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He or she presides over the juvenile court with two non‐presiding judges.
— in Luxembourg, the presiding judge of the ‘tribunal d'arrondissement’,
He or she presides over the juvenile court with two non-presiding judges
During the court proceedings, the presiding judge, Justice Charles J.
The Presiding Judge for a major ongoing trial also resigned in March # for medical reasons
It provides: “The presiding judge shall conduct the proceedings and maintain order in the court.
The presiding judge refused this request
In one case, a presiding judge fined a man 2,500 Liberian dollars for flogging his son severely.
(b) the presiding judge of the "tribunal de grande instance" , on decisions rejecting the application,
Prince Bolkonski listened as a presiding judge receives a report
The labour court is composed of a presiding judge and two other judges
The final vote, by the court president judge Gilmar Mendes, was postponed to Thursday afternoon.
Court President Judge Rosalyn Higgins rejected BiH 's claim for monetary reparations
The presiding judge asserted: “We have to adjust divine law to earthly laws.
in Luxembourg: the presiding judge of the ‘tribunal d'arrondissement’,
When Madame Zachanassian was a girl, I was presiding judge of the criminal court of Guellen.
The presiding judge of the Appeals Chamber shall be the President of the Special Tribunal.
Judges must inform the presiding judge of the Tribunal in advance if they need to be absent.
The Presiding Judge shall invite the Prosecutor and the defence to make their closing statements.
The case against Madonna was dismissed by the presiding judge.
The president appoints the presiding judges.
Who was the presiding judge?
The source reports that throughout the proceedings, the presiding judge denied every request made by the defendants.
If no agreement can be reached, the Presiding Judge shall issue directions.
From 1981 to 1984, he served as the Superior Court Presiding Judge.
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