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About the Warren County Prosecutor's Office

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2A:158-5, the Warren County Prosecutor is vested with the same powers and subject to the same penalties within the county as the Attorney General.  The primary duty of the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office is to detect, arrest and prosecute offenders.  It directly supports local police departments and agencies in their efforts to carry out their responsibilities, especially in the area of serious crime.  The office is also charged with the responsibility of general supervision over, and training of, law enforcement officers throughout the county.  The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office must ensure that the rights of crime victims are protected and that victims are treated with dignity and respect by the criminal justice system.


The entire office is under the command of the Prosecutor.  In his absence the First Assistant Prosecutor carries out his function and role.  In addition to the Prosecutor and First Assistant Prosecutor, the office consists of the prosecutorial staff, the investigative staff, the victim-witness staff, the clerical staff and the support staff.  In addition, interns are employed as needed by the office.


The prosecutorial staff consists of all the assistant prosecutors.  The investigative staff is comprised of the Chief of Detectives, Lieutenants of Detectives, Sergeants of Detectives and Detectives.  The clerical staff consists of the principal clerk transcribers, senior clerk transcribers, clerk transcribers and the principal docket clerk.  The victim-witness staff is comprised of the Victim-Witness Coordinator, MDT Coordinator, Victim-Witness advocates and the SANE/SART Coordinator.  The support staff includes the Office Manager and the Prosecutor’s agents. 


The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office is divided into various units in order to more efficiently carry out its overall mission.  The mission of the various units is more specifically described herein. 


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.  Please explore the site to become more informed about the criminal justice system and the critical role the Prosecutor plays. By law, the Prosecutor’s Office is required to use all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of people who violate the criminal laws of our state.  As Warren County Prosecutor, I am the chief law enforcement officer in the County, responsible for leadership and supervision over the municipal police departments and State Police within our jurisdiction.

The core mission of Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives, and Support Staff of the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office is to serve and protect the citizens of our County, seek justice for victims and enhance law enforcement relations with the community, while conducting themselves with justice, honor and integrity.

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