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RUTRouter Under Test
RUTRegistro Único Tributario (Spanish: National Register Tax; Colombia)
RUTAre You There?
RUTRandom Utility Theory (economics)
RUTRol Único Tributario (Chile)
RUTRapid Urease Test
RUTRealistic Urban Training
RUTRutland, VT, USA (Airport Code)
RUTRoad Users' Tax (Philippines)
RUTReally Useful Theatres Ltd (UK)
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A rut in the roadway made the nearest trunk tilt one edge in the air and shift position, so that when it tilted back again it rested on Michael's paw.
Another rut saved him, however, tilting the trunk just sufficiently to enable his violent struggling to drag the foot clear.
Diokno said there are other names of politicians who came to him to inquire on the status of the P45 billion RUT fund "but I told them I won't release it until that issue on the Road Board abolition is settled."
But for everyone else who leads a somewhat normal life and also loves to hunt big whitetails, the rut is by far the greatest time to score.
Sean tagged this behemoth just as the rut was starting to stir.
While I love the excitement that is the rut, in recent years I've found myself experiencing more consistent success on whitetail bucks in the early season--particularly the month of September.
The word "rut" comes from a 15th century French word "rut" or "ruit." That, in turn, comes from Late Latin "rugitum," which means bellowing or roaring.
analyzed the correlation of influencing factors of rut resistance using grey theory, indicating that rut deformation rate has the maximum grey correlation with rate rut depth among five influencing factors of void ratio, graduation index, rut deformation rate, passing rate at 4.75 mm in middle layer, and filler/asphalt ration [19].
Molkov, "Numerical simulations of large-scale detonation tests in the RUT facility by the LES model," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
This in vitro study investigated the effects of RUT against THP-induced cardiotoxicity in rat H9c2 cardiomyoblasts.
pylori 44 detection kit for rapid urease test (RUT), which shows the presence of urease producing bacteria by a change in the colour of the medium within a time frame which is read as follows: 1.