Director, producer and screenwriter, Christopher Nolan is one of the most iconic and innovative filmmakers of the modern era. Best known for his practical and non-linear storytelling, Nolan's distinct style has made him a favorite among many film fans.

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Over the course of his 15-year career, he has gone from making independent films to making large budget blockbusters. With the upcoming release of his next installment Tenet on the way, now is the perfect time to revisit the director's filmography, most of which is available online. If you want to see any or all of them, either to revisit or view for the first time, here is where you can watch every Christopher Nolan movie.

10 Following (1998)

This film, which was Nolan's directorial debut and marked the start of his long career, was made on a budget of only 6000 dollars and was shot in black and white. The neo-noir crime thriller tells the story of a young writer as he starts following strangers around in London, in an attempt to look for inspiration.

His search eventually leads him down a rabbit hole resulting in him being taken under the wing of a thief and being pulled into the criminal underworld.

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9 Memento (2000)

While this film saw a significant increase in budget, operating on 9 million dollars, Nolan's directing style remained consistent while evolving. With him, again, utilizing a compelling non-linear storytelling technique liked he used in Following. Each new piece of information giving us more insight into the characters and slowly causing us to become more invested in the story as it goes on.

It follows Leonard as he tries to track down the man responsible for the rape and murder of his wife all while dealing with a rare condition called. The film has quickly become a cult classic and even scoring him his first Oscar nomination which he shared with his brother.

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8 Insomnia (2002)

The film which stars Al Pacino and the late Robin Williams is a loosely based adaption of a 1997 Norwegian film of the same name. When a police detective, played by Pacino, and his partner go to investigate the murder of a young girl in Alaska he finds himself in conflict with the main suspect, played by Williams.

While Nolan writes the majority of his films in addition to his directing, this is the only film of his that he did not have a writing credit for with Hillary Seitz receiving sole credit in that area.

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7 Batman Begins (2005)

This is the first film of Nolan's that falls under the blockbuster category. It is also the first film of his that is based on a previously established non-original character. Often praised for being a grounded and realistic take on the popular comic book character and being seen as responsible for launching the modern era of comic book movies.

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It tracks a young Bruce Wayne as he slowly becomes the hero his city needs after venturing to the east to train with a group known as the League of Shadows. It also features a star-studded cast including Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman.

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6 The Prestige (2006)

Two rival magicians and former partners, played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, find themselves in a feud when one of them performs a teleportation trick causing the other to desperately attempt to uncover how the trick was performed, resulting in an obsession that leads to outrageous scientific experiments.

The period thriller was only 1 of 3 films about stage magicians to come out in 2006, The Illusionist and Scoop also debuted that year but both were ranked lower than The Prestige, according to IMDb.

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5 The Dark Knight (2008)

The second film in Nolan's Batman trilogy that takes the great elements of the first and elevates them to a new level. It was one of the first and only comic book films to be nominated for an Oscar in an above-the-line category with Heath Ledger being nominated for Best Actor for incredible performance as the Joker.

The film has brought forth some of the most iconic quotes such as "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." which perfectly illustrates the film's theme. In the end, the film is more about a battle of ideas and perspective rather than a physical one, setting it apart from most comic book movies.

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4 Inception (2010)

It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb, a thief with the ability to enter people's dreams and steal information, something he is extremely skilled at. He puts together a crew of specialists to pull off a much more difficult job, planting an idea inside of another mind. As the film progresses, the task becomes significantly harder, the deeper they go and their moves seem to be anticipated.

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The film's unique concept elevates it beyond the typical heist film with its inventive approach and quickly made it one of the most popular science fiction movies of the last decade.

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3 The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The third and final film in the Dark Knight trilogy that brings an almost perfect end to the saga. The story is set 8 years after the events of the last movie, which ended with the Batman disappearing from Gotham after taking on the blame for the death of Harvey Dent, the city's former district attorney.

Batman is forced to return due to the appearance of a mysterious cat burglar (Anne Hathaway) and in an effort to stop the masked terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy) and his plans for the city.

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2 Interstellar (2014)

Follows Cooper and his daughter, Murphy as they are separated from each other when he ventures off into space in search of a new planet for humanity to call home due to the Earth slowly becoming uninhabitable.

While the story primarily starts off from the perspective of Cooper, around the midpoint, it starts to show us Murphy's, eventually alternating between them as they both are forced to make similar choices in their lives that mirror each other. The movie examines a lot of scientific concepts and juggles a lot of questions all while telling an intimate story about the relationship between a father and daughter.

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1 Dunkirk (2017)

Set in May 1940 during World War II, the film tells the gripping story of the Allied troops from Belgium, the British Empire, and France as they are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk when Germany advanced into France.

Overall, the film was a narrative and technical marvel, even scoring Oscar nominations in the best director, best cinematography and best picture categories, among others and going on to win for sound mixing, editing, and film editing. Many have even deemed the film as one of the best war movies of all time making it an absolute must-watch.

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