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What is 'Vive la vie' in English?

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vive la vie = hooray for life!

"vive" is a form a the verb 'vivre' (to live) used to express enthousiasm:

vive le roi ! = 'long live the King!

vive les vacances ! = hooray for the holidays!

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Vive la vie - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

Exactly as is written "vive= veev, la=la, bonne=bone but excentuate the "n", vie=vee"

"Vive la vie!" or "À la vie...".

hooray for life - to love life

Vive la femme! in French is "Long live woman!" in English.

Vive la différence! in French means "Long live the difference!" in English.

La vie in French means "the life" in English.

I recall a few of the lyrics printed on a "handout" in Marine basic training. Blank Blank Vive La Companie More Blanks Vive La Companie Vive la, Vive la, Vive l'amour' Vive L'amour, Vive l'amour vive la Companie Edit by Hannawolf: Let every good fellow now join in a song, Vive la compagnie, Success to each other and pass it along Vive la compagnie. chorus: Vive la vive la vive l'amour Vive la vive la vive l'amour Vive l'amour vive l'amour Vive la compagnie. A friend on your left and a friend on your right, Vive la compagnie. In love and good fellowship let us unite, Vive la compagnie. chorus Let every good fellow now lift up his glass, Vive la compagnie. We'll drink to the health of this glorious class, Vive la compagnie. chorus

"Vive la Liberté" means 'long live Liberty' or 'Hooray for Freedom' in English.

menez la vie... means 'lead the life ...' in French.

I adore the life is J'adore la vie when translated from French to English.

La bonne vie in French means "the good life" in English.

La vie sourit in French mean "Life smiles" in English.

The cast of Vive la vie - 1966 includes: Daniel Ceccaldi as Jacques Vincent Madeleine Clervanne as Honorine Roland Georges as Cricri Claire Maurier as Esther Christine Simon as Claudie Danielle Volle as Nicole (1968)

vive la mort vive la guerre vive la sacre mercenaire

La vie est trop injuste means "life is too unfair" in English.

C'est beau la vie! in French means "Life is beautiful!" in English.

Joie de la vie in French means "joy of life" in English.

La vie en mer in French means "life at sea" in English.

Yes, vie is a word. In English, vie is to contend, as in they were both vying for the crown. In French, vie means life, as in, c'est la vie.

Vive la means "long live".

La musique est ma vie in French means "Music is my life" in English.

"C'est la vie" = "That's life!". I'm guessing that "si la vie" is a mis-spelling of "c'est la vie!"? "C'est la vie" is a contraction of "Ce est la vie" ("ce est" contracts to "c'est"). "c'est" is pronounced similarly to "say" in English. Spanish "si" is pronounced similarly to "see" in English. ce = this/that est = is la = the (feminine definite article) vie = life So literally, "that is the life". But the "la" always accompanies the noun in French, and isn't relevant in the English translation. So think of "la vie" as translating in one unit to "life", as opposed to "the life". So the phrase means: "That's life!", similar to "That's the way life goes ...".

The phrase "Vive la (+ feminine noun)" means Long Live the ....Vive la reine ! (Long live the queen!)Vive la République! (Long live the Republic!)

I'm thinking about getting a french tattoo but I want the quote I use to be short.... so far I've looked at: L'amour - love C'est la vie - such is life Vive la vie- live the life