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Ours is the Fury
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    A United Kingdom (2016) dir. Amma Asante

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    2013, dir. Makoto Shinkai

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    Honestly, the most bizarre thing the finale did is have Egwene bring Nynaeve back from the brink of death. Aside from all my other issues with this, it is straight up misleading the new viewers about who these characters fundamentally are. I've already seen people assuming Egwene has remarkable healing abilities, that it is her Thing, which is just untrue. I just don't understand why the show did this? They could have make Egwene look badass doing literally anything else and let Nynaeve shine healing her

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    Maybe I was misreading the scene, but I got the impression that Egwene didn’t actually heal Nynaeve at all?

    I mean this partially comes from book knowledge about how circles work, and it really should have been made clearer if it’s the case, but I think they were trying to show that the circle wasn’t released when Lady Amalisa died. IIRC, a link doesn’t automatically release when the leader dies/leaves/is knocked unconscious, the control is just transferred to the next link in the connection. So given the order they linked up, leadership would have been transferred to Egwene.

    When we saw healing previously, it showed the weaves physically stitching up the wounds. But this time the flow doesn’t go anywhere near Nyn’s burns as they heal, instead it releases from Egwene’s chest and fades into Nynaeve’s, like the release of Liandrin’s circle they showed after Logain’s stilling. And I need to go back and rewatch when I’m in the right headspace, but I’m pretty sure Nyn’s burns don’t actually start to fade until after the weave from Egwene stops. So going by what the show has visually established, the weave likely wasn’t healing at all, but Egwene (probably inadvertently) releasing the last link of the circle.

    Anyway I think the intended implication of that scene was that Nynaeve could actually hold all that power by herself. Barely- it very nearly burnt her out- but she held it all to protect Egwene, and once the flow was released she survived. They could have done a better job conveying it, maybe given us a brief on how circles work, to set it up? But I’m guessing that like so many other things, they didn’t have the time, or perhaps just wanted it to be ambiguous for some reason.

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    The reason the relationship between Moiraine and Siuan is so beautifully painful is that they both have the same sense of duty. They love each other and wish for nothing more than to be together but at the same time know there’re many, more important things than their happiness. So they don’t even need to discuss whether to sacrifice their life together, they just do it because that’s what needs to be done. The thing is tho, they wouldn’t have it otherwise. If one of them was ready to choose their love over their duty, she would be someone completely different. And with that, they wouldn’t fall in love. It’s tragic not because they can’t be together but because they CHOOSE to sacrifice being together for something bigger than them. They understand one another perfectly. And without their readiness for doing what has to be done they would never fall for each other. They love the thing in the other one that dooms them to be separated. 

    And it’s such a beautiful story and I can’t even explain how extremely glad I am that it’s about two women because we need it. We need more tragic, sapphic love tropes not just sticking to homophobia and prejudice all the time. And this? This gives us exactly that. 

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    This Power… it’s meant for women… and women alone.

    THE WHEEL OF TIME (2021-)

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    by Carter Smith | InStyle Magazine

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    Ming-Na Wen getting ready for The Game Awards