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Fox News announces layoffs as part of restructuring

Fox News has announced a series of layoffs as part of an organization-wide restructuring.

“As Fox News Media has evolved into a streamlined multi-platform organization, we are realigning several functions and restructuring various divisions in order to position all of our businesses for ongoing success,” the network said in a statement.

So what does that mean for viewers?

According to the network, no on-air talent will be affected. Many of those affected were hair and makeup staff, who had been unable to work due to Covid restrictions.

Deadline reports:

A source with knowledge of the matter said that the changes are not due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except those related to the hair and makeup department. About 90% of the staff has not worked since the start of the pandemic, but have been paid throughout. They will be given enhanced severance and benefit packages.

Guests will no longer receive makeup and hair services; only anchors and contributors will because of concerns over safety amid the pandemic.

That’s good news for Fox fans, bad news for bed-headed guests.

While the layoffs don’t appear to be caused by any economic stress, Fox has alienated some key conservatives recently, and they would do well to remember that today’s layoffs look like a picnic compared to what they’d be forced to do if conservatives decided to abandon the network in droves.

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1,234 Responses

  1. A note to Fox ….. it would behoove you to sit up and take notice ….. your success has been all us REGULAR FOLKS (conservative) who have MADE your network …. a word to the wise …”do not screw it up” …… your riding high because of your audience …. be smart and keep rolling …. you will be rewarded……

      1. Agree with you 1000%, however, FoxNews has changed tremendously the last few years all the Anti-Trump rhetoric is sickening ie Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazil even Sandra Smith is jumping on the Trump folks…, she is far from “fair and balanced”, how sad… Even Napolitano’s democrat views are visible
        Tucker Carlson, Hannety, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs are doing a great job…, i used to have FoxNews on 24/7 but luxury is long gone

        1. Try OAN station very conservative! Turn off when Brazil, Juan, Smith n Wallace comes on.
          Shows you how bias toward liberals to have Wallace do debates. Such a shame

        2. I agree Richard. From the time Fox News started, I watched it faithfully but that has changed because they have changed. I think that change was brought on by Rupert Murdocks sons. Now i rarely watch it. We have enough liberal garbage from the other networks without Fox joining .

          1. Yes I do the very same thing for the liberals show up I turn off. The better pay attention. OAN may be getting more viewers. Tipping Point especially good! They may think so, but we are no locked in.

        1. I just shut it off, Marie Harf the liar for Obama is kept on there, the nigga mistress liar her name eludes me at this moment, Paul Ryan the pedlo who is on the oard

      1. Yes, he wastes a LOT of good air time. He complains regularly. There are enough complainers on the other networks and it why ONLY those with an AXE to grind watch them. Why should everyone on the 5 have to pander to him. Ridiculous!!!!

      2. We hate Juan, the commie, Williams for good reason. He’s drank so much if Hussein Odumos koolaid so long it has Weaken his thought processes !!!!

      3. Juan Williams is a fraud and a snake….professes to be a Christian, but follows the Democrat Party Line in lock step….sees no problem in murdering babies, rioting, killing police etc. Just another BLM piece of garbage🤮

    1. I hate Mike Wallace and Juan Williams and Donna Brazil and Nap so much , I Hurry and switch the channel and am so mad I quit watching Fox for days except for Hannity , Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham and by far my favorite of all , TUCKER CARLSON !!!!!!

      1. Agree with you 100%!!!!!
        Every time they have Williams, Brazile, Wallace on ( and there are few more too) I turn the volume or switch to OANN !!!!
        And yes, Laura, Tucker, Hannity, Lou Dobs, Judge Janine are the best they have on Fox
        and without them, a lot of people would probably switch to OANN in no time !

      2. Yes Larry, and Ted made the right point above!!!. If Fox keeps polluting by diluting, there will come a point where not only will their audience say goodbye, but so will the “truth bearers” which is why most conservatives are on here in the first place. We have been watching Fox since it’s inception but are getting VERY FRUSTRATED these days. WE WANT THE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

      3. My favorite is Hannity , but I’m with Larry here on his picks. I also can’t figure out why they wouldn’t “fact check ” all their regular news people like all the dem’s on the station who blatantly lie with a lot of their “supposed
        statistics” (Juan Williams comes to mind) does?? And any of you who like stats should listen to “the Dan Bongino Show” Podcast , always accurate and always ” fact checked” for about an hour per day.

    2. Fox must not abandon their conservative audience, unless they want their ratings to go down fast then Bill Clinton’s pants and an intern convention,

      Stop… all the liberal guests…. If we wanted to see and h ear them, there are plenty of
      places to go…CNN.. NBC…MSMBC ETC… They certainly do not give our Conservative
      guests a platform to spew their crap…

    4. I agree 100% too many far leftist lately. Get rid of Donna Brazil she contributes nothing. I mute Juan when he is on as well don’t care to hear his comments

    1. William,after what Melissa Francis and Harf did to Newt yesterday I am no longer watching that part of Fox EVER!!!!!! Only Tucker, Hannity and Laura. They are what makes Fox not the rest of the liberal mob.

      1. Amen to that… What happened to Francis… I know ole Harf is a die hard liberal..Should not even be on there… ie Juan Williams…. Donna Brazile..old Chris Wallace…and others..
        need to go.. NOW

  2. Juan Williams and Donna Brazil would not be missed if they were let go. They are both very irritating. I change the channel when they come on.

    1. I agree with your statement. I don’t understand why they hired Donna Brazile to begin with. She was a die hard, lying, cheating democrat when she was in cahoots with Hillary. She will do anything today to do damage to the republican party.

      1. You are absolutely RIGHT, since then I have hardly ever Fox news, DON’T trust them anymore with THAT ENEMY working for them, been scratching my head ever since, THAT woman should have NEVER gotten a job again, especially NOT with a news company like Fox…..!!!

    2. How about Wallace? He’s another slime ball who loves the democratic rhetoric and spews his crap against conservatives to push the demoncrap lies. I want Fox to not go in any further direction than unbiased news and Wallace is a biased as they come. I also turn him off when he starts his show.

    3. I agree 100%. As soon as I see Juan or Donna I change the channel.
      Wallace concerns me moderating the debate. I watch him on Sunday’s sometimes and he sounds like he is a Democrat.
      I love the Five and when I see Juan, I have to call him stupid. Same with Donna. Wish they would take a very long vacation. I’m watching Outnumbered and one special guy is Juan. Yuck.

    4. I do the same, can’t stand Donna Brazil. William I can a little but not much. the stupid things that come out
      of their mouths is surprising. I can’t believe anyone is that dumb. They stand with the Demarcates no matter what.

  3. Isn’t it time for FOX NEWS to get rid of such contrary characters as CHRIS WALLACE and MARIA HARF?
    The other networks don’t have anyone representing the Conservative point-of-view, so it really isn’t
    BALANCED to have these two on Fox News, making a sham of its “Fair & Balanced” mandate.
    It has more than enough balance with Juan Williams and Turnakov (sp ?).

    1. Marie Harf among others would be first on the list, Soros relationship is troubling as she is a hack for Soros involvement in “Color Revolution” ! What other reasoning would she have for running cover for Soros ?


  5. That goofy hair lipped AH Juan can be replaced with a far more intelligent person. Make sure he takes those stupid idiotic looks with him.

  6. I rely on Fox News. It’s the only one I watch. If a commentator irritates me, it’s usually because they are referring to a subject which boils my oil. I still pay attention because that is how we keep up with all that is going on at a rapid pace. Fox News commentators are just that; they don’t have to agree with me; I don’t have to agree with them. If I have my own comments to make I find the “reply” arrow – admittedly sometimes they’re hard to find – and do so.

    1. Brazille, and Williams keep me balanced. I trust Wallace but I believe he takes Trumps hate for the media personal and sometimes he wants to swipe him back.
      I want to hear how the democrats see the world. That’s how Trump knows which way to go next with his plans and decisions. They are like big directional arrows for Trump and all conservatives.
      They keep us angry and hungry for freedoms. I know I got lazy about watching Washington DC’s swamp. Listening to these jerks is my punishment for getting lazy.
      They are so hard to listen to, we need to know how we got in this mess.

    1. Hey Jackson you are right on the money about Donna Brazille ,she is a hack! She hates Trump always has and always will. What Fox needs is a good housecleaning!!!

  7. Vacate that Williams seat and considerably more viewers should return. Every time he opens his mouth, we it the mute button. I a way, I feel sorry for him for having that IQ equal to is hat size!

  8. It would be nice if I could actually see the news. I can’t afford a subscription so I’m stuck with ABC, CBS, PBS and NBC, all of which are detestable. No cable available here and satellite is unaffordable. Watching the news should not require a tariff.

  9. I used to consider FOX an upstanding pillar. That pillar seems to be leaning a little toward the ‘LEFT’ now! How big a piece does SOROS have of FOX, if any ???

    1. Soros owns all the Democrats and has contributed to all the Democrats that are running for office. The payoff is they now owe him! I pray the US government totally investigates where his money is going and where his companies money is going in supporting this anarchy in our country. He’s tried this in other countries and was expelled for his communistic authoritarian ways. Why is it that he obtained US citizenship and is allowed to be in the US. He was on TV saying that in no uncertain terms will Trump continue as president. This guy Is evil….he was part of Hitlers regime and the Democrats think he hung the moon and will give them money to stay in office. This is Crazy and the citizens of our country need to push for his expulsion and reject his citizenship because he is pushing this crap that is going on (but of coarse elites also think it is the way for supporting their ideology). Stop Soros and the Democrats before we lose our freedoms your lives depend on it!!!

  10. Fox’s so called “Fair and Balanced” could also be described as “Fox and Main Stream Media”. The Main Stream Media portion is always a signal to switch channels. Otherwise, you may as well just watch CNN. The fair portion of Fox reporting usually provides a weak conservative view that does not permit exposing the true culprits behind the subject matter. But I will say that Fox and Friends morning and weekends is always on target.

    1. James Smith you are partially right; however, its the best we have right now –lets hope for better in the future. News Max is not bad maybe a little rough around the edges; however, when competing with left wind loons you have fight fire with fire

  11. I would like to know how big a piece of FOX George Soros owns, and what influence he has on what is discussed by the on-air personalities.

    1. Yes, Newt was instructed by Harriss to not bring up Soros, what’s that all about. We know Soros is responsible for a great deal of what’s happening. Report on Soros or is Fox on Soros;s payroll?

  12. It is certainly evident that Fox is being influenced by sneaky Paul Ryan, Brazil, and Williams. If they continue on this course it won’t be long before their desire to become more left is far left!

    1. That’s right ! And Paul “Turtle Face “ Ryan is the reason we lost the House!!! Turtle Face Ryan is a Benedict Arnold TRAITOR TO ALL CONSERVATIVES AND BELINGS IN PRISON !!

  13. Fox needs to get back on the “right” side of truth and the American way of life.
    We don’t need the hear left wing crap on Fix News. If we want that. We can tune into CNN. Wake up, get rid of the trash on Fix and give us the truth and cut the bs.

  14. I agree with above comments re; Wallace, Williams and Brazille. I find One American News Network the new
    Fox. OAN is doing the job Fox should be doing.


  16. I agree with all of the comments above. It’s really sad Fox is doing this ! I really enjoyed watching them compared to the other channels! What’s going on?
    Juan Marie H.,Jessica T.,Donna B.Chris W., Judge Nap and Neil C.awill NEVER be fair and balanced! They always stick to false narratives, like all Democrats, and never give an inch when FACTS are presented! Sad world when you can’t have a fair debate anymore!

    1. I agree with all of that and get rid of Paul Ryan also and bring back some great conservatives they let go, and rid Juan ,Donna etc

  17. I like to see watch Outnumbered &
    The Five but can’t stand Juan Williams
    and today he is on both shows- Yecchh🙈🙈🙈🙈. Get rid of him, Brazille &
    Wallace to keep your conservative viewers!!

  18. Many here echoed my thoughts about WHY, FOX has been successful. I would bet that their liberal viewers don’t comprise 10% of their ratings. FOX…don’t screw it up!! Us conservatives have made you what you are.
    As far as anchors or guests, now that they got rid of Shepard Smith, they need to do the same with Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Chris Wallace Jessica Tarlov and Marie Harf. When they are talking I either switch channels or mute them.

    1. I switch channels too and I switch channels on Nap and Cavuto and a few others and I hate Fox for hiring that dispicable Paul Ryan ,

      Who is directly responsible for us losing the House !! He makes me sick ! He is an evil satanic democrat lover Rino who should be ashamed of himself !!!!! A TRAITOR !!!

  19. I would love to see Fox News of the past returned. Yes, Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, Judge Nap and Chris Wallace please remember you are journalists not novelists! Also, I wish the commentators would stop interrupting their guest speakers!!

  20. There are several names that keep up being mentioned above. Listen to your loyal viewers or start to lose rating points. Are these people getting paid a pile of money because they fill Network quotas?? Again, listen to your viewers, or become a loser network like cnn

    1. If they hire Megyn back, do it on a yearly contract. I rather have her on Fox than some of the others ( named by others on here)

  21. Did you all hear the Newt Gingrich interview within last day or so on Fox? I’m sorry I don’t remember the interviewer names but they are “usually “ somewhat conservative. Anyway, Newt was saying Soros pays for the Prosecutors causing havoc, paraphrased. Suddenly, the two interviewers stopped then said don’t talk about Soros. Newt replied, “What, he pays for them!! They cut him off then.

    1. I hope you understand what I wrote because I feel it’s very important in regard to Soros. Let me know if I need to clarify.

  22. The “little” guy gets FIRED = NOT “important”…..but the brazil’s, wallace’s, cavuto’s, bair’s and who ever else of the leftist “scum” gets to stay……as USUAL….!!!!

  23. Wallace has been bashing Donald Trump ever since he was on stage running for president and this guy has been selected by Fox to interview our president. Might as well picked Juan as they have about the same mind set.

  24. What happened to FOX? I think Juan, Donna, Wallace, Jessica, Nap and Marie H should all be MUTED and your station – I’m getting tired of it. I think leaving my TV on OAN might be a better plan. By the way what does UN-BIASED mean FOX?

    1. You named a bunch of loser… Power to you. Brazil=sneak and liar. Juan Williams wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the nose…. and HE WON”T SHUT UP… BLAH BLAH BLAH.. Harp… lordie lordie.. did we not get enought lies from her during Obuma… Yuk.

  25. Waaaay back I made the comment that Soros and his $$$$$$ was behind many of the problems that were beginning to confront the conservatives . . . . And now that is very much showing to be the case ! ! ! ! He and his buddies have enough $$ to determine the future of the United States ? ? ? ? ? MAKES ME SICK ! ! ! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

  26. Outnumbered w/Faulkner is good. Not sure about Bill Hammer & Cavoto & Brett Bair? Bair does ask some good questions, but not sure of these 3 political views. Like the Five, M. McCullum, Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Judge Jeannine, & one of the best on Sunday, Mark Levin. Jessis Watters is good too.
    Never cared for Donna Braizle from the last election for sad, sack, Hillary. Juan is out in left field, & don’t care for Wallace. I can’t wait to see the questions he’ll ask the President & slow, crawling, Joe Biden!!!

  27. Many years back when Roger Ailes ran and made Fox into the station it once was, the Murdock boys in England would fume about when they took over they would change things. They wanted anotheder CNN… And if they keep up they will get it. The Murdock boys hated the conservative shows and who ran them. They hated; everything about the Success of a COnservative Fox Network. Everything except the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that it brought into their pockets….. And brick by brick they are destroying it…

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