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1555 Lyon Bonhomme

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tost à coup la vengence on verra
Cet, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Line 1. From modern French this would be in translation ‘Mabus then so soon will die’  but in OF ‘tost’ as a single word would mean to raise a toast (OF ‘tôt/tost/tostus’ was the adverb ‘quickly’ and would have required an accompanying verb of motion) and OF ‘puis’ then means after or since. Either way, ‘puis tout alors’ could be ‘and then all’ which also fits nicely and makes Mabus more vague a time-marker, not a pivot as such.

Line 2. Whilst solitary ‘de’ is commonly translated as ‘of’ – meaning pertinent to, out of or from – according to antique ‘Dictionnaire Godefroy’ the OF ‘de’ was “marquant le point de départ”, i.e. coming for, coming from. We have a choice,

For people and beasts a horrible undoing will come:


From people and beasts a horrible undoing will come:

In modern French Line 3 would start as ‘Then soon to strike a blow’ whilst ‘puis tost’ makes some sense also as  ‘puis tout’ or ‘then all’. The OF linking word ‘puis/pus’ (also written as ‘pois/post’) has a distinct sequential or ‘post-something’ meaning derived from ‘postea’.

Michel’s ‘Puis tost à coup vengence (vengeance)’ initially caused me to chose the logical translation ‘for’, meaning coming for or pertaining to. However, if this should describe a zootic disease deliberately treated so as to uplift its transmutability/transmitability then either could apply especially if Lines 3 and 4 are intended to incept separately along this timeline, i.e. not to be read as occurring at virtually the same time.

Line 4: A mark added over the ‘e’ in ‘Cet’, like a tilde, suggests that ‘Cet’ is not ‘This’ but an abbreviation. Cent, Ceste? Only ‘Cent’, one hundred, is commonly translated here.

1557 Lyon Du Rosne Edition: “Cét, main, soif, faim, quand corra les coter. ‘Cét’ and ‘corra’ are apparent mis-spellings (and OF ‘Cétacé’ is a large fish-shaped mammal whilst the name of the anti-ship missile ‘Exocet’ means a flying fish.)

OF ‘main’ is hand but could also mean armed (‘a main armee’) God or Man’s dominion
(‘soubz vostre main’) left-hand side (‘a main senetre’) secretly (‘par soubs main’) sleight of hand (leger-de-main) seaboard (‘main a main’)  at a stretch even hidden hand (main cachée) and so on. The Holy Koran says of the day of resurrection that ‘the hands will speak’.  The Hand is the name of the Canadian “special purpose dextrous manipulator” as used in the ISS (International Space Station) project.

And here’s an excerpt about Yod, the 10th letter of the Aleph-Bet, from the Article  CELESTIAL SCIENCE-ART: A COMPANION TO GODLY ASTROLOGY

Yod is both a rare, powerful Aspect in Astrology (each point of the yod traced on a chart appears shaped as a ‘Y’ on every axis) and a classical Hebrew pictograph with the number 10 that looks like a human hand, OF ‘main’.

OF ‘courir’ could mean pass, prevail, count, account, flow, drain, spread, extend spatially, attack, pursue an attack, deplace for an attack, invasion, looting, speeding up or slowing down, to foreswear, float, court, a courtship, a yard, run, run away, course along or be fast-moving.

Mabus and then all dies,
For people and beasts OR From people and beasts a horrible undoing will come:
Then all suddenly we will see vengeance strike
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the fast-moving comet comes.

Strangely, the 1555 and 57 editions differ in Line 4 where ‘comete’ is replaced by ‘coter’ a rather technical term (probably known well by a Notary such as Michel’s father had been but also used popularly by Rabelais in ‘Gargantua’) meaning in some sense marked or noted to someone’s account or supportive of the validity of a signature. By the Seventeenth Century it had become substitutable by the Fr. ‘quoter’, meaning a determining of parts from the shape of the whole. Inexplicably, it’s been used in the plural – perhaps ‘coter’ was thought by someone to be the plural of ‘comete’ but it just won’t rhyme. By attachment of the suffix ‘able’ we could even summon-up the accounting term ‘cotable’, costable, suggesting units rather than some unquantifiable mêlée and robbing this quatrain of its immediate universality: but much better to stick to the 1555 Lyon Bonhomme edition.

The ‘comet that is fast-moving’ accurately describes lurcher-style Cruise missiles that skim, twist and turn round on their prey in a flash to baffle and avoid computerized defences.

What’s in the word Mabus? Well, the word ‘ma’ suggests the sea as in marine or mother as in the Magna Mater, Mary, Maria, whilst ‘bus’ is a general word that basically means grouped together as in ‘the omnibus edition’. Otherwise, this is Mab plus the grammatical ‘–us’ ending of Latin proper nouns. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a definitive Mabus that fits well to the whole quatrain or even to the first couplet.

In what follows, my presumed pronunciation is usually ‘Maybus’. Modern French speech might suggest ‘Mah-boo’ yet who now can tell how it was pronounced back in the Sixteenth Century?

Alternatively, Mabus looks most likely to be Roman or an old Arabic/Semitic name, the latter would most likely have been written in a local script that requires training to decipher/translate. Apart from whether or not Michel foresaw the future in accurate detail, some other questions arise here including,

Could Nostradame read such ancient scripts in all their variations?
Could he hear these names pronounced properly and make a full tonal recall?
Could he write them accurately in transliteration?

Or does the Internet stand outside time as, being merely informational, this medium occupies no space? Could Michel Nostredame somehow surf the worldwideweb? lol

Mabus is the most discussed name borne by any quatrain in the Centuries. Mabus is generally reckoned to be a proper noun, possibly arrived at through constrained writing, say, an anagram. The common assumption is that this describes Mabus’s death which marks the the apocalyptic finale for Mankind’s unjust rule over the planet  – but by my translation that’s not necessarily the fact. Who is he, she, it? You decide; just choose from the following list or join-in the fun and promote your own interpretation. The Internet/web suggestions seem endless!

Here’s the result of some surfing by me: in Jewish Gematria the number inherent to the word Mabus has the value 323 which is also the value of Lucifer and of the African highland kingdom of Lesotho, among others.

N.B. There are alternative and sometimes preferable candidates for the title Mabus to those below. Many of my own scatter over my interpretative articles for the NOSTRADAMUS quatrains and epistles; too many to insert links for them.

Candidates: We have a fistful of number 1’s, in no particular order,

1i. Musab = Mabus? Musab al-Zarqawi the ‘Head of al Qaeda in Iraq’, died June 9th 2006 in a pin-point attack from the heavens. A cartoon about the Air Force Space Command (cartoon motto: Masters of Space) relishes how they delivered “space combat effects” for this “precision strike by an EGVU 38” (I cannot at this moment trace any other public info on this designation but the similarly titled GBU 38 is detailed at Globalsecurity.org) a “joint-direct attack munition” linked to a Lockheed-Martin GPS satellite. “Once again, GPS-aided munitions played a significant role” says Brigadier General Donald Olston. This Bush Junior era cartoon speaks of future hunter-killer satellites, L.A.S.A.R. and radiowave weaponry, even a proposed battery of steel poles used as a shower of Space-to-Earth lances that they boasted as being “Rods From God” and so “affirming US dominance in Space militarily”. The God-guys?

1ii. Abu Musab = Mabus? In the strained world of ‘landed empires against roaming jihadists’ one man was a hater of leadership and lover of battle, formidably far-sighted military strategist Abu Musab al-Suri (the Syrian), nom-de-guerre of Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Setmariam Nasar captured by Pakistani intelligence in Fall 2005 and handed over to the CIA who sent him to – who knows where? Red haired, green eyed and palefaced he had become a Spanish citizen through marriage. In the 90’s, Abu Mabus established al-Qaeda’s presence in Europe and with fighting jihadists in North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, the former Soviets and South and East Asia. The existent-yet-non-existent al-Qaeda grew like a franchise chain with all branches claiming a similar title and manner when open for business but without any flagship premises or warehouses and just a mystery space for Head Office.

ABU MUSAB UPDATE August 2016: According to the IS weekly ‘Naba’ the terror group Boko Haram now has Abu Musab al-Barwani as its ‘West African Governor’. His father founded the group in 2002. Not all troops seem loyal to Abu Masub (Mabus?) Interestingly, during the early Nineteenth Century the old Sokoto Caliphate covered Niger and Nigeria and became one of the biggest states in Africa.

1iii. A joint first-choice for Mabus has to be a bearer of the family name, of course. For example, Raymond Mabus, born 11th October 1948 and who is a senior US Government official. ‘Raymond’ looks much like ‘roy mond’ or “king of the world”, a rather pleasing title for the worldly ambitious: a disturbing notion for the spiritually better-adjusted. Actually versions of ‘Raginmund’, really meaning an advisor-protector, have existed all over Europe (including the French feminine form). It was introduced into Norman use from its Germanic roots.

‘Neocons’ within the George Bush-appointed administration were aware of the sacrificial vulnerability of the US Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf yet tried to place as many as three helicopter carrier ships there which would undoubtedly suffer severe losses in a cruise missile exchange with Iran, so politically (in the maniacal sense) justifying a possible ‘nuking’ of the Iranian mainland. Historically, the thread stretches back to the ousting of the British Petroleum Corporation by a democratically elected Persian President who was then overthrown by Kermit Roosevelt’s covert revolution which was started upon a signal by the BBC. Do we now face a shareholder-supportive nuclear war? Just jesting and, yes, I did know that Israel dare not yield to anyone, ever. (So watch Lebanon/Hezbollah.)

The Bush administration had tried to progress plans for nuclear, conventional and terror attacks on Iran; Obama has continued with this it seems. The Bush administration apparently covered-up dissenting Pentagon wargame analyses concluding that the Navy’s Fifth Fleet stationed in the Persian Gulf would be annihilated. (The bent outcome of the Millennium Challenge wargames led to a senior officer’s call for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.) There has been a huge build-up of a large multi-national fleet since then with even militarily humbled Japan sending a warship. This ‘Pearl Harbour style’ option was discussed within the cabinet of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff and one admiral made it plain that he and all Centcom headquarters staff would immediately hand in their resignations which would stap USA control of the Main.

The fiery debate took place between leading neo-cons such as Dick Cheney (apparently a life member of the so-called Secret Government) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff who remained steadfastly opposed to war with Iran, so Seymour Hersh reported in May 2006. Three years later Ray Mabus, an ex-Naval officer who by then was a career politician of high standing, was appointed the seventy-fifth Navy Secretary commanding a gigantic budget and 900,000 personnel. This position involves juggling all aspects of Naval and Marine commissioning with national security issues.

The Fifth Fleet is based in troubled Bahrain. Both of Iran’s types of Russia-supplied advanced anti-carrier missiles (and the homespun copycat Ghader missiles) were specifically designed to defeat the current radar defenses on U.S. Navy ships by stealth technology combined with evasive contour-hugging aerial manouevres. Blocking-off the narrow Strait of Hormuz to all shipping by sheltered launching of these cruise missiles from mountain positions all along the Persian Gulf would immobilize all ships in or force them out of there and simultaneously grind to a halt the oil-based global economy.  A total war scenario could gift US and other politicians with totalitarian powers. Cruise missiles and ICBM’s or else coursing comets would all serve to signal the conflict at End Time making war leaders aware of that ‘sea blooming red’.

In a lighter vein; the following names, extracted from a published profile of Secretary Mabus in English, by a curious coincidence happen to be available from the jumbled letters of Nostradamus Quatrain II 62 :

mississippi state auditor
fbi operation pretense
governor mabus
ambassador saudi arabia
democratic president bill clinton
(‘republican president george bush’, too, just for good balance!)
boeing, at&t
defense robert gates
littoral combat ship
gabrielle giffords
gulf coast restoration plan

In recent years Raymond Mabus has fulfilled several other key emergency roles in support of and as advisor to President Obama (e.g. the Gulf Coast/BP Oil havoc and attempted restoration). He is undoubtedly ‘in the mix’ for ‘the insider most likely to feature in the future…’.

(See the Article ‘2012 NOSTRADAMUS  and Quatrain IX 43 and II 1 War Boats)

1iv. malus = mabus? Malus is a Latin noun meaning apple and also meaning evil. Nostredame was always very disapproving of the mal-effects of Mars.

There may have been a rather humorous attempt, about halfway through the First Millennium AD, to embroider the already corrupted story of Adam and Eve. Before that there were at least two ancient tales of Adam and the Garden of Eden from which  the First Man was ejected. Neither is reflected in the well-known Adamic concept today. The original serpent was certainly demonized but was not the Devil (and Satan incepted later) whilst the fruit of the tree of knowledge was not an apple (a fruit virtually unknown to ancient Middle Easterners). ‘Evil’ was the evil-bearing fruit of the tree of knowledge. L. malus is employed as meaning both evil and apple in translation. If mabus is this bi-malus then Nostredame is stating that the world downspiralled in an evil freefall after the experiencing of the fruit of knowledge by a hitherto innocent Adam. However, Eve was possibly not Adam’s first wife as the Biblical Lillith also appears to hold that status.

To understand the OT/Hebrew Bible we should recall that the adjacent hill-countries called Judea and Israel who compiled and preserved the Hebrew historic accounts quite hated to include any other land in their best books except in a bad light and that Genesis may be about the beginning of the World but Adam and Eve or Cain and Abel is possibly about the beginnings of those two rivalrous hill-tribes; sometimes united, other times warring. (And the Garden of Eden may even turn out to be an astrological allegory.)

To understand Mabus we need merely accept the blaming of the Fall of Adam as the one cause for all subsequent woes. Adam is Mabus is malus personified, i.e. all of us are evil-tainted as a result of acquired knowledge and so Mother Earth occasionally treats us viciously and indeed we can turn our educated technology upon each other most inhumanely.

In the words of a wit, a certain ‘knowledge’ may be acquired that the tomato is classified scientifically as a fruit but we inherently ‘know’ not to add one to a fruit salad. Applying learned logic in some unwarranted seniority over natural nous is the original mental sin from which many regrets may be flowing. Schools and scholasticism have something to be proud about but they also have a lot to answer for. Malus and Mars anyone?

1v. Mabon/Mabuz = Mabus? The Gaulish-Celtic deity ‘Maponos’ or ‘Great (older) Son’ was Latinized as Apollo Maponus and relates to Mabonagrain, Maboun and Mabuz.

The legend of Arthur, Rex Britanicus, a general collection of Medieval romances based mainly at ‘Camelot’ and ‘Avalon’ in the West of England, was quite popular throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Mabon was one of King Arthur’s fighting knights, possibly the god Mabon descended in mythology from one of the Mother-Son divine pairs. In Arthurian legend he was stolen from his mother’s arms when he was three nights old. Probably Mabuz was the main Continental European version of Mabon and this name appears as the cowardly knight in Ulrich’s ‘Lanzelet’. Countless prestigious persons have added the -us ending to their name – such as Nostredame calling himself Nostradamus – and others have had the -us ending attributed to them like the Duke Namo of Bulgaria also known as Namus. The modern name Mabuz is claimed to have the meaning ‘Ruler of Death Castle’ or ‘Lord of the castle of death’.

Mab is like Mac or Mc and means ‘Son of  …’ Allowing my translation “Mabus and then all dies” we could perhaps provide a simple answer to the puzzling pronoun Mabus – at least to Christians – the coming down of the Son at End Time. He who they say truly holds the keys to heaven and to hell, if there be such. In OF ‘vengeance’ is not only the narrow act of revenge but also the wider punishing of all those assessed culpable. Are animals self-aware at all? I seem to see a tiny smattering of consciousness in many but no likelihood of karma as such. This seems bad news for the poor beasts who have neither consciously sinned nor have any hint of a life beyond but then I am no material theologist.

Here’s another Mab to conjure with,

Mab Darogan = Mabus? The Welsh Son of Destiny had his heyday, both as a prophecy and as a blazing title, between the unwanted arrival of the Anglo-Saxons in Briton and the death of Arthur, Prince of Wales, about the beginning of Nostredame’s own lifetime. Henceforth the ruling Tudors would become Anglicized under London-raised Henry VIII.

The Tenth Century Book of Taliesin (which incidentally incorporates the letters of ‘Selin’ for what it’s worth) and several famous odes may pertain, including an address to Llywelyn ap Gruffudd which started “… to the son of the prophecy in the eyes of all whom you see before you!” By the Fourteenth Century ‘the Mab’ was Owain Lawgoch (a word-pair not too far from Ogmios/Ogmius which would make Nostredame’s reference to a lily bulb in the Epistle to the King not so much a bulb like an onion as like a leek) murdered 1378. A descendent of the Prince of Gwynedd – emblem: four lions with paws raised – he led a company fighting for the French against the English in the Hundred Years War which caused him to become exiled from the family home in Surrey. The ‘farouche’ name Lawgoch suggests a red mark on the hand, the sign of a Celtic messiah. Many prophetic verses arose naming him Y Mab Darogan. (Is this somehow connected to that strange word ‘anaragonique’ in the Preface to Cesar?) One ode urged Owain to return from France and conquer England for the Welsh. A further Mab Darogan was Owain Glyndŵr, another early Welsh candidate for Ogmios who led a revolt against English rule, also Henry Tudor causing him to name his first son Arthur (as the legendary King Arthur was also held to be ‘Y Mab Darogan’).

2. Monstradabus = M. Abus = Mabus?  Michel de Nostredame’s work could inspire hatred. (‘Le monstre d’abuse’, Dagueniere, ‘Declaration des abus’, Videl, ‘Le premiere invictive’, Hercules) In 1558 he attracted the hateful  epithet ‘Monstradabus’.  Could the made-up name ‘Mabus’ represent the same person as the neo-nomen ‘Nostradamus’?

3. ambus = mabus?  As ‘ambus’ is present in ‘embuscade’ or ambush, it could stand for Benedict Gaetini, Pope Boniface VIII, who was taken off guard by a Minister of France and held captive for three days, dying very soon after, and by his prior misconduct may easily be held responsible for the long-term collapse of power at Rome. The people and animals that must then falter and die would be the Taureau Papal or the Popes and their Bulls. And could the ‘super petri’ in the title of the Bull, ‘super petri solio’, be Malachy’s Pope ‘Petri Romanus’ who by legend superintends the fatal down-powering of Rome?

4. The Biblical Samuel = Mabus? The OT is totally territorial and describes a jealous, aggressive and absolutely authoritarian national war-god who gets promoted to the One God during enforced exile of the Jews. In the first Book of Samuel, God speaks through Samuel and orders Saul to be King of all Israel and Judah. He then commands the death of all Amalekites, “kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey” but when Saul saves the very best animals for a sacrifice and also keeps the Amalekite King Agag alive then God visits Samuel and tells him that He rejects Saul as unworthy to be King. Samuel is heartbroken to hear that Saul did not kill all the animals and people as ordered and conveys God’s latest regret to Saul, never speaking to him again. Samuel also replays the capture of Agag and has him ripped open with a knife “before the Lord”. There is a type of Christian today who defends all this by arguing that Amalekites dealt roughly with Jews and God doesn’t like that kind of unpleasantness and so ordered them all eliminated, including their animals. But isn’t an emotional public cry for revenge really a rally call for tribal unity? Is Mabus some posing mouthpiece of an author? (Sorry, Samuel’s fanclub.)

5. The biblical Magog = Mabus? Gog was the Prince of Magog who was to attack Israel and to be miraculously overcome according to Ezekiel 38.

6. Maius = Mabus? By substituting only one letter Mabus becomes Maius, the tricky Winter-Spring transitional month of May the month of the new rose blooms (and in which a new crop or orchard’s new growth may be cut back by a fatally late frost).

(See the Nostradamus Quatrain II 97 BEWARE THE IDES OF MAY)

7. Monsieur Arquebus = Mabus? The military move to the arquebus was a long time coming but quickly revolutionized warfare. The St.Bartholomew Massacre followed a failed asssassination attempt on Coligny by “the smoking gun”.  At a stretch, ‘Massacre Saint Bartholomey’ also contains the letters of Mabus once we allow Sainctus for Saint (or else substitute Bartolomus for Bartholomey).

8. Abu Ma’shar = Mabus? Ninth Century Arabian astrologer Abu Ma’shar (Albumasar) devoted six chapters of his Introductorium to a theory of tides (from which Pierre Duhem quoted extensively in the Nineteenth Century). This work was very influential on European scholars during the European Middle Ages as a source for astrology and the works of Aristotle on Nature.

9. Abu Musa = Mabus? This was an ancient green island of Persia’s, used by the Iranian Guards and a terrible place for an oil-spill, now under dispute with the UAE.  It means ‘Land of Moses’. It is a commonly used version of the name of a distinguished early follower of Islam. It was also a name given to the Sandhurst-educated founder of Palestine’s Fatah Al-Intifada.

10. Macrobius = Mabus? He layed out prevalent astronomical ideas which survived well into the Middle Ages in Europe. His worldview was of two landmasses, the inhabited North and the South, separated by an equatorial ocean and mounted on a sphere comprising five climates, following Ptolemy. (Michel de Nostredame writes of fixed geographical ‘climates’ in his epistles supporting the Centuries.) This globe was positioned at the centre of a universe of the same shape and the seven planets then known were zoned into his Zodiac. He presented Lunar and Solar eclipses diagrammatically. Roman planetary diagrams in general were still supporting Medeval astronomy at the beginning of the Sixteenth Century. (Macrobius wrote about Virgil who studied Medicine and, briefly, Astronomy and wrote the Bucolics.)

11. Miroljb Labus = Mabus? He is a Serbian politician and distinguished academic. Labus resigned as deputy PM in a dispute wth the EU over Ratko Mladic, a martial figure accused of war crimes who was being hunted at the time. Like all the contemporary names here and on the dedicated Mabus websites generally this name is chosen for the easy ability of its letters to describe the word Mabus rather than any knowledge of the personality involved: a word game.

12. Maurus = Mabus? The Sixth Century Maurus was famous for obeying a command from his Abott, Saint Benedict, to save a drowning lad called Placid, which he did. Upon reflection he realized that he had run across water to do so. He went on to become an abott. Also Marius = Mabus? Abott Marius, Maurus or May of Orleans, Abbot of Bodon at around 555 would spend the 40 Days of Lent reclusively in a forest. We must presume that he had not squirreled things away in the forest so as to see him through Lent.

13. Habemus Papam (“We have a Pope”)  incorporates Mabus?

N.B. ‘Papus’ was one Dr.Encausse a.k.a. ‘the Balzac of Occultism’., d.1916, a famous French-Spanish M.D. and Magus who wrote ‘The Tarot of the Gypsies: The Most Ancient Book in the World’ about old Egypt. (Please read ‘‘Synarchy: The Hidden Hand Behind the European Union’’ on the website newdawnagazine.com which outlines the historic roles of both Papus and, later, Postel duMas in the pre-WWII roots of the emerging United States of Europe. (duMas = Mabus?)

14. Marcellus = Mabus? Invited to a party by the Roman Governor, Second Century, his Christianity surfaced as indignation upon seeing pagan rites performed whereupon he was buried up to the waist in mud on the banks of the River Soane. He died in three days. Not indirect enough? How about Virgil? (Publius Vergilius Maro).

15. The Habsburgs’ mandibular prognathis = Mabus? Not only a name but a medical description, this is the ‘Habsburg lip’. The Habsburg family today protects, on public display, the Spear of Destiny or Holy Lance, a spear that Longinus the Centurion used at the Crucifixion of Jesus. Legend has it that whoever possesses this is unbeatable yet if the owner loses the spear then he will soon lose his own life (a little like the invincible faith of Macbeth in the story told to him by the witches; a contract which harboured an escape clause). Frederick Barbarossa – leading a gigantic German army on Crusade – drowned completely unexpectedly while crossing a shallow stream on horseback in light armour, and legend has it that at that moment he had let the Holy Lance fall from his hand. Hitler’s men also took possession of the Spear, under his direction, but it fell into the hands of the encroaching Invasion Forces. Hitler is said to have died by his own hand within 90 minutes of that happening.

16. Saint Albertus Magnus = Mabus? Thirteenth Century. He was a science experimenter-philosopher of genius who was known as “Doctor Universalis” and some say concentrated upon Nature, like Roger Bacon, while others say he he emphasized the unity of science and mysticism, like Pythagoras. Teacher of Thomas Aquinas. Alternatively try Pseudo-Albertus Magnus De Secretis Mulierum.

17.  Marius = Mabus? The second ‘Gallic Emperor’, a Third Century army-appointee who lasted only part of a year before being slain by his own side. (‘Liber de Caesaribus’, Aurelius Victor) Alternatively, try Gaius Marius who was elected Consul seven times, the last in bloodshed – he died wihin a month. (Were it found applicable, then OF ‘bien tost’ = bientôt = well quickly = Mabus soon dies) Or Marcus Macrinus of Berber descent and not of the senatorial class, Roman Emperor for 14 months, displaced by the mother of the mad Emperor Elagabalus.

18i. Moon aide Bush = Mabus? It’s been reported that Sun Myung Moon supplied heaps of dollars toward G. Herbert Bush’s 1988 election. Bush travelled South America with Messiah Moon, helping him inaugurate a seminary in Uruguay for thousands of young Japanese females to proselytize his and his wife’s Church of Unification.

18ii. Saddam = Mabus? A popular Internet interpretation. The first aim of the awe-inspired US invasion of Iraq was said to be peaceful coexistence within that historically contrived country. Strangely, it has been published that many persons in useful positions had almost begged US Presidents to allow them to assassinate Saddam Hussein on many occassions when they had the ideal opportunity to do so but were countermanded from the top. Noble or fearful as that may seem, peaceful coexistence was later doomed to an early death.

18iii. Mabus = Cambuses? The name of Cambysis (descended from Eastern prehistory) was still being used ruefully in the plays and stories of Medieval Europe in Nostredame’s time. There is no etymological reason why the name should not also have been pronounced or written as Cambuses by storytellers and it has  sometimes been so. King Cyrus the Great’s son Cambyses/Cambuses II was arguably the most famous because of the loss of his invading army of 50,000 men under a sandstorm. The bodies have never been recovered. The story is quite strongly reminiscent of Operation Desert Storm wherein an Iraqi army was buried to death in the sand. Could Saddam Hussein or Old George Bush – or even both – have been Nostredame’s intended ‘Mabus’? Was Michel foreseeing the tragic human cultural and structural wreckage of Iraq after invasion by the US and its allies under President George Bush Junior?

19. Moibanus = Mabus? He was a German theologist, an evangelizing reformer, who died in 1554.

20. Methodius (aussi Bemechobus) = Mabus? Bishop Methodius had his prophecies gathered by the Mirabilis Liber which was undoubtedly read or known well by Nostredame. His nom-de-plume may have helped suggest Mabus with this quatrain II 62 then making reference to his body of extreme prophecies. However, the modern Fr. pronunciation of Bemechobus would rule this out today.

21. Nabi Musa = Mabus? A desert in Judea inside the Palestinian Territories that is popularly connected with Moses. In fact, it means “the Prophet Moses” whilst the name Moses means something like “gushing forth”.

22. Nabu = Mabus? In brief “an Assyrian Seer” but the etymology goes deeper. Nabi, the Hebrew for prophet,  is of the same stem as Nabu. The tradition that locates the last day of Moses on Mount Nebo is probably because Moses was a nabi.

It first meant to gush with words in a primitive frenzy, wildly to declaim, then to bubble-up (naba) as if in Bacchanalian semi-consciousness (Jeremiah, 23) finally to announce with enthusiasm.  This all came from God and entered His new wisdoms into the world; a revelation via that overwraught oracle. Like much spiritual legend and language in the Bible it comes from the Hebrews settling in Canaan the land of Ba’al.

(See the Ba’al Cycle section in X 96 Adaluncatif  and VIII 16 Fesulan)

In Arabic ‘naba a’ means to proclaim. A ‘nabi’ is an agent for the announcement, a messenger, the prophet as the mouthpiece of God who is abnormally inspired, as in a trance:

“Formerly in Israel, thus said the man in his going to seek God,`Come and we go unto the seer,’ for the`prophet’ of to-day is called formerly`the seer’.”
Samuel 9:9 (Youngs Literal Translation Bible)

(See ‘He who was once called a seer’ in the Preface to Cesar)

The Romans used ‘furor’, meaning a state of high mental agitation, a mad rage producing Divine utterances.

The attributes of the ancient god Nabu were that he was wisdom, the opener of ears (similar to “Let he who has ears to hear, hear”) the patron of writing and science, the ‘clairvoyant’ who guides the demi-gods, one of the demi-gods of oracles that send-out messages to a favoured follower or, in Sixteenth Century terms, God’s empowered channel.

23. Nabulus = Mabus? The ancient city of Shechem, Jordan, located South of the mountain of Megiddo (by extension, Har-Megiddon). According to legend it will be invaded by Gog’s forces. Then after a terrible naval battle much of Magog will be destroyed, along with many major cities throughout the world.

24. Manibus = Mabus? The Latin hand in marriage OR from the headstone courtesy D.M., “for the Manes”.

a) Marriages in Ancient Rome could be in manu ‘in the hand’ or sine manu ‘without the hand’. In the former case, the wife became part of her husband’s family; in the latter, she remained tied to her family of origin. The wife of the pater familias (the mater familias) could be considered either a part of her husband’s family or part of her natal family, depending on the conventions of that particular marriage.

b) Dis Manibus. A respectful Roman headstone inscription, taken up by Christian burials also and used for centuries.

25. Judas = Mabus? Following His betrayal, Jesus prophesied the extensive destruction of the Jewish nation whilst on the enforced march to His execution.

26. Mahmoud Abbas a.k.a. Abu Mazen = Mabus? Another popular web interpretation.
(Mabus as a Sixteenth Century proper noun may incorporate the visibly assumptive Latin ‘-us’ ending but from speech it could just as well have been recorded as mabeulx or Maboux: as in Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh who was assassinated in 2010. And Mabus pronounced as Mah-bus brings us close to the final Imam Mahdi who may tandem with Jesus at End Time to defeat worldly evil.)

27. majesty = mabus? Is the word mabus an extraction in part from Michel’s own Occitan language? We can find the adverb ‘mabidament’ or ‘majestueusement’ or else the adjective ‘mabit, mabida’, otherwise rendered ‘majestueux, majestueuse’. Is Mab with the ‘–us’ suffix meant to imply some unnamed majestic personage or lineage or even majesty itself?

28. The Hasmonean dynasty from Mattathias to Aristobulus II = Mabus?

29. Marat-Robespierre = Mabus? (See NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN VI 50 )

30. osamabush = Mabus? A popular Internet interpretation.

The following is offered heuristically. Around 1553 a literary group called Les Pleieades started up, led by the poet Ronsard a friend to Michel de Nostredame. It was named for an open star cluster much younger than planet Earth in the constellation of Taurus called the Seven Sisters. The sisters were pursued by ardent neighbour-in-the-sky Orion. In mythology Merope, the youngest, became mortal and faded. She is survived by Maia the eldest daughter of Atlas and Alcyone. Two of the daughters of Atlas in Taurus might, at a stretch, give us the beginning of Mabus.

And another: le mystere au mort du Mme Bertha Champagne. On 10/10/03 her empty car motored over an intersection after crushing this long-term household staffer of Marvin Bush (a Director of Securacom/Stratesec – they had a contract for security updates at NY’s World Trade Center that expired exactly on 9/11/2001 – which was headed by his cousin Walker III) up against the security guard’s post to the side of the entrance to the Bush drive.

Here’s one from even deeper in the outfield: ‘Les Livres Du Roy Modus’ by Henri de Ferrières was written and illustrated in France in 1379. It has sub-titles including “The Hunting Book of King Practice and Queen Theory”.  The King here is Roy Modus, the Queen is Royne Racio or Reine Ratio. The book covers the contrary powers of ‘deduction and pestilence at the time of rich King Modus’. According to the text,  the motif of hunting represents enjoyable pursuits of the time such as falconery with skills developed by observation and practice and which had then benefited society as a whole. If Modus & Ratio were to combine somehow in Mabus then this would represent a handed-down special knowledge and know-how being used to justify the leisured .001% as benefactors to the persevering 99.99% who support and carry them. 

Or one for the Global Warmists, M. Erebus = Mabus? Antarctica’s Mount Erebus is a live volcano and lava lake. Or for our paradoxical absurdists? Albert Camus = Mabus? This Twentieth Century philosophical writer had ‘paradoxical absurdism’ in his religious toolbox. Trained in theistic studies he was an atheist whose definition of atheism included a deep wish for salvatory meaning in life. For Camus the execution of Louis XVI in the French Revolution marked the end of the rôle of God in human history and he felt the weight of bereavement in consequence.

Now back to the full 1555 Bonhomme quatrain II 62, taking ‘&’ to be ‘et’ and ‘vne’ to be ‘une’:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra
De gens et bestes une horrible defaite
Puis tost à coup la vengence on verra
Cet, main, soif, faim quand courra la comete.

The following nouns will all be found in the letters of these combined lines – without any duplications whatsoever

osama bin laden
george marvin bush
rumsfeld rice petraeus
neocon leo strauss
america usa cia fbi
saudien iraq

plus some OF what-have-you such as ‘louvet’ (wolf) ‘cens’ (forerunner of ‘census’ and meaning payments due by fiefdom) ‘dette on tout a’ (“debt is everything”) ‘fer’ (an Eleventh Century épée or any metal weapon) ‘mort’ (death) and ‘Pope’ (the Papa of the Vatican) leaving only the neo-noun  ‘tv’ to light the people’s path into or out of there. And that exhausts all the letters.

P.s. The awkward word combination ‘puis tost’ appears twice. In keeping with the above, it can be rearranged for fun as OF ‘puits’ (mineral wells) and OF ‘sot’ (small in judgement).

Finally, what if Mabus is not a prediction but represents something unpleasant that had started in times past, affecting the Jewish part of Michel de Nostredame’s family history? When we find a person to vilify – often one who threatens our kind – then they can soon come to personify a notable downturn in the well-being of the world that had seemed to arrive with or shortly after them:

Spanish Dominican monk Raymundus Martini-Raymund Martin-Ramón Martí = Mabus? Unequalled scholar of Latin, Hebrew, Arabic and knowledge-based religious hatred. Wrote Capistrum Judaeorum (Muzzle of the Jews) and c.1278 the immensely influential opus magnum Pugio Fidei adversus Mauros et Iudaeos (Dagger of the Faith against Moslems and Jews).

Raymundus opened Hebrew and other texts to Europeans to prove that Christianity should be extracted from them “like pearls from a dung hill” (meaning Jewish exegesis, the Talmud, Midrash writings, Jewish philosophies and the Kabbalah which actually started with the Jews of Southern France). Defenders still describe as lampooning squibs his anti-semitic polemics like “It is well that the Christians take in hand the sword of their enemies, the Jews, to strike them with it?”

First known author to use the name Jehovah (‘Yohoua’) an apparent admix of YHVVH and Adonais with variable pronunciations that probably predated him, essentially he promoted Christianity supremacy and Biblical Judaism whilst undermining contemporary Judaism and Islam. A contemporary of dire Pope Boniface VIII, profound Dante, the persecution and expulsion of Jews from England, St. Louis IX of France and the Seventh Crusade, the major weakening of the Iberian Peninsula Muslims, Michael Psellus and a travelling order of bleeding self-flagellants blessed by the Pope. AD 1346 saw the beginning of plague in Europe which was to continue for three centuries. Jews were sometimes blamed and even met with an unofficial mass execution. They usually had to wear distinctive badges, colored hats and occupy ghettoes.  Ironically, several rabbinical sayings are now available only from the works of Raymundus.

UPDATE 1: November 13th 2013. In view of the extraordinary nature of the comet ISON and its recent supposed change of trajectory as it passed by the planet Mars – apparently to make matters come in line (gravitationally? electromagnetically? anti-materially?) with the mysterious martian moon Phobus (although this may now prove to be yet another comet-based hoax) – how about allowing some as yet unknown effect upon our planet/the Solar System be referenced by the portmanteau ‘Mars’ + ‘Phobus’ = ‘Mabus’? As the original trajectory was a mere science supposition in the first place, nothing much has changed for us – we still don’t even know for sure whether ISON will pass North of the Sun or South, if it escapes the Sun at all. (No, it disappeared.)

UPDATE 2: June 15th 2016

M Abu-Salha = MAbuS?

It has just been revealed that 
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a security guard employee of entitled  G4S and the apparent Orlando mass killer, attended the same Florida mosque as Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha. The latter had made his own way to Syria in 2013 where he was overjoyed to belong to the Mujahideen and killed hisself and numerous other Arabs by driving 16-tons of explosives into a Syrian soldiers’ restaurant in May 2014 (arranged by Jabhat al-Nusra, a part of ‘al-Qaeda’).

UPDATE 3: 2019 A CIA air attack on Oct 27 2019 killed the likely successor to al-Baghdadi the late IS/ISIS/ISIL leader. He was Abul-Hasan al-Muhajir (“the emigrant”) whose name can be distilled into Mabus. The official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and a Saudi national, he died while visiting front lines in Aleppo, Syria.

N.B. Nostredame enjoyed word puzzles. Before the advent of modern crossword puzzles the rules of anagram building were more fluid and naturally accepted the duplicate use of a letter from the source word. Likewise the Sixteenth Century’s proto-French was less rigid in practice than subsequent full-fledged French. (See the ‘7 T’s’ section at the foot of this website’s Home Page)

Once we should allow the duplication of the letter ‘h’ (notably a silent letter in OF and modern Fr. excepting a few foreign words) we can extract in full the letters of the name “Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha” from these words of proto-French:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tost à coup la vengence on verra
Cet, main, soif, faim, quand courra comete.

But that’s not all. Moner had a pseudonym “Abu Hurayra al-Amriki” which is equally available from the letters of the quatrain as a whole (OF allows ‘qu’ for ‘k’ and ‘i’ for ‘y’) and even at the same time once we should allow a triple use of the letter ‘h’.

Separately, quatrain II 62 as a whole holds all the letters of the name “Omar Mir Seddique Mateen” whilst Line 1 contains ‘Noor Salman’ his wife who the FBI say went buying bullets with him before the attack.

Update March 2018: Noor Salman is acquitted by a Federal jury of helping her husband plan the mass shooting attack as she could not have known the venue, which he had changed from Disney Springs to Pulse nightclub at the last moment. As it happens ‘Springs’ is in the letters of the Second Couplet and ‘Disney’ is available from the First Couplet once we substitute the letter ‘y’ by ‘i’ or ‘ie’ as was normal practice in Old French writings. (Alternatively we could take the ampersand sign to represent any letter of the alphabet, in this case ‘y’, as this seems to have been a Nostredame method used for several other pertinent anagrams  found in the Centuries.)

‘Orlando’ is lettered in Line 1 and Line 2 (on allowing a duplicate letter ‘o’) and is also available from the letters of the Second Couplet (as is ‘Florida’ and contemporaneously so should we allow duplication of the letters ‘l’ and ‘d’, as was quite customary with Sixteenth Century anagrams).

The scene of the human devastation, Pulse nightclub, could well be named ‘Impulsion discothèque’ in modern Fr. and either ‘Pulse’ or ‘Impulsion’ is available from Line 1 whilst ‘discotheque’ can be lettered from the remaining three lines of the quatrain.

Line 4 contains the letters of ‘al-Qaeda’ whilst ‘al-Nusra’ may be coaxed individually from each of Lines 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Finally, the FBI had concluded a prior investigation of Omar Mateen (which fact did not cause global giant G4S to consider re-evaluating his status, apparently).

Federal Bureau of Investigation in modern Fr. =

Bureau Fédéral d’Enquête:

‘Bureau’ is lettered into Line 1

‘Fédéral de’ is lettered in Line 2

and ‘Enquête’ is available from the letters of Line 4

A new slant on Nostradamus Quatrain II 62 – are we all in the deep end now or does the sudden death of Mabus with deliberate collateral damage bring retribution upon a known group which then leads to retaliation in a vicious circle of hubris? Of course, the self-proclaimed champion heavyweight of the world must meet endless challenges, contenders and defiances until that shining belt passes to another.

G4S were once known as Britain’s ‘Group 4 Securicor’ which as ‘Groupe Quatre Securicor’ is available from the jumbled letters of the Second Couplet (separately, Line 3 for ‘Groupe’ and Line 4 for ‘Quatre’ and ‘Securicor’.) 

They state as their mission ‘global integrated security’ or in French ‘sécurité globale et intégrée’ which phrase is available from the letters of the quatrain as a whole.

In the USA they trade as ‘G4S Security Solutions’ or ‘Solutions Sécurisées’ (the first word is lettered in Line 1 and the second word lettered into Line 3 once we allow duplicate use of a letter ’s’).

About the final line “Cet, main, soif, faim, quand courra comete” isn’t that clearly apocalyptic? Well, maybe not! On June 11th 2016 at Pulse nightclub, Orlando, Florida, 50 people died being 49 unfortunate nightclubbers and the gunman. OF ‘cent main’ as ‘100 hands’ could represent 50 people, poetically.

OF ‘soif’ and OF ‘faim’ meant thirsty and hungry both in the sense of eating and drinking and in the sense of gradations of desire. This fits to many nightclubs most nights.

OF ‘courra/courir’ was understood in a multiplicity of senses including a running attack.

The SWAT team apparently entered by driving an armoured vehicle through a wall (reminiscent of crashing into a restaurant?) and threw two ‘flashbangs’ or disorientation grenades which do not burst their shells but will release 170 decibels and extremely bright flashes. (These affect balance/hearing and disable vision for seconds returning the targeted recipient to double vision so they can neither think straight nor properly aim a weapon.)

It was well within Nostredame’s abilities and his will to make one quatrain, or passage, cover more than one interpretation:

‘A pragmatic epigram that is not to have only one sense or a sole sign’

A main difference between the deaths of M Abu-Salha and Omar Mateen was that the former died instantly at the very beginning of the attack.

Coincidence can be a curiously persuasive phenomenon. Or could these two attacks be linked in some deeper way although how on earth could the FBI or G4S have anything to do with matters? Could they?

(Also see the weblog nostradamondo.wordpress.com)

The holy time of ‘Ramadan’ (the letters of which are jumbled into Line 1) had been used previously by AQ/ISISIL to encourage and promote attacks and likewise in 2016 the IS leadership called for killings during Ramadan of the opprobrious foreigners at home with their families. This murderous assault (of Ramadan 2016, subsequent to the one above) took place in ‘Magnanville’ (the letters are all in the First Couplet) by one Larossi Abballa (lettered into the First Couplet, separately) upon ‘Jean-Baptiste Salvaing’ (the full name is available from the First Couplet separately, once ‘j’ is substituted by ‘i’ as was commonplace in the Sixteenth Century) and his wife ‘Jessica Schneider’ (whose first name may be extracted separately from the First Couplet and whose surname is in the letters of the quatrain as a whole). He was a French policeman and her work was connected to the police (‘agent de police’ is lettered into the Second Couplet).


Update January 2020: Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis = Mabus? This is the teknonym (‘Abu Mahdi, the Engineer’) for Jamal Ja’far Muhammad Ali Al Ibrahim who died (along with Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian decorated general) in a targeted drone rocket attack/ambush at Baghdad Airport on Jan 3rd 2020 by the US. He was “an Iraqi-Iranian politician and military commander”. The anti-American response of the Iraqi populus could only be described as enormous. The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks revenge for their side of the tragedy. Both men, who were close, had fought and won against ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. 

Footnote: using my patent system of deriving appropriate French words or foreign proper nouns from the letters used by Nostredame in his quatrains I offer the following observations,

The name Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis – and the alternative transliteration Mohandes – is available in full from the First Couplet once we allow a duplicate use of the letter ‘h’, as was normal in Medieval anagram-building.

(Also from the Second Couplet should we duplicate the letter ‘m’ and borrow letter ‘h’ from the First Couplet.)

Similarly, Qassem Soleimani is lettered in full in the Second Couplet.

(Also in the First Couplet should we allow letter ‘q’ to be borrowed from the Second Couplet.)

The quatrain as a whole yields ‘Donald Trump’ and even ‘Donald John Trump’ upon accepting the ampersand ‘&’ as a substitute for the letter ‘J’. (See the section AMPERSAND in the Article UNDERSTANDING NOSTRADAMUS: EXPLORING SOME SUBJECTS RECURRENT IN THE CENTURIES)

Interestingly, ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’ then becomes available from the quatrain as a whole (substituting ‘i’ for ‘y’ in the normal Sixteenth Century manner).

Alternatively the letters for ‘Benjamin’ are in the First Couplet and ‘Netanyahu’ is in the Second Couplet (by borrowing letter ‘h’ from the First Couplet).

Also available is the name ‘Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’ or MbS the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia as we could allow the ampersand ‘&’ to represent the letter ‘z’ and duplicate it or else substitute two letters ‘s’ for two letters ‘z’. Or we could use the regular shortened form ‘Mohammad bin Salman’ and ‘ministre de la défense’ which together are there in full.

(Accents excepted always.)

Of course, my letters system is as likely to be pure chance as to be deliberate. If we take the quatrain as a whole it is relatively easy to extract a random famous name such as ‘Dmitri Alperovitch’. This apart, it gets a little less likely to be chance alone if we can extract ‘nation terroriste’ from the First Couplet and ‘courtiers en armes’ from the Second Couplet and ‘accord nucléaire iranien’ from the quatrain as a whole, simultaneously and without any duplications whatsoever. Yet it may never be proven as sound.

                                                Nigel Raymond Offord © 2011 and on