In Virtual Villagers The Lost Children how do you complete the milestone that is right under the fire milestone? - Answers

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to complete the herbal mastery milestone (the one under the fire milestone) you have to get any of your villagers (but not a child) to study the following six:

  1. the orange flower south of the village
  2. the chain of black flowers north of the waterfall
  3. the red flowers on the other side of the pool that the kids play in
  4. the purple flower east of the thorny bushes
  5. the purple flower east of the other purple flower
  6. the pitcher plant west of the coconut trees
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Milestone 9 is The Broken Statue.

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Each milestone is different. You have to complete a certain task to finish a certain milestone. When you complete one, a message will pop up, your villagers will celebrate for a short period of time (if they have already begun their training, they will go back to work on their own), and if you go to the Puzzles and Milestones screen (just marked Puzzles, if I'm correct) the milestone you completed will be colored and if you click on it it will tell you what you completed. The virtual villagers site has detailed spoilers on each of the puzzles, but it also has short hints if you don't want to get a straightforward answer.

Try playing Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children!

You go where it says they see a lot of twisted wood and vines get a master farmer and bring him over there he will then start building a scarcrow you will have to go over to the twisted vines again and then your scarcrow is finished

you complete virtual villagers when you complete all the millstones or puzzles. however i believe the game keeps going until you start over but you just won't have any thing new to do

In Puzzle 2, or Milestone 2, The Stream you need to remove the blockage by the tree . It is blocking a stream so it goes off path. I'd suggest using 2 or 3 Master Builders for this over night.

The school in Virtual villagers is to teach your children . by teaching your children they will gain more points in building, farming, researching ... etc . i found it very useful . ! :)

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children, is available to download on-line for £12.75

by using the drum on the right of the school, all the kids will come to class and then they will have a higher skill level when they turn 14. without using the drum, the little they had at 2 will be lost.

i dont know really, i think it has something to do with the cargo by the sea, i tried to do something with it with a trained builder but it did`nt do anything so now i am sure you need a master builder to complete the second milestone p.s. make sure you use the master builder on the box signed JUST AS CURIOUS AS YOU ARE hahaha im not deleting their answer but that is actually BUILD A DAM!!!!!!!!!!

you can do so by adding all the lost pieces of the place where dead bodies are buried

You have to complete puzzle 11. Then put one of your villagers in the ocean and he/she will start to fish.

If you use the tutorial, this will be solved for you. It is pretty simple. Drag a villager to the unrealistically big fish skeleton on the beach. They will take a bone to the fire and sharpen it into a cutting tool. They will then take three tools to the science center and the first milestone is solved.

its like the others just with children and 2 adults

You basically just have to figure it out. Sometimes you'll complete one by accident, and you'll know because a message will pop up and your villagers will begin celebrating. The Virtual Villagers site has hints and detailed spoilers for the puzzles.

Virtual Villagers 4 will be called Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life.

I forgot but you will have to use a knife

In virtual villagers 1 to 5 (released versions) You have to complete the puzzles which will be in puzzles tab . and complete all the milestones!. You can download or Watch the game Walk through on many websites.Search it in google!

Yes, this is, in fact, the only job children can work on.

two villagers will discover it and thats pretty much the end of the game then after that u would play virtual villagers the lost children and it leaves off where u stopped

When it rains, a puddle will appear by the big ramp/staircase. Get someone 'sparkling clean' in the pond with soap and drag them to the puddle. It will say they are "rescuing the frogs". You can have multiple people doing it at the same time. You have to save somewhere around 5 frogs to earn the milestone.

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