The Radicalised Rabbi: I ask John Gischala why rabbis refuse to rank the four gentile religions

Saturday, 24 July 2021

I ask John Gischala why rabbis refuse to rank the four gentile religions

5:00  Adam and Eve
6:00  If we are being accused of something, the charges should be specified so we can defend ourselves. 
9:00  We hate you because you we envy you. 
10:00  New York
11:00  Brazil
12:00  Dawn Butler Labour MP
13:00  Jeremy Corbyn
16:00  Secular Koranism with Israeli Characteristics

18:00  Liberalism is destroying Jewish as well as gentile identity.

22:00  Jews are the constant, gentiles are the variable?

25:00  Liberty is not enough.
27:00  A regulated right

29:00  Are we the slaves of God, whether we know it or not?

34:00  Knowing who we are - whether or not we are the slaves of God - means we know what we are supposed to do and we will be happier for this.

37:00  The appeal of Secular Koranism if you want to restore the patriarchy

40:00  Suffering is punishment for sin.

41:00  There is a right and wrong way of doing things, so follow the rules. 

42:00  Black and white nationalists complain about the same thing - lack of an identity they are proud of because they lack a functioning moral system but are too much of an Islamophobe to consider adopting Secular Koranism

Who fares better - the theist or atheist?

Who fares better - the theist with established religious traditions or the theist with less established religious traditions?

43:00  The quality of legitimate offspring compared to the quality of illegitimate offspring

44:00  Cain and Abel
48:00  When did Judaism begin - with Abraham, Jacob or Moses?
50:00  Moses brought the rule of law.
52:00  Why did God make Jews His Chosen People?
53:00  The Noahide laws are derived from the Torah.
57:00  The Torah as a source of reference for divine instructions from the most powerful God conceivable.
1:00:00  Jews must uphold higher standards to be able to teach the Noahide laws to gentiles. 
1:03:00  36 capital offences in the Torah
1:05:00  Israel demographics

The religious affiliation of Israeli Jews varies widely: a social survey for those over the age of 20 indicates that 55% say they are "traditional", while 20% consider themselves "secular Jews", 17% define themselves as "Religious Zionists"; 8% define themselves as "Haredi Jews". While the ultra-Orthodox, or Haredim, represented only 5% of Israel's population in 1990, they are expected to represent more than one-fifth of Israel's Jewish population by 2028.

1:07:00  50/50 instability
1:09:00  Ben and Jerry are atheist Jews.
1:10:00  Muslims in New York
1:12:00  America and Australasia also suffer from mass immigration and are not EU members.
1:13:00  Minimum wage
1:14:00  Education and vocational training

Does the state really want to keep people dumb?

The reason why education can't be fixed is because no government operating under democracy wants to tackle it because they already know the measures necessary to fix education will be so unpopular they will not win the next election. 

1:17:00  Inflation
1:18:00  Ranking the four gentile religions

1:21:00  Trinitiarain and Unitarian Christians
1:22:00  Socianian heresy
1:23:00  Reform Judaism
1:24:00  Heresy and apostasy
1:25:00  Kafir
1:28:00  Why the shituf of Christianity is worse than the avodah zarah of Hinduism
1:30:00  Pantheism is idolatry.
1:32:00  Holy Spirit
1:33:00  Satan
1:35:00  Repentance and sin
1:37:00  The purpose of Jews
1:38:00  Noahides
1:39:00  Abraham
1:41:00  Converting to Judaism
1:43:00  Islam is a Noahide religion.
1:45:00  Reform Judaism < Orthodox Judaism
1:46:00  Being Noahide
1:47:00  The absurdity of Christian beliefs 
1:51:00  Islam
1:52:00  Moses
1:53:00  Why can't God have revealed the Koran to gentiles?
1:55:00  36 capital offences in the Torah is not applicable to gentiles
1:56:00  The Noahide laws are a lower standard than the 613 laws.
1:57:00  "Death is repentance."
1:58:00  Atoning and repenting of sins
Olam haba - the world to come
2:00:00  Purgatory or Hell?
2:04:00  Hitler and Stalin
2:05:00  Why do bad things happen to good people?
2:06:00  Jews haven't lived in a theocracy for 2000 years.
2:07:00  No death penalty in the UK
2:08:00  Have Jews been properly teaching the Noahide laws?
2:09:00  Islam is more Noahide than Christianity.
2:10:00  The punishment should fit the crime. 
2:11:00  Sharia is less restrictive than a Torah theocracy.
2:12:00  The New Testament is not from God.
2:13:00  Liberty and liberalism
Jefferson Bible
2:14:00  Paul

2:15:00  Jews don't even follow the Torah so why would they expect gentiles to?

2:20:00  Why aren't Jews living in a Torah theocracy?

2:21:00  Which moral system would a rational and moral gentile choose if he were not morally compromised by Islamophobia - Koran-based Noahidism or rabbinically-guided Noahidism?

2:22:00  Six theocracies in the word are Islamic.

2:23:00  Jim Jones and the Aztecs
2:24:00  Islam is still the most Noahide religion and rabbis should just say this. 
2:25:00  Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world.
2:26:00  Israel is not a theocracy.
2:27:00  Jim Jones was not following revealed scripture.
2:30:00  Rabbi Chaim Coffman
2:31:00  Rabbi Asher Meza
2:32:00  Messianic Jews
2:33:00  Rabbi Asher Meza is "probably secretly Christian". 
2:34:00  Rabbi Singer
2:36:00  Converting to Jews to Christianity
2:40:00  20% of Israelis are gentiles. 

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