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Pure fear
BandSAboutMovies17 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Whereas I usually bemoan so many of the low budget efforts that we come across as of late, a lack of funds doesn't necessarily mean a bad movie when you're blessed with a wealth of intelligence and inspiration. Such is the case with writer and director Dante Tomaselli's 1999 effort Desecration, which began its life as a 1994 short film.

Danny Lopes plays Bobby - he would go on to star in several more films for the creator - a troubled boy who has lost his mother and has been raised by his overly protective and extremely Catholic grandmother. After an accident with a remote control airplane causes a nun's death, Bobby's life becomes a true nightmare, both in waking reality and in dreamlike states that attack the viewer when you are least prepared for their onslaught.

We've interviewed Dante before, whose cousin is director Alfred Sole, the creator of Alice, Sweet Alice. Much like that film - while becoming an original work all its own - the feeling of dread that one may feel inside a house of worship comes home to roost. I can almost smell the sweet odor of incense and hear the clanging chain of the censer as the priest makes the procession to the altar. And I can remember the sheer worry I felt when one elder priest would bark into a crackling microphone, chastising us all for believing that the Communist menace was dead, as late as 1992.

Desecration is the rare film that can make a gold balloon or an outdoor Christmas decoration lighting up more ominous than a hundred jump scare packed big budget Hollywood film. It's terrors feel like they come from a real place, from true nightmares, from worries that you have while kneeling and praying for salvation.
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The bits that do work just never really come together
dbborroughs3 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Supernatural horror film about a young boy who's mother dies suddenly on his birthday. Years later a chain of events beginning with the death of a nun spirals him downward into the pit of hell. Mixed bag horror film that is has some really great images and a sense of things being really off that are under cut by a lack of budget (The death by model plane that starts everything is laughable as are some of the other deaths) and performances that aren't all there, with some of the cast seeming to have come from who ever was around that day. Its one of those films that almost works but falls just short so seems more like a missed opportunity then something you actually will want to sit through. To be fair those who don't mind trying films that don't work as a whole in order to see spooky imagery will want to give it ago for the bits that do work.
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This is just a lousy movie anyway you look at it.
Infofreak2 February 2004
I've got a particular interest in low budget film making, especially if it deals with "the fantastic", horror or otherwise, so I was looking forward to seeing 'Desecration'. Some of the greatest horror movies of all time have been low budget and shot guerrilla style - 'Carnival Of Souls', 'Night Of The Living Dead', 'The Last House On The Left', 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre', and 'Eraserhead' all immediately spring to mind - and directors like Jess Franco and Coffin Joe have made some amazingly imaginative and original movies on very little money. Low budget film making can be a real acid test for an aspiring director. Unfortunately going by 'Desecration' Dante Tomaselli fails that test. This is just a lousy movie anyway you look at it. Much is made of the "miniscule" budget. I'm sorry but $150,000 is far from miniscule! Robert Rodriguez's brilliant action movie 'El Mariachi' only cost $7,000! Closer to home Darren Aronofsky's 'Pi' was released the year before this and that only cost $60,000. Now 'Pi' isn't technically a horror movie true, but it's much more original and disturbing than 'Desecration', it looks brilliant visually and it features some great acting to boot. So what gives? I haven't seen Tomaselli's subsequent movie 'Horror'. Maybe I'm wrong and he really does have talent and that movie will blow my mind, but honestly, after snoozing through 'Desecration' I'm in no hurry to find out!
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Visual tale of Catholic oppression
Falconeer5 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Low budget art-house horror film that so few people understand, or appreciate. 16 year-old Bobby (Danny Lopes) has only vague memories of his dead mother, a psychotic woman who abused and terrified Bobby as a little boy, by keeping him in a cage and surrounding him with disturbing, unhealthy images of hell. Probably a religious fanatic, she died while Bobby was still very young. 11 years later a mysterious and menacing looking nun appears at the Catholic School Bobby is attending. The nun bears a striking resemblance... to Bobby's dead mother! Of course the withdrawn loner Bobby doesn't realize as he has no clear memory of what she looked like, and when he accidentally kills her with his flying toy airplane, all hell breaks loose: literally! We learn, through a series of bizarre hallucinations, nightmares, and flashbacks that Bobby experiences, that his dead mother had come back as a nun to once again be close to her son. When the accident sends her back to hell, she decides to exact revenge, and use the boy... to escape again, from hell. A chilling tale, executed beautifully by first time director Dante Tomaselli. The acting by all is not always professional, but it is passionate and everyone lends their character life and drama. Irma St. Paul as Bobby's grandmother is wonderful to watch, with her Italian accent and dramatic outbursts, and she looks like she is 100 years old! There is a menacing priest with piercing eyes who thinks nothing of slipping the kids Valium to keep them in line, and for the (much needed) comic relief, we have Donato, the very Italian Uncle who is convinced everyone around him is nuts, until he sees for himself, the ghostly image of the "nun from hell." Featuring some deliriously menacing images of flying scissors, living, creeping plant life, nuns with burnt skin, hellish clowns, and an unforgettable image of the lone nun stepping out of a hearse and motioning to Bobby to come to her, causing him to urinate in his pants! Along with that are some beautiful surreal images of the Gothic Catholic church and school, surrounded by trees and their changing colors of Autumn, windswept forests and nuns wandering around with their habits billowing in the breeze, and one unforgettable scene with the boy waking up outdoors, inside a circle of red roses, while a rainbow lingers in the background. The fact that "Desecration" has only a 2 star rating here shocks me, and I'm a bit saddened by how few people can truly appreciate a real, foreign inspired horror film done in the style of the 70's greats. Have CGI and gore laden throwaway movies like "Devils Rejects" and "Saw 2" destroyed the ability for people to recognize the artistic beauty and intelligence of art-house films like this?
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Strange & Original it plays like a Nightmare
loomis78-815-98903416 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As a toddler Bobby (Lopes) witnessed his mother die in front of him. He is adopted by his Very religious Grandma Matilda (St. Paule) who watches over the strange boy. As a teenager, Bobby rams a gas powered plane into a nun and kills her which triggers a bunch of supernatural events in Bobby's and Matilda's life. This debut feature from Writer/Director Dante Tomaselli is one of the stranger films in some time. Tomaselli leans heavy toward Italian Horror with the film taking on a dreary dream like state for more than half the running time. The plot, like in a lot of Italian horror films goes sideways in favor of scary imagery. But this is New Jersey. It doesn't matter because Tomaselli lets his film unfold like a nightmare does, some of it making sense and some of it visually terrifying. A nun is attacked by an unseen force using a real butcher knife. Faceless nuns prowl the grounds and Bobby keeps falling down into a hole in the middle of a field which Matilda sees in a puzzle she is putting together no less! Through all of this, Tomaselli manages some truly frightening images and scary scenes even if they don't always make sense. The acting is rough at times and Tomaselli makes the strange use of using bright lighting in most of his scenes, even when mood lighting could have helped the effect he was after. Extremely original and scary at times, 'Desecration' isn't anything you have seen before which is welcomed. If Dante Tomaselli can smooth out some of the edges next time he will be a Director to watch in the Horror genre.
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A Visual Nightmarish Decent into Hell
spacemonkey_fg23 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Title: Desecration (1999)

Director: Dante Tomaselli

Cast: Danny Lopes, Christie Sanford, Irma St. Paule, Vincent Lamberti Review: This was Dante Tomasellis first directorial effort. And like many directors on their first film, they either show some promise and go on to become great directors...or they fall flat on their ass and disappear into oblivion. I'm thinking that Tomasellis one of the promising ones.

The story is about a 15 year old kid called Bobby Rullo who is played by Danny Lopes in his first starring role. He is assisting St. Anthonys Catholic School and one day as he is playing with his remote controlled air plane, he kills a nun by accident. Bobby didn't know it, but the nun he killed was an evil nun even in life. And when she was killed by Bobbys remote controlled airplane, she went straight to deepest bowels of hell. Now she wants out, and she intends to use Bobby to do it.

Thats the basic plot of the film. The film does go into surreal dreamlike territory so be ready for a film that doesn't necessarily spell things out for you. Like Bobbys grandmother mentions at one point in the film "its a puzzle!" Though I don't think it was as hard to grasp as some people say.

I'm a big fan of supernatural horror movies and it seems that this is just the type of horror film that Tomaselli is specializing in making. I had already seen his second film HORROR and loved it. It was heavy on its supernatural themes as well, so I dug it lots. So I just knew that I had to see his previous film. I was expecting Desecration to maybe be a little less good since it was his first film, but boy was I wrong. Desecration was fantastic! Let me go on detailing why.

Tomaselli is obviously a very visual director. He is keen to showing striking nightmarish images that will stick in your mind long after you've seen the movie. There's many instances like that in Desecration. The nun who terrorizes Bobby and his grandmother all through out the film is one striking image all on its own. She appears quite a few times in the movie, sometimes faceless, sometimes extremely demonic....she gave me the willies. One particular image of her coming in through the gates of St. Anthonys Catholic school was very very spooky. So be on the look out for that.

There's one moment that has to go down in the horror books for all eternity and its the scene with the flying scissors killing the nun. I freaking loved that scene! Things flying in the air all by themselves give me the hibby these flying scissors really did it for me. There's many more memorable sequences like that all through out the film.

Now, keep in mind that this is in fact a low budget flick (budget was around the vicinity of $150,000) so don't be expecting a big Hollywood film. This is a low budget flick that shows that you don't need kajillions of dollars to make a good flick. In fact I enjoyed Desecration more then any of the crap coming out in theaters recently (Boogyman and Darkness Falls I'm looking at you!) It may have some limitations on money...but not on creativity.

Speaking of creativity, my hats down to Tomaselli for making the score and sound effects so creepy. Like Carpenter, Tomaselli scores his own films. And its pretty obvious he pays much attention to this part of the filmaking process. I loved all the different sound effects all through out the film. The crying babies, the scary maniacal laughter, the wind blowing...just little details that add a whole lot of atmosphere and horror to the proceedings.

The only thing I didn't like was the abrupt ending. It just suddenly ends...and your left feeling like WHAT? Thats it? I guess I really didn't want the movie to finish since I was enjoying it so much, but I guess Tomaselli opted to go with a Argento/Fulci ending, where you are left with a big question mark in your head...clever way to make you think about the movie after its finished now that I think about it.

Also the sequence where the nun gets hit by a plane, in my opinion could have been pulled off slightly better. It didn't feel authentic. In my opinion that sequence was meant to be the first big shock in the film, but it turns out a bit funny instead because it didn't look like thats the way it would have happened in real life. But thats just a minor imperfection in an other wise great film.

I'm a big fan of independent horror cinema. Why? Cause it shows all you really need is imagination, creativity and drive to make something special. And its obvious that Dante Tomaselli has plenty of those traits. Tomaselli demonstrated with Desecration and Horror that he is more then capable of making some damn fine horror films, and I got a feeling that as time goes by and Tomasellis recognition as a horror director grows his films will only get better and better. I'm really looking forward to his newest flick being released soon by Anchor Bay Entertainment called "Satans Playground".

Rating: 4 out of 5

P.S. I really wished that this DVD had a audio commentary with Tomasellis insights on the making of it. Half of the enjoyment of watching HORROR was Tomasellis comments on what went on behind the scenes. Too bad there is no audio commentary on this DVD version of Desecration. Maybe on a future version?
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Pretty frightening stuff!
NateManD20 July 2005
"Desecration" is a creepy psychological horror film from Dante Tomaselli; a New Jersey director whose influences include Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Salvador Dali. This film feels hallucinatory in some parts, and it becomes hard to tell what's actually happening or what's fantasy. The plot concerns a boy at a catholic school, who accidentally kills a nun. When his remote control airplane malfunctions, the blade hits the nun. Because of this incident and his long deceased mother, the gates of hell open up. Creepy, bizarre and unexplained things start to happen. Repeated viewings might help as the ending leaves it's viewers confused and in awe. This film is amazing, it shows what you can do on a low budget with creativity and imagination.
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Not a bad little horror film
Katatonia30 January 2003
Very strange imagery is used throughout this film, the scenes with ghostly nuns and clowns will disturb a lot of viewers. It reminded me of a low-budget version of Dario Argento's Suspiria, and the writer/producer/director thanks Argento in the end credits so it most likely was influenced by that 70's horror classic.

I wasn't very into the film in it's first twenty minutes or so, i found it really slow and it didn't seem that the story was truly going anywhere. The rest of the film takes off and becomes more bizarre with each passing minute. The unique camera angles and techniques are quite effective and add a little more than usual to this low-budget film. Just don't go into it expecting a large budget horror flick, otherwise you'll be disappointed.

The acting is a mixed bag, some of the actors did a really good job. However, some had flat performances but this didn't really take away from the overall experience.

I wouldn't say this movie really creeped me out personally (very few horror films do and i do love the genre). It does contain a very dark and brooding atmosphere throughout, plus the dark music score is quite well done. The film also leaves you thinking about what the story truly means, long after the movie has ended.

Definitely above average for a horror film and i would give it a rating of 8 out of 10.
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An effectively unsettling, surreal, hallucinatory, and imaginative experience
hippiedj28 September 2001
I stumbled across Desecration quite by accident, finding the cover artwork captivating. The four paintings of a nun takes on a Lovecraftian feel and the viewer should get a good idea that the horror film contained inside will be more of a cerebral experience than a direct Hollywood one. I liked that clue, because I was in a mindset to see something very different. I wasn't disappointed!

There are so many words that went through my mind watching this tale of a boy struggling to figure out what is happening around him at a catholic school and the accidental death of a nun: Unsettling, surreal, hallucinatory, atmospheric, disturbing, eerie....words that wound up being on the DVDs back cover in quotes and film summary! (I never read the summaries or critical quotes before a viewing so I can come up with my own idea of the film first) One thing is for sure, the viewer will be left with a deep sense of unease. I found myself sitting back for a while, thinking some of the opening was a bit low budget (fog and mist tends to come from a specific point off camera), then part of the way through I was sitting up, then leaning forward by the end of the film, entranced.

There are no direct answers to the story, as Bobby and even his grandmother find that they cannot do much about the supernatural goings-on since they are not sure what is real or not. This is apparent as the grandmother asks a couple times "What do I do NOW?...." but the occurrences seem to throw her off every time. Bobby can't tell if he is dreaming half the time and winds up running away, only to be faced at every turn by a nun that has the most creepy expression. Be careful to take a good look at the nun who is accidentally killed in the film's opening...she seems to have an eerie resemblance to Bobby's dead mother. A scene where Bobby's father and grandmother pass the nun on a road really creeped me out!

Writer/director Dante Tomaselli seemed to have a lot going on creatively for the film's story and visuals. What the film may lack technically because of budget limitations it more than makes up for in ambition and style. Much of the film could easily be made into stills that would hold up on their own as bizarre paintings--the sequence in which earth and plants take over Bobby's room seem to be inspired by Dali (who's name appears in the thank-you's in the end credits). The use of clowns together with nuns as horrifying creatures is a wonderful blend.

The creative process for Desecration is one I'd love to learn more about, as Tomaselli thanks people such as Marc Almond, Ric Ocasek, Laurie Anderson, Martin Gore, and Dario Argento in the credits. One big mention in the opening credits is a "special thanks to Alfred Sole," director of Alice, Sweet Alice (aka Communion). After watching Desecration I was hungry to find out how these artists influenced Tomaselli.

This is definitely not an easy film to experience. The story keeps jumping from one weird scene to another and the ending just APPEARS right when you think something might happen to explain more. All I can gather is that when someone wants to get out of Hell that person will do practically anything! This is not standard horror fare for people looking for cheap and fast thrills, it's a psychological challenge and worth the 88-minute hold it will have on you!
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A Horrific Art Form...
terrible24 December 2008
If film making is an art form, then "Desecration" would have to be director Dante Tomaselli's Van Gogh, or perhaps just his ear... The first thing I noticed while watching "Desecration" was how much thought must have went into each shot. From the lighting set-up to the camera angles, Tomaselli's vision comes across in a visually stunning fashion. As for the story, it seems to move slowly and cautiously, at times far too much, and this tends to take away from the picture's prowess. Confusing as it may be, "Desecration" is worth a viewing, if only to enjoy the director's take on "How a low budget film should look", as it is eons above it's contemporaries. Well acted by the unknown cast, I recommend this film to anyone looking for a little something different from the genre, but don't try to figure out the story too hard or you will end up with a headache...
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Fantastic visuals… but lacks a coherent story
TelevisionJunkie11 January 2006
Tomaselli obviously has a flair for creating eye candy. Although a few of the effects in this film are hokey and ultra-low-budget (the model plane, the scissors), the majority of the visuals are fantastic – reminiscent of many Euro-shockers and the first "Evil Dead." However, what the film lacks is a coherent story. I'm not a moviegoer who needs everything spelled out – "Black Christmas," for example, was creepy because we barely see the killer, let alone find out his motivation. "Donnie Darko" remains an enigma even to the writer/director. "Burnt Offerings" leaves you to decide exactly what happened in the house. But at least the aforementioned have some sense of logic.

The principle story here is about a boy who's dragged to Hell by his dead mother as she attempts to escape. Or so they say. However, nothing that happens within the film justifies that plot line – and it all completely lacks logic. If Tomaselli had ended the film in the traditional Hollywood "it was all a dream" way, perhaps I could forgive the film for lacking sense. As is, it feels like an overlong student film.

The acting is horrendous all around, with the exception of the boy who plays Bobby. The old lady (who can't act, but I've seen in a slew of films) is annoying and, unfortunately, has the dominant part. The few male actors all sound like they're reading off cue cards, and then there's the nuns – but if you can't say something nice….

The DVD ends with an "excerpt from the original short film" on which this movie was based. I don't understand why it's not the complete film (the provided scene is exceptional) nor is there a commentary or any other extras. Enigmatic films such as this ALWAYS benefit from commentaries.

Those seeking something out of the norm might enjoy this, as well as stoner horror buffs. All others, avoid it.
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Hmm what can I say
paulgeaf12 January 2004
Firstly let me say that I am an avid Horror Fan. I collect and love lots of different horror movies from the Italian gore to the more psychological to the plain funny as in Evil Dead. Now, Desecration. What category does this fall into? It maybe has its own unique category. If so, It would be close to the bottom of the pile...where movies you will only ever watch once and still regret doing so, live. To describe the general gist of this movie is quite simple. forget unbelievable surrealism, forget cerebral and beautiful haunting imagery. Try 'a collection of stereotypical horror movie clichés that are thrown together without ANY real sense of structure, meaning and above all no message and no story is forthcoming'.

Even some of these people here praising the movie have admitted it seemed to be going nowhere at times or didn't make any sense. Of the other reviews there is one that stands out and praises this movie as if it is the best movie ever made.... It isn't hard to guess that the reviewer is a keen user of cannabis-Deduced by the nickname, If I am wrong shoot me! - and if I were to view this movie under the influence, I too would probably say 'Wow' 'amazing' 'freaky' etc etc etc. In the grim harshness of reality though (!?), this movie is a total TURKEY. If you are considering buying this warned, there are better things to spend your money on. Like a new Can opener or something. If you want a cheap alternative to this movie, get a collection of older movie trailers, put them on back to back so it lasts an hour or so, then sit and watch it whilst flicking different coloured lights on and off now and then with some old led Zep or pink floyd music on in the background- playing backwards of course. 0 out of 10
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A horror master in the making?
pearceduncan1 July 2003
Dante Tomaselli's first movie, Desecration, is far from perfect: the acting and dialogue is terrible, the story is vague, there are some silly ideas, and there's a cheap look to some of it.

However, in terms of atmosphere and imagery and outright fear, it's a winner. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I was it had an almost unbearable creep-out factor. If Tomaselli had abandoned the story altogether and made a totally abstract piece of surrealism, it might have been a total success. As it is, it's still one of the scariest horror movies of the last few years.

I can't wait to see Tomaselli's second movie, Horror. He has the potential to become the most exciting young horror filmmaker around. If he can adapt his style to fit a more mainstream storytelling sense he may become huge. If he descends further into surrealism he'll almost certainly end up a cult favourite. Either way, he seems to be someone with a unique and compelling vision, which horror has been missing for too long. Bravo!
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Finally a director who doesn't rely on Dawson's Creek alum
JCrewPsycho198021 June 2003
It's about time that a serious horror movie director emerged and this guy is gonna be something. Horror is better, his newest movie, but this shows that you don't need 10 million to make an effective horror movie. Now this movie is not perfect but for $150,000 that is going to be kind of hard. This isn't a slsher film and if you don't want to watch something artistic and creepy go rent I Know What You Did Last Summer. Obviously people on here are lacking intelligence and don't want something different cause this only has a rating of a 3.4 and it should be around a 6.5 or 7. If you dug this movie definitely check out anything from Dario Argento.
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What about the story??
doctor133 December 2003
DESECRATION, frankly, is a mess of a movie. Lots of imagery that was intended to be disturbing, but it falls far short of the mark. Badly acted with hamhanded lighting, clumsy cinematography and poor production design all add up to a very amateurish-looking film. For example, I saw surprised to see the Kodak film logo on the end credits, as I was convinced the movie was shot on video, then given the Film Look process.

Yes, the movie tries to weird you out by presenting "disturbing" images (none of which disturbed me), but since the story was lacking and what little bit there was, was confusing, there is no tension, no suspense, and without those, disturbing images won't cut it. You don't care about these people, and without empathy for your characters, all the disturbing imagery in the world isn't going to make a difference.

This, as with Dante Tomaselli's second film HORROR, would have made perfect 7-minute student films.
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good first time effort
hauntedwoods10 May 2005
anyone who got stuck in and suppressed in Catholic or boarding school will squirm at this.. while I wish he got a decent/bigger budget for the film, the director makes some interesting points about the dangers of repression, the equally liberating and damning aspects of religion, (it's about the dark side of religion, while not really an all-out slam on Catholicism) and how abuse comes back to (literally) haunt oneself. The sound is awesome, this could really use a soundtrack, much better than general indie scores. Is that all Jersey woods? Vincent Lamberti is creepy as a priest with too many secrets, and those who want clearcut answers to their basic stories may be disappointed. But it's got a neat dream-logic that will either make you nervous or just baffle you.
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What a terrible, terrible movie
rob3031629 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't find one redeeming quality in this pretentious mess. The plot is nonexistent and the acting is atrocious. And then there's the imagery...Yes, clowns can be creepy. Here, they're not. It doesn't make any sense for them to be there; I know it's intended to be surreal, even absurdist, but it comes across as forced, trite, and clichéd. The dead nuns get redundant pretty quickly. And, as a couple other reviewers mentioned, the murderous toy airplane is totally laughable. Personally, I thought the flying scissors were pretty inane as well. I marked this as containing spoilers, but really, what is there to spoil? With no plot and no tension, there's nothing to give away. Don't waste your time on this; it's not even worth satisfying your curiosity. It's just dreck. 0 out of 10 stars.
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Tomaselli's debut
rmtaylor9028 March 2015
Debut film from Dante Tomaselli gives us a nice little campy atmospheric horror film but other than that there's not much to say about this film. It's good, but not great. There are some very creepy standout scenes that stick in your mind for awhile, but there's nothing really special about this film that would make me rave about it. The negative reviews say that Desecration is lousy and very bad well I've seen a lot worse so don't be discouraged out of seeing this film it's still a decent effort by a then rookie director. Horror buffs out there that like hypnotic creepy horror films that make no sense like this should be/will be pleased with the effort. 6/10
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A good mix of atmosphere, fright, and humor
hyxtryx17 October 2003
Why does this only have a 3.7 rating when it has 5 positive reviews and only 1 negative? Well I'm going to add another positive review...

Pretty much what everybody below who had a positive review had to say, is true. I'll just add that nobody seemed to mention the humor here and there in the film. Or was I the only one who thought parts of it were funny? It mostly had to do with the old lady. I thought she was great! And the opening death scene... its campiness (hinted at by the one dissenter below) translated into hilarity for me. Well, maybe not hilarity, but amusing... :')

But of course this movie is no comedy, it's quite the chilling and atmospheric horror film that Argento fans seem to like. If a little bit hard to figure out, as well. I didn't know it was Dante Tomaselli's first movie until reading it here just now. I'll have to look for his other stuff.
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Extremely unsettling....awesome!
steve-80012 December 2002
There's something to be said for movies that stick in your mind for weeks..hell, months after first seeing it. Desecration positively scared the crap out of me...but not while watching it. It's only afterwards, when the intensely disturbing images in the film start popping back into your mind. This aspect alone (the incredible atmosphere and imagery)make it nearly impossible to really fault the film on any other level.

Sure, the acting is, for the most part, appalling. And you do find yourself on more than one occasion wondering what the heck you just saw. Even the ending doesn't really work for me. But these are such small complaints.
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I Don't Get It
boneyard200027 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I've read quite a few good reviews on this movie and I just can't understand why. Now I know foreign horror films tend to have some very bad acting. (which this one does)And they pride themselves on being very atmospheric. (one of the few plusses with this movie) But why must they be so damn disjointed. It's like the editting is performed by someone having seizures. The movie is all over the place and totally incoherent. Maybe it's just me but most Italian horror flics seem to have the same problems. They make little sense. I bought this movie on sale and I was still robbed! SPOILER: The model airplane death scene has to be one of the lamest deaths I've ever witnessed! The old lady ought to be put in a home though the son was good for a few chuckles. The only really intense scene was the nun being killed by the scissors. And the ending.... doesn't exist!! What the hell is this movie about??? Terrible movie... avoid at any and all costs!!!
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surrealism and religious dogma
geckonewman29 November 2017
this is a very trippy horror movie that features a lot of catholic imagery. this can be a bit of a trope, after all, how many times have we seen killer nuns? but here i find it to be very effective. i'd recommend this movie to horror fans who are looking for something a little outside the box. keep in mind this is very low budget so it doesn't always look so hot and the acting is a little mixed.
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