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Missouri History and Government

True or false: Missouri became a state in 1821
True or false: Missouri was admitted into the union as a "free state"
False, it was admitted as a slave state
True or false: Missouri has had 3 capitals
True. In order, they were St. Louis, St. Charles, and then Jefferson City
True or false: Missouri has had 4 Constitutions
True. The last one was adopted in 1945
True or false: Missouri's senate has 34 members
True or false: Missouri's House of Representatives has 200 people
False, there are only 163 members of the House.
True or false: Missouri's governor is chief officer
True or false: Lobbies are illegal in Missouri
True or false: Missouri joined the confederacy in 1850
False, it joined in 1861
True or false: Missouri's nickname is "The Show Me State"
What year did the U.S. buy the Louisiana Purchase and for how much?
1803, $15 million
What country did the U.S. buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
Do both the federal and the Missouri state constitutions guarantee freedom of speech?
Instead of a vice president, what is the governor's right-hand-man called?
Lieutenant Governor
How many days does the Governor have to act on a bill before it automatically becomes a law?
60 days
How many governors has Missouri had?
55, and they have all been men
When was the Gateway Arch built?
Construction started in February 1965 and was completed in October 1965
What year was Missouri featured on the U.S. quarter?
What are the 4 most populated cities in Missouri?
In order from largest population to smallest, St. Louis; Kansas city; Springfield; Independence
How many times is a bill read in each house?
2 times
What is Missouri's congress called?
The General Assembly
What are Lobbies?
Organized groups who try to influence lawmakers, such as AARP and PETA
How big is Missouri in square miles?
69,704 mi²
What are the requirements to be Governor in Missouri?
30+ years old, been a U.S. citizen for 15+ years, been a Missouri resident for 10+ years
Do the Missouri Supreme Court judges serve for life like the federal Supreme Court judges?
No, they have to rerun for election every 12 years but there is no term limit.