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So whatever happened to

So whatever happened to that Governor, you know, that one? It’s like one of those click bait questions you see at the bottom of an online news story.

Illinois has a rich tradition of their governors winding up making license plates due to corruption. Four of the last seven in fact. 4 of Illinois’ last 7 governors went to prison

But it’s not Illinois I’m thinking of right now. It’s Missouri. Greitens, yeah, that’s the name Eric Greitens. He was accused of felony invasion of privacy, it was all over the news, non-stop. It wasn’t the first time a conservative figure had been accused of such. Herman Cain, Bill O’Reilly, Judge Roy Moore, Judge Brett Kavanaugh come to mind, and the media covered it non-stop. Although Kavanaugh is different. In the first cases those men either dropped out of the political race they were in, and O’Reilly left his TV show. They tried it with Sean Hannity and he said “bring it”. They did, and he informed them he would fight it and sue, they decided to leave him alone and dropped it. In Judge Kavanaugh’s case, he rode it out, as has President Trump. Governor Greitens did not. While he was prosecuted with tax payer dollars, he had to pay for his own defense. But in all those cases, when the men stepped aside the story just went away. In Kavanaugh’s case it was also different in that while it was on-going some of accusers began to be exposed as lying.

I think this is when I began to get really testy about knee jerk reactions. When the Greitens case was flooding the #MSM #FakeNews airways there were already people saying “Wait a minute, something is off here”. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, whom I mightily admire did a couple of columns during the situation.

These Five Questions About The Eric Greitens Indictment Must Be Answered

That is a fascinating column! It was followed by

Why The Prosecutor In The Eric Greitens Case Could Be The One Who Ends Up In Jail

And she should. But wait, there’s more.

Missouri case that toppled GOP governor boomerangs on Soros-backed prosecutor

Wait! What! The Demoncrat prosecutor/political hack Kim Gardner lied about evidence, hid evidence, hired a retired FIB guy who also lied about evidence. I know, it’s like that movie “Groundhog Day” isn’t it?

Soros, one of the largest liberal benefactors in history, donated $630,000 that year to a political action committee called Safety and Justice Committee. That super PAC in turn donated more than $204,000 as an in-kind donation to Gardner’s election. Soros’ support accounted for about two-thirds of her total campaign donations of nearly $300,000, according to a post-election filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Gardner’s platform of criminal justice reform to help minorities proved a nice fit for Team Soros.

Color me shocked.

Ex-Missouri governor considers suing prosecutor over dismissed indictment

It was a crime that was committed against me, but most importantly a crime against the people of Missouri. This was their votes that they worked to overturn,” Greitens said during a wide-ranging interview on the Just the News podcast John Solomon Reports. “

I know! Progressives perverting the legal system to get rid of an elected official they didn’t want elected. It’s just so eerily familiar, somethings ringing in the back of my mind. If only I could remember or put my finger on it. /Sarcasm

Missouri: Soros-Backed Democrat Prosecutor’s Conduct Under Review in Greitens Case

You can hear a very interesting interview between Greitens and Seb Gorka

So in addition to Governor Greitens “pissing people off” per Seb, why would Demoncrats and Soros want to get Governor Greitens out of office? I mean, yeah, he was fulfilling campaign promises and nobody really expects politicians to do that these days, but what else could have been in the chute? Translations: Coming down the pike, In the wind, In the offing, Waiting to happen?

Well now.

Missouri governor says state will accept refugees This would be the replacement Governor, the one that took over after the Soros funded Gardner pushed Greitens out.

Missouri Gov. Michael Parson (R) said Monday that the state will accept refugees after President Trump signed an executive order allowing governors to opt out of doing so, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

What? Missouri didn’t have a high enough crime rate? Needed more people for the taxpayers to support? Of course they may assimilate and become useful citizens, but I somehow think that Missourians might not be all that thrilled. Though Parsons isn’t the only one.

These 15 GOP governors are asking for more refugee resettlement in their red states

A tip of my Stetson to my buddy Larry that tipped me off on that bit.

But even if Missouri doesn’t suffer the increased crime rates, and more people on the dole there are other considerations.

Election Fraud Cases

Missouri Secretary of State: Yes, voter fraud is a real threat

Voter Fraud Changed the Outcome of a Missouri Election

Missouri, like I’m sure other states already seems to have a voter fraud problem. Why does Parsons want to add to it?

Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota

Who is elected absolutely has the ability to change the character of a state. For example look how settling around 100,000 Somalis in Minnesota “enriched” their culture and affected their state.

How Minneapolis’ Somali community became the terrorist recruitment capital of the US

The state that gave us the anti-Semitic, terrorist supporting, Bernie Sanders loving Ilhan Omar. Is she still married to her brother?

But Minnesota is not the only state that has been affected by an influx of “outsiders”. Look at Virginia. It used to be a nice state, lots of nice horses, lots of nice places to ride. Oh, I’m sure it had other good qualities as well. For example it used to be sane. As in respecting the rights of individuals as recognized (not granted) by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Rights that are granted by G-d, not government. But all that has changed. There has been an influx of progressives, and they’ve changed who gets elected and who gets elected is who writes and votes on laws. For the last few months we’ve been watching gun owners in Virginia wage a desperate battle to hang onto their Second Amendment rights.

But it will not end with Virginia. Virginia is not the only state under attack, it is part of a bigger plan. And like the Wuhan Corona virus, it can be there for awhile before the state even realizes it’s been infected. There is a book on the plan to turn Red States into Purple States. Blueprint

“The Colorado turnaround in 2008 was nothing short of phenomenal: a once rock-solid Republican state went Democratic in a big way. And members of both parties are still scratching their heads over what happened. Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer have dug into the question for their book ‘The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care.’ –Political Bookworm Blog by Steven Levingston

Missouri does have a piece of legislation pending that may help them, although it wouldn’t prevent a Virginia style takeover. It is an excellent bill called “Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA)”.

If you have friends in Missouri, and I do, you may want to pass this along to them. There is a reference page from a group called Missouri First Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA)

And they have a video explaining how it works

Last I heard is the Bill is doing great in the house with 86 co-sponsors, but in the Senate a Senator named Doug Libla who is Chair of the Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee is holding it up. Seems he insists it be watered down. Now one would think this Sen. Libla would be a Demoncrat, but he’s not. He’s supposed to be a Republican. I guess he’s one of those “Trans-Republicans” like Mittens Romney.

A current specimen of a “TransRepublican”

So I suppose, inquiring minds wonder, how many reasons were there that the Soros funded prosecutor went after Governor Greitens, and why exactly did they want him removed? Ultimately will it end up changes the character of the state? For the sake of Missourians, I hope their Second Amendment Preservation Act is signed into law soon.

So whatever happened to? According to the video, he’s headed back to court. Sic ‘em Governor Greitens.


Sez Who?

So I saw something yesterday that made me start to come out of my chair and yell at my computer. And I would have, but it was stormy outside and my puppy was curled up behind my office chair.

An Article saying the NRA has endorsed Missouri Attorney General Chris (Flipper) Koster for Governor. It’s short and ugly:

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund on Tuesday endorsed Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

In its endorsement, the group praised Koster’s position on Second Amendment rights.

“On behalf of the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, I am pleased to announce your  ‘A’ rating and endorsement for Governor in the 2016 Missouri General Election,” wrote the super-PAC’s chairman, Chris Cox.

“I thank you for never wavering from your Second Amendment beliefs. As you know, your long and distinguished Second Amendment record is greatly appreciated by your fellow NRA members in Missouri and the United States of America,” he added.

Koster welcomed the endorsement and further pledged to defend the Second Amendment as governor.

“I am pleased to receive the endorsement of the NRA,” he wrote in a statement.

“As a rural prosecutor, State Senator, and now as Attorney General, I have long defended Missouri’s hunting heritage and Second Amendment rights. As Governor, I pledge to continue to protect the traditions and values of people across Missouri.”

Koster leads his Republican opponent, retired Navy SEAL Eric Greitens by an average of 6.3 points, according to RealClearPolitics.

Let’s just chat about this, shall we? Backstory is good, backstory and Israeli coffee are always good. And since I’ve have both, I’ll share, at least the backstory part.

The first item up is the Department of Revenue scandal, it broke first. The Missouri Department of Revenue was illegally complying with the REAL ID act by sending the private data of Missourians to a company out of state called Morpho-Trust, they were illegally collection biometric data on Missourians using a Department of Homeland Security grant to do these things. They lied about it to the legislature telling them they used the grant to purchase hole punches and similar office equipment. Yeah, you can tell the department was headed up by a Gov. Jay Nixon-D appointee. But the woman behind a bunch of this, ala Valerie Jarrett was Jackie Bemboom. Who knew better, but instead of following Missouri law, she complied illegally with REAL ID and sold out Missourians to the Federal Government. But her betrayal didn’t end there. The Missouri Department of Revenue gave ALL the information on Missouri’s concealed carry holders to the federal government. Via the Missouri Highway Patrol. The Governor Jay Nixon-D denied their was a database of CCW holders turned over. But there was. They Highway patrol admitted they had done it. At first they said it was a Social Security request for a list of Missouri’s CCW holders. Then it became a joint request, social security AND the ATF. And they gave it to them. How, you ask, did they deliver the data on Missouri’s concealed carry holders? Why, they sent it in an Excel file. On a disc. With a password. Which was included in the cover letter sent WITH the disc. Sent via regular US mail. Lots and lots of mis-doing here, illegal actions, betrayal of ALL Missourians with the data base of info sent to Morpho-Trust, a French company. Missouri law prohibits data on Missourians from being sent out of state, I believe. And so did Chris “Flipper” Koster-D SPRING into action to go after those that broke the law? Um, no, not so much. In fact, not at all. Oh? The “Flipper” part you ask? Flipper used to be a Republican, till 2008 I believe when he sensed the political winds would go with the barry sotero in his bid for the Presidency and changed to a Dimocrat. Then he got the nickname “Flipper”. Backstory IS good, isn’t it. So no, Flipper that great NRA endorsed candidate did zip, zilch, nada about this one.

You can listen to Sen. Kurt Schaefer talk about it on the Dana show to know just how bad this really was.

Dana has some good links and information on her site regarding this.

You can read more about the DOR scandal at Missouri Family Network’s web site. They are the ones that broke the news of the scandal and were all over it.


So let’s move forward to September 2013. Missouri had a beautiful piece of legislation that was going to become law. The Second Amendment Protection act. Nullifying federal gun control laws that were in conflict with the Missouri Constitution, preventing newspapers from publishing the names and addresses of gun owners like some newspapers in other states have done, good stuff, things like that. Predictably Gov. Jay Nixon-D vetoed it. Anything that protects or restores gun rights is an anathema to Gov. Nixon-D. But, the Missouri legislature has overridden Anti-gun governors before. As they did “One Term” Bob Holden-D when he vetoed Missouri’s Concealed Carry law. One Term Bob is probably wishing the people of Missouri had given him a Attorney General as duplicitous as Flipper. The veto override should have been a done deal. It was passed with a veto proof majority. But that didn’t happen. For the first time Missouri’s GRASSROOTS Second Amendment groups held TWO rallies in one year. The purpose of the second rally was just to encourage the veto override of The Second Amendment Protection Act.

Why you ask would this be necessary? Well, I’ll let Sen. Brian Nieves tell you about it. From the second rally on September 11, 2013.

Yeah, boy howdy. That Flipper sure is a stalwart of gun rights isn’t he?

And now a word about the NRA, and their “pro-gun” help in the state of Missouri.

The NRA is a BIG part of the reason it took Missourians an additional 13 years to get concealed carry. But that’s another story. Let’s just look at 2014. Missouri tried again for a Second Amendment Protection act. Sen. Brian Nieves the bill’s sponsor accepted a fairly inoffensive amendment from Sen. Nasheed-D, a rabid anti-gun liberal. It was about one sentence.

“Section 2. Upon becoming aware that a firearm has been stolen, a person shall have seventy-two hours to report such theft.”

Here’s the NRA email blast sent out about it,

Missouri: De-facto Gun Owner Registry Legislation Moving In Missouri Senate! Call Your Senators NOW!

The “offending” sentence was stripped out of the bill, and as she promised Nasheed-D filibustered the bill. The point of accepting the one sentence amendment was she wouldn’t filibuster.

The unlikely pair of Senators even had a press conference about it.

The NRA lied. They tried to sink the SAPA, again. Missouri is not the only state that has had problems with the NRA trying to stop state sovereignty legislation. Florida has I know, as has Wyoming around the same time period.

So, Missourians have already suffered greatly due to the NRA’s “help” and the “pro-gun stalwart” Flipper Koster-D. And the NRA is proudly endorsing Flipper-D for Governor, perfect.

Let me make a couple of things clear here though. I am NOT endorsing Eric Greitens, and this column is not about pointing out what a piece of sh cr work Koster-D is, though he is. The point is those little orange NRA cards are fixing to flood mailboxes soon, very soon. And people will believe them. The NRA does have some good programs, Eddie Eagle and some of their women’s programs are good. But when it comes to politics and legislation? I have yet to see them be of much, if any, help in Missouri, and I have really good sources there.

So, when it comes to elections this year, I’m going to ask you to consider something. IF you get one of those orange cards or NRA endorsements, PLEASE, don’t just say “ok” and do it. Double check the information with a Second Amendment Rights group like Gun Owners of America. They do good candidate ratings. For local races, if you are not part of a local grassroots Second Amendment rights group, join one or at least check with them on their web site to see who they are endorsing. When you do that, you might double check to make sure they are independent of the NRA and not just towing the party line.

This is only ONE race taking place in the US, in ONE state and look what I was able to come up with on the NRA endorsed candidate. A man who has cost Missourians state sovereignty legislation. So before you believe that little orange card, or let your friends believe that little orange card when you hear “endorsed by” ask SEZ WHO? Are THEY credible? While we can never depend on politicians to save us, we don’t have to make it harder on ourselves either.


Am I a Calzone?

No, I don’t mean the food thingy, I mean the person, as in Ron Calzone.

Ron Calzone is a citizen, a mere mortal citizen. Well, a regular citizen with an incredible energy level. He raises horses and cattle and has a small manufacturing business. And then there is his side line. In his “spare” time Ron goes to Jefferson City to talk to legislators. Ron talks to them from a Constitutional viewpoint. He opposes things like eminent domain, and about anything that gives government more control over people lives or their property. He talks to legislators about having good firearms laws, that protect ownership and their owners. And he is very good at it. He is part of a group in Missouri called Missouri First. Ron is often in Jefferson City at the Capitol wearing down the leather on his shoes. Now not every citizen can get off work to go to Jefferson City to testify before a committee when the bills they are most interested in either seeing go through or stopped dead are to be heard. In those cases Missouri First has come up with something very ingenious, called Liberty Tools. People that are subscribed to their mailing list will be sent a notice when a bill of interest is about to be heard, and if you can’t go, you can fill out your witness statement online, MoFirst will print it off and take it to the hearing FOR YOU. Then your Representatives and Senators can get online and see which of their constituents weighed in on it. Either for or against, doesn’t matter, the choice you made, your comments will be there in the liberty tools section. Even if your vote and comment go the opposite of what Missouri First is recommending, it will be there. Pretty nifty huh? I heard from a very reliable source who was in a hearing for a Missouri Firearms Freedom act bill that Ron showed with a stack of witness forms about 18 inches or so high from people in Missouri who were in favor of it. That is a LOT of input.

So what’s the problem? Sounds like a stand up guy, right? I mean he takes time off from his own business, farm and family to go to Jefferson City and do what groups are always urging their members to do, get involved, go talk to legislators, send emails, write letters, make phone calls. He represents those that can’t be there but want their voice heard with piles of witness forms at hearings. Good stuff for citizens right? What could go wrong?

Well, he is good at being heard. And that has resulted in angering some politicians. Let’s look at a couple things.

When Sen. Kevin Engler thought he was a shoe in for position of the Senate’s President pro tem.

In 2010, along with multitude of Tea Party and Patriot group members, I also quite vocally opposed the election of Senator Engler, who was the majority floor leader, to the position of the Senate’s president pro tem. For the first time in decades, the Senate declined to make the majority floor leader their next president pro tem.

Right, Engler didn’t get it, and he was livid.

Now let’s uncover just a couple more skeletons. This one named Ron Richards. Ron was Floor Majority leader in the house at one time. That time would be 2013 and what was at stake was a fabulous bill called the Second Amendment Protection act. Now Ronnie has proudly proclaimed his pro Second Amendment status. He demonstrated this by running away from this bill screaming like a little girl. Actually I’ve seen some girls with bigger, never mind. Anyway, apparently Ron was upset that the bill would prevent newspapers from being able to publish the names of gun owners, you know, like they have in other states. But he promised he would sponsor an even better bill and get it passed. What can you say, he’s a RINO in Missouri. It’s two years later, and still not done. Then there was that time back in 2010 when Ron fought a bill that then Speaker of the house Ron Richards wanted, later the Missouri Supreme court struck it down, so guess Mr. Calzone was correct after all.

Then just recently, Rep. John Diehl was up to be Speaker of the House. Missouri First took the position that he would not be a good speaker, and set his legislation contact list to calling their elected Representatives to ask that they pick someone else other than a “bad Diehl”. The people did the contacting but the House still elected him speaker. Though they did get rid of him after he was caught in a big sex scandal. Oh well.

So what does all this have to do with the price of Israeli coffee in America?

Well this is where it gets really interesting.

A little more background. The Governor of Missouri is Jay Nixon, anti-gun. He’s the one that did the best barry impersonation “The police acted stupidly” when the Police officer shot thug Michael Brown. Jay promised swift justice for Michael. Actually, I think justice had probably already been done, but that was Jay’s first response. His second was to prevent the National guard from stopping the rioting after he illegally called them in before the riot started. So that’s Jay.

Governor Jay is the one who appointed the six members of the Missouri ethics commission. I’m sure they are all up to Jay’s demanding “standards”. Chuckle.

From the MoFirst website:

MEC says about their mission: “The MEC serves the public interest by promoting and maintaining transparency, accountability, and compliance with campaign finance, lobbying, and conflict of interest laws.”The Ethics Commission claims they have no responsibility to consider constitutional arguments that might otherwise be presented in a defense against complaints.While it’s true that MEC has no authority to declare a statute unconstitutional like a real court of law would, they do have a responsibility to support the Constitution, so they should actually at least be considering the constitutional implications of various interpretations of statutes relating to a complaint. In other words, if there are two possible ways to interpret a statute – one is constitutional and the other is not – they should feel obligated to choose the constitutional approach. They do not feel thus constrained, however, and that does not bode well for our free speech rights.

Ready for the juicy stuff?

At the September 3, 2015, hearing before the Missouri Ethics Commission, a witness called by the Commission’s own attorney revealed during sworn testimony a very interesting and very telling fact. The testimony was that Representative Kevin Engler and Senator Ron Richard had talked to the Missouri Society of Governmental Consultants (MSGC), asking them if they had any interest in my status as a lobbyist. After that, MSGC filed a complaint against me with the Ethics Commission.

Only natural persons are allowed to file with the Ethics (guffaw) commission. And within five days they were to have told Ron who his accusers were. So SEVENTY-FOUR DAYS later the Missouri Ethics (yes, I am having trouble typing that with a straight face) commission told Mr. Calzone who had filed the complaint against him. And it wasn’t a person. In fact the lawyer that drew up the complaint made it clear that the filing entity wasn’t a person.

What is the fallout? Ron has been accused of being a lobbyist. That he hasn’t registered and paid the $10 fee, and hasn’t filled out the necessary paperwork. So that results in a thousand dollar fine. If he persists, he could face jail time.

Ready for the punch line? Ron isn’t a lobbyist. He is a citizen, working with other citizens and with other freedom minded groups. He is paid NO money for going to Jefferson City, and he buys the legislators no gifts, no meals. If he’s a lobbyist? He stinks at it.

That’s what makes this so ugly to me. This is an attempt to keep mere citizens from suiting up and showing up to speak to legislators. At one time this was something I did, and not long ago, I was one of two people tapped to be the citizens showing up to talk to legislators on behalf of a group of combined Second Amendment groups. I could have been in Ron’s boots. This is an attempt to stifle free speech and shut out influence of mere citizens from bothering the elected officials. That and some ugly political payback.

At a time when more than ever citizens need to be involved in the political process in an effort to protect our rights this is a very bad thing. If other states should begin to consider such actions? Citizens need to have access to their elected officials, whether it’s showing up themselves, or if they can’t, filling out a online form to be presented at a hearing, they need to be involved. We all need to be suiting up and showing up in whatever capacity we can.

Am I a Calzone? I hope so.

Politics always take an interest in you
Politics always take an interest in you


Who rules over you?
Who rules over you?