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A special "How it Should Have Ended" story, that is no longer one-shots, but will have more chapters. If you're a fan of HISHE, then check this out, and if you don't know what this is then look it up on YouTube. I don't own anything of HISHE, I'm just doing this for fun. The rest of the information is inside.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

How attack on Titan should have ended

Super Café

Superman and Batman are sitting across from each other after they watched the premier of "Attack on Titan" last night. When they saw the episode it not only left them shocked, but disturbed.

Superman: Well, I think we can assume this series is going to have a lot of people be killed by those things.

Batman: I have fought insane criminals like the Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow, Zsasz, and other monsters. But, that episode left me shocked and a bit sickened.

Superman: I know right? I mean, what the fuck is Japan doing coming up with shit like that.

Batman: They had a lot of awesome shows, but that one was just disturbing.

Superman: Giant muscle skin monsters going around snatching people and then eating them with a smile on their faces. I think whoever made that had a sick childhood.

Batman: Yeah, I do like some of the characters though. Still, those things always bring down the mood when they kill someone.

Superman: You know what I would have done?

Batman: Fly back in time to stop the writer from making this series?

Superman: Exactly, but I would have also frozen those monsters, and send them into the sun to burn up.

Batman: I would have made an anti-Titan weapon to get rid of them all or make it look like the citizens are animals since I heard they don't go after animals just humans.

Superman: It's a shame we can't kill them. I mean we could since technically they aren't human and I have done it before in that movie. Batman: But I highly doubt you would do it again. You're not Stark who kills every villain in the movie. Tony Stark walks by as Iron Man. Iron Man: True, but at least my movie made more money than wonder boy here and I would have just blown up the Titans. Superman: Dude, go away and get to work on Ultron for your movie. Iron Man: Fine, but remember guys…Avengers is better than Justice League. He takes off flying. Superman: I hate that guy. Batman: Me too, but hey you want to know how things could have ended for that show? Superman: How? Wall Rose The people began running around in a panic as the Titans began breaking through their wall. The citizens knew they were coming and were going to eat them all. Meanwhile in the main city capitol an old man walks out to the balcony to see the monsters are coming. He lets out a sigh before going over to several different color phones. He picked the one with a gray color. Old man: Yeah, they're here. Can you handle this for us please? Uh-huh, yeah the money has been wired to your account. Back at the walls the Titans broke free and began charging at the people, until they came across a monster that is 330 feet tall, dark gray skin, spikes on its back, and a large tail. One Titan makes a move forward causing the monster to open its mouth and fire a blue atomic blast killing all the Titans. The people began celebrating as the monster lets out a victory roar.

Super Café

Superman: That was different than what I was expecting.

Batman: What do you mean?

Superman: I thought you were going to make it sound like you were going to stop them all. I didn't expect that.

Batman: Yeah well I told you I would have used an anti-Titan weapon to kill them all. But, I thought this way was better.

Superman: Yeah, I guess that makes sense and I think that would have been an awesome way to end things.

Batman: Yeah, Anata ga shitte iru riyū Watashi wa Battomandakara!

Superman: What does that mean?

Batman: You know why…

Superman: Oh son of a…

Batman: Because I'm Batman! The End

Super Monster Café

In a large café shop for monsters, Godzilla is sitting on a giant booth across from King Kong.

Godzilla: So I just open my mouth and I blew them all away. It was so easy and no one had to die.

King Kong: I know, I wish things had gone that way instead of what they plan in the series. We may be monsters, but those things give us a bad reputation as giants.

Godzilla: Amen brother, I mean we're not all bad. Yeah we do kill some people, but the way those things did it…bad taste.

King Kong: Yeah, how long do you think that show is going to last?

Godzilla: Until a parent sees it, wants it banned from the US, and they release it on DVDs or Blu-ray. Either way I know my movie is going to last longer than that show.

King Kong: I wouldn't surprise if it did. You just better hope your reboot is better than mine. I'm still looking for that guy who made my movie stink.

Godzilla: I wouldn't worry about mine. It's going to rock…you know why

King Kong: Why?

Godzilla: Because I'm Godzilla bitch! That's why!

Mother's Day Special

Super Heroine Café

Elinor from the movie "Brave", is sitting next to Ariel from "the Little Mermaid", while across from them is Rapunzel's mother and Helen Parr, from "The Incredibles", in her costume. The four women discuss over Mother's day and how they have been celebrating it.

Elinor: So I wake up and my family brings me breakfast in bed. They then took me out for a nice quiet picnic and they each gave me gifts telling me how much they love me. Ariel: Awww, how sweet. I got to spend time with my daughter Melody and we went swimming. It was a lot of fun and it cheered me up since well, I lost my mother years ago. Queen: I know the feeling. My husband and I spend 18 years never knowing if our daughter was alive or not. I would see children spending time with their mothers on this day and showing them how much they love her. All I wanted on Mother's Day, for my birthday, and Christmas was to have my baby girl back. Helen: And you did. She came back, she's married to a nice guy (even if he was a thief), and I hear you two have been spending a lot of time together. Queen: Yes we have and I'm thankful for that. So, how did you spend your mother's day with your kids? Helen: Oh the usual. I would wake up, my kids say "Happy Mother's Day", they give me my gifts, we go out to eat, and I spend the rest of my day with my husband for my "Special Mother's Day gift". Ariel pulls out a book on the words kids today use and tries to talk like one. Ariel: Damn girl, (reads the book) that is awesome, (reads it again) you and your husband getting it up all night long in bed. (Reads it one more time) that is da bomb…did I say it right? Elinor sighed and takes the book. Elinor: Who gave you this? Ariel: Toph, she said it's a great read. Queen: Um Ariel, you do know she's blind, right? Ariel then realized the others are right and narrows her eyes. Ariel: Oh I am so going to drown her next time I see her. Helen: Um, she's dead at least in the Legend of Korra she passed away. Lin passes by glaring at the women. Lin: Yeah, don't remind me ladies. She walks passes them. Helen: Sheesh, I forgot how grouchy she gets. Elinor: Only because she doesn't get spend Mother's day with her mom who passed away. A lot of people today don't get to spend the day with their moms. Ariel: Like who? Super Café Superman and Batman are sitting in their usual booth both not in a good mood because of today. Superman: You know what I wish I could do. Batman: What? Superman: I would go where my home world got blown up, I would travel back in time, save my parents, and bring them to Earth. Batman: Yeah? Well, I wish my parents didn't get shot. We can't get what we want though. Superman: You're in a bad mood. Batman: Yeah, you know why? Superman: Because your parents died? Batman: Yeah…I miss my Bat-mommy! Because I'm Batman! He takes off running while crying. Superman wipes a tear away. Superman: Nope…Superman doesn't cry. He just flies into space, hovers over the plant, and stay there until your not sad…I want my Super-mommy! He takes off flying through the roof. Super Heroine Café Ariel: Awwww, those two need a hug. Elinor: Superman, maybe. That Batman though I'm not so sure. Queen: What do you mean? Elinor: I offered him a hug and he asked me for my number afterwards. I didn't know what that meant until after someone told me. Helen: Yeah well, at least he didn't embarrass himself like Superman. I heard someone telling me he thought I was hitting on him, but I was actually playing with my son. Ariel begins to laugh. Ariel: That is so funny…I wonder if the villains celebrate Mother's Day. Villainess Pub Demona from "Gargoyles" is sitting in the bar with the evil Queen from "Snow White", Mother Gothel from "Tangled", and the Step-Mother from "Cinderella". As all four women discuss over Mother's Day and how for many of them they don't like it. Demona: So, because of my obsession with destroying humanity I can't spend Mother's Day with my daughter, who wanted me to give up killing humans. Isn't it what I want on this day, not what my kid wants? Step-Mother: I know right? My step-daughter got her foot in that dumb small glass slipper and she leaves me in that stupid house with my lazy brats, while she lives in a nice kingdom. And after all I did for her, ungrateful brat. Evil Queen: Indeed, all I wanted was to be the most beautiful in all the land. Instead my step-daughter is the most beautiful so all I asked was for her heart in a box. Is that so wrong? Gothel: So disrespectful those little girls. All I wanted was for my daughter to give me eternal youth with her magical hair. Instead she wanted to run around free, while I shriveled away like an old hag. Evil Queen: I'm not sure it counts as you being her mother or calling her your kid since didn't you kidnap her from her real mother? Gothel: Yeah, but I only did that so I could have her magical hair and I raised her. Doesn't that count? Step-Mother: I guess so. Still debatable about you celebrating Mother's day if she's not your kid. Gothel: Those two girls aren't both of yours and you still talk about celebrating Mother's Day. Evil Queen: Oh she got us there…still all I wanted was the heart. Demona:…wow and here I thought Male humans were bad. You guys are even worst. Step-Mother: Hey, we're not that bad. You were bad with your own kind. Demona: Yeah, but not with my kid…you know what? Maybe spending a way without killing humans while spending time with my kid doesn't sound so bad right about now. See ya losers, oh and by the way at least my kid loves me. Once she left all three women growled in anger. Deadpool: Oh, burn! She got ya there ladies. So, how do you old ladies spend the time together? All three women tackle Deadpool down and begin beating the crap out of him.

The End

Super Heroine Café

Katara from "Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra" is sitting across the booth from Toph, who is in spirit form.

Toph: Wow Sugar-Queen, you got old. Even though I'm blind, I can still tell how old you are.

Katara: At least I'm still alive and kicking.

Toph: Yeah, you got me there and I hope you had a fun Mother's Day with your kids.

Katara: I did, and I hope you are going to spend your day with your kid.

Toph: You know I will, Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Katara: And make sure to show your mothers how much you mean to them, in love.

How Godzilla (1998) should have ended

French Polynesia

French scientist are going over preparations for a nuclear test that they hope will be a success. Inside the control room they going over the last minute, when one of the scientist noticed something.

Scientist 1#: Hey um, you know there's a bunch of Iguanas and eggs out there.

Scientist 2#: Yeah? And?

Scientist 1#: Well, are we sure it's safe to conduct the test with all those animals nearby? The second scientist shrugs his shoulder.

Scientist 2#: Eh, I'm sure they will go away when the test begins.


In a retired home the two scientist are watching on the news about a giant lizard monster attacking New York City. The news reporter tells the people that the monster, Godzilla originated from the French Polynesia islands.

Scientist 1#: Hey, you don't suppose that as our fault, right? The second scientist shrugs his shoulder.

Scientist 2#: Eh, I'm sure our team will make sure the creature is dead before they find out. Fast-Forward

The two scientist are watching the news as the people celebrate the death of, Godzilla. How thanks to a group of civilians they were able to blow up the eggs, lure the monster onto the bridge, and help kill it.

Scientist 2#: See? Problem solved.

Scientist 1#: Yeah, except I am concerned.

Scientist 2#: About that?

Scientist 1#: If one egg hatched into that giant thing. Then, wouldn't it make more sense if the other eggs we saw transform too? Heck, why didn't the other Iguanas around the area transform too?

Scientist 2#:…oh shit.

They see on the news as more Godzilla monsters appeared and begin attacking the city. The second scientist just shrugs his shoulder.

Scientist 2#: Eh, I'm sure they'll figure out how to kill them.

Suddenly more Godzilla monsters appeared in the retirement homes and begin attacking the entire planet.

Super Monster Café

In a large café shop for monsters, Godzilla is sitting on a giant booth across from King Kong. King Kong: You know, I always thought there was something off about that movie.

Godzilla: You mean despite the fact they made me look like a giant Iguana? Yeah, I'm not an Iguana.

King Kong: Yeah, at least your movie made money.

Godzilla: Not as much as yours. Still, I can't complain. This new one is better and it doesn't have me be killed off like in the other movie.

King Kong: At least your movie wasn't long, boring, and didn't have much action involving yours truly.

Godzilla: Mine wasn't boring much, but it focused on people no one cared about. I'm just glad this movie will be better than the old one.

Zilla from the 1998 film appears from outside the window.

Zilla: Hey, it wasn't that bad. I did my best to be as good as you.

Godzilla: You got defeated by four bad actors, a taxi cab, and got trapped in a bridge. You didn't do a good job.

Zilla: Oh come on!

King Kong closes the blinds.

King Kong: These new kids are so annoying.

Godzilla: Yeah, you know he won't be as good as me right?

King Kong: Because your…

Godzilla: Because I'm Godzilla! That's why!

The End

Superman and Batman are sitting in their booths going over their emails.

Batman: Hey Clark, guess what?

Superman: No.

Batman: Come on, guess what?

Superman sighed.

Superman: I know what you're going to say dude, no.

Batman: Come on!

Superman: Fine, what?

Batman: I'm Bat-…what is that!

A large monster foot crashes through the ceiling crushing the two men.

Aquaman: Guys! There's are giant lizard monsters attacking the world. We must form the Justice League in order to…oh, um never mind.

Super Heroine's Café Elsa is sitting next to Raven from the Teen Titans, while across from them is Supergirl. Elsa is drinking some chocolate milk, while Raven is drinking some tea, and Supergirl some coffee. Raven: Soooooo, where's Batgirl and your sister Anna? Elsa lets out a small sigh. Elsa: They are still out driving around in the Batmobile. I don't get what's so great about riding around in that thing. It looks dangerous. Supergirl: Yeah, that's why I prefer to fly than drive. Raven: Do you even know how to drive? Supergirl: Of course I do. I just choose not to drive. Raven: Uh-huh yeah you don't know how to drive. Supergirl: Oh and you do? Raven: Yeah, we all got our license even Beastboy. Here's the weird part though, he passed it once while Starfire had to take it three times because she couldn't parallel park. Supergirl: I don't think it matters unless you need to take it for your test. After that, you don't need it. Raven: Says the girl who can't drive. Supergirl: Shut up, I said I do but I choose not to. Elsa: What is so important about driving such a dangerous vehicle? Whatever happened to riding around on a horse or being pulled on a carriage or sled? Raven: People made cars so they can get around to places faster and because owning a horse costs as much as fueling up a car. Supergirl: You're lucky to live in a time without cars Snow Queen. Of course now that your sister has had a taste of the vehicles it's going to be difficult to get her away from all of that. Elsa: I wouldn't worry about it. My sister is not going to change. Meanwhile Anna is driving the Batmobile crashing through buildings, smashing into cars, and running over a man's cabbage cart. Batgirl is in the passenger side holding on to her seat for her life. Batgirl: Anna! Stop the vehicle! Stop it now! Anna: I can't! I don't know how! Both girls scream as they break through another building and run off a cliff. Super Heroine Café Elsa: Sooooo, do all heroines in this world wear such strange and revealing outfits? Supergirl: Yeah, it's better than wearing a dress like you guys. Plus we get a lot of attention from the guys. Raven: I'm going to change mine. I am tired of the looks. Supergirl: I think it looks good, it's better than mine. Every time I fight a villain, mostly males they always try looking up my skirt. Raven: At least it's not like Powergirl's outfit. Supergirl: Oh I know right? It's not bad, but I don't get how she can do any hero work with everyone watching her ass and breasts. Elsa: I bet it is difficult, Raven you are a hero right? Raven: Yes, why? Elsa: Nothing, it's just you don't look like one especially how you're dressed. Raven narrows her eyes at the girl. Raven: What is wrong with how I'm dress? Elsa: Well, with your outfit and appearance I thought you were a villain. Supergirl: She's not a villain… She grabs her friend and gives her a hug. Supergirl: But she is cute when she was turned into a bunny. Raven's eyes glowed red and pushed her friend off her. Raven: Never speak of that again and speaking of villains, weren't you based off the original Snow Queen who was supposed to be a villain? Supergirl: That is true and how Disney planned to make you a villain, but they changed it at the last minute. Elsa: Um, well yes that is true, but I'm glad they didn't. I'm not a villain I'm just misunderstood and I was afraid of using my powers because of how people would judge me. Supergirl: Like Raven, except she is half-demonic and if you piss her off her demonic side will leave you scared shitless. Elsa: Wait, you're afraid to use your powers Raven? Raven: I was, but after I defeated my father I am now in full control over them, why? Elsa: Can you teach me how to do that? I have control over my powers, but I still want to learn in case I lose control. Supergirl: I think that would be nice. Raven: Fine, but if you freeze my room I will hurt you, got it? Elsa nods her head. Elsa: You have my word as Queen of Arendelle that I will not cause any problems. Raven: All right, let's go then. Raven and Elsa soon left leaving Supergirl alone. She lets out a small sad sigh realizing she is alone. Supergirl: I wonder how Barbara and Anna are doing. Super Café Superman is sitting across from Batman who is updating his Twitter. Superman: Don't you have anything better to say than "I'm Batman"? Batman: Hmm nope, because I'm Batman! Superman: That is so old. Batman: As old as your bad movies? Superman: At least I wasn't played by an actor who sucked as bad as those outfits he and the guy who played Robin wore. Batman: Yeah well, at least my movie wasn't-… The Batmobile crashed into the café shop near the two men. Batgirl and Anna come out both smiling innocently. Batgirl: Oh um hey Bruce. Anna: Hi Batman…it was her fault! Anna pointed at Batgirl before running out of the store. Batgirl: Um…look the Bat Signal! Batgirl takes out her grappling gun and takes off. Superman: Wow, that is why I don't drive and I prefer to fly. Batman: Eh, I got insurance. Superman: Really? You have an insurance for your Batmobile. Batman: Duh, I have insurance for all my vehicles. Superman: Why would you do that? Batman: Because I'm Batman! The End Superman: You're never going to stop saying that are you? Batman: Not a chance. Olaf appears. Olaf: Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs. Batman: I'm Batman. Olaf: I'm Olaf. Batman: I'm Batman. Olaf: I'm Olaf. Superman lets out an annoyed sigh.

Superman: I need someone new to hang out with.

Spider-Man from the 2002 version appeared.

Spider-Man: Can I hang out with you?

Superman: Hell no!

Father's Day Special Super Villain's Pub Darth Vader is sitting at the bar with Ozai from Avatar the Last Airbender and Deathstroke talking about Father's Day. Deathstroke: Soooo, did you go see your kids? Darth Vader: It's kind of hard to see them, after all I have done. Ozai: Oh come on, it couldn't have been as bad as what I did. Darth Vader: I turned to the Dark Side, I killed their mother, massacred an entire temple, killed a bunch of children, I helped hunt down the surviving Jedi, helped blow up my daughter's home world, I cut off my kid's hand, and I stood by for like a minute while my son got tortured by a creepy ugly old man until I saved him. Ozai and Deathstroke stare at Vader a little surprised. Ozai: Wow, all I did was favor my daughter over my son for years and I left him a burned mark on his face. Deathstroke: I didn't do any of that. Hell, my kid Jericho joined the Teen Titans to become a hero and my daughter Rose, well she is following in my footsteps, but isn't as bad as me. I guess that makes me a better father than you guys. Darth Vader: You're paid to kill whoever hires you. How is that better than me and Ozai? Deathstroke: Because I don't go all psycho crazy thinking my wife is going to die, so I turn evil to try saving her without thinking of the consequences. And I don't burn my kids. Ozai: Kid, I only burned one the other went nuts, which I probably should have seen coming. Deathstroke: You just helped prove my point. Darth Vader: I did it because if she died so would have the kids. Deathstroke: Dude, do you know what the odds are of a woman to die giving birth? It's not the old days anymore, we have the best equipment around to help deliver a kid. For fuck's sake, you are from a futuristic world. Don't tell me you didn't think about taking her to get checked right? Darth Vader remained silent for a minute before he finally said a word. Darth Vader: Son of a bitch! Why didn't I think of that?! Ozai: Wow, for a bunch of guys being futuristic you guys are not smart with the things you do in your world. Deathstroke: And that is why the DC Universe is better. Darth Vader: Hold on, my world drew in a lot of amazing movies, video games, books, comics, and T.V. series. Deathstroke: Your prequels weren't that good, some of your games sucked, and you guys got sold to Disney. Darth Vader: You got me there. Ozai: Well, my world made an awesome T.V. series and a sequel to it. Deathstroke: The Last Airbender movie. Ozai remained silent for a minute like Vader, before he lowered his head. Ozai: Why couldn't we have gotten a better director than that jerk? The Wolfman from 2010 walks by. Wolfman: At least your movie drew in more money than mine and you didn't have a psycho dad like mine. He killed my brother, bit me to turn into a werewolf, and he tried to kill me. Deathstroke: It looks like boys I'm the better father than all of you. See ya! He takes off leaving all three men depressed. Darth Vader: I hate that man. The Joker walks by next to the men. Joker: Oh cheer up boys, at least it's not as bad as with the heroes. Ozai: What do you mean? A few minutes earlier Superman and Batman are at the Super Café talking about Father's Day. Superman: Sooooo, how are you enjoying Father's Day? Batman: Well, my daughter Helena and Damian tried to make me some breakfast, but they ended up getting into yet another argument, and they blew up the kitchen. Superman: So, did you punish them? Batman: I didn't have time. You know the bat-signal, I'm Batman, and everything that was going on so I let Alfred handle it. Superman: You let your friend alone with two assassins? Batman: I'm sure he has it covered. Wayne Manor Alfred is tied to a chair and gagged while the two kids continue fighting all around the mansion. Super Café Batman: Anyways, how are you doing spending time with your kids. Superman: You mean Superboy? Batman: Isn't Supergirl like your kid? Superman: She's my cousin, anyways I have been trying to spend time with Superboy but I have been busy myself. Batman: I guess that's why he doesn't like you much and why my kids love me. And that's why I'm an awesome Bat-Dad! Superman: Dude, most of the kids that you adopt end up getting killed, paralyzed, or they come back from the dead to become evil. How does that make you an awesome Bat-Dad? Batman: Well, at least I spend time with them while you run off getting laid or take off for years when you knock a woman up. Superman: At least my kid has Super Powers so I know he won't get killed like your kids who don't have any powers. Batman: At least I didn't make it look like I don't want to spend time with them like you did in Young Justice. An old man passed by the window. Old Man: At least I got to know my father, while you two lost your dads. Superman and Batman's expression changed to shocked. Batman: S-shut up! I'm Batman! Batman takes off crying. Superman: I um…need to go. Superman takes off flying. The old man grabs his face and removes it revealing it to be a mask. Joker: Now that was funny.

Villain's Pub

Ozai and Darth Vader stare at the Joker shocked.

Ozai: That was a bit cruel, don't you think?

The Joker shrugs his shoulders.

Joker: Hey, do you want to see a magic trick?

He is then shot in the head as Deadpool walks by with a gun in his hand. He puts the gun away and throws the Joker's body towards the Aliens who begin to eat him. He sits down next to the men and tries to act shocked.

Deadpool: Oh no, someone just killed the Joker. Who could have done that? I better go tell that hot Harley Quinn that her boyfriend is dead. And maybe I could help get over it with a little fun time in the bedroom.

Darth Vader: You are an asshole.

Deadpool: At least I didn't torture my own daughter.

Ozai: You are so cruel.

Deadpool: I know I am…because I'm Deadpool!

The End Super Villain's Pub

On the other side of the pub, the Predator is sitting next to the Alien Queen as the Predalien hands the Predator a Father's day gift. The Predator opens it and sees it's a long spear. The Predator hugs his son and then turns towards the Queen. They stare at each other, before they begin fighting.

Hades and Maleficent are nearby watching enjoying the fight.

Hades: Now this is the life, so anyways babe. You want to come over to my place for some f-… The Predalien tackles him down and begins attacking. The Predalien then turns towards Maleficent and kisses her hand then asks her out in his language

Maleficent: Fine, but if you put an egg in me I will kill you.

DC vs. Marvel

Super Heroine's Café

Supergirl: So, I heard the Man of Steel 2 movie is going to have Wonder Woman and now Green Lantern. I guess their pushing the whole Justice League thing fast huh?

Batgirl: Yeah, I guess they want to try beating The Avengers and show they're movie is better. Not that we have anything to prove, DC has always been better than Marvel. Supergirl: Yeah, we've got the best heroes, best villains, and the hottest heroines. Black Widow: Excuse me? Black Widow and Storm sit next to the women. Black Widow: Did you girls say you're better than us? Supergirl: Well yeah, we are. I mean no offense girls but our world isn't fucked up like your world. Batgirl: Yeah, Marvel went down a bad road with their comics. Storm: First of all that isn't what we meant and secondly our world isn't that fucked up. Supergirl: You got people being racist against mutant people. The people hate them for being different because of their powers, they mentally abuse them, and want to exterminate them all. Batgirl: You want a textbook definition for racism and genocide. Just read a Marvel X-Men comic. Supergirl: Not to mention the fact that you guys had comic series where the superheroes have a civil war against each other, a zombie apocalypse, and a superhero who revealed his identity to the world even gave a bad guy his home address. Black Widow: Okay, we'll give you all of that and you can't blame us for Mr. Stark doing whatever he wants. Batgirl: Yeah, about that you work for an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D right? Black Widow: Yeah, why? Batgirl: Nothing, I just noticed that in Iron Man 3 you guys weren't there to help Stark when he was attacked by the Mandarin. Hell, where were the Avengers to back him up? Didn't they see what was going on to their friend or to the president? Supergirl: And where was Hulk? He was living with Tony, why didn't he bother to go help him? Black Widow: We were busy okay! We have other stuff going on in the world. We can't be everywhere at once. Supergirl: I know I can. Storm: Enough! This isn't why we came to talk to you. We heard you say your world is filled with hotter women than Marvel. That is so not true, Marvel has the better hot women than your universe. Batgirl: Okay, first of all that ain't true. Sure your women look good, but you look in our world and we've got the stuff that will make the men fall on their knees. Black Widow: At least the women in Marvel didn't play a role in Batman & Robin. Storm: Or had her own movie in the past that was more horrible than Elektra. Elektra from the other side of the shop. Elektra: Hurtful and yet I agree with it. I need a new agent. Storm: Our movies on the other hand have been more successful. Black Widow: Ever seen the Avengers? Batgirl: Hey, the Dark Knight movie was successful and so was Man of Steel. Storm: And were you two in it? Supergirl smashed her hand on the table denting it. Supergirl: You want to take this outside whitey? Storm's eyes begin to turn white as a storm began brooding in. Storm: I don't know blondie do you really want to fight me? Batgirl pulls out her batarang, while Black Widow pulls out her guns. Black Widow: You sure you want to do this red? I'm a trained assassin. Batgirl: Oh yeah? I was taught by Batman. Black Widow puts her guns away. Black Widow: Damn you. Elsa: Guys, guys calm down. This is a place where all women can come to relax, drink some coffee or tea, and hang out with friends. Not violence among our fellow women. Supergirl and Storm calm down causing the sun to come out of the darkness. Storm: She's right. We're sorry Supergirl. Supergirl: No, we're sorry. We shouldn't have insulted you guys. You women from Marvel are just as hot as us women in the DC universe. Black Widow: Thank you and you guys pull off your hotness with those costumes you wear. Batgirl: Awwww thanks. Elsa: See? Now isn't this nice? Oh and by the way if there any side that is better than the other it's Disney. The heroines look over at Elsa and narrowed their eyes. Black Widow: How are you guys better? Batgirl: Yeah, we women kick ass, we're not a bunch of whiny little spoiled princesses, and we don't need a prince to save us. Supergirl: Some of us can even fly, have super strength, and summon heat vision or conjure up a storm. Storm: What makes you women think you're better than us? Elsa points over to the many awards the Disney princesses all won in the past. Elsa: Enough said. Elsa walks back to her booth while all four women realized they just got played. Supergirl: I hate Disney. Batgirl: We should go kick their asses. Storm: I'm down with that. Black Widow: I would help out, but… She pulls out a Mickey Mouse ear hat. Black Widow: I'm stuck with them. Supergirl: Sucks to be you. Ahsoka walks by. Ahsoka: At least you still have work. The only job I got since last year was appearing in two illusions. One where I died and the other where I'm alive. Supergirl: Aren't you appearing in the Rebels series? Ahsoka: Probably, but until then I have to find some jobs to get by. Poison Ivy enters the bar and gives Ahsoka an envelope Poison Ivy: I got a job for you to do. Villain's pub The Joker is at the bar talking to Loki and General Zod. Joker: So I embarrassed her and then I kicked her out of my hideout for the sixth time in one month. Loki: Wow, that is cruel and yet funny at the same time. Seriously, how dumb are these mortal women? Zod: I don't know, but this one must be the dumbest to continue coming back to you clown. Joker: Thanks, you want to see me do a magic trick? Ahsoka breaks into the bar and tackles the Joker. She punches him, puts him in a sack, and drags him out of the bar. Zod: What was that? Loki shrugs his shoulder. Loki: Hey, want to see a real magic trick? Loki turns into Superman. Loki: Oh look I'm Kal-El. I got my butt kicked by a woman and was abandoned by my parents who got blown up. Zod begins laughing. Zod: Now that's funny. The End Gotham City Ahsoka brings the Joker to an abandoned warehouse where he is tied to a chair. Poison Ivy walks into the room and glares at the clown. Poison Ivy: Joker, it's time for you to get what is coming to you after all you've done to my friend. We're going to have fun hurting you. Joker looks confused until the lights turned on and he sees all the people he has hurt throughout his career. Joker: Ah shit.

Pallet Town

Delia Ketchum and Professor Oak say goodbye to Ash as he takes off on his first journey. An old man walks by and noticed this, so he walks up to the professor.

Old Man: There goes another young man on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. Kind of young though, how old is he?

Prof. Oak: Ten years old, just like my grandson.

The Old Man stares at the professor with his eyes wide in shock.

Old Man: Ten years old?! What the hell man? I thought they had to be 18 years old to go on a journey. Not ten freaking years old.

Prof. Oak: Oh they changed that to ten years of age. I should know, I motioned for that law to be passed.

Old Man: Why?

Prof. Oak: So they can start out young and learn so much while traveling around the world. Old Man: That…is so dumb. I mean, there are dangerous Pokémon out there.

Prof. Oak: They have their Pokémon to protect them.

Old Man: But what if the Pokémon are too weak against the strong kind?

Prof. Oak: Then they will learn to get stronger so they can beat them.

Old Man: But what about the criminals out there? What if they steal their Pokémon or kill them? Prof. Oak: Oh I'm sure they'll be fine if they get kids around their ages to join them on their quest.

Old Man sighed in annoyance.

Old Man: You may know a lot about Pokémon, but you sure are dumb.

Prof. Oak: Don't worry so much, Old Man. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Old Man: I have a name. I'm Dan and I'm five years younger than you…asshole.

The Old Man, Dan walks off while Professor Oak turns towards Dalia confused.

Prof. Oak: I wonder what Old Man is so mad about.

Dalia shrugs her shoulders.

Dalia: Must be his senior moment.

How Pokémon should have ended

Team Rocket HQ (years later)

Jesse, James, and Meowth arrive in a room where on the video monitor their boss, Giovanni appeared in the dark. By his side is his Pokémon, Persian as the boss goes over the bill his team brought to him. They have been working for him for years (six I'm guessing) and they are the only team that has wasted a lot of his money without bringing him a single Pokémon. He lets out a sigh before speaking to them in the alternate deep voice he uses to hide his real one. Giovanni: You guys wasted all of this money and you didn't catch any Pokémon! Again! What the hell guys?! Why is it you keep failing to capture any Pokémon?

Jesse: We're sorry sir, we didn't think we would fail with the giant robots we make.

James: And the hot air balloons we use.

Meowth: Not to mention the many disguises we use.

Giovanni's right eye twitched by what the trio just said.

Giovanni: Why are you guys wasting so much money on giant robots, air balloons, and disguises? You could have used that money to make things that don't attract attention, instead of all these wasteful things.

James: We like making dramatic entrances. You told us you liked them.

Giovanni: Yeah, years ago. Now, it's old and not necessary. Look, I have to level with you. I'm not sure if I should continue keeping you guys if you can't catch me any Pokémon.

Jesse: Sir, please give us one more chance. We will capture Pikachu and we won't let that brat beat us again.

Giovanni: Wait a minute. Is this the same Pikachu you three have been trying to capture for six years?

Meowth: Yeah, is something wrong?

Giovanni sighed again in annoyance.

Giovanni: You mean to tell me you guys have been chasing a ten year old boy and his Pikachu for years, you have wasted all this money on stupid ideas that end up with you guys getting blow into the sky, just to capture one…freaking…Pikachu!

All three nod slowly out of fear.

Giovanni: Okay, that's it your fired get out.

He presses a button and sends all three flying out of the building.

Trio: Looks like we're blasting off again!

Villainess Pub

Jesse is at the bar with Harley Quinn, Mystique, and Hela (Loki's daughter) listening to the former Team Rocket about what happened.

Jesse: And then he fired us. I mean can you believe it? I mean just because we messed up a few times trying to capture Pikachu doesn't mean we should be fired. We have done a lot of bad things, but just because of our little mistakes he fired us. I'm sure your bosses wouldn't do that to their own employees, right?

Harley: My puddin'? Nah, he would just shoot them, blow them up, feed them to our babies, electrocute them, or give them some laughs before they die painfully.

Mystique: Erik would have Sabertooth, Pyro, or I kill them. Mostly he has me kill them.

Hela: I don't work for my father, but I know he would kill them by either freezing them or use his powers to do something bad to them.

Jesse: Wow I am so glad I don't work for them. Still, he shouldn't have fired us.

Harley: Personally, I would have done the same. I mean, it can't be that hard to steal a Pikachu from a kid.

Mystique: I agree, I would have done it in less than a day.

Hela: Me in a few seconds.

Jesse: Oh yeah? How would you three have done it?

How it should have ended (Harley Quinn's way)

Ash and Pikachu are walking down the road when a small canister rolls by. It unleashes some sleeping gas and knocks out the duo. Harley Quinn jumps by and grabs Pikachu wearing some rubber gloves. She is about to take off when she draws on the boy's face.

Harley: See ya shorty.

How it should have ended (Mystique's way)

Ash and Pikachu walk into the Pokémon Center where he handed his Pokémon to Nurse Joy. She took Pikachu to the back, passing by a tied up and gagged Nurse Joy. The imposter Nurse Joy puts Pikachu in an anti-electric cage and turns into Officer Jenny. She goes outside and puts Pikachu in the back of her car.

Mystique: Like stealing candy from a baby.

How it should have ended (Hela's way)

Old Man: Ten years old?! What the hell man? I thought they had to be 18 years old to go on a journey. Not ten freaking years old.

Prof. Oak: Oh they changed that to ten years of age. I should know, I motioned for that law to be passed.

Old Man: Why?

Prof. Oak: So they can start out young and learn so much while traveling around the world. Old Man: That…is so dumb. I mean, there are dangerous Pokémon out there.

Prof. Oak: They have their Pokémon to protect them.

Old Man: But what if the Pokémon are too weak against the strong kind?

Prof. Oak: Then they will learn to get stronger so they can beat them.

Old Man: But what about the criminals out there? What if they steal their Pokémon or kill them? Prof. Oak: Oh I'm sure they'll be fine if they get kids around their ages to join them on their quest.

Old Man sighed in annoyance.

Old Man: You may know a lot about Pokémon, but you sure are dumb.

Prof. Oak: Don't worry so much, Old Man. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Suddenly Hela appeared blasting Ash incinerating him, while capturing Pikachu in dark magic. She then takes off while Dalia look on shocked that her son is dead and passes out.

Old Man: You were saying?

Villainess Pub

Jesse, Harley Quinn, and Mystique look on a bit shocked on how Hela's way of capturing Pikachu went.

Jesse: You would have killed him?

Hela: Yeah, and?

Mystique: That is going over the top isn't it? He's just ten years old.

Harley: Yeah, even I'm not that cruel, except for my role in that "Batman Beyond" movie. But, that was all my puddin' doing the bad things.

Hela: You all have your way, I have mine. So deal with it.

Hela gets up and walks out.

Mystique: Anyways, I think I have a way to solve your problem.

Jesse: How?

Team Rock HQ (next day)

Giovanni: After much consideration I have decided to rehire you three and give you all a second chance. Don't waste this opportunity, got it?

Jesse: Yes sir.

James: We won't let you down.

Meowth: Meowth, that's right.

Giovanni turns off the monitor and turns towards the tied up/gagged Giovanni in the corner. The imposter turns into Mystique with Harley Quinn nearby petting Persian.

Mystique: Now, we need to settle some unfinished businesses, right Harley?

Harley takes out her large hammer.

Harley: Hell yeah, blue.

The End

Super Café

Superman and Batman are sitting across from one another talking about Pokémon and Ash.

Superman: So, the series has been going on for 17 years and yet the kid is still ten years old? Batman: Yeah, that's what I heard.

Superman: And he has been with how many girls that fans of the show consider hot?

Batman: The ones he travels with or he meets?

Superman: Both, he had a lot of girls who traveled with him and none of them he hooked up with. I mean, what the hell is wrong with this kid?

Batman: I know, maybe he's gay.

Superman: Could be man, it would explain why he always keeps Pikachu around.

Batman: Yeah, by the way. Do you know what the difference between me and Gligarman is?

Superman: What?

Batman: He's not me, because I'm Batman!

Superman sighed.

Superman: Yeah…I'm done see ya.

Superman flies away.

Batman: Clark? Clark, you coming back? Clark?

Crazy Ladies

Villainess Pub

Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender is sitting across the table from Assajj Ventress from Star Wars. The two women were talking about their time in their series and how well they did as being the bad guys.

Azula: And so I locked up my friends for double-crossing me, which would have been avoided if Mai wasn't in love with my brother.

Ventress: I think it worked out well, especially how you went crazy afterwards.

Azula: I guess, I just wonder if I'll appear again in the future.

Ventress: You probably will, while I won't be appearing anymore.

Azula: Wait, I heard that whole expansion universe thing won't be related to the series. So doesn't that mean you didn't end up leaving the galaxy then?

Ventress: Oh hell no! I am not appearing anymore they can't make me.

Ursula appears nearby.

Ursula: I'm afraid you must my dear, it's in the contract.

She shows the Disney contract that states they own all the rights of Star Wars, even the characters. Ventress ignites her lightsabers and tries to slice it in half, but the contact didn't budge and Ursula just laughs.

Ursula: It's bound by magic my dear, so there's nothing you can do.

Ventress just glares at the octopus woman before using the Force to lift her into the air and cuts her head off. Azula just watches the whole thing surprised, and then begins clapping. Azula: Now that was funny.

Ventress: Thanks, she had that coming ever since I got here. She has been so annoying.

Demona walks by and sees the beheaded Ursula.

Demona: Hey, Maleficent. The fat sea witch is dead.

Maleficent passes by and sees what happened.

Maleficent: I warned her not to keep messing with you. Pick her head up and follow me.

Demona grabs the head and looks at the rest of the body.

Demona: She should really cut down on those snacks.

As soon as the women left Azula continues with the conversation.

Azula: I guess that means we'll be seeing you in the future Rebels series?

Ventress: I doubt it since there would be no point in it. I do know they might have someone be involved.

Azula: Who?

Ventress: Well, if you're right about the expanded universe then that means the one I'm thinking about didn't die. That means she might be appearing in the series working for the bad guys.

Azula: Who? Who is it damn it!

Super Heroine Café

Ahsoka is sitting across from Barriss as they wait for their meal to arrive.

Barriss: Soooo, you heard about the expanded universe thing right?

Ahsoka: Yeah, I guess that means all the stuff we did during the movies and series didn't count huh?

Barriss: I guess so, that also means I didn't get killed off in Order 66.

Ahsoka: Yeah, wait doesn't that mean you're still in jail?

Barriss: I guess, I mean by now I should be dead. Unless they bring me back to work for the Empire.

Ahsoka: If its mind-control then that will be kind of lame.

Barriss: I know, been there done that unless I'm really evil.

Ahsoka: You did well being evil when you fought Anakin. I can see that happening.

Barriss: Thanks, wait, wouldn't that mean I don't belong here?

Ahsoka shrugs her shoulders.

Ahsoka: I asked her that same question.

Points to Demona who is nearby talking to her daughter.

Ahsoka: I guess not. All I know is I might appear, with a giant wolf.

Barriss: Wolf?

A large white fur wolf appears outside the window.

Ahsoka: Yep, I have to go.

Ahsoka leaves the building and rides on her wolf.

Barriss: How come I don't have a wolf?

Batman: Because I'm Batman!

Wonder Woman appears behind Batman.

Wonder Woman: I told you, women only!

Batman: The bat-signal!

Batman takes off out of the store, while Wonder Woman sighed in annoyance.

Wonder Woman: What did I ever see in him?

Catwoman: I don't know.

Both women look over and see Catwoman with, Talia, Zatanna, Barbara, and other women Batman dated.

Catwoman: What did any of us see in him?

Barriss: Sheesh, he needs to settle down.

The End

Supergirl is sitting across from Batgirl after what just happened.

Supergirl: So, why did you date Batman?

Batgirl shrugs her shoulder.

Batgirl: He just has ways of getting any girl.

Supergirl: Yeah, you should still get yourself checked just in case. You did use a condom, right?

Batgirl stayed silent and looks around nervously.

Supergirl: Wow, not a smart move Barbara.

Thank you, Robin Williams

Super Café

Genie is inside with Batman and Superman who were there cheering him up.

Superman: I'm sorry to hear what happened, but at least the memories he left behind won't be forgotten.

Batman: Yeah, I mean look at the projects he worked on. He did a lot of good and made a lot of people happy. Sure some didn't like his work, but as long as there are people out there who still support him then we won't ever forget him.

Genie: I know and thanks guys. All of us who he voiced appreciate the support you are all giving.

Batman: Of course, you know why?

Superman: Don't do it.

Batman: I was just going to say because he was Robin Williams and found a way to cheer people up despite how things got.

Superman: Yep, here's to a true comedian.

Superman, Batman, and Genie lifted their cups then drank. Then they realize it got a little quiet and everyone around the café looks sad.

Batman: Sheesh, this place got bumped out fast and usually I'm the one that feels that way more. Well, most of the times because I'm Batman.

Superman: Yeah, this place needs some lightening up.

A light bulb appeared over Genie's head as he uses it to replace one of the burned out light bulbs

Genie: And I know just how to do that.

He uses his magic to change the café shop into a concert arena. He then appeared on stage holding a microphone.

Genie: This one goes out to my friend.

He then looks up into the sky smiling.

Genie: I hope you like this, hit it!

  • The music "Never had a friend like me" begins to play as everyone from the Super Café, Super Heroine Café, and even the Villains and Villainess pubs came to watch*

Genie: "Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves, Scheherazade had a thousand tales,

But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves, You got a brand of magic never fails,

You got some power in your corner now, some heavy ammunition in your camp,

You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo, and how, see all you gotta do is rub that lamp

And I'll say: Mister Aladdin, sir, what will your pleasure be?

Let me take your order, jot it down'

You ain't never had a friend like me

[Hoh, hoh, hoh]

Life is your restaurant

And I'm your maître d'!

C'mon whisper what it is you want

You ain't never had a friend like me

Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service

You're the boss

The king, the shah

Say what you wish

It's yours! True dish

How about a little more Baklava?

Have some of column "A"

Try all of column "B"

I'm in the mood to help you dude

You ain't never had a friend like me

Oh my!

No, no!

Nah, nah, nah!

Can your friends do this?

Can your friends do that?

Can your friends pull this out of their little hat?

Can your friends go, poof!?

Well, looky here (Ha, ha!)

Can your friends go, Abracadabra, let 'er rip

And then make the sucker disappear?

So doncha sit there slack jawed, buggy-eyed

I'm here to answer all your midday prayers

You got me bona fide, certified

You got a genie for a charge d'affaires

I got a powerful urge to help you out

So what-cha wish? I really wanna know

You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt

Well, all you gotta do is rub like so – and oh

Mister Aladdin sir, have a wish or two or three

I'm on the job, you big nabob

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never had a friend like me! (Ha, ha, ha!)

You ain't never had a friend like me!"

Everyone began cheering and applauding. Genie puts the mic down and turns up to the sky.

Genie: Thank you everyone and thank you Robin, goodnight!

How the Legend of Korra season 3 should have ended Airship Suyin using a map of the area where the Northern Air temple is at, explained her plan to the others. She uses the Airship figure as a model of theirs and moves it in front of the temple. Suyin: I say we make our approach from the west, drop down from the airship on cables, ambush these Red Lotus low-lives before they know what hit them. Her sister on the other hand disagreed with the plan. Lin: It will never work. That Combustion Lady will pick us off one by one. Suyin: You have a better idea on how to save the airbenders? Lin: Yeah. We come down from the valley, scale the side of the mountain and take them off guard. Tonraq, Korra's father agrees with the plan. Tonraq: That could work. Suyin: And give them the high ground? No, if their lavabender spots us, he'll melt the mountainside and us with it. Bolin: Wait, I've got it. I'll disguise myself as a lost hiker, and once I'm in the temple, I'll distract the Red Lotus with my bird calls. He begins making bird calls and whistles. Bolin: That's when you all strike. Mako stares at his brother not liking the plan. Mako: Bird calls, really? Bolin: Well I haven't noticed you offering any suggestions. Korra: It doesn't matter. None of these idea will work. The second Zaheer realizes we're up to something, he'll wipe out the airbenders. Suyin: And Opal is one of those airbenders. Believe me, I understand what's at stake. Korra: Then I'll think you can agree that the only plan that will work is for me to give myself up. Mako: What? Lin: Korra, no. Tonraq: We'll figure out another way. Korra: I talked it over with Lord Zuko, and I've given it a lot of thought. I have to do this. Asami: You can't expect us to sit by and let Zaheer take you. Korra: The world has been out of balance for far too long. It needs the Air Nation back again. I can't let Zaheer destroy it and everyone we love. Help me save the airbenders, then you can worry about saving me. After exchanging glances with everyone, Tonraq agrees to the plan. Korra: I'll go radio, Zaheer. As she leaves Varrick appears behind the group. Varrick: Well, now that she is out of the room may I make a suggestion? Lin: What is it? Another dumb invention of yours? Varrick: Actually yes and no. It's an invention I made and no it's not dumb. Varrick shows it. Varrick: I call it, a wireless radio…name needs some work, but this will help us defeat Zaheer and the Red Lotus. Tonraq: And how exactly is that going to help us? Varrick: Simple, I'll call a friend of mine who I helped gain control over a company he wanted to make for some…game he was making I don't know. But I do know is he owes me a favor and I can call him to help us. The group look at each other thinking Varrick has lost it, so they decide to play along. Mako: Yeah, okay why don't you do that and we'll be here in case your plan fails. Varrick: Perfect. Five minutes later Korra arrives to where Zaheer agreed to meet her, alone. She flies down using her staff as she glides towards where Zaheer is at. She lands on the mountain where Zaheer and his girlfriend, P'Li are waiting for her. Zaheer: Drop the staff and surrender yourself. Korra refuses to move making Zaheer a little upset. Zaheer: Don't make me come get you. Korra begins communicating with Mako through the radio she has. Korra: Mako, what's going on? Mako: They're here. And so is the lavabender. Korra: Tell Ghazan to let the airbenders go. Zaheer: Not 'till you turn yourself over. This isn't a negotiation. He then communicates with Ghazan to kill the airbenders, but Korra stops him. Korra: I'm coming. P'Li walks over to Korra. She cuffs her with chains made of platinum making it impossible for Korra to metalbend through them. She begins taking her towards Zaheer when a loud sound is heard. Seconds later P'Li is shot through the head and falls forward surprising Korra and Zaheer. Zaheer: What in the-… Suddenly Zaheer is stabbed through the chest by a sword. He turns around and sees a man dressed in a red and black costume. Deadpool: Oh yeah, baldy. You just got stabbed by the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool! Zaheer falls over landing near his girlfriend. Korra looks at up at Deadpool who puts his sword away. Deadpool: Don't move, be right back. Deadpool vanished, while Korra looks on wondering what just happened. Korra: Was that supposed to happen? Northern Air Temple Ming-Hua and Ghazan escaped from the temple after using lavabending to take out the Avatar's friends. As they escaped they tried contacting Zaheer, but couldn't reach him. Ghazan: Something is wrong. We better go meet up with them. As they head for their airship, they see it get blown up. Deadpool walks out of the destroyed airship with only his shoulders on fire. Deadpool: Hey, water-chick, mind putting me out? If you do I can return the favor by putting my… Ming-Hua attacks Wade freezing him. Ming-Hua: I don't know who this idiot is, but we're going to have to find another way to get to Zaheer. Ghazan: That's if he hasn't been captured. Deadpool: Nah, he's dead I killed him. The two Red Lotus members turn around to see Deadpool behind them and somehow got out of being frozen. Ghazan: How did you do that? Deadpool: I can't tell you that. Deadpool was suddenly dressed as a magician pulling a grenade out of his hat. Deadpool: A magician never reveals his secret. Suddenly he begins hearing his uncivilized voice in his head talking to him. Voice 2#: Yeah, especially a magician as cool as us. Then his civilized voice begins talking to him. Voice 1#: We're not really magicians and where is the pin for that grenade? Deadpool: What pin? The grenade blows up knocking everyone off their feet. The two bad guys see Deadpool recovering from the blast, but was missing an half his arm and had shrapnel around part of his face. Deadpool: Oh, so that's what happens when it doesn't have a pin. And now I know. Deadpool is suddenly dressed as G.I Joe. Deadpool: And knowing is half-the battle. G.I. Joe a Real American Hero logo is shown. Ghazan: What the hell are you talking about? Deadpool: I'm talking about this! Deadpool takes his gun and attacks the two benders. They take cover as Deadpool continued firing. Once he ran out of ammo, Ming-Hua came from behind and uses her waterbending to freeze his arms. Ghazan came out and uses lavabending to send a wave of lava towards Deadpool. Deadpool: Time out! The lava stopped as Deadpool turns towards the writer. Deadpool: Hey, you better have a good escape route for me because I don't want to lose more of my good looks from this lava. The lava engulfs Wade as the two criminals looked on. Ghazan: He's gone, now let's go find Zaheer. As they are about to leave, they see a phone booth appear out of nowhere. Deadpool pops out dressed as Dr. Who. Deadpool: Thanks for the help Doc and by the way let me know when I can borrow this time machine of yours. As the phone booth disappeared, Deadpool turns towards the bad guys. Deadpool: Now let's get this over with since everyone reading this are waiting for me to kill you both. Ming-Hua and Ghazan prepare to attack Deadpool, who pulls out a remote and presses the red button. They look confused on what he is doing, until they hear a loud whistling noise. Deadpool takes out an umbrella and looks up into the sky. Deadpool: Lady and gentleman, say hello to the Jericho. Meanwhile Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Tenzin escaped from the temple as they head back to the others. When they arrive they see Korra being checked on by her father, after they saw the two criminals on the ground, dead. She explained what happened and is a little shook up from seeing the two criminals be killed. Lin: The important thing is your safe and we go looking for the Airbenders, wherever they hid them. They heard a loud explosion that leveled part of the Air Temple. Suddenly Deadpool appeared with the Airbenders nearby all shocked after seeing him killed the Red Lotus members. Deadpool: You're welcome and tell Varrick we are now even! He takes out a boom box. Deadpool: Hey High Moon, I got a sequel in mind. So better get working! Fireworks begin firing off and he plays his theme song on his boom box. Everyone else looks on confused wondering what is going on. Korra: What is he? Super Café Deadpool is sitting across from Batman after he explained what happened. He even explained how after he killed the Red Lotus he went to Ba Sing Se where he went looting. Deadpool: I then tried asking the Avatar girl out on a date, but she ended up freezing me and throwing me off a cliff. I got out though and tried asking her out again. Batman: So, what did she do then? Deadpool: She set me on fire. I like a girl who is playing hard to get. I was thinking about asking her if she is interested in a three-way with her and that girlfriend of hers. Batman: Um you do know they aren't dating right? Deadpool: They're not?! FanFiction lied to me! Ah well, I can still try with the three-way…maybe five if the two sisters are interested. Batman: You are crazy. Deadpool: I know, and you know why? Batman: Why? Deadpool: Because I'm Deadpool bitch! The End Super Café Deadpool: By the way, where's Wonder Boy? Batman: Clark? Oh he decided to spend less time with me because he got tired of me saying the same old thing. Deadpool: That your-… Batman: That I'm Batman! The End…again Super Café Batman: It's not annoying, is it? Deadpool: Nah, hey, let's go find those hot chicks you deal with and see if we can get their number. Batman: You got it, to the Batmobile!

  • Old Batman theme song begins to play*

Deadpool and Batman jump into the Batmobile and drive off while Juice Newton's "Angel of the Morning" begins to play. The End (for real) That's the end and granted I had different ideas of how this could have gone. But after seeing more of the Deadpool Test Footage video I decided to go with this one. If you like what happened then please leave some reviews and let me know what you thought of the chapter. If you didn't like it then don't leave a negative or flame review. See you guys next time and take care. Super Heroine Café Korra is sitting in the booth next to Batgirl while Supergirl is sitting across from her. Supergirl: Cheer up, you've got a year to get ready to kick some ass again and not end up being the damsel of distress like this season. Batgirl: Yeah, don't beat yourself so much. We all have our off days. Korra: Really? Have you guys gone what I went through? Supergirl: My cousin got brainwashed, he almost killed me, I found out I have a clone who is stronger than me, and she almost killed me twice. Batgirl: I saw my friend become brainwashed by the Joker and it took us so long to help him get better. Even afterwards things weren't the same. Korra: Okay, I get it I just wish didn't turned out differently. Supergirl: Yeah, but hey it could have been worse. Korra: How could it have been the worse? Supergirl: Your show could have ended up being made by the same guy who made the Last Airbender movie.

Korra:…your right. I have time to get ready for season four and I will destroy the Red Lotus.

Batgirl: You know we've got your back!

9/11 Super Café Batman is sitting in the café shop across from Superman, with both men watching the documentary on TV about what happened 13 years ago on September 11, 2001. No matter how many years have passed, it doesn't change anything and the people will never forget. Superman: Man, can you believe how many documentaries they have made for this? I mean I understand why, but aren't they all the same? Batman: I guess they wanted to make sure people didn't forget about that day. Kind of how people don't seem to care much about what happened on December 7. Superman: You mean Pearl Harbor? Batman: Yeah, a lot of people died too and it got this country to finally join the Second World War. Superman: I guess many don't remember it much since it was so long ago. Still, some people still remember it, right Captain? Captain America is on the other side of the booth with Nick Fury and the Falcon. Captain America: I will always remember it since it motivated the country to join the war. Superman: See? Batman: Yeah, by the way do you remember what happened the day after 9/11? Superman: I think so, why? Batman: Well, do you remember people asking you "Why didn't you stop the planes from crashing?" or "Where were you when the planes were taken over by terrorist?" and my favorite "You guys are supposed to be superheroes, but you weren't around, why?" Superman: Oh yeah I remember that. I kept explaining to people I left Earth to find any survivors from my home planet or anything that belongs to my home. What about you? Batman: Well, I was probably at home sleeping since I was up all night protecting Gotham from being destroyed by one of Joker's many unfunny plans. Superman: Exactly, it's not our fault we couldn't be everywhere. Iron Man: You guys know what I would have done? Batman: Let me guess, use your suit to stop the planes? Iron Man: No, I would have hacked into the planes and have taken control. I would have then flown them to the airport, contacted the police, and have the terrorist arrested. Batman: I would have done the same. Iron Man: If it made sense for a guy dressed as a bat to appear during the day time? Batman: At least I wasn't dumb enough to tell a bunch of terrorists where I live or tell the world I'm a superhero so they could come in to attack me. Iron Man: At least I didn't get my butt kicked by a guy who you can't understand. Batman: At least I didn't leave a weapon with a kid to use on a bully. Iron Man: At least I'm part of the Avengers, where is the Justice League? Batman: I'm Batman! Superman: Guys, shut up. Look, this argument is pointless, especially since we all know my way would have saved a lot of lives. Batman: Oh really? How exactly could you have saved the world without having to fly around the world to turn back time? Superman: I would have used my super speed to stop all the planes from crashing into their targets. Iron Man: You couldn't stop two missiles, even after going back in time. Hell, why didn't you fly around to stop both missiles and then save Lois? Batman: Not to mention you could have used that going back in time thing to stop Zod from escaping the Phantom Zone when you caused him to break free in your second movie. Iron Man: Yeah, looks like you have made some mistakes yourself "Man of Steel." Superman: You guys do realize I could break your necks, right? Batman: Yeah, but you won't. Iron Man: Not like me. I killed all three of the villains I have gone up against. Batman: Correction, two. Your girlfriend killed the third. Iron Man: But I killed that guy who tried to kill me twice. Captain America: Guys, just stop. Look no one cares about your little problems, especially how it's all pointless. Everything we have done for the fans and what they have done for us supporting our work that's what's important. Sure there are a lot of stuff that didn't make sense or didn't seem good. But what mattered is we entertained the fans and brought a lot of joy. We did it because we chose to do it and that's why instead of bickering on this day we should give thanks. Thanks to the men and women that gave up their lives thirteen years ago to help others during the day our great nation was attacked. We should give thanks to the men and women that went out after the attack to help restore our nation after the attack. And we should give thanks to the men and women who are fighting to protect our freedom so another attack like that day never happens again.

Iron Man, Batman, Superman, and all the heroes in the café shop all nod in agreement. They see outside where Deadpool along with Bizzaro, Olaf, and Pinkie Pie all raising the American Flag while the Warners from Animaniacs played the bugle and the drum, while the others saluted. Superman: Captain America is right, for now let's just give thanks to all the men and women for all they have done for this country.

Iron Man: Your right, next round is on me!

Batman: And on me…because I'm Batman!

The End

Super Monster Café

Godzilla is sitting across from King Kong who is sitting next to the Cloverfield monster after they finished watching the documentary.

Godzilla: Attacking New York, not cool dude.

King Kong: Yeah, couldn't you have attacked a different place?

Cloverfield lowered his head.

Godzilla: Seriously, don't do it again.

Super Crazy club Super Crazy club Ty Lee and Harley Quinn are sitting inside a bowling building, which Deadpool took over. He replaced the sign and kicked out the former owner. Harley and Ty Lee are watching Deadpool arguing with the Mask and Freakazoid about who is the craziest. They also see Pinkie Pie introducing herself to all the insane characters, wanting to be their friend, and throw a party for them. Ty Lee: You know, despite the hostile takeover from Deadpool I have to admit I like that we got our own club. The girls wouldn't invite me to their place since I'm not a heroine. Harley Quinn: I know right? And I got kicked out because the girls said I am a little nuts. I may be a little off, but they're only saying that because they're jealous of how hot I am. Ty Lee: Oh for sure. No one can pull off being a little off and hot like us. Deadpool appears next to the women. Deadpool: Hell yeah girls and I'm so glad you're having fun…want to have a three-way? Harley Quinn takes out a mallet and smacks him away. Harley Quinn: The only downfall is the idiotic men. The Mask and Freakazoid came in offering the women gifts, but Ty Lee pulled the lever nearby dropping two anvils on them. Ty Lee: Yeah, I think we should go try getting the girls to let us join them. Pinkie Pie: Wait, don't go! I just invited a friend of yours Ty Lee to join us. Ty Lee's face turned pale. Ty Lee: Please tell me it's not Azula? Pinkie Pie: I didn't ask, I had the Warners do that for me. Ty Lee: Oh no. A blue lightning blasted over the women as the three Warners ran by laughing, while Azula chased after them. Azula: Get back here you freaks! Freakazoid: Did someone call my name? Azula hits him with blue lightning and chases off after the Warners. This caused the building to get burned down as everyone took off. Ty Lee: Yeah, we better go. Villain's Pub Deadpool is in the pub with the Joker, Voldemort, and Loki as he explains what happened to his club. Deadpool: So I didn't have any fire insurance and now I have to find another place to set up my club. Joker: That's a shame, I really was looking forward on checking it out. Deadpool: Yeah about that. Ivy put a restraining order on you to stay away from Harley, remember? Joker: I don't know what you are talking about. Loki: You threw her out of a moving car, again. Voldemort: Like for the fifth time. Joker: She had it coming…she dropped a pickle on my pants. Loki: You have issues. Deadpool: Yep, that is why she is with me. Joker: Whatever, I'm more of a lone wolf kind of guy. I like to do my own work instead of people getting in my way of my creativity. Speaking of which, do you want to know how I got this… Voldemort: If its scars I swear I will use my want to shut your mouth. Joker: The plastic one that you can get at Party City? Voldemort: It's not a plastic wand! It's a real one and it can't be replaced. Loki: Didn't you try doing that for the last movie when you got the old man's wand? Voldemort: I don't know Loki, why didn't you try killing the Avengers when you had them falling from the sky or stop the Hulk from beating you up? Loki: Well why didn't you send your snake away somewhere safe, instead of letting it loose around Potter's friends who had a magical sword to kill it? Joker: Oh damn, that is so true. Deadpool: I agree, not a wise thing to do there Slender Man. Voldemort: I'm not Slender Man! Why do people always confuse me for him? He's even over there right now! They look over to see Slender Man with Doctor Facilier in talk about getting him a movie deal with Hollywood. Deadpool: Oh okay, so you're his cousin then? Voldemort: No! I'm Voldemort! Deadpool: Who? Voldemort: Lord Voldemort! I'm the dark wizard that everyone in the magical community fears. I'm he-who-must-not-be-named. And I'm the one who… Loki: Got defeated by a baby and again by the same boy years later. Voldemort: Hey! He got lucky. Joker: Twice? Deadpool: Wow, are you sure you're in the right place?

Voldemort: Oh shut up, at least I have a movie unlike you.

Deadpool: It's getting there. My new agent is dealing with Fox and Disney to get me my own movie, with me running it.

Voldemort: Oh please, who is crazy enough to go up against them?

Pinkie Pie came into the room wearing sunglasses and a business suit.

Pinkie Pie: Wade! We've got the deal!

Deadpool: Hell yeah! Let's go party then, Pinkie!

Deadpool takes out a rocket launcher and takes off with Pinkie Pie.

Voldemort: What the?

Joker: Hmm, I wonder if she wouldn't being my agent.

Loki: Me too.

The End

Dracula is sitting nearby with the Annabelle doll and Frankenstein across from him.

Frankenstein: So, you two have two big movies coming out. What do you think?

Dracula: All I have to say is if they fuck up my movie, I will destroy Hollywood. What do you think Annabelle?

The doll falls to her side.

Dracula: I agree, it should be better than Paranormal Activity.

Katie from Paranormal Activity, who is possessed by the demon Toby appears.

Katie/Toby: Hey! My movie isn't that bad.

Katie/Toby begins crying.

Katie/Toby: It's not!

She runs out of the pub.

The doll sits back up and stares at Frankenstein.

Frankenstein: I agree, once you add in witches and cults then you ruin everything.

How season two of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) should have ended Super Café

Superman is sitting next to Raphael, while Batman is sitting next to Donatello and Michelangelo.

Superman: So, you guys had um interesting season?

Raph: Just say it dude. We got our asses kicked.

Mikey: Badly.

Donnie: We lost our home, the city, our sensei, and we almost lost our brother. And it's all my fault.

Batman: Probably.

Superman: Dude.

Batman: What? You saw how it ended and anyways don't beat yourself up kid. We've been there before.

Donnie: Oh please, your Batman and Superman. How would you know how it feels to let the bad guys take over the city you were tasked to protect?

Superman: Really? You're going there?

Batman: I got my back broken, the city got taken over by a masked guy who you can't even understand what he is saying, I climbed out of a hole, helped take the city back, and saved it from a nuclear bomb.

Superman: And you don't want to ask me what happened to Metropolis. Seriously don't I am still getting grilled for how many people died because I chose a different direction of how I could have stopped the bad guys.

Raph: Wow and we still have another season to go to see what happened to the city.

Donnie: Yeah, but I still wonder if there was another way we could have stopped the invasion. Iron Man passes by.

Iron Man: I can think of one.

How TMNT Season two should have ended part 1

New York City

The Kraang has launched their invasion on the city, using their perfected mutagen to transform the people into mutants. The Kraang found the hideout of the turtles, forcing them to retreat from their home. Thanks to the Shredder they were also able to weaken one of the turtles, defeat their master, and their ally forcing them to go on the run. As the turtles flee, Kraang Prime stood over the city confident that their victory is as sure as done. Kraang Prime: Kraang has controlled the city known as New York City and soon Kraang will control the world!

Suddenly something small hits one of the ships, causing it to blow up. The Kraang turn around and see the Avengers nearby.

Iron Man: Hey guys, what's up?

Kraang Prime: Son of a Kraang.

Hulk: Hulk Smash!

Super Café

Raph: That would have been cool if it ended it like that.

Donnie: Except, didn't they destroy much of the city?

Batman: Probably.

Spider-Man appears hanging over the group.

Spider-Man: Yeah, but I can think of another way it could have ended.

Superman: No, no you don't get one.

Spider-Man: What? Why not?

Batman: You do remember what happened last time you were here, right?

Spider-Man: Oh come on, don't tell me you guys are still upset about what I did?

Mikey: What did he do?

Batman: He aimed a gun at me and threatened to kill me if Clark didn't reverse time.

Superman: Yeah dude, not cool.

Raph: That isn't cool, dude I thought you're supposed to be a hero.

Spider-Man: You don't understand. My girlfriend was dead, I was hurting, and well I mean I bet Batman here would have done the same if he asked you.

Batman began to laugh nervously.

Batman: Um yeah no I would never do something like what you did.

Superman stares at him raising an eyebrow.

Superman: Really?

Batman: Um yeah so what other ways could the city have been saved?

Superman: Well, I got one.

How TMNT Season two should have ended part 2

New York City

The Kraang has launched their invasion on the city, using their perfected mutagen to transform the people into mutants. The Kraang found the hideout of the turtles, forcing them to retreat from their home. Thanks to the Shredder they were also able to weaken one of the turtles, defeat their master, and their ally forcing them to go on the run. As the turtles flee, Kraang Prime stood over the city confident that their victory is as sure as done.

Kraang Prime: Kraang has controlled the city known as New York City and soon Kraang will control the world!

Suddenly Kraang Prime feels someone tapping on behind him. He turns around and sees Superman. Superman: Hey.

Kraang Prime: Son of a Kraang.

Super Café

Superman: See?

Batman: Seriously? Didn't you learn anything from the last invasion?

Superman: Yes I did and I know that taking out the leader should have been the first thing I did. That or I would have gone back in time to warn you guys about the invasion.

Donnie: I thought you said you are trying not to do that.

Batman: And yet he does it, like to save Peter's girlfriend.

Superman: He had a gun pointing at your head.

Batman: I would have found a way around that, you know why?

Mikey: Why?

Batman: Because I'm Batman!

Raph: And?

Batman: And because I'm Batman, that's why.

Donnie: That doesn't make much sense.

Batman: A turtle and human being together doesn't make sense!

Superman: That's actually true. Seriously dude, you should try finding someone else.

Donnie: Like you should try coming up with a better disguise than wearing glasses to hide who you are?

Raph: Oh burn!

Mikey: Turtle burn! Nice one, but anyways I have a much better way how things could have ended.

How TMNT Season two should have ended part 3

New York City Donatello explains his plans on how to deal with the Kraang Invasion. Donatello has finished building a giant robot that he is confident will help them defeat the invasion. Mikey: Giant robots are awesome! I vote Turtle-Mech. Leo: But that thing is not even ready. It could damage New York, more than help it. Donnie: It's ready…enough. Leo: There's got to be another way. We need to establish a second base, outside the city. Donnie: There is no time for that, Leo. The Turtle-Mech is solid. If I were leader… Leo approaches his brother. Leo: But you're not leader Donnie, I am. Mikey: Oh snap. Splinter: Enough! Splinter approaches his two sons. Splinter: Your egos fight one another when we should be preparing to fight the Kraang. Mikey: Oh, oh I have an idea on how to stop the invasion and the Kraang. Both brothers turn to their younger brother deciding to hear his plan. Leo: Fine Mikey, what is it?

Mikey: Well, while I was in Dimension X I met a friend who was trapped by the Kraang. I freed him and he owes me a solid. Donnie: And who is your friend? Mikey: I'll show you, after you make a portal to bring him in. Later that night The Kraang has launched their invasion on the city, using their perfected mutagen to transform the people into mutants. The Kraang found the hideout of the turtles, forcing them to retreat from their home. Thanks to the Shredder they were also able to weaken one of the turtles, defeat their master, and their ally forcing them to go on the run. As the turtles flee, Kraang Prime stood over the city confident that their victory is as sure as done. Kraang Prime: Kraang has controlled the city known as New York City and soon Kraang will control the world! Suddenly the turtles appeared on the rooftop and opened a large portal to bring in Mikey's friend. A large 350 feet tall monster as it lets loud roar. Mikey: Go get them, Godzilla! Godzilla began charging up for his Atomic Blast, while Kraang Prime looks on scared. Kraang Prime: Son of a Kraang.

Super Café

Donnie: Very unlikely that you know Godzilla, but that would be kind of cool.

Raph: Yeah it would, but wouldn't he destroy much of the city?

Superman: I think the city is already destroyed much from all the damage the Kraang did.

Batman: Yeah, I'm still surprise the military didn't do anything about this invasion when it first happened.

Mikey: I'm sure they have a reason why they didn't do anything. But still, my way of how it could have ended rocks. You know why?

Donnie: Why?

Mikey: Because I'm Mikey!

Batman: Yeah, that doesn't work like mine, because I'm Batman!

The End

Super Heroine Café

Supergirl is sitting next to Batgirl, who didn't want to sit next to Karai in snake form.

Supergirl: So um, why are you here?

Karai: Because this is where the heroines hang out.

Batgirl: I don't know if um you count as a heroine.

Karai: What was that?

Her eyes begins to turn a snakes' and she shows her hangs.

Batgirl: Never mind, you are welcome here anytime.

Karai's eyes turn back to normal.

Karai: That's what I thought.

Issues Super Heroine Café Korra is sitting next to Supergirl and Batgirl after they finished watching the new episodes of her show. They just saw how the new bad guy doesn't want to hand over the Earth Kingdom she was helping rebuild, Bolin prefers to work for a dictator than with his brother, Toph still kicked ass, and Korra has some metal left in her. Korra: Come on guys, get it out of me. Batgirl: Not going to happen. This is something you need to solve on your own. Supergirl: Yeah, don't drag us into this. Korra: I have been dealing with this for three years. Not being able to walk for months, I've been beaten up by me or some illusion of me, and got lectured by a grumpy old woman. Supergirl: Who kicked your ass as well, which was very funny. Korra: She got lucky, okay? Supergirl: Just kidding. Still, I'm surprise she has been alive all this time. It must have awesome to meet her for the first time. A shame she wasn't like the old Toph we know…the young version I mean. Batgirl: I know, right? I like how she was the lemon lord. Korra chuckled a little. Korra: Yeah, I remember Katara telling me about that. She took her a role a little too far when she almost crushed Sokka. Batgirl: It's still fine. So anyways, sorry about all you went through for three years. From almost being killed, not being able to walk for months, and struggling to get back on your feet. I have seen it before and I know coming back from something like that is not easy. Korra: How exactly do you know that? Batgirl: Robin, he was captured by the Joker and was put through hell until he became a pawn in the Joker's sick game. Supergirl shivered. Supergirl: Just remembering seeing that scene send a chill up my spine. Korra: I bet, anyways why can't you guys get the metal out of me? You guys have the technology to do it, right? Batgirl: We don't even know where the metal is exactly at. Korra: Can't your friend use her x-ray vision to see? Supergirl: I could, but I won't. Toph says you need to do this on your own and figure out what your problem is. Korra: I have no problem. Batgirl: We all do, just like that crazy dictator chick who wants to be a tyrannical ruler. Korra: Well if she is such a threat, why don't you guys deal with her? Supergirl: We could, but we don't like doing someone else's work. Korra: Fine, I'll go figure out what I need to do to get the metal out of me. Are you two happy with that? Batgirl: Happier than Batman who can't seem to pop the question with any girl he dates. Supergirl: Didn't he date you too? Batgirl:…shut up. Anyways, where did Toph go? Meanwhile on the other side of the shop, Toph is sitting across from Katara talking about the good old days. Toph: Oh man, I still remember how you guys could not tell me messing with you when I say I see something or how you guys keep failing to remember I'm blind. Katara: I remember and how every time I tried teaching you to read those books for the blind, you kept sneaking off. Toph: I don't need to read when my adventures are my own stories. Heck, I told my kids about all the times you were a party-pooper. Katara: I was being responsible and at least you didn't tell them the time you kissed Suki, thinking she was Sokka. Toph: At least I didn't kiss Zuko and Haru. Katara: I never kissed either one. Toph: Whatever Sugar-Queen. At least I am doing more in this season than you did in the past. Katara: What are you talking about? I helped Korra out in the past, especially during her six months recovering. Toph: Soooo where were you during the attack on the Southern Water Tribe during season 2? Katara: At least I didn't hide in the swamp for years, while knowing what was going on in the world. Toph: At least I help find what was wrong with Korra and tried helping her Katara: I don't think kicking her butt counts as help and how am I supposed to know if there is metal in her. I'm not like you. Toph: Exactly… Toph takes out her old Earth Rumble title belt Toph: and that is why I am still the best in the world! You know why? Katara: Why? Toph: Because I'm the Blind Bandit! Katara: I think I liked it better when you weren't around. The End Villain's Pub Zaheer is sitting next to the Joker, Voldemort, and Loki going over the new season. Zaheer: So, it looks like my plot was pointless. Voldemort: No, just the Red Lotus. Joker: You know what you guys need? Is a lot of explosions, speaking of which do you want to know how I got these scars? Zaheer: No and I don't want to know. Joker: Aww come on, it's good. Loki: What you guys need, is an awesome villain. That's what you need. Zaheer: I'm a good villain. Better than the last two. Voldemort: I think he means a good villain with a good plot. Loki: Exactly, like an invading alien force. Voldemort: Or an invading dark wizard force. Joker: Or just explosives…seriously it's better than an army. Zaheer: I don't need an army to destroy my enemies, and I don't need to wear a reindeer helmet to do it. Loki: At least I didn't get my girlfriend to lose her head. Zaheer: At least I didn't get my butt kicked by a giant green monster. Loki: At least I'm more popular than you and didn't get my show off the air. Joker: Oh snap. Zaheer: I say we settle this outside. Loki: Bring it on, baldy. Voldemort: Hey! Loki: You are bald. Voldemort: Awww. Joker: And I'll bring out the explosives. Zaheer: No explosions. Joker already activated the self-destruct button of the Predator. Joker: Whoops. Loki sighed in annoyance. Loki: I hate you all.

Super Café Superman is sitting next to Captain America, while across from them are Tony Stark and Batman. They had just finished watching the Avengers Age of Ultron teaser trailer and are now discussing their opinions on it. Superman: Why is it you guys always seem to find a way to make trailers that make ours look bad? Tony: Maybe because when we make a trailer we make it as epic and awesome as our movie. That makes a lot of money. Superman: Our movie made money too. Tony: But not enough to beat us or Skyfall. Batman: At least mine took the number one spot. Tony: For just that one year, right? Captain America clears his throat to try and change the subject. Captain America: Anyways, what else did you think of our trailer? Pretty cool, huh? Superman: It's not bad, except. How can Stark be Iron Man in the movie? I thought you blew up all your suits to be with your girlfriend? Batman: Yeah and in the trailer he somehow has another suit, then that big Hulk suit to fight the Hulk. Tony: I'll tell you, if you explain how you got all the way from the other side of the world in such a short time, and how come you went to talk to a priest instead of your dad to stop Zod? Batman: Well Sup could tell you his, but I'm not. Tony: And why not? Batman: Because I'm Batman! Superman sighed in annoyance. Superman: Moving on, it said in the premise you made Ultron. I thought Ant-Man made him? Captain America: Well we changed that because the guy's movie doesn't come out until after ours. So, we couldn't fit him into our movie to have that happen. Batman: Fine, but answer us one more question. How are you going to stop someone that tore your shield, the same thing that withstood Thor's hammer, in half? Captain America: We're still working that out, but we'll find a way. Tony gets a call on his cell phone. Tony: Okay, I'll tell him. Hangs up the phone and turns towards Captain America. Tony: Your girlfriend called. Said they found someone who might be able to help. Captain America: Great, who is it? How Once Upon a Time should season 4 have ended before it actually ended Forest The Snow Queen has used her powers to trap Hook's feet trapping him, while she speaks with Elsa about what happened to her. Snow Queen: You wonder, how you ended up trap in that urn. It was your sister. Anna put you there. Elsa: You're lying. Snow Queen: Am I? Look at the people in this town. They're ready to burn you at the stake. Elsa: Because of what you did, you hurt one of them. Snow Queen: You mean that woman, Marion. That was an accident. Elsa: No, it wasn't. You wanted them to think it was me. To blame me. Why? Snow Queen: I was trying to teach you a lesson. Eventually everyone turns on people like us. Even friends, even family, they're just waiting for a reason. She then summons several ice spikes to appear over Hook to fall on him, but Elsa tries to stop it. Snow Queen: Don't bother, I neutralize your magic. When your friend is found, you'll look responsible. Then they'll turn on you, and they'll treat you like the monster that they truly see you as. And you'll know I'm right. But before she could kill Hook, she is hit with a shield knocking her out. The ice above hook is zapped away by lightning. They look over and see Captain America and Thor arrive. Captain America: Hi, sorry to interrupt. Elsa: Um, who are you? Captain America: I'm Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. And this is my friend Thor. Thor uses his hammer to break Hook free. Hook: Thanks mate, nice hammer. Thor: Nice hook. The Snow Queen began to recover, but is shot in the neck by a dart as Black Widow appeared talking to Hawkeye through her comlink. Black Widow: Threat neutralized and will now escort her to somewhere more secure. Hawkeye, how are you guys doing dealing with the guy known as the Dark One? Hawkeye: Going pretty good. Hulk is seen grabbing the Dark One by the legs and begins smashing him on the floor. Hulk: Puny Dark One, puny Dark One, puny Dark One! Elsa: What do you want? Captain America: We came to see if you would like to join us and save the world. If you do then we'll help you find your sister and go home. Elsa: Really? Well, okay sure. Um save the world from what exactly? (May 1st 2015) The Avengers watch as Ultron appears with his army of machines as they begin attacking the city. The heroes all get ready as they prepare to fight. Captain America: Avengers, let's take them down! The heroes all charged at the machines, while Elsa stays back frightened. Elsa: I wonder if it's too late for ABC to take me back. The End Villain's Pub Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr. Gold aka the Dark One is sitting at the bar covered in bruises and his right arm in a sling after what the Hulk did, and after Belle found out the truth about what he was up to which ended in the marriage being called off. Loki: I know how you feel. Mr. Gold: And how do you know how I feel? Loki: Because I too was beaten up by that green monster and my plan to rule failed. Mr. Gold: Yeah, but you now have control over Asgard. Loki: Oh yeah, that's true. See ya Goldie. Mr. Gold sighed in annoyance. Mr. Gold: I hate Marvel.

Big Hero Café Coffee shop Superman is sitting next to Hiro Hamada, while Batman and Baymax are sitting across from them. They had just finished watching the Big Hero 6 movie, and are going over how the movie went. Hiro: So, what did you guys think about the movie? Pretty awesome, right? Superman: I think it was okay, but I did have some questions about why you guys didn't make your helmets to cover more of your faces like that Fred guy. Batman: Yeah, you're not exactly hiding your identities from the bad guys like how we do it. Hiro replied sarcastically Hiro: Oh sure, no one would ever suspect your Bruce Wayne and your Clark Kent. Superman and Batman: What?! Superman: I mean kid, I think you have us confused with someone else. Batman: Yeah, I'm not Bruce Wayne. Who I heard is awesome, but not as awesome as me. Ask me why. Baymax: Why? Batman: Because I'm Batman! Baymax: I fail to understand that logic. You are Bruce Wayne and you are Batman. Therefore you are already awesome, so you cannot be more so if you are one and the same. Batman: Um what? Superman: Wait a minute. You had balloon bot here scan us, didn't you? Hiro: That and it's kind of obvious. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Batman: Oh yeah? Explain. Hiro: Well, you always disappear whenever a fight occurs, Batman just happens to have a lot of expensive looking gadgets that I highly doubt he got on his own or could make on his own like certain people I know, and how you didn't change your voice much in the old movies until those Dark Knight movies but even then we all know it's you. Superman: Damn, he got you there. Okay kid, how about me? Hiro: You weren't hard to figure out. Hiro takes out a pair of glasses and places them on Superman. Hiro: Kent Clark. He then takes the glasses off. Hiro: Superman. He puts them back on. Hiro: Kent Clark. And takes them off again. Hiro: Superman, see what I mean? Batman began laughing. Batman: Damn, he got you good. Superman: He got you too. Batman: Yeah, but a lot of rich people live in Gotham. You? All people need to do is put glasses on you and that's all we need to know. Superman: At least my costume fooled people for years. Yours kid, everyone will know who you and your friends are just by looking at your faces. Batman: Yeah, the only one here who has a better costume than you guy is the huggable balloon guy here. The only flaw to him is the voice which doesn't sound all that threatening to any bad guy you guys might face, no offense. Baymax: I cannot be offended, I am a robot. Hiro: True, but at least our movie doesn't have as many flaws as both of yours. Superman narrows his eyes at Hiro. Superman: What do you mean? Our movies don't have flaws. Hiro: Baymax, show them. Baymax shows the information on a laptop. Baymax: Statistics show your movies have a lot of plot holes and mistakes, which have left many fans upset with how they were left unresolved. Batman: Oh yeah? Named one. Hiro: Superman not going to see his dad about how to deal with Zod. Batman getting all the way around the world in time before the bomb goes off. That is just one of many from your movies. The shop got quiet as Batman and Superman glared at Hiro. Baymax: My scanners detect both anger from both men. Suggestion, a hug to help relive their anger. Hiro: Oh well maybe give them a hug, I'm sure they would like one. Superman: Uh yeah no. If he touches me I am going to…Bruce what are you doing? Batman is hugging Baymax, until he realized what he is doing. Batman: I don't know what just happened. He is just so huggable and soft. Superman sighed. Superman: Okay, this is getting weird. I'm out of here. Superman flies up through the roof of the shop. Hiro: That guy has issues, doesn't he? Batman: Yes he does little man. He gives Hiro a fist-bump and then one to Baymax. Baymax: Bah-a-la-la-la. Aunt Cass: Why is there a hole in our ceiling and roof?! Batman: Um…the Bat Signal! Batman takes off out of the store, while Hiro quietly slips out of the table. Hiro: Well Aunt Cass I would love to help you explain that, but we have to go meet up with the others. Come on, Baymax! Hiro grabs Baymax and they run out of the store. Meanwhile on the other side of the store, Batgirl and Supergirl are sitting on opposite sides with Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago sitting next to them. Supergirl: And that is why girls we are better than the guys, because we use our brains instead of our brawns to get the job done. Batgirl: I hear that. So, we saw the movies and we have to say you guys did a good job as heroes. Although I agree, next time make sure your costumes hide your identity better. GoGo: Well we were focusing more at the time on making our weapons to fight Callaghan. We didn't have time to think about hiding our identities. Honey Lemon: But now we know and we'll do that. Anyways, this is so cool that we get to hang out with you two. Can I get a picture with you both? Supergirl: Sure, but maybe when you have your suits. Otherwise people will be asking questions. Honey Lemon: Oh of course I understand. GoGo: So, you two are not upset that Marvel is continuing to make good movies than DC, right? Supergirl: Nah, we're fine with it. I say this is payback for DC not using us much like we have been asking. Batgirl: Yep, we told them that karma was going to bite them on the ass. Anyways, we heard you're the fastest. GoGo: Yeah, why? Batgirl motions towards her bike. Batgirl: Up for a little race? GoGo begins to smile. GoGo: You are so on. Supergirl: Want to go cheer them on? Honey Lemon: Of course, this is going to be fun. Deadpool: Four ladies having fun? I'm game. GoGo: What are you doing here? Deadpool: Because I'm Deadpool! And your movie was okay, but you guys needed one more thing. He presses a button and the island where the teleporter was at blew up destroying everything. Deadpool: Explosions baby! Deadpool out! The End Villain's pub Robert Callaghan is sitting at the bar upset that he let his vendetta get the better of him. If he had taken a different path his daughter could have been saved and he wouldn't have killed one of his best students. Loki: Oh stop moping around. So you killed one of your students, became a villain, and you are now hated by your daughter. Look on the bright side. Callaghan: What bright side is there? Thanos appears and puts a pin on his jacket that says "Villain's Pub member". Thanos: Welcome to the club. Ultron then appears as he pulls all three men in for a hug. Ultron: You've got a friend in us. Thanos: Sweet. Loki: Um yeah, stop hugging and please don't sing that Pinocchio song.

Christmas Celebration Super Heroine Café Elsa is sitting next to Batgirl and Supergirl as they went over the mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time. It was a good way to end things before the season continues next time in March, but the heroines did have some problems towards it. Batgirl: What I don't get is why you guys didn't use all your magic together to get rid of the Shattered Sight curse? Heck, she could have told you guys about Gold being a bad guy before she died. Elsa: Well, there wasn't any time and my aunt I guess didn't think it was important at the time because he was leaving Storybrooke anyways. Supergirl: Still, I think if you guys did use your magic together it could have worked. If it did then she could have told you about Gold, you could have worked with Regina, the four of you could have kicked Gold's ass, and then things would have ended well for all of you. Elsa: Okay, yeah might have worked and my aunt would still have lived. Then we could have all gone back home, defeat Hans, she could have been there for my sister's wedding, and she could have had the family she's always wanted in the end. Batgirl: Exactly, heck if she explained everything to you guys in the beginning then you three would have talked about it and things could have ended differently. Elsa: But what about Emma? Supergirl: Girl is tough, she would have survived. By the way, where is your sister? Elsa: She is exploring the city with two nice women we met. One was wearing some sort of jester outfit and the other had green skin. They said they were going to the mall and then to the bank. I guess not all people we meet are bad after all. Batgirl and Supergirl stared at each other shocked before they rushed out the door leaving Elsa confused. Elsa: What? Emma comes by and sits across from Elsa. Emma: I think you left your sister at the hands of two dangerous criminals. Anyways, how are you guys going to spend the holidays? Elsa: Probably going to spend it back home instead of here. That's if Anna wants to leave. Emma: She too fascinated with this world? Suddenly a Hummer car crashed through the dinner as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are thrown out of the vehicle. Anna appears wearing a helmet and looks okay. Anna: Sorry girls! Still trying to learn the whole brake thing, but at least the helmet worked. Elsa sighed. Elsa: Does that answer your question? Emma: Yeah um you guys may want to get out of here before Wonder Woman sees what Anna did to her shop, again. Elsa: Good point, Happy Holidays Emma! Elsa grabs her sister and they run out of the shop just as Batgirl and Supergirl arrived to see the two villain women on the floor injured. Batgirl: Um should we call a hospital? Supergirl: Probably. Wonder Woman comes by and sees what just happened. Wonder Woman: You all better be getting money this holiday season because my insurance is not covering this…again. Deadpool: Maybe if we kiss under this mistletoe then everything will be okay. Wonder Woman grabs Wade and tosses him out of the shop. Deadpool: Merry Christmas! Villainess Pub Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil are sitting around celebrating how things went for season 4's mid-season finale. Even if they didn't get to appear as much on the show as they were expecting they still are glad to be the main villains for the rest of the season. Maleficent: The only downside is we have to work with Gold. That guy is as annoying and creepy as that Deadpool guy. Ursula: I think Deadpool is more annoying than him. Anyways, how are you ladies going to spend the holidays? Cruella: I'm thinking about going shopping for a new fur coat. I think I'll pay the zoo a visit to see which fur would look good on me. Ursula: Seriously, you have a problem when it comes to fur coats. Cruella: You're just jealous that you don't look as good as me when I wear them. Ursula: I don't need to wear a dead animal skin on me to look good. Maleficent: Ladies, we all know that fur coat or looks don't make someone look good. It's the dark magic and transforming into a dragon that makes you look good. And that is how I am spending the holidays. I saw met this fellow who has some similar interests as me. They look over to see Smaug nearby fighting Chernabog. Ursula: Um, which of the two is it? Maleficent: I don't know. I'm just waiting to see who wins so we can go out. Ursula: Wow, well I am spending the holidays trying to get my hands on that trident…and probably scare some children dressed as Santa Claus. Cruella: Well, you do have the weight to pull that off. Ursula: That's it! Ursula tackles Cruella down as they begin to brawl around the floor. Maleficent sighed in annoyance: Maleficent: I am surrounded by idiots. Deadpool crashes through the roof of the pub and wraps his arm around Maleficent. Deadpool: Hey baby, how about you and me go pay Angelina Jolie a visit? So we can spend the holidays trying to unwrap the gift I left for you two in my package? Maleficent snaps her fingers as Deadpool freezes over. The Snow Queen aka Ingrid walks in and sits next to Maleficent. Ingrid: Men. Maleficent nods in agreement. Maleficent: Ain't that the truth. Red Queen: Off with his head! Super Café Superman and Batman are sitting in their usual booth as they show Christmas movies on a TV nearby and Christmas songs on a radio. Superman: So, how are you going to spend the holidays? Batman: Oh I don't know. Probably going to drive around the city and see if any assassins try to kill me. Superman: Um didn't that happen already? Batman: Yeah but, it didn't stop. The year after that it happened again except it was with a new group of assassins. The same the next year, and the next, and well you get the idea. Superman: Doesn't that get old? Batman: Kind of, I mean I don't mind beating them up. But so far the new assassins have been getting dumber and desperate. Superman: Well good thing I'm spending my holidays with Lois Lane and my family…um well you could come if you want? Batman: Nah, I got someone to spend time with this year. Killer Frost walks over, surprising Superman. Superman: Really? Batman: Eh, I've dated Catwoman and Talia. So don't be too surprise I'm dating another one of my enemies, you know why? Superman: Don't say it. Batman: Come on, it's Christmas. Just say it. Superman sighed in annoyance. Superman: Why? Batman: Because I'm Batman! Batman and Killer Frost take off. Superman: All I want for Christmas now is for him to stop saying that. Villain's pub The villains all sit in their seats receiving lumps of coal from Santa, again. Rumpelstiltskin aka Gold is sitting next to Joker, Loki, and Voldemort upset with what happened. Joker: So Goldie, what are you going to do now that you got your ass kicked by your ex-fiancé and got kicked out of Storybrooke? Gold: Get my revenge of course. I will get back to Storybrooke and destroy everyone who ruined everything for me. Then I will find that fat man and stick these coals up where the sun don't shine. Loki: I like that idea and maybe we can steal Christmas like that skeleton man did last time. Voldemort: Yeah, but it didn't end well for him. Anyways, if you need some magic I can help you out as long as you help me get, Harry Potter! Gold: Um yeah I prefer to find my own way of getting magic instead of one with a stupid wand that you can get at Party City. Voldemort: Stop that joke! It is not funny! Joker: Well, here's what isn't funny. We have to stay indoor so we don't run into that psychotic Santa. By the way, Voldie did you lock the place down? Voldemort: Wait I thought it was Gold's turn to do it. Loki: You idiot! He is new, so of course he doesn't know about locking the doors today. Gold: Wait, why do we have to lock the doors? The roof exploded as two robotic reindeers are hovering with a sled. Standing in the sled is a robot Santa Claus. Evil Robot Santa: Santa is here and he has a special gift for all of you. He pulls out a Minigun that fires coal at the villains, who all take off and scream. Evil Robot Santa: Merry X-Mas to everyone! The only one enjoying the gift is Robot Santa Claus who is using the coal to shoot at people The End Villain's pub Joker, Gold, Loki, and Voldemort are hiding under a table as Evil Robot Santa continued attacking. Loki: This is why we don't spend the holidays with you, Voldie. Voldemort: Well, at least he didn't bring the rocket launcher. A rocket lands near the villains as it begins to beep. Joker: Oh this is going to hurt.

New Year

Super Heroine Café Korra and Asami are sitting next to each other, while Supergirl and Batgirl sit across from them. They just finished showing their friends the ending of their how and how things went. Korra: So, what did you guys think? Batgirl: I like how you were able to defeat Kuvira. Shame about your dad though, Asami. Asami: It's okay. I wish things had turned out differently, but at least everyone forgave him for what he did years ago. Korra: I know I did, especially after what he did to help us defeat Kuvira. Supergirl: Speaking of who, what is going to happen to her? Korra: Oh she is being locked up for her crimes, along with those who refused to stop fighting for her. Still, I'm glad things ended without more live being lost. I just wish things didn't have to go this far. I mean how would you guys have stopped Kuvira? Batgirl: You're kidding, right? I would have landed on the head of the robot, cut a hole through the head, and drop a bat-knockout gas. Supergirl: I would have just picked up the robot, tossed it into space, and let her come down crashing to the ground. Or just freeze the arms, then break them one by one, and then kick the girl's ass. Asami: Huh, all good ideas. Why didn't you try the freezing part? Korra: I don't know. Maybe because I'm not a super-powerful alien that can do things I can't do? Supergirl: Except go into Avatar mode to fight the robot. Heck, why didn't you go all giant mode like you did against Vaatu? Batgirl: Oh yeah. You did do that and it was coo. Now that would have been an awesome fight to watch. Avatar Korra versus giant robot form. Who will win? Supergirl: I still think tossing the robot into orbit works. Korra: Okay fine so there are other ways I could have beaten Kuvira's weapon. Asami: Relax, in the end the show ended well and a lot of people like how it went. Batgirl: Yeah, about that um what was up with the ending? I mean are you two well you know…together? Korra: Does it matter? It's not like anyone didn't see this coming or saw that coming. Korra points to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by outside holding hands together. Batgirl: Good point. Asami: By the way, are you two together too? Supergirl: No…at least here no. FanFiction I'm sure there are a few. Batgirl: Yeah…you know we could...- Supergirl: No, happy New Year's guys. The End Super Café Superman and Batman are sitting in their usual booth watching people return from their New Year parties. Superman: Man, people get so crazy after those parties. Batman: I know. It was also a long night for me, especially with all the bad guys I had to arrest. From stopping Joker from blowing up city hall, to stopping Scarecrow from detonating his fear gas in a mall, and from stopping Riddler set off an explosion in a dollar store for not having any hats his size and color. Superman: Soooo basically all three of them try to blow things off in what different times? Batman: No at the same time. Superman: Wait so how did you stop all three of them? Batman: I used a tool from my utility belt to deactivate them and I stop all three of them. Superman: Wow, I would have just use my super speed to deactivate all of them before they blew up. Batman: Yeah well I don't have super powers like you. Anyways, I don't really need them. You know why? Superman sighed in annoyance and replied in a sarcastic tone. Superman: Because you're Batman.

Batman: Exactly, because I'm Batman and Happy New Year!

Bad ending?

MacLaren's Pub

Batman is sitting across from Superman in their booth after the Super Café got damaged after Deadpool ran Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet plane through the roof three times. So the owner kicked the heroes out until an insurance company can be found that will pay for the damages caused by super heroes, villains, or insane characters.

Superman: Sooooo why did you choose this place to go to? I mean this isn't exactly a place I wanted to go hang out in.

Batman: Why? It doesn't look so bad. Plus it's like from the show, which you told me you like.

Superman: Liked. I just don't like it anymore, especially how it ended.

Batman: What do you mean?

Superman: You do realize the show ended like last year, right?

Batman: They did? I thought it was still going. I know because I saw it yesterday.

Superman: No, it ended last year. Wait, which channel are you watching it on?

Batman: FX.

Superman: Oooooh I see. Those are re-runs dude. FX is allowed to show the old episodes until the finale. Hell Netflix has all the episodes too, including how it ended.

Batman: Oh man. I thought it was still going.

Superman: Dude they advertised the finale for weeks and even announced when it was ending. How could you not know about that and not see it?

Batman: Uh maybe because I was out that night fighting crime and protecting the city.

Superman: I took down all the criminals in my city and saved the world from an asteroid all an hour before the show began.

Batman: Yeah well I don't have super powers like you and can't fly around the world in a few seconds.

Superman: Right, sorry. So I guess you don't want to know what happens in the finale then.

Batman sighed in annoyance.

Batman: You know what? Go ahead. Tell me what happened?

Superman: Oh okay.

  • One episode explanation later*

Outside the city

Ted: Robin! You ready to get going?

Robin: Yeah, just need to finish finding my purse.

The doorbell begins to ring at the front door as Ted goes to open it.

Ted: Hello?

Batman tackles him to the ground, punches him in the face, and tosses him outside. He puts a bag over his head and puts him in the Batmobile before driving back into the city and back to the bar.

Robin: Ted?

MacLaren's Pub

Batman comes back to the bar as he puts Ted in the booth where Superman is at and takes the bag off.

Ted: What just happened? Who are you?

Batman: I'm Batman! And you're the guy that ruined my favorite show! Well you and the writers, but I will go after them later.

Ted: What is he talking about?

Superman: Oh I told him about "How I met your mother" ended and he got mad.

Batman: Your show sucks!

Ted: Whoa, okay hold up dude. What about the finale didn't you like? Is it the part where my wife died? I get it a lot of people didn't like it, but I had no control over that.

Batman: That's not it! Although yeah I hate how the mom got killed off. Seriously, the show was leading up to you two getting together and we didn't get to spend more time with her. What the hell?!

Superman: I agree. That sucked how we don't get to know her more like we were hoping and ended with you getting with Robin for what feels like the 100th time.

Ted: Okay it wasn't that many times.

Superman: And when we do see you with your wife it is for a few scenes. That's it and we've seen you with Robin way too many times.

Batman: Too much!

Ted: Okay look I get why you guys are mad, but…

Batman: And then we have the other problem I had with the finale. Robin and Barney breaking up. Why? What was the point with that entire season having it focus on their wedding, showing how much they love each other, and then have them be together for a short time before breaking up. Superman: Don't forget the aftermath.

Batman: I can't! Where Robin is so focus on her job, while Barney goes back to boning. I'll admit NPH can pull that off, but dude he just isn't cool as he was when the show began. Not to mention him knocking up a woman, changing to more of an adult, and getting a new Playbook.

Superman: All that really lost a lot of fans about Barney's character.

Ted: I noticed people having a problem with that, but it wasn't my fault they went with that direction.

Batman: I'm not done! Then we have your kids who after hearing your loooooooooooooooooooooong story are okay with mom being dead and wanted you to go after Robin. What the hell? Those kids are as horrible as your show.

Ted: Okay that's going too far don't you think?

Superman: I think he's just getting started.

Batman: And then we have the ending with you getting back with Robin. Why? We don't care about you two getting back together since we know how it kept ending. Is that why they broke Robin and Barney up to have you two together? If so that was dumb! And I know dumb. Just watch what they did with Batman and Robin!

Batman takes a sip of his drink and tosses it in the floor.

Batman: Now I'm going to go find a criminal to beat up, you know why?

Ted: Because you're

Batman: You don't get to hear it!

Batman runs out of the bar and drives off in the Batmobile.

Superman: I didn't mind the first half of the show, but unlike him I don't spend my nights fighting criminals. Soooooo, see ya.

Superman flies out of the bar.

Ted: Um can I go now?

The end

Super Heroine Café

The next morning Supergirl and Batgirl are sitting across from one another drinking coffee after spending the whole night cleaning up after Batman's little tantrum after finding out how his favorite show ended.

Supergirl: I think this is why guys should not watch good shows. They'll end up complaining and bitch about it.

Batgirl: At least he didn't go on a riot like those crazy sports fans. Now those are people you need to look out for.

Barney: Ain't that the truth.

Barney Stinson appears before the women and sits down next to Supergirl.

Barney: Hey there beautiful ladies. You two up for a little three-way fun? It's going to be legen-wait for it-da…

Barney is shot by Elsa freezing him.

Batgirl: Thank you.

Elsa: Anytime. I just hope Once upon a Time doesn't end the same way their show went.

Anna: Only time will tell.

How Star Wars Rebels season 2 should have ended


As the Ghost crew prepares to take off, Darth Vader arrives to fight them. Kanan and Ezra ignite their lightsabers as they try taking down the Sith Lord on their own. Vader shows he is too much for them as he easily takes Kanan down and uses the Force to knock Ezra to the wall. He then uses the Force to move Ezra's weapon towards him ready to kill him, when he is hit by a hammer.

The rebels look over to see the Avengers standing there looking ready to fight.

Captain America: Don't worry guys, we got this.

Iron Man: Yeah, we'll take this guy down.

Darth Vader gets up and sees the Avengers.

Darth Vader: Hey! You guys aren't from this universe.

Thor: No, but we are all part of the Disney universe.

Darth Vader: Uh what are you talking ab…

Hulk grabs him and begins smashing him on the ground about ten times before he stops then drops him.

Hulk: Puny Sith.

Ezra joins Kanan as the Avengers begin arresting Vader.

Ezra: Wow…that was easy.

Kanan: Yeah and I guess we don't have to worry about dealing with the Empire alone huh?

Iron Man: Oh yeah no don't worry about the Empire we already have someone taking care of the Emperor.

  • Meanwhile*

The Emperor is tied up while screaming after Scarlet Witch used her powers to mess with his mind, Quicksilver is running around arresting the Imperial soldiers and loyalist, and Vision hacked into the network to have the Empire be shutdown.

Scarlet Witch: This was so easy.

Quicksilver: I know right? I mean could you imagine how things could have been like if we were here during the Clone Wars? Oh man that would have ended so easily.

Vision: And so many lives would not have been lost.

(Another way it could have ended)

Darth Vader is on his TIE Fighter attacking the rebel ship trying to draw out the rebels and take out their members. The Ghost crew rush into their ship as they jump into their positions.

Hera: All right kids do mom and dad proud.

As Hera has the ship unlock with the Rebel ship, Vader comes back to attack damaging the shield.

Hera: Ghost moving to engage.

But before she could attack, Vader's ship is attacked by another fast ship, which belonged to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Vader's ship begins spinning out of control as he drifts off into space.

Star Lord: Hope you guys don't mind us stepping in and make things easier for you guys.

Groot: I am Groot.

Hera, Kanan, and Ahsoka at the cockpit were surprised by what happened, and were also glad they got some backup. Kanan: Well, that was um easy. Thanks?

Hera: Where are these guys coming from anyways?

Ahsoka sighed.

Ahsoka: Just go with it. After two years of being absent, not sure if I was alive or dead thanks to the dumb mouse, and these guys being bought like us I learned to just go with it.

Hera: Wait what?

Super Heroine Café

Ahsoka sat in her booth with Hera and Sabine with Batgirl and Supergirl sitting with them. Hera: Soooo this is where female heroes hang out to talk?

Supergirl: Talk, eat, get away from stupid guys, and just be friends. Sabine: It's not bad, but it could use a bit of art. Do you guys mind?

Batgirl: We don't, but Wonder Woman does.

Wonder Woman walks by.

Wonder Woman: I don't mind, as long as you don't blow the place up.

Sabine: Got it, thanks!

Sabine runs off and begins spraying around.

Batgirl: Anyways, that was a short season especially with everyone from Marvel helping you guys out.

Ahsoka: I didn't mind, but I wish someone would have told me Vader was Anakin.

Supergirl: It was kind of obvious and didn't you two share a bond or something?

Ahsoka: Not after I left. I was distancing myself so I didn't keep in touch with him. I wish I knew though something was wrong. I could have gone to help him.

Supergirl: Yeah um trust me you didn't want to be around him when he went nuts.

Ahsoka: Why?

Padme appeared in spirit form.

Padme: I think this will answer your question.

Hera: Whoa…I wonder how the guys are doing.

Super Café

Superman is sitting across from Batman, while Iron Man and Kanan sat next to him, and Star Lord sat next to Superman.

Superman: So, what happened to Vader?

Star Lord: Oh we caught his ship before he could escape and shocked his suit so he couldn't do anything. Then we handed him to the Avengers who let him escape somehow.

Iron Man: We didn't let him escape, he just got away somehow. Whatever just ask the author about that.

Star Lord: The who?

Batman: So anyways, what about the Emperor? What did you guys do with him?

Iron Man: Oh he's locked up with his buddy somewhere safe.

Kanan: A place you guys refuse to tell us where it is exactly.

Iron Man: Trust me dude the less you know the better.

Batman: I hope you guys didn't send them to Asgard, especially how the criminals all escaped from there.

Iron Man: At least not as much as Arkham.

Star Lord: Oooooh burn!

Batman: Hey!

Kanan: What's a burn?

Superman: All right settle down you guys. So what does this mean about the original trilogy? I mean won't this effect the future?

Iron Man shrugged.

Iron Man: Eh, it can't be as bad as seeing an entire planet get blown up. Right, Clark?

Superman: Okay that was a low-blow dude.

Iron Man: It has been years dude and other people are doing it too get over it.

Batman: You know he's right. It's time to get over it, you know why?

Kanan: Um why?

Superman: Oh come on!

Batman: Because I'm Bat…

  • The Batmobile crashed into the building with Ezra, Zeb, and Deadpool came out from the vehicle as the two rebels pointed at Wade*

Ezra & Zeb: It was him!

Deadpool: Snitches.

The end

Unknown location

Darth Vader and Darth Sidious woke up tied, duct tape covering their mouths or at least duct tape just on Vader's helmet mouth, and both couldn't move as a chair appears in front of them. The chair rotates revealing Discord sitting in the chair.

Discord: Hello, my name is Discord the spirit of Disharmony and I've been assigned to teach you two how to be good. The first thing we're going to do is I'm going to show you for the next seven days the entire season 1-5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, along with the two animated movies. Are you two ready to begin? The two men shook their heads.

Discord: Good, Pinkie Pie do you mind?

Pinkie Pie appeared pulling the curtains over so the readers won't see what is going on, but can hear the two men screaming.

Pinkie Pie: And just wait till they see the behind the scenes feature of making the show. They are going to have so much fun, goodbye everybody!

How Jurassic World should have ended Isla Nublar Clair: Okay the Indominus Rex has a tracker on its back I can track it from the control room. Owen: And you didn't bother putting a way for us to track it in this room? Clair: No time! Got to go! She takes off to her car and drives off. Guard 1: So um do we go into the pen to see if it got out? Owen: We could, or… Meanwhile Clair is on the phone talking to the technicians to see if they found her dinosaur. Clair: Lowery, it's me. I want you to track where the Indominus Rex is at. At the control room Lowery, Vivian, and the owner Simon Masrani are watching the screen where the dinosaur is at. Lowery: Um Clair it's still in its pen. It hasn't gotten out. Clair: What? Really? So it didn't break out? Lowery: No, it's still inside. So nothing to worry about. Clair: Oh, okay then *she hangs up and calls Owen* Owen! Don't go into the pen, the Indominus Rex is still in its pen. Owen: Uh yeah we know that. We just went outside to check if it landed outside of the wall. Nothing, so we think it's still inside. Clair: That's great, that means I can continue working on the park without anyone losing their jobs, costing the park money, getting people killed, traumatizing children for life, go through a scary experience where it will cause me to appreciate spending time with my family, and us being together in a relationship. Owen: Yeah, glad we dodged that bullet *he turns towards the guards* what a bitch, am I right? The guards nod in agreement. Meanwhile inside the Indominus Rex lets out a small annoyed groan. I. Rex: Awww you guy suck…also yeah she is horrible. What kind of mom leaves her kids with someone like that? (Another way it could have ended) Simon Masrani is speaking with Dr. Henry Wu who is in charge of the genetics research on Jurassic World about the Indominus Rex after the animal escaped and killed the team that was send to capture it. Simon: So let me get this straight. You made dinosaur mixing in different DNAs of other animals and you are refusing to tell me more because it's classified? Wu: Yes, I'm sorry but I can't tell you. Simon: Dr. Wu, you do realize I own all of Jurassic World, correct? Wu: Well yes you do. Simon: That means I also own everything you and your scientist do in this room because it is with my money, right? Wu: Well, technically yes that is true, but… Simon: So, I can have you fired or have you be responsible for the death of the people if you don't tell me what you did. Dr. Wu eventually told Simon Masrani everything and gave him the information on how to stop the dinosaur hybrid. The dinosaur was captured and taken away to a secure area while everyone involved in creating the animal to be used as a weapon were arrested. Simon: Looks like I'm not dying after all *he puts on his sunglasses and gets on his helicopter* now time to talk to Clair about having a giant dome to see if we can move the bird dinosaurs so they don't kill anyone. (Another way it could have ended) Vic is with his security team as they prepare to use the Raptors to attack the Barry, one of the Velociraptor trainer watches as Vic Hoskins who is head of InGen's security division, bring in his men along with their equipment preparing to take over once any plans to stop the Indominus Rex until Owen arrived with Clair and her nephews. Vic explained his plan to stop the dinosaur using the Raptors to track it so his team can kill it. Vic: And this is happening with or without you. Owen: Wait, so you brought in all these weapons, all these men, and your plan is to use the Raptors to track the Indominus Rex down so you can use your weapons to kill it? Vic: Yeah, why? Owen: Um, why don't you just use all your weapons and vehicles to track it so you can kill it? Hell, you have a helicopter. So why don't use it to help find where it is and kill it so the dinosaur doesn't maybe turn the Raptors on your men, have many of them killed off, and get eaten yourself by one of them. Vic: Oh shit your right. Okay, new plan guys.

  • Five minutes later*

The Indominus Rex is spotted by the team's helicopter as all the men come in with their rocket launchers, surround the dinosaur, and killed it. Owen: See, real easy. (Another way this could have ended) The people were able to get off the island, Clair returned her nephews back to their parents, and she is now together with Owen after surviving the dinosaur attack on the island. Clair: Looks like we got our happy ending in the end huh? Owen: Yep, everything turned out oka… Woman: Oh my God! The dinosaurs have become more advanced and are taking over the world! Clair: Wait what? The dinosaurs appeared attacking the people riding on the helicopters, using tanks, and using guns to attack the humans. Meanwhile the T-Rex watched through the screen in the control room, while the only Velociraptor uses the controls. Blue: Yeah, they probably should have seen this coming. It is Jurassic World after all you know. T-Rex: Yes it is. The end Super Café Batman and Superman are sitting down drinking coffee as the people are being attacked by the dinosaurs. Superman: So um should we do something about this? Batman: Hmm probably not. I mean we could and things could end so easily with us taking care of the dinosaurs. Superman: That's true, like I would have frozen the Indominus Rex with my ice-breath or fly back in time to stop them from making the dinosaur in the first place. Batman: I would have used a sleeping gas to put it to sleep along with the flying dinosaurs, which in a way was kind of stupid for them to make just like that cage they put them in. Superman: Yeah, seriously that wasn't smart. I mean if something like that hybrid dinosaur could break through what are the chances anyone else would have done the same. Batman: Yeah, you know what else I would have done? I would have used my Bat-bot to fight the dinosaur. Superman: But then we wouldn't have the awesome fight between the hybrid dinosaur and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Batman: That's true, but you know what would have been cooler? Me, riding on the back of the T-Rex to fight the dinosaur. You know why? Superman: We know why dude you don't have to say it we know what you are going to say. Batman: How do you know it won't be different? Superman: It won't. Batman: It could be. Superman: But I know it won't be. Batman: Just ask and find out. Superman: I don't want to. Batman: Do it. Superman: No.

Batman: Comeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

Superman: Fine, because why?

Batman: Because I'm Bat-what the hell?!

The dinosaurs broke in and began attacking the two heroes with advance weapons, one with a kryptonite gun and the other with laser guns.

  • One hour later*

A Velociraptor dressed up as Batman sat across from a Velociraptor dressed as Superman. Raptor dressed as Batman: Because I'm Raptbat!

How Gravity Falls Should Have Ended Alternate Ending #1 Dipper: Look I've been thinking about it. I won't be gone forever, okay? I'll still visit you at home and we'll chat online. We'll make it work. Mabel: I don't want it to work. I just wish summer can last forever. Dipper: But it can't, Mabel. Look things aren't going to stay frozen this way. It's part of growing up. Things change, summer ends. Mabel: Wait a minute. Why can't I stay here as well? Dipper: What do you mean? Mabel: Well, why can't Grunkle Ford teach the both of us? I'm sure mom and dad would be okay with him teaching us. Plus, it can be a good reason to help keep Grunkle Stan from leaving. Dipper: Wait, he was leaving? Mabel: Yeah, overheard them talking about how when we leave, Grunkle Ford wants Stan out of his home. So if we both stay… Dipper: He can't be kicked out. I guess that could work and if not then there is a school here that you can go to.

  • Mabel gasped*

Mabel: And I can see my friends without having to leave! Let's stay together! Dipper: Yeah, problem solved. We're staying in Gravity Falls! Mabel: Yeah!

  • Meanwhile*

Bill Cypher watches from outside, while possessing Blendin. Bill: Dang it! Alternate Ending #2 Stan is outside putting a sign up, when the same goat that has been seen around the house appeared biting his hat. Stan: That's it, goat! It's time I threw you off this property for good! Bill: Maybe I can help you with that. Bill appears before Stan, hovering over him. Stan: Who the heck are you?! Bill: Name's Bill and I'm here to make you an offer. An offer where if you help me, I will give you whatever you want. Stan: Wait a minute. Aren't you that one-eye weirdo that has been messing with my family?

  • Bill begins laughing*

Bill: Yeah, so I am, but I've only been messing with them so I can come to this world and rule it. If you give me a hand, then I will give you anything your heart desires. Stan: Forget it! I'm not going to help you, especially if you keep hurting my family. Bill: I'll tell you what. I'll leave your family alone, but in exchange you give me a hand with a little project I've got working on. However, if you don't then I may have to *demonic voice* hurt them. Stan thought about the deal and knew it was too risky, but for his family he had to try. Stan: I give you a hand and you promise to leave my family alone, forever? Never to bother, harm, or intrude on their lives again? Bill: Sure, so what do you say? *he extends his hand as blue flames surround his hand* So, do we have a deal? Stan moves his hand up Stan: Yes, it's a deal. Bill: Good. Bill shakes his hand, but then the hand comes off. He takes a look at it and realizes it's a fake hand. Stan: There, I gave you a hand. Just like I agreed I would. Now you have to go back to your home and never bother my family ever again. Bill's eye widen in shocked. Bill: I…I…I just got…tricked?! Nooooooooooo! Alternate Ending #3 Stan and Ford are trapped inside the prison, Bill made to keep them trap, while he went to capture the kids. Ford: I'm going to play the only card we have left. Let Bill into my mind. He'll be able to take over the galaxy and maybe even worse, but at least he might let the kids free. Stan: What?! Are you kidding me? Are yo honestly telling me there's nothing else we can do? Ford: Bill is only weak in the mind-scape. If I didn't have this darn plate in my head, we could just erase him with the memory gun when he steps inside my mind. Stan: What if he goes into my mind? My brain isn't good for anything. Ford: There's nothing in your mind he wants. It has to be me. We have to take his deal. It's the only way he'll agree to save you and the kids. Stan: You really think he'll make good on that deal? Ford: What other choice do we have? Stan thought about it and then came up with an idea Stan: Well, I found this in your room when you were gone and I may have used it a few times. Will it help? Ford recognized it and knew what they could do. Ford: Stan, this is perfect. And I know just how we can use it to stop Bill.

  • Minutes later*

Bill returned with the children captured

Bill: All right, Ford. Time's up! I got the kids. I think I'm going to kill one of them, just for the heck of it. Eeny, meeny, miny…you!

Ford: Hold it! You're not going to kill anyone, because we have one last trick up our sleeve.

  • Bill begins laughing*

Bill: Oh yeah, what are you two going to do?

Stan: Not us.

Stan points to behind Bill, who sees the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Inhumans, standing over the bodies of his defeated minions.

Bill: Well…didn't see that coming.

Hulk jumps towards him and tackles Bill down, then begins beating him up, while the kids were able to escape.

Dr. Strange frees the brothers, who reunite with the kids, while the other heroes beat the hell ot of Bill.

Super Café

Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford are seen sitting in a booth with Superman and Batman, telling them about what happened to Bill.

Ford: So, Bill was defeated by the heroes, he and his minions have been send back to their world, and everything went back to normal.

Stan: The town thanked us for saving the day and we were all seen as heroes.

Mabel: And then we got to celebrate our birthday.

Batman: That sounds like it would have been another awesome way to end the show. You know, without trying to use that memory gun.

Stan: Well, we were going to switch clothes, trick Bill into thinking I was Ford, and then use the memory gun on me. But I think this way was easier.

Superman: Probably wouldn't have worked.

Dipper: What do you mean? They look the same, they can probably try sounding the same, and Bill would not know the difference.

Superman: Um yeah, have you seen their fingers?

Batman: Yeah, I don't think Bill would have been fooled that easily if he had seen your fingers.

Dipper: Maybe so, but Bill would have been so caught up that he beat us that he probably wouldn't have seen their fingers to notice the difference.

Mabel: Exactly and that is why being a twin rocks!

Mabel and Dipper give the other a high-five.

Superman: Right, well if I was fighting against Bill I would have just flown back in time to stop him from ever tricking you to give him the rift.

Ford: Flying back in time wouldn't exactly work. It makes no sense.

Batman: Thank you! If I was going up against him I would use a bat gadget to beat Bill.

Stan: How would using a bat toy beat Bill?

Batman: It's not a toy. It's a tool to help me fight crime…BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!

Mabel: Oh yeah?

Mabel puts on a Batman sweater and puts on a mask over her eyes, then tries to talk like Batman.

Mabel: I'm Batbel! Batman: I'm Batman! Mabel: I'm Batbel! Batman: I'm Batman! Mabel: I'm Batbel! Batman: I'm Batman! Mabel: I'm Batbel! She puts a sticker on his face. Mabel: Deal with it. Superman: I like her, she's funny. Dipper: And is a great sister. Mabel: Aww thank you…*places a Robin mask on his face* Ropper. Dipper: That's not a good… Mabel: Grappling hook! Mabel grabs her brother and fires her grappling hook gun as they go to the ceiling, crashing into it. Mabel: We're okay!

The End

Villain's Pub

Bill Cypher is in the pub sitting next to the Joker and Voldemort, while drinking his drink through his eyes.

Voldemort: That is just gross.

Joker: I like it. Hey, do you want to see a magic trick?

Bill: Sure, let me show you mine *he turns Voltemort into a gold statue* ta-da!

Joker: Oh I think you're going to fit in just fine.

Super Café Batman and Superman are sitting across from the other in their booth, unaware who has joined them.

Superman: So, think they revealed too much about our movie when they showed Doomsday?

Batman: That was Doomsday? I thought it was Kermit's long-lost-ugly cousin. Superman: Well…that's up to debate. But, what do you think? Batman: I think it will be fine, besides it doesn't matter. Everyone knows our fight will be the best part of the movie, especially how I will make you bleed. Superman: Will that be before or after I removed your mask, while you're chained up? Batman: Well, it will probably be before I show your punches are no match for me. Superman: Now that, I am curious to see how you actually did that. ?: Aren't you guys supposed to be friends at the end? Batman: Huh? Who said that? Batman looks down and sees a small rabbit wearing a police uniform sitting next to her. Judy: Judy Hopps, ZPD, at your service. Superman: You didn't see her there? Batman: No I saw her, but I thought it was one of Zatanna's bunnies that got away from her hat. And what the heck is ZPD? Superman: And why are you dressed as a cop? Judy: ZPD means: "Zootopia Police Department," and I'm a police officer. ?: But before that she was a marking meter officer. Superman looks down next to him is a fox, wearing sunglasses, a colored shirt, and tie. Judy: Hey! That job put me on the path to helping solve an important crime…with your help of course. Batman: Wait, I'm confused. How does a rabbit become a cop and work with a fox? Aren't you guy's natural enemies? Nick: Technically, yes that is true. However, after she blackmailed me I was able to help her solve the crime and save the day. Judy: Maybe I wouldn't have to blackmail me if you didn't trick me. Nick: Not my fault you fell for it, silly rabbit. Superman: Okay, this is getting weird. Why are you guys here anyways? Judy: Because, we're heroes too and we came by to meet you two great heroes…before you guys fight. Batman: Well, I wouldn't say you guys are heroes like us. I mean yeah, you did solve the crime together and saved your city. But we saved our cities and the world many times...at least I do, unlike someone who gets their destroyed so many times. Superman: Okay, I get it I didn't do a good job protecting the city. At least I didn't hide for years and get my ass kicked by a guy who no one understands what he is saying. Batman: Well, at least my movie made more money than yours…you know why? Judy: Because your… Batman: Because I'm… Nick: Batman! Yes, we get it. Anyways, unlike you two maniacs, we saved the city in less time than you two and with less damage. Superman: Oh sure, causing a panic in the city, splitting prey and predator civilians because of what the bunny here said, and taking more than 48 hours to actually solving the case. Something we would do a better job at doing. Batman: Yeah, we would have solved it in less than an hour, you know why? Nick: Don't care, but would be interested to know how you two would solve this crime. Judy: Yeah! In less than 48 hours. Superman: All right, here is how I would… Nick: Without destroying the city or killing anyone. Superman: Oh…um well still this is how I would do it. How Zootopia Should Have Ended (Superman) Judy and Nick arrived earlier at the home of Manchas. A black panther that works for Mr. Big, a mob boss leader as his limo driver. After being attacked by Mr. Otterton, an otter that attacked the chauffer and disappeared. They asked about the Night Howlers that the otter told the panther about, but before getting any new information the driver turns savage and attacks them. They managed to escape, but are confronted by Chief Bogo, an African buffalo that made the deal with Judy where if she didn't solve the case she would be fired. As he yells at her, Superman arrived with the tied up panther. Superman: Here is your proof. The savage panther that attacked these two…*takes off and comes back with a sheep* and here is the shooter. Superman then hands the chief a gun with some blue balls inside. Superman: Those are called "Night Howlers" that causes predators to go prey and oh that small little sheep that works for the mayor is the bad guy…your welcome. Superman then takes off. Super Café Superman: See? That's how you get it done. Judy: I see, well we don't have superpowers like you do and we didn't know there was a sheep there that shot Mr. Manchas. Nick: Yeah and besides you didn't give me a chance to give my awesome line against the chief that made me look awesome. Batman: Right, that awesome scene where you also figured on using the camera to find out where the panther went…even though you probably could have showed that to the chief who would have believed you guys, then find out where the animals were taken, and then Judy wouldn't have gotten on the stand to tell the animals about the predator in their genes thing. Nick: Oh…right well, how would you have done it, bats? Judy: Yeah, how would you have solved this crime and remember, no causing damages to the city. Batman: Piece of cake. How Zootopia Should Have Ended (Batman) Judy and Nick after finding the secret train cart, which contains the "Night Howlers" flowers in them. They are seen being grown by Doug, the sheep who is getting ready for his next target. However, when he hangs up the phone the door is broken open and a ram is thrown into Doug knocking them down. Judy and Nick see Batman walking in, with another unconscious ram being dragged by his hand. Batman: Yeah so, I went back to that limo car and found bits of that flower thing on the seat where the otter sat in. Thanks to the cold it preserved them and made them easier to find if you all checked them out. Judy: But wait…how did that lead you here? Batman: Well, I spoke to the weasel and he told me everything, after I found out he had been delivering a lot of those flowers to the sheep. Plus, I can hack into the phone to find out who his boss is. Batman gets the phone and sees a Caller ID. Batman: Or just check the ID on the phone. Now we can figure out who gave the orders and bring them to justice…you know why? Nick: Because you're… Batman: Because I'm Batman! Super Café Batman: See? That's how I would have done it, without causing any kind of damage. Superman: Yeah, granted the guy in charge of this probably has other ways it could have ended, but knows we would cause too much trouble. Judy: I see…well, again we don't have superpowers or billions of dollars to have fancy gadgets. We solved the crime by working together and learning a lesson. Batman: Like not teach your kids to be racist and put muzzles on other kids? Superman: Like don't judge someone from how they look or where they are from? Batman: Or how always suspect the sheep of being evil and when a bully fox is picking on you, always go for the nads? Superman: Or that animals don't have nads or anything else down there? Judy: Okay! We get it! Point is, we have a better lesson than you two who just destroy and kill. So, in a way, we're the better heroes. She puts on her hat and her vest on. Judy: Good day. She takes off and leaves the store. Superman: Um, is she a parking meter again? Nick: She's undercover to catch some robbers who like staking out at places before they rob a joint. But I think it's mostly because she brings in the city a lot of money for being able to get 200 tickets before the afternoon. Batman: Well, good thing I don't worry about that because…hey! Batman runs outside when he sees Judy giving him a ticket for the meter running out near his Batmobile. Batman: I was just a few seconds late to pay my meter. Judy: Well, you should have been paying attention, you know why? Batman: Um, why?

Judy: Because I'm Judy Hopps, *She jumps up and sticks the ticket on his face* ZPD!

The End

Villainess Pub

Dawn Bellwether, the former assistant mayor and former mayor is seen sitting at the bar, upset that her plans not only failed, but she got embarrassed by the same rabbit she thought would understand her. She then feels Cruella de Vil's hand on her wool, rubbing it. She smacks her hand away, annoyed by what she is doing.

Dawn: For the last time, I'm not selling you my wool!

Cruella: But it feels sooooo soft. You must let me use the wool for my next coat.

Dawn: Not going to happen.

Maleficent: I agree, especially how it would keep us from doing this.

Maleficent now begins rubbing her wool head.

Dawn: How long is this going to go on?

Cruella: Until the next evil villain comes in for us to pick on.

Dawn groaned in annoyance.

Dawn: I hate you all.

How the Jungle Book 2016 Should Have Ended India Bagheera the panther walks through the jungle at night as he looks for something to eat. He hears what sounds like an animal roaring from nearby and the sound of a man screaming. He heads towards the source of the sounds and sees Shere Khan the tiger fleeing a cave. He appeared to be in pain and Bagheera spots a light that came from the cave. He figured a man had walked into the jungle and used the red flower to light the cave. He knew that man's red flower is a dangerous creation, especially how destructive it is if it was unleashed in the jungle. He sees something walking out of the cave and wonders if the man survived his encounter with the tiger. However, much to his surprise it was actually something smaller than a man. After getting a closer look he sees it's a man-cub. A young man-cub that appeared before the panther, but didn't look afraid. Bagheera approaches the young boy and could see no fear in his eyes. No, his eyes as full of innocence and curiosity. Looking over at the cave he saw what he assumed was the boy's father. He felt bad for the young man-cub and wish he could have done something to help him. Now he couldn't raise the young boy, but he did know someone who could help him. Later Bagheera arrived to meet with Akela the wolf and the leader of the wolf pack. Along with his mate, Raksha as they are told about what Bagheera wanted to do with the man-cub, who is seen playing with their pups. Akela: Soooo, let me get this straight. You wanted to leave the man-cub with us to be raised, until he is old enough for you to take back to the man village before Shere Khan finds out about him? Bagheera: Yes, that was my original plan since I can't take him with me right now. It's too far away and he needs some food to eat. But I soon realized that wouldn't work out well since he might get too attached to the jungle and might end up wanting to stay. So, I thought you could help me get him some food so he can be ready for the trip. Raksha: Oh okay, we thought you wanted us to keep him. I mean, we probably would do it, except well…he's a man-cub and we're wolves. I don't think it would have worked. Akela: Especially how other predators might try eating him and how he would do surviving in the jungle since we don't live like humans do. Bagheera: Exactly, I mean when we say this out loud I think we can all agree that a man-cub being raised by wolves is ridiculous. Now a man-cub being raised by apes, sounds more logical. Raksha: Oh yes, for sure. After all apes and man are sort of similar and they don't eat humans. Akela: Nope, not like us. So, we'll help you with the man-cub and help take him back to the man-village. Bagheera: Oh thank you so much. Super Animal Café Bagheera is sitting next to Nick Wilde, while Judy sat next to Baloo who is eating some honey. Bagheera: And so we found a very nice village that don't worship the red flower like this other village that we found. Mowgli is all grown up, has a good education, and is living with a nice family. Nick: After of course you decided not to leave him with a family of wolves. A smart move, especially how the kid would probably not make it the first year. Bagheera: I know that. I mean, the poor man-cub probably would end up being feral if I did that. Nick: Or eaten by a giant snake, kidnapped by monkeys, or mauled by a tiger. Yep, smart move there panther. Judy sighed as she speaks up. Judy: Okay, am I the only one who is going to say it? Can you two put some clothes on? Baloo: Relax, little bunny. We live in the jungle where we don't wear any clothes. If we did, then we would all look weird. Besides, I did wear clothes before. Nick: Oh yeah, weren't you a pilot that fought against pirates? Baloo: Yep, but I had to deal with a nagging mom like Bagheera. Bagheera: I don't nag. I'm being responsible, there's a difference. Baloo: Like I said, nag. Nick: I know that feeling. Judy narrows her eyes at Nick. Judy: And what's that supposed to mean? Nick: Oh come on, when you found out I 'tricked' you, you couldn't stop nagging at me. Even when you blackmailed me to help you. Judy: You're just upset because you got 'tricked' as you call it, by a bunny. Baloo: You two seem to have some trouble. You both need to relax, sit back, and sing with us. Look for the… Panda Deadpool: No singing! It took me weeks to get that song out of my head. I don't need it back in my head. Judy: Thank you and…why aren't you wearing any clothes?! Panda Deadpool: Because A. not all Disney animals wear clothes. It's true, check it out readers. And B. because this is the nudist animal café shop. If you wanted one with clothes, go next door. Judy looks around and realizes all the animals are not wearing any sort of clothes. She grabs her things and covers her eyes as she begins leaving. Judy: I-um think I'll go next door…Nick you coming? Nick: Nah, I think I'll stick around here… Nick then spots Maid Marian passing by and heading to the café shop next door. Nick: Um on second thought, let's get going. Judy sighed in annoyance as she follows him. Bagheera then turns towards Panda Deadpool Bagheera: So um, you're a panda that is dressed as that ghastly, Deadpool? Panda Deadpool: No, I am Deadpool! *Roars* Give me my honey! The End Animal Villain's pub Shere Khan sits next to Scar and Kaa as they go over the success of the movie. Scar: So, they have you killed off by burning alive in the fire? That's sort of cruel, don't you think? Shere Khan: Well, it's better than being eaten alive by hyenas before being burned alive as well. Besides, I at least didn't go out like a weak villain. Scar: I'll have you know I am a good villain, especially how I killed my own brother the way I did. Shere Khan: Hmm all right, I'll give you that. Kaa (Scarlet voice): That wasss a good death ssscene. Although, many are complaining we ripped off that buffalo ssscene in our movie. Shere Khan: I'm well aware of that, but at least many liked my performance, especially how I did more than my animated counterpart did. Scar: Oh yes. Killing the boy's father, defeating his friends, and going out the way you did. Bravo, my friend and at least you won't get a crappy sequel. Shere Khan: I agree. Kaa: At leassst, we won't look ssso weak like our counterpartsss did in that movie. Ratigan walks towards the two villains, dressed as a bartender. Ratigan: Okay, who ordered the pink Piña colada? Everyone looks up as Chernabog, the devil from "Night on Bald Mountain" as the song begins to play when he pulls his wings away. He moves his large hands down and grabs the ground carefully with two fingers, while giving the rat bartender a gold coin for tip. Kaa: Um, doesss he count asss an animal villain? Scar: Try asking him and you'll end up like your counterpart? Scar points to Chernabog wearing snake skin gloves and necktie. Sher Khan: And that is why I don't like coming here often.

Star Wars Day Super Café Superman and Batman are sitting across one another after they went to see the movie Captain America: Civil War. They both sighed at how the movie went and how so many people love it better than their movie. Superman: What do you think went wrong with our movie? I mean we came out two months before their movie and we were getting so much hype for it. But now…what happened? Batman: I think it was just the choices they went with and for trying to be like the Avengers. You know, focusing so much on other stuff and trying to fit in as many characters into the story. Superman: Well, that's stupid. They should have cut out some of those extra scenes and focus on us some more. Batman: Yeah, and maybe even focus a little more on Wonder Woman and me. Because, let's face it. We're a hot couple together. Superman: Yeah I highly doubt…*several people dressed as Jedi and Stormtroopers passed by the window* um, what's going on? Batman noticed the people and sees others dressed as other Star Wars characters. Batman: Hmm, not sure. Maybe the eight movie came out already? Superman: I don't think so. Old Obi Wan and Master Yoda appeared in ghost forms next to the two heroes. Obi Wan: Don't you both know? It's Star Wars day? Batman: Wait, what? Yoda: Star Wars day it is called. A day in where the people celebrate Star Wars they do. Superman: You guys made a holiday for people to celebrate you guys? Obi Wan: Oh not us, the fans made it and it's a fun day that everyone enjoys. Yoda: Enjoy watching movies they do, or watch the TV shows, or hang out with others they do to celebrate the day. Batman: Hmm, that actually sounds cool…how come we don't have a Batman day? Superman: Or Superman day and I think the reason we don't have that is because we have conventions for that. You know, where people go dressed up as anime, video game, TV, or Comic book characters? I think that counts. Batman: I still think we should have at least a Batman day…you know why? Superman: I don't know. Why don't we ask Martha about that? Batman gasped. Batman: Why would you say that name?! Batman takes off running and crying, while the two Jedi Masters stare at Superman. Obi Wan: That was sort of rude, don't you think? Superman: Would you prefer hearing him say the same thing he always does? Obi Wan:…okay, fair enough. Yoda: Hmm mind hearing it I do not. Superman: Yeah, well anyways. Did you guys see our movie? Obi Wan: Um well yes we did….but then we went to see Captain America's movie and we forgot what happened in yours. Superman: Oh…well I mean it's cool. I mean, I get it if you didn't like it. Yoda: Not bad it was, but confused on so much that happened in it we are. Superman: Yeah, you'll have to see it many times in order to completely get everything. Obi Wan: Well, we're actually going to go see the Civil War movie again. Want to join us? Superman sighed. Superman: No, it's fine. Go have your fun. The two Jedi soon disappeared as Batman came back. Batman: Okay, I'm good. Where did the old guys go? Superman: They went to go see Civil War…I wonder what everyone else are doing. Meanwhile At the Super Heroine Café shop, Batgirl and Supergirl are hanging out with Ahsoka to talk about Star Wars Day and the season 2 finale of the Star Wars Rebels series. Ahsoka: So, I walked down the dark hole and everyone assumes I'm either dead or alive. Batgirl: Well, from how it looked I can understand why they would feel this way. Still, we're glad you're okay and hope you're enjoying Star Wars Day. Supergirl: She's right. It must be fun being seen as a role model to other young girls and being loved by so many. Ahsoka: It is nice and I'm enjoying the holiday. Although, I do wish so many older guys would stop asking me out or ship me with so many characters in their stories. Batgirl: I know that feeling, but hey at least you didn't get shot and crippled by a freaking clown. You know, just like they are planning to do to me in the upcoming animated movie without giving me a chance to do much like everyone else. Supergirl: Barb, calm down. I'm sure they had something planned for you. Batgirl: Well, why didn't they use me for that Bad Blood animated movie then? I could have done a lot you know. Ahsoka: I get the feeling she's ticked off, is that how you call it? Supergirl: Yeah, but um hey anyways, I doubt they're going to strip you naked like in the comic and have them take pictures, right? Batgirl just sat quietly and didn't say a word. Ahsoka cleared her throat and tries moving on. Ahsoka: Um, so anyways did you guys see that Civil War movie? Batgirl: Yeah, I mean Batman didn't like how their movie did better, but I thought it was cool. Supergirl: Oh yeah and Steve Rogers is so cute. I wouldn't mind joining Captain's side and fight against Iron Man. Batgirl: Same here, I mean can you imagine though if we had a civil war in our universe? Ahsoka: Isn't that what Injustice was? Batgirl:…Um, I guess so? Supergirl: Well, whatever. It was still cool and want to go see the movie with us? Ahsoka: Actually, I've got to go get things ready for season 3. Supergirl: Wait, are they bringing you back? Ahsoka: I guess we'll have to wait and see. Villain's Pub Maul is sitting next to the Joker, Voldemort, and Loki talking about the Rebels series and how today is Star Wars day. Loki: So, you planned to turn the young boy to become your apprentice so you could use him to destroy your enemies? Really? Maul: What? I think it could work and I've got so many fans who agree with me. You know, the same fans that brought me back twice and are celebrating this glorious day with me. Voldemort: I still don't get how the fans got a holiday for a science-fiction movie and yet we don't get a Harry Potter day of our own. Joker: Doesn't that amusement place at Universal Studios count? I mean, people go there all the time and they can have fun playing wizards. Voldemort: That's different, besides Star Wars has the same thing in Disney and yet they still get their own day. Loki: You have to look at it through their point of view. Star Wars has been around longer than Harry Potter so it is more popular. Besides, what are you complaining about? I heard you guys got another book coming out. Maul: I heard about that. Are you guys trying to do what we did with the sequels to the original trilogy? Voldemort: Of course not, don't be ridiculous. Joker: Well I like it and I think it will do well like this Rebels series. Can't wait to see you do there, Maulie. Maul: Thanks, now if you excuse me. My fans are waiting for me to continue celebrating this great day with them. Maul put on his sunglasses and took off. Voldemort: I still don't get it. Loki: Have you even watch the movies? Voldemort: No, why? Loki sighed. Loki: Just watch them and you'll see why so many love the movies. Voldemort: I shall do no such thing.

  • Hours later*

Voldemort is at Disney dressed as Darth Vader and bought a lot of the Star Wars merchandise. Voldemort: I know understand. The End Villain's Pub

Darth Vader is sitting at the pub with his cape and suit looking damaged. Darth Sidious approaches him with his drink and noticed the outfit.

Darth Sidious: You know they do this every Star Wars day, why don't you get protection? Darth Vader: Because I want to feel the love! Even after all I did they all love me. It's completely wizard. You should try it.

Darth Sidious: Sometimes I wonder why I took you on as my apprentice.

Darth Vader: Sometimes I wonder why don't I throw you down that pit again?

Darth Sidious:…um do you want to have a drink?

Darth Vader: Yes please and make it quick. I want to go out and get more hugs.

Kylo Ren: Can I have a hug?

Darth Vader:…um no.

Kylo Ren: Why not, grandfather?

Darth Vader: Maybe because you took my head from my body and worshipped it like a crazy psycho.

Darth Sidious: Even I found that to be very creepy.

The Avengers finished speaking with Secretary Ross who explained to the heroes that the government leaders of the world are planning to pass an Accord that would restrict them from doing any work. That they cannot perform any mission or perform any hero work, unless the government allows it. It would also force the Avengers to go on missions that the government wants them to go on. Meaning, if they send them on missions that they don't want to go to, they wouldn't have any choice. Tony explained why they should be restricted and that they should be kept in checked in order to keep the world safe. Tony: So, come on. Who's going to join us? Falcon: Yeah, I think the Accords should be more for guys like you, Stark. Then on the rest of us. Tony: Um, what's that supposed to mean? Falcon: Well, it was you that made weapons for so long, even after your parents died and those same weapons were used by bad guys who killed a lot of people. The only reason you started being a hero is to make up what you did, but it didn't really change anything. Tony: What are you talking about? I stopped making weapons and began protecting people. I'm making up for my sins. Wanda: Your weapons killed my parents and your crazy robot killed my brother. Falcon: Not to mention the Russian bad guy you didn't keep an eye on who attacked the expo hurting who knows how many people, then there was that Mandarin guy who turned evil because you were an asshole towards him, which caused him to blow people up, and yeah speaking of Ultron, that was all you. Vision: They do bring up a lot of good point. I mean, I you had been a better person to these people or even trusted the team better than what Ultron did wouldn't have happened. Falcon: Exactly, also, it was because of your weapons that Wanda and her brother joined Ultron, made the Hulk go crazy attacking that city, and caused more damage. So really, the one who should be restricted should be you and your weapons. Tony: I'm not the real bad guy here. Captain, help me out here. Steve: I um agree that you do help people and you are a good guy, but the others do bring up a bit of a good point. Tony: Oh come on! How Captain America: Civil War Should End Airport Captain America is seen caught by Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Spider-Man who just took his shield from him. Iron Man explained he is trying to keep the team from breaking up and wants to bring in Captain along with his team alive. Tony: So, come with us quietly and we can do this the easy way. Steve: Okay, but first let me ask you some questions. Have I ever lied to you or anyone here? Tony: Well…*he looks to his teammates who shook their heads* no, not really. Steve: Have I ever done anything bad that would make me look untrustworthy? Before we got to this point? Tony: I guess not. Steve: And have I ever been wrong about things that I feel is not right, like say when I knew something was up with SHIELD when HYDRA took over? Tony: Okay, we get it. You're a perfect boy scout. Do you have a point? Steve: Yeah, the point is if when I am telling you that my friend has been framed and I ask you to believe me, then you can give me a chance to show you I am right. Tony was about to tell him no, but he knew that Captain's instructs are always right and sighed in annoyance. Tony: Fine, F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you check to see if you can identify that psychiatrist who came into the building? F.R.I.D.A.Y: Checking…the man that came into the building is not a psychiatrist. He's an imposter and the real one is missing. Tony: Oh…then can you call the cops to see if they can check where the guy is staying at? Steve: Or you could send Vision to check for us. Tony: Fine, Vision go check.

  • Five minutes later*

Vision returned, while the others remained where they were while they waited. Vision: They found the real psychiatrist. He is dead, they found facial items to help disguise his appearance to match the Winter Soldier, and equipment that matches the ones made for the device that knocked out the power. Tony: Oh…so you were telling the truth, Captain. Sorry about that. Steve: It's okay...so, anyways. We should probably head to Russia before he wakes up the other Winter Soldiers. Tony: Oh yeah, no that is cool. Let's get going. Russia Helmut Zemo arrived to the secret base where the Winter Soldiers were made and trained to be used as assassins, before they were frozen. He opens the door and there stood the Avengers who were waiting for him. Tony: Hey, what's up? Zemo: Oh, come on. Super Café Superman and Batman are sitting across the other, while Captain America sits next to Batman, and Iron Man sits next to Superman. They finished explaining what happened after they found Zemo and how things went with the Accords. Tony: So, after we brought proof to Ross. Zemo was locked away for his crimes, the Winter Soldiers are kept frozen and locked up in a government facilities, the Accords got taken down, Bucky went to live with Black Panther to get fixed, and I didn't have to fight with Captain here to the death. Batman: Wow, after hearing all of that, it seemed kind of...disappointing. Superman: Yeah, I mean we thought you guys were actually going to fight. Steve: Why would we do that? We're great friends and we both want to protect the world. Tony: Yeah, neither of us went down a dark path, had crazy visions about the other turning evil, and end up destroying the world. Batman: Yeah…right that didn't um happen at all. Still. I have to agree with the team. You are dangerous Stark and you almost did cost the team to break up. Tony: What? I'm not dangerous. I helped save New York by tossing a nuke into the aliens, I helped save the world from it getting destroyed by a crazy A.I, and I wanted to keep the team from doing anything crazy without supervision. Superman: Yeah, but you did make that crazy robot that almost destroyed the world and also the whole supervision idea is not all bad. Just don't be the one to represent that idea, especially how messed up you can be. Like that time you thought you were dying and you went on a drunken rampage. Batman: Yeah. I mean when I did that I faked it to get everyone out of the house so they don't get burned down. Tony: Okay, okay I get it. I'm not perfect, but hey at least I'm not like you guys…or your movie. Batman: Whoa, hold it right there. Our movie wasn't that…bad. Superman: Oh who are we kidding, their movie was better. Batman: Yeah, but hey at least we have something you guys don't have. Steve: And what's that? Batman: Awesome animated movies and video games that are a lot more fun and enjoyable than the crap you guys try to make. Superman: He's got a point there. Steve: Yeah, well wait till Disney buys you guys, then you'll be one of us. Batman: That's not going to happen…BECAUSE I'M BATMAN! The End Batman: But seriously, DC will never be bought by Disney. Tony: Yeah, just ask Star Wars and Marvel, look how that turned out. Superman: Damn, they got us there. I guess we better get used to a future reboot dude. Batman: Oh this is going to suck.

Super Café Batman and Superman came out from watching the movie "Ghostbusters". They saw the trailers for it, heard the reaction the people gave them, and still went to see it anyways. Just to see if it is really going to be bad or if the people were wrong. They finished watching it and gave their opinion on it. Superman: Well…it wasn't that bad. Batman: Yeah, but I don't get why they call it Ghostbusters. There was hardly any busting during the movie. Superman: Well, in the end they did have some busting, but it took so long to get to it. Even then it wasn't a good busting. Batman: I don't know. I did like the chick Kate McKinnon. She was funny and cool. Though, I don't get why Thor was in the movie and acting like a nerdy guy. Superman: I know what you mean. Still, have you noticed a lot of these movies that have come out have not done well? I mean, I can think of different ways how we could end these movies. Batman: Oh yeah, like which one? Superman: Well… How Independence Day: Resurgence Should Have Ended The alien's giant ship appears as it begins hovering over the planet. One of the aliens approaches the alien queen and began speaking to her. Alien: My queen, shall we land on their planet and start drilling? Alien Queen: Why would we do that when we have a giant laser onboard? Just blow it up. Alien: Okay. The aliens activate their giant laser and fires on the planet destroying it. The End Batman: Um, that's it? Superman: What? I mean let's be honest if they can blow up a moon base, why not blow up the earth while they're at it. I mean, it makes sense. Batman: Hmm, all right I'll give you that and I'm sure if you were there you would just take down the alien ship with your super powers. Superman: Well yeah, of course. So, got another movie in mind how it could have ended? Batman: Oh I got one.

How the Purge: Election Year Should Have Ended

Caleb Warren the leader of the New Founding Fathers of America, is speaking the other members of the organization as they speak about Charlie Roan. A senator who is fighting to become the new president of the United States and put an end to the Purge. An event the group had formed in order to kill off much of the lower class. Something that has been going well, but now this senator might ruin it for them.

Caleb Warren: Gentlemen, this senator has become a problem. We will use the Purge to help take her out and eliminate the threat.

Member 1#: Um, yeah sir we kind of need to talk to you. Maybe we should end the Purge. Caleb Warren: What?

Member 1#: Well, sir the Purge although it does kill off a lot of the lower class, it also caused us to lose a lot of money. Or businesses were attacked and destroyed during the Purge. Caleb Warren: What? What do you mean our businesses were attacked and destroyed? All of them were secured during the Purge right?

Member 2#: Um, not really sir. Most of our men were send out to kill people, while they left our facilities unprotected. These people hacked into many of our accounts, stole our money, and even blew up our facilities. The insurance companies we owned also have gone out of business due to the cost of rebuilding everything the Purge destroyed.

Caleb Warren: Why in the world would they do that?

Member 3#: Many of them used to work for us, but then we fired, and so they blew up our buildings to get back at us. Not only that in case you haven't noticed we lost five members due to the Purge. Many of the unemployed worked together, hunted tem down, and killed our members. Caleb Warren: Well, where the hell was security to keep them safe?

Member 1#: Sir, some of those unemployed people had families who work as part of our security force. So um yes, the Purge does work on killing people, but it's costing us a lot of money.

Caleb Warren: Oh…well then. All in favors of ending it?

Everyone raised their hands.

Caleb Warren: All right, we'll let the senator win then.

The End

Superman: That's it?

Batman: What?

Superman: I mean, that doesn't seem very exciting and seems unlikely. Batman: Well, you don't know that. I mean, the rich care more about their money and would do anything to keep it. Also, sorry that it wasn't as exciting or as fun as your version of blowing up the planet. Superman: I didn't say it was exciting or fun for it to blow up. I was just pointing out the obvious. But anyways, the next movie I have in mind makes more sense and would have been likely to happen. Batman: Yeah? Which one? How the Shallows Should Have Ended Nancy Adams is on the rock helping put a tourniquet on her leg where she got bit by the shark. She looks over to see how far she is to the beach, when the shark jumped out of the water and attacks her. The End Batman: Oh come on! How is that better than my version? Superman: What? That shark jumped out of the water to attack that surfer. So, why couldn't it do the same? Batman: Because then the shark would have died. It isn't Free Willy. It would have crashed on the rock and died, so she could have gotten out. Superman: All right, fine. So, that version wasn't the best, but it could happen. Batman: Yeah right, let me show you how it's done. How Lights Out Should End Rebecca is in her room as the lights outside keep going off and on. She hears something making scratching noises on the floor. She looks over and sees it's some sort of dark figure with long hair, but only appeared when the lights go out. She gets on the floor to get a better look as the figure turns towards her just as the lights come back on. The figure disappeared, but when the lights go off the figure is back, standing up, and charges at her. The lights come back on as the figure disappears. Rebecca: Holy shit! I don't know what that is, but I know who to call.

  • An hour later*

The Ghostbusters appeared and captured the dark figure as it's sucked into the ghost trap.

The End

Batman: See? That's even better.

Superman: I don't know if that even makes sense, but yeah I guess so. Still, surprise you haven't added yourself in any of these how it could have ended stuff.

Batman: I would, except if I did that then you would try copying me and would make things less fun.

Superman: What? That's ridiculous. I'm fun.

Batman: Yeah right. Here's how I think you could end things in this movie.

How Ice Age: Collision Course Should End A giant asteroid is seen heading towards earth with smaller ones flying passed it. The animals run away in fear worried what's going to happen when the giant rock hits them. Suddenly Superman arrives and uses his heat vision to destroy the smaller rocks and then flies up to take the asteroid away from earth. He tosses it into a black hole and flies away. The End Batman: See? Boring. Superman: How is that boring? I think that would be pretty cool and would make the movie interesting. Batman: It's boring because you can do anything and it makes you predictable. You're too perfect and you have no limit. Superman: Some people seem to like me and what I can do. Batman: Just ask everyone else and that's why everyone likes me better…you know why? Superman sighed. Superman: Because you're Batman? Batman: No, because I'm awesome…and yeah because I'm Batman! The End

Superman: I'm surprise neither one of us talked about Ghostbusters or how it could have ended.

Batman: Eh, I'm sure we'll get around to it.

How Blair Witch Should Have Ended (Alternate Ending #1)

James Donahue, the little brother of Heather who disappeared into the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland along with two of her friends. They were investigating the legend of the Blair Witch, but they disappeared and were never found. James found a video that looked recent and that appears his sister is alive. So, he decide to take his friends to go visit the forest where she was last seen.

They meet up with some locals named Lane and Talia. Both explained to him they found a tape in the forest and uploaded it. The group got together some equipment to use when they go into the forest. A drone and GPS in case they get lost. Before they take off though, one of the friends brought something up.

Peter: So, we're going into a forest where your sister disappeared, a lot of people have died, and never were found again?

James: My sister is in there. We have to find her and we won't disappear.

Peter: Yeah, but um why don't we just use the drone to find her? I mean, we can use the drone to go into the forest, find the house, and see if she is in there or not.

Ashley: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

James: How do we know the drone can even find her? For all we know the drone could get lost and miss the house or we might lose the signal.

Peter: Then we'll get another drone to join the drone and to go find her. I mean dude I want to help you, but I don't want to get lost in this forest.

Lisa: Yeah and I don't think we want to get stuck with these nutjobs who are obsessed with the Blair Witch.

Lane: Whaaaat? We're not obsessed.

They then turn to Talia who is wearing a Blair Witch shirt.

Talia: Yeah, totally not obsessed.

James: All right, fine. If you want us to send the drone go ahead.

  • One Hour later*

They find the house using the drone and have it go inside. They look around and couldn't find anything in the house.

Peter: It doesn't look like she is here.

Ashley: And there is nothing on heat signature either.

Lisa: Where did you get the heat signature?

Ashley points to Lane and Talia.

James: So, my sister isn't here?

Peter: Nope, doesn't seem like it.

James: Oh…well all right then. Let's go home.

The Blair Witch watched everything from the forest and groaned.

Blair Witch: Damn it.

Alternate ending #2

James and Lisa run up into the attic where they see a bright white light passing through the cracks and window of the attic. James apologized to Lisa and told her to face the corner of the room. Thinking as long as they don't face the Blair Witch they will be okay. As the door is forced open he hears his sister talking to him and is about to turn around and gets killed. Lisa uses Lane's camera and makes her way backwards to get out. She hears James talking to her and apologizes to her. However, Lisa knew it was the Blair Witch.

Lisa: I know you're not James. I heard you do the same thing to him and you killed him.

Blair Witch: What? No, of course not. I'm James and I'm very much alive. So, just turn around and let's kiss and stuff.

Lisa: Yeah, I'm not an idiot. I mean, yeah I'm scared, but I'm not going to turn around and be killed.

Blair Witch: Oh come on, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to um…give you some money and clothes and stuff?

Lisa: Yeah…I'm out of here.

Blair Witch: Oh come on girl, don't leave me hanging.

Alternate ending #3

James and Lisa run up into the attic where they see a bright white light passing through the cracks and window of the attic. James apologized to Lisa and told her to face the corner of the room. Thinking as long as they don't face the Blair Witch they will be okay. As the door is forced open he hears his sister talking to him and is about to turn around and gets killed. Lisa uses Lane's camera and makes her way backwards to get out. She hears James talking to her and apologizes to her. She is about to turn around when a TV nearby turned out. A woman with long black hair came through the TV and then turns towards Lisa.

Blair Witch: Whoa, whoa hold on a second.

The Blair Witch approaches the woman, looking mad.

Blair Witch: What the hell are you doing here?

Samara: Well, she saw my tape seven days ago. So, I came here to kill her.

Blair Witch: No way. She came into my forest and now I'm going to kill her.

Samara: Back off Blair *Bleep*. The *Bleep* is mine. She saw my tape and now I'm going to kill her.

?: Wrong!

They look over at the door to see something crawling inside. The woman turned out to be the Grudge woman, Kayako.

Kayako: She came to my house ten days ago and now I'm going to kill her.

Samara: Hey! No fair. I want to kill her.

Blair Witch: No way! I'm going to kill her. I'm way more popular than you losers.

Kayako: More popular? Yeah right. Your movie has three stupid kids running around with a camera and you had a terrible ending. My movie is scarier, especially how I can appear anywhere.

Samara: Oh please. My movie is scarier, especially how with technology today I can curse the world.

Blair Witch: Oh yeah, using a tape is so scary.

Samara: Scarier than going into the forest and getting lost.

Blair Witch: My movie is scary! Scarier than watching a stupid tape and going into a house.

Kayako: The house isn't the scary part. It's me making those croaking sound and appearing out of nowhere.

Samara: Till we got those bad sequels, yours too BB.

Blair Witch: We don't speak of the number two!

Kayako: And my sequels weren't all that bad.

Samara: Yeah right you guys are…wait a minute where did that girl go?

They look out the window and see Jason Voorhees killed her when she tried to escape. He then begins walking off while the three women looked on upset.

Blair Witch: Anyone want to get something to drink?

Samara: Yep.

Kayako: I'm in.

The End

How My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6 Should Have Ended Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Thorax, and Discord arrived outside the kingdom of the Changelings where their friends are all locked up. Discord tried using his magic to teleport them to the palace, but Thorax revealed they couldn't. Queen Chrysalis has a throne that negates other magic users, except for Changelings. Negating any of their magic, including Discord's. Trixie: So…what kind of plan were you thinking? Starlight: Without magic, I have no idea. But nopony else is coming. So somepony better come p with something. Everyone looked around, until Thorax raised his hoof. Thorax: Um, what about the Yaks? Princess Cadence told me that they are now friends of the ponies thanks to Pinkie Pie. Starlight: Hmm well maybe they could help us. Discord: Also what about the Griffin? I heard Rainbow Dash made friends with one of them. Starlight: Well, one and two of them might help, but the rest not sure. Trixie: What about the other ponies? I mean, if we bring everyone even without magic they can do something. Starlight: Okay, yes I get it, but even with everyone we're mentioning I don't think it will be enough against Changelings with magic. Thorax: What about Spike's friend? Starlight soon realized who he meant and came up with a plan.

  • 10 minutes later*

Inside the castle, Starlight's team managed to sneak in and get through without being detected. Soon they were spotted by Changelings and were captured as they were brought before the queen. Chrysalis: Well, look what we have here. A unicorn with childish tricks, a Draconequus who was easily tamed by a pony, a traitor, and one scared little pony. Oh, how will I prevent this daring rescue? Starlight: Like this, NOW! The walls of the castle was blasted through as Princess Ember, her father, and an army of dragons appeared. Princess Ember: So, how are you going to prevent this daring rescue, Chryaslis? Chrysalis: Oh…well shoot. The dragons attacked as they let out a large fireball at the Changelings. Equestria Café Starlight sat next to Trixie, Discord, and Thorax while Twilight and Spike sat across of them in the other booth. They finished explaining everything that happened to them and how they saved the day. Starlight: So, Discord contacted Princess Ember, told her what happened, how Spike was in trouble, and she summoned her dragon army to help save the day. We broke you guys out, Chrysalis was arrested, and her Changelings are going to speak with Thorax to reform. Twilight: Wow, so much happened while we were gone. Still, I'm proud of you all and how you all saved the day. Discord: Well, if it wasn't for that throne I would have helped saved the day. But um yes it was a good team effort. Trixie: Well, there was no doubt the Great and Powerful Trixie and her friends were going to save the day. I wasn't worried or scared at all. Discord: Oh really? Discord transformed into Chrysalis causing Trixie to get scared and run off. He turned back to normal and began to laugh, before getting a disapproved look from Fluttershy. Discord: Fine, I'll go apologize. He disappeared leaving Starlight and Thorax to share the booth. Thorax: I'm just glad you're all okay. I'm still surprised how easy though Chrysalis was able to take over though. Spike: What do you mean by that? Thorax: Well, I mean them capturing the rest of you I could understand, especially if they all ganged up on you or tricked you. But capturing Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight made it all seem rather…easy. Starlight: Huh, that is kind of true. Twilight: Wait, hold on. They didn't capture us so easily. I mean, yeah they probably caught me off guard, but the other princesses were probably caught off guard too. Discord: Well, that seems kind of dumb. Discord returned with Trixie who was glaring at him. Discord: I mean, they know the Changelings are out there, they know what they are capable of, and for them to get defeated so easily shows how weak rulers they are. I mean, that is what a lot of fans are saying. Trixie: I don't know what he means about fans, but it's kind of true. I mean, you guys all defeated the bad guys that neither one of them could beat. Whether it was Sombra, Discord, Tirek, or even the Changelings the first time. I don't know. I would question their leadership a little. Twilight: Whoa, guys hold on a second. I'm sure there is a good reason for all of this and there is no need to think about these kind of things. Starlight: I don't know, Twilight. I mean, you and I can do more magic than they could. Plus, everyone seems to like you more of a princess than those two. Plus, what exactly do they do? Twilight: They rule the kingdom, raise the sun and moon, and um…well they…I think there are some…um not really sure. I never see them doing any work actually. Trixie: So, maybe instead of kingdoms ruling why don't we try having some sort of dem… Suddenly a small black orb appeared in the middle of the table as it sprays all of them with a blue smoke. The smoke stops and the ball disappears. Trixie: What were we talking about? Twilight: I don't know…I think it was how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna helped save the day against the Changelings? Thorax: That sounds about right. Starlight: Oh yeah. Trixie: Aren't they just amazing? Spike: They are such great leaders. Discord: All praise Lulu and Sunbun!


Princess Celestia and Luna sat in the other booth wearing trenchcoats, sunglasses, and hats to hide their identities.

Luna: The plan worked. They won't remember a thing.

Celestia: Good, let's keep it that way before they find out too much.

A waitress approached them and gave them both their chocolate cake.

Waitress: Will there be anything else, Princess Celestia and Luna?

Celestia: Yes…bring us some milk.

Celestia looks down at the black orb as it shows the images of Batman and Superman in the café shop from their world.

Celestia: We have much work to do in this world too.

The End

Batman shuddered, which Superman noticed.

Superman: You okay?

Batman: I don't know. I feel like we're being watched. Like, there's a sinister force that are plotting something and are coming to get us. Of course, I'm not worried…you know why?

Superman: Because your Batman, I know.

Batman: No…*Batman took off his costume and is revealed to be a pony dressed up as Batman* because I'm Batpony!

He jumps out the window and drives off in the Batmobile.

Superman:…I think I need to find some new friends.

Super Café News reporters are on TV showing the results of the election. Donald Trump has become the president of the United States and will be running the country. He is seen with his family and surrogates celebrating their victory. As they celebrate though, Batman and Superman are in their usual booth watching riots going on outside.

Superman: Um, should we do something about this? Batman sighed and shook his head. Batman: Honestly, I think they need to let out some anger and if we get involved they might think we are supporting Trump. Superman: Yeah, but we're superheroes. Shouldn't we defend whoever was going to become president? Batman: True, but would you actually feel the same way if Luthor became president? Superman:…I'm surprise Luthor and Trump aren't related. Batman: I checked, they aren't. Still, I don't see why so many people got so upset. I mean, it's not like he's going to keep that seat for long. The guy has got a trial coming up, if he goes through his lawsuits the women can sue back proving his crimes, and those taxes might hold criminal information that would have him removed. So, we just got to wait until that happens. Superman: I guess, but what if by then he tries destroying this country? I mean, what do we do then? Batman: Well, we can always fight against him and free this country. I mean, that's what Captain is doing. Captain America is seen joining the protesters as they march to Trump Tower. Superman: Wow, didn't expect him to actually rebel against the new president. Batman: Oh yeah, everyone is doing it. Even Wonder Woman. Outside of Trump Tower Wonder Woman is seen with the other heroines and villainesses as they protest, while Harley Quinn is seen spray painting the building, Batgirl: Wait, you guys are protesting too? Poison Ivy: Heck yeah, we hate this guy as much as everyone else. Batgirl: Oh, well good to hear. Harley: Okay, so are we going to blow this place up or what? Poison Ivy: Harley, this is supposed to be a peaceful protest...or wait can we blow the place up? Batgirl: No, you can't blow it up. Sabine Wren is seen dressed as V for Vendetta holding a detonator. Sabine: Oh right...we can't. Just kidding. Harley: Well, I'm not. She pressed the button and the building exploded. Harley: Cheese it! Back at the café, Superman sighed as he began tapping the table. Superman: Well, I still wish there was something we can do to calm the people down, Deadpool: Maybe I can help you all out. Batman: Whoa, whoa, no way. Deadpool: What? I just want to help make America great again and help the people get rid of their anger. Superman: First of all aren't you Canadian? And secondly, we don't need you to kill the new president. Yes, we don't like him. But killing is wrong. Deadpool: Oh…well you should have told me earlier about that. Before the heroes could ask they see on the TV the place where Trump was celebrating blew up killing him and everyone inside. Superman: Damn it, Wade! We said no killing! Batman: Yeah, and why did you kill his family too? Deadpool: First of all you can't prove I did that and secondly because I'm Deadpool bitch! That's why and Canada rocks! How the Presidential Election 2016 Should Have Ended Superman: No! No, we are not ending it there. Deadpool you can't kill people and get away… Deadpool: Kryptonite! He throws a bag of Kryptonite at Superman knocking him down. Batman: That might work on him, but it won't stop me from bringing you in. Deadpool: Look, its Martha! Batman: Why did you say that name?! Batman took off crying. Deadpool: As I was saying, Canada rocks and I'm Deadpool bitch!

The End

At the destroyed building where Trump was at a puddle of metal liquid is seen merging together as it began taking on the form of Ivanka Trump. Her eyes glowed red and the theme song of the Terminator began to play.

Deadpool: That makes no sense, but damn she is sexy.

How Villain Pub – the Boss Battle Should Have Ended

Villain Pub Batman had found the Villain Pub after leaving a tracker up Harley Quinn's nose and confronted the villains. Despite being outnumbered he was able to defeat many of them with ease. From the Shredder, Zod, the Dalek, the Predator, the Terminator, the Alien, Ultron, Loki, Voldemort, Thanos, & even the Joker (from the Suicide Squad, the Dark Knight, the animated series, Jack Nicholson, & the Adam West version). After beating up the Joker, the Emperor began walking down the staircase while laughing. The Emperor: Good! Gooooood! (Evil laugh) You have done well, Batman. Batman: Yes I know. (drops the Infinity Gauntlet he stole from Thanos, though don't know why he did that) Thanks for noticing. (He's an idiot) The Emperor: Yes…I can feel your anger. Strike me down with all your hatred. And your journey towards the dark side will be complete… Batman: I'm gonna stop you right there, wrinkles. I'm already on the dark side. Dark Knight…duh. The Emperor: So be it. Dark Knight. May I present to you, your one weakness. Suddenly, the female villains came walking by as they greeted Batman. Batman: What the? What is this? The Emperor: The ladies. Batman Oh no! Get away! Batman soon realized he has been trapped as more women began appearing and was becoming overwhelmed. While he was distracted Harley appeared and wacked him in the back of the head with her baseball bat knocking him out. Batman would soon wake up half-an-hour later finding himself tied up with his utility belt removed. The villains were all nearby all laughing at him. The Emperor: You are at the END, Batman. Welcome to the wine cellar of DOOM! Where I keep my most evil of spirits…as well as a good friend of mine who just can't wait to meet you.

  • Jaws HISHE theme song can be heard being played in the background*

The Emperor: Do you know Jaws? Jaws appeared through behind the mirror. Jaws: Hi Batman! I'm sure looking forward to eating yooooou! The villains began laughing maniacally.

The Emperor: Oh I'm afraid…when this chain lowers you into the water…Jaws is going to have ALL the bat he can eat. No shark repellent for you this time, Batman! We look forward to watching your demise. But it's too bad that we won't be able to see it. The villains all began groaning and complaining loudly.

The Emperor: As standard villain practices go. We must now conveniently leave the room…and assume the killing device achieves it's purpose. That and because it's also closing time. And im' ready to go home so…Come along people. Show's over!

Suddenly the ceiling broke as Supergirl, Green Arrow, Flash, Batgirl, & Superman appeared.

Superman: Hey buddy…need a hand?

Batman: N-no! I don't need a hand. Wait, how did you know I was here?

Superman: Well, I actually flew back in time after all this happened.

Batman: Oh…wait if you flew back in time then does that mean I got eaten?

Superman: Um no you said you escaped without telling me how. Batman: Because I'm Batman.

Superman: And yes you did say that. So, I came across these four and invited them to join me.

Batman: Okay, I get how Supergirl and Flash could go back in time with you. But how did Batgirl and Green Arrow follow you guys?

Batgirl: Um, we didn't. They came up to us and told us what happened. So, we joined them here.

Batman: Oh…well I got this all under control. The chain continued to lower Batman down as Jaws had his mouth open ready to eat him.

Superman: You sure?

Batman: Yes I'm sure and I was just about to get out of here so I can stop the villains.

Superman: Okay, well while you do that (he turns to the four other heroes) mind taking care of those guys while I talk to Batman?

Voldemort: Ha! As if three TV star losers can beat us. Not to mention, didn't the Joker cripple that gi… Batgirl tackles Voldemort down and begins beating him up as Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash attack the villains while Superman flies down to talk to his friend. Superman: Dude, I know you are Batman and you can take on a bunch of villains. But you don't have to do it alone. You got us. Your friends to help you out. Batman: I-I know that. But I want to catch them all. On my own without any super powered hero who can go back in time. Superman: And you can. Look what you did. You beat up Ultron, Thanos, Voldemort, Loki, and even caught a bullet in your mouth (not sure how he actually did that), but you did it all on your own. You know why? Batman: B…because I'm Batman. Superman grabs the chains and stops it from moving while using heat vision to kill Jaws. (Hey, if the guy is willing to break a guy's neck, there's nothing stopping him from killing something else) Superman: So, what do you say? Want to go get some coffee? Batman: Sure, but what about the villains? Batgirl: Uh yeah we took care of it. Batgirl: W-what? Seriously? Already? Batgirl: Um yeah. We have a super powered alien girl, a guy who could run back in time, a guy with arrows for everything, and I was able to hack into the robot villains to help us take down the remaining villains. Superman: Wow that is pretty impressive. Batgirl: Yeah, you know why? Superman: Um because you're Batgirl?

Batgirl: What? No! Because we worked as a team.

Batgirl gives Supergirl a high-five.

Supergirl: Yeah, we're not egomaniacs like you two.

Batman: We're not…um anyways who wants some coffee?

Supergirl: Sounds good to me.

Arrow: Eh I got time for coffee.

Flash: I love coffee!

Superman: Let's call the cops first to make sure they are in jail.

Flash: Took care of that. I send them all in prison and they are locked up.

Batman: That was fast.

Flash: Of course, because I'm the Flash!

The End

Villain Pub Doomsday: Hey guys! Guess what? Young Justice is coming back and I'm going to get my chance to appear on TV…(he stops when he sees the place is empty)…I go away for a few years and this happens…jerks.

(Alternate Ending #1) Moana is in the cave with her torch as she looks around the different boats that are inside. All looking old, big, and different from the ones her people use now. She bangs on the drums like she is told and soon fire emerged from the pits that are on the boats. She soon has a vision of her people traveling the sea, finding islands to live on, and exploring. However, as soon as her vision ended she sees the fire actually got a lot bigger and began burning the boats down. Moana: Oh no! She runs out of the cave as the fire engulfed the rest of the boats. (Alternate Ending #2) Moana is with her grandmother are alone on the island after she finds out her people used to be explorers. Including why they no longer go beyond the reef. The grandmother takes her to where the curse that has been happening to the islands is now spreading to their home. And how Moana is chosen by the sea to take the heart of Te Fiti to save their home. However, Moana stared at the heart and seemed confused. Moana: Wait, instead of finding Maui on a boat, why doesn't the ocean just take me? Gramma: Because, he must make up for what he did in order to help save our home. Moana: Well, yeah I get that, but I mean should we? I mean, the ocean can just take me to the island and I'll return the heart to make up for his dumb mistake. Gramma: Moana, I think your missing the point. Moana: No, I get the point. You want me to go out to sea on a boat, which I don't know how to sail and what happened earlier is proof of that. You then want me to find Maui who for all we know might end up stealing my boat to save his own skin, face off against dangerous monsters that could try eating me your only granddaughter, and face off against a lava demon to return the heart, which Maui stole. Is that the point you want me to get? Gramma:…well, when you say it like that I guess it does sound kind of crazy. Moana: Yes it does. So, ocean how about you take me to the island and help save the day please without trying to get me killed? The ocean turns to the grandmother, who just shrugs her shoulders. It then turns to Moana and engulfs her in water before taking her across the sea to restore the heart. Moana: So much easier than riding a boat! (Alternate Ending #3) Moana watches on as Maui is seen getting beaten up by the crab, Tamatoa who continued singing his "Shiny" song. Moana managed to escape and make a fake stone heart to trick the crab, while she rescues Maui, gets his fishhook, and they make their escape. As they got out, Tamatoa is shot through the top part of his shell and falls to the ground, dead. Moana and Maui look up to see Aquaman standing on top of the dead crab with his trident in his hand. Aquaman: Hey there, Maui. Been a while. Maui sighed in annoyance. Maui: Hi, Aquaman. What are you doing here? Aquaman: Oh you know. Being a badass and saving the day. You know, like a hero does. Maui: I know and that's what I was going to do before you showed up. Aquaman: Sure you were. So, want a ride to put the heart back to Te Fiti? Maui: Get out of our movie! How Moana Should Have Ended Moana and Maui arrive to Te Fiti where they see the lava demon Te Kā waiting for them. She emerged from the depths as she engages in her fight with Maui. During the fight Moana sees Te Kā's hand crumbling through the rock it was on and go into the water. The water appeared to have hurt her and it gave her an idea. Maui is thrown back to the boat as he struggles to get back. Knowing he can't beat Te Kā like this and needed a plan. Moana: Hey! I saw that water seems to affect her. Maui: And? Moana: Well, I was thinking. The ocean can help me dive underwater to get to Te Fiti to give her back the heart, while you distract her using water. Maui: And how am I supposed to do that? Nothing I shapeshift will be able to do that? Moana: Well…*she leans in and whispers into his ears* can't you try shapeshifting into that? Maui:…maybe. Maui turns into an eagle and flies to fight Te Kā as the lava demon prepares to fire another fireball. When Maui shapeshifts again, this time into Godzilla. Te Kā's fireball hits him, but it barely did anything. Maui begins coming down to the water as he did a cannonball. This created a giant tidal wave that engulfed Te Kā in water. Moana made it to the island, but found Te Fiti is not on the island. She turns to Ta Kā, who is still encased and she could see something on her chest. Moana: Um, Maui, I think Te Kā is Te Fiti. Maui: What makes you say that? Moana: I don't know. I think the swirls around her chest might be one reason why. Maui sees this and realized that Moana is right. He gets the heart, puts it in the hole, and Te Fiti breaks free as she has been restored to her old self. Te Fiti:…that really hurt…like a lot. Superhero Café Maui: So, once we restored the heart back in, Te Fiti forgave me, gave me a new fishhook, gave Moana a much better boat, and restored the islands. Giving everyone their happy endings. Batman sat next to Maui, while Superman sat next to Moana across from them. Maui finished telling them the story of what happened. Maui: Oh and by the way, you're welcome. Batman: For what? Stealing the heart from the goddess, causing her to curse other islands for your mistake, killing off people who either starved, or had to move to other island where they got attacked by monsters? Superman: For a thousand years by the way. Maui: Oh sure, this is coming from a guy who killed a bunch of criminals to steal a rock and the other guy here who killed Gods know how many innocent people while fighting one crazy alien guy. Superman:... Batman:…Well, at least I didn't throw a 16-year old girl into the water or trapped her in a cave. Maui: Says the guy who has taken in how many orphans and how many got killed? Moana: Maui, be nice okay? I'm sorry about that. Superman: It's all right. Not the first time he heard of that. So, Te Fiti is cool then despite how the guy took his heart for a thousand years? Maui: Oh yeah, she is defintately cool with everything that happened. Watch? Maui tries shapeshifting but instead, turned into a weasel. He tries again, but keeps turning into a weasel. Maui: Okay, maybe she might still be ticked. But I'm still the best, you know why? Moana: Because you have friends and together we can do anything? Maui: No, because I'm Maui! The End Batman: Hey! Only I can do that around here. By the way, Moana. Want to know my secret identity? Moana: I'm 16 years old. Batman: Oh um…the Bat signal! Batman takes off running out of the café. Superman: You realize fanfic writers don't care about ages right? Moana: What's fanfic? Superman: Just um avoid the future and you'll be okay.

(Alternate Ending 1#) Eadu Cassian Andor aims his sniper blaster at Galen Erso, who he has been ordered to kill. He sees a perfect chance to shoot him, but instead moves his aim to the Imperial leader near him. He opens fire and kills him. The Stormtroopers turn to where the shots got fired and go to attack, when Rebel fighters are seen heading their way. Cassian opens fire killing the Stormtroopers, while Jyn Erso saves her father and the two make their way down the ladder while the Rebel ships bomb the facility. They meet up with Cassian and the others as they steal an Imperial ship and take off. Jyn: What happened out there? I thought you were going to try killing my father? Cassian: You know, I was. I mean I had a perfect shot to kill him. Right in the head. Like, put a big hole in it, but then I realized something. Jyn: That killing under orders is wrong? And you wanted to save my father? Cassian: What? No. I realized if there is a Death Star out there then why in the galaxy would I kill the only guy who knows how to blow it up? I mean, seriously I'm not an idiot. Jyn: Oh…well yeah that um does make sense. So, who did you kill? Cassian shrugged his shoulders. Cassian: Some Imperial guy wearing a white cape. Anyways, let's go to Yavin IV and find the weakness of the Death Star. (Alternate Ending 2#) Death Star Grand Moff Tarkin and his men watched their new weapon be tested as it destroys the capitol city of Jedha. Possibly also killing off Saw Gerrera, his men, and the Imperial pilot that knew about the weapon. He congratulates Orson Krennic for his work, but reveals because of his failure he will not take over the weapon. Krennic complains about this and demands to be in charge revealing that all the leaks have been taken care of. Tarkin: Who do you think told the pilot about the weapon? This pilot was stationed on Eadu, where if I remember correctly that is where our engineers and scientist who made this weapon are at. Also, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that there is a chance he might have placed a weakness on this facility that will allow the Rebels to attack. Krennic: Impossible, there is no such weakness and I am sure of it. Tarkin: Really?

  • One Hour later*

On Scarif, where the plans for the Death Star are kept as Tarkin and Krennic went to the plant to look at the plans. Where they find there is a weakness to the weapon and how if the Rebels find out about it they could blow up the facility. Krennic: Oh…wow I um didn't see this coming. Tarkin: Krennic, why don't you go see Lord Vader and show him these plans? While I go block off a hole on the ship. (Alternate Ending 3#) Scarif Jyn and Cassian managed to make their way down to the beach after managing to send out the plans of the Death Star to the Rebel ships. They also managed to kill Orson Krennic, who tried to stop them. However, when they made it down they see the Empire fired their weapon at the base and now the blast wave is heading their way. Knowing there is no way out they got near the water and got on their knees on the beach waiting for their death. That is until a Rebel ship flew down and opened the landing platform. The two got inside and the ship took off to fly them out before the blast could kill them. Rebel pilot: Good thing the shield came down. We were about to take off without you guys until we realized one of us could have flown down there and save you guys. Lucky break huh? Cassian: Yeah, lucky…so um did you guys find anyone else? Rebel pilot: Oh no, they're dead. All dead. Like, we found the pilot who went with you guys and he got blown up. We even found a blind guy and his friend. Both dead too, but hey at least you guys are alive, right? Jyn: Well, at least their sacrifice was for nothing. The plans are safe, the Rebel alliance has them, and the Death Star will be shut down. Rebel pilot: Um yeah, about that. So it turns out the Empire send Darth Vader to retrieve the plans. He killed a lot of the rebels on the ship you send the plans to, the plans got away on another ship, but he is now after it, and there is a good chance he might get them back…but um maybe not? Cassian:…Can you um not talk till we get back to Yavin IV? Rebel pilot: Right, sorry my bad. How Rogue One Should Have Ended Lah'mu Orson Krennic arrived on the planet of (name) and found his old friend Galen Erso. He wanted him to come back so that he can help complete the Death Star. Galen refused, until his wife arrived aiming a blaster at Krennic, while his soldier aimed his blaster at her. Krennic warned her to put her weapon down or she will be shot down. Just before anything could happen, Krennic's men are shot down. Krennic looked around confused until Lyra shot him in the head. Galen: W-what the? What just happened? Lyra: Oh, I taught Jyn how to use a sniper rifle so she can shoot down Krennic's men. Galen: W-what? You taught our daughter how to shoot a gun? Lyra: Well, yeah. I mean, what else do you think we did all day while you spoke to Saw? And by the way, what was your plan again? Let them capture you and then force you to work on the weapon while your family runs away into hiding? Galen: The plan was to stall them while you both escaped. Saw would have found you both, keep you safe, and then I would have send a message to you both about how to destroy the Death Star. Lyra:…ooooor, you can tell us how to destroy it like leave an actual blueprints of it in case oh I don't know you get killed off? Galen: Well…um I guess that does make sense. But I need to get captured in order to do it. Lyra sighed in annoyance. Lyra: Fine, but if our daughter grows up to be a rebel and almost be killed I will blame you. Galen: Deal.

  • 15 years later*

Jyn showed the hologram of the blueprints for the Death Star after the defected Rebel pilot left the Empire, came to the Rebels, and showed them the plans. The Rebels studied the plan, learned from it, and launched an attack against the Empire. They arrived as the Death Star appeared over Jedha. They are about to attack when the Rebels send their ships and fighters to attack. The Rebels found the weakness, fired their weapons, and blew up the Death Star. Saving the people of Jedha, Saw Gerrera, and his men. Super Heroine's Café Jyn sat next to Batgirl, while Supergirl sat on the other side of the table as they listen to her finish telling them her story. Jyn: So, we found where my dad was and we went to go save him. After of course blowing up the Death Star. So, what do you guys think? Pretty cool how we saved the day and no one had to die. Batgirl: Well, except the guys that Cassian killed, but yeah not bad. Just glad you guys were able to do all of that. Jyn: I know right? Imagine if none of that happened and we had to steal the Death Star plans the old fashion way. Like actually going to the planet where they are kept and steal it from them. Supergirl: Oh man, that would have sucked so badly. Good thing you guys were smart enough not to do anything stupid. Jyn: Yep, everything turned out the way it should. Meanwhile On Tatooine, Luke stood outside of his home, while watching the sun beginning to descent. He lets out a small sigh and goes back inside. The End

Super Hero café Superman and Batman sat in their usual booth drinking coffee. Batman reading the news on his phone, while Superman is reading a book. It was rather quiet for the two heroes since things have calmed down the last few weeks since the New Year began. They haven't even talked about any movies since the ones that came out in January have been terrible. Goku appeared out of nowhere sitting next to Batman. Goku: Hey guys! Superman/Batman: Ah! How Dragon Ball Z Sagas Should Have Ended Goku is sitting next to Batman, while Superman is sitting across from them. Goku is finishing telling the two heroes about his adventure from meeting Bulma, their quest for the Dragon balls, meeting their friends, his many epic battles, marrying his wife, having their children, all the way to when he defeated Omega Shenron, taking off with the Eternal Dragon, and the things that are going on in the reboot. Goku: So, what do you guys think? Superman and Batman stood silent after hearing the long really looooooooooooooong story this guy just told them. Superman: Let me get this straight, you thought marriage was food? And you still married the chick anyways? Batman: Wow, that was just dumb, but then again you had no idea what women were or how to treat one. Superman: No wonder your grandpa didn't marry anyone. Goku: Hey come on, that's not fair. He raised me as best he could. Besides, everything turned out well in the end. Superman: Oh like letting your kids fight evil monsters while you watch from the other side? Batman: Or how about running off for years training a kid while your wife lives alone? Superman: Or leaving with a large dragon and leaves everyone you love? Batman: Oh that was worst. I mean I know you did a lot of good, but that was just horrible. Superman: Well, at least not as horrible as Vegeta. That guy has an ego problem. Batman: I think all Saiyans have that and always make dumb mistakes when they fight someone. Superman: A lot of mistakes that shouldn't have happened and could have ended another way, Goku: What do you mean? How the Saiyan Saga should have ended Vegeta and Nappa are on a faraway planet where they recently defeated the inhabitants. They headed to the planet to wait for Raditz to return with his brother, Kakarot. He was send to Earth when he was a baby and was one of the surviving Saiyans that escaped Planet Vegeta before it blew up. However, as they waited they received a transmission from their scouter, which allows them to hear what the other is hearing. Even from a great distance they could hear everything that Raditz was saying or whoever was speaking near it. They could hear Raditz was defeated by Kakarot and a green man named Piccolo. They also heard him talk about the Dragon Balls and how they can grant any wish they want. They got all of this information just before Raditz passed away. Nappa suggests they go to Earth to kill Kakarot and his friends, but Vegeta felt it would be a wasted trip. Until he brought up the Dragon Balls and how he became curious about them. Nappa: Are you thinking about what Raditz said? Vegeta: Exactly, those Dragon Balls caught my interest. Just think of the possibilities Nappa. If we can get our hands on those seven Dragon Balls then we can wish for anything we want. Anything at all. Wouldn't you say that's worth making a little trip? Nappa: You kidding? Yeah, let's go to Earth. Vegeta: Actually, I just remembered hearing how there is a planet named Namek that has magical wish granting balls. But that it was just a story, so…

  • Later*

Nappa and Vegeta arrived on Namek as they killed many of its people, found the Dragon Balls, forced the survivors to summon the dragon, have one of the wishes allow them to speak in their language, killed them off, and made their wish. To become immortal and become Super Saiyans. Vegeta: See? Now wasn't this better than going to Earth? Nappa: Oh yeah and no one had to die…except for these green guys. So, what now? Vegeta: Now, we go pay Frieza a visit. How the Frieza Saga Should Have Ended Frieza had transformed to his third form as he is able to overpower Piccolo who was evenly matched against his second form. However, after his encounter with Gohan he decided to turn into his final form. Vegeta suggested to Krillen to almost kill him so he can recover thanks to Dende and he can get a power boost. To help them defeat Frieza. However, Krillen had another idea. Frieza continued to power up as he was getting close to his final form. He looks over to see the small Namekian healing Piccolo and realized that's how they have been coming back despite how much damage he does to them. He decides once he achieves his final form he will eliminate him first. That was until Krillen uses his Destructo Disc and sliced Frieza in half off killing him. Krillen: Wow, I don't get why I didn't do this earlier. Gohan: H-he's dead? You killed him? Krillen: Yep, pretty cool huh? Vegeta:… Piccolo: Well, good work. Although I got to say killing him from behind seems out of character. Krillen: I got his tail off from behind, so this shouldn't be any different. Vegeta:… Piccolo: I guess…so hat now? Vegeta:…I hate all of you. How the Cell Saga Should Have Ended Dr. Gero is in his lab getting things ready to go out to kill Goku. He has Android 19 locked up getting charged so it can be ready for its first mission. He also began looking over the last bit of data for Cell before he leaves. Should he fail, he will have his backup plan ready to be used. A knock can be heard against his door as he walks over to open it. To find a large green skinned creature with a long tail that has a sharp needle like point tip at the end. Dr. Gero: Um, can I help you? Cell: Yeah…I'm your kid and here to eat my siblings.

  • Later*

Goku and his friends arrived to the island where they are told is where the androids would arrive. That is until they see a green skinned humanoid man hovering over the island. This turned out to be Cell in his perfect form along with Dr. Gero who is floating behind him. Cell charged up his attack and fired it at the others. Z-Warriors: Ah crapbaskets! How the Majin Buu Saga Should Have Ended Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Surpeme Kai watched on as Dabura the king of the Demon Realm turned two of their friends into stone. While he ended up killing Kabito. He headed inside the ship hoping to lure the heroes inside. To use their energy to revive Majin Buu. Supreme Kai warns them it's a trap and Babadi wants their energy. If they go inside they will risk giving their energy away. Gohan and Goku suggests they go inside to stop them. However, Vegeta ends up firing an energy blast into the ship killing everyone inside. Supreme Kai: Vegeta! Why did you do that? You destroyed the ship! Vegeta: Yeah? So what? Supreme Kai: You fool! Majin Buu will most likely be awake now because of what you did. Vegeta: If he was then where is he? The others look back at the destroyed ship and couldn't sense anything. They go down to the remains and find a large ball that Supreme Kai recognized is where Majin Buu is being held in. Vegeta: I didn't use a lot of energy in that attack. Just enough to kill all the weaker foes inside. Goku: Good move and since it wasn't strong enough to wake up Buu he is still locked up inside. Gohan: Wow, I guess that means… Gohan looks over and sees Krillen along with Piccolo have returned to normal after Dabura was killed. Gohan: Krillen and Piccolo are okay! Looks like everything worked out well in the end. Supreme Kai: I guess so…well except for Kabito. Gohan: Don't worry we'll revive him with the Dragon Balls. Supreme Kai: Dragon what? Goku: All right, let's head back to the tournament and continue fighting! The End Goku: Huh…I guess those are ways things could have ended. Superman: Told you. Batman: I mean, if we were in there in the first place things would have been much different. Goku: I doubt that. I mean, those guys are more powerful than a normal human can handle. Batman: And yet it took a normal human to turn a monster into a good guy. Superman: Got you there. I would have just flown back in time and… Supreme Kai of Time appeared and hands him a paper. Supreme Kai of Time: Go back in time one more time and I am taking you to court. Superman:…I mean, um I would just do my usual thing. Supreme Kai of Time: Good, now where is that Flash guy. Batman: Back there…but hey you want to know my secret… Supreme Kai of Time stops time around Batman. Supreme Kai of Time: Yeah, I don't think so. She took off walking, while Superman and Goku just stare at Batman. Goku: Um, should we try getting him unfrozen? Superman shrugs his shoulders: Hmm eh let's give it a week or whenever the writer comes back.

How Injustice 2 Should Have Ended Stryker's Island Batman went to go see Superman after the Batcave was attacked by Brainiac's robots. Brother Eye was hacked into and is everywhere. He decided to go see Superman to see what he knows since Brainiac is after him. He arrived to his cell where he sees the radiation from the red sunlight energy that he used to keep Superman's powers restrained. Superman turned around and noticed Batman wearing his armored suit. Superman: You're wearing the suit. Am I in trouble again? Batman: Brainiac. What can you tell me? This caught Superman's attention. He gets up from his seat and confronts Bruce. Superman: How do you know that name? Batman: You're afraid of him. He's invading. He says you belong to him. Superman: Brainiac killed my parents…He blew up Krypton. Batman: You never mentioned that before. How do I beat him? Superman: You can't. Not without me. Batman: Without you huh? Hmm thanks for the tip. Superman: Wait. What tip?

  • One Hour Later*

Brainiac is onboard his ship with Gorilla Grodd when he sees Superman floating up in the sky in front of his ship. Brainiac: So, they freed him after all. Good. Now we can… He then sees Wonder Woman with him along with Supergirl, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, the rest of the Justice League, and the Teen Titans as they surround the ship. From those that can fly and those that are on the ground destroying his robots. Brainiac: Well, didn't see this coming. A portal opened into his ship as Dr. Fate along with two Batmen, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, and Jason Todd appeared from. Batman: No, you didn't. Stryker's Island Back in the prison Batman is sitting on a chair with a table in front of him that has his coffee mug. Inside his cell Superman has his own coffee cup and is sitting in his own chair. Batman: So I used the interdimensional machine again to summon my other self and his Superman. We then got the entire Justice League, Teen Titans, and the rest of our allies to defeat Brainiac. We also found out about the worlds he stole and I used my mind to keep them all safe. Superman: Wow, I forgot you had that interdimensional machine to summon them the first time to beat me. I'm also surprised they all came since I thought they would be worried the bad guys of their world would take over while they were gone. Batman: Oh no. It was just for a few minutes. I mean, all we had to do is use their Dr. Fate to make a portal to go into Brainiac's ship and beat him in person. Turns out the guy doesn't know a lot about magic. Superman: Well, it doesn't matter Bruce. You can't depend on them forever. My friends will get me out and when they do we will take over again. Batman: Yeah, I thought about that so I had their Dr. Fate find out where Wonder Woman and Black Adam were at. So, the League went to go arrest them and take them in. Turns out you had a cousin too who was with them the entire time. Superman and his Supergirl spoke to her and now he is on my side. Superman: W-what? Seriously? Damn it, Diana! All right, fine. But again, you'll need me one day Bruce. I mean, after all Darkseid is still out there and you'll need me to beat him. Batman: Yeah, about that. Turns out there are other universes out there that have their own heroes and villains as well. Superman: Oh God, please tell me you didn't summon the Avengers. Batman: What? No of course not. Would have been too easy. But I did find another world that is so scary, so evil, and is perfect to take down Darkseid. Apokolips Darkseid is in his throne room tied up with his Omega Beams neutralized as he couldn't move from his throne. Darkseid: Release me pink thing! Or suffer the wrath of Darkseid! A cloaked figure walked in and removed the hood revealing to be Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie: I told you! I will only let you out once you understand the meaning of friendship and Pinkie promise me you will never harm a living soul ever again. Darkseid: Never! Pinkie Pie: Then I guess it's back to the lessons. (Takes out a large book that was written by Twilight Sparkles) Chapter One: How to start a conversation. Darkseid: Noooooooo! Stryker's Island Superman:…wow um that's kind of cruel isn't it? Batman: Says the guy who killed people for years? Superman: I will have my revenge Bruce! Batman: No you won't because I'm Batman! The End Super Heroine Café Kara is sitting in her booth wearing her superhero costume while looking over the new phone that her friend Barbara gave her. After meeting her other self and the other Superman she learned what her cousin of this universe did. She was shocked that Diana and the others lied to her. And decided to join Batman to fight against crime the right way. Kara: This is so cool. I can't wait to learn more about Earth's culture and go out with just us girls. So, what do you want to do? Barbara: Be in the next game where I actually get to do stuff maybe? Kara: Oh…well um don't worry I'm sure you'll get your chance. ?: Don't bet on it. Kara turns around to see Miss Martian, Cassandra, Donna, Zatanna, Huntress, Bumblebee, Artemis, and other women from the DC Universe. Miss Martian: Not unless we're downloadable characters.

Kara: Oh…um I think I'll go wait outside.

How Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Should Have Ended

Evil Queen: Take her far into the forest. Fine some secluded tree where she can pic wildflowers.

Huntsman: Yes your majesty.

Evil Queen: And there my faithful Huntsman, you will kill her.

Huntsman: Wait, seriously? I mean, I get you want to be the fairest of the land, but how about instead of killing her you just send her somewhere far away? Like somewhere where she won't come back.

Evil Queen: No! I don't want her to live! That's the whole point of all of this.

Huntsman: Well, instead of having me do it and risk me failing why not poison her yourself? You're her stepmom can't you trick her and poison her instead?

Evil Queen:…Shit your right. Why didn't I think of that?

  • Five minutes later*

The Evil Queen is seen laughing evilly over the body of Snow White after she took a bite of the apple.

Evil Queen: Now I'm the fairest of the land!

Huntsman appears behind her and stabs her in the back.

Huntsman: Nope, I switched out the poison apple with a sleeping apple. She'll wake up and you'll be dead.

Evil Queen: You bitch! *falls over dead with the knife in her back*

The Huntsman picks up the princess and sets her on the bed as the prince came in to kiss the princess to wake her up. In the end the Huntsman is rewarded for saving the princess and lives happily ever after.

How Pinocchio Should Have Ended

A young Geppetto began opening his store where he'll sell puppets, dolls, and other sort of items that he can make then sell in this town.

Geppetto: Finally, took me a while, but I managed to finish making my store. Now I will focus my entire life building inanimate objects for the rest of my life and not have any children as a result of it. Then one day I will be sad since I would want to have kids, but never married. So I will wish upon a star to have a wooden son instead of a beautiful wife and a lot of money…what could go wrong?

A beautiful woman comes by and winks at him as she heads to a nearby bar.

Geppetto: On the other hand I can always just find a woman now, get married, and have a kid instead of risk having a wooden kid that will end up almost getting me killed.

How Cinderella Should Have Ended

Cinderella and the prince finished dancing as they head out to the garden. As they did Cinderella noticed it was about to be midnight. She planned to run away, but instead.

Cinderella: Listen, my name is Cinderella, I live with my evil stepmother who possibly murdered my father and my two evil stepsisters. You love and I love you. So, instead of me running away and wait for you to come find me how about we just get married?


The two begin to kiss as midnight came and soon the magic dress her godmother gave her was gone. But it didn't matter the two broke the kiss and they just shrugged this off then kiss again.

Godmother: Well, I mean I was hoping he would come find her so they can get together, but I guess this is less complicated and gets right to the point.

How Peter Pan Should Have Ended

After saving Wendy from falling into the water Peter Pan confronts Hook from the mast of his ship.

Peter Pan: Your next, Hook! This time you've gone too far! The Lost Boys, John and Michael were happy to see Peter is alive. As they all cheer for him.

Peter: Say your prayers Hook!

Hook: I'll show you this ghost has blood in his veins.

Peter comes flying down with his knife at hand when one of the pirates opened fire and shot Peter in the head. The pirates, Lost Boys, John, Michael, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Smee, and Hook look on shocked as they turn to the pirate who shot Peter.

Pirate: What? I have a gun, he came flying in like that, so I um shot him…so we win? Hook cleared his throat and pokes at the body of Peter.

Hook: Um yes…yes we um won…huh? Didn't see this coming.

Smee: Um so captain? What do we do with the kids?

Hook: Huh? Oh feed them to the crocodile or whatever. I'm going to go to my room and think how many years I wasted trying to kill this brat and all it took is one idiot to kill him so easily.

How Sleeping Beauty Should Have Ended

Maleficent had arrived to the festivities of the newborn princess, Aurora where she has just finished cursing her. Vowing upon her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and die. Before the guards could stop her she escaped and the king decided to burn all the spinning wheels to keep this from happening.

Servant: Um sir even if we destroy all the spinning wheels what's to stop the witch from making one of her own and cause the princess to prick it?

King: Well then we'll…shit that's true. Okay, new plan. We will send our best knights to kill her and save our daughter.

Knight: Um sir we tried that before and we got killed.

King: True, but we do have magical fairies to help us out.

Flora: But my king, we can't get involved. Our magic is not strong enough to stop Maleficent?

King: Really? Your telling me you don't have any way of actually stopping her.

Fauna: No, I'm sorry my king but…

Merryweather: Wait, what about the magical shield and sword that can help kill Maleficent?

King: Wait, you guys have that? Why didn't you tell us before?!

Flora: Because my king we can only…huh? Actually, I suppose we can do that, although I thought maybe we should save it for the young Prince Philip.

Fauna: Oh well, let's do it now and save the princess.

  • One Hour Later*

The King's army with their enchanted weapons stormed Maleficent's castle, defeated her army, and one of the knights stabbed her in the heart while she was in her dragon form. The soldiers all celebrate their victory before they return home to alert the king the news.

  • 16 years later*

Princess Aurora and her husband Prince Philip celebrate their wedding without worrying about the curse that was placed on her. With Maleficent dead the princess grew up happily and alive.

How One Hundred and One Dalmatians Should Have Ended

Cruella de Vil is in her home where she is seen finishing going over her plan to Jasper and Horace. Two goons she hired to help her buy Dalmatian puppies so she can skin them and make them into fur coats. However, she wanted to steal the 15 puppies from Roger and Anita. As payback for refusing to sell their puppies to her.

Cruella: You will wait till they leave and then you will take their puppies. I want all of them and I want it done soon.

Jasper: Don't worry miss. We'll get those puppies and make sure to bring them over in time to be skinned like the rest.

Horace: Well actually I've been thinking.

Jasper: I told you not to think! I'm the only one who will…

Horace punched his friend in the gut knocking the air out of him.

Horace: Shut up! I'm not dumb! I've got ideas too you know. For example, why don't we just buy 15 more Dalmatian puppies and then we can skin them. That way we don't risk the police finding out, there won't be an investigation, and we can get revenge on them later once you've got your fur coat.

Cruella: But I want to have the skin of their puppies as part of my fur coat so I can get revenge on them.

Horace: Yeah, but if you do that won't they suspect you did it because of your outburst? And if you show up with a Dalmatian fur coat won't they know it was you?

Cruella: Fine! But I will still want revenge!

Horace: Mum with the amount of money you have you could just hire an assassin or something to kill them.

Cruella: Whoa! Easy there I am willing to kill an animal for their fur, but not kill an actual person. I'm not that kind of monster. Now, get me those puppies and I'll double your payment.

Jasper and Horace: Deal!

  • Four Weeks Later*

Cruella showed up to work wearing her Dalmatian fur coat in Russia along with her fur coated hat, gloves, scarf, and boots. She opened up the newspaper and sees that 15 puppies were stolen from the home of Roger and Anita. Police have been unable to find the culprits behind the attack since they wore ski masks, knocked out the maid, and left without a trace.

Cruella begins laughing evilly as she begins rubbing her fur scarf and gloves.

Cruella: That's what you get for refusing my deal, Roger.

She continued to laugh evilly while singing Roger's song in a sadistic manner.

How the Jungle Book (1967) Should Have Ended

Writer: Well, rather three different ways how this movie could have ended…

3 ways how the Jungle Book (1967) should have ended

Alternate ending 1#:

Kaa began hypnotizing Mowgli as he coiled around his body. Mowgli tried to speak, but the tail wrapped around his neck silencing him.

Bagheera: There's no use arguing anymore. Now no more talk till morning.

Kaa was about to speak, but keeps silent and begins lifting the mancub up into the tree where he can enjoy his meal.

  • Next Morning*

Bagheera begins yawning loudly and looks over where Mowgli slept

Bagheera: Good morning, Mowgli. Did you sleep…Mowgli?

Meanwhile, in another tree Kaa burped loudly as he rubs his belly which was a large bulge where the mancub is at.

Kaa: Now that wassss deliciousss…

Alternate ending 2#:

Shere Khan found Kaa after he heard him singing to someone. He approached the tail and pulled on it to summon the snake. After interrogating him for a minute he left. Kaa shook his body causing him to wake Mowgli who pushed the tail off the tree and caused the snake to fall to the ground. Mowgli climbed down and confronts the snake.

Mowgli: You told me a lie, Kaa. You said I could trust you.

Shere Khan: Yes he did…

Kaa and Mowgli turn towards the tiger who never left the area.

Shere Khan: And now I'm going to have to kill you both now.

Kaa: Um oh look it'sss the man-cub. Just popped out of nowhere without me knowing about…

Shere Khan: Yeah, no not falling for it.

Shere Khan leaps at the two with his claws out and roared loudly.

Alternate ending 3#:

Bagheera arrived to meet with Akela the wolf and the leader of the wolf pack. Along with his mate, Raksha as they are told about what Bagheera wanted to do with the man-cub, who he found in the jungle all alone. He explains his plan on what he wanted to do with cub. How he wants the wolves to raise him and care for him like he is their own..

Akela: Soooo, let me get this straight. You wanted to leave the man-cub with us to be raised, until he is old enough for you to take back to the man village before Shere Khan finds out about him?

Bagheera: Yes, that's my plan. So, what do you say?

Raksha:…or, we help you take him to a man village where he can live among his kind instead of him being left with us? I mean, we are wolves and he's a man-cub. If you left him with us we might end up eating him.

Akela: Or the other predators might try eating him. So, yeah we should just take him to be raised by his own kind.

Bagheera: Oh, right. Yeah that makes more sense let's go with that then. Oh thank you so much.

How Robin Hood (animated) Should Have Ended

King Richard: Now, John. As you know I am going to leave England on an important mission. I was planning to put you in charge to keep an eye on the kingdom…but I decided instead I'll leave Maid Marian in charge instead.

Prince John: What?! But she isn't royalty! I am the prince and I should be in charge! Why are you leaving her in charge instead of me?

King Richard: Well, mostly because you are a coward, a thief, you will most likely abuse your power, ruin the economy of our country, and leave our defenses weakened. Oh and I don't trust you very much. So, yeah I'll leave her in charge of the kingdom along with that Robin Hood fellow I heard so much about. And just in case you will come with me so you don't try assassinating Marian or Robin Hood.

Prince John: Whaaaaat? I wouldn't do such a thing.

King Richard: I know you wouldn't, but I know you would send your friends to do the job. Now, pack your things we're going to Jerusalem!

((Note: During the Third Crusade in 1189-1192, the real King Richard left to battle against Saladin to retake Jerusalem, but failed and returned home))

How the Great Mouse Detective Should Have Ended

Hiram Flaversham, a toy inventor finished showing his daughter Olivia her present that he made. A dancing ballerina doll. However, Hiram heard some noises outside and hides his daughter. Suddenly a bat broke into the home and Olivia could hear fighting going on. She soon heard the fighting stopped and opens the cupper to find her father standing over the knocked out bat.

Olivia: Papa! You're okay! What happened?

Hiram: Oh well this crazy peg-legged bat came in here trying to kidnap me. But considering I am taller than him I was able to get him off of me and hit him with my chair…would you mind calling the cops?

  • An hour later*

The police arrived with Basil of Baker Street after finding out who the bat is. They interrogated the bat and after an hour passed they found out who he worked for. They arrested Professor Ratigan and his accomplices. Even find out what he was planning and was sentenced to jail.

How Who Framed Roger Rabbit Should Have Ended

Judge Doom and his weasels have captured Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, and his wife Jessica. They have the couple chained up and hanging in front of a large brick wall. Doom explains his plan and how he plans to use the Dip to kill the couple and destroy the toons. So he can make way for his…highway. Just as Doom was about to go through with his plan Superman emerged through the ceiling.

He takes out the weasels and ties up Judge Doom before freeing the others. He destroys the machine and empties the container filled with Dip. It was revealed that Doom was in fact a toon and was the one that killed Eddie's brother. The police arrived and the bad guys were taken away.

Roger: Thanks so much for saving us, Superman. But how did you get here? I thought this was a Disney movie?

Superman: Yeah, but the film is set in the 40s, which around that time I existed. So, you're welcome.

Super Café (the present)

Superman and Batman sat in their usual booth where Superman explained everything that happened. Superman: After that we all went out and had a big party to celebrate.

Batman: Well, why wasn't I invited?

Superman: Because you weren't around at the time, dude.

Batman: Uh yes I was. I was born in 1939.

Superman: I mean as a cartoon. You weren't a toon back then until 1973 for the Super Friends show.

Batman shuddered.

Batman: Don't remind me. Well, I still feel like I should have been invited. I mean, I could have handled those guys too and save the day. Maybe even get a date with Jessica…wait, did you get a kiss from her?

Superman: I did and wound up on the couch for months by Lois.

Batman:…Was it worth it?

Superman: Oh yeah, it was totally worth it.

The End

Superman: By the way, how would you have ended things from the other Disney movies?

Batman: Hmm well, let me think…

How Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Should Have Ended

Evil Queen: Take her far into the forest. Fine some secluded tree where she can pic wildflowers.

Huntsman: Yes your majesty.

Suddenly a bat dart hit his neck and caused him to fall over.

Evil Queen: What the hell was…*bat dart to the neck* who did that?! She fell over passed out as Batman appeared from behind the curtain.

Batman: And now to take the princess somewhere far away where she won't get killed, while maybe seeing if she is single.

Superman: She's 14 dude!

Batman: I mean maybe see if she'll want to become my new sidekick!

How Pinocchio Should Have Ended

The giant whale Monstro is seen chasing Pinocchio and Geppetto as they try to escape from the giant whale. It begins heading towards them for another attack when Batman appeared in the Batwing throwing a sleeping grenade at the whale. Knocking him out.

Batman: You're welcome by the way!

How Cinderella Should Have Ended

Cinderella came down wearing a dress her mouse friends made for her and was prepared to join her stepfamily to go to the ball. As she came down the evil stepmother had her daughters ruin Cinderella's dress before they begin to leave.

Until they got shot with bat darts as they got knocked out. Batman appeared dressed as the fairy godmother.

Cinderella: W-who are you?

Batman: I'm your batmother and I got you this dress that you can use for the ball…*shows the dress* and I got you a faster ride to get there.

He pressed a button and the Batmobile arrived in front of the house.

Cinderella: Wow! Thank you batmother!

Batman: It's what I do.

How Peter Pan Should Have Ended

Peter: Come on, let's go to Never Land!

Peter prepared to take off flying with the kids when Batman appeared and kicked him in the face knocking him out.

Batman: How about instead of flying off somewhere where you could get killed by mermaids, Indians, and pirates you come with me and we get some ice cream?

Wendy, John, and Michael: Yay! Ice Cream!

How Sleeping Beauty Should Have Ended

Maleficent had arrived to the festivities of the newborn princess, Aurora where she has just finished cursing her. Vowing upon her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and die. Before the guards could stop her she tried to escape, but gets trapped inside a magical sphere by Zatanna who came in with Batman.

Batman: And here's my gift for the princess. The evil devil lady trapped forever in a sphere and a free trip to Hawaii.

King: Haw-what?

Batman: Oh yeah, medieval times. Well, how about a cure for the Black Plague?

Fairies: Deal!

How One Hundred and One Dalmatians Should Have Ended

Jasper and Horace locked up the maid of Roger and Anita as they go to kidnap the puppies. As they begin leaving the home they are stopped by Batman who is standing on their vehicle.

Batman: So, you thought you could kidnap a bunch of puppies and get away with it?...not as long as I'm around you're not.

How the Jungle Book (1967) Should Have Ended

Batman found the man-cub Mowgli instead of Bagheera and took him to a nearby village where he would be raised by actual humans instead of wolves. And that's pretty much how this should have ended.

Batman: I mean, really there's not many ways this could have ended except put the kid with humans instead of live animals to raise him. That just doesn't make any sense and surprise the kid didn't die from some diseases he could have gotten from the jungle or got eaten by the other animals that live here.

How Robin Hood (animated) Should Have Ended

Robin Hood and Little John are seen going to free the citizens from Prince John when they saw all the guards have been defeated. The people have been saved and Prince John is tied up along with his corrupted allies.

Robin: Whoa, who did this?

Little John: I don't know, but look Robin. I found a note.

Robin takes a look at it and reads it.

Robin: "Did your job for you, your welcome, and, took your girl. That's what you get for saying 'Fuck Batman'…signed Batman." Wait, what just happened?

  • Meanwhile*

Batman is seen driving in the Batmobile with Maid Marian resting against him while kissing his neck.

Batman: Oh don't be so surprise. I kissed Cheetah before so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

How the Great Mouse Detective Should Have Ended

Professor Ratigan has captured Basil and Dawson after they tried to break into his lair in disguises. But Ratigan knew Basil would come and prepared a trap for him. Now, he has Basil and Dawson on a mouse trap surrounded by all sort of weapons ready to kill them both. All while Olivia is trapped in a bottle.

The rat prepared to leave with his men to complete his plan when they all got hit with bat darts. Getting knocked out as Basil, Dawson, and Olivia got freed. They look over to see a mouse dressed as a bat.

Olivia: Who are you?

Batman: They call me Batman, the world's greatest detective.

Super Café

Batman: So, you still need to ask how I would have done in those films.

Superman: Nope, it's exactly how I knew it would all go.

Batman: Of course, because I'm Bat-…

Gem Homeworld Steven is seen giving his message to the gems of Homeworld and on other worlds where they had formed colonies. White Diamond had explained earlier that Steven was going to stay and take his place on Pink Diamond's throne. However, Steven explains he is going back home to be with his friends and live in peace. White Diamond cuts the transmission and soon the Diamonds tried to convince Steven to stay. They even sang a little song to try to convince him to stay, but it seems that didn't work. Yellow Diamond: I've disbanded my armies. I've liberated my colonies. Blue Diamond: I never shattered. I never make anyone cry. White Diamond: I've been saying, 'Please' and 'Thank you,' even to lower life-forms. Steven: What did we talk about? White Diamond: Equal life-forms. Steven, we've done everything you've asked. Steven: That's great! Good job. Keep it up. Bye. Steven used the Warp Pad to teleport back to Earth, while the Diamonds are left alone again. Blue Diamond: Did you really disband your armies? Yellow Diamond: Yeah. I mean, its not like I needed to use them for any sort of conflict since the war 5,000 years ago. So, Steven told me there is no need to have an army. Blue Diamond: I suppose so. I mean, what's the worse that can happen? Suddenly a large ship appeared over their world as an army begins flying down and begin attacking. All while Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidianare seen marching down with an army behind them. Ebony Maw: Here me and rejoice! You have had the privilege of being saved by the great Titan. White Diamond: Well...you were saying, Blue? How Steven Universe: the Movie Should Have Ended Well, things could have gone better for Steven since he got back home. He was hoping that today would end with a happy ending with him and his friends living in peace. However, they got attacked by an evil gem named Spinel. She came with an injector that began poisoning the planet. To make things worse she hit his friends and himself with a weapon that returns them to their default setting. It returned Pearl to being a servant, Ruby as a bodyguard to Sapphire, Amethyst to blank slate, and Steven back when he didn't have his powers. Steven used the weapon on Spinel and returned her to her goofy looney happy self before she became evil. Over time, Steven managed to bring Amethyst and Pearl's memories back. He even got Ruby and Sapphire to fuse together to reform Garnet, but she didn't have her memories back. To make matters worse, they didn't have long until the poison destroys the planet. So, Steven went with Spinel back to where she came from…the Garden. It was where his mother, Pink Diamond was living at with Spinel. Until Pink got her own planet to colonize so she left Spinel behind for 6,000 years. Spinel regained her memories, but Steven managed to convince her to come back with him to save his world. Through a musical number of course. Despite some distrust from the others, Steven convinced Spinel to turn off her injector. They arrived to where Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot are at keeping track of how bad things are getting through Peri's tablet. Lapis: That sounds bad. Bismuth: That looks bad. Peridot: That is bad! We're hitting critical mass. Steven: Then I guess we're in time. Peridot: Steven! What's the status on Spinel? Steven: She's back. And she's here to help. Steven turns to Spinel hoping she knows how to turn it off. Spinel gives a small nod and walks up to where her injector is at before moving her right hand up. Her pinkie finger soon began transforming into a horn like earlier before she blew through it causing a loud booming sound to be heard. The injector soon stops injecting the poison and begins lifting itself off the ground. The Crystal Gems celebrate their victory knowing that the Earth is now safe. Steven lets out a sigh of relief before extending his hand to Spinel. Steven: Thanks Spinel. Spinel shook his hand back while still a bit shy about being good again/ Spinel: Ah gee. What are friends for? Steven sighed once more before looking around at the poison that was left behind. Steven: So, um this poison, it's not going to cause anymore harm, right? Spinel looks around at the poison and shrugs her shoulder. Spinel: I mean, just this area for now. But after a while it should be gone. Steven looks down at his gem and then at his friend Garnet. Steven: It would make things a whole lot easier if I got my powers back. Maybe I could even use my healing powers to help not just fix things here, but also help Garnet regain her memories. Spinel now felt a little bad for what she did. Yes, she did it because she was angry, but it didn't change the fact she shouldn't have done this. Spinel: I wish there was something I could do and that's the truth. Garnet: The truth? Garnet begins thinking of what Spinel said and soon begins realizing something. Garnet: I've known hardships and confusion…but love can live through it all…together. Garnet begins to glow as both memories of Ruby and Sapphire returns…the memories of Garnet soon returns and she reforms to her old self. The Crystal Gems all reunite with their friend happy she is back. Steven even invites Spinel over and joins in on the hug. Peridot: I guess all that's left is Steven. So, Steven, how did you get your powers? What's your missing puzzle piece? What helped make you change to who you are? It was then Steven realized what helped him get where he is now. Steven: I changed…all the struggles I went through. I learned from them and I grew. Oh my gosh, it's not just my gem powers I've forgotten, all this happily ever after stuff made me forget the first power I ever had. The power to change. Soon Steven begins to glow as his gem powers begin coming back. He even used them to help heal from his injuries before he is hugged by all his friends. Super Café (Beach City location) Batman and Superman are seen sitting in a big booth with Steven, Connie, Spinel, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis. All of them explaining what happened and the aftermath. Steven: So, once I got my powers back we fixed our home, took care of the poison, regrew the plants, and now Spinel is living with us as a Crystal Gem. Spinel: And everyone forgave me for going a little crazy…right? Pearl: Of course. Once Steven told us everything we couldn't stay mad at you. Amethyst: I'm still a little miffed, but after what you went through oh boy yeah I can't be too bad at you. Garnet: And it did help remind us how far we all came. Even helped us reexperience those moments again with those we care about. Bismuth: And all through musical numbers. Lapis: I'm just glad we didn't get hit and went into default again. I don't want to go through all that development again. Peridot: Same here. Batman: Hmm…so let me get this straight. You not only defeated the bad guy, but you also did it through a musical number and also reformed the villain on the same day. Superman: I mean, if it was that easy we'd let you try reforming all the villains we have to go through. Connie: It's funny you should say that. Villain's Pub (a few hours earlier) Steven and the Crystal Gems came into the pub and after a few hours they managed to reform all the villains. Every…single…one…of…them. All of them are seen singing, dancing, and spending time with each other. Super Café Batman and Superman looked on shocked by this revelation that all their villains have reformed. Superman: H-how? That's impossible. Batman: Wait, hold on. Let's not freak out. I mean, there is no way they reformed the Joker, Darkseid, and even Thanos. The Joker, Darkseid, and Thanos are seen walking pass the café shop all skipping happily, singing, and helping people out. Batman:…well then. I stand corrected. Superman: I mean, come on. That's impossible. How can friendship and singing really stop even the most dangerous villains. It doesn't make any sense. Garnet: You'd be surprised how powerful the power of love and friendship really is. Lapis: Its so powerful that our new master used it to take over the whole universe. Superman: Um depressed blue girl said what now? Outside, Batman and Superman see a giant ship arriving to Earth. They see Ebony Maw, their army, and the one behind this invasion. A hologram appeared and it is revealed to be Twilight Sparkles in her queen regal form and her friends standing by her side. Batman: Well…*sips his coffee* I didn't see that coming. The End A few days later. Batman and Superman are seen wearing pink uniforms, collars around their neck, and shirts that say 'Friendship is Magic'. Batman: Sooooo…you going to go back in time to fix this? Superman: I would…but she's watching us. Batman and Superman look up to see cameras everywhere knowing who is watching them. Batman: I would do, but she took all my inventions. But luckily, I have a plan to fix all of this. You know why? Superman: Because your… Batman: Because I'm… A dart hits his neck and he falls to the ground. Pinkie Pie appeared and has some guards drag him away. Pinkie Pie: We got a problem here, buster? Superman: N-nope. No we do not have a problem here, ma'am. Pinkie begins smiling and squeaks. Pinkie Pie: Great! See you at the party tonight…oh and one more thing…*she leans in close with her eyes widening* we're always watching you.

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