A naked crocodile, man-lady, and their family-friends have awesome conversations and go on magical adventures!
This is the manlady.
Hello random strangers! I write this to you with the sole purpose of explaining a few things; first, there are two users on this account, Ricky and Shannon (I’m Shannon), we will both use it on and off with no rhyme or reason, so, be warned! Second, we will be posting pictures of our conversations starting today. We are hilariously amazing. As of now, there is no true order to the pictures and no set intervals during which they will be posted. We believe in randomness! Three, neither of us have used tumblr before, so we are going to fail often and hard. But, that’s okay! It’s what makes the experience fun!

Well, that’s all for now, enjoy reading about how we fail at life! (Yes, all of these conversations are real.)

Nood Gator here.
Yo sup, so I’m the one Shannon calls Ricky. My real name is not Ricky, but to save confusion, I’ll say my name is Ricky. YOU WILL NOTICE, I am the source of the humor in MOST of the conversations between me and Shanny because I type really fucking well! I just wanted to point that out. :]

Any-who, I’m not as cool as Shanny so iunno what to say, SO I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS TO THINK ON: Oranges. I’ll try to make this weird thing not fail as badly as I hope it doesn’t!
#oranges #are #friendly

shinryugagotoku asked:


SO??? I mean u r

rFamley Origins

In the beginning, there was nothing. Emptiness abounded in the neverending darkness. Then God, in his everlasting glory, created rFamley, the source of all things right and good in the world. First, there was Chao, a young neko boy who started out nothing more than a scoundrel, but eventually became the greatest janitor the world had ever seen.

“PFFTT, why is HE going before me? Why wasn’t I FIRST?”

“I was saving the best for last, of course.”

“Oh Okay. Go on.”

There was another member named JT. He was absolutely, certainly, positively, truly, very JT.

“Yes, he certainly was.”

A beautiful young female was also part of the group. She won and broke the hearts of all the male members, one by one. Yet, she was as gentle as a man-eating orca cradling its young. This majestic angel’s name was Erin.

“Don’t forget the laser vision.”

She also had laser vision.

“Daaaaayyyuuuum, she could really make them ice beds WORK.”

And she was also great in bed. Ice beds specifically.

“Why are we still talking about PEOPLE? We should get on with ME-IMEANUS. I’m taking over.”


And the last two members of rFamley were the most sexiest and interesting. In fact, without them, there would be no rFamley. They were like two sides of a coin; one was the head, the other a big building.

“Oh, definitely.”

“I know, right? So accurate.”

First of the two, was the one you all know as the Man Lady, Shanny.

“It’s Shane,” said Shanny.

"Ew? Ew.”

“Fuck you,” said Shanny.

“Stop putting the ‘said Shanny,’” said Shanny.


“I fucking hate you,” said Shanny.

As you know, Shanny is my pet gay man lady thing, and enjoys Popsicles.

“… What? What does that even mean?” said Shanny.

“ I don’t know where I’m going with this.”

“I can tell!” said Shanny.

And last, and most importantly, was me, Nood Gator, aka Ricky, aka Vec, aka Nek, aka Toraag, aka Crocii, aka your new favorite superhero. I am a nudist crocodile and a horrible typer.

”…Typist?“ said Ricky.

“The correct word is typist, but it sounds too much like rapist, in my opinion,” said Shanny.

I am the head of rFamley and I enjoy maple syrup.

“That’s all I got,” said Ricky.

The end.

“Oh, I forgot Gray,” said Ricky.

“Oh, yeah,” said Shanny.

A lesser member was Gray, the furry.

The end.

“ rlyhigh:
“ I’m so done
The *duh duh duhs* were so on point I can’t



I’m so done

The *duh duh duhs* were so on point I can’t

“ mikkynga:
“ this will never stop being funny.
the girl dressed as the boss is the best
is someone dressed as jesus



this will never stop being funny.

the girl dressed as the boss is the best

is someone dressed as jesus

This is a conversation between two of my friends. It specifically mentions me :D. 

SORRY ABOUT ALL THE BLACK AND STUFF there was inappropriate stuff in the background that I had to cover up. Also, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to get these pictures. It was a loooong, HARD process.