t Drive HoMe buzzeD.
assists, three steals) and won the Tri-County Ath- (17-10), who face either No. Marin Catholic’s Eamon Davidson goes up for a layup in the
McDev itt (four assists, letic League Stone Divi- 1 Stuart Hall or No. 16 The Wildcats North Coast Section Division IV Boys Basketball
two steals) scored eight sion title after going 12-1 Bay School in the quarter- game against Arcata on Wednesday. Davidson finished
Save a life. Don’t Drive HoMe buzzeD.
points apiece. Riley Wirth in league play. They beat finals. with eight points and Marin Catholic advanced.
4 | C


Burns has driver’s seat in race for Norris

By Paul Gackle
for a couple of reasons. TUNE IN this summer. Now, GM Doug
Bay Area News Group
Though Burns led NHL de- Wilson’s choices will be more
fensemen in scoring at the WASHINGTON AT SHARKS narrow, jacking up the stakes
SAN JOSE >> As the Sharks All-Star break, Mark Gior- When: Thursday, 7:30 p.m. in his negotiations with
rise in the Western Confer- dano of the Calgary Flames TV: NBSCA Karlsson, the two-time Nor-
ence standings, a key mem- and Morgan Rielly of the To- ris Trophy winner.
ber of their team has pulled ronto Maple Leafs benefit- ris is now Burns’ trophy to On the bright side, Mei-
ahead in his own race for ted from playing in Canada, win or lose. er’s next contract is becom-
a piece of significant hard- where you gain everyday ex- • Auston Matthews’ $58 ing more affordable by the
ware. posure to a larger pool of million contract extension day. After scoring 18 goals
Brent Burns took the writers. with the Maple Leafs will in his first 30 games, Meier
driver’s seat in the Nor- Secondly, he likely lost be felt across the NHL, in- appeared to be on the verge
ris Trophy race during the some votes skating on a cluding San Jose. of earning an extension in
Sharks’ 4-0 trip through blue line with Karlsson, who Matthews’ decision to sign the ballpark of $6-8 million
Western Canada, adding six accumulated 36 points in 29 a deal with an $11.6 million per year.
points to a total that is tops games between Nov. 13 and average annual salary puts to But with just two goals in
among NHL defensemen. Jan. 16, leading NHL de- rest the idea of an upcoming his last 23 games, it’s hard to
The numbers speak for fensemen in scoring during “Summer of the Offer Sheet.” imagine that Meier will com-
themselves. With 63 points that span. The hot stretch in- With so many impactful re- mand more than the $5.625
in 57 games, Burns is on cluded a run in which Karls- stricted free agents set to hit million per year that Tomas
pace to become the first son picked up points in 14 the market this offseason, in- Hertl is making after sign-
blue liner in 25 years to hit straight games, scoring a goal cluding Sharks power forward ing an extension with the
the 90-point mark, a feat while amassing 24 assists. In Timo Meier, many hockey club last summer. Hertl
last accomplished by Hall doing so, Karlsson became pundits envisioned a summer ranks second on the Sharks
of Famer Ray Bourque in just the fifth defenseman in of anarchy with clubs dishing in goals (26) and points (53).
an era of wide-open scor- NHL history to earn assists out big-money offers in an ef- Meier will need to catch fire
ing. In addition, Burns is in 14 straight games. fort to scoop up one of the dif- down the stretch if he wants
on track to record 75 assists, As a voter, it was hard to ference-making players that a deal north of $6 million
a number that hasn’t been name Burns as the NHL’s are changing the face of the per year this summer.
reached by a defenseman best defenseman in the first game. • Coach Pete DeBoer
since Sergei Zubov racked half when his teammate was But Matthews’ decision to shared a Joe Thornton story
up 77 helpers during the arguably even better. sign for less than the $12.5 last week. At a team din-
1993-94 season. But Karlsson’s injury al- million annual average sal- ner in Canada, DeBoer no-
But Burns’ emergence as ters the portrait significantly. ary being earned by Connor ticed how Thornton went
the Norris Trophy front- At this point, you can break McDavid takes the air out of out of his way to work Dylan
runner is less about num- the Sharks’ season down into ARIC CRABB — STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER this theory. The market’s ceil- Gambrell into conversations,
bers and more a reflection three segments: the adjust- Brent Burns’ emergence as the Norris Trophy frontrunner is ing is now set at $11.6 million. making sure the 22-year-old
of how he has anchored ment phase; Karlsson’s run less about numbers and more about how he has anchored If Matthews had allowed rookie forward felt like part
the Sharks blue line dur- of dominance; and the post- the blue line. himself to reach the market, of the group.
ing a season of fluctuation, injury period. Burns has he might have received of- We’ve all heard about
which includes Erik Karls- been the constant variable on peg on Feb. 5, allowing his Sam Bennett, the villain who fers in the ballpark of $13 mil- Thornton’s work ethic, his
son’s recent eight-game ab- the Sharks blue line through- team to steal a road win in gave Burns’ defensive part- lion or $14 million per year, fun personality, the ac-
sence because of a lower- out. He delivered when the the Western Conference’s ner, Radim Simek, a concus- triggering a trickle-down ef- countability that he brings
body injury. Sharks were adapting to a toughest barn by stripping sion with a questionable hit fect across the NHL. It would to the group. But this little
At the end of the day, new style with Karlsson early the puck from Patrik Laine on Dec. 31. have made it impossible for window gives us a sliver of
Karlsson’s injury could be in the season. He formed an in overtime and hitting Joe The Sharks are 7-2-1 in the Maple Leafs to sign both insight into why the culture
the variable that tips the unparalleled one-two punch Pavelski with a perfect cross- 10 games without Karlsson Matthews and Mitch Marner, in the Sharks dressing room
scale in Burns’ favor when with Karlsson once the af- ice pass for the winner. Two this season. In those games, putting another high-impact is so strong.
writers vote for the league’s fable Swede settled into his nights later, he played a ma- Burns has scored three goals restricted free agent on the Thornton knows how to
top defenseman in April. new home. Now, he’s lead- jor role in the Sharks’ re- and picked up nine assists. market. bring a team together and it
Keep in mind, Burns fin- ing the pack in Karlsson’s venge win over the Calgary In the end, Giordano and This scenario offered the starts with the recognition
ished third in the Profes- absence. Flames, gobbling up three Rielly will still garner a lot Sharks a potential Plan B in that the 12th forward on the
sional Hockey Writers’ Asso- Burns helped lift the points and scoring a goal of attention playing on Ca- the event that Karlsson leaves bench is just as important
ciation’s midseason awards Sharks to victory in Winni- after he stole the puck from nadian teams, but the Nor- as an unrestricted free agent as the first.


“I think if there was one

Anderson lobbies
piece of information that I’d
want to relay to him is that
FROM PAGE 1 he’s responsible for his ca-
reer,” Posey said. “There’s
league camp to prepare for nobody else more respon-
the start of the season with sible for it. You can’t point

for former teammate

Single-A San Jose. to coaches, other players,
Last February, Bart was mom, dad, analytics, you’re
gearing up for his junior ultimately the one that’s re-
season at Georgia Tech. A sponsible for how you take
year later, he’s playing for care of your business.”
manager Bruce Bochy who Even before the Giants
vows to let Bart catch in a selected Bart, the catcher
few Cactus League games.
“I’m going to try to get
paid close attention to
Posey’s career. Now that
Pitcher rejoins Franklin Barreto, who has
struggled to get somewhat
him in there when I can,”
Bochy said. “We have a
they’re in the same organi-
zation, Bart is eager to learn
Oakland and regular playing time in
the big leagues, also is ex-
competition going on and
that makes it a little bit
the nuances of the position
from the six-time All-Star.
praises Jackson pected to get some action
this spring.
more difficult, but with “I’ve already been told by It’s unclear how Gross-
the number of games we a few guys to stay as tight to By Martin Gallegos
man fits into the equation,
have and split squads, I’ll him as you can,” Bart said. Bay Area News Group
but his addition could in-
try to find ways to get him “Everyone around here says crease the chances of a
in there.” that he’s a genius and ob- MESA, ARIZONA >> Brett An- trade this spring with the
Bart is one of seven viously it shows. Whatever derson already is lobbying A’s surplus of outfielders.
catchers in Giants camp, he can show me or give me for another pitcher from Kapriellian not quite
five of whom have a real- pointers on, I’ll be right last year’s team after his ready
istic chance of earning an there trying to soak it all one-year deal with the A’s Oakland executives were
Opening Day roster spot. up.” became official. hoping this was the spring
As Posey continues to prog- Though Bart is viewed as Anderson pushed for the they could finally get a
ress following August hip a future middle-of-the-or- signing of Edwin Jackson, good look at promising
surgery, the Giants have der presence thanks to his who was 6-3 with a 3.33 pitching prospect James
prioritized adding depth impressive power, he’s plan- ERA in 17 starts with the Kaprielian.
behind the plate. Four ning to devote much of his A’s last year. But they will have to
catchers in camp — Ste- time this spring to learn the “I would for sure sign off wait a little longer.
phen Vogt, Rene Rivera, Giants pitching staff. Be- on that,” Anderson said of JASON MILLER — GETTY IMAGES
The right-hander had
Cameron Rupp and Aramis coming an elite two-way a potential reunion. “He’s a setback just before the
Garcia — have big league talent is important to Bart one of the best veteran Brett Anderson is happy with his 1-year deal with the A’s. start of camp — a strained
experience while another, who said he hopes to re- presences I’ve been around upper-body muscle known
Hamlet Marte, has spent ceive as much experience and was a good pitcher for with a 4.48 ERA in 17 starts though, doesn’t think the as the latissimus dorsi.
the last eight seasons in as possible catching bull- us last year. I have nothing last season. It was admit- kid will need too much of Kaprielian, who won’t
the minors. pens this spring. but positive things to say tedly an up-and-down year. his advice. throw for the next two
Then there’s Bart, who “Learning what the about him and hopefully, he Injuries hampered his per- “We pitch completely dif- weeks, is scheduled to be
hit 13 home runs in 204 at- (pitchers) want to do is ob- comes back and gets a job.” formance as has often been ferently, maybe like back examined again Feb. 27.
bats with a Giants’ short- viously going to be the big- The pitchers worked the case throughout his 10 in the day when I was 21 “He’s still a young guy
season affiliate in his pro- gest challenge,” Bart said. out in the offseason at the big-league seasons. and threw hard,” Anderson and he’s going to get past
fessional debut last sum- “Ahead of hitting a 100-mile EXOS performance center “It’s the same thing ev- said. “Hopefully he doesn’t all this at some point,” Mel-
mer. per hour fastball, learning in Scottsdale, Arizona. It ery year, just trying to stay have to pitch like how I do vin said. “He’s being tested
A decade ago, Posey what every single guy likes turned out they had a lot healthy,” Anderson said. “I now. You can always talk for some reason. He wants
found himself in a simi- to throw, what count and in common last year, hav- had some good spurts and about experiences and dif- to be out there. I feel bad
lar position. After being se- what their out pitch is.” ing bounced back from a bad spurts. For the most ferent things, try to relay him, but at some point in
lected fifth overall by the For now, that learning bad season in 2017 to per- part, when I was able to go some of that stuff. But I time, we’ll get this straight-
Giants in the 2008 draft, he process includes studying form well in Oakland. out there I felt I gave the think if he continues on the ened out and see him on
arrived in big league camp notecards and working a Jackson, 35, remains un- team a chance to win, es- track he’s on, he’ll be fine.” the mound. I’m sure we’ll
in 2009 to serve as an un- slew of big leaguers. If all signed — for now. He pro- pecially with the way bull- HERE COMES ANOTHER OUT- see the guy we anticipated
derstudy to Bengie Molina. goes according to plan for vides an enticing option pens are now.” FIELDER >> The A’s report- when we traded for him.”
He took in every piece of ad- Bart and the Giants, pitch- with 16 years in the majors Manager Bob Melvin is edly have agreed to terms Kaprielian, 24, was one
vice Molina had to offer and ers won’t have a chance to that could be valuable for happy to see the club try- on a one-year deal with of the three prospects ac-
by September, Posey was in request Bart catch their the young pitchers compet- ing to keep as much of that Robbie Grossman, a move quired in the 2017 trade
the big leagues. bullpens. ing for a roster spots. group intact as it can, par- that adds to the already deadline deal that sent
Now, it’s Posey’s turn to He’ll be too busy playing Although the free agent ticularly after exceeding crowded outfield. Sonny Gray to the New
play mentor. big league games. market has been rough expectations in 2018 with T he s w it c h - h it t i n g York Yankees. Outfielder
for many, Anderson, 31, is 97 victories and a playoff Grossman batted .271 with Dustin Fowler and short-
IWantToBeRecycled.org much happier with the way appearance. five home runs and 48 RBIs stop Jorge Mateo were the
it unfolded this year than “When you have the type in 129 games with the Min- other two players Oakland
the previous one. The left- of team with the success nesota Twins last season. acquired in the deal.
hander lasted well into that we had and the club- He split time between both Drafted 16th overall by
March last spring before re- house we had, you want to corner outfield spots, play- the Yankees in 2016, Kapri-
turning to the A’s on a mi- try to get as many guys,” ing 52 games in right and elian was considered one of
nor-league deal. Melvin said. “Anybody that 34 in left. the top 10 prospects in New
This year, Anderson was here last year we wel- Grossman’s ability to get York’s organization. But in-
struck a $1.5 million deal, come back with open arms on base probably piqued juries have plagued him
with incentives that could and he pitched some good the Athletics’ interest. He as he has dealt with vari-
be worth another $1 mil- games with us.” possesses a career .355 on- ous elbow and shoulder is-
lion. Anderson joins Mike base percentage, reaching sues, including undergoing
“It was better than the Fiers and Marco Estrada base at a clip of .367 last Tommy John ligament sur-
last offseason,” Anderson as veterans of the rota- year with Minnesota. gery in 2017.
said. “I get to go to spring tion, with Jesus Luzardo Grossman, 29, joins an K apr ielia n ha s not
training and good enough and other younger pitch- outfield that already in- pitched in a game since
to come to the big league ers looking to earn a spot. cludes Stephen Piscotty, 2016 and has not gone past
field this time. It’s always Given that he and Luzardo Ramón Laureano, Nick Single-A. The A’s hope to
nice to be with a team and are both left-handers, the Martini, Chad Pinder and get him moving through
a team I’m familiar with.” chance for a potential men- Mark Canha. their minor league system
Anderson, 31, went 4-5 torship is there. Anderson, A’s top hitting prospect this upcoming season.
Drug Companies Fear
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Scoreboard 6. Notre Dame (23-3) beat Boston Col-

lege 97-47.
4-6, 6-1, 6-4.
John Isner (1), United States, def. Ber-
7. Maryland (22-2) did not play. nard Tomic, Australia, 7-6 (7), 6-4.

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8. Marquette (21-3) did not play. Brayden Schnur, Canada, def. Steve
9. Oregon State (20-4) did not play. Johnson (3), United States, 6-4, 4-6,
10. Stanford (19-4) did not play.
BOYS BASKETBALL 11. South Carolina (17-6) did not play. ATP TOUR ARGENTINA OPEN
12. N.C. State (22-2) beat No. 16 Syracuse RESULTS

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NCS playoffs: Marin Catholic 58, Arcata 41 77-73.
NCS playoffs: Marin Academy 58, 13. Gonzaga (22-2) did not play. Wednesday
Athenian 45 14. Iowa (19-5) did not play. At Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club
15. Texas (20-5) did not play. Buenos Aires, Argentina
16. Syracuse (18-6) lost to No. 12 N.C. Purse: $590,745 (ATP250)
NCS playoffs: Drew 54, Tomales 36
NCS playoffs: Marin Catholic 66, El
17. Kentucky (20-5) did not play.
18. Iowa State (18-6) lost to TCU 76-69. Second Round Men in clinical trial see huge boost in desire, strength
of erections, and sexual activity without side effects.
Molino 21 19. Arizona State (16-6) did not play. Roberto Carballes Baena, Spain, def.
20. Miami (21-5) did not play. Lorenzo Sonego, Italy, 7-5, 6-1.
NCS playoffs: St. Bernard’s 58, Branson 26
21. Florida State (20-4) did not play. Guido Pella, Argentina, def. Leonardo
NCS playoffs: St. Vincent de Paul 51, Mayer, Argentina, 6-4, 1-6, 7-6 (5).
22. Texas A&M (18-5) did not play.
Marin Academy 40
NCS playoffs: San Domenico 53, Athenian 25 23. Rutgers (17-6) did not play. Marco Cecchinato (3), Italy, def. Chris- NEW YORK - It’s
tian Garin, Chile, 7-6 (4), 6-4.
24. Michigan State (17-6) did not play. hard to believe that
25. South Dakota (22-3) did not play.
NCS playoffs: Redwood 2, American WOMEN’S FAR WEST TOURNAMENT RESULTS affordable pill that could
Canyon 1 (OT)
NCS playoffs: Drake 1, Novato 0 Wednesday
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NCS playoffs: San Lorenzo 2, Terra Linda 0 Boise St. 83, Fresno St. 76
At Ahoy’ Stadium
Rotterdam, Netherlands of millions of men is in
NCS playoffs: Las Lomas 2, Tam 1 (OT)
NCS playoffs: Campolindo 2, San Rafael 0
Denver 82, Purdue Fort Wayne 62
New Mexico 79, San Jose St. 60
Purse: $2.22 million (ATP500) danger of being yanked
San Diego St. 54, Colorado St. 45 from the shelves. And
First Round
GIRLS SOCCER UNLV 62, Air Force 47
Wyoming 53, Utah St. 35 Daniil Medvedev (5), Russia, def. Jeremy it’s just because big drug
NCS playoffs: Drake 2, Terra Linda 1 Chardy, France, 7-6 (2), 6-2.
Marton Fucsovics, Hungary, def. Martin
companies fear for their
UCLA 75, California 67, OT
NCS playoffs: Branson 3, Moreau
Catholic 0 Klizan, Slovakia, 7-6 (4), 6-4. profits. Works Like Botox: 52 year old Lynn Corey is thrilled
UCLA (13-12) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, France, def. Thomas
NCS playoffs: Sonoma Academy 3, Marin
Catholic 1 Fabbiano, Italy, 6-1, 6-4. The pharmaceutical with her results using the new “$2 facelift” from
Hill 1-4 3-3 5, Brown 1-2 2-9 4, Wilkes 9-15
NCS playoffs: Marin Academy 7, Berean 4-6 27, Hands 2-10 7-8 12, Ali 0-5 0-0 0, Damir Dzumhur, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
industry is desperately France; clinical trials show it works like Botox to
def. Stefanos Tsitsipas (3), Greece, 6-4,
Christian 0 Olesinski 0-0 0-0 0, Riley 1-2 0-0 2, Single-
1-6, 7-5. trying to stop shipments reduce wrinkles without needles or side effects.
NCS playoffs: Tam 2, Santa Rosa 1 ton 4-7 0-0 12, Smith 2-8 2-2 6, Bernard
Second Round
NCS playoffs: El Cerrito 2, San Rafael 1 3-6 1-2 7. Totals 23-59 19-30 75.
CALIFORNIA (5-19) Gael Monfils, France, def. Andreas of the remarkable new
NBA Sueing 5-9 4-5 15, Vanover 5-10 2-4 12,
Seppi, Italy, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3.
Stan Wawrinka, Switzerland, def. Milos
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2-2 2, Austin 1-7 0-0 2, Kelly 1-3 3-3 5,
WESTERN CONFERENCE Anticevich 3-7 0-0 6, Bradley 2-12 2-2 7.
Denis Shapovalov, Canada, def. Tomas
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Totals 23-68 15-19 67.
Halftime: California 34-25. End of Regu- reporting increased sex
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29 (Wilkes 5-8, Singleton 4-7, Hands 1-6,
drive, stronger erections on men 40 – 65 years ingredient has strong
W L Pct GB Smith 0-1, Riley 0-1, Bernard 0-2, Ali 0-4), and more stamina - all old, and the results clinical results and lacks
California 6-22 (McNeill 4-10, Sueing 1-2,
Warriors 41 15 .732 — Wednesday
without the side-effects were remarkable. The
L.A. Clippers 31 27 .534 11
Bradley 1-7, Vanover 0-1, Anticevich 0-1, At The Khalifa International Tennis the side effects seen
Sacramento 30 27 .526 11 1/2
Austin 0-1); Fouled Out: Vanover; Re- Complex and $40-per-pill price tag men who took the active
bounds: UCLA 44 (Brown 11), California
Doha, Qatar in current drugs on the
L.A. Lakers 28 29 .491 13 1/2 30 (Sueing 7); Assists: UCLA 14 (Hands,
Purse: $916,131 (Premier) associated with drugs ingredient in JackedUp
Phoenix 11 47 .190 31 Singleton, Smith 3), California 12 (Austin
4); Total Fouls: UCLA 15, California 23. Singles like Viagra. Clinical market. This makes it an
Technicals_Hill. reported major easy option for doctors
W L Pct GB
Second Round results show men feel improvements in their
Elina Svitolina (4), Ukraine, def. Jelena
these benefits within just to suggest.
Houston 33 24 .579 — Ostapenko, Latvia, 6-4, 6-4.
sex lives. Their ability to
San Antonio 33 26 .559 1 Karolina Muchova, Czech Republic, def.
Hsieh Su-wei, Taiwan, 6-2, 6-4.
a few weeks of taking get and keep erections Dr. Laguna-Bedia,
Dallas 26 31 .456 7
New Orleans 25 33 .431 8 1/2 WESTERN CONFERENCE Barbora Strycova, Czech Republic, def. JackedUp’s active went up by over 200%. a specialist in internal
Anna Blinkova, Russia, 6-0, 3-6, 6-0.
Memphis 23 36 .390 11
Kiki Bertens (5), Netherlands, def. Carla ingredient. Libido and sex drive medicine says, “A lot of
Suarez Navarro, Spain, 2-6, 6-1, 6-1.
GP W L OT Pts GF GA Elise Mertens, Belgium, def. Kristyna The pill, made for men surged. Even staying men think their lack of
W L Pct GB
Sharks 57 34 16 7 75 210 177
Pliskova, Czech Republic, 6-2, 7-6 (3).
Julia Goerges (9), Germany, def. Alison
over 50, was released power and stamina interest and inability to
Denver 39 18 .684 —
Oklahoma City 37 19 .661 1 1/2 Calgary 56 34 16 6 74 205 167 Riske, United States, 6-1, 6-7 (5), 6-4.
perform are simply parts
5 1/2
66 172 162
57 164 181
Simona Halep (1), Romania, def. Lesia
Tsurenko, Ukraine, 6-2, 6-3. “If you’re over 50 and suffering from of aging. This is just
Minnesota 27 30 .474 12 Arizona
55 150 163
53 160 187
Angelique Kerber (3), Germany, def.
Anett Kontaveit, Estonia, 6-1, 7-6 (3). low sex drive, decreased stamina and not true. JackedUp can
Los Angeles
51 136 171
51 127 182 Golf
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Winnipeg 57 36 18 3 75 198 163 to perform.”
Toronto 43 16 .729 —
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5 1/2
5 1/2
Dallas 56 29 22 5 63 145 140 FedExCup Season Points “JackedUp works
St. Louis 55 28 22 5 61 163 162
Brooklyn 30 29 .508 13
Minnesota 57 27 25 5 59 160 167
1, Matt Kuchar, 1,201.300. 2, Xander
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New York 10 47 .175 32
Colorado 56 22 23 11 55 182 188 930.114. 4, Marc Leishman, 803.917. early last month. Despite during sex more than hormones without side
SOUTHEAST DIVISION 5, Charles Howell III, 796.400. 6, Phil
Chicago 57 23 25 9 55 185 209
Mickelson, 789.000. 7, Justin Rose, Big Pharma’s efforts, doubled! effects. The benefits
W L Pct GB
719.500. 8, Rickie Fowler, 667.500. 9,
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Charlotte 27 29 .482 — Tway, 651.267. exceeded expectations. development, Dave
Miami 26 30 .464 1
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Orlando 26 32 .448 2
Washington 24 34 .414 4 GP W L OT Pts GF GA
1, Bryson DeChambeau, 68.947. 2, Justin
Rose, 68.948. 3, Phil Mickelson, 69.266. known, but they actually
Atlanta 19 38 .333 8 1/2
Tampa Bay 57 42 11 4 88 223 159
4, Rickie Fowler, 69.370. 5, Matt Kuchar, There are very good drug companies weren’t do more than that. Men
69.464. 6, Webb Simpson, 69.627. 7, Jus-
Toronto 56 35 18 3 73 200 159 tin Thomas, 69.641. 8, Gary Woodland, reasons why sales worried at first. “They also report more energy,
Boston 57 32 17 8 72 168 148
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Montreal 56 31 18 7 69 172 162
69.709. 9, Matt Every, 69.795. 10, 3 tied
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Indiana 38 20 .655 5 1/2 Florida 55 23 24 8 54 168 192 motivation,” said Dr. G.
Detroit 26 30 .464 16 1/2 Detroit 57 22 28 7 51 159 188
1, Cameron Champ, 318.6. 2, Luke List,
317.2. 3, Patrick Cantlay, 315.6. 4, Byeong Apart from costing just take a few weeks before
Chicago 14 44 .241 29 1/2 Ottawa 56 21 30 5 47 173 205 Hun An, 315.1. 5, Brandon Hagy, 313.0.
two dollars per daily many men really feel Pereira, a renowned
Tuesday’s games
12 46 .207 31 1/2
6, Grayson Murray, 312.9. 7, Hideki
Matsuyama, 312.8. 8, Seth Reeves, 312.7. dose, the clinical results the benefits. But these surgeon in Florida.
9, Wyndham Clark, 312.4. 10, Tony Finau,
Atlanta 117, L.A. Lakers 113
Boston 112, Philadelphia 109
GP W L OT Pts GF GA 310.5. confirm J a c k e d U p ’ s awesome clinical trials Dr. Jacob Moss notes,
Orlando 118, New Orleans 88
N.Y. Islanders 56 33 17 6 72 161 136
Washington 57 31 19 7 69 192 183
Driving Accuracy Percentage
1, Jim Furyk, 83.83%. 2, Ryan Armour,
active ingredient is very really got their attention. “I recommend JackedUp
San Antonio 108, Memphis 107
Warriors 115, Utah 108
Columbus 55 32 20 3 67 180 167 75.84%. 3, Matt Kuchar, 75.22%. 4, Louis impressive. It greatly They’re learning A if you’re struggling with
Oosthuizen, 75.00%. 5, Satoshi Kodaira,
Wednesday’s games
57 30 20 7 67 196 174
57 29 22 6 64 167 164 74.71%. 6, Chez Reavie, 74.55%. 7, Brice boosts a man’s ability to LOT of men will wait a getting and keeping
Brooklyn 148, Cleveland 139, 3OT
Milwaukee 106, Indiana 97
Philadelphia 57 26 24 7 59 167 190
Garnett, 73.12%. 8, Graeme McDowell,
72.91%. 9, Shubhankar Sharma, 72.62%. get and keep erections. few weeks if it means erections or low libido.
Boston 118, Detroit 110
N.Y. Rangers 56 24 24 8 56 159 186
New Jersey 56 21 27 8 50 162 194
10, Ben Silverman, 72.54%. Stamina during sex also avoiding negative side It’s also a great option
Greens in Regulation Percentage
Philadelphia 126, New York 111 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for improves. effects and saving
Toronto 129, Washington 120 overtime loss. Top three teams in each 1, Louis Oosthuizen, 84.03%. 2, Charles
for men who want to last
Chicago 122, Memphis 110 division and two wild cards per confer-
ence advance to playoffs.
Howell III, 80.37%. 3, Jim Furyk, 79.17%.
4, Kevin Chappell, 78.24%. 5, Matt The product also has money.” longer and have more
Minnesota 121, Houston 111
Miami 112, Dallas 101 Tuesday’s games
Kuchar, 78.01%. 6, Lucas Glover, 77.35%.
7, Bryson DeChambeau, 77.31%. 8, Gary a unique ability to help How It Works control over when they
Denver 120, Sacramento 118 Columbus 3, Washington 0 Woodland, 77.24%. 9, Justin Thomas, men feel more passion,
Warriors at Portland, n. Buffalo 3, N.Y. Islanders 1 77.22%. 10, D.J. Trahan, 77.04%. The “JackedUp” pill orgasm.”
Phoenix at L.A. Clippers, n. Dallas 3, Florida 0 desire, and sex drive.
Thursday's games Boston 6, Chicago 3
Total Driving
1, Brendan Steele, 35. 2 (tie), Gary Wood- These impressive works by helping older Special
Charlotte at Orlando, 4 p.m. Tampa Bay 6, Calgary 3 land and Bryson DeChambeau, 51. 4, men produce more
New York at Atlanta, 4:30 p.m. Carolina 4, Ottawa 1 Bubba Watson, 65. 5, Daniel Berger, 75.
6, Abraham Ancer, 81. 7, Jason Kokrak,
benefits come from
testosterone. It doesn’t Opportunity for
Oklahoma City at New Orleans, 5 p.m. Philadelphia 5, Minnesota 4
boosting testosterone
Friday's games
Team World vs. Team USA at Charlotte,
Winnipeg 4, N.Y. Rangers 3
St. Louis 8, New Jersey 3
85. 8, Charles Howell III, 90. 9, Joel Dah-
men, 97. 10, Ryan Moore, 110.
levels by up to force dangerous fake Our Readers
N.C., 6 p.m. Detroit 3, Nashville 2 SG-Putting
1, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, 2.100. 2, Jason a whopping 193%. testosterone into your Drug companies are
Doctors are astounded body like injections do.
Saturday's games Toronto 5, Colorado 2
No games scheduled. Arizona 5, Vegas 2
Gore, 1.636. 3, Andrew Putnam, 1.283. 4,
Xander Schauffele, 1.256. 5, Brian Gay,
fighting hard to get rid
Sunday's games Wednesday’s games 1.195. 6, Julian Etulain, 1.178. 7, Dominic
by its effects. Instead, it works with of this product. This
2019 NBA All-Star game Pittsburgh 3, Edmonton 1 Bozzelli, 1.074. 8, Scott Langley, 1.067.
your body to produce
Team LeBron West vs. Team Giannis Vancouver at Anaheim, n. Birdie Average Why do drug testosterone naturally. is making inventory
1, Phil Mickelson, 5.57. 2, Justin Rose,
East at Charlotte, N.C., 5 p.m. Thursday's games
N.Y. Islanders at Columbus, 4 p.m. 5.50. 3, Bryson DeChambeau, 5.42. 4, companies want this And the results have disappear fast.
SCORING LEADERS Calgary at Florida, 4 p.m. Aaron Wise, 5.29. 5, Justin Thomas, 5.20.
6, Gary Woodland, 5.16. 7, Rickie Fowler, pill stopped? Since the been extraordinary. It’s Thankfully, a special
Ottawa at Detroit, 4:30 p.m.
Dallas at Tampa Bay, 4:30 p.m.
5.13. 8, Cameron Champ, 5.11. 9, 3 tied
with 5.00.
“JackedUp” pill is natural, like your body reboots discounted supply has
G FG FT Pts Avg
Harden, HOU 53 566 536 1934 36.5
Colorado at Winnipeg, 5 p.m.
Montreal at Nashville, 5 p.m.
Eagles (Holes per) drug companies can’t itself to feel like it did in been reserved for this
George, OKC 55 518 326 1577 28.7 New Jersey at Chicago, 5:30 p.m.
1, Thomas Pieters, 48.0. 2 (tie), Steve
Marino and Kevin Chappell, 54.0. 4 (tie),
patent it (like they did the prime of your life. newspaper readers. But
Curry, GOL 45 430 193 1284 28.5 St. Louis at Arizona, 6 p.m. Paul Casey and Branden Grace, 56.6. 6, with Viagra) and make only for those who call
big profits. Plus, if you’re Initial Users Are
Davis, NOR 44 446 320 1252 28.5 Toronto at Vegas, 7 p.m. Zach Johnson, 57.6. 7, Adam Scott, 61.2.
Durant, GOL 56 542 355 1541 27.5 Vancouver at Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m. 8, Max Homa, 64.3. 9, Kevin Na, 64.8. 10,
within the next 48 hours.
Embiid, PHL 53 476 431 1447 27.3 Washington at Sharks, 7:30 p.m. Keith Mitchell, 69.4.
over 50 and suffering Thrilled…And
Akounmpo, MIL 52 519 340 1407 27.1 Friday's games
This is the best
Leonard, TOR 43 398 286 1159 27.0 N.Y. Rangers at Buffalo, 4 p.m. Odds from low sex drive, Worried opportunity to try
Lillard, POR
Griffin, DET
335 1445
316 1386
Edmonton at Carolina, 4:30 p.m.
New Jersey at Minnesota, 5:30 p.m.
decreased stamina “JackedUp has been
Walker, CHA 56 487 251 1412 25.2 and inability to perform, JackedUp risk-free
Boston at Anaheim, 7 p.m. PREGAME.COM LINE awesome for my sex
Beal, WAS 57 529 229 1430 25.1 Saturday's games with their 100% results
Booker, PHX 43 379 222 1071 24.9 Calgary at Pittsburgh, 10 a.m. drive and performance!
Irving, BOS 47 420 149 1108 23.6 Detroit at Philadelphia, 10 a.m. NBA
I’m worried it may not be guarantee.
St. Louis at Colorado, noon Thursday
College basketball Toronto at Arizona, 4 p.m. Favorite Line (O/U) Underdog available in the future. A Regional Order
Ottawa at Winnipeg, 4 p.m.
Edmonton at N.Y. Islanders, 4 p.m. at Orlando 3 (215 1/2) Charlotte The idea that it may Hotline has been set
MEN’S TOP 25 FARED Montreal at Tampa Bay, 4 p.m. at Atlanta 7 (224) New York
Oklahoma City 3 1/2 (237) at New Orleans
be taken away just to up for local readers to
Dallas at Carolina, 5 p.m.
Wednesday Columbus at Chicago, 5:30 p.m. College Basketball
secure some big drug call. This gives all men
1. Tennessee (23-1) beat South Carolina Vancouver at Sharks, 7 p.m.
Thursday company’s profits is very an equal chance to try
85-73. Nashville at Vegas, 7 p.m.
2. Duke (22-2) did not play. Boston at Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m. Favorite Line Underdog frustrating.” JackedUp.
3. Gonzaga (23-2) did not play.
4. Virginia (21-2) did not play. SCORING LEADERS
at Ohio State 9 1/2 Illinois
Northeastern 7 1/2 at Unc-wilmington
- Rob H., 49 years Starting at 6:00 am
5. Kentucky (20-4) did not play. at FIU 3 1/2 Rice old, Colorado Springs, today the order hotline
6. Michigan (22-3) did not play. GP G A Pts North Texas 3 at FAU
low testosterone is the CO
7. Nevada (23-1) did not play.
Nikita Kucherov, TB 57 25 63 88
IUPUI 3 at Youngstown St will be open for the next
8. North Carolina (19-5) did not play.
9. Houston (23-1) did not play. Patrick Kane, CHI 56 33 49 82
at JMadison 1 Drexel biggest factor. If you “My wife and I were 48 hours. All you have
at Towson 2 Delaware
10. Marquette (21-4) did not play. Connor McDavid, EDM 54 31 50 81
Houston 8 at UConn can safely boost your both sexually vibrant to do is call TOLL FREE
Johnny Gaudreau, CGY 56 29 48 77
11. Michigan State (20-5) did not play. Ill.-Chicago 4 at Cleveland St testosterone, you won’t until I had prostate
12. Purdue (17-7) did not play. Mikko Rantanen, COL 56 24 51 75
at CHARLESTON 2 Hofstra 1-888-561-0988 and the
13. Villanova (20-5) beat Providence Nathan MacKinnon, COL56 29 45 74
at Ualr 1 Texas-Arlington need their expensive cancer. After my surgery
85-67. Brayden Point, TB 56 33 39 72
at La Tech 11 1/2 UTEP pills. That’s the very we tried everything my company will do the rest.
14. Kansas (19-6) did not play. Brad Marchand, BOS 56 22 47 69
Texas State 5 at Arkansas St
15. Texas Tech (20-5) beat Oklahoma Mark Scheifele, WPG 57 30 38 68
at W Kentucky 12 Mid. Tennessee reason big business is doctor recommended Due to the possibility
State 78-50. Blake Wheeler, WPG 57 12 56 68
16. Louisville (17-8) did not play. Mitchell Marner, TOR 56 20 47 67
at S. Miss 4
at Milwaukee 1 1/2
trying to have it pulled but nothing worked. of JackedUp being
17. Florida State (19-5) beat Wake Forest
Leon Draisaitl, EDM 55
David Pastrnak, BOS 56
at Marshall 4 UAB from the shelves. Within a few weeks pulled from the shelf,
Strong Clinical of taking JackedUp,
at Green Bay 3 Oakland
18. Kansas State (19-5) did not play.
19. LSU (20-4) did not play.
Steven Stamkos, TB 57 30 36 66
Tulsa 7 at Tulane phone lines are often
2 tied with 65 pts.
20. Wisconsin (17-8) did not play.
21. Iowa (19-5) did not play.
at Utah
at San Diego
3 1/2
BYU Results Worry everything has been
functioning beautifully
busy. If you call and
Tennis do not immediately
22. Virginia Tech (19-5) beat Georgia at SFrancisco 11 Pepperdine
Big Pharma and we’ve been riding
Tech 76-68. UCSB 7 at UC Riverside
get through, please be
23. Iowa State (18-6) did not play. Saint Mary's CA 8 1/2 at Santa Clara
Recent clinical trials high ever since!”
24. Maryland (19-6) did not play. ATP TOUR NEW YORK OPEN Gonzaga 19 at Loyola Marymount patient and call back.
25. Buffalo (21-3) did not play. RESULTS at Hawaii 15 Cal Poly on JackedUp’s active - Ken S., 78 years
Kent St 2 1/2 at W. Michigan
ingredient have made Current supplies of
Wednesday old, Phoenix, AZ JackedUp are limited,
At Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum NHL the drug companies
Uniondale, N.Y.
Purse: $694,995 (ATP250)
more desperate. The trial Doctors Speak and callers that don’t
New Mexico 92, San Jose St. 60
UC Davis 76, CS Northridge 59
at Florida
results were published Out get through to the order
Utah St. 76, Wyoming 59 First Round at Columbus -141/+131 NY Islanders in major medical Drug companies hotline within the next 48
Denis Istomin, Uzbekistan, def. Mack-
enzie McDonald, United States, 4-6,
at Detroit
at Tampa Bay
journals, and doctors are also concerned hours will be forced to
6-2, 6-3.
Radu Albot, Moldova, def. Ivo Karlovic, at Nashville -162/+152 Montreal are now recommending that doctors are wait for more inventory
1. Baylor (22-1) beat Kansas State 69-48.
Croatia, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (4), 7-6 (5). at Winnipeg
at Chicago
New Jersey
JackedUp to patients. now recommending to be produced. This can
Second Round
2. Louisville (23-1) did not play.
3. Oregon (23-1) did not play.
Paolo Lorenzi, Italy, def. Ryan Harrison, St. Louis
at Las Vegas
at Arizona
The testing was done JackedUp. The active take as long as 6 weeks.
United States, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4.
4. UConn (22-2) did not play. Jordan Thompson (7), Australia, def. at San Jose -158/+148 Washington THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT
5. Mississippi State (22-1) did not play. Christopher Eubanks, United States, at Los Angeles off Vancouver IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. ALL DOCTORS MENTIONED ARE
6 | C


How many more Kyler Murrays are out there?

By Cliff Brunt
encourage kids to pick one cus. He is in the Pro Football director of the Division of
The Associated Press
main sport at an early age. Hall of Fame and had a pro- Sports Medicine at Boston
“You’ve got some idiot ductive baseball career, but Children’s Hospital, has
Kyler Murray has chosen in a youth league telling he offered a glimpse of what contributed to research that
football over baseball, at a kid, ‘If you just focus on might have been during the shows youth sports special-
least for now. It is anyone’s this one thing, you’re go- 1992 World Series, when he ization is on the rise. He said
guess when the world will ing to be great,”’ Sanders hit .533 with four runs, eight the fact that Murray played
see another athlete with said. “Then, you’ve got the hits and two doubles in four both football and base-
the skills and opportunity same (kind of) idiot in high games. ball for so long might have
to have such a choice. school — ‘You’re not going “I regret often that I helped him excel in both.
The Oakland Athlet- to play this other sport be- didn’t put a lot more into “On one hand, he clearly
ics selected Murray ninth cause I’m not going to let the game of baseball,” Sand- is sort of a unique athlete —
overall in the Major League you start until you dedicate ers said. “I really do. I have maybe genetically or maybe
Baseball draft last June. He yourself.”’ those thoughts often.” just intrinsic athleticism
then went out and won the Sports specialization has Oklahoma baseball coach that he can be so good at
Heisman Trophy in his only drawn a lot of attention in Skip Johnson said being spe- two different sports,” Kocher
year as Oklahoma’s starting recent years, with baseball A’s draft pick and Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray holds cial in both sports requires said. “Some of that might
quarterback, declared for greats such as John Smoltz the Hesiman Trophy after winning the award in New York. brains, too. Murray said he just be a blip, that he’s that
the NFL draft last month suggesting it can hurt has been clocked at 4.3 sec- good of an athlete. Part of
and picked the NFL over young players simply be- the really good ones often ses.”’ onds in the 40-yard dash, it is that there are transfer-
MLB on Monday. cause of the wear and tear. are best served honing their And having options yet Johnson said his unusu- rable skills. It’s good for the
Few athletes have posi- Still, many believe it has its skills in one sport. comes with complications ally high intellect is what body to be doing different
tioned themselves to have place. “Athletes like him (Mur- and questions. allowed him to progress in sports because you’re not
such dynamic options. And After all, most athletes ray) come around once in a Back in 1992, Sanders both sports. doing the same movement
in this age of youth sports don’t have the gifts of Mur- long time, with that athletic played cornerback for the “To have the thought patterns over and over and
specialization, it may be- ray, Sanders or Bo Jackson, ability and been doing it for Atlanta Falcons during the process that Kyler has, to over again.”
come rarer still. the 1986 Heisman win- that long,” Westerberg said. day in Miami, then flew to go through the things that Murray’s success makes
Deion Sanders played ner for Auburn who was “How many Deion Sander- Pittsburgh to join his At- he has, to learn (Oklahoma Johnson more than will-
pro football and baseball, an All-Star for the Kan- ses have there been? You lanta Braves teammates for football coach) Lincoln Ri- ing to look for more multi-
and “Prime Time” has a sas City Royals in 1989 can name the Bo Jacksons, a National League Champi- ley’s system, to learn our sport superstars. Last sea-
special place in his heart and made the Pro Bowl for the Deion Sanderses — you onship Series game. Sanders system in baseball — it just son, Murray hit .296, had
for athletes who excel at a the Los Angeles Raiders can name those guys on one looked back at that day dur- goes to show you what kind a .556 slugging percentage
high level in both sports. in 1990. Tom Westerberg, hand. So it’s not that all of a ing a recent ESPN documen- of aptitude that guy has as and hit 10 home runs in 189
He wishes more young men Murray’s football coach at sudden you tell a kid to play tary called “Deion’s Double an athlete,” Johnson said. at bats for the Sooners.
had the same opportunities Allen (Texas) High School multiple sports and you’re Play.” Dr. Mininder Kocher, a “There’s more athletes
as Murray, but laments that who now coaches at Barbers going to get a ton of Kyler Sanders’ true love was professor at Harvard Med- out there that can do the
youth sports coaches often Hill (Texas) High, said even Murrays and Deion Sander- football, and it was his fo- ical School and associate same thing,” Johnson said.


No. 1 Tennessee tops South Carolina, win streak at 19

The Associated Press burn on Jan. 2, 2018. in the second half and Vil- Texas Tech eased past Okla- ter who is playing in his GEORGIA TECH 68 >> Ty Out-
South Carolina (12-12, lanova rebounded from its homa State. 109th career game, made law scored 20 points and
KNOXVILLE, TENN. >> Admiral 7-4) made a season-high 14 first Big East loss by run- Matt Mooney scored 15 10 of 12 shots from the floor Virginia Tech rallied past
Schofield had 21 points and 3-point baskets and shot ning away from Providence. points and Tariq Owens and set a career high in re- Georgia Tech.
10 rebounds as No. 1 Ten- 60.9 percent from beyond Phil Booth added 22 for added 11 for the Red Raid- bounds as the Seminoles Outlaw hit six 3-point-
nessee defeated South Caro- the arc. Tennessee was 9 of the Wildcats (20-5, 11-1), ers (20-5, 8-4 Big 12), who won their sixth straight ers for the Hokies (19-5,
lina 85-73 on Wednesday for 20 on 3-point attempts. who were fresh off a one- have won five of six. game. 8-4 ACC), who rallied from
its school-record 19th con- Jordan Bowden scored 16 point loss to No. 10 Mar- Cameron McGriff scored Phil Cofer scored 13 a three-point halftime def-
secutive victory. points for Tennessee. Kyle quette after getting off to a 18 points for Oklahoma points and Mfiondu Kaben- icit and snapped a two-
Tennessee owns the lon- Alexander, Jordan Bone and program best 10-0 start in State (9-15, 2-9), which has gele had nine points and game losing streak.
gest active winning streak Lamonte’ Turner added 10 league play. lost seven of eight. The seven rebounds for Florida Kerry Blackshear Jr. and
of any active Division I points each. Nate Watson led Provi- Cowboys scored a season- State (19-5, 7-4 ACC). Nickeil Alexander-Walker
team and is 11-0 in South- Tre Campbell had 19 dence (14-11, 4-8) with 18 low point total. Chaundee Brown scored each scored 16 points for
eastern Conference compe- points for South Caro- points. The Friars have lost NO. 17 FLORIDA STATE 88, 20 points on 7 of 12 shoot- the Hokies, who swept the
tition for the first time in lina. Chris Silva provided four of their last five but WAKE FOREST 66 >> Senior ing and Brandon Childress season series and notched
school history. 17 points and 15 rebounds, were coming off an impres- Christ Koumadje recorded had 11 points for Wake their sixth straight win
The Volunteers (23-1, 11-0 while Hassani Gravett sive 14-point road win at St. his first career double-dou- Forest (9-14, 2-9). The De- over Georgia Tech (11-14,
SEC) also earned their 23rd added 15 points. John’s on Saturday. ble with 20 points and 12 mon Deacons are just 1-6 3-9).
straight home win. Tennes- NO. 13 VILLANOVA 85, PROV- NO. 15 TEXAS TECH 78, OKLA- rebounds to help Florida against ranked teams this Michael Devoe paced
see’s last home loss was a IDENCE 67 >> Eric Paschall HOMA STATE 50 >> Jarrett State beat Wake Forest. season. the Yellow Jackets with 22
94-84 setback against Au- scored 20 of his 25 points Culver scored 19 points, and Koumadje, a 7-foot-4 cen- NO. 22 VIRGINIA TECH 76, points.

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Court of California, tice (form DE-154) of SHELLY SCOTT, No.154 FEB. 7, 14, 21,
County of Marin. the filing of an inven- the use of this name business as: Marin County Clerk 28, 2019
THE PETITION FOR tory and appraisal of in violation of the MarinHealth By: C Sanchez, Deputy
rights of another un- 100 B Drakes Landing
estate assets or of
any petition or ac- der federal, state or Road, Suite 250
NOTICE: This state-
ment expires on • Profiles
HUSS be appointed as count as provided in common law. (B&P Greenbrae, CA 94904 2/1/2024. A new FBN

personal representa- Probate Code section Code 14400 et seq.) Marin General statement must be
No. 194 Feb. 14, 21, 28, Hospital
tive to administer the
estate of the dece-
1250. A Request for
Special Notice form is Mar 7, 2019 100 B Drakes Landing
Road, Suite 250
filed no more than 40
days from expiration.
This filing does not of
• Real Estate
Plots & Crypts dent. available from the
• In Depth Local News
court clerk. Greenbrae, CA 94904 itself authorize the
THE PETITION re- County of principal
Mt. Tam Cemetery
quests the decedent’s
WILL and codicils, if
Attorney for Petitioner
place of business:---
use of this name in vi-
olation of the rights of
another under federal,
• Food and Drink
• Top National Stories 2 adjacent plots in

any, be admitted to 164945 NAME STATEMENT
Garden of Devotion. probate. The WILL and TRUSTS & ESTATES This business is con- state or common law.
COUNTY OF MARIN ducted by: a corpora-
$20,500 OBO.
916-833-0718 any codicils are avail-
able for examination
File No. 146071 tion
Business or change /s/ Lee Domanico
(B&P Code 14400 et
seq.) No. 147 • Business
• Sports • Lifestyles Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019

in the file kept by the SUITE 1150 started on: 2/2000
court. The following person SHELLY SCOTT,
Miscellaneous THE PETITION re-
• Entertainment • Profiles Merchandise quests authority to
administer the estate
2/14, 2/15, 2/21/19
(s) is (are) doing
business as:
Marin County Clerk
By: J Mannion, Deputy
• Relating
under the Independ- ACADEMY ment expires on NAME STATEMENT
• Real Estate LOTS OF LPs. Craig
ent Administration of
415-454-8929 (msg.) Estates Act . (This au-
thority will allow the
JOURNAL no.185

7110 Redwood Blvd,
Ste A
Novato, CA 94945
1/28/2024. A new FBN
statement must be
File No. 2019 146087
Business or change Advertise Your • Generations
filed no more than 40
personal representa- NAME STATEMENT AAM FOUNDATION started on: 1/1/2019
days from expiration. DBA Statement
• Food and Drink Office tive to take many ac-
tions without obtain-
File No. 146235
7110 Redwood Blvd,
Ste A
This filing does not of
itself authorize the
The following per-
son (s) is (are) doing
with the IJ! Mail • Home & Garden
Furniture, ing court approval.
Before taking certain
Business or change
started on:
Novato, CA 94945
County of principal
use of this name in vi- business as:
• Business • Relating Supplies very important ac- The following per- place of business:
olation of the rights of
121 Stanford Way your filed copy to
another under federal,
tions, however, the son (s) is (are) doing Marin state or common law. Sausalito, CA 94965
Marin IJ Legal
• Generations
must sell desks,
book cases, conf
personal representa-
tive will be required to
give notice to interest-
business as:
This business is
conducted by:
a corporation
(B&P Code 14400 et
seq.) No.157 Feb. 7, 14,
Ryan McGinty
121 Stanford Way
Sausalito, CA 94965
Department To
table + chairs, 4 21, 28, 2019
drawer file cabs,
ed persons unless
they have waived no-
175 Nova Albion Way
/s/ Sandeep Chopra
County of principal
place of business:
4000 Civic
• Home & Garden 10 ft display unit &
Center Drive,
more. Call Warren: tice or consented to San Rafael, CA 94903 SHELLY SCOTT NAME STATEMENT Marin
415-332-3161 the proposed action.) Abner Rodas Marin County Clerk COUNTY OF MARIN This business is
Sausalito The independent ad- 175 Nova Albion Way By: J. Mannion, Deputy File No. 2019 146137 conducted by: Suite 301,
To subscribe
ministration authority #13 NOTICE: This state- Business or change an individual

will be granted unless San Rafael, CA 94903 ment expires on started on: 1/1/2019 /s/ Ryan McGinty San Rafael, CA
LEGAL an interested person County of principal 1/16/2024. A new FBN The following per- FILED: 1/18/2019

415-883-8633 NOTICES
For the most exposure,
files an objection to
the petition
shows good cause
why the court should
place of business:
This business is
conducted by:
statement must be son (s) is (are) doing
filed no more than 40 business as:
days from expiration. ALTARINDA BOOKS
This filing does 16 Nelson Avenue
Marin County Clerk
By: C. Sanchez, Deputy
NOTICE: This state-
94903 or call
(415) 382-7335
accuracy and professional
publication of your Legal
not grant the authori-
an individual
/s/ Abner Rodas
not of itself authorize Mill Valley, CA 94941
the use of this name Lynn Wakabayashi
ment expires
1/18/2024. A new FBN
on for more
Notices, run your ad in A HEARING on the pe-
Marin’s only dail newspaper. tition will be held in
FILED: Feb. 11, 2019
in violation of the 16 Nelson Avenue
rights of another un- Mill Valley, CA 94941
statement must be
filed no more than 40
Call: this court as follows: Marin County Clerk der federal, state or John Hayward days from expiration.
03/11/19 at 9:00AM in By: J. Mannion, Deputy common law. (B&P 16 Nelson Avenue This filing does
online @ marinij.com (415) 382-7335 Dept. J located at CIV- NOTICE: This state- Code 14400 et seq.) Mill Valley, CA 94941 not of itself authorize *Prepayment is required. online @ marinij.com
IC CENTER, HALL OF ment expires on No.158 Feb 7, 14, 21, 28, County of principal the use of this name
JUSTICE, 3501 CIVIC 2/11/2024. A new FBN 2019 place of business: in violation of the
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