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State of the Week 24: Missouri

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4 years ago

State of the Week 24: Missouri


Flag: Flag of the State of Missouri

Map: Missouri County Map

Nickname(s): The Show Me State

Demonym: Missourian

Abbreviation: MO

Motto: "Salus populi suprema lex esto" - Latin for "The health of the people should be the supreme law"

Prior to Statehood: Missouri Territory

Admission to the Union: August 10, 1821 (24th)

Population: 6,083,672 (18th)

Population Density: 87.1/sq mi (30th)

Electoral College Votes: 10

Area: 69,704 mi2 (21st)

Countries Similar in Size: Uruguay (68,037 mi2 ), Cambodia (69,898 mi2 ), Syria (71,500 mi2 )

State Capital: Jefferson City

Largest Cities (by population in latest census)

1Kansas CityJackson County, Clay County, Platte County, Cass County459,787
2St. LouisNone (Independent City)319,294
3SpringfieldGreene County159,498
4IndependenceJackson County116,830
5ColumbiaBoone County108,500

Borders: Iowa [N], Illinois [NE], Kentucky [E], Tennessee (SE), Arkansas [S], Oklahoma [SW], Kansas [W], Nebraska [NW]

Subreddit: r/Missouri


Governor: Jay Nixon (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Peter Kinder (R)

U.S. Senators: Claire McCaskill (D), Roy Blunt (R)

U.S. House Delegation: 8 Representatives (6 Republican, 2 Democrat)

Missouri Legislature

Senators: 34 (24 Republican, 8 Democrat, 2 Vacant)

President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Ron Richard (R)

Representatives: 163 (116 Republican, 45 Democrat, 1 Independent, 1 Vacant)

Speaker of the House: Todd Richardson (R)

Presidential Election Results (since 1980, most recent first)
YearDemocratic NomineeRepublican NomineeState Winner (%)Election WinnerNotes
2012Barack ObamaMitt RomneyMitt Romney (53.76%)Barack Obama
2008Barack ObamaJohn McCainJohn McCain (49.36%)Barack ObamaMcCain wins by ~4,000 votes; a 0.1% margin of victory.
2004John KerryGeorge W. BushGeorge W. Bush (53.30%)George W. BushMissouri's 'bellwether' reputation ends here after a century of voting for the winning candidate, the only exception being 1956.
2000Al GoreGeorge W. BushGeorge W. Bush (50.4%)George W. Bush
1996Bill ClintonBob DoleBill Clinton (47.5%)Bill ClintonReform Party Candidate Ross Perot won 10.1% of the Missouri vote.
1992Bill ClintonGeorge H.W. BushBill Clinton (44.07%)Bill ClintonIndependent Candidate Ross Perot won 21.69% of the Missouri vote
1988Michael DukakisGeorge H.W. BushGeorge H.W. Bush (51.83%)George H.W. Bush
1984Walter MondaleRonald ReaganRonald Reagan (60.02%)Ronald ReaganOnly Democrat and Republican parties on the ballot.
1980Jimmy CarterRonald ReaganRonald Reagan (51.16%)Ronald Reagan[John B. Anderson] (, an independent candidate, received 3.71% of the Missouri vote.


Racial Composition:

  • 83.8% non-Hispanic White

  • 11.2% Black

  • 2.1% Hispanic/Latino (of any race)

  • 1.5% Mixed race, multicultural or biracial

  • 1.1% Asian

  • 0.5% Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander

Ancestry Groups

  • German (23.5%)

  • Irish (12.7%)

  • American1 (10.4%)

  • English (9.5%)

  • African American (8.8%)
    1: American often refers to those of English descent whose family has resided in the Americas since the colonial period.

Second Languages – Most Non-English Languages Spoken at Home

  • Spanish or Spanish Creole (2.1%)

  • German (0.6%)

  • French (incl. Patois, Cajun) (0.4%)

  • Chinese (0.2%)

  • Vietnamese (0.2%)


  • Christian (77%)

  • Evangelical Protestant (36%)

  • Catholic (16%)

  • Mainline Protestant (16%)

  • Historically Black Protestant (6%)

  • Mormon (1%)

  • Unaffiliated, Atheist or Refused to Answer (20%)

  • Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic or Hindu (3%)


Colleges and Universities in Missouri include these five largest four-year schools:

SchoolCityEnrollmentNCAA or Other (Nickname)
University of MissouriColumbia35,448Division I (Tigers)
Missouri State UniversitySpringfield22,735Division I (Missouri State Bears/Lady Bears)
University of Missouri-St. LouisSt. Louis16,738Division II (Tritons)
University of Missouri-Kansas CityKansas City16,160Division I (Kangaroos)
University of Central MissouriWarrensburg14,395Division II (Mules and Jennies)


State Minimum Wage: $7.65/hour

Minimum Tipped Wage: $3.825/hour

Unemployment Rate: 5.7%

Largest Employers

[Barnes-Jewish Hospital] ( Louis9,000+
Mercy Hospital SpringfieldMedicalSpringfield8,500+
University of Missouri IT DivisionTechColumbia7,600+
[St. Louis University] ( Louis7,500+
Cerner CorporationHealthcareNorth Kansas City (HQ) + Various (Worldwide)7,000+

Missouri is represented in three of the "big four" in U.S. sports, the lone exception being basketball, and four of the "big 5". Sports teams in Missouri include:

TeamSportLeagueDivisionChampionships (last)
Kansas City ChiefsAmerican FootballNational Football LeagueAFC West3 AFL, 1 NFL (1969)
Kansas City RoyalsBaseballMajor League BaseballAL Central2 (2015)
Sporting Kansas CitySoccerMajor League SoccerWestern Conference2 (2013)
St. Louis BluesIce HockeyNational Hockey LeagueWestern Central Division0
St. Louis CardinalsBaseballMajor League BaseballNL Central11 (2011)
  • While Sporting Kansas City has played their home games in Kansas City, Kansas since 2008, the team's offices and practice facilities are still located in Missouri.

  • The St. Louis Cardinals' 11 World Series Championships is the second-most in MLB history, trailing only the New York Yankees' 27.

Sports teams which formerly played in Missouri include

Kansas City AthleticsBaseballMLB1955 - 1967Currently the Oakland Athletics
Kansas City KingsBasketballNBA1972 - 1985Currently the Sacramento Kings
Kansas City MonarchsBaseballNegro Leagues/Independent1920 - 1965Folded in 1965 after sending more players to the MLB than any other Negro League franchise
Kansas City ScoutsIce HockeyNHL1974 - 1976Currently the New Jersey Devils
St. Louis BrownsBaseballMLB1902 - 1953Currently the Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis CardinalsAmerican FootballNFL1960 - 1988Currently the Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis HawksBasketballNBA1955 - 1968Currently the Atlanta Hawks
St. Louis RamsAmerican FootballNFL1995 - 2016Returned to Los Angeles following the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season

I-70 Speedway near Odessa was a "home track" for many of NASCAR's drivers, including 1989 Cup series champion Rusty Wallace. The track closed in 2008.

Fun Facts
  1. St. Louis was the first U.S. city to host the Olympics, which it hosted alongside the World's Fair in 1904.

  2. The ice cream cone is largely credited with having been invented at the World's Fair in 1904.

  3. Kansas City has more fountains than any city, with the exception of Rome, Italy.

  4. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 saw Maine and Missouri admitted to the union at (roughly) the same time, in order to keep the balance of power between free and slave-holding states. Missouri would later go on to be the first of the slave states to free their slaves in 1865.

  5. Branson, Missouri is within a single day's drive of 50% of the U.S. population, and handles an estimated 65,000 visitors daily. Bronson, on the other hand, has slightly fewer visitors.

Previous States:

  1. Delaware

  2. Pennsylvania

  3. New Jersey

  4. Georgia

  5. Connecticut

  6. Massachusetts

  7. Maryland

  8. South Carolina

  9. New Hampshire

  10. Virginia

  11. New York

  12. North Carolina

  13. Rhode Island

  14. Vermont

  15. Kentucky

  16. Tennessee

  17. Ohio

  18. Louisiana

  19. Indiana

  20. Mississippi

  21. [Illinois] (

  22. Alabama

  23. Maine

Thanks again to /u/deadpoetic31 for compiling the majority of this information!

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St. Louis, Missouri
4 years ago

Missouri: At least we're not Kansas.

level 2

Being in Kansas just makes me irrationally upset. I don't even like to drive out there for short trips.

level 2

Had to pay 2.75 just do drive through their shitty state. Fuck you Kansas! (The state not the band)

level 2

Kansas: at least we're not Oklahoma.

level 2
4 years ago

I just knew this thread was going to be here.

level 2

I'm guessing Kansas is to Missouri like Mississippi is to Alabama.

level 1

BTW, it's Missour-ee, not Missour-uh!

level 2

Unless you're a politician, then it depends on who you're pandering to.

level 2
Comment deleted by user4 years agoMore than 1 child
level 2
Comment deleted by user4 years agoMore than 1 child
level 2

Just curious which part of Missouri are you from?

level 2

This. If you say Missourah, you're not from Missouri.

level 2
SW Missouri
4 years ago

Yes. Thank you!

level 2

The word "Missouri" as a whole is Anglacized (or uh, "francicized" if you're -ee) nonsense of a neighbor tribe's name for the actual "Missourians" (supposedly meaning "people of the long canoe," but even that's up for debate.) As someone born and raised in Missouri, I've never, ever understood why people care so damn much about how they, other people, politicians, and voice actors working for the politicians pronounce the stupid word.

level 1
Atlanta, Georgia
4 years ago

Missouri, are we southern? Midwesten? Not even we know!

level 2
St. Louis, Missouri
4 years ago · edited 4 years ago

The northern most Southern state, southern most Northern state. KC the eastern most western city and StL the western most eastern city. Yup, we're down right schizophrenic.

Edit: Auto correct changed Yup to you

level 2
Southern Missouri
4 years ago

Anything north of the Missouri River is midwest for sure. After that, it's a debate.

level 2
New England
4 years ago

Cities are midwestern, country is southern.

level 2

Growing up in MO I assumed we were solidly Midwestern more culturally attuned to Chicago and the great lakes. Then I later moved to Upstate NY and holy cow being able to look from the outside in I realized just how southern Missouri actually is.

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Wow this really took off. Now, I feel like Trever Noah in this part of his stand-up show about tacos and America :D

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For instance, Wrangler and Levi’s are just regular jeans in America but they’re a luxury in India.

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Posted by6 days ago

As the title says. Be as detailed as you can. If possible, I'd like to know about the smaller states mostly. (Clothing choices, Mannerisms, Composure, etc...)

And let's not spam Texans. Everyone in the world can spot a Texan ;)

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I know a couple places here in Austin that do, but never heard of it back in L.A. So, where do stores offer this and where do they not?

Posted by5 days ago

Alright so as an expat in Europe i hear a lot of non Americans call it "USA", or "America".

But personally I use "The U.S." formally or "The States" with other expats, or more casually. In my opinion, an American saying USA makes you sound like someone from the 19th century, or some guy in Arkansas holding a flag and a shotgun riding a lawn mower.

Curious to hear what everyone else says.

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