Letter to the Editor: Consider benefits of mascot change (4/30/04) | Southeast Missourian newspaper, Cape Girardeau, MO
Letter to the Editor

Consider benefits of mascot change

To the editor:

Change the name of the mascot. I cannot speak for the entire Indian nation or a specific tribe. Nor have I lived on an Indian reservation. But I do have some Indian blood in my veins. This does not make me an expert on Native-American affairs either. However, I would like people to at least take a moment to look at the situation from a different perspective rather than "It's always been the Indians, so why change it" point of view. I am also an alum of Southeast.

To have a race of people as a mascot is not acceptable in this day and time. Can you imagine if a mascot was called the Jews or the Negroes? Everyone in our society would agree that it would be wrong. We can still honor our Native American heritage in a more respectful way, like in the university museum or some other venue.

From a marketing standpoint, how can you market something without a logo or name? For example: Pepsi-Cola would be cola and Coca-Cola would be cola. Confusing from a marketing perspective -- no brand image.

I understand there are several organizations throughout the United States that suggest Native Americans or symbols not be used for athletic events -- the NCAA and the National Student Athletes Association are examples. People are reluctant to change. However, I feel it would better serve the university community if a nickname-mascot change were made.


Cape Girardeau